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The Kootenay Star Nov 1, 1890

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Array .1 .       y*ts  ^,
a ���
11 ft il Ir 1111 il ��� | I
'I r.
��� ilaLi��ja��iaa��i��^
_^_Jctslsto;u3 B. c. KQvtmm i. isdf
No. 20-
tt kootenay Siax
Notice is horeby given flint, in pur<m
i:nee of tlm provisions of sootlon 8, of the
"Columbia & Kootenay Railway Subsidy
Act. 1890," the unoooupied and unrecorded Crown lands situated within the following described blooks of hind, have
been reserved from lease, snlo or settlement, viz.:
lllock 18, Commencing at a point on
th. west bank of the Columbia River, two
mill's Fimth of the mouth or Trail Creek ;
I hence two milis duo west; thence four
iiiJIpb north ; I hence four miles oust, crossing the Columbia lliver; thenee four
miles south; thenco two miles west to
tho point of oommenoement.
lllock M. Commencing ut a point on
Ihe south side of the mouth of Toby
0 ei k, on the west side of the Columbia
liivir, nt the eorllund of the Lower Collin.bin Lake, I hence iluo west four miles ;
t]v nee north four miles ; thenco east four
miles ; thence south four miles to the
place of commencement,
Elcok 1ft, Four miles square, situated
st the south i nd of Lower Columbia Lake,
on the west side,
lllock 16, Four miles square, situated
st the iiioulhs of Sheep uud Skookuin
(buck Creeks.
Blocks 17 mid 18.   Fitch four miles
failure und eilittitid south of Foil Steele.
Illocli 19.   Four wiles square, situated
on Klk lliver, and including Elk lliver
lrovidid that 11 is reservation shall not
affect tiny binds which are included iu
in v grant, lease, agreement for sale, or
other alienation from the Crown, or which
li.ve been Eel. itpi it for i nv special purpose prior to the diiie of this notice.
W. S. liOI.'E,
��i Surveyor-General
LMidfi end Works Dcpntlmerit,
Victoria, B. C, Sept I8th, IS00,
a- p & ssasa $&%z$
doing East,
No. 2
18:00 Leave
.  J)
12:15 Arrive
Going West
No. 1
Vancouver   Arrivt
Ninth Bond
bpwice's Bri lg9
Douald    Depart
The steamer Duchess loaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday nt noon,
and returning arrives at Golden at 4 p,
m, on Wednesday.
Steamboats leave Sicamous for Enderby Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday,
and return Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
i'lick trains from Revolstoke for Big
Bend on tho Columbia.
11.MI1I-.II |;KASK,
Notice is hereby given that sixty (00)
diys after di.te I iuleud So uppli to the
Chief Commissioner of 1 ii;n)s ����d WorKB
for permission to lease ihu f illowing des-
cril ul truct of hind, for luiuberiug pur-
posrs :
Couirriencing at a point two mile.) up
the Salmon River from Holder Creole, and
heir a mile \w\ of the Salmon River,
running S. W, une mile, lb -non S. E. one
nnd ouc-half mi-o, th- uco n-irth t'.ya and
(ine-hltlf miles,th,. ti-i.H. W. Ilwe-fonrths
cf a Utile lo itsiriiiii: point, inufcaiuiiig
about 1000 rotoS. 16
Xotico is hereby given that all alluvial
claims legally held iu the West Kootonny
Distriot, will belaid over from the 1st of
October to the 1st ihiv of June ensuing,
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
U'.lriKli LKASB.
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days after date, I Intend to idiikq appli-
cation to tbe CMcfCiimiiiissioiKr of Lnnds
and Witks. for permission, to lease the
following described tract of land, for
lumbering pnrpescs:
Coniiuenciiig at about one milo below
the junction of the West ar North Poik
of the Salmon River, running southerly
ton point one-half (),) mile above the
A Court of Revision and Appeal under the Assessment Act will uo held at
the Government Office, tit Nelson, on the
19th day of Novetn , at 10 o'ciock, a, m.,
and at tho Court Houso ill Revelstoke,
on the 15th day of November, at 10a. in.
25 Chairman Court of Revision
ami Appeal.
Revelstoke, Sept. 18th, 1890.
South or Eis!
ik of Salmon Rii
thenee easterly one-half f,J) mile, thence
northerly to li point one h:;If |i]m.\le
east of the starting point, thenco westerly one-hnlf ("-J | mile to the point of beginning, containing about lO.OtiO acres.
Also, commeneipg at n point at Holder
CreeK. about ono-balf | i-1 mile from Salmon River, md miming south about
three miles, thenee oue-half j h | mile east,
thenco north three miles, tUenoe west
three-fourths of a mile to point of beginning, containing about 1009 bitch,
The miners of any country  are a
very generous  class of meu  when
they have money.   Thoy will  help
the poor, their sympathies aro quickly touched   by  miflVriug. uud  lliey
spend with a  reckless disregard of
where tbey are to (.'(it th"ir next slake
It is only when it comes lo putting a
value no tin ir   mining  cluitm   thai
any  miserly Qualities aro shown.
When h capitalist comes iuto u camp
with an honest   purpose  of making
investments, heshou! I be welcome',
audfair values be placed on propety,
uUil mil ho   repelled   by   exorbitant
prices,   It is reported that on agent
of the (Irani Smelter of Omaha, one
of lbe largest and  richest in the U.
Slates, endeavored to gut an interest
in soms Trail Creek  claims �� few
weeks ago, bn! that the  ideas of tlio
prospectors with   whom ha tried to
ileal, took wings and  sailed  out  of
sight, nnd that hi) went away  disappointed.
We would like to see every miner
and prospector get good pay for ell
thoy have in sight, and something
more for thu risk and hardship they
undergo, but we would also have
then draw the lino whero it will be
fair on both sides, and not, as is often
tho case, alter the opportnni'y for
sale has gone by, find that they have
been hugging imaginary nioueyl ags,
All who are interested iu limbering
at Rivelstoke, or who may wish to
become ho, should read the report of
Arthur St. Cvr, D. L. 8., in this paper, which gives a description of the
kinds, qualities aud location of the
limber which must be matin factarad
and find its outlet t�� market at this
Several timber licenses havo boon
applied for to tho Dominion Government tho past summer, by parties
whom it is believed will establish
milis hire, and large tracts ef Provincial timber lands just cntsido the
railway belt a?�� held by purohase
by men in the United States, who
'vill doubtless wish to see a return
for their investments, and we therefore confidently expect to see the
advantages of Revelstoke as a lumbering oeulre brought into requisition, if not this fall, yet certainly
before another summer ends.
and 12 miles, Tin's valley in linen I-
od to tin left by a range of high
usntKiUns, known si "Dug Tooth
Mountains." nf which the eastern
slop* is covered by a forest of. fir
and sprint of good htm. Th�� west-
ifn slope of the Viin fierce Monti
(sins, ehich confine tho volley on tlm
right, is entirely bars, but id/we to
tho river there is occasionally a
fringe of spruce,
"I was iiifursttd ilnitgoo'l limber
would  ho found in the vallor of the
Blueberry  and Biue  Waler Coeks.
and also along the llliick   Water, ��n
sfllsontof the 13.eo  Water,   but I
shall ho abln io furnish  bettor info ���
million on thene points when I have
made tbe traverse of the Blue Water,
"From Bosvor 1 continued the survey along tho CoUmbiia River a, far
as the  limit  of  tho  laiiway   bell.,
which orossos the rivor 70 chains below tbo   bond  of    the  "Surprise
Rapids.1'   In the distance of twenty-
lire miles, fidUwiug the windings of
tho river, tho m.iath of three cousi I-
arabla strssuis wore seen ;  ou the
left  Eight-Milt   River   sod   Gold
Rivor, ami on tho right Bud) River,
This last river joins  tho  Columbia
thros-querters of a   luile boleiv the
Gold Rivor.   It has a width of 70
rods st its mouth, und  is navigable
for 30 miles.   For 20 miles up this
river largo ll.its extond ou each sido
as far as tho hills, whioh are a cilo
distant from the river banks.   The
valley of the Gold Rivor is of the
won nature.   From the mouth of
the Beaver River to tho limit of the
railway bolt, tho eastern flank uf tho
Selkirk Mountains, which bound the
valley of tho Columbia to tbo loft, is
well w-joded with  0,'i'iiae,   lit-  and
ooilar, averaging 20 in bos iu diameter,   Fine  is also  found,   but iu
small quantities.   In the part of the
valley to thu right from the Hoavr
belli* tbo Can 'O River.
