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The Kootenay Star Aug 8, 1891

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Array \ \
i'l A   ��
A   w;   K   g&
/ II ig 11 I
-wawagat-ifattj^ wrisgnma^ mttcrxnan
No. 8.
Smelting and Trading
Are   Prepared to Saniple   and   Pun-has,*   all   Minds  of
���Xfye llootencuj Star
SATURDAY, AUGUST  8,   1891.
Prices and all information furnished on application,
.   ��� Manager.
awn HtmMWBtMmaur.
��� kwjuhx MWJ
Boot and
The timo for receiving applications to bo placed on tho franchise lists has been extended to
August 15th, and thoso who wish
to bo on tho list should send
their applications to Judge
Wullrom, revising officer for tbe
district, before that date,
Tbo Government have acted
wisely in making appropriations
lor tbo collection of niinoral
specimens in this district for ex,
hibition in the east, and also to
be displayed in the museum at
Victoria. Tbe $300 thus spent
will go far toward advertising to
tbo world our rich mineral ro-
ED. PICAKD, proprietor.
Boots aud Shoes of all kinds made to order of the best stock ou short
notice. REPAIRING of Shoes a Specialty. Harness and other Leather
wor-r. also repaired.   PRICES RIGHT.
with patent insidos who can take
their ads. at tho figures they
offer. Yes, and wo believe that
all persons wbo tako their patent
preparations would roccivo greater benefits if lliey oould havo
patent insidos too. Thoso patent
medicine men make fat profits,
but pay the skinnest rales for
advertising, and the men who
distribute tbo advertising gctier*
allydoduot twenly-fivo per oont
commission, We havo no use
for patent medicine mon, thoir
orepariitions or their advertising.
Druggist pay ordinary rates for
their advertising, and we believe
are geucrally honest onough to
give a customer what be wants,
even though ho makes little on
it, and could givo the same or a
better preparation for tho case,
and make moro money on it,
u e i.j
Down Itivcr Notes.
the Silver King continues to
mako a wonderful showing,
Two carluds of oro from tho
No. One, at iiol Springs, was
shipped to Great Palls, .Montana,
the othor dny.
Notary Publio.
Notary Public.
Milling, Timber  nnd  Ileal   Estate Ili-okers and  General
Commission  Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, etc, drawu up
lients and Aceotutts Collected; Mining Olaiins Bought and sold; Asses-
ment work ou Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc., Etc.,
Lots on Townsito of Ilovelstoke for S'lle and Wanted, Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
It is sometimes   heard  that
Revelstoke is retrograding instoad
ot improving! but this is not so
with regard  io  the  volume of
business done,     Almost   every
merchant in ll.o place  has  dune
considerably more busiuess this
year thai,  lust year,  und the
trade during the past mouth has
been particularly marked in this
respect in comparison  with   Ihe
same  month  hist your,      lhe
hotels  to are doing a good business, and there arc very few idle
men around tho town.   The agricultural country adjacent lo Rev-
stoke  is   being   rapidly   settled
upon, and when lhe mines of the
district arc developed, and the
smelter running dcadily,   Iievelstoke will be the best toffti iu tho
i..le.ior of British Columbia,
-Ot.AlF.US   IN-
9*011 BVlftUB*, ��� " *aTO&STOS8'8-9
Evans Bros.' Pianos
���l W"-.''V|e'T'.��*;   z fi'.-- '^...ri-'-V'u'fi'i
$P!' ��������� ryy~r "��� < '.v-i^ms^
mms;y p��^is��f
If you thini; of buying an Organ or   Piano, send for Catalogue and
Price Lists,
A copy of tho Minneapolis
Times cun.e Ij iho S'l'.ut ollice
this week, having an urlisle on
"petty swindlin--" marked, The
swindling compliiincfl of is
the practice of loo.il dealers an<l
especially ilriigi/ists in selling
cheap counterfeits of standard
and widely advertisdd prepanu
tioi.s, In tho course of the
article it says:
"Tt a most dishonest practice. It
is not only a positive fraud upon his
customers, and a direct robbery of
the manufacturers whose enormous
expenditure of money iu advertising
tbe genuine article has caused the
demand which makes the sale of his
worthless imitation possiblo, but it
works an incalculable injury to
every publisher in tho laud. To
sucb a magnitude has this species
of swindling growu tbat tbe legitimate manufacturers of standard pro.
prietory remedies are beginning to
curtail their expenditures for advertising. They realize thut, the doalorB
in tho counterfeit goods aro reaping
the lion's share of the profits of
tbeir liberal patronago of the press of
tbe country. The more money they
expend for printer's ink, the more
tbe counterfeiters of thetie goods
fatten uud flourish."
Wo do not Hgi'oo with our big
contemporary. Tbo American
peoplo like to bo liumlmggod,
and il ie probably holler lor thorn
that they bo humbugged by a
local man than by some "patent
medicine" millionaire. Tho
patent medicine man does plenty
of humbugging imd he should
not grumble ll' lie has to take his
own incilieino occasionally. Our
leeal dealer in drugs and palont
medicines evidently is not one of
lhe deceivers referred to by the
Times, us ho does not "fl Hen uud
nourish" in lhe manner stated,
Our cxpctici.ee with patent
medicine men is that Ihcy art)
the most worthless iidveflUel'sIn
the market, mid II is only p.pcia
Mr, J. M. Kollio, M. P. P., returned Saturday from a trip to
tbo mining camps down tho fiver
and reports tlio mining outlook
as promising.
He paid a visit to Trail Crock,
but did not find it as lively as
could bo wished for, tho want of
capital, not of fuith, being
the drawback. The Spokane
Company \llio own tho Le Roi
have live men al work, and the
l'e-Bult of their labors is most satisfactory. Some development
WorU is also being done .on the
various other claims, anil ligBOss-
inenl work at loasl will be done
on them all.
Iho Trail Creek pooplo arc
anxious ihal the old trail, built
'lo or SO years ago by the sappers
and miners,bolweeu Grand Prairie
in tho Kottlo River country to
Trail Creek should be improved
that il may bcnelit Iho residents
of thoso parts of the country.
