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The Kootenay Star Mar 7, 1891

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Array (=55335
VOL- If.
REVELSTOKE, B. 0., MARO-#, 7,1891.
No. 37.
All Mining Claims, Qtucr than Mineral
Loe,,tio..s,legidlyheld in this District,
under the Mineral Act, 1884 and Amendments, mav belaid overfroml.lh day of
October till the 1st d���y; of June, ne?t,
y 91 subject to the provisions of tho said
Gold Commissioner.
Donald, East Kootenay,
September IM1), 1800,
5 East, Going West.
2 No.l
Leavo  Yanoouver  Arrive 14:25
Westminster 14)22
ARussiz 11:28
North Bend 7:49
bpenpe's Bridge 3;43
Ashcroft 1:30
Kamloops 22:54
ir,icam.flqe J9:0Q
mihntl      18:52
Illecillewaet 15:20
Arrive    Glacier 13:55
nonsld   Depart   11:45
Assess^t Act and P.ipvixeiAia
Rkvlhue Tax.
Publio uoiipe ia hereby iriven that As-
Jensaient aud provincial Revenue Taxes
or the year Ml, for fhe East Kootepay
ABBcsHmeut T'istrict. aye now due and
payable at my oilice, ot Dona\d, at the
following rates;
Real Property Tax, if paid on or before the 30th of June uext, % of ono
].er cent.; if paid ou or after this 1st of
July next, '/, of oae per cent.
Personal Property Tax, if paid oil or
before the 30ih of June uext, ^ of ope
per ceut.; if paid on or alter the 1st of
July next, y, of one per cent.
Income Tax, if paid on or before tbo
30th of June pest, )\ of one per cent.;
if paid on or pftt-r tht. let of July next,
% of ono per oent.
Wild Land Tax, if paid on or beforo
the ?0.tb of June next, ly cents pey
acre; if paid on or after the lst of July
next, 8% cents per acre.
Provincial Revenue Tax, $3.00. per
capita. 00
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B, C, Jan. 2ud, 1891.
Assessment Act and Pkotincui,  '
Revendb Tax.
Nofioa is hereby given, in accordance
Vitii the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes levied under the
Assessment Act are uow due for lh year
1,891, AU of the above named taxes,
collebtibfe within the Ilovelstoke Division of the Distriot ot West Kootonay,
are, payable at my office,
Assessed taxes are collectible at tbo
fallowing latttR t
H paid on or, before June 3Pth, 1891:
Provijuci^l Revenue, SS.dp. per capita.
One half of ppo por cent on Real Prop-
Seven and one half cents por acre on
Wild Land,  '
One third of one per cent on Personal
Gm.0 bul,! of ope per oent er, ljucoine,
If paid after June 3pih, 1891:
'Two thu'da of cue por, copt on Real
Eight anil one halt ���"."Is V^X a��w ��P
'  \yyd Laud.
One bal|f ot o��o per cent on. Personal
Tbrep f<jgrl,l)a.of one per cent on 1-n-
}l Colleetoi;,,
Notieo is hereby given that all
alluvial claims legally held in tho
West Koptenay District, will be laid
overfrom the 1st of October to the
lst day of June "ensuing according
to the conditions of Section 116 of
tho Mineral Act.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Hoyelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
%ty, ftootway Star
Notice is hereby given that Richard \. Fry and A, C. Fry have fyled
tho necessary papers and made application for a Crown Grant in favor
of a mineri') claim known as. the
"Silver Queen" situated in the Toad
Mountain subdivision West Kootonay District.
Adverse claimants, if any, are re:
quested to forward their objections
to me within sixty days from the
dafe of this publication.
75 8 Gold Comraisiauer.
Revelstokp, January 29th, 1891.
Notice is hereby given that Wm,
Rosamond has filed with me nn application for a Crown Grant for his
mineral loeation situated on Toby
Creek in the district of East Kootenay kppwn ns the Jumbo claim.
Adverse applicants, if nny, aro required to send in their objections to
me wjlhin sixty days from this date.
8L8 Government Agent.
East Kootenav B. C.
Donald, Bee. 4th, J89L    '
To  Musters,   Owners,    nnd
Persons    in    (Jim rye   of
foreign, fishing Vessels,  and    to   nil
(.them wl) omit
\Uny    Otiiir
called to the provisions of tho Revised Statutes of Canada, Chapter
94, intituled: "An Act Respecting
Fishing by Foreign Vessels."
The said Act provides among other
1. For tbo granting to foreign
ships, vessels, aiid boats, and to ships
vessels, and boats not navigated according to the laws of tho United
Kingdom, or of Canada, of licenses to
fish for, take, dry. or cure fish in
British waters within three marine
miles of the coasts, baysi creeks, or
harbors of Canada.
2. That Fishery Officers and certain other British and Canadian
Officers therein named may board
ships, vessels, and boats, within any
harbor in Canada, or hovering iu
British paters as aforesaid, and may
stay on board so long as such ships,
vessels, or boats, remain in, such
harbpr or, waters.
?. That tiny one of such officers
may bring any su,ch ship, vessel, or
boat into port aud search her cargo,
and may examine the master upon
oath touching the cargo and voyage,
iho master being liable to a penalty
of Pour Hundred Dollars for not
answering truly tbo questions pi\t to
4. Tbat if sue* ship, vessel, or
boat is foreign, or not navigated as
aforesaid., (aj has been found fishing
or preparing to fob, or to have been
fishing in auy such British waters as
aforesaid without a license, or pfter
ihe expiration oi| tho term unmod in
the last license granted, to such ship,
vessel, or boat, or (b) has entered
such waters for any purpose not permitted by TJreaty or Convention,, or
by any law of the United Kingdom,
or of Canada, such ship,. veBsoL, or
boat, and the tackle, rigging, apparel
furniture, stores, nud cargo thereof
6hall be. forfeited.
5. I'he officers aforesaid are given
authority to seize aud secure vossols,.
goods, Ac,, liable to forfeiture,, pud.
apy pet son opposing np officer iu tho
execution, of lijs duty under the, Act
oi; aiding oi; abetting, any porspn, in,
Bpeh, opposition is declared to, bo
guilty of a piisdeipeunoiir. pud, liable
V> a tkie of Eight Hundred Dollars,,
and W ivo, yeaa imwiseument.,
JOll.X A'iV'Mv
Deputy Miuiftte^ otj Fishprijes,,
lfieksrys, Depa/UeUt, Ottana^?t,b,
Tiif. Vancouver presa is a unit
in opposing the granting of
charters lo tho American railways which propose tupping
Southern Kootenay. In discussing the quoslion the News-Advertiser oiij's: "Wc ato there-
" fore face to face with tho simple
" question���ia it desirablo lo aiith-
" orize tho construction of roads
" the primary, if not the solo, ob-
"jectof which js lo extend tbe
" trade betweon the Kootenay
" mining district with the towns
" across tho boundary line in the
" United States? That i?, ahull
���' the Hade which is anticipated
"will spring up by tho develop-
f incut ol the minerals of tbe
"��� Koolenoy district bo diverted
" to Amcr.cuii towns and cilice
" from the cities and towns of
"British Columbia? This is
" really tho question to decide."
The royalty clause el the, railway act pas-oil last session of the
provincial parliament is doomed
to death. The premier himsclt
has given notice that bn will ic
troducc a bill to amend tho act
by doing away with tho objectionable clause Had the aot
been enforced without tho pro.
po?od amendment railways traversing mining iliilv-icts would be
entitled to five per cent, of tbe
pioiiisof'all mines worked, wilhin
the lands granted to Bu,ch railways. The minora of the country
have strongly objected to the im-
position of such a royalty and tbe
Government bavo been convincod
that the royally would seriously
iniciere with mining developments, and even retard railway
construction; tbo very reverse of
what it was hoped the measure
would accomplish. Tho Government have acted iviselyin remedy-
ing the evil, which action will be
appreciated by the miners of tbo
Country especially.
