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The Kootenay Star Mar 28, 1891

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REVELSTOKE, B. C��� MARCH, 28.1891.
No. 40.
All Mining Clauns, other than Mineral
Locations, legally held in this District,
under the Minornl Act, 1881 and Anjend-
ments, may bo laid over from 15a,h dny of
pctobertijl the 1st day of June next,
1891, subject to tho provisions of tho snid
Act nnd Amendments.
Cold Commissioner,
Donald, East Kootenay,
September 29th, 1890,
Going East,
Going West.
13:00 Leave  Vancouver   Arrive J*.*
12:45 Arrive
North Bend
b'pence's Bridge
Douald   Depart
Ladies'bofore ordering yo-i Hits for Sp'injt, w.iit .inl saloat
From tho fine nnd lull assorted stock wbieh I shall opon up in
a few days. Call nnd seo my completo range of the I.ilost New
j.Tork shapes in LadicB,' MUses' und Cbildrens' lliiis, Iio'>nots, eto., to
���awwi.wjitja'tiitvMguiimtwwin.   11 ���.'" i r^K-rasao^^ j^rije��i5Jgr^^^
Notice is hereby given that Wm,
Rosamond lias liiyl with me nu application for a Crown Grant for his
mineral location situated on Toby
Creek in the district of East Kootenny known as tho Jumbo claim.
Advorso applicants, if auy, nre required to seuil in their objections to
mo withiu sixty days from this date.
81-8 Government Agent.
East Kootenny B. C.
Donald, Deo. 4th, 1891.
��fy> ftootcnay Star
Rlvenub Tax.
Public notice is hereby Riven thai te-
lor the year 1891, for the Fust Itootuui)
A^U,.tDWriet,areiin:v.ii.e ��.
puyabk- at my ollice, at Donald, at tye
following rates:
BeallVo.HMtyT.x.ilra;   nnorbe
���i i������,vi  i/of one |ii r cent.
^Iynonomo'l4: if PuU on or before t^e
if paid on or after the 1st of Juiy next,
next;8J4 cents per acre.
Provincial Revenue  fax. W PfjV
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan. 2ud, 1891.
Notice is hereby given that all
alluvial claims legally held in tbo
West Kootenny District, will be laid
overfrppi the '1st of October to lbe
lst dny of Jnuo ensuing according
to Iho conditions of Section HO of
the Mineral Aet.
ti, 0, TUNSTALL,
29 Gold Commissioner,
iievelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
SATURDAY. MAEOH. 28, 1891.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Nolloe is hereby given, in accordance
vitb the Statutes, that Provincial Rove-
nne Tax and all Taxes levied under tbe
Assessment Act aro now due for th. year
1891, All of tbo above named taxes,
collectible within tho Revelstoke Division of the District of West Koolenay,
ore payable ot my office.
Assessed taxes are collectible at tbe
following rates:
If paid on or before June 30th, 1891:
Provincial Revenue, 83,00 per capita.
One half of one per cent on Real Property.
Seven ami ono half cents per aero ou
Wild Land.
Ono third of one per cent on Personal
pno half of ono per cent oi: Income.
If paid after June pb, 1801:
Two thirds of ouo per cent ou Leal
Eight mid one half cents per acre ou
Will Laud.
Qne half of one per cent on Personal
Three fourths of one per cent on Income.        T. J. LENDRUM,
aa Collector,
" JUvolitoke, 13. C.Jiio. 2nd, 1891,
To   Musters,    Olvn.'1'H,    nnd
lVl-sons    in    (ilnil'g-i!    of
Foreign lushing; Vis-
sols, nnd   to   sill
others whom it
limy    Concern.
culled to the provisions of tbo Ro-
vised Statutes of Canada, Chapter
91, intituled: "An Act Respecting
Pishing by Foreign Vessels."
Tho said Act provides among pther
1. For tho granting to forigu
ships, vessel.'', and boats, nnd to ships
vessels, iqd lioiijs uot navigated according to the laws of the United
Kingdom, or of Canada, of licenses lo
fish" for, take, dry, or cure fish in
British wafers within three marine
miles of tbo coasts, bin s, creeks, or
barbers of Canada.
2. That Fish.-ry Officers nnd certain other Uritish and Canadian
Officers therein named may board
ships, vessels, and boats, within any
harbor iu Canada, or hovering iu
British waters as aforesaid, nud may
stay on board so long as such ships,
vessels, or boats, remain in such
harbor or waters.
8. That any ono of such officers
may briug nuy such ship, vessel, or
boiit iuto port and search her cargo,
nnd may examine the master upon
oath touching tbo cargo aud voyage,
the master being liable to a penalty
of Four Hundred Dollars for not
answering truly the questions put to
4, That if such ship, vessel, ot
boat is foreign, or not navigated as
Bfpresaid, (a) bus been found fishing
or preparing lo fish, or to have been
fishing in any such Uritish waters as
aforesaid without a license, or after
the expiration of the term named in
the last license grauted to BUCh ship,
vessel, or boat, or (bj has entered
such waters for any purpose not permuted by Treaty or Convention', or
by apy law cf tbe United Kingdom,
or of Canada, such ship, vessel, or
boat, aud tbe taokle, rigging, apparel
furniture, stores, and cargo thereof
sball be forfeited.
5. Tbe officers aforesaid are given
authority to seize and secure vessels,
goods, .ve,. liable to forfeiture, and
any person opposing an officer in the
execution of bis duty under tbo Act
or aiding or abetting any person iu
Biioh opposition is declared to be
guilty of a misdemeanour and liable
to n Hue of Fight Hundred Dollars,
nud lo two years imprisonment,
Deputy Minister of Fisheries,
Fisheries Department, Ottinn, Dth
February, 1801, 81-1!
The estimates of receipts and
expenditures Cor tbo current year
have been brought down by the
Government, and wo are in receipt of copies of tho same, ono
from the ollico ol publication and
a marked copy from Mr. Kellie,
M. P. P.   To rend Mr. Kellie's
letter on the qecoud pige of this
issue of llio Star, and compare
some of the statements in it with
the result of biu lubes ns shown
in the estimates, and see that ho
bus dope bis duty toward this
section   of   tbo district  we  are
sorry to say is  hardly po-siblo.
Mr. Kcliie may point with pi'ido
io the fact that bo baa secured
llio  largest  impropriations, for
roads,   bibles,  etc,  for  West
Kootenay oi any district in the
provinoe, yet to bis discredit it
may be said lie has totally ignored
lbe r, quests ol bis constituents
in liio northern part of tbo diB-
liii't, to g'fulify  tbo Selfish do-
iminns of some of those in tbe
southern poilion of it.  Tbe residents of lievclslol.o aiskid him to
work for a number cf  epecifie
appropriations    for    lU-yclsloko
and vicinity, but not, ono.of these
lias  been   granted;   whilo   the
people of Nelson asked him towork
tor lump auproprioiions, and thoy
get tbem, and a specific appropriation into tlio bargain, ill that
of   ��8000  for  Toad   Mountain
mines road,���whioh in any event
will ensure Iho Lakes country
and Nelson in particular getting
moro than iheir share  of the
govornment grants made.   Mr.