At present tho pooplo of Grand
Prairie, go lo Marcus for their
supplies, a distance of twenty
miles iurthor than to Trail Creek
und ll.on havo lo pay duty on
their purchases. It tho trail
were in good shapo to Trail creek
lhe Grand Prairie settlers would
do thoir trading thero, at Sproat,
Revelstoko or Nolson. In going
to Marcus from Grand Prairie
the trail to Trail Creel, is usod
for considerable distance, when
lhe traveller is obliged to turn
and go in almost an opposite
direction. Tho settlors say that
81200 or ��1500 would put Ihu
trail iu good repair, and tho
heaviest work is in Yalo district,
only about ton miles of improve
moat being nood in Kootenay.
Tho Grand Prairie referred to is
not the valloy north west of and
tributary to tbo Spallumchccn
Ainsworth, or the Hot Springs
Camp, as it is generally called,
Mr. Kellie Bays is iu u vory
healthy condition. Now claims
arc being opened out and Ibo
development ut lhe older linds is
boing prosecuted vigorously.
The Toad mountain waggon
road has been finished, and is a
splondid pioco ol work, tho best
road ol the kind iu tho country.
It cost 815,000.
At Costollo Creole, If) miles
north of Hot Springs, a lino body
(if mineral has boon struck, which
Interesting- Items Caught by
Our Correspondent.
The following massage wan rn
ceived hore on the 0th inst., which
explains itself:
Victoria, B, C, August 0th,
J. M, Kellie, M. P. P..
Illecillewaet, 13. O.
Instructions sent Government
Agent to honor vouchers not exceeding throe hundred iu re collection
mineral specimens.
(Signed)      Reddie.
The B. C. Government captured
tho diploma last year, but Mr
Keliio proposed lo sund a collection
of specimens from West Kootenay
this year, tbat will eclipse anything
in the Dominion. Dave Woolsey
will go to the lower Kootenay while
J. Boyd attends to this part. Both
ure bustlers and will make the best
of the limited time at their disposal,
It is to be hoped the various claim-
holders tbroughougbt the distriot,
will afford the collectors every facility aud thereby enable them to procure an exhibit that will be worthy
of our province,
Tho specimens will be colleoted ia
dnplionto, one part will be placed iu
the Provincial Museum, Victoria,
while the other will^ be sent to
Toronto Exhibition aud afterwards
all ovor the Uuited States und
Matt Bates, an ex-soldier, started
for Fish Creek ten days ago, and has
not be ni seeu since. It is supposed
he is lost. Different parties after
diligeut searching could uot get auy
trace of him.
There are nine claims staked ou
the "new find,"all showing Mineral,
The trail will be completed in a few
days. Then development work un
an entousive scale will be commenced.
runs high and looks line. The
Indgo is VI uiiloti in from the
A good strike  has  also   been
made lour miles south ol' Itall'our.
The Dandy on Tontl Mountain
has lili iiie'i. uu  li.e p.y roll, and
Forest fires have been committing
ravages iu close proximity to Donald
during the last week but have been
pretty well extinguished by Inter
Magistrate Cummings and Mr.
Manuel, of Douald, and Mr. Bert
Law and Mr, Danaird of Golden,
have started out on a trip of about
30 milos, with six homos and all
requisites for such u tour of inspection to claims owued by the above
gentlemen, aud for tho purpose of
An interesting service was held in
the Prosbytorian church on Wednesday evening last, the occasion-
boing tho publio baptism of seven of
the youths of Donald. Application
bus boen made for the bupti-m of nn.
equal number in the Episcopalian
church on Sunday next; so your
correspondent has no fear that thu
citizens of Donnld will be disappointed when the census returns aro
Mr. Ray, agent for ihe Dominion,
Buihliug and Loan Association ot
Toronto, is ii town lor the purpose-
of establishing a branch association.
So far ho has been succesf.il iu so*
curing the nuccssarv number of
shareholders and a meeting will be
called for tho appoiutmuut of direo-
Oooduotor Riokiu of tho western
division of the C. P, 11, with
wife ar.il family, nro viditora in our
Mr. Barkoi', night ilospatchor, and
Mr. i'awoett, olork to Ass!. Supt.
Iieasley, nro on a fortnight's visit to
the coast,
Rov. Mr, Pitton, of Revelstoko was
in towu prosucntiug his missionary
work among our inougolwu breth��-
""���J A feur page twenty-column new
paper, is issued from the ollice o
publication, Revelstoke, B. C
Subscription price 82 per year
Rates of advertising given on
Publisher aud Proprtor,
SATURDAY. AUGUST  8,   1801.
No Wonder lie Looked Sad.
What did the telegram  say, papn?
V hat did the telegram say?
You lookjho,worried, so palej^and ill
���who should we not be gay?
Is something  wrong at the store,
papa?   Is mothur siokjat sen?
What did the telegram say, pupa
that)on look so sud at un?
"Nothing," you  say,   Now tell me
true.   Something's gone wrong,
I know.
For 'tisu't ifteu you look that way,
nor often you auswer me so,
But he answered   not   tbe pleading
child, aud never a word did he
The telegram read, "Tho gray mare
wou uml we're in the soap today."
A*    Seen
by   tbe  World's
(Correspondence of tbe World.)
Revelstoke, formerly kuo.vu as
Farwell in honor of the original
owner ol tbe townsite and with
whom a ili.-puto still exists, is
beautiful}' situated on the Ninons
of lhe Columbia which is here
crosned by a magnificent bridge
nearly halt a mile long, The
Bttitioii is about n miI��J back from
the river, burlhe principal li'isi-.
Hess poriiui. ol Ibu'lOiVii still re.
mains near lbe crossing|>whe're
it was first started, Commodi-
Lusscs, drawn by fleet-footed
Htceiis and drivcu by tearless
teamsters, meet the trains at tlie
elation ami convey the urrivalf
to the Victoria, Columbia or an}
other hotel iu the city. The
Victoria hotel, which is a three,
storey building, has been greatly
enlarged of laic ami now contains
elegant reading room, parlor,
Sample room, bathrooms, electric
bells nnd all lbe modern nn.
prove...cuts  and accomodations
somo structure and highly credit-
,-it'lo to the energetic proprietors.
