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The Kootenay Star Aug 1, 1891

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I*   '..1
No. 7.
Smelting and Trading
Are   Prepared to  Sample   und   PiiroJiuso   nil   Kinds of
Prices and all Information furnished on application,
������j1 ��� ��� "'
Boot and Shoe Shop,
ED. PICARD, proprietor.
Cfy> itootcnay Star
SATURDAY, AUGUST   1,   1801.
Boots and Shoes of all kinds made to order of the best stock ou short
potics, REPAIRING of Shoes a Specialty. Harness aud other Leather
woric ��l��o repaired.   PRICES EIGHT.
Notary Publio,
.Notary Public.
Milling. Timber and   Koul   Estate  Brokers and  General
Commission  Agents.
Conveyunoes, Agreements, Bills of Side, Mining Bonds, etc, drawn np
Rents and Aceonuts Collected; .Mining Claims Bought uud Bold; Asses-
nient work on Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc, Etc.,
fW I'l.fK,   UKI' AND Al't'HaUNT tyst'liANCK AOESTS.
Lots on Townsite ot Ilovelstoke for Sale and Wauled, Agents for Mining
XJneninery, Etc.
Gilker & Wells.
��� WlGALRRH   IN	
PTLf>m 9TtV9%tt ��� ��� SsOT&fe-lttMSSe
Evans Bros,' Pianos
���^.'AV'.-f.-.rTT.i ~*:f3&SlSf
IfflPwp'^*** ;:;.."i:ri'~--*���;:; ��� ��� -O" * -^r,-"1;,
Mffmmi&M ii mw***
DIMM  ja-.aU', Ull.'IIHJ-il-ll.
If yoi tiiiuK of Imying uu Organ or   Piauo, soud for Catalogue and
Prici- Lists
Q,   C
JiovclBtoko litis not mutle any
uml uu pi-etei.tions as a health
resort, hut the tact is, nevei'tlic.
less, tlmt it is ono of the healthiest spots in ti healthy country.
Only one death Irom natural
causes Iiiib occurred in tlie town
wilhin the last six months, uml
wo have no medical practitiouer
in the towu, tho two who were
hero at the beginning of the
year having moved ftwuy to
places where their services were,
needed. Throughout Canada
there lias been a great deal of
sickness during the past year,
and even in our own province the
number of cases ol sickness mid
deull. have been unusually large.
The ciiies of ll.o coast have had
grippe ami lever epidemics, and
phenomenally high death rules,
while Ktu.iloops, whoso residents
claim tn.il it is a veritable mini-
tariuiii, has Kept four doctors
luisy, dcaih his gathered a
comparatively heavy harvest,
and sickness is yd rife there.
Having t.u doctor practicing here
militates against the place set
ting up cltiiiiis us a sanitarium,
hut it is a good healthy place lo
live in and may some day figure
as tin American linden Hudeu,
Tho Western World Buys:
'��� Multiloba, the North-west Ter.
" rilortes und British' Columbia
" show i.|) well in the postal Btu-
" t.slics. The postal revenue for
" the different provinces per
" head of population is u�� foi-
" lows: British Columbia, $.1.91;
" Manitoba and Ihe Northwe��t
" Territories, 81.74; Onlajio, 90
" cent,.; New Brunswick, 55 cts.;
" Quebec and Nova Scotia, 60
" cents; Prince Edward Island,
" ilii cents. These figti.es clearly
" show lhat in the volume of
" coircHpoiHlei.ee, a sure index of
" intelligence and business ue-
" tiv.ty, the country west of
���' Lake Superior is far ahead of
" the older- portions of the
11 Dominion," This speaks well
for British Columbia, which, it
will   be Been,  leads in this ro-
, ...
It is said that a bet has been
mudo in Mi ntrcal lhat lion. Mr.
Lautier will be leader in the
Dominion pnrliamc.it before lhe
month of August is past. The
loundation tor ibis is probably
the Btory going the rounds that
Hon. Mr, Chaplean has oflercd
lo desert the Conservatives and
join the Liberals with his lollow-
ing, if Mr; Luurier will give him
tbe portfolio of Ministi1.' of Hallways in his cabinet. Mr. Chap.
Icau nmy be disaffected but il is
hardty possible thut he would
becomo a renegade fo- the sake
of securing u coveted office, aud
il is nol likely that Mr, Luurier
would SJcTillcc principle and independence to gain in. uncertain
victory, In.' he could novel* rely
ou a man who would sell himseli
in tho way referred to.
Tho investigation before tho
public accounts committee of tho
Dominion house coi.tiu.ies to (lis-
closo further irregularities. Sev-
eral ol lhe parlies implicated,
notably Sir Hector Lungevin
and young Pcrlcy, deny that
they received monies; but tho
several clerks ugainst whom
charges have been nnulo admit
their wrung doing and endeavor
to throw the blame on their
superiors. Ii appears by lhe
rigor of the investigation that
all offenders will be shown up,
and there is little doubt that they
will be punished lor iheir poljabed
It is gratifying to know that
even now, when thoro is good
communion.ion between lhe lower
country und Spokane Falls und
other American cities, lhe grout
bulk of merchandise shipped into
the Lower Kootenay country, is
produced in Cnnuda. The Str,
Lyltou continues lo carry down
heavy freights every trip, und
will havo all she can handle Irom
now lo the end of the season,
The Smelter.
The Kootenay Smelter continues to run, although it was
shut down for a few days to
allow the placing of a new valve
where ono had been broken,
this broken valve allowed a too
liberal flow ol water, oflBeltiug
the action pt lbe fires, and pro-
venting tbe metals irom running
freely. Tho fires had to be allowed to burn out before the repair
could be made. They were
started again yosterduy night and
everything is running ull right
ouce more.
New Post Ollice.
The Post Office department in
contracting for the carrying ol
the mails Irom lbe town lo the
stutiou thii year made no provision for the inking of mail lo
the station immediately after
its distribution in the office here,
and it looked ub if tho people ut
the other end of the town were
not going lo huvo us good inaii
service vu> lbe year past, The
knowing ones smiled, however,
mid were satisfied, uud lbe reason
of their satisfaction is now ap*.
parent. To-day u new pemt office
was opeued ui Messrs, Bourne
Bros, store, which in fulre will
bo known as 'Tlevelstoke Station
P. 0," The new post office will
be a great convenience to those
living ul the east end of lhe
town aud oue which has been
long sought. Hero Lewis, wbo
assisted Postmaster Wells will
officiate behind the wicket in tbe
new office,
Down ltlver Notes.
On tho up trip last Friduy tbe
steamer Lytton run afoul of a
telegraph line stretched across
the river about, a mile below
Truil Creek, Tho wire was pur*
licub.rly strong and before it
could bu cut il broke lbe jack
stall, anil lore away the cabin
und stanchions, doing dunitige lo
the extent of ovt-r 3100.
Almost overy trip the Lyiton
takes numbers ol settlers and
prospectors into Fire Valley nnd
the Lardouu, ami land in those
vullcys iB being rapidly taken
Ciiplain Goro carries a so.nil
cargo ot grasshoppers ou tho
Lyltou lo supply thu ivantu ol
anglers, A cent apiece is what he
pays for them in Iievelstoke,
Mr. Alf, I''it/.[iutriok, wbo has
been working iu Iievelstoke auel
vicinity for somo months past as
Presbyterian missionary, leaves this
evening for North Bend, where he
will labor in future. He 1ms mude
many friends hero and there is no
ilonbt bu will do well at North
During the week believers in
phrenology ��� and unbeliever.-,
too���have beeu imerested by the
lectures of Prof. McBluin, on
craniology and kindred subjects,
also by bis public examinations of
the heads of several ladies ami
gentlemen. The professor iB
evidently thoroughly proficient
in the Bciencc, und his lectures
were very instructive us well as
interesting, while his happy stylo
of reading lhe characters of bis
subjects was binbly amusing.
The profoBBor leaves to-morrow
evening lor Sicamous and Irom
there goes to Kamloops. He will
nol lecture this exeuing.
A shoe found. The owner should
call at this office and get it���or leave
its mate here.
At tha beginning of the week the
thermometer register) 112�� iu the
shade at Kamloops, over 100 at Don.
aid, and 911�� in Iievelstoke.
