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The Kootenay Star Jun 21, 1890

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Array 11 1 I IB
T P"
%'  <>
REVELSTOKE, B. C. JUNE 21. 1890.
ebcc icyu,��� aM.TTT.io'/ w-ss. ii v. . ���: 'i ��� - - ��� i .-������ ��� -����� a' ��� t-. n: v n w: ft-'ai-.c-^t '-iTictianm.'aattiB^
No. 1-
in Shop,
'-iruniio  waro,  nnd    Lamp  (ioods,       Tin,   Copper and    '"hoot Iron
Ware made to oi'dcr.    First class work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
attended to.
111 orders by iniiil or
express promptly
All   descriptions of
gold and silverware
���rm-run T ���,,���
J & COT.
General Merchants.
B. C
Supers and others interested im
'. Fred. Hume & Co,
Revelstoke B. C,
(Branch Store at Nel on,)
Dealer in Bit Goods  Groceries,   Provisions,
Canned Goods. Hardware Eto<
Th* Stock in every Department is Full  an I Complete and tho Public Will
find it lo their advantage to call and
Goods   and    Compare   Prices.
(Close loC.
-    It. c.
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
W* carry a select and complete stock of gent's furnishings, ladio.��, gentsj
iiiid children's loots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines, toilet
requisites und icady-mado clothing,   A   lui-gu  assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigarclteii, itnporbud and domestic etgiiv, Iruits, <-audy, etc.
Hti.To |ipc��, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, aud other goods
I'ju numerous ['> mention, at moderate prices,
TiWpheae cwn��mnr,i<"iukji,
PalnLodo, Tex., June 5.-Shortly
before noon today a mounted stranger entered this remote village, driving before him, in single file, tivelvo
men, whoso Wats-were pinioned and
their feet shackled. Tbo stranger
win C.ipt. Frank Hull, or "Winches
tor Frank," tho celebrated Indian
scout, und his captives had composed
a baud of the most desporate, lawless aud bloodthirsty moonshiners
and horse-thieves iu Texas, whose
capture by one man was a feat that
for audacity and daring has novel-
been surpassed.
Tins country bus long been infested by oilt'iiuvs and desperadoes.
Fifteen mil��s from lioro in tho
mountains was a moonshine distillery
operated by tha baud that was
brought iu hero today. Many attempts have boon made to break up
the institution. Defectives and revenue agents have come hero iu various disguises and endeavored by
force or strategy to accomplish tho
destruction of the still aud the capture of its operators, They invariably
���'disappeared" and the moonshiuers
continued the business.
Two weeks ago a stranger arrived
hero and engaged board lit tho only
hotel, N'joue knew bis nunio or his
business. He never left his room
during the day, but as soon us dark
eamo bo was out and gone, sometimes nut returning until morning,
About noon ou the fourth day after
his arrival tho struuger was scon to
rush out of the llot-jl, mount a hoiso
which was tied to a rack and ride
furiously out of town, just as tho
ordinary horse-thief does when he
makes a "grab," The horse was a
struugeoue. No oua it the town
had ever seen it before, but it had
been uoticed standing at the rack at
dai light that iliofniug. liut jumping
iu the uouclusion that the horse was
a stolen oue, and th.it the stranger
was nnkiug away with it, the alarm
was given, the citizens mouuted and
stinted iu hot pursuit, liut the
fugitive was already iu the woods
and out uf sight, aud as none of Ihe
parly wire personally interested the
chase was gi\eu up.
Today the sequel to this incident
was related to your correspondent by
the strange'-,���Cupt. Hall, After
leaving here he rode at breakneck
speed toward the moonshine distillery, turning off from Ihe main trail
into a path that led up the mountain
to ihe rendezvous of the outlaws,
and by which path only was it
accessible. Tho entrance to tho
moonshiuers' territory was alwajs
guarded by two men, who co-aid,
with the natural and artificial barricades, stand off a regiment. Cupt.
Hall almost rode over theso guards,
and on being stopped, was appal-, n'.-
ly very much frightened. He pro-
tendod to believe that they were
members of the party in pursuit of
him who ha 1 headed him off, and
tflld thorn that ho would surrender
and tuke the usual consequences.
The outlaw guards wero puzzled.
They fired a shot in tho air, aud
imiuiiiiiiitcly the remainder of tho
band, all heavily armed, came rushing down tho path. Tho guards explained tho situation to tho leader,
Bill Weaver, who questioned Hall
clusely. He kept up his rolo of
fugitivo horsethief, and convinced
tho moonshiners that ho was what
he claimed to bo.
After a consultation with bis meu,
Weaver told Hall be was mistakon
about their being after him, They
bad no moro use for the law than he
bad, and if the sheriff and Ms posse
wero after him ho had better stay
with them until tho affair blew over,
wlieu they would help him to escape.
"Wo run a little business up here'"
said Weaver, "and are short-handed,
We aint afraid of you, for if you aro
tricky wo cnu soon plunt you." The
overjoyed horse-thief cousented to
the proposition aud was soon ut home.
among tho outlaws, Ho was watched
closely for several days, but kept up
kis assumed character so perfectly
that coufilence in him h-id soon
liruily established, und bo was ('."lived all the privileges enjoyed by
other members of the gang,
Lust night nil tbo moonshiners, except the guards began playing cards
and drinking nut of a bucket of
whiskey that was placed
on Ihe floor in the center of Iho room
About midnight, when all were
pretty well loaded, Hill slipped oul
unobserved and lire.l a shot in the
air, OB hearing the warning signal
every man rushed outside tho cabin
und down lo where the guards were.
Hall, who whs bidden behind a
boulder, rushed in, and Inking a
botllo of chloroform from inside his
shirt bosom ho emptied the c��iltonts
into the bucket and a moment later
rejoined the band. The guards knew
nothing about the shot, but thought
it had been tired over on the olh ir
side of the mountain. This explanation seemed plausible uu 1 they
returned to tho cabin and resumed
their carousal. One by one ihe outlaws dropped off to sleep, and when
the last man v:ns dowu Hall took
some strongJpieoeB of rawhide rope,
bound the arms of each man, and
tied their logs together so that they
could walk, but not run.
Then ho filled a bottle with the
chloroformed whiskey aud weutdown
to the guards. They wero dry,
emptied tho bottle without a shudow
of suspieion and were soon asleep.
Hall secured them as ha had done
tho others, and returning to the
cabin secured all tho revolvers ami
gnus belonging to the gang and
threw them into tho well which fur
Disked water for the still. Then lie
dragged the two guards up to the
cabin where the others lay, saddled
his horse and wailed developments,
Ahout su riso tho outlaws begun
to wake up and to realize that they
had been captured by one man. Hail
told them that ho had come llieie
after them uud they had to go with
him; that the first man who showed
any disposition to run would die.
Theu he marched them outside,
formed them in line, set lire to the
distillery, and after it was all d"-
stroyod, including seventy-live
barrels of whiskey, ho drove thorn
fifteen miles across the country to
this place, and delivered them up
to the oilieers.
Captain Hall is known as one of
the most daring, reckless and fearless men on the Western frontier,
Old People in Canada.
nis iu
to recover-
Ottawa, Juno 13.���Eov, George
MaoArthur, Clerk of the Presbytery,
of Koekville, says that he, along
with theModerator of theProsbytery,
on their way home called to see
James Page, the oldest man in Canada. Ho is lis years of age. He remembers Napoleon 11 miiparte and
fought under Admiral Lord Nelson.
He took la grippe lust winter and is
now in a dying condition, When the
reverend goolloruun offered to pray
with him he was glad aud attempted
to riso. lie spoke very lilfle but
seemed to think the end was near.
Hon. Samuel Chipmaii, who "ill
bo 100 years old in Ootober next,
went, iu company with Richard
KidsOD, aged 81, to the polls at
Kentville, Nova Sootia, reoently, and
voted for Webster and Harris, Hs
can probably claim ihe only vote 100
years old that has boon cast in tho
province iu its history,
Mrs. Nancv Bridge Jeffries, tho
widow of Col. Jeffries, died at Hamilton, May 21, Tho deeoased was
8(i years old and enjoyod perfect
health until about three months ago,
when she took Hick. Her memory
was perfectly clear, and sho carried
her years with surprising vi;(or.