Tbo upper portion is reserved for
a public hull.   Mr. 11. A. brown,
the jovial host of the Union betel
feels   quite   happy   ill    his   IICW
quarters aud   is  justly proud   ol
his new building now about coin*
pletcil.   lie reports a large putro-
iiage of tiueBts since bo opened
out   about   a   month   ago,   and
thinks   as  his    bouae  becomes
known travellers instead ol wulk
ing or riding a mile   distant will
prefer stopping  near the station
at a good bo.cl liko lhe   Union
whero   tbey   can    be  so   well
accommodated    at    8150   per
day    or   $7   a    week.      The
land   between   tho upper   and
lower Iowiib is held pretty much
as f'ol.nwe:  The   Railway Company :!2ll acres,the Smelter Company 100 acres and tho Steani-
boal Couipany about. 8d acres,
tho only   improvement   ll.croon
being a handsome union church
a school house and  ono  or two
s��.till buildings.   Three-quarters
ot u milo south-east of the station uu the bunk of lhe Columbia
stands the smelter which   up  to
present has  been  but little use
owing lo the scarcity cf ore and
difficulty in obtaining coke.  A
slight delay, too, w.is occasioned
by si.n.e of  lbe  bricks  of tho
toasting furnace  caving  in, but
ull this has some time since been
repaired mid now the ore is being
smelted and the bullion produced.
At the tiiue ol my visit thero was
but little ore on hand, but the adjoining sheds   were   well   stored
with coke from Tacotna, lime*
slct.e anil  inn.   ore   lor  fluxing
from neighboring localities, ind
tons of crushed ore   Irom   Kamloops, Geilileii.jFiehl, Illecillewaet
and adjacent districts.   Tbe|pro��
co.-s ol   smelling is very si...pie,
lhe   ore  being crushed, between
iwo or three sets of   rollers   and
carried from one io ihe  other by
menus of elevators.   All ore con
mining 8 or 10 per  cent, of sul.
pluir   passes   through    a   large
heater whore il  is  melted  and
the bullion   being  separated by
specifio gravity is collected into
crucibles and models below. The
building is Very conveniently lu-a
en ted lor loading ami  iiiilonding
tun unless slcjis are taken to pro-
l.oot tho fugl-cruuibling bank lhe
whole structure will   bo  in  tho
river before another year.   Business men complain of  loo much
fortunes are made by smuggling
opium into tho United States
from our coast cities.
It is snid lhat the Princo of
Naples has been badly snubbed
by the Princess Ma.nl of Wales,
to whom I.e look the opportunity
of his visit in England to tnuko
advances. Maud is ruihor the
prettiest of nil ihrco daughters
of the Prince. This meeting
with Naples, was the first time
thai lhat she had been brought
nearer than a more intreduction
to tho Italian, mid ber emphatic
way of repelling his polilo ap-
prou'hes is snid to have been
amusing to tho select party pros,
for twenty-five Itoynl Crown
Soap Wrappers' A one cent p>s-
tage etnmp will carry the wrappers.
Tbe picturo will be mailed freo.
Hoynl Grown is the purest and
best soap made, and is the cheapest
to use. Only Itoynl Crown
Wrappers Exchanged.
Winnipeg, Man.
Odd nud Even.
Tbo seashore is the place to
iico diving belles.
"She seems a very clever woman." "Oh, hbe is! I bad an
hour's conversation with her
yesterday, and didn't uhavo a
chance lo Bay a word."
"I'm afraid, Jimmy," said the
Sunday Bchool teacher, severely,
"that I will never meet you ia
"Why, what have you been
doin' now?"
Notieo is hereby given that the
Order in Council, which was approved
by His Houor the Lieutenant-Governor on 30th July, 1890. providing
that the alieuatiou of Crown lands
bv | private s,ilo bo discontinued,
notieo of which' wus published in tho
British Columbia Gazette and dated
31st July 1890, has beou rescinilod,
and that thirty [30 ] days after the
date of tbis notice vncaut unreserved
Crown lands will be open to salo
under tho lirovisions of the "Land
,'_ Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Lands aud Works Department,
Victoria, D. 0, 30th April.
Reviomokb' A Nblsox,
A Full and Complete line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, Ao.
W Cigars nt Wholesale*
Raymond Sewing Machines-kept
in stoek.
Judge���Why did you steal this
man's gold watch't
Hardened Prisoner���I wanted
to have a good lime.
Judge ��� You shall, Throe
)'t ins.   Call the next case.
fouud In auy Una {jlass'liotel o.
the coast. The genial proprietor monotony iu trado, but when once
W. Oowun, came to the province (he Kootenay mines are operatod
in 1884, and his courteous maimer business will doubtless be more
and enterising spirit have given ht.tk. At present the population a wide reputation ami won uou does nol exceed 500. The
for bun a host of customers and ', lots m the old town are $750
friends. The office of the Kooto- eaeli and those in lhe lown about
nay Stau, which illuminates the' $3 ,0.
town once a week, the post office,  ���	
and  other important  buildings        n0 Paid tUeLawyer,
ure on the same side of lhe, wliilsi ___
on the opposite side are found ..My first ease in San Francis-
lhe large and well stocked store ,��� - ,���,,, Allorm.v Jamefl K,
of Mr. Lemon, in charge ol lhe Wilder, to a reporter, "was the
obliging manager. Mr. Coursier da,enC80f M0lir,,, rellowobargw)
tbe iieai and attractive jewelry witb steatiog a watch belonging
and watchmaking establishment t0 a Catholio priest. 1 was tp.
of  J. (i. Barber, the cool re-L^d b? the 00Drtt beCBQge th(|
prisoner sail ho had no money,
The jury rendered a verdict, of
not guilty, and as the defendant
Place hols on spiiulers
Or tennis sots,
And il you lose at that,
Try backing horses,
Crows aud nines,
liut never bacca rat,
"You've bcc.i^writi.ig poetry
to sister," snid Willie.
"Yes,'' admitted the youth,
'���What I ind ot a poem wus ihal
lust ono you sent her?''
"Oh, it wus a sort of upon-
"Well, if you'd a soon tho way
pa acted when he saw il you'd a
thought il wus a whole lol of cx-
ctum.itluii points."
Lawyer���What timo Was it
when you saw tho defendant
strike Ihis blo,i?
Witness��� Seven and ono half
minutes past 10.
"Seven t.nd one-half minuteB
past 10. Will you ho kind
enough to tell mo how youjeome
to he so oxact?"
