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The Kootenay Star Jun 20, 1891

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Array i
VOL. Ill-
REVELSTOKE, B. C. JUNE 20, 1891.
No. 1.
JUST     ABUIVKD    A    PULL    LINE    OF    ALL
My stock has opened up with entire satlsfaot'on and I am now prepared
to fill all orders for ladles', misses' and children's hats, bonnets, etc., in tbe
very NKWKST SHAPES AND SHAD MS. Call aud examine my
complete stook of flowors, plumes, silks, veilings, ribbons, ote., eto., nud you
cannot fall to be pleased.
(Efyj ftootenaij Stat
SATURDAY, JUNE, 20,1891.
Boot and Shoe Shop
ED. PICARD, proprietor.
Boots nud Shoes of all kinds made to order of tbe best stock ou abort
notice. REPAIRING of Shoes a Specialty, Harness and other Leather
worn aleo repaired,   PRICES RKIHT,
During the past mentli tho attendance at the Revelstoke pubs
lie school has boon very pmall in
comparison with tho number of
children of a sohool tigs in tlio
town, ond should thero bo no improvement after the vaoation it
is doubtful if tho school will bo
maintained. Tbat such a stato of
affairs should exist altor tho lib��
erality of  tho  government  in
providing such excellent school-
ing advantages as are offered in
Revelstoke, is a disgraca to tbe
community,  and  especially   to
parents who do not euro enough
for their ohildrcns' welfare to
give tbem the education requisite
to fit them for thoir duties in
after life,    Tbe school trustee
will do right it tho take ndvan.
tiige of tho law, and require all
children of a certain age to bo
sent to school.
Notary Publio.
Notary Public.
Mining, Timber mid  Real  Estate liml-crs nnd Goneral
(.'innmission  Agents.
Gmveyannos. Agreements, Rills of Sale, Miuiug Bonds, ote.. drawn up
Rent- aud Accounts Collected; Alining Claims Bought aud sold; Asses-
meut work ou Miuiug Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Eto,, Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Kevulstoko for M-��la ami Wanted, Agents for Mining
Maehiiwry, Etc,
Wr*mtmmmm*mmmmmm0*mm*   11  a. ���       i ,
Tho action of Miss Garner of
New York in marrying the dishonored  Sir   William   Cordon
Cumming is spoken of by somo
Boctions of tho press as  very
laudable; and tho luithfunos-i of
Lady Dilke in tho timo of her
husband's   disgrace and shame
also comes in lor a  sharo  of
praise,   It is no doubt a good
thini? for tbo offenders; but in tho
case of the first mentioned lady
especially it savors of placing a
premium on dishonor and vice,
Ella Wheelor Wilcox aud other
moralists may eloquently protest
against the  different treatment
meted  out to men and women
prodigals, but when at tho smiie
timo women���and men too���are
willing to reoeivo into their arms
men   who  aro steeped in vice,
condoning tho vilest crimes and
even lionizing the offoudors, tbo
world will eontiiiuo to wag as it
does, and wo will havo our sen*
sulional scandals in   high   ami
low lite to the end ol the ebapa
Gilker & We
���DHAbEItB   IN ��
yaOWE 6T����JB&, ��� ��� ft&TO(&$$9&9'S0
Evans Bros.' Pianos
II yon thing of buying nn Organ or  Piano, send for Catalogue and
Price Lists
The appointment of Senator J.
C. C. Abbott to the  position  o;
Premier of tho Dominion Isgeiu
cally regarded as a temporary
one, mado with the object of continuing parliament and holding
the ConBervntive puny together,
which is nutiirull-*(. tittle divi'lo-l
as to who should  bo  the  now
loader of  the party.   Sir John
Thompson is generally regarded
as the most able  man  for  the
position; but bo is :i  Catholic in
religion, and boldly stood up for
the constitutionality of the Jesuits
Estates Act, ami ho stood aside,
knowing lb it he  might   not   bo
able in command tbe support of
the Equal Riglitei's  of Ontario,!
Sir Hector L.nngovin  in nuder a
eiloinl, being impeached as one of
helpers in the McGi'i-evy soandiil,
and will have to wail,   until   his
slate is cleaned.     Sir Cbai'!cH
Topper evidently does not  want
the premiership, and so the choice
fell on Hon.   Mr,   Abbott,   who
although  not very prominent  is
an able man of long pai'liumen
tury experience, and  onto! coin
lielerutiou for thu party safety
will get straight   support; but
the voice of the people seemi to
call for a man from the commons
to guide tho affairs of slate, and
the,call will be answered sooner
or later,
Principal Grant, of Queen's
Universiy, who is regarded as
one of Iho shrewdest observers
in the Dominion, and. wboso
opinion is always well frjunde'ij,
iB firm in tbo belief that Sir
Charles Tuppor is tlio ouly man
wbo can HucflessfuJy tako tho
place of Sir John MucdeiiaM as
leader of tho Conservative party,
Sir Charles for many years bus
boon tho right hand of the lute
Premior in the political light, and
there is littlo doubt ho will at
least be asked to aooopt tbo leadership.
Tho Nelson Miner auiiounoos
that John Houston has severed
bis connection with thut paper,
und that in future it will be
carried on by Messrs. Ink and
Allan. An improvement in the
tone of ibo aMiuor may bo looked
No Changes is the Ministry
All kinds of Repairing doue in a workmanlike manner
Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition io., ko,, for sale at lowest prices,
Shot Gun
est prices.
W Fine Itlllcs Mode to Order.
It is proposed to erect a suitable memorial statue to the
memory of the late Sir John A.
Macdonald, aud steps are boing
taken toward accomplishing this
oljeot, In order thai Iho atattie
shall be an offering of the people
no larger stun than 8200 will, bo
accepted Irom any one person,
arid ub low us 25u, will bo taken.,
The object i.i ono which will moot
with tho approbation of tbo
people of Canada, irrespective of
political color, ami thero is no
doubi a general response will bo
made lo ruiso tbe necessary
Hon. J. J. C. Abbott, has aooepted
the premiership and will foini n new
ministry, practically the same as
thut of the lute premier.
Mr. Abbott bud au interview with
tbe Governor-General on Sutureay
uud in conformance with his Excellency's desire undertook the forma-
tiou of a Cabinet. His action in
Ihe mutter bad beeu decided upou
utter u lull understanding with bis
oolieugiios who have been spoken of
iu connection with tho Premiership
with assurances from tbem of their
conliul support. It is well understood thut Sir John Tbompsou was
asked by the Governor-General to
form a miuistry aud thut after oau-
siiierutiou he declined aud suggested
that Hou. Mr. Abbott be sent for.
At the opening of the House Tuesday Sir Hi.-otor Laugoviu stated thut
tue Hon. J. J, C. Abbott requested
him te announce thut bo had undertaken the formation of a new ministry at the Goyeruor-lieueral's request, that be bad requested bis colleagues to remain in their respective
offices uud with their asseut tmb-
mitted to His Excellency the reeom-
meudation thut tuoy bo so ooutuuieil,
Tbe Premier bus taken the portfolio
of President of the Privy Council,
The Hull way portfolio has nut yet
been filled unit penning the appointment uf u successor the ufl'uil'B of the
Department will be uiiuiiuieterod by
a member of thu Cabinet.