"The ������ustern slept  nt   the  G >11
R:'.t)a;�� which ii"* bounds tho vnll��v
to the right is well wooded  with dr,
spruce uii I DB.lar of 3.) iu.'h"s di-a.ij-
etor.    At South C.eok 11 miles below Canoe River, thero is alio gool
timber, inoch of it eedur of  largs
size.   Ton   miles  fnrthor down ����������
pass "Gold Stream "   Tuii river h��*
aeversl sill tents anl  tiny all   briny
down geld.   Il is  in oonsiq-.tonOO %
station ef suae importance for minors
��� ho IIml uoarso gnU here in ooneil-i
orable quanllty,   A good road connects  thia   place   with   R.veKtoke.
Good tiiubar is sail to exist on  thi
hunks of  Gold   Stream.   Ten miles
bolow thi) begin the rapids called
"Dalle  de   Mort,"      Tho   timber
along these rapids has been dostrnv*
el by fire.   Jjutweeu  tbo "Dalle de
Mort" and C.irno's  C.-fsk we passed,
several  gangs of Chinese engage I
in washing for gold in tho Cdumbia
River.   From Carne's Crask (whero
the Columbia River crosses thn limit
of the railway bolt above Bovelstoka)
down to wilhin two ruil-s of tho Big
Eddy, the valloy is wull wooded on
tho  right   with   spruce and   fir 15
inches  iu size ;   some pin* is iiUj
seen ou tho high ground.   The  Big
Eddy mentioned above is the oaly
place botwoon   Braver and  Revolstoko where logs cut  on tho Columbia can bo enclosed in booms, b0,00ii
logs could bo boomed bore.   Oa tbe
left of the Columbia,  from Carne's
Creek  to  within   half   a  mile  ef
Eighteen Mil* Creek, there  iigood
tiaibiir (cedar 30 inches,  sprue*   21
inches.)    Ij   tho  next ten   miles,
whioh brings us to 'TMitos Dalles,"
fires have mado great havoc among
the woods   ii**!'  the  river.   Somo
goo!  timber, however, romainB, including cedar of  considerable  s.z��.
In tbo noigb lorhood of Revelstoke
...,., ., *"  '"" ����ibu 'uiu'iuu  Ol    iiCVOlSlOaK
to within two tin os of  Bush River ' ���n n    .- i     ,        l.���  . ,
,,    .        .     , UU3U IilT*r, all that) tuuer has besi killed ��y Are
Ihe forost has k-icn to a grout extotd
destroyed by tiro, VThat rsmains of
tho timlior is in narrow (trips bore
and there on tho monntaiu sides and
along Uo ravines, or on the flats
birderinj the river.   Oitho.se flats
"From Rovebtdku I continued the
tr��verso of the Col.nubia us far as
the southern limit of Ihe railway belt.
I saw but little merchantable timber
in the first six miles. Botweop th-
Illecillewaet and  Akolkolts  Rivo:
... t -�����������"����������-�� ����������   ..���I'lamta  nno:
I   recently u.t.ced o.d.r of ;0  what little  wood  has escapou tu.
KIT,   Ki'C.   IBTIiC. I
-aJBTSfiaTOaTilM -
Add Post Oflcj .^lore NHLlj<e.S   ]
In aceot-r'sneo with the provisions o
! the Assessment Act, ISSti, a Court of Revision and Appeal will be held iu this
District, at and on the following places
and dates respectively :
The Government Uftice, Fort Steele, on
Thursday, the UOth of October next, fit
1 o'clock p. in,
The Government Office,  Donald,  on
Monday, the 17th day of November next,
nt 11 o'cloc, a. 111.
Judgo uf Court of Revision
From     Ijoavojr    to     Arrow
Lako by Kirer.���Tlio
Timber Supply.
Donnld, Sept,
and Appeal,
20th, 1800.
���Mwrf.va imoKEit,���
And General Commission Me;'i-h.iul,
Insurance   and    Real
Agent, JNoturj Public,
G-OI.'lE.V    .
B. C
'5 D T (' li E R S
1 WH01B1U m REtah. BEAtKAS IV
i:r,rr, lfBK.   mc
Wo extraot from tbe report of
Arthur 8t. Cyr, D.L.S. to the .Surveyor Genoral, the following description of his trip last year from
Beaver to the Upper Arrow Lake,
made more especially to determine
the limits of tho Railway Bolt, but
���ho gives notos of Jiis observations
on tho timber along Iho banks of tht
Columbia and its tributaries:
"According to  yoir instructions
dated ""rd April lust I proceeded to
Golden City, li. C., in order to commence' my work.   I began by traversing the right bank of the Columbia
rivor from Golden   Cily  to  Beaver
station, with the object ef liiing the
areas of thu sections adjacent to tho
river.    In Ihe luoa.iun-d distance ef
04 milos iinmorons tributaries swell
tbe waters of tho Columbia;  on tbe
right, tho Wapta River enters the
Columbia one mile   bolow Golden
City, Blaeberry Cieek two miles below Moborly, and Iho Wait-a-bit and
Blue Water Crooks  at  oittanoos of
one mile and two and u-half miles
respectively bolow Douald ;  ou Ihe
left, the Boaver River, which flows
into tho Columbia ono milo bolow
Beaver station, is tbe only tributary
of importance,   There aro two rapids
shoit hut ilat'geauus,. mi Ihe Columbia  Rivor  between   Di nald    und
Beaver.   Tbo (ii-st,  named "Canon
Rapid," is half  a  mile  bolow  the
UUXtt) of  Blue Water  Creek; Iho
other, Kitchen Rapid, is three miles
and a-half above lleavtr.   Between
Donald and Goldou the Columbia
Hirer wisdt) through a valley of
whkh tht width varies bitweeo, JO
inches diameter; the serace aver
ages about 20 inches.     Two  miles
above Bush River the forest again
occupies the valley and also covers
the left bank of ths river for u distance of more than 20 milos from its
mculh; ou  tho right  bauk,   what
timber remains has boon reconll,'destroyed by fire.   There io good limber oloug the Columbia Rivor near
tbo limit  of  tbo  bolt,   comprising
spruoo of 24 inches diameter, pine 24
inches, cedar 36 inches, and balsam
15    inohos.      One   mile    farther
down the brulo reeommnncos And oi-
1 tends almost without a break to the
south eud of Lake   Kinbaskot   20
milos away.    Throughout this distance tho eastern slope of tho Idol-
kirk  Mountains  is  timbered   with
spruco, oedar and fir, averaging 15
inches in size.   There is but littlo
limber on tho shores of Lake Kinbaskot,   which   is eight  milos  in
length.    The    Big Bond  Rapids,
which begin at the outlet of tho lake,
eilsnded over more than  20 milos
ending  throe  miles  before  Canoe
Rivor is reaohld.   Along this stretoh
of tbo rivor wo found timber of the
following kinds in nbundauooiopruco
00 inohos diameter, pine 24 inches,
oedar 36 inches, ai.d  hemlock 30
inches.   From six milos above Canoe
Rivor dawn to  the  mouth  ot  Shut
stream the original forest has been
burut and   replaced  by  * woond
growth.   After receiving tho waters
of Wood Rivor and Canoe River,
which disohargo within a short distance of one another, ihe Columbia
suddenly obungoa front  the  northwesterly direotion in which it flows
from Beaver downward, mnkiug a
sharp turu to the south round  the
northern eitromity of  tht Selkirk
Mountains.   Hero these mtnulaiiis
lest tho  rugged  aspect  that  they
present wbtn setu from tbo tsst; the
glaciers aud snow-covered peaks disappear aud givo place to a lung suo-
cosfion of wtll wooded  kills whioh
slope gently dowu to tbe rivtr. The
iniber on these hills  does  not exceed about 15 inches diameter. This
dtscription applies to the ten milts
fires is fonad in  small  strips  here-
and there on tht hills to the left of
the Columbia.   It  consists  priuoi-
pally of spruco aud cedar from 12-
to 15 inches  iu  diamoter-   On   Ibe
flats the oedar is oftta from 24 to 3(1
inches.   From the Akolkolex to tht
limit of tho belt thero are also fringes
of spruce, cedar, and pine.   The
oistern side of  tho valley is somewhat better timbered, tht wood  being sproot cedar and  hemlock  15
iuohes in diameter.   Tht  bast timber, however, is met with ou the
latt ton  miles  before orossing tht
belt limit.      It  it  nioslly oedar
spruce aud pine, averaging HQ incUet]
iu sizt.