"I thought some fool might
ask mo, bo I looked at my watch,"
treat of lhe good nut.ircd and
lot'uaeious loiiH'.riul artist, Mr. A.
McNeil, and several other business house-., Il is on this stroel,
within the compass el aboul a
quarter ol a mile, thut
of the town is transacted, The
romuinder of tho townsito is in.
IcrspcrBed with brush anil underwood through whioh load various
trails to the much shingled rcsi.
deuces scattered hero and Ihore.
Between this portion of the town
was ie.ivi.ig tho court room I
called bun back, ami just as a
joke bunded him my card and told
him to bring mo around the first
$50 ho got,
Next day he walkod into my
office and planked down two $20s
and a 810.
Whero did ynu get all lhat
money? I dornanded, ns aoon as
f got over my surprise enough to
ond the station a great   deal   oil speak.
oorub and brush abounds,    Near     Sold tho priest's w.itch, ho re-
tho station aro tho round house
and repair shops, a saw mill and
a few other industries, The largo
and well supplied storo of thn
Tjourue IJro��',  built  chiefly   cf| raise hair,'
plied, as he bOWed himself out,
"Tho  Indian   has  no board."
"True,  but  ho  knows   how to
Atlantic ExpreBS, arrives 10.10 daily.
Paoiflfl       " "     UhWi   "
Passengers arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will connect with steamers fur Robson. Nelson, ami points
in Southern Kootenay,
Cheapest, most reliable nml gate
route to Montreal,Toronto, St. l'aul,
Chicago, New York ami Boston.
Rates i'i to {10 lower than any other
otltiir route.
Passengers leaving Revelstoke on
Tui lays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will a-, iini-i-t, with tbe magnltloent (J.
P, II, Steamers at Fort William, during navigation,
Specially fitted Colonist Curs, in
charge of a I'ortur, for tho BOOOmmo-
elation of Passengers holding seond
class tickets, Pnnsiiii^Hrs booked to
siiil from all European jiointe nt
Lowest Rates,
Low Freight Rates, Quick del-
patch. Merchants will i .ve money
by having their freight routed via
theC, P. ft
Pull and reliable In.'oi million given
by applying to
Aflst, (Jiin'l Freight Ag't,Vuooaver,
or to J   HAMILTON',
Ag't 0i I' II. Depot, Utfvolsiokc
Vietoria, 3% 6th, 1891.
Notice is hereby given  that  the
Aumud Examination of Candidates
for  Certificates  of Qualification to
loach in the Publio Schools  of  the
Province will be held as follows, commencing on Friday, July, 2nd,  at
9-30 a.m.
In Victoria-High School Building,
Iu Kamloops-Piiblic School Building.
Each applicant must forward a
notice, thirty days before the wuiru-
iuation, stating the class and grade
of certificate for which he will be a
candidate, the optional subjects selected, and at which of tho above-
named places he will attend.
Every notieo of intention to be e**-
amiued must be aooompi.nied with a
testimonial certifying to the moral
character of the- candidate.
Superintendent of Eduontion.
The subscriber would intimate
to ttokmblio generally that ho is*
prepared to supply Windows, DUbfg,
Glass, and id! Braiding] {Material,,
Piotuire Framing, &o,
iaskots,, &l>,rwds,,lev,
Ii. II0WS0N.
, Coffins,'Caskets,, Sl'��wds, fto/Carried in Stoek.
Routs and Dobts Collected.
M    riso Jtoatij forCntjirrli is th��
m Best, Kmlial to IJ��oi,��;l Cheapest.
Ha   Sold by druggists or soul by r.nUI,a0o. I
UM at. Eixcltlao, Warren, Pa., ���..;,i. r
IIEVELSTOKE,   -     .   K. C
Application will be made to th��
1 arhament of Canada, at its next
session, for an Act to revive thn Aet
Wi Viotoria, chapter 49, beiug ��n Act
respecting the Kootenav nnd Athabasca Railway Company",
Solicitors for applicant.,,
Otta-n-a, 23 A] 1-9,(1891.
Coal, Hay and Corn.
Hove entire sale of the celebeated Canmore hard, lump and nutooal suit
able  for base-burners and other stoves.    GREAT HEATING
vered a', Revelstoke, any part of town, S'J.90
KamloopBSO.DO; Donald 88.50.    Special
{^quotations for car lots.   Coal stoves
sold atwliolesalo cost- Hay, oats
and bran sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
ut Kamloops and Donald.   Apply
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to the LUMBERING,  BUSINESS   and   AGRJ-
OULTURAL, and especially to tho
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
��.' v/ J ) od to, aud executed in tbe best style.   Uomnioroial ��wk
specially. m
1. Aty psrsen who takis a paper
rsgulsrly from the Post Office,
���hither he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payme.it.
2. If a person orders his paper
discontinued be must pay all arrears'
or tbe pablisubrs May continue to
lend it until payment is made, and
thin collect the whole amount
whether thi paper is taken from the
���ffiei or not.
4. Ia suits for eubscriptions, the
���nit nay be instituted where the
paper is published.
ft. The courts have decided that
refiling to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Ollice, or
nmoving and leaving tbem uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pima facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
Love and Wisdom.
One bright day in wintry weather
Love and Wisdom met together;
All Love earried was his quiver,
Yet he did uot seem to quiver,
Wisdom, though in furs, was cold;
Love was young and Wisdom old,
Wisdom, ever seeking truth,
Asked the comely, naked youth
How his body was not frozen,
As be hadn't any clothes on?
Love, for answer, sent an arrow
Whizzing into Wisdom's marrow,
And tbe old man's blood .waxed
'Twill be boiling ere he's got hor.
Gleauings from All Over the
Wide World.
Seattle hud a $40,000 fire last
Several venturo*ome bathers in
tbe Adriatic huve,beeu nipped by
fiiuirk s,
A branch of'the United Empire Trade League hus been
started in Montreal.
The Calgary k Edmouton
railway will be completed next
week nuu bunded over to lbe
0. P. ft
President Harrison has issn
tied a proclamation announcing
reciprocity with tbo Spanish
Islmids of Cuba and Porto Rico,
The Czar of Russia hus conferred thu grand cordon of S1.
Anne on Admiral (iervaise and
decorated 12 other French officers.
