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The Kootenay Star Feb 14, 1891

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Array ^��s^\
No. 34 j
All Mining Claims, other tliahMineral
Locations, legally hold in this District,
under tho Minornl Act, 1881 nnd Amendments, may be laid over from liith dny of
Ootober till the let dny of June next,
181)1, subject to the provisions of the snid
Act and Amendments.
Cold Commissioner,
Donnld, East Kootenavi
September 29th, 1800,
i >#*\; ''-''JiV^V-'.
Vf   ll.       ,
Notice Is
(Dje Kootenai) Star
o- ����� at esazed miex,��
Clding E.ist,
No. 2
13:00 Leave
Vancouver   A
North Blind
bpence's Bridge
12:15 Arrive    Glacier
Donald    Depart
cv-v".-.-I.: .,%���;���'��� yyy:
HiiVKNi'E Tax-.
Public noiice is hereby given (list Assessment mid Provincial Revenue Taxes
for the year 1801, for I bo Last Kootenay
Assessment District, aro now due nnd
puyablo at my ollice, at Donald, at tho
following rates:
Real Property Tax, if paid on or before the 80th of Juuo next, y. of one
per cent.; if paid on or nfter the lst of
Jnlv next. x/% of one per cent.
Personal Property Tux, if paid on or
before the BOth of Juno next, l/, of one
per cent. ; if paid on or after the lst of
July next, ){ of one per cent.
Income Tux, if paid ou or before the
30th of Juno next, \', of one per cent, i
if paid on or after tht 1st of July next,
% of ono per cent.
Wild Ldud Tax, if paid on or before
tbe 30th of June next, ly cents per
uere ; if paid ou or after tho lst of July
next, 8Ji cents per acre.
Provincial Revenue Tax. $3.00 per
capita. 80
Assessor and Collector,
Donald, B, O, Jan. 2nd, 1891.
hereby' given Unit n.
diluvial claims legally held iu the
West Kootenny Distriot, will bo laid
overfnnn the 1st of October to tho
1st dny of Juno ensuing according
to the conditions of Section lit! of
the Mineral Act,
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 28th, 1890,
Notice is hereby given that Richard A. Fry and A. C. Pry have fyled
tho necessary papers and made application for n Crown Grant in favor
of n mineral claim known as the
"Silver Queen" situated in the Toad
Mountain subdivision West Kootenay District.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to forward their ejections
to me within sixty days frdm the
date of thi3 publication.
70 8 Gold Commisioiier.
Revelstoke, January 29th, 1891,
Notice is hereby given tint Application '.'.-ill be made to the Parliament of
Canada, nt its noxt session, for mi Act to
i��'p�� i incorporate the International Railway
nnd Stonmboat Company of Canada, to
construct a railway : Commencing at n
point On the 49th parallel of north latitude, where the Kootenay lliver Hows
north into British Columbia ; thence
northerly along the valley of that river
nud of Kootonny Rime, to (he north end
of the said Lake; theuce westerly through
the Lardo Pass ; theuce northerly along
the valleys of the Columbia lliver to tho
Boat Encampment; tho Cauoo River to
tho Teto Jitune Cache ; the t'raser Rivi r
to ils northerly bend, and thence by the
most feasible route to Lake Francis ; and
thenoo to ,>nd (-.long the valley of the
Polly or Yukon lliver, to the' eastern
boundary of Alaska; With power lo
build branches; also to own, construct,
chat ter and navigate steamboats and oilier vessels, on all navigable waters with
which railway connection rriay be made :
nnd (u construct, own, leaso iiii.I use
docks, warehouses, grain elevators and
other wores for facilitating
lion upon said waters.
62 Solicitors for Applicants,
Ottawa, 12th December, 1890,
al veiiy numoroh'sly signoll
requisition has been presented to
Messrs E. G, Prior and Thos.
I'lnrle, asking them lo again stand
ns candidates fur Victoria District.
A new paper is to bo started
in Vancouver to he called tho
British Columbia Coiiiiiicrcii.il.
It will lo specially- devoted io
the industrial development and
Ihe extending of the trade rcla-a
lioi'S of the Province.
g transport!!-
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax,
Notice is heroby givon, iu accordance
with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and nil Tuxes levied under tbe
Assessment Aet aro now due for lin year
1891, All of the above named taxes,
eolIeetibU) within the Iievelstoke Division of tbe District of West Kootenay,
are payable at ray office.
ABBeSicd taxes are collectible nt the
following rates:
If paid on or before Juno 30th, 1S911
Provincial Revenue, 88,00 per oapitu,
One half of one per cent on Ileal Property,
Woven and one half cents per acre on
Wild 1,nud.
One third of one por cent on Personal
One half o( oue per cenl on Income.
If paid afl.ir ,1 tine Uftli, 1 SH 1 :
Two thirds of ono per cent on Real
Eight mid oue half cents per aero on
Wild Lund.
Oh�� hull of one por oont on Personal
Tdiron fourths of one per cenl  nn In-
ectuc.        T. J. LEMDBUJf,
fi# Ci'lli'i'li't',
Rovitlotoke, 1! C , Jan. 2nd, 1801,
Notice is hereby given that Application will be made to the Parliament of
Caiiadn at its next session, for an Act to
incorporate the Northern Transcontinental Railway Company of Canada, to construct a railway ; Commeuoingat Prince
Albert on the North Saskatchewan River, theuce westerly to tie west end of
Lake Athob'tsca ; thence northerly and
westerly along tho Ureal Slave River nud
Lake, to the point where the Maokemio
River Hows from Great Slave Lake;
Iheuco along tbe volley of the Mackenzie
Kiver to ils junction with the Riviere mix
Liards ; Ihence along the valley of the
I hitter river to 1 lease lliver and Lane, and
i thence by the tolleys of the Tamsilla und
j StuceiJe Rivera nnd to the easterly boun-
iaryof AlnsKA, with power to shorten
the main lino wherever passes may be
found, nnd to build branch lines ; also to
own. construct, ohartor nnd navigate
steamboats and other vessels on all navigable waters with which railway connection may be made; and to construct-
own, lease and use dociis, warehouses,
grain elevators, and other worns for fa,
eilitating transportation upon said waters. GEMMILL k MAY,
61 Solicitors for Applicants.
Ottawn, lilt December, 1890
F. 8, Barnard who has represented Cariboo in the Dominion
parliament for the past two years
is a candidate for ro^ulcotion, He
has proved liintseif au able and
incrgelio representative and it ia
not likely bo will bo opposed,
ue his constituents are Well Satisfied with his efforts ou their behalf.
The political campaign now
raging in iho Lbihinion barely
causes n ripple ol commotion in
lliiiieh Columbia; The election
will bo a very quiet one iioro, and
it ia probable that all the old
members will be re-elected. As
will be seen by an ndilnss to the
electors in our columns, Mr, J.
A. Mara is a candidelo for reelection in Yu'e-Koolcnuy dia.,
triot. Dfirifig the ptibt four
years Mr, Mara has proved an
eseollciit representative of this
district, uud of British Columbia,
in ihe Dominion parliament, and
>l would le difficult lo find ti man
who could fill the position as
well ns he. Mr, Mara, is flu*
doubted iy one ot de first men of
the province, as well as tin able
parliamentarian, and is thoroughly acquainted with (ho needs
of his constituency, Though a
supporter ot Sir John Maodon*
aid's government, bo is independent, placing principle before party
at all times. Mr,- Muffi defines
his position clearly in bis address,
which wo would advise our
readers lo carefully peruse,
Notice is hereby given that application will be mode to the Legislature or
British Columbia, at its next Bossion, (or
;i private bill to toetwp iratiea company
for (ho purpose of constructing anil
maintaining b railwuj from some oonvou-
ietit point mi the outlet of Kooltenuy
I. di- to apoiutou or near the southern
1'iiitiiiiiiry of the Province, wP.li power to
eonBtraol aad Maintain bfanola lines; and
iii " to soDstruol and operate telegraph
aud telephone lines m oouneotion with
be said railway,
65 _      Solioitora fortlio Applicant!.,
Vwterifl, lie.. Deeemlo! 1'iih, 1890
Coiicut at Ooldcu.
On the evening of 9th February
tho Golden Glee Clubgavo their
first entertainment and floored a
grand success. The program con-
Dieted of g'��''hi Bonfc'b sentimental
and comic, not to mention a violin
solo rondorcd oy Miss Walilnger.
It would bo impossible to purlieu-
larlsse-llke trying to select tho best
from a cluster of perfeot gems���and
I can only repent "il wan a gruud
BueoeBS," and llm aitdionoe, one and
nil, wore delighted with the evenings
rutintiiiinucut and tiro looliing forward in happy anticipation of
another onjoyablo evening at no distant dato. The tickets nunotinco.l
the fact that tho concert was hold iu
aid of the Church of England, and
us the now school house was fairly
filled, that "sacred edifice1' must
have done very well indeed.
P1.00-RA11M.E.���r.lllT   I
Glee, "Hunting Song" Glee Club.
Duet, "Piiiuaforte" Misses Walilnger
and lialiiday, Song, "Good Company" .Mr. F: Plowright. Song,
"Across tho fill' blue Hills" Mrs.
Moodie, Sung, Mrs. doodle; Hong,
(in oharaotor) "Whistling Coon"
Mr, A. H. II. Cochrane. Vocal duet,
"J would that inv love" Mi's, Moo,lie
nnd Mr. Walling'')'' Dance, Messrs.
Vachoti and Riley,
i-ACT rt
Quartette, "The Cinijerfl." Duet,
(ni character) "Familyjars"Messrs.
Cliaiiiller and Plowright. Song,
���'Goodbye" Mrs. Moodio. Song,
"The Postillion" Mr. Wullingcr,
Boug, "Jliillyhocley" Mr. C. Wwron.
Ua:iee, MeWU'B Vuchou uud Riley,
(ie.'.', "Hymen's Torch" Gleo (Jlab.
"God rave tbe Queen."
Gexti.kwen,-Owing to important
proposals having lieen made by the
Dominion Government throiiRh the
Imi'crial Gover'um'ont, to tho United
Slates, with u view of forming a
treaty covering trade und oilier relations botween tho two countries,
and that the people may have
c.n opportunity of expressing
their views upon those proposals.
Parliament has been dissolved, and
you nro now oallsd upon to select a
representative to the House of Commons. Tile mo-it importantquestiou
that has occupied the attention of
the Administration nud Ihe Hdnse
of Commons for se>oral years pist
and probably the moat important
one that will como be'ore the now
lloUs.), in our trad.! relations with
our neighbors. In seoking your
suffrages at tho last general election
I st-ited, "I should favor a reei-
" proey treaty with tho United
"States that would inclule the
" products of British Columbia, bat
" would oppose auy modification
"of (he tariff which should have a
" tendeuoy towards free trade, so
���' long as onr neighbors keep their
" markets closed against ns by high
" protective duties."
The question now eomos before us
in a definite form, Shall we adhere
to (ho National Policy, nuder which
Canada 1ms prospered, and endeavor
to secure a treaty wiih tho U.iiteii
States that will be fair to btttb
countries, or shall we, on the other
hand, accept Unrestricted Reciprocity as ailt-nctlted by Mr. Lnurier
and the Reform parly ?���a policy
that can have no other meaning than |
a common tariff for Canada and the I
United Slates against tho rest of the
world, aud one that will bo framed
(it Washington nud not at Ottawa.
I admit that a high protective
tariff falls more heavily on our
Province than any other portion of
Hie Dominion, as we are ooflsdmers
rather than producers, and owing to
(he great distance from the manufacturing centres of Ontario ami
Q'loboo transportation adds materially tc-the cost of goods laid down,
But wo must not forget that we a'o
an integral pai t of tbe Djminion,
und that uo Provinoe has participated
to so great an estent in tho general
prosperity of the hist live years as
ours. We must ulso boar in mind,
that without a protective tariff
Canada would uot have had either
the menus or credit to push to completion wilhin so short a timo the
Canadian Pacillo Railway; and without thut work British Columbia
would only bo �� member of the Con-
federation in uatuo. British Columbia covers an immenoo area, our
popnliitian is siuiill and scattoJ, our
mining districts are in many fuses
almost inaccosstible. and our mineral
wealth wiil remain undeveloped
until tho mountain ranges uro
piertied with railways. The burdeu
of railway building is too heavy io be
borne -by tho Provinoe, aud wo
must largely depend on federal aid.
How cau we claim that assistance
unless wo contribute our quota of
taxation ? The Premier iu his
rseeiit address, slates: "We have
" by liberal grants of subsidies pro-
" muted tho building of rail ways
" now becouui an absolute necessity,
" until the whole country is covered
" as with a network,'1
Thin may be the case in tho older
provinces, bnt it in cnrtaiuly not so
ui British Columbia, oxaapt ou
There in, I beliove, an ogilation iu
the eastern provinces iu favor ol an
export duly being placed ou nicklo
ore, und a feeling of alarm in u
portion of this district, lest such a
tax should be impound, 1 do not
apprehend any bueh danger, but
should ihe government contemplate
placing an import of that description
I will certainly oppose it. I would
favor the iluty on lead being increased an toon as our smelters are running, beiug confident that bofore
many ycurB Koolenay will produce
more lead than will be required by
the whole of the Dominion.
lu common with the other members from this province, I oiroiigly
urged upon tlio government the
advisability of placing mining
machinery on the free lift, una
pointed out the advantages that
would aooruo, not only lo British
Columbia but to Ihe wiiole Dominion it' this encouragement wore
olTcred to the miuing Industry. Our
efforts were bo far successful that all
mining machinery not manufactured
in tho Doiniiiiou, is now a.lmittid
free, and 1 am glad to know that
more than one mining company in
Rust and West liootonuy has lakeu
advantage of this concession,
Iu endeavoring bo secure assistance for public works, I have at
lewd beeu partially sivoeessftrl,
During my term1 subsidies w^re
granted to only bwo railways in this
province, one in Yule and tho other
in Kooteuuy. Tho Colniuhia/ river
i above Golden hus'beeu improved1 su
j thdt * mouth, and upwards to tlw
season has br.:h added to steamboat
nnvigition, and work is now being
done below (lie nioutli of the Kootenny, which it is ho'ped will give
navigation on the lowci river a'l the
year ro'u'rfd.
The government decided to establish four Industrial Schools (or
Indians in our province, Two of
theso aro now iu successful operation
iu this district, So thoroughly aro
these iLstitntlonBappreciated by tie
Indians, (hut the Principals and
Indian Agents have difficulty iri
selecting pupils, the number offerii g
being so much greater them there id
aeci'inmoiliitiou fof.
There has been considerable dissatisfaction on accouut of of delavS
that have oooured in extending post
office facilities to outlying districts.
I may say that I havo not been idle
in ttiis matter, and whilst the Tost-
master General has not acceded to
every request as readily as I could
wish, 22 new offices have beeu
opened within the past four years,
with an increase of about 600 miles of
Now, gentlemen, I hope I have
placed Iho issues fairly beforo you,
If you have sufficient confidence in
me to re-elect me, I will us in the
past, give the present government a
generous support, and I will en-
doavor at all times to oarofully
guard your interests.
Yours faithfullf,
83 J. A. MARA,
Court  Nowsi
County Court was openod bite
beforo His Honor Judge Spinks en
Wednesday last, The was nothing
on the docket and the court immediately acjeumed,
A siding of the County Gou'rt of
East Kootenay Was held at Domld
ou Monday and Tuesday, The principal oase before tbe court was an
action brought by tt. MoCriuimoa
against P. Murphy, te recover dam-
resulting from an assault committed
upon McCriramon by the defendant
on the lilth of January. Th* por(i>>
nlars of the assault were given in
the Star aotno weeks ago, brief!,);
MeCrimmon cao;e to Murphy's hottl
ou the evening referred to, repeatedly
attempting te kick iu his door, Tha
defendant resonted this action and
after warning McCrimmon to go
away (during which time the complainant iisedgroscy insulting language to Murphy) he strtiek him several blows with a poker, The judgo
charged iu favor of the plaintiff, but
the jury gave a verdict in favor oi
tho defendant,
To n Number of Toboggan-
������rs   at  Donald.
A boriouB ami what may prove a
fatal accident occured at Donall ou
.Monday night last, to a toboganuing
party.   Tho slilo on which tbo noei-
dont ooourrod   is  such  that    the
toboggans run down one bill and up
another hill for a   conoiderable distance   Ono party started down the
the bill nud were  quickly   followed
by a second   Tho tirst party reached
tie end  of the  course,  and  wi t
blidlog to Iho level botween the bills
when lliey oolliilod \��ith teritlc foroo
will) Iho second party,   Fire persons
were badly injured iu (bo collision,
Miff Lawrence, bad ono of hor lege
briikoi) in two place, her ribs frae-
tnrjd, ami hor forehead out  open.
Mi.'is May Evans wan   bruised about
the head aud body ; Thomas Taylor
ulso hud u leg broken, while Charle;
Crandon,   hud  his  tinkle sprained,
and T. LU-iidsrson was injured about
the head uud face,
Miss Lftwroneo lies to a very critical condition nod indications of heir'
roeovorT are not ve>-y encouraging,
ttiangiilior    Dondcd.
Walter SooU, of Illecillewaet has1
bonded for one year Ms winerul
claim, the Sauguhor to Sir Jamee
Grant, ol Ottawa, (or the sum of 122,-
iy.10. The Ssnguhor it situated
night miles from the C. P. B, at tho
���nd of tho OoYcruuena trail from
Albert Oanyom Sir /ames Grant is
sitistk.l Ibe ptoperty is a good one
��ei w ill havo ii thoroughly touted
noxtsuaowrj aaaatotaaW.ar.nl.-Ta^iavia^-'lutacaa^^
Ct]e ftootencuj Star
A four page twenty-column news
paper, is issued frpir. the office of
publication, Iievelstoke, 13. C,
ipubrpription price ��2 per year
Rates #1 advertising given on
Publisher and Proprietor
Great Silence,
We can hear the thunder reltlo and
Can hear the tramp of tho tide on
the shore ;
Hoar tha furious wimta rush bluster-
, ri ; In,
ing by,
Or tho pelting rain from a darkened
sky." "
We may hear the lark as he soaring
Not the growth of the grass from
whence ho apringo;
Nor hear we the soft snow-flakes as
they fall,
And trooping shroud the dead earth
with a pall;
Nor yei the rise or Jdesgenf of the
That gems and freshens tho roso aud
tho rue;
Nor hear we tho moments ibat make
up time
Though we tick them off with mo-
fallic chime ;
Nor hear we  Iho growth of the
human soul,
Though demon, or jeiaph.lmay bo
tho whole.
For thoughts and feeling) come like
' the show,
And virtues or vicos like grass will
Aud no moment slips io  iho silent
, i        Ifl ������ '   '
That makes not its marl; ior eternity.
Breaking the Linv.
The Vietoria Times says: The
preservation of fish from total extermination has beeu one of the aims
of the Dominion Government for
some lime, but iiu;oi'inti:tt(v in
this part of the country there is no
ifficor empowered to enforce the
law, whniti' is consequently broken
with impunity. Complaint is being
made of the useless slanght r I
Binall food fish by the Italian :'.-:.��� r-
meu in this vicinity. 1 lies i cb ips
ure really more destructive .
Chinese, end if allowe 1 ' 3 go on
without restriction, will ���
dsstroy  the  food   fish
ally thsy seek to make Canada the
engine ofithe Conservative aristQO-
raoy of Great Britain for averting
the triumph of demooraoj of tho new
world, and keeping part of the
American oontinent under the aristocratic institutions or influence of
thoir party.
Sir John Miicilonalo is chief, and
his wheh policy has been directed
against closer, relations with tho
United Status, Tho Canadian Paci-
fio Ruilway was his destined instrument, though in tho course of events
his'National'railway has been converted into half an American road,
and seems to prove a helpless fight
against nature, For the commercial
question by itself he may be said to
caro comparatively littlo,
Among the people, whatever may
bo s".id of their political bearing
toward the United States, tho desire
for freo trade iu their couutry grows
up;ice. If tho people ure let alone
there can be no doubt that (ho verdict will bo in favor of reciprocity
and against a protectionist govern-
govornment. Iiut Iho poople will
not bo let alone. Tho country has
been governed for 25 years largely
by corruption carried on by moans
of federal subsiJics to tho provinces,
(which our constitution fortunately
permits,) federal grants to local
publio work, concessions to contractors and bribery of all kinds.
These engines will all be plied on
the people whose political  tone has
been sadly lowered by Ion,
lion to their inlltienees.
The Government's majority in the
Into parliament was over 50 on a
division in a bouse of 215 members,
so that the Liberals have considerably leeway to make up. On the
other baud many Govornment seats
were wen at Cue lust election by
small majorities which, if people
wore to vote freely according to their
convictions, tho commercial question
would do doubt bo reversed."
a particle, but with the Imperial
Government it is different. Sir
John iiacdonald and Sir Charles
Tnpper. who are in effect tho Dominion Government have managed
to persuade the Imperial
authorities that a treaty between the
United States nnd Newfoundland
would be detrimental to the interests
of Canada, and so h*r mujaisly's assent is withheld, Wo do not jjnew
iu what principle of equity or fair
play Premier Salisbury justifies his
anomalous position in this respect,
but we know tho moral effect of the
British Government's action in refusing its sanction to this trade
treaty after delegating to our commissioner full power to negotiate
it, will have a damaging influence in
the colonies gouerally on estimates
of the integrity aud honosty of Eng'
lish statesman. What colony will
now care to trust tho British Gov
ornment, in view oi the fiitbless
manner iu whioh it has acted toward
us in this connection,
Will lbe  Strictly  Unforced.
Tho instructions lately forwarded
from Ottawa to tho magistrates of
British Columbia, are very edict,
and the offenders against the Indian
Act will jio more severely punished
than ever. Uudor tho amendment
of lust nocsion to the Indian Apt,
penalties may be inflicted on auyono
who, by himself, clerk, servant or
agent, directly or indirectly, or on
any pretence, sells, trades, supplies
or gives liquor io an Tniliau, A fine
of ��300 and six months imprieon-
ment may bo imposed for any
Notice ia hereby given that application will be mado at the nexj; session qf tho Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate n company to construct,
equip, maintain and operate a tramway, to be worked by steam, horse
nr other motive power from the "Silver
King Mine" on Toad Mountain,
Koolenay Disriot, to somo point on
the Kooteuay lliver, tit or near Nelson
and for till the powers, rights and
privileges usual or neoessary in such
an undertaking, or in constructing,
equipping, maintaining and operating
a railway,
60,0 Agent for Applicants.
pdtVjiin! Eve*,,
It is a cold day for Chili.
A mun often breaks dowu whon ho
is nil broke np.
A man of flighty disposition should
never be made cashier ol a bank.
British Columbia Lumber.
The Canadian Review, in review
ing tho lumber trade  for  the  past
year, says:   "Advices from British
Columbia state that llio  capacity of
tbe mills of that province ie being I Med? W? ~ Puro politeness.
taxed to its utmost in supplying the | IIis customers weuldu'-t oomo down,
rapidly    increasing    demand    for ! 80 'ie went UP'
A correspondent wauts to know
how long eels live. The same as
short eels, of course,
Bibbs-I wonder  why my tailor
Teacher���What did the anoient
Egyptians dp with their qftts?,
Bright Pupil ��� Thoy embajraed
them ami laid their bodies in oata-
Douglas fir, which is being transported In Australia, China and South
Two Micks sawed at Bnrrard Inlet
ami used on  the  Montreal  harbor
improvements, aro said to have been ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the largest ever transported through Qtijokjlash,, Sr., (tq.ir.his"! son)-
Canada by rail, Both were the ' Don't you think you could make
name sizo, and measured sixty feet! yourself useful by cleaning of this
hi length and three fee! square eon- j sno��?
laion ; 6,-lSO feet each, their com-
I . I wc-i lit being a fraction over
..-.' -five an i a half tons.
A Rascally Trick.
Evej day around Ifrcl ..-,.        law
is disobeyed in the'mal   ��� During tbe progress of the Royal
killing. 'Fishermen  use   n I ���'      '   ���'" con-
other illegal means of capturing fish i Saturday ovening some reck-
apd are not1'taken in task for  it be-1le*8 blackguard threw a large glass
Qiiickflash, Jr.���Aw���rather queer
job, don't you think, for tho son of
a gentleman?
Qn'iqkflush, Sr., (exploding)���Son
of a jackass you mean.
Mamma (a week after the nuptials)
- Are you nicely settled yet, Ethel?
Ethel -Gsorgo thinks  so, but  I
clu'se'there Trio 'l^minion  o'tnce'r | b��t   ' tbroogb ono of tho windows, |    -Uim��� - BmBjI    What  does
here.   The law strictly says o       -    ���' '  '  ' and frag-  Ge��r8eiBttZ?
nets .hall be spare 1   from ba lowing  a   ihowerof     Ethel-Tbis morning ho get np
bank of streams for th    purpose ih little
etching fi.b. v.-- thi               < ���"""       Ml     J"ii:-
day up the Gorge 	
streams tributary t  it. wm.faoiug
Ndili/itf the provincial ���-.-���. ...
been ao ive id tbe matter, b eye, aau iug  iuten e
[bVt if he biings  any pain, and  making it. poosssary for
breakers to jqstioo that all tl
iii^vo lo be ri mi .' -.
ment atOttaw i, whilo Q
of the eouviiti m ��� (all   a the prov-
im b
11 in
d     I i,.' r ii ',
loose tbe sigh     I bis  eye,   Evi ry
1 be made to  di o v-r  tbe
'.  ll      la [ardly doci},
>V.liat G.l.lvvi.i 8   Says.  "' ' '   "' '" :"'  ;'
V  . 1 .'   of   thO   ii'..    .:
���,,,,,.   ,,   ..,   , m      ,     Iricli   if this I  ,:   iro
Prof. Goldwin Smith if Toronto,
in a letter to (bo No��  I   I ��� '
and got his own breakfast; I hoard
him Bay, "Well, this sottlos it I"
Two Polish peasants happen to
l��il  nie,  did  you   know  that
.'. lillu's DOW was (lend'.'"
"(1 tod boarensl'.' But you are
not goiug to tell him llm news as
bluptly a1; thai?"
' N i, l shall prepare him. First
I urn going to tell him that his
mother baa d|ed ; then I cau broak
the iiows about thn oow."
A "Psalm" of   Business.
ill   ill
.,' imm
explain!) the   polit
p-.nc.lia.   IpiH.iy..    "Ti
ut&iirl .a thai -I trado id tli (I   tlnil
j       i ,
States, bnt' .boneath  Ibis   lies c
broader (ssne between  - ontinei lal
and, anti-c<.r.iiii(,ri(al p . Ici
'Tho L'ilani-iiiii nl ''iriiiii,   ".;.��� ���!.' ���
thr.'y'^onlt for an intimato' ontranco
of Canada'in the American union or
not, are now mot) of jlns  onntinont,
and rr'ijuiil iho  iiilii'ihiiiuitii of tlm
,1'H ,'" j. 1  i ��� ii i
/ost o( ii. an partners an I o|e       to
ouitiv'tto the bloneot  rub-,:.' n    vi h
a hi ii.i (hi ..,,,',
,. pi.
Iho Gonieryatives aro aro anti
.'ontiiial. Tlioydofliro io k   p Oar
cn'ij'i i\    i,i J    ' '
ada .n nl i!ii:;(;i divided  fron   '���. t
a .a .0 a I I'ii  ,f     . I
flontjnonm tonqonoioii and attached
not bo allowed to I     .iuo common,
I     .      I'll,   l!
CCDStirCI    lllO    flril i   Ii
MO   ..octal
o (real \\n a.n, whero   	
" '."''A J?1'"' '��� ''���,',."   I ",,      , ���
,|e^ m-rlv h.'j   pi i ���
Tli" I ,
of the   Nowfoiii illuinl Govoi
publish ... i
.',: .'.'i [land, in i it   -
coll ip e if the i    ,��� ' ' ,
.,''"���'���. I   Hi
Unite   I ta(i      I    iayu tlln
ngrood, to with M . limine, un I mily
uiv litod 'l'1' u'giiiiture of, tl a Ili'lii (li
Viiii i.'t.  The 'i'olsgi itii '��� inol
''' i    j ' ' of '������     I)    ii
wroi",' t in ti 'ini -ti, not in   \Vasb
lu bus  im inniionco
riimc'il e"
ig|du,   Ciiiii'.ilu tiiiii   in, 1
|th ice iVmorieua deycriiB
-. (1
"Tell me not in mournful numbers'1
Advertising doesn't pay,
i  i , ui man's uon o unpos raonliaj
Who .I'iiil Isiiohabi urd thing   ay,
"Life m reall   Life is oarnosll"
And tbe roan who hopes to rise
I', emlncuoo In anyoalllqg
. ,Mn ,i ej'pqot i ��� advi rl o
"In tlie world i broad field of balllo,
in the oonlliol of roil] life,'
��� i   rli ling 11 Hi" magnet
in uohiovomi ui i ie ih" trlfo
! uv, of rich moo all remind u���,
"V/iieiiniiiiilie onr own Biiblimo,"
.''ml Iiy liberal j dyertising
To (!"' uigll ���"' Bui ii :il climb.
"in i, tis ili'ii, lie uii i.mi doing
In (in.M.ci'tyour "ii.hi" insert,
/Hlill ncl.ievini;', still piiiKiiin^", '
jli-iHtiKM^ciiivill't'C alert "
Notice is hofeby given that Allan
Granger has filed with mo, applications for Crown Grants for his mineral
locutions situated ou .lubileo Mountain iu the District of East Kootenay
known us the Horso Shoo aud Dewy
Eve. Adverse applicants, if any, tire
required to send in their objections
to me within sixty days from this
Gov.   Agent,
6(1-8 East Kootenay, B. C.
Donald, January 15, ld91.
Notary Publio.
Notice is hf>rooy giien'that application will bo made to thi Legislative Assombly of the Province of
British Columbia, ot its i^ext session,
for i'ii Aet to incorporate a company
for the purpose of constructing,
maintaining, equipping and operating telephone lines within tho town-
eito of Nelson and Sproat's Landing
nnd the distriot between snid Town-
sites ; and also within the Townsite
of Vernon und surrounding district,
5(1 Solioitors for Applicants,
Doted this lst Deoember, iil^O.
Notieo is hereby given i'!,ut James
Brady has filed with me tin application for Crown Grant for his mineral
location pitualed about two miles
west of the south end of Upper Columbia Lake in East Kootenay District known as the Thunder Hill
mineral claim. Adverse applicants,
if any, ure required to send iu thoir
objections to mo within sixty daya
from tho date hereof.
Govt. Agent.
fiC-8 East Kootenay, B, O.
Donald, January J.5,1891.
Notary Publio,
Mining, Timber and  Uaal  Estate Brokers and General
Commission Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale, "Mining Bontjs, etc., drawn up
Ronts nud Accounts Collected; .Mining Claims Bought and sold; Asseo-
mont work on Miniug Claims Attendod to; Patents Applied for, Etc,, Etc.,
i-i?" rim, like and accident insurance agents.
Lots on Tqwnoite of liovelsloko for Sale and Wnulod, Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,'
^^^^^^^ j        GUNSMITH
All kinds of Repairing done in a workmanlike mnnner.   Shot Guns.
Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition 'ko,, ko., for snlo'at lowest prices.
&T Fiue Rifles Made to Order.
Bjggggg^^WgjWWWjjMjMlglMaiaiMga^j^ a
-oKAiaKus in-
Coal, Hay and Corn,
Have entire salo of the ocloboqtod Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, suit
able  for baat-burncra'and other stoves.    GREAT HEATING  A
I'O.WKIv.  MUCH CHEAPER THAN WCjQD'.    Delivered a1. Rovelatnko, nny part of town,  $9,90
Kamloops ftO.OOj Donald S8,,r)().    Special '
quotations for cur lots.   Coal stovos
sold atwholesalo cost Hay, outs
and brim sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
nt Kamloops und Donald.   Apply
L. J- I'll) WARDS
DONA LI), B. 0,
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to  Ui^  Ll'M I'.I1UIN(J,   I'.CSSIN KSS    nnil   AG1^h
(IHLTCKAL, nii<l esiii'cinlly to thfl
Mining Interests of th��
Kootenay District,
?j ( I! ) c 1 ^o/nnd, ekecutecl lo tbe Lusl si;is,  Coiumercial wcr^
���.y.!\KWo}.:;, o>��:.-.--i*.-^a'J'.,A^-^.VJ'^'-.-'^'-c���.l-ai.-J.-Jr.aW>}-.*.>!
Newspaper  Regulations.
1. Aiy o^ifiiia wko takes a p^psr
regularly' from the Post Oflico,
whether he has subscribed or cot, is
responsible for the payment.
2', If a persot; orders his paper
discontinued ho must pay all arrears,
or the pttblis hrs may continue to
send it until payment is mado, and
then oolfect the whole amount
whether the paper is taken frooi the
office or not.
4. In suits for subscriptions, the
suit may bo instituted where tho
paper is published.
4. The courts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from tho Post Ollioo, or
removing and hoviug them uncalled
for, while unpaid for, is pimu facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
Timo and Number.
They stood at the gate in the pale
Observers there were noue;
He pressed her hand and said "good
And added, "Kato, just one ?"
"Just one!" she said in feigned
And she dropped her lashes thon
And curtained tho bright, lovo beaming eyes-
"Well, I should say, just ten I"
''All rightl" he pried with a rapturous look.
And did not a moment wait,
But he drew he;' te him and ten ho
Ere she could expostulate.
She gaspsd for breath as she fixed
he.* hat,
And her blushes camo and went,
As sin murmured, "You know I
didn't nit an that;
I���I thought 'twas (1)0, time you
Cleanings from All Over the
Tbe Ontario Legislature has adjourned till after tho Dominion
John F. Swift, of San Francisco,
is spoken of ns t|ie sup,ce,3,sp,r to tho
late fiecretary Winilom,
Sir John A. Maodor.ald will stand
for election in Kington, and will j be
opppspfl by Alexander Gunn.
Church property in Vancouver is
no jonger exempt from taxation.
This is by an action of the city
The differ-oqees botweon the men
on the eastern ond of the 0. P. It.
and tho company have boen amicably settled,
"The ^earner. Empress of India, of
fhe C, P. K. Pacific fleet left Liver-
pop), op fcstiirduy on hoi trip around
(he world- Sim is carrying a full
list of passengers, many of whom
are Canadians,
It is said that a regular system of
transportation of Chinese is curried
pn botween Victoria aud Port Angles
withopt tho formality of outrunces
and clearances at tho custom house,
and iu defiance of (he lawn of bulb
The l'ugot Sound and Alaska
trading and Fishing Company has
Veep organized at Taooma for the
purpose of engaging in the cod
fishing business, Fish will bo
caught in Ihe Aluskun banks and
and brought to tho Sound cities for
At an early hour Saturday morning Goorgo ShaolTor und Pjlly Doyle
engaged in a glove fight at tho
Peoplo's thpatre, a variety divo of
(he lowest order located in tho basement at tho corner of Third aud
\Vushiugtp,n utrcets,  Seattle,   Slia-
Offer, who was thoroughly game, did
till the rushing, but being entirely
(levoid of science, wus  mot wiih
terr(flo blows iu tbo body and face,
At llio couimciiccuioiildf thu seventh ;
round,  bleeding und  groggy,   ha
fucod bin oiipmieut, who delivered
t,ho knock out blow on the chin.
IrlhiH'll'er never rogaiued opn^cinus- (
nous and died a few (jours nfter. The ]
police wudn atresia by the vvltolo
salo, but did, not, succeed in getting
|AoyUj.   Dotouliveu uruueoiiriiig Ihe
statu iii acuM uf him.   t'unaiilui--
excMcuiout prevails, ami pri-jo ilglitb.
Itj SpuUlo will rcooivo a chuck I
During the past six months over
150 timber claims have been taken
up in Washington by young ladies.
The big McLaren saw mills at
Ottuivn, were destroyed by lire on
Monday. Loss 8150,000; no insurance,
Lundon is overrun with American
theatrical artists, and the invasion
is being melon (ho whole with much
I favor.
Mr, G. A. Sargisou, of Victoria,
has been appointed chief census
oliicer for tho Province of British
A roport comes from Poplar Point,
Muu., that a young Englishman was
attacked and devoured by wolv.-s
noar there.
On Monday the Ifllh inst., the
demists of British Columbia will
meet in Victoria for the formation of
a provincial ussocinliou, whose
object will be tho advancement in
every way of the profession,
Tho vacancy iu Iho Ontario legislature created by tho unseating for
corrupt practices of Mr. S'.inson, as
the representative for Humilton, will
bo piled by an election lo bo held on
the 21th inst. Tho candidates ore
Hon. J. M, Gil/sou, the provincial
secretary, and .Mr. Stinson,
A scandal is brewing iu the highest
English circles, whioh is said to be
the most serious since tho Mordaunt
divorce case in 1S75, aud not very
dissimilar iu oharaoter, This Boandal
should it come boiling over, will be
of great interest iu the United
States, for the chief party lo it is a
lady well known iu America. The
prince of Wales is very bluo over
tho affair.
Tho British Steamer Knutsford,
which arrived at London on Feb. G.
collided in the river Mersey with
the steamer Dfumhendrie, carrying
a cargo of dynamite. Whilo the
force of the collision was sufficient
to crush in the sides of the Drum-
hocdrie, it was fortunately not sufficient to to cause the dynanijte to
explode. T|ifi Driimhendrie sank
quickly and now lies at the bottom
of the river, a menace to shipping.
Baron Hirsch, (he Jewish philanthropist, has cabled to Jesse
Seligman, representing the trustees
for the Hirsch fund for tho benefit
of Hebrew immigrants to America,
that the trustees may draw on bim
for ��2,500,000, to ha used in carrying out (ho work already undertaken.
If the income is not sufficient to do
all that is intended, tho trustees are
authorized to use part of the principal, and Baron Hirch will make
good tho amouot. For nearly a year
Baron Hirsch has furnished the sum
of 1*10,000,000 a month for work
among the poor Hebrews iu tho
United jjfatoq.
Tho Cataract Construction Com-
pauy was organized a short time ago
iu New York for the purpose of
utilising Niagara Falls for manufacturing purposes. Owing to the
magnitude and importance of the
undertaking an international commission wnsfofmed to pass judgment
on tho plans submitted for the
muchinery to bo used in dirccling
and transmitting the enormous
power, The commilteo met iu
Loudon during January aud had
under its consideraw'jn tho plans
submitted by firms of Europe and
America. Tho Norwalk Iron Works
submitted n plan for hydraulic and
pneumatic transmission of power,
which was accepted, and a prize of
81,000 awarded for llie scheme
| Tho princo of Wales will shortly j
appear as a witness in a London
court of law, 1 luring St. Legorl
raico week, the prince slayod at1
Arthur Wilson's houso nt Doncaster.
During the stay of tho princo a
wealthy baronet was accused of
cheating at baccarat. Ho denied
tho impeachment, Tho Princo of
Wales, dreading the unpleasant
notoriety und disagreeable comments
of the radical press, interposed and
n settlement was mado, Ono of the
stipulations was thai tho bnionet
should give a. written agreement,
undertaking not to pay cards for
money iu the future, On the olhor
hand the baronets nccusers agreed
iiul to comment on tho unfortunate
dispute. Bat it seems that tho bar-
mo t found that the charges were
seou publiely ditoutsod und ecu-
molded upon in aristocrulio Loudon
I'iubii. The barouet bus served lbe
members of the. CO'iniittCu ,who
watched hia actions, while playing,
nith write iu un action for libel, ami
a BCaXmlojpAl Uiul in looked for,
At l'.ueui, in the Canton of Glarus,
| un avalanche swept down ths mountain, burying a party of twenty-two
wood cullers,
Hon, Edward Blako has decidod
j not to run again in West Durham,
j and will retire from public lifo, for
' the present at least.
It is said that Colonel Otter will
��� succeed Herohomor as Commissioner
jof the Mounted Police. Several
! other changes in the military service
I are expected.
A story comes from St. Peters-
I burgh that a yotiug man and his
! sweetheart were attacked by wolves
- pear Keiff iu  Russia.   Tho man
' vainly tried to boat them o(f, and
! then cliincd a tree, whence he saw his
I affianced devoured.   Tho sickening
! sight caused him to faint, nud ho
fell tu Ihe earth and wus likewise
eaten by the brutes.   Tho mystery
is, who saw tho tragedy ?
Sura J:iue Robb, daughter of the
late Mr. Goo. Robb, of Kingston,
Ont., has been declared legitimate
and is entitled to 820,000 left by her
father. Her titlo to the amount was
disputed ou the ground that the
marriage of her father to a daughter
of Waukusa, Chief of the Comox
Indians of British Columbia, which
was pelebratod in tho in accordanco
with the tribal casfoms, was irregular.
The senate of Indianapolis has
passed a measure which provides
that all trusts, pool contracts, combinations, arrangements cr corporations, which attempt to decrease
the output, or control prices, or
limit production, shall be considered conspiracies to defraud the
people, and any person being a
member of such organization shall
be subjeot to a lino of from ��1,000 to
85,600 and imprisonment in the state
prison from two to five years.;
The Oltawa correspondent of the
Toronto World trios to create a
sensation by stilting that he has
informniiou from a high authority
that within the next few days tho
country will be startled by arrests,
ou account of (reason, of men now
prominent in political affairs. He
says, "I am assured thatthoovidencs
on which theso arrests will be made
is overwhelmingly direot, and
that the government is only
awaiting the perpetratson of one or
two minor moved beforo putting the
law in motion."
NOTICE is hereby given that the
undermentioned tract of land, situate iu East Kootenay [District, bus
been curved, and a plau ofjtho same
can be seen at the Lands and Works
department, Victoria, and at the
oflico ef A, P. Cummins, Esq.,
Assistant Commissioner, Donald:���
Lot 2211, Group 1,���Thomas Jones,
Preemption Record No. 57,
dated 3rd June, 1885.
Persons having   adverse  claims
must liio a statement of  the same
with  (ho Commissioner within (JO
days from duto of this notice.
W, 8. GORE,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., February 5th, 1831.
Hutno's Bnildiug, Rovelstoke, B. C,
P. O, Addross, Nelson, H. O,
Capacity 20,000 feet por day. Planer
shingle maohluo, oto, All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 18D0 iuiu..��r will bu delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices,
ERiMO,   SjGfl  WiUTiNG
1.i:vi;lstoke, ,   , u. o
ames McDonald & Co
Carry large lines of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture.   Parlor and.
Bed-room sets ranging iu price from $6.50 to $500.    Hotels furnished throughout,    Ollico and bar-room chairs.    Sping
mattresses mado to order, and woven wire, hair
uud wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lako
poiuts will receive early
and   prompt attention,
evelstoke Tin Shop,
wm. kirkup & CO,
Sranite waro, and   Lamp  Gools.       'Jin,  Copper  and J Sheet Iro
Ware mado to order.    First class work guaranteed.    Orders promptly
attended to.]
Ul orders by mail
express promptly
All   descriptions of
gold and silverware
(Close to C. P. R. Depot)
Revels toke
Importers of tho Cboicost QrooorioB ami Prqviaious.
We carry a select nnd oomploto stook of gent's furnisings, lahios. ganti
aud children's boots, shoos aud hoso, stationery, patent medics, toilet,
requisites and ready-made olothing.   A   largo  assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigarettes, imported aud domestic cigars, fruits, randy, etc.
Stove pipos, tinware, oroekory, rough and drossod lumber, aud Other good*
too Humorous to mention, ut moderate prices.
Telephone communication,
 SB  , I
, Fred, Hume & Co,,
Revelstoke      -     �� ..     , B   (J
(HranohStoro at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries,  Provisioa3?
Gamied Goois Hard.vara JGlii-
Tho Stock in ovoiy Department is Full anl Oomploto and ,ho Pubjio wil
find it to tbeir advnutago to call ana
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare  Prices,
*%,    "8JUW18UWWIW a spaouorr. jm CHURCH SKliVKT.H. j Smelti r Company and Ihe C. P. 11.!   A Court of the Independent Order
  j Company. TIie3e improvements will j of Foresters, was organized at the
Civiao Servico will be held fnthe prevent any further washing away el Central   Hotel, on Saturday night
Kevelstoko Church every Sunday sto- j the bank ot the river at this point,   j last, with a membership cf seven. A
I''.  MeCaily bagan   cutting  ioo; meeting will ho held ot the same
place to-night to elect officers, etc.
mug at 7;30, conducted alternately I
Sundav Sohool and Bible Class ev |,       ,,
ery Sunday afcoruoon at '2:30.   Al !from ll)0 mer tbls weel<   ��{heta
Bro cordially invited to attend. j who  W1"   "I"11'0 ice during *l10
-. ! summer, have cleared places on tho
BP.Lff.iBK j.OlC'E. no, 12.1 river, but will wait fer a time before
I O 0 F Donald B. 0.
Regular Meeting Thursday >t each
week (it K p, in.   All visiting broth
trs aro cordially invited.
J. McIjkod,     .). 11. Matiiesos,
It. 8.
Doxald, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Sundays, nnd last 2 Wednesdays each month,
Maete'r,   J, S. Babbitt,
tteo'y,   \\, F. Ogilvie.
Finer.   Ai.gus McLean,
Journal Ag't. 11. A. Chesley, Kam-
eops, li, 0.
Doxald, li. C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays; and 3rd und
4tli Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Kendall.
Secretary,   Joseph Ciillin.
Collector,,  Geo l! Govett, Bn:. 49.
Receiver,   James   Falconer, Can-
more, N \V T.
Mngasino A'sent,   II J MoSbrley,
Picked Up in the Town and
Ice is being harvested; at Griffin
cutting, in the hope that (he iee will
grow thicker than it is at present.
Thursday evening a passenger on
the Victoria 1ms provided a little
anausomont at the station. He seated
himself on tho rear of the sleigh,
aud when the vehicle was started
turned a not very dignified nor
graceful semersonlt out of tho rig,
While Thos. Righton was driving
down the hill on Thursday, his horse
j bolted over the steep embankment,
at a point where there is almost a
straight drop of ten or twelve fuel.
j Thee, aided his movements with a
whip, and the horso succeeded in
making its way safely through the
stumps, elc, back to tho roadway at
the foot of the hill.
The car which ran into the river at
the Smelter dock k��t summer has
been located, only a few feet from
whero it slid in.   It was predicted
j that by this time the powerful current of the rivor would have rolled
tho car down to Sproat. The only
effect it had was to' bed the'car iu a |
bank of gravel, and it will require
considerable work to get it out,
Tha Winnipeg Free Press says:
Mr. Anthony Egan has shipped
twenty tons of ore from his gold
mino near Rat Portage,, to- the
Omaha reduction works to be
crushed.   He has ten teams at work
; drawing ore from the mines
Portage.   Nearly two htiudre
have been (aken out, which will bo
shipped to the Eevelstoke reduction
works as soon as they are ready to !	
receive it,
Rov, John SerkiSa en East Iadian.
missionary, gavo a lecture iu the
church Thursday night,   There was
Installation   of   Officers  at
The annual installation of officers
of Mountain Lodge No. II, A. F. &
A. M., toolt iilace at Donald on-
Monday last. Iu addition to the
resident brethern there ��ero present
liroH. Dr. Clarke and J, Bancerman,
of Kamloops, J. Haniillon and T. J.
Leiidrum, of town aud J. B Johnston, the past W. M. of Mountain
Lodge, now of New Westminster,
and others from up the lime, who
I participated in the eerexiouics.
! Tlao officers installed were:
W Bro S- Button W M
Bro T A Ely the SW
Bro D II McLean JW
Bro W T Van Antwerp Tress
BrocJOPitts Seo
Bro J Matthie Tyler
Bro W Newman ti D
Bro AlexBeid J D
Bro James Wright S S
Bro-J Forbes J S'
At the conclusion of the installation cert mouies an adjournment was
made to Geo. Snthei land's dining
rnom, where the brethren baniiiietted-
in royal style.
PLw'8 jflorncrly forCilstrh I
Rest, DaadiRt to Ubo arnl 0'icapcsc,
Bold by ilrurels'.a uf sent by mall,60c, f
��Sj S, T.. Uazoltlne, Warren, Fa., U, S. A.
Four inches of snow Ml at New a, fair attendance, and the lecturer's
Westminster uu Monday,
��� descriptions   of   the   peojde   and
DR. C. E. 0. BROWN expects to
visit lievi'l'slokc on or about the 20th
inst., and will be glad to meet all
who require  Denial  Work at tlio
those of  our own country proved also   visit   Illecillewaet,
very interesting.   A collection was Golden, etc.
takes up for the Orphan's Homo in '
India, lo which country tLip lecturer
returns in a short time to oontinuo
his work.
82 2
Mr. ,7. W. Tl
lompson  returned
'liia week trom a visit to the Spall-
umchcen country. Ils says fhe work
on   the S.
apace,   '.he
0.  11
To-day is St, Valentino's day.   It | customs of the East, in contrast with Columbia Konsoi Iievelstoke.   Will-
was not observed fin town,
Mr, Richardson, of lllecil'ewael",
spent last Saturday nud Sunday in
Thero was a crowd out on the
toboggan hill out Monday night and
some lively sliding was done. The
slide near the station is well patron-
teed nightly,
Eli Perkins, the humorous lecturer intends visiting the Pacific
coast shortly, and wants to know if a
dale can be arranged fur Revelatoke.
Get here, Eli, auy time.
Tho members- of tlie Etevolstoke
Total Abstinence Society at tho regular meeting ou Tuesday nigot
decided to have the society organ-
feed iuto a L )dge if llie Independent
Order of I loo I Tern] lars,
The attentton of our readers is
directed to the adverlisement   .' .
("  K. C, Brown.,  .'ho  well-
the line cf the railway are busily
engaged1, in getting out ties fer the
Mr. F. Roescr, Assaycr for the
Revelstoke Smelter Company, re-
turne i to town on-Monday, after an
absenie of two month!), during
which time he has-bees plaiting his
dentist, who will' pay a prol oa iome in New York city, Mr. Boeser
wait to Revelstoke abont the 20rh had not been borne for six years,
inst., attlie i House   Chose  and it may bo naturally inferred tbat
leqiiiring dental�� rk will do well to  ��� ;,��� aanderer from (be "wild and
lonsultthe Doi   i wooly    wml"   received   a  warm
Brakemai u. . ��� i vho bad welcome borne II" says Gotham
Ilia fool IT'.'!,- il Beaver lomi bas grown considerably Binoe be last
weeks ii'    ii d ei ���   ' Donald   "' '"���
���   : ���   , '      ivo I    ..'������> tbe fool     The l binese ol Iievelstoke eels
Xitice ie hereby given' that Wnr.
Rosamond has filed with mo nn application (sr ,i Crown Grant for his
minornl locution situated on Toby
ul way goes ou Creek in the district of East Koo-
gjiading being almost tonny known ns tho Jumbo olnim'.
completed to Enderby. The cut' Adverw npplictmte, if any, are ro-
��� . ,, , , ��� . ., quired to send m their obieotionB'to
throuuh lbe rock ubont twelve miles   '     -., ���    ���,    ,       ,,,, ai���-,,i���i,,
mo within sixty days from thiB date.
fn m Sicamous is the principal writ ^ p, gTjJMMINS
unfinished, and this is being-rapidly 81-8 (ilovernment Agent.
pushed along.    Tin- sutlers along East Kootenay,.Bi 0.
Donal'd, Deo. 4111; 1891",
!' wm St
Tenders for a. Llioense to Cat
Timber   on    Dominion
I,nulls in thi: I'revinee
of Uritisli Columbia
SEALED TENDERS,, addressed
to the undersigned, and marked
upon inn envelope "Tender for
L'lmben Berth So. 80; to be opened
"ti tin. 2nd March. 1891," will bo
received at ll is Department until
i" oo t.n Monday, tho 2nd day of
March next, for a license lo cut
timl "r on ti bi rib of three square
!���,,.   ItbeitNeW   Wr ,.."""!  Witt   ">����.������ of   less, wbieh   maybe
described as follows:   Cnmmenclng
i;n;  .  . - I, .1 .1 I.. '   . ��� .     liffcstiOl
tsaottingio  A.,    .wi���.,   , ,��� ,..,,.   'I'c. '-'^ v-tir tias ;;;";;;:';;,;;;,,:;1:',;i;i,,n'';;i"'l;nii;;^
lpg taken off bj f�� Ing mder a eat inhered in Sunday morning with a i��� ,���'.., ���. j- iiuated on lbe east
wheel nt Rogers Pass, also il Ihe , uUde of firs orackpr ,bombB,eto,, ftidi A Ihe Columbia river in thn
Donaidffi p:tal, is doing- vorj rell   u>il>th�� Celestials kent no tlieracke       '  tfiwvioee;  llieaee   n>
Mr. J M Kellie, M P I , iwived
in town (his morning from tlm
"ul ital. Fie will 1 o present at a.
yublic  .i.' "in g I" be held in tho
ii'liool Douse rn.  7 80  wl this  '',h'"r "";i1""1  ,:;",k'   Bcd   "P" westerly boundary of llmbor berth
snffored in, oonseqnon s     '-��� deoi -,��� ..,  ,]iri,,(1 noutherlv following
iiHio of tiii'ir pi'n,: -i    efferinga to the said boundary of limber berth
thoir josses and big dinners were, as ''���" M, to lbe place of beginning ;
usual, foatures of the even!
md i'h, Ci --'.'ill kei i up dm racket
,      ���   . ws' to llif Wait a bit. < reck, llicncn
-with slight interrupUoue-foj effect goutborly M]o^BU ,|���. Haid creek
���for thn ptisoribed  three   diy�� fn jta oonflaence with the Columbia
"Alleesamee white man" tbey made river; theuoe south-easterly along
.,,,,1 ,,:,.".., " i   and'  ism Suej,." tke northerly bunk of the said river
to   it)   tiiti'iwiclioii   Willi llie  noi'tll
inening, (or iho purpose of di i ��
log pnblio questions if intorost to
'..lin i eoplB of I his plnoe, and will be
0leased to son at tho meeting as
'nr;(ii tv representation of bis con-
btilucpto tii cau possibly attend,
during the past wm , C. P, P..
Br.ldgo Inspector Jake Sorson sod a
gang,of, mnn bavo been cngoyod in
driving piles nit,tig tho Smelter dock,
bo make it secure ct^uinst die ravages
ef tlie riven at high water-,    llhe
ulloa have boon iliivmi Into the earth i'"
���jwenty-llvo font, and the dock will be I "10
FrciuTi  l'niloi* System.
suss ,\. c :.iclaiijchlix,
A g'-adunte of Madame Kellogg's
School of Instruction, Port Huron,
Mich., has engaged rooms at Itobin-
son's Boarding Houso, (near tlio
saw mill) Iievelstoke, and is prepared to receive and fill all orders
for dress and mantle making, in the
best manner kuown to the art.
The French Tailor system of cutting and fitting employed, and a
[ieifeet (i'l gusiMatcod, 081m
letcher \ Co
Building & Contracting^
��� MI.M.NO BP.OI'cEl..���
And (Stjtrornr Coniiaission Merchant..
Insurance   and   Ileal   Estate
Agent, Notary Fiibfic, Ktc.
Notice is hereby given that fticb-
avd A. Fry and A. C. Fry h��vu tyied
the necessary papers, ami- rnude ap'-
pliceation for a Crown Oraut in favor
of the "Griazly Hear" mkieral claim
situated at Toad Mountain-, West
Kootenay District,
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to toward their ohj/'Ctkms
to nvs within sixty days from the
dato of thie miblication.
74-1 Gold Oommisskiner,
Iievelstoke, January 29th, 189-1.
Tenders   for n   License   to
CiilTimbpr on Dominion
Lands in the Province
B; C
Cc\i'iK>:' I'l'dit un* Hanson- Sts.
AnIi,tIIA,M.SO,Y BIB33.'      ���
B. 0.
T';Vet class iir every rnspeel; Nearest"
hotel lo C F It depot and etoamboa
lliuding, between ]jost ofltoo and gov,,
buildings. Conoh to and from depolt.
nud steitmboftt. Fire proof Bate for the'
aoooiniiiodntion of its eustomcrs.
to the undersigned and marked on
the envelope "Tender for timber
berth No, 88, to bo opened on the
?.ml March, 1891," will be received
at this Department until nooa on |-F, MoCAfiTlw
Monday, the Hud day cf March next
.!oi- a licenso to cut timber on a berth
iu the said province, which maybe
described ns follows:���That por'.iou
of township 23, range 2, went of the
(ith meridian, lying east of tbe Columbia river and south of a duo ea->t
and west line dttwro through the
centre of sections KV, 1-i, ami 15; in
lbe same township ; also tho north
west, quarter of section M iu the said
township,,containing a total area of
ii-ve square miles, more or less,.
Tbo regulations under which o:
lie, use will be issued may bo- obtained at this department or at tbe
office of the Crown Timber Ageut at
New Westminster.
Each tender must be nooomjinnibd
by an accepted cinque on a obiirtbred'
bank in.favor of the Deputy ol (he
Minister of tho Interior for the
amount of tho bonus which- l-bo an-
(dicaut is prepared to pay for the
No tender by telegraph will bo on-
79-1 Secretary.
Department of tlio Interior, Ottawa,
80th January, 1891.
-���   Pso?'
First; eh'iss Temperance Ketise..
llOi'.Il'J    AND    EonOItW'  ��5'  i.|aB   were.
J��i.lTiS,il0C.      jikvs 25c.
T'Jis hotel io situated ooufraniont to the*
stution, is comfortably fnrnislied imcii
nllorde first oksB aeooniffioelation;
So j..- ���', the  place of
eiolndh ,: ll on from such  lands as
aro resei veil for tho'' madian L'aciflo
Jim. Ciberty was arraigned before  Hallway Company,
Judge Tunstall  Fiiday   aft��rDoon ..^a regulations trntler which a
u B ,   ,      lioonso mil l��e issnod, logolhcr wiih
charged  fltil*  tli a laroony of  two li4l,u,u lowing approximately llio
oane of ooaL oil fr'-m  il.n '.. I'. H. position of tho  berth  In itpcsllon,
depot   die   ptopeity   of   Bourne nay-bo obtained al this Department
Bros ' Two full ���nn of oil wore or aD the oDIco of tho Crown Timber
,,,,������,       i   Ai'i'ii ut Now W" .iii.in iter
fouudonthepremisesoftheaoouscd,     j, ,���,���,,,. ,llllM���1 u , pnoiB(]
one of whiehilhe dtfendant said ho !)yi,��� 1C(.���|,tC(i ohrqiio on n.obnrU-
lobasod.from China Clbarllo and eroibhanK In fhvur uf the Donnty of
from 1.  Ifred, Unitm. the Minister of tbe Interior, for llio
���J,.U,��J .,.��� ..,-,. ,,.,......    -- in,,,  M,   I ,|������.fv   aniiiiilitiil llm liimim WUIOII   llm up.
litillilicadiid and flllucl In with brush Mr- ""<"�� "">"��od ,l,,a M     i    * nlionnl in prepared to pnj let Iho
.'indiiwck. Ii is Kkoiy tb'j'Icik will litiOmot, pnoolioaod Ihe '"I wforwd ,���
bo cuiitiiincd up to d,e iuolinod; to bom. him. Eho oomiilttinanla
(wiuwiiy, a.hiiiidroii foot or so, and; could not Rrovatllutlheoil.iimduood
Mtfl-gllipginndaflllluftin.Willi bo ex.- Inioouft-waft lliolrt,, nud; die plge
UiuiluiUroiiridlfiobeiidof tho aivor,,' dismissed! the abarge, after; aiviog'
.^H'/j!)it.t'0'l|i) d"ue it-inily bj tl.J the accused aleotflW ��mtujloubty.
No tendon by tolfgrapb ��ill be en-
join ll. HALL,
80 li I'it'i'rclory.
Depiii'dneit'of die [htorior, Ottawa,,
HUih Janimi'X, 18DU,
Notice is lloreliy given that tlie under-
mantibned trn'ote of lund| situate
in Wast, Kootonny Dlsfrlottihove been'
surveyed, nnd (bo plauD-of tho same
can im soon ul' the office of (���!���. C.
'I iiiihIiiII, F.si|��� Assistant Cuiiiiniu'-
sioner, LtoTOlBtokei
ILotlOB-, Group l.���Known  as tho
(lii/,/,lv IIhih' Miiii'iiil cliiini.
I,nl, 105, Group 1.-  Known  as  tho
Silver Queen Mineral Claim.
I.nl 17.2, Group  li   Known  no the
fjuilod Mineral Claim,
|,i,l VIS, Group   1.   Known, aa   tlio
Arkansas Mineral Claim.
I,-,I 171, Group  I.   Known ue   the
[Jliickbird iMiic'i'iil Claim,
!,ul 17.1, (1 roup I.   Knmvn. tin  tho
iloiinno Mno Mineral Claim.
|,,:,i r;i;, Group I.   Known  nn tlie
Alpine Hose Minornl Claim,
Lot 177, lici'ii]! I.   Known  no  the
I'optiaiid Minornl Claim,
I.nl. 178, Group I.   Known  ns  tlio
l.ibby .Mineral Claim,
I.nl  I7'.l, Ciroiip I.    Known   iim   the
Tenderfoot Minora! Gluimi
dol ISOj Group I. - Known its tho
John A��� r,ogan.Mineral Claimi
l.ni 220i Sroup I.   II. Selbus am
Mi S, Ijiiivvh appliention (����� pur-
ohaBedHbBd 20tli Septemberi.loUO,
78 W, 9i COlill,
Lands (U)d'W(iii.H Di'parlment,
V.ietoiiii,.IJ.l'., Mb U'ebmary, Ib9l..
bl'ltlOTIi'V  I'UlSII'-CLASSi.
REVELSTOiCE      -      -       Bt. C
W. Cbivan, Prop.   H, JEoBert,.CT'erb
lioomB- Weill at tended; tables Mies
collid. Wineir iwid liquoru Riiarat
toed of u high q:u��lKy. i'"ii'o in,
sample room. Telephone conimuiii---
cation wiih Ci. P. li,. dlepod. WW��
proof vault ibr tlio couvenioiico of'
gucsiui   Buss moots till trains.
���   $2: nun dav
Thellirgestiind'nioBtcentrnl Hotel im
the city ; good accommodation ; overy -
thing new ; table woll supplied;' bnriindj
billiued room attached;' fireproof wife,.
].UWWN k CUItlvr
Stockholm House:
.rOlW STONE,.Pitor;.
Thn dining rvioi])'iS'funiiBhod: wilhi tli*
beat tho market nlforde,.
Tlio liar iu supplied! with'.ai choice stoclj,
TKAMLN'Gi   ft DitMBM*
coRBWoaix ;fo��*aub


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