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The Kootenay Star May 16, 1891

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REVELSTOKE, B. C, MAY 16, 1891.
No. 47si
All Mining Claims, othor than Mineral
Locations, legally held in this Distriot,
under the Mineral Act, 1884 and Amendments, may be luid over from 15th day of
October till tho 1st day of June next,
1891, subject to tho provisions of the said
Act and Amendments.
Gold Commissioner.
Donald, East Kootenay,
September 29th, 1890,
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacific       " "     10.52   "
Passengers "arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson. Nelson, mid points
in Southern Kootenay.
Cheapest, most reliablo nnd safe
route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, Now York and linston.
Rates ��5 to ��10 lower than auy other
other route.
Passengers leaving Revelstoko on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect-with tho magnificent 0.
P. It. Steamers at Fort William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist CnTB, in
charge of u Porter, for the accommodation of Passengers holding seo nd
clnrs tickets. Passengers booked to
nud from all European poinls at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch, Merchants will savo money
by having their freight routed via
Full and reliable information given
by applying to
Asst, Gen'l Freight Ag't, Vncouver,
or lo J. HAMILTON,
Ag't ('. P. H.!Dc| ot, Revelstol.0.
JUST     ARRIVED    A    FULL    LINE    OF    ALL   THE
��fy> ftootenaij Star
SATURDAY. MAY, 10,1891.
My stock has opened up with entire satisfaction and I am uow prepared
to fill all orders for ladies', misses' nnd children's hats, bonnets, etc., iu the
very NEWEST SHAPES AND SHADES. Cull and oxamino my
complete stock of Bowers, plumes, silks, voiliugs, ribbons, etc., etc., and you
cannot fail to bo pleased.
Boot and Shoe Shop.
EF). PICAKD, proprietor.
Boots and Shoes of all kinds made to order of the best stock on shor t
notice. REPAIRING of Shoes a Specialty. Harness and other Leather
wont also repaired.   PRICES RIGHT.
Revelstoke & Nelson,
��� m
t �� j-V    ^H *s-\'v
A Full and Completo liue of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, ko,
BT Cigars at Wholesale, jg
Raymond Sowing Machines kept
iu stook.
Tenders for n Llosnse to Cut
Timber   on    Dominion
Lands in the Province
of British Columbia.
Assessment Act and Piiovinciai,
Revenue Tax.
Public notice is hereby gh'en that Assessment and Provincial lw.-vi line Taxes
for the year 1891, for tho l.ait Kootenny
Assessment District, are now duo and
payable at my ollice, at Donald, at tho
following rates:
Real Property Tax, if paid on or be
lore the 30tb of Juno next, '/, of ono
per cent.; if paid ou or after the lst of
July uext. */, of one por cent.
Persoual Property Tax, if paid on or
before the 30th of June next, y of one
per cent.; if paid on nr after the lst of
July next, Y, of one per cent.
Income Tux, if paid on or before the
80tb of June next, Y, of oue per cent. ;
if paid on or after tlm lst of July next,
% of one per cent.
Wild Lund Tax, if paid on or before
the 30th of Juno next. 1% cents per
acre; if paid on or after the lst of July
next, %Yi cents per acre.
Proviuciul Revenue Tax. 83.00 per
capita. 00
Assessor aud Collector.
Donald, B. C, Jumjhid, 1891.	
Assessment Aot and Piiovinciai,
Revenue Tax.
Notice is hereby given, in accordance
with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and nil Tuxes loviod under the
Assessment Act nro now due fur th year
1891, All of tho nbovo named taxis,
collectible within the lievolstoko Division of the District of West Kooteuay,
are payable at my ollice.
Assessed taxes aro collectible at the
following rates :
If paid on or before Juno 30th, 1891:
Provincial Revenue, ��3,00 per capita.
One half of one per cent on Real Property,
Seven and ono half cents per aero ou
Wild Laud.
Ono third of ouo per cent on Personal
Ouo half of ono per oent or. Income.
If paid after June 80th, 18011
Two thirds of ouo per cent on Real
Eight and ono half cents per nero on
Wild Lund.
One half of ono per oent on Personal
Three fourths of one per cent on In-
oomc.       T. J. LENDRUM,
W Collector,
Rerelstoke, 1), C, Jain. 2ud, lt?Jl,
S SI 0 P.
The subscriber would intimate
to the public generally that he is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Glass, and all Bnildiug Material,
Picture Framing, &c,
Collins, Caskets, Shrouds, &o. Carried in Stook.
Wo aro Inst rooted by Mr. F.
Fraser to disposo ol the stock
and goodwill of Ira dairy business, conducted in the rising
lown of RevelBtoke. Thero arc 1!)
cows Bpeeiul'y selected as good
niilkeir, barn, stable, and all im
priiveuieiits. For iurihcr par
liculai's apply lo,
RevedstOKc, B. C.
to the undersigned, and marked on
tho envelopo '-Teiieier for Timber
Berth ho. 93, to be opened on tho
0th of July, 1891," will be recoiveel
at this Department until noon on
Monday, Iho Otli day of e'uly next,
for a lioonse to out timber on Berth
No. 93, Fituated betwoon tho llluo
Witter Creek and tho Wait-a-bit
Creek, tributaries of tho Columbia
River, in the nbovo Province, nnd
containing an area of 25% square
miles, more or less.
The regulations under which a
license will be issued, together with
u sketch showing approximately the
position of tho berth in question,
may bo obtained at this Department,
or at the office of the Crown Timber
Agent at Now Westminster,
Each tender must be accompanied
by an ueeepto'l cheque on a chartered
Bank in favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for tho
amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to puy for the
, No tender by   telegraph  will bo
Depart ment of tbo Interior, Ottawa,
28th April, 1891.
to the Postmaster General will bo received nt Ottnwti until noon on Friday iiOlL May next, for the conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails, ou ii
proposed contract for four years
twelve times per week each way, between the Iievelstoke post oflico and
the (V.iindiaii Paeifie Railway station
from 1st duly next.
The conveyance to be mado on
horseback or iu a vehicle at the option of tho contractor. Printed
notiooscontaining fuitherinformation
as to oonditiona of proposed contract
may be seen and blank forms of
Tender may be obtained ut the post
oflico at Rovelstoke and at this ollice,
Post Oflico Inspector.
Post (Ulice Inspector's Office, Victoria, 17 April, 1890,
1 mi
The members (or Victoria in
Dominion parliament, or  behalf
of [lhe British Columbia Cattle
Company, the other day  waited
on lion. Mr. Howell to persuade
bim into allowing a flock of 10,
000 sheep to be admitted to the
province freo of duty, to enable
tho company lo embark oxlcn-
sivciy in the business of sheep
raising along tho Fraser river.
