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The Kootenay Star Sep 12, 1891

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Array 11'.'"
I' 'J
i ���
tl IWIIlF^ ';' ""'l
lftv\'i  | if SH  H
A^ U��  J   ,a   ���      :���!
^'tM'T ^
���aaaaaaaaraaiia��n,,n1Jn. .a���aaBg-^-w��TaapT^;.ajl
No. 13.
Rents and Debts Collected.
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacifio       " "     lfi.r-2   "'
Passengers arriving Sundnys and
.Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson. Nelson, aud points
in Southern Kooteuay.
Cheapest, most reliablo aud safe
route to Montreal, Toronto,. St. Paul,
Chicago, New York and Boston.
Hates SI) to $10 lower than any other
other route.
Passengers leaving Eevelstoke on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the magnifioent 0
P. I!. Steamers ut Fort William, during navigation,
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in
charge of a Porter, for the accoinnio-
'dutiou of Passengers holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
and from all European points at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch. Merchants will save money
by haviug tbeir freight routed via
the (J. P. It.
Full aud reliable information given
by applying to
Asst. Gen'l Freight Ag't, Vncouver,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't C. P. R. Depot, Revelstoke.
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday eve-
ning a.t', .HO, conducted alternately
Sunday School mid Bible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
nro coriliiilly invited to attend.
Church of England service'*
will Ie held in Rovolstoko by the
Itev J.C. 0. Kemm every lourth
Sunday in each month.
^V>   I O O V Donnld B (I
Regular Meeting Thursday A etn-b
week at 8 p. m.    All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J. McLi'on,     J. H, Matheson,
N. G, R. S.
Donald, R. C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, ard 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Colleetor,   Geo B Govett, Box 49
Receiver,   James  Falconer,   Can
more, N. W. T.
Magazine Agent    H J McSorley
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, aud last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W, F. Ogilvio.
Fiuc'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't, E. A. Chesley, Kamloops, B. 0.
The subscriber would intimate
to the public generally 'that he is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Class, and nil Building Material,
Picture Framing, &o,
Coffins, Caskets, Shrouds, ko., car-
������ie'din Stock.
P. O, Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto. Ail kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
Of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
Ocean Time to Europe
White Star
and all other lines sailing from Hali-
��� fax, Portland, Boston, New York
Baltimore  are on sale at
C. P. R.  stations, at
vory low rates.
Ask for Bailing lists and rates o
fare.   Great advantages aecured by
taking ocean tickets from your locul
Great saving effected by taking
round trip tickets.
Berths in any ste&mer engagod
without charge.
Prepaid passage arranged from
any point in Europe.
Apply to your nearest agent; to J.
Hamilton, Revelstoke ; or to
Roueiit Kerb,
Gon. Pubs. Agt., Winnipeg.
Pluo'i! Romedy forC-iurrh In tbo
Bosl, Iiinli-at to Uso ����il Chcn-x-at
I   Snlil lijr draggtltl ofwut li/ null,SO-.I
li T. Uatolllno, Wurn-ii, Pa,, >.   '.A.
Newspaper ttegulatious.
1. Any person who takes a paper
regularly from the Post Oflh-e,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment.
2. Tf a person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arreais'
or the pnblis hrs may continne |p
send it until payment is made, and
then colleot tha whole amount
whether the paper is taken from the
office or not,
3. Iu suits for subscriptions, the
suit maybe instituted where tbe
paper is published.
i. The courts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Poit Office, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pita* facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
tEfte ftootenay Star
SATURDAY. SEPT. 12, 1891.
Tramps, Dou't Come West.
A Montrealer who has just
returned from a trip through the
Western Slates and the Canadian
North.Wesl says, according to an
Eastern exchange, that never ia
his life bad he seen so muob destitution an'4 begging and so many
tramps as in tho Toeomn and
Seattle district. "From the time
ho left glenforks till he passed
Tacorna, tramps surrounded the
dining car at every station, beg
ging for money and food. At
ono station in partipalar, just
before crossic- the Columbia
river, three tramps were hung np
in effigy to a sign post, with a
notice posted above them that
any tramps found around the
neighborhood wonld be treated in
the manner represented,"
Miss Richly: " When one is
wealthy as 1 am, it is hard to decide whether a lover wishes to
marry for tbe money or ior one's
Miss (Sansliquo : " In your
case, dear, there is no room for
The Piratical   Mate  of  the
Betsy June.
It wan tlie schooner Belsv Jane,
For Boston from Q'linceo,
And the sk;pper had hobbled down
To take his rye whiskeo.
Rod was his nose as a carrot tip,
His breath of potations told,
And tho only use for water ho swore
Was to Bail his vessol bold,
The skipper ho turn'd np from below
With a new light in his eye ;
And lie looked aloft uud ho looked
And he gazed at tho evening sky.
"A good fair wind and an easy sea,
And a fust-rate mate I've got:
I'll finish that bottle of rye," said he,
And his vessel he soon forgot.
Ch, woe for the skipper who filled so
full i
The mate was a pirate hold;
And he took a deep oath on a marlin-
That his aim was gore and gold.
He had read of the deeds of Morgan
and Toaoh,
And he revelled in Captain Kidd,
And he had spent a year on Squau-
tum beach
In searching for treasures hid.
He laughed to soorn tho winds and
"I'm the Sea King, ond I'll fix
This vessel up as a pirate oraft "���
(She was loaded then with bricks)
Oh, the chaste full moon looked
down that night
On a lad of royal mien
Who stood at the helm of the Betsy
Aged just about thirteen.
He  aimed to rival tho Boy Buo-
And he cautiously looked around,
Aud matured his plaus as the vessel
From Quiuoy to Boston town.
He would take the Betsy Jane to
Uo, ho, for the Spanish main I
And the   Florida  Keys   and   the
And hurrah for tho Betsy Jane I
He would make the skipper walk the
And a pluiik he accordingly fixed ;
He would stand on the end and tilt
it up���
Oh, he knew the pirates' tricks.
So he called the skipper up from
Anil he gently led tho way
Where tbo plank was leading from
the side
To the waters of the bay,
Full half a foot o'er the raging sea
The end of the plank was fixed���
The Betsy Jane Bailed very low
(She   was   loaded   doep    with
And the pirate armed w.th a marlin-
Hones of Heroes Unearthed
nt Niagara.
Lute last week, vAi'do excavating at Niagara Fulls, a gang of
workmen uncurlhod the skeletons
of 15 soldiers nf tho war of 1U2,
S-inio of Iho red coats were in
perfect oondltton, and buttons,
without number, together with
tobacco pouches, jick-knivos and
I uckskin vests aud officers' braid
y.-.oro found all In good condition .