Another social dance was given in
the diniug room of the Columbia
House, Tuesday evening. Oner a
dozen uoupleB were present and the
dancers had a very pleasant time.
Mr, Thos, Steed, of Creemoie,
Ont., brother of Mrs. H. N. Coursier, arrived iu town this week. He
iB taking a look through the oountry
with a view of making his home
Constable J. Kirkup took down to
Victoria Wednesday the two prisoners brought np from Nelson by Constable Scoly, who were examined on
charges of embezzlement, and who.
were taken to the capital (or extradition.
Mr. "Jake" Serson was in town
yesterday, looking extremely happy.
The cause of tbe jiyful demonstration is that Mrs. and Miss Serson
"are doing well." Miss Serson baa
been a member of the household
only a few days.
Komnel Hi Word, an Austrian, con-
victed at Ainsworth of being of unsound mind and in need ol care, was
brought up from Nelson by Constable Scoley, on Saturday morning,
aud tbat evening Special Constable
E. A Fraser took him to Kamloops
and handed him over to tbe authorities there.
Oeorge Lafornie and N. Latre-
mouille came down from the Big
Bend yesterday, bringing with them
nine pack animals. They have completed tbe building of the trail,
which is now in fairly good shape to
Smith creek. The meu on Smith
and Frenob oreeks are apparently
doing well.
Thero were four photographers in
town this week; but only two come
to stay for any length of time. Mr.
0. S. Benson, lately of Nelson has
ereoted bis tent on Main street, anl
is ready to receive patrons wearing
their best smile and good clothes.
Mr. Francis is doing business at the
vast end of the towu.
Station Agent W. J. Appleby at
Sicmuous has the side of the station
decorated with the pelt of a smalt
black bear. He shot tbe bear himself ou Saturday last, and dm't
mind who knows it. Mr. Johnson,
of Sicamous, also knocked over a
bear cub the following day. Bears
are said to be numerous along the
(.', P. It, line between Griffin Lake
aud Sicamous.
A number of cases of snnstroko
occurted in the mountains during
the wiii-k. A young man named
Peacock, of Ouiiald, bud a very
severe stroke. He uow lies uncon-
soiousaud his case is considered
hopoless, Section Foreman Loftns
who runs between Craigellacbie and
Griffin Lake succumbed to the heat
and was obliged to lay off for several
day, Michael Kennedy of town,
was also a victim to a stroke, bnt is
all right again.
**i| t��fy> ilootcnay Star
^ four page twenty colli Inn lie*'
p��p(ir is ismiotl It um ib-oiHi'c o
plblii-tilion, Ki-vel-hil,!-, I!. ('
St|h(icriplion price 82 per yea.'
Hates of itdvoi'tisitig given on
H. JttoUnTClllMON
I'l duller anl PrnpHoi'.
I   i
SATURDAY. ATTGUSl'  1,   1801.
Sci'lpjat S i - * 11   Iloi.lt),
Seiilintr is i-r.'iiiinly sioppi'd in
tbo Bohni'tf Sell, saV-i the Colds
mst, ti in i a,I of llie Victoria licet
j- now on llie way huu.u, I lie
fill.'unci-, l - li.i-hl |iig Sell i" ' IfvC-
tually iiioi-l.'i'ii, ii.nl h now pain. Ilt-il by (ive Aukrictiii anil
two B.'.iihIi wtif vessels. 'I In-
ii..n, iiiicis lv li, ..It,rem uml
Waller 1/ Hicb, urr'vu.l in Vn-.
toria on Saturday from Hi being
j-jc-u, They, will. 15 others, were
ui||iih|, lil(i) I'-i.ti jn ii l,ri,p til Aii-
pile liny by tin. United Statue
in.iii pf. WiH' i|.et> (Hid warned
p, it of the Bi'ti inn.ee penalty oi
sitmi-'c mill it..prism i.iei.l, So'ne
(it .I.e si-hou-ici's, inkiel in cit-
ter lbe sea on lhe Russian side
(.ml hunt seal there in ilt'liunc.e
(if Uritish and Ainerian uuth.U'i-
t.e-s, Most ol I he seiiler/ssot sail
lor thu sn'i'li nnil honiu alter the
Thetis interviewed tlie.a. All
I lm t-t-jiU'V- tli'U duiply iiisgim.nl
Villi l|.o IIII'll alliiiib hnye   taken,
(icriiiitny  >Vill   ljicclrocutc.
A Hirlin ilt'spaic'i Bjiyti that lips
jjnilieiiil aiiihoriiii-s of the gov-
t'l'llment b'Ve investiguicll so till'
(is possible the system ol puitin-/
|..ii.'(.l'-rcrs to ili't.lh by c|p.!li'ioi|,y
lit vogue in Jfew York sitito, arid
pro preparing a t-cj- ty\ which   is
decidedly favorable lo   the tiilii||.
lion of the- method in lii-rnut"V
|is ii substitute It'1' buht'iulii'i!,
Jl isi.ssuineil by tlip i lee- 1'iiul
(ixpei'BB ati'l others win. have en.
gaged in tho inquiry lln-l the
recent mceiiiiuna in America
Were biithly aupee-'sl''*!, unij lliey
lire al! ol ll)o   tip i|t"ii   that   li'.i-
pinny objections which have luicn
1'i.isi-il against thr giilliiwsi a ������!
the block t a met.,nt oi u���'.'. . : :
capital puni8.htiio.it are wti Iiy
���'cinoveii by the i lectric   - stem
t'n.fte'1'n to tic Helped,
Ale** lliing, agent of the Bfitisl
f()li|!i.i'ia (-evernuietit in Seal an I
(itis iv * anted lei,in Kngl|iii ! on 1
js in O'.itiu'a. Ub st .1 . he In -
piudo iiKtie.ciiH nts with the
rlri'.ish troyori.inent for a li
jgl(,H,U(lU   im' ���   our-
pose-!,     This   will   hi     .   .
in     niint.i    us     ri quired   a:. 1
I'epnid by thi:    lit':'.,.-i,    I
Gweriinienti who  iu   tqru   ���
polled ii  I y  inst ���     ���-...���>  I i m
5f'U''i'N,  They get   three   |
in which in r&pay thu loans, not
having i.'i pay ttliythiuu  tor  lhe
prat li.'e years,   The si Home j'.',
VHi-i lof ill" .-.���'..i'-iiient (it  abtiul
6,UQt| cu". fa uii i a-., ar ,
|'n,;.i '.���1,'uiii gl{)U iYi|l bo t%\
pciih'il un welt t'ati.tly, ait'l a
ty.niicatf is l)pi|i|J   itiliii'iiic'l   in
jin-jiuiid m cairy un ttshiiig anil
mii.ing apen'i|q,u�� in British i >.-
iR.nbiu io, ailoi'd emplflyinum lor
Tbey Will ;.��li lhe ii'iiiiinK.ii
^(iVi;r|,.|ii'tit |0 i,.culii ll.tt.r. d|k|
asiial tn llevolopin'j ihp lii'tutVies
of the const, 'Iho mhenie pi
lacks, um ounfif-fnnttan ��i' both
^ivenimctits, but ll'.yif Ifl (.1   Hie
opinion thai it will hq m\iw\\
Mflthvv   Pftvw, eelomj, ei
JiOI'tl.MHl, Mill WllilU lilt>   WW*
m \i\\w\ www, Hhw n��?e liinh
lo qwdwplew llie oilim* tlnyi
Murder   Will  Out,
On Sepli'tii'-er 17ih ISTG. an
old .nun iiniiii'il [snic ('lo.ik was
I'ii'in-1 in a crisp in his cabin Ml
Noi'f.'i Situ..ie-.h, 'I here were s.|,i-
pli-li.its i bill l'i nl; iii I uot iii'- an
aCciilenlal ih-.ilh, at bis ..'full w.-ts
|.|i(ilii|.|.|| a.id nun of lhe hniius nl
i |u' in in l"'ukt'|i; but a I'O.to.-e.fl
|t Qiicst I lih'il Iii Ibrmv any light
nn ihe stiliji-i.t. An Indian woman I'l'p' Um suci'.'i "t tbo murder ul CiiitiK lur I'lt'ti-i-n years,
hut baa hi,uii- it known to lite
anil.,italics ul last.
