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The Kootenay Star Nov 14, 1891

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i   id | I i ,e !S k    | I I ���   i
rffe   *
Fo. 22.
Rents and Debts Collected.
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacifio       " "     16.52   "
PassengerB arriving Sundays nnd
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Hob-ion. Nelson, and points
p Southern Kootenay.'
Cheapest, most reliable and safe
route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, New York and Boston.
Rates $5 to $10 lower than any other
other route,
Passengers leaving Revelstoke on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the magnificeut C,
P. R. Steamers at Port William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in
charge of a Porter, for the aooommodation of Passengers holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
/ipd from all European points at
Lowest Kates.
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch. Merchants will save mouey
by having their freight rouled via
JheC.P. R.
Fii!) and reliable information given
by applying to
A.sst. GenT Freight Ag't, Vncouver,
cr to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't C. P, R. Depot, Eevelstoke.
P. 0, Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
Ocean Time to Europe
Allan White Star
���Dominion Cunard
Jleaver Anchor
and all other lines sailing from Halifax, Portland, Boston, New York
Baltimore are on sale at
C. P. R. stations, at
very Tow rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates o
(are. Great advantages Beoured by
aking ocean tickets from your local
Great saving effected by taking
-round trip tickets.
' Berths in any steamor engngod
Prepaid pussngo arranged from
any point iu Europe.
Apply to your nearost agent; to J.
Hamilton, Revelstoke ; or to
Roiiurt Keiiii,
Gen. Pass. Agt, Winnipeg.
Is hereby given, that application
will he made at the uext session of
ihe Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia for an
Act to incorporate a Company to
construct, equip, maintain and operate a line of Railway from sonic
point on Kootenay Lake, by way of
Kaslo or other pass, up the North
pork of JAcgIo Creel;, to some point at
or near the summit between Kooteuay
aud Sloeau Lukes or the vicinity of
the recently discovered uiiues in that
section, with powers of extending said
Railway in any diruojbion no may hereafter be deemed requisite for the
transportation of ores nud othor products, with powers of building aud
operating Branch Lines from said
Railway to such mines as may now
be or hereafter to be discovered in the
;/iciuity of said Railway,
Solicitors for Applicants,
Dated 20th October, A.D. 1891.
Fir, Hemlock & Cedar,
To all Parts at Right Prices.
(Two Doors West of Post-office).
$����t& & tsesa
Divine Service will be hold in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday eve-
uiug at 7.30, conducted alternately
Sunday School and Bible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attond.
Church of England services
will to held in Revels-toko by the
Rev, J.C. C. Kemm every fourth
Sunday in each month.
Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any person who takes a paper
regularly from the Post Office,
whethor he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment,
2. If a person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
pr the publis' hrs may continue to
Bend it until payment is made, and
then oolloot the whole amount
whether tho papor is taken from the
ollice or not.
8. Iu suits for subscriptions, the
suit may be instituted where the
paper iB published.
I. The oourts havo decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from tho Post Ollico, or
romoviug and leaving them uncalled
or, whilo unpaid for, is pimn facie
nco of intentional fraud,
��$$%���. !s,'lki,k Lodge. No IU
^|P IOOF Donald li V
Regular Meeting Thursday A each
week ilt 8 p. m,   All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J. MlLkod,     J. H. Mathksox,
N. G. R. S.
A 1-iniici- nud a Kiss.
"I've brought your dinner, f.ithor,"
The blacksmith's dniifrhter snid,
As sh" took from her arm the kettle,
And lifted its shining lid.
"Tliern's not any pio or pudding)
So I will give you this:
Aud upon his toil-worn furchead
She left a loving kiss.
Tbe smith took ofl' his apron,
And dinod in a happy mood,
Wondering much at the savor
Hid iu his hiimbln food.
While ull about were visions
Full of prophetic bliss;
But he never thought of mugio
In his little daughter's kiss.
While she, with her kettle swinging,
Merrily skipped away,
Stopping at sight of a squirrel,
Or catching some wild bird's lay.
Oil, I thought, how many a shadow
Of life and fate we would miss,
If always our frugal dinners
Were seasoned with a kits.
Donald, B. C.
lleets let 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd und
4th Sundays, iu Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Box 19
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can
more, N, W. T.
Magazine Agent    H J McSorley
Donald, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Sundays, aud last 2 Wednesdays each mouth.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Seo'y,   W. P. Ogilvie.
Finrrr.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Kam-
loops, B, 0
Caverns iu Alaska where the
Metal haugs from the Wall's
A ijiOyt extraordinary article
appears in the Colouist of Sunday, which throws Sinbad's valley of diamonds in the shade.
It js a narrative given by Lieut.
Glavc, wbo has just returned to
Victoria Irom a six months'
journey jn Alaska, to a Colonist
reporter ou the arrival nf ihe str
Mexico list Saturday nighl.
Lieut. Gluve, wiih only oue companion, an old hunter und trapper
named DultOu, scl out, last, April
for thai region of myth and mystery never before entered by-
white men. They took only a
few pounds of baggage, a sextant,,
compass uiid j, large Koduc camera, But to give the travellers'
own words:���
"We left the Chilcat River
half way up, with four pack
horses, I hud boen warned not
to try lhe experiment of taking
horses, and was advised lo lake
Indian curriers instead, bul i hud
an idea thai horses could get
through, and, on my return, we
brougbi the same animals bad.',
in better condition than whon we
went in. This is lhc Iirst limo it
has ever been done.
"Alier leaving the Chilcal
River, wo struck across lo tbo
westward and kept ou a siri-'bl
course lor five dajBOVor a beautiful flat country, uuiil  wo were
brought io a abort stop by a
lar-'C luku ol frcsb water,   It is
ouo ol the most bouuulul spots I
evor saw.   On three sidto it is
burrouudod by rolling prairie, and
ou lhc fnurlh there Ifl- u bucking
of bcuutilul mountains lhat riso
Bhcer  up from tho water, and
loriiis   a   Hiii iiinn    baickcioiind.
This luko must be -10 miles long
by 11 wide,    Wo camped horo
for a few   days, Inking   photographs and observations ol lbe
surrounding couutry, and   then
niovod ou westward, encountering no hardship whatever, but, on
the   contrary,   finding   pleasant
travelling   lor over  12(1 milos,
whon wo  reached  a   mountain
range lhat 1 had novor scon on a
map, or   heard of before.     Its
formation wus peculiar, reminding
one of tho Spanish Cordilleras,
every peak terminating in a tall,
uecdlc-liko   craig.     Bul   what
seemed io mo uncommon waa tho
color of somo of (ho mountains
composing tho range,    The day
we gol in lull view of tboni the
sun was just going down, and its
last rays slinnc on thoir lips with
a reflection, us if the hills were
simply mirrors. For somo time
wc stood and watched ibo burnished bill tops, and tb-n ul sundown camped iu the valley. Next
morning we started up one of the
least steep of tho hills and bad
j-ono about throe miles when Dal*
Ion, my companion, ran towards
a cave and seemed sruck with
aiiiazcmcnt. I went tiller him,
and ho showod mo hanging all
over the nnvo, like a motallio
screen, ohccls ol solid copper thut
we could bond iulo any shape
with our hands, Wo bad como
aoross mountains covered with
pure copper, I never saw anything liko it in my lifo. I wont
to several places, and laying my
hand on a ledgo toro off great,
sheets of tho metal with the
utmost of ease. We descended
again by a different route, and
found at lho base of the bill a
party of Indians, ono of whom, to
our astonishment, wc found ahlo
to talk English well, ilo m
formed us that ho bad lived u
long timo in June.au, and thai ive
wore then in tho coppor mountains, tho famous legendary hills
ihal white men hud up to that
time imagined lived only in myth.