Thnoqnipmonl was marked "66th"
and "103rd." The Historical So--
cicty has taken tho find in hand,
and is collectim, tho remains, and
will have thorn buried in tronches
in the oemetery.
Valuable to tlio Empire.
Tho font of the Canadian Pacific
Railroad in getting the mails
through from Japan to England
within a possible 21 day., astonishes tbo British press. The St,
Jamoa Gazette, in a leading
editorial, declares that Canada is
the most valuable highway to tho
East, and that England must keep
her withiu the Empire at any
cost. Tho fact cannot bo ignored
that Canada has not boon doing
well. Modified free trade has boon
a failure; ber inhabitants desert
her for tho United Stateg owing
to her wretched trade policy.
The Government is Urged to pro.
pose a commercial union, which
will save Canada from grasping
tho arm lhat Washington
roaches out to her.
Drove the oaptain to hia doom ;
He tumbled him over into the Bea,
Abaft of tho main jibboom.
Then loudly laughed the pirate bold
And again he laughed in glee,
"Through Shirloy Gut the Betsy
Will sail away to sea I"
But alas for the Bohemcs of the pirate
The skipper on board had climbod
And with a rope's end in his hand
' He gently came behind,
The laughter como to a sudden end,
The pirate's reign is o'er,
When ho roBe from athwart tho captain's knee
He seemed to feel quito sore.
The Botsy Jane sailed on her way,
From Quinoy to Boston town,
But 'twas fifteen dayo exo tho pirato
Found oomfort in sitting down,
A Terrible Death.
Edward Giiiis, nine yeers old,
'���van horribly and fatally mangled
at Wheeling, Wost Virgins, last
Sunday evening. Young Gillis
was playjng in tho street, and
near at hand was a dog'toeunel,
in which were confined six huge
m.istifis. While playing, Gfillis
begun teasing ihe dogs nnd they
became fearfully enraged. One
ot Lhe dogs broke down tho door
and the six ferocious brutes made
a fierce attack upon tho boy.
Ho was knocked down at tho first
onslaught and all tho dogs began
biting and chewing him. Over
twenty people wero in Bight at
tho lime and a crowd quickly
gathered, but so groat was the
foar of the ferocious brutes, wh
scemod utterly mad from the
taste of blood, that il was fully
five minutes before aid reached
tho unfortunate youth. Policeman James Carney, assistod by
William Robinson, armed with
revolvors and crowbars, finally
roached tho infuriated animals,
but it was impossible to make
them loosen their hold on the
child, and Carnoy shot five dogs
doad whilo thoy wero still chewing and biting thoir victim, The
sixth brute escaped. Carney
wus Bovorcly bitten. GllliB'
woutfds are terrible, His eyes,
cars and noso wero literally billon out, while his body, has no
fowor than GO wounds. Tho dogs
that wero killed wore valued al
8100 each.
Westminster Kegiilta.
('. !'! Dutch an I 0, Stephenson,
the An irn.i.ui oarsmen who ure
to tiiku part in the ureal regittn
ui Wost mi lister during exhibition
week, commenced traiuing for
I the event Wednesday morning,
rtoth ore six looters, and both
claim Sydney as their bom.,
They arrived in Sen Francisco on
August tl, in.il Dutch has a face
ou with l'e i.son I r }I,QuO a
side, to bo rowed on lhe OukUud
course lie m.d his fri.-nd and
fellow country.ne. are litl!o
known on this sule oi lhe water,
though both have figured in good
races ul home, I'otersou will not
take part in tlie regatta, having
utlhe last minute found il imp .-���
aibl. le procure a lit shell to row
in; he fools bad over tho matter,
as bo had set his heart upou
pulling un oar against O'Connor,
Alex, McLean, the oarsman,
has received a letier from Ten
liyck, challenging him to row tj,
race in outriggod skill's for 8500 a
side, the ri.ee to bo rowed as soon
as possible, at Seattle or Oakland,
whichever placo offered (he best
inducements. MoLean tele-
graphed accepting the challenge
and asking Ten Eyck to come
out immediately, arrangements to
be concluded and place ol race
fixed on his arrival. A despatoh
has been received from Toronto,
s-ying tbat Hanlan and O'Connor had left for Westminster,
���.nudaur will loilow in a lew days,
McLean and Murray, of New
Westminster, and Martin and
Dignan, of Nnm.imo, havo signed
articles to row a double scull race
on Nanaimu liny, on the 19th
inst, lor 8250 or 8600 a side.
Canartu Should Retaliate.
A number ol railway men living
at International Bridgo, Out,
and working across the river in
North Hulfalo, have been eoitig
und returning from work without
interruption lor some time. Last
evening they went as usual,
bul the United States marshal
marched tbem buck to tlie iuter-.
national boundary line. The
marshal assorts ihero is a clauso
which requires householders to
live in the United Slates, and ut ���
married men to take out U, S.
'citizens p.pers if they wish to
earn a living in the Uuited
Engino-driver; "The reason wc
aro kept wailing bore, r.-.i'r.m, is
because tho cttgino is broken
down. I havo examined it, and
If I only had tho proper tools I
could fix it in half an hour,"
Helpful lady passenger:
''Here's a hair-pin."
Mangled by n Panther.
While a gang of section men
were working on the Ploridu k
Western railway, last Sunday,
20 miles Irom Tallebasso, l*'la.,
along a big swamp, a large ferocious panther leaped from a tree
and struck one MoWilliain, knocking him fiat. Tho rest ot tho
parly fled, leaving MoWilliam to
tight alone, Tl.o conical was
short and bloody. MoWilliam
had no weapon, except a shovel,
and in a low minutes hud been
mangled beyond recognition.
The rest of tbe gang secured
..mis aud returned, but were too
late, as the panther had torn tho
arms oil the corpse and fled to iho
swamp, Worn has been But*
ponded ou tho railway, the men
rclusing lo work.
" Do you think I can seo
through you?" said au .rato old
gentleman to the burly man in
front ul bim.
" You might U. he able to, sir,'1
returned the other good-naturod'
ly ; " I've a imin in my back,", ���fy* ftootenag Star
four page twenty coin.nn news
paper, is issued Iron, tho ollice ol
juibli ut'on, Ilovelstoke, li. C.
Sub.-t-riptioi. price 82 por year.
Kates of advertising given on
I'.ibli, her and Proprinlor
l aaa��a,.Us.i��aj taMaaawiM> m.m*n
Accident ut llie Glacier.
A part of tourists while docending
from   thu   biff  glade)'  ai   Cbicior
r'";,DI| 8laci��.). at eiabierl   [     HOUSG nntI WT   H(liD''
I   ffwiolnei   f��  If a" VlMi ,2' 1!|"*'-<  18, George StrooJ
uiiiffexpoiience.   AgeutleinanandhuaMiof���k���     , ,���? .�� ..,..,'
SATURDAY, SEPT. 12, 1801.