Nothing Uoljiiitu was ki'n vn in
j the inn Iter, aav.- the (John.jap, nud
no n.ii' was accused (.( co.nplicily
in lhe caiine -if c.'inie waa ciim-
iiiitli-il ���until    ('int.!      .coeiitly,
I I'iicit the chirg' WU'   I .id   in   a i
i mil.reel a I -bit'ii  that the .l.n
I lin'iniuila  i-loiy   mu-t   he lalieu
| nth a grain i.| a;,It.  Ju.-t bc{ |'c
I Cloak's ilutilli there bad  been II
i great pQtbilch  in   tbe   nigbboi-
|,o nl, nuiuo.'.' lbe I.i'l.itns  allc.i.l-
iici (icing Until ila .dut, and  his
kluiucbniuu  b'a.inic,   The liillcl'
it  ia that   l-iy<  tbe  iiiiiirmalluu
uu||i||gt  her   f I'nicr   lord    and
nitis'.c.',    who    cist     i.e.'    oil
home mouths ago for a youngor
buaii.y.   '��iu says Ohio lis Alot
told   iter   Cloak had just COiiiu
back from selling his  mips,  and
bad hiyoii cb.ciiiiniin, which be
meant p> not piinsi'ssion of.   He
went to (Jioak's hou.-e, killed the
obi   man,   to()k   everything    oi
value be i(i,ild liiul, and  set  fire
to lhe pitieo,   Then be rcturiieil
eo i no.ue, iclalcd b.�� udvonuire,
nud ipi'iili'il the spoils wiih her���
a few silver i'iuiis ami   lhe obi
man's   hlunkois   ami   shcciB,   ti
portiitp of which are now it. the
posBeasiQii ol Use jolice.
Sup... Hussey, acting on Pan-
li.e-'s Hlory, gave the case to Ol'.i-
i'1-r Hunter, who  arresied  Cn.|i
lla Mot al  Ciiivii-liati, where   l|u
was living with Ins ee.v b ve. ilo
! iieuji'd 'III iiiuwle l^e i|f illu crime
I aud uipiio along ipiiulty.   Pannic
I ia   now living   in Ninth Suun'oh
,u t) \i hi bo On btilltl  lo t'ive bol'
'ti"ii{e.iCH   at   the    prop r   lime.
: She also pruupses lo secure other
w.l||UBseb, ivliu will cui'uburate be-r
: nti|iu..ii-.'t��. an,I   ali'ci.glliun   the
well iii  cvi'lci.co iuiil   id  being
1 oust about C tin Uu .nol.
Millions of Gold Found.
News b,.- hepn reueived of the
I discovery ���.' mi enormous  Ireus-
tti- .', one of thn mbterraneui.
vaults ol the old castle ol San
.'.'.' ii|iu, <���' llio Janiero, wheru it
iud ipiu bid ..���:. since s inie time
in the lust  century,   Helore ii
I     '���'.-1 into ti  ensile  San
in wus a n.onastry under
the'  i .ro ol lhe Jesuits, ami u
,a  -; pi .>.'   : in-  I ream-re   was
j i hem, An e-tamindtioc
iiitei u nf tlm uhcBti
found '��� -. ilted in the  liscovery
. d IQ it.r v,.|ii.- ol -7 1,1)0   -
���,,   gold ton sis ted ul old
Pi i-i '-���- ���   -11,.:,ilnn   nnd    tbe
aoi uuniing ul thr ireahurii wus
vended by documents, iou.ul m
��� the cases.
1   Wlll'-t"  'bill.   \\i|itc(;|,iinc(,
N.i . _^_
|{"V. Samuel liurnot', the l.mi-
'bui social I'l'i'i.it.iir, #hu has just
reached home nfter a u.ui- o| tbo
: '.vi.'i'l, ihe trip baviiiK been li.n.ie
with ti.e |mi'posu.(4 gathering
inloripfttip ol thy iict'ittl conn
dition uf tho pour pi   y��rioiii
; winiiti'iu.,  S'ltfie "f  lie! I'vunils
ifi'iiply oiii'tinu ibe. dtiiivmcnn of
the ui'ditmry -vurku ol iwterenoo
! which cuuii be coumlied In any
ipii'-ary, but ta.i the oilier Iw'd. he
s;ii,v mmij" iiii.i;.i '.vliic.li sin'.
j-fidfid lum, an.il awnieJ Rt. vnvi��
ain't! i\\\\ \\\o I'vii-civml tmtiui.a,
hi iu4iUif-'- he \m n��l pfepaved
lu 6ni| Uiiit lui'^e ilmuu-i-i tii
M\M\   tiud Qliifjugq  cq��iill^
Whilcuhupol in i-cspcci uf squalor
a.nl  ...tsi-ry,   A  ..umber of the
hli'iciB uf   l!n'-i' cilius  were   an
d.riy   iln.t Whitechapel   would
not   luvi-   loii'i'tiii'd   litem,    lie.
liiii'u-ii w���ti uc|ii tiiwl'y shockeil
j by .be 1'iiinimiil vicu in  Cbiytigo,
; .No sue.i   Huciiaat i-Xlm-lli'-iis   Ol
| liniiiiil'tilily cnaiel gu on unchock-
| cil in i.onii.ni.
Odd ai|il  iaVi-.i,
Tlm fact ihal inuii wu.s crciitcl
la lilliC lOlH'f liitui Hie une;uio
ilOv-t. |tol dlacolll'dgu t.iu sj.iii.nl'
MiUid���The uo'ti of the prut-nut
day seen, i-i lie very Ira i e-,
���luck��� \\ by ilo \ on say eo?
Alitli,,.license liiuv Siibloin lull
it. ioiu without geHiiu1 i't'oi;e.
Sbt vvoic her bal.ili.g dress one
Par Irom Hie .nailtleninant'owd
1 bo (I)(Mil) Wlla full, out   when it
U wciu behind ;i I'loibl,
MlB,    .1,-11 up���I     uiiiicrstniid
yolll' iHa.l.'bLci'a liiaii'i.tgu   w.,s  a
nriiliaut one,
ill's, Frisco���Duiighllul. She
got a divorce wilhin iwu yen.-.
and uiiiii'in-'at $20,11110 a yuur.
Ucbcccn���'Ah, fudor-, ho gave
nie a beautiful ungagcnie.it ring,"
Isacstilli ��� l'.\ni| Vill did vo'
do Willi it Kebeuua'i"' .
Ruouct',1.���"I jt.u it iu lhe window, I 'ili-r.''
Isausiu.n���''Ah, Rii|)flct)n, you
wi I niiiiie oUiue mull uu excellent
"Very interesting COIIVitl'Sll-
tion in ln-feV" asked pupa, ainl-
(lenly thrusting Ins bend through
ibe curtains iniu ibo I'ucesH
w here Kthe-I, Mr, 'I h- rnpsou and
little liva s.itvery (-uh)tly,
"Y'S, iruleod," said I'.tbcl,
ready on lhe instant will) a reply.
"Mr I bumpkins t.inl I were ilt -
1'UHf.in,' nil our kith and kin, wer
i n't n o, Kin.'"
"Yctli   iimih what yon wuth'
j Miilmr Toinki.ttb  ibiiid, 'May I
have u   kilhi"   and I'i'v,hel   (.aid,
���Vol. kin.'"
Traveler���thi)- is a famous section lur teinl-, 1 iiiitlcrslanil?
Native-.Vini'.c poacollll jiiil'ls
anywhere than right here. No
leuJs here, Kverylh'.ng's as
pleasant aa pie,
"Hut bow about the Bi|!ington-
Welliiigtnu Iciil?'''
'"tver long ago.   I'm  Silling-
"Indeed! I haven't mot any ol
the Wellingtons,"
" ,N u, nor you won't. The feud
is over,'1
...... a..'      aw     ��a.��.\vH./��..\U-Ii I _____    ft��� ���
bcanliful picture without printing    \hj   \^    f  AAtITAJ
��r   twonty-flve   Itoynl   Crown    \ \]  jj * LK}\jVWl
 ,.  H ,.       I    I
lityiiLSTOtii; &, Xeisok,
Sun]) IV i-ii-i-ii'i'-a-   A onucont pos
tnge Btiimp will oiiary the wrappera,
The   piciiire will   b ijili'il  free,
Clival Crown is the purest ati.1 ,    . ,,
liestsnapn.tnkttti.l.s the olitmpeot | CHEMIST ANIJ UltUGOfST
to use,     Qiily  Itoynl   Cniwn
\Vi-!iji;)i'i'S 10\'-li..iie;c(l.