Kellie says he  applied   to  tbo
government to place in the estimates the  sums  asked  by the
people of   Iievelstoke,  adding,
"we shall seo if my application is
800001,6101.    His  application  in
this direction bus not boon successful,   but  tbo  very  reverse.
Uo must cither possess no in*
fluenoo with tbo government, or
has not oxeroisod bis influence at
all in our bclmlf.   While Nelao.n
geU 81000 for a jail, which no
doubt it requires, and is entitled
to; and Ainsworth likewise gets
8800 for a lock-up, ilevolstoke
only guts $500 for "repairs"- to
tbe rickety old barracks uqcd ub
a   court  houso  und  jail.    Mr.
Killio could not possibly have
preienleii tbo needri el ibo district
iu this lespeot in their proper
light, or the result of his requests
would have boon very different,
and tho Bum of ��5000 for a court
Louse und jail hero would havo
been granted. Mr. Keliio atatcs
that be bus not boen unduly in.
flucnood by tho Minor, or Mr.
Houston; yet Irom bis notion it
would appear us if ho had been
made a VOlitublo cut's paw by
that gentleman, for whom he
professos "groat respect aud ad
miration;" and lor whom he
lurijs around and plays ii,to lbe
hands of thoso who strenuously
opposed his election ns mom ber
for tho district. Our changeable member's notion with io-
gard to bis notice ro asking the
Dominion. Government to place
an export duty on raw ores, and
Ids shilling bis position until 0|)a
posed to much notion, is another
evidence that ho takes bis polilicB
from Nelson, from wbonco word
wan sent him to withdraw tho
resolution. If any legislation is
requi'cd in this direotion, it will
have to como through Mr, Mara,
who certainly will not bold up
hh thumbs at the command Of
the Miner. We had every faith
in Mr, Kellie, doing his dijty with
regard to the petitions from lice
notwithstanding the fact that ho
did not acknowledge tho receipt
of the Bumo as be did those from
Nelson; but the result of his endeavors in our behalf do not
jn t ly the trust reposed in him.
The amounts asked for by the
people of I'ovelstoko for road
improvements will hive to bo ex.
pended from the 8 8,000 appro*
priates for tho whole district; but
it would havo aided tbe commissioner materially in bis work and
would have been infinitely more
satisfactory to tbo pooplo of tbo
northern part of tbo district, had
Mr, Kellie secured ibo appropriations as asked, and no injustice
would have been done anyone, or
any part of the district. Mr.
Kellie bag shown himself a worker, but whether intentionally or
otherwise, certainly not a worker
iu the interests of Ilovelstoke,
On tlio motion of Col, Baker, a
resolution was pissed in llio local
legislature to petition the lieutenant-governor to moyo the Dom*
inion Government to appoint a
county court judge for tbe dis-
tricl of East and Wed Kootenay.
Tbe rapidly increasing judicial
work oi the district will mi<loiib>-
tcdly require tho undivided aU
lection of n judge; but a court
house will bo required in West
Kooteray before a judge is ap��
Tbo   Trials   of    a   Trill   iu
Mid Winter.
Mr, R. M. MoGowan, traveller for
J. \, Griffin & Co., of Winuipog,
who has charge of tho Wilson estate
here, returned to town Tuesday after
an absence of ono mouth, during
which time he made a trip to Ainsworth, goiug around by tho coast
and from the Northern Pacific in by
way of Marcus,
Mr. MeGowan mildly but (Irmly
assersts that bo will nniko no miro
such trips, lie had tunny thrilling
experiences, which ho will no doubt
narrate with pride by his ain lire-
side in the prairie province, in tbe
long nights to come, when he shall
have retired from the road to enjoy
case aud comfort, etc.
Mr. MeGowan left hero on tho
22nd of February, Of oourso ho
had a pleasant journey until ho
reached Marcus, When he arrived
at tbat plaoo be was informed that
the roads wero then iinpausablo, tbe
mail carrier and another party having had to turn back. Mr. Mac.
persuaded tlio owner of "the best
horso in Marcus" tbat he bad to
mako Ainsworth, mountod bis docile
descpndaut of the groat Spokane
steeds, and in company with a guide
mado his first long and rough jour-
Uey in tho saddle. Tbo Dalles was
reached the first ilay, Trail Crock tbe
uext, Bprout lhe next, aud Nelson
Iho following night. Ho bad hoped
to lido from Sproat to Nelson ou a
hand car, but of course tbat lux iry
was out of tho question.
From Nelson to Ainsworth was a ���
two days' trip on foot, over ioe, Bob
Yule's ran h being tbo haven of rest
between these upjntfl. Tbe walking
was very b.v.1, and dangerous too, as
tbo warm spiing* along tho Lke
made many troaoherouo openings iu
the ice.
After completing bis work of taking stock of the Wilson estate at
Ainsworth, Mr. Ed. Wilson assisting
him, ho began the homeward journey ou font, bfing accompanied by
Mr. W. W. Sprague. Before read.-
ing Nelson that gentleman's slreugjh,
gave out and Mr. MeGowan had tlio
pleasure of acting as a pack aniin >1
for both their effects, which helped
considerably in dispelling the monotony of tho walk.
Horses carried tbo travellers back
from Nelson to Sproat, and from
that point thev journeyed down the
river to Marcus in a canvass canoe
skilfully managed by a sturdy Si-
wash, wbo guided tbo frail craft
over tbo turbid waters, (which aro
very low at present) through rocky
rapids and Tbo Dalles. Tbis mode of
travel was certainly swjft, and bad a
chnrm of danger iu it.
The rest of tbe journey was one of
Mr. MeGowan reports having
witnessed tbe drowning of Dan
ltf.-id, iu tbo Kootenay rapids ne^r
Sproat ou tbe 13th inst. Reid in
company with Dave Ferguoon und
Alex Lindquist were engaged in
hauling in tho slack of a rope,
drawn across the river and which
was held out of line by a high rock.
Iu removing tbe rope from this reck
tbe slack allowed the boat ia wbicb
ths meu were, to bo dashed against
another rock .^masking it Ig] atoopi
and pereipitatiug the men into the
swift current,
Lindquist and Fergnson saved
themselves by clinging to the rock,
but lleiil attempted to reach shore,
anil was drawn under by the irresistible current, aud bis body was seen
no more. Reid was well known in
Rsvelstoke, ho having acted as
watchman ou tbo sieainer Kootenay
last year. He was a native of one of
the southern States and had no relations iu this country.
F'or some weeks pait Ainsworth,
and the lake couutry generally has
been Buffering from a fresh meat
famine The residents of the lake
tonus don't even see fresh pork
travelling around the streets as ia
Miners gcnorally have the brightest hopes of the prospects of the
mines. The Silver King continue^
a wonder, showing better as the
property is developed, The United
and Mo. 1 nt Ainsworth are also re-
markablo properties, while the Skyline is said to now rival the Silver
King. Tbe Blue Bell, probably the
best developed mine iu British Columbia, is being worked right along
with excellent results.