Tho action of tho members in
this dreelion is not amiss, but
thero is another matter of much
importance to British Columbia,
which  nil  tho   members  from
tho    province   might unite  to
good purpose in impressing upon
the government, and that is tho
removal of tho duty on raining
machinery.   Tbo rulo which is
supposed   to  apply  at present,
that a duty shall only be imposed
on such machinery  as  is now
manufactured in Canada, cannot
work   satisfactorily ami  is un-
doubted!)' :i drawback to lhe most
important industry of mining in
British   Columbia,  Tho case of
tho Revelstoko Mining Company
may Ic cited as an  metallic of
the troublo that iB being ocua-
sioued by the present law. Some
time ago the company purchased
machinery, in Canada, which had
been previously brought from iho
Uuited  Slates,  and   when   Dr.
Campbell, manager of tho coins
pany went dowu lo Ainsworth u
fortnight ago ho wus called upon
to pay duty on the machinery or
the  the whole pluut woulel be
seized,  Tho duly wus paid under
protest, and iho solution ot lhe
problem iB anxiously awaited by
the company.   The action ol the,
the ^authorities is most absurd,
and ii   continued  ou  tho sumo
lines   will   breed    nothing    but
and   unnecessary  litigation.   It
is liko going io a man's houso
uud compelling him to pay duty
on si mo aiticle  bought Irom a
dealer, which iho customs officer
had neglected to collect when it
first passed through  his hands.
The officers should know  what
machinery is dutiable and what is
not; but ut present their is so
littlo   real   miuing   machinery
manufactured in Cauada, that the
easiest uud   mom   Bulislactory
Boloutiou of the question would bo
to admit ull mining machinery
free of duty,, and our representatives should not rc.it until it iB
placed on Ibo freo list,
stoke. Tho amount is not 'avails
until June. This disposes of tho
last but one of tho appropriations
asked for by the people of RevelBtoke, and about half tho amobut
asked for has been granted in
deb easo. The rest may ���come
by and by.
There is no great evidenco to
provo that somo Canadians aro
anxious to have Canada annexed
to lhe United States, and it
would appear tbat quite the con-
t.-ary feeling exists in the eastern
maritime provinces, The latest
news ou the question is that Mr.
Mills, Conservative member .of
parliament for Annapolis, will
shortly introduce a resolution
declaring that lbe New England.
Suites should be invited to join'
lbe maritime pro. inces ,and be-
come a part of tbo Dominion.
Notieo is hereby given that tho
Order in Council, which was approved
by His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor on 30lh July, 1890, providing
that the alienation of Crown lands
by private s.ilo bo discontinued,
notice of which was published in tho
British Columbia Ouzetto and dated
81st July 1890, has been rescinded,
and that thirty | 301 days after tho
date of Ibis notice vacant unreserved
Crown lands wiil bo open to Bido
under the provisions of the "Lund
Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, 30th April, 1891.
Application will bo mudo to tho
Parliament of Canada, at Its next
session, fir an Ant to revivo tho Act
T>2 Victoria, chapter 19, being an Aet
respecting tho Kootenay and Athabasca Hallway Company,
Solicitor!! for applicants,
Ottawa, 23 April, 1891,
Thero is another mutter which
is of vital importance lo Revelstoke, which Mr. Mara might
have stirred up a little, It is the
question of title lo lauds in Ibo
Revelstoko townsito, The Dominion government has sold con-
sidorablo proporty horo, but the
deeds tor ihe same havo nol yet
been given to tbo purchasers.
It is understood that Mr, Farwell
still claims uonsiilorable of the
proporty disposed of by the gov-
ornmoni, and that the Registrar-
General I'uf'uscs lo issue a second
title for these lands, Mr. Farwell
having already been given a
crown grant to tho property,
This question has been under
consideration long enough und
should bo decided ono way or
iinotli.tr, ami tbo public mudo
acquainted with lhe decision.
In iho supplementary estimates the sum of SJ.'i) has beeu
act libido by tho government for
liio proteciionpurposcB in Revel-
Mr. Israel Tarle has formally
made bis charges against Hon.
Thomas McGroevy in tho house
of commons. Ilia indictment is
lhat tbe secrets of the department of publio works have been
divulged, year by year, by the
accused, who was paid in tbe
neighborhood of $200,000 lor
his infoimation. Sir Hector Lan-
gevin, who is t-aid to bo indirectly
implicated, says, be courts the
fullest inquiry, whilo McGreevy
flatly denies tbo charges, The
question has been referred to tba
committee on priveleges and
elections. Tbe result of tho inquiry will ho eagerly awaited,
and it is certain no whitewashipg
will be tolerated il McGreevy is
found guilty.
He lias High Hopes for tbo
Future of Kootenay.
Mr. J. M, Kellie, M. P., is in
town again, and ho looks as it
his parliamentary labors had
agreed with him. He Bays lhat
although he is not wholly satis*
tied with Iho result of his work
in the legislature, he is satisfied
ho did lhe best bo could under
the circumstances.
With regard to the Dunkin
river trail ho says tho Stab did
him ��n injustice in staling .thut
ho bad claims in that section of
ibo district. The claims in which
he is interested ate in cast Koo-.
tonay and will not be benefited
by lhe proposed trail, He felt
certain that there would be objection taken to tho approprias
lion, bul bo is confident tbe work
will prove ono of great benefit
to the wholo country, as it wi.ll
open up a new field which ho
bus reliablo information is one
rich in minerals, and tho money
will bu well spent, Ho is anxious
to soe ton thousand pooplo in
Kootenay, oud believes that by
opening up tho country in this
way his wish will be moro than
realized inside of two years.
A Correction.
Wo are in receipt of a letter this
week from Mr. Howard Foster, now
of Nelson, who wishes to protest)
against tho article descriptive of
Hourue Finis, new storo, whioh ip-
poured in tho .Staii of May 2, in M
fur us it gives credit to Mr. H. D,
Heck for supei intending the woik,
whilo in leality Mr. Foster wu en-
tilled to such credit if anyone was,
He says he is prepared to prove that
bu designed the plans and laid out
the work, that no ono made a pencil
murk iu framing and finishing without his approval, and tbat he alone
was blamed for mistakes if any wore;
made, All honor to whom honor is
due, and Mr. Foster is curtain./ d��-��
nerving of praise for his exoell-ial)
. work ou the building referred to.
-.* Cfte ftpptenay Star
A fou,r. pngp t^epty-pol(itpn pew
paper, is iaiiied frpni th,e o,$co o
publication, Revelstoke, H. C
��uh(crip|,|fifl price ?2 per year
Bates qf advertising given on
Publisher uqd Proprtor.
SATURDAY. MAY. $, 1891.
Gleanings (row AU Over, the
WLle WorhL
Gladstoi e is gjjrioas.y ijl with
a cold. {
Allison, Ont., had a $100,000
fire on Friday last.