Referring to tlio appointment tho
Empire says; Tue soioetiou of Hue,
Abbott will be enthusiastically ratified by lbe great Conservative party
of Cuuuilu, who recognizes in bim a
slauuoh Conservative leader, one
wbo enjoyed ttiu couliJouee uud respect ul our great ami loved cbieltuu
to u marked degree, who was speei-
ully summoned by hiai back to parliament te be goverumeut leader iu
souutu, aud wbo eumbiues intellectual ability and the truiniug of a
statesman with genial tact; also the
kindly courtesy and appruuoiiabie
ii'iuiiilliiiosM that are such important
adjuncts to the lulu of u suoousalul
purty Icinler.
Tue Globe says; "It is uot likely
to evoke much eutlnioiusui on the
Tory bide, He is known iu Outaria
chiefly as the person through whose
bauds Sir Hugh Allan's money
passed iu 1872 to Sir Jehu Macdonald   aud  Sir  George   Cartier,   In
that respect be may be aaid to represent what the Empire calls tho
"grand old traditions" and "illustrious memories" of tbe party."
The Muil says: "In nil probability Abbott's selection is a temporary
arrangement, resorted to with a view
to tidiug over the present eveutful
sossiou. It is equally probable thut
during his protectorate Ihe actual
ruler will bo Sir John Thompson,
who but for his religious belief
would, in the absence of Sir Churk-s
Tapper, huve enjoyed tho honor as
well ns the labors and responsibilities
of command."
County Court.
A fitting of tlio County Court
of West Kootenay wus hold ia
tbe Court House hero on Wed��
nosday before Mr. Justice Walkem
at which two cases wero dirpose-.!
Tbe first heard was Goo, La-
forme against Jowett k Haig, un
action to recover 820.0, tho vuluo
ot a packers outfit sold by the
defendants as the agents of tho
Ophir lied Itook, Flume Co., to
the plaintiff, and which wore not
delivered. Judgement lor tbo
di I'yinl.iiiiH with costs, the court
ruling that tbo action should
have been brought against lhe
company und not the agents.
At the conclusion ot lbe court,
Capt. McCulltim, Secretary of tho
Upbir Bed Rook Eluino Co,
agreed to deliver tbo apparajos
to Laloniie und gave biui 851) toward meeting the costs.
The seootid utisy was an action
of replevin brought by ibo Ophir
Bed . Koek Flu mo Company
against S. D. Ciowlo to get poH-
sesiiou of a pucker's ouifit held
by ihe (leteiHliint in lieu of a
monetary claim against the eonis
puny, Judgment for plaintiff
without oobib; a set off of 81)0
biinir allowed. .Mr. Irvine, of tbo
firm of rfodwell k Irvine, Victoria
appeared lor the Ophir lied Koek
Flume Company nnd their agon is,
Slavin Wins.
New York, Juno  IG.���Tho glove
contest for a  purse of ��10,000, uf
which 82,500 poes to tbe loser, between I'runk P. Slavin, of Australia,
and Jake Kilruiu, eudeil in the ninth
round, Jere Dunn, tbo referee refusing theu  to give  a   decision.
Au electric  lime gong, similar to
thut used iu   tbo  Corbett-Jaeksou
light at Sun Francisco, had beeu put
iu position.   At  the  beginning of
tho eontest tbo referee told  the men
that thoy wero to be governed solely
by the ringing of tbe goag, and
were to pny uo utteulion to wbut any
person said,   In the ninth  round
Slavin struck Kilruiu a Bavage blew
in lh" jaw thut sent him down. John
Kelley,  the  timekeeper,   lost   bis
heud, und yelled that 10 seconds hud
expired  befure   Kilruiu got    up.
When he heard   Ihe  gong  Kilruiu
was ou his feet.   Kelly said tint U
soeouds  hud elapsed, and  Charley
.Mitchell, ou behalf of Slavin claimed
the tight,   JJuuu refused to reuder
a decision until he cau got the testi.
luouy of the managers of  the club
uud the iiuwsp.ip.-r meu present as
to whether Kilrain was on his feet
wheu the gong soundod,   Slavin had
decidedly the best of the light after
the seeoud louuil, and it was evideut
that Kilruiu couldn't  last   much
The genural opiuion is that whilo
Slavin hud u comparatively eu-y time
with Kilrain, he would not have a
ghost of u show with Juhu L. Sullivan.
The Now York World says: Referee Dunn decided that Slavin wou
the light; all bets thut Slavin would
kuoeii out Jake Kilrain, however,
hedeciJeB oil', Tue resu.t of tbe
uoatest cranes some laissutisfuctiou
but in tho opinion of experts Duuu'a
rulings are fair. (Efy> ftootencuj Star
A four page twenty-column new
paper, ie issued from the office n
puhlioatip i, Kevelstoho, ll. C
Subicnption price 82 per year
Rates of advertising given on
Publisher ami I'l-oprtof.
i.. .u. tn toBBmem . ���.������.���.������ura
SATURDAY. JUNE, 20,1891.
eoiicemiuK tho signing of the
���'hush" document is a mystery,
whioh is only heightened by the
sensational divorce proceedings,
the talk now jndulgeej in,   Lady
"iiilked" the Hospital.
Prof. Tynilull, the mind reader
mijsl   value   bis   exhihiiions   of
a beautiful picture without printing
for twenty-five Itoynl Crown
So.i]�� Wrappers-   A nnecent poa-
llrqnke has thus if lhe Hiorjr i��| which he gave at lbe Jubilee
reliable, imineiiuely moreased the hiiupitul'/prio). t��� hi, departure,
troubles which surround lbe heir  we|,0 ���|| ���ml ,ie (Ji(l ^ i(1 8l.ule.
lower highly,  as  u  few tests r88fl Stamp wjll carry the wrappen
Thu   picture will  be  mailed  frci
lo the thi'uue on nil BJJoS.
Pttriio||'M Mapriajro,
It is I'umorpd that AT**. Puroell's
niiii'iiugo with Mrs, 0'iSbou will
take |i|u<:e the OOIf|if|g Week. Mr,
Piii'tio|l bus subsided soinowhat
Gl lute, the reason being thai he
if spending nearly all his spare
time iu the company of .Mrs,
O'Sheii. That lady is said to
look rtiipii'kulily well by these
who have seen her lately, and as
bejng elaled oyer the prospect ot
her marriage tp a\Ir. Parnell,
Up daughters, lipwevor, adhere
to their father, oputrary to tbe
prevalent iiupressjpii, and vyill, it
is said, have no ippru lo do Willi
their njothpr al'ier the marriage.
An the ntolfiei' is wealthy, bow
eypr, utpi their ialber poor, cyni-
ual society, 'vl|i.-pers ihal Ihey
may ohauga iheir minds.
ment of a bill lor 8)12, for ii|e>d>
ci nee and attendance. The direc-
iijis of the hospital wonder il tho
pi'otesBoi'oun reud iheir iniinls
and iheir 0|>inioi) ol him.���Colonist,
A Uuiuurkiiblo Escape.
At Oakesdalp Friday morning
a Bpeeial traill on the Union Pa��
citie, Currying tbe Shunaudoah
cuiupany iq Spokane Kails, ran
into a house that had beipi left
on ll|e l|ueK hy parties moving
limn one pa|tt uf the lown to the
oilier. The train was going at a
speed ol lid t||i!i)8 up hour when
ou turning the curve lhe danger
was seen, ft Wus a large Iwo
story [mil'iing, Blttiieiing yn heavy
Moving buams. Too engineer
was unable to stop the tre,ji|, and
SO be iustulllly opened llie
throltle, culling a tUllliul through
the building and wreeiing the
engine, b(it SUVitli" the train. Tbe
tii'ctipiti jumped and his leg was
broken.' Nooueelso was injured.
A lew boards on lhe scenery car
Were broken uud Hie glass win
duws in the Pullman were
siini��|leel, but no pilicr djpii it,c
wus done. Jt was one ot the
:i|.j.-t I'einurkaliie esc,pes on
Luther Cary, the last runner
uf Princeton Cqllego at tlio annual sppi'lit of ibo college clusses
made a record the other day,
(���)} seconds being the official time.
Gary bus gone to England lu��
geiher '.villi some meiubcrs of tbe
wjth the British Amateurs.
Odd !(ii<l Eyou,
To some people ihe clock's
tipk is -is inusic.il as the fiddlestick,
A lamll'ii'd \\\ uy not he a father
and yet buvea pay-rental feeling.
Tho goi|d dm yoitiig. The
others become oldest inhabitants
and lie about the weather, tbeir
Ut,os and everything elst,
face of
Only Once.
It was a pitiful mistake,
An error sud and grim;
I Wiited for the railway train;
The light was low uud dim.
It oarae at kit, and from the oar
There stepped a dainty dame.
And looking np and down the pluce
She straight unto roe came.
���'Oh, Jack!'1 she cried.   "Gh, dear
old Juekl"
And kissed me ns she spake;
T ibd looked iiguiu, and frightened
"Ob, what a bud mistake!"
I Bajd, "Forgjiie inc. maiden fair,
That I am not yonr Juck,
And as regards the kiss you guve,
I'll straightway give it buck."
And since that night I  have  often
On the platform lighted dim,
But only onee in u man's whole life
Do such things come tu him.
BetiHWHl-jf ��� Crtiijjij-t,
A peculiar slnry of domestic
trouble in the family of a weli-
kn.iwn hunker ot rlerdn li ,s been
revealed an a consequence of the
|!itlit||re ot a thirty of tourists by
Turkish brigands. When the
news of the during outrage by
the bHiiditti was first made known
if, was reported thai the gi-eaieip
griet was displayed by Madame
Granger over the fate nf her husband, vi'tip was nne ot tho prjs,oii<,
era, (ind w ho w;,s o .rrieil oil to
1'iitidiili's stronghold, whild she
���jvub left behind and obliged lo
remain at Adrianople in sin-ponse,
not knowing for niutiy days
whether Dr not she would he per
milted lo see her beloved spouse
iiguiu. It so happened that llerr
Pmegen had left his wife iu Uer-
lln when be started on hi: IVIurii
journey, und thut worthy lady
reul with miii'li surprise lbe
ptory ot the grief of iho luijy
who was known to the uulbori- j
ties ot Adrianople as the wile ol
the   imprisoned   mirisi.      flue   another of   those  characteristic! I Hie mind ,b centered on it from,
caused inquiries to be   nut le in n   speeches of his which will aliraot;    Hia, manner, evidently,
quiet way and  discovered   that   unusual utieiitiou   mid   provoke' Theu is your chance  lo asK  the
Hoynl Crown is the purest and
best soap miiele, and is the plumpest
to 1180. Only Itoynl CniWll
Wi'uppers Exclianu-od.,
Winnipeg, Man.
IlnvKLsToKii k Nelsos,
Notice is  hereby given  that  tho
Order in Council, which wiih Approved
... , .      j bv His Honor the   Lieutenant.(lov-
Maiihuttun eluu to try conclusions | efDor on 30tb Julv. 189(1. providing
It  is  uu odd  thing tlmt the
It-in penile    none    (.'oniaiiiH    the
hardest drinkers on  the
tbe earth.
This is what a woman says:
''Some women ure bom loots,
somo achieve lolly, but the most
of tbeni nii-rry tools."
Sin���Enjoying yourself, deary
Ilo���Hugely, my love.
She���Smoking one of those
lovely cigars 1 gave you?
lie���No. dear, I said { was
enjoying myselt.
Teacher���como here, Tommy,
and sit down
Tommy���Don't wau'ter. I'd
rather S|UlnL
Teacher ���Why,, ho/v is that,
Tommy i*
Tommy���Pa smashed his linger
in lhe door this morning  and   I
that the alienation of Crown lands
by private e.ilo be discontinued,
notiee of which wan published in the
British Columbia Gazette (,r;,l dated
31st July 1800, bus been rescinded,
and that thirty [ 30 ] days after tho
date of this notieo vaeaut unreserved
Crown lands will be open to sale
under the provisions of the "Lund
Chief Commissioner of Lends and
Lan/ls aud   Works Department,
Victoria, 11. C, 30th April.
Autocratic    l-'i-olisltuess,    ; luu"liutl
Berlin cablegram  says;    The : i'ou Bee a man take out his watoh
Victoria, May C;.b, [SO],
Notre is hereby given that the
Annual Examination of Oaurjidateg
for Certificates of Qualification to
teach in tbo Public Schools of the
Province will bo bold ns follows, ooin-
muncing ou Friday, July, 2ud, al
DiIW a.m.
In Victoria- High School Building.
In Kaniloops.-Pnblici-lehool Building,
Each applicant mp,st forward a
notiee, thirty days before tho examination, staling Useless tiud, grade
of certificate (or wlvjiih he will he a
updidllto, the optional subject-! sel-
BPted, and at wlijeh of tlie atywo-
uiimed places be will attoi.it
Every notice i^f inti'iitiuii to bo e.j-
ainiuod must be uouuinpiiweil wi(h, a
tesiimouial eet^jfyiug to the moral
ol'nracter of the candidate.
ii D. POPE,
Superintendent of Education.
|S|    rim's firmed)- forCntarrh In tho feijl
m Bout, Eaaloat lo Uso i>'��l Che
Wlllium   has    made     And look at it intently;
You'd naturally suppose;
her husband had heen joined   at  comment.    Il was not intended
Pes^by a handsome yu��"- ':':-v   tot tbe pnblie   eur, and  every
with  whom   he continn-'i  bis  effort was made under stringent I You veptnro to. inqqire and[find
travels, introducing her  as  bis  orders lo keep it from publication     He seldom ever knows it.
wife,   Herr Qraeger   is   now on   |,Ut it bus  leaked out and ,,,.., i,,,,,,.,,,,,,
his way home, haying been i>- published for the first time. ^fima^^mt^mmK^im
(eased along with hia fellow nn- was delivered on the occasion of ^y/M^if^^i^0^\
fortunutus in consideration of a an addreBS. to a body of Bpring U W^j^vMam^^S^M
largo i-iitiBom. [t is nepdless to liv#reej on the ocoision of an ud- ^^^^',��(t^|^,|^f, 1|
suy thai bo will receive u warm   dpMB i0 a body of spring tmalU  ���^^^^^���^'Mt^Jm
recruits for tho army,    In  the    WY?LST0KB TIME TAHLE
course of it iho emperoc said: "1
Warn you, who are mostly young
countrymen, against  the  bouial
..,���,;_   pemoorats,    Always remember
Another Stiiiiiln!
It is reported in London
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily,
, Paoitlo      "        h    16,BJ  ""
/iy   B..W by ili-usc'eu or Bou) by null,50c. f!,':'|
""| ��. I, Jluiullbo, Warrou/ffc, ���, ..A^iS
A Full and Complete line of
Tpilet Articles, Wall Paper, &o.
IW Cigars nt Wholesale. ���j��i
Raymond Sewing Machines kept
iu Btoek.
The subscriber would intimate,
to the .publio generally that be is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
GIiisb, and all lliiilehng. Material,
Picture Framing, ko,
^askels, Shrouds, eto.]
it. -nowsox.
_ Cofflm., Caskets, Shroflds, Jtc'Car,"'
ried iu Stock.
REVELSTOKE, 13. C, ' .] '
stoke i|(ii;qiiT and
Rents mil Debts Collected,
ERIiNi;,   SIiiN  WHlTINti
AND CAUS01I,l;vi.\G
ItI'liVULSTi)HK,   ���:    -   ��. o
Application will be mado to thq
Parliament of Canada, at its next
sns.-iioii, fur an Act to i-��viv<- tbo Act;
(12 Victoria, chapter ���!!), Ikmiih au Act
respecting tho Kootenay and Atba-.
basca Railway Company.
Solicitors for applicants,
Ottawa., 23 April, 181)1.
Coal, Hay and Corn,
p entire sale of the celobeated Canmore lion', lump and nut coal bi
ftble  for base-burners ami othor stoves.    ORE VT HEAT1 \'a
vered ni Rovelstoke, any part of town, $9.90'
KamloopsJ59.90; Donald 38.50.    Special    L
���,p,natations for ear lots.   Coal stoves
sold atwholesule cost liny, oats
and bran sold by carload or
Biuuller quantities Yards
at Kamloops and Donald.   Apply
(iivoive >i|it, instituted by Lord   ,-1"' onth you havo taken, binding
Brooke. U imminent, ami   that /"a to me,   The Bible lays the
girl  who marries leaves father
thp Prince ul Wales will he
pained co-respondent,, Whether
ii Mises because nf tho rwent
BCiiiii) il, and her prenenco by tho
special request of tho Prinoo al
Tranby  Court  cannot   now   he
and mother and follow., ber hib
passengers arriving Sundnya and
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for RobBon, Nelson, and points
in Southern Kootenay.
Cheapest, most fa?liable nnd safe
fonts to M intrenl, Toronto, St, 1'uul,
I uiongo,   .','- v  Voile  and   Ijoston,
,  ���,     ,     ���   ,    .       , [lates $9 to ?10 Inwor than any other
band,    I  s.y   to you   having ^erroute,
t��ken the ���iith ol a soldier, follow     Passengers loading Revelstoke on
me implicitly,    ihootipg   even 'J ii'-s'.iuyn, Thursdays and Saturdays
  father or brjutber   without duwn jrf" oennoot with tl^e mnplloont Q,
'*���"���-' ���"  WK~ i ,i , ��� ''��� ''- ."ilo'iui'-rsiil Port Wlllluiii, dtir.
Slate,),   {i-ii-miy |s all worked up j ^i-nor liMituiion, wnoi, o��.|.ircd," iqg navigation.
pver tbo muttci', nnd  it  tuny ho  Thn language startled even Hn'     Specially fitted Colonist Oars, in,
iiiiidc [ young men to whom it was  ad- emerge of a Portor, fer llio aooomuw-
dressed, but wm reaeivod ivith a :'|;i1'"" ,,r ['"""���'"gsf" Imldlng see ml
ii. ... ,   oltuw llokoU,   r.i-,ni-iii',-i'i hooked tn
oyal   outburst   ii    ciiiori,     U;,   ,   . ,,  ..      B l
^ '     '     *   and  from nil Luropoun  pomtH at
-jpi'cipt like wildtjro through tlieL-flwest Itatw,
army, ami was wlkof' about in j   Low Freight [t#o��, Qulok clou,
ul| lip: ba|-r.i(i!,s.   ,Hiol| iiq litter   P��-tioli,   Mi'inliiiiitti will biivo money
WMQiildnqtlongh, kept.^J^lrfV^ Nght routed via.,
rot, ami it is \m being Rent over;   ,;,,��� MJ(���lMil iufliriliatitlll -^ '
the   Wired  la   all   purls ol   the   '
world,    llm, nawhoro   will   it
lircaic moro plQtiiijtiinoiit than
in (uniimiy,
310XALP, B. Q
that revelation* "-viii  bo
rivalliiii; tlio  lensaiiont  of   Iho
.Mfit'ilaiint  suit,    Co tuiuly   the
godiipu intimate thut the   Prince
jn  siitno Way copimtinieiitcd   the
phup-,08 ugains.t Pir William Gordon Onnlniing to Lady (Jronkr-,
and thai alio, in protiftbly a mip-
puseil (iuiil|doiitia| onnvui'8'iilnn,
|ul tlio story oscapo, fionoo all
tahii I'ooo'tit   bi|bbl|b,    Why   she
w In^uSvctJ witli .lie ww\
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to tho &V1.IBERING,   BUSINJ^S   m*   \QfiU
CCiiTUHAL, nnd es^eciulJy in lb��
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
bv applying tu I
l>. ID, UI10WN,
\  ' ',M('l Ki'i'irhi r\g't, Vnoanver, I
nr to ,1, HAMILTON,
Ak'UMM,, i����i'��it, Rfnhtaki,| *vw^)'
tl \J T) ed to, and e^vuUd. iu '.hv beijt nl^'le, QomiuwUI worlj V '4
���   ('
1. A��y person who takes a paper
fflgularly from tho Post Ollice,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for thfl payment.
2. If a person orders his paper
discontinued be ruast pay all arrears'
or tin- pnblisi hrs may continue to
Bend it until payment is mads, and
<ben collect thj whole amount
whether the paper in taken from tbe
office Of not.
i. In snits for subscriptions, the
suit may be instituted where the
paper is published.
I, Thecourtp have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Tobi Olfioo, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
of, while unpaid for, is pima funic
evidence of intentional fraud.
ProiitiiiciuliaiH Waif ted.
Prithee, Albert Edwaid,
Son of a blushing queen,
Patron of the "tiger,"
Scion of tbe cloth, brief green,
Prithee, tell your uuxious couaiDB,
What you call that game you play,
Iu Cajinkm nnd Chinngo
Tbey call it Buck a-rat,
But chappies at the llellovue
Refuse to take to that.
''Bo-ca-ruw,"Hays ono with monocle,
"I played  with tbo  princo one
Of course I let bim 'do' me,
But I'm Rooming sure I'm right."
A fellow thut wears important plaids
And iuhules the cigun tte,
Thinks he knows it ull, and says
"You must cull it 'boc-ca-ret,' "
Another niuks it rhyme with treat.
Still otbi'rs say "boco-a-roo"'
There are eight and thirty others,
All with versions new,
f-o Wules, old chap, bear us, pray,
Aud  tell  ns the name of the game
you play.
GEN Wit AL NEW.-i. '
will ,-bo
Gleanings (nun All Over tho
tyj'ie WloyU.
Etuibi-iiakt* shook up .Italy on
the lllh inst.
The Alberta Blue-kl'ei-t are 'pre-
p-iHnt! (of iheir annual eun
elai ce.    ;
fcii-Cba lea Dilke hat- anreed to
eontesi'ihe forest of-'l)caito; at
the next Bn'.iwh uenoral election.
The American government is
pctively eiigfi'ged tn prepai'ii-g lo
< any o t a plan for u nlpsc seuson
in liehriiig Sea this yeui
extra revenue cutler
planed in the northern Paciflu
The Official Gii'ij.Alo - under
date of June 10th announces that
the name of Sir William Gordon
Gumming hus been erased from
(,ho list of officers in the army, us
Hor Majesty has no iut'ther, use
lor him.
A miner named John McManus
fell down the mine at Anthracite
050 loot last Thursday, nn'd was
not killed. Ho was taken to
Calgary hospital,and (be doctors
think lie may live, though his
bones are all broken up.
Near Marquette, Man., the
other day a young man named
pateiiton, .murdered a woman
named Mrs. Godfrey. ��Both
worked for a farmer named 'fudged. Putenton confessed thift he
and Mrs, Godfrey quarreled over
going for the cows aril he shot
her and thev tho body dowu
the well,
The Prince of Wules was publicly taunted ut Ascot races lust
woek, a very unfavorable demon-
(���trillion bein/: made by a largo
crowd. As thu prince .drove by;
some cried out, ''Havo you
brought your counters with
you?" Otliois indulged in more
offensive thrusts, The prince got
inud but had to pocket bis anger,
This is believed to be the Iirst
time ibui a disrespectful demou-
dtralion bus been made  Ugainst
has lieen gettiiis: the past few
days from religious and secular
Budyard Kipling, the novelist
in dying of consumption, By
order of his physicians be lias
j-onc lo Italy.
Word funics from iVestminstfir
that tbe town is excited over the
finding of cfild by an old miner
engaged in excavating for 'frapp
& Co's new block.
Forest fires have been doing
great damage in New Brunswick.
Houses, outbuildings and forests
have been swept away, and over
100 miles of country has been
devastated. From Moneton to
Newcastle there have beeu continuous tires, und farther north
the npo$ also rage. Near Fredcr-
iclon tbo country for ten miles
was iii a blaze, and farm bouses
and fences have been burned.
The marriage of Miss Garner,
of New fork to Sir William
Gordon Ciiinniing, is another
evidence of the devotion of
woman, ll lias becomo kuown
Uiui immediately upon iho an-
nounceiiii.nt of tho verdict in the
buccui'Ut ease the plaintiff offered
lo release Miss Garner from the
engagement, This proposition
was scouted by the young lady,
who insiBlel that lbe inurriano
should bo co lob I'D led. Miss. Gui''
nor will bo ostracised by her
iho speech of Hen- Reickert
iu the German Landtag, advocating the icuuji of Bisupiiek as lhe
only man oopable of administering the empire, has created u
setiFjitioii throughout tforinuny,
the chancellor scpuied astuiiishuil
when Ibo speech was delivered.
It is reported that Coprivi may
lay fi is resign ition beioru the
Kaiser at nn early dale, boin^
no longer u,'-le to bear the Btl'ain
ol prcshtiru trom the throne on
ihe one hand ami the Iriouds ot
BiHIliurok UII thj.' .Utile'1,
The Vernon News Buys; Mr,
J, it, Ganliici', a mining expert,
who in bis professional occupa-a
lion liuH i'leiiu-l alui'St every
mineral d'SU'ii-l Irom Cape Horn
to Ali'ftla'i, arrived in town L'Hl
Saturday. Ho bus been in the
Kettle liiver di.-trict the past six
mouths, engaged jn testing ote
He Staled that he had never seen
a larger quantity of high grade
ore of various kinds in one district than in the lower country,
nnd is confident that it will
eventually prove to be lbe richest
mineral district in lhe province.
i j
hoavy fine.
Tho affairs of lhe Centennial
exposition were finally wound up
at Philadelphia tho other day.
There was a cash balance ou
hand ol a littlo over 812,000,
which wus devoted to the
Pennsylvania museum, it being
deemed not worth whilo to declare a dividend for tho 13,915
shareholders scattered all over
tbo country.
Over threo hundred destitute
families have arrived at Southampton from Buenos Ayros.
Luck of work and scarcity of
money in the Argeutino Republic
Compelled them to leave thai
country. There are many Irish
among tho returning emigrants.
They report a distressing condition of affairs aa prevailing in the
republic. L;irge numbers of
those foreigners who went to tho
country on promises of highly
paid labor are absolutely dying
Ol HtilJ'VUtiOI),
James McDonald & Co,
Carry arge hnes of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture    Parlor and
Bed-roam sets ruugmg iu price, from $6.50 to $500.    H, tals    r
nished throughout.   Ollice and bar-room chairs.   iS
mattresses made to order, aud woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses iu stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenny Lako
poiuts will recoivo early
.and   prompt attention
All��ncooiints against the Provincial
Government, contracted in West
Kootenay District, are requested to
be forwarded to the Government office, Revelstoko, ou or beforo tho 30th
of June.
Government Ageut,
Royelotoke, |(hy 28, 1801.
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
Sratiite waro, and   Lamp  Goods.       Tin, ^Copper^-and    Sheet Iro
Ware mado to order.    First class work guaranteed,
attended to.'
Ordors promptly
ill orders by mail
express promptly
attended. ,t
to     -
A    '
All   descriptions of
gold and silver
A fearful accident is reported
from Switzerland. A railway
bridge across the Moenchon, a
small affluent of the Rhine, at
Stein, in tbo Canton of Basel,
gave way under the Weight of an
excursion train, crowded wiih
pooplo wbo wero on their way lo
u musical feto. Two engines and
the first cur with all iu passengers first plunged into the river,
whilo the other cura remained
suspended over tbe stroam, All
lhe trainmen wero killed and
every passenger- in the submerged car wus drowned, There were
iibout sixty killed and uot less
than a hundred injure.I,
It seems as if it were fashionable for British Army officers lo
go wrong. On .Monday the magistrates of Eastbourne, the most
fushiouable watering place un
coast, were occupied it) bearing
un attrpcioua crime ugainst Capt.
llawke'B, a prominent oflieer possessed ol much wealth and a
member of a noted family, Alias
Clara burgets, a member of tho
ihe Captain's household,, allowed
that bo bud assaulted her, and
iilicrwui'iis cruelly I'eiti ber and
mid turned her into the streets.
""���    evidence  was   so   strong
Notice is hereby given that the
following lands ure hereby reserved
from sale or pre-emption nu'f.jl fm.tbe|.
notice, viz:-A strip of laud one
mile in width on each side of a line
commenoing at the point where
Cottonwood Smith Creek crosses tbe
southern boundary of Nelson Town-
site Reserve; thenee following tbo
valley of the Cottonwood-Smith Creek
to its head; thenee along the valley
of the Saltpoq lliver to a point opposite to tbe bead of Beaver Creek;
thenee across tbo sipnmit to tbe
valley of Beaver Creek, and follow?
iug the snid valley to its mouth;
thenoo following the east sido of the
1 Columbia Kiver to tho International
j Boundary line,
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Lands and   Works  Department-
Victoria, B. O., 21st May, 1891.
(Close to Q, p. [(.Dei
P. O. Address, Nelaon, n. O,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, ote, All kinds nf
lumber on hand. During the seasou
of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
iii !��������� i ��� iiii��� ��� \wmmmmmammm
Hus openod a Bakery in the Htore
lately occupied by Jus. MoDonald k
Co., and is propurod to supply tbo
ITiM'st Jai'.'iiil,  Huns, Ciikos.
Pastry, Etc,
A good stock ill ways ou bund.
(be Prince of Wales by a orowd i against the defendant that ins
I ' "*���*n      auue     nip ^i   uw<rii   ri|wiijl   I1J1V1IVN  fill   11111
bearing claim to respectability, conviction followed, und be was Ws of Baking-done to or ler,
NdtttiPclllM 18 mm PlpnlB* | ipblunced 10 Hum week', hard'   NAPOLEON WTBWOUIMft
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and complote stock of gent's furnisings, ladios'.toilet,
and children's boots, shoes and bos,), stationery, patent medicines, es,
requisites and roady-mado clolhiiirt'.   A   largo ussortment of pip
tobacco, eigttl'oMeii, imported and domestic cigars, fruits, candy, eto
Stove pipes, tinware, orockery, rough and dreBsod lumber,and othergoods;
too numerous lo mention, at moderate pricon.
Telephone communication.
I Fred. Hume & Co,,
Revelstoke and Nelson, B. C,
Dry Goods,  Provisions and Hardware,
i'i i-i
Tho publio will find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any ordors placod with  Mr. Ctr.utni-s LINDMARK  will havo oqi>
oarcful attention  and  prompt delivery to any part of Iievelstoke.
PRICES GUARANTEED TO BE AS LOW AS ANY OTHER HOUSE, Divine Service will bo held in the
JUtslstoke Church every Sunday eve,
ping at 7;30, conducted alternately
Sunday School uud Bible Class every Sunday nftoruoou nt 2:30. All
��r�� cofdially invited to attend,
Church ol Mm-Iund corvices
will be held in Revelstoke by the
R v.' J.C, 0. Kemin every lourth
biiiday in each month.
Selkirk Lodge. No 12
'10 0 V Donald D C
Rsgjlar Meeting 'jL'bursday A each
*ew at 8 p. m,   All visiting broth
eM are cordially invited.
J. McLiioo,     J, H. Matiikson,
N. G. R, S,
.', Doxalp, IJ. C.
,. , GLACIER ���jODGK No, 51,
Meets let 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, ti. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W, E, (Jgilvie.
��� Fiue'r.   Aa.(jiis .ucLenu.
Journal Ag't, L\ A. Chesley, KlWV
doopB, B, il.
'    : "  "    PONALP, Bl C.
Nsetslflt 2 VVedueadays, and 3rd and
..4th Sundays, iu J-'iieineii'B Hail,
���' Master,   Arthur Kendall.
Secretary,   Joseph Calliu.
Collector,   Geo 11 Govett, Box 4!)
Reuvivur,  Jnmea i'uloouer, (Jnu
more, N, W. T.
llagazine Agent,    H J McSorley
' ��EVEL-JiOivE, JUNE io, Intl.
dsaaggeaggs >. ...''. ���
Trull Creek wus iu town oa Wednesday,
Invitntions are out for a social hop
in the Bohonl house on Wednesday
evening next.
Will strawberries are plentiful up
Ihe Big Bend trail; und nil iiround
towu tlie crop is fairly good,
Seventy tons of freight were transferred from the C. P, R. Million
here to the Lytton on Tuetiduy for
shipment down the river.
Mr. H. Haiinu is in town purchasing goods for Hbipmont to his hostelry at the camp uf giuut lodges, He
iu confident Trail Creek will come to
D. McArthurof Illecillewapt was
iu town Monday. He says only us
susnient work is being done at present ou lhe mines there.
P.O. Inspector Fletuher paid Rev-
elstok uu ollieiul visit Wednesday,
und is uow engaged in the lower
Superintendents Alibott und Mu.1-.
pole went down the river on Thursday on business in connection with
the Columbia Knotenhy railway,
Mr. John Boyd, of Johnson's
Lundiug, ono of the owners of
the Fish creek mine at Illecillewaet
spent a day in town this week, und
weut up to Illecillewaet to work ou
tbe mine.
Mr, F. G, Christie, manager for
the 0. k K, S. N. Cu , went down to
Sproat 00 the Lytton Thursday lo
look after the uompanys utfuirs at
thut end of the route. Mr, Cooney
occupies bit ollice in bis absence.
The 0 P. lv. are haviug 100 feet
addition made to each end of the
station  platform   here.   This   wil'
tfno rieiener or Aiuswortu wus in
town Wednesday.
Mr. John .Miller, MA., will conduct the services in the Methodist
church to-morrow.
Mr. Dun. McGillivray wis iu
town Wednesday, en route to Nelson.
Rev. J. P. Hicks, from th�� const,
will act ns p inter of the Methodist
church here until the arrival of Mr.
Ladner iu August. Mr, Hicks is
expected here to-day.
The Miner ntiijounces that, "Those
wbo took stock in the Nelson Smelting k Mining Companies. Limited,
are requested to tender leceipta to
Harold Scions, who will refund the
umoiiut subscribed."
The steumer Lytton continues to
do a big passenger traffic, almost
every berth being engaged every
trip, both up aud down the river,
Owipg to the cold weather the tonr-
ist traffic bus not been lurge us yet,
Imt there are good evidence of a big
business in thut line jet.
DlHKOllltlOU   of  l-iirilll'l-.'allil'*
Tho partnership heretofore existing
between Ernest Fletcher and Thos,
Dempster, oarpontors, etc., uud )r the
firm name of Ploloh-r k Co., his this
day lieeu dissolved. Tho bminess
wiil Iw carried on in future by Ernest
Revelstoke, Juno lst 1891,
Seho'il  Mooting.
Tho annual Bchool meeting for
Revelstoke distriot was hold in
the School Houso on Monday at
11 o'clock, 11. N, Coursier prcs
aiding and F, B, Wells acting ub
aoorelary. Mr. F.
tury of the school board, present
ed bis annual report which was
on motion received and adopted.
The election ol trustees to serve
ou the board instead ot 11. Creel*
man, whose term has expired and
it. Kohsiii, resigned, was taken
up. II. Bourne -upl II. JN, Courtlier were regularly proposed, anil
His honor the 'fjioutcnant-'lovornor
hus been plensoel to make tho follow
jng appointment!
lst June, 1891.
Napoleon Fitastnbbs, Esquire, S.
AI,, to bo Hold Commisaioneri Oov-
ernineiit Agent; Assistant Coui'uis-
sloner of Lands and Wot'Ks; Deputy
Registrar of the County Court of
Kootenny, holden nt Ilovelstoke; Collector of Votes; Returning Officer-
n Court of Revision and Appeal nurW
the "Assessment Act" Registrar under
and to oarry out tbo Marriage Ordinances, and to rooeive applications
for registration and reword under the
provisions of the Land Registry Acts
li'i liner aecre- I 'ol *''������' ^est Kootenay Electoral District, vioe George Ohristio Tunstall,
Esquire, ti. M., transferred to another
B tl T C H ERS
Comer Fjont and Hanson Sts.
Alil'AIUMSOX 1)1(09.       -        rROPIIIKTORS
IffiVELSTOKE,     B. C.
First oliissin every respect; Nearest
hotel ta 0 P R depot nud steatuboa
lauding, be-twoeo post oflice aud gov,
buildings, Coach to and from depott
auel steamboat. Fire proof Safe for thn
uooouuuoeiiitiou of its customers.
P. MoOaw��v   ,   .   , ���   p8o,
grently conveuisues  the  travelling   declared elected   I'V iicclaniution
MlCAl. NiiW-j NUUtHi'i'S
Pkla-ea V|�� in the Town -tud
i, ���    ' - *
Mii-S Adair is visiting friends at
' Quid Commissioner Fiij-stubbs
ir(eiit dowu (he iivei on Thuiouuy io
Visit the n-iiiiug uuuipa iu tne lower
. Mr. Royje, president of tho Revelatoke buielUjiii Syudicaje, nun
Mra. Bvyln, lelt town ou \> euuuo,iuy
luriiiti Eiiot.
��� Tbe Revelatoke Smelter Syndicate
huve i'nuiuiiimi to Culleotor KirKup
that they v, |l�� not puy tun ou tiieir
publii',-\vl\o heretofore had ol'te.i to
get off nnd wulk to the platform or
walk through u number of enra,
Sanderson's Hot Spring's on the
llm Upper Arrow Luke ure becomiug
a favorite camping report, as well
tbey may, Cupt, Gore, with his
wile uud family were in camp for a
week and nuuicrous other parties
have tested the virtues of the miuer-
ul waters, Several other camping
expeditions are ou the tapis,
Tno new bouiil is now composed of Messrs. Fred. Frnscr, H.
bourne and 11, N, Coursier, the
latter being elected seci'eluy,
property uuiil   tinur title   to luo
JaUd ia registered. j cuuie up the river Wednesday, uud
The heavy rains of the past  week ' Mr' J' O'huirod, siiporiiiteudeut of
lm htought the river  up ugum  telegraph conatructiou for the C. P
almost   as   hitjh   us   it   waa   a
few weeks ago.   Wet woatuer m this
|iue' of   tne year   geuerully   Uus
the opposite effect,
Dr. C. E. C. Browu will be at ihe
Columbia Huu.ie, Iievelstoke, uu
'Meduesday, the Ul\l iust., uud will
femuiu a. lew iiuy�� only. J nose re-
���luitiug dental wurk will please aiuae
The licensing board, oompased of
Stipendiary .Magistrate I'llz-tuobs
aud Justice of the Peace Jowett,
met iu the coint house ou Monday,
and granted a liquor lioense lu Ii.
A. Browu, Mr. Drown, ua require,;
by .law, presented a petition from
residents ol towu favoring '.he granting of the liceuse, whiuh was sigued
by luj persona. A counter petition
with 62 nutuea was also laid before
the oourt,.
Dr, Campbell on Wednesday returned from a visit to his hou.o iu
D��orer, and qu Thursday (left for
Ainawotlb, The Revelatoke mining
company are preparing to take out
ore from the United mino for ihlp-
meat.  It i�� reported the oro will he
sent to a Montuna Smelter for ireut-
ment, but this is not likely when the
Ail*-'mist rutin'-*    Nol ice.
Joseph   wh.i(jn. okosaskd, in-
Persons having elaiina ug'iinst the
diipt. Sanderson tud liny Barber I lll)ovo esfuie are requested to present
weut down the river on u benr hunt! ""'m '" tllH undersigned, at Nelson,
yesterday.   The both talk Chinook | U' U" tt��."{*����>t! '-'' whom, also
.. ,      ,, ,       ! persons indebted to snid  estate  are
well and. may bo able to make iymiM  to  nmke m uf al|
dicker wi.tb some Si wash (nr a bear   luoueys duo,
pelt,   Tbey did not intend to depend : VV. J. WILSON,
upon tl.er nils lor provisions, jiidg-1 Administrator.
iug Iiy too sue of their pack.-. Mm', B, ft, May 23rd, 1891,
Wui. Wilson, telegraph inspector j ~       ~
The  pnhlic are  berebv  nnliflm)
Kiel oluas 'Jiim[)er��Doe Hom��.
a-Ka-AKD   AXU   LODOINII   $5   !aKR   nitKf
MEALS, 25c,      uijM 25o.
This hotel jb situated convenient to the
Btatiou, w oomfaftably furnished ami
affairs lirai class uooomraoduticin.
Ba-RIOaW rins^scLAsy.
REVELSTOKE     ^      ,
IV. Cowun, I'rop,
Rooms woll attended; tablet unss,
tlmt the Agent of Dominion Lands; (.c||^,    Wine* una   liuiiors i-u.ii.it
ill leuml.iniiH i^ reiinired frnru lime In I     ..i< i ��� * **y        "
lit Kamloops is required from time to
time, to attend to duties which necessitate his visiting poiuts ul a distance
from bis nflJee, anl, in order to enable, him tn do this with lhe least inconvenience to persons having bnsi-
ness to trunsiitil ut the agency, it has
heen decided to wt apart the Iirst
week in each month for this purpose,
Notice is therefore given lo all [
concerned thut the office of the Agent
of Dominion Lands at Kamlnops
may, in future, be closed between
the lst and 7th davs, inclusive. of
every month. 'This notice \h given
in order that peisons living ut a dis.
lance niuv govern th��iiisi Ives.nconl-
muly, it beiutr uinlerstool thut the
office will lie kep* open during the
period mentioned whenever tbe
agent's duties will permit of il.
By Or lor.
Department of the Interior, Otia-
tend of a bigh qtiuiiiy. t<ift ^
sample mom. Telephone oom.i����ni��
calion with C. IJ. K, depot. IVt
prool vaull for the convenience oi
guests,   Busa meets all traiiiM.
riWj?si��!JT hatks
*-;������� B A a
-Wit -
Notice is hereby giv->n that CO days
after date we the undersigned, intend
It. w��nt dowu tu .Sprout Thursday to ' applying to the Chief Commissioner
look after the building of the wire  of *-'11H'H ������������*- Worl!S for permission
line from Sprout to the boundary to i }�� P"rol,m��� fe, f,u,ll,,ffi,1K  ������  "f
.,-,,��,,       . ���    .       - 1-""1' Bltltlited at the   west   end   of
connect ��itht he Spokane k Northern : Trout Lakl, Weet Kootenay elisir-H.
1'n,?s- i beginning at the north  east post
Cupt. Napoleon  Pitlzstubbt ar-   planted at the mouth of the Lawman
rivnl iu town ou Sunday moruing, ; lliver, thence following tbe memider-
aud ou Monday entered  npou  his I inKs ^ H�� hike 80 chnln.8,  to the.
duties as Gold Commissioner, etc., I f0",1.1' ��*��***i *��nee  80 chains
T  .      _,     , ��� : to the south west corner; thence 80
for the  dlstnet.   Judge  Install,, chains to the north west corner! thence
��� left town Sunday evening for Lam- , 80 chains to point of commencement.
loops, and although no ostentatious j F. 15. WELLS,
farewell was acoordeI bim, bis de-1 J. ABIlAHAMSON.
p;ir'i)re is a milter of keen regret.
Assistant O-mraiMiouer of Lands  WANTED TO KXGIIAXOK��a���LowUJ1 QotiW f}", tlie,r liw]i
and H'orks rraslubb,  has  decided ,..,,.,
,,,,,,          ,     ,   ���         ���      ��� �� beautiful picture without printing
to let the   work  of  improving   the . .   ,      ,    ,.       ,,       ,    i,        6
1-5 for   twooty-five   Itoynl   Crown
- rood from town te the station by the i SoH|) \Vrftppcr8'   A ono cent pos-
day, making such improvement as the tage stamp will carry the wrappers,
appropriation of 81000  will  allow, The   picture will  be  mailed   free.
This  plun  meets  with the general Ko.VIll Crown is the purest and
approbation of the citizens. h'rl H""l' m'lp<,'""1'" tho oheapest
to use       duly  Itoynl   Ol'OWIi
Mr. J, W. fhomson came buck on   WrupporH Exolinnjfod.
1       "REVELSTOKE, B.C.
All persona wbo huvo mado application to purohase Ciown land, tinder
the provisions of Bectiou 29 of tho
" Laud Act," to whom an extension
of tjmo for surveying has not been
granted, or who have failed to ooin-
pleto the survey of, and to mnko payment m full for, tbo hind applied for,
cations will lie cancelled, nnlesa good
and BiilKoiout osmso to ihe oontiwy
is shown withiu (10 days from Ua1
date of this notice,
l'\ G. VEliNON,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Lands auel Works Dopartmont, Vic
toria, K. C, May 7th, 1891.
Thursday from a visit to the Okanagan country, lie reports lhe outlook us very promising tin ro and
did a l.ig husiness in taking orders
fer fruit tree, Ail hn sold last season ure doing splendidly, and fruit
culture in ths "Garden of British
Columbia" promises to be a promi
iienl ioilnsliy,
pa?T��|��toke Smeller  Syndicate and
ike Revelatoke Mining Compauy ure I    0*0 I.m'orm and E t, I'innet oame
jiraotically the auHie oouot-m. | down from the Big Bond Batnrdjy,
:^Pb9 C, k K. S, N, C'omimnys new ,,
,       i   ,      '    , i bovs   ure doing  spiendnl y,   nine i
itMUe? was launched ut   Ne ana on ' a.        .i      .,     u ,
w    .     ,   ,     , ���* u" . better than they have ever done be.
Jloodav uat, the  pnpq ace of  lbs  ,        ,pu- ..
L      . ' <**��->"        "-"fore.    1 his season they nro certain
booming town turning out to ode.    ,      i i
,,, ,   * ''      of good pay, and  prewpeots  tt6W
Mte.ibe eve.,,  Mra. 8. M, Davys \m% av, rao��� BLn7aglng,   i���
fired a bottle of wine at the bout und '
Winnipeg, Man.
Ocean Tickets to Europe*1
A;lan      White Star
Dominion      Cunard
Heaver Anchor
and al] oilier linen suilmg from Kali-
fa*, Portland. Boston, New York
    "���'���"���    ""   '       ",' '   "''        Buliimore un, on tale at
(.',   P,    It.   "Indium,   ut
vi ry low rites.
Assity  mid   Miiiiiijr   OlHcos,
Qoldon, li, C.
Th? lavgwt and nw! cental Hotel i��
tit* oity ; good aouMiumodation ; ever?.
thill's new ; table well supplied i bar and
billiard room uttunhisl; lire pml mif*.
Stockholm House
JOHN stone; Pnop.
The dining room is furnished with th��
best the market affards,
The bar is supplied with a ok>ice stock
of wineB.Ue-uorB and oigurs,
I gojug up "ii" "f Luforme'fl lionet
oiirrying a keg of whisk y uml a
oii.so of oil, took mi acrobatic (it,
j and tumbled for fifty fast (lown a
1�� 'he j sleep lull, 'I'hy uniinul v.'us not
wafer like��duo*, and no dmiht will | ,DjBMd pw.0eptibly and nothing wus
j yea good acpouat of herself when M, The belief 1. entertained that
fllUd with    wuchtuary,  Und  we|l
christened' her "^elson,"
bpttle�� oi wine was broken bul rnraoi'
says it did pot strike tlie bow of 11,0
boiVt, . Tbo now craft tori;
bud tlm horse not been  (muled  with
liquor lm would be craw meat now,
Auk for nailing Hats and rales of
fate. Great ftdvaDtagi'i secured iiy
tnkiiif doeiiii tickati Irom your Iota]
Great saving effsoteJ by taking
ronnd trip tlullels,
Bertha in uuy (leeuior engaged
without rluii'ge,
prepaid   panttage arranged  from
Uuy pojnl in i'.iii'npe,
Apply in your DBurnil sgeolj or to
,1. H.vvii.iii.s, Iievelstoke, or to
RowuiT Kkiiii,
U��u- P*t��i Agl,, Winnipej,
Silvor, Gold or Loud, each.., ,$1.B0
Silver, (laid and  Lead, combined   3.00
Silver und Lead  2 60
Silver, (told and Copper , 4.00
Silver and (HI  2.00
Silver uud Qopper.,,, , itlW
Silver, Ould, Load ami Cooper, 5,60
Copper hy Wet and I'Jeetroylsia
assay   8,BO
Copper by Fun Assay  U.Ol)
other assay prices ou application,
Tshmi Cash  with samples,    A
discount iij in per oont, when two or
wore ui'i.i-i.i.
Baku of Ore negotiated.
N, B, Par soveral yean BWtiyw
to MetaVi. Yiviiiu ,v Sous, Swansea,
Agouti Wuyled,
Str. Lytton
Will leave REVKLSTOKE every
4tt.m.,forROBJi()N undLiTfLB
BAtLKS. Conueoling at KCB-
SOM with the Colnniiiu ami
Kootenay Railway und at UTTLB
HALLOS with Iho Spokane Kullsi
k JNorihern Hallway.
Returning will leave LITTLE
DALLES every TUhiSUAY and
FRIDAY ul����. in.
i\ (i. CHRISTIE,


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