An English tonm of amateur
cricketers have signified their
intention ot Cuming lo America
lo see bow ll.o game is played en
this side of tbe fish pond.
Tbe British Admiralty claim to
fcave beaten tbe record in naval
��hip building, the turret battlo
.ship Rood, having been launched
wilhin two years ol her commencement. Ber to....ago is 14,-
160 and she is capable of making
over 17 knots an hour.
An order in council has beeu
passed providing that in future
no pci'Bon bo appointed to civil
eervico entitling them to lhe
benefits of the suporunualion act
unless at the timo of the appointment be furnishes a medical
certificate showing tbat he is
then in good health,
Charles rice who wae recently
fined {800 at Chicago tor smug,
gling opium into thut city from
Canada, says that he was induced
to buy the drug from Chiiitiinen
in Victoria, who assured him he
would find a ready sale among
tbeir I'.icnds iu Chicago. Then
those very same friends gave him
away, to get a percentage of thu
A San Francisco dispatch says:
Tbe Sicamor St, Paul has arrivs
cd with the Turner survey party
who have boon going over the
boundary of tbo United States
uml British Columbia ou the
Porcupine river in Alaska. The
result ot their survey gives the
United Slatos thirty more miles
Ol  river than formerly.   This
miles above Fort Yukon.
A school of 100 whales was
recently driven by tho tide into
Widel'ord Bay, on tho Orkney
lleiToslroff, a noted yacht
builder of Providence, K. 1., has
built a steam yacht, which can
mako 30 knots un hour.
The barristers and solicitors of
Westminster have decided to stop
advertising. It is a poor article
that will not Bland advertising.
It ia reported that Mr. Parnell
will appeal from the judgment
which ordered him to pay 85,000
coats in the O'Shea divoui'ce suit.
A Vancouver chicken rancher
has a chicken with three legs,
He hopes to raise them wiih fever.
al more legB lo meet the boarding
bouse demand.
Tho Legislature of New South
Wales rejected tbo motion of
Sir Henry Parks in favor ol
granting suffrage to women by a
vole of 57 to 3a.
On Saturday lust M, Dwyer's
grand hoi'Bo Longslreet, wot. the
.natch race and J 12,500 for his
owner, defeating Pulsilcr's great
race horso 'fenny.
District Attorney Nicoll has
decidod lo have indicted all tbe
iNcw York newspapers that pub*
lished accounts of the electrocution at Sing Sing on July 6th.
The towns of-Bbawnuggor and
Muhooda in tho province Gujerat,
India, wero fluoded by a severo
rainstorm. Throe hundred people
aud a countless number of live
slock havo been drowned.
The employees of tha Omaha
Smeller Company have struck
and all lbe ftiruuccB in tbe great
smelter aro filled with chilled
ore and it will cost thousands ol
dollars io blow tbem in again.
Lord Mount Stephen, says tho
New Yo.k Town Topics, has decided ta shake the dust of Mont-
real of his lordly feet for the
groater part of the year, and will
iu future reside principally iu
Messrs Rambro k Sons have
been appointed bankers lo the
HuBsiau govornment, which probably means that Messrs, Roths',
childs and Russian government
have finally broken wild one
.Mr, E. D'.vyer Grey, one ef the
proprietors of Freemans Journal
in a letter publishod in that- paper
states that henceforth he will
reject Mr. Parnell's attempt to
rolttin the leadership of the Irish
National party.
A pretty New Jersey heirs
ess has caused a sensation by
marrying a bntin.au. Friends
tried to stop tho match, but tho
lady fooled tbem and lays her
fortune ns well as her heart al
disposal of bur husband.
Three men were nrresled in
Calgary Saturday morning while
in tho act of getting away with
watches and Jewellery stolen
from Geo. Jacques' jewellery
store about four mouths ago,
They arc Fred, Schullz, Fred.
Prior ahd .McDonald, tho clerk
accused of tho theit.
A company, with a capital ot
82,500,000 huB been organized in
England to operate a line of
steamers direct Irom Toledo and
other Lake Uric ports to Liverpool to cngago in tho cotton-
cariying trade. Tbe Toledo flour
mills have arranged to ship two
thirds of their out put of 6,000
barrels a day in this way.
At New York Adjutant William
Wallace Witobcll and Adjutant
Ida May, of the Salvation Army,
wero married by Mrs, Bsllinglon
lioolh, wlln of the commander
general ot the army in America,
who iiclcd in the nbsoiico of her
busbuDil. Tho wedding is notable
as be the first where ii Woman has
pciloi'inc'J the ceremony,
A gentleman from England
recently vibited Chilliwack for
the purpose of selecting a silo for
a fruit cannery, He represented
a large English Syndicate who
intend going into fruit canning in
this provinco in an extensive
scale. The company intend pie.
paring tbe fruit for lhe European
markets under tho new system,
viz; putting it up in glass jara,
nienufactured expressly tor the
purposo by themselves. Thoy
intend locating their glass works
as convenient as possible to the
ci.nne.y, Several tons of fruit
will be prepared in tbis way in
Victoria this year as a sample of
tho linns production, and in ordor
to c'tahlisb in England a market
for British Columbia fruit.���
aa> ���
Sensational    Divorce  Case.
Two of tbo most beautiful women it. Providence figure prominently in a sensational divorce
case which Mrs, Ella Augusta
TebbetlB is the libellant, aud Mibs
Belle Shaw the co-respondent.
Forest F. Tcbbetts, the libelee,
is one of the merchant princes of
Provideuce. All lhe parties concerned movo in highest circles
and Miss Shaw is conceded to be
the queen of society, The rovela-
lions mado when lbe suit was
announced was a great shock to
the local "four hundred." Mr.
Tebbetts left his wife about, a
your ago, and according to her
charges, which wero not denied
in court, has been living sinoo
then with Miss Shaw in palatial
quarters. His wife was provided
with unusally expensive surroundings, but lbe husband spent
all his time in Mibs Shaw's company. Mies Shaw iB more youth-
tul than Mrs. Tebbetts, but tbe
latter is a remarkably handsome
woman. Divouree cuboj seldom
produce two such singularly
beautiful women. Tebbetts makes
no defence uud his wife will undoubtedly secure her divourco.
& Co.
