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The Kootenay Star Nov 29, 1890

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Array <qyf # 1 v -f-UVVV *% ��J IWII
r^ rnV ���
mHaHHMtl tmtmaM
Fr, 24
Notice is hereby givon that, in pursu
mice of the provisions of section 8, of the
'Columbia & Kootenay Railway Subsidy
Act, 131)0," tho iinqcoupied and unrecor
ded drown lands situai.ei] within the (ol-
lowing described blocks of land, hive
been reserved from lease, nalo or settlement, viz.:
lilock 111, Oommencing at a point op
tho west bank of the Columbia lliver, two
miles south of the mouth of Trail Creek ;
tin ni'" iw�� millm dun went; thence four
miles north ; thmioe four milos oast, crossing tho Columbia Kiver; thonco four
milos south ; thence two mile;) west to
the I'liiiii "f commencement.
lilock 11, Commeuciug at a point on
tho south side of the mouth of Toby
Creek, on the west side of Ibe Columbia
River, nt the north end of the Lower Columbia Lake, th'onoo diio west four miles;
theuce north foilr miles ; thenee east four
miles , thonco aonth four miles to the
place of commencement.
Block 15, Four miles squnre, situated
at the sunt h end of Lower Columbia Lake,
ou thn wesl ei.le,
Block 1 li. Four miles square, situated
at tho nioutlis of Shoep and Skookum
Chuck Creeks.
Blocks 17 and 18, Each four milcB
square und situated south of Fort Steele.
Block III. Pour*miles square,situated
on Elk Kiver, and including Elk lliver
Provided that i-his reservation shall not
affect any lapds which aro included in
any grant, leaso, agreement for sale, or
other alienation from the Crown, or which
have been set apiirt for nny special put
poeo prior to the date of this noticf.
\Y. S. GORE,
20 Surveyor-General,
Lands fipd Works Department.,
Victoria, B. 0., Sept. I8th, 1890.
'11MIll-ill LBASE.
Notice is hereby givon that siity (60)
days lifter date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worm
for pertiiisi-'ion to leaso tho following described tract of laud, for lumbering purposes :
Commencing at a point.two milis up
the Salmon Kiver from Bol' " <'--���--���, r,nd
half n milo west of the S'ai'moii Rivor,
running S, V,'. one mile, thenco ti, 13. one
mid oue-hiil* mile, thonco north two and
one-halt miles, ilieuce S. W, Ihroo-fourthi
of n mile to starting point, containing
about 1000 acres. 16
U}i kootenay 5tar
^^^^^0Sm^^   SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20,1890.
3- P. E XS2&S 2J13&B
Going E
No. 2
io. 1
13:00 Leave
Vancouver  Arrive
North Bend
bponco'e liridgt
12:).". Al
rive    Glacier
Donnld    Depart
The steamer Duchess leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday fit noon,
aud returning arrives nt Golden ut 4 p,
in, on Wednesday.
Steamboats leave Sicamous fur Enderby Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
and return Monday, Weduosday and Fri-
I 'nek trains from Iievelstoke for Big
Bend on the Columbia.
Notice is hereby givon that all alluvial
claims legally held in the West Kootenny
District, will be laid over from the 1st of
i Ictobor to '.he 1st day of June ensuing,
according to the conditions of Section
IlOof the Mineral A''t.
20 Cold Commissioner,
Iievelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
Notice is heroby given that sixty (60)
;?a'-s after date, 1. intend to matte nppli-
ciitiuii to the Chief Commissioner of Larids
und Worm, for permission to lease the
following described tract of laud, for
lumbering purposes:
Commencing nl about ono mile below
tho j unci ion of the Wost or North Pore
of the Salmon Itivor, running southerly
ti) a point one-half (J) milo abovo the
South or East ForK of Salmon lliver,
tbeucaeasterly on.e-half (|) mile, thenee
northerly to a point one-half [J J mile
enet of Ihe starting point, thenco westerly one-half 111 mile to the point of beginning, contmning about 10,000 acres.
Also, commenoing nl n point ��t Bolder
CreeK, about ono-balf | J) mile from Salmon lliver, ami running south about
three milos, thence oue-hulf | J j milo east,
thence north three miles, theuce wost
three-foiiribs of a mile to point of beginning, containing about 1000 acres.
men's fubnishing.3,
ETC    ETC,   ETC,
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
tho undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders
for Superintendent's Residence aud Barn
at Experimental Farm Agassia, Ii.
C.," will be received at this office until
Monday, 22.id December, 1890, for the
several works required in the ereotiou of
Superintendent's Residence end IJiirn st
Experimental Farm, Agassi;;, II. C,
Specifications ettn be seen at the De -
part ment of Public Works, Ottawa, nud
at the office of F. C, Gamble, 0. E., Victoria, i). C, and at the office of Thomas
A, Sharp, Agassiz, E. C, on and after
Monday, 1st December, 1890, and ten-
dt-rs will not be considered unless made
on form supplied, aul signed with the
actual signatures of tenderers,
An accepted bank cheque payablo to
the order of the Minister of Public
Works, equal to live pel cent, of aniouut
of tender, must accompany each tender,
This cheque will be forfeited if the party decline tbo contract or fail to complete the work contracted for, and will
bo returned in case of non-acceptance of
The Department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
15 8y order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, 19th Nov., 1890,
��� MIM.-.O   llltiiKBll.���
And Genoral Commission Merchant,
tnsurunce   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Notary Public, Eto.
a j v.
Gold in   .
R. C
Hi'n 0a)i 3ton NBLSQA      I nit,   nu,   ire,
The enterpriee whi-sh the Dominion
Government is manifesting  in seeking cut channels of trade for Canadian
oommoditus, tho markets for whjeh
have been cut  off by the American
tariff, is well shows in a little pvbli-
cation (if  a dozen  pages   on   "The
I .Egg and  Poultry Trade," wbieh   is
headed "Commercial Uulletiu, No.
. 1."   After diving a series of   tables
; eoeaptii'iug tho importations of ..p-0u
into Great Biitai'i   ��ml   the   United
States, tbt conclusion is drawn that
the former country requires six
timet more than tht hitter; and
that the distance from Canada and
the sea voyage are not bars to sue-
ceisful eompetition. In fact, that
both eggs and poultry can be plated
on tkt English market at a paying
The Miner intimates that the Star
in stating that the business men oi
Kootonay Lake should be able next
summer to pare base goods at Hevei-
steke to better advantage than at
Spokane Falls, is dis.-uisiug that
which is "improbable," and that
such disouision it oar strong poiut.
If the Miner'a belief in the improbability of our discussions has become
ao firmly fixed as to bo a matter of
inbred and perhaps conscientious
belief, we wiil not attempt to disturb
it. We will however recall a few of
the etatenienta of our artioles to sea
wherein they may lie liuble to tht
Wt said, in substance, that the
Sual arbiter in bushiest matters is
"prnnt and loss," nud that Canadian merchants sill buy their goods in
Canadian markets when they cau
save moaey by doing so, and that
they will even buy tt home when
the conditions are equal. We do not
bis y.heicia Ihoso statenmnte are liable to the reprtmeh of improbability.
Again,���We stated that the obstacle of expansive transportation by
trail between Spro.it ami Nelsou was
| soon t�� be removed, aud that tht
question would ba tested whether
| ths C. P. R. and the Steamboat Co,
will regulate freight charges ao that
it wiil be possible for the morohanta
ef Canada to supply Southern Kootonay. And that if any changes iu
the tariff wore necessary to make tht
businejs ei that section nitre secure
to tho Dominion tlma it is at present, the Finance Minister at Ottawa
knew how itcould be accomplished,
We see uothinj flagrantly impreb'
able in this,
Again, wo said,���It it certain that
distant markets, requiring tiaia in
ordering, necessitating dolay iu transport, would uot be piitroimed, if
the demaad oould beat wellsapplied
at ReveUoke. And if equal quail-
ties of goods can be obtained here
as cheaply and us promptly as at
Spokast Falls, llevolstoke will become the soirct of supply of the
Kooteuay Lake region, lo not this
Again,���It is not only whut Rev-
thinks wants, hilt it is what ail Canadian trade iltertnts damaad, to bt
placed at least upou an equal footing
with Spokane Falls, or any other
Ameiicau city which aspires to compete for tho business of Kooltuay
Lain.   Is this utrtasouahle ?