We stayed another two days
taking copious notes, and then
journeyed on, sinking the true
headwaters of lho Alsttk river ou
tho last day oi July,
Miners Revolt Against Convict Labor in Tennessee.
Lasl week the miners of East
Tennessee released ull the convicts and burned die stoekacl.es,
ay lho Governor had ordered tho
convicts to return to work in the
minos, Fo�� many weeks tho
miners have been protesting
against Ibis bringing ol convict
labor in oorapetilipa with free
iubor and are now in open rebellion.
A telegram to the Now York
Herald special from Nashville,
Tennessee, says: Tho situation
of affairs in Teuuessee arc becoming alarming. It has but oue
equal iu the history of America,
aud tbat was when Carolina attempted lo Secede irom liio Uuited States. Communication is
being held bolwccn tho East
Tennessee miners and the minors
of Kentucky, Alabama and Virginia. Tbo hardy mountaineers
who rclcasod tho convicts huvo
Bsvoru that lho Governor will not
robuild tbo stockades, and that if
he sends the convicts back to tho
Bricovillo and Coal Crock mines,
lliey will bo butchered in cold
Sheriff Rutherford, of Anderson couuly, who war; notified by
Governor Buchanan yesterday
that if he could not sustain order and protect the people thai
his resignation would Lu rcqucs
ted, received a notice today. Two
doiilhs-bcads with grinning skulls
and bones wero marked on tbe
paper, and under il Ibis signi
lieient message : ''Toll your
Guvcinor lhat If ho tends llie
convicts back again we will kiil
thom one by one. Wo nieuu
biisiucs8.--'lho Miners' Commit,
Tho law is now openly defied,
There cau bo nothing bul bloodshed if tbe Governor really intends to robuild tho stockades.
Gov, iSuchanau means business
too. Ho baa had 50 lev balling
guiio aud thousands of small unns
purchased. Tho stnlo has paid
out $10,000 for tho cupluro ol
oonviots, afid the lessees stomlily
refuse to keep their part of the
Expected Fenian Activity.
The Cork Evening Mail says
that the Vatican now controls tho
people's votes ns well in their
A convention of Pnmeilitos is;
soon to be hold in Dunlin to per.
feot lhe arrangements already
nenrii g eompli lion lor tho establish mi in O a daily paper in Dubi
lin devoled to the SUppOl'l of the
l-iii-iie'lite cause,
On Tuesday last Limerick city
was tne scene uf a fieroe conflict,
in which 40 soldiers and a mob of
people were engaged. Four sol-,
dices were seriously slabbed with
knives, and six civilians wero
The police appoor to bo noting
on upscial information to the
ctloct that the Clan-na-Gaol in
America is again active, anl the
members of that society have pre
pared for a resumption of the
pbysiual loroe policy, and they
arc on tho lookout for dangerous
lhc result of the election to
fill tbe vacancy in tho House of
Commons fr..m the city ot Cork,
created by iho death of Charles
Stewart Parnell, has been announced as follows:���Martin Flu-,
viu (MrCarthyite), 3,009 ; John
li. Redmond (Pai-nellite), 2,157;
Csiptnin Sursfiold (CoDsorvutivej,
The antiParnollites were celebrating their victory at Cork by
a tOioli.li-.ot procession and fireworks ul Queonsiown, when somo
soldiers ot lho Berkshire R.gi-
menl, stationed in th6 vicinity,
interfered with the procession.
They wero set upon by a lurco
crowd and badly bouten before
the police could reach the scene
of the affray.
I-t is acknowledged by leading
Homo Rulers lhat the ''Hillside'1
or physical for.:e doctrine has a
powerful following in Ireland,
It is uudeislood, however, that
lhc ieadcrs of either faction havo
liltlo or no influence over tbe
Cliiu-ua Gael, and uobody would
be surprised to hear ol sonic signal and memorable not of violence
by the emissaries of thai section.
At ti Conservative meeting at
Oswakltwistle, Eng,,on Saturday.
Homo Secretary Matthews snid
that tbe recent occurrences at
Cork stamped Heme Uulo uo an
impossibility, and that no sensible
Englishman oould possibly como
to any other conclusion. Tho
Heine Secretary, probably for ibo
reason that he is a Catholic himself, cai'elu'ly avoided any ullu-
sion lo ihe reli-jious phase of the
Irish struggle, but argued that
tho acta of violence porpolrntod
wero an a'.l-sullieieiii argument
against a Dublin Parliament.
The police ol England, Scotland
and li'i laud are on the lookout
for the anticipate'.! arrival of
tho "Irish Party of Action," Ilis
said that American detectives
have been employed by tho
British authorities to look aftci
incoming steamers from America,
in the hope of apprehending such
persons should they attempt to
land at any British port. Par*
nollitesnro being closely watched,
and there is evidently a belief
that a revival ol Feolanism is now
ul baud,
Sullivan has just issued a challenge to Siavin to fight him for
ail the money he cm raise, John
L. says he is just spoiling for i;
light. Tho Australian is in a
similar frame of mind, and then-
is littlo doubt that this long,
talked ol matoll will cventui'll*,'
pome off. ' r*--
Cliiuatolo^j i : ' 'ninula
In   liVluii;,     i.,   Agriculture
an '   Ito,  .culture.