"From Revelstoke I wsut to Sioo,.
mons, from whore I was to determine the belt limit on the East Arm
and Seymour irm of Lake Shuswap,
I made traverse of the e^st shore of
Iho lake frum Sicamous to tht month
of East Arm River.
"The shores of tht lake in tht
part surveyed aro cxtroajely rocky
iu somo parts consisting for luug
iliMaucos of clifls of great htight
which are almost ptrpeudicuUr, XUn
only wood which grows on tht high
lands near the part surveyed ol
LakeShuswup is fir, aud that not
oxceediug ii inches iodiamtttr, tqd
only in scattered grovot.
"LakeShuBwap swarms with excellent silver trout and talmon trout,
tho Utter often attaining a wtight 0(
twelve pounds,
"Tht East Arm River, on whioh I
was instructed to mark tht limit ef
tho railway belt, being foaud uuunvj-,
gablt, I bogau to run ssttitu linos
from the extremity of tho E,ssl Arm,
in order to reach tbo limit, Xlje��a
lines pass through u fine forest of
cedar (8 feet diameter,) whilo p|qi
(2 feet,) lir flG iuches.j ��ml j,ena.
lock [3 feet, j This for��st strttcttes
along tht cast Arm reiver aud ex
leuds to Seymour River twelve miles,
north of the East Arm.
"Un the eonipb'tiun of my work in
this locality J. mteud  to  btgin  (tt)
survey ol tho .South Pass, Eagh.
| Beaver, aod Beavcrloot Uuoi^" ^ht   i^AOfViliIll   Htrlt4      wtll-mnsoled mart his rifle oomes to  picks up the ih real of pn ran
' " " I his shoulder j for tkt part  of usee   iha first eowbov drops it
Al'i.urpugetwfititj'-coluini) hows
paper, is issued from tho office of
publication, Revelstoke, 11. C.
Subtcrtptlon price J2 per year;
Rules of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprietor
Saturday, November i, 1890.
Capturing; Wild  Ponies.
Thtrt aro still a few bauds of mns-
taugs, or wild posies, roaming the
Texas staked plains. Tbey art now
anil than made prize and raplivt by
men who covet thorn. There are
taveral methods in vogue for capturing wild ponies. If tbt huutara
are ambitious and looking towards
taking in tbt whole band, they go at
it with preparation and ll S business
way. These bands of pouies art uot
wanderers, going np und down tbe
western earth, but possess a residence and cling to a locality, so (bat
their whereabouts once known, the
bunttr is certain of finding IhtRi at
any time thereafter. Th'.'J fjivts tbt
inustaugers ample chance for preparation,
Tho necessities of a mustang hunt
conducted ou wholesale linos include a corral, a grub wagon and
team and threfl banters. When all
is ready tbe hunters arrange themselves in as many watches of 8 bonis
f ai'b ; out drives the wagon, leeoud
Sleeps in the wagon���and tht third
'walks" tht aVostangs.   "Walking".! ,
ond his praiiliosl eye ranges the
sights and then a puff of sftitilio,
"bang!" and a mnstaog is jpfawlisg
and kicking convulsively in tho mul
and water, Before it can recover
the hunter runs forward and hackles
a pair of hubbies and the Uriel make
the hunter's title sure
"Creasing" requires skill with the
rifle and 3b accurate knowledge of
horse anatomy. The bullet is made
to graze the spinal ec'nfiu well up
OU tbe nook. The leiid must be
placed just so or loos results. If it
strikes too low tho spine is broken
and the pony is a thing of tbe past ;
if tot high, it results: in nothing but
a wounded pony flying with frightened feet, bnt if placed aright the
shot Simply stuns for a few minutes.- The pony drops as if struck
in the head with a maul, and will remain unconscious about two minutes
������time enough to secure it.
hunnikg a roxi down iroor.
Indians, afoot and desirous of a
mount, havo bten known to literally
and actually rue a wild pony down.
They take one by sheer endurance.
Thtrt it ef course, as groat a difftr-
enco in stamina and staying powers
among Indians as among tht whites;
but almost any village or camp will
furnish one or two or even threo
bronze athletes who are good and
gsmo at a day's running, to rnu b
hundred miles from their last repnst.
A wild pony cannot do thia. U,.-
practiocd, grass-fed aud soft, ho
shows no sui-h slrehgih tr bottom:
Should necessity point and occasion
offer, on��- of thest' savage Meronrys
will undertake a mustang's capture
���n foot, coursing him by sight as
greyhounds courst haras. The time
selected is alter a light snow,- this,
on amount of the plain open trail it
ws in the event of tbe pony  get-
It wiitre I
^^^^^^^^^ ps It ami Ihe
chase is conlihned through another
circuit of tho ring. By the time
number two comes around, number
one ia ready with a fiasl! pony and
takes the chas*. This is kept up,
the pouieS tunning at a sweeping
gallon, if need be. all diiv. At last
when tlie poor bedeviled wild pony
ii eompletey exhausted, both "boys"
saddle up fer the coup. This time
they ride straight ut their game,
their lariats' aro taken down and as
soon as near enough the mustang is
roped and dragged up to the camp.
Ono astonishing thing is tbo readi-
nesB wilb which these wild poniep
surrender to the bit and saddle. You |
mij-ht soe one mounted the uext day
uiter bel.ig roped and from th* composed way in which be takes matters
suppose that be bad cariiud a rider
for yeah.���Kansas City Gtur,
'Palo of Ttfo Fortunes.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 10-Thtwriter
of 86'tlon fla�� told uo tulo more extravagant than that conoected with
tie personal history of Jumos Tread-
well, tbo quicksilver millionaire, ol
California. Twenty Iue or thirty
ytars ago the Treadwell brothers-
John and James���left their place i>
St. Andrews, New Brunswick, determined ts win fame or fortune, or
both, in the far West. California
was their goal, as it was of many another Now Brunswick lad, But it
has remained for few New Brims-
wickers to acquire the great fortune
that these two brothers ate now pos-
ssessed of. John found his fabulous
wealth among the gold hills of distant aud forbidding Alaska. Going
thither on a prospecting tour he fell
in with the owner of a goll oluim
who was willing to sell out for a mere
song. He bought tho mine, secured
the capital to develop il, and it is
now producing more riches for its
owners thuu any 6'flitr gold mine in
the world. But the story of John
Trtadwell's fortune is commonplace
when torn pared wilb tho murvelloiw
aud mysterious mauuer iu which hit
brother James claims to have acquired his wraith. This is the story at-
gathered from iha lips ol himself:
Among Mr. Tread well's friends in
California there were none for whom
h�� entertained a warmer regard than
for a young married couple. The
bnsbaad was a uutiie of New Brims
wick���a circumstance thut proi>ubl,>
j will account in a great measure for
the wormness of the friendship ex.