Tht Miner Bays : As Him stocks of
goods at Ainawoi Hi nud Nelson art
h.],;�� iii.ii�� at Revelstoke, can the
Stab give any good reason why
these places, or 8pr ���il ovcH, should
] act be able to tell goods to Iievelstoke? Yes, wi know of two good
reasons, at least,���wi can buy them
cheaper, and wt huvt tbt authority
of the Miutr for listing that thtrt is
not half enough grub in Ainsworth
and Nelson to last them through tht
winter, On tha contrary "evuLtoke
hat been shipping, and will ooalinue
to ship down the river as long
as navigation rtmuins open. Have
yti anything you are willing te Bill?
Kothiug? Not oven whiskey��� which
ia nitisupposed to be grub?
Hal tht Miner tlatii thut next
iirnmer Kotteuiy Like   will be a
competitive point, whilst Revelstoke
will not. It has doubtleis kept
track of the tariff revolution wbieh
has overturned the entiro business
world, and brought anathemas
upon tho United Slates from
all quarters of tha oivilized
globe. It in ne.iv Sir John's turn,
aud is it to bt supposed that be will
not make the boundary liae, where
Canadian interests are to be protected
like one of thono electric tables
which are altogether unsafe to trend
upon or oTou tor.ch? If the Canadian
tariff ii increased to meet tho U. S.
ratts, and transportation oharges
not correspondingly advanotd, wo
tie not iniba ic Improbable that the
liiaor ��tiil set Kootonay Lake merchants replenishing their stotks in
Church of England Concert.
On Mou-.lay cveniug last tho 2-lth
inst., tho Impromptu Concert an.1
danot (arranged but a week before)
took plaot at the Fireman's Hall.
A very pleasing entertainment was
given even at so shoit a cull, it beiug particularly notictablt that the
gaps in tiiM programme caused by
the unfortunate abseucn through
illnost of some of the fair BOUgstrts-
bis wero promptly and cheerfully
tilled from the ainlioace itself. Thic
i* tha proper spirit to display, and
speaks volumes for the character of
tbo people, who, by their oourago
and endurance an pioneers of the
great west art slowly laying lh*
8 ire foundation of  a miyhly  toni-
: mon-wie.iltn,
Mr. Evans occupied the chair and
; aa alrt-aaiy sh��w   wai heartily  sup-
1 ported by tha audience.
I Miss N. Evans, rendering of the
long���"Committed  to   the   Deep"
��� vfus !o?iiily applauded,   whilst  the
! suleetions from Murk Twain by Mr,
J. T. Wilton was *.o realistic that the
i lsrjTM portiou of too aU'iitnce aetmtd
to think that after  all at   last   one
j wooden lea w.ittlil pro re a decided
I advantagt over that of flesh  and
! bono.
Dr. Campbell was uuahle  to  re-
' spend to un encore for his tine rend-
���ring of tht-"Village Blaokemith"
I owing lo an affection of  the  throat,
The audience warmly appreciated
j lbs Muaitiiinly manner iu  which
] Roatkel'j "In the old, old way'' iras
given by Mrs. Qraham, and further
applaadtd Mr, Biker's recitation of
"Young Lo'ihinviir."
The sudden apptaranea on the
platform of what strongly re9omblld
a mu a-ivay Ohiuaman caused almost
a iimiic iu the ball, but, quietniSH
and ordtr being soon restortd, it was
found tbat Mr. Georgt Hum really
meant no harm and waale I only to
sius; a "washea" song, which once
over, was followed by much applause,
Mr, Hunt labsequontly gi��ing an
tncort song. The effort! of Mr. Ii.
Evans and Miss Evans wore highly
appreciated, tbe duett "ll*yotut
Hope" was repeated in response to
the hearty uhetrs of Iho auditioe
M'ss .l'��ii".fo'.'d of PanC, who kindly
aoeepted an invitation tertoitt, quite
captivated llie asseaibly with her
charming stylo of elocution, aid vf
csur-iO had to reappear,
Um Evans aad Mr. Griffith shared
the duties ef aotompauists to iho
A long list of ihinoii, wm after
the concert thoroughly enjoyed, al-
dilional onergy to the danctrs being
omul in tin tioelltnt repast supplied by thn ladiee of the town, The
eomraittee is dtstrvillg of every
prai'io for its arrangements, tbo
financial results being moat sstlsIjO'
tory, laariiig, afitr paying all oi-
peusss tht sum of %IQ ,'ii. To the
Uev. Mr, Keium and others thij uf.
fordr, much enoouragemeit, Misiri,
Dowuie, Patmpri,' 'r.i^-e uud otbtn
who were leading spirits in Ibt
ra-iu*i;��iii'.-iii, i'. pr-'..: their acknowledgement morn especially for tha
paifii .'i:o of the Gtldtu tentiugtnt
among whoa wtri noticed Captain
aod Mra, Armstrong, tho Moody's,
Wellengor'i and Mr, and Mil.
Tht singing of tht niiionUnthim,
did not i< oust m ��ry bring the dono-
ing to a close, hers  te-
maintd, to farthei ti jei ti emsolvi",
It is nndi nti   I a ��������� cement
will hs tiade to purchase a piano for
the Fireman's It ill. This indttd
would bean invaluable acqnisitiou.
From [Ueclllewaet,
To tho Editor of the Stab:���In
yesterday's paper under tha heading
ol "A Visitor from Ant tralia" you
���peak of John J ihnsl n �� misin;
operator from Ncn -;.s111 Wales
visiting Wost Kootenay distiiet an 1
aay. "Hofirbtwent went to Illoillt"
watt by arrangement with Kami
8.1.nlo, of London, who h.nl bought
an i.ittrost in cainej there, exaiu-
iog tht Mi; U Liaf, lloat Cavt, Yi-1-
low Uirl anl otbtrs, thi minernl
foaad was very good bnt tksn list
not been much systematic wcikdont
in the onmp,"
Mr. Johnston did not visit tha
Maj.1* Ln.if, or any claim except thn
Goat Care, and wiih all due dtf-
ereuce to Mr, Johnston, we would
like t�� know, how he cauit to this
remarkablo conclusion, If.i.l he
visited tha Lanark, Jumbo, Clat-
atone and diffiront others he wou; I
havo found a great deal of dtveltp-
pieut weri deae, sysfsmatically at
It is a well knows fact then is a
"oliqus" not a hundred milts from
lievel.-toko who (for rtsBons be-.t
kuuwn to themstlves) are doing
] their lev*! best to give Illecillewaet
| a "black tye," Thiy may succeee.l
for a short time but no human
agency emi ke?p theoamp from torn-
ing to the front eventually, Mr.
Jobaiton declared himself favorably
impmsid with tht Goat Cure, and
Mr. Saudo !ms decided to exi'eud
jM,00l) ou it as soon as spring opens
ii ia, and should the claim cjitinue
to aliow up ;ii well as at ptesent, his
company will doub less proceed to
to make n mine -���! it.
November 23, 18!)),
[The oornspandoct who writes
abovi ihowi a vtry natural indignation, at what hs believes to be r.u
effort to belittle tee Illeoillewaet
camp. We had no nitons of know-
ing what mines Mr. J bnston ox-
aiuintd, except from the staUmints
he mado to us or whioh \*e under-
stood him to m>-.o9. We know noth-
! ijg of auy oliq is th it is trying t >
���ire a "black eye" to teat camp, aud
if th��re suoh a ��nt, it hai no iym-
patby or supptrt from thi Stab.���
Editor. |
Kootciiiiy   l.n.';e  Newt.