The Library Assoiiatiou.
At tbo annual meeting of the Revelstoko Heading llooni and Library
Association held on tho 20th met.,
the following officers were elected
for tbo ensuing year.
Dr. Campbell President
J, Kirkup Treasurer
T. L. Huig Secretary
T. J. Koadloy Librarian
During Mr. lluig's absence Mr. F.
Roeser will act as secretary. The
executivo committee is composed of
Judge Tunstall, Messrs. Wells,
Iloeser, Jowett und Teetzel.
The institution is one of tbe most
complete and best equipped in the
way of literature of any library in
the province, and deserves a liberal
G. C, TuriftaJI, jr., is expected,
to arrive on No. 1 to-night.
The lino spring weather of the,
week bad tbe effect of bringing;
out a number ol local athlete to,
see what spring was in their aij,
anatomy, I (if llio members, which aro direct-
A four page twenty-column new j ly bought?   Docs be think llio
paper, is issued from tbo olfieo 0f [ various railway nets which havo
publication, Revelstoko,   U. i
Subscription price %i per year
Rates of advertising 'given ou
Publisher and Proprieto
SATURDAY. MARCH. 21, 1801.
From J. M. Kaillie, M. P.P.
been introduced in   this  session
in all parts ol tbe province many
of them running to tlio southern
boundary lino, have been bribing
tbe members, by ofioring monoy  a prospoot of aplant oipable ol
for Iheir votes?   Does   be   think   working  copper ores in 13. Cl
are erected on British Columbia
soil it will ibco bo in order to
confine t lit in within our {bounds
by an export duty, but at Iho
present time, when there is not
in all Canada a smelter in active
operation, for lead ores���or even
Editor Kootenai Stah:
In your paper of March 7th a
Idler appears signed Robert
Robson, finding lault with mo for
not aBking for money from tho
Government for school purposes,
and inferring that I bud dooiiiicd
to make application to them for
the amount needed to clear and
focce the school block, Mr. Robson is too soon in making f uch a
charge, and il would have been
much fairer on his part to havo
waited until the appropriations
for your district hove been
brought down by the Government.
I will recapitulate what 1ms
hitherto been given by tbo Government. Tbo original amount
appropriated for school purposes
was 151500.   Tbo contract made
with McDonald was f���r 82675,
add to this extras $85, varnishing
��35, overgoing by Mr, Fraser 870.
and the total cost amounted to
S28G5, Rovelstoko obtained from
$loG5, over the original  impropriation since tbe interview cited
by Mr. Robson, bul he did not
mention   tbis.   It   ie estimated
tbat 8500, will  lo  needed  for
fencing and clearing tlie  block
For Mr. Robson'* benefit I  will
slato thst long before   hia   letter
appeared in lhe Star, I bud applied to lhe Government lo place
ibis bum npon the OBtimates.   D
will not bo long beforo theso  are
biougbt down, and wo shall fee
whether my application bus been
successful.   1 hope tbat Ibis explanation will to satisfactory to
the people  of  Revelstoke   upon
the   school   question,   ntnl   will
show that 1  am   not  noglecliug
their interest.
I   have  recently  rcceiv
letter fiom a well known gen
v. bo lake., me I" l""1 '" ill-il
that I am also "pecuniarily'' interested tbo many tramway and
water and telegraph and tele
phone bills, which as member for
tbo West Kootenay district I
have been asked to introduce and
advocate, I blush for him, when
I leel compelled lo reply that 1
have not Iho slightest interest
"pecuniary" or otbonvise in any
biil which h >s been   beforo tbe
or even a tnlk of a refinery to
scparato Iho biso from Lbe precious metal*���I begin to seo lhat
Biieli a duly would cripple all
mining development, an I retard
groitly riiii' progress.
I remain your obedient servant)
J. M, Kellie,
Viotoria, March 20, 1891.'
The Nelson   Boycott.
Notice is hereby given tbat npnli
cation will bo made nt tho nextsos-
sion of tbe Legislative Assembly of
Uritish Columbia for un Act to Incorporate a company to construct,
equip, maintain nnd operate a Irani-
way, to be worked by steam, horse
or other motive power from'tho "Silvor
King Mine" on Toad "Mounluin,
Kootenay Disrict, to somo point on
tho Kootonay Biver, nt or nearNelsou
nnd for all tbo powers,'rights and
privileges usual or necessary in such
an undertaking, or in oons.riaOl.nir,
equipping, maintaining and operating
a railway. D
S9.B Agent for Applicant.
present legislature and   that  I   M[or KooMm ,.,m;
have never even been approached ,    g.^j m [>y ^ Mm
by au offer of any interest or per- ,, , ,i ,   ,    , ,, , ,
J ��� l       that tbo nicrch-ints ol thai town
sonal benefit to myself from por�� '
sons connected wiih any act
which I have advocatod. Lot tho
gentleman remember llio old
adago ' evil him, who evil thinks''
and do uot let him believe because be himself might have no*
copied such bribes, tbut everybody is liko him.
He further writes "tho people
11 of Ruvelsloke  likewise  thick
" that I am too much inclined to
" I'Bten lo tbo couiibcIs of Mr,
" Houston,    or   tbo   Kootenay
" Miner, and thut I feel disposed
" to ignore us here completely."
In reply to ibis I will pay, that 1
am not controlled by lbe .Winer
or by any one else,   As the  ex..
prohsioii of llie wishes uf a large
portion of my coftstiiuenls, und
tbeir mouthpiece,  I li. ten to tbe
Miner us I would lol bo Stat, and
when I think oitber of them  is
right, I act in accordance there-,
with,   I bavo a great respect and
admiration for Mr. Houston ns a
firm nnd fearless advocate of lhe
wants of hiBtilisirict.and one who
is never afraid lo   stiiko   heavy
blows in ils interests, bnt I often
difier from him   in   many ol   bis
views, nnd think ilal ho  carries
bis  opinions   sometimes to far,
but 1 I elievo   thai   ho   in   doing
yeoman  services  attempting  to
benefit .Vest Kootenay
havo Bcou cause sufficient to boy
colt tho  wholesale   houses Of
Vancouver,  lor    the   patriotic
stand taken by that city's board
of Irado iu petitioning tbe   Coy-
eriiiiiout  against   granting   any
charters to  foreign  roads, wiih
the sole purpose of tapping our
mining oumps, and in   tbis  tbeir
eaily st'igo of development divert
tbe trado into American ohanncsl,
Now Mr. Elitortho question
with u��, is, are wo doing justice
to  our    piovince,   by  allowing
IIicbo roads to build a lew miles,
(say forty) north ol  tbo  biund-
ury into what we  all   hope  will
yet be one of the richest mining
camps in America, und take tbeir
pick if ores,and lenvo the culled
to   reach    Canadian    snii'lters
tho best tbey can.   Such u course
is   unjust to tbe province which
has subsidised   the C fc K road.
the dominion wbieh has assisted to
tbe extent ol one  hundred  and
twelve thousands in cash, to the
Smeller Company of Ilevolstoke, I
aud the^C.P.R. which bus ezpond
ed three.quarters of a million in
j iho building of  the  road  Irom
Sprout to Nelson,   All this to bo
! ignored Ior  tbo Bake of  a few
I mine owners,  storekeepers and
ono horse American speculators
'. who live, and deal exclusively, at
Frcncli Tailor System.