[second Ainu i.i' |
The folio .ing .   .. i ���   i'' ni a rn-
]) u'l o! Mr. J. Go: ' u   I ��� il, Govt,
C.imatolmisi, to Una Standing Committee on  Acricultui    anil i '��� luui
/iitioii, and just publi ill -d   by   the
Canadian Go.-erunient, will be of interest to our ri a it-rs :
British Columbia affor'��the most
fore, le illustrations of large differences i i olimntu within short dis
tane.is.    Take lhe ease of AgUBSlZ
and Spence'i Bridge on the Thorap
aun River.   The  distance  between
these  two   places   is   iil'iiiit   ninety
miles,   The summer of  the  formal'
place hus 'l mean teiupfll'tUI'O a little
over sixlv ilci.'i'i os iu July, while ul
the  hillei- the mean temperture is
aoventi live ilogi-oos,   'lliis is  very
nearly the teuiperluro of this month
iu Uiuoinuati, about thn sam.' as al
Philadelphia, higher than at J.riisa
lum or Syria, an I only thron degree"
short of Alexandria, in Egypt.   Al
Speuoe's Bridge the nioutb of Miucli
is as a\arm as April in To route ; and
the the moniii oi Audi us tt Toronto
May, an'd tho monlh of May b..U ai-
must exactly the same mean temperture as a Toronto .T.mo ;  tho season
is very long, fully (ive months without frost, and over seven  months of
growing    weather      The    winter
season is verv cold���about tho t.-m
perature of Kingston in Ontario-
hut with this difference that i" ordinary seasons tho ihermum.i ., p.lls
little���sometimes not at all���belon
zero.   It, may bu that in p rtions of
too valley near this station at very
long  intervals���inl: rvais   oi   many
years���frwst occur that y\l\ interfere
iu some measure with the successful
cnituio ol tne poach; in regard to
this the evidence is uot yet quite
clear.   Okauagau valley has uu elevation of 1,000 fpp, or less than n
large part of the midland counties oi
Western Ontario, or of Grey, where
the altitude rises to 1,000 or 1.700
feet.   Too valley is exposed to oo-
oasioiial li t win is I'roiii the interior
of   Washington   Territory, liut   the
climate is, in its main charaote.'iBties,
niueh Ihe same a--  ill  lh< Tlionipaoii
villi y,  though   probably  iliif ring
much in different parts nf the valley
on   account  of  tlio   siirroundiuKB.
From  wine, high   plateaus   which
ton, h the borders ol ion valley here
nii.i -jure, tbe e.mi   p.o.iue.d   bj
riuiatiou may pour, Uudci' tue in
11 ii ue..-  ol  certain  winds, into the
val! y uu.! prod ,ce locally a Ool I
exti-i me not found in otlier parts  f
the valley    The Arrow Lake Valley
and the  Kootenay Valley have an
elevation but .Me hi-jUer tbau tl.at
of the Okanagan ; it i-- import inl
thai tho peouluril.es of thoir .-limatic
ca\ icily should be known.   Setik-ra
are pouring into the f liauag u  i
try. and  nimble as Ih y must  he.
with but a fi w years   f ���   ���- i..'.   \-
pirience, to jn Igi  of th    i a| i
of the climate, tie v n .
mistak s of various fa
ture.   They
-... I   : ;    '
of  tbe   w
:u situttl
Burn ........
negl .
to di
ing could be oa
Illustrations ai   quita ha
in i anad i ano
ivhi re the mi nib- sl        ol   )
a cm i��� j,; uiitain range u t'-fl
I flireotion of tin- prevailing winds, a
valley is not liable, other influences
lieinir equal, to so great culd as
where there is a wide elevated
plateau iu Hid same direotion. Tin's
diT re; te, im t ii-iv,' said, may be
fone.l in different parts of lho same
valley ; the climate ditt'-rim: radi-
IlalaEOILlaliWAET, NOV,   I2th.
Your representative and two other
local Ninirods went to Salmon Aim
a fe ' days since on it   hunting  "X-
pedition    They returned with ut a
feather! aud, ueedless to say, sad at
II   it I'm-iiing to tno i-iiiii-nftlui'iii tbo ; lnurt.
Master  Swan  Anderson has do-
sui'i-oiiiidingH, Wherever these
pm-nliariii, s exist they would have
to he Iulo a ,....> consideration in
the mapping in detail of the climate.
To the elimntologist the influence of
surrounding's ni''- largt-ly mensurable.
Aniilogjes derived from all over thn
world permit a olii.ate so varied aa
Brilish Columbian, with even
nienfrre records to he so investigated
as to alt''id valuable considerations
I.' the im miu' unit fruit grower.   In
parted for Salmon Arm, where he
will attend school during th�� winter.
Mr, Haig. of the firm of Jowett &
Haig, Revelstoke, made ns a flying
visit I his week ai rl paid off somo
men who   were working for them.
Seotl and t hisholm are doing hs-
sps-u.-nt wot-k on the "John Bull,'!
a claimed owucd by the I'riuco of
It is ���vhi��nered around loudly that
Mr. Lamey, our genial store-keeper,
is abort! to become a bei.ei'.iet.
Alberta the olimate varies Jalm.ist as      ,,      ���    .   *
, .,      ,.      ,,,..,      Uapt, Jiva is busv putting in the
much as in the inMor oi British  wiateHl,s bapi,ly of pyroPvi^OIfa> &0. t?
Columbia, though generally the val-   tbe Lauark.
leys, owing to their greater elevation,      It is proposed to Btart a nwspaper
aro colder.   I think that much may j bore early pext spring.   OurcitizeuB
are commencing to realize that Illecillewaet has not the prominence it
is justly entitled to,
James McDonald & Oo,
Carry large lines of plain, medium, nmd high-grade furniture.   Parlor an-'
Bed-room sets ranging iu price from f0. rm to .S500.    Hotels furnished throughout.  Ollico and bar-room chairs.    Spriug
mattresses made to ordor, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
ordors from Koolenay Lako
poiuts will receive early
nnd   prompt  at-
bo dono in ordinary agriculture in
some of thpse viillcys���those in which
the surroundings aro -jouhas to iu-
dieato favorable climatic conditions,
and less of summer frosts tbau usuul.
This is n matter for L.i.8 and inture
lu.eutiuiition. Aloug the slopes of
the rookies the rainfall is sufficient
in some of the valleys for agriculture
without tbe aid of irrigation. This
is true of much of the plain country, for the rainfall, although light,
is usually well distributed over the
early summer, and dew is often
abundant at night in some localities.
Thanksgiving Social and
Glorious weather on Thanksgiving
night tended to mnko tho social
gathering at the Sohoolhonse a complete success as regards numbers,
situated about midway between the
two towns, if is n good ten minutes'
walk from either, aud the temptation
fur a walk through the bracing frosty
air, with tho beautiful orb ot night
sailing majestically over the suow-
olad peaks, proved irresistible to so
many that tho huge room at the
Bohool was literally crammed, but by
ih" jn lioious man. [ ment A\ the
ooiumitteo everyl idy was comfortable.   Nearly 200 tickets woro dis-
Wc.itbcr   b.-autiful;   just   anow
enough to make ex.'elleut sleighing.
Is hereby givon, that CO days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Coinmissiouer of Lauds and Works
tor permission to purchase the following described land in the district of
West Kooteuay I
Commencing 'at a post marked
"Peter Genelle, South-west Corner,"
on the cast shore of tho Upper Arrow
Lake, about one mile north of Nakusp
Creek ; thence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, Hence wost 80 chains,
theuce south 80 chains to the place of
beginning, contuiuihg 610 acres.