One half interest iii thi Littlt
Donald has been sold by J. 0,
Davtnport to bit partner, M-.
toteriu.-. Jld ano purchased Davenport's intiresl iu mo Black Diamond
iht north exttusiou o; t..K Ltithi
Donald, thi price for both Leiu^
810,01)11, Mr. Stevtas ie an ib-
giotir on tbo Cu..; Northern 1-iai;-
It is said Mr. Mirpole, eaperin-
tent of tht C. I'. 1!. iioes not traul
on a pans, wham he rides ou the
Marion, but pays tht regular faia
There ij bllitvtd to bl good placur
g ,i i id on tue headwaters oi tue
Salmon River, about it) mi In from
Nelson by nay nf Cottonwood s��nb
deck. A spring stampide is i.ow
being works'
11.1-'. Hoofer hai parch in I ohm
half Ol l..e '.'.',; (Cat, a gold cinita
rr;,.- fill bi rtaol ed I'., a trail uiy
Eaglt Croik,
ino ort Iron tbt PTbittwater
which M. S, Davys bad assayed at
lieielitoke, run illu in g��ij an I c".1
iu lilrtrto tbt ton,
��� -Gleam i from Mintr
La l'o.'iue hav.ii.; ma lo bis lait trip
to liig ilaii i (ortheiiason, bai Ukan
his paokanimalioiit toSpnllumohnn
for ihe wi.ii,r, It will tUertfore be
iever.il week', perhaps uioLt.ii, l��-
foie news will It rieiived again
from the cji.,:t distant saupi. At
laittdvioti ni ohangi had taken
ilate ia uatttri at the Last Chanft)
Co, All ui'poge twciily-coliiiiirncws
paper, is issued from tho office of
publication, .Iievelstoke,   11. C
Subscription price JJ per year
Kates  of advertising given on
Publisher aud Proprietor
Prof.   Silvernail's   Trip
li ootcnay.
On Monday evening, August lib,
iho party lock the atuamtr Lytton at
Rivtlstoke, and after a plissant trip
amid glorious soontry, for 156 miles
down the ii vi r tho lauding was
reached nt sundown, Mr. Marpolo,
Mr. Duehesnuy and Prof, Silvernail
boarded tho hurrioant dock of cay-
O0S8.1 along Ihe
liKAtni'i t. KCOTEBAI,
toward Nelson. Thin is Mr. Silver-
nail's happy disoription of that trip:
"That ride was one of the pleasantost
tspisodoi in my piscatorial life. The
B'onery along the river was so beautiful thut I frequently stopped my
horse lo adKii'9 the swift swirl of
t! e waters ua thoy Oftrue dashing over
the falls and eddies, about, rocky
point*, foaui-spatieied and majestic
Tho water of the rivor is by far the
must beautiful I over saw. The vol-
uao, tspiciiilly early iu the leason,
is muth greater than that of the
famous Nepigon, which has so Jong
been tho yreut attraition to our east,
e'-n anglers, whilo Iho falla are moro
nuracroui and grand, Tha refluent
onrreats al*ng the sides of the
stream, caasod by ihe rush of Ihe
Tiipiils, also greatly resemble the
Nepigou, and the odd is i aud swirls
beuenth their cloudi of spray, caused
by tbe tumbling catracts us they dash
with deafening thunder ever rocky
ramparts and between craggy oolums
bring to niiml in many [daces tbo
mad tainiilt below Virgin Falls at
the head of the Nepigon, or the
wrathful rush of wavos which sing
eternal dirges at Cameron's or liacai!
UKuaauai,       .1  !'���    ut'lil    Ill IB*    VTOOI1H,
with a Hue tied on nnd a shingle fly
attached wiihoul u leader, had been
all-sufficient in the bands of those
who bud atvor caught a trout with a
Ily before. Ho ihon proceeds to
compare lishiegoftbelCootenny with
that of tbe L'aegcloys audtbo Nepigon, inuob io the favor of the Koolenay. In tbe tirfit place, he cays the
the accessibility of tho lishiug on the
Kootenay gives the advantage over
auy he ever saw. It is readied with
any hardships whatever, The track
of the railway is laid right along the
river bank, in eomo plaoes bo close
to tho water that it would not be
difficult to make a successful cast
from the platform of tbe car. Then,
too, the trail is one a lady oould ride
a heria over with safety. Tbe lishiug is dent from tb,j bank with
plenty of room for the baok cast aud
with uo necessity of ever moistening
ihe feet. The back slrctekies and
eddies art easily flshod from projecting points, nnd they art simply
swarming with trout. Antther very
important feature is the freedom
from annoyance from mosquitoes
and black flies. During his tix dayB
thtrt ha saw one solitary mosquito
and it was a very inoffensive eroatlirt'
As to tbo fishing, it is simply a question ��f how many trout you want to
eatoh. The stream is eo varied ie
the character of its pools, the falls
aro so numerous and large, wid the
trout no abundant, tbat the supply
ii praotically inexhausliblt, Hi
would recommend tht Koottnay at
mere certain to afford satisfactory
���port than tht Nepigon. Thtro ctr-
tain points on the latter when a skilful angltr will takt larger trout than
these eaught ou tht Kootenay, aud
for i.'iiiS'jimss nothing short of a rand
bull or a ltcomotivt can mrpass
thtiii, but tht ccorot be mad* and
those that any man ��an make on tbe
Kotttnay would latisfy auy reasonable man. Mast of tht trout bi
caught ran between one and two
pounds. Those he took the first day
at Ward's wort nearly all silvor
trout, bat thou on the latter days
and further up the stream wore of
the rainbow varitty. Ths article
tktn rtcitis the success of llr. This.
rruTiuoe, iu auuemmouait mete
iportatu tho C. 1'. li. are now arranging a number of care le be
specially adapted for tht accomodation off sportsmen. Thut will bt
switohed of at the favorite fishing
pools as Ibi parly may desire.
Vancouver, who visited thoae waters
Sir Walter Liked the Irish.
���ir Walter Scott kept a diary in
his later years wbieh is this month
first published iu Ney York, Although a Scotchman, ha liked oven
Irishmen, and ht writes as follows
from his recollection! of a tour ef
tho Groen Isle:
There ii ^muob lets exaggerated
about the Irish than is to bo tzptottd,
Their govtrty is not txaggeruttd ;
it is on the txtreme verge of human
miltry ; their oottagis would scarce
serve for pig styes even in Bootlaud
and their rage teem the very refuso
of a rag shop, and are disposed on
their   boiliee   with   ouoh   ������jan-ous
variety of wretchtdaisi tbat yon
would think nothing but somo tort
of pnrvar'.ef. taste coald assemble
so many shrtds togotker. You aro
constantly fearful that some knot or
loop will givt and place the iadi-
videal btfore you in all the primitive simplicity of Paradise. Thin
for their food they have only potatoes, and too ftw of them. Yet tht
man Itok utout and healthy, tht
women buxom aad well oolortd.
There is perpetual kindnoss in tht
Irish oiibiii; buttermilk, potateoi,
a stool is offered or a stono is rolled
that your honor may sit down and
bt out of the smoke, and those who
beg everywhere else stem disiroas
to eicrciae free hospitality in their
own houses. Their natural disposition ii tumid to gaiety and happiness ; while a Scotchman is thinking
about tht tirm day, or if iasy on that
tuhjiot about hell ia the next world ;
while an Englishman is making a
little hell of his own in the present,
becaust hit iniillin is not well
roasted, Pat's miud is always turned
to fun and ridicule, They art tor-
ribly excitable, to bi onri, and will
murtber you on slight saapicion, and
tied tilt next day that it was all a
mistake, and that it was not your-
Smelting and Trading
la now Prepared to Receive all Gold, Uilvor & Lead or*.