A trrailnnte of Madame Kellogg's
Sell nol of Instruction, Port Huron,
Mich., has engagod rooms at Robinson's Boarding Houso, (near the
Saw mill) Ilovelstoke, and ia prepared to receive and fill all orders
for dross nnd.miinlle making, iu the
best manner known lo the art.
The Frem'h Tailor system of out-
ling ami fitting employed, und a
perfect lit trunrantood, CS-lm
N O T I C B.
v,,,i,���-  ,    ,     , Notice is hereby given that Jamos
,,!!"; W given that Allan   Brad.v has filed with mo an npplioa-
,n f'   p       ,   "'' "'"' "PP"08"   "on for Crown Grant for hia mineral
;      T't """t'fer Ins mineral I location situated anbot two  mileB
���t ����� mtun .,,,,��� Jubilee llouu- Lost of the eonth end of Upper Co-
��� ���"��4n"tof';ast Kootenay   lnmbia Lake in East Kooteuay Die-
kuown as tho Homo Shoo and Dewy   triot known  as  tbo Thunder  Hill
Eve, Adverse applicnnts, if any, are
required to semi in their objections
to mo withiu sixty days from this
dato. " .
Gov.   Agent,
M-8 East Kootenny, B. (J.
Donald, January lo, ldSl,"
mineral claim.   Adverse applicants,
if nny, aro required to send  ill their
objections to me wilhin sixty days'
from thu date hereof. "
Govt, Agent.
16-8 East Kootenay, 15, C.
Donnld, January 15,1891.
W'i\J0���'. T.L.HAIG,
N"^ 1'ublio. Notary Public.
Mining, Timber and  Bonl   Estnto  Broken and General
Commission Agents.
Convoynnoos, Agreements, Bills of Sale, Miuing Bonis, etc., drawn np
Rents and Accounts Oolleotod; Mining Claims Bought and sold; Asses-
nienl work on Mining Olaiins Attended to; Putonta Applied for, lite., Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Ilovelstoke for Hale aud Wanted, Agonts for MiuiiiK
Machinery, Etc, ��
una  ., uot tt-uoieuii, . ,
,  ,. , . ,        ,       .       Spokane,  assisted   by an  editor
I think it was cbargi'd aiminst    ' .     ,     ,.
, , ,     ,  who look at everything Canadian
ie sonii after my election tb.t 1    , ,      . ,
through an American eve gum,
was elected by the   influence  ol
i,,,,,, ,,   ' i  , , ,       ,,       never missing an opportunity ol
.I..,! the C, P. II. and Hut I would  be- ,    ,       ���
..,,      ,   sneering and   dccryim:   every-
" I'11 I .      ,. ,"  ,"
thing tan,ill in, a:id who   Would
doubtlesa have the merchants of
denied this before and alter my .
! election, mv traduccrs said ''wait
Kive lhe same (lose ol
man of your
io tusk concerning my course iu
voting for the granting of chart' i *"���-��������") ���".' i.,..^,. ������-- .-.,.���.   ������,,   .,
ers to railways in .he Boulben,   ^e shall sec.''    Have they not   D      t^0 Kovs|stol<0 mcrohant8
K|"*-"��J ' 7;7. Uvo1 "anywaJ,8h0;" lor the action of our eitizous (not
Ihal I am I o 8i I sorvicut to that' v
C, P R, hireling*) in  passing a
All kinds]of Repairing done in* a workmnnliko manner.   Shot (Inns
Hides, Pistols, Ammunition ko., ko., for sale at lowest prices.
U3P Fine Rifles Mado to Order.
**,?^l!*ff*'*?iJgfjB>*t?W��*^^^ l.lrWr'T'VIJAglllllllllllSB till
portion   ol
1 will t,ot give bis name as I >u\
pese his letter is to be coesid- powerful company,
cred a private one.    lie slates ll    '        :-'   .emarh of my
that a great mzny of your  peo- Revoistoki correfDondeU. "Some
pie share Mr. Rohson's views, viz; " ���        ikeuble action on your
tbat I attendtdtho  meeting   ii ' part io pi t     ng Ibe welfare
Iievelstoke in  order  to "throw!"   f Iievelstoke 9 very necessary
dost in your, eyes, under enver ol!' ���    ;-' '- '���''  general
which other  schemes could   1 " V ' "        ,:'        Wbui
forwarded" (gee Roleon's letter R "'   ' ���             '      to do? I
1 think my stand on  that  oceo. -������   "I'P1   ��� " :'   '��� appropriation
sion was   clear  and   decisive,   1 for a c '��� ' '   '    BDd  iuil  f<"'tbo
opposed  strongly the  onti-raiN ''""������ ���'} fn    -    ' school  pur-
way resolutions   which   were P0808i ;"',| for '���''���'' things asked
passed    by  tbe meeting,   aod lor lV 7��"' citizens.   I will nol
stated that I did not egroe with say lhat  ll")' ��rB H''|V '
them and should not neglect one granted, for tbo Government rule
part oi my district or dbk  foi ::-",,;( "'���' "' ''!|" ��ppropi i
legislation winch was oulculated ;i��� ���     ���        oly        not  ask
io retard it,   lor  the.   benofit   o ; ir ''���   '' ': ���' ��� '  ,|" ""t "' ��� '
another   portion,    This  gentle :";::", ' ''" ���     r   '"'""'' I ont.
man nays "you did not  tell   as, crprisee    which   have  nol been
" wbi.'b under lbe circumhtances '���  lj  ''  ''
"job sbonld unquestionably havo The lust request from my cor.
���' done, that were already deepl;, respondent ii                  expor
duty on orec,  I am afrai I wil bi
" Interested in promoting the
" very scheme, that we ho Btrong
" ly objected to What other interpretation eon Id lm planed
" upon your action, but thai
''you would devise nonio poouni-
���' ury benefit?'
] am horry that, Iho opinion ol
any gentleman ol my BC( am .
taiier, should ask me to reply to proposed duty. When our minos
mifh a busc Insinuation as this. nre l,(i"- profitably workod with
Does this gentleman believe that plenty ol capital, when smelters
cvt-iy bill which i, advocated  in I����<1 refineries  Inrgo  enough  lo
motion against foreign roads com.
ing into MelBon, before our own
roads could possibly determine the
most foaaiblo routo to lako in
reaching that town, direct, Irom
the main line, than, j^rant charters
on an equal looting which is the
only way Nelson will ever got
competition tu railroads,
Such rattle trap talk as tho
M ner ii apt lo ootitinuo with,
can Jo no good, bul moro harm lo
Nelson and her business than can
be repaired for years Lo oomo,
Had  the merchants of Rev*
,.'���   token  tbo  same  view
ol the  Miner's  insoleuco   and
ii., ddlee mi ness re [{evelstoko's
don'l think thai
pi i .'..Hid glout bo over the
boycott put on Vancouver,
lla I tho late mining oommlsi
erl l a cil uso  in our
': ' ' .-��� , < that before recording
a mineral claim nil porsons othor
iirisolistnctory. I placed upon the ,, , . ,     ,
tnim l:r,!'-,-!i -iil'i""in urn,!   uiuki.
notice paper a  resolution  aBking ,   ,      .