Eevelstoke, B.O., Oot. 10th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 00 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase tho following described land in the district of
West Kootonay :
Commencing at a post marked " P,
If. C. South-east Corner," planted >t
the north-east corner of the laud
claimed by A. Wells on the Upper
Arrow Luke, about ouo mile north of
Nakusp Creek ; thenco north 40
chaius | thonco west 120 chains to
lbe shore ot Anew Lake;' thenco
south ..long the shore of Arrow Lake
iosi ,1 of, nnd th ��� proceeds amounted : 40 ohains ; and thence cast 120 chains
! ���: This includes $6.50 to the point of commencement, containing 010 acres moro or less.
derived  mun the   ; le of teu large
i aki s by mock auction at the conclusion of lhe programme, in which
Mr. Johnstone made a must eflioient
auctioneer,     I'he   money   will   be
devoted by tli- Ladies' Aid Sooiety
ot the Methodist CbUioh lo reducing
.. trch debt and other purposes,
��� ".. ���     ol the   ucii ty are Mrs,
b, , :��� id nl ; Mrs. Ladner, vice-
pre     ut; Mi   Ci  rbar, si iretary, ;
���   Ho   - ' .    "  :-':;"";   anl these
istod b
Revelstoke, B.C., Nov. 2nd, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 60 days after
date I intend to'apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lauds nnd Works
for permission to pnjehaise ibe following described land in the dislrict of
West Kooteuay:
Commencing at a pi st marked " F.
J. Fulton, North-west Corner," on the
a nn lerous staff,   east shoro of the tip-*.- Arrow Lake,
and  ������ Fee, oake and ��� abuut one mile north of U*e Nakusp
....    -, an I Creek | thonoe east 40; chains, theiioe
sown 80 chums, thenco v est 10 enaius
] to the shoro of the Arrow Lake, and
on a ui.'   theuoe north following lhe shore of
!���'      dr.  Paton   the In..e to lbe place of beginning,
containing '620 acres, more or less.
Kamloops, B.O., Oct, 10th, 1891.
tbe  seated autre i fraid we oannol do
ened tl ��i ��� ���    .
is,   The
��� . ell re
ft lair
1 Miss
bich .Mr
������.. Mr,
bul want ol
p ��� ���  "ii ���'   the . ���
Is hereby given, that 60 days after
date f intend to apply to tho Chief
Commi8sionor of Lamls and Works
tor permission to purohase the following desoribed land in the dislrict of
Wesl Knoii nay :
Got noing at a post marked "J.
u bj 'i,    0 i.minim-, North-wont Corner," on
are olimatioull*   wore i was very effectively   ""' "llHl shore nf the Upper Arrow
fruit ki   ��� ��������� ��� ������������:��� up    Lake, south of the Nakusp Crook;
md i".' ai.ua ��� ;
I        i akle, littli
... .    , .
thence east 40 ohains, thence soulh
10 ohains to the shore if the Arrow
I ,���. I.'k'-, and thenoe nortL following tho
>"'"; ���'"-��� ' ',',...,, |���, ll IIbe lake to tlm pob' ���f bo-
valley,   ruin ia governed large                              ,.    ��� ;                      njng, containing 100 aoree, luotj
th   lireot if the vallej with re-  old Ohi was londly  '" "
ipei    '"i  rtain v,    i .   od   il a bj      plan I,    A  recitation  bj    I ���'��� 0     ItAIIAME.
. ,     , bit of goi '*    I... |' , il.i', Oct, Kith, 189),
-.      ,   , -,,...,      Inmbai '       '   '   '   ' '	
i(m the      ic    I-    i   . oold  ;- ..     ,,,',   , IMUIIOt
tat t "i unorthorn    h   i   i;/       Is hereby given, that (10 days after
. neat by, a narrow  Mnl ,      ll"  ' ll1'"1"1 '" apply to fhe Ohief
Commi* I mer of I.
i>i. teau "  nautml nh range, the m Id   yo tng bui ,
;,, , i , . :, '. | ,     , severe a     I     "'       -    ''������   ,   I,J,|'m*��101Dito parohnno the follow
where thi i      '       -,   i   .    ttcn    A      '
i..:0   I idi ' '       "'    "''���
 "R" '' '      :'  "   ,"v"iT  Unirl-1 ii ihnr.lar.1 ' '    "noing at a post n  rked "A
n,;i and Works
lie follow-
districl of
.. ..iv -���;    im   i  ���     of local topu    bisstavUiun   vn    J     hortcat iv-s    u"!l'' '"i""'1'''" "���' ,;'"""'    ""   Ul"
graphy ' ioh have to he tnl bu into
���ii- ..ni in nl lini! In thn deiermina
tion of the pi culiarti of looul oli-
���n,i o    or   is   mipplcmi-nttng   the
ui '  I      rds,   Two valleyfl
i |ny 'i
He atnniwl lliHtiks    ''" '  '",r" "' !|'" *'l,Por f r"'v l"''k'''
���i1 1 "ii-- mile neTtll of lhe Nakusp
' thenoo no) I (Oohuins, thence
wob!  120 olinins to the shore of the
ike  I tin in' nth following thn
i "��� of the lake to Lhe plnoo of beginning, containing OiO acres,
iblc duration
'I be duel  by   Mr, and  \Jrs, ()reol
mini, " Vlnti in ii rfweots," was the
ohoii osl   i of I ii" I- ���inn ���
evoked .i groal dei I or niorrin ��� ul
i"" N'lilioiiul Aiithi ni, tun i by the
ml  ' rn ������   ��� Hiding, eon | ,/, ,i
Millinery, Dress ai^d Mantle Making,
And a large varioty of the most recent novelties in
Together with a fine selection of the
��� i
All orders by mail ot
exi-rees promptly
All descriptions of
Rold and Biivar,
(Close to O. P. ty, Depot)
Reyef��|toke      -      -      BC
Impc.ters of the Choicost Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a seleci and oomploto stock of gent's furnishings, ladios' toilet.
aud children's boots, shoos and hoso, stationery, palent medicines, etc.,'
requisites and roady-madc blothfug.   A   large  assurlmeut ol pipes,
tobacco, cigareitCH, imported aud domestic cigars, (mils, r-uudy, etc.
dtovo pipes, tinware, orockory, rough and dressed lumber, and othergoodc
too numerous to mention, atmoderalo prices. ���
Telophonc communicatioo..
J. Fred, Hume & Co,,
iievelstoke and Nelson,  B. C.
Dry Goods,  Provisions  and Hardware
Tho I'ublic wiil Ond it to their advaultigc to call and
Inspect   Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any orders  plucod  with   Mr. Cimiim-s LlNDMARR  will have
run-fill attention  and  prompt dellvory io any jiuri ol Revelstoke.
i rii ES ' '       *���""���:��� '    ,���       I-,-- ve '.w OTHER EOUSK
ou^; '���r
The No. 1 Mine, ia the Ainsworth
district, has closed down for the
Rev, Mr. Ladner w-'U t-omluct the
gervioes ut the Methodist church to-
t i
morrow, morning and evening, at
���10.30 and 7.30. All are cordially io-
Mr. Ouwan b.is been bnsy di..ing
.the week putting on un additional
wire, whioh will connect Ik. Mo-
[addressed to the EDiron. J
Sunday Trading.