Vancouver, 11. C,, June 11.-A
meeting of the shareholders of the
I Columbia & Kootenay Railway nn I
Navigation C unpany was held ut th-i
heal office nt the company iu this
city this morning, when the following were elected us directors for tha
ensuing yi .ir. una- fy: H. Abbott,
,1. M, Drowning, W. F, Salslinrj,
Tliouiaa G, Bhuughnossy uud Isuao
(I. Ogden
Al u meeting of the director! held
immediately after, Mr. 11. Abbot
was elected president^ Mp. J. M,
Ill-owning vice president; J. D.-
Townley secretary treasurer.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Juno 16',���<
Mi'B. Mary Holland, who was arrested mid fallen ' before tho United
S ales Commissioner today for refusing to answer the census enumerator and driving him from Ler
house with an axe, will u arraigned,
she admitted Ihe charge, tuft Bui.l
Unit he insulted her by asking if Inn'
husband was black, a homeless
child, a pauper, a prisoner or a con-
viut, and she wonl 1 not stand that
from any man. Sue was held to-
answer before tie' grand jury,
Thirty-one miners wero killed by
an explosioa of gas in the coal
mines at Hill Farm, owned by tin
D inhir Furnaoj C>, and locate I
one mile oa.it of Dunbar, Pi., on
Tuesday last, The b) lies of two ut
Hie unfortunates were taken out, but
the others are sti',1 entombed in tho
mine, whore a tierce fire is raging.
There is little doubt that all
dead. Desperate fffolfs
progress to clear a way
the bodies, but so far without avail.
A reselling party ol 100 men, headed
by Mine Inspector K��ighley of this
district, spent the afternoon iu the
pit, but up until late to-night they
had been able only to rescue two
bodies. These hid died from the
force of the explosion cud arc badly
Col. Baker reports to tho coast
papers that between Wild Horse
Creek und Sheep Creek, in East
Kootenay, a new quartz ledgo has
just been discovered by Mr. David'
Griffiths. It shows copper and silver which as-ay very high, and is
Luge enough to Bulisfy tho most fond
expectations, Devel ipment has already commenced and great things
urc looked for from the now claim.
A government trail has been made
to follow the ledge round, and when
the Crow's nest railway comes in it
will pass near to it. Tho government bus uU had a trail made up
the Bluewater, and there is every
prospect that tho country thereby
opened will he found rich in minerals. Thai it is a vulrJuWe district is-
shown by the large quantity uf float
containing minerals always to ha
found on the creeks. Hitherto the
country has been literally inaccessible,
Throe weeks ago Richard L, LI-
wards, 11) years old, was drowned
while skill' riding in the Ohio, nt
Cincinnati, When tho young man
fell into thfl liver his hair was coal
black; tint ol the corpse was pure
white, Fright doubtless made tho
change while lie was struggling for
A great strike of silver has been
made near Port Arthur, on a new
vein adjoining the Badger mine. The
Badger compemy have bought tho
properly for sixty thousand dollars
The Canadian Pacific his presented Lily Maodonal 1 with a uew ear,
the Eiruscliffe. to take the place of
tho once famous Jamaica,
Man wants but little here below,
Aud that is all ho gets;
He seldom has too mmy things,
Except too many debts,
When I was a boy, said Ds Dinks,
evorybody said I had a great future
bof"i'o me.
And iiow ?
I've got it yet.
A negro named Grimer was brutally murdered with an axo at Ham-
iltuu on Tuesday last.
Prince Albeit Victor of Wales will
take his seat in the House of Lords
next week as Duke of Clarence.
D, M, Telford, local treasurer of
tho western division of iho 0. P. li.,
Ins resigned.
An oartbqnake shook up Cusuing^
Quebec, ou Tuesday. MBHtjKWtMWiamiaawwaiw^^
(tfje ftooienay Star
A four page twenty-column news
imper, is issued from the office o
publication, Revelstoke, Ii. C.
Subscription price $2 per year-
Rates of advertising given on
Publisher nnd Proprietor
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date, we. the undorsigned, intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, for a lease for
lumbering purposes, of the following
tract of lund in tho West Kootenay district :
Commencing nt n post on the left bunk
of   Kurt  Shepherd  Creek  about   three
miles from its month, on  tho western
boundary of the Moadow-land reserved
I'hree    l;ir,;��    American  on bohnlf of the Kootenny Ynlleys Corn-
ted   ii   this   pany, in the  Lower  Kootenay Valley,
itcs, and hope to be in a position to ' Hall and f norman are the only two
return the compliment, on or about properties roully working up to the
the 1st of July (Dominion Day), present, ;bnt iu a few days active
A Court of Assizi was held hern operutions will bs oomrasuoed ou
on Monday, Judge Walkem proaid- the Tough Nut, Ihe Cottonwood
ing. The only case of interest was ��� Creek mines and others,
that of Frank Provost, charged with ! At Hot Springs the properties are
Ihe killing of Joseph Lit Page, in looking well as far as developed, and
the Upper Kootenay oountry some i it is expected that in tho neighbor-
time ago. The affair was the out- hood of 850.000 will bo spont iu de-
oomo of a qnarrel between the men vclopmeut work in this camp Ibis
mentioned, when  the accused   (in season,
self defence, it was  alleged) struck i Companies are  interest... .
,,    , , , ...     i ,      o   i       mi      i...  ���i  thenoo duo west 20 chains, thence south
tho deceased across tho arm   with   a  cu.up, troin Spokane, M lwailltl�� ..ml   gQ ^.^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^
'ie Result.
a��� E o K
K 3 H *���
f> a g g'
." f'
Illecillewaet  22 1 2    2
Glacier    1 1
Rovolstoka  V 0 211   21
McCmlough's Creek. 1
Hot Springs  3 2 11     1
Custom House  4
Nelson  8 211 1
Sprout  5 1 ;i    1
16   10   lo   25
Official canvass made Ibis morning
a:id J. M, Kellie declared elected.
Baker. Law,
Donald  47 30
Roger's Puss  li-'! 0
Beaver  2 0
Gulden l. ity  2j 01
Field  T !)
Windermere  2 17
Cranbrook  12
Wild Horse Crreek 'id 2
111)      110
Col, Baker elected by  three   ma-
j "ity.
Election, Courts and Sports.
The supporters of iho government
were jubilant ut Ihe   receipt  of the
intelligence that Col, Baker had   received a majority of 18 ut the polling
divisions to be heard   from  in   Iho
Upper Kootenay, which would   give
him Ihe small majority of 0  on   the
whole, and was accepted us compensation in some measure for tho surprise given them in tho small majority of 8 polled at Donald.     Lis
understood u recount will lake place
in Law's behalf, nnd should this not
result favorably it is improbable that
any further protest will be entered.
The unusually large  number   ol
visitors to Gulden from the outlying
districts gathered  to participate iu
the electiocs,  were regaled  with a
highly  interesting   programme  of
sports on Saturday, the llth, arraug
ed for under the direction  of   W,
Chandler, Pros., aud H. Conuucher,
Sccy.-Treus.. to   the exertions  of
which   gentlemen,   especially   the
latter, the success of the day is largely indebted.   A fairly representative
quota of Douald's most amhiiious
sporting yuutb were present, and almost without exception carried ott
the palm in every contest in which
tiiej entered.    1 he
the  usuul  feats  of   b    11
trials of speed and strength.
��300 io all "ere   offi red   li.