,     , ,, r   the declaration ol hifl intention
the  Dominion  Government   to
plaoo an export duty on  -
being doslrious of .  Iting n  full
expression of opinion upon i his
subject, Thus (arall -neb ox-.
preBsions havo boon naainst the
i.'Cy d,i) B ol taking  the
oath of allegiance, eto,, oto,, wo
would not hear so much from
m about Amcrioan roads, bul
;.   0' ll doal more about I'aliadiltll
roadsj but morn anon.
Revelstoke, Maroh 21st.
livery Jnclt lum   bin Jill;   hut
Havo entire sale of the oeleboatod Can moro bard, lnmp and nut coal, snit2
able  for base-bnrnors ami other sloven.    GREAT HEATING
voreil ai Hoveldtnkn, any part of town,  ��11.90
Kamloops89.90; Donald 98.50. ��� Special
quotations for ear lots.   Coal stoves
sold ativbolcHiile cost Kay, oats
nnd lirun sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
ut Kamloops and Donnld.   Apply
I.. J. ill) WARDS
v �� v.y   ��.���-    ���_._.._.  r fv i w y  i; jir-i    iiitn     till)    i
(be licglslallon Assembly ol this | tiont tho vast amount of ores domijohng avorago i '0.
Dovotod to tho liUMBKKING,   BUSINESS   and   AGRI-
OULTUEAL, nnil csiiccinlly to th��
Milling Interests of the
Kootenay District,
U\JjFJ V(l l"i ai11' cxeciilod in tho best style. Commercial work
a specialty, Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any por3on who takes a paper
regularly from tbe Post Office,
ifbether he baa subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment,
2. If a person orders his paper
discontinued he ninst pay all arrears,
or the publis hrs may continue to
send il until payment is made, and
then colleot the whole amount
whether the paper is taken from the
office or not.
i. In suits for subscriptions, the
suit may be instituted where the
paper is published.
i. The courts havo decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from tbe Post Oflioe, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
for, while unpaid for, is pimn facio
evidence of intentional frand.
So Goes tbe World.
Laugh, end the world laughs with
Weep, and you weep alone;
For this brave old earth must borrow
its mirth,
It has troubles enough of it own.
Sing, and tho hills will answer;
Sigh, it is lost on the air!
The echoes bound to joyful sound,
But shrink from voicing care.
Rejoice, and men will seek you;
Grieve, and they turn and go;
Tbey want fnll measure of all yonr
Hut tbey do not want yonr woo.
Be glad, and your friends are many;
Be Bad, and you lose them all;
There aro none to decline your
nectnr'd wine,
But alone you must drink life's
Feast, and yonr halls are crowded;
Fast and the world goes by;
Suoceed, and give, and it helps yon
But no man can help yon die.
Tbero is room in the Halls of pleasure
For a long and a lordly train;
But one by one tho we must/ull file
Through the narrow ailes of pain.
Gleanings from All Over the
Wide World.
A rea! estate boom has struck
Centrcville, Chilliwhack.
Lawrence Parrott, tho groat
tragedian died at Now York on
thu 19th inst.
It is lumored that France and
Russia havo formed an allianco
to keep Germany straight.
goals are reported very Humorous nlong the shore of tbo Nor��
thern Pacific ocean this spring.
Vancouver and New Westminster lacrosse "teams havo reorganized for the season of 1891,
Dr. Wethnm, ono of Vancouver's best known and most
ontorprisiog citizens, diod nt his
residence in lhat city on Sunday.
The latest fashion io New York
is to wear a suit costing 880 that
looks as though il cost ?8. B. 0
tailors are well up in Iho fashion
Tho decision of tho Privy
Council allowing the British Colonics to restrict tho admission ol
Chinese gives great satisfaction
in Australia, whero tho question
has been a burning one for a long
Tho annual boat raco botween
the crews of Oxford nnd Cambridge universities took placo last
Saturday, and wbb won by Ox.
ford by quarter of a boat length.
The raco was very close from
start lo finish. Tho record now
stands 25 victories for Oxford
and 52 for Cambridge.
K, II, Jacknon, who recently
carried off his wife from a ohurcb
at Clitberoe, near London, has
boen compelled by the courts to
give hor freedom, and tho lady's
frionds uro jubilant ovor tho result of tho caso, Tho lady,
who has a fortune oi hor owu,
declares that she will have nothing moro to do wilb her husband,
Vtho lelt her tbo day they were
married, and did nol show up
again until she bad been lelt a
La Grippe has again got a hold
on Now York city, and IUG of the
polieo aro on the sick list.
A convention of Irish delegates at Newcastle adopted reso��
lutions of lack of confidence in
Tbo authorities of Toronto
Hespilal declare lhat Koch's
lymph is no good aa a cure for
T. II. Traooy, of London, Ont.,
has been appointed city engineer
of Vancouver, at a salary of
��225 a month,
The greatest fizzle of a six
days' waluin;.' match was concluded in Now York on Saturday.
Hughes won first money, having
covered 558 miles, Bennct being
18 miles behind him.
Cliauncey Marble, a Corry, Pa.
farmer, wbo has been extensively
engaged in counterfeiting was
caught the other day. A detective
hired as a farm band and was
paid off in counterfeit dollars,
fresh from the mint,
All the mines belonging to the
Anaconda Company of Butte,
Montana, tbe greatest copper
producers in tbe world, wore shut
down this week, owin^' to a dis-.
agreement with the Montana railway, which hauls the ore irom
Butte to tbe Smelters in Aua-
Secretary Blaine and President
Harrison are of opinion tbat
$75,000 indemnity will bo suffl
cicnt pecuniary indemnity to tbe
families of the Italians tlulud at
Now Orleans. Tbe New Orleans
people eay that if the Italians
want blood they c..ii get all they
want of it.
Word comes from Pine Ridge
Agency, South Dakata, that there
is likely to be another outbreak
of ihe Sioux this spring. An extensive agitation has been going
on aud if the Sionx go on the
war path they will bo joined by
lliey (Jtes, Arapahoes, Chey-
enncs and other tribes.
The Irish agitators huve got
gol down to fist work. On .Monday at a public dinner at Sligo
Micbaol O'Brien Balton used ii ��
suiting language toward Timothy
Healy, and on his replying far-
castieally, struck bim a heavy
blow between the eyes with his
list. A general fight was averted
with difficulty, Balton made his
It is rumored in railway circles
that the New York Central intends io bridge the St. Lawrence
at a point between Kingston nnd
Wells Island. It is also said tbat
tbo company intends to build a
bridge across lhe river from Covington to Cornwall and Irom
there to construct a road to Sault
Sto Mario, and they huvo boon
promised a bonus to enable tbem
to build tbis road.