Sib,���I wan glal to see the Lttor
signed " D.iy of E st" in your col-
niuu.s kst wet k. It .-hows that there
ure some in this town rvbo are op-
pOM-d io tho lUiinuer iu which the
fciabb th is desecrated Cfly-iwo tim1 s
n year. But it is not in Revelstoke
thai tiii. d si'eruti in is nt ils worst.
In the  fiit-  city  ot  Victoria, the
���ayaaajaa^wawaawwfV ii .. ,.n .�����^na rtii.i.a.,, ih-iaa.i*ai��l., i a ia,ina*,al.iai
Cartby with the central office at the capital of this province, one is mure
than surprised ut thi; o,m manner
iu which work gues on, saloons iu
full suing, anu tue biiii.ird 0all.->
merrily clicking io the time of jiuy��
ling ghn-os ou the hnr couuter.
E'en house building is curried on to
a certain t-st. nt, uud shouting pur-
ties with their liugs sally forth into
llio lureat lu make tbt) woo.is re-echo
wall llio buuuun ul their biiL-rbuuuliuu
revelry, for the whisky buttle is too
oftf-n the pocket, companion of those
Niinrods who go forth to slay on thut
day. Tne true spurt, niau, I trust,
would Bud uo pleasure in such a
Sabbath excursion.
Some time ago u bowl of indignation went up fiom the daily papers
of this province at some home truths
whicu were published iu ti;e"Ta.e
Presbyterian" by a minister who hud
been visiting here ; und the denunciations und anathemas against the
offender became so fierce that the
rev, gentleman was compelled to to-
tract a portion of his statements.
But the retraction did not mitigate
the evil. It remains to-day just us
bad as it was before those statements
were published and partly withdrawn. But we iu British Columbia
do not like to have our fuiliugB
pointed out,
The letter of "Day of Rest" is
aimed at recalcitrant storekeepers
only. Probulil" the writer may have
an "axe tu grind." But whether so
or not, it seems to be a move iu the
right iliteotjuu, aud 1 hope it wiil
' vuka some expression of public
opinion ou the mutter, -Yours truly,
Revelstui-e, Nov. llth, 1891,
"Old Timer's" voluminous com
munication arrived too late for insertion this wick. Probably it will
stand a little trimming down. Wc
will give it our best attention next
There will be an eclipse of the
moon to-morrow (Sunday) ninbt.
Oummencing at 9 30. It will be
visible here, and will be a cioct interesting sight should the weather
oontinue Hue.
As will be seen in onr advertising
columns, the Lytton leaves Revel
stoke on Monday fur her lust trip
this season. She will run between
ftobson und Little Dalles as long as
weather and water will permit.
Tbe Columbia has again fall-n
several feet. The loweut record
hiving been reached, The almost
sudden rise of the water two weeks
agO was noly temporary, and now
steam boating will have to take a
back seat.
There was to have beon a social and
dance at the schoolroom last night, in
bon ir of the boys of the Lytton, who
take their farewell of Revelstoke on
Monday, but owing to tjig (bath of
Mrs. Beavo it has Ik-en postponed
putil uext spriug.
Abe Scott, driver at the Victoria
Hotel, met with a rather serious
accident ou Thanksgiving Day. He
was bringing iu a wagon load of
wood lor the hotel, ami uu coming
down the steep hill at the east end
of the towu he by some meuim fell
under the wheels, and one of his lous
got badly hurt.
J. Frost, Esq., struck Rivelstoko
on Tuesday, the first time he has pm
in appcarunoe here for the season.
Not only are tbe small boys delighted, b'lt e,-eryo'ue feels luoiy
juvenile in the olear, frosty air of th-
mountains. The snow line hinge.-
on the level now, from which we
may conclude that Mr. Frost has
pome to stay. And he is very welcome after nearly a whole month of
continuous rain.
Tbe Bishop of New Westminster
preached iu the Schoolhouse, Revelstoke, last Sunday to good congregations. The service in the pi ruing
included Matins, tbe Litany, aud
sermon, at 7.30 Evening Service,
With speoial sermon to Freemasons.
On Monday his lordship delivered u
most interesting and instructive scion "Church History,'' which was
listened to with interest by a fair-
sized audience.
C. & K. 3. N. Co., Limt'd.
.-Will lenve Revelstoke MONDAY,
November 16th, at daylight, for
Robson nud Little Dulles, aud
Will be given between Robson or
Mouth of Kootenai Rivor nnd Little
Dalles as long (is water and weather
will permit.
C. & K. S. N. Co., Revelstoke, Nov.
12th, 1891.
A Brakesman  drowned  in
the Eraser Kiver.
D I E I)
At the Columbia House, Revelstoke, B.C., on Friday, November 13,
1891, Louise Marie Benvo, aged 311
years and 2 mouths. Deeply regretted. The funeral will leave the
house to-morrow (Sunday) iiftcruoou
at half-past two,
to lho Postmaster-Generi.l
will be received at Ottawa until noon
ou FRIDAY, the 2Mb. November, for
the conveyance of Her Majesty's
Mails in proposed contracts for Four
Years in each case, each way, between
from the lst January next.
Printed notices, containing further
information as to conditions of proposed contracts, niny be scou and
blank forms of tender may be obtained nt the above post-oilices and
at this ollice.
P. 0. Inspector.
Post-office Inspecting Ollico, Victoria, 2nd October, 1891.
Gilker & Wells.
-dual��� I.N-
PROS*  MFR88S    "     ��     HE f Bla S T O K 3,   Sa3
W. A.
NoUrv Public.
Notary Public
*H'nipg, Tliiilier
and   Real  Eatnto Brokers and  General
Commission  Affcnts.
Oonvpyanoes, Agreements, BilN of Sale. Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up,
Rents and Accounts Collected ; Mining Cures Bought and Sold ; Assess)
moot work on Mining Claims Attended to ; Pateuts Applied for, Etc., Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Revelstoke for Sule nud Wanted. Agents for Mining
Machinery. Etc,
Mrs. Beavo, of the Columbia
House, who had beon ill for about
two weeks, passed away yesterday I wiu st nnml
A west bound freight train, in
charge of Conductor MeKeuzie ami
Engineer -cMauns, ran into a rock
slide at N��. I tunnel, a few tnilns
west of Agn^si?, on Friday night.
The engine and Hve cars left th.-
track, a portion of the wreck falling
into the Fraser. Engineer McManus
found himself and Brakesman Grant
Seating down the ri\ er on the top of
the engine cab, whi.h had been
knocked clean off. Tbe ourrent was
very swiff, running at thu rate of $ix
or eight miles an hour. Grant must
have been hurt by bis fall, for he
held on to the cab only about ten
minutes, when he let go, but whether
from Ruiki.css or to grasp some
other floating object is not known.