Fruit ��� Growing  in   iievelstoke.
Sir,���Although not an old resident
ol thu ton n, or oven ef the Province,
I have often thought what -.'.and
facilities there are in Revelstoke for
fruitgrowing. It6oemsto me that
everything iu nature combine to this
1 In tbo first place, the soil is just
the right kind, according to my experience, for nearly all out-door
fruits, apples, peais, aud plums
especially. I have seen fine crops
produced iu some parts of Ontario
where the soil approaches very
nearly to this, but ns a rule the
trouble with tic Ontario Foil is that
it contains too much sand, mailing
it so light that in many cases, where
tho roots bad not obtained a deep
hold, I havo seen the trees, with
iheir heavy drops, although well
propped, blown right over by just
an ordinary wind. The soil here is
not so loo o as that, and I have no
doubt of its being rich in nil the
ingredients required for good frnit-
ruising bind.
In the second p'uee, the country
to the north being comparatively
Open for some miles, tho suu is not
obscured from Ihe lime he rises over
the mouutaiu tups to tho east until
lie sinks to rest behind the big hill
just across the river; while the
mountains'to tho north and northeast arc close, thus cutting off the
liiting, fruit-destroying wind which
iuvariublj comes from those points
of tbe compass, and protecting the
blossoms Irein being roughly handled by tho blustering northerly and
north-easterly breezes of the early
spring ; aud ..ho acting in a similar
capacity in warding off that northern
Intruder, Juok 1'iost, when the fruit
is ripening.
Another thing I notice, and that
is the exoepti ually large huckleberries which abound iu this loeil-
ity. Why thev are almost as large
again as the berries which grow
wild iu the winds ot Ontario. The
noil uin.-t be prolirio to produce
such berries without any of those
artificial aids whi.-h fruit-grower*
know how to UjC with success.
I have heard it stated that the
climate is too dry for mo^t fruits.
Now this objee-tijn should not bold
good for a moment. With sneh a
splendid water supply as the
Columbia furnishes, it tvould require very litlle labor, or ex
either, to provide a system of lrri-1
gatiun uot to be excelled
But I uiUBt -ay that in my opinion ,
the opp.  ite side of the river, with
its virgin soil impregnated with just i
euough luoist'ue, presents the appearance of an apple-grower s. pum-
Yaiiis truly,
Rovelstoke, Sept, 10th, 1891
| Iho above htter chimes in well
with our own oonviolious, We are,
ve. '��� glad to open our colum ���
any oonimunic.ition bearing ou ti.ii
subject, and shall be pleased to
insert ihe oj inions of any of our
eitizuns in regard to what might become a profitable industry on both
Hides of the river..- Editor STAR. |
u little boy who were preceding thn
inn in party rested on tl.o bridge
over the stream which runs from
the glacier. They were leaning on
the hand rail when it broke ami thoy
wen precipitated into the water
'ii-t above a thirty feot fall. The
mini succeeded in n aching land
safely, and fori .mutely for tho lad
hid neck vv.in caught by a ��� projecting
limb, as he oatne to the surface of
the iviitei, and he was held there until rescued hy his futlier. Had il
uot been for tho limb, bu wonld
have been swept over the falls.
The stream jb foi ty feet wide where
thu accident ocenred.
[l'RCM 01*11 OWN oeiuiEsroNPraT]
flu-.Fi-'SL.ikii, Sept. Sth.
Salmon have started tu eome up
tin river,
James Armstrong, of Iievelstoke,
is here en a abort visit.
Mrs. Loftns and children, of
Craigellaehie, are on a visit to ber
brother, D. Deupsey.
Frank Reid ahd 0. Hathaway are
off on a two'weeks' hunt���after
ploatinre and big game.
Mackay k Go's bsw mills, one
mile west of here, was burned to the
ground on Monday night,
Hears are very numurona a fow
miles west uf this place ; probably
driven in from the mountains by
"har.1 times."
Mr. Ti'Ucman, of Trueman and
Oaplo, photographers, Vancouver,
visited Griffin Lake this week, and
got some good pictures of things
animate and iuamiuate in tbis district, He wse well satisfied with
the successful'result of his trip.
Everybody who owned a "shoeing irou" turned out one day' hist
week to get a shot at a cariboo which
was crossing the L.ke. A race for
first shot was keenly contested
among tho local Nimrods, but, as
usual, Charley "got there," and
potted the "animile" before the
others got their sighting shot.
Columbia Lodge I.O.G.T.
Members of the Columbia Lodge,
XcV 34, I.O.G.T., Revelstoke, held
their first opeu meeting ou Tuesday,
Sept. lst, wbieh was a great success,
ami was fully appreciated by a large
audience, The chair was oe-onpied
by Mr, A, Williamson." The follow-
Revelstoke. L corner lot, 50 foot,
and eight-rooiiied house, two storeys,
nonrly new, and well built.
Tenders will be opened ou September 21st at 11 a.m.
Highest or any tender not neces
snrily nocoptod.
Tenders to bo sent to, and any
further parlloijjars will be*giveii: by'"
Assignee, Rovelstoke,
Ih hereby given tb.it I intend to
apply to thn Honorable Commissioner of Lands and Worics, for
permission to purohase .120 acn*
[more or less I of laud on the west
ride of the Upper Columbia Laiee-,
East Kootenay Distriot, I). C.
Commenoing at a post marked
"D. H. Iter's N. E. corner," ou tbe
west shoro of sun! hike, and opposite
tho 27 mile post on the Government
road from Windermere, thorice wcul
forty 'oL.iinp; iheuCe !soulh eighty
ohuinsj thenoe' cast forty chains,
more or less, to the said wost shoro of
lur.e, and thence northerly, along
enicl west shoro, to place of bo-
D. R. KER.
July 27th, 1891.
la hereby given that I intend to
apply tp the Honorable Commie;:
sinner of Lands ana'lWo'rks, for permission io purchase D20 acre's | moro
or less] of land on the west Ride of
the Upper Columbia Lake, East
Kootenay District, 13. C,
Commencing at a post marked
"John Nioholles' S. E. Corner," on
the went shore of said lake and opposite the 27 mile post on the Government road from Windermere, thenoe
west forty ohains; thence north
eighty chains; thence east forty
ohains, more or less, to said west
shore of lake, and thence along said
west shore, southerly, to place of beginning.
July 27th, 1891.
Is hereby given" that I intend to
apply to tbe Honorable Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase 160 acreB of laud on
Fiudhiy Creek, EaBt Kootenay District, li. C.