In the 100 yai I da      , on
i~,  2ad  ,-",   F.  Cilder,    I
bucc-e led iu takio   ...     |  ice with
tuso, with Chancellor,  ii con I.    In
the quarter mil race, 1st     10,   2nd
}4, Donald again oatno to ihe  front
iu the person 11   Mr. T, Hmi
with J G. bain Becoo I
war, Golden   vs.   Donald,   after  a ���
gallant resistance  by   the  furmt-r,
was also cuptured by Donald.      I ho
three-legged race, which   was  productive of o�� end of nmusement, fell
a prey to   Messrs,   Henderson   and
Crawford, Donald.     (   I handler's(
Charlie C, in the   100 yn Is race,
l��t prize ���������'���", oul ILtancod  ill competitors.   The othi rpriucipal ���
were the hurdle ; ice, C, Bain i :,
y, Odder second; the oltetaols rooc,
f, Bains first, J  G. Buin seoond;
uud running hop, step aud jump, won
easily  by T,  Henderson,    Mes re,
Gordon Sutherland and J, Cameron,,
acted as starters,  Messrs,  P, Cum
wings and J.  Bailey officiating as
judges with entire satisfaction     I he
Djnald boys ore unauiinoiu in Hn ir
praise at the hearty niunuer in which
lliey were received by He UolJ. i-,
smith 80 chains, theiico west, 20 chains,
thence south 80 cl-ains, thenoe west three
miles, theneo south 2 miles, I In-nee east
3 miles, thence south 80 ohaine, thenoe
billiard cue,  whicU splintering,  in-  Portland, and they intend to work
flictod a wound Jnpon his forehead, their  properties  for all   tkjy are
Li Pugs dying shortly alter, .it ,was worth,
| thought ai the result of the blow,     Thsro have been several new finds
and the  (lefci.dunt    was arrested, during the  last  month,   some of j east 80 ebnius, to the western boundary
of the  lieserved  bind, thence .o1 owing   ing an area Ol lllty squire miles, mire
or 1 '88,
Teritloi'S for a License to Gut
Timber on Dominion Lands
iu tho Province of British Columbia.
Sealed tenders addressed to thi unlor-
signod, and marked "Tender for a Lioense
t0 cut Timber," will be rooeived at this
Depurtmeut until noon ou Monday, the
22th day of September next, for a License to out timbor on Limit 11, on the
Columbia lliver, iu the Province of lirit-
ish Columbia, containing an area of fifty
Bqniire miles, more or loss, and at tin
snmo lime tenders will bo received for a
lioense to out timber on Limit 13, a Ijoiu-
ing Limit 11, on the said rivor, ids > h'iv-
Medical testimony, however, went I which are looking very well for the
to bUow that the blow had in no wav amount of work done on them,
contributed to his death, the deceas- Across the lake from Hot Springs,
ed having died frum disease super-! the Heudryx wiue is being opened
induced by excessive use uf alcoholic ! up iu good shape, a tunnel 8 10 feet
stimulants. The prisoner was lung cutting the vein uud showing
accordingly acquitted. i 87 feet of ore,  principally   galena,
The annual   memorial  service ol   cai'l'iina ''am 15 to 05 dollars per
the I, U, O, F, wuscelebrated in the  tou in silver.
Presbjterian Church    last Sunday |    The   mines in   these camps are
evening, Hev. Mr. Robinson olliciat- capable of furnishing a large amount
such western   bonudary to the initial
point.coutaining 701(1 acres, morn or less.
,-, 0 d r-KR ('��� W. 11.
Nelson, II. C. May 13,1890.
I ing.
Notice is hereby given Hint sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Ihe members, attired iu re
I galia, marched  in  a  body   to   the soon us the railway from Nelson
! church,  where uu impressive bit- Sprout is oompletei
of ore to the  Revelstoke smeller as
uiou was delivered by tho Revereuu
geutlomau. Tha local lodge of 1.
U. O. P., since its inception here
some three-months  ago,   bus  made
Death ol'Tlioiiius Stevens.
Thomas Slovens  (known   by thi
rapid progro.is und already boasts a
membership of over thirty,
At the annual nuetiug of public
school supporters, held in ,uo cillewuet Thursday noon very sud-
school homo .Monday, Mr. Peter denly, lie had gone up from Rev-
Hooley was appointed trustee iu the elstoke on the morning train, appar-
place of Mr, (leo. Graham, tho latter | eutly in his usual heulth, and walked
having removed from Donald, Mr,! to Swan Anderson's hotel with some
F. llobbs was aLo re-elected as I slight assistance, Sitting down he
trustee for tne usual term. S itis- ' nt once complained of being sick an.l
factory progress iu the studies uf tho , asked to lie taken to a bed,  but was
children were reported. unable to reach it  und   sank down
I i ���
                          ! on the Hoar, dying almost irnwe-
Mrs. L. J. Edwards and hor sister, diately. ,
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase one hundred and
sixtv acres of land situated on the oast
bam; of the Columbia lliver, in the West
Kootenny District, aud described as follows :
Commencing at a poet marKod II S���
H W, where the International Boundary
line intersects tho Columbia Kiver, thonce
'least forty (10) ciaiua along fie said
name of Ike Stevens) died  at  Illu- boundary line IheikO north forty (40)
chains, thence west (10) chains more or
less lo Columbia river, thence following
Ihe bniiK of the river in a southerly direction to the point of commencement.
Miss Jones, took the train for K.iui-
loops uu Wednesday, at which place
and iu the vicinity, they will spend
borne tiuie among their friends,
Mr. A. W. Black uud bride arrived
at Donald Iruui Vancouver on Tuesday, ou tin ir wedding tour.
Messrs. T. Dowuie, chief train
despatcher at Donald, and W. S.
Iluttun, are making a ten days tup
to the coa.il,
The C. P, R. Co.'s stores at Donald h,i\e furnished (luring ihe month
of May till,000 worth of supplies to
the construction of the Columbia u
Koutcnav B, il iay.
Mr. Stevens  was a Kcntuckiau,
born near Georgetown, in a place
called Crab Oichard, 01 years ago.
II) crossed the plains iu 1813 to
New Mexico with an uncle, aud in
18W took the Sunset route to Cali
foruia, and al-aysriuoe remained in
Ihe west. He was in Feather lliver,
California Gulch uud till other uoled
placer camps in California, He
came to British Columbia ill 185S,
during the Fraser River excitement,
went to Caribou iu 1801, and thence
diifted with the tide uf gold seekers
to Ominei a an.1 Ca.-siur. He did
some packing in those camps, sin,
later spent Pome time at Bridg.
River, in Eagle Pass,  will) G.  B.
Nelson. 12th March, 1800.
On behalf of Ihe Columbia & Kootenay Railway nnd Navigation Company,
I hereby give notice of mi application to
tbo Chief Commifisionor of Lauds and
WorKs, by this Company, for authority
totiiKe oue thousand (1000) inches of
water from Cottonwood-Smith CreeK,
near the Townsite of Nelson iu tho Kootenny District, said water to lie oonveyed
from a point one mile from the mouth of
said CreeK through the hind reserved for
this Company to such a point ou tho said
reserve as it uiliv be required for Railway,
Agricultural, Milling, Mining or Household purposes, for period of ninety-uiuo
years.    " H. ABBOTT,
bulm Provisional Director,
Dated ut Vancouver, 27i.h May, 1830.
The regulations under which a license
will be issued, together with a sketch
showing approximately the position of
the limits in question, may be obtained
at thin I lepurtment, or at the offi ie of the
Crown Timber Agent at New Westminster,
Each teuder must be a-vionpirtiol by
an acceptod choipu on a chirtirel Bm'c,
in favor of Ihe Deputy of the Minister
of the Interior, for tho amount of the b >-
mis which the applicant is prop ared to
pay for the license.
No t.'uder by telegraph will lie entertained, JOHN if. HALL,
531t Secretary.
Depurtmeut of the Interior,
Ottawa, 31st May, 1890,
ckstiul :iora
Corner Front ami Hanson Sts.
AbKAH.VMSON* BROS.       -       HOP HI8TOIW
First class iu every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P R d )p it ua 1 Btoil lib ii
lauding, between past o'lic.) and gov,
buildings'. Coach to and from d ipott
and steamboat, Fire proof Safe fur lh->
accommodation of its customers.
X ��
Pit ip.
First class Temperance House.
IKIAIll)    AND    I.illl-"ll.<;i,   $5    I'K'.l   wiisx.
MKAI.S, 25o.     n-'ios 2"n.
This hotel is situated convenient to tli9.
station,  is  comfort-ably   furnished  audi
a fiords lirst elasa ttcoo inundation.