j isting between then). Husband ami
wife were ardent believers in spiritualism, anil were devotedly attached
to each other. Mr. Treadwell hud
little failh in their spiritualism oi
i beliefs, and did not hesitate to make
known bis skepticism. But subsequent  events   caused   a   complete
unable to struggle further, tho bus- \ ,haDSc in his opinion,   Some years
tang is taken.   Unless far stronger \ aB�� ���*����� B- became  ill  and  died,
he will   he  run  dowu i But th""Sh Amoved from her hue-
within tbe first fi'ty miles. b'and iu tht flesh,  sbe.it appears,
how cowboys   c.rii ihim,        j hehl frequent commuuions with him
Cowboys whose csmps aud rumbles I in the spirit.   During  oue of these
now anil again bring thrm mar some i eomninMons, she expressed a desire
,     baud of wild ponies, will occasionally It# mMt Mr. Treadwell, intimating
on,    All  that day and  nigh   toe  bem3 tu tbe oaptur.  0#  Ronje parti.  that she had a communication of im-
pomes are  kept  moving,   ai!  ����| ctfiaja pony. t*bcwe t;ravoeral, r��ixaJ��d | P��rtance tbut ahe wiathed to naak�� to
him. Alter some coaling from the
husband of the dtparted woiaan,
Mr. treadwell consented to meet tha
spiiit. Thu form uppearoal to him at
the hour and   place  indicated, and
Smelting and Tradin
Is now Propiired to Receivo all Gold. Silver & Lit I or��.
Miners who havoanv nran to'sill arcre-jutstcl t> co-u-iiTiioite *t once with  th
.manager at B-ivelitoks, B, I,  -II i is pre'p'.iraT to finn-di every facility
to minors of siu.il! or limited menu to ship th )ir o're,,
at- CAJvr?3sr,L.
mustangs is simple.   The thtory ef  ,;������_���,   ,  ��� ,.   .      .    .-   '   ,
b v .      ting out of sight at  any   time dur
fhe hunt m to kttp tbt wild ponies
on the walk, night and day, without
food or water, until thoy are exhausted. As far as may be, they are
wulktd in a cirole so as tu be near
tbt eorral intended at tht lual
goal of thit gt-as-you-pltase match
ing the chase, Then, again, the
running Indian can scoop up a handful of snow as he flies aud make it
take the pluce of water.
When such a chase is arranged for
tho Indian or Indiana who are to do
llie coursing, camping tho  night be-
against nature. The trooets is fins;; fm nm ^ ^ rf mngU arJM
'The hunters with their wagon drive L   ^ ^.^ ^ (j| m ( ^
in sight cf tbo mustang and the first | ^.^ o( ^ ^.^ ^ (hejr ^
man tukes their trail on foot. For I .^ bpgin |hg ^^ Tb(jJ sele(Jl
tight hours he walks after (hers,- L^ yiclim-���altUug it ������,���������, Ule
ketpingt��eaic6'ns<antlyonthemovt|,.bpDolji��� ^ ,,   ^
undasmuchaspossiblt from feed-,: Rffay_   Thay n����or uirolti it, as that
Jnganl  from  water.   This last is I   onh,  mU (L#   ^.^  .^  R
i.otsodilScult,naf��ndwhtrewater-l  r0ttter ^^   &ft    ^
ing places ar. exceptional.   Ini the mm ^ ^^ ^
beeinniiiK the foolish mustang kioks . .   , "
ui-fciuu, (s o ustonished pony,  with  the runners
iio his  joyous  heels  anil  ourvetts .   .
"r '"    ' * square ��B in n�� trail,  pushing foi-
about, tossing Ins mane in contempt; ^ .q ^^    ^
a this solitary, slow pursuit; but as to thi ...^ ������ q,iSStioc  wh���v ���
ltads. Up hill and down, among
rocks, across streams���where the
pttnies goes, Ihey go, tireless as fate
Genera!  Contractors    and    lluiileK
Maiuifactiirors nnil Dealers in   Doors, s.sh   m.,i,|,i.|,.'��� ���  ��,���./
and all   kinds  nf Build,,,, Mdriul.     Q^ A^SiW^T
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and rii.-tt.ro Frames, ttc
made to ordd'r
UND'EItr.VKING   IN   ALL   FTl   Blf\NC'IIM4.
oal, Hay and Com.
ve entire sale of the celcheated Canmore luiril, lump and mil coal, suit;
busiVbiii'iiers and otln-r stoves.   QBBAT HEATING POWKIt.   MI
CHEAPER THAN WOOD1.     Delivered ai Hev, Istoke, any part
ol town, & '-III; Kamloops $0.00; D'nnilld iJS.OII.    Special
have entire Kale of the celebealcd Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, suitable fo'
quotations for cur lots.     Coal  stoves  Sold   at
wholesale cost   11.iy, outs and bran sold
by riirlo.id or Hiuuller quantities
Yards at Ivamloops and
Di ualil.   Apply'
L.J. EDWARDS -      - D)VALD, l.t.
& Wi
fhe hours wear ou tht dusty plodder,
Sticking iiko n bad hul.it, is lot to
be shaken off, tho fugitives become
icss   BRV.     Thev aobor   dowu   to a   ., ,       ,    , ' ,
i.sB gnj.    iu j At last, broken hi heart aud strougth
walk and are uot so prone to light
aud frivolous eiereises. At the end
of eight hours the wagon drives up ^ umt
and number twoof tho hunters begins his t:glit-hoiir walk. At its
close, number threo assumes the
pursuit aud so, changing tvery
eight hours, tho weary murch ketps
cent dav and   night   sees   tht  pro- .   ^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^_a^^^^
M" u ��� " i , ;':'f:a tai -"���e'pingt.'l   nave  ga utd
gramma  repeated ;   ami   th.   work hju)  lbj>  BDfort���8,fl ,jmen)
continuts until w),hout havmg ha, Thfa u Mt| howw   , ,   M
food or wattr, withouf having closed , , .,
'" ' ,   .     .   , , ls*tse  Aiatricau   Cossacks  are  not
their eyes or rested their tired legs
m&mwmn At 9x9 v? m i iu j i t 9 &t 3 31
AH classes of Lumber on hand loi's'.lo.    Co'iiti'iO in'.; mil huil liiin'.
li. C
Harness ~ and��� Saddle ~ Emporium
���*=JU3T ARRIVED ���
much given to exerting thtmselves
since the bunt began, the starved  anlell driren by ��� bCDM  ,jt*(]u,T    through the medium of her husband
auusloopy  mustangs  totter along ^bon!ll,|ifc capt���,-��� 0r a jjony b, J*,  iiformed Mr. Trtadwell that if h,
nlmoit us Ikdiii us   house   dogs  and
fairly dead on their feet.   When re
dded, a camp r, made near'ton band ! 9uu*!:t m.B cerUl" 1mtU rLu 'Vuul"
mustangs uud  four or live cow
liiul u rich  bed  ol q neksilver,   At
TRUNKS   AO VALISES i ; ladies and gents
finbefl and llltuild'ts, Cui-ry eom's,  Harness'   ���
oil, Horso IiiuhIics,   Whips, Spurs and    I   :
Jlits in gi'ent vnrioiy. !   :
duetdtolhitcondiliou, i��pptd of p0DiM of botloai BDd mettl| ftro ��� I ttrtt he bad little faith in the com
that gay, brisk uaturt which distra- ,Mted fw ,,., ^^    Qf ^^ ^ . muuioistioii, but whet, it was repeat-
nttlt cow pony  has  to carry 160 ,d tw,c* ��flM*8rJ he determined to
pounds of cowboy,  added  to  a 40  invtstigatt,   He hud little trouble
n�� the corral aud drive  them  n s�� pound saddle, and as tht running      in lotmting  the spot of lun.l   where
guiolud tham st  first,   the  bun ers
urn their drooping,  drovsy heads
ftnoaistiogas ibet|
Wheusome.oli.aryhu���tori?.look-   pw  lh#|j|   .^   ,bre9  o(  jmn
il;g to captirea wild horn and has lp0DUf>w., 9tmiMi so ��� tu pe|.[im
no   aid   to   asaist  him,   a   fuverito
meth-od is  '���creasing."   The aas-
to be in a circle, the pursuer  on the   t,:" 'i' r" :""] ""1";l4t,!,1 "'t qnickeil-
outside ha: to rr.n much tho farther.   '"-'r ,>IJ"'1"  '���'���   K��avati��us were
begun, res'iltinK in quicknilvor beiug
found iu immense qualities', Mr.
