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The Kootenay Star Nov 21, 1891

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Array M
No. 23.
��� ���
Rents nnd Debts Collected.
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacifio        " "     16.52   "
Passengers arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson. Nelson, and points
in Southern Kootenay.
Cheapest, most reliable and safe
route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, New York and Roston.
Rates ��5 to flQ lower than any other
other route,
Passepgors leaving Revelstoke on
Tuoeduys, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the magnificent C.
P. R. Steamers at Fort William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in
charge of a Porter, for the accommodation of Passengers holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
and from all European points at
Lowest Rates,
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch, Merchants will save money
by having thoir freight routed via
theC.P. R.
Full und reliable information given
by applying to
Asst. Gen'l Freight Ag't, Vuco-iver,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't C. P. R, Depot, Revelstoke.
P. 0. Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capaoity 20,000 feet por day. Planer
shingle macbino, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly rodnoed prices.
Ocean Time to Europe
White Star
and all other lines sailing from Halifax, Portland, Boston, New York
Baltimore are on sale at
C, P. R. stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates o
faro.   Great advantages seoured by
taking ocean tiokets from your looal
Great saving effected by taking
round trip tiokets.
Berths in any steamer eugagod
Prepaid pussago arranged from
any point in Europe
Apply to your nearest agent; to J.
Hamilton, Rovolstoke j or to
Roiieiit Kerr,
Gen. Pass. Agt., Winnipeg,
Newspaper Regulations ���
1. Any person who takes a paper
regularly from the Post Ollice,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment.
2, If a person orders bis paper
disoontinuod he must pay all arrears'
or the pnblischrs may oontinue to
send it until payment is made, and
then oolleot the whole amount
whether tho paper is taken from the
oflico or not.
8. In suits for subscriptions, tbe
suit may be instituted whore the
paper is published,
4, Theoourts havo dooidod that
rofusing to tako a uowspnper or
periodicals from tho Tost Ollioo, or
removing and leaving thorn uncalled
or, whilo unpaid for, is pium facie
evidence of intentional fraud,
Fir, Hemlock & Cedar,
��lFaSa'0i��     *B >X" J? aK,3ij QO;
To all Parts at Right Prices.
(Two Doors West of Post-office).
S9QS8 & ��21 ��Hi
Divine Service will be held in the
Rovelstoke Church every Sunday evening at 7.30, conducted alternately
Sunday School and Bible Class evory Sunday nftorooon nt 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
Church of England services
will he held iu llevelsioko by the
Rev. J. 0. 0. Kemm every fourth
Sunday in each month.
I :^;<:- Scllrirk Lodge. No 12
^^P 1 O O F Donald C C
Regular Meeting Thursday jf each
week at 3 p. m. All visiting brothers are cordially invited,
J. McLeod,     J. H. Mathespn,
Douald, B. 0,
lleets lst 2 Wednesday-*, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Geo R Govott, Box 49
Receiver,   James  Faloouer, Can
more, N. W. T.
Magazine Agent    H J McSorley
Donald, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Muster,   J, ti. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W, F. OgjMe,
l-'inc'r.   Angus .McLean.
Journal Ag't, E, A, Chesloy, Kamloops, Ii, C.
a*^'i ' ~ "��� ' 'I'lifrri
Is hereby given, tbnt oppljontion
will bo made at tbe next session of
the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia for an
Act to incorporate a Company to
construct, equip, maintain nud operate a line of Railway from some
point on Kootonny Lake, by way of
Knslo or other puss, up the North
Fork of Haslo Creek, to somo poiut at
or near the summit between Kooteuay
and Slocnn Lukes or the vicinity of
the recently discovered mines iu tbnt
Bection, with powers of extending said
Railway in any direction ns may hero-
after be deemed requisite for the
transportation of ores nnd other products, with powers of building and
operating Braueh Lines from said
Railway to such mines as may now
1)0 or hereafter to be discovored in tho
vicinity of said Railway.
Solicitors (or Applicants.
Dated 20th October, A.D, 181)1.
O, Canada I thon fairest gem I
Naught cau thy brilliance hide!
Though clinging to thy parent stem
Wilb loyal lovo and pride.
Thy destiny, so great and grand,
Shall surely load tboo on,
Till thou a mighty nation stand,
Thy power surpassed by none.
Here on Ganndinn soil we stand,
And never will we flee ;
Then let the anthem, loud and grand,
Proclaim that we are free I
O, Canada ! thou fair domain I
What glorious future thine I
Let not thy new-born hopes be slain!
Hold fast thy right divine.
Till, echoed from thy mountain peaks.
And rolled from sea to sea ;
Forest and lake and prairie speaks:
" Our Canada is free I"
0, Canada I 0, beauteous home I
0, land of freedom true I
'Tis here the flower of peace shall
With beauties ever new.
Let arraied nations wage and slay,
And loose the dogs of war ;
Still thou in peace pursue thy way,
True as the Polar star I
0, Canada! what foe shall dare
To tread thy sacred soil,
Annex thy domains, now so fair,
And bold thee in the toils?
0, pever submit to this shame !
A conquered race ne'er be I
Queen of the North, uphold thy name!
Remain a nation free ]
Fast Canadian Ocean Mail.
The Canadian Government has
decided to inciv "so the subsidy
for the Atlantic mail service from
��500,000 to 1750,000, hoping thus
to secure a fast steamship ser-
vice. Tho proposal will bo nub*
mittod to Parliament in February.
The Government will bo satisfied
with nothing short cf a lino that
will carry its mails as Inst as
those that run oot of New York,
even if $1,000,000 should be
needed. It is believed that Great
Britain will assist in carrying tbe
burden, owing to the advantages
that such vessels would give to
England in the speedy transport
across. Tho scheme of tho Do*
minion Government inoludos a
fast line from Vancouver to Australia,
Swedes .Leaving- the States
for Canada,
Mr. C. O. Swunson, of Wntor
ville, Quebec, who arrived at Cnl.
gary on Saturday morning, has
come at tho inatanco of the Immigration Department at Ottawa to
go over tho districts of Calgary,
Edmonton and Princo Albori, for
tho purposooi taking up land for
Swedish pooplo in tho Now England States. Thoro nro iibout
00,000 pooplo in the Now England
States who nro unxipus to mako
homos for tbomsolvos in tho
grain growing portions of lho
wost. Tho fulling off of tho crops
ic tbe stales of tbo Union havo
caused thorn lo turn their attention to Wostorn Canada, whoro
lho harvests of this your have
favorably impressed thorn, Mr.
Swanson has boon solcctod by
Government to place beforo thoso
people lho advantages offered by
Canada and Mr, Swanson is now
going over tho country horo to
confirm lhe statements made of
the fertility of tho soil. Uo is
groutly pleuscd with lho Edmonton district, which ho has just
visited und is now about to look
through tho Calgary district.