Winnipeg, Mtm.
rtmz&xrjL'i y^
NOTICE     llHSl'bl'i'ifjO    THS
Notice is hereby jrivon that the
Order in Couuoil, which was approved
by l(is U'.inor the Lioiitentiiit-tiov-
ernoron 30th July, 181)1), providing
1 but the alien ition of Drown lands
hy  pi'iv.ite  sale   be   disoontimieel
A Pull and Co.iu-lote line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, ko.
|grF Cigars at Wholesale, j��J
in fitoek.
n Sewing Maohinos \mt
'���The subscriber wonld ii-tino'lta
iintineqf wbi'-h iviw piibiisheci in the to tliU l-llllliu i^tally that ho ia.
Ililtisli biihimbia (lazntte ...id dated | F'T111'^1 ln Klllillll.y JVindows, Dcwb,
Dlst duly 1890, li'iii been rescinded,
nud thai thirty [8(1] days after the
i|,",te of this notiee viinunt uni'eserved
Crown liiuelt-t will be npeu to sale
under the provisions of the "Lund
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Li.pds iiiul   \Voi']-n Deptirtmont,
Victoria, 11 0., 80th .lord,
inwvia'.oiAf/.-i si:i'Ki,TAi:y
Viotoria, May Oth, 1891,
Notice is hereby given that the
Annual Extnniiiatinii of (Jutididutes
foi1 Cerlilii'titea of Qiiali(|oalion to
teach in the Public Schools of the
1'roviuoowill he hold as follows, com-
meneinp; on Friday, Julv, 2nd, at
8(80 a.m.
In Victoria- llipli School T|uildiug.
l(i Kamloops-��� I'-dilieSchool Ji.iihliny.
Each applicant must forward a
notice, thirty days befvve the e.-taiii-
iniition, stating thoolnss and yrittie
uf e-erlilieitte for which lie vill be a
candidate, the optii mil fiiibiootu selected, ii.1,1 at wl.iel' at the above-
named places he will title tf
Every notice of ii^eptinti to. be e**
miliiied must be aivoitipniieil with  ti
tefitimouial certifying to the moral
character of thi c:i..n|iilaie.
ti. I), POPE,
Siipai'iuteuc)oiit of Eil'iCHtion,
IS'iJ    Pho'8 nomedy for Cntirrh In tlio W
'.'?! tet,l;.ukstti)U.<oiii-ICl.ii'aii)i,sl.     f'
��� t;,."':)a'!.1.. ,.��t'�� ���)#T.. ���������" raw.
l a   Si.Kl ..���.': uru.^-v-i it ^ut'riivii rVk A:
l\tt  T.' -r   n.-. .......   nr         .. Vl   " Itk.
_j H I, UatvlUmi, Wairci, ft.,.    , A. i
llliiss, and   nil EuildiM   Material,
t'ictiit'e I'viimmg, k.\
Oolllus, Oasltots, l?itrontla, &o. Oar-.
I'ielllll i-jloele,
il. I1U.VS0X.
' ���***i*nm***Mt��1j^,-i
PUHL,[l.\  LO.'S I.N IlKVEL,,
STu.vi'; J10UGE1T AXD
Ronta and Pubis CullopteJ.
1-AlaNTINil, (JLA^l.N'li,   PAP,
BHI.Nli,   Sl'lN   U'l.'lTlMr
A.M) Cl'iSOlilNIMI
Uliiviswpaii-riii. *   i ii. o
Appllotitian wiil bo made to tho.
Parliament of Canail'i, at irs umt,
Seasioii, lol'till Acl to revive the Act
Wi Victoria, chapter 19, being an Act,
respecting the Kooteuay and Atlw-.
biiButi Railway Company.
Solicitors for applicants,
Oltawa, p April, (IS'iU.
Atlantic EipresB, Rrrivea 1040 doily,
pacific       ������ "     1Q.52   "
PasBBpgflrfl arriving {���)..i.days and
'.Vi'ilio inl-ivs will oonneot with stnain-
Itohsnn, Nel iQfl, Rnd points
in Southern Knnleiiay.
.'lu i,,.ii, iiii4 I'tliniili) and pafe
route to Montreal, Toronto, S.i, Paul,
. [o,   Now I'm It  and   lioston.
ii'ati,,, .v.'t.., .-li. lower than any other
,: hei route,
PaBBOi-gera leaving Revelsloko on
Tnouda- , l hurfldaYB and SMni'daye
i)| "i uueol ivith the cannilioeiil  ('.
['. Ii, Steamers at Port WlHiiiifl, faw*
ing lia/l!;t|MMli.
;������..���.ally flUOf) Oolwlfltj t)firB, in
p.harge p{ ti I'-ii'vi', fur the uncoil.iiio-
|n a nf Pawengern holrtlng locnil
nlaaa tjoketn, puMopgeiii liwiked tu
iucl fKiin till Ijiimiumii pqjntfl id
l.'.l'.', ,'���)������ I'"!',";.
Lu* Praight lin'tw,   t^tek ilea-.
pati'll,    Murcl|.iiit,| trill KtlVe  muiiey
by hi.vjiti; ilinic' (mijiht ranted vw
Si'l||liilli|l'el|i|ii|i!',u(.Hli,Htlii',| glvefl
hy applyiti'! W
tv H- uiniww
!\wl, ilwi'l Pwlfllt -\|*t( VikWhWi
W to 'I-. IIAMIIilVN,
Ad'tUl'i Id h-T��t, Unwixtok*
Have t>ntiro sale of the celeboaleil Oannioro liiii'd, lnrnp and nut con], suilj
able  for l)nac-liiir..era ami other stoves.    GREAT BEATING
vered a1, Revelstoke, any pnrt of town, $0M
Kamloops89.80.) Douabl $8,60.    Hpecial
j;i,l-notations for car lots,   Coal stovca
sold  atwholesalc coat fluy, oala
and bi'itii sold by oprlond or
Binnller auantitiea Yards
tttliumloopsand iJe-n-
aid, Apply
Ui if- m WARDS      .      . *DOX/\U), P. 0
I    I!  I II 11 UK II
Dwt-toa to um> iit'H��i;iuvQ, business i,na &<mu
VVUVVUMm im\ ��speolttlly to tin-
IQ   ID    '1   IA    *I    <t>*      J^Saft ���     ��������*-    MM     ��V   Ma��a   ���       SOVi^-.-.    ,
jDing interests
Kootenay Distriot,
ft \J j ����tl \\ mid. vmAvii ut Uus imi iteu, Qommmttl ��otk
miciViiilty, Newnpapor Segiilittiona
the Americans boast of u new     It ifl roportcd that the Cantt
: i
I  .
1. Act por-oa who taktu -.,��*-* I C0W ,!l'" '" f*Un th"t Can lbrow :'"">  -J">i<*��  R******'y  Company | T MaT1|A*M tt "M        Pt       ffU
���*���"����> f; ;��� ** ���-'\ ��� '""��� ',,"jecUl0i 12 -      i;'l;iidtoi",ice�������- <*f f'-f ;il&IBUS   MOJJQBOiu 65  UO,
Vb-.ther he lus siibseribeil or not. is     Dcb Moines, In, has a. popnla.   '""1 passenger sioauiers on the v      w*y"'      ^w       v^��
vb^ther lie lus s.ibsi'1'ibeil or not, is     Dcb Moines, la , has a popu!a> I""" passenger sioauiors on  the |
j-cspoiisible for tlm ttauiiei;t. lion of SSO^liO und claims lo  l,��   route between Uululb and  AIou��
1 If a |i��rsou  orders his pai'or   tlio   lai'ircst  city  in   the world   llv'''
dirii'i'iitit'it "1 1." in nut pay all uri'i-iiis'
or Ui- pnblii) hrs ��.iny cotitinoe t��
semi it until |.n-'fieiii, f- made, nud
than iiiiilei-i, thai wluda aiQii-int
whether the paper in Ui'en from the
ollice or not,
1. Li suits for snliscpj'tinns, lh ���
Bllit   mny li"   ms'it'.iieil    .ihi-le   tbi'
paper is pnblibheil.