Miners who havo any orei to stll aro requested to communicate at onoo with
maungor at Revelltokt, B. "., r ho is prepared to furnish every faoility
to miners of small or limited means to ship their tra,
Genera!  Contractors    and    Builde
Manufacturers nnd Deafen In   Doors, Sash, Monldinffs, Glaii
and all  kinds of Building Material,     Office Furniture and  Fixtures a
a specialty.    Turning, .Scroll Sawing aud I'iotnro Frames, etc
made to order
have entire sale of the oelobtatod Canmore herd, lump and not coal, suitable fo
bast'burners and other stores.   GREAT HEATING POWER   MTJOH
OHIAPEE THAN WOOD.     Delivered ai lUvelstok. any part
oi town, 89.90; Kamloops JD.00; Donald $8.60.    Special
quotations for car lots.     Coal stoves sold  at
wholesale oost Hay. oats aud bran sold
by carload or smaller quantities
Yards nt Kamloops and
Donald.   Apply
ami Mr, Janes  McDonald, of j ,���., ft��� m���at to m ftt ,u ftt &]l
ton's Pool."   Prof, Silvernail went i ��" " business trip in July, taking;     A Senaational Robbery.
out to Ward's hotel, about torn miles |tb,if rods witIj l'jehil-   Standing in
New York, Novem. 18th.���It will
from  Sproal'a.   Tue  impatient to
wait until eveatide
rod in hand,  and  D,
mammoth    creel    slung
shoulder.   This
that mid day ex
ho sullied foHh,
!'.. Browu's
over his
' his di scription of
iditiou:   "With a
good bi:'.cd red hackle undaitretchtr
aud a smaller fly of darker pattern as
out phioa Mr. Dunn look Un trout,
eight of which weighed 27 pounds, I be remembered that a few weeks ago
Thest were caught above Ward's in ��journey from Cologne to Paris,
on Ihe opposite tide of the river, be-; baroness Rothschild was robbed of a
tween3and6 o'clock in the after- casket tontaining jewels valued at
noon. Tha following day this* 800,000 franoa. The Baroucse reported to tbe pulici, who readily cap-
tursd the thief iu London with the
rapid   in   from one pool, among the number,
front ef   Hit houso, and somowhat
to mj surprise, my casting was soon
emket in his posstision. Now comes
a dropper, i essayed  tht
' (our doublet.    The average weights I �� singular sequal to the story, which
j of tlie ID was one and  oae  quarter' has just reaohed New York,   It is a
greeted by a rise from a silver btanty ' pounds.   A half-mile fnrthtr down Paris dispatch to a Hungarian news-
of abtata pound weigkt, which cut   in ont hoar   thiy   filled  a twenty ' Pu��'!'.
aiort didcti than any trout I hooked ; mnd intl, hooking fear trout at! Tho man who took the casket gave
during tht whole nmmsr's fishing. J ens cast. Crossing the river one1 his name is James Pitt,an American
ne was Bafely creeled, and I pushed ��fttrn< . and aftir fishing three phvsieiau.whe wai traveling through
on ttwardB tbt fall, A -'!i itret h, quarters of a mill down stream and:EurnP8 engaged in the study of
fovming almost a bay at the bend of back, I sir oatcb weighed 82 poundi hypnotism. He had a largo sum of
the river, intervened between the       :-.,,, ... t cretl as I tw   largi stringi,  tnoa*y *nd * lottir of credit  in  his
. iey i      id fi   ing ibout 7 o'elocli
posstision, whioh gave tolor to his
and Ihe oaick water below the rapids   in the tvtniug,    Prof,  Silvernail, cillim-   He was wealthy aud had no
eat lh* full, be  whtu .'. ! was passed   afttr .     wing dticription, takes �� rtason to sUal.
Laving yitldtd a few                      ipeoial cart to d   iwn any inttntitn I When atkul to explain how he got
and the detptr and swifttr watin tf   -,:   booming tbt  liitrict.   He ack- bold of the jewels,bt said that biing
t -  stream opposite  tht  .-���     .          ���             ittourttsy bt had  mi the only passtngir on the railway
.   ���;.; : ;.  i 'tac   -i  [found  to m;        ..  r reoeivtd on bis two transcoa- loupt btsides the Baroness, be en-
delight tbat  alastst      ;   cast   was   tine                   He apprtoiattd thi ttnd into conversation with htr op
grutia  by a   vigorous   -ash               ignifie     u ri > \ ttuptrbbotil the mbjtot of hypnotism.  The Bar-
tbe     ndtioribabli oness declared that sht bad no faith
a                 ��� masterly mauagt- 'n hypnotism and chstrfully offtrtd
: ��.       ���.'."���- o     tees  triiioh htraelf as a  sabjtot of txptrimtnt.
.v.ma  of  thi     ���: - ��st       il   - iver
caught.   They win   :       ��
lilvtr i ii s.-��� anl avoraj  11 nt an .
two pounds n tilled the capi
ciout creel '���' ���       " ������ aoout
tb rty | .-..-.���'��� ':..-.;��� a
very haudsor-e ��� ��� i or Sal
rtlinus : ia ma
wtsteru * atei . isei
tbt speckled I   at of tail   . ���   ���
I tl epid I "bi   ��� -a.' re
hour was well ' ' ���
I itl dtolared that he really miccoed-
��1 in h >\ notizing (lit Baroness, and
".. ��� il that condition, being ooin-
plulelj   under   hit  control, among
.e ea :  of theiartli
.-   -        ba wrote md reprutnta-
*��   '     ��r,  and
ittrei sd .i giving rt-
��� ... igb thai  othir things kt ordtrtd htr to hand
t.   ���< .   . ri     ...   'nt. vara-    ���   -''   ���'���',      kil       aforthwith
saibtd.   lis would   li ; it
stake h .        i .,��     . ng     Elt rttaintd tht jtwtli just for tht
nd   befo ��� Low       ootena       I i     ...   iiirpose   ' tea biog bar  u lesion.
Carry large lines of plain, medium, niiiii high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
Bod-room sets ranging in price from $6.50 to $500.    Hotels furnished throughout,   Office nnd bar-room chairs.   Sping
mattresses made to order, and wovon wire, hair
aud wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lake
points svill receive early
uud   prompt attention.
B,   0
Harness - and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
th��                                            ; thi ��ny  ��pi    man  ever  i snd ig to return tbtm on bit arri-
(or bnsinesi               i             net   I ist e    ��nd   somes  away   with val in London
oa tkiitriam a ��� ���- i i feel I v    i                menl ���             us Iho story, nondibleas it seems,
piotire '��  1    '    '���"���������  ovi . iwillgivttbo disappointed ��aat.triflad by  tie  Daroatss, and
On nl .; ing   > tht h  t :e ruy oatoh,
,,-,,, ,. r t I have :-. nie tht eyes of
myfritn Is of thi I il ii li anco with
wondir and ( ivy, did not seem to
Btrik��) War: a rtmarkablo, except
in tin time of tht day ��!,<��� i ths
wort.-������ tured." Hi :!-r ; pnihed on
to Mr. Hugh Kttfer'i camp, where
1)1 l��tnt three (lays. That i.'en'.ln
man informed bin that his army of
several hundred workmen had fi ihed
at tha iles.llr iviuing hou in Hit
pacls along tht stream md the latch,
i .,' |,��ec lnbaOoui Iht campi being
''lit was i-tie<ataj f 'om ouatody.
li ibirty of drowning lum in
the ��    . below Hit falls   where   ho! ������
stood one morning and cast his flies Londen, Nowm,, 19  The  Labor
wi'osB     )        [uifloonfc   raiabow World, Miehatl Davitt'i paptr,lays:
whieb st .  bed amidst the ipray Mr. Parntll is under a moral olond,
upon the dancing wavts from short which ht hat broaght upon himitlf,
to shore, while freaa rifiuont depthi rbt crisis whioh ht bai oaused in
the rainbow trout leaped lightly up tht homt rult movement is the most
to siim his gaudy Inn larioua thai has tooarrtd in 10 years.
The aubliiatiin of mch a lengthy rhtrtisonly ont oourst for Mr. I
and  favorablo dosoription  in   tht Paratll to puraut. That ii, to effaot
Ainsrmn Angler, a journal of weight binstlf from public life for the britf
and inflitnoe, will doubtleis draw pinml thai, mail insni befon he can
many pltaiurt inker   and those ttgally marry Mri, O'Shta            I
Holies and Blankets, Curry combs,  Harness:
oil, Horso brushes,  Whips, Spurs and   I
Bits iu great variety. '���
1IV K. WILSON, Agent at Revelstoke.