There is great excitement
among tbo Welsh dissenters over
a recent statement by the Bishop
of St. Asaph that non-conformist
ministers had troqucntly implored
privately for admission to the
Episcopal Church.
Dissolution   of  Co-Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the
co-partnership heretofore existing between W. Kirkup & Co., dealers in
tinware and stoveB at Revelstoke,
B. O., has this day boen dissolved by
mutual consent, W. Kirkup assuming all liabilities of the said firm, and
all accounts are to be paid to J.
Witness, J. KIRKUP.
Thos. M. Hamilton.
RevelstoKe, July 8th 1891.
Nolica is hereby givon that tho
followiug lands aro hereby reserved
from Bale or pre-emption until further
uotico, viz:���A strip of land one
milo in width on each side of a liue
commencing at the point whero
Cottonwood-Smith Creek crosses tbe
southern boundary of Nelson Town-
site Reserve; thenco following the
valley of tho Cottonwood-Smith Creek
to its head; thenco along the vulloy
of tho Salmon River to a point opposite to the head of Beaver Crook;
theuce across the Bitmniit to the
valley of Heaver Creek, and follow
Ing tho said valley to its mouth;
thenco following tho oast sido of the
Columbia Hiver to tho International
Boundary line.
F. (',. VERNON,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Lands and   Works  Department
Victoria, 11. 0,,'aUst May, 1801,
Carry large hues of plain, medium, amel high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
Heel-room sets ranging iu price from $8, 50 to $500..   Hotels fiir-
nishod throughout.   Office aud bar-room chairs.   Spiug
. mattresses made to ordor, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stook.     Mail
orders from Kooteuay Lako
points will receive early
Jaud   prompt attention.
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
wm. kirkup & CO,
3ranito ware,] and   Lamp,;.Goods,       Tin,  Copper and   Sheet Iro-
Waro mado to order.    First class work guaranteed.    Ordors promptly
attended to.'
U   orders by mail
express promtly
W0 C$f-$ If-'. ''M    SPECIALTY.
V-i"ii'*,- ,'.-���',.'*.'-������'���.-ii-.. A.:-'i
1P.1 fl Tl  ^Sliif A" tlescriptiona of
gold and silver
(Close to 0. P. R. Depot,)
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and complete stook of gent's furnisings, ladios' loilei.
and children's boots, shoes aud hose, stationery, patent medicines, eto.,
requisites and ready-made olotbiug.   A   large  ussortineul of pipes,
toiiucuo, cigarettes, imported aud domestic uigai's, lruiu, t-uudy, eic
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and othergoodi
loo numerous lo mention, ut moderate prices.)
Telephone communication.
J, Fred, Hume & Co.,
Iievelstoke and Nelson, !?. C.
Dry Goods,  Provisions  and Hardware,
The Public will find il to thoir advautago to call and
Inspect  Gcods and Compare   Prices.
Any ordors  plaood with   Mr. Ciiaui.f.s I. in dm auk.  will have our
(���/ireful attention   and   prompt delivery to any part ol Hevolstoke.
'��      ' Divino Service will bo held in tlio | bnquets for tlio Victoria.
Hevslitoke Clmreh every Sunday evening al7;.it), coiiiliicteil' alternately
Sundat School and Bible Class every SuiVitay afternoon at 2:'H). All
ore cordially invited to attend.
<?hureh of Envlutwl services
"���ill ).�� held in Kovokiiuhv hy the
Ri*c .al.C. U. Kemm every lourtl.
Sunday in e-nch rnoiilh.
ritiP&j >t'lltlrk Loilgi-, No ti
^8^0 1 O 0 li" Douald 11 C
Regular Meeting Thursday A each
����'elt nl 8 ]>. m.   All vwitiug broth-
tra are cordially invited.
J. McLkob,     J. li. Mathebox.
iN.U. U.S.
DiaNAU), 11. C.
Hee.te lut 2 Snndayn, and hist 2 Wednesdays i-iii-li moulli.
Master,   J, S. Ilahbitt.
Sec'y,   W, F. Ogilvio.
Fiiic'r.   Aligns .McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Cht-sley, Kutn-
loops, 11,0.
Donald, 1!. C.
Moots lst 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd ami
4th Sundays, in Fiic-tuen's Hall,
Warner,   Arthur liundall,
Secretary,   Joseph Oallin,
Coliawteif,   Ceo 11 Govott, Box 49
Receiver,   Janus  Falconer, Can
more, N. W. T.
iliigHzine Agin      II J McSorley
J'liABEK- On August tlie 5th, 181)1,
to Air. inn. Wis, 1'. Fraser. a
Picked Up in llio Town und
Mr. Oeo. T. Kauc, lately of Ainsworth is iu town.
Lonine Bros have jimt received a
brand new delivery wagon.
On Monday a parly of St. Paul
excursionists passed through ou
No I.
Geo. LiiFcrm has goro down to
Sanderson's Hot Bpiings to revel in
the warm widen-.
Mr. A, F, McKinnon, who left
town last week lor Illecillewaet, if
at work on his claim the Maple
The C. k K, S. N,  Co.'s new i slight  ueoidenl
stenmi r beiug built ut Little Dalles
is almost compleleii, ami will I ull      	
probability make her tirsi trip up the teuder broke through the oover-
the river next Friday. ing of the turntable.   The trucks
The recent rains have been very ��ere soon taken out aud the break
acceptable, laying the dust, watering repaired,
crops, uud extinguishing bush tires      ,-Sii1- j,^^ who a shlrt time
thut were coining too dune lo town ,g0 p0lH.H M ,bo fubLicDal))e ,ajiQr(
for comfort and safety. of tije fashionable town of Kamloops
Mr. Henry M. Ami, of the Can- ia now engaged in winding np the
adiau Geological Survey, uow work- C.   P,   11.'s   aff-iirs   as  pafirtonger
ing his way east through the mini;- brakemau.  He gave up tbe tailoring
tuiufl, carries a small bur of bullion bnsiheu becans'j there are so many
Irom the Koolenay Smelter to the in the country who will persist in
Capital'with him.                              ' veering out their old clothes, end
Mr. W. M. lirown wears his right vho "** 8**- thei- Bew *-*���--������ ���fl��de
hand tied up. owing to a slight a..- "* **-���* BMt'
oident, He was turning oat the Messrs. J, W. Hankies, W. Web-
light in a large bunging lamp on ,������,,, Walter Evsni, Wm, Edgar,
Wedueeilay uight, wbon the fasten- M\ McFarlano, Geo. Hoaeh, Wm.