In Again!
Cornwall and Storoiont Bergen
Dundas Boss
Durham E  Craig
Elgin E Ingram
Frontenao    Kirkpatrick
Glengarry McLennan
Gt'enville, South ft*'1'
Grey, East Sproule
Grey, North Mason
Haldimand Montagno
Halton    Ilonderscn
Hamilton ..,, McKay and Ryckman
Hastings, North Bowell
���'      Wost Corby
Kingston Sir John Macdonsld
Lanibton, East , Moncriof
Lanark, North , Jeinjpaon
Lanark, South  , .Haggart
Loeds and Greuville Ferguson
Leeds, South    Taylor
Middlesex, North Hutchison
,; Bant Marshall
" West Roome
Muskokn   i,,O'Brien
Norfolk, South ,, .TiBilale
Northumberland, East. .Cochchrauo
Ontario, North. ,, .Madill
Ottawa , Mcintosh
"       Rohilard
Potcrboro, East Burnham
"      West Stevenson
Priqpe Edward mm," .Miller
Renfrew, North  ., White
"      South ,..,, Ferguson
Simooe, North  McCarthy
Toronto, Centro Oockburn
"      East Coatsworth
" Wost
Victoria, South
York, West,.,..
. Dennison
., Faii-bairn
The Election Results iu the
Return of the Conservative
up to Ditto,
The result of Ihe general eleelion
ou Thursday is that Sir John Mae-
douald's government is again returned, The majority in tho house
will be reduced to 3Q or thereabouts
-as strong a working majority as
there is any necessity for. The following are the returns so. far obtainable:;
Yauco,u,vei;-J> W UordoB,, conservative.
Yale���J A Mara, conservative.
Pro.venoher, Man���A Lathiere^
SpUth, Sjincoe, Qnt.-Ii.t-Col. Try
whitt, conservative..
Qpetjeo. East���Hon, W Jjaorier,
Lptkbi.niore-Dr.. Rio.frota liberal..
Gaspo-J'oncus, liidcpeiident,
Baiwe, North  McNeil
Bruce,. East .....................CorgiH
Br.ocliviJ.le ,.,.'.'.,...............aWoodi
Cajdwett. .,..'..,.,..........^,.....,y$llyi,a.
VkW)).. a ���. ���. m. -��', v y- ���. ������'. s I^<iiu��fla
Beanharnois ,,,  .Bergeron
Broom ,Dyer
Bagot ,,, Duponl
Chicontiiui and Saugenay ... .Caron
Cbamplain Carignan
Cromptou  Pope
Hochelaga Desj irdins
Huntingdon , .McCormao
IherviRe ..,,.,,. ,.,,,..,,Nadeau
Jollietto ... , .Lippe
Jacques Cartier Gironard
Laprajrifl , Pelletier
Laval ,, ,,.,,.., Ouimet
LTslet ..,....,.,, Desjardins
Moutcalm Therin
Maskinauge Colombe
MegantiQ Frechette
MissiBsquoi ,.,,,.., Baker
Moutreal, Centre Curran
"      East, Lepine
"      west ,..., Smith
(Quebec Centre ,.,. Chatcauvert
Richelieu .Langevin
Rimouski   ,...,. ,  Oarou
St. Maurice.., ,,,. .Desaulniers
Sherbrooke , Ives
Temiscanata   Grandbois
Terrebone Cbapleau
Throe Rivers Laugovin
Lisgar ,,.,, .., Ross
Selkirk.   Daly
Winnipeg........ Hugh Maodonald
Alberta,... Davis
AsBiniboia, East ,, .Dewdney
"        west  , .Davin
Saskatchewan .McDonald
r. a. islaHd
Kings,..... MoLoan and McDowaU
Annapolis , .Mills
Antagonist)   Thompson
Clapa Rrdon.. McKeen .Sc MoDougaJi
Colohestci: Patterson
Cutubetlond  ...Dickey
Halifai Staira
Halifax  ..Kenny
Haits............... Putnam
Inverness,,., ,.,���Cameron
Lunenburg  .Kaulbacb.
Pioton..... .Tapper and Mc-Dougall
Queens ...Freemau
Richmond v  Gillea
Sunbury Wiinjot
Victoria ,.,.,,,.,..,.,,.. McDonald
hkw nnuHswicK
Albert , \Yeldoa
Carloton ...,.., Yiece
Gloucester.,.....��������� Rama
Kent ,,a,,M ...,...v,a t>ge��
Ki08�� a.aaaa'S ,im Foster
Northttmbedaod ., v .Adams
Queens ..,...,...,.... Baird
St,, JSobu's City McLeod
,       i*    County .,, .Haaea
w w    .-......... Ski,naei
Yiotoria,..,... ..,..,. a. ���. s, Costigan
Westmorland ,..��������� ��� ��� ������ ^oai
Xor.li.. , TewpW
UUU'lsU  aJOWiUUik
J Sew Wesliininster  .CarbwaW
ll\��testta suvaffjA ��*i $*fc
Addington Dawson
Braut, North Somervilla
"     South Puterson
Bolhwell  Mills
Brueo, wost Rjwlan 1
Durham, west Beith
Elgin, west Casey
Kssex, North McGregor.
"    Bontb   Allan
Grey, South Landerkia
Hastings, East Biirdetta
Huron, East MctJonaU
"     South McMillan
"      west Cameron
Kent Campbell
Lanark, North. _ Fras"r
Lambtoii, west Lister
Lennox Allison
Lincoln  GibbBon
London  Hymu u
Middlesex, South Armstrong
Monok Brown
Norfolk, North Charlton
Northumberland, west Hurgraft
Ontario, South Davison,
"    west    Edgar
Oxford, North Sutherland
Oxford, South Curtwrigbt
Peel  Featherstone
Perth, North Grieves
Perth, South  ......Trow
Prescott  , Prouin
Russell  Edwards,
Simcoe, East Spohn,
Victoria, North Birron,
Waterloo, North Bowman
Waterloo, South Livingstons
Welland .,,  German
Wellington, Centro  ,,, Bempla
"      North  McMulIen
"       South Innis
Wentworlli, North Bain
South  Middleton
York, East....        , McKonzia
"    North  Mulock
Argentenil Mefklo
Beanoo Godhout
Bellechasse Amyot
Borthier , .Beausidiel
Bonaventure Flav.-l
Chambly Perfontaine.
Charlevoix Simard
Chauteqnay Brown
Drummond and Athbasca. .Lavergne
Kamou raska Carrot
L'Assomption Gauthier
lie vis Guay
Muniuagtiy Choquette
Montmoreuoy Tarte.
.'apierville Monetto
Nicolet Ledua
Ottawa County Devlin
Portneuf Tessier
Pontine Murray
Quebec, west.... Heatn
Quebec County Freuio: t
Richmond and Wolfe Laurier
Rouvillc Bordeur
Shefford Sanborn
St. Hyacinthe Bernier
St. Johns , Bourassa
Soulaoges Mousses n
Stanstead Rider
Two Mountains Fortier
Vandruiel Harwood
Verc'ueres ,.., .GeotTrion
Yamaska Mignauli
Prince Yeo and Perry.
