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The Kootenay Star Apr 25, 1891

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REVELSTOKE, B. C��� APRIL 25, 1891.
No. 44.
jUl Mining Ola'tTjS, other than'Mineral
Locations, legally held in this District,
under the MinorUl Act, 188-1 and Amendments, may be laid over from 15th day of
October till the 1st day of June next,
1891, subject to the provisions of the said
Act and Amondmenta.
Gold Commissioner.
Donald, East Kootenay,
September 29th, 1890.	
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacifio       " "     1652   "
Passengers arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson. Nelson, and points
in Southern Kootenny.
Cheapest, most reliable and safe
route to Montreal, Toronto.SSt. Paul,
Chicago, New York and Boston,
Hates ��5 to $10 lower than any othsr
other route.
Passengers leaving Eevelstoke on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the maejuificont C.
P. R, Steamers at Fort William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in
charge of a Porter, for tbe accommodation of PasEengeis holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
and from nil European points at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Ra'res,. Quick dispatch, Merchants will save monoy
Iiy having their freight routed via
the C. P. R.
Full and reliable information given
by applying to
p. E. BROWN,
Asst, Gen'l Freight Ag't, Vancouver,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't C. P.R, I "op, t, Revelstoke.
JUST     ARRIVED    A    PULL    LINK    OP    ALL
My stock has opened up with entire satisfaction nnd I am now prepared
to fill all ordera for ladies', misses' aud children's halo, bonnets, etc., in the
very NEWEST SHAPES AND SHADES. Call nud examine my
complete stock of flowers, plumes, silks, veilings, ribbons, etc., etc., and you
cannot fail to be pleased, '
ItEVEiaSTORE k Nelson,
A Full nnel Complete lino of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, &c.
JiP Cigars at Wholesale. J0
Raymond Sewing Machines kept
iu stock.
%fy kootenay Stax
SATURDAY. APRIL. 25, 1891.
Tho subscriber would intimate
to the public generally that ho is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Glass, aud all Building Material,
Picture Framing, ko,
Co;HisOuskots, Shrouds, ifcc. Carried in Stock.
penalty of the law.
vides for tho closing of a
The bill pro-
and bars on Saturday night and
Sunduy, tho penalty for an in*
fringeme nt of this dame of tho
law ranging from ��20 to 8100.
Tbo last mentioned clause docs
not conic into force until Jan. lst
1832 Wo will givo the bill in
full next week for tbo bono.lt> of
our readers.
The Colonist has isBiicd a supplement giving portraits o.l the
Lieutcnant��Governor, executivo
and members of the Provincial
Legislature. The portraits which
are all taken from photograph
are very life-alike, and the supple*
ment is certainly an excellent
Work of art.
a6sebsmekt aot and provincial
Revenue Tax,
Public notice is hereby Riven that Assessment and Provincial Revenue Tajftfl
for the year 1H91, for tho Cast Kootenay
Assessment District, are now due and
payable nt my ollice, at Do.iald, at the
following rates:
Real Property Tax, if paid on or be1
fore the 80th of June uext, Vt ot one
per cent.; if paid on or after the 1st of
July next, y, ot one per cent.
Personal Property Tux. if paid ou or
before the 30tli of June next, y, ot one
per cent,; if paid on or after the lst of
July next, % ot ope per cent.
Income Tux, if paid on or before the
SOtb of June next, Y, of one per cent.;
if paid on or after the lst of July netf,
yt of one per cent.
Wild Land Tux, if paid ou or before
the 80th of Juno next, ly cents per
��ore; if paid on or after the lst of July
next, Uy cents per acre.
Provincial Revenue Tax. ��3.00 per
capita. ' 60
Assessor and Collector,
Dona|d, B. 0��� Jan. 2ud, 1891.	
Assessment Act ano Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Notice is hereby given, in aocordunse
with the Statutes, that Provincial.Revenue Tax and all Taxes leviod umjer the
Assessment Act are now due for th ybar
1891, All of the above named tuxes,
eolleotible within the Revelstoke Division of the District of Went Kootenay,
are payable at ray office,
Assessed taxes are collectible at tbe
following rates;
If paid on or hofore Juno 30th, 1891:
Proviucial Revenuo, 811,00 por capita.
Ouo hnlf of ono per cent on Real Property,
Seven and one half cents per acre on
Wild Land.
One third of oeo per oent on Personal
Ono half of ono por cent on Income
If paid nfter Juno 30th, 18M :
Two thirds of oue per cent on Ileal
Eight nnd one half cents per aero on
Wild Land.
Qnu hull of one por oent on Personal
Three fourths of one per cent nn Income.        T. J. LENDEUM,
J9 Collector,
IWveletoke, B, C , h��, Sod, W>1.
It. 110WS0X.
We are instructed by Mr. P.
Fraser to diapopo ol tho stock
and goodwill of his dairy business, conducted in tho rising
town of Revelstoke. Thero aro 19
cows specially selected as good
milkerr, burn, stable, and nil improvements. For limber par
liculars apply to,
ItevclBtouo, B. C.
The  Nelson   Miner says "the
" Star is greatly incensed ut Mr.
" Kellie   for  withdrawing   the
" rcBolutions asking iheDjminion
"Governmentto place an'expoi't
" duty oa oro, and attributes Mr.
" Ksllio's action   to fear of  the
" Minor and  its editor."    The
Miner is  away off.     The  Star
was not incensed at Mr. Kellie for
withdrawing tho resolution   re��
f'orred to, but for bis action with
regard to the specific appropriations asked, for. Revelstoko  and
vicinity, and pointed to his con��
version with regard to tho reso*
Iution as tho last evidence of his
changing lo meet  the  views   of
tbo Miner.    The  Star  is ac*
quainted with tbo  character  of
Mr. Kellie and also of the Miner
man, ai d would not for a moment
insinuate  that   Mr. Keliio   had
anything to  fear.   Our contention   vyta   that ho   was unduly
influenced.  The Miner says the
Siar's utterances were  inspired
by one wbo carries the town of
Kamloops in his breeches pockets.
We had no idea tbat wo carried
such a load.   Our contemporary's
insinuation that Mr. Mara is our
"boss,'.' requires no refutation, as
it is well known that he has no
interest in lhe Star und no more
influence with it than., uny other
gentlcmfta in the country. ���
Notice is hereby given tbat Wm,
Rosamond has Med with me an application for a Crown Grant for his
mineral loeatio-i situated on Toby
Creek in tbe district of East Kooteuay kuown as tbe Jumbo oluiin.