Mr. P.oeser,of the Kootenay Suu-l
tiug aud Trading Syndicate, ban just
returned from his visit to  the   loner
country, lie reports bis trip ashav- a ;,w week- ago came to Revelstoke
ing been successful in every lespect, in poor health and went into hospital
and gives glowing accounts uf iho at Kamloops for a short lime, He
���ral wealth of the Nelsou and  has had good duccess in   mining   ut
Warm Springs cam; s.  He has made   times   but
On behalf of the Columbia & Kooteuay j
Railway and Navigation Company, I hero-
i by give notice of an application by this
Wright. In 168G he was a partner Company to tbo Chief Oomnii.ssiouor of
of JohD Dunn, packing on the Big Lauds aiid WorKs, for authority to tiiKO
bend tr.ul. Since May last year he one thousand (1000) inches of water
had a M���re at Ki roat's Landing, and ! r"���� Vm CreeK, uoar Sprout's  Landing
in the Kuolenny Dislnet, commencing
above Ihe fall about one hundred and
fifty (150) feet in height aud about one
(l)'mile from tho mouth of said CreeK,
mil to bo conveyed through the hind ri
bTillOTLY  FlllsT-0 .ASS.
W. Cowan, Proj,   H. Ilobcrt, Clerk
kind -hearted   and
lI gnnerous and did not accumulate a
fort rue.
Mr, II, !'. L-mon Lrenght hisrr-
maioe I i liuvi Istokoon Friday evening's train, �� hence lliey were takea
to the grave,   utleuded   by  a  Urge
Blun rd old timers and cilizens,
Rooms well aitouilod; tables unex.
celled. Wines and liquors guaran-
toed   of a   high  quality,    Fire in
1   lllccillcwael  (or lh
���- in curing f ir   Ibe
���   i
Hie  people   j   >
i-ir kindiiess   V/l
ore can be shipped to Revelstuke im
iiit-i.lately upon thecomi ii tion i f Ihe
| C. .V. K. Railway,   AfUrwardn an av-
a day  may
be relleU oC.
....   ��� I  dust  from
,        m ,   Mr. !.��� lion ��;-:,'���', llil-ough the liliu
la creel.     iue ...
. .   -   .
.    I
lh"    ledgl
it and semi
..I to he  I
Mr. O   , .. auditor of the
ilo,,   left  . .
...        organize   a bra
- in ad,  McLean  A
Co have -ii their coi
:     Mr.  W. II  K'-'-b-r is now
-;ng rapidly with his wo
Mr, F, I leti her, of   th
Lm ) Dept ,   is ei ;aged      r 'eying
served for this*Company, to any point j sample room.   Telephone communion its reserve where said' water may bo ' cation will) 0. P.  II.   depot.      Fire
required for Railway, Agricultural, Mill-   prool vault for iho  convenience of
ing, Mining or Household purposos, for
period of ninoty-niuo yours.
,", In, Provisional Director.
1 luted at Vancouver, 27lh May, 1800.
Brick and S'tono Mason,
R. C
and Kalsomincr. All work done
promptly nnd to siilislaclion. Con
1 rn I, WOll< Solicited. 35
ucsts.    Bubs meets all trains.
TRANSIENT RATES    -    -    -    $2 l','!,! DAT
I'.-mli-r-. for ,i Llc'iltso lo  (.'ill
Tiin'j'T on 1> mi niori I. ��� n I s
ill III'' i'l'-i\ incc of lllili.sll
( oliiinbiii.
,'   -   ���      '   Iressed to the  nn
1  f  lor ;l
;fc:a::^c. 8ffii,TS3,
(IOLDEN ��� B.C.
Miiiin,;   H'liker,  Commiasion   A;t.
Nnlury Public, Ac Ac.
In Slock.    Mining Powders, Fuse and
will  I..-   re   Caps,  Miner's Tools,  Steel nnd  Camp
.  until i ii
������   ol  August
Kooloimy Luke.
VV A Jewotl n turned
Kamloops, 110,
r a  full   lino of Stationery and
t'uuoy Goods at eastern prices,
nelt, ' -   Di.l   timber  on
S io:;    ' hi[i 'I i, P,ange   10,
of   the  l th  Meridian, in  the
i Columbia,
'i he  )'��� gulutui   .  iiudi r   c, hl'-h   a
ii.l I'O l    led, in iy beoblnin
t or ut I be nllloi
-., I   iIn '   i enl al New
i, i i icompanled
by an n pti 11 hi rjue ou a ciinrti r
-   by     teai or on    I la favoi   ,; tho Deputy ol  IIAIIV  3Uf)0[ESand
morning.    Whilst away  ho visited !il" Ml '; '" ,,f'  ' ri '  f'"' "'*
,, i ,   . "' I  .1 Mi'- boiiu i  which iho up
be i r-inuipal mines  at  hi I on and , ,     ,
1 plivai i K prepan .1 to piy for Urn
Hot Springs, and reports very favor- ,;,.,.,,H,..
ably of tho prosponts of theseoamps      No tender by telegraph   will  be
ai Ni Con buildings are going up ontertained,
111II "   I'    11 u I
in all dii'nctions; a groat many pros ' ',.,'.
pectois ,.rn still iu town o�� iug lo tho  pepurimenl 11 Iho Interior,    "*'
bttck��Hi'duc'6flof the Bcaaon,    The 0ltawn,2nd Juno, 1800
The lnrgesl nnd most cunt rid Hotel in
Ihe city ; good accommodation ; everything new ; table well supplied ; bur and
billiard room attaabed ; fire proof safe,
Stockholm Housa
The dining room is furnished with the
bcBl tho market affords.
The bur m supplied  with a choico stock
of wines, liquors and cigars,
II. \ 1,1     m  i i',i en nun _ T    II I
CHILDREN'!* VYAOQONS      T^ q,      M HP?! 17"
A   pochilty,   Aleo a large assortment  " wkJi   JJlfJUiUjff
ol Hporliug   i; Is, I'l.i1." Hall Coo.I:;,
tidiiiii; taoklo. Etc,
Subscriptioua laken for nil  Oundiin
English nnd Ainerionu uewapapora
>' fubliilier'i Prices,
;ORD WOOD FOR SA&$ w*'MS''K'^f'\a'l:-xt^^v[i'-���^-*ttttS*t?iir. (ms��atfw,sa����aawi��fcvji^.HMi��a!^^
Pivino Service will be held iu tho
Iievelstoke Church every Sunday evening at 7:30, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian and English Church Ministers. Special announcement will bo made each week
iu tho Staii.
Sunday School and Bible Class ev-
ory Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited lo attend.
Selkirk LuiCje., No.   12,
I. 0. 0   F  Do.iald, li. CI.
Regular Meeting Thursday of each
week at 8 p. m.   All visiting broth
em are cordially invited.
J. McLkoii, "   J. li. Matiiksox,
N. 0. R. S.
The Str, K mtonay to.ik iu tow a
bargeor. Wednes lay morning, currying eoijine No, 3GS to Sprout for theC.
K. R. The trip was made without a
hitch of any kind.
The boilers of tho Sir. L:Hon
were tested this week an I found to
be in perfect order. It will be several days yet before her wheel will
be put io motion.
Divine Service will be conducted
iu tho church on Sunday, tomorrow,
evesiug, at 7:30, by J A. Sinclair,
M. A., Presbyterian Missionary.
Mr. W. A. Jowett returned from
Kootenay Lake on Friday mowing,
bringing the ballot hoses from Nelson, Hot Springs and the Boundary.
Constable Rodprave took the pris-
ouer, James Brady, to the Kamloops
gaol the first of this week. Brady
takes his arrest and certainty of punishment with entire indifference.
Wilson's pack train was gone
about twelve days the la:-t trip, and
started ��Ut aguiu Thursday morning
with fifteen loaded horses crrrying
ab.int 4000 pounds of freight for all
the different camps of liiji Bond.
Mr. T. L. Haig returned from
MeCulloeh Creek Wednesday afternoon with the ballot box. The trip
was a most uncomfortable one, ou
account of rains. Even when it was
fair overhead the bashes along the
tiail were dlipping with water.
The firm of Hewson & Co. have
bought out C. J. Barrett's machinery, stock, ie., and will curry on bu
s ness iu the same lines. The firm
i�� composed of Robert Hewson, Wm.
Bumbury and Obarles Jjindmurk and
their advertisement will appear uext
The Rc-velstoke Sun lay School are
to have on excursion 45 miles down
the river bv the st-amer Kootenai ou
sough', ngainst the company, After
hearing, tho eases wero dismissed
with costs, owing to a technical error
in tho plaintiff's affidavits, J. W.
Thomson appeared for plaintiffs, A.