Treadwell pressed upon ihe huslmnil
of the dupiiited spirit   Iw   uoce, t   a
!D. S. WILSON', Agent at Iievelstoke.
each a rest.
Everything being in   roadintcs,
With his nflt ready ht sprawls iu
his  coveit,   awaiting    the  coming
mnger, binding ihe wattling place of   B/id, aaorniug ligh^tht cowboy who'   shar* "   '"'   |r"at  ,iul"'��. I"lt ''��
the band, pntshimstli in tmhush.  i, to tptn the ball settles bimulf iu I 'vtenuously refined, declaring that
las high Colarailo saddle.and sticking
ns fuel. I nn stiii-iipH, rides out Oli^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
rlown of the ponies. Along towards tbt) piairiv, Ooing straiijht to tbt I wwltl' A ,Mr l^'"ifM visi""' bin
tueclose of the hot afternoon, the baad of irmstau|s, he "outs out" bis ���no''his desirti rn this direotion were
trampling of Hit tager hoofs of tht partiuular ptuy and begins to head : n,sliz,"J- ''"' IBmi) Ml11 eonlinui,,!
tuirsiy bund is hoard. Ltd on by bin away from hit fellows in the
soma wise stallion whose mane and. .-buuok." Rueping a little ou the
tail .wtep the grast und whose saga-   <|)lsjll(, u��� ^ n]n  (U   (;mf,^ ^
gins to turn hisqnarrv so us to make
itooucseinacitcltof perhaps throe
milts in'diumeter, In making this
���ii'-uit Im runiTtrj ch..in to im com.
pinion with the change horses.   Au
nulla eye, while soft uud deep is fail
��-, a cuiitii'iu suspicion, bom of thu ;
��)eiiut)Di>H>ili��8  ol   I'liinrslup,   the)
abut tuailditig down and blind Chen
���rue,   wild   na-iks   to   the   element.
This is the hunters epperrunity. Lbe swings in at a* gallop he stops and
Humsty ��!cct''fl^ Bume younj aiu* Iftitt comrade, alrrady in the saddle,
he hud ample to live upon   until   Im
shoal.l ,i"iu Ins  wife   in   Iho   spirit
to bo worko I and is yielding fubu
lous wealth to its posaessor,
The Kootenay Star,
Divoicil  to   tlio   LUMBEIMNG,  BUitlTESS,  aul AOKCTiL
TiltAli, iiiul especially to tha
1 Irangevillo, Oct, 20, John Car
ney, an I is : ifraxu farmer, has
beeu nn .slug for d've days, II.. Bold
.', I on. i .,i gram Icre. and Willi thu
proceeds started for home, hot tiovei
reached tlmi', although iho i-nn
did, The nn iing i"-nn's friends
thinli he liiii ni' 1 I ul play.
5t)S 0
Kootenay District,
*) \ ' J ?ed !���.. uii I executed in the Lest ttyls, CoiirEer::al wo
a sftoiu ty.   Urij��jV'y iy,!- twttdlj fi'llcdv
h< file  King* of Kilf'fiiiii:
First William, Ihe Norman.,
Then William, his son,
Henry, Stephen, and Henry ;
Then Richard and John,
Next Henry, the Third.
Edwards, one, two and three,
And again after Richard
Three Henrys we see.
Two Edwards, third Richard;
If rightly I guess.
Two Henrys, sixth Edffartl;
Queen Mary; tjjntcn li ss,
Tb-m Jamie, the Scotchman,
Then Charles, whom they slew,
Yet received after Ci oh) well
Another Charles', too,
Next James, tlio Second,
Ascended the throuo,
Then good tVillitini und Mary
Together came on,
Till Anne, Oeorg.-s four,
And fourth William nil pass,
God sent Queen Victoria,
May she long be the last;
��l.i BgBB i sea
Windsor, "ot. ��G.-The ensfoms
I officers her�� have been ordered to
collect duty en nil sporting imide-
ment nf American spo Ionian coming
to Canada for a day's shoot. Hitherto Ihe custom h.i" been to require a
depo-it of u sniull sum which was
refunded when tbe sportsuica re-
crossed Ibe aiver,
Reading, Pa., 20.-Early Ibis
ihorniug two masked men intered
the residence of Mrs. AmiiUila D^eb-
Icr, a wealthy widow, residing on
the outskirts of Lebanon, and de
founded her money. Sbe refused,
when tbey set upou her with a knife
and brutally stabbed her in ten
pla'-es ou her head, besides cutting
her on lie? tiody and arm1'. Tho
woman resisted and a terrible fight
ensued, until finally, scared by her
screams, tho men dashed out of the
window ami escaped wfttfbh't getting
her cash. Tbe struggle with her assailants took place in Mrs.   Do
  ^^_ -.lucre
AreweNcnrliiffaUcvolutioii? 8leiT1D8 >nna, and this had the ap-
  pearaneeufu  regular  slaughtering
���.,      . , ,  ,.       ,     , l,eu-   Tll�� woman is not expected
Ther. is a general feeling abroad to live many hours,   The assailants
Hat tbe stream isdrawiug near a cat-1 have no, yrt llfeu gfw|Mji
en.i-t now, anil  tlieie  art  apparent
grounds for   the  surmise.   This  is
ewrjwberoin the social frame au
(���iilwiird unrest, which as   usual  iii
tbe sign of   funtumenlal change
^ilbih,   bid creeds have given way.
'1 be mastes, the artisans especially,
1 uve ceased to believe that the ex-
Mine  order  of   society,  with  its
guide of rank and wealth, is a divine
wdinunre ngnir't which it is vaiu to
filial.   Tbey have ceased to believe
in a future stale, tbe compensation
il those   whose   lot  is  hard   here.
Ci evinced that this world is all, aud
that Ihoro is nothing more tn como,
i.bej wutitat once to grasp thur share
(.f ei joymiut.   the   labor  journals
are  full of   this   thought,   Social
M Since, if it is to luke the place of
iel'gii n as u conservative force, has
not yet developi'd'ilsi,-lf or taken firm
bold  of the  popular  mind.    The
rivalry  factions    aud  demagogues
have almost everywhere introduced
universal  suffering,      'lbe   poorer
; asses are fn-shh possessed of po'iti-
Al Les Angeles, California, a lady
went to a photograph gallery recently uiid to.ik tho position for a picture. The photographer threw his
cloth ever bis head to arrange ths
focus, when be started with flight at
w hat appeared to be tbe apparition of
u lady dressed in grave clothes, with
ontsti etched arm and beckoning fin-
ger standing by her side. Five times
was the picture taken, each t'liir nlth
the same result. The la ly wus then
shown the five plates, und nearly
fainted, for there stood the figure of
a person who had been very dear to
her, but who had recently died. The
portraits of the dead and living are
i-.v.uet and star'iibg, and although tbe
lady is not superstitious, tha affair
bus worn on her nerves until she has
become ser'otfsly ill.
The "American" G rl.
She "guesses" und she "crilcitlcleBi'
she wears all sorts of ei llurr.,
Her Ja-Iow hair is tot wialw'dt slispi-
cion of ,a dye J ,,
Her ''pupa'' it a dull old man who
tinned pork iuto dollars;
But every one admits that sin's indubitably spry.