Adverse applicants, if any, lire required to send in tbeir objections to
me withiu sixty days from this dato.
81-8 Government Agent.
East Kootenny B. C.
VmM, Deo, 4th, 1801.
County Court.
A sitting of the County Court was
held here on Wednesday before His
Honor Jndgo Sprinks. Only two
cases came up for hearing, tho first
being an action brought by F.
Reeser of towu against W. J. Gallagher of the Vancouver Telegram to recover $50,��� as enumeration for an article written for that
publication. Judgement for the
plaintiff, there being no defence.
In the case of Lemon vs. Ah Yuon,
judgement was also given for the
The uext moeting of the County
Court at Revelstoke will bo held on
June 17th,
Judge Spinks also held County
Court at Donald. Oaly one case
was heard. It waa a dispute between R. Kimpton and J. C. Steen,
which Wiir_t)0>truighteued out by a
SE.iLED TENDERS, addressed
to the Postmaster General will bo received at Ottawa until noon on Friday 29th May next, for the conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails, ou a
proposed contract for four years
twelve times per week each way, between the Revelstoke post office and
the Canadian Pacific uajlway stnticm
from 1st duly uext.
Tho conveyance to be mado on
horseback or iu a vehicle at tbe option of the cemtrnctor. Printed
notices oont nining further information
us lo conditions of proposed contract
may be Been cud blank forms of
Tender limy be obtained at tho post
office at Revelstoke uud at this oflico,
1'oet Ofiico Inspector.
i'otd Qffloe Inspector's Ollice, Vic-
tori", 17 April, 1890.
The Miner also remarks: "If
" tho Stab voices the sentiments.
" oi the poople of Revelstoko, the
" people of lhat village would
" have tho resources ol this seo-
" tion lie dormant unless every
" grist was taken to their mill,"
etc. Neither the Star nor thu
people of Revelstoke havo expressed any such scntimonts.
Kvciyone knows that the development of tho mining county
to tho south by whatever means
must materially benefit this
plnoo, and tho provinco fit largo;
but as wo havo clearly pointed
out before, by tbo keeping as
much trado ns possible within the
province, the whole country, nnd
Kevolstoke in'particular, would
roceivo a proportionally greater
benefit' But thoro is no person
so blind as he who will not
Attempted' Suicide.
"Alike" Leonard, employed by
tbe C. P. R. as sectiouman at Tain
Butte, while in a fit of the D. T.'s
tried to suicide last Sunday morning
by cutting his throat with a pockot
knife. After cutiing himself he
made a dash off through, the woods
leaving most of his clothing behind
him and his companions after an in-,
effectual search finally concluded
that he Lad thrown himself in the
river. On Monday morning about
2 o'clock he showed up at Revelstoke station, very weak from loss of
blood, but evidently iu his rightly
mind, and was takeu care off by the
sectionmen here. It was found that
he wus bleeding from four wounds
two iu the throat and. two in his
breast, none of which were serious.
Had the knife been sharp it is likely
he would have been a deu.l man now.
He will be all right again in a few
days. When asked why he did not
jump in tho river he said he did not
like water.
The bill to govern tho salo of
liquors ir tho province,' introduced in the legislature by tbo
Premier, and now law, will pro.
duoe a slight revolution in tho
liquor business. The "drunkard"
may now obtain the help of tbe
law lo keep bim sober, the act
providing that a slipeiidary
magistrate may prohibit the selling el liquor lo such persons, a
heavy ponalty being imposed for
a bro..ch of the prohibition. Persons selling liquor to drunken
persons' als.8   coqie   finder the
Dontli of John Duun.
Another old pioneer has orossod
the great divide in the person of
John Dunn, who died nt Kamloops
Hospital on tho 21st inst., of consumption. The deceased was a
native of Dumbarton, Scotland, and
B3 years of ugo.'anit came to this
country in 18(12, by sailing vossel
around Cape Horn. He went to
work in tho Cariboo minos with
varying success for 10 years.
Then he tried Wild Horse Creek in
Kootenay for a season. Ia 1874 he
went to Cassuir and a your later to
thojgolil fields of Alaska. In 1885 he
went to Goldon whore he engaged in
packing, and the following year began packing into Big Bend country
from here. He has been a well
known character in all the plaoer
camps in tho country and was highly
respouted. A lthough ho made lots
of money he died leaving nothing
for any relations to quarrel over.
He had no relatives ia tbis country,
but had hosts of friends
The remains of the dooeased were
brought to town Thursday and interred in the cemetery bete, a large
number of'the citizens following
bim to bis last resting.pla.ee.
Against  the C. & K. Railway Subsidy Rill.
The Victoria Times of tbe 20th
inst., gives the following report f
proceedings in the House relative
to Mr. Kellies attempt to have withdrawn tho Columbia k Kootenay
Railway Subsidy Rill passed on the
17th inst.
"Hon. Mr. Robson roso to move
tho adjournment, when Mr. Kellje
rose to a question of privilege, and
appealed to tbe Government to wiih-
draw the Columbia k Kootenay Subsidy Bill Ibat had been passed a
couple of days ago. The bill had
been brought down in tho last di-ys
of session, and rushed through before he had had a chance to look it
over, aud before the House bad
time to understand it. The bill, if
it went into effect, would be most
disastrous to his district. It should
be left over till next session. Ho
believed in cealing fairly by tho
railway, bat be did believe in sacrificing bis constituents for it. If the
(iovernmout did not withdraw the
bill he was sure they would live to
regret it.
Hon. Mr. Robson said West
Kootenay was an important district,
and Mr. Kellie, their member was a
very nice gentleman. He hoped,
however, he would not lower. himself in the esteem of the IIou?e bv
making remarks for which he would
ufterwards ,1)0 sorry. Thebillhad
heen passed by a majority of twenty
to uine. The business of Kootenay
must be carried (on in a constitutional way by the whole House,
end it wus nonense to ask the Government to withdraw what had heen
passed by tbe House. Tbe premier
then announced that prorogation
wonld take place on Monday at 3
Mr. Kellie again protested against
the bill, H-o was not here to eurry
fuvor with anybody. He was here,
to i'epreseiit';,.bis constituents and
their interests, no matter what anybody thought,
Mr. Hail said Mr, Kellie mast
understand ho could not bulldoze th*
Hou. Robson then congratulated
the Houso on the large amount of
work got through with during the
session; and thought British Columbia should be proud of such tt
House. He hoped all ill-feeling
aroused by remarks in heated de-
bato would bo forgotten and hoped
the members would, in the providence of God, be spared to meet
aagain next session,
Mr. Kellie here again rose to his
feet and said he had no intention of
bulldozing the House. He had
come down here with the most
friendly feeling for the Government
and further, to assist tbem, he spent
two months helping to frame a
Mineral Bill, bnt he would repeat
tho bill would bo most disatrous to
to this distriot, and be would oait
tho responsibility of it on the
shoulders of the Government.