Mr, Swanson is a man of great
energy and of much influonco
uniting the Swedish population
of the Oust,
Sam Greer Gets Three Years
And   a   Terrible   "Dressing
Down" by the Chief Justice.
Samuel Greer was sentenced by
Chiof Justice Begbie, at tho Now
Westminstor Assizes lust Saturday, to throo years' imprisonment
lor tho attempted shooting of
Deputy Sheriff Armstrong, Fob.
lowing aro the scathing remurks
Justice Bogbie addressed to the
His lordshsp thon turning lo
prisoner, asked him what ho hud
to say why scntoncc should not
be pronounced upon him,
Tho prisonor replied: "My lord,
I am not guilty. I had no intention ol doing any shooting,"
His lordship, in pronouncing
sentence, spoke as follows; ���
The oircumstanoes of your life, as
far as its oontaot with me is concerned, began at Chilli waok nine
years ago, when you appeared in
court before me. I was warned then
what a vile man you were, und as I
had the reputation then, which was
somewhat undeserved, of being a
hard man, a great many people cutno
to see the meeting between two such
oelebrated men. I was then very
muoh impressed with you as being
ono of the worst men I hud ever mot,
and I have never hail reason sinoe to
change my opinion. Shortly after
that meeting yon took up that land,
to whioh the title was a forgery, and
to whioh you never had the shadow
of a claim. The oase hus been taken
before two oommittees of the Legislature, and both of them settled that
you had uo olaim to it whatever.
Every judge who has enquired into
the merits of the oase has discarded
your claim as utterly aguiust justice
or common sense. Though oa one
or two occasions you have succeeded
in resisting the sheriffs, or rather
they failed to eject you from the
land, your claim, founded as it is
upon perjury and disgrace, is utterly
untenable. Even a commissioner
appointed by the Dominion Government to look into your claim found
that it was utterly unfounded. The
last time you camo before the Court
you had the impudence to sell tho
land to whioh the title was a forgery,
to innooent, nnsuspeoting people.
It was as oomplete a swindlo as over
took place, and the auotioneer refused to sell any more of the land
for fear of inoriminaliug himself.
It was a rascally pieoe of work, and
you and tho auotioneer had a quarrel about the proceeds of that sale.
Your career has been one of orime
from tho time that I first mot you,
and it will be necessary to put a stop
to suoh a courso. It would have boon
well for you if at Ohilliwaok you had
been locked up aad prevented from
pursuing suoh a oareor of orimo as
you huve led. Tho full punishment
of tho statute is throo years' imprisonment. In consideration of tho
recommendation of the jury I will
knock oil'nine months,but for twenty-
seven months you must bo iu tho
ponitoutiury and ocaso from troubling, and thoro I hope that your
miud will turn to tho consideration
of bottor things. Iu your lifo and
conduct hitherto, I havo not scon a
particle of coiuuiou sonso, Remove
tho prisonor.
The prisonor : Now, my lord, that
sentenoo has boon prououncod on
me, I supposo I havo tho right���
His lordship (waving his hand) :
Remove tho prisonor.
Tho sheriff stoppod forward and
removed Grcor, who was handoiiffod.
Lord Aberdeen on Canada's
The Earl of Aberdeen was tho
guest of the National Club, Toronto, on Saturday. In response
to the tousl of his health the
eurl snid that what struck him
most in his western trip wus ihe
incrousod development, stability,
and conliJcuce on the part of
thoso living in the Northwest,
He advocated inixel farming,
holding tbat it wus not wise to
depend wholly on grain crops,
bountiful ns they were. Farmers
should go more for cuttle raising
nnd dairy produce. Ho spoke in
flattering terms oi British Colum
bin's capabilities, especially for
fruit growing. " 1 have lelt
money behind me," ho said, "and
this shows I havo confidence iu
the country." As fur as the
Dominion was concerned he was
coutident it had a grand future
before il. " I know there aro
difficulties in tho way," ho continued, " bul I bold that they are
of a kind that can bo overcome"
He looked for Ihe timo when
there should be closer relations
between all the English-speaking
nations, and said ho regarded
Canada as tho link which was to
brink about that desideratum,
Concluding, he said, "Canada is
the greatest of British colonies.
But she is more ; sho is a growing nation I"
Sam Small Gets Three Teeth
Knocked Out.
Sum Small, the noted evangelist, was severely puuLhed one
morning lust week by Tern Miner,
an Atlaula saloon keeper. Tho
rev. gentleman, in an address,
had charged Tom Miner with
having deserted his family and
leaving them to starve. Miner
followed Small into a barber shop.
As Mr. Small buug his overcoat
up and started towards a chair
.Miner struck him on tho nose,
knocking him to the floor, whero
ho kicked him in lhe face Small's
faco is badly bruised, his under
lip is cut, and ho has lost three
Two days after tho abovo ocs
currenco Sam Small's principal
lioutenant in tho anti barroom
contest, A. Murphy, was attacked
on lho street by City Editor
Hawtell and Reporter Hustings,
of tho Journal. All parties used
heavy canes aud all got broken
scalps before tho polico closed
lho fight. This encounter, following Miner's assault on Sam.
Small givos lho campaign a lurid
��� ���	
Photographing  the  .Moon's
At Harvard University lust
Sunday night photographs, wero
taken of the moon's eclipso in a
cloudless sky. The plates wero
exposed fivo minutes, one at a
time, the greatest totality being
expodod leu minutes. The plates
were immediately developed and
exuminod, tho principal object of
the observation being to dotcr-
mino whether the moon bus a
satellite, but no Bigns of such u
body was discovered.
Fell Nineteen Stories,
James Charleston, a torra cottn
worker, fell ninotcon slorics, from
tho top of a Masonic Temple
building, at Slate and Randolph
streots, Chicago, on Saturday and
was crushod into au unrccog-
niisablo mass of flosh, 'Ho was
loaning ugainst a light timber
which broke in two, precipitating
him to tho ground below, He
was married ami loaves a family.
Tho train from Wellington to
Nanaimo wus brought to u dead
slop by a man walking on tbe
track who refused lo get off. Tho
conductor finally threw him down
tho embankment, tlio passengers
applauding, The fellow was not
drunk, English engino drivers
usually heave a 201b. lump of
coal so as to hit tho obstructionist
amidships and howl him over tho
embankment, Somo of thorn tiro
quilc export at the husinos, and
il saves a lot of time���N, VYeaUi
minster Lodgor. tufump* .aa.����T��iJa,
(��fy> kootenay Star
SATURDAY. NOV. 21, 1891.
i��� ������ - ��� ���       -   ���
four page twenty-column news-
paper, is issued from tho ollice ol
publication, RovolstokeAR, C
Subscription prico 82 per year.
.Rates of advertising given m
Publisher and Proprietor
��laavyt^ag mT��r>>i i irflrii ii mkwuammmmatwwaiiafm.