Sbe did Home in a swift two days,
gavo hulf Iter lime to Venice,
But Vows that (ihe saw everything,
although in nnfu) haste ;
She's fond of dancing, but she seems
to light shv of lawn tenuis,
BtOUUse it might endanger the proportions of hor wuist.
Her manner might be wa-U defined as
elegantly skittish |
Sho loves a lord lid ob\) ii republican
!       cm do ;
Aud quite (he best of titles she's
persuaded aro the British,
And well sub knows the Peeregc, for
she reads it through and through,
She's be-diamonded superbly, shines
like u constellation,
You scarce Cue fi^e her fingers for
the ifiultitude of rings;
She's just a shade too conscious, so
it seems, of admiration,
With irritating tendencies to wriggle when she sings.
She owns she is "Amnr'can," and
her accent io alarming ;
Her birthplace bus an awful name
you pray yeu may forget;
Yet after all we own "La Belle Amer-
ciiue" is charming,
So let iis bo t she'll win at last her
long-sought coronet.
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
WM. KiliKUP & CO,
3r.aa.ta   ware,  and    Damp   Goals.       Tin,   Copper ,���j    g ,���,, Ir0l;
Ware m,de to order,    ftm AM iv ,ft gaarantae I.   ���0, lors pro aptly
intended to,
b; c;
111 orders by mail of
express pr, mptly
All   descriptions of
gol'd arfit Stiverwa>e;
He Surprised Eliza.
John Roberts, of North ��ast; ia a
farmer well enough to  do,   but  be
nl   power,  ami   have    couceivi d jllaii a!*��ya beeu eccentrit abent his
t Mindless nblibis  of   the changes | ���ilbthes,   Until a week ogo be  bad
inch, by   ���ai-rcising  it,  they may j aot been known to buy a UCw suit of
-'- '������ '��������� ���'  '     "''������  > clothes for yea'fs.   Th'. onea he wore
had been so often patched and re-
patched that no bit of the original
wurpand woof was viaibl ; Th'fs
personal slovenliness on the part of
her husband was a source of constant
annoyance to Mrs. Roberts, who is a
fake iu tin ir own favor. They are
just ih that twilight education in
which chimeras stalk. This concur
r net of tociul and economical with
p.'litical and nligious involution has
i.'.liiiya been  fraught with  dange-
Ihe governing
; Unnerved b}
Hume's Bnildiug, Revelstoke. B. f;
General Merchants.
b. c;
fii fhe W0UlfU ��' exceptional nsaluets
Skepticism, have   lobt   faith   ;u   iiio, f >.-���w umhibh.    QUO
older which they represent, and ire ' '""S 8I�� became se ashamed of nis
.,-,      .        .............    .1.1..   ....   -       amit.iU'iinm, l).ul .Wa ......'.'.'l 1  -_   l	
inclined to precipitate abdication
N n mtmbors of them, partly from
i-hilftuabfOjrjj partly from vanity,
partly perhaps fibm fear, are playiug
Ihe demagogue and, as thoy did in
Fiance dally iug with the revolution,
'jho ostentation of wealth has
stimulated to a dangerous pitch envy
vhich has always been one tht most
powerful elements *f revolntior.
This is not the place to cast the hoio
scope 6f society. We stay, after al'
be exaggerating the gravity of tbe
l-iisis, Tbt lirbt of Muy passed
without bringing anymore porton.
tons lhan an epidemic of strikes,
vhich t!)6hgh very disastrous, as
tbey sharpen and embitter class an-
iagoiiism, are not in themselves at-
tenifjis.to subvert'socicty, Much is
called socialism and luksn as ominous of revolution which is merely
appearance that sht would no longer
accompany bini to town to do her
trading. This singular charaiteri stio
to the farmer wus net owing to penu-
riousness, for bo is a liberal man in
ull bis dealings.
A few days ago ho went to town to
do a little trading, and, te tha alter
astonishment of tbe lown, ht purchased a new suit of clothes for bit-
siIf. His ntw dollies wert done up
in a package, and lit placed the
package on tht wagon seat beside
him when ha started for home that
night. It was a dark nidit. Farmer Roberts hud gtt half way when a
brilliant idea struck him, Ht
stopptd bis hor.-:e on a bridge whtrt
the road runs across tbe e.ut branch.
'I'll do it, by gum.'ht said. 'I'll do
it and su'priso Eliza.'
Thertupon the farmer rost np in
Steamers Deafest,- Marios * Peht
Str.   Duchess  leaves  Golden for
Windermere and wav points every
Monday at no'c'n, (a'n'd off Thursdays
Alien EU'fSuienii inducements offer) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednes
day, i p. m.,
Tourist tickets 86 for round trip.
Agents, Golden, B, C.
, Having Our own ti ck
solion mum.
(Close toO. P. Rv Depot/
tbt extension bt the action of the j the wugtn and begau to take off the
government, witrly or unwisely, | patched and reputcbod clothes he
over new portiontef its present Held ' had worn so long. As ht removtd a
and perbuim does not deservt the garment he tossed it into the creek
treaded name so much as our (ami-: until be bad tossed thorn all in, and
liar Sunday law. The crash, if it I had notbiuf on but bis thirt,
come, may not be universal; things I 'Great apple suss!" he exjlaimtd.
nay not tverwhere take the sumo ' But won't Eliza be su'prised.'J
course, Wealth iu some countries,! Thou Farmer Rjherti reached for
v.'lien Seriously alarmed, may con-1 the package thut bad bis new cluihtri
���ei'! itself itvtb military power, of [in It was'nt on tht seat. Tht
which tht artisan:) nave little and ; package wasn't thero. Then ht ftlt
may turn  the scale  in  its  favor.   "'��� uv"tu* bottom  of  tht  wagon.
Ibongh social science is as yet unde-1 fh" ��*rkT W88'" "',het�� 0D thB
,,',..���. ,      J I bottom,   rarmsr Roberts rose up in
volbped, intelllgeuot hos more or-1 tbe wtig0B ��nd toukeJ buck along tha
gans aud an increasing hold.   Tin i piteh-Uurk road,
present may  after  all  glido  moi'tl    Then he climbed in bis scat,  and
-..i'.i..i ii'���_ -.��� n.i.i. ...... ik. j..._���    away tht horses went for home. The
cuiiiy than we think into tbe future.
Still there is a crisiB. We have had
the Ptri.-iun Commune, the Spanish
InliiinsieiiilcH, niliili'iii, anarchism.
It fii uot a time for pitying titk
wrll fire.
night was chilly, and there were
thieu miles to go. When Farmer
Koocrts reaohed home and climbtd
out ol his wagon ho paused.
'The hull niea didn't Work," said
lis, 'hut I'll hot niao dollars thut I
au'piise Eliztl1
i    Thut he aid no ono  doubts,   but
Tin nlighitg Du) is November 5,  when ho got op in the morning and
���ana��� , Went out lo ths  barn   dud  in   tho
It isnl agreeable to   band  ono   Ol   niT��(tmaD'��'Overalls;   and   saw   his
your jokes  to  tbe  foramen of tie,  CsfelTttlilfn!111!^
��        ��� . ,        . .        ,   - Its siring on the brake handle at tht
niijiHig inn. u:d line  l,n. ask i aide of ?h�� wagon, he was a little aur-
How n.cny limip it Ibil to go in?       prised himsdf.-N. Y. Sun.
A. C LAWSON, M. A. Ph. D��� F.
G. S.A.
(Late of the Geological Survey of
Consulting Geologist, Mines, quar-
ries, and mineral deposits of al
kinds examined and reported on.
Economic problems investigated and
information furnished. Whtt'h'ani
Block, Vancouver, B. C. 1
Note.���Mineral Bpecimonssent to
Dr. Law son will bo placed on publio
exhibition. 00
P. 0, Address, .Nelson, J. 0,
Capacity iW.OOO' feet per day. Planor
shingle nia'chiue, eto. All kinds ol
lunrbor on band, During the season
el 1850 lumber will bo, delivered at
any of the landings on tht luipj
j greatly reduced prices.