Rovelstoko Lacrosse Club.
As tbo result of tho rustling of
Harry Heberta meeting was held in
the Columbia House on Saturday
evning, at which the Revelstoke
Laeross Club was organized. Mr.
J. Kirkup filled the chair, and the
utmost enthusiasm prevailed,
The following officers were olected
for the season;
Judge Tunstall..,.. .Hon. President
John Hamilton President
Guy Barber Vice-President
1). J. King Secretary
J. Kirkup Treasurer
Hany Hebert, Guy Barber, J. P.
Sutherland, W. Lee Steve White
and Joe Tolmire wore appointed a
committee to solcot members and
subscriptions, and to socuro the
Already 15 names havo been se<
cured as members, and tbe clab will
no doubt be able to put a string
team in the field.
Sticks have been ordered and
practice will be commenced as soon
as they arrive.
A meeting will be held in tho
Sohool House this evening to
consider business of importance,
j Ctye Hootenay Star
A fiur page twenty-column new
paper, is issued from the office of
publication, Revelstoke, B. C
Subscription price 82 per year
Rates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprtor.
SATURDAY. APRIL. 25, 1891.
'This shall my watchword be,
And this one thought my soul inspire,
For I am keen and free.
Yen, even in defeat
Hold I my lofty purpose nigher
And deem it still more sweet.
Though victory should smile
Aud bringing mo my one desire,
Should eay, "Rest thee awhile."
This be my shibboleth
Of ihoso few friends whom I require
And love in life and death,
Up to that frigid height
Where clinging needs and lusts
And thought flies strong and light.
Ob, let tbis spark divine
Leap glittering to the central fire
The all pervading shrine,
knuwn to be tbe richost mine in
America for tbe depth attained.
At a depth of 162 feet over 81,
000,000 worth of ore is exposed���
mere than was or is in sight in
auy mine in America at the same
depth. A. M. Eeler, the pur-,
chaser of the Dandy, is a practical mining man and is associated
with Montana men of large
capital. Within 90 days machin-
ery will be on the Dandy, and if
coke can be got into the couutry
a smelter will be in operation
within six months, ��� Nelson
Irish Farmer's Protest
Au Acrobatic Hone.
The horse that earned such an
excellent reputation for its acrobatic feats in connection with its
performances od the Columbia
street embankment, has come to
tbe front again with flying
colors. The animal is now employed in connection with the
Crescent improvements, and on
the Crescent there is one big hole
from which a gigantio stump was
removed.' This bole had to be
filled up, and the circus animal
was detailed to haul tbe earth.
The first visit it made to the excavation, it backed the cart over
the edge, and fell in, head over
heels, as usual sustaining not the
slightest injury. Eighteen times
during the last two months has
this animal tumbled, cart and all,
over embankment and into boles,
varying from five to fourteen feet
each fall, and it still lives, and so
far has not received a scratch.���
yourselves to tho public service
during the protractod session now
closing. The number of bills to
which I have just assented in Her
Majesty's name is unusually large
and includes many measures of
vital public importance, which
will, I feel confident, contribute
to the prosperity of the province
and tho well being of its inhabitants. The large number oi
private bills passed tbis session
may be regarded as indicating
increasing confidence amongst
capitalists in the resources and
brightening prosperity of our
country, and I trust tbe expectations of the promoters of these
bills may be fully realized, The
measures providing fur the
consolidation and conversion of
tho public debt cannot fail to
place the credit of the province
upon a firmer and more advantageous basis, thus enabling you
to carry out a liberal and pro,
gressive policy in regard fo such
necessary public works as could
nol be undertaken were tho expenditure confined witbin the
limits of the ordinary revenue.
Thanking you ior the liberal
provision you have mado lor the
public service, I now take leave
of you wiih the earnest hope
that your labors may greatly
conduce to the public good, and
that you may all be spared lo
bring lo the work of another
session the same ability and self
sacrificing zeal which have distinguished tho closing of this
Iron, King of Metals.
In Ireland tho farmers are r ���
in arms against fox hunting
squires and peers. In the vicinity of Parsontown, Kings county,
Where Lord Rossc holds court in
his foudul castle, tho agriculturists havo resolved that their fields
sha'l no longer bo trampled with
immunity, and tbat fox coursing
m ist cease.
The young Earl of Huntington,
a captain in tho Prince of Wales'
regi nent. was dashing across a
Farmer Murphy's meadows with
a fox and a pack of hounds, when
the farmer unexpectedly appear- . .
.     ,    ,   ,   , .        .     other   natural    influences  com
od an I si'izca the earl s none by j
the bridle   The earl, who traces;
his niicostorv to a sti ward ol the;
conqueror, wos  aghast at  such
liberty on the part of r, plebian,
and inisiDg bis   whip  etru-'-  j
blow  at   tho  farmer,   Murphy,
nothing daunted, hold the  horse
with his powerful arm, whilo   he
struck and nearly di nv/ur.ted the
earl.   The intervention of others
put an end to tho contest ..nd tbe
hunters retired   leaving Farmer
Murphy in possession of aid acres.
Never before in tbe history of
the world has iron in all its various and improved forms been so
universally used as at present,
i"id tbo probabilities of its future
wor i never so brilliant, says tbe
Michigan Tradesman. Already
it is partially taking the place of
wood, atone and otbor materials
in building, and will, wilbout
douot, soon supersede wood and
for that purpose altogether. Ils
capabilities of resistenoe lo violence, to ponderous bodies, air,
water, heat and cold, and   to all
bined, render its value almost
beyond computation. Wo cannot
leok about us or walk abroad
without observing and .acknowl.
edging ita wonderiul utility in
connection with the world's comfort and happiness. Already tbe
ancient tower of Babel fades and
pale before the Eiffel tower of
iteel; and the ws ships of Cyrus
before   the   floating  palaces  of
Object to a Royalty.