The night was so dark tbat his companion could hardly see him, though
he was less than sis feet away. Tbe
current carried McManus down the
stream for a considerable distance,
then he met the back tide and was
whirled round in an eddy and swept
out to mid stream. The water was
very cold, and be was so chilled as
to be unable to do anything to save
himself. IDs cries lor help were nt
last answered from the shoro. Two
ianchors, John aud Alex Jess, put
"ut to his assistance in au old waterlogged Siwash ennoe, one of thnni
baling ont tbe water with his hut
������bile tbo other paddled aguiust the
trumpnilonn current. Guided by tbo
sound of his voice tbey at last
reached the p> rishiug man, but ho
1 with the cold that
If you thiuk of buying an
Organ or   Piano, send for Catajogue nnq
Price Lie-Is.
<M.S McDONALD & Co.,
Johnson, haviug made default in the
payment of au assessment lor threo
hundred dollars ($81)0.00) due from
tbo said Edward Mainwaring Johnson in respect to the ono-fifth interest held and owned by the said
Edward Mainwaring Johnson in the
Ophir Bed Rock Flume Company
(Registered) und its claim, which
said assessment was levied on the
twenty - eighth day of September,
A.D. 1889, the interest of the said
Edward Mainwaring Johnson in tbe
said Company nnd claim will be
offered for salo, at the hour of 11.30
o'clock iu the forenoon of the 19tll
clay of November, A.D. 1891, at the
Court House at Rovelstoko, in tlio
district of Kootenay, British Columbia, for tlio payment of the said debt
and such further assessment (if auy)
which may accrue due thereon up to
tlio day of the said side, together
with all costs and charges occasioned
by the said default of the said Edward Mainwaring Johnson.
Such sale will be by Public Auction, aud will bo conducted in the
manner prescribed by the statute in
that behalf.
Socrotary of   tho  Ophir Bed Rock
Flume Oo, (Registered).
Puled this llilh day of October,
A.D. 1881,
Smelting and Trading
Are  Prepared to Sample   ami   Purchase  all   Kinds of
Prices and all information furnished on application.
morning at 11.30.   The sad news
will be a surprise to vei-y many who
they hud to lift bim into the canoe.
With the esci [ition of the firoman,
have boen guests at the Columbia I who is slightly hurt, tbe rest of the
during the past summer and fall, as <*���� <*scal,e'�� uninjured.   Tho first
she appeared till very recently the ��lr, fontMned  li����e��. ��� MBber of
��� .. , ,    ,   ...    which were killed; the balance ol
personification   of    good    health. I .-,��� car|oaf* m ���.--��� rul,Djng from
Rheumatic fever was the primary i tbo scene of the disaster.   The line
cause of illness, but Inflammation\nnt along a high bank of tho river
set  in later on.    She had  been ,*h����i��J^f"!ZVAuVl
,   ,    . , ,    ,  . ,! is a marvel that the engine did not
managing tho business of tho hotel rolJ -���-. it lav boltom up ftt the
(on behalf of her mother, Mrs. Chirk,; waters' edge u'bout lo feel below the
ED. P1CAKD, Proprietor.
Boots & Shoes of all kinds made to order on short
f Clintou,) conjointly with Mr, W
ll, Brown, her late father's partner
The dooeased was of a gonial disposition, ami will be greatly min
An insane woman rushed into fit,
Michael's Oatbedral, Toronto, during
mass on Wednesday morning, and,
hot only by relatives nnil iiniue.Imte I drawing a long gleaming knife, made
friends, but also by a largo circle of�� alyl!Iul't  to stub the wife ol a
, .   , . . ,       ,    prominent merchant koeeline thero.
friends ami acquaintances who mnko s||o ffM Mimd Mm ^ ^ eJ_
���fio Columbia  their headquarters [oute her design sodI was handed over
yvLon visiting West Koolenay. j to the police
-'   ���
Is heroby given, that application
will lie made ut the next session of
the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Rritish Columbia for an
Act to incorporate n Company to
construct, equip, maintain and operate a line of Railway from some
point ou Koolenay Lake, by way of
Kaslo or other pass, up tho North
Fork of Jiuslo Crook, to somo point al
or near the summit botween Kootenay
inn.! Sloean Lakes or tho vicinity of
the recently discovered mines in thai
section, with powers of extending said
Railway in any direction ns may hereafter be deemed requisite for tlie
transportation of ores ami other products, with powers of building ntnl
operating Branch Lines from said
Railway to such mines as may now
bo or hereafter to be discovered in the
vicinilv of Bald Railway.
Solicitors for Applicants,
Dated 20th October, A.JD, 1891
Tugs, Breast Straps, Ames Bucklos, and Snaps, of all kinds
and sues, kept in stock.
Tlie Kootenay Star
Devoted to Uie BUSINESS,   LUMBERING,   and
CULTURAL, and especially tp tlio
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
*} V/.' > to, and executed in tho boRl stylo. Comraorciul Work |
peoi&Hj, " '   "'        ��� ��� ��� * fr-"' .-
���a*..*���**.-*.���"-*  a-a   ������-, ,,.-^-   - - .-.-ax ... ..  -,   ,-"-|-^,T,Mj,-,afc j, ,,    ,, ��� ,  ^���,,
��f]c i'y ���      ������ Stat
SATURDAY. NOV. 14  1801,
Speaking in the Lord M iyor'8
banquet at im- liuildhnll, Loudon,
Lord Sulisbuiy siid lie- tiovorn.
nieut had no iutoution of evacuating Kif.vpt.
A despatch from Pernambuoo
3latcs lhat Uu- province of Pi-r��
namhufio bus seceded from Brawl.
find that (he pro', im i ol Buhiu in
also expect! il lo do so.
A roucul Vulonoiu, Spain,
despatch reports Si.rious Hoods
.m prevailing in lhat vicinity,
The rail way track from Valonciu
to Mudric! is undoi ivuicr in many
places, .in>. I'uilway irailio has
been suaponded.
In Brazil everything is quid,
with business proceeding ns
usual. The stale ot sie^o is nut
rigorously enforced, lhc only
alarming fontuie ol the situation
is considered io be the illness of
Fresident Da Foncsoa.
Nearly all lho apples turnod
out by lhe various evaporated
firms in Princo Kdtvard County,
Ontario, this year have already
been purchased for the English
market, The demand for canned
apples is also large ior lbe same
."lu Pope is suffering from
vcbrul iiimiiiia, duo to his ad-,
vauced n^o. His condition is
considered grave. In conversation with the Archbishop of
Rheims recently, Cardinal Latfg-
iieux said bo thought the cud
wus uot f��r off.
The White Star steamer Runic
arrived at Liverpool fiom Now
York on Sunday, Sao bad on
board Ijii bead of buflulo, pur��
ohuf-od iu Nebraska with the in.
tciuioii of placing them iu lhe
parks ot Bullish noblemen, Tho
price paid for them was $5,000
b. ch
Slavin is c ming lo America to
meet John !.. lie is willing l-1
put up CI 000, und il Sullivan
will not fighl him he will claim
tbo world's cbumpionsbip, which
Sullivan bi ds, Uo has written
a letter lo Richard K. Fox, lho
New V,..i-k sporting editor, lo
that effect,
A Great California Nugget.