The Kootenay Star,
ixvoli'd  to ;thp   LUMBERrNa,   BUSINESS  a,nd AGRCUL
11 If A I,, and espacially to tha
lining Interests of the
a, a|HHilt:
'KINH'li; Ol'Al,:. K.IN
ml in, and exeoutod in the best itylo, Copiaitreiil work
Ofiifirr ^ HT��/tllT DW, I.n..-n .aaiiuiii, am most tarutst in
I tb< Held wiil reap the largest return.
'     | Such rich showings of oto  as  hart]
It is arrangtd bttween tht
Line and the Canadian Pacific
that bona Udi iiltlort in tht North;,��� ~~~7, .   '".'.  '"." f'"    '",���'"*
,���  ,    ,���.,,.,... ,_.,., ��� _._ I Uppar Columbia, Illioilliwaet, Trail
been node  tht  put  rear
West and British Colambia will pay
817 fart with proportionate oharges
for thildrin. An enormous emigration is expected in the spring.
Winnipeg;, Nor, 25.���Priratt information has bun rtttirod from tbt
Dominion capital Ibat Iho military
forces hero art ordered to be reedy
to proceed to the latirnatiooal boundary to piveni Aaerioan Indiana.
and Eiglt ortelti and tbt Nelson,
Ainsworth aud Goat Hirer camps
cannot fail it soon ocasmand labor
and capital that will dtvtlop the
long dorniunt rcsourcii of Ihest
motions, which, when adrtrtimd,
rapidly populatt Iht country,
increase the trade aud aad largely io
Tilntsof real tstott in farerabli
ocaliliei.   The motty txpeudtd by
who art thought about to go on Ihe I QOTOrnmoDt M , transportation
war path, from trolling into British ctmpauits will, in tin mar future,
territory, or inciting British Indians j yi(lid ygt roturng ou tl)| inTMtmellti
to join the uprising,
London, Nortm. 25.���A story of
aoutt destitution his bun Dent from
tbe iilaad of Acbill in the west of
Ireland, where tht ptlulo crop ii
Utterly exbauiiltd, aud itorttS pre'
rent the people from aishing, In ouo
of tht oablni a new boru babe illnl
beeause its  famished   mothtr COIlld
���Winnipeg rice Press,
Wiped off (lie Earth.
Wasblogtan, November 15th.���A
startling publication is mi the point
.,f  Iiwi.10 iyiiuo.I In,' did   Moaithoonian
Institution, whioh will show that
not nourish it. At Shall, in ihe j many of the valuable sptoin of an-
eonthwest, the people are absolutely i imals at prr-ient inhabiting tho world
starring, uud tht workhouses are! will inevilnhly be driven off the fact
uiiabltto accommodate the appli' | of the earth, and rondtrtd absolute-
cuntB for relief.
Standing Rock Ajeacy. N. Dak.,
Novembar 25.���Two Imliiin  scnut'
ly extinct within a few years  from
this date.
Tor example, the  elephant  is al-
werestnt out Saturday night by Col. IrpailT doomed. Each year 100,000
Drum, commanding Fort Yates, wiih ' o( fhest puohyderms art slaughtered
instructions tt scout the country !to S,1PP17 the market with ivory. Up
betwiin htrt and Sitting Bull's camp '��� wilhil �� comparatirely recent
andasoertain if any Indians wtrt P��lod, commerce drew chiefly tpen
on the war path.   They went to that ItUt great stores of "dead" ivory in
chief's camp ou Grand Rirer, and
being known to bin aa military
tctnte, thoy were at onct impeded
si spies and were treated very harsh'
ly by the chief and others. Sitting
Boll asked thorn their business ont
tbtro. Thty said they were after
two destrttrs from the post, which
possession of African natives, whioh
hail accumulatcl for centuries; bat
uow this reserve slock has been exhausted, and all tbe tusks exported
from the dark continent, must be
got "greea" by hunting live els*
phants. Thas the herds art being
rapidly wiped out, not to mention
of eourse, Sitting Ball knew to be ! t!l�� incidental fact, according to Ex-
untrue, Sitting Bull told them he pl��r8r Stanley, that every pound of
understood there wore 2,000 soldiers: lV,:i7 'hat reaohei Europt eoa.s tbe
oopiing to Yates to take him and his
proptrty, "hat.,'' said he, "I have
runners coming aud going every dny
and know everything that's going o
: life of a man, woman or
'child, while every 20 tusks ore se-
| cured at the price of an entire dis-
\ trict, with all its people, villages
there, and at soon as thest"soldiers | ����J plantaiious.   This ef course, is
ilu* io the intimutt oonnootion
; which exists between tho ivory gath-
I ering business and the  slave  trade.
You will (tat some  aotion  of  what
come I  will  take  my  family  snd
poniti aud thus* that wiil follow me
and leave, and thty will not get mo,"
Continuing, he said to the  scon's:
"You set wt have abandoned the 1110,000 elephants mean if you will
while men's houses and art) liriug oonaidar tbat  piaied  in  line, that
in tur native ttpen and  rill  ��ot number would stretch   180  miles.
rttarn to the houses  nor  to  the Aafor Ihe slaves they are soeared
, for the purpose of curving irory to
: the toait by the Arabs who eltack
; and destroy the native villi, pen, carry-
  j ing off iuto captivity those of the inhabitant! who are serviceable as
The following general sizing np of L0lters 8aJ k|U^ Jha  m   Jq
th. mining outlook  of  British  Co- this  nj wL(],e n.f;iol)S ,B Africa
luaxhi-a is elicited from an inttrriew bav0  Um    aepopulRted find  m
with Mr. F. W. Robinson, who has  wai(e
in tbe past eighteen montho inspected j    It ],  fashion| Lf ^  ^
moat of the mining camps in thi dif-  am{ jmp,ri,Qti, mno,sible ,or lht
ferent dirisions of Kootenay, t\m*itm] extinction of animals well
Mr,Rob.nion intends going east; mf& pr,6ervi       To ftl|
Lively TinieK Next Year.
soon to spend tho winter, but he expects to return to tht moanfniiu
early ia tht spring to takt part in
active miting movements that are
promiitd for the coming season.
The progress -in disoortry and
statement, referoneeis made to a
single recont auction rale in London
at which were disposed of under tht
the hnmmtr 30,000 monkty ai.ins,
250,000 Australian oppossumi' skins,
100,000 bamming birds' skins, 6,000
dertlopment of mineral ���������� ��I ,kiM of MirJ�� of paradise, and 3G0 ���
North and South Kootenay since the | m Mgortcd bi,,d,, ekiRS froffl Mla
adrent of the C. P. 11, to the monn-
taint hat been fraught with much
disappointmnt and in  many cases
in losi of money partly from deoap-
tirt surface indications, but  mostly
In all tho collections in the world
public and private, thero do not ti-
iiat so many birds' Bkins, stnffed or
otherwise, at the total of th.it
amounts to.   Evidently tht beautiful
owing to fraadul.nt murtprtsenta   birJs of th< mlh muj'      ud A[]|
ti.ai and from ignorance in handling lt3kliiQ   oppos81)ms   aml  Bonk,vg
the propertits. baTfl no bbow ���,���.���..���.   Qm Mel
Afttr six years of research and en-, ,���, Jeu eM mm Mn rf lijr(]s
dtaror to show np to th. world the |    E , knoffg by ^ ^ ^
mineral wealth of this region it now i.i,./���...,,���������.  ,",        .    7T
, ��� j tue lur seals are also doomed.   Hit-
looks as though prtsptotors wtrt in':.,, ),���.,, .n.���,,i,.       . . ,
"  '     ,       . ,  ,       , lng htm altogttber   txterminatod
a fair way to nap sibstan ml beue-i <,..,���,.,,.,..,..,.,-���.,  ,, .,
' ' I Horn tin rooKtries in  thi sonthtm
Africa, while the girafft is quiekly
disappearing from tbt saint cater,
Lit Ioobg awbittmau with au equip-
ment of improved wiapous in the
wills, and he will call it "sport" to
slur wantonly trerylhing that bt
cnu get a pop at���not for food, but
limply for tht take tf taking away
lift. Mind you, it has bein lift for
civilization to thoroughly dorolop
Ibis lypt of saragtry. The only par
rot known to this coualry, which was
formerly plentiful ai far north as
Kansas, is now beiug finally titii'-
pattd in Florida by risitors who kill
the bird for "sport." They are
n at u rn Ily lame, and it is easy enough
to knock over half a dozen at one
bang. Thoy art not good to cat, bnt
then they inakt such a pretty mark
ftr a gun I
lht ruling's doit,
The tight it won,
Unyielding, cruel, flinty,
Aud some baro got
Tbo places sought,
And Bomt aro with���McGinty.
IIIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-
Governor has been pleased to make
the following appointments:
14th November, 1890.
William Taylor, of the Town of
Ainsworth, Esquire, to be n Justice
of tho Peace within nnd for the County of Kootenay, Province of British
Columbia, 44
Hume's Building, Rsrelstokt. B. C,
Steamers Duchess, Marion k Pirt
Str. Duohess leaves Golden for
iVindermere aud way points every
Monday at noon, (nnd on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer)
returning arrivo at Golden Wednes
day, i p. m.,
Tourist tickets gflforronnd trip.
Agents, Golden, B. C.
fits in compensation, for  their labor
and patitntly endured  privations.
sea:., where they usld to congregate
in such countless rnyriad.-t, they art
Thoreportt fer tbe put two yta.s on j aoff boiU8 wip,a offfrODJ tU(jir lust
the outlook of tha different raining ; rei,ling ,,,,,��� m tka (|ro prib .
oampi hart been so uniTersally i iilBUds iu jjebli,jS Seu> Uik| fftt|
far.rabl. that the repr.s.ntatives of: await3| at ,bolt Doti ihe h( -f gM,
tho local goremment as w.ll aa rail- j 875|UOo 0f ���ki,jh wtrfl B,sjn !asf ypK
wayaudnarigatitn  companic.  are J for lfalh,rftm] ������    EyeQtheAlli
tnnnced that tber. is  both  ,.���. | to    cr,8.jdi,��� ^ -
tity and quahty of ore .. Kootan.y Lot l>Medi   B��M.tb.j ������� dis.p-
o warrant large imm.d.at. txpendi- ptar b.taust tbtir hides art wanted
tur. in opening up  the country  to for r.tioaleB> po.k.tbook and tther
assist aud facilitate the marketing of ( "fgnoy articles "
the or. outputs   The time has now j   Man-more particularly tbe C.uia-
oomi when tbe representatirts of | .ian-is tht most destruclivt of aii-
oapital can satisfy thouselvt
malB.   His appetite  for  killing
a  OUbt that there is  a wonderful | io8fttiabl,( ind ,��� ^ ^^   ~
field f.r .afo aud profllablt .urtst- slaughter for iti.own saki tht Barked
mint �� mining    lu.b.r.ng and Ind rspid flL ,    ,so
horenurpritesaleegl .   water of   wroBgW in u, ^ J
ti olumbta,nd ,.��,r,b,...ritaaml,.,. ,arg#lr allr!,Jlll;ible, JJJ
tin Arrew and K.ottnaj lakci. tbt   vh1��� -,'.  h ,
Nixl epring money free Alalia, I     ,, t   ^    *��� ���*. "^
���friH'laed, ,nd  the ��t,t��� will   b,' " ���*�� ^'f' ^ '/,fl,a "
'lit Irut zibra, which q eccSni.l at
A. O. LAWSON, M. A. Ph. D��� F.
G. S.A.
(Lato of the Geological Sumy of
Consulting Geologist. Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits cf
kinds examined and reported on,
Eeonomio problems investigated and
information furnished. Whitburn
Block, Vancouver, B. 0 I
Note.��� Minoral specimens sent to
Dr. Lawson will bt placed on publio
exhibition 60
The Eevelstoke Tin Shot).
jranite waro, and   Lamp  Goods.       Tin,  Copper and   Sheet Iron
Ware nude to order.    First class irork guaranteed. 'I J):- lors pro npllr"
attended to,!
T. O, Address, JNelstn, ti. O,
Capacity 20,000 foot ptr dny. Planer
shingle machine, eto. All kinds of
lumber en hand. During tht scasoa
of 1S00 lumber will bt dolirered at
any ef ingscn kith t a 1
| tjfurir Ndnaei anatt,]
B, ;T.
^11 orders by mail or
exprei   pron p
nttendedj   ,-J
All   descriptions of
gold nud silvorware
General, Merchants.
n. c,
(ClosotoC. P. R, Depot);
Iterelstoke      ���      -     B C
Importers of tho Choicost Groceries and Provisions.
Wo carry a select and complete stock of gout's furnishings, la lios, gent0
and children's boots, shoos uud hose, stationery, patent medicines toiiei?*
requisites and ready-made clothing.   A   large  assortment ol pipes,
tobacco, oigiii'ottoil, imported and domostiu cigars, fruits, cundy, etc.
Store pipos, tinwnre, orockory, rough and dressed lumber, and othergoode
ttou numerous to mention, ut modulate prices,
f lieeheai tmaminitatlen.
J. Fred. Hume & Go,
Kevelstoke \    -     .     -     .     , jj   (j
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer tin Dry Goods Groceries/ Provision*
Canned Goods, Hardtv,iro Etc.
The Stock in erery Department is Full ami Complete and tho Public veil!
find it to their advantage to call nn-j
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices.
*��.   MINBR'S pUPPUBS A  SPBCIALTF,    ^ -  ,���;. ��jS '       '        ������'���'������       -
;   i' '��� ���   - .   I'h irsdny   .. .    !,
we '��� ;':   ; i'- '���'���   All visiting brotb-
'���'������- li illy invil   !.
J     I ���'    J.  If.    [AT.-.1-S0S,
R. S.
;.-.'.''        |V],i   i-i ,,,.-.
���'II hi ..11 I-.-.,
���:'.!' I.
''V/ C,:   ,341.
:;;':'-;!- : '    '     lays, and 3rd and
']['' ' '���>''��� ' ��� ��� ��� I ircmon's fin
Ml'-'-    Arthur llnndtdl,
I   'i lury,   ,1 wojibCull
' ' ; " '���    '-' UGi  , -. Box 19
1'idconcr, Can'
-    ', -���' ,V I',
'��� '   -���-   ;! J McSorle.v.
I      U.D.C
���     '- Mo, 61,
���   Hast 2 Wed-
'��� "���' - ;   till.,
'-.     ....      [; . ,-,
: ������'���'.'   I
:' .Mr      :.
Juurn    \ ���'    .'.'..     . ,.
���  letley, Katn-
i Ul :.'���-; mi
-. -���- i ���-.
. ' '' : "���'"' '���' ' ������ held in the
'' ' ��� biiwbm -, Bundnyeve-
'"'" " " ��i lucl I alternately
!-' "' "' "- -;;-' riiui,andEng-
,! lj| L:i--'- Mini tors.   ,- ,etviul un
"'"'"'���'-  '   be math/each week
di ���', -    ....
.' ' - -' '���" I Uiblo ; I'tf-a ev-
(,': !un ' '' "eon in 2:30. All
'���'"' '   cii'l])l    " ��� I lo attend,
>,'"':'<   ;   ri��� ;   .. ichof Eng.
'���'���'���   : '  '���   '     WU--11 month, at tho
ti ll .-  .   j ;-,., - -
U ;   '    ���    ' ���-.-��� - nudny  in   the
Oil   ,.-.    :.   ..     ,.,.;,.    |)y    ,.t'    J(  .,   ^
Kemm [v. J .!mJ
At i olden, ind
���'   ���      '     -'    -:      uiday.
������ 0. C, i::.:!.-i.
''���'��� KOOTENAY STAB.
; ;;'! : I '    "���'���', il. C, NOV, 29,
Rot, Jas, Torn :-, Mtthoi let mil i
stir, will preach al the church Sunday tot  . 'Cains at 7 11
'������     i J     Forme  ivl
- '       -       i wit ,
'   ; '   '-'"    '     I ih  Creek  Las
in Mnnil I...