Tbe paint manufacturers of
Canada aro organising a combine.
The We6t Shore, the only illustrated paper of tho west, and
published lor the past, twenty
years at Portland, has bu. pi nded.
Tbe American swimmer, Dalton,
has successfully completed the
rask of swimming sixteen consecutive hours in the English
' Forest fires are doing extensive
damage in Michigan and two
lumbering villages aro reported
��s wiped out, and mjjlionfj of fine
timber has been destroyed.
Ry tho explosion of oil and gas
ijD. tho hold of the steamship
Trancorville. at Newport, eight
men were tiled and twenty
injured; and the vessel wrecked.
The Allan and Dominion lints
have reconsidered I heir decision
relative lo tho carriage of the
British mails by tlicir two fast
steamers, and have accepted thereto offered,
A crank named Charles Dixon
wants to kill Jay Gould, or make
the Little Wizard divide uji his
property giving him 8811,000, iht
rest to go to other charitable
people liko himself, Ho bus
been doclurod insane.
A report 'tomes from Cnudcr-
port, Perm., that on Monday
while a Irani coiituinini; 100 men
ytat on iis way lo Sgh} the forest
tires in Potter County, the train
was wrecked in tho midst of tin
fuming woods and tho engine
aud cats destroyed, and eight oi
more men burned to death.
Tho new corporation of greater
Vienna has a large Infuaiuu o;
tho semi-rural element, to which
is the  causo  ef  some  peculiar
tiropositions new before that
li-dy. Ono of th,ese, proposals is
thai all hou^s in Vienna shall I e
closed at 10 o'clock in the . n,-
ing, and all persons returning
home t.t'ier that hour shall pay u
fee of three poncelo(doo!' porters.
A man named Catifield was
drowned in Victoria harbor on
Tbreo Phjludpipliia, banks
wero deplared insolvent on Saturday last.
Woodford, tbo last contestant
in the sleepless ppnLetjt at fcjan
Francisco, gave out after keeping
awako 158^ hours.
A cage of loprosy has been, discovered in a big tenement house
on Olivprstreet, New Y irk. The
sufferer is a Greak p.etj|er.
Miss Agnos Knox, ol Sl, Mary's
tbo celebrated elocutionist wbo
visited British Columbia lust
summer, has been appointed pro-
feesM'. of elocution in Tp.ronk),
Univer,-ity. Miss Knox is the
first lady professor iu the Uni.
August Elbogcn, dramatic agent
of Now York, has been convietud
of kidnapping Jennio Rcckwcg, a
17 year old girl. The evidence
shows tbat he has been employ.
ed for seven years, in procuring
g.rls for disreputable divos, His
sentence was deferred lor a week.
George Frances Train, is off on
another trip around the world.
The first time be accomplished
his task iu sixty days, and on Ibis
occasion bo iB endeavoring to
boat the former record, by doing
it in 55 (Jays. He is representing
New Whatcom Irom which place
he started on Saturday taking
the Empress oi India at Victoria.
Jacob GaBpor, of Forbacb, waB
about to lead a bride to the alter
at Berlin, recently when tho pro-
Oiiat.r interlerred aod prevented
tbe wedding on tho ground that
Gusper'e three previous wives bad
died tiom the effects of his abusive
treatment. The man was'
brought to trial on the charge ol
manslaughter, and has just been
con vie ted and sentenced to bine
years imprisonment.
Tho Puttie express that left
Montreal en Friday last oo the
C. P. R. met 'with an nvoiduul
near Straight Lkc, 50 miles w.St
of Sudbury. Push fires had par.
liully d-Btr.yed ;i trestle bridge
over a creek and tho train was
too c!osu when tin fire was dis��
1 ^covered to permit the engineer to 8'op. The engine baggage,
and m��i�� care ami iwo colonist
cms, went into tbe creek. A man
named, MoAlpine irom Quinoy,
Mats., was killed, und fiye persons injured.
Newfoundland adiiccs give par
lieulars of a most disastrous
marine casualty, which oceured
last week, During a dense lo"
and tre nendous sea, the Swedish
barn ll'iga, 569 laul, bound for
Quebec,struck on Renfrew Island,
Land owners on tho prater,
valley prppoqe pxppriraeuting ifl
hep raising.
Fievqc lorcgt uVea. are 1'ayiug in
the neighborboql of Qravenh,iirL>t,
Ont., a,nd considerable prqperty
iu timber has been deqtroyed.
Buffalo brewery dec.li.rp that
Canadian barley is better than tbun
grown in the Stales, and want
lhe 3/J por cent import duty removed.
A number of Pine BJuff, 4rlt.>
womon tbo other day attacked
with knives and razors, a colored
wqman named Simpson, who had
mado deragatory rcmurks con-
ceruing their cliaructcr. The
colored damsel was almost killod
and her assailants have been
Fred H. Staples, assistant ptisior
of the Baptist churchy Amherst,
N. S, has disappeared, leaving
behind him several young ladies
to, whom he had promised marriage and an exceeding small
amount ol property to console his
numerous creditors. His uigbtwas
precipitiitod by oue of tbo young
ladies insisting ov< the marriage
ceremony taking placo ut once.
Mr. Goschen, tho chancellor ol
tho exchequcr.replying to a deputation which waited upon him to
urge tho establishment of an universal ponny postage rate for tho
Britsh Empire,said it would be im-
possiblo for tho Government lo
consider tho preposition. He
added that already ��27,806 bad
bjen 10$ lo tho revenues of \h<j
post otfioo department by roasou
of tho reduction which wont into
effect four months a^o,
Baby farms in Ontario have
beep tho Biibjoot ol euaj.ie.-ion ol,
late, and tho Toronto Board ol
ol Health, acting ou tho advice of
Attorney. General Mowat, have-
empowered tho medical health
office! lo inspect buildings and
the food of hairy farms and make
other provjojitti.B for the health
of the infants therein, Dr. On
says he believes 1)9 per cent, ol
ihe children in these farms die
during the first year.
Secretary  IRuino   has   mado
pUlliC llW   latest   0:il!llllUllit-��tl'i)t'
lo Sir Julian PiiUlKJiJoto on the
Borhlug S'ii dispute, l^v. Ml)'b
the modifications which Lord
Salisbury suggests in tho questions lor arbitration do not
wholly meet the views of the
president, hut the president offers
some changes, which il is hoped
.vill meet with tho agreement of
both governmohts. A speedy
settlement of the a,iosll.e��n is now
Tho Novae Vremya decluros
that wh,on, t|ie contr.net fqr the
pew Russian 11, por. cent loan was.
uboiit cqncliided at P-ris, tho
Rqlhsehilds mudo demands uffecU
iug tho ajews. ol Russia which the
Russian government re'jectod.
.'hereupon, the Rothschild withdrew from tho negotiations.