A clever swindle is reporlod
from Kingston, but it looks too
clevor to bo strictly true. Tho
story goes thst on Saturday lust
two young men went to a confectioners storo and ordered tluce
hundred tarts, saying that they
required them for a party tbat
evening. The confoctioner not
having the number ou hand
saio he would start in al
onco and mako tbem, Tbey paid
bim tho lull amount and then
went to a tailoring establishment
on Princess stroet, and ordered
805 worth of ready-made clothing, They told tbo head of the
establishment that thoy had not
sufficient money to pay, but if be
enne to tlio confectioners tbey
would make it nil right, Arriving there one of them asked tho
latter if ho could lot tbem havo
05 by three o'clock, "Certainly"
said the baker, thinking that
tbo tails were alluded lo,  The
tailor Ihougbt ho meant dollars,
and so tho swindlers got the
clothes and skipped out.
Tbo Canadian Pacific steamship Empress of India arrived at
Hongkong on Monday Inst. A
stop of two wooks will bu made
to tillon passengers an opportunity of visiting Canton und other
places of interest.
A Puget Sound paper sayu that
a movement is now on foot among
lhe contracting stevedores to
form a joint stock company, lo
control the stevedoring of Puget
Sound and Jlriiish Columbia. Incorporation will bo askod from
tbe state of Washington by those
on the Amcricon side of tbo line
and from tho Provincial govornment for tho Canadians, and both
will work in harmony.
The news that tho American
President has ordered Minister
Phelps to notify the German
empire lhat America proposes to
retaliate for tbo exclusion of
American pork, has caused widespread consternation in Germany.
The Gorman manufacturers havo
not noticed any serious discrimination of exports under tho McKinley tariff, nnd an embargo on
a trade, which of late years bus
becomo very important, would be
a staggering blow to tho German
anies McDonald & Co,
Carry largo lines of plain, medium, ami] high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
Heel-room sets ranging in price Irom $6,50 to $500.    Hole!-' furnished throughout.   Offloe and bar-room chairs.   Spina
matlresseB made to order, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in etook,
orders from Kooteuay Lako
points will receive early
nnd   prompt at-
Pursuant to the Creditors
Trust Deeds Act, 1801,
Statutes of B, C.
Notice is hereby given tbat Harry
Chapman, engineer of Iievelstoke, in
the province of II, 0. has by deed
assigned all his real and personal
properly whatsoever to William Austin Jowett of Iievelstoke, for tbe
benefit of his creditors.
The s.'iiil deed was executed by tlie
assignor on tbo Mtb day of February,
1891, and oy the said assiguoe ou
the 14th day'of February, 1891,
85���tf Trustee,
Dated Ibis lOtbdnycf February
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
WM. kirkup & co.
Sranito waro, and   Lsup  GKjoIs.       Tin,  Copper
Mis.       Tin,  Coppor and   Shod Iro
Waro made to order.    First cbs������ v.irk guarantee 1.
attended to,'
Notice is hereby Riven Hint
Messrs. Jowett & Haig have been
appoiuted loeal agents for.lhe Canadian Paeilic Railway Company at
Revelstoke, for the purpose of collecting rent from all parlies occupying land belonging to said company.
Laud Commissioner
89 4 O. P. R. Co.
Vancouver, B. C, MarebO Ih, 1891.
Ill orders by m
express promptly
All   descriptions^' of
gold and silverware
(Close to C. P. R. Depot)
NOTICE is hereby givon that the
undermentioned tract of land, situate!] in Bast Kooteay District, has
beeu snrved, ond a plan of the same
can be seen at tbe Lands and Works
department, Victoria, nnd at the
oflico of A. P. Cummins, Esq.,
Assistant Commissioner, Donald:���
Lot 223, Group 1,���Thomas Jones,
Preemption   Record   No.  57,
dated 3rd June, 1885.
Persons having   adverse claims
must file a statement of the same
with  the Commissioner within CO
days from date of this notice.
;w, S. GORE,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., February 5th, 1891.
Importers of tho Choicest Grocoriofl and Provisions.
We carry a select and complete stock of gout's furnisings, ladios'. gonts'
and children's boots, shoes aud hose, Btatiouory, patent medicines, toilet,
requisites and roaly-made olotbiug.  A  largo  assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigarotlen, imported and doiuostio cigars, fruits, randy, eto'
Stovo pipes, tiuwaro, orockory, rough and drosscd lumber, and olhergoqdi
too numerous to mention, at moderate prices,
Telephone oommunieation,
P. O, Address, Nolson, ii, C,
Cnpaoity 20,000 feot por day. Planer
shingle machine, etc. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1890 lum..er will bo delivered at
any of tbe landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
J, Fred, Hume & Co,
Kevelstoke       ....
KLVELSTOK ;,   .    .  U. C
 r f;
(Branoh Storo at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries,  Provisions'
Canned Goods Hardware Eto*
Tho Stock in evory Department is Pull 8nl Oomploto and tho Public w
find it to their advantage to call ana
Inspect  Goods   and   Compare  Prices]
i p.'.! J.1L
Divine Service will bo held iu tbo
Jtevelstoke Qh'nroh overy Sunday evening at 7 ;30, conducted alternately
Snnda7 School and Bible CIbbs ev-
*3ry Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
.are cordially invited to attend.
Church of England services
.will be hold in Revelstoko by the
���Rev. 3. C. C. Kemin overy iounh
Sunday in each month.
Selkirk Lodge. No 12 r-
iOOf ftonald B C
Regular Meeting Thursday A each
week at 8 p. m.   All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J. McLeod,     J. H.'Mathebojj,
���#."& U.S.
Dosalo, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, fi'. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W.f.PgMe.'
Finc'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Kamloops, B, C.
Douald,- B. C.
Meets lst 2 Wednesdays, aiid 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall/
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Onllin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Box 49.
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magnzipa'Agent,   H J McSorley.
Picked Up iu tho Town and
3. E. Griffith, was in town last
W. J. Fisher is getting iu good
brnsh work on the BteamiTs.     ^
SejviceB will lie conducted in the
MethodiBt church tomorrow by
Rev. Mr. Turner,
Tbe steamer Despatch will make
ber first trip down tbo river on the
6th or 6th of April,
Mr. J. A. Mara, M. P., was iu
{own jeoterday on business' in'connection with the C. k K. N. Co'.s
The owners of the Monarch miue
Bt Field, have began ths shipment
of ay to tbe Smolter at Revelstoke,
three car loads arriving tbis week.
A. Mi'llae, of Illecillewaet was in
town Monday. Preparations are
beiug made fer extensive work in
developing the Illecillewaet mines
this season,
The evangelistic services in tl e
Methodist church  were continm. d
Judge Tunstall returned to town
yesterday morning from a trip down
tbe line as far as Yale.
Mr. Thos. M. Hamilton, loft for
Savona Tuesday night, where his
wife is lying dangerously ill.