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Pfo'vi&ious.
We carry a scloot and complete stock: of gent's fur'uishia^s, lalioj, gouts,'
and children's hoots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines, toilet,
requisites uiid ready-made clothing.   A   largo  uadji'tmeul ol pipes,
tobacco, cigul'cllci), imported uud domestic uigalM,  ti'UTts',' I'uDU'/; etc.
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and1 dressed lumber, aud Other gjjdtf
loo numerous to mention, at modurulo prices, _   ���
Toltphaae f��BimunioaHnn.'
Fred. Hume & Co,
. B   (J
Rerdstake       -     ������    ��     -
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer iin Dry Goods Groceries,' Provisions
Canned��� Goods, HirdrVira J&to-
The Stock in' every Department is Cull itfd Complete auif (he Publio wilt
Hud it to their advantage to calf aud
lasfftct   Gddis, aind��  Compare Prices**
D.IXAI.D,  13, C,
Gl ACIKB X.ODQE. No, 51.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wed.
nesdnys eiioa month,
.Matter,   J, S, Babbitt,
Hcc'y,   W, F. Ogilvie.
Finc'r.   Ai-giis McLean.
Journal Ag't. E, A. Chiis'py, Kaiu-
oops, U, C,
Poinild  Notes,
George C, Runt, tbe onterpviiiincr
��� |,     , ,,     ,, ,      ,    r     ..       jnc piiiuic.iriPPting ealled   by tlie
Dweller of Donald, hat beeu-quite  ,,    ,' ,   ,���'   , ,,   .        ,     ,
��� ,,      , ., , ,.     Revels efee lo ol Abstinanoe.Booiety
audi, and   nn 'or   the  cure   of Dr. '
Temperance    -Hoetiny.
The public,meeting colled   by I
Doxalp, 1). C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hull,
Muster,   Arthur Randall,
Secretary,   Joseph Calliu.
Collector,   Goo 13 Govott, Box 49,
Receiver,  James Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   H J McSorlov.
riyitte Service will bp held in the
Rcvolbtokp Church every Sunday ovo-
ning at 7 ;80, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church Ministers. Spoceinl uu-
iiounciiiicnt will bo made each week
iu the Star.
Sunday School nnd Biblo Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
mo coulially invited to attend.
Campbell for several days,
About four hundred woodsmen are
employed in the various luuibor, tie
and timber camps, between the Dealer and Blaeberry rivers.
Miss Kiniptuu, who has beeu for
BsveraJ years at tho head of the domestic departments of ths Selkirk
House, has resigned the position,
and gouo to Windermere with her
brother Dun Kiinpten, who takes
charge of Ruf. Kiuipton's new store
at that place. Miss Steen, sister of
the proprietor of the Selkirk House,
takos churga of its domestio depart'
James McDonald and Mr. Rattan
are the real contractors on the Donald Court House. Tha frame is up
and the roof is ou, The cedar qsed
in obtained ut lievelstukt, and the
Other qualities from the Columbia
River Lumber Co. at Reaver. Tho
building wiil kavo a ceiling of cedar
A young man in MrKenzie's tie
camp No. 4, had his arm accidentally cut off bttwten tbo wrist and elbow on Monday lust. Ht fell across
a stick his brother was hewing, and
tho axe happened to come down in
full force at that unlucky moment,
Ah Puu..', the N 1 Chinaman, whose
arm was so badly mangled at thi Saw
Mil1, uud wh i refused tu have H unipu'
lilted, although warned Ibat morlilioa'
ti m would set in und his life, ja getting
well i-nough to do light work about the
mill, und will soon be mil again,
Two families of Culvil]e Indians thn
have been camped on M.-Altinc Lined,
Constable J. Kiikup rtlurned to
Sprout early thia week.
A. Driscoll, D, L. S��� is in town
again, making surreys for tht Do
minion Gorerumout.
At the Smelter, during tht week,
the Sampling Workt have treated 40
tons of cue icceivid from Golden.
We arc informed that tht coutrac
tor for building tbe Steamer Go's,
Hotel will tely for lumber on the
lieveUioke Lumber Company.
E S. Wilitna took the steamer yei-
terilay for Sprout, thenee he will go
to Ainsworth and give personal tup-
trvy-ion to bis biiiui.ss thtre during
the ��i,uts;.
Mr. J. A. Sinclair, rtceivod a
purs of $5(1 from the people among
on Tuesday last was a most sseocss-
fnl gathering.   The chair wai taken
by Mr Thos.  Lewis,  president of ���
Ihe bpci*-ly and   proo��edings were i
commenced by Rev, J, Turner who!
coadueted   devotienal ourtiM.   A iiK1V0 ''"l""''"1 iu tl,eir caaolia r��r Jo,vn
,   ,,  ,��� ,     .���                        , riverhnutincgrounds,
snort but lulBrcstjng iirogramme of j m.UMmMJUUlu.''Su  -���������������
misioand reflations was rendered I" " ~      "
by the church choir, Jirs. Creel-
mini. Mit-s Irvine, Miss Robson,
Miss Hattie Lee and Messrs Barber
und Lee, A paper was read by Mr.
Robson advocating tho principle i f
tuliil ubstiuriice for the individual
and prohibition for tht country,
after which an opportunity was
given those present to take the
pledge when 36 did so nnd became
members of tlio society. An section of offiet bearers for the ensuing
six moutliB then took place, when
the following w.ire cltcled.
Mr. Rnhson President.
Mr. Bradford., 1st Vim-President.
Mr. Lee 2nd Vice-President,
Mies Kirkup Recording Sec.
Miss Irvine..Oorrtspouding Sac.
Mr. The/,. Leivis .Chaplain.
Down ltiver News.
l\Ir. Hoover at Trail Cnek is put:
ting in supplies to work a few men
on bis plaim nil winter. He was ir-
ttnding to shif> out a quantity of oro
to Spokane Falls, but waa not able
lo got the sacks in time.
E. S. Topping has gone oat to
Spokane Fulls with the intention of
bonding his claim.
Mr. Ktnus, owner of tbe Bonanza
Miue near Colville, cumo up to Trail
Creek ou the steamer this week to
muke arrangements for working thu
claim which he owns in partnership
with Mr. S,prin,ger.
Encouraging reports com,o in from
this camp, The uhiuu owneis are
genorully preparing to continue development duriug cold Weather.
Carpenters from Portland came iu
this week by way of Little Dalles to
commence work on tht new cteauier
Upper  Kootonny News.
John H. Sooloy. and Mri>. Sciley,
who have boon spending tbe suumor
at Weaver Creek, Upper Kootenay
on his hydraulic mine,have returned
to Revelstoke to spend the wilder.
He reports having hud fair sucooei
in miuing.
David Griffith was cleaning up his
hydraulic claim at Wild Horse Creek,
ami was doing well.
Some largo and rich China companies on tho Wild Horse, who have
succeeded White miners, are having
good success. At times there are
ptrhaps ICO, of these people in thu
variont aaaps,
The Perry Creek Mining Co.,
olostd in June, and it is not known
when, (key will start again,
Thero are sotae new quartz di��-
cevorits reported between tbo head
quarters of Wild Horse and Bull
River, in the Rocky Mountain,   Dale
Notieo is heroby given that tbe Partnership heretofore existing between 0.
II, Allen and Thomas Righton, as Brewers, in the town of llnvalstose, curriod
on under tho firm name of 0. II, Allen
il Co.. lias tiain day been dissolved by
nniii.i...,,,,,...., ���aggntjf
W A.Jowm.        T.L.H..,,
Not uy Pub io
; O V E. r T & H A G-
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of S its,
Mining Hinds, etc.. driwi ipjHwtl
and Accounts Oillacted; Mining   Olnitus  Bought and
sold; Assessment work
on Miuing Claims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied  for,   Etc.,  Etc., Etc,
Lots on Townsito of Uevelstolce for Sda
and Wanted,     Agents for Milling
Machinery, Etc,
0. J. Branch
REVJ3fi8TOp, B.C.