It   is ripe ] ,.
iii'-:.-;   ���
-     I :
I ��� .     .-
���   -   '     ��� ���        mosey
rn��r,   Tbi
t lit, .-
��� ���..,'���
a    -  a
c 1 li ii t d
I'Lo   total
ii -. ,
��� ���'    -��� .    ; .
- . I ....     .
I  tan     i i ���' -
���    ���   . ���    ���������
ilner ll      i    inl Mr. Mel 'enald
-   sen | a
nl   ��� .      tl
run nil* i     "     .-             "
. ,        it, about 1 fee
widt und il I ��� l      '      *' i
,, ,.- iiy   :... u Iran liao i
BbovTfd '���   ' ���        ��� itlaim
,. tbe il:-.' . . inic ��in tin   -   >1 If
jlhi ih   IU l| ���     '-��������� '-������    '*' ���    '-1
'   bo.l to  ..: ���     ���-  "���'���   '��� ,;    -'
tu to start that there itill lis., meeting of thi Society on Taaidaj tvtn-
ing Dee. 2nd.
Tlie Colamhia Rivtr Hrdranlio
Company of Smith Creek, are expected in ii,': Btreral tboueiind
dollars in gelidnst as soon as tbe
weather Inrni cold,
Ji.-ha 1 Sutherland, aad John
Kiiiion havo houjjhtoat the shart of
l-'ratiL ]mh^ in the Cnustlation Mining I'uiii- iiv on French Creek,
LJeilstn will go out to work in tbt-
mine, starting todaj or tomorrow,
Al the Government sals consider-
ahlt interest wai wnDifeded in !be
lots adjoining the Steamer Company's
property und soma slurp bidding
was doveltptd among tlione tithing
to purchase, indicating that tlie plat
of this company is in a desirabla
The steamer Marion hai made lh?
round trip lo Sproat and backitart-
iug Mm i-i.i- merning and returning
Saturday muruing. Arthur Dick,
captain, nnd Tho.i, M, Ward, mate
and purser, She brought up IM
piissengers and 1��svm> for k);;ro:it on
Snndsy, temorrovr, morning,
Mr, P. Reesir. inforim us that
iba Hajelling Compacy \>m ju��t concluded a sontract for 200 tens of ore
monthly from the 3a{ijiiarcli Mini at
Field, "ilr, McLartn, biifieriuten-
denfc, passed up on Thursday ou
his way to lbs mine, to start the
worh rfquii'cd to carry out t~a cm'
G. T, Orton, M. D, of Winnipeg
arrived in ll ivelstoke the first of this
'.v ek, and on Wtdncsday ffoutua to
tbo conrtt. Dr, Orion ia well known
here as one of the promoters ami
o'rganijers cf the Kootenay Smelting
and Trading Syndicate, of nhioh he
u itoiikholder,
J.McIutoih, minagarof thi Shut-
wtip Milliug Coiipauy, of Kaaloops
and Mr, Dooksrill, lately managing
the braticb of the Bank of li. C. at
K isaloops, went through to Greeley
Or��ek ou Hit traiu east Monday
morning, Mr. Mcintosh eerriod tliii
money to pay tht workraeu "ii 11��� �������
Sliiugle Mill whidli taule him very
wilcnme, They Walked six Billet
buck to RgrelMulie, ur.l took tho
evening train wtet.
Nie, men came up fr tu Sproat in
:-. largo r:.ti bon! arrivii"j L'buradiiy
afternonu, Tl ey ttails i i n Saadsy
morning at lG, -.. pet ;y ci .:. a��u ��� ���
aud stopped I" git liiu .er t ul'.i
miles out. At lbs saiEt lime four oi
in.- party bfcatni he utifuil) intoxicated, ami got into a diunkan ri.,ai
utnl it was deci led to return to
Sproat, ih:-; was doue, an.l the
wbi k -..-.. 11 i, aniaaatoaniliaaniwatt,
wtn diseharged, atnl u new start
ua -,o a*. 3 p, m, They wen lam
��� u ��� , . aking the trip-ona
-. ���:;��� ��y i urtil by tnooulight, i ht
party waa -������ :... esed .'. railroad ����:.
. , ud to Ka>���'������ r'l earn) i 'ai in-
.. ;: :-'.:. ol Vane Hirer, ������'.. i�� father i'. X Martin, s u
. rernm ml ... ���:: it
���a iter, ..--' -t. on duty
. . (keeper  for  sis
i     ivti with tthtrs .'ci
Tin ibon tiHid company [a lo-
oitltd' abont tix railea tail fron
' Itevtlstokt, on tbt 0. P. R, railway,
j ��btit Groely (.'nek joins tbi lilt-
j oilliwait Kirtr. Tht Slmtwap Milling Company of Kamloops, and
i Joint Valentine, art iht originators
; of and are jointly intenittd in tin
ei.Urjirita. Mr. Mcintosh, rnauager
of the'.hniwap Co., kuoivs all that
there is to know about luiub-
oiiiijf ai well sd jtnsr.il business,
and Mr, Vuleiiliuu is will ixptritQtod
in shiu^lt mauufaoturinj, Mr. V.
reports that tht excavation for tht
wheel pit is ootnploted, ulso that the
nice for oonTiyinj ibt witir to tin
Hums in r.uiahed, aad lk��l thence
tht watir will be tarried iu 2A0 feet
1 id llaiae te the penstock where thero
iif.'lOJi ftet of fillaboTt tht water
wbeil, giving anipla power lor all
lht machinery, At the head of tht
rait ia yard roam for iitver.al hun-
ilred cords of Bhioslo bslti), and
pond room for 40 cordi, The bolts
; will bt thrown iatc tea ptud,
i und Hint down through the llims to
the mill and thus he trie from dust
and in the best condition far sawing.
When the mill h eomplettd, which
will bo fer the early spring trade, i'
will be thoroughly eijuipped with
tbe best and latest improved ihiuglo
machinery, and all the modirn con-
u'iii*tioes fer conrevin^' and handling the product, and capacious dry
hoiisti will ubo bo oonslraoted, The
out feature which particularly ilia'
tinguishu this mill, bowtrer, is
thai evary movcuieut from the bolts
at ihe pond to the paoktd shingles
nt ihe; art loadsd iato tha car for
shipment, arc all downward, taking
advantage of gvavitition, which will
lia a grc-st inviag iu labor and
Col. Baker's P.lnus.
Ottawa, Nov, 21,-Otl. Baker,
Ll. P. P., for East Kootonay, B, C,
wbj is now iu tbeoity and who ia a
brother of the late Baker Psbiiu,
states thut he is hire to s��a Sir John
Maodonald iu tho interest oi ntw
railway pn jscts iu Ihe wetit, a road
Ihreugh ths Craw's Nest P.im to
Alberta is carfain, ho says, te b��
! built within a couple of years. It
! willopin up a Hplindid mining and
farmiug distriot, The NeUtu and
Sprout's landing lina i.i rapidl)
nearing completion and will also aid
the rljieloomnit of rick mini.:)
Gold, copter and silver have been
found in luif* quantitiis at tht Hot
Springs and Toad Mountain aud at
Bull Hirer iu Eail Kootenay,
���Jm ���*���
Bald iiy ilnigjUla or scut iiy mall,80o, ttf*
K. T. UuaUi.o, Warren, l'��., u. B. A.' ^1
Public Notice in hereby given, that ou
tho 27th November, proximo, at 12 o'-
dock, noon, tho Ageut of Dominion
Lauds for tbo Kamloops Dietriot, will bo
present al Rivolstoke, nnd will then offer
fi Bide to ih�� highest oash bidder all
tlio lota in tin Townsito of Uevelstoko
romiiiniug nt Iho disposal of the Govern-
mont, lying south of tho Vjotoria Hoad
nnd west of Wales Stroot,
38 A, M. DURGESa,
Deputy of the MiniBtorof the Interior,
Dopartincul nf the Interior,
Ottawa, 21st Octobor, 1890,
Mnlit-i-i io li.-r.-liv givou Hint  tlio l'ni-1
norehip heretuforo oxialuig botweou 0.