O. M Spiagge for defendant.
Peter R, Petersen vs. Kootonoy
Smelting and Trading Syn.H. ate, for
damages to plaintiff's garden causod
by the defeudunt opening fences,
etc., when they were constructing
spur to smelting works and hiving
pipes controlling water.
Defendants claimed right, under a
Dominion Order-in-0ouncil to the
laud occupied by plaintiff,   and   ou
Stubbing Affray in Nelson.
On the Mill inst., Govt.-Afjenl
Gillln arrived in Sproat, having in
charge James Brady, a lough-looking
character, who was arrested in Nelson (or an attempt to murder an unknown man. The facts of the c-ise
are these. The prisoner, after working in Buchanan's saw mill for some
time, drew his salary in a lump und
immediately proceeded to relieve
himself of i! in a grand old drunk,
which aim st lermiuuted fatally.
It appears that lust Friday, whilst
slightly under the influence of liquor
^M JL Vj*
that ground resisted his demand, for I yj.raiiy entered oue of ihe camps near
damages, Judge Walkem decided ky, and after allowing his contempt
that an  Order-in-Council did not | 0f B $50 Canadian bill by throwing it
away, he issued a standing challenge
give the defendants the rights of
ownership, and that plaintiff's possession wii8 good as against them.
Judgment $100 and costs, J. W.
Thomson for plaintiff, A. G. M.
Spragge for defendants.
Alex Jensen, a Swede, and Jacob
Dover, a Russian, ma le do daratiou
of their intention to become citizens,
Courts at Donald.
The Court of Assize for Kootenay
was held at Donald 011 the 10th of
June, Mr. Justice Walkem presiding, Mujor Dowliug was elected
foreman of the graod jury.
Frank Provost was tried for nu assault to do grievous bodily harm.
The facts of the case are, Joseph
La Page and some other Frenchmen
were drinking at Fort Steele, Upper
Kootenay. A light took place and
La Page received an injury on the
head. This occurred March 4th and
be died live days later.
The government sent Dr. Wm.
Callanau, of Victoria, who caused
the body to be exhumed, and u post
mortoui examination was made. His
evidence, which was very clear, aud
upou which he was complimented by
the court, was that La Page died
from epilepsy. The defeuco was
that Provoat acted in self defence.
The jury brought in a verdict of not
guilty. Mr. A. J. Ilelyea for the
Crown; A. G, M. Spragge for the
The Grand Jury found no bill
against Wm. Campbell for larceny,
wbu it will bo remembered was ar
rested on the complaint of It. A.
Kimpton several months ago.
The bail bonda in the eases of C.
C. McKay ami J. K, Ritchie were
discharge I,
The cases wt re J. C. Steen against
the 1st of Julv. Dinner und upo.ts | J��"n McOinty. VerdictforpIaint.il'
on the Arrow Lake und a visit to the | ��l Mr. Spragge for plaintiff.
Hot Springs will make a very fine i ����� A' Watt against Peter Geuelle,
day's pleasure. The .'.earner trill I V��lli ot for Plaiut!fl *11'13' Mr'
leave the old lauding at 7 a. m,
to any present lo light him lo a
finish, at Ihe same time vaunting his
own abilities as an interpreter nf tho
fislie art, His invitation was 0 ly
too promptly accepted by the unknown, 11 man of small stature, who
contrary to all expectations, proceeded to do him lip ill great shape, to accept the
Finding himself vanquished, Brady,
the craven coward, drew along knife
from his hip pocket un.l plunged il
into his unfortunate adversary's
body. The blade entered about an
inch, just below tho fifth rib, und
made an u^ly wound, from which
the entrails protruded in a most
horrible manner. Medical uid was
immediately requested and Dr.
Hendryx, who was happily cot far
from the place of assault, answered
the call. After returning the intestines to their proper place, the cut
was stitched mil restoratives administered, Mr. Gidiu havi g been
made  acquainted   with    the above
lucts hud Brady put un ler arrest.
The victim is doing well and no
(ear is entei tailed for his recovery,
though his usefulness fur hnrd work
is forever d stroyod,
The prisoner wus transferred to
officer Kirkup. who left here with
hire for Revelstoke on the *uy to
Kamloops. where he will bo tried at
Ihe uext ussiz"s,
.���""���;'������������ 1  ssssssgMs���,'���.���
OF WEST kootenay:.
Notice is hereby given that under
the provisions of tho Qualification and
Registration of Voters Act, I shall
bold a Court of Revision at the Court
House, Farwell, on Monday the 4th
day of August, at 10 a. in., to hear
and determine objec.ions against the
retendou of any names on the Voters' List.
523t Colli dor of Votes,
Farwell, June 2, IK'.lo.
Sealed tenders, addressed to the undersigned, mid endorsed "Tondor tor
Post Office, ,vc, Vancouver, li, C," will
l.o received nl, this O.Tlco until Tuesd ly,
15th July, [890, for the several works
required iu the orootion of Po3t Olli ���'-,
&c, Vancouver, II, 0,
Specifications can be soon at tho Department of Public Woi-k-i. Ottawa, and
atoflioe, No. 2, Lefevre IIIock, Hustings
street, Vancouver, P. C 0:1 and afto;
Tuesday, 17th Juno, and I.-n-1 th will u it
be consid -red unless niu lo on form sup
plied nnd signed with the acutal sigm-
tun a of teuderers.
An unci pled bniiK cheque, payable to
the nrier of the Minister of Public
Wonts, equal to live per cent, of amount
of ten 1 1, 1111 il ii'-'-i npn iv en di I -11 ir.
This cheque will be forfuite I if tin parly
decline tne contract, or fail to complete
the won; contracted for, and will be r ������
turned iu case of non-acceptance of tender.
The Department docs not bind iiaelf
lowi si or any ten In-.
By order!
2t S""H'-ii'-v,
Department of Public WorKs,
Ottawa, Hth dun:', [890,
All nccouuta again'���' the
Govern 11 -nl. 0 intra ���'������ I for
Up Wilt
Kootcmy Distrbt, are M-iuntol to Id
forwar lad to the- uu Ursigu '1. at or before ih' t iriiiiu itiou of tip fluinjiiilyear
ending J11 ie 80th,
523t Govt, Ageut.
Lterolstoi.ee, June llth, 1830,
Notice is hor.-i'iy givon that Bisty \''.')]
days after dale, 1 in ��� nl to malso nppli U-
lion to th) Chiof U lurninio'iirof Lmli
and \\' irks for permisaio 1 1 1 p iHu.n
tne foil iwing descrih ��� 1 tr.vl of I m I sit-
in' 'd iu l-i'i iteniy District, 11. C. :
Commencing a! n p lint mars ���! by a
' slake mi' milo up tho .11 liu Salm iu Hirer from the juiii'tiiiu of th> w isl or n irlh
Fork ; thence in a N. W. direotioa 'ill 1
fool ; thence in n S, VY. dirotim pir.llel
with lh ��� river 8,111 feet; thenoo in a S.
F��� direction one mile : limn u in a NT. H,
direction 80 in feel ; theme 1:1 a X. W.
direction 2'jli feci, to the point of b>
ginning ou the river, containing aluit
ioooacrus,        Jibill'A I)AY1E\
Vi-'.ori:, B.C., May 3ith, IS).,, 516.1
X11!'ee is hereby Riven licit  00 dnys
after dale I intend to apply to Up   Chief
Commissioner of Lands and  Works   for
Sealed tenders will b - roc lived by th?
Chief Ciininissioaerof L 111 Is an 1 W >n;>,
ud.lressed to tha Assistant (' uu nissiour
leiiRce, for lumbering purposes, of tho I of Lauds nnd Worics, Donald, H. C, for
following tracts of lands:��� the purchase of the Goveru-neut Build-
1st, Beginning at uptake uear the north-1 iugs at YYindernuro, East Kootenay, li.
west corner nf Crawford Hay; thence 1 C., together with th) site of the said
north 80 chains ; thence east to tho bank | Buildings, being part of Lot 8, Croup 1,
of Crawford Crook ; thence south along   Kootenay District, containing eight aul
said creek to n point due east of the initial stake ; thonco west to said stako ;
containing GOD acres, more or less.
2nd, A slake ou west bank of Lurdenu
Kiver, about, two miles from ils mouth ;
then:',' south '10 chains ; thence east 40
chains ; thence north to bank of river ;
thence along said bank to place of bo-
ginning ; containing 180 acres, more or
3rd. A stake on the west bank of tho
Lardeau lliver, about four miles from its
mouth ; thence west, -ill chains ; theueo
one-half acres.