Commencing at   a post   marked
"Joseph Hunter, N.W. Corner Post,"
on the north side of Findlay CreeK,
^^^^^^^^^^^ about teu chains from the same, and
ing programme was received with | on tbe wostern slope bt Thunder Hill
Ridge,   thenco south forty  chains;
theuce  cist   forty   chains;   tnence
north forty chains; and thence wost
forty chuiivi tq place of beginning.
July 26th, 1891.
much applauie:
Part I,
Address by tho Chairman	
Opening piece���" We arp Coming to
the Battle," by the Members.
Trio���Mise May Adair, Mrs. Dickie,
and Mr. Barber.
Recitation,       Mr, A. E. Chandler
Solo.  .' Miss Morley
Pabi II.
M-iulh-organ solo Mr. Hnwkius
So. g Miss H'ttieL^e
P.i-ciution Miss May Adair
Duet Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Is hereby given, that sixty days
after date we, the undersigued, intend to apply to tbe Honorable
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the foi-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      lowing described lands situated at
Recitation       Miss Hettie Lee \ the east end r.f North Arm of Upper
Solo        Mr. Barber 1 Arrow Lake, West Kootenay  Bis-
Dialogue-Miss May Adair aud Mr.  trict: Beginning nt the South-east
W. Glenn. I Post marked J. M. K. and A. M. R,
Solo Mr. W.Lee
Closing piece .. " Storm the Fort,"
By the Members.
planted at the mouth of Pish River;
thenee following the meandering of
I he rivor north 80 chains;   thouce
^^^^^^^^-^^ ,,   - west 40 chains;   thence south  80
A few appropriate remarks from the ���,,          ,.            .,   tn ,-,     ���;
,      ,        Ohains ;   thenco east   10 chains to
iha fman and abort ipeeolies from        ^^���
one or two members hronglft to a
oouolnsion a very enjoyable mooting.
Twenty   Days
Tho Bteatnsbip City ol New
V-iik urriv. d at Qaeenslown at
two o'clock on Tuesday after-,
noon, being five days, 2?. hours,
50 minutes orossing '.he/Allan-
tic,���De quickest cast hound trip
oo record, The China and Japan
mails (por steamship Empress ol
lupin, to Vancouver and C, P R,
lo .Now y��rk) woee aboard, and
reached London in 20 days from
Yokohama, The daily runs
were: 415 miles, 438, 481 460,
462, aud 152.
point of commencement, contuiniug
:i20 acres, more or less.
Bevelstoke, Aug- 20th, 1891.
Great indignation is expressed in]
England at thu action of Mr. Is'en '
nedy, tho Uriiith Minister to ('liili
in pormitting Commandor Clarke, of
.11.M.S. Kspiogle, to convey about t,
million dollars of Uahnaooda's boodle
from Viilp.irai.-o in Montevideo, at the
Bi-PresiUont a rei| test,    As tho in
Btirgepls uro victorious, it may pos-
LUI'U ollt to lie ll Bocond edition
, b i   .    I'ui  i . England
When you see a prominonf
citizen, a bright and sh'i.i.ig Irgbt
in society and an energetic man
in business, and all that sort ol
thing, pause in the uii.l.llo of the
sidcwull: a-el gUze about him with
a glassy loolc'tH bin1 eye, you
needn't think of apn-.lc-iy e.
pir.ilysis, Ilo is-simply trying
loromomboran orraml bis wife
mid him iq do
Is hereny given, that sixty days
lifter date I intend to apply to the
liunonilile I oinu issioner of Lands
and Works for permission to pur
eiia-e the following described binils
situated at the east end of North
A i-ii of I pper Anow Lake, Wei'
Kootenny Instrict i Beginning at tho
South west Post marked D, A. L.
planted at the mouth of the l-'.sb
Itiver ; thence following the mean-
dorings of tbe river north 80 chains ;
theuce east 40 ehuiiiB j thenee south
HO chains ; thenoe wont 40 chains to
ixii.it of commencement, contaiuing
'i20 acrne more or lesu. .
li. A,  LAMKY.
widliwant, U.C., Aug. !)R 1891
���lliWIHi   i   ,.
James McDonald & Co.
i ��
Carry large lines of plain, medium, a.nd high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
iiea-room sets ranging in price from $6.50 to $500.   Hotels fur-    '
nished throughout, Ollice end bar-room chairs.   Spriug
maUressos mado to order, ami woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses- in stock.    Mail
'"-���"' orders from Kootenay Jake*.
points will receive early
und   prompt  at-
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
���Iranite ware, and   Lamp Goods.       Tin, Copper andj Sheet Ire n
Ware mado to order.    First class work guaranteed.    Orders promptly
attended to.
AJI prdersbyniailor
express .promtlj
All descriptions o
gold and enver
(Close to 0. P. R. Depot)
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a seleot and oomploto stock of gent's furnishings, ladios' toil-1.
aud children's boots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines, etc.,
rcquisiloB and feaiy-made (-joining.   A   large assorlmeul ol pipes
tobacco, cigarettes, imported and domestic cigars, fruits, .-.luily, etc.
- ' '   'I     v "       ^ ...
Stove pipes, tin waro, crockery, rough and dressed lumbor, aud other ^oo'1-*
loo numerous lo mention, at moderate prices, *
Telephone o'ur.inun.cation.
J. Fred. Hume & Co.,
Kevelstoke and Nelson, B. C.
Dry Goods,  Provisions  and Hardrvare
 ;  \
Tho Public will find It to their advantage to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices
Any orders placoti with  Mr. Charm's Lindmark  will havo oofi
oanlul attontion  and   prompt delivery to auy part ol Revelstoke,
il   I
I   '���
K.cim nn: own* CORRESPONDENT.
County   Cnnrt   will  be  held
llevelatuko ou the 211th inst.
Lots of visitors in town this week,
and most of the hotels ure full.
We are now fairly settled in onr
new office���Main street, opposite 0.
Fred II iimo & Co's store.
Mr. J M. Kellie, It P. P., was in
town yesterday,   but his stay was
limited, leaving by the C. P. R. for
The Pacific Express was four hours
late in reaching Revelstoke last Sun-
'���hiy night, and two hours late on
Monday eight, through  excess of
All the boys were sorry to part
with "Jack the cowboy" last Tburs
day, he having genu to take charge
of Hull Bros.' branch business at
Mr. H. McCutcheon oi the Kamloops Sentinel was in town two days
last week, a great percentage of that
time beiug employed iu shaking
hands with old friends.
The Bishop of New Westminster
will preach in the schoolroom, Revelstoke, on Monday evening. Service will oommence at 7.30, and it is
hoped there will be a good attendance.
Mr. Carney, late of Calgary, now
residing at Nelson, 'passed through
Rotelstoke this week on his way to
Calgary, where ho will purchase a
number of oattle for his butchering
liusiuess at Nelscn.