1. The courlh have decided  thai
r'-fn-iiit; t"  lake a newspaper or
without ii saloon. Forest fires are making rnv-
Tbe Toronto u��s'Cation foot-   ���V-'*������> iIm-' ooutt timberdistricts,
huol I can. will go to Utvnt 13 ti ��� 3    Advices from iaiunler Falls, in
.am this year to kick against lbe   Iho  Congo  Freo  Slate, toll ol
footballers (here.
Benjamin Spellman, recently
cashier of ll.o 2dth Ward liana,
Brooklyn, has disappeared,   lie
was 6:)i.i,i)iii) short in his accounts,
serious fighting and cannibalism
among the natives,
The 75th anniversary of the
battle el Lundy's Limo waa ob.
served   on  Saturday at  llriitn-
A  tramp murdorod a  Biiloon | moiulvillo.   The graves of  the
lii-noilii-als from tlm roRt, Olllei',  or1 ' , ,. ,,     , , ,,      ,
removing and leaving them uncalled | *<"\��� ���" ^"^ Montana, the j b'Hen heroes, boll. I unudmu and
other  day,    lie   was  speedily
arrestC'l, nnil the stiine niiiht was I orated.
or, while nii'iaid for, is pima facie
eviiieiiee of intentiuual fraud,
Anierloun, were beautifully dec-
Weiitmi's   Rig'lltl*.
BIlOBOUtfiil ber-'ii;.;hts,"
Jlubbi'il   I'V seine   eill'-l   clliuli'ti   of
life's (blittlils.
V.'ith a elissiitislied and restless snhl,
Wilb   n    ball    logic    which   she
counted w|iolo,
F.ii.ne.t, no lb-Hilt, anil honest, not
nusexi it.
taken from prison and hungod to j    T'let   grtsshopporfl    infesting
a lule'gri.ph polo, parts  of Manitoba  and   doing
The Ciini'ilitin Pacific railway "��"sh dnmngo this year, is pot
company huB conirawed wiih the jtil1' ^'oky Mountain looiisla, but
I'aiiatla Copper Company.if trud- i,l lorai ��|'Ociea unduly multiplied,
bury, lo transport 221 c.rs ur The species is new io tho Aii.erN
sickle inalto,  purchased for lbe  eiin national collection and poi
United Stiites irovernmont.
P.'ilcluil'.l the Enelish  pugil
isl, detiteil Jcrn Smith in n boxino
J3ut hungering, and querulous and I ,)0Jt of ,_ |||iM]tn8) |n  lmim
���..,,   ""'.     .   ,.   .  .     ,   j,i       on Saturday night.   Smith, it is
With Ntarvipg uibtinets in a fruitless      . -     n
Which comes fnim tbo mere printing of a name.
She  claiiii'i't"!   for    her   "rights,"
showed solemn craft.
And iticii,
J3ruto men,
They only laughed,
Bhe lijil not sea'l; her "rights,"
She diHiimeil  not  uf some path to
man.iisii lieii.'hls,
Jlnt    iolloweil  Nature's way and
deen.Mil H Rood
ai'l. acted in a cowardly manner
and wan no mulch furPrilchnrd.
The Uritish radicali aro wild
over ti rumor Ihal it is intended
lo ask (larliamout f u" a grutit for
P'incess Loniae of Schleswig-
ll'ilstcin, the grandviluuiiliter ol
Queen Victoria, who a fortnight
.'.;'<> wits married to Prince Albert
ot Aiihnlti.
Tlio collur<un(Nolbnw wrestling
llilv new to science.
It is rumored lhat ibo crown
Prince Ferdinand ol Rouinania
will visit Eneland shortly to be
hutroiheil to one ot lhe duilghlei's
of lb-> Prince of Wales. Englishmen feel thai I.e. is Hying too
high; but he is u IL,heuzollori.
and may some day bu king of
Koiiii'uiiia, and i.is chances arc
ll is rumored that the Pacific,
Peace nvcr and llud-on Bay
Railway which has been chartered IH m Putt Simpson io port
Churchill ou Hudson Hay is
trying to secure   iho 7,0u0,0()U
llCl't'S    of    ViiiUllblO   pl'tlil'ic   lilill
I niutcl) i'l' llm chtinipinuship of
Aud bloomcil fn.u, ilt.wor to fruit of  ''lie   "nM   ,l,!t''''-'"    MnMahon, 	
wouiauhuon; and W, II. Qtiinn, champion ol  ''ooonlly discovered in mo vic.n
lilie loved  the''lyra.it,"  bore  bur   ibo  Pacific coti-t,  was  won  by j '*')' "��� llie fol'l,HH' l,lucu  Ui' ,'ho
| ile'iitiiiiiii, witli i wo oill of three
[tills.    The intite-li took   plnCe  ill
Montreal on halurday nighl last.
All explosion  '.'ten.'red   in   tlio
I'] st, \\ cili.igton colliery, No, 2
ii'ible part
In life with biin, and   thought with
all Iter l|''l' li-'iut
fi!i�� in I in--!- ri-'hts,
(She   te-ll   tlmt som.ithin,'? in -n and
WOlUi'll llll'dllt
Tobe nntke. Init eiieli iiRiti.nlenient I--bul'r,   nil   S lUI'dt-y,   tlll'eO   11181.
Unto the  otner;   'tuiirf  her  gentle   were Snrinnsly inii.rcil, olio fatal
iv him
He ��,;�� not mure to her than she to
piirtysci.lo.it by the provincial
uoveruiuctit to cspluro lhat
A scandal lias been caused
among tbe inembei'B of the Wis-,
consul militia.nen stationed ul
Milwaukee,     The   p.ilicc   have
Carry largo lines ot plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture,   Parlor and
Bed-room sots raugiug in price from $6,50 to $500.    Hotels fur.
nisheel throughout,   OHloeand bar-room chairs,   Spiug
ma! tresses made tc order, and woven wire, hair
and woo! mattresses in stock.     JIail
orders from Kootenny Lake
points will receive early
glutei  prompt attention,
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
Jranite  ware, and    Lamp  Goo Is,       Tin,   Copper and   Sheet fro
Waro made to order.    First olttss work Ruaruntflod.     Orders promptlj
attended lo.'
And iiiiie eliinlren -.���iithi-rcii tit her
Anil men
brilie ii.i'ti,
Would die for such as she,
Gleiuiitig's from -VII <hor the.
Widi! World,
Itin-BKi is malting  heavy  pur
ly.    A   inin. r   tan.nl   Csrifitlis  pf"or t-hul iho im.g..ilice.nl 8100,-
wcrit into tin onl mi' ������/��)���, carry. | m "nu01'.v ,'1'"'U"J bJ tllL' 8lulu
has I" er  lor   tuoi.tbs made an
evil I'- s,n't.    The now disgraced
Mpiuel.on is coniposed of young
mull wbo think  they aro of the
ll |)!)l bole if ;i.,s,  with the I'CbUll
ihal he wiiR almost rn istcd alive,
(.irifiiths died lhe lollowing day.
An Ottawa dispatch to the
t'il'ibe says that there is no Bign
ol the one! ot the present pttrlia-
mentury session. An investigation into the Kingston graving
dock contract may tako place
si'i.io lint'! next week, and there
will  be   shown  r.p  one of  tbe
worst scandals in the history of
chtiseB ot grain in anticipation of   ,,     .,    ��� .��� ���
h �� Canadiau politics.
Tbe Xew Vm'k Herald reports
I   1
���     ��
h.y .':-'
\l   orders by mail
exprc-9 pron.tl)
\        EEPAIEIiNG
-'V.'i;'\ A
v;''1     SPECIALTY.
-."���.'$     All   descriptioni of
gold and silvor
d corn (amino
Germany's production of silver
iu lo'OD, was 7(0,000, about nine
per cent of the world's product,
The tower of n church in pro
cess of croclion, at Sj-alnliu,
Jiungary, fell last Friday killing
JG workmen,
The Irceiloiii of tho city of
Edinburgh   is   to   be   conferred
m '  pr
S t!��','ar *v; E*.7G3iri:Litj ^vii,-,.'r,!s.'HS',.ie S<5,
Omaha and visited his  native
town in Poland.   Ilo was seized
by lbe authorities and was tried
on a charge of running away to
America.   Ueber ciaintod to be a
citisten of the TJnilod Suites, but
upon Sir Daniel  Wilson, ni'ijtil* |',��� jpitoof ibis he was sentenced
dent ot iho Univci'.-iity of Tor- j -,,, imprisonment for ono year in
The tabulation of the popula
lhe bun.shmont of an American
ci'ii-eii,  S. (ierbcr, to cxilu  in I , .    .