V*-- - -- - ���*%������������',. ���������''.-*; .+���->-   . x <tj7..f,j*��. -
Two wc:|'S nn;o ive p.iblislied an
appeal to our subscribers to settle
np, and also to our readers for contributions to our columns of local news,
especially mining items. In response
we received several subscriptions and
some'articles |or publication. Ono,
from " Old Timer," suggests that we
afctnoi: the Dominion Government foi
thoir'' policy in " bamfoozling the
people and deluding them with false
pretences and falso promises." Wo
cannot sny that wo see eye to oye
���with " Old Timer " in that particular,
nnd cannot therefore publish his
voluminous epistle as cmnnuting from
onr sanctum. Ii is quite right that
in n free country every individual
gj-pujd be entitled to a free utterance
of his convictious; but every newspaper editor is not ready to lend
his columns as a medium lor spreading such ill-founded abuse of either
party in Dominion politics. Any
subject, political or otherwise, tending to promote the publio good will
be tf&lcoitie, but we are afraid " Old
JTimer" misunderstood our appeal,
which was for local news. ' It is
decidedly unfair, viewed from an impartial standpoint, to lay these
Charges at tho door of one party
more than the other, when both are
guilty. The present Opposition, ns
anyone y*hc bus read history should
know, are just lis Vacillating and just
ub unscrupulous in their methods.
[Vide Sir Richarl Cnrtriglit's election speeches Inst spring compared
with his uttornncos in tbo goneral
election pre'psding.] As for tbe chargo
of driving Canadians from their
ii'ntive land, many of tho greatest
independent journals iu Canada have
ascribed that result to tlio prophets
of tbe Grit party, who have for
iniu.y years 'past been preaching
'' blue ruin " us Canada's legacy, thus
scaring away capital that would
Otherwise have been invested here,
Which are we to believe f
' We thank "Old Timor" for his
readiness to assist us, but in the
matter of Dominion polities it is entirely unuecessnry for us to borrow
weapons from anyone. We have had
a fair sbar. of political experience in
the east, and from what we observe
bound IU W3 do not think it will be
been parcelled out among its member... Every instinct of self-respect
and self-preservation should iuduco
Canadians who have any love for their
country, or any desire for its future
good, to demand a change. From
every disinterested source comes nil-
vice to tho sum,* effect."'
"Old Timor" should remember
flint tlie above remarks apply equally
well to the Liberal Government of
Quelle". Boodlers will bo boodlers
irrespective of party, But if "Old
Timor" will whittle down his very
lengthy nrtiolo nud eradicate tbo
slrong element of nb**fo it abounds
wiih, or, bettor still, write n moro
judicious and prnctioal ono���for we
will allow lhat tho writer has considerable ability���we will publish it
over his nom do plume. But only
facts and fair argument are of any
uflo in political controversy, Vague
charges amount to nothing, .a.buso
aud slander, iu tlio long run, generally
return, liko the Australian boomerang, to lho bunds of the sender.
Even political "chickius sometimes
come home to roost."
Mining at Big Ucnd.
G-orgo Laforme arrived in from
Big'lleud with his paok train of 18
horses on Thursday ovening, making
tho last trip for tho year. In all he
has made seven trips during the
season, five of them being with his
full number of animals. He now
takes his horsos into ihe Spallum-
cheen Valley to be kept till spring
and will himself go to his father's
houso near Winnipeg for the wiutor.
It has been only a fair season for
basiness, for the reason that lew
mon havo been working in Big Bend.
At French Creek Andre., Hunker
and Andrew Parks, w'lh a Chinese
cook to "assist, aro working in the
Consolation Mino, and are making
fair wages, about $i a day to each
man. They bought out the interest
of Mr. E. Qoodwin of Chioago, giving him what gold they happened to
have on hand at the time���amount
not stated, but believed to be about
��1,000. Messrs. Hunker & Parks
will continue to work their mine
through th", winter.
At McCnUooh Creek nothing has
been done thi;; year, The Ophir
Bod Rock Flumo Co. did not begin
work, owing to disagreement among
tbe partners, and consequent litigation.
Mr. Wm. McKenzio, who went
up tho trail from Revelstoko about
the 15th October, has not done anything on tbe Last Chance, but, with
John Neilson, has been prospecting
at Soven Mile Tree, on the Columbia, but meeting with no success,
has discontinued work, and will return in a few days.
Sol. Holden and Cka:. Norleans
have been sluicing on a bar near tbe
mouth of Gold Stream, and in a day
and a half got three ounces, whon
Tpr.�����' vsra'.'/^-ar.'-
f given, that GO days after
apply to the Chief
aagmgaamm ��� wtemm^mmam
Is hereb;
dale I intend
Commissioner cf Lands nud Works
for permission to purchase tbo following described laud iu tho district of
Wi st Kootenny :
Commencing at a poet marked
"Potor Genolle, South-west Corner,"
on the east -shore of the Upper Arrow
Luke, about ono mile north of Nakusp
Creek ; thenoo cast SO chains, theuce
north 80 ohains, thence west 80 ohains,
thenco south 80 chaius to the place of
beginning, containing 040 acres,
Rovolstoko, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 00 days after
dato I intend to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purohase the following desoribed hind in tbo district pf
West Kooteuay :
Commencing iii n pqst marked " F.
11. C. South-oust Corner," planted lit
lhe north-east corner of Iho land
claimed by A. Wells on the Upper
Arrow Luke, about one mile north of
Nakusp Or -ok ; thenoo uorth 40
chains; thenco west 120 chains to
tho shoro of Arrow Lako; thence
south along tlio shoro of Arrow Lake
���10 chains ; and thenco east 120 chaius
to tlio point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or lops.
Revelstoke, B.C., Nov. 2nd, 1891.
fcDonald & Co,
Carry largo lines of plain, medium, ;i*nd high-grade fnmil ure.   Parlor and
Bed-room sets ranging iu price from $fj,50 to $500,    Hotels furnished tkoughout,  Ollico nndvbai'-rootu ohnirs.   Spring
mattresses made to order, and woven'wiro, hair
nud wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lake
points will receive early
and   prompt attention.
Is hereby given, thut 60 days nfter
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands aud Works
for permission to purchase the following described land in tho district of
West Kootenay :
Commeuciug nt a post marked " F.
J. Fultou, North-west Corner," ou the
east shore of tbe Upper Arrow Lako,
about oue mile north of tho Nakusp
Crook ; Iheuco enst 40 chains, thence
south 80 chaius, thenco wost 40 chaius
to the shore of tbe Arrow Lake, and
theuce north following tbe shore of
the lake to tbe place of beginning,
coutainiug 320 acres, more or less,
Kamloopc-, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
Millinery, Dress and Mantle Making,
And a large variety of tho most recent novelties in
Is hereby given, tbat CO days aftor
date I intend to apply to tbo Chief
Commissionor of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the follow-
ing deseribod laud iu tho district of
West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked " J.