ing save way, allowing the heavy Swalwr-ll, Archie Mcl'onough, Geo.
lamp to fall ... sue.li a way that the pJatt ami Wm. Kirby returned from
glass cut Mr. Browne's baud severe- the Lardeau Wednesday, havin
ly. I completed their work on llio trai
Mr. Geo, Terrj berry had a narrow I thero. They ran the trail niue milei
escape Irom serious ii.jury Tliura- | from Trout lake, and the remainder
Mays. He ��us engaged in shoeing ��ill he done by G. IJ, Nngle nnd
one of the Columbia House horses, ; party who aro working in from Koo-
Ilev. Mr. Paton haH secured the
use of tiae old school house ns a
room in which to teach tho resident
Another of the Raymonil-WI.it-
comb special excursion tiains passed
through town Tuesday. This party
Ib also bound for Alaska,
Dt. W. Bell Campbell and Mrs.
Campbell wero in town the beginning (i�� tbe week. Mrs, Campbell
wen, ou a trip down the river.
It is remarkable tho number of
gnod hiads there are iu Revelatoke,
vide Phrenologist McBlain. There
are not many big heads, however,
Judge Vowell, superintendent of
Indian agencies in tha province,
passed through town I'oesilay on a
visit to Donald, and the reserves iu
East Kooteuay.
Cupt, McMorris, who will tako
charge of the new ateamer "Nelson"
of the C. k K. 8. N. Co. fleet, left
imin on Wednesday with his family
to reside in Kelson.
Snow fell }esterdny on the adjacent niooutain tops, und reports
from up tbe line say the "beautiful"
fell to a deph of two inchts in tho
! Kicking Horse puss down iu the
Mr. D. Woolsey, of UlceiUe-vaca,
who goes to Lower Kootenay to
collect mineral specimens for the
Toronto Exhibition, is in towu, and
uill go down the river on Monday
The R.-velstoke Lumber Co. mills
ure busy in getting out materiul for
the Northwest. Last Saturday au
order for lifleeu car loads was received, and nmacrons smaller orders are
being tilled,
Numbers of American bolidayers
in search of health take the Lj ttou
at Little Dalles, for the Arrow and
Kooteuuy lakes, Capt. Sanderson's
Hot Springs ou Arrow Luke is a
favorite resort, uud will soon rival
llaiilf mid llm risen.
Mr. F, W. Robinson came down
from Illecillewaet Saturday after
I taking u trimp over the mountains
looking ut tho various claims. He
is confident that the Illecillewaet
camp is all right, and will make a
good showing beforo long,
To-day is a gala day with Westminster, tho city being occupied
with tlio following sporting events:
McLean-Peterson bout race ou the
Fraser for a stake of i2,C50, tho
lacrosse match of the championship
series between Vancovor and Westminster, and tho cricket mutch,
Vancouveis against Westminster.
In getting engine 372 ready for
the evening express oa Saturday
est a delay was occasioned, by a
In bucking the
engine it went a little farther than
wus intended ami the hind trucks of
the bottom.
Rot. Mr. Ladner, appointed to the
pastorate of the Revelstoke Methodist church, cannot get hero nutil
about the middle of next month.
Mr. Fred. Dyer, who Bouie time
ago was employed iu the C, P, It.
.���(mud house here, and who la'ely
hus been engaged in tiring the yard
engine at Vauronver, *peuti a couple
of (lays in town thw week. He is
on his way home to Euglund to
puler into possession of a fortune
recently left to him. Thero is an-
fireman on the liue looking after
something of the samo nature,
There was excitement on the
Lytton last Friday fur a time. On
the up trip between Little Dulles
and Sproat, a black bear was sighted
swimming tbe liver. Immediately
riiles were brought to hour on him,
ami a bullet from Cupt, Gore's
Winchester Bout him "over the.
river " A small boat was launched
and Mr. Bruin's remains were soon
lying in stutu on the deck of the
stiRiner. -  i
Anctbe strike has been mado ou
Fish Creek, dipt. Sanderson aod
Charles Anderson, who went down
to Arrow Luko and up Fink Creek
some weeks ago, are the locators,
TTwy have uncovered a four feet
ledge of galena, and are eminctil
the ore is high iu value, ami the tind
will prove valuable some day. The
difficulty of reaching tbe claim will
hinder its development, but tho
owners will "get there" seme way.
Mr. Joseph Reid, special agent of
the Mutual Life lns.irur.ee Co., ol
New York, spent Wednesday in town
en route for Nelsou. Mr. Reid is
uot the biggest man io thu world,
but he takes a great many ''lives"
and is proud of being the representative of the biggest insurance
company in the won), the Mutual'.,
assets being Jj'i 17,000.009. While
here he whs not idle, taking a
number of gooit risks, and will
return to do the town properly.
New   Pens.
We are in reoeipt of a half dozen
of the Pasha series of ntnt-1 pens
manufactured by tbe Turkish Steal
Pen Cu., Damascus, Syria. These
poos ure mid to be made of
the Quest Damascus steel aud are
noted for their flexibility, are non-
corrosive, and are altogether most
perfect, ia durability and action resembling gold pens. They are for
sale by Warwick & Sons., Toronto,
uud may be had from ull tbe leading
(Late of Netoon.)
Hits set np his test on Main
Street, opposite the Font Ollico,
whero he will remain lor a short
time taking Views, Pnotos, Tintypes
and Enlarging Pictures. All work
tin is bed here,and s-ati-'fttotion guaranteed. Prices reasonable, Give
as a call.
Assay aud   Mining-   Oilices,
tiolil.-ti, u. C.
Silver, Ctold or Lead, each. ...81.50
Silver,  Gold and   Lead, combined   3.00
Silver ond Lewi  2M
Silver, Gold and Copper 4.00
Silver uml Gold  2.00
Silver ftiul Copper  il.50
Silver, Gull, Lead and Cooper. 5.M)
Copper by Wet ami Eleetroylsis
assay  2.50
Copper by Fire Assay St.lW
Other assay prices on application.