Tho Ontario Government have
introduced a bill to araond the
genoral mining act which provides that tbe price of all crown
lands sold as mining lands iu
Algoma, Thunder Buy, Rainy
river and certain other districts
shall be 85 per acre. Any locality shown to be ricb in minerals
the government may set apart
and fix the prico at any greater
sum than that before mentioned,
or may temporarily withdraw it
from sule or grant, Tho owner
of any mining territory will be
required to expend in actual mining operations $3 per acre during
the first ten years after the issue
of a patent if the grant exceeds
160 acres or $5 per acre if tbe
grant is less than 160 acres, In
default of such expenditure the
lands revert to tbe crown. All
ores and minerals ehall be subject to a royaly oi 3 per cent on
silver, nickle and copper, and 2
per cent iron, to be calculated on
lhe valuo of ore at the pit's
The clause providing that all
ores shall be subject to a royalty
The  Dandy Sold.
Tbe sale ofthelroe'ioi6 closely
followed by that oft be Dandy, to
erected in Chicago, Aluminum,
or some oi Its alloys, emboBsod
in magnifhc i. 'lenigns of art,
will tako place   of  onr   natural
 ^^^^^^^^ woods for internal finishing, giv.
nothing of the transfer of other ing a luminious appeariroe and
prospects, has infused new lile in ! absolute proof uji i.'.st lire,
the owners of mines throughout1 Doon. of the samo bridiunt mn-
the Kooteuay Lake country, | terial will be mude to closo bo
more so as the sales wore made J perfectly that should tec drapery
to men who follow mining ,����� alof any ri.oin tako lire it could be
business, Tho price ,,.;d for the j quickly confined Ibero until it
Dundy is not the prico of a pros-! burned out all that was combus-
peot,   but  the prico  of a  mino.! tiblo.   Let us sing the praises of |
steel which traverno every ooean
Already the plans aro drawn  for j is meeting with strong opposition,
a 24-fltory iron building, to  bo j and it is likely this feature of tho
bill will have to bo changed.
Much has been said of the"nervo"
displayed by R. R, Chambers, ol
Salt Lako in purchasing the OnU
tario    claim    at    Park    City,
Utah,  for    830,000    when   all
tho    work    on      (bo      claim
was a 80-foot shaft,   B it that
������nervy" transaction is completely
oclipsod by A. M, Esler'�� "nerve"
iupuying 8175,000 for ibe Dundy
a claim on which a shaft has boon
sunk 40 feot and  a  tunnel  run
ubout the samo   (listanco.   The
Dandy is not   tho   best   looking
mino in Toad .Mountain   districl
iron, for it is a' jo- to the world,
NOTICE is hereby given that the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      undermentioned tract of land, situ-
,' atcn in Kusl Kootcny District, lias
The prorogation of parliament: been snrvod, and a plan of tlie name
took place this afternoon, aooom*!0BD '" soon at tl10 f'ani,H "n(1 w"rk"
 ,.f, ,    .. i department,   Victoria,  ond  at   the
offioo  of   A.   P,   Cnmmins,  Esq,,
Assistant Commissioner, Donald
Nonce is nereoy given that appli
cation will be mado at the next session of the Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate n company to construct,
equip, maintain nnd operate a tramway, to be worked by steam, horse
or other motive power from tho "Silver
King Mine" on Toad Mouutaiu,
Kootenay Disrict, to somo point ou
the Kootenny River, at or noar Nelson
and for all the powers," rights and
privileges usual or nocossary iu such
an undertaking, or iu constructing,
equipping,;maintaining and operating
a railway. "
69.6 Agon^for Applicants.
Notice is hereby given that Allan
Granger has filed with me, applications for Crown (1 rants for his mineral
locations situated on Jubilee Mouutaiu in tho District of East Kootenny
known as tbe Horse Shoe and Dewy
Eve. Adverse applicants, if any, are
required to sonel in their objections
to me within sixty days from this
ante. '
Gov.   Agent,
66-8 Eost Kootenny, B. C,
Donnld,"January 15, ld91.
French  Tailor System.
miss a. c. Mclaughlin,
A g'aduate of Madame Kellogg's
School of Instruction, Port Huron,
Mich., has engaged rooms at Robinson's Boarding House, (near tha
saw mill) Rovelstoke, and is pro.
pared to recoive and fill all orders
for dress and mantle making, in the
beat manner known to tho art.
The Frenoh Tailor system of cutting and fitting employed, and a
perfect fit Guaranteed, 68 lot
Notice is hereby given that Jnmea
Brady has filed with me fan application for Crown Grant for his mineral
location situated aubot two miles
west of tho south end of Upper Columbia Luko in East Kootonay District known ns tho Thunder Hill
mineral claim. Advorse applicants,
if auy, aro roquired tu send in their
objections to me within sixty da
from the date hereof.
A, P. CUMMINS,    *
Govt. Agent.
66-8 Eiist Kootenay, B, O.
Donald, January 15, 1891.
Notary Public.
Notary Public,
Mining, Timber and  Real  Estato  Brokers and  General
Commission Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Salo, Miuing Bonds, etc., drawn up
Rents and Accounts Oolloctod; Miuing Claims Bought and sold; Asses-
ment work on Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc,, Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Revelstoke for fhle aud Wanted, Agonts for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
All kinds Fof Repairing done in'jWfworkmanlike manner.   Shot Guns
Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition ko., Ac, for sale at lowest prices.
83F Fine Rifles Made to Order.
Gilker & Wells.
9&0*ffft?&B83, - * &��r��fcS*9������&
Coal, Hay and Corn.
Have entire sale of the oelubeated Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, suit j
able  for baBe-bnrners aud other stoves.    GREAT HEATING
POWEB.   MUCH CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered a', Revelstoko, any part of town, $0.90
Kamloops$9.90; Donald $8.50.    Special
quotations for car lots.   Coal stoves
sold atwholesal�� cost Hay, oats
and bran sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
at Kamloops and Donald,   Apply
panicd by tho usual ceremonies
f.ioutenant Governor Nelson then
delivered the following speoeh
from tho throno;
Mr. Speaker and (ii,.iilcmori of
llio Legislative Assembly.
In relieving 'you from further
aitoiidaiico al this timo, I desiro
io   express   my   appreciation
but it is the first westerly men, juf    lhfl .