Neither the hi
necessarily accept
best nor any tond'r
d. 511m
Govt, Agent,
Donald, B. C,
Donald, B, C, ihy 31st, Wo,
I heroby give notice that it is my in-
I teution to niaiio application to ths Chief
south to the bank of river; tl ue nlong I Gujiiniissioncr of Lands and Worics, for
, contain-
Hume's Building,  Revelstoke. B. C
Spragge lor plaintiff.
A number of other County Court
cases were settled out of court.
Annual School Meeting'.
Iter. J. Turner, at the opening of
the Benioes last Sunday eveuiug, au-
r.ounced that be had found a bible
en his desk when he entered the
church, whi'ih contained ihe follow- j 	
iug inscription; ''Presented to the! The first Annual School Meeting
Methodist Church at Revelstoke by . fi)l. t)le lt0velatoke School District
a friend.'' Ho expressed his warmest i wftg ^.1 ia pursuance of public no-
thanks to tho unknown donor.
Mr. E. A. B)oth came down with
said bank to place of beginning
ing 100 acres, more or less.
��� ,4th. A stake on the wesl bank of Lnr-
permission  to  purchase  the following
IdooKiof land, situated iu tie1 East Koot-
ii-n.iv District :
dean lliver, about four miles from its I Starting from a post on the right bang
mouth, thenoo west HO chains, thence 0[ iu0 yt, Mary's river, near its junction
north 100 chains, thence east to the bank | wjti, t]���, Kootenay river, thence running
of llowser Creek, thence bv tho bniiK of, ���p (,u0 rigljt baUK of the former river, to
said crees and of the Lardeau lliver to ( a point four miles distant, thence smth.
the place of beginning, containing 1280 ej.,ht miles, thence e 1st to 11 point on tha
Kootenay river, thence northerly along
acres, more or les
filli. A stake on the west bunk of Up
the westernmost boun!
/>t,s 123,
per Kootenay Lake, about one and one-1 ijjo, and the Indian reserve and the Koot-
hnlf mile from its outlet, thence Boulh 10 enay river, to the starting point.
chain', thenoo east to shore of the lake,
theucc along said shore to place of beginning, containing 100 acres, more or
the undersigned as conductors and
builders has been this day dissolved
by mutual consent.
Mr. C.J. Barrett,  who eonlinnos
the business, assumes all debts of the
1 tirm of Barrett  k  Rightsmnn, and
lice ou the 10th day of June, at the j all book accounts due the suiJ irni
' Court House iu Farwell, for the pur-   must be paid to >!'���?���
the pack train to make a rocord ��f j poao of electing three trustees for1 ���' '   ���   ' ���: ���
the grounds  for  which a lease   is ! ,ho tilstrjot, and was called to order
wanted by the Booth Mining Com-  ft( \\ Ui m,
pony 01 French Creek.    They have     ^ j ^  Thomson wM dee,e(1
itskod 3000 feet, which takes all the)      . .   r ,,.   v .,  ���n0
,,',���,,       .,     chuirmanai.il James \\,  Nail  wab
cround on French Creek from the
,,      ,..,.������/-,,        ,    -,    chosen secretary.
Consolation Mining Co, down to its,
mouth at Gold Stream. Pierre 81. Nominations being in order, the
Laurent and another Frenchman go Allowing named gentlemen were
out to work for the company. ! w*[mM foc ,1,e oflk'�� "l ^����]
The Dramatic and Musical   En | Trustee, viz: Frederick Fraser,\\u).
Urtainme.it by Mr. Cba��. Kelly un.l: M- Brown, llerbertCrcelmau, Robert
l'.obson and Edgar S, W ilsou,
Olh. A stake on the east bank of llowser Creek, near Grizzly Creek, thence
east -10 chains, thence north 121) chains,
thence west lo the bank of llowser Creek,
thence along said creek to place of beginning, containing ISO acres, more or less.
7th. A staKoon east banit of Lardeau
Kiver, about one milo from its mouth,
Notice is hereby given that the I thenco north 1 GO chains, thence west to
partnerBliioliilhertoesisliiigbelween ! i,.,.,,. of ,.;Vl,ri t>l(,lu.��� n|0Ug S[li,i |,HUK t���
place of beginning, containing 600 acres,
mom or less.     C 0. BUCHANAN,
March 12th, 1SUJ. 4500J
April 18th, 1890,
Iievelstoke, May 27th, 1890.
Frof. Counery last evening, was the
lest of its class over given in Revel- j At 12 o'clock noon voting began,
htoke, The rrof.'s rendering of' and proceeded continuously until 3
Rubensteinattho piano and other j o'clock p, m. The following was
favorites, even with his unfortuuate the result of tho poll:
hoarseness, wero highly successful. | Frederick i'rasrrreceived 10 votes,
Mr. Kelly was in good voioe, and j Robert Robson received 39 votes,
his efforts to please the audience ! Herbert Creclmau receivod 37 votes.
were fully appreciated and elicited ; William M. Brown received 29 votes.
applause. The guitar aocompani- Edgar S. Wilson received 15 votes.
ments wore rendorel in the highest     Tbe oLllirmR11 thereupon declared
gtyle of the musical art.
County Court of Kootenny.
A session of Ihe Cou.ty Court  of
Kootenay was held here, beginning
the result ot the election for Trustees of the Revelstoke School District to bo a3 follows, to wit:
Frederick Frazer having rioeived
the largest number of votes isolected
for three years.
Robert Robson having   received
Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned Lots, silHilled ill the
Town of Nelson, will be sold by public Auction, at Nelson, on tho 25th
day of .1 one, at 11 a. m.:
Block i,
Lots 7, 8, 9,10, 11.
Block 8,
Lots 8,10.
Block 0,
Lots 2, 8,4,0,10,11,12 (Ward's
bouse is on Lots 2 und 3),
Block 10,
Lots 1,2, 4, 5,0, 7,8,9.
Block 11,
Lots 1, 2, 8,4, 5,7, 8,
Block 12,
Lots 8, 7,9,10,
Assistant Commissioner of
49 Lands and Works.
PevelstoKO, May 21st, 181)0.
A. C. LAWSON, M, A. P11. D,, F.
O. S.A..
(Late of the Geological Survey of
Mr.   Justice \ the next greatest number of votes is. CnnBulting Qeologi8[i   Mines, qua:
elected for two veers.
ou   the 19th   inst.
Walkem presiding,
There were two cases of iuipui'laueo     lleibert Crei-lman having received ; kinds examined   and reported on
heard, the first Spencer aud others the uext greatest number of votos, | Economic problems invetitigaled nnd
vs. Tho Cariboo Creek Mining Co., is dented for one ytar,
This was an  action under the Lien     And each to continue iu oflico on-
Act for wages duo from a contractor,[ til his successor shall  have   boen
*ko failed to pay, ��nd  remedy was elected,
ries,  and  mineral deposits ot  al',
information furnished.    Whelham
Block, Vancouver, B. C.
Note.���Mineral specimens sent to
Dr. Law son will be placed ou public I
exhibition. OU
Notice is horeby given that Paul Brazier of Field, in tho District of Kootenny, Hotel Keeper, did on the twenty-
ninth day of April, 1890, execute to me,
Henry II. Parsons, of Field, in the |)is-
trict of Kootenay, Hoik Keeper, iu trust
for the benefit uf the croditors of tho
snid Paul Brazier, an Assignment of nil
his real and personal cnt.it", which said
assignment was ou Iho lifih day of May,
1890, aoccptod nnd oxocutod by me,
All creditors of the said Paul Urazier
ere required within sixty days 1'nuu this
diiic, io forward io mo bv registered lot- :     ���>-���> in nm ��i * n ./�� ^ y���� ,��
uldrossed lo mo at  Field, a stato- p-66 ��J^-��W5S*WHi &~
CI i A113,
lire,  lire
id  the
inenl of thoir respective claims
securities if any held by them,
Ann  iifier  the expir.ili f tho said
sixt v days, 1 shall proceed I�� distribute
the said trust, estuto according to the
terms of tho deed, among the creditors
of whose ohlims I shall have notion,
Dated nt l-'ii'ld in tbe Distriul of Ivoot
enay, this fifth dav of Mav, A. I)., 1890.