But th j object ot depressing \]as-.
h1u.ii securities failod. Russia has
immenso depi-its in foreign bat#i
and although ibo Rothschilds
havo delayed for a timo the projected conversion of foreign loans
they cannot iufluonce tho convex
sionof the international debt.
I'L.,, '-J
Aunt Alice���Ob. Nannie, dear,
isn't it a perfect morning? I feel
that yoi and I should do somo-
ibing to rpke somebody happy;
now what shall wo do?
Nannie���I know; Ipt's go and
Bcr,itch tho pigs, back; ho just,
loves it.
Odd and Evou.
She���You wou't want me to
givo up my typewriting a,fior wo
aro married, will you.
Ho���No, indeed! Wo havo to
livo. havu't wc?"
Mr, Staylato���Talking of queer
accidents, Mijs, Clara [Jpporten
dislocated her jaw the other diiy
while yawning,
Miss Dp Pjnj( (woarily)���Did
;ou go ior a doctor?
Teachor ��� Tommy S'imson,
linvo you any gool excuse (of
being laic?
Tommy ( beaming ) ��� Yos,
Teachor- What is it?
Mr. Summei'limm, ��� $0 o,uf
friend Abrahams has failod?
Mr. Sonnenhcim���Ya, trco hundred tousaml liabilities.
Mr. iSunimerhcini��� And h,0W
much assets?
Soiinonheini,���Nuttings at all.
Sumiucrheiin -WoopiugRacholl
What a genius.
Sho was a maiden fair to see,
As fresh and blooming as the
With beauty, grace, and mpde.ity
And sweet as sugar, Bail the
The youth was bold   who, wot*
her hand,
A circumstances which go.es to
It is tbo man wbo has tho sand
Wbo gels tho sugar here below
Notary Public,
Notary Public
Mining, Timber and  Bcnl  Estate Brokers and  General
Commission Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Mis of Salo, Mining Bonds, ci*., drawn np
Rents and Accounts Collected; Mining Olaiins Bought one. sold; Assessment work on Mining Claims Attended to; Puteuta Applicator, Etc., Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Itevelstoke tor Pile aud Wanted, Agents for Mining
aMachiuerv, Etc, '
' REVELSTOKE,, 11 0,
  _- . , ].l jag-;
All kinds Jof Repairing ehme in n wortwuu^t^wnner.   Shot Gnn��
Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition ko,, ko., tor Bale at lowost prices.
IW Pine Billon Made tu Order.
>, .......��~^���, .,���nTrmrrrMI Mlt,ll
Gilker & ff ells.
lio   ut.I irtunate rricn ciung to
be rooks, and notwithstanding I noff behind tho, prison
tbe raging billows several boat* j Montrenl purged with
George R. Wheeler, a pusson-
ger from Liverpool for. Montreal
on   the   Bteomor   Vancf,uvor, is
bur.')   in
rescue, hut oould do nothing
Andrew MeLuirc, of Cobuig Ooe aftor another gave up Hie
".lied to kill Mar j a ret Tucker by light and dropped Into the Bea,
throwing hor under a moving I until out ol ll comprising tbe
train, 'lhe promptings .f lhe lorow but one Wal loft, This man
engineer in stopping ihe train Alex Allison, after muob hauling
saved the lady's  life,   MeOuire  with  Iho  wave*     ,,,v:    flnnlh
W to,ho I his fellow passengers. He robbed
right and left ii'i'l   won  tho con*
was a rijc-t,!! siiii.r, nnd has
already spent tiveyeara in Kingston (or attempting to murder
Miss Tucker's father.
A coach man muiied Sc'iilatuU..,
living at NeUfitadt, near Vienna,
tjaspcotod a luborer named Nu-
rufu of aourllnt; his Bimoe
nulien Kropiiitj, Ho p|���y,.(i
tletoctivo, and di covered the pair
�� lew cveiiingii ugn, hiding in
a forego bouse, and exchanging
loving    onrcwoi,       SLdillslulla
rcsonod' N.no bodies were n-
Last Tuesday, a txiwboy named
Day, was tried at Vi i'i��n ao.
mealing a horse belonging to
Lambly Bros, ol Boderhy,   [le
Wns coniUliUcd for trial III III"
next uibizca, und put into the
lookaiip' Ou Friday morning in-
proved to bo missing, and a bole
in .i|o by an nlVOr showed bow he
made good bis escape.   Ho qtolo
a horse Irom lint   local butclior'l
ftuletly (asteticd the door so that' stable, leaving it note asking him
iho couple en',i!:.l pot y, i out, f not 10 toll anybody, nnd by thin
llo then set fire io the building, Ftioto is, In nil probsblllty, sale iii
and tho victims ol his hale soon the loving arms ol Unolc Sam
perished amid the flumes,   'lhe there being no oonstuble  from
people, atlnictod to thy spot,
joand Scbilatiilla lt.iiiriug di ml
from adulter of an adjicent OMloh
hquse buviyi' coiimiii'jd fuiejiut-
Vci'imii to the boundary lino, lo
put a slop to Ins ride for liberty,
He is supposed lu belong   to  an
Qi'ganiwd gniiy <A lio'.so ibit,",'!'!
!i Im 60 ol one Howell from whom
u ��� seoureJ two ilokcts (or Ct)|U
nary, while from (vnotboi' ho got,
���i frl't money ordi r. WhoeWr
got oil ths iteamer at Quebec but
was Ounglit On tlie train at Montreal whui preparing to leave for
A disgraceful row occtireii in
tho 'Church Of the Ascension,
Hamilton, Lst Sunday evening,
over the introduction nf a sur-
pliocd oholr. The anti-ritnnliHlic
patiy objected to bui'Ii proooed-
in.-i,   and   turned  out tho   gas,
leaving Lbe ohuroh In darkness
Tomporitry lights having been
loeurod, tl��" wainr wns IuimiocJ ofT
from lhe organ, rendering it uay.
legs, Tho lei'viie proooedod,
howovor, although oongtanlly in-
mom ssaiess, ��� - ja33v��as*Qi��j����Gi
Coal, Hay and Corn,
Have entire sale of the ocluboaled Canmoro hard, lump nnd nut coal, suit
able  for haoe bnyiern and other ttoves,    GREAT HEATING
vcrcd a, Revelstoke, any part of town, fltO.Otf
Kamloops(JU.OO; Donald 88.60.    Special
Hiiotatimis for car lots,   Coal stoves
sold  ntwlinlesale cost liny, oats
and bran sold by oarload or
smaller quantities Yatd-^
at Kamloops and Donald.   Apply
L. J. Ill) WARDS
by eat onlls and sooulur
'ho cloigy and ohoir
nit i'l'   I JO   sci'Vioo,  (ill  BOlllg   lo
piulako ot lefii'iihiiiiint provldod
lor Un in found tbey Inn I been
strewn over the Hoof, Tlio police
were failed but '.mule no (irryais,
The Kootenay Star,
DovotQd to the LUMBEKING,   liUSINKSS    nnd   AGKJ.V
CCLTCUAL, niul oapoolalJy te the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
a) \) ,5.) ed lo, and exoculod in thu best tityle, Commorciil ^ork
a ��poou\lty; ��� ^���" r
Newspaper Regulations.