������.,,-      i    , m     , n   ,    , ,,  Iween W. Kirkup & Oo��� dealers in
Siberia,   Last March Gerber lef11 till-rBro Bna stoves at Ilovelstoke,
Dissolution  of  Co-Fiirtner-
Notice is hereby given that tho
co-partnership heretofore existing be
jail at Lou-!'.., the capital of the
province, and afterwards to be
tion   Wilhin the city limns ol I banished to Siberia for five years
Victoria and Vancouver has boen
ctiiiiplcicd by ;ho census slujT.
The returns show that the popu*
Jaliou of neither city is ub' largo
UB was cxpeci.cil. The fig.ircB arc
Victoria, lti,b00; ViU'Couvor,  li,
Within a wool* two murders of
and his property confiscated.
A new phiifo bus developed in
liio big railroad deal that is
going on botween tlio Canadian
Pacific ami Grand Trunk rail-.
ways. The Boston and Alaino is
also to bo included in the deal,
which it consummated will form
lbe Jack the Kipper typo have j one ol the biggest railroad com*
Occurred at Marseilles. On each ; binulions on tbe continent, Tbe
oi-ct'sioi. a mau giving an Italian ! ith-ti is to form U (treat trans,
nuinc, and ttDConipatiied by a continental pool between tho
woi.uiu, took a 'room in a Imping i Yandcrbilts and previously mono
liiiuBD, In cad. Oiisn Lbe woman: iloncd lines to work agninut tbo
Wiiti fiiiind doiul in iho iituiii;.!.', Gould and ulher Aroorioan Pa��
having been uumistakably ; oitio roads, "iib terminals at New
Hlria).:ri< "1 to dc.ilh anil ihu body I i'oi'lt, Uo��ton Portland and Uali-
iifii'i'wtii'tis horribly muiilaivd, fax, ami ft line ol iraiis-Allantio
A leitti1 has i,m ii I'oiieivoil by tbe' uten'men In oonnoollnn tne.'.-
|ltlllne Mllbntitiis, pu. |ml liti-  lo   with,   ll   lhe al'liiligel.tellls me
huve bei'ii wrilton by tlm mnr-1 oiirrNuut Ihu lliwa linm will
doror, HUiHim ihttt tlm crime*
woi'u ihe be; mill -j rj| ;, (erics
1), C, has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent, W, Kirkup assuming all liabilities of tho said firm, and
ali accounts are to be paid to J.
Witness, J, KIIIKUP.
Thos, M, Hamilton.
llevelstoite, July 8th 1831,
ciii.li>!, tbe trufflQ ol hull tho
-iife,. JgL *\bv
Notloa ia heroby given tlmt tho
following lands are hereby reserved
from sale or pro-oiiiptioniiulil further
notice, vi?,:���A strip of laud one
mile in wullh on ouch sido of a lino
ooramenolng at tho point where
Cottonwood Smith Cl'oek orossea tho
southern boundary of Nelson Town-
Bite Uoservoi thenoo ,following llio
valley of the Cottonwool l-Smilh (ireek
to itsheinl; thenoo along tho valley
of tho Salmon lliver loa point opposite to the head of Heaver Creek;
thenoB across 'thu li.imil.it, to the
valley of [leaver Creek, and follow
ing the said valley to its mouth i
thenoe following tho oast side of tlm
Columbia Rivor to the [ntornatlonal
lioiuidftry lino,
I'liief t'oin',iiisHtii..ei'iit lunula uiid
I.niiil", and   Works  DennHmout
Vktu.w,|!. CJlst Mi>y,lHHl.
(ClosotoC, P. li, Depot;
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
Wo oarry a select aud complete stock of gout's furuisings, ladies' toilet,
uud cu.ldret.'o coots, shoes unit hose, stauouory, p.itcut niudicucs, etc.,
lueni.sil.es mid rcaJy-i.iado clotUiug,   A   large   assei'tnieut ol p.pi-s,
loe.iucu, eigal'cllctl, ..upol'leu and domoslic clgal's,  tl'Ules, eiindy, elC
Stove pipes, Utiwiu'c, crockery, rough and dressed lumber,aud oiherimod|
loo numerous to incutiou, at moueruic -jt'ioei)^
Telephone pimtnunioutlon,
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
hevelstako and Nelson, R. C.
Dry (woods,   Provisions and Hardware..
Tho Publio will Unci it lo thoir ftdvaotago to call and
Inspect  Gcods and Compare   Prices
Any ordors placed with   Mr. CitarTiES Lindmark  will have pn^
cut'cli.l uttontion  and   prompt delivcy to any pun ol J.cvslBtoke.
Divine Service will bo held in the
Sev��l��toke Church every Sunday ive.
siug at 7 ;30, conducted alternately
Sunday Sohool aud Bible Clans ev-
���ry Sunday atte-rooou at 2:3l). All
���r�� cordially invited to attend.
Church of Eueluod services
'���ill lie held in Iievelstoke by the
Jtiv. J.C. C. Hornm nvery lourtli
Suudaf in eseih moi.i.ii.
Fiuke.l Up ip tlio Town nnd
lira, Nelles is visiting her parents
#t Illecillewaet.
Mrs. Cash, left town on Saturday
Just to join her husband iu Vancouver.
Eranlf L.W 'IRS ret!ll:n<)!l ,n his
phi love alter a visit to New York
und other cities of Ihe cast.
Capt. Alex Lindqiiist has left the
ajp. & K, S. N, Co., torun the steamer
���fl��)ena lor Pr, Hepdrvx ou EoOteniiJ*
Ut. w. Fipni'fifi is Ml-'iiis �����
float little resilience st tlio east eud
(>( the tqwo, where it is said I.e will
be comlorttibly domiciled in 'tie
coniiog mill September.
AJr. Charles Baldwin Drown, one
pf the biist kuown engineers on the
1'ucitic Division of the (J. l>. H. is
the latest vietim of matrimony. The
pvent was celebrated in Winnipeg,
and he and bis bride arrived at the,.
hon-piu K!-m|oo-i��Thur��)ii(if pigitt.
(.'ongrstul items. Epcoufo.ged by
!Ur. frown's Nueces �� number of i|ih
(J. P. K. boys |mru declare t||ejr intention of goiug east to "raginter
Mr. Frank Q'tarrie, who tat some
time has bee. eugaged as eight
pperator at the station hers, met
with apujufnl (all flu Wedqesdi-y.
He leaned with h'n back agqiqul (ho
���railing p( the Unit), Hotel bal^ny,
uud it tint baring heen pqiflpleled or
nude secum allowed him to fall
beavjly to the ground, n .jiatqpee o(
Jwe|ve or rjftpeq feet, r,nd he was '
Bnverely shaken i*|i. Pi'i'tum-ieiy i
���io t-oiin-t w��r�� hmifeu, and lia Was
ww out narjoiiilj injnrod.
"Mr. Henry J(. ^oii, l?tQ.8,1ft(
(he (Janailian (j""|ogieal .Survey,
arrived iu towq .^itqrdty, a,q4 (iue
Kev. Mr. Misener will conduot i fire in seme way and made a terrible
the services in the Methodist church blaze. Tbe fire win discovered
to-morrow. shortly after it started, but  it  took
The buildings on the Smelter hours of ban) lighting and a jmli-
townajte   have   increased  200    per ! ��'����s  use  of  the  excellent  water
.Selkirk Loilge, Ki* 12
lOOf Uonulil B V
Jleajatar Meeting Thursday  A ouch
��eek��l 8 p. m.   All visiting broth-
���n ire cordially iiwjted.
J. McLkoo,     J. 11. Matuksox,
:   H, U, ��,S.
DoNAiVP., 13. C,
.GLACIKB laODQi: No. 61.
jfotB lst 2 iSnudtiw, aud lost I Wed- i
nesdayj eiu'h lllimtli.