O. Grahamo, North-west Coruor," on
the cast shoro of tho Upper Arrow
Luke, south of tho Nakusp Creek;
thence east 40 chaius, thence south
40 chuius to tho shore of tbo Arrow
Luke, aud thouce north, following tho
shoro of tho luko to tho point of beginning, coutainiug 1G0 acres, more
or less.
Kamloops, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
they bad the misf^rtnne of losing
their   slnice-boxos   by  a   freshet,
necessary to change our views here  Tllf)V tlien myitei jn (iM atrpftffl
in the west.   In politics we desire aD(*" got an equal amount.    They
the Stab to be independent, i.e. free are   repairing    their   sluice-boxes
pf "'pert)-," but there ia one burning again  and   will woik all winter if
question which the  malcontents   ? possible,
both parties are forcing to the front
ind'whioh will have to be fought out   Kiver  Hydraulic Company, An ui
in t! ' near t iture    . i Oh
this subject we shall speak with no
uncertain sound.
Had the STAB been n Grit organ
;'OM Timer's'  denunciation
Government, would have been, per
bnps, a trifle too strong (or a greal
majoi ity o! DW reader-.    Hero io n
short extract :
Is hereby given, that 60 duys after
date I intend lo apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase tho following desoribed laud in the district of
West Kootenay :
Commencing at a post marked "A,
Wells, South-east Corner," on tbe
east shore of the Bppor Arrow Luko,
about ono mile north of lbe Nakusp
Creole; thenoe north 40 chains, thence
west 120 ohains to tho shore of tho
lake, und thence south following tho
| shore of the lako to tho plaoo of bo-
At  Smith  Creek   tho   Columbia ! ginning, containing 010 acres.
McKay, ���! ./. Sands, Bam  Hill, nnd
Gus Hands lmvo b��-en getting lend
somo amounts of gold Steadily from
bed-rock, and huve taken oul   about
{6,000,   Thmr iluloe-boxes[have not
been oleanod  up, arid from thoso
they oipont to realize from       -
���y , 'I.   The weather has, bowi
turned so cold that they will not be
able to sieau up Ihii fall, awl io'ij
!.    Istoke, B.C.,Oct. 10th, 1891.
fi hereby given, that application
will be n ade al the nest session of
��� ii L lembly of the Pro-
fince of  British  Columbia  for an
Act to Incorporate a Company to
lot, ' qnipi iniiiiii.aiii and o.per-
le  a  line of  Hailway from somo
on Kootena) Lake, by way of
kiinlu or other pass, np the North
Fork of Haslo Creek, to some point nt
:   uimmit botween Kootenny
Togethor with a fine soleolion ol the
All orders by mail oi
express promptly
All descriptions ot
gold and silver.
"They  (tho   Government)  huvo  are expected at Revelstoke in a few
corniptod   them  ftho people), and   days,
bribod   thorn, nnd   robbed   them.)   The Downie Creek bridge, put In
They have loaded them with taxation : by tho (lovnrnment last year, Island Blocun Lakes or the vicinity of
and loaded tbem with debt. 1'hoy standing all righ; and has not noedfid the reoently discovered lAines in thai
havo cripplod thoir trado and driven   any  repairs, nud the  other   small   f   tion, with powers of extending sale
bridges on the trail aro passable,
But thn trail itself is in bud condition, slides having '.onio down n
many places, and tlmse, in conjunction wiih windfalls, havo thrown
vast numbers of Canadians out of
tbe country; and they huvo brought
the administration I f oot public
affairs into suspicion nnd ridioulo
and   contempt.     Tint  combination
which used to bo oul led tho Tarty many trees across the road     The
of Gentlemen' ii at present bending Government has dode nothing this
all of its energies to the solution of yoar for I'.ig fiend except to mnko a
bnt ono problem, vi-., how to retain \ nlmrt trail to the Smith Creek flros
itself in office nnd power; how to ing from the main trail,   [t will
hold in foe or in rpversiou, tho tl require quite }!��,OU0 lo put ll In [ood
ties, knighthoods, stars und ribbous repi
w j ;'..  arc to   ba   obtained  from      I ������  i mly will   inter nl  Big
Royalty. The govern..mi.ips,semiter- Bend, and no mail will bo mnt oul
Bbip8,oolleotorships,posl>ofIioeB,ohar' until next spring,   ' togel   raboul
lom, ijobsidlosaud oontraots whiah {(10,000has boen realized from thi
blilch for the lasl dozen irears have placer mines there
Kailwaj i any direction as may lu-rr.
aftor be deemed requisite for the
tran portation of ores end othor pro
dnoto, with powers of building and
oporating Branch Linos from said
Kail vay to such mines as may now
be or hereafter lo be discovered in the
vicinity of said llnilway,
Hollciioi   f.r Applicants1,
Dated iiOth Oolobor, A.D.    1)1
-.-  -^
(ClosotoO. P. R, Depot)
Revelstoke      ?      -      BC
Importers of tho Choioost Grooorios and Provisions.
,���, -,��� i
Wo carry a seloct and oomploto stock of gent's furnishings, ladios' toilet
and children's boots, shoos and hoso, stationery, patent medicines, etc, ���
requisites aud ready-made clothing.   A   largo assortmoot ol pipes,
tobacco, oijtjarottOB. imported und domestic cigars, fruits, candy, eit.
Stovo pipos, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber,and oilier goodc
too numerous to mention, almoduruto prioos. *
Telephone communication.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
iievelstoke and Nelson,  B. C.
���DEALERS  IN���j.
Dry Goods,  Provisions  and Hardware,
r' t,
at/lffll In Hi"  *f-J
I  ��� ������    ill"   | ii       mtby mnl
. ...    i ii   IV)
:    I
���ti r. I io will find II lo their advuntago to cnll nnd
���- i
Inspect  (Joods and Compare
art ol
Any ordors
oarelul aitei   ou
plaoed with   Mr. Cii.mu.eh
ond  prompt dolivory to any
will havo ou*.
li' velstoto
Sgsgt smgmwsmjmwm^ amajmag^gmmmm
The well on the scLoolhouso block
lias just been completed by tho contractors,Messrs.Hill & Green, having
been sunk ton depth of 51 feot.
Eev. J. P, Hicks, of Enderby will
preach to-morrow in llie Methodist
Church; in the morning at 10 30,
evening at 7.30,   AU are invited.
The Pacilic Express on Monday
night was ten hours lato and on
Tuesday uigbt three hours late,
owing to heavy snow iu the mountains.
The cold weather having moderated somewhat, Miss Halliday would
advise the party who removed her
jacket from the schoolhouss a fortnight ago, to return fee Mine with
the utmost possible despatch.