\. Any person who fakes a papei
rogularly from the Post Oflice,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for tbo payment.
2. If a person orders bis paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
or fhe poblis hrs may continue to
send it until payment is made, and
then cojbjat tha whole amount
whether the paper \i taken from tho
office or ppt.
4, In suits for eiibscriptions, tbe
suit maybe instituted where the
paper is published.
1. The courts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Office, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pima fuoie
evjdeppp of intentional fraud.
The Ladies' Whist Club.
'!js it my lead?" askod the first.
������Well, of all hands, I've the worst."
'���Dear mel if I only know
What you had," chirps   number
"Now I can't flay on the whole,
That this play accords with Pole,
But it is the best I have,"
Number three Bays mild and suave,
While above this small uproar,
pompB tbo chorus from all four,
"What's the trump?"
''Miss Brown, is lhat you ace?
0, say, have you seen the laoe
Selling uow at Bown ond Dart's?
I forgot that Bhe trumps hearts,
And the most exquisite Bhad���
Gracious, haven't you a spade?
Is it ray play?  What was led?
Do you know yon can get thread
Cnly  four  cents-John   Smith's
Just here chime in all the yeo|>.
"What's the tramp?"
t' This I think tho leading spade,
0, I thought the jack waa played,
Well, tbatniukcs two poiuts for
One for us did you say. Flo?
How can that bt? Did you trump?
Have you heard about tlm bump
Lizzie's buy bad on his lb ad?
l��n't that a lovely spread?
Did I take that trick?   Dear me!"
Here ^Ifik" in the other three.
'"What's tho trump?"
��' How much better we all play
Than we did,   Will I should say!
Once I couldn't keep my mind
00 the game, but uow I find
It is as easy as can be,
Is it your deal?   Let mo see-
No; the cards belong to you.
1 remember now that Flo
Led the king and that tbo njn,e.-
jLjid you say tho lea 1 was mine?
"What's the trump?"
Torpedo Tossed.
Tho crew of iho steamer Sltjo,
of Sunderland huvo just been
jairded at Portsmouth alter an
,ili|isiiiil and exciting experience
{Shortly after leaving Gibraltar
tho Skyo struck n stray torpedo
which exploded with such forco
as to blow a largo bole in her,
and she quickly sunk, Tho crew
jiud, barely timo to take to tbe
poiits before the ship went down
They rowed toward tho coast,
ond being favored by fair weather
nv.mugcd to reach Corouboin,
An Actress* Antics,
Elfliu Lane, I'prinorly a member
oi tho Cora Van Tassel Iheiilrictil
company, has been forced to
loavo Vancouver, where, sbe lifts
spent several weeks, to avoid
arrest on a chargo of blackmailing, Tho oxposure came about
as follows: Miss Lano called al
a drcBBmaker's to get a now dress
which sho had previously order.
od. pho wonted to pay Inter on,
hut wus informed that it was a
C. 0. D. transaction. Sho grew
yory indignant, and finally wrote
a, nolo, which was scut lo a well-
known business man, requesting
thu iinimdiiuu loan of 880. The
messenger brought the motley
back with him, uud .Miss Lime
then declined that if she had not
golillbcio she knew of other
places where it could bo got,
This led lo an exposure which
involves some of the best men of
tho town whom she had been
systematically blackmailing. The
gross proceeds of the business
amount to something over 81,000.
-Seattle P. I.
Don't Flirt Wjtli PiiiR.
No man in Canada will be allowed to violate tbo sanctities of
llie cliui'elj by bo much ub the
prick of n pn. it cost Roderick
McKay, of Woodstock $3 in Sir
John McDonald's currency to
find this out, but ho knows it like
a harvest band now. Roderick
lour.d a pin on the carpet in the
aisle, picked it up softly and
prodded tho arm of a fonialo in
llio next pew. She yanked a good
deal bifrgor one out of ber Easter
bonnet end explored Roderick's
interior therewith, She extorted
the traditional "ouch!" in tones
louder than aro customarily used
by anybody in u meeting bouse
except the preacher. This and
subsequent whispered observations woke up ii lot of people und
led to complaints being made beforo a magistrate Tbe pin as an
auxiliary to flirtation may be rc��
gardod as mii)or tbe ban of the
and massivoncss of the mountain
chains, I bad of c urse, lo gua.d
j the amour propro of our liiu-h-
landers, which I did ly remarking that in Canada you could nol
yet have the charm of association
that gives Cieli interest to our
own highland hills. I do nol
know if you ato thoroughly
aware what a powerful element
of interest invests your country
since British Columbia whb prac.
lioaliy uniled to it. I used to
think Canada rather flat and un-
poetical, but that glorious region
has turned tho scale; and wbon I
recall all that Alpine magnificence, and th se glorious mountain l'ungofi piercing tlie clouds, 1
feel my heart thrilling with a
new sensation, as if the glory of
Lebanon, and Ibo excellency oi
Curmel and Shnron had been
added (iQ.yoqr Dominion."
Locating a Boundary.
The first lettor from J. Henry
Turner, sub-assistant in the
Unitod States coast and goodetic
survey, since his departure for
Alaska in Juno, 1$!), was received al San Francisco lust
week. Mr, Turner was in charge
of a party of ten which wus to
co-operate withji siljiilar party
under Sub-Assistant McGrath,
in determining lhe location oi the
HLt meridian boundary line between Alaska and British Columbia, The letter is dated at
St. Michael's, September 20,1890,
and wue entrusted to tho euro of
the Wells puuty-, by whom it wub
sent to bun Francisco. Tbe
discoveries of Mr. Turner in lhe
hilherlo unexplored region which
ho truyefsed r.rp very interesting.
His observations will cause u
change iu the map of lhe country
between the arctic and the Porcupine river, in which he found
rivers, lakes and mountain ranges
where before, was supposed to Le
only a vast [lain. Incidentally
Turner refers tq tho experience
of Wells, who was forced to eat
his docs. Turner's camp wus
located em Porcupino rivor, 100
mi'es from tho Arctic ocean, and
1,000 miles from tbo mouth oi
the Yukon river.
British Columbia Grandeur.