478t Trustee.
Notice is hereby given that sixty [Til |
diiye after date 1 intend lo iii:,ko application to tlio Chief Coaimissiici'i- of Lands
und Worm, for permission to purohnse
the following dosoribod tract of land situated in Kootenay District,!). C.:
Commencing at a staico on the Colum -
bill lliver about two miles above the
mouth of the Pond D'Oroille I'ivor, theueo
following the meander lino of theCoiUm-
bia Kiver eleven tlioiisaiid feel ; I hence
in 1111 enslerly direction four thousand
feet; thence iu 11 soul herly direct ion eleven thousand fed. ; thence westward to
tho point of beginning four thousand
foot, containing llbont one thoii.-.and
Victoria, B, C��� May DUlli, 1890, 5100
'ost Oaico Store NELSON-
��� Ml.VI in   BRORBB,���
And General Commission Merchant,
Insurance   mil    Rial    Estate
Agont, Nolury Puolic, jlito,
B. Ci
bF.cr. rofiK, lit, %.*������������������� i^nMBM ��� i
k.W(u ���rf*^- *it ��MWKW��>ttiBagMaP^^ ' "fjjjjgjjjj jjjjjjjj??
ti.lv Rootcnau irtav
A lour page twenty column news
piper, is issued from thoollioo o
publication, Iievelstoke, 11. ('.
Subfcription price 82 per yonr.
Rules of advertising given ou
Pnblislior and Propriolor
his trim little telegraph climbers and j with dotiills of Mining Districts and
going up .Mr. Sunuer'a powerful | Mining Camps. We think this the
frame at about four jumps   ho put
A correspondent writea Bill Nye:
'���Do you know anything of the besl
methods for feeding young chicks
who mny not get proper nourishment from the mother? Tell me
wind your own experience has been
Willi hens."
1 have made Iho hen a study  for
iu some repairs on the giant's features. By 0 o'clock Sumner didn't
have features enough left for a Sunday paper. He looked Bp sadly al
tnu with bis one eye, as if to say,
"Have yon got any more of that
there red paint left ?'' But I shoi k
my head at him and ho went awiiy
Into a littlo patch uf catnip and stayed Ihere four days. Afior that yon
could gel that rooster to do anything
for you except lay. lie was gentle i of ways,
lo a fault. He would run errands
for those hens und turn an ice cream
freezer for them all day on lawn
festival days when others were gay.
lie was hind to the littlo chickens
and often spoke to them about the
general advantages of humility,
Alter many years of usefulness
Sumner, thoughtlessly ate the re
mains of a suit mackerel and pulling
the drapery cf his couch about him
lay down to pleiiBant dreams nn.l
life's liliul fever was over.     His re-
most Interesting anl valuable of IVo
nniy Biports contributed by Prof.
Dawson to the Oeologieal uud Natural History Survey of Canada. We
shall make extracts from it iu future
numbers of Ihe San. Tho name
which Prof. Dawson ndopts-K-iota-
nie���as tbo proper one to describe
the District, is thus referred to hi)
torieally in a note:
"Tlie name hnfo written.KooUnio
has been and is rendered in a variety
Without exhausting the
many yours, and 1 lovo to witch her :
,, i     ,   i   ,-   I mains were given to a poor family in
even vet as she resumes   her toils in | .
whom 1 lake a great interest    '""
a falling market year after year, or
seeks to hatch out a Slimmer botol
by sitting on a door knob, isho interests ui.d pleas's me. Careful
Mudy of the hen convinces mo that
her low, retreating forehead ii a
true index of her limited reasoning
faculties, und lack uf memory,
ideality, imagination, calculation
and spirituality. She is also de-
iicicnl in her enjoyment of humor.
1 ouce owned o large white draught
rooster who stood about seven bauds
high and had leet on him tout would
readily break down a corn-Held if he
Walked through it, Yet he lacked
tue courage of his convictions, and
socially wus uot regarded as asuccess,
Leading hens seemed to regard him
as a good n-atnred rooster and seem-
e 1 to wonder that he did not get on
belter in a social way, lie hud u rich
baritouu voice,nnd wus a g md provider, digging up large ureas of
garden and giving the hens what was
left after he got through, and yet
lliey gave their smiles to far more
dissolute, though perhaps brighter
minds. Sj 1 took him away a while
and let him see something of the
world ly allowinghini toviBitamong
Ihe neighbors and see society a
Then I brought him home again,|
subject, the following versions may
bo quoted : Arrowsmith's general
inup of British North America, 1811,
Coo-too-nay. Arro'.vsmith's maps of
IS.if) and 1851, Palliser'a ollloial map
printed in 18113, and on earlier preliminary maps published in connection .vith Palliser's expedition, also
ou the map accompanying Alex,
Ross's book on tho first settlors on
the Columbia lliver (1819), and
umuy   otbui-a- Kootanie,      On   the
joint maps of the Boundary Commission between British Columbia
and tho United  States, on Truteu's
Dcccnsi'il, [ntestatci
'I'hD Is In give notice tint b") diys ��t*
t'i- date 1 intend to apply to the  Chief
,    . , . .   .   Commissioner of L-iu D and Works, for
Ally person hnvmg any chums ngan.S ^ m mtBt{mm��� ,m.h)
the above Estnto aro requested I,-, send ���m L^ m m ^ ^ of th)
i ho same at once to tho Undersigned, ns  '
the estate will bo distributed on the, 17th
of .lime, 1890, All claimn uot Sent in
by that date Will bo birred.
' \ny person having nuy offoots belonging to said Estate Will please doliver
same to the nndersignod,
,|(||w Adiiiinislratoi'.
Victoria, May ltilh, 1890.
Lower Arrow Lake, and about 8 milei
above its outlet, in West Kootenay District ! Commencing at u stake marked
"J, M. B.," tbenco east one mile, thonoe
south ono mile, then re west one milo,
theueo following tin shore of tho Ink)
to the initial slake, being part of tho
hind cotnmanlv known as "Deer Park,"
April 9th, 1590. 4700.1
Is now rcivily to
g and Trading
o o
occive and pui'clMSo nil QoltL Silver & Loivtl ore,
Miners who have nnv ores to s>ll are requested to communicate at once with the
manager ut ll'velstoke, li. (!,, who is prepared to furniih every facility
to miners of email or limited means to ship their ore.
quontly giving  them many  thingsImap of B.C.,   and in  recent roups |
for which I have no special use.       j published by the Government of I).
This .should teach   us  that  some i 0- Kootenay.      As  applied   to   a j ���
people cannot stand prosperity, but station on tho Northern Pacific Rail- j
need a little sorrow ever and anon to j way-liootenai,    There is perhaps j
teach them where Ihey belong.  Ao.lj littlo   to  choose  between these va-
oh. bow the great world smiles when ii-ions  renderings, no ono of  which .  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
a rooster who !,..< owned   the ranch j represents the true pronunciation of,              Kooto||ay ( ��. C.) Smelting ami Tr Klin',' Syndicate, Limit-
,d made himself the Indian word, but I can  see no I"1 ""-����"��   " ' \ '        	
say Office
lor u year or so,   and  .
odious, gels spread   out  over  the  reason to alter the older spelling
United Stales by a smaller ono with j which has been mod iu  former re
hs) voice.
The stu.lv nf fowls is tilled with
interest, 1 keep fowls lute years .instead of a garden. Formerly my
neighbors kept fowls and I kept the
ports of the Geological Survey and
is here adopted."
A Free Trip lo Europe.
ed, Kev el-toko, 15. C.
The Hill' Northern.
Tbo publishers of the Canadian
Queen will give a free trip to Europe
to the oerson sending them the  lu'--
  gest number of words constructed
A St. Paul dispatch lo the Spo- Irom li Iters contained in Iho Unuie
Itiiuo  Spokesman   says:    Engineer of their well-known magazine, "The
Haseall, who has charge of the sur- Canadian Queen." Additional prizes
veying parties which are seeking to consisting of Silver Tea Sols, Cold
liud t o most direct road and easiest  Watches, China Dinner Sets,Portiere
grades by which the Great Northern Curtains,    Silk    Dresses,    Mantel i
can be built   from  Great  Palls  te' Clocks, and many other  useful and |
Spokane Palls, has returned here lo ' valuable articles will also bo award- j
consult with Lie chid officers of the i ed iu order of merit,
company.    Tne details of what has I    Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
been found out are not very i ftsy to   to be used as authority  iu deciding
disiover further than  tho  fact Hint  ihe contest,
pusses   through    the   Bitter   Boot     This is a popular plan of iutro-
and one night colored him with dia- | niouutains have been discovered by dneicg a popular publication. Ev��ry ;
inond dyes, so thai he wttsa beautiful   v"lv !,ni 'i'",l, Bm' l';is-v ��''"le_B' u"u''1  olle ,um,iuS �� l>��t of   not  less than
scarlet" His name was Sumner lighter than those on  the Northern  ten words   will  receive a  present.
1 took Sunnier nest morning and ! IVitie from Missoula. Enclose Ihiiteen 2o. stamps for lllus-1
li," load will   slait   from  Great  [rated  Catalogue of  presents And | Manufacturer
i-'alls an I cro.s the   Flathead  rescr-  three month's  trial subscription to
valion to the Yahk river, which will   fhoQnecn.     Address-The  Cana-
Silver. Gold or T.cad	
Sdver and  Gold	
Silver and Lead	
Killer. Gold nnd Lend	
Silicu. Iron. Lime. Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Barium
Magnesium, or Sulphur, each
$ 1 N)
2 III)
2 fill
3 Oil
8 00'
Arsenic, Antimony or Tin       5 00
Sealed samples at double tho above rates.   Samples by mail or express promptly
attended to.
Awayer, Chemist.
General       Contractor    and     Builder*
tinned him loose among his ohi
neighbors. Surprise wu written on
every face. lie reubz -d Ins iidvuu ���
tagc, aud the first thing he did unto greet the astonished crowd will) a
guttural remark which mule them
j imp. lie lb. n stepped over to n
haled rival an 1 ate off lifteeu c- uN
worth of bis large, red, pouipudo ir
comb, He now r- mn kod i:i a
c ur'.eons way to a snmll r ,.- ,
Chiua hen, who seem si t i be at the
head o! ail works >f soci d impr ������ -
meet, that we were li i - ing a rath
backwar i s; ri:._r      Tu u u" j , ..   :
0 it the eye of a . ither   riv,,i,   n, icli
to Lis sui-| rise,  an 1 t;, m  w. r.t
with th" couvi ; sati m,   By n
bright  s ��� n-lel   ro ���'��� r  ,, v,ie I    ! ,������
lowu.     To - -   ��',-!,.!!   -a- 1  i
him before In I  now     me  to Ihe
hospital, an '. | ru :!    ii .   Ihe   -
world W0< liM,      lie gol
liut I.-- cr Wi i   wbcil  ,   ���   ��� . ���   '
v, rsali a lagged, a   I wu
t , i  .' ,i v,       II '.Il i ���.-..������:���
Ike ice,     I   i.' ,     saw   11 ,-;���' i
knock (lie t ������( a  r o-\
i- II.- lost mi --' m  ith;  il in ������
ki.,1 I reso vi-'d to Ut him cai  o
bis own career as I esl he i i ; it,
1',.- .    .. (i athers cm," in
f   ..- .- im, as J.i tini in   Inc.
it, and lea   began   to
brighten   u| ,       i  blow
1 , v;    ... . "le,
0:i" i! i.v be was   especially  mean
nt breukfust.     A   large  :' d
brought to him by tin   I    ��� r of  his
harem, i. id i        ��� .   m; llavor, hn
siemed to think,.-.:. 1 iu ho got mi
iinil Denier ill   Doors, Susli,    Mouldings,   C.lnss,
Putty, Weights, Cords, Pullies, nnd nil kinds of  Building M lUrinl. Turning
Scroll sawing and Pine Work a Sueeialty, Picture Frames made to order.
";������ SMll
i..-. ine
li,- followe i to n point twenty  miles
,ib.ire the   pi int   win-re   the  Yahk
lluws into tlu Kootenay.     The road
then goes wi st, ciMising   the  Koote
1.1) at 1', a--,"i ���  |-'��rrv,     1'. mi this
point il goes jouthweal  through the
.��� , ,. t   n.oiintaiu-,  where a  good
,-���   ii i^   be, n   ,:.-.".-.   red   to   the
.."i"   Sp k i;:-,   and    thi nee west,
ll.c    S|   kanc    Falls
at I. Lattar"T.      The
��� ���- ly  : do
i  -     , ��� ,i ��� ��� i poinl  ���   .::.
I the ell    i.: trains will then
.      i:.i     :-   msde   -.rr isge
���    ��� the   i'ni ...   i '��� pot  a'
A: l^.-.ne: ��� f-rry a
il'.t, MW-BI
'I,   , ,,-..' il.,.
It  i ' , il    ample
-.  ,, :   ,: i  ���      iake n
it, and am    g thorn
��� r" Huil to be several
��� i    iro    contemi I ited
diuu Queen, Toronto, Out,
i'ae Bi
Hard Table, complete and
pair.   Address
Kootenay House, Golden, B. C.
Furniture .Made and Repaired.
I *1>KKT.VK!N<;    IN    ALL   ITS    IJItANCIIIW.
BfflVfVvmrgi t^ ���:�����'��� nn v.aas' *V1X*B5��$!SXMI'9K��M
McDonald & Sutherland
koote.vav  m vil Link.
, mens Dei m:ss, Muiion .V I'kiit,
All olasBOS of Lumber on bun 1 for s ilo,    Contracting nnd huil llo|f.
on in u. n.ii>i      .���    rJiiob^en  I'm-ch  Oulilen for I
pi .   -.   "' ""    ��� ' Wllv I"";"'1 wry UBYBLSTOKE
i( mi | I:A   MmhIivhi noon, (nnd on Ihnrs.lnys
Ii, (',
when -'iili-i'-nt, indnnemerits offer) ',
be  bin,i   until   ,,,',,,   \nn ,,nlv,. ;,t Ooldun   Wediici,-
I thro i:;1!  to the   laj, -I p, m
ioiin.l, i. nying party are
��� i.,    ��� :, ������   ' ��������� I il ire reference.
,   ��� rovl will  In Of) miles from
fireul  I i   '  to ftpokaue  Kails, and ,
.    ,v ii half   " >y between
wi points
[he Ores   Ki rlbern w 11
it a number ol mining
which llieii ro.id  will pass in  traversing the [Jitter Boo  moun t   i
ft is thought that the road can be
Tourist tickets  81 for round  trip
A. li. II. COCHRANE A Co,,
ote, Golden, li. (,'.
Harness ��� and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
and I ii several   chi ikon I   with   his
greal coarse benli and stepped on baiit*"inVx��iV
loine morn, and made a perfect sh ^.
u' ii'111"'''. Tho fiTAii line reoeivod �� -
At this moment a small bantam   th port of Prof. O. M. Dawson on
wearing one oyo still In mourning Ihe  sonthnrn  portion of the   West
danced up ami kicked  Humnor'seyo Ivootenay District of British Coin,,,
out.   Tbeu another rival knocked Hie bia, including tho ColumWa Rivor
I nfll-ig for a whole sofa   pillow  out from  ItoVelstolia BOittli,  the Uppej
of Sumner and  reiiii-il,    Ry this mid L-iwer Arrow   Lakes, and lbs
lime tin-purpn.eii and gialiii'-dhciM NurroWS   or   COnnOOling   river,   Ihe
stepped back nnd gavo Iho  boys a liootuiio River or ontlut and Koolu
chxu'.-c,   The  b.uilam  now put on nie Like, the
', 0 BtfCItAPlAN.
P, O, Add����9, Nelson,
li'ihcH and I'liirikeiH, Cinry eonihs,  Harness;
,,,,,,[, i    oil, Horse brushed,   Whips, Spurs und
Hits in great variety.
I!. ('
i Inpaoily 50,000 feol pff day. Planor,
i,in/'" machine, etc.   All bIdiIb of
lumber on Inn I   During thoBPttofi
of 1800 lumber will bo delivered at
nay   of  the landings nn  tho   hike af
Guological fe��tnro��I greatly reduced prices.
Rl>.��.. WILSON', Agont nlRoT��l��lQb��<


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