The fine showers of Thursday
night and Wedneeduy morning did
a wonderful amount of good to the
gardens in the vicinity���at least, to
the soil where the gardens ought to be
���and laid the dust on our main
Mr. W. Gesner Allan, of Nelson,
paid' us a visit this week, and being
himself au old type-slinger, is quite
competent to pass au opiuion on the
get-up of s printing office. Our new
Sanctum he pronOuncJa to be "iust
the very thing."   '   '"' , ..-'
Mr. Kellie, M. P. P., is entitled to
the thanks of all residents of tbis
Province for the great trouble he
has taken to make the British
Columbia exhibit at the Toronto
Exhibition a successful one ; and we
ire glad td say he has thoroughly
succeeded in doing so.
The second of a series of sociable
"hops" was held on Thursday even
ing in the big diuiug-room of tbe
Columbia Honse, and via, of course,
highly successful;'' Dancing commenced early in the evening, and
was kept up with great spirit until
shout 3 o'clock yesterday morning,
-there were eight couples on the
iloor, and soma prstty evolutions on
the "light fantastio" were goce
through. Mr. Robt. Everson aeted
as master of ceremonies, and cjid his
part with great ability; whilst the
Tuusis was furnished by Messrs, Vi
tor and Brown, on the violin and
organ respectively.
An old familiar face, once prominent on "the street" here, hap been
missing foi* the patjt" few days.
Many and anxious have been the inquiries addressed to the boys of the
"print shop," especially by the fair
sex, as to his whereabouts, At the
"hop" at the Columbia on Thursday
night his absence was conspicuous,
and many a bright eye was lit up
with hope and expectaney; but the
truant came not 1 Alas! The truth
must be told, oven though the results be disastrous 1 "Rioardo the
Bold" has shaken the dust of Revelstoke from off hip feet. Dick has
taken the late HOraoe Greely's ad*
yice, and "gone west." He is
f'settiu' 'em np" in the Ejontinel
office at present.
Meteorological Report.
Following are the readings of the
thermometer at Griffin Lake Station
/or the week ending Beptembor 5th,
NiasnN.B.O., Sept.Jth,
Tho Neosho, a tine looking, high-
grade gal'iui clttim in tl." Hot
Springs district, owned by "Rory"
McLeod, " Billy " Chambers, G. B.
Wright, Tom McLeod, .Mr. Jeneen
of Victoria, and a few others, was
purchased on Monday by a syndicate
of Seattle capitalists under the man
agemeut of Dr. Cue, the price beiug
The Kublo Creek excitement is
gradually gromug stronger; somo
well-defined silver bearing galena
ledges have been discovered. Already a towusite company has beeu
foruiod, ami prepaiutions are being
made to build a boM .there,
The belligerent forces in Nelson
have been disbanded, and the work
of improving the traiu thoroughfares
is being carried peacefully ou. Men
were set to work on Monday to grade
Stanley Street, under the superintendence of Mr. Hodgins. Work on
Victoria (Bluff) Street and Vernon
Street is to be commenced next
It is expected that the survey
party for the Nelson k Fort Shep-
pard Railway Company will be in
the field during the winter, surveying the liqe by way of the headwaters of'the Salmon river.
Development work is beiug pnshed
on the Dandy, aud every foot goes
to show that Mr. Ester's estiniato of
that property's worth was well based.
John Houston, of "The Miner,"
looks as if he had been fighting a
oircular saw. He was assaulted hy
someone oonneoted with the Tecum-
seh House and was rather roughly
handled. His assailant was lined $20
and costs.
W. Gesner Allan left to-day for
the coast on mining business. He is
accompanied by John W. Tolson, of
the firm of Davys k Tolson, who is
en route for England.
A. M. Eslcr, the miuing man, who
bought the Dandy, is negotiating
with the Whitewater owners with a
view to purchasing that property.
A few lots have changed hands
lately and a few more buildings
commenced, so that Nelson is somewhat livelier.
Large mountain fires have lately
destroyed millions of feet of good
timber and filled the entire Kootenay valley with smoke. The nuisance is now abating somewhat.
From all parts of the hike country
come bear stories, no doubt somo
of them exaggerated,   At  Balfour
they urn said to be more numerous
tlnn town lots; nt Ainswnrih,' more,
plentiful than buyers ot undeveloped
| prospects; at Nelson thoy largely
I nntnnmber the paying mines.   Tlmy
are met ou every trail, aud  always
unexpectedly and by m-in unprepared  for  gore.    A   -rood hunter
could make a "killing" by killing
them for their skius, pr 'vided their
elans are in good condition nt this
-eanon of tbe year.
The new 3tcamer Coliimbi.*, is so
badly disabled that her owners have
thought it best to haul her np on
tho woysat Revelstoke and put her in
thorough repair, New keelsons aod
���\ hog-chains will be put in, and the
hull otherwise strengthened, She
will not be repaired iu time to get
her down to the lower river this fall,
and the Lytton will be run between
Robson aud Little Dulos as long as
practicable this winter. Tue Nelson
will continue to run on the Bonner's
Ferry route.
Gilker & Wells.
pmm ��mmt ��� - &&*8.&tt?99g*i 3.9
Notary Publio.
Nullify l'utdio
Milling, Timber
When completeted, the upper story
of the new Hume building ou Vernon street will be used for a hall.
It will be 21 by 60 with a 13-foot
oeijing.      "
There are no new developments
io the railway-agent robbery case,
Tbe robber was evidently an oid
hand at the business, and in all
probability will evade arrest,
J. Fred Hume pame io from
Revelstoke by Monday's train, H6
confirms the receut reports of a
brighter outlook for the towns aud
mining districts in the upper part
of the district.
Facts are facts. Womeu are more
extravagant ia dress than men.
While one merchant tailoring establishment is all that it required to
dress well the entire male popula
tion of the Kootenay Lake' country,
it takes no less than three dressmaking establishments to make the
womeu of Nelson alone appear presentable.
The Canadian Pacifio has Bold
several small tracts of land lying on
the outlet below Balfour, Among
the purchasers are T. G. Proctor
and G. Laird. The latter will try
orcharding, as ��j. W. Busk has demonstrated that fruit can be grown
in tbe lake country. Mr. Proctor
will try general farming.      '
W, Gesner Allan' returned to Nelson on Monday night from a 2-
months visit to the coast, going as
far south as 'Frisco. He reports the
coast cities quiet, Sao Francisco
being the only plaoe showing evi-
denceu of business' activity. Mr.
Allah returns to the coast next week
to make arrangements for establishing a new busiuoen venture at
Common, the winner ol the
Derby, hus won tho Sl. Leger;
Reverend second, St. Bimon
COURT will be holden at Revelstoke
on TUESDAY, September 29th,
1891, al Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon,
Revelstoke, Sept. 9th, 1891.