The Rev. W. G, Blakio, I}. D.,
of Edinburgh, who recently visited Canada, writes as follows of
an address which he delivered to
tho Goneral Assembly of tho
Froo Church oi, Scotland, his
word being addressed lo Canadians: "Many hud never lightly
apprehended lbe extent of your
territory, ub I brought it out by
certain comparisons. 1 only took
what 1 found iu llio report wheu
I said that tho Marilimo Prov.
inui'B were larger than tho Uuitpd,
Kingdom, that Qucboo was equal
to Spain, Ontario lo Franco,
Manitoba to Holland, and British
Columbia to Austria, and if tbo
Northwest Territories wore not
quite equal to Russia thoy were
capable of maintaining as large a
population. From my-own recent
ol.sei'iavtion I could boar tcsjli-
nioiiy to tho enormous exlont of
land that yet remains to bo pose-.-
I'Bsed, much ol which Is rapidly
filling up. 1 could spouk with
outhuslasm nf tlie highlands of
British Columbia, extending lor
hundreds ol miles in bolli directions. Whilo admitting lhat
they beul our Scottish highlands
both in Ibo extent and tbo height
War for Africa.
The Wyo, tho British naval
store ship, ha^t started for South
Africa, with a large quantity of
provisions and ammunition, and
will be followed shortly by tho
troopship Himalaya with reinforcements for tlie Cape. Advices
state that tbo Boer expedition is
known to bo thoroughly equipped
with anna and atrjunjlion and is
formed into a military organization for the purpose of meeting
any enemy, native or British thut
may obitruct Iho way. Thoy aro
without artillery, but their rifles
are largely of recent importation
and of tho breach loading'patlern,
fhey march divided iuto four
columns, the women and children
wiih the wagons in each instance
bringing np iho rear, and a
pioneer corps with daily reliefs
culling tho way uhoad. Their
progress is nccussaiily slow, and
it is bcliuved that there will bo
ample.ttme for tho British troops
lo stop the "leck" before it has
passed tho bounds ot Bcchuana-
la.id. It is said that the Transvaal authorities have made only
a pretence of objection to the
undertaking and Unit, it bus Ihe
hearty support of ull classes ol
the Dutch in tho Transvaal. Tie
British government rcoogqise ibo
gravity of tbo situation and arc
considerably exercised in conso-
. .��.	
Tbo government is abuut to
place a revonuo cutter in tho St.
Lawrcuco rivor to prevent smugs,
James McDonald & Co,
UlaVULSTOKF,   -    -   B. C
P. O, Addreea, Nelson, ii, O,
Capacity 20,000 feot por day. Planor
shinglomaohiuo, eto. All kinds of
lumbor on hand. During theaoaBon
of 1890 lnm..��v will bo delivered at
any of tho landings on tho lake at
greatly reduced prices,
a beautiful picture without printing
for twenty-live Royal Crown
Son]) VV rappers' A one cent postage stamp will oarry the wrappers,
The plptl\ro will be mailed free.
Itoynl Crown is the purest and
best soap made, mid is the cheapest
lo use. Only Itoyal Crown
Wriippors Exchanged..
Winnipeg, Man.
Curry large lio^s of plain, medium, n:nd high-grade furniture.   Parlor an+J
Bed-room sets ranging iu price from $6.50 to $500.    Hotels, (ri��-.
nisbod throughout.   Ollico and bar-room chairs.   Sping
inaltresses made to order, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses iu stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lake
poiuts will receive early
and   prompt  attention.
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
wm, kirkup & CO.
3ranito  waro,  and   Lamp  Gools.       Tin, ^Copper'.and   Sheet Iro
Ware madeto order.    First class w irk guaranteel.     Ordeps promptly
atlonded to.'
til orders by mail
express prom; tlj
atten led
All   descriptions al
gold and silver
(Close to'TL P. 11. Depot)
Importers of tho Choicest Grocerios and Provisions.
iVo oarry a scloct'and.eomplolo stock, of gent's furnisings, ladios'.loilot,
aud children's boots, shoos and boso, stationery, palont mediciues, es,
requisites and roaly-mado clothing.   A   largo assortment of pip
lobucco, cigarette.!,.Imported and domoslio cigars, fruits, candy, eto
Stovo pipos, tinware, orockory, rough and drosBod lumber, and othergoodj
too numerous to mention, atniodorato prices,J
Telophouo emmunication.
J. Fred. Hume & Oo,
Be velstoke and Nelson, R. C,
Dry Goods, Provisions and Hard ware,,
Tho Publio will litid it to. thoir advantage to CaR and
Inspect, Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any ordors placod with   Mr. Cii.\ar,r,s, Lindmahk. will have oo,t\
careful utlonlioii und prompt delivery to any part ol Rovolstoko.
- Sl -""'If*'"'	
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday eve-
sing at ?;30, conducted alternately
Sunday School and BiUe Class every StUKiay ofteroooB at 2:30. All
axe corebally invited to attend.
Church of Englapd services
will be held in Revelstoke by the
Rev. J. C. C. Kemra overy fourth
Sunday in each month.
Selkirk Lodge. No 12
lOOF lXinalil li C
Regular Meeting Thursday A eacb
week at 8 p. in.   AU visiting broth
ere. Bate cordially invited.
J. McLkoo,     J. H. Matuesos,
N.G. US.
DoxAxn, B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,.  J, S. Babbitt.
Sec'Ya  W.P.Ogilm
Finer.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't. K, A. Cb.esl.ey, Kamloops, B. 0.
Donald, B. C.
��OLD R.VN9E LODGE,. No. 341.
Meets 1st 2. Wednesdays, awl 3rd and
alth Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secuetary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,,  Geo B Govett. Box 49.
Receiver,   James Falconer, Can-
mote, N W T.
Msgazine Agent,.  H J McSosHey
flcked Up in tho Towu and
Geo. Spiuk3 and Joe Tolmire are
doing the warm Springs.
Sheriff Redgrave of Donald was iu
town on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Monday May 25th will be generally
observed as the Queen's birthday.
A party of Indians arrived in town
to-day from a hunting expedition
They brought with them a number
of bear and beaver pelts, as evidences of their powers,
The store and stock of the late firm
of E. S, Wilson & Co., has boen
purchased by R. E. Lemon, who
will take possession shortly. Mr.
John MoDonald, of Winnipeg, is in
town to make the transfer.
The owneis of tbe Monashee Mine,
at Pass Creek, about forty miles
east of Vernon, intend to try working a quartz crusher this season.
Tbe owners are satisliod their property is a good one.
The steamer Lytton continues to
do big work in carrying freight ond
passengers down, und also does a
good up river trade, On Thursday
tbe vessel was loaded to her full
capacity and some freight had to be
left behind,
Messrs G. H. and Alex Sproat,
sons.of Judge Sproat, formerly of
j Revelstoke, have heen engaged as
engineer and purser, respectively,
on the steamer Kootenai, The
former is a roceut arrival from Australia.