Brick and Stone Mason, Plasterer
nnd   Kalsnminci'.   All  work done
mutual consent.   Thomas Righton ram-   promptly and to satisfaction,  Con
tinnes the business, pays all liabilities,
and collects all account;; duo tho said
firm. ���     O, H, ALLEN,
Witness���J. W. Thomson.
RevelstoKe, Oct. 17th, 1890,
tract work solicited.
Building" & Contracting'
The co,pp��r mine at Windermere
is  beiug worked  by tho Spokane,
which Ike Co, will build al  Nelson.
Mr. Stevenson, who   hns charge   ol   and Parish are the disootorors.
tho construction, wus amoug them,
Fred, Willic,��so.u ,a brukemuu bi;
tbtC.iK.il., wiia mukiug  up ai
train at Spr.oat on Monday' evening, j tails parties who renontly took hold
when ho wus struck iu the chest by I 0f it.   It ia rtpovted tu  b*  looking
a projecting timber, which crushed I     n
him into a space ol four inches,   It
wus at first belieTeil bis injuries were | Ornpi in both the Upper Columbia
(atid, but be is now recovering. He ! and Kootenay Valleys havo been
came up on the Lyltou. and w.ill go ; wry f00(1 tbis B0US0,,$ Consider-
to the Kiimleops Hospital, , b,    ,1:intiti���8 of. Mta ftnd 1)avl,T
A workman  on the railway, sick I     ...      .   .      .      .    .
with lbe i.i,i,iiii im fever, arrived   uu
wtiiim he preaelmil at Salmon  Arm
Shuswap, and Kamloops, a fluttering I wi?l\ tke"iaioTutaiu feVer.'irrivJd "on I aad 8" Tari��tiea ��Jt0uts have yield-.
and substantial testimonial tf  their, the steutner, and went uu to the bos-  ed abundantly,
regard for him. pital at Donald,                                 Many ranohors lost a largo parotic
���.   ,             , ,     ���    ,     ... Mrt. Krofer, and her sister, Miss            '     .         ,   ,         .
We hear that John Boyd and Mrs. jarrett, tame in from Sproat op  th, : tags of ihtir stock last winter, the
BjiiI,  of Illecillewaet,  tire, going way outto Vancouver.                      Indians etueoially,  but everything
Hurry tleber! a.-r-.vc.l frwa Nelson
and itiien.ls going, i;own to one of the
ijonud cities till ueit sprijig.
d,jwn to the Frasi r lliver Vulloy to
stay th,o f.nowy mouths with Tom
B-iin ami family ou their raaoh,
Fred. Wells, of the mining firm ol
Wells, Aylmei k Pal'^pk, Golden,
lias been iu town this week, overlooking the town, and attemiing to tht j    Count Dillon, [Bonlanger'saastci-.j
ai'upling of his shipment uf oro to   cte  passed through ubie on tbe iJJ
tht Smelting Co. 1Dst-. eD r0!:t�� Uj! "ie coast
J, M. Browning, Mrs, Browning,
Coustroctiou on the new  steamer aDj  R,T, ��j,, McLaren,  panted
i r Kootenay  Luke   has   begin   in j throtgh here on their way noiae  out
Glacier Hmi.se.
[Corrttpondenct of tbe Star.
in the stock line is now looking well,
A email sUamboat which was built
at Tobacco Plaiai laat year, did uot
have power sufficient tu stem the
steep enrrents of Kootenay Kiver, and
was bought by N, Iiuunon and taken
over to Windermere, aud will be
used by him in his lambering business.
i urnest. Three good men have gone
down from llevelatuke, ��. Fletcher,
bi^jh 11 us uml Raymond Allen,
Ch.irles AWahaiuaon his returned
from the ranch of Abrabaasoa riros.
ni Siiliuua Arm, where ho. bus spent
ttveral weeks milking iaiprovemtnta
Altx. McBaa aul   Swan  Anderstn  oo*>paniad    y  'j.
have rauohts in the same locality.
F. C. Gamble, G ivtrnmtnl I' gl
i.cer, male  a ttipdown the  river  Itft for Toronto oo the 24tb inst., (I
this week, to tha  place  wbtrt  Iho  I'gi'tad wilb their trip to the ceasi
��� :t.>; dam i.i being built, ami nr.lor-
tbe 23rd inst,, having had u very eo
joyablo trip east.
Prof, Dawson left h^re for Ottawa
on the 23rd in.t.
lUv. 13, T. Buxton, ol TVura, Ecg
lyd, and ths Mis-'-. Thomson and
Bander came in from B niT, on the
-3rii inst., on their way ' i Japan.
The Britiih Faru tr D^legatea, r.c
H, ' iuijilisll, ol
from the eoa !
ou thi- 24th . itt
M Sweetmao, anl Dr. Bwoftman,
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
li igned i'ii.I endorsed "Tenders
for i. trd i'" . ii. ('..ni. en, ( ook
tioiiie ". - darn kJ Men's Quarters,
al Artillery Barraoba ' i I -ia, 11.
- ... I-.... al tbisofHoe nn
til Tuoi lay, 18th November, 1890,
for tho several worgs reriuired in the
. rection of  Ouurd  fi. u b, Cai)teen,
E, II. Orindrod, tejegrapl   usjieo   ' ,,"i' ""   ' ' ���   ��� ; 'l!";'   Q '."
| tor, waa here again ou lit iCi* met    '"'   "' Artillery Barracks, Victoria,
t'dtivwm.re meu to bo employed, an(j i8|t f0r home on tho lolbwing  '���'������'
stakiug 21 in ill, day, Specif] can be seen nl the
In rcferrin" list week fo the Rtv-     George R, Stewart,and Mr* Bttw-  OopHrtmeut of Pnblio Works, Otta
|art, of PitUbargb, Penn., Left here  wa, and at the office of F, C. Gamble,
' . E' '< ictoria, B. C��� on and nfter
Mondar,27th (Jclobor, 1890,and ton-
 i. idored  uulcss
n.. J- -'i. "' tipplied, aud ��� good
i .,.. I bi a. ��� is ignatures of ti uder
An accepttd bunk clu que, | arable
to the ofdei o{ the Jlinieter of Pub
lie Workt, equal to five per cent, of
.i i ���. in of tender, run I acoon pany
each tender, I hi i rjlii cjiio vill bo for
fi Ited if ii..- party declines tho con
tract, or fail to oomploto tho wor,k
 tracted for, and will be re id
in -���' i. of imii nnooptnnoo of tonder,
Tlm Dapnrtmeul .1  t)ol hind ;i
self to aooepl the lowcw' or nny teu
dor, Uy i.i-.i.",
A. lilillKII,,
Di'pnrtmonl of Publio Works,
Ottawa, [llth 0:tober, I8l)0,
tlstokt mfDhunts having uteres m | on ti��� 2(lih for San Francisco, Ceil.
{Southern Kootenay, we had mora es I   B Lawrence, the Montreal   ipti
I eciully in mind  the  general   mcr   cian, was hero nn tlio2o'tii list, on
chants.  Messrs.   GHktr  k   Wella fhi�� ����y lionitv from tbo oooBt,
.   ,, Itoht. B'llfour's   genul   fate   wai
deserve men iou in   huaanit ennneo    ���, .   i ..     o.'.e  ���
, set'j here on the 20th  lust., on   his
tion, as having stores at both Nelson way, east, on a tour of inspection ol
and Revelstoke, carrying special the bridges of the Regina aud Long
lines of goods-Clothing, gents fur  Lake ftailyoa^d, after which ho will
��� , ���        ... , , ! i/o to Montreal
liishi;,BS.st,it,���,.ery,f���noygood.i,etc,lