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The Kootenay Star Dec 19, 1891

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Array VOL. III.
No. 27.
Rents and Debts Collootsd.
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacific        " ,i     10.52   !,'
Passengers arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson. Nelson, nnd points
in Southern Kootenay.
Cheapest, most reliable and snfo
route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, New York and Boston.
Rates ��5 to ��10 lower than any other
other route,
Passengers leaving Eevelstoke on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the magnificent 0,
P. R. Steamers at Fort William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colouist Cars, in
charge of a Porter, for the accommodation of Passengers holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
and from all European points at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch. Merchants will save money
by having their freight routed via
the C. P. R.
Fidl and reliable information given
b ��� applying to
Assi, Geu'l Froight Ag't, Vucouver,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't C, P. R. Depot, Revelstoke.
P. O. Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto. All kinds of
lumber oh hand. During the season
of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
Ocean Time to Europe
White Star
and all other lines sailing from Halifax, Portland, Boston, l��Tew York
Baltimore  are on  sale  at
C, P. R. stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates o
fare.   Great advantages secured by
taking ocean tiokets from your local
Great saving effected by taking
round trip tickets.
Berths in any steamer engaged
without oharge.
Prepaid  passage arranged from
any point in Europe.
Apply to your nearest agent; to J.
Hamilton, Revelstoke ; or to
Roman Kerb,
Gen. Pass. Agt., Winnipeg.
Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any person who takes a paper
regularly from the Post Office,
���whether he has subscribed pr not, is
responsible for tho payment,
2. If a person ordors his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
or the publisthrs may continue to
oend it until payment is made, and
thou collect tha wholo amount
whether tho paper is taken from the
ofiiee or not.
3. In suits for subscriptions, the
suit may bo instituted whero the
paper is published.
i. Tho courts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Ollioo, or
removing and leaving Ihein uncalled
pr, whilo unpaid for, i* pitnn facie
aviliiiioo of intentional fraud.
Wagons and all kinds of
Vehicles Repaired.
Shoeing a Specialty.'
Coffins, Caskets, Shrouds, &e.
carried in Stock.
Fir, Hemlock & Cedar,
WAm jiasEsts
To all Parts at Right Prices.
I�� BlvJBJ&nTOJS[|
(Two Doors West of Post-office).
B��@f s a ��21 ��US
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday eye-
Ding at 7.30, conducted alternately
Sunday School and Bible Class every Sunday afceruoun at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
Church of England services
will be held in Revelstoke by the
Rev. J. C. C. Kemm overy fourth
Sunday in each month.
ftf&jk- Selkirk Loilfre, No 11'
%^P I O O F Donald B C
Regular Meeting Thursday A oach
week at 8 p, in. All visiting broth
ers are cordially invited.
J. McLeod,     J. 11. Matiieson,
N. G. R. S.
Do.XALI), Ii. 0.
Meets lst 2 Wednesdays,and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Ceo II Govett, Box 49
Receiver,'   .lames   Falconer,  Can
more, N, W. T.
Magazine Agent    II J MoSorley
]>o\*\r.n> ]3. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each mouth.
Master,   .1, S. Babbitt,
Sec'y,   W. I-'. Ogilvie.
l'riic'r.   AtgUS McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Kamloops, B, 0.
The Eight in Little Pamir.
Sir Edwin Arnold, in roply to
a request for an interview on the
fight of Gilgit in tbo Little Pamir,
said: "Tho crisis is ui.uoually
alarming, for one spccLl roason,
and that is tho fact that the
blood of English officers has beon
spilled in this skirmish, To one
not familiar with Anglo.ludian
history and spirit the gravity of
such a fact can hardly be ex.
plained. Thore is a tradition in
the English Army in India, and
il ia hold as almost gospel
throughout tho Indian Empire,
lliftt English blood is sacred.
Once spilt, thero can bo no wash
ing it out, no compromising, no
explanation, save tho moat convincing disavowal on the part oi
any foreign government implicated ia the aot of bloodshed;
and no satisfactory settlement,
except the most prompt and complete explanation, for that shedding of English blood, and tho
blood of its officers in India is an
articlo for which the Anglo-Indian em'ire charges 81,000,1)00 a
drop. Russia has lately made ad
vances there so marked that England cannot allow them. Russia
now occupies the slopo of the
Pamir, from which it will havo to
recede. England's demands to
tbat effoct would have boen made
in any oyerit, They will now ho
made in such a tone that Russia
must heed them and retire fiom
its present occupancy of the Pamir
slope. A refusal to do 80 71.111
mean war���nothing moro nor
less. With the blood of English
officers already spilt, war will
follow any action bhvo tbo most
complete reparation and expiation.
The British empiro is prepared
for war. It is bo tremendou-ly
prepared that no man can estimate the vast extent, of that preparation both in money and in men,
A hotter timo for war, if war
must como, could not be selected.
I doubt that the pgar will allow
matters to reach a crisis, as the
inevitablereeult of Russian defeat
in a war, with the frontiers of
India as the baltlefiold, would be
a stupendous catastrophe tn that
Dation. It would mean that England would roll back odco and
forover the Rusian approach on
India, raze Control Asia to the
ground from one end to tho other,
restore to tho Kbaimtes their in*
dependence, thrust Russia back
beyond tlio Caspain, froo Persia
from Russian influence, rescuo
Khoj'assan, iriovbably cause a
revolution in Russia, and on 1 in
lho overthrowing of Russia's
power in Europe,
Chili iu tho Bight,
A doepatoh lo tho London
Times from ils Valparaiso correspondent, who has beon sending
former despatches antagonistic to
tbp United States, says that lho
portion of President Harrison's
message relating to Chili is certain to proline:', a painful impression, lhat the Aniorionn
colony is indignant al lho action ol
American representatives in Chili,
declaring it is bused on personal
motives and stock gambling. The
correspondent expresses a hope
that Congress would demand all
the documents relating lo Chilian
affairs whon it would be scon that
an apology was necessary Irom
Prosidont Harrison tu ibo Chilian
Canada's Trade with England
A most reniarkablo development has takeu placo iu the trade
in Irish eggs. Between thirty
and forty million Canadian eggs
have been landed al Liverpool,
and have met with a ready sale
at such good prioep that a great
expansion of lhe trado will take
placo next season, and there is
every prospect of success for tbe
efforts which will bo mado to
supplant tho continental eggs in
tbis market. Special trains will
he arranged for on the Canadian
Pacific and Grand Trunk railways to collect lhe eggs and run
in connection with lho sailings ol
fast steamers to Liverpool. It is
stated owing to the extraordinary
good quality tho Canadian article
has already displaced the eggs
from Italy, Germany and Russia
in tho markets in tho north of
Tho applo trade, to which great
attention baa been paid iu Cana
da during rocnot years, has now
assumed enormous proportions,
Tbe imports at Liverpool from
tho beginning of Ibe soason to
date are 369,880 barrels against
66,728 during tho corresponding
period last year. Last week's
receipts aro tho largest over
known ��� 89,580 barrels. Tho
principal portion of these supplies
havo been Canadian, the prices
of wbieh range from 15 to 20 per
cent more than for those from
the Uniled States. The fruit is
of exceptionally tine quahty, well
packed, und the supply, great n��
il is, by no means exceeds lhe demand,- A ioature in this trade is
tho tact that more private families
aro purchasing their winter stock
of apples by the barivl rather
than from the retail dealer.
Tho Canadian Govornment is
making front efforts lo encourage
tho uniking ot line qualities of
butter for tbe British market. A
few packages of very superior
quality have arrived, and havo
met with favor at tho bands of
dealers. Next yc.r's importations promise to bo on a very extensive scale.
Contracts have been made for
tbo delivery in Liverpool of somo
throo or four hundred tons of
choice Canadian Turkeys, to bo
despatched thence to tho several
Tho past soason has also seen
an expansion of trado in Canadian carriage horses. The lust
of llii'Bo averaged nearly one
hundred guineas each when sold
by auction in London, and tbis
business bids fair to reach moro
important dimensions.
Peculiar ratal Burning.,
Ono ol Ibo saddest and most
peculiar accidents on record oe��
cured in Hampshire county,West
Virginia, on Friday night. Wm.
House, aged 25, and Jonny Mc-
Jiride, aged 21, were tho victims,
They lyero swoothparis, and bad
boen attending u danco throe
miles from Salineville, leaving for
Iheir home, sovcu miles distant.
at 2 a.m. On the way homo tho
girl ooniplainod of the cold and a
liio was built hy Rouse in a hollow
in the woods, Tbo two must
havo gono tu sleep for the girl's
dross caught fire and whon Rouso
saw hor it was a mass of flames.
Tno girl's clothing was entirely
consumed, bul in horrible agony
sbo mado her way home, where
she died. Rutiso was eo badly
burned in extinguishing tho fire
lhat both hands had to bo am��
nutated.   He has iiiico died.
Fatal Tire at Moose Jaw.
A disastrous fire, attended with
fatal results, broke out in the
Lome hotel about 12 30 Saturday
morning. So rapidly did it
spread that tho inmates of tho
Ontario House, which is a part of
the S'.ine block, narrowly escaped
with their lives, In lho JiOrno
houso the proprietor, Henry Jack-
man, his little girl and a young
woman named Ruth McDougail
were overtaken by tho flames,
aud all perished, their charred remains being found in the debris.
Brakeman MoMioken and Mrs
Jaekmaii were badly injured while
attempting to asoape, The fire
was not extinguished until twenty
buildings, including tbe English
church, had boen burned, A high
wind bad been blowing rendering
it impossible to check the flames.
Au Awful Scene,
Two women and an infant wero
instantly killod on Friday afternoon at Homewood, a suburb of
Chicago, by a Cleveland Columbus, Cincinnati k St. Louis ex-
press. Thoy wero Mrs. Mary
Witt, 32, Mrs. Anna Gottschalk,
31, and an infant child of Mrs.
Gottschalk, aged 14 months.
Tbe women wero on tbeir way
home loaded down with toys and
candies. In stopping out of lhe
way of a freight train they did
not notice the fust Cincinnati
express thundering along from
iho opposite direction, The two
women wero caught by the
engine, hurled high into the air
und killed. The child lay in its
mothor's arms gasping for breath,
Tnere was an awful gash in its
forehead, and it died a moment
alterwards. Tbo bodies of tbo
two women wero horribly maogs
Another Letter from Hon. 0.
Tho Toronto Globe publishes
the full text of a long letter
addressed to tbe Ilou, Mr. Mackenzie by tbe Hon. Oliver Mowat,
reviewing the political situation
in Canada. Iu conclusion, ho
says; "Gome of cor farmers-
Conservatives and Liberals aliko
-may tulk somewhat wildly,
when they think of markets from
which tbey are excluded to their
loss; but, I undertake to say,
that never, as a matter of deliberate action, will either they or,
any other important section of
Canadians consent to sell their
country and nationality for gold
and greenbacks, whether in pro.,
spect or in promise. Tbey will
liyo on as they are, in lho hopo
of better things from a better
A Progressive Town.
To semo good eastern firm, with
capital and good commercial con-
noctiou, extra large inducements
will bo given to como to Johnson
and open a large general business
comprising a stock of not less
than one hundred thousand dollars, and as much moro ns may
bo nocossary to meet tho increasing demand of trade at this point,
The location is tho best in Eastern Washington ; and lhc right
parties will bo liberally assisted
in bonuses and a business of from
three to fivo hundred thousand
dollars guaranteed. Hero is an
opportunity only offered once in
a iifotimo. For particulars address Renwick W. Taylor or J,
Johnson, Johuson, Wash, ��� New
State News, j; ��� .. .'. I   -���" i, li    y    , U|��<M: a.  I -aiUL- .*-... -    jMMMBfBMWB
^l]c Hootmoij Stat
SATURDAY, DEO. 19, 18U1.
Tho land question at Rovelstoke is
probably within measurable distance
of settlement, as " well begun is half
done," aud a first-oIaSB beginning was
mado last night in what is intended
10 be an all-round, never-failing agitation until tho desired results are
attamod���registration of titles and
unrestricted sale of land iu the 20-
mile belt. It seems that this town
.has hithorto bad no chance io expand, owing to vexatious and senseless restrictions imposed iiy both the
Provincial nnd Dominion Governments; but the inhabitants havo at
last woko up to tho necessity of
taking theso burning questions in
hand themselves, with a determination to settle them oueo and for ever.
11 was brought up at tho meeting that
whenever the Government had voted
an appropriation for tho Kootenny
District it had gone iu a lump sum
to certain sections, while Revelstoke
had beeu left out in the cold. It
was pointed out that tho only
Government money expended here
for a very long time had been in connection with tbo repairing of about
half a mile of roadway leading to the
station, while thousands of dollars
were being spent on roads and trails
(some of them useless) in other parts
of the district. Mr. Kellie inclined
]a the opinion that tho Government's
duty wiib to open up tho mining sections, and let the towns shift for
themselves. This, no doubt, would
be nuts for those towns right in tho
heart of the mining section, such as
Nelson, where $5,000 has recently
been spent in grading streots, building wharves, &c. Mr. Kollie says
this $5,000 was not all Government
iuouoy, 'put that the C.P.R. offered to
spend $2,500 at Nelson if the Provincial Government would vote a like
sum. For tbe sake of obtaining Ibis
tidy little sum from the big company
ilao Goverumout did SO, this decision
no doubt being hi .ped by a warning
growl from Nelsou. Thero is every
evidence that tie Nelsouites are great
kickers, aud they generally lick to
good purpose. Finding'that Kicking
pays so well, tbo good peoplo of
Revelstoko intend seeing what they
can do in tbat liue. Excessive modesty is a great drawback, especially
in this progressive province.
perty owners of Rovelstoke, iu meeting assembled, that the slate of affairs
as outlined is a gross injustice to the
town, and that Mr, Keliio uud the
Provincial Government bo earnestly
requested to ur.e ever) effort to soltlo
all controversy ia regard to this laud
as sonri us possible, so thai lhc Uc-
Bi'ijtrar General muy be enabled to
receive Domiuion Crown gran's for
registration in order that the tnwn of
Revelstoke a.ay not be longer hampered in its developments by this
givat wrong.
The Chairman proposed an amendment by adding, after tbe words "as
soon as possible," the following I���
"und, if necessary, that Mr, Kellie
should ask for a Special Committee
of the House, for the purpose of investigating tho matter thoroughly.1'
The mover and seconder of Ihe
lolution���Messrs. W. A.Jowett and
Meeting Last Night.
Mr. J. M. Kellie, Rl.P.P., on
the -Situation.
A public meeting was held last
night at tho Schoolbouse for the
purpose of discussing tha land di
culty and other burning questions
jf tho town and district. A preliminary meeting had been held the
previous night in tbe Court House,
to draw up the resolutions to be
ftfi. t,.  M,   ''"own wus voted to
the chair and Mr. P, Roesei
tury pro tern.   Amongst thorn
sent were Messrs. I. M. Kellie, Ml'.
P. for West Kootenay, W.A. I
W. Cowan, F, I'ruser, J. W, Thompson, F. 11. Wells, John Abrabamson,
A. Abrahamson, H. N, Courtier, H.
Bourne, J, Kirkup, T, M. Hamilton,
John Stone, C. B. Hume, It, Eow-
son, G. Terryberry, J. Bntherlai I,
8. Bick-rton,  Wm. MoKonzie,  II.
Brown, Williams and J, Brownrigg.
Tho   Secretary   then   read   the j
J,\V. Thomson���ueee-itod tho amend
ment; but
Mr. Wills moved, ond Mr. Coursier seconded, "That the resolution
stand without amendment."- This
was put to the meeting and lost, only
tho mover and seconder voting for
The resolution, as amended, was
then put aud carried.
That & resident County Court
judge be appointed for Kootenay���
proposed by Mr, Roeser and seconded
by Mr, Fraser.���Carried.
That an appropriation be n-iked
for to be spent on tho road to the
station, and for clearing aud grading
tho main streets,���Carried.
Aftor considerable discussion, in
which Messrs. Thompson, Fraser,
Jowett and Coursier took part,
Mr. Kellie expressed himself in
favor of the Government expending
somo money upon tbo road to the
statiou, and had great hopes that the
work would be completed in the
spring. He bad the good of Revel
stoke quite as much at heart as any
part of his district. In referiug to
the land question Mr. Kullie staled
that it was hard on lot-owners at
Revelstoke to be denied the rights of
registration, and he would certainly
do bis best to remove tbat disability.
Ho hud already made au attempt
to get the matter satisfactorily
adjusted, He condemned the Land
Department for the unfair admiuis
trutton of Dominion lands in the 2D
mile belt, aud staled that it bad
retarded the growth of tho district
by hampering the settlement of land,;
and had also been a great drawback '
to Ihe development of mineral claims
and lhe transfer of mining properti s
at Illecillewaet, as English capitalists did not care to invest iurge sums
in mining properties without a cleai
and proper title. It would appear
that applicants for the purohase of
land in this oeighbourbood could get
memorializing the Dominion Government to survey and piaco on the
market lands in the railway bolt,"
Seconded by Mr. Fraser, and carried.
That r. road be made up Lardeau
Creek for a distance A 10 or 15 miles,
opening up the richest mineral belt
in the province, that a tru'T be ma lo
ou tho north side of Trout Lake,
enabling puck animals to be taken
through from either sido; lhat tho
Fish Creek trail be completed���proposed by Mr. Thompson, seconded
by Mr. Abrahamson and carried.
Refe, i-iiig to a question of further
expenditures, Mr, Kellie said ho
was in favor of an onergotio policy
on tho part of the Provincial Govern-
inont in constructing trail a and roads
for the purpose of opening up tho
miueiul wealth of the province
A Government lhat could not grasp
lho situation and aid in evory possible way the development of tho rich
mineral deposits of Kooteuay would
not bo worthy of tho conlidoueo and
support of members of the Legislator!*. Oilier Provincial Governments
in tho Dominion spent largo sums in
giving aecfss to agricultural districts, thcieforo aiding materially
iho rapid settlement of now sections,
Wept Kootenay being comparatively
a new Gountiy, tho Government
appropriations had beeu very small;
but last year he had beeu ablo to
securo a liberal grant for the district,
ami he had no doubt that next year's
appropriation would be of still larger
A discussion took place botwoen
Messrs. Kellie and Fraser as to tbe
advisability of spending thousands
of dollars in building roads to rich
mines supposed to bo worth millions,
Mr. Fraser contondii.g that rich
claim owners should build their owu
road*;, or at least recoup the Govern*
menl, for Iheir outlay,
Mr, Kellie said Government money
spent on roads or claims, whether
rich or otherwise, was money wol
spent, as it opened up the country
to prospectors.
Mr. Fraser said tho riohfst mines
in tho diotriot seemed to have a
monopoly of the Government grunts
in iIib Kootonny OisUiui, and he
raised ai. objection to tho appropriation for building a wagon road
to the Hall Bro:,' miue on Toad
Moimtiiin. Ho contended that as
this mine wus a very rich ono, it was
ouly fair that Government money
expended for tho bcueht of that
company should bo repaid at some
future date, in case the property
turned nut to be u paying concern.
Mr. K-llie said the wagon road
to Toad Mountain was built to tho
Silver King, but to within two miles
from the Land q{ ^ ma Kiug ()l0 JQ&A ffa8 nMd
Department ol the Dominion Govern ' bj u[ha milliug conipBIjieB) aml ffa8
ment, and he oould tell them that e6gentiajly , nuWi- ..oad. TIie
the same state of affairs prevailed at|GoTBtBm'enl bwIj tho road boyOD..
Illecillewaet.     He and others hai
applied to tho  department for the
that conducted by the Dandy Mining
Co. about two miles, but it must bo
**��� i ren-ember-d that tho Hull Co. put
...       fr m  !. ,���<���;.,,aet, and itek   ^ o{ tll0 money exnemle(l
WHtiasabont tw. i    i      hi  wrote  n,,)m ,ho jm)ctioa  of ^ j,Bn(1
again   inquiring  as   to   what had  Mjning c ,���  tmil ffith  tI)0
beC0Me   oi   L!S        lication, and    ;ivi,r Kin(, r(md ]o6S tlmQ w-~
the   answei was   tli      tho   matter
to register, on account of a previous
registration of tho said land in the
name of ono Farwell;and whereas,
the impossibility of registering the
said Crown grunts for lots in Revelstoke, very seriously impairs ths
value of tin said lots, by the inability
of properly owners to give a proper
title, interfering with tlm ready uml
regular tiuu.'fiir of proporty, wbieh
difficulty very materially retards the
natural growth,'and progress oj the
town, and which has ulreudy done it
seri uis liarin.     ' -
Therefore bo it resolved, that it is
llo ��enso of tho osidcnls and pro-
:���' >
answei  was   nau   ujw   waiter  _    ut   .     ���   , ,   ,   ���,. ,,    T, n
would bo reqHired to build tho Hall
wa? under consideration.   Recently .       , ,,   .,    TT ,, n
ni-aneh, conseoiiontly the Hull Combe had received an evasive reply, ,. ,   ,    , .   ,,     ,,     lBM,
pany had put hi tho other ���jz.UUO to
bad no hesitation in sai ing tbnt tue  ,    ,, ,    ,., ,  .
btiill  a road which   was   used  bv
present manai I mill     ,      , ���   ,  ,,        ���,,-, ,,   ,,
[,...., ' '���hi'inholders.   Lid Mr, l-rasor
belt liv the Land  I ���  ��� ������ I    oni   was ii , , ��� ,,   ,,,  .
, "..nl; 'I rinht thai tli" Uu     Mining
u e to the D min <n Govern ,    ,,     ,    ,    ,,   .."
impony   should   rofnml   all   the
, mom v ii ed in cm.-itructiiig a road
The Secretory then read , ,     .. .
a direct l>i-i"iit to many
-���   Wherea companies?
������""r ! er   Bald   a   distinction
,n;vLi:           ' '                        ��� - between roads oun-
and the proliabiliti    i .                          .,...,.     ,,,,,������,, aml
'1"n,i"r "r ' ���   , oamps,
I      mtthisdistri ,.,, ,��� H1,��� it |illlt
^l111"'     ' i                      legislation,
n t'��'��l "!l1 ��horti ,                           M bo willing
I to the Go- rnmonl mono-
��"'�����>  '���'                ��� I on waguu i iad��?   In oon-
be would sii- ho would do
��� .        .     ipre
"���'���'                trail bung       i . [b(  ���,   ;   ot Un (]i8triot ,���
les shorter than any other, and theGoverni     t, md would loaveno
a more easy grade. ��� ,     n irned to clear up the land
lerefore ba it resolved. In ,i Ur,
ienrge the Provii.oial Legl la !'; ' :',' >���. ������. rjr0TDi ,jubn AUl,
  ,���.���. ,u Jure to make tho arpes iry appro ,    , ,,���  gD(] L  Abrahamson also
which   Crown  priation for the construction o      tl conl ,; ,ied to tho disonssion,
the    Registrar | J���'1^ i','B.���.',iftu���.._' I   After a vuf�� of thanks to the ohair
���oliimhia refuses '
i yt
TO'RE,   ^^^H
re.   Parlor nnd
Hotels ftii'-
Carry large lines of plain, medium, and high-grade fuinitu
lied-ri ii in.- sots ranging in prico from "jiij. .00 to $51     ^^^
nished throughout,  (illjeo and bar-room chairs.   Spriu
mattresses mado tp'order, und woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stook.     Mail
orders from Kooteuay Lake
points will receive early
and   prompt attention.
Millinery, Dress and Mantle Making1.
OP Till"
And a largo variety of tho most rocotit novelties in
W i-7"
Together with a fine solection of tho
in mu
All descriptions ot
gold  and silver.
1.���Whereas lho Dominion riovern t
ment, claiming the land covering the \������ , I V""i"7
town site of Revelstoke, lmvo issued \ Kellie urge the Provincial Legl I
Crown grants for lots and land iu
tho   said   townsito,
grants,    however,
a'enera! of liritish
alorr, ^^^^^^^^^^^^_
tho construction ol   ild     II be bi n  i rnui   lllH|
miuiceil us oarlv in   the j   is  ,.,,n(.|i|,|,,,i
possible, in  order  tu ue        ., .��� ,
the large influx of travel to th
trict,   which   will   uildoubtly   take
place on the opsuing of navigation,
The resolution was carried un-
A motion was introduced for tho
repeal of the .iii recording fee i i
Miaem! Act, 1891, bul  It was ex
plained lhat the fee wa i   i,
Mr, Thompson proposed "Ibat our
repfi sohtativo ba requested to nmve
in the Local fiogiflluturo a renin'ion
' etury, tha   mooting
a  littlo   before  eleven
Another folic of the "old days"
In ' oil has boon swept away
il um,: the pa it fortnight, viz,, the
old log house on Muln strosl n hloh
h' i lately beon nsotl by Mr. I3���
l-'Ietcher a", n oarpi iter's shop, A
:n " building is in course of erection
on iho Nile and will he quite an orna-
31 i   tO tbo slreet,     ll, is lirmiglit 0
or s feet further forward than the
old bllil Hog, being built in line with
the Burvoy m irk posts ffhioh wen
undt ���' i!".j   Bid in II
(Close to O. P. R. Depot)
Kevelstoke      -      -      BC
Importers of tho Choicest Qrocorios and Provisions.
Wo carry a scloct and oomploto stock of gont's furnishings, ladies' toilet,
aud children's boots, shoos aud hoso, stationery, patent mediciuos, ote,'
requisites and ready-made clothing.   A   largo  assortment of pipes,
tobuouo, cigarettes, imported and douiostio cigars, fruits, candy, eto.
-jtovo pipos, tin waro, crocltory, rough and dressed lumber, aud olhorgoode
toe numerous to mention, at moderate prices.
Telephone communication.
J. Fred. Hume & Co.,
Herelstoke and Nelson,  li. C.
Dry (floods,  Provisions  and Hardware,
Tho Public will find it to their advantage to call
Inspect   (ioods and  Compare   F
Any orders placed with   Mr. CiiARi.ES LiNDM/,iuc
careful attention  and  prompt delivery to any part ol
will havo ou..
a\ ........ .u.    ..
^yLaU&&oeKi'<*i^i*?s^:!a*s!!r*^ "."'.--'
Eev. Mr, Ladner will preach tomorrow in the Methodist Church;
morning at 10.30, evening at 7.30.
All are cordially invited.
At a special meeting of the Canadian IVifle Railway Company tlie
proposal to purchase the Calgary
and Edmonton Railway was abandoned.
The Bank of British'Columbia and
tho Buik of Montreal will both open
o brunch at Nelson iu tbo spring.
Revelstoke wsuts a bank. When
will the Bank of B. 0. start one here?
It Is stated, on the authority of a
high official of the Canadi.:: I'acilic
Railway, that tho new railway from
Revelstoke to down river districts
will bo commenced immediately
after tbe holidays.
Owing to the unprecedented low-
ness of tbo Colombia Rivor, the
Steamer Lytton has bad to stop running between Robson and. Little
Dalles. It is only a month ago sho
left Revelstoke to run between those
down river ports.
We havo in typr-a letter from "Old
Timer,'' with a few reiuaiks of onr
own attached thereto; but on account
of the big meeting last uirjht wc ,irc
compelled to hold it over until next
week. Hero's a merry Christmas to
you, "Old Timer."
Tbe business men of Nelson are
already receiving bcnelits through
the town having waterworks, 'lhe
rate of insurance has been lowered
several points, houses formerly car.
rying ��5000 insurance now being
allowed $0500 for the same preplan)���Miner.
The closing examination took
placo at the s hool yesterday, with
very satisfactory results; better than
anticipated, considering the short
term and the fact that Miss Halliday
was absent a month through sickness. We have not the spaea tbis
week for details of the examination.
The first annual graud ball of the
Court Revelstoke, 1.0 E., will be
Jiehi on Thursday, tbe 7th Jauuary,
1892, Tickets for the ball will include supper. It is intended to
make tbe affair the best of its kind
ever held in this city. The double
ticket is $3, and may be obtained
from tbe reception committee-
Messrs. E: Eraser, W. Gleun, Eobt.
Wbitmoro and J. W. Thompson, or
from the seoretary, Mr. Morgan
There will be railways enough in
Lower Kootonay if all those projected are carried through to a finish.
���On reference to our advertising
columns it will be seen that application is to tie mado to the Legislative Assembly for powers to construct a line from Upper Arrow Lako,
by way of Slooan Lake and River,
to a point on the Columbia and
Kootcna) Railway; andal-on branch
from the maiu line to Casio City,
A. St. G. Hamersloy of Victory, is
Solicitor for the applicants.
We had to curtail our report of
last night's meeting for one or two
reasons, but chiefly that we have had
to distribute good articles to get
t\po enough iu tho cases, as our
columns were all set up by Friday
evening. We do not know why the
committee chose such an unfortunate
(for us) night; but wo would suggest to projectus of future meetings
that if they desire a full report of
the proceedings iu the Stab, they
will choose somo night earlier in the
week than Friday,
Presbyterian services will be hold,
commencing with the first Sabbath
in the New Year, every two weeks,
in tho Scoolhouse, near the lower
town, at the usual hour, 7.30. Mr,
Paton will be pleased to welcome all,
especially those who may not be in
the habit of attending any service,
Prospectors and miners who oome
into town from time to time will receive a hearty welcome, and all information as to camps which are not
at present viBited will be gladly
received, the pastor being anxious
to give services everywhere within
Thero will be a Christmas-tree (or
rather an arch) in connection with
the Sunday sohool, at the Methodiiit
church. Owing to the platform at
tho scboolhouso being too small,
Messrs Ladner aud Courtier are preparing a larger ono in the church,
The arch (the cbildreu ardently
hope) will support a great number
of Christmas presents, and uny person
desirous of contributing towards
juvenile happiness at this festive
Season cannot do a better thing tbiui
hang up a fow toys on it. There
will bo a children's entertainment,
and tho young ones are under the
training of Mrs. Dickey and Miss
Ella Ladner.
On Now Year's night thero will bo
given, in the schoolhonse, Rovelstoko, a miscellaneous concert and !
Bntertalnment on behalf of the
Presbyterian Mission. Rev. Mr.
Ladu.r, of tho Methodist Church,
will preside, and it is to bo hoped
there will lo a (nil home; It is
proposed lo mako the entertainment
a real old fashioned and a varied
one, aud some old fashioned songs
will bo rendered, Tho programme
will lie lengthy, iuoludilig songs, ie
citations, duets, and instrumental
nuisio of considerable variety, A
magic lantern will also be u feature
of the evening, with the Inevitable
lea and colli e, The ohji ct is to provide a solid evening's cut. rtaiumeut
for all who come. Tiokets uf ad-
���nisuion, oOcts. each,
X q u a��
The First
initial Rii it
*'Ja<Ui V ikS* DAteJU
No. 753, I.O.F.,
Thursday Evening, Jan. 7.
Tickets, including Supper, $8.00,
Pegeption Committee;
Dancing to Commence at 8 p.m.
Ib hereby given, that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of British Colnmbia, at its
next session, for an Act to incorporate
a Company for the purpose oi constructing, operanug and maintaining
a line of railway to run, commencing
at a point on the Upper Arrow Lake
at or near the mouth of tbe Na-kusp
Creek; thenco to a point situate at
the north eud of Slooan Lake; thenco
following the shore of Slocau Lake
aud the bank of the Slocan Kiver to
a poiut ou the Columbia and Kootenay Railway liue, aud forming a
junction therewith nt a point near
where the said Columbia and Kootenay Railway crosses tbo Sloean River,
with power to construct, equip, maintain and operate a branch from the
said proposed line of railway from
some point near the north end of
Sloean Lake ; thence running to the
boad waters of tho Onslo River ;
thmco following the course of Casio
River to some poiut near its mouth
on the Kooteuay Lake, together with
the usual powers to build, use, own
the said line of railway and branch,
aud to acquire lauds and other rights
or aids from tlie Dominion or Provincial Government, and to make
traffic aud other arrangements with
railway, steamboat and other companies, and for all other usual and
necessary powers, rights aud privileges.
Solicitor for Applicauts.
to the Postmaster-General
will be received at Ottawa until Noon
on FRIDAY, tbe 6th March uext, for
tho couveyanee of Her Majesty's
Mails, ou a proposed contract for
four years, fortnightly in summer and
monthly in winter, between
from the lst May next.
Printed notices, containing further
information as to conditions of proposed coutract, may bo soon aud
blauk forms of tender may bo obtained at the Post-offices of Golden,
Galena, Windermere, Fort Steele,
Furimont Springs aud Ci'tinbrook,
and at tbis ollice.
Post-office LlBpectoi.
Post-office Inspector's Office, Viotoria, B.C., 20th November, 1891,
Is hereby given, tbnt application
will be made at the next session ot
the Legislative Assembly of tbo Province of British Columbia for an
Act to incorporate a Company to
construct, equip, maintain and operate a Hue of Railway from somo
poiut on Kooteuay Lake, by way of
Kaslo or other pass, up the North
Fork of iMislo Creek, to some point at
or near the- summit between Kootenay
and Blocan Lukes or the vicinity of
the recently discovered mines In that
section, with powers of extending snid
Railway in any direotion as may hereafter be deomel requisite for the
transportation of or.s ate I other products, with powers of building and
operating Branch Lines from said
Railway to such mines us may now
be or hereafter to be discovered it1 the
vioinity of said Roil** iy.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dal .! 20th Ootober, A.D. 1891
Is hereby given, that 00 days after
date I intend to apply to tho Ohief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following described laud iu tho district of
West Kootenay;
Commencing at a post marked " F.
S. C. South-east Corner," planted at
the north-east corner of tho land
claimed by A. Wells on the Upper
Arrow Lake, about one milo uorth of
Nakusp Creek ; thenco uorth 10
chains; thenco west 120 chains to
tho shoro of Arrow Lake; thenco
south along the shoro of Arrow Lake
���1(1 chains; and thence east 120 chains
to the point of commencement, containing 010 acres moro or less.
Revelstoke, B.C., Nov. 2ud, 1891.
{er & v\
-DW.EHS  in-
Is hereby given, lhat implication
will bo made lo the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Britisn
Columbia, at ils next sissiou, for an
Act for tbo purpose of constructing,
maintaining, equipping, aud opera-
ling Water Works in tho town of
Nelson, iu the Kooteuay District, in
said Province, and for the purposes
thereof, granting to tho Company the
privilege of taking water from tho
Cottonwood-Smith Creek, tho Ward
Creek, and other suitable points ;
with powor to tho Company to build
Flumes aud Aqueducts, lay Pipes,
pre'ot Dams, acquire Lands, aud do
all things necessary for the purposes
Solicitors for tho Applicants.
November 19th, 1891.
that at tbo next session of tbo Legislative Assembly application will bo
made for a Private Bill authorizing
the applicauts to construct, operate
aud maintain a system of Electric
Lighting in and about tho present
town of Nelson and its vicinity, aud
for that purpose to take so much of
the waters of the Cottonwood-Smith
Creek as may be necessary for generating Electricity for the supply of
the said system ; with power also to
erect, lay, and Btriug such Poles,
Pipes and Wires through, along, over
and under the streetB and highways
of the said town and its vicinity as
may be necessary.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
that at tbo uext session of tbo Legislature of British Columbia application will be made for the passago of
a Private Bill authorizing the applicants to construct, operate and maintain Tramways for tbe purpose of
convoying passengers, freight and
ores from somo convenient poiut near
Nelson to any point or points within
a radius of 25 miles from Nelson ;
also to take and use from the Kootenay Rivor, iu the vicinity of the Falls
of the said river, so much of tho
waters as may be necessary to obtain
therefrom 5,000 horse-power for tho
purposes of generating electricity to
be used either as a motivo povfer for
the said Tramway or othor works of
the applicants or to be supplied by
the applicauts to consumers as a
motivo [lower for hauling, pumping,
lighting, smelting, drilling or for any
other purposes for which it may bo
applied or be required, with power to
the applicauts to couslrtict am! maintain Buildings, Erections, Ilacownys
or other works in connection therewith for improving and increasing
(ho water privilege, and also to ontor
upon and expropriate lands for a silo
for power bouses and for dams, raeo-
ways or such other works as shall bo
necessary ', nLo to erooy, lay, coil-
struct and maintain all necessary
Works, Buildings, Pipes, Poles,
Wires, Appliances or Conveniences
necessary or proper for the generating and transmitting of Electricity
or power within the iiroa above do-
Doted this 12th November. 1891.
The Lanark Mine, Illoctllo-
Tho first meeting of tho Lanark
Miuing Co., since it was organized
aud purchased the valnablo properties of tbe Selkirk Miuing Co., in
Illecillowoot distiict, was hold yes-
torduy at the ollico of tlio sooretary,
Mr. G. A. Siirgison, Laagley street,
Mr. Thomas Earlo, M.P., was
elected president, aud ho, with
MeBsrs. F. ti. Barnard, W. J. Goo-
pel, N. P. Scowdon aud Rev. Cauon
Beanlands, will constitute tho trustee
board. Tho company's mines include tbe Lanark, Red Fox, Isabella
and Dohorty, iu ono group, and tho
Sutton and SpragUO a short d'stanoo
away, Duvolopment work at tbo
Lanark is now well under way.
jp&osrs sssubsv ��� * BB'vaaEaWS*!'S.t
Notary Publio. Notary Public
Miuing', Timber and  Real  Estate  Brokers and  General
Commission Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up.
Rents aud Accounts Colluded ; .Mining Claims Bought and Sold ; Assessment work ou Mining Claims Attended to ; Patents Applied for, Etc., Etc.,
Lots on Townsito of Rovolstoko for Salo aud Wanted. Ageuts for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
IBLB pjli.fia UUIUM �����'
If you think of buying an Organ or   Piano, send foi* Catalogue and
Prico Lists.
jas. .Mcdonald & Co.,
Smelting and Trading
Aro  Prepared to Sample   and  Purchase  all  Kinds of
Prices and all information furnished on application.
ED. PICAIID, Proprietor.
Boots & Shoos of all kinds made to order on short
T(ig8, liroast Straps, Ames Ruckles, and Snaps, of all kinds
ami sizes, kept iu stock.
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to tho 1UJSINESS,   LUMBERING,   and AGRI.
CULTURAL, and especially to tlie
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
V \J.' I to, anil executed in lho best style,   Commoroial Work r,
specialty, ^^^ttmnuKm^r^^
Cfje kootenay Stat
Publisher and Proprietor,
SATURDAY. DEO. 19, 1891,
Sam Greer has been liberated
ou bail of 51,000.
China rofusos to exhibit at the
World's Pair at Chicago.
Lord Salisbury and Mr, Joseph
Chamberlain both omphi.tio.illy
predict that civil war will result
from the passage of tho Irish
Homo Rule Bill.
Prince Edward Island hus this
year shipped to Uritish markets
542,000 bushels of oats, and to
the United States during the
samo poriod seventeen bushels.
Tbo cheques foi" tho British
Columbia enumerators, whose
work has been finished, wore forwarded on Monday, The delay
was causod by tbo non arrival of
tho final statement of accounts.
By the collapse of an ovor-
weighted brewery at Pionoborg,
Germany, on Saturday, 28 workmen wero buried beneath a mass
of debris, and 15 of thom died
before the rescuers could reach
Samples of the gold quartz discovered on tho Work/Estate, Victoria, B O., assay from 83 to 315
a ton iu gold, with a sprinkling
of silver. Development work
will bo undertaken its soon as -.be
formalities of bonding aro disposed
A now cruiser for tho protection
of the fisheries will bo placod on
the great lakes noxt spring, Sbe
is steel throughout and of light
draught, Hor business will bo to
provont Americans from  fishing
; v ^       w,_
* SK:bw1'! im<1;1 J^T^���*mw*ho*oil the same'
at Now Westminster,
One day last woek a mun
smashed tho plato glass in the
shop front of Mr, Gilford, jeweler,
extracted a tray containing $60.0
worth of gold and silver wutehes,
and successfully nn.do his escape.
lie hud placod a piece of wood
over tho lnteh of lho dnor, thus
imprisoning the proprietor, but
Mr, Gilford, alter breaking off
the handle of the door in his
endeavors to get out, skipped
around by tho back door. But,
of course, by this time tho thief
was non est. His description has
been given to the police, but no
arrest bus yet bocU mado. Ilo is
supposed to L-c ti lough from the
On Friday night during the
heavy rainfall .Mr. J. Stirsky, the
jeweler of Columbia Street, was
sitting a.'ono in his store, when
suddenly bo heard a crash as of
lho smashing of glass, Startled,
bo ran to tho door. It was burred
on lho outside. Quick as a flash
Mr, Gilford's experience pome iuto
his mind, and he ran to givo the
alarm. Assistance having been
secured, the door was found un.
barred, the window pane whole,
and nut an article of jewelry was
missing. Later in the evening
tho story was being circulated
among the "boys." Tho "boy"
that is credited with tbis practical joke has seen over 40 wiutors,
und is noted as a humorist and
practical joker in Westminster,
phenomenon, A rout was observed iu tlio maiu Sister which
had never appeared before, and
which was apparently a quarter
of a milo long. Tbo mountain
h.is never beeu surmounted, tbo
top being a precipitous mass of
chrome iron and ahout S,UU0 feet
high. In tho early morning u
dialiuet shock of oarthquake was
felt, There is, however, no occasion for alarm on account of these
phononiona, as in years past thoy
have boen of not infrequent occurrence.
Counterfeit Money.
A new counterfeit 31 Dominion
��ote has been put in circulation,
0 the issue of Juno ]st) 1887i
. ,,�� .,f,Per ia Poor and printing
'nfenor,  while   tbp  pom-nil of
Lady Daflcrii, ir the Centre of the
Wl is wretchedly executed. The
scroll work, too, is bad, ���nd the
space left for the signature of tho
Deputy Minister of Finance is
left blank. These are tho points
"oted for tho official description
of the bill. '
Seyove Punishment.
Davitt Changes His Mind.
In Canadian waters with gill and
othor destructive nets.
Jake SP.raiii, in a letter from
Baltimore, refused a proposition
to meet tbo winner ol tbo Woods-
Choinski fight, which takes place
in Sun Francisco. Jake says bis
business takes up ail his time,
and ho docs not believe lhat he
will ever don the mittens atjaiu.
Mrs Delia Parnell, mother of
tho lato Charles S, Parnell, and
Davitt and  O'Brien  went  to
Watei'iord last Sunday iu support of the auti^Ptirncllito candidate,  Mr.   Koane,   who   was
chosen by the MoCarth-yites to
contest   the  vaoent   seat  after
Davitt   hud   declined   to   run.
About 600 MoOarthites marched
in proceosion across lho bridge.
On   reaching   Waterford   they
wore met by a mob of Parnelliles
armed with sticks and stones aud
greatly  outnumbering tho invaders.    Tho  McCartbyite  musicians wore tbo first victims, Iheir
drums being smashed in and tbeir
irstruments   broken.    The Par-
nellites then turnod their handy
weapons against tbe main body
of the procession,   A good resist
Tho dismissal of Oapts, lloiloau
and   Butcher   from  lhe British
uroiy in ouOHcquonoe of their re-
treat from matiipur looks liko a
severe punishment in viow of lbe
(lunger of the position lho Rritish
occupied and tho bravery with
which for some time it was maintained,    But tho degradation is
not without explanation. A commander hard pressed by white
troops may effect a retreat.   But
when tho attack comes from a
subjoct race, moro especially such
races as the Manipuri, there must
bo no such thing as withdrawal.
Tho European must fight until
tho last man io dead, and upder
no circuinstances turn his back to
tho loo, who is liable to misunderstand a rotreat and to hold in
contempt tho forcoa that retire.
Il was tho duty of Capts. Boiloau
and Butcher to die, not tq mako
good their oscapo.���Exchange,
- '   w, ...inula, miu    ul aue [ai uccsaiOLi      i\ <*0O(l I'l
\ot son, John Parne'H, arrived at  nnce was  maintained until
l,iv..i-li,,nl    <tt,     -.1 ... I....     ._ . ...I-   -  -.
Love for the Old Laud.
Mr. Christio Murray, who has
often dwelt upon the indifference
of the typical youngAustralian to
ward "the Old Country,"now tells
us a story illustrating the wide1)'
different feeling of tbo original
Bottler. When ho started for
Australia, lho anchor of .'.is vosscl
iu Plymouth Sound brought up a
quantity of Devon mud and ooze,
which iu the courso of a day or
two, under a summer sun, bakod
into stifiish earth. HaH by way
of a sentimental ioko, and half
increase of Lead Consumption,
The first plumbers' casting over
made on the Pacific coast was
moulded at lho workshops of
JnmoH Gow, plumber, of Church
Street, .Now Westminster, last
wook. For six weeks past Mr,
Gow has had two mon engaged
in ranking moulds for all kiuds of
casting work, and contemplates
tho establishment of a foundry.
This will bo the only foundry ol
its kind wesl of Chicago and
Toronto, and tho only one ou tho
coast. At San Fn.ncisco thero
was a foundry some -yours ago,
but trado becamo dull, und it had
to shut down, 'Every little
helps," and the new fouudry may
be the nucleus of an establishment that will ho'p solye the
problem of finding a market for
B.C, lead.
 JSV ���
This was a Priuter,
A young newspaper man (who
is somewhat of a wanderer) last
spring found himself in Whitman
cornty, Wash., 500 miles from
bid base of supplies and "broke."
In tho midst of his adversity ho
w ' fortunate enough to find a
lamer who wanted a hand.  Tho
young   mun was   put to work
plowing furrows for potato planting.   The horsos were not very
well trained, and tbe driver was
far from beingan exceptional one.
As  ft rosult tbe rows wore uot
parallel.   Li fact thoy looked as
though thoy bad been mado by!
some  monstrous   spider   which
had  beon  by an  mihcuval  ol
nature partly buried iu the soil,
{and whose  terrific struggles to
Cower Front and Hanson Sts.
Aiiiiaiiamson Enos.    -   PnoraiETORg
.First class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P B depot and steamboat
landing, between post ollice and gov-
buildiugs. Coach to and from ~a?jK>t
and steamboat, Eire proof Sato for the
accommodation of its customers,
F. MqCautuv  -
First-class Temperance House.
BoAim and Loiioino $5 Pun Week.
MEALS, 25c      1IEDS 25o.
This hotel is situated convenient to th**
station, is comfortably furnished, and.
affords first class aooommodation.