.ion  of  the ailvor King,   nowUh whioh' you  have ,levied
Lot 2%\, Group 1.���Ihomas Jonei,
Pre-emption Record No. 67,
dated 3rd June, 1885,
Persons  having   adverse   claims
mnst file a statement of  tho same
with  the Commissioner within  GO
days from date of this notice.
W, ti. GORE,
Lands and Works Department,
Viotoria, R,C, Fobrnor-Otb, 1891.
The Kootenay Star,
Devotod to the LUMBERING,   BUSINESS   and   AGRICULTURAL, mid especially to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay Distriot,
(JUI) ��d tp> flud executod in tho best stylo.   Commercial work
a specially,
] If
Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any person who takes a paper
regnlarly from tho Post Office,
whether be baa subscribed or uot, is
responsible for tho payment.
2. If a porson orders his paper
discontinued be must pay all arrears'
or the pnblis hrs may continue to
send it until payment is made, and
then collect the whole amount
whether the paper is taken from the
office or not.
I. In suits for subscriptions, the
���nit may be instituted where the
paper is published.
i. The conrts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Office, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pima facie
evidenee of intentional fraud.
Loss and Gain.
When I compare
What I have lost with what I have
What I have missed with  what attained,
Little room have I for pride.
I am aware
How mony days have been idly
How, like an arrow, the good intent
Has fallen short or been turned
But who shall dare
To measure loss and gain in this
Defeat may be victory in disguise;
The lowest ebb is  the turn of
the tide,
Gleanings from All Over the
A Vancover man was fined 810
tho other day for refusing to
answer the questions of a census
11. M. Stanley thinks he will
go back to Africa, aod continue
bis explorations. His lectures in
America netted him 8100,0u0.
James K. Kane, tried at Bel-
ville for tho murder of his wife,
whom be stabbed to lhe heart on
March 23rd, was found guilty and
was sentenced lo bo hanged on
May 2nd.
Mrs. Ruth McCreoely, of Lansing, Mich., a widow a^ed 46,
with four children, suicided be-
cuuso George Ford, who was^16
years her junior, jilted hor after
promising lo marry her,
Tbe steamship Manowia from
Sydney, Australia, reports at San
Francisco, reports that tho British ship St. Catharines has been
wrecked off iho Carolino Islands,
resulting in tho drowning ol 90
A lacrosse tournament will lie
held at Vancouver on tho occasion
of tho arrival of tho steamship
Empress of India at Vnncouver.
'The Vancouver, Viotoria, New
Westminster ai.d Calgary teams
will participate.
The London Telegraph has
offered Lord Randolph Churchill
��500 per column to furnish that
paper with letters describing his
travels and observations in Af>
rica. Beforo tbis offer was re*
ceived he had accepted tho pro.
posal of the Graphic of 2,000
guineas ior twenty letters each
containing 4000 words.
Tbe Social Purity Society of
England bus been making itself
unusually prominent of late
because of the novel methods il
has taken to carry out its objects.
Its detectives have boen watching various members of parliament and other prominent men,
and obtaining evidunco against
them in iheir amours. The dam.
aging facts havo been ferwnrdod
to the wivos of tho recreant
efatesnu'ii, with tho advice Unit
thoy lid themselves by divourco
of such unworthy punnets.
Strangely enough there arc critics
wbo oxpl'OBB an inability to per-
coive how tho cause of public
morality is to be served by such
Tho arbitration between tbo
government and the Canadian
Pacific Railway arising from tbe
alleged defective construction of
tbe Onderdonk section will he
renewed about May 1st. The
Commission will spend two
months in the mountains examining tho roadbed and bridges.
They are having a prolonged picnic.
The Lord Chancellor of the
British House of Lords declares
that the Government will not
introduce a bill giving husbands
power to put iheir wives in prison
for refusing to comply with au
order of a magistrate restoring
conjugal rights, Parliament has
abolished the law grunting such
power and judges could not
alter it.
One of tlio buildings of the
Canadian Pacific Railway works
at Hochelaga was destroyed by
fire on Monday. Tho building
was equipped with the heavier
wood working machinery, the
cabiDOt shop and pattern rooms
being in the upper portion. Many
valuable patterns were destroyed.
The loss is placed at $90,000,
covered by insurance,
Thore is much excitement in
Antworp on account of several
mysterious murders having been
committed of late by a second
Jack the Ripper. The victims
are attacked in tbo streets al
night, and the crimes are so
skilfully perpetrated tbat as yet
tho authorities havo been unable
lo gain any clue which mighl
lead to the deteclion of tbe
uuilty party or parlies. There is
reason to boliove the murders are
all the work ol one hand, prob*
that of a maniac,
Tho premier of Nova Scotia in
conunenling on the resolution of
tho legislature extending sympathy with tho people of News
foundlund mid expressing regret
that the bait act bad been put
into operation against the provincial fisherman, declared he
was as anxious ns anybody could
bo lo obtain reciprocity with the
United States, but if Canada
could not obtain it and Newfoundland could, he did not propose to
adopt; any dog-in-lhe-manger
policy and he would sav in God's
namo let them got il. The rceo
lutioiijwas passed by a voto of
23 to 10.
.Dr. Hunter's bill in tbo British
House of Commons to assimilate
the law of England to tbe law of
Scotland, on the subject of divorce is generally approved, and
likely to pass the houso, Tho bill
provides that a wife may obtain
divorce on tho ground of her
husband's infidelity, and that
eii hor husband or wile may obtain divorce after desertion for a
period of four years. This re��
moves the discrimination which
bus bo loi g existed whereby the
wifo could not obtain a divorce
for infidelity, unless accompaniod
by ciuelty, und it also gives the
deserted husband or wilo a chance
to bo I roe.
Mrs. May French Sheldon, who
is about to penetrate Central
Africa to learn the customs and
homo life of the people of the
dark continent, has sent a cable
message to her mother, which
records tho safe arrival of tho
lady oxplorer at Mombaza, and
ber interview with the Sultan,
who was very much struck with
tbe lady's enterprise and courago
and prouiisod to do all in his
power to further bor plans, and
insisted on providing an escort of
I over 300 persons to accompany
her, and look after her safety.
Mrs, Sheldon was just on tho
point ot starting on her journey
iulo lhe interior and stated that
no fun her iicwb might bo expected lor from six wcokslo two
months after her start.
Odd ana Even.
Where there's a will there's a
way���to bust it.