In the early times  in California claims were small and road
agents   numerous,   and   men. if
they found a nugget ct extraordinary   sine,   were  afraid  their
ground might be jumped or themselves .idihod, and perh.-ps murdered, ifoing la-low, and so they
kepi   lhe   largest   sold   finds   a
secret until they could get out of
tho mountains and lhc State, The
fo'lowing facts, which huve never
before been in print, I camo across
in a most singular way, and I can
rely or the word of the narrator:
In 1851*52 1 mino' with u man
from Massachusetts named John
Dodiio, on several flats :ind placers
around    Downioville   and    the
Middle   Yuba.     In   1853 I lost
flight of him, bill heard he had
gone Bust.  Iu 1858 I wont with
the rush lo British Columbia and
worked on a good claim, and then
topic  a  trip  to Australia.    In
going from Sydney up  to tho
mines wo camped on a creoit by
tho ruiiilsidu, where a grout many
tennis stoppod on their up aud
down trips, us the water supply
in that dj-y climate was a long
way apart.   The groat teams aud
Atnorican wagons arrived along
toward evening on tho creels in
a perfect stream.
As wo wero eatiug supper wo
beai'd a teamster's voico that 1
thought was familiar, and driving
into camp 1 strolled among the
tenuis, and almost tho first man I.
met  was   my  old   Dowuieville
partner.   Ho was most glad to
see me, and requested me to call
iit'lcr ho had led bis horses and
talk over old times iu California,
He  owned  tbe  outfit  he  was
driving, and wtiB freighted with
hides, tallow and other colouiil
products oo his own account for
back freight.   Lie hud married ill
the   country, and  was doing a
profitable business with his loam.
After talking ot old times iu
Calilornift,   the   whereabouts   oi
old friends and acquaintances, he
said: ".By the Lye, George, you
never  knew why or how I lelt
California so suddenly."   " No,"
I answered;   but   bo  had   not
slipped from my memory,   Bul
many men missed in lhc mines had
lurncd up long ufter thousands of
miles away.    After a few moments' silence he sail; "I wil!
V un::
iin.an, who is
give you lho eventful story."
on      "Well, wheu  wo  worked   toil  visit lo Emerson a fow Jay,   gBlhtjr in lhc 9ummer of -52 0D
the Middle Tuba I beard you tell
fere   with
ing ti' ;-   he he
"   WM  of lhe rich claim and coarse gold
���  you found on Slate Casilo ravine
..   ie South Pork, one mile above
���   Do*nieville.    Myself   and  Bill
Hopkins, together  with a Gor-
I outdooi
' run   ... .v.      lie pleaded
,.  .
a , ���.-., ��� .. .
., , - ���
1 me -.
,;,.ii   puru er,   wutu  quietly  to
work iu the summer of '53, and
: : cabin that hud
lesei ted   and the ground
:      We   stripped   the
:,  another direction, ami
me across the lead containing
11     go I, as  you  had  des-
''���' f Toiluridi      ,   .,it ,Ui,. mttd(j fo|. Uo ffMk8
���   ���     per day per tnuD Iron, one to;
iron ounoi ,   The ground Was
-  .1 epi r Hid n-a'.; 10 strip
,nd l <turlud a small drift to see
iow wido Ihi lead was before we
1    ��� '���'   stripped lurtber ahead,    [t was
���      ���" -taturduy,   snout    noon,      I'he
1   -/round    11    1    1 still  to  pay,
and wo wero down in a soil slate
1 ' revice, when I iti-uok the pick
": ''��� ' ' ntou bright lump of gold Ibat
'���,-,���     (Jons and   Charles 1 Bocmed lo run into ihe solid gra��
iitelropolituii , vol.   1 iriod to pry it out, hut it
i.vai too tinniy imbeddod,   Then I
ri Orluuiiri  mi Sulurduy
1 r a        : pu Bn,   Siddon ���
oul Iii     j        ippi   in   and hit
workod carefully around it, and it
u poured to grow largor as I dug
him ul wi!., gotting in his left  ibo gravel awuy.   Weph-oud one
ol on  an 1   knooki ig F x down ' on the lookout to boo ihut no ano
gam   ,  ..  ii
offered      His   la c Oi 1   1
UllllOHl I"       lid I 1111 Ll ill   '"i    lie
novi r 01*11 'i ���i'ii,, if 'ii a bio ���  01
' he ji ��� ��� ' ���'  ilcpri ��� I him ol the
1 irprised  ii- , and  i loll you wo
1 .  ..   |iiiuHiiinuiii
po '.
��� 1
,'     ':     ll      , ���',!���    i
were Hiai'tlr'i , and ufior somo
iime I ;���)! it loose, by hard
lifting, and there it lay, ulmofll
pure g Id, ne.iiiy the dhupe of u
heart, ..ml it fn i,"l 1 cuoily lhe
botlon of the, crevice, I Ik
 1 ��� :'H""i""i to ii vi i" orys
talissod, and would not exceed
three pounds in weight. Wo got
it in the cabin as quick as possible, in a aa.ok, and placed it un
dot'one of lhe bunks, intending
to examine il more thoroughly at
" We stayed away from town
on   Saturday and Sin,day,  and
brought it out at night to feast
our eyes on  it ugttili, and  each
gm-sscd  it would weisjh  al least
200 pounds,    Wo concluded not
to take it to town to weigh, hut
divide it someway: for if it were
known there wouhl he intenso ex-
ciiemont.   We had gold  scales,
but tbey would only way one and
11 h:ilf pounds, After somo limo
spent in  consultation, Bill Hopkins suggested a rough pair ot
original scaies; wo piled on rock
and iron   weighed  by  the gold
scales till wc got tho baL-ticu, and
the nugget broughtdown 231 pds.
���-old weight.    Wo   burnod   the
quartz and thoroughly picked il
out with the point of a knife; tho
pure gold thon brought down 227
pounds, and tho grand specimen
looked more beautiful than over.
If wo bad taken it to the Loudon
express office there would have
been the wildest excitement.   On
Monday we cleaned up tho remainder  of tho crovico, and it
paid well, but to us tbo pay now
seemed small in comparison. Now
each   had enough.   We had at
least $50,000 to divide, enough lo
make all three comfortably rich.
No doubt vye could have mudo
more   by exhibiting   it, but wo
could not run the risk.    Wo came
to the conclusion to cut it up.
divido il, roll each one's share up
in his pwn blankets, und btart lor
the stoamor to Panama und tho
Atlantic Stales.   I went to town
on Monday evening, got a sharp
cold chisel mado to cut and divjdo
the prize in equal shares, and it
tool us about all night to cut and
weigh   il with our rude appli-
'���Il'seemed liko vandalism to destroy tbo grandeur of  such  a
precious   specimen   of   nature's
w ,,-k,   At the first blow of the
chisel it sank deep into the pure
yellow metal, it was so soft and
yielding, .Before daylight we hud
completed our singular dividond.