Napoleon Latremouille, lately of
Ottawa has started a bakery in the
store ktely vacated by Jas. McDonald k Co. He has mado some fine
bread and no doubt will do a good
business in town.   See bis ad.
An alarm of fire was sounded on
Thursday night, and a rush was
mado for Jim Hing's laundry, from
tbe chimney ol which building n
dense cloud of smoke was pouring.
A chimney on fire wbb the cause.
No harm was done.
The gentle freight handler at the
station here was startled tbe other
,by reading on a parcel   "Don't
'squeeze Mrs. Revelstoke."
He says consignors of goods should
be careful how they word their
directions, oc have some regard for
Ibe work of snagging in tho Columbia river nnd Arrow Likes is
over for this season. Mr. H. Ross
who had charge of the work, says
that his. meD with tho Despatch took
Wm. Gill, inland revonue inspector, was in town on offioial business
this week.
3. Fred Hatue came np on the
Lytton Saturday ond went down the
river again on Monday.
Rov. G. H. Morden will conduct
the services in the Methodist church
to-morrow morning and evening.
Colombia River caunerymen report very few fish being caught in
the river, and it is feared the catch
wiil prove a failure tbis year.
A party ��l about sixty easte/a soldiers are expected to leave Kingston
this week, for Victoria, to fill the
vacancies in "0" battery, R. 0. A.
The Columbian says there are are
prospects of serious trouble on the
Fraser River between Italiuu and
Austrian fiskormeu, Both sides are
well armed and bloodshed is looked
John Richardson, at one time a
resident of Illecillewaet, and  well
Notice is heroby given that nil
alluvial claims legally teld in tho
West Kootenay District, will bo laid
overfrom the 1st of October to the
lst day of June ensuing according
to the conditions of Section 110 of
the Mineral Aet.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Rovelstoko, September 2Cth, 1890,
Fletcher i Co
Building & Contracting
a beautiful picture without printing
tor twenty-five Itoynl Crown
Soap Wrappers- A one cent postage stamp will carry the wrappers.
Tbo picture will be mailed free.
Itoynl Crown is the purest and
beet soap made, ond is tbo cheapest
to use. Only Royal Crown
Wrappers Exchanged.
Winnipeg', Man.
And Gcncrnl Comniit\ion Merchant
InBurunoo   nind   Real   Estate
Agoiit,Notu\vI>tfic, Etc.
known in town, has signed articles   VQTIPp TQ SHIPPERS'
of agreement for a wreBtling  match
with Deunis Gallagher of Buffalo, I ���nv���
for the championship of tha Uuited
Thermometers registered 80 �� in
tip shade this work.
Dr. Campbell, returned from Ta-
com�� on Wednesday.
Capt. Tatlow and H, P. Keeier of
Vancouver, were ia town Wednesday.
Rev. Mr. Puton, lately of Donald,
errived in town Thursday with his
wile ��ud fwsiily, and tbey will make
tbeir homo hero in future.
Mr. J. O. Grahame, manager for
toeHodson'��**y��impany,atK��m- ^ ^^
loons, was in lown Wednesday, and     __,_,,   ,  ..
V     ���      ���   . nn  Thnmiluv     J- p- Sutherland el-ives a  very
went down the river on   Iuursue)
. acrobatic horse.   On Monday while
��orl'"1<*- driving dove, Main street Jack be-
Tbe members of eofn��Wa Lodge g|in tQ hiuK wliBt -u p0pU|ttriv known j
J. 0. G. T. intend celebrating the M n,8 "bear soog," and when he
Queen's birthday by holding a pic- j Bft8 mMing oa -j; je j^" .vhere
nie oa the banks of tho IllecUlewet lljt, beat ]S 3l,,,uos,.j i��� [ara over,
on May 23th. , the steed put down his head  and
A small blaao ocenrod at tbo of turned a eetjjuU-te somersaul
tjee of tbe Revelstoke Lumber Com- [without doiug any damage other
jwwjy oa Tiwsduy, but was speedily than breaking a couple snaps. No
|int oat before uny damage wus done. < more br-ar song.
No smoking allowed is lite motto at j g,,| Hcldcu camo down Icom Gold
Ibo mill. Stream on Saturday aftcrnacfl  last,
r-  ,     i-i    i ������.. ������. i.i i bringing with i.itQ  the result of Lis
Chas. Lindmark has been awarded        fe   ��
i       _ ,i,��� ..i./u,i   winters  work  ul creucaig in   tuat
tbe contra t for clearing the  school     'u* ��
grounds, tbe contract price being creek, wine amounted to about
8151. Mr.I>iek��yis iu with Mr. *��. lhe happy tLermaD, con-
Lind��rki��tl����o,k. A number tented; ��Ui Ui good fortune, be.
pf shade trees will be Ml suaning ��oue down the rirer to j ��u Deo He-
to improve the .e-pvuee of tbe Oilwrey end Bill Haley a. Cap
States and Canada
The British Columbia Commerce
says the British Columbia Brewery
Syndicate have bonded the privilege
of purchasing all the breweries in
province until August lst. The
Revelstoke breweries are not included in this deal,
Geo. Laformo,   accompanied  by
John Nelson and Ed. Finnett started
out with bis pack traiu for Big Bend,
taking in provisions for the men
working oa Smith Creek.   The animals were loaded with almost a ton
and a half of provisions, aad other
Ail hand at the P,evelstck6 station
lave been kept very busy during the
past month, and the stuff has been
reinforced, Mr. I. T. Brewster,  being promoted to assist Agent Hamilton, while Mr. McPhersonKof Clau-
willium has beeu promoted night
operator iu his stead.
The steamer Kootomu of the C k
K. N, Co.'b liue made her first trip
of the season, leaving here on Tuesday with a bcow currying six flat
ears, and iron for tbe C. k K. Railway at Sprout. Tho passenger
couches and locomotives wiil b,
taken down so?nth.
Mr. G. Herbert Rashdiill, of Vernon was in towu this week for a
couple of days, und on Thursday
C&KSN Co. Steamers
No goods received unloss accompanied |by Shipping Bill. VVben
full weights are not  given, double
rates will bo charged.
Comer Front and Hanson Sts.
Assay and  Mining: Offices,
Golden, B. 0.
AniiAnAusojr bbos.
First class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P R depot and steumbou
blading,, between peek office and gov,
buildings. Coach to and from depot!
and steamboat. Fire proof Sate for tha
accommodation of its customers.
out -il heavy trees ftn.l log*. *ve��ag
iog 75 feet iu length uud  between Lv wcljt ,i0.,u to Nelson.   He says the
und i) feet  in diameter.    Tbe  ma    wo,.|j 0( traclalaying on the ti. & 0.
jority ol" the snags were lodged  in I fcftynj ft bofng   ptisfieiT    along
rapidly and will be completed to
Euderby next week.