Bo virtuous and you will be
happy, as well as odd and eccentric.
How to make a catfish?���
Leave her alone iu a room with
an aquarium.
The law-breaker may not boast
himself an early riser, but he is
quite apt to  bo  up beforo the
When some men are in
straightened circumstances they
are most inclined lo take a
It wa^ a son of Erin who asked
lhe meeting to excuse him from
serving on a committee because
he expected to be onoxpectodly
culled away.
Miss Million���But, Mr. Maria-
gold, I could never be a party to
a murriago for money,
Marigold���Do not be alarmed,
.Miss Million. I really haven't a
cent to my name.
Old Grnffley (to his daughter,
returned from the theatre): Well
how did you like it?
Miss Gruffley: Oh, it was just
lovely! The heroine wore eleven
different dresses.
Miss A.���You should not have
given up your Sunday school
Miss B.���1 had to; the boys
are getting to bo such big fellows,
und they ask such embarassiug
questions! Ono of them asked
me to marry him.
Magistrate���It Beems, prisoner,
that you took fifteen cents from
the prosecutor's till. Now, I put
it to you seriously, was it worth
your,whilo to risk your character
your liberty, your future, for
a trifle?
Prisoner- Certainly not, your
worship; but I didn't know there
was so littlo io tbe till; I took all
there was.
P. O, Address, Nelson, si. G,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle maohine, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1890 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prioes.
REVELSTOKE,   -    -   B. C
Notice is hereby given that all
alluvial ciaime legally held in the
West Kootenay Distriot, will be laid
overfrom tho 1st of October to the
1st day of June ensuing according
to the conditions ot Section 116 of
the Mineral Aot.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Rovelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
James McDonald & Co.
Carry large lines of plain, medium, nmd high-grade furniture.   Pnrlor and
Bed-room sets ranging in price from $6.50 to $300.    Hotels furnished throughout.   Office end bar-re��om chairs.   Spiug
ui'ttresses made to order, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stock,     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lnke
points will receive early
and   prompt attention.
a beautiful picture without printing
for twenty-five Royal Crown
Soap Wrappers' Aoneoentpos-
tnge stump will curry the wrappers.
The picture, will be mailed free.
Royal Crown iB the purest and
best soap made, and is the cheapest
to ub6. Only Royal Crown
Wrappers Exchanged.
Winnipeg, Man,
n. C.
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
3ranite  ware, and   Lamp Gools.       Tin, ^Coppor and  [Sheet Iro
Ware madejto order.    First cIass]work guarantee!.     Ordors promptly
attended to.'
Optician. ���
Ul orders by ma��
express prom.tly
All   descriptions ot
SaggST gold and silver
(Close to_0.|P. R. Depot)
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a selectjandjcompleto stook of gent's furnisings, ladios'.toil A
and obiidren's boots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines, es,
requisites and roady-made olotbing.   A   largo  assortment of pip
tobacco, cigarettes, imported and domestic cigars, fruits, randy, eto
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other i;,ods
too numerous to mention, at moderate prices,.
Telephone communication.
J, Fred, Hume & Co,,
Revelstoke and Nelson, R. C.
Dry Goods, Provisions and Hardware,
The Publio will find it to thoir advantago to oall and
Inspect Goods and Compare   Pricos,
Any ordors plaoed with  Mr. Charms', Lindmark will have onr
careful attention  and  prompt delivory to any part of Revelstoke.
JxTjmm gjBmW&BmmWBmtt
Selkirk Lodge. No 12
I O Q F Douald B C
Regular Meeting Thursday A each
week at 8 p. m.   All visiting broth
prs are cordially invited.
J. MoLeod,     J. H, Math|sqh,
N.G. "  R.S.
DoKAi,n, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Sundays, apd last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W. P. Ogilvje.'
Finc'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Kamloops, B, C.
Neete lst 2 Wednesdays^ and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Box 49.
Receiver, James Falconer, Can-
more, $' ty T.
Mogazino Agent,   H J MoSorley.
Divine Service will bo held in the
ftavelstpko Church every Sunday evening at7;30, conducted alternately
Sunday School and llible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
Church of England services
will be held in Revelstoke by the
R��v. J. C. C. Kemra every fourth
Sunday in each month,
picked Up 1(1 t\\o fovtu and
Dr. Tunstall, of Komlpppa was in
town Wednesday.
The first thunder storm of the
season made itself felt und heard on
Mr. Jos. McLean loft bef? on
Monday for Winnipeg, to be. gone
a fortnight.
Wm. Kirkup k Co., dealers in
etpves, tjnwava, etc., intend opepjng
a branch storo at Nelson shortly,
The foundation of J. Fred Hume's
water currier was swept away by a
tree tloutiug down the river on Tuesday.
Three cors of iron ore from the
Cherry Creek mints near Kuniloops
arrived here Ibis week for the
smelter. Mr. Roeser Bajs the ap-
peajafloe of tbe oro is very good.
Tho Winnipeg Commercial states
that the general stock of E. S.
Wilson k Co., ol Revel.-toke is offered for 9u|e by tender bj S. A. Ber-
ta.-.iid of Winnipeg.
Quite a commotioD was created ic
Kamloops last week by the scci-
dfntal tiudiug of  natural  gas, by
The sanguine mosquito has made
its appearance.
P. 8. Barnard, M. P. for Cariboo,
was in town yesterday.
J. A. Qibson, of Sproat returned
home on Tuesday on the Lytton.
A. McNeil is having a veranda
erected in front of his premises.
Dr. Furrer, of Kamloops, paid a
professional visit to R^veie'qko on
Rev. Mr. Morden will oonduct tho
services in the Methodist church tomorrow morning and evening.
Church of England services will be
held in the school house to-morrow
morning by Rev. J. C. C. Kemm.
S. A. D. Bertrand of Winnipeg,
offers the stock of E. S. Wilson for
sale by tender. See ad. in this
Judge Spinks went down tho
river on the Lytton Thursday and
will hold County Cpurt at Nehjon on
Mr. Wm. Brown has now a fine
black team for the Columbian Hotel
bus. Tho horses were brought from
Lost,���a gold locket enclosing a
photograph. The finder will be
suitably rewarded by loaring it at
this ollico,
Two temperance lecturers frpnj
Ontario will hold forth in Rovelstoke
about the middle of May under the
auspices of (lie local I. 0. G. T.