Mus, Oyer and Terminer, and
General Gaol Delivery will be held at
kelson, in tho County of Kooteuay,
c5n Saturday, the 3rd of' October,
By Command.
Provi'icial Secretary,
Provincial Secretary's Office,
10th September, 1891.    '
EAT/ED TENDERS addressed
to the undersigned, and en
dorsed "Tender for Post Office, Vancouver, B'.C," will be received at this
office Until Friday, 2ndOctobor, 1891,
for the several works required in the
erection of Post Office, &c, Vancouver, B.C.
Specifications can be seen nt the
Department of Public Works, Ottawa,
uud at t'he'office of 0. O.'Wickenden,
architect, Vancouver, on and after
Friday, llth September, and tenders
will not be considered unless made on
form supplied and signed with actual
signatures of tenderers,
An accepted bank cheque payable
to the order of the Minister of Public
Works, 'eqijal to five per cent, of
amount of tender, inust accompany
each tender. This oheque wi'l be
forfeited if the party decline the contract or fail to' oomploto' the work
contracted for, and will be returned
in case of uon-acceptance of tender.
The Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or auy
By order,
E. F. E. ROY,
Department of Public Works, Ottawa, 4th Sept., 1891.
Notioe is hereby given that 60
days after date, we iutend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of LaudB
aud Works for permission to purchase 160 acres of laud, described as
follows: Commenoing at a stake near
the north west corner post of R.
Lowes' pre-emption, Eire Valley, and
running north' 4,0 ohnitis, thenoe east
40 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thenoe west 40 ohains to point of
RevelBtoKe, July 27th, 1891.
Sixty daye after date, I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and WorkB for the purohase
of eighty acres,  commencing  at  a
Judging from the columns of their
Monday, Aug. 31st, max. $}, min. do' papers, the boom townsin theadjoin- I Pl,6t "n t,ie lv'1Rt ^''e rtf '}olm  ,,iinSs
Tuesday, Sept. 1st, max. 98, miu. 60 iug stat6 of Washington are suflfei-*- I pre-emption, running 20 ohatoseast
Wed.        M   2nd, max. 91, mm. Oi  ,.]g frou [U nm oorj>pI(lint lM Jg
91, mm. Bi
3rd, max,'JO, min. 66 ,...,,..     , .
1th, max. 88, miu. 82 epidemic in British Columbia towns
&th, mux. 02, miu, 07' like Kamloops aud   Iievelstoke���a
L, 11, Lvnuuy    I surfeit of dullness.
40 chuius south, theuce 20 chains
west, thenee 40 chaius uorth to poiulj
of beginning.
Revelstoke, July 29th, 1891,
and General
and  Real   Estate
Commission Agei
Conveyance^. Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up
Rents aud Accounts Collected ; Miuiug Claims Bought und Solo ; \.Baes6
ment work on Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc., Etc.,'
Lots on Townsite of Iievelstoke for Sido aud Wanted. Agents forMinine
Machinery, Etc, 6
Boot and Shoo Shop,
ED. PICAKD, Proprietor.
Boots and Shoos of all kinds mado to order of the best stock on short
notice. REPAIRING of Shoos a Specialty. Harness and othor Leather
work also repaired.   PRICES RIGHT.
Evans Pros.' Pianos
tHLP.a-.-M as lows* sal.
If you think of buying an Organ or  Piano, send for Catalogue aad
Price Lints.
jas. Mcdonald & c<>..
Smelting and Trading
Are   Prepared to  Sample   and   Purchase   all   Kinds  of
Prices and ull information furnished on application.
The Kootenay Star
Devoted to the BUSINESS,   LUMBERING,   and
CULTURAL, and, especially to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
U \J ' ��  to, und executed
c   (.'
u the best sty
'I'VUOI'ciul  \\ oil. I nMMHUaabiK,    ��� .-���>.. ^���".mr.&is:&n!TTui-wc*ii&!ataMKKixt.EsmM!matacmm
A Fertile Soil.
'he Old
I said :
Selllcr waved his i
THE KOOTENAY STAR,      | lays over in buek of the Cornon,
all of u Hiiddint Chris Bays;
"' Hot* on, Bays be; 'by the
born spoon,' says he,' that's dun.
sing'lai' -a wilier troo growin' in
this yet- woods, ait.t it'/' hays ho.
'���Sure enough, thur was a wilier troo, forty foot high, growing
^^^^^ iu ll.o soft edge of the uwuiup,
" N'ltnr is durn queer, boys, an' \ ffe ft|| stopped to take a look at
they's seine tol'ableeur'uB things il)ftDd ez [ 8kimmud my cyo up
a ha|ipenli.', Now, us to wilier | ���������_���,. lhc brnuches Iseosuthiuoz
tiees, N'alui-ain got no lime fur
foolishness, an' this ycr porfess'.r
has liropped plumb outor whai
"willera was mado fur, 1 knowed
it lo: iy year an' mere ago, but it
slip;- .1 my mind, an' taint likely
ei I'd ever a thort on it agin il
1 hain't a heard you icllows a
talkin' to night.
'��� Hack in '19 Chris Lilts, over
on I'ocono, had a yearliii' heifer
which bo thort most ez ..inch on
iz he did o' hia wile, 'cause tin
Viler wero a portie'lor lice bred
hn' had all ibo pints fur makin'
the host inilker tber were in lht-
iloestrict. When one nice day in
lhc spring of '49 ho fouud ber a
Liyin' tip in the sc.ub oak paster
with her left foro leg broko, you
tin jisl bet thero wus wcepin' an'
wail.ti' an' gritlin' o' teeth in thel
corner ot tho county, with a little
sprinkle o' cussiu' throwed in.
The calf's leg wero broke sqiinr
at the knee, an'Chris kerried her
hil the way to tber clcarin'. Of
cou.'bo, Chris didn't think that
���lothiu' could bo did but to shoo;
the littlo critter and put lur
pnl'ii her misery, an' if thct
didn't jest about grip the heart
but'n bim I'll u'.vuller my cud.
).** i.:ck would have it, huwsom-
evcr, ok. Lije Tuck, the bluek-
Biniih an' hosB doclor down to
the Corners, come to Chris's Hut
day lur to take a look at a spavin
on a "boss lhat Chris's dad had
gin 1.1iu.
"Sot hriBtook Lije round back
o'tb,- cabin whar tbo heifer were
lsiyiii*. Lije zaminod her, and
bin.' by bo says; 'Chris,' say* he,
'I'n. gummed if I don't b'lieve 1
kin .;.vc thel critter,' says he,
" ' What!' says Chris, jnmpiti'
bade moro'n ten loot. ' Ve kin
save her!1 By the horn spoon,'
says Clu is, 'if you can save thct
bul., Lije,' says ho, ' ye kin draw
em this yer farm fur half o' the
crops this season, an' us your'..,'
s.'}> he.