Wc caved down lhe Lank  near
the muulh of lho drifi, took a
brief sleep, got breakfast, rolled
up   our   blankets   and  passed
through  town oarly, not caring
to   bid  anyono   good bye, and
then   no   explanations wero required,   Wo left the cabin and
everything for tho first lucky ones
to possess.    There was  plenty
more  gold,  no   doubt, for tbo
ground wo left contained big pay;
but wo had $10,00Q or $17,000
each, and woro satisfied with our
good fortune   Wo  tried  lo up
pour like throe prospectors, car.
lying our blankets, and piwsed
Goodyear Hill and the dreudod
Nigger Tent (then the boat of
Llm rood agents), and hurried to
San If.raooisoQ, arrived in time to
board   tlio   next   steamer und
landed salcly in New York.   I
havo  11,any a time I'ogi'otled the
way we destroyed lhat natural
gold specimen, perhaps the bug.
osl oyui found iu tne world, In
a ii! Or modi.Hi times."
When ) returned lo Dowuieville altor fourteen years' absence
1 visited old Slate Casilo lUvino
and tried llonce more, but twoniy
yours bud nearly oxhitinlod ils
riches, still 1 trioil, and mado
small wages, but its glory had
lop iiUid. a\ly old pai'tiiur.i'odge,
w is an earnest, uuihiui man. j
believe tons of j/old wero carried
below in early times by the lucky
0111B, .m 1 all kind of del icus Wi re
adopt! ll    tO   e.;i |o    lin     III . 11W.. \*.
men, and oil ti I ii'-ic puriice wuiil
neiiiw logoth ir, woll armed und,
The Pringe of Wales'Birth*
The 50th birthday of the Prince
ol   Wales   was  celebrated  with
loyal   ei-thusiasni   on   Monday
Messages poured in to Saudriog-
hem with  gifts, those  from tbe
Gorman Kaiser and Prince Henry
alone amounting in value to 100,-
000    marks,    This   munificence
would  seem   to disposo of any
rumor   oi coolness between the
Kaiser and tho Princo of Wales,
mid   contrasts   with    Wilhclm's
treatment ot tho Guar and Czarina
on tho occasion   of their silver
wedding tbo sumo day,   Augu>>-
tus Harris, John Hurl, Bancroft,
iJceibohiu   Tree,   and   D'Oyley
Carlo, representing the theatrical
profession, proceeded Irom London to Sttiidringbanii whero they
privately presented a gold cigar
box   to  tho  prince.   A   superb
specimen of the goldsmith's art,
it weigh** 100 ounces, and the
value of tho metal alone is very
great,   The  top of tho box is
surmounted   by   three   ostrich
feathers set with diamonds.
BEEF,    OIlK,  Etc.
Cortjer Fiont and Hanson Sts.
AmiAiiAMsoN Bnos.    -    Pbopiuetorb
First class in every respect; Nenresj
hotel to C P 11, depot and steamboat
landing, between post ollice and f��ov-
buildings, Coach to uud from .'...pot
anil steamboat. Eire proof Sate for the
aooommodation of iu. customers.
F. McCarthy  -    .    ,   .
The New Lousiiinjition Cure.
Tho N.Y. World special from
Sbelbyville, Ind,, says: Maggie
D"-*-nigher, the young woman
who began a dog meat diet last
Thursday for the cure of consumption, says she rather likes it,
aud lhat it tastes liko lamb. Many
cases aro cited by lho older citizens in which a permanent euro
for consumption has been effected
by drinking tbe broth of dog
moat, and eating tho flesh of dogs.
Il is said th..t one Gourde Goodrich wus cured in ibis way. Il is
certain that he recovered and
lived to be oighty i-ovon ycais
old, and died finally of infirmities
incident to oil uj��e. It was said
that Dr. John Kennedy, then u
prominent physician, whe wus
treating bim, prescribed tbe
remed}, but lhe doctor douied
First-olnss Temperance House.
Boakd ano Lodging $5  Per Weei*.
meals, 25o.    jieos 25c.
This hotel is situated convenient to thf.
station, is comfortably furnished, and
affords first class accommodation.
A 500 Mile Horseshoe.
There is a curious geographical fact in conncclioii wilb tho
Kootenay Kiver, n Uregou. lis
course is in tho shape of u burse-
shoo. It rises in British Columbia, runs iuto tho United States
and waters a vast region, and then
circles back to tbe land oi its
birth and empties iuto the Columbia in British torritory. During
its pourse it p/asties within ball a
mile of tho Columbia, and a canal
of that distance over u grassy
prairie would sayo il a course of
500 milos before reaching its
Tho largest nnd most central Hotel in
the city ; good accommodation ; every'
tiling new ; table well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attnehed ; Are proof safe. '
Stockholm House
The Dining-room is furnished with tho,
best tho markot affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines, liijuors and cigars.
Revelstoke k Nelson,
Proposed Kegiiiieut of Irish
Tbo United Sorvico Guzottc,
of London, champions tho proposition lo create a division of
Irish g ii .-mis on tbo same
basis as lhc English and Scotch
guards. A petition signed by
military men, und shortly to bo
pi'csonluU lo the t/iu-on, recounts,
among reasons for iho formation
ol the Irish guards, lho famous
services rendered from Unto to
time lo Ureal Britian by Irish
regiments. Ouo ol the niusl interesting of these episodes, and
one lhat will appeal peculiarly to
11 or Majesty, is thai of thu mutiny
at Gibraltar in 1802, when the
Quoon's father, tho Duko of Kent,
was in command of tho forces
stationed there. All depended
on the courso taken by the 54th
Irish kcgn!iei.l,iind llm mutineers
UBOd every offul't to obtain then'
co-oporaiion, but the Irishmen
proved thoroughly loyal. By
thu aid of tlio ulin Regiment lhc
^Vu!"! i.^W.' M��'">8 *���"��� I'^H tt"J  tbo
A Pull and Complete Line of
Toilet Articles, Wull Paper, ko.
IJ3T Cigars at Wholesale. ^J
Ru-mond Sewing Muohines kept
in stock.
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
rn sides millions of do lurs hi g'
dir:', never �� lhe light until il'
wu i t.ufely doposilod in the bunks
nr minis ol lho Ailaulin States,
authority o! lhc offloer in command of this important forticss
wus thereby upheld.
All kinds of Turnod and Scroll work
done neatly and promptly,
nnd at right prioos.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
BEVIilLSTOKl!!   -    ,    B.C.
Tho subscriber would intimate
to tbo publio generally that he is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,"
Glass, nnd all Building Material,
Picture Framing, ko,
^ Collins, Caskets, Shrouds, ko., car
ried iu Stock,
���  ' ������ ���    '.<i


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