Mr, Sam Crowle paid a visit to
Kamloops this week, with the object of getting something to improve
bis ranch���and himself. Better luck
uext time.
IfiMr. A. Watson, who built the
Lytton hero last year is iu town
again. Ho will go to Little Dalles
to superintend tho building of the 0-
& K. S: N. Cq.'b steamer there,
A t''it<yt'rulil was placed in the
correction corral on Thursday by
constable Kirkup, and the following
duy Judge Jowe(t assessed him $2
and costs for being d, d.
The Victoria House carryall bus
been BUpersedeel by a brand new bus
of the most approved style, which
arrived from Winnipeg this week
and cost in the vi.;inity of 500. Mr.
Cowan believes iu haviug on{y the
. Mr, P.iMurphy, of the Woodbine
Hotel, Douuhl is a happy man, Hu
sends word to the Stab that on the
15;h iust., Mrs. Murphy presented
bim wi(h a bouncing bub) Ijoy, 1,!/��
lbs. avoirdupois. Mrs. Murphy una
the boy are bat!) well uud strung.
Rev. Father Guerlin who has been
' appointed tu look after Roman Cuth-
, olic mission.-! in the mountain dis-
| trjets, ctdebrttttd high muss at the
C P. R.  House  on Sunday  and
Monde} mornings. He has arranged
! to hold monthly services here of
1 which notice will be ghen from time
to time. It is probable a church will
be built here in the near future-
Heavy   rains   in   the   Selkirks
; brouggt down  an extensive snow
make tho trip to Littf��r. v~-
Purser M,cMorris states that tbe
Colville Indians who are now coming up the Columbia fishing and
hunting bear, have darted fires
along the river and lake shores that
are doing great damage. Deer Pei k
has been almost destroyed, a fire
having run through it; aud another
fire was burning about half way up
the lower lake.
The little steamer Marion returned
here on Monday fiota her first trip
dpwn the river,
The steamer Despatch which took
the C. P. R, scow down to Sprnat
gpt baok to town on Tuesday at five
o'clock. The Despatch has been
fitted up to do Bnagning for tho
government. Hugh Boas bus ohargo
of the work and Paul Anderson will
handle the boat.
Tho Lytton loft heio Thursday
morning at four o'clock on her
second trip down the river, taking
a fair uumbor of passengers and a
good freight.
Alex. Lindquist has completed
the Government work on the Kooto-
rapids, and Gov. Engineer Gamble
after inBepcting the workjpronouuoed
it very satisfactory.
A Bitting of the Comity Court of
East Kootenav W'H be held on Men-
day. April 20th, 1891, at II o'clock
a. m. at the Court House, Donnld.
90-4 Reg. County Court.
Donald, March I8tl(, 1891.
,       NOTICE.
Notjco is hereby givon that George
DeWolf has filed with me nn application for Crown Grunt for pis mineral
locution situated on Mount Stephen
in the district of East Kootenay
known as tho "Monarch",
Advorso applicants, if any, are required to seuel in their objections to
me within (i0 davs from this date,
Government Agent,
East Kootenay.
Donald, March 2nd, 1891.
Fletchen Co
Building" & Co&faactmg
And General Commission Merohaqt
Insurance   and   Real   Estate
Agont, Notary Public, Eto.
B. U
Plao's Bomedy for Catarrh Is tlio
Best, Easiest to Use t">il Cheapest.
Sold by drugglslscr scut by mall,5��c.
E. T. lliBcRlno, Warren, Pa,, rj, a, A.
Notice is hereby given that Richard A. Fry and A, C. Fry have fylod
the necessary papers and mudo application for a Crown Grant in favor
of a mineral claim known as the
"Silver Queen" situated in tho Toad
Mountain subdivision West Kootenay District.
Adverse claimants, ifjany, are requested to forward tbeir objections
to me within si^ty days from the
date of ibis publication.
75 8 Gold Commisioiier,
Revelstoke, January 29tb, 1891.
Corner Iron!, imd Hanson Sts,
Abraiiamson duos.
B, 0.
Str, Lytton
Wiil leaye REVELgTOKK
every Monday and Tburday at
DALLES. Connecting nt the
latter point with tho 8. F. k N,
Returning will leave LITTLE!
DALLES every Tuesduy and
l'hursduy at 9 a. m.
no new,
Noljee is heroby given thut application will bo made to the Parliament
of Canada at its noxt S06sion for as
act to incorporate a [company with
power to construct, equip, operate
and maintain a lino of electric telegraph and telephone ..'.fromjj Sprout's
Landing on the Columbia River iu
Kootenav district to the boundary
lino of tho proviuco of liritiah CUum-
bia, together with all necessary
powers rights and privilegee,
Solicitor for tho Applicant:..
Dated nt Victoria, II. (!., this 12th
day of January, A. D. 1891.   80-2m
First class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P R doput and steamboo,
lauding, between post ollice and gov,
buildings. Coach to aud from depott;
aud steamboat. Firo proof Safe for tho
accommodation, iif its customers,
P, McCARTUY      -      -      a
First class Teniperanee Ilunpft,
1IOARH    ANU    LOHOINll   $��   PRR   WEEK,,
MEAI.S, 25c.      iikos 25o.
This hotel is situated otinyouiout to the
station, is comfortably furnished and,
affords first class accommodation.
Oeean Tiujgets to Europe
Allan      White Star
Dominion      Cunard
Eeaver Ancliw
and all other line a suilmp from Halifax, Portland, Boston, New York
Daltimorc are on Bale at
C. P.  R. stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates of
,   ..      ..fare.   Great advantages secured by
slide about a mile and a half west  uking ocean ticj,eU fr0B) your Iooal
of the Glacier,  on Tuesday night, j ageDtj,
blocking the road for two days,   Il l    Great saving effected by taking
round trip tickets.
,,���,     Berths  in  any steamer engaged
tios of timber and carried away 100   wituontouwge;
feet of  snow shed 28,  completely |    pr6paid  pussugo arranged  from
; oovering thfr road with all kinds of | any point in Europe
debris Ior a considerable distance.
The passengers of No. 2 oi Wednes-
, day and Thursday were entertained
pn the diniqing ear Saiulriugham
h,j��e at lhe company's exponse.
Notice is hereby given that Richard A. Fry and A. C. Fry bavejfyled
lhe necessary papers, und made application for u Crown Grunt in favor
of the "Grizzly Bear" mineral claim
situated at Toad Mouutaiu, West
Kootenay District.