."Well,' says L'je, ' it' it's al,
lhe same to you, Chris,' snys be,
'��� it'll be worth a leetle tuort u
that to save the critter,' a-iys he.
'So it 1 save her I'll have lo
charge you plumb twenty nhiiliu',
s .ys ho.
" 'Save her,' says Chris,    i I
the mouey is your!,,' says
.1 hev lo mortgage lh
raise il,'
���WTTawnBnailr-irrJftiini fa*, la-m, >aia,,iii.i��n>i��ii.iii��.aaa��in.i.,�����Ti ,i,<i ..i
looked like some kind of animal.
We couldn't none ul us lu-ke out
wbnt 'twero, so wo chopped the
tree down lo got a closer look."
The Old Settler paused, and,
straightening tip in hit* chair,
looked at tho ej^pouudraustoi'
with a glaro of triumph iu his
" Ve said that yo bcord sulbiii
said about willor bein' good for
tannin1, did yet*" said he.   "And
yc'J iiko to hear from some one
ez knowed sutbiu about it, would
ye?   Well, thon, by gosh, what
d'yo think it were wo fouud in
that tree ?    It were the skin of
Chris Lilts's spotted calf, dod rot
ye! '' It wore  (ho skin of Chris
Lill.s'8   spotlod  calf  tanned   ez
proper ez  nny hemlock liquor
uould a done it, and Iwice ez evil
And thct skin were growed fast-
to the top o' thct, tree right at the
l.nco o; tbo left fore leg, b gosh!
And mobbc ye can't see how it
got thar, nuther!   Il got thar
'cutiso the wooden leg that Lije
Tuck gol on the critter were a
piece of wilier saplin'.  That cull
bud strayed in tho woods and got
stuck by ils woudo leg in the
mire ol iho swamp, aud couldn't
git oul.  Tbo wilier began to take
loot aud grow jest ez its iialur is,
.md ez it groped it shoved lhat
heifer up with it, tiii it gol whar
we found il.  The sap circulated
through thu hide and tanned it
and p'sorved it, and there never
wus a p.op)i'er side o' leather
turned oul o' no gol durn hemlock lan'ry In this yer hull country, b'gosh I'lmighty I"
Tl.o ox-pouiiilinuhtei' buttoned
Ilia coat, and humming " i'll lummy harp on a willow tree und oil
to llio K'.i.'s again," Went oul.
" So you see that ye'll never
;iii'l i.oi Mil new under the sun, if
you only koep yer iyes open and
don't furgit) er mein'ry," said the
Ulii Settler, us ho weut with the
She-riff and the County Clerk into
Lhe bur-room to see what time it
Child Killed by aa Eagle.
John Powdjo, former cJiio/ of
the Chippewa tribo of Indians,
lives ou lhe banks of Si. Mary's
river at Siiult Sic Marie, aud acts
as a guide for hunting parties.
Lust Saturday three Cincinnati
men engaged him for a day's
hunt. Tiny started to cross the
river this morning, and when
nearly across they noticed a,
large bird flying high in the air
The Indian said it waB an eagle,
and suggested that he should
row back lo the American shore,
so as to be within gun shot of the
bird if it should desoend. Ilo did
so, and the bird came down within a mile of the ].o;iil wl.oro the
party landed. They then started
for a Liiu shot distunce. J'ow.lic's
Btjuuw meantime hud gone do'wn
lo lhe river to get somo water,
leaving hor three - mouihs uld
papoose ticl to the usual board
and leaning against tlie side of
her hul. The tugle spied the
child uud Blowly descepded to
tho earth. When about 200 feet
li'om tho ground the bird mado a
swoop on lhe helpless child. The
squaw saw the descent ot the bird
and supposed that it wus alter a
chicken, but she was horrified a
moment later te see lhc eagio ribo
v\ilh the child in ils talons
When about ten feet from the
ground the eagle dropped its
load, but immediately swooped
down on it again. Failing in un
attempt to pick up tho child, the
eagle pecked at ils throat and
eyes, gouging one eye out and
lacerating its body, The squaw
soon reached Iho spot aud
attempted lo drive tbo eagle oil
with sticks, bm lhe bird turned
ou hoi and pocked at her, infliclx
ing a serious gash. It then roso
in the air about 100 feet, but apparently changed iiu miud,
swooped down again. ' At this
moment tho sound oi two distant
rifle shots was heard, and the
bird leil to the ground, A
minute later Fowdjc und party
rushed up to make sure of thoir
giime. l'ovvdji! scarcely reached
ihe eagle when he heard a shriek
lre.ni his .-quaw, and discovered
that his child had been killed.
It is not known whether the
child was killed by It'. fall or by
the ioBs oi blood lioui its wound.
The eagle was one oi the bald -
neaded variety, and iB ouo of the
largest ever Been hero.
Three Men Roasted Alive
La   M. nday,     i ro. idence, R.I.,
of over 101    .    tators, three
-1 alive, with
- ���   ' iem
���  .
"So Lije out with his knife and |�� ' which
u.rjinted the call's the bank of the Womos-
ine .nee.   Then hi to the I P******-* river
wood  pile and cuts  I        : lh.
S-tl.e length ez th    pi        0*
cut oil, uud Blrups it
nice outer the pi ,i   tne j
I lecc come from,   Well, boys, to
limb -   it    shun,   Lhe   i
1 i ��� gan '-,
leak  a       he  i became
ating ol in
-i ���        '
which wiim
n '-i - ne and o pil.   Irivi r, worked
ree men.    i heir names were
^^^_^^^^_^^^^^^_^_ '��� I  ' '
worked to asqueejec,   lu tea-i'i
a week, by gosh, lh ir were , ..   .      1L,    ���
Biuu.pin' round 'mo . Lhe , . .
oaks ez livel) ket, ras com]
bad bar-.-ain.  He rushed out onto
the Carbonate  Hill and ordered
the men to drop their   tola ard
quit  wotk.    This  was about  3
o'clock in   the afiernoon,    He
said t    'Ho-jTfi, [ havo sold thin
d���d hole, and I don't want you
to work another minute in it tor
me,     I   will p.iy you off right
now. and you  can  quit.'    Well,
the  miners bad just finished a
drill und were going lo place a
blast und uncover some mck, and
they asked to be allowed to finish
it before they quit work.    'No,'
said Dexter,'come out-,  t don't
want you to work any   more;
there's nothing in tho d-d old
bolo,'   The men reluctantly quit
and departed.    Dexter gut hi-
money and was happy.    Woll,
thu initio Was bought uy  a BtQek
company,  and in a sh u-i tim
thoy  boffin work on it.   Now,
young man, what I um going lo
tc'.l  you is tho solemn truth,"
said the miner,   "Those fellows
went up there to that uiino and
laid a fuse to tho blast lelt by
Debtor's men apd touched it oft."