���    Master,   J, ti, babbitt,
Sec'y,   W. !���'. Ogiivie.
r'ide'r.   Aigus ilolioajj,
Journal Ag't, E, A, Chesley, Kara-
loops, ii, 0,
Donald, 13, C,
^eete 1st 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd nod
4th Sundays, iu Fi.emen's Hall,
Ussier,   Arthur llondall,
ijecretary,   Joseph Collin.
(Collector,   Geo il Govett, Box <J
Ifecuiw,   James  Faluouer, Uu
more, N, W, T,
}lagmiue Agen     H J McSorley
works the town posses before it was
{Eate of Nelsou.J
Has set UP his tent on Main
Street, opposite the Pout Ollice,
where he will remain for a short
lime taking Views, Photos, Tintypes
aud Enlarging Pictures. All work
fluislied he|e, and satisfaction guaranteed. Prices reanoutible, Give
us a call.
eenl iu the last year,
Mr. L H. Poll, of Calgary spent
a few days in towu this week,'on his
return from a trip to Nelson.
The school board have decided to
engage Miss Grace llulli.lav as
teachor for the Revelstoke school,
Jkrrels of blue lierries, were
shipped from here this week to the
11. C  Canning   Ue,, Vancouver.
Messrs. H. Selous, C. Hamber,
and Dr. Hendryx, of Nelsou, were
JO towu last Saturday, eu route to
the coast.
Two carloads of iron ore from the
Cherry Creek mines near Kamloops,
arrived in town this week fur thai
Kooteuay Smelter.
Mifa Aura Corniug, lately of
Brooklyn, spent several days in
town this week leaving on Wednesday to join,her parents ia Nelsou.
Mr. A. W. Black, of the 0. P. K.
store department made an official
visit to R-ivelstulfe this Week;, apd
also gave some attention to the C. 4
K. branch,
Mr. Juo. JfoPhee pf Vancouver,
electrician, was in town yesterday,
en mute tp N*|sou, where he goes
to put in au electric ligbtjug plant.
Mr.C, J. Smith, C, P. R. day
operator at the station here, is hav-
a eoepy littlo cottage built uear the
'���ueHer sidjug. Rumor says, he, is
going back east s��on.
Mr. W. Blair, Donald's popular
spl|i)o| teacher passed through, towu
;esterda.V on his way home, nfter
having spent a fortnight ia visiting
at the -a-anl,
Audrew Abrahams-iii ami Harry
Laugiell came up (com the Lardeau
ou Wednesday, aud will return to
pri)��|iyoiiug after a few days rest ju
The trip between Rovelstoke mid
the Littlle Dalles, via the C. k K.
ti. .V Company's aliujuief Eyltuu is
increasing in popularity with |ycrista, and every Oont carries a goodly
number pf Y-tUj-tjoue-s iiuiii all pver
[he cuuliueut.
Mr. N. Campbell returned to
town t|ijs week alter speudiug several aipuihs in tlm QIWBigKH ni��-
trict,     Ue   Sj��ys  the   larwers  are
busily epgagejl iu harvesting (here.
lull wheat aud oajs huyp  beet)   PHt   	
und pro-pise Wi II. j A1)-|-Ma of Tnr!v,(] m] mo[l Wf)(
.Messrs. B. Stauwood apd   W,  J. i        dune neatly ii'-el  }i|'i|i|iptly,
iled.i.iijj went uuwa tU Uritflu Jjiikp i aud at right prices.'
ou Thu.day an I came home yes'ttir�� :    Johhj-ig WHI'k ll sneeji||ty,
day with a bask >t of  sixty irouf of | .,,.
all   sij^and    s.yera. racy   ftsh   '^^M   '"    '    B'C.
afurjes. They arp ���jn'ju'a; lu hiiut hea. r I	
uej| lijp. j "~        ���' "-���*������        ~"
The touri.it traffje ou the C. P. R, | JJjs.stdi-tion1 of   ('o*D.vrli'er-
WANTiaD TO i;.\CHAN(lll
a beautiful picture without printing
for twenU-five -Itoynl Crown
Soup Wrappt'is��� A UMoeut postage staaip will cani'V the wrappers.
The picture will he mailed free.
Itoynl Crown is the purest and
best soap made, and is thn cheapest
to use. Only Itoynl (Jiowu
Wrappers ly-ti-liaiiffotl,
THfi itovAfc So*l* coy,
Winnipeg, Mun.
Notice is hereby given tlpit 60
days iifte-t date, we intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of iiiinels
aud WorKs fpp pi f nissiqn to pnr-
ehase lwl| iiorcsof land, describpe) as
fol|owB: Coiii|iiii|icing at a staKo near
the north west corner post of K,
Lowes' preemption l-'ire Valloy, mid
running BPfth&O chains, theuce et,si
4t| chains, thehce south ^U chains,
thepce west i|l) phaias to noiiiji pf
RewlstoKe, Ji||y!a7Hi,}^{.
Coatraotor *% Builder
Sealed tenders addressed to tbe
Postmaster-General will be .waived
at Ottawa until noon on Friday, the
llth August, fur tbe oonvey.inoo of
Her Majesty's mails on proposed con-
irscts tor four years, once per week
each way between
Alberui nnd Nanni.no,
and once per foi-ttiiijlic ouch way, between
DarKerville andQassneUe l-'onis,
Keilbluy Craoj* and IBO Mile House,
from the 1st October next.
Printed notices containing further
information as to oouditions of proposed pputroote may be seen aud
blapi; forms of tender may be ob-
tiuneii at the post offices at Alborni,
aN.nit.inio, IJuri'iirville, Keithley
Cr.eeii, Quesuelle Ij'orits, Soda Ci'oeit
aud 150 Mile House, and ut this
V, 0, Insueotor,
Post Oflico Inspector's Uitiue, Viotoria, 20th June, 1891,
P. 0, Address, Nelson, ��i, C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, etc. All kinds ol
lumber ou hand. During the season
ol J Sill lumber will be delivered at
nny of the landings ou the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
NO Tic:
Is hereby given to E, 3, Wilson
and ll. D, Blair, that the assess-
ments now delinquent ou their iu-
lerests in the ],.��!, I'liuiieo mining
claim, McOnlloch Creek, il uot paid
in ill) days from dive hereof, said
interests ,vjl| lie sold by puiilin suc-
tiou, ill l[i-vel��toke (Juiirt House, to
the liig|ies| bidder, on   the pjih i|ay
oi August a. D., lSoj.ttt 'i o'elouk
By Order
IJevelstolie, July Jilth 1891.
is b(|oming. A|most every tr.)in
carries several gpaehes, au1' thW"
4i e often so crowded that a number
ot ths uervy laJie* get out on the
ppwpfttoher to r|4e thfuugh ths
{fotjpa Is hereby given that the
co-partnership heretofore eswtiug botween W- Kinknp & Co., ejealora in
    thiwaro and stoves  at   Revelstoke,
Messrs. I'ete Walker, Tqu* Dqwns j II. O, has this a]w been dissolved by
and Chas. Hj|Jeu, who  hate   bepn i i"^11"1 consent, W. Kirkup assum-
prUIPSOHogin the lake ce���utry for ' !��8 ��JI IwWW*- <& ��,B snid lirn, ,Wd
, .       ,  ,    i,     i   ' ll11   accnuntfi ,.ivo   to   lie paid to J.
to||e 110)6, li��'e retiirped to Bevel- i i^nu. ���
8tot|e, aud will shurtly go  intii  the: W. KIBKUP
Unleaq, ��Uere they expect  to   |o- hfjtnesB, ,J. IffllKUP.
caie somelii.ug good 1'Iioh. M  H.'it..ilt<|l);
A co.nmnuioat.oq was receive.!  at I     MslflP, July' Hth  1891,
the -)T4it otl).;q thif,   week, but  sig- I rr���.	
qiituro nf the writer was w-UUa|c|'e.|.
Persona wrriug anything fur pnbli-
fi-tjciu should always scud in their
BRuif.s "not necessarily for pi|li||e4-
tt'.n   l.iil   as   m.   evidence of   good
���*'" iHSfiUVIj-WW'   KOOTENAY
Prof.   Chamherlaia, of Toronto!. \      w^iiutqij.]