The largest and most central Hotel in
the cjty ; good accommodation ; every'
thing hew ; table well supplied ; bar anil
billiard room attached ; fire proof safe,
Stockholm  House
seriously, be took a cubic inch, i extricllt0 him9ul, had M^gng
or  thereabout of this English | ,eg prinl�� jR ^e groUnd.   In the
soil, placed it in an envelee
, and
Liverpool on Monday, and received a visit from a few Parnelliles in Liverpool, John Parnell avoided politics. Tbey left
for Dubliu almost immediately,
Hanlan has requested an in-
Vesligation iuto the charges tbat
he purposely lost his race with
iloLoud. lie attributes bis^de-
io.it tu lack of condition an I
sudden nausea, and declares thu
in view of the charges ne >��� .11
decline a match with Henry
police came up and pui a -.top tu
the fight. Mr. Davitt had been
in the thick of the scrimmage
and received a severe cut on tho
right temple. The wound bled
profusely, lace and clothing being
covered with blood. A number
. libers Ou both si les were as
lad!y hurt. The police escorted
Davitt and O'Brien to tbe committee rooms. Mr. Davitt's Irish
blood bad been aroused by what
had occurred,and beiuformed ibe
ttee that the scenes be bad
m^mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal      j jUSt   WillieH'.-d   bad    led    him  to
Negotiations arc  now ,n pro- ,                   ,      . ,.,.        ...
' ��� jo Ins mind  and il they Still
gi'v.so  lo  bring   the   odebrated ,'-, ,.                  ,..      ,
6                 n wanted h,m as a candidate h-
hi.glisb   military   band   of   lho ,, ,., .  ,    ,,    . ,
6 J would lather like to take the l
Scots rusilier Guards to < bicago   ,,     ���   ��� ,  .    ..,
I no  rjeoi on wus  greeted wnli
to give afternoon and  evening     ,,,. ,,     ...
^ . enthusiasm and hoartih approvei
concerts at the  \\ orlds   (fair. I	
The band is one of tbe finest in
Croat Britain.  Director r. Iwurd
Holland will accompany it.
The blizzard seuson in Ihe
American North west began yesterday, and the deluded Canadian
Grits who aro trying to farm
thero heaped high the straw fuel
in the mud fire-place, wrapped
i*   /
determined lo carry this morsol
of Old England with him on his
travels. Many months aftorward
a pastoralist up country, "hose
guest Mr, Murray was, begged
this bit of earth from him, "You'll
bo goiug back thero/' ho said,
"and I never shall. I've been
away from home for sirtoon yearn,
and I'd value that bit of Old England more than the Kohhoor."
When next I passed his ray, says
Mr. Murray, I found that he
had ridden sixty milos (out and
homo) to buy a little plush stand
and a glass shado for tho precious trifle, A fact in tho history
of another old settlor breathes
the samo sentiment, At his com-
misston a ship camo out from
England in  ballast.   It carriod
evening lhe rauu happened aruund
that way, and somewhat tostily
criticised the whooped-jawed appearance of Mie rows. The newspaper man felt that the time for
his departure wus at baud, but
not wishing to capitulate without
a protest, replied: "I kaiow the
rows are rather crooked, but the
sun was exceeding hot to day, and
it warped them." Tl j answer
turned away the farmer's wruth,
and instead of boing discharged,
the now-comer was given a much
easier and ploasantor job, and is
now tho farmer's son-in-law.
He had Another Engagement.
A certain lord had a board put
up on somo land bolongiog to
him that trespassers wouid be
The Dining-room is furnished with thi",
best the market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stook
of wines, liquors and cigars,
by Mr, wi;
i ten.
Coast Volcanoes Becoming
Ait Ive.
i:.    oarlhq i ike   hook ��� up -
rienoed on the coast two w
ago bas been followed by se   i
similar shocks all along ibe North
Pacific coast,   Those shocks are
An Exploded Theory.
The L adi Lancet denounces
as false the doctrine tlmt alitind-
niit hair is a sign ol bodily or
mental Strength ID urn,   It Rt,jh
 ��� .    .. i "iuuiui H.p,,*i'..ri in irj*��� rj    li pl.t,
themselves in blankets' a���d sung I fZ       ,With ^ M^ lUt> <��P-*' �������� Samson  roc
Homo, Sweet Home-Hamilton   l!l��     ��T ��. ,tLe ��H M tbo Chinese are mostly bald
The bead of tho man who exploded the dynumite in Kussoll
Sage's oflico in Now   York last      ,
week has been recognised to boiling a
that of Henry L. Noroioss, a note'
broker of Boston, Ho left a fetter
in his disk stating tbat bo was
going lo New York to gol 81,200-
000, and if be did not succeed he
ibould kill himself,
ranges. People living close
enough to clearly inspect say
thut on Saturday lust one of tbe
Twin Sisters, north of Mount
Bakor, was obe iryod to he omit��
bugo volume of smoke,
which arose apparently to the
height of 1,000 (bet, The smoke
soon lifted and disappeared to the
northward. Throe hours uftor-
wards n column of smoke ai080.D11It
from Mount linker, and sovcni! | Wn
English oartb, and on that, wc I prosccutod, and on taking a walk
are told, he built his hoiic.o aud curly ono morning ho camo across
planted bis garden. ��� London the footmarks of a navvy, which
Truth. I ho followed up and overtook the
trespasser, when   tho following
conversation look placo :���
"My man, do you know you
aro trespassing on my hi'idi''
"Oh," says the navvy   "is this
your land?"
"Ah! Aud whore did you got
it from?"
"My father lofl il mo."
"And whero did your father
get it from'/"
"My grandfather loft it to bim.'
"And where did your grandfather (*cl it fiomi"'
"Look here, my man, my ancestors fought for il,"
"Oh, did tbey'/" says tho man,
pulling off his coat and rolling up
his sleeves, "well, 1 don't miud
ligb'.iii1.' you for it,"
The lord suddenly remembered
he had anothot' engagement.
Revelstoke & Nelson,
A Full nnd Complete Line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, ��fto.
fW Cigars at Wholesale. Jgj
Raymono Sewing Machines kept
in stook.
yet they are tlio mosl onduri
ot rooos,   'i ho average mndboti ���
furnishoB proof that   long a id
thick hair is not a sign of intellectuality. T i msily whoodlod
Ksati wus hairy, while tho mighty
Coosar was bid. Long-haired
ne ii are gonorully v/oak and
fanatical, and ition with scant
liair nro Iho philosophers and
statesmen  and   soldiers of lho
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
AU kinds of Turned and Scroll work
done neatly and promptly,
uiid at right prices.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
REVELSTOKE        -    B.C.
The subscriber would intimate
to tho public generally that he {���
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,'
Glass, and ull Building Material'
Picture Framing, &o, '���
Jaskets, Shrouds, ko��� i
ii, nqwsoN,
Collins, Caskets, Shrouds, kc, car-
ried ia Stock, k


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