II. Allen und Thomas Kigbton, as llrow-
ors, iu tho town of Rovolstoue, curried
on under the firm mime of 0. II, Allen
k Co., bun thia day boen dissolved by
mutual consent, Thomas Rightou con-
tinuoB the bnsinosB, pays nil liubilitios,
nud colleota idl accounts duo the said
firm, "  0, II, ALLEN,
Witness���J, \v, Thomson.
Rovolstoice, Oct. 17th, 1890.
u. u, on
Ll -1     ...    -      minion
.   .<        . .       .'       lisli e
... >. i
8 tale of
���       a   - - HOii  -i(,    l| -a
-'���     - '   ivtd on
be         Wtdntsd
-   ���     . i arrival
. ���  . .          id im
��� ���
a win iau
-    .   :. n, iu
. <     ��� ���.      i among
-i nn   a   .
.       .        .. .
,.,<������: tte
ire wi       - *
btitg - igenti
... a
,     . liut       ..-> - -
ie!l und clients a i :'', Air
JU    '           is rui np    i al
,    (    i, ... ibilt
ttring      -          dil - - < ������'
..,..������' i  wa
,    ,       r n" tli '     -
I . . _     . . ,, :  ,
' ion ���   '.
...        a* in tbt
oapacity i'f :- ti itr,  ind   ol
���-.I ..i:. ..,.ii iu '.t tbt salt all
uartitB speak i     ./. tra it
Glacier House
(From Oar Own Correspondent,)
E H.Grindrtd.telegrapb inepeetor,
Kaialoopi, wa.s hero on the 21itiu��t.
W. Hanson, auditor C. P. R.
western divi&iouwuherian the2'2nd
and 23rd inst.
Service was hold here on Sunday
evtaitig tbt 23rd inst., by tht IUt, J.
ITirntr of iltreUtoko.
Ilr, \falih, supirinlendeut of the
Bi.:   Cilephont, Winnipeg, passed
through hsri on tht 24th inst., en
re itl to t;,!�� >'oaf.:
Balfour, Va^ooavir, returned
j from Montreal, and Calgary ou  the
24th nit.
Nov*mbir27tb, i'.:.'().
I      igh tht kindness of Rev Mr.
Kemnl, ws ��re favorei! with a report
��� .I tbt Coneert in aid of tbe Church
,.-.;,! at  Donald, v.riu*n by
I    rj-nffith correspondent of the
l,nad��n,   Eng.,   Christian   World,
' made and the Ul ite I .-.tales,
,- ;        '   . .
'     ��� i.   I,  -' ;��� 151   i
mi   " ii "Ufticul
ren that on tl e
��� ilanl   nn
.     ...   . : Lbe
u    I 111
I    ;    :    -   ,
rforthol    ':.'������
..... if i  ...
..    !8 i:  1890
������' ,>. >. i \ ti B
I.O.BUCIIA!  ���'��� I ���
l\ 0, Add ��� i,  '-'-: nn, ... 0,
-    .   . ,   ., 100 [eel pti ' iy, Pinner
il  ,    , ihine, ite,    All kinds of
, -.- ,ii band   During the si ��bob
ol 1890 Im   ��.- 'jil hi doliven I at
any ��f ihe ItnilniK^ on tbt lakt ��t
1      ...    ���    M'HIJ    ��"'���)��
Building & Contracting
The following redtiotiou of Foes for
Assaying, i-.ii from Iho lot proximo, has
beeu ordered by tho Hon. Minister of
PJiuoB ���
Tccifj for sLcdo snmples, for guld, fiilvor,
lend, or copper, to bo .atldo
for ?l.fiO each.
Two or mora samples,     "    IJl.OO each'.
For nil o'lior losta a proportionto ro-
ducticu has been ordered,
S18t ^ssayer,
Brick and Stone Mason, Plasterer
nnd   Kalsomitier    All   work  dona
promptly and to n ..infliction. Oou
trict work Bolioiteil. 3j
W. A, Jowirr, T, L. . i
Notary Public,
Oonveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale,
Mining Bonds, eto,, drawn uoi Rente
aud Accotmte OolleotBdi")%.
ing   Claims  Bought and
sold; Assessment work
on Mining Claims
Attoutled to;
Patents Applio.1 for;  Etc,, E' ���, Ete
tllli,     UPB   \SO   ACl.'IIiKN'f   INSI'iirlC*
Loin on Townsite of Uovolatoke for Snl*
nnd W-iiil.jil,     Agents for Mini >���>
Machinery, Etc,
IIEVELSTOKE   ���   .    .   .   .   .> q(
GOLDEN      .       .       .       b.O.
Mining   Broker,  Commission  AQt.
Notiii'y Public, ko, ko,
^ In Slock.--Mining Powders, Fuso a;���j
Caps, Miner's Toole, Steel and Oai.
Outfits. ijt('
Corner Front nud Hanson Sts,
Abraiumson DB03.
First olnSBin overy respect; Nearest
hot-el to C P ll depot mil ateambofi
landing, between post office uud gov,
buildings, Conoh to aud from depot?
mid steaniboat. Fire proof Safe for Ihe
accommodation uf its ouetomors,
e. p. ii i
m yblsiokb.
P. MqOARXHif     .     .     .
First olasB Tainperanoo JJou.se,
BOAltD    AS'I)    LOOOINO,  |5   pgH   WEItt.
I    fi |   KEAiiS, 25c     nr-iw 25c.
'J hi,n hotel is situated convenient to the
| station, ia comfortably furnished and
I ulJorda Iirst, class accommodation,
_.,;,-.    i^    j-pj.
Whereas Iho Lioutenant-Govcrnor in
Council in empowered, under tho "Public
I School Act," lo create �� hool Distrioti;,
| in addition to those already existing, and
I to define the boundaries thereof, il is
hereby notified that His Honour has been
pleased to create the truot of li'.nd enclosed wilhin the under-mentioned boundaries a School District, under the title of
the '.'Golden School District," viz, :���
All that tract of laud included wilhin
a circle haying n radius of throe (3)
miles; tho said radius to commence at
the central point of tho eastern end of
tho Government Bridge crossing the
Kicking Horse liiver.
Bv Command,
j 41 Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
6th Movomber, 1890,
REVELSTOKE     -      -       8. C
W. Cowan, Prop,   H. Hobort,Clark
Booms vvoll attended; tables unox..
celled'.   Wines and  liquors #uuruu'
Ic-il of n hi,:li oiinlity. tt'ipe in
sample room. Telephone conununi'
cation with 0. P. It, depot. Fire
proof vault lor llie convenience ui
guesls.   Buss moots all trains.
$2 PER 0,\f
-Tin; -
i Um    ��� H 1-.
All Mining Cla'ms, othei than Mineral
Ijocatious, legally held in this Distridt,
n:, |, | th Miuerid Aot, 1881 und Amend-
ii ,..!,,,;.,,.,' bo laid over from loth day of
October.till the 1st dny of .lnno next,
180), inbjecl to llio provisions of tho Baid
i,.- uud AineudmentH.
Cold Commissioner.
Donald, KobI Kootenny,
Seplomber 120th, 1890,
Notice is boreby given that the Rovel-
' ';.��� Mining tloinpany  has fylod the
dry papers, and made application
f r ti Crown (Irnul iu (nvor of tbe miner-
..     .   iwi   ;.   ;1 Niiiiii" r One,"
tn     '       :..   Hot Sprin ;b, lioo oi uy
���. . .   . .  ,,.,:-,"-. i( any, aro request-
,;     -, rW(|| ��� tbeii nbj   lionu to me ivith
���, r] iyi [rotn dale of publication.
'j, (.' TUNSTALL,
;> Gold Cotn'r,
SuTiliiolit, Ot, Wk, 1891
Tho largest and most central Hotel in
the city ; good accommodation ; every,
thing now ; table well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attached ; ttre proof sate,
Stockholm House
The dining room is furnished with tha
beet ihe market affords,
The bur is supplied with a choice steel.
of wiitus, li'iuora and cigars,
X   ���'
as. Litert
cord wood yoaSaiLf


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