Univernjty ia now  i!)  tl|e  province
|,f'a:iiii:i|t.i|ig itinlms til arehoologica
Notiiie is howby given that 01) days
after date we the iJi|doruigui)di illlenil
applying to t}|e Olijef Oonill|jssioner
ofl-ii'lulsand Wurts ('Of ]*-jri||iss|qi)
to purelii.sp the fnllpwing tract nf
la-ill, situated at the west end of
Trout Lake, Wept l>i.i(|l('Usy district,
beginning at lhe mirth e-.i4 post
plaulei) ;i|, the mouth of the liiutletiu
River, Uienee fiillenvj|ig the i|iei.i)eler-
ingg of the lake 80 chains, to the
soipl- et.st oot'eer; t||��uc,e 8(1 chains
to tl)e south west, coi'iiei'i theqeo 81)
chains to tlie nor! h wet-it eorp.'i'j t|)��uee
8(1 chaillfi to uoiqt of ooiunieueeinejit,
y. ji w'HLLs.
Bi-vels|-i.he, Juii.'JJ. 1891.
HULL 151108
n V T C II E K s
jug the wjeak has been'engaged in ' 'W^Wlli Ctaqiulcgy, is lhe par-
pximiuingthe (nfmaliop, af (|-e muks i *icW'qf Ur*BfiM of ^ study, and he
}u thn, viuiiiity,co|leuting spQuiifleqs i i(* ��uw *���"������'''? 8I1<?a��,H- lQ meqsuriug
etc.   I'he whole regjoo, as is geqer-1tl,a t*W<lt fil **A u( fhe Kootenay
ally known, i;a,i bpeu siiliject to ex
(reincly violent vdci-niu eruptions,
and th�� formations sre prpssod and
poi|tortei{ ',�� a gVJit-t extent l,sv|i
Htrttiiin.a have li||od up thu tyritil<Iu-i
pn the fii,:e of nature son|ewliat. i|inl
(he cliannvln   ef   lava   streams  are
Iiid-aii.'i 8,' be cau bribe  w'l'M  -.igar-
ctteB and cundy.
flWfflUg George ([rown, who as-
sisti Kttjrit.cer 0 N'm| of euc,\oo'M.
met witl| hii acitiilwitt at S.ilruoii Arm
.N'ot-inp w liorotiy given Ibnl t|ie
following |ai,4|i lire hereby ittseryiiil
from sale or pre-empt ion until further
Botjoe, >]// A strip, of |i|||(| one
Dijjp in lyell.h ip| 0||Vh si'." of II line
Ciiti.triH^ciri^ al (lie point where
C|.ttti||'y(ai,i| Snuili Creek OfpHSflS Die
sontlp'ip li'iu.iiliii;-; d( Nelson '1'qwq
site Kssflryoj thenoo fullowing t!)P
vii!|ey of thoOotiiiti'votitlSiioili Creek
to |t4 head; thoqeo alo.|g Iho valley
of tli" S/rlmdn ((jvpr to q  point "p-
oii Moitiluv. winch ty.ll kuep, him I      ^^^_^^^_
,   '   ���        ,      .,       ,f .,     ppjite te tli-i I"."1 'if Horn ir  I reok;
^^^^ upors.i-ratimo.   In gett.ng olf the , {.^^  ^  ,h,   ,;    , , |:m
���net, with. he,|�� au.d there, j (io foojis ; engjuf) he slipped pu tne r,ni, sever-- | VH,|(,y ()f |a.,nrn , ,,,,,1,, ,���,,( f0||ow
(il tjie ili.iti'lct,su It'r its ui-an'ined by | ely disloiiatuig his (eft a,nl(le. I{j ; nig the sa|i| V0.1|oy to ite neititli;
Mr, Ami, i*ru nil ot a rui-talliferons wall la,ken to thu I'liinn Hqtel,, tljenae (allowing the flflst sl((p q( tho
nut.(i'e, t-od tlptru is, ini d-julit pf our I w|e|'a j'js iitjiirje.-i worn iittci|dod fo, | Colqiubia IJJYo'r pi the tntern.ition
jiejug iq the m.qei'ttl b,clt. Ml-, |i*uil.1li.l''.'.!'<.'l,l)*-!^u.
-Mil w|l| ejiily (-o heip a (pwdayi-J1 Tl-ti Shutiwup Si-w \(i||H ia (<.ai(|.
(ii ho wi|l miinnl the gcolog.ouj! jflpull ^j lt n,,ri-uv.v escape from
pougruss at \yasl|jii|;tqii qu tiro 24,tli, I destruction by ti-o ThMrsday uighl.
fV A^l^i | A I'-W'M'b |��ilo 1"aj i-'V" Bill (wi
llouiiihiry line.
it', i;. vi',i(\i'.\,
(liiet rii.iiii|iimioiier of [ifinds nnd
Lands siul   Worlis   Department
Victoria, li. y,,lJl��t May, Will,      !
Cornet Front a��ij H-tuson rftn,
Ain-AiUMSOif ��r.os.    -     riioruiKroas
First fllase iu every resnsnt; Neares;
hotel to C 1* 11 depot uud steambott
lauding, between post olllop and gov,
buildings, Coach to and from dopott
aud steamboat. Fire proof Safe for lbs
aiieoiiltnotlatjHii of its eiistomers,
c. ?. a. EorsL
9. Vo04irnr
First olass Temperanoe House.
JJlfEAiiB, 2oo,    iikiis 25c,
This hotel is situated convenient to lbs
station, is comfortably  fqrnisliti.l asd
atlords first cJasB uo��ommodatiOH,
W. Cowiin, Prop,
,. Jtoroi. wil atlemied'i'tftbi,,, uno,,
rolN*   Wiii��i��,,d  l.ejuora ��ut,r���c
M   Ul  H   IllL'll   uilqliiy,     Jw   I
Hnmplp rui.in.   Telephone ooummni.
����"on )v,,|, u, l>. ii, domi,    f ,
P''��ml vault lur U.o ouum\m,
guests.   Hubs niecis nil ���.,.���(,���.
l'��Axsii,;;-'f iiATW
--W-* -
The largest and most central Hotei *
the oily ; good uoco.uiiioilatluil i every.
tpilig new ; table well supplied ; bar and
billiard ruuiii nUaohed ; lire proof safe.
Wm lilS' AT Alii   TIUIN3
Qoeaft Time to Europa-
Allan      White Star
Dominion      Ciwird
Be.iver Anobor
and al| other linen sailing from llnli-1
fas, Portland, Uqstou.New York
iialijmorc are on sale ut
C, j?. IV  "tatioqs, at
very low rates.
��, Ask for flailing lists and rates o
fare.   Great al vantages secured by
takiqg ocean tickets from yuur local
Ureal saving effected by taking
round trip tickets.
(le rt lis iu any steamer engaged
I'repaiil  passage arranged from
aiiyi.it/ititiu Europe,
Apply to your nearest agent; or to
J, 1I,\mii,ton, Uovplstoko, or to
ItollF.KT KlJlUt,
(leu. 1'tisH. Agt,, Winnipeg.
As'iiiy  tin.I   Mining-   Oliiniss,
Golden, 15. C,
Silver, (told or ],niid, each,,, ,81.50
Silver, Gold and  Iiead, combined..,  3.00
Silver ami I.oinl  '<U)0
Silver, (iolil and Copper  1.00
Silver ami Gold  100
Silver anil (lop.ier  11.50
Silver, (inid, j,ea(| and Conner, 5,50
Copper by Wot and l-Ilectroylsis
unsay  2.50
Copper l.v hie Assay  3,00
Other usHtiy |irioes on application,
Tonus   Cash   with samplos,    A
tlisfoiinl oj |ll per cent, nbuti two or
more an ... qt,
Sales of On nogotintod,
H, Di���for several yenrs ussnyer
in Meimrs. Vivian k Hejiis, Swuusen,
i\ge.ito Wi'ulee.1,
Stookliolni House
The diiiing I'lioiu is furnished  wiih th*
host the market affords,
Tbo bar is supplied with a ehoioo stock
of wiues, liquors and oigars,
Str. Lytton
Will leave REVK18T0KB every
4 a.m., for KOH80N and LI TTI.B
DAliLKS. Connt'olinjf at RCU-.
SOS with iho Columbia and
Kootenay Hiilwiiyand nt UTTLI.
DAI.lil.S with the Spokane Fulls
& Northern l.nilwny.
Ki-lurnii.',' will leave LITTJj.fi.
KillDAa'atilu. in,
1', (i, CHW8TIH


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