Queens Daviesaud Welsli,
Digby Bowers,
Kings , Borden
Shelburne Robertson,
Yarsmouth Flint
Guysboro  Fraser
Qestigauohe McAllister
Ma��iuotte Wttsoa
Oouservatiy.es Libcrala
Onlarw .....46. &
Quebec 30. 35
Nova Scotia IG b
New Brunswick...14 al
PEWand  2 4
[Manitoba 4 1
N W Tamtov.es.. 4 0
British, Ooluaubb. 6 0
122 92
|   Ma^itjfo*tl*CtaM*taJ��oi.t, 8��V
judge Tiaustill kit last uigbt on %
hiiittoNKv^ CfK ftootcnciij Star
.^ f'liir page twenty-column nows
paper, is issued from the ollice of
publication, ilovelstoke, li. 0.
Subscription price S2 per year
Rules of ndvei'tisitig given on
11. MeCUTCllliON
Publisher und Proprietor
at Victoria and Vancouver, and .Nov
Westminster will soon follow suit in
this particular.. Tha British Columbia Boaters have i.d a fairly satisfactory year, higher prices making
up for any shortages in tlio patch,
year for carrying the Imperial mails, j NOTICE,
Ho bad gone to Frauce  and   interviewed tlio government their on the
snhi'ot, and thev pledged to Bend by !    ,'.
,. *,       ���   ,        f, t .   �������n will be made at I
this line  all  the  mail  mutter  for
America whether for Canada or the
It ia a matter of satisfaction thai no I United States, that oould bedelivoi-
Hon, Edward Bluko, who bus
u bii;h it curd Icy iho present
leader if the L bonds, is about to
make publio a letter expressing
bis admiration for Jmuriei, und
bis confidence ill him. The lion.
Edward might Imvc written the
letter before llio'cleclioti.
nltepipt mils male to inlcrcfcre wiih
tho rights of our scalers upon the
high seas.
Tho great mineral wealth of British lias attracted more attention than
ever before, and considerable development work has been done. A
smeller has been established at
llevilstcib, and another at Golden,
aud the conditions aro now favorable
ed on this side earlier than by the
other lines. Tne result would be
that piiKsengevs or Idlers by this
lino would roach any port in Eastern
Canada in about livo days from
Europe and any part of Western
Canada and the United Slates iu 2-t
hours' shorter timo than by any
otlierlino. Ihe couii'iict agreement
was, however, that Quebec was to be
to m re rapid development in min- ; the Canadian port in summer and
ing. British Columbia undoubtedly Halifax in winter, He had com-
possesses more undeveloped mineral; munication in England   with  lbe
wealth than any country in tho
world, and now that it is drawing
tlie attention of capitalists, great re
suits may bo looked  for.   Anolher
ngoots-genornl of lbe different Ans-
tl'ftliOa,colonies, and knows that these
colonics would be only ta gjul to
contribute to Ibis service,   The new
Notion is hereby given that appli-
next session of the Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a company to oonstruot,
equip, maintain and operate a tramway, to be worked by steam, horse
or oilier motive power from tho ''Silver
King Mine" ou Toad Mountain,
Kootenay Disriot, to sumo point on
tlin Kootenay River, nt or near Nelson
and for all the power!!, rights and
privileges usual or necessary iu sucli
an undertaking, or in oonslruoting,
Froi.cli  Tailor System..
A graduate of Madame Kellogg's
School of Instruction, Port Huron,
Mich., has engaged rooms at Robin-
I son's   Boarding   House,   (near the
saw mill) Rovolstoko,  a ad is pre..
equipping, maintaining and operating I pared to receive nnd fill all orders
: for dross and mantle making, iu the
best manner known to the art.
a railway,   ^^^^^^^^^^^
Agent for Applicants.
Tho Bank of British Columbia,
Hie oldest liuiiiu-yjl institution of
the Province, bus added u savings
department to its general bank,
iut; business, where deposits Irom
81 and upwards will bo received
nnd interest allowed. The I ank
ij is one ol tho most solid ins
BtitutioiiB of its kind and ol
lato has been one of tho mo&t
u��'tivc and progressive,
matter worthy of note is thedovelop j line ..'onld establish trade iu peiish-
mrut of interior navigation, notably j able articles that could not other
on the Columbia rivor,���OonimeroiaJ. | wise exist, aud Canada would thus
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ become tho great highway commuui
Car-tor's   Prize    Prolific
Notice is hereby given  Unit Allan
Granger has filed with me, npplioa-
Editor Kootknav Stat.,
HlU,���In February! 1890, the Clov-
ernmeut of Canada on rcconyne'iula-
catiou from England to Australia.
Largo Locomotives*
^umbers of extensive mnrjui
fucluiers in England aro beginning to ngUpte for a protective
tariff, 'llie .McKinley Bill hue
awakened hostility lo free trade
Four of the largest locomotives
ever built in the world aro mailing
completion at tbo Baldwin locoino-
tion of the Honorable the Minister   Uv6 fforkg in puiUdollJuia)   Tnov
of Agriculture, made provision f"''   llre being built for the Grand Trunk
tbe importation of 10,000 bushels of j ^      am] ������������ ben||afc tho Sb,
two-rowed barley from England, to j Qhh tnBM, ffbjoh /uufl mAu lhe
be sold to  farmers in  Cauada for | ,ie(] of  ^ ^ 0!ftjr x[m  Mwm
seed.   This was imported ia &.000  port mmn snd  Bmk_   T,,e  M,
bags of 12 pounds eacb; the "Prize , g-nes ftrfl .^^ ,c rm .��� ttn ^
Prolific  being the variety chosen L^ ^^ ^ fM, .��� ^^ aD(,
for the purpose, and Ibis barley was : ,.   , ,     , ,      ,���,  ,
11 <        I are peculiarly const meted,     There
countries   that  will
offered at the cost of importation,
��4, per bag, tho Government paying
freight charges to Ihe nearest railway
station to tho purchaser. By this
arrangement farmers in every part
of the Dominion obtained Ibe bailey
reciprocate, The royal commission on lubor proposes lo take
evidence on the suljecl with a
arc fives pnirs 50 inch driving wheels
on each. The water tanks are on
each side of the boilers, and tho cab
is iu the centroof Iho boiler, extending out over the two tanks. Tho
locomotivo  is thus constructed to
at uniform price, but  one ban ol|lv I   11      .-. . i.   i.      i      i  *
1       .    ....." I allow it to run backward and for
The French Tailor system of cct-
liug and fitting employed, ain!| a
pei feet lit guarantood, 081m
N 0 T I C E,
Notice is hereby given that James,
Brady has filed with me an applied-
     lion for Crown (Irant for his mineral
tions for Crown Qrants for his mineral I loontiou situated about two miles,
locations situal ed on Jubilee Moun- west of tho south ond of Upper Co-
tain in the Distriot of East Kootenay I bunbia Lake in EUBt Kootonay Dis-
known as tho Horso Shoo nnd Dowy triot known as the Thunder Hill
live. Adverse applicants, if any, ure mineral claim. Adverse applicants,
roqnirod to send 111 their objections if any, are required to,solid iu their
tome wilhin sixty days from this objections to mo within sixty daysi
Gov.   Agent,
(J.5-8 Fast Kootenay, 15., (,!.
Donald,*,lanuary 15,. 1891.
Notary Publio,
(joiAtb.0 date-hereof.
Govt. Agent,
06-8 East Kootenay, 15, C.
Donald, January 15,, 1891.
Notary Public.
possible view to its
alC'Xl I'kl'iiOI).
tisai ut tb.e
was avuilablo  to   each   individval,.
This restriction was made at the out-1
set "o $sto.secure a wide distiibu-
tiuu for tbe grain, and prevent, a too !
rapid exhaustion of the stock, so that
applicants from distant portions  of i
the Douiiiiiim might not  bo disap.
ward with equal facility. The cylinders ore 22x28 inches, nnd the boiler
71 iucbi s in diameter, with capacity
to curry 160 pounds of steam pressure j
Au idea of the enormous size of these
monster engines may be formed i
frotp Iheir weight,   Each  one with
Mining', Timber nnd   Real   Estate  Brokers nnd General
Commission Agents.
Conveyances, Agreement1), BiiDof Sale, Mining Bondst etc, drawn up,
Bents and Accounts Oolleotod; Mining Claims Bought and Hold; Asses-.
ment work on Miuing Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for,.Etc,* Etc.,
Dots on, Towiisite of Ilovelstoke for Sale and, Wanted, Agents for Mining;
Machinery, Etc,
REVEIjSTO'KE, 11'. 0;
vR?V'm !.'  l!,''\S, !  ri/l,uiutUl1'  Tl:is  'iwitattots >e��e����u I tto'i^riankg fliled anil (he start-
York   MelhodiBl   Mn.st     who the MkBi ,nJ ., Mon ��� ,t ,w as-j jng H���pply of COftl 0��� boflrj TOJtflls
made lame while m New Urlctii ^ j cci'taiiiod that the  barley on   bund
ly   bis   ti.ht   igiiinst   tho    I1 e   would   be  more  thuu  biifiicient to
iou Sana 0' O y, lll:d wl o I'l cut-  meet the demand ou the basis of one
1 v mado a florco ai-sa u-l ton secret  bag only for each  purchaser, the
l ....  ...:...:���..         ...-,1.1        Al.. ...
societies,  Ins  bcLiin   ii ciusude
ngaiiist chuvcl", I'lilertainmciilB
t'liri'iuliiio insists that he is light*.
Iiig for principle, and can't help
i,l if somebody's ft
Uu��9,    are
Sir ('bail's Uilke has decided
to ic-ii,tiT public life, at J has
jrcpiircd a manifesto deuling wilb
lbe vimto ol bis retirement. 1
is  its* "it J that the docun em
restriction was withdrawn, About
8,200 bags were sold to 2,(ICO purchasers, leaving nearly 1,8U0 bags on
I inn now instructed to offer the
remaiuing stock at thr, e dollars per
bag. flight prepaid to tho nearest
railway station to the purchaser,
wiih no restrictions as to the number
(flags which any individual may
buy. Ail crdern must be accompanied by a remittance sufficient ,to
cover the amount of the order. The
applications will be entered as  re-
will present some startling eeived and lbe orders filled in rota-
tent ui cb of tbe famous Crnwfoi I
Dilke onto not hitherto made
public, which will prove, what
many petsoes have always believed tbat ho is not as black as
be has been painted., 1 he bui i --
of Pnvijel; i'n his troui le of a hie
nature has evidently encouraged
bim to tome out again.
tion as long as the- stock holds out.
Tbe germinating power of tbis
barley has b^c-n tested from teu
samites tusen fnm difetete bags,
ihe average vilality is 90 per cei.t.
ar.ii the growth string.
All c :. muni lations sboajl be
led to the undersigned,
i'    dor Ezpi rimental harms.
Ottawa, I el   lary 6th, 1891.
Sew   ^tesuiisliip   fines.
At Quebec hist night Sir Cbarl -
200 000 pounds tho average in running oider, with tanks about half
tilled being 180,000 pounds. The
rails on vhich they will run will
weigh 100 pounds pi r yard. The
h'nglh of lhe tunnel track for which
(hey are buill to run over is only
about (our miles. Thoy are designed
to pull trains up the steep ap-
proaehes to the tunnel, It requires
al out three ordinary locomotives.for
tbis service for each train. A satisfactory trial of one of tho completed
engines has been made,
To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late ;
And how can man die botte*.
Than on the swift tobog;
Deuth as similar and easy
As rolling off a log.
All kinds oif Repairing: done, in a wortoanljlte. manner.
I'itles, Pistols, .;Sniniui:it'jo!i .��e.s.te., for sale at lowest prices.
Hi?" Fine Itifles  ulii'.le to GWfct'ft
Shot CI una
Grumpy ��� Pshaw, women can
never keep a secret!
Mrs. Grumpy- Can't oh? Perhaps
I haven't guarded tho secret that the
vedding ring you gave mo was
The   Work of    1890.
British Colombia has   probably
made greater pn grefs iliinng   1800      	
than   any  other  part  of   Western Tupper announced the determina-
Canada   The coaat cities have all tion on  the part ol  ���!'. Canadian
Bade wonderful progri     especially (ij-rtuey.i.i to establish   a
Victoria, in   building,    The first Oceanic line of fast steamers between
joller Qoni mill on tl>,e   ��� ie\   > i Brit tin   and   Cans i     'I lie
i stabli.-le il io ���         ���   ;:.     '  the ��1  1,060 a year  had  beon  voted
year, and at V.ii.:.���"'... ������  ',-  estab- for the  purpose, but  owing to the
Ipsbuig of a sugar reflnei      va im- largely increased cost of bui
puiia'.it id in    At New Westminster 8bi|  . I   ii   found that this was n \
uud   Vapcouveu Ihere  has beeu a enough, and tbe Marq.uis of Hurting^
greatdevflopmeut in the lutnlieriag ton.tbePi sidenl of the Imperial
industry, Ihe milling capaoity having Steam  Navigation   '   mpany, lhat
been greatly augmented'.   The sal- proposed to construct ':
lpon canneries had a most successful bad said tl oj (bey were prepared to
season, llio run of !i-li having been do so if the Canadian  Government
lnrgo.   A coairaerocineiit baa also would inorease their &r to 8160,000
been nia,le ip canning fruit, ami this * year, with ��75,000 additional foi a
promises to,become, a, groat industry service from  the  Pacific Coast  to
yi the province within a few years, Australia, the Atlantic hue lo rail
The ciiy of Namiirpo has  also ainde from London and oaJl st B uve, nnd
progress, though tlm   '.iiifoiiucite eithrt Southampton  or  Plymouth,
IpeH;OUt among, tho etpphjyoes of-one I Sir John MoodonaVl ha'
^f tho lprgo cenl milling oooipunies that tbe govornment would speedo
which  slill, copliuui s, has retarded I to this condition.   All tlm vessels
To be Justices of t he Pence for the
. iii - ���''." Districts placed opposite
their names:
IS   HONOlf   tho  Lieut,'ii'ini.
(jovernoi has been pleased to
i.  .- ths following appointments:
I'.Mb February, [891,
William   Franklin Teotzol   and
Will:,in. Austin Jowett, of Itovolstoke,
i.i i  ii.,,I'm A. Uigolow ami W. Gee-
.a. i.r Nelson,  EsquiroB, for
tbe  West tootoi uy EJoi toral  I'in-
 ~MAUUH   IN ��
mom mmmt nnmmmmM -<au
POSTOFnOE STORE  at  nelson.
Coal, Hay and Corn.
Havo entire sale of the celcbeatod Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, suifr^
able   for  base-burners and other stoves.    Gdi'EAT HEATING.
vered a'; llovelstnke, any part of town,  ��9,90
Kamloops 89.90; Donald #8.50.    Special
quotations for car lots.   Coal Btovcs,
sold  atwholesalo cost Hay, oata
and bran Bold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
atKaniloopsand Dcnr
aid.   -Apply
-     -      DONALD, B. C,
auBwero.ll (X Q, BUCHANAN PW
P. 0. AddteSS,  Nehiiui, -.-. C,
,t (rrowlh of the ulaco    A shoo fac-l were to bo built lido (he 'Colonic, | Capaoity 20,000 fret per day, Planer
fc '     *     ' oat under admiralty regulations, so thai   shingle maohiuo, etc.   AUWnds of
1 lumbor on hand. During the season
of 181)0 lum -er will bo  delivered at
lory and a jiei.ili r B ar'1 Hie mol
Miiporlaiit i.-nbi ,tin:i cstablinliod  at tjiey could serve us crnisora in  easo
llhulric of war,to transport mon and oiateiial
lisbud. The I'.uo iv,ou,l>l  rooolv.o C,,JB,0J)0 \
SiiuairacvyUhiii tbo yoim.
any of the landings on tho lake at
(jieatly reduced uncus,.
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to the LFMBERINO,   BUSINESS   and   AGRI^
CULTUKAL, and especially to tho
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
> el I",, and oMcated, ia the feesJt stj'le,.  fJommercial, worls
a sPccii'Jty,. 1. Any porson who takes a paper
jcgularly from the Post Ollico,
whether ho has subscribed or nob, is
lesponsible for the payment.
2. If a person order* his paper
discontinued ho niUBt pay all arrears*
or tho pnblis hrs may conti*i>e to
send it until payment is made, and
then cdleat tha whole amoa��t
whether the paper is taken from, lhe
office or not.
i. Io suits for subscriptions, tbe
suit maybe instituted where the
paper is published.
i. The oourtB have docided that
refusing to tako a newspaper or
periodicals from the Port Office, or
removing and loaving them uncalled
for, while unpaid for. is pima facie
evidence of iutoBli'onal Stand.
. It is rumored that  Great  Britain
and Germany will form an alliance
���What Wouiew, Talk   About
What do women about?
Weather, first, beyoul a doubt;
Then their tongues begin to go
On the topics told below.
Minister and church affairs;
Jlosehold    worrioe;   children's
AoheB and pains, and pains Mid
New receipts for making cakes.
Sevvantgirls with horrid ways;
Latest fashion; temperance crane ;
How to bbvc the heathen band;
Jars of fruit for winter canned..
Bonnets, dresses, ribbons, gloves;
Shopping fun;  young  maiden's
dossip; scandal quite intense
And religious arguments.
Babies what to eat and wear;
How to hide the silvered hair;
How to keep a youthful face
And piesrve a form oi grace,
These and similar things n&doubt,
Do lh�� wooieti talk about;
Though the men suppose, uhem,
That they only talk ol tineas.
Gleanings fro,in All Over the
Wide W**M.
Evangelists Cressloy and Huuter
are storming New Westminster.
An unusually heavy thaw in Ontario is causing floods at several
Wetbai) Collegiate School in Vancouver was formally opened tho
other day,
The date for ttaBtueeof the Oxford
and Cambridge boat crows lias, been
fixed for March 21.
Sadler, the supposed jWhitechapel
murderer has been given his liberty.
There was practically no evidence
against the man.
The London card scandal will be
ventilated in court. The parties who
oharged Sir William Gordon Cum-
ming with fraud aie becoming
frightened at his energy in pushing
his case.
Baroness Boque, is workidg hard
in London to secure a new trial ;for
her daughter, Mrs. Maybrick, and
will probably accomplish' ber object.
The alleged mental unsoundness of
Justice Stephens,, who tried tbe ease,
is the ground taken-.
Siiee, the Indian charged with the
murder of Patrick O'Sliea at
Nioomon,. on December 6th. has
been sent up for trial. Tbe evidence
against Victor, the half-breed, did
got warrant his oommittal, audi be
was discharged.���Columbian.
The colduess shown by (he French
toward the German Empress has
decided tbe kaiser to ohange bis
attitude toward Inance. There will
bo no more attempts at concilliation
and while there are no gionnds for
hostility,, the relations maintained
will be those of reserve and frigid
formality. The proposed relaxation
of the passport regulations in
Alsace-Lorraine has already been
withdrawn, and the French visitor
to Rhineland will find himself under
the same odious ospionage tbat has
been so irritating in the past, The
oommaudcrs ot the frontier fortress
es have beeu ordered to increase
then vigilance and all. suspicions
strangers are to he arrested, espeoh
ally, those who, may. be found with
yhotograpbic apparatus in the
nicinity, of, fortified rdao.es,
for mutual help
French artists havo refused to take-
part in tho B-.-rlin exhibition, aud
the Gormaas a*e- irritated at their
A determined effort is being made
to boycott Wellington coal in San
Francisco. The Federated Trades
of Frisoo are helping tho miners.
At Birmingham, Ala., a bold thief
threw a largo stone through a jjwel-
ers window in a main street in the
city, and made-away with a tray of
diamouds worth thousands of dollars,
A serious accident occurcd at
Vancouver on tho 27th ult. by which
a young man named LChas. Reefer,
had a leg broken and his skull
fractured. His sled collided with a
rig driven by a farmer.
Paris is excited over the fact that
tbe chamber of deputies has decided
to supress every kiud of betting on
tho races, including tho Paris
mutuals, book making, etc The
news causes a sensation among the
sporting fraternity,
Tho seven year old son of F. Pell,
Toronto fell iu his fathers yard
Tuesday aud was immediately sot
upon by three prize bull terriers,.
They tore his scalp off his head, and
tore him frightfully. The father
fainted at the sight of hia boy, and
upon recovering killed tho dogs.
The boy is not expected to survive,
A special from Salt Lake says: "A
regular exodus of Mormons from
Utah to Mexico is quietly taking
place, and within tho next three
months a i'aige number of the saints
will have left. A colony of eighty
will leave early in April, It is estimated at least 2,000 Mormons will
abandon Uuh this summer and go
to. tbe laud of Cjuuau, iu old
A cable from London says that the
marked difference in the traffic
reoeiptsof tho Grmd Trunk llail-
w*y and tbe Cauadian Pacific Kail-
way is creating comment in financial
ciralas th. re. The Returns, iust
issued show that the receipts of the
former road declined since the opening of the year ��1,272 on Grand
Trunk proper, and ��1,073 on the
combined system, while the- Canadian Pacific receipts increa.od $588,000
during tho same period,
It appears to be a true story that tbo
Uritish Army is degenerating. There
ate not enough recruits to fill tho
vacancies, and the establishment is
4,500 men short. Two military
writers of high rank are suaultano-
ouly endeavoring to excite some
interest in the direction of improving the state of affairs. For the
British tax payer the point of interest is that in spite of tho colossal
expenditure and wonderful speeches
fiom the treasury bench, the army is
a��f badly off ior recruits aa. for
"brain" at the head of it.
Referring),to the aseitament in
Paris and Berlin wbioh followed the
Empress Fredrick's visit to Franoa,
T. O Crawford says in the Tribune:
"The military strength of the Germans along the French frontier is
very great, The discipline maintained is the same as if the countries
were upon the verge of war. The
regiment at Uetz are kept almost
constantly under arms, and nearly
every night are turned out on an
alarm to test their capaoity for
promptness in a real emergenoy.
There are few people io the world
who realize how close France and
Germany were to war at the time ol
the Behoable affair some three years
ago. A german officer who was in
the contingent at Metz told me that
during oue night when the question
was pending, 50,000 German cavalry
men, armed and equipped, ready for
action, stood at their horses heads
all night awaiting probable orders
from Berlin, There would have
been no formal declaration of war,
no proclamation to the waiting public, but if Berlin had given the word
France wonld have waked up the
next morning with 50,600 German
cavalry thirty miles across her
frontier, This is the way. the next
European war will come, and it may
bo tbe result of a causo so small as
not ai first to alarm anyone,
Tho sohemo lo smuggle Russian
Jews by wholesale out of that empire for emigration to the United
Slates has,   according to a Berlin
despatch, already resulted in bloodshed.  The Russian Authorities have
beeu keeping a close watch for some
timo on iho  frontier- of  Prussian
Siberia, and the Russian side of the
boundary is patrolled by bodios of
Cossacks on tho lookout for any who
may  try  to  leave Russia without
permission,   A fow days ago a body
of   Cossacks   on   watch   opposite
the    town     of     Myslowitz     in
Prussian Siboria, discovered three
hundred  emigrants   crossing   tho
frontier.   Sevoral of them had already got within Prussian jurisdiction, and wore therefore safe from
the Cossaoks, but a largo majority
was still on the Russian side of the
line when the savage onvalry of tho
czar camo dashing down upon thorn;
the emigrants were thus brought to
a halt ou tho threshold of deliverance.    They refused  to obey the
order to turn back, and usiug any
weapon at hand made a desperate
resistance.    Tho  Cossacks speared
them without mercy, and tramplod
them  under  their  horses,   killing
quite a number before the remainder
yielded, and allowed themselves to
be  driven back iuto Russia,   The
struggle  was witnessed by many
people on the German sido of the
Hue, and they shouted their sympathy for the emigrants and their
denunciation of tho Cossaoks, but
did not dare to otherwise interfere.
The few who got aoross to. Germany
were hospitably entertained at Mys-
lowi z.   Besides the killed, many of
tho emigrants were wounded,   In
one Instance,  a father who  bad
escaped across the lice, saw his wifo
and children driven back, and went
back again to join thorn,   All the
emigrauts were destided for America,
James McDonald & Co
Carry largo lines of plain, modiiitn, ntnd high-grade furniture.   Parlor an 1
Bod-room sots ranging iu price from $11.50 to |500.    Hotels furnished throughout,   Ollico and bar-room chairs.   Sping
mattresses made to ordor, uud woven wire, hair
aud wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lake
points will receive early
anal   prompt  attention..
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
WM. kirkup & CO. i
Oxld and Even.
Adam's fall is attributed to E ,'o's
Customer���The suit is all dustv
Shomberg���Ah,   meiu vrent, dot
gomes from der schalk vera ve marks
dem down so olden-.
She ( enthusiastically ) ��� Oh,
George! dont you think the greatest
joy in life is the pursuit of the good
the true aud tho beautiful ?
He-You bel! That's why I'm
here tonight.
That red star is "Mars," she remarked as they sat on the piazza ami
sbe pointed upward,
"Where's pas?" he inquired, facetiously.
"Oh, he thinks ho owns the earth,"
answered the dear girl scornfully,
Mr. Peok���I think if any one is
entitled to a pension it's me.
Mudge���You were never in the
war, were you?
Mr. Peck���No;, but the fellow my
wife was engaged to got killed at
tinware;, j
jranito waro, and   Lamp GnU,       'fin,
Cjp;))r and   SlteetJIrtr
Ware made to order, j _lfirat. class vnrk g;urj,at)i 1.    O.' bn;pro aptlj
attended to.)
ill orders by ma 4
express promptly
 THI                   ^gg^
Jeweler Mm
la            a
WD   111
11111    specialty:
Optician. ^H
''jfflir       *^"   descriptions of
r             gjold|and^saverware
(Close to_C. P. R. Depot)
A grave mistake: Putting a righteous epitaph on the tombstone of
NOTICE is hereby given, thai! ihe
undermentioned traot of land, situ-
ttten in East Kooteay District, has
been surved, and a plan of the same
can be seen at the Lands and Works
department, Victoria, and at the
office of A. P. Cummins, Esq.,
Assistant Commissioner, Donald:.���
Lot 223, Group l.���'Ihomas Jones,
Preemption Reoord No, 57,
dated 3rd June, 1885.
Persons having   adverse  olaims
must file a statement of the same
with the Commissioner within 60
days from, date of this notioe.
,W. S. GORE,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., February 5th, 1891.
Importers of tlio Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and completo stock of gent's furnisings, ladios'. gents,"
and. children's boots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines, toilet,
requisites and ready-mado clothing.   A   largo  assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigarottes, imported and domestio cigars, fruits, candy, etc;
Stove pipos, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed luinber,and other goads,
too numerous to montion, at moderate prices {
Telephone otiramunioation.
J, Fred. Hume & Co,,
R   ft
(Branch Store at Kelson,)
ULtrVELSTOttE,. -    ���.. J?. C
Dealer ie Dry Gaods Groceries,  Provisioaa-
^aaai Caamei GoodsJBLardWairelJltC;
The Stootin.every Department is Full and Complete and the Piiblie- wi
find it to their advantage to coll ana
Inspect  Goacte and   Compare  Pricey
M&.     NJ3SUPPLIE:S A SPECIALTY*   J9* aa-r-
CHURCH SERVICES. Dr. Hell-Oumpboll paid ft visit I various doiioe.  Tho hitter made.
11 ���     .. ,...-._..   ���!��� l... itanDnnn/ah    nl    llm    CVClliu'', the
First Grade
j to town Tuesday,
Ur, A. E. Sultan, of tlio Glacier
Hotel, has boon enjoying a   boll-
Divine Sorvice will lie held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday evening at 7',80, conducted alternately j       ^^^^^^^
Sunday School and Bible Class ev j dny visiting tlio Const,
ery Sunday afternoon at 2:80.   All
are cordially invited to attend,
lhespeech   o
lhe   cvciiiojr, the IS. Needharri
others saving their oloouooee for 3H���� Turproe
l0Qt!,sr timl"'A song by GuyR���W
Barber nnd' a character dance by'I,ew V''UKh
Miss A. Riehurdson of Jllciillc-
5vnet was ii visitor in town tbis
.Selkirk Lodft'c. No llij wcuk, Iho gnost of .Mrs. NellcB.
I O O 1 Douald B C
Reguler Meeting Thursday  .f each
week el K ]). in. _ All visiting broth
ers are cordially invited.
,1. Mi-l.Kim. '    J. II. Mathksox,
N. 0. 1!- H-
Owing lo the indjsposItioD ol
Rev. Mr. Turner on Buptlny
night, Dr. C. E. C. Brown occupied the pulpit in the Molhydisl
church, reading prjp of Dr, Tub
ipugo.s termor, p.
During the past week there
bus been splendid t-kuting up the
iver iibout .i mile, and lovers ol
lKiN.u.1), I!. I'.
. GLAUililt LObGE Ko, ,V{.      ^^^^^
Meoto 1st 2 Sundays, mid lest 2 Wed-1 tho sport huve bud, a   bi
nesdays each month.
Master,   !J, S. lhibbitt,
Beo'y,   W, F. Ogjlvie.
Einc'r.   Argus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E A. Chesley, Kom
oops, R, 0,
Johnny Sutherland  helped  en
liven tho proceeding.   Alter de- j
ciijing tiiion a weekly meet and
tramp llio clii'o anjournod, to visit
the iodgo again on Monday night
���   -4*	
Mr,   riellle   ami   ApproiH'l
Edjtor Kootenay Star,
Sir,���Tho action of tlio member Li' ibis district iu the mutter
Of appropriations sought for Iievelstoke is extremely UBSalisfuo-
Wiliie Beavo
LiniA J. InviNS,
Plao'ii Rpmedy for Catarrh la tho
Brn,f, ijiRlest to Uao and Cheapest.
Sold tiy ilriiKUlsta or eciit by n
[ Ji/T, floxoltltlO, Wuncu, !?<,., U. I
Donald. B, 0,
MeetB lst 2 Wednesdays, arid 3rd end
1th Sundays, in Firemen's Htlll,
Mustei-,   Arthur Kendall,
Secretory,   .losopb Collin.
Collector,   Geo 11 G'ovett, Pox 49.
Receiver,   .lames   Falconer, Cun-
moro, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   H J MoSorley,
Quito u number took  the'.' first   lory.   The item Bought tor oloni-,
enliven Iheproepe.djnge. j ju wliich , m mol.,. immediately
The plate glass window of tho j intercnlod.   In tbefnipn}h ol Oot-
Star office boars  testimony to tuber the cbuirmali ol the eidioo
the ability of Mr, J. fted ifnmo Uteos; 1r. *���** ��   ^
. .,       ,,   ,.       , ,'.      took occasion to sec  Mr.  ...une
as a sign tyrilcr.  Partieg wiping  [J  ^^ l0 a,i8  m\\tf.   Wo
to huvo thoir windows similarly j ..)0inU:j ont to liim what wus redecorated should apply to Mr.' ^i^j ,UK| asked bis opinion,
Hume, He did not dneclly soli-1 whether wc should then net the
oit this nd.
Dr, J, Campbell, uianrger of
of   tho Revel-toko jSmoHor, is iu
Victoria, nnd. will be  in   Rovolstoko next week.  He made  un
ullonipt io reach  Ainsworth last
week but   could  not get there
owing lo the trails being blocked
with deep snoif,
Service's will bo] conducted in
tho Methodic church tomorrow
���y Rov. Mr. Paloi), tit 10.30 a', in
Notice is hereby given that (ieorge
DeWo'ii has filed with me an application for Crown (Irani for Ids mineral
locfttiQii situated on Mount Stephen
in the'ditilijot'.at East Kootenny
knowu as' the ''Monardh",
Adverse applicants, if nny, nro required to send in their objections to
me withiu CO days from this date',
Govornmont Agent,
East Kootonay.
Donald, March 2u��l, 1891.'
lrtclier i Co
Building & Contracting
:   DONE,   HOOKS   AND SASH   '
NOTICE.    '
���MIni.no imqitKR,���
And General Commission Merchant
Insurance   and   Real   Estulo
Agont, Notary Public, Etc.
(ior.IiKN    . , , ],, (J
Picked Up in tlio Town anil
Mr. W, A, Jowett returned
from lhe Capital on M'o'nduyi
Mr. and Mis. J. Kirkup have
returned from llio Const and will
make their home here,
Mr. J. Suvii'.'o, merchant tailor,
ol Kamloops, paid a visit to Rove-
Btoko this week uud suciccdod in
booking a number of bidcis,
Qovernmont lor the amitiut or
louvo il over until the houso m-t
ami ihen have lbe amount wanted
pasHod along will) othor appro-;
..���ii'.tions. The latter course he
advised us to take, and promised
us voluntarily that ho wouui do
all iu Life power to secure tlie
amount wanted; adding tuttt bu
far he had beeu u.-cd well by tho
Government; and whatever he
bUd asked for had been inutl satisfactorily granted, Ue then
WLiillo Nelson and the" Victoria.
,Vc luid no intimation lhat ho had
and  7.30p m.   The  subject in I in My way changed, his miudlu
the morning will be ��B!bl. Work | ^^^^^.3
in Foreign Lands'1 and in the
evening '.'Miw.iou.P, the Islands yt
Kormose, CLiua Sea." The latter
subject will be illustrated by
maps, etc,
Mr, F. Roeser received a letter I
called ut his instance; for no
oilier purposo I how believe than
to throw dust in our eyes under
cover of which other schemes
could   bo   I'oi'ivai'ded.    At this
PiU'Siiaiit to tho Creditors
Trust D.cedH Act, 1891,
Statutes of if.. C.
Nolico is hereby given that Harry
Chapman, engineer of Revelstoke, in
the proviuco of B, C. has by deed
assigned all his real and personal
property whatsoever lo William Alls-
tin Jowett of Revelstoke, for tho
benefit of his creditors.
The said deed was executed by tho
assignor ou the llth day of February,
1891, and oy the said assignee ou
tho 14th day of February, 1891,
'    \\. A. JOWETT,
85-tf- Trustee
Dated this lOlhduyef February
Comer Front aud Hanson Sts.
First class in overy respect; Nearest
hotel to (I I' It depot and steaniboa
lauding, botween post ollico nud gov,'
b.uildings. OOjUah' to nnd from dopotfi
and steamboat, Fire proof Safe for tho
accommodation of its customers.
mooting Mr. ludlie neither gave
  ,     .,_, .uot could give any HtibBttiUtml
this week horn Manager McLaren ! reiiBon why this and  other  up
���i���.���, M,,.b��lioo.',,l.l l�� Iba JXfjKTtoU .Oililnglf
statement innde in tho Miner i ^.^ i^voUiokc'tui' add most
some weeks ago to too effect \ p,,(jbubly' Revelstolio will think
Mr Jos' McLean wears oj that tho ore wiis |inehing out, vrli'i-u another iloolion oorues
plaster ovcl- bis eye as the Result tie says instead of rctiogiading j ��^M^a^ ^ Sting
If being md man inn game i,l iho quiiutily and chaijacier ot ^lie ^'M DC'nulcdiiiiil Hue mulle:
"cracKathe-whip" oh tho ice onl0ro continiuB to impiovo with ..:.-.-.'...,:,., ���.,���i)i,.t���ii. Munv
[ ibo development oi the mine.
1 On Monday a Ore broke out on    Station Ageutj UumiRon.  com-1
Ibe loot ol the Smelicr Botirdin�� plains thai ii number of children
House. Slim Croivlo put  out tbi  ,..[ to��n mako n practice ol  phiy-
flames with a pail ol Wli;'-'1' l;t'lult  i''g around the stalion^espcciully i
any serious dumago was done.     \ on the iirnvnl and departure   ol
: Messrs'.T.J.'Lccdiuin and Guy U'uius.  They romp  around  the
limber  bad   a  Bn.al.1  ehoolirn  platform and often very narrow. |
match, on Tuesday, jr.st  lo see |lyc��c.po being run ovei. Parents
who was i lie best sbooiittt,   Tbi ^^^^^^^
I'attcr'camo  cat  ahead  by  om   the danger of such pmciice. and
turn, away from the station
lu'mdiigbly  ycntiluted,
Itiunku for your spuce.
Yours i'luly,
RoUKitT 1.CBS0.N.
Report of Revelstoke Public
bcliool for February.
Notieo is hereby given that"application will be made to 'lie Parliament
of Canada at its next session for an
act to incorporate a,, company^with
povjor to construct,' equip, operate
and maintain a liuo of electric telegraph and telephone from Sprout's
Lauding on the Columbiu River, iii
Koolenay district to the boundary
line of tho province of Uritish Columbia, together with all necessary
powers rightR aud privileges,
Siilicitiir for the Applicants.
Dated at Victoria, It C, this l'ith
day ot January, A. 1), 1891.   titi-^iu
Prescribed school days.  ...
l).iys school was in session
point. m
' lhe monthly public meeting o    'possibh
tho ReyeLtoko Tot ���   '������,'���
Society wiil be held on Tues la)
evening nest, begioi i.- at 7.:,1
6'cl ck,  A .'"' I ] eh .-
been   prepared, and   n   ,     r oi
the BiiHott    "Do 8   the
trade benefit  a   town    ��      bi
I'i atmaster W
^^  ,., .   ; I Total daily attendance a51
should warn their cb.lrcn against  ^ ^ MmiMoe 345
Average daily attendance. 17.0B
A.-errge actual attendance... .'.17.26
Pupils actually attending during
��� month :--- 26
AWAY    OVER    JORDAN.   Hoyn actually attending during.
Snowshuers  Take a   Tramp   Girls actually attending during
Over tlie   River cu-eatcst number   present any
  session ��� ��� "*"
Vlmoi ���  liable pair of   Least number present any session. 12
',,,���. ;��� town was pressed   Highest register number-in use  ^
tlto sen   ���   Wodncsday  night,       todatc..... '"'",i\'n':
Number monthly reports ��mt to
parents *
Expulsion, suspension nud truancy of pupils "
Notice ia hereby given that. Richard A. Fry uud A. C. Fry huve fyled
the necessary papers, und O'lde application for a Crown (Irant in favor
I of tiie'V.Orazl'y Rear'1 mineral claim
I situated at Toad Mouutaiu, West
, Adverse-claimants, if any, are re-
iruosmd tO.-jfo'lvald their objections
to mo withiu sixty days frdiu tho
date of thijj publication.
' '   '    '6.'C. TUNSTALL,
718 j^Gold Coiuniissioper.
Rovelatoko, January 29th, 1891,
c. p. ii, muh
F. McC.\RTI]l(     ....      PR0i>
Krst clase Tomporauce Hoii^o.
HO.UIU.    AND    LODOINO    $5   I'Jill   WKKK.
MHALs, 25o;    nuns 2,1c.
This hott'l is situated coiiyeiiientto tha
etufjitiii., is  comfortably  furnished  am\
all'ords'lirst class iiecpinuiodaliou.
STRICTLY  Fias'l'.-Cl.ASS.
REV,��LS.TOK��      ���       -       B.C
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. Ilobcrt.Clorkj
Rooms well attended; tables unexi
colled. Wiues and licjuora guaratj
toed of a high q.uuliiy. r'irc ii��
sample room. Telephone coiiiiiiuni-.
tuition with (J. P'. if. depot. Fira
proof vault for lb,0 convonienee o|
guests.   Rubs meets ull trains.
52 PElt I)A��,
-THE -
10 maintain the dignity ol Revel- a number of th.   lovern ol
sfokein lhe mat   r of j   H oft.ee inc ��� boo   jj, aud others wh ��� d d
iccommode           lh       itpntjnol near  tbe  snow pads, took a
jn  uvoryhnud ���   ���  ' ��� "! tramp e'crois eoqn     lo the BOiith  TwdjnMg	
call and loclt'boxea    I'he boxes ol   mo, i    r the Jordan and Co    Visits to sohool by truBteoa  0
,;'���,'���,.].;;  inai| Bn(l surround lum I   along   the   latter   Visits to school by superiot.dent...O
;;:!:!;:;,,;,:,     !et.i u���. nvn,. B ��� .< < ������ ^^b^^v..*
most mo lum   pattern.   Tho  sp. tr m io��n.   Tbo party nnmbered
.intmeni    .1 1K1 offlci ���    ahead twenty,  ladies   n   I   pieman
Fourth Grade,
Obtained  Possible
of anything in tbe'provin i out-   ind presented a lively and prolly     ���	
B;Jo tho citie8; piol'nro m thejr jeurne/ed  alo  '
, . .    ^R   ,,,'   Ending p.lh  through  the Maggietybson
T.   7,   '        V.',,.,,,",   foods with .lighted lanterns.end Lizzie Robson
V-1Ur, "''tii' ; ...iohter s,.,,, :   Bre Percy Lewis
trecking about e,g;h^   �� w      ; I ;  - ^
*W       ���;,'";"   ',       LhUcdupfo.   the   reception Third. Grade.
vim   irack   in   ciossiii.'   a   lonjr <
V ,'  .!.i i  ,- , I.,,,., of tho tratnperB, snowshoes wire John Robson
fc^^^^^^SJS corncVandtVparty vVn��� Palmer
ol the spenVan hou/or spin the mazes | JjJ.gg1
k'e."' 'i ho'ti ucks of  the cngliio
,,, Mi'-i 'I    1'Ul.   ���mm*mmmimmmmmmmmmmWmmmmmmmmmmmmm
El �����! W,o:wlieci���. Only ofthe��lancp,l , li,.-. ...u,., ,1  ih,
}a iiich'ee:i.'0'n.   tlie  ,.r o'l mon h  ��..����   J . W* "
LliUerUlienBtopped;   Ifor- eo I the Lachebrs-prov.
,'I^ivlb'o timbers oiUie'bri'tlgo I edibles, nnd turkey, eaodwiches
I III et,eV>   :."���,.! '   .'      P ���: . . .1  ...C* r,������.l.,���l     ll,:,     rmi-lu
;oUlsu.ficieatlortne:.ir,in)loi'e,,'lc,d:,o  refreshed  the  wry
^ thev'Pivin away the ���pn.ba-|lH>fbro Btartlpg  fpr     ome,   Cho
:lL.V^.,l,,U:i'i:'U,'Mnk.:,''"Oi^   M   ^  f-    "^
'l",V"'i >���' n i.-i  u *       ,      '_':..-.. I    <,u   Minlmn    and     Oruiiiru
l':''',ie!av' o!'".' ^W   MOHtlWfti
\Jm 4^k'	
VkWv '���'��� -' ��� : !
nun   as   captain,   and    Oraiiirc
tiisszia Hand I m
Charlie Le��is
afaggip towlB
A. Li'iillit'rli'i'rrn'.C
Second Oiade,
Uiiima ObiT,! i'l"
Alfrui l\.!nier M
Orace llliuiilttm      Btjtl
fiirn.iltpn   lin    maect>tt,   with.' M117 t;"H""
Notice is hereby given that the'undermentioned tracts of land, situate
in West Kootenay District, have been
surveyed, and the plans of tho sanio
can bo seen at tho ollice ot (1. C.
Tunstall, Esq., Assistant Commissioner, Revelstoke:
Lot 103, Group 1,���KnpwnTas, the
\J}\\u\y Bear Mineral claim.
Lot 105, Group 1.���Known as the
Silver Queen Mineral Claim.]
Lot 172, Group 1.��� Known as tho
United Mineral Clniin.
Lot 171!, (Iroup 1.-Known as  the
Arkansas Mineral Claim,
Lot 174, Group 1.���Known aB  the
Blackbird Mineral Claim,
[.ol 175, Group 1,���Known as tho
.Icnnne Mac Minora! Claim.1
Lol 178, Group 1.���Known  us  tho
Alpha' Rose Mineral Claim.
Lot 177, Group 1.���-Known us the
Portland Mineiul Claim,
Lot 178, Group la- Known  as  the
l.ili'nv Miners! Chum.
Lot IVti, (iconp I.   Known  as the
Tcndi'ituot Mineral Claim.
Lol l&O, Group. 1.��� Known as Iho
John \. Logan Mineral Claim,
I.nl 220, Group L,- 11, Scions and
M.S.Davys application to purohase dated iqtn September, 1890.
78 W. S. CORE,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria II, C��� Mb February', IM
The largest and, most central Hotel iqi
the city ; good aooommodation,; ovory
thing uow,; taplq wel| supplied ; bar audi
billiard room attached i tiro proof safe,
' '! I'llROWJ, & CLARK,   :
Stockholiii Hous^
Tho dining room i- furnishod- with thjk,
boat the market affords.
Thqbar:B,6iippb,e.d: w.ith.n, chpice efqc!^
of wines, liquors and cigars^
Jas. Ltarty,,
TrlAMING,   & W&,W%


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