Mr. J. T, Brewster, lately of Oakland dal., succeeds Frauk Lynott as
night operator at tho station here.
The houso cleaniug seaaon is on���
and several notable bachelors have
not been seen around tbe streets fo;
several dayc.
The Columbia & Kootenay Steam
Navination Company will have a
wharf built at the upper landing as
soon as the work on the breakwater
is completed.
Rev. J. C. C. Kemm will hold
service in the school bouse to-morrow evening, Easter Sunday, should
No. 1 be ou time, allowing him to
get from Donald here.
Mr. Hugh Madden of Nelson, who
has beeu on a visit to his old home
in Quebec, arrived in town this
week', and will leave for down the
river in a small boat on Monday.
Ho had not been home for 18 years
and noticed many changes in the old
Capt. A. B. H. Cochrane, has been
in town all week engaged in fitting
up tbe little steamer Marion for the
coming eecsons work. Engineer
Mills arrived bete Thursday from
bis home in Nova Scotia, and is also
engaged in doing necessary work on
the Marion. Tbe little steamer will
make her initial trip the first part of
the week.
A meeting of the Reve'istoke
branch of the Upper Canada Bible
Society will be held in the church
on Wednesday evening next at 7:30
p. m. Tho public are earnestly invited to attend. Addresses will be
delivered on Bible Society work and
a collection will be taken in aid of
tbe objects of the society.
The new machinery for the Revelstoke Lumber Company's mills has
arrived, and is being placed in position. It consists of a new engine,
edger, plainer, trimmer and shingle
.machine. Mr. J. C. Steen manager
of the company, is in town, and reports largo salea of building material
for tlio Northwest, several car loads
of which will be shipped at once.
Jas. McDonald & Co., have the
work of building the breakwater for
the Smelter Syndicate and C. P. R.
wil! under way, about forty pijes
bavjug been driven already. Forty-
feet piles will bo used throughout
tbe work. The eo:.tract for filling
iu behind the piles with brush anil
stone will be let in a fen days, wbieh
will employ a large force of men.
Tbe ladies of Iievelstoke will read
ivilb pleasure the announcement of
Mrs. H. Is". Coursicr, that i>be will
open out in a few dajs a complete
ar.d very select assortment of millinery. The Ut and bonnet are "Ihe
crowns of woman's glory," and
wben becoming,  materially help to
The Britith Columbia Commercial Journal, rep.eop.tly started in
Victoria, is just wbut its mime
implies. It is neat and attractive
in style, and as regards literary
oxcellenneo will comparo favorably with any of the Commercial
Journals pubiisod in the Dominion.
For somo time past tbo Staii
has boen in receipt of copies ol
tbo latest novels issued Iron, tbo
presses of John Lo-vell k Son,
Montreal, publishers of the cole
braled ''Star Soiies," and "Lovel.'s
Canadian Copyright Series,"
Tbe works received aro "Wormwood," by Mario Corolli, "Mar-
cm'' by W. Ei Morris, "Name and
Fume," and "Brooke's Daughter,"
by Adeline Sergeaut; and "A
Hidden Poo," by U. A. Ileniy. A
glanco at the coptpnts ot tbo
bookB shows that tboy aro of an
interesting instructive nnd wbole-
sonio class of literature, and of
excellent variety. In these days
when the market is flooded with
all kinds of literature, it behoovos
tho reader to think before purchasing and wasting time in reading Borne of the light and worthless publioatjon's. Tbo reader^
however, cannot make a mistake
in buying the publications of
John Lovell k Sons, as these
publishers only issue the best
Btaudard and current works, and
what is more pay tho authors
for tho right to publish their
works. Tbey have the Can ad an
copyright for tho novels above
named, which may be ordered
from the publishing hogso, Montreal, or through local dealers.
Plio'a Remedy for Catarrh is tbe
st. Easiest to TJhq nnd Cheapest*
Sold by drugjilstg or scat by hiull.S
li T. Ilaicltlao, Wamm, Pa.,' U. S. A.
this week.   Rev. Hall, of Kamloops  As Mrs Conrsier is an adept |p (he
and Rov. Morten of Salmon Arm, art of millinery, tbe ladies will do
assisting Rev. Mr. Turner. wen to consult ber abont bead gear
Mr. F. Fraser has decided to dis- nnd may depend upou getting "just
pose of his dairying business  and what soils jou."
Messrs. Jowett k Haig  are  agents'    Mr.  D.  C. MeMorris. tbe careful
for the sale of tbe prope.-ty.   Here and obliging purser of the steamer
js a chance for some energetio man Lytton, accompanied by Mrs, Mo-
to make a good thing.                    : Morris end Master Willie MoMorrls,
Messrs.    Hugh   Madden,   John arrived in town from Kamloops on
Brew, Robert Lee ami R. Campbell Tuesday, and will make tbeir home
have chartered Abrahamsou'sskiff, here in tbe fntare   Mr, McMorris'
���ndon Monday orTuenilay next will friends will be pleated to hear that be
start down the river (,<r B.proat. has successfully passed examination
We are instructed by Mr. F,
fraser to disppjo ol the i4oek
and goodwill of bis dairy bu-i-
iiess, conduotod in iho rising
town of Revelstoke. Thero are 11)
cows specially selected us good
milkers, burn, stable, and all im
provements. For further par
ticulais apply to,
Revclsloue, B. C.
set forth tbe beauties of tbe wearers.
to the postmaster general, will bo
received at Ottawa, until noon on
Friday the 15th May next, for the
conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails,
on a proposed contract for four
years, monthly or fortnightly, eaoh
way between Kettle river and Okanagan Mission, on and from tho first of
July next,
'I he onvevnnee to bo made on
horseback, palling at the post offloee
ut Pentioton, Keremeoj, Osoyoos,
and Book Greek, both going to and
returning from Kettle [jiver.
parties tendering must elate distinctly whether their tender in fur a
Tbey do not expect to have any   at Victoria, (or a oerU^catje eotitliog montbly or fortnigbtly service,
A Bitting of the County Court of
East Kootenay will be held ou Mon
day. April 20tb, [891, at II o'clock
a, m. at the Court House, Douald.
90-4 Reg. County Court.
Donald, March I8tb, 1891.
Notieo is hereby gLwpthat Oeorge
DeWolfhne filed with me uii application for Crown Grant for hisminoral
locution situated on Mount Stephen
in tbo district of   East   Kootenay
known as tbe "Monarch",
"Adverse applicants, ij any, aro required to send in their objections to
me within (111 days from this date,
Govornment Agent,
Fust Kootonay.
Donnld, March 2nd, 1891.
Nolico is heroby given that Richard A. Fry and A, C. Fry havo fyled
the necessary papers and made application for a Oroivn Grant in favor
of a mineral claim known as the
"Silver Queen" situated in the Toad
Mountain subdivision West Kooteuay District.