Terms��� Cbsh with samples. A
discount oj 1.0 per cont, when two or
more are sent,
Sales of Ore negotiated.
N. B.���For several years nssiiyw
io Messrs. Vivian & Sous, Swansea,
Agonts Wanted.
IJ-J       XJX\j\JkJ
���SO:*', l'OHK,   HTC.
Corner Krwit aad Hanson Sts.
Amul-iAMso*- BROS.       -       PHOPUtKIOBS.
First class in evory reaped- Neares.
hotel to C 1' It de'pi t aud steamboa,
lauding, between pout ollioo awl. gov,,
buildings. Coach to and from depott
ami steamboat. Fire proof Safe for the
accommodation of ite oiiBtoniei-s,.
���U*     JC   ���    JtV*     aaOSaV  X aLtiU.
I?. McCAn'ruy    -    .    ...   Paor
Past class Tempeiauce House.
iiftaWm .-.si)  toomm }5 VK inta.
"mkals, 25c.    umns 25o.
Tins hotel is situated eouveuieut to the.
Btnti-ii,, ia CMnfottably  furuishedi ����A
allonhi Iirst cluss accoinmodatiou.
P. O, Address, Nelson, j. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto. All kinds ol
lumbor on band. During thu seasou
of lb'.U lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings ou the lake ut
greatly reduced prices.
Rooms well at tended; table-- nnex
celled. Wines ami liijuorei^iiirui
te.d of u higl. qutili-y, ji'j,.,, ^
sample room. 'Wcphone communication wiih l\ p. |{, dtipot. Fiji
proof vault for tbe convenience
guests,   Ruse meets all trains.
I riUSSUSI BA.TBS    -   -    -    $2 wtDk*
W v?j> by pwouBM tintvBsn,
Sixty days after elate, I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for tbo purchase
of eighty acre,s, commencing at a
post on the east side of John Bangs
pre-emption, running 20 chains east,
40 chains sonih, thence 20 chains
west, thence 40 chains north to point
of beginning.
Revelstoke, July 29th, 1891.
whon the animal kieked him over
the right temple. Fortunately he
was close to Ihe horse and did uot
receive the full force ol the kick, or
he would not he walking around
There ore several attractive flower
eenuy Liko.
A number nf Ihe boys who were
working on the Lardeau Trail tell a
bear story which is decidedly ac-
i-neo.iB. They were crossing Trout
Lake in a skiff when they lighted a
very Jurge black  hear.    Ho had a
gardens  in  the east end   of   the . head about the sizn of an ordinary
town, but that ol .Mr. F. F. Brnd- I box stove and ears larger thun those
ford is probubly the most prolific,
of a donkey, Thero waa no difficulty
Uo has a tine display of great v.ici- j in nboutlng him.   The last, shot was
flred at six-feet rinigv, when the big
bear expired suddenly and sank out
of sight in 800 feet of water, It in
supposed thut the tunny holes made
in bim allo.vil tin uuroai to  fill
ety, from lhe g.mdy poppy to the
ini.dest mignoniiette. Almost daily
lie LriiagH a rnogidfieent hunch of
bloom to adorn thu tables of the
Victoriu.    It Biiid, however, that
Notiee iii hereby given that, (10
days after date, we Intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd Worcs for permission to pur-
ohnse 180 acres of land, described as
(ollown: Commencing at n hIiiko le-iir
the nurth in ii oornef post of H.
Lowes' preemption Fire Valley, and
running north 40 ohains, thenee east
40 chains, thenee nouth 40 cbniOB,
thence west 40 chains to point of
RevolstoKe, July 27th, 1891,
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
All kinds Of Turned nml Scroll work
(lone neatly nnd promptly,
um! at ri;(hf. prices.
,lobbing work a BpWrialty,
Is hereby given to E. S. Wilson
ami R. D. Blair, thut the assessments now delinquent ou Iheir interests in the L.st Chance mining
claim, McCulloeh Creek, if nut paid
in iii) days from date hereof, huh!
interests will be sold by public unction, at Revelstoke Court House, to
the highest bidder, ou the Ltl. dav
of August A. D., 1801, at 2 o'clock
By Order
Revelstoke, July 18th 1801.
Notice iB hereby given that 00 days
aftor date we tho undersigned, iuteud
applying to the Chief CoinmisBioner
of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following tract of
land, situated at tbe west eud of
Trout Lake, West Kootenay district,
beginning nt the north east post
planted at tbe mouth of tbe Lardeau
lliver, theuce following the meander-
ingsofthe lake 80 chains, to tho
south east comer; thence 80 obaius
to the south west corner; thenoo 80
chains to tho north west corner; thenee
80 chains to point of oom.iiuiicomont.
Rovelstoko. June 3,1801.
Ocean Time to Europe.
Allan       White Star
Dominion      Cunard
Beavor Anchor
and ull other lines sailing from Halibut, Portland, Boston, New York
llullimore  arc  on  sale  at
0. 1*.  R. ntat.ii.in, at
very low ratos.
��Ask for sailing lists and ratos o
(urn.  Great advantages suonred by
i biking ocean tickets from your local
I agents,
ttreat Hiving effected by taking
round trip tickets.
Berths in auy steamer engaged
Prepaid pannage arranged from
any point iu Europe,
Apply to your nearest agent; or to
J. HaMIWOS, Revolntoke, or to
Ki innia Katun,
Oeu. Fum. Agt., Winnipeg.
REVELSTOKE     -      .      a, c
IV. Cowan, Prop.
Thr Snrgw.il aod mawi central Hole, ��
the city; good accwainodatie-u'; everything now ; table well mipplioii;. bar ami-
billiard room nttMind ; lire proof snfe.j
lili'yWN k CLARK,
Stockholm House
Tbe dining room is furnished  with th*
host the market aftotds.
The bar is supplied with a ehwice stunk
of wines, liquors and cigars.
Str. Lytton
Will leave REVELSTOKE every
4n.m���forKOBSON andLITTLB:
DALLES. Connecting at KCB-
SOM with iho Columbia and
Kootenay Ruilffnyanil at LIT'J'LR
DALLES with the Spokane F.,Ht
k Korlbern linilway.
Returning will leave LITTJ.R
FRIDAY at 9a. m.


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