Adverse claimunts, ifj nny, are requested to foward their objections
to no within sixty duys from the
date of this Diihlication.
74-8 Gold Commissioner.
Revelstoke, January 2i)th, Ml,
hTfu.CT.aX FiRSa'acWBa.
REVELSTOKE     t      ,
W. Cowan, Prop.
Rooms well attended; tables tin ex,
cell, ii, Wip.es und liquors guarai
teed of a high quality, r'ire i\.
sample room. Telephone communication with C. P. R. depot. Fire
I proot vr.u,lt for llio convenience o{
[ guests.   Bubs meets ull trains.
Navigation Note*.
Apply to your nearest agent; or to
J. Hamilton, Revelstoke, or to
Robert Kerr,
Gen. Pass. Agr., Winnipeg.
I (lit  SALE  BY   TUNP.Ut.
somo   men   engaged   in  digging a
ditch.   The town's pospeots h��ve  teeofh* doffD with il lsrSe I"".1,1
been brighter in  consequence���at
night while the gas burns.
Mr. W. 0. Van Home, presedent
of the C. P, R. passed through town
Wednesday in his special ear, to be
present at the arrival of the steam-
ebip Empress of India at Vancouver
pn Monday. He will make a stop at
Revelstoko on his return.
Crotuley and Hunter, tbo celebrated
pvangelistB who have been holding
meetings at Vancouver and Westminster during the past few month I first trip of the  season this  week } undersigned
, ,     , , ,r<     /      . i    . i I fixtures, hook accounts, live stock,
were delayed hero on Thursday, at J With ninety  passengers on  board   J���*^ |,Dg ,,,l(1 h,y a)H0 5 town
tjho invitation of Rov. Mr. Morden, j carrying a good  consignment   of UQ^ yjionging-to the J,p��ojy$nlieetgte
held   a   service   in the Methodist | fruigbt she started from the C. P. R. | <,{  B.  K.   Wilron,  of   Revelstoke,
phnrch  Thursday   evening.     The j wharf  with all   her  fligs flying. ! British (lolnmbia.
I  .... ,, ,.,,'j      1 .1 .��� , .   ��� ���A (���,      The whob to ho sow at a iuto on
building was   well filled, and the I Ther0 was a big crowd down [to .ee ,    W��� ^ ^ ya]ottt,on m [)(|1.
pongrtgation   was  evidently much her off, and they watohed her till she | .[)VH^.oryi t)lB w|,0|u consistiiig of
impressed    with    the    interesting steamed around tlie bend in the river. |.),(, f<jllowi.og,
address of tho evur.gelests and the Hhe reached Bproat at noon Sunday, }    gtool and Fixtnren      $6481 llfl
Bwevet flinging of Mr, Crosslpy, snd began tbo retnrci .Monday morn -      Horse, Wagon, etc. .,,   M W
' Tbofleatt|e1Vlegra.pb says:  fhe |��g^WlWf_l��^��OTfc_Wg     SBS^"^-^*
TRA^siest rates
Tenders will bo received up to tho
1'imt day of May next, to 12 o'eloek
The iteamer Lytton completed her I jQ tjjj foruoon, at tho office of the
week 1 nnaeiBianod, for the stuck in trade,
Northom Pacific, Cuaadian Paciflo
and pp'^ane k Northo^n follfOOdB
pre preparing a round excursion trip
Jot 830, to begin the first ���f May.
Parties can begin at any point on tho
route and mako round trip in a week.
ThflSO who leave Seattle will visit
by tho C, P. R- I" carrying curs and
iron, up to tho foot of the narrows
where they wero left, the water not
being siifBcionty high to bring then.
further. Shi reached hero Tuesday
On Monday the water in the river
6 Loti ami K interest In
.'4 other Lois	
100 00
811481 i>0.
Stock can be mo op lhe wonjieM
in tjeveUtoke, ami itotl lueete at
tUe opieo of the undersigned,
'l/orms V\ easli, Imlunee, 2, 1, and
Hpokane, LiHle Dulles, Arrow Lakes, I at Sprout was two and 0 half feet j C, mouths with interest at the rate of, | s
lower than when the Lytton mudo
B udstoke, Banff, yap,0|)��yer, Yio-
jq ia and then return by Bteamt''' to
her final trip last full, uud CiipUhi
((oro did not think it expedient tn
7 percent pel' annum.
HA. I)  I'.l'UtTliAND,
Attorney for the Assignee.
Wii'iAipcg. ^l,ri11% [W:
Notice is hereby given that the under
mentioned tracts ot land, eitiiut-.
in West Kootenay District, have boen
surveyed and Ibo pluus of tho samo
can be bocu at the utHco of G. 0.
Tunstnlt, Esq,, Asaistimt Coramis-
sionor, Rovolsliike:
Lot 105, Group 1��� Known   ns the
(Iriia'y Hear Mineral claim.
Lot 10B, Group 1.���Known ag the
Silver Queen Mineral Claim.
Lot 172, (Iroup 1.���Known US tbe
United Mineral Claim.
Lot 178, Group 1. -Known aj the
Arkansas Mineral Claim.
Lot 1^'i Group L���Known  aa  the
Blackbird Minejol Claim.
Lot 175, Group 1.���Kuown as the
Jeanne Mao Mineral Claim.
l,ot 1711, Group 1.���Known  as  tho
Alpine Rose Mineral Claim.
Lot 177, Group L���Kjiqwn as tho
Portland Mineral Claim.
Lot IT8i Croup L���Known as tbo
Llhby Minejnl Glnim,
Lot 170, Group I.   Known aa the
Tenderfool Mineral Claim.
Lot 180, Gtoup L��� Known as the
.ImLii A. laoguu Mineral (Hiiim.
Lot220, Group I.   II, tiAw and
M. H. Duvys upplieiitiou to pur -
(������hiiBo dated, 20ih 8eptemheis 1800.
% ti. GORE,
uudsaml Works Depurtmeut,
Viojt^lo^ P., C.j. Wh FebniMy^ W.
Tho largest nnd most oontral Hotel in
the city \ goon] accommodation ; every,
thing now ; table well awplicd; barane]
billiard raoni attached; tire proof wife'
Stockholm Houso
The dining room is furnished with the
Ixest the nfuirkot affords,
The bar ie a\\ppli,ed with a ohoioe etocfc
of wineBjiciuwe and oigars,
Jas, Liberty,


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