The Western World for November
oontuins a most interesting story, by
Julius Ralph, entitled "l)an Dnuu's
Outfit." The scone is located in
Kootenay, B. 0., and commences on
board one of tho Columbia llivor
steamers at Rovelstoke. Get the
Westorn World for this month, It
is only 10 cents per copy, or 81 a
The young folks bad a good timo
on Thursday night at an "At Homo"
given bj Mr. and Mrs. Ludnor, who
have won golden opinions during
their short residence here. There
are many solitury young men in this
town who sadly miss their eastern
homes, and Mr. and Mrs. Ladner are
doing a truly good work in making
such feel at homo in their family
Rev Mr. Ladner left on the Pacific
Express last evening for Kamloops,
where, at the earnest request of his
old congregation, he will preach the
nnniversary sermon in the .Methodist
ohuroh to-morrow. On Monday
afternoon there will bo a public tea(
and addresses will be given by
several prominent gentlemen. Mr.
Ladner returns to Revelstoko on
Tuesday morning.
The steamer Lytton left Rovelstoke
en her last trip this season early
Sunday afternoon. She was advertised to sail at daylight on Monday,
bnt the waters of the Columbia were
falling so rap'dly tbat it was deemed
advisable to hasten her departure.
She will ('."-ather and water permitting) run between Robson and
Little Dalles during the whiter, and
return to Revelstoke next spring.
Mr. Joseph Anderton, a prominent
sitizen of Barrio, Ont., on his return from the Coast paid anothor
visit to his niece. Mrs. 0. II. Alton,
and left for home Wednesday. At
the Coast towns he meii a number of
former Burnt, friends now residing
thero and who are all well pleased
���with their new homes. Mr. Anderton leaves with a good opinion of
British Columbia and its resources.
It must be quite summery at New
Westminster, and in great contrast
to the weather we have been experiencing for the past week, if the
following outting from the New
Westminster Ledger be tho truth,
Last Sunday in'Revelotoko tho thermometer was down to 3 below zero :
j' Murray the oarsman took a long
spin in his shell on Sunday, All
the owners of racing skiffs were out
and the river had a somewhat regatta
appearance. The day was lovely,
the river ditto and all bauds soeined
to bo in no htirrry to stop rowing,"
We have had a great variety of
weather during tbe past week. Un
Sunday, although bright and clear,
thero was u biting north wind, whioh
nipped everything e:���posed to it.
Monday morning, with tho thermometer down to 3 bolow zero, thero
was not oven a zephyr to disturb thu
orispness of tho atmosphere; but
later on the tiny flakes of our first
snowfall begun to desoend, and soon
a perceptible change wus apparent
in tho temperature, It grow warm r
as the flakes grow larger, and very
soon the sleigh bolls woro jingling
over tho white carpet whioh levelled
np the pits and hollows of our
streets, Snow fell all day Tuesday
and sleighing became general,
Wednesday was line, calm, aud
fjolorably warm; but on Thiv.siluy
another chutigo "oaino o'er the spirit
of tlio scono." It started snowing iu
tho morning, but soon turned to
slcot and then to rain, transforming
the whole business into slush, slop,
and icewater. But the snow i: tbore
yot, It will take more than two
days' min to explain away two solil
loot of snow,
Mv.s   Beavo'8 Funeral
A large number of onr citizens
attended tho funeral of Mrs. Beavo
last Sunday, nearly ov.ry fnmi'.y in
the town being represented, although
tho weather was bitterly cold. The
Hev. Mr. Led ner coud noted a service
at tho house, commencing at 2.30,
which included John si., 25-20, Job
xix., 25-2C-27, and lst Timothy vi.
aud viii. The hymn sung was
"Jesus, lover of my soul," aud the
touching refrain seemed very appropriate to the occasion, Tho rev.
gentleman then gave a short addxess
and coucluded with prayer, after
which tho Doxology was sung,
Whilo preparations were being mode
for tbe last short journey the relatives and friends of tbo deceased
took a last farewell.and it was a most
touching opisode ns the mother bent
over tbe corpse o�� ber ouly child.
The sliding panel in the lid of the
casket had boon left open, und the
plncidity and repose of the features
wore visible to all. Flowers had
boon strown on the silent breast, and
a pretty floral cross was tho work
and design of Miss Addio Brown.
Tho pall-bearers wero Messrs. H. N.
Coursier, D. Cowan, J. W. Haskins,
J, Sutherland, H. Bourne and G.
Teryberry, The casket was of rosewood, lined with wbito satin, with
handles and mountingo of silver.
Tbe undertaker was Mr. R. Howson,
of Main Street.
Revelstoko's burial ground is pio-
turesquuly situated on an elevated
plateau circled by the Columbia
lliver, and close under the shadow
of one of tbe dozen mountains which
almost overhang tbe town. It is
about half a mile north of tbe town,
and is reached by a winding trnil
through tho primitive forest. There
are about a dozen graves, some of
them fenced in with cedar pickets,
notably one largo Chinese enclosure.
Certainly this wild, romantic spot is
in great contrast to the typical village
churchyard. At the grave side only
the burial service was read, and
soon the rattle of tbe gravelly soil
on tha coffln-lijl.arnted on the ears
of those who stayed to see the last
act perfoi med���filling in the grave.
Deceased wt;s well loved by those
who knew her best, and had endeared
herself to very many by her unselfishness and generosity. She waB
ever ready to dc a kindly act for
friend, acquaintance or stranger, and
took nothing as a trouble where her
services were solicited. She will be
greatly missed.
There is an old-timer residing in
Rovelstoke who has Been a good deal
of mountain life before the advent of
railways in this province, and to
hear him recount his adventures aud
hairbreadth escapes in the devious
passes of the Rookie ���, when grizzlies
were as thick as blackberries and
mountain lions and wildcats lodged
in nearly every free, why it would
make a tenderfoot's hair stand on
end with astonishment. Who is
there in Revelstoke wbo does not
knOw Jim? Not James, but Jim.
James is quite too aristocratic for
him, and he will only answer to Jim.
He is old now, and blear-eyed, and
his walk is stiff and slow from rheumatism���the effects of many campings out in days long gone���and his
hearing is dull, but his voico is still
clear and deep and strong, But the
great event in Jim's lifo, and whioh
forms his chief reminiscence out of
tbe deep and misty past as he dozes
around the sieve thoso dark winter
days, is the fact that boforo tho C.P.