Adverse claimants, if any, aro requested to forward their objections
to me within sixty days from tbe
date of this publication,
75 8 Gold Commisioner
Revelstoke, January 29th, 1891,
Notice is hereby givon that application will bo made to the Parliament
oE Canada at its next session for an
act to incorporate a couipany with
power to construct, equip, oporato
aud maintain a Hue of oleclrie tolo-
graph and telephone from Sproat'B
Lauding on tbe Columbia River in
Kootenay district to tho boundary
lino of the proviuco of Uritish Columbia, together with all necessary
powers rights and privileges.
Solicitor for tbo Applicants.
Dated at Victoria, 11. C, thin 12th
day of Junuury, A. l\. 1891.   80-2m
Notice ia bcrpby given that Rich
nrd A. Fry and A. C. Fry have fyled
the necessary papers, and mado application for a Crown Grant in favor
of tbo "Grizzly Bear" mineral claim
situated nt Toad Mouutaiu, West
Koolenay District.
Adverse claimants, if nny, are requested lo fd'wd'r'd their objections
to ne within sixty days from tbe
date of this publication.
74-8 Gold Commissioner.
Revelstoke, January 29th, 1891,
diflicnlty in making tbo voyage, him to art aa captain  oi   master  of
"Frank" E. Lynoot, who for yean ������'gon inland waters.  The new
ha�� held the position of night opera- captain is an old time lailoi and has
lor at Revelstoke station on tho C.P. I "'-'l1 ���n(:<l his honors.
R. lios given np tho position to take j Mr. Duchenney chief of the O.P,
a well earned rest, Ho will in all '. R. engineering corps bus been sue,
probability pay a vist to his home in ' cessfnl in diaoovuriog u pssi from
Texas. Frank IS quite popular in Sprout through the mountains ii.to
town, and although net the largest! the Okanagan country. Tbe pasii
man in town it will bo bard to fill I reported by ,\Ir. Coryell of Vernon,
his place. was found Impracticable, the summit
' A young man named Fraser, from hvln�� 7-m ,l!tt abw ll"> "��� l,,v"1
Letbbriilge, was arraigned before m,] tl'�� K���,(IH tno ,lMP' T1'" new
Justico of the Peace Jowett on Tune -' .,W,B discovered, it Is reported, will
Say afternoon, charged with Indco- j PMm,t "f """> &raile8'l""10,T"rH"��
ency, Ho admitted tbe charge, but! hnrif,u'1 impediments to road build
Batted that he ��as nndc'r tbo In- N'  She party had a very herd trip
fjuence of liquor at the time,   Jj,, ! thmngl, thomouutains forsix weekn,
[vas'given a severe lecture by tho   Mr' Duohesney went down to Van-
court on the evils of intemperaooe, f.0UVB* t0 "port, *W�� the rest of
i --., *.,;������ ,.,..���! , , the party returned to oproat, by way
etc, t^fid a Tlghtflne was Imposed, it 0f tbeVnowpaBB.
- being bis tlrst offonoo,   It was Mr. ���-���	
Jowctt's first oaso too, and bo was      p, BaUNABD bus boon nsoloototl
iicrsuadcd inU celebialing Ibo ovent I lor Caribou over Dr, VV nil, iiy a
iy "selling 'em up," I majority of about fifty,
'rinted notices containing further
information us to conditions' of proponed contract, may be soon, nnd
blank forme of tender may be oh
lame,I At the poBl offloes'at Okanagan
Mission, Pentictioo, Keremeoa, Oso-
yi��,u, and Rook Creek, at Mr. E,
S]. iggi tt'a store, Kettle lliver nnd
at this office
98:( P, 0. Inspector,
p, <)   Inspector's offloe, Vlolbriu,
11 0   lath Sjaroh, LBOI,
A sifiini! of the Conmy Court
nf vVesi, Kooloiitty wiil bo hold
00 Wedneiiilay, April 22nd, \W\,
at 11 o'clock ii.in., nt the Court
lloiiHo, Revolsloko.
D2<1 UegUlrur C, CI Lands ami Works Deparlm'oht,
Iievelstoke, Mftl'Oh 111, lbSl,     \    Yiotoria, 1), C, 5th February, 1891
Notieo ia hereby given that tho undermentioned tracts of land, eituuto
in West Kootenay District, have boen
surveyed, and tho plans of the samo
can bo seen at tbo oflico of G, C.
Tunstall, Esq,, Assistant Commis-
slpnbr, Revelstoke!
Lot, 105, Group 1,���Known as tbo
Ori.w.ly Hear Mineral claim
Lot 105, Group 1.���Known as tbe
Silver Queon Mineral Claim,
Lot 172, (Iroup 1���Known  ub tho
United Mineral Claim.
Lot 178, Group 1.-Known ns tho
Arkansas Mineral Claim.
Lol 171. Croup 1. -Known  us  tho
Ulnokbird Mineral Claim.
Lot 175, Croup 1.���Kuown  ns  the
Joanne Mae .Mineral Claim,
Lot (70, Group 1.- Known  us the
Alpine Hose Mineral Claim,
Lot 177, Croup 1.-���Known as tho
Portland Mineral Claim.
Lot 178, Group 1.-���Known ns tho
Llbby Mineral Claim.
Lot 179, Croup I.   Known  as the
Tonderfoot Minornl Claim,
Lot 180, Croup I.     Known as the
John A. Logau Mineral Ciaiu,.
Lol 220, Group I.   H, Helons and
M, S. Davys application to jur-'
elm lated 20th September, 1890
f, W. 8. GORE,
Building & Contracting;
And General Commission Merchant
Insuranoe   and   Real   Estuto
A gout. Notary Public, Etc.
Gqr.DEN   ���      .       .      .      b.C
Corner Front and Hanson Sts. '
AbRAHAMSON BROS.       -       PRoritlBTOUS
First olassin evory respect; Nearest
hotel to CPR depot and sCnC
landing, between post office and rov',
buildings. Coach to and from depot
end steamboat. Fire proof Safe for'tha
accommodation of its customers.    '
I1'. McCarti}^    .
First class Teippemnoe House.
UOAIIO    AND,    ,.0���Q!N���   g5   pER   ffEE���
MEALS, 25o.      UEI)S250.
11ns hotel is situated convenient to the.
station, is comfortably furnished und
ailords first class aooommodation.
bTltlOTLV FIUSl'>CU88.
IIEVELSTOKE     r      ,       =�� C
W. Cowan, Prop.
Looms well attonded; tables unex.
colled. Wilms and liquors ��uara'i
teed of a bifih quality, ifir'e lu
Biimplo room. '|'olo'p|ioiio communication with C. P. |{. depot. Fire
proof vault for iho convenience ol
guests.   Buss meets ull trains.
riiANSIKNT HATES    -    -    .
��� FER OA*
���THE -r
The largest and most oentrul Hotel in
the city j good ac.coniiuodation ; evorya
thing new ; table well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attuchod ; lire proof safo '
Stockholm House
JOHN STONE, Prop,     ���
Tho dining room is furnished  with th��i
best the market affords,
Tho bar is suppliod with a choice stock
of wiueB, liquors and cigars,
Jas. Liberty,


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