After   the   smoke   hud cleared
away they went iu te  Bee how
much rock  had  been  loosened,
when   waul do think?     There
bcloie their  eyes they flaw the
richest body ol silver ore which
has   evor   been seen since thu
world  began.     At   that  time
hundreds (-{thousands ot  dollars
met  the ga/,o ol tho delighted
owners of the richest kind of oro.
Well, young fellow,"   continued
Mr.   levies,  "tbat mine was
tbo celebrated   Robert E   Lee,
which has mado everybody rich
who bus tiud anything to do with
il sii-co Jimmy Dcxlor sold it.
Millions  of  dollars   havo been
turned out oi it, and it is  lhe
greatest silver mine in tho world."
The   reporter asked the miner
how Dexter took tbo misfortune.
"Well," ho replied,    "they say
Dexter would cry for a long time
after whenever he would   hear
the name of the mine mentioned,
but I don't know hew thai is.
He   goi hold of other paining
property  with   the   money   received, and becamo one of the
richest men in Denver.
B V T C 51 U R s
CENTRAL  110 h. L
Comor Front and Hanson Sts,
4BBAHAM80N BbOS.       -      l'iei|'l!IKl'0|.,
First class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to (J l' II. elopot and stoainbo.il
landing, between post ollloe and gov
buildings. Coach to auel Irom dop it
and titeanil.o.it. Eire proof Safe for the
aooommodation of its customers,
c. p.r. mmi,
F. MoOauthv  -        -   ��    Prof.
Eirst-class Temperance House.
Boaiid and Lonomo $5 Pub Week.
meajjb. 25c,    nuos 2Bo.
This hotel ie situated convenient to the
station, is comfortably furnished, uud
affords first class accommodation.
Story of a Silver Mine.
An old Colorado miner says:
-While I was yet at Le-v'.ville a
man came up there from Denver
named Dexter���dim Dexter thoy
called him���and he was lull ol
life and hope and had some
money. Dexter looked about
him for a while and finally bought
a claim on Carbonate Hill, which
had at that ti;no not been pros-
pected ve-.y well. He paid, I
think, $16,000 for it, and sot to
work putting in machinery and
ii !-. ng the shall, which was
already down some hundred feet
or more. He workod away on
[ihe mine, people laughing ut him
REVELSTOKE      -      -        0
W. Cowan, Prop,
Rooms woll attended; tables unexcelled. Wines fend liquors guaran*
Iced of a high quality. Firo and
sample room. Telephone communN
cation with C. P. II, depot. Fire
proof vault'for lhe convenience
i-ucHls.   Bus' meets all trains.
l'Kll DAV
"Long some lime      -; 0 j The g       arising fi a good deal, bnt lie never onoe
call  turned   up
' .! ��� d ed by   I unci
I unled the woods fur '���'
i nt. evi r could lind bi le 11
oi her, ..ml so lie mu le up  .
lninil thai some ornory lunkhead
ol a h'ur bed chewed iier, and he
puv up &6arohin hr her,   In the
o' 'hi publico was jest a hummin'
in tin- backwoods, and we'd laid
bul to hov a big LHmmyorutii
mass tncolin' over ut the Uoi nor
tu.il  to raise  a  liberty pole  en
Would lopaloetle over eunything
ez the country ever so.   I were
line ol .. party ex, went inter the
WoodB lookin' lur a tree ez would
- d  ii .tan ly   the pile driver  was
i   if mi ral
pile driver fr ��� ;h . While the
omoke was rolling up there were
heard the most agonizing screams
from the men', p the raft A; ala i
'.vim given, and i. Bre was
d the thro a n re found
blackened on ift, rol - in heii
frenn and agonj [bey had been
penned ii II of Pro and
had beei roa !'' iry bit Ol ikii
"n '������' igle's      , ns i el legs
oan   off lh.o     old glove, ae well as
the thumb ..ml Bnger nails.   Gam-
chop up inter lhe proper leii'lh, mel was not so badly burned, but his
t'hi'ia LhIb wero wiih us, toe, F.i. injuries are serious. AM three will
wu v,���s .oin' 'long by a swamp oz die
lost heart, The mine had not
.shown up a single thing it. tho
way of mineral, and the shaft had
I een sunk by thut timo several
hundred feet. Dexter did not
know what to do. He bad now
spent n'jarly all tbo money he
hud and nothing was coming in.
One day in the early part of the
year 1879 i party oatno to him
and asked him what he would
take for hiH mine, ''exier told
him, !a.el a bargain was made
between them. Tbo juice was
made, 1 think, 030,000, somo
$6,000 more than Dexter had
spent on il altogether. Ilo was
mighty glad LO gol the ((30,000,
and thought himsili well out ol a ' oix mules?"
Tennessee Fever.
"That ar' Western Tennessee
use! to be just awful," said tbe
old man as he spat at the head ol
a sull barrel ten feet away and
removed hit; old hut to scratch
bis bead."
"Ager. On my solemn word 1
had a dog which had the ager as
natural as a man.''
Some of the crowd looked incredulous and others smiled, aud
the irritated old nun continued :
"And what's more, 1 had a hog
which had regular lever and
shakes- Yea, 1 did, aud I'll
swear to it!"
"How did it work on tho
animals?" askod one ot the
"Beautiful. I'vo alius believed
thut Providence had somelhitig
to do with it. Ou tho day tbo
dog had the shakos Iho hog was
���elf and would run him up and
down for an bop and warm bim
up. VV bcii the ling's shako day
canio the dog was 'oil' iuiil would
give him u raco of abuul live
"Anil what did they do when
they had foyor'i"
"Roth crawled into the samo
holler log and BWcat it out,"
"Ami didn't they scorch the
"Say, gcntlemp?; 1 wasafeared
lo touch on that p'int, and I'm
glad you've broke the ifte
Hanged if they didn't sot Iho log
ou Ure nnd burn up my stable and
Theliirgesti.ndiiiostcenlr:il llotei s
the city ; good accommodation ; every"
thing new ; lablo well supplied ; bur.'.ud,
billiard room attached ; lire proof Biife.j
BROWN & CLARK,   ���
Stockholm House
The Dining-room is furnished with tha,
best tho market affords,
The bar is supplied with a, choice stools
of wines,liqnors and cigars,
Revelstoke & Nelson,
A Full ond Complete Line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, ko,
Cigars at Wholesale.
Raymond Sewing Machines kept
in stock.
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
411 kinds of Turned and Scroll work
done neatly and promptly,
and ut right prioes.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
KKVELSTOKE   -    ���    ��,C(


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