R. was a thing of reality Jim carried
Her Majesty's mail frcm Canmore to
Rovelstoko, Right through tho
Rocky Mountains and tho Selkirk
Range, from Alberta, on tbo eastern
slope, to British Columbia on the
west. Just think of it I For 10G
miles through the toilsome passes
uud rugged ounyons, over tho steep
mountain trails whioh led along precipitous lodges aud over yawning
oliasms bridged by r, faljon tree,
while down in the black dopths
dashed tho mountain torrent, whero
a false step meant instant death, Jim
the undaunted, Jim lho surefooted,
safely curried tho mail I This is the
Interest which nttuches to tho well-
known dog, Jim, of tho Columbia
House, the snlo survivor of four of
Ins rucn who curried the moiintuin
mail Jim is not a thoroughbred,
not even pnro breed, being a cross
b '. 'in a Newfoundland nnd sotno-
thii i- else; bul die is n dog with a
history,   Thorough frrit is stamped
on Jim from tho tip of his nose to
the tip of his tail.    Long may it
'"l- g '
At the Centiul���Swan Auder-
son, B. Bjurke, G. Irvine, Sicamous;
J. M. Kellie, Illecillewaet; Issao
Groupe, Stptio*i; ��(*_<$. E. Home,
N. T, Edwards', Vernon; A. P.
Lssuenr, Calgary; F. B. Tuff, Chicago; D. D. MoRae, Port Authur;
C. Mardock, J. -j^Bg, Viclo;ij.; R.
Travirr, Vancouvor; W. Kirby, O.
Anderson, Sproat.
At the Columbia House���P. M,
Walker, Down River; P, Guron, H,
H. Redmond, Victoria; P, Gannan,
Ainsworth; A. Armstrong, Robinson's Mill; E. Sherman, J. C. Dug-
gan, Calgary; M. Dclormo, P. Kennedy, Revelstoke; E. H. Gilbert,
Field; Mrs. Clurk.Clintot; J. Dover,
Donald; Alex Billiubolski, Winnipeg; Geo. Laformo, Fred Butler,
Big Bend; Wm. Saunders, Catamaran.
At the Victoria���W. Jones, J.
Keen, Victoria; 0. Humber, Nelson;
Bishop Sillitoe, New Westminster;
J, Anderton, Barrie, On.:.; John
Thompson, J. A. Whittier, John
Muy, Ainsworth; J. Serson, J. Griffiths, Donald;  I.   H. Midcileton,
E. J. Redmond, Winnipeg; J. A.
Mara, Kamloops; W. A. Flaws, J.
F. M. Macfarlano, J. Knowles Jr.,
P. C. Henderson, Toronto; J. Feld-
mun, Dunmore; W. 0, N. Parker,
John L. on tho Situation.
Sullivan is pleased to learn that
Slavin and Jackson will bo matched.
John says that it is extremely doubtful if the fight will come off, He
thinks thut Chartey Mitchell and
Pony Moore are only looking for
some cheap advertising, and the
whole thing will end in smoke.
"'Whatever Slavin may do,"remarked
Sullivau, "regarding a meeting with
Jackson, he will not make a barrel of
money in Now York, if he should
come over, unless he settles up business with me on his arrival. You
know that we have a bone to pick.
We will let him go and fight Jackson, and if the colored man whips
him theu I wi'j have no more use
for Paddy, Anyhow let 'em all get
in aud sottle it between themselves.
I'll tackle the winnor jnst to settle
this mooted question."
A New Reducing Pluxa
Thomas Miliar, of Salt Lake,
bus discovered and procured a
patent on a f.ux for the reduction
of ores; the specifications in his
application describe it as follows:
"My flux consists of three ingro^
dients, namely, a calcareous
mineral found in tbe Territory ul
Utah, common salt and charcoal.
These ingrodionls are mixed in
about the following proportions,
viz. jiptilcareous mineral, twenty
pounds; common salt, one pound;
charaoai, two pounds, Theso
produce tho best rosult when
coarsely pulverized nnd mixed
thoroughly together, and tbis
compound may be thon mixed
with 100 pounds of tho oro to bo
reduced. The mass is submitted
to hoat in nr. ordinary furnace
and tomporaturo raised to tho
Bmolling point. Tho quantity of
flux will vary somewhat with tho
grado of oro': bul this is a maltor
wilhin tho knowledge aod ox��
pci'icnco of those skilled in tbo
roducing of oros. Tbo proportions given abovo answer woll
for fluxing oros of coppor con-,
milling silver and gold. Tho
snmo proportions, substantially,
may bo usod in rcduoing iron
minornl rock,galona, and oro con
taining'iilvornud load,���Montana
Mining Journal.
Gilker & Wells.
At two o'clock Sunday morning
Alex Rico, of Port Smith, Ark,
was taken from his bod by white
caps, stripped to tho waist and 100
lashes laid on bis baro baok. Ho
wob then givon ono hour to leavo
town, which ho (lid, Last Tues
day night Rico, with tho holp of
the mother, succcodcd in inducing
a 12-yoar-old girl to marry him
Tho child is wouk and dclicato,
whilo Rice ip a big, burly follow,
eld enough to bo the girl'a grand'
father, Tbe notion of lho while-.
cape is generally npprovod.
mt ��t$mmt - - B&v^twssss, 8.0
Notary Publio,
Notary Publio..
Mining, Timber and  Real   Estato  Brokers and  Goneral
Commission  Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up,
Rents nw] Accounts Collected ; Miuing Claims Bought and Soli ; Assessment work on Miuiug Claims Attended to ; Patents Applied for, Etc., Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Revelstoke for Sale nud Wanted. Agonts for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
Evans Bros.' Pianos
tn'.I.IU��Sf"> U�� UM-04K Mt>,
If you think of buying an Organ or Piano, send for Catalogue and
Price Lists.
jas. Mcdonald & Co.,
Smelting and Trading
Aro  Prepared to Sample   and  Purchase   all  Kinds of
��� ������a��� J.
Prices and all information furnished on application.
lEfiLsieEs boot & ikos
ED. PICARD, Proprietor.
Boots & Shoes of all kinds made to order on short
Tugs, Broast Straps, Ames Bucklos, and Snaps, of all kinds
and sizes, kopt in stock.
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to tho BUSINESS,   LUMBERING,   and AGRI,
CULTURAL, and especially to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
���JV/.l.) to, and executed in the best style,   Commercial Works
pomi'lly, ' ��� GENERAL NEWS,
Snakes| New
Some Indians found a dead
whale on tho bench at Uculct a
few days ago, had a least on tbe
flesh, and thou sold lho hone for
The last trip to bo mudo by tbe
C. P. R. stenmoi'B irom Owen
Sound to Port Arthur wil be on
the 28th inst. It will, however,
depend on tho state of tho weather us to tho enact dale.
Although it has boon known to
tho public for somo lime, it is
only now officially announced thut
tho loltor rate to Australia hus
boon roducod to 5 cents por half ���
ounco, wiih newspaper postage
correspondingly lowered.
Intenso anxiety prevails at
Brighton, England, at tho nop-
arrival ot tho fishing fjoot, which
was at soa whon lho recent storm
burst on the English coast. Not
one of the vossols has returned,
and it is feared that tho whole
fleet is lost.