Messi-s. Wm. sail Join Hull, of
the firm of Hull Btob,, cattle dealers
of Calgary awl Kamloops, were iu
town Snnibiy. Tne former gentleman was returning to Calgary after
taking seteual ... loads of cattle to
tbe coast, while the latter was on his
return from purehasing eattto- in
East Kootenay. Mr. John Hall
1 went down to Nelson to open a
belcher shop, there.
���   ��� _i ggggaaaBusw
Silver, Gold or Lead. each... .$1 50
Silver, Gold nud  Lend, cem-j
bined  WO
Silver and Lead  2 50
Silver, Gold and Copper 4.00
Silver and Gold  2.00
Silver and Copper  3.50
Silver, Gold, Lewi, and Clipper, 5,56
Copper byjWetand lilectroylsis
assay  2.50
Copper by Fire Assay  3.00
Other assay prices on application.
TfiUits-Cneb with samples. A
discount of 10 per cent, when iwit or
moro ate seat.
Sales of Ore negotiated.
N. B.���For several 'years ss3(iyer
to Messrs. Vivian & Sous, Swansea,
Agents IVimte-el.
F. McCabibt   ....    Pio.it
First class Temporance IJmm.
IIOARO    ASO    LODOIKO   |5   pjm,   WKKE.
MEALS, aSe,      iWDftaSo.
This hotel is situated eoiwmitmt to tbt
station, is comfortably furnished uud
iiitorels Iirst class u��e��nuiHHlatii.)aX.
bJIUt'rt.y i-|^j>a7J.A8Sl
IIEVELSTOKE     -      ���       a Q
W. Cowan, Itopv
Rooms well attended; tables ones,
celled. Wines and liquors jjuaraut
teed ef a hi{ih quality, fae ih
Biimplo rwevji. Telephone tofflmuiii-
catioii with C. P. 11. de-pot. Fire
proof vault for the convenience ol
;uests.   Bubs meets ull trains.
Tho C. k K, N. Co's wharf has j
keen completed this week, aod IsSa
JlcUonabl i Co.."bo tad lbe fork
in hand have n��ile �� very eietUtftble
j.iboHi.    rjereoileelho   stoanvirs
will tie np at the now wbarf, but will j
call at >ho ft 1\ R.-9m��ltec  wliarf
to disebarg�� and  reoefve   ffeighl
which it is necessary to ship, lo and i
Irom there.
A yoniifj man of town who prates
himself oo hi�� eqneslrienship, averring that he can rble on the ridge
pole of any backlog broncho, under
��ny rircnmstaaccn, took a tumble
Item kin kigk perch on Saturday
last. He tried te pass ft eotppanion
who was also Ronntwlf and in lb''
erthodox cowboy fashion threw his
body to one side to help bis atee.l to
���'round" end g*t (hetvl cf his chum
The cinrh being louse (bo saddle
slipped, tho cayns" kicked and
lumped to tho other side ami lelt Hie
bold ri-ler burebled in lhe (hint, he
taking bw seal on tho roal with eon
fklerable cmplm-un. No eorlons
tkuaage was done, but thu tiimblei
i Guyoal often about bis mishap.
unit/gii tOBOit,
coll  water  foi
f^H    PIm'i riaimylr forCntun-Ii tl Ibo
gg Bpii, ijuwtto Dte����d01ieapMt,
ifc^rp-jm ""       	
Bold 1/ ilnjfgUtl ot emit by mrji.��r. I
IL 7. UaK-ltUw), Wutiin, I'a.. V. 3. A. I
tsjassma rates -
Sun itrsou 'a warm
Ho bm\ enough
J tws��n Smith, of Ifamittw,
bant"'.' asd H, .V. WVbb, prufos-
sioual te&or,|wko travel  ueuV   Ihe
aame of "The Emerald Doet" will
carry on a lemperanoe campaign oo
May 1^. 23, end ��l, under tho auspices of tbe Columbia Lodge I. <>.
I 0. T.   The press of  tbo N irtbwest
! Territories, fUere they  have  been
working of late, speaks very highly
of the duet.
Mr. VV. 3, Ifuskins returned from
the Lardeau on Saturdej but, after
npeuiling the witjt.'i- in hunting aod
trapping there and working oo his
mineral elaiuwi 11" brought with
him a number of mink, d.lier and
wolverine skies, whioh he soil at
Kamloops to the Hudson's fi.iy (Join-
puny, realizing fldOO, Bo did thn
required assessment work on lhe
Beaver,, Maple Loaf, Drown Poi,ut
and Dominion Mineral GhwmR,
whioh properties,Le is ooiiAilent will
rank high m me proilucersl The
Lanleau io FJtWf.ilo cuougl. lor
aV. Latremouille,
Str, Lytton
Will leave REVKLSTOKE every
4 a.m., for BOBSON wil LITTLE
DALLES. Connceting at the
l.ttor point with the S. f, k N.
Rail Way.
Returning will touvo LITTLE
DALLES every 'ItJKSDAY und
FRIDAY at 9 a.m.
���THX ���
The largest nnil most oe��tr��} Hotel ia
the city ; good accommodation ; every,
thing uuw ; tabie viiell supplied.;, baruue)
billiacd room atlar hod ; lire proof hii&J
ih.. opened a l��'ik'r) in tb"store
lately occupied by Joe. MoDonald k
Co., uul  is j.E>��|.i,*ie-tf to supply the
Fin est Brcixl,  Huns, C'alteH.
t'i.-lry, Htf.
A yontf :l'ia''k al'.vtrys oil b.'itrif.   All
kkads of Baking done to or fcr.
On i'i my pcomlsee Moj !Mh, TWO
I'PIGSi  OwneJ 1*: tetjnostecli to prove
I property, pay  expenses and  Lake
I sam.0 aaynv..
1 "     l/KKD i'HASKK.
Ocean Tioketa tO EarapB
Allan      WkittvStM
Dominion      Cunard
Bo.iver Anchor
and alt other Hncssriilinp from Ilali-
fax, Portland, Boston, New York
BallirtV��te  turn  onj sale at
0, )',   It.  sltilions, at
very low rates.
Ask fur Bailing lislsiuid ratenof
fare.  Oreal advantages scoured by
taking oeeuii tickets from your lix-al
Great caving effcolad  by taking
roiiiul Irip tickets.
Derllu  lit any stearaor engaged
Prepaid puseftg* arranged from
auy point in) Kurope.
Apply I" ymr nearest ageotj 01 to
J. ElAUItaTOH, Ilovelstoke, or to
JtODUni! Kl'.lill,
Uen. Vass, A(jt., Winnipeg.
Stockholm Houso
The dining room is f urnishoel  with the
beet the market affords.
Tlie bur iB supplied with ft choice stock
of wb.ti's,Htjiie��s aad cigars,
Jas. Liberty,


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