Tho pooplo in tho vicinity of
Holden, Kan., ure excited over
tho finding of a great don of
snakes   near  ihut   town.     The
German   Paper
Tho first Gorman newspaper in
Canada has just boon issued at
Berlin, Out., where many of the
people are of Teutonic extraction,
A Terrible Revenge,
reptiles abound in thousands, and i Thoro are  also   large   German
While Jack Glasscock, last
season's shortstop for the New
York team, was excavating for
the foundation of a new residence
at North Front and Maryland
streets, Wheoling, W. Va., last
Saturday, he unearlhcd an old
oyster can containing ��2,000 in
gold and silvor coins aad mouldy
At tho Chinese theatre, Vic*
toria, the other night, tho actors
failod to come up to the standard required by tho critical au.
dieuco, who accordingly smaahod
tho seats and raised Hail Columbia generally, The engagement
was there and then terminated,
and as for tho actors���thoy never
came back,
The minors of Pas deq Calais,
Franco, have sunt nicasengtro to
tho English miners asking their
aid in lho prosout strike. It is
believed the English minors will
extend thoir support, although no
otticial action has been taken on
the subject. If the struggle is
protracted aid muy be solicited
from America.
Tho National Club, of London,
has offered a pur��o of 510,000 to
all kiuds and sizes mingle in one
writhing muss, Tho snakes seem
to come from till sections.   They
arc thick in tho grass and under-
bush, and blade and blue racers
are Been running through tho troo
tops, all bended Cor  this  spot.
The different   variety of snakes
aro hard to determine, us a most
caroful   count   and examination
each lime revouls a new kind.
Thero has boon found anions, lho
reptiles in this den gartersnakes,
blue racers,  blacksnakca, rattlesnakes, copperheads, vipers aud
many others.   Tho snakes vary
in size from a fooi to six or seven
feot in length.  Battlers havo beep
captured with twenty-two rattles
and a  button.   Two men have
bought tho den and are preparing
to dig them out, capture those
considered the most valuablo und
ship them to Chioago, whore they
expect to soil them to museums.
Tho  rattlesnakes  is  especially
valuable, as his oil commands a
prico of 816 an ounce.   So far
400 or 500 have been captured,
A. large barrelful has been taken
into   Holton, and  1Q0 varieties
have already be&n barrelled, pre-
paratory to shipping to Chicago
���Montana Mining Journal,
Several boys of Amoricus, Ga.,
took it into thoir heads lately to
wage a war against the numerous
moccasin tribe in Magnolia Dell,
and proceeded to carry out the
ideu, Thoy lought for many
hours, running tho Bnakes out ot
their hiding places, and utter
killing them, beeping them in a
pile. When ihoy finished the pile
would fill a bushel basket. In
their joy the hcyo then stretched
them out in a line, which covered
a distance ol one hundred and
fifty yards. There were one
hundred and twenty-three snakos
settlements in Manitoba and tho
Northwest, uud it is accordingly
expected that tho new paper,
callod tho Deutsche Zeitung,
will soon command n considerable
circulation. It is said to be well
edited, interesting and patriotic,
having a hearty desiro to promote the welfare of all things
Canadian. The now issue should
therefore bo of use in promoting
a further settlement in the
Dominion ol Teutonic immigrants
of a good stock.���Exchuuge.
The North West aud Prohibition.
The recent general election in
the Northwest Territories hus
resulted in the defeat of Probi*
bition and tho return of a majority in favor of a liquor law,
thai will probably embody some
features of the high license system, The attempt to enforce a
policy of prohibition under conditions easily evaded has proved
a completed failure, the very
officers of the law often conniving
at tbe introduction pf intoxicants,
Many a trooper in the Northwest
Mounted Polico has thus forfeited
his appointment during the last
fow years,���Exchange.
A special to the  New York
Herald  from   Nashville, Teun.,
says:   A horrible case of poisoning is reported from Centrepoint,
in   Henderson   couniy.     Four
cattle drovers went to the houso
of Joseph RpgaD to collect money
due thorn.   Began claimed that
ho could not pay the money and
asked tho men to give him more
time.   They refused to do this
and told him if ho did not pay at
onco  thoy  would  lovy on  his
houso.   This angcrod Rogan aud
he  dotcrminod upon a plan to
square the  dobt and get in a
deadly rovenge.   Ho inviiod tho
four mon to romain for suppor
and, during tho meal, brought in
some   white   corn   whiskoy, of
which all partook.   Tho debauch
continued far into tho night and
ono by one the men fell over
into a sleep from whioh three of
thom   never  awakened.     Next
morning the four lay stretched
upon the floor of tho dining.hall,
When found Jack Baker, John
Holly, and Samuel Wilson, were
dead and William Hagolin was
unconsoious, but was afterwards
revived.   Regan is under arrest.
Ho is considered to  be partly
Corner Front and Hanson Sts,
AmiAHAMSON UlfOS.       ���-      PliOPlSlETOKS
First class in evory respect; Nearest
hotel to C P R depot nud steamboat
landing, between post ollice and gov-
buildiugs. Coach to nud from ."...pot
aud steamboat. Fire proof Safe for lhe
accommodation of its customers.
F. Mf)04*rrgv  -        -   ���
First-class Temperance House.
JloAKD  AND  LodQINO $5   Peu   WeEK.
MEALS, 25C.      ilEDS 25o,
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is comfortably furnished, and
affords first class accommodation.
all, of  various
Worthy of Imitation.
Lord Aberdeen has boughi a
Siavin and Peter Jackson,   the  truC(.  of 8ome tffo|vf) lbonsand
fight to tako place next Derby
Week, and  will   allow Jackson
acres in lbe ferule Okana��an Valley, and it is announcod that lho
��100 for his oxpeiiies,   bin tho ��� Bftrj is alout to ,jivide tl)0 pro,
California Athletic Association ; pei.ly il)t0 holdings of moderate
offers tho pugilists   a $12.0001 si2e| and offer them to aotaal oul-
purse, of which 810,000 will go  tivators oo fair terms of parobase.
to the winner aud 82,000 to the ior$ Aberdeen thus hopes to
IP8"1'. ' settle upon the land u thriving
The Pacific Kjxpress Saturday community of Scotch agricul-
arrived in two sections. On tbe torists of a good type. He will
first section, besides the regular ibua benefit a large and fertile
travellers, there was a party of district of our province and udd
ninety Chinamen on routo to lhc l0 ltu' number of our people many
Celestial Empire on a holiday m<>n ar'fl families who will make
trip, and a party (A 11.0 old first-olaas settlers. Other Okana-
country immigrants, ex steam-1 b'aI- landlords are staled to be
Ships Corean and Circassian, all I acting similarly to Lord Aber-
ot whom were bound for tbe <k,tn>u'"- ll,c Vjll'!}' '������ therefore
poast.���Winnipeg Free Press.       certain to make rapid and en-
durjng progress,   It  were well
A despatch has, been received   for us if wo |m(1 morfl 0Wl!,.,.H ,(f
��t San Francisco asking whether j tbjg t       ;i l|]0
A New Telescope.
The Lick teloscopo has  the
largest Ions of any telescope yot
completed.    Its   glass   hus   a
diameter of  thirty-six  inches,
which, when it was first made,
was   regarded   as  phoncmenal.
Now, however, a still larger refractor���one Oi 40 inches aperture���has   been   projected   and
work upon it begun.  Early in
1890 the firm of Alvan Clark's
Sons, of Cambridge, Mass., the
moot skilled lens-makers of the
world, closed tho contract for tho
manufacture of Ihis ninmmolh object-glass, which io to bo placod
in a telescope of tho University
of Southern California.   This observatory is to be on tbo summit
of Wilson's Peak, thirteon miles
north of Los Angeles, at a height
of 6,250 feet.   The .Mossrs. Clark
have roceived the disk from Paris,
whore  alone   glass  of tho fine
quality needed is made, nnd the
work of grinding it has bogun.
The complote lens \Yill have a
diameter of forty inches, and will
weigh  about 400 pounds,   Astronomers say in tbis telescope
they will have the largest lens
that can bo used to advantage
Thai is, to uso tho astronomical
phrase, its dimensions roach the
limit "whero tho gain of light by
the augmentation of sizo must bo
nearly or quite countor-balanccd
by tho loss by absorption in passing through the incroasod thickness."  The   grinding, polishing,
and testing of this groat Ions will
probably tako two yoars.
Murder Through Jealousy.
Jealousy over a girl caused a
murder near Lagarto, nn insolatod
town in Oak county, Texas. Two
Mexicans courted ihe sumo bright-
eyed damsel, and ono of thom determined to got rid of his rival,
Ho invited him to spend the night
at his house, but tho other, expecting troachory, prevailed upon
another friond to accept tho invitation, previously loading bim
up wilb wino, The murderous
loyer entered hio rival's apartment and, seeing the form of his
supposed enemy lying on the bed,
placod a Winchester riflo against
his ear and blew his bruins out.
Ho was horrified to find out his
mistako a few minutes later. He
Was arrested and will hang, while
tho girl will undoublly marry bis
The largest and most central Hotel jq
the city j good accommodation ; everyr
thing new ; table well supplied ; bur and
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe,
How Monkeys are Captured,
Stockholm House
The Dining-room is furnished with the
host the market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines.liquors und cigars,
Hob Fitzsimmons would meet red
Pritohai'd (or a purse of $500 a
Bide ui the National Club of Eon,
don. Major McLaughlin at oooe
telegraphod on affirmative reply,
saying that {Pitzsimmons would
go ovor if 81,000 wero allowed
lor expenses, MoLanghlin himself offered to bet 850,000 on
Whilst Canada is socking to
induce further immigration��� especially to Manitoba, tho Northwest and British Columbia���England is receiving more Sottlors of
a sort than sho cares lor, Last
September no less ihan 1,102
emigrants ounio in Irom the continent, of Europe, most of them
destitute, nml of those BOino 1-1,01)0
jiro believed to have settled in
the already crowded metropolis.
,i Exchange,
type among lho vurioun
holders of tin- many square miles
ol gi od land -till lying wild and
anolaime i in the immediate neighborhood of out own aud tho
Terminal City.���New Wcstwiii.--
ter Ledger.
Chinese Must (io,
An organized   movement   has
been inaugurated at Butlu, Montana,  to  rid   the  town   of ils
Chinese clement,    Tho subject
was taken up about a wook ago
Enormous crowds have gathered hy  tbe   Worklngmon'g   Union,
at the South London Palace iq whioh has a largo membership,
wltnoss tho attempt of Loiiia, Gyr, | The mailer was called io tho ul-
the Canadian strong man, to break  Ion lion ol the Miners' Union, and
ihe world's weight-lifting reoord,
He first lifted a 1041b. tluujb bell
above his shoulder wild bis right
hand. Then he lilted Sj-l-jjlbg, In
the same way with b-.'h hands,
ufior which he elevate,) r, barrel
containing 280lbs, oi percent with
his loft, bund, and, aided by Ihm
thigh, placod it on ie, bis ohest
and thon to his shou,ld,6.r, Then,
pulling on a harnejis, bo lilicd a
���yolghl of 2,Ql0lbH
other labor organizations, and it
was decided to begin lho effort
wilhin throo weeks Irom date,
Efforts will tic macjo to discourage
tlio employment of Cbinoso in
nny capacity, ami n systematic
boycott against Chlnoso luuodrics
ami restaurants will bo started.
From the census ol Chinese,
taken by labor organizations, it
is ascertained that thoy huvo a
popul ition ol Ijiiijn in Hullo,
How   arc  monkeys   caught?
The ape family rosomblea mun,
Their vjoos aro human.   They
love liquor, and fall,   In Darfour
and Senor, tho natives make a
fermented   boor,   of whioh the
monkeys aro passionately fond.
Aware of this, tho natives go to
the parts of tho forest frequented
by the monkeys, aud sot on the
ground calabashes full of tho enticing liquor.   As soon as tho
monkey soos and tastes it, he
utters loud crios of joy, that soon
attract his comrades.   Thon an
orgio begins, and thon in a short
timo they show all dogroos of intoxication. Then tbe nogroos appear,  Tbo fow that oame too lato
to   get   fuddled   escape    The
drinkers aro too far gono lo distrust tho negroes, but apparently I
take them for larger spooios of
iheir own genus,   Tbo negroes
lake some up, and thoso bogin to
weep und oovor thom with maudlin kissos.   Whon a nogro takes
ono by tho hand to load him off,
lho nearest monkey will cling to
lho one who lliuti finds a support,
and   endeavor  to go on  also.
Ano'lhcr will grasp at him, and
so on  until lho nogro loads a
staggering lino of ton or a dozon
lipsy  monkeys.    When  finully
brough. to the village, thoy aro
securely   cagec!   and   graduully
sobered   down ; bul for two or
threo days a gradually diminish
ing supply ol liquor   is given
llicin, so us to reconcile ihotn by
degrees to their stale of captivity.
Revelstoke & Newon,
A Full und Complete Line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, &o.
W Cigars at Wholesale. _$J
Raymond Sewing Moohines kept
in stock.
K Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
All kinds of Turned and Scroll work
dono neatly and promptly,
aud at right prioos.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
IIEVELSTOKE  -    ���    B.C.
The subscriber would intimate
to the public generally that he in
prepared to supply Wiudows, Doors,
Glass, and all Budding Material,
Picture Framing, &o,
Coffins, Caskets, Shrouds, &o��� oar;
ried in Stock.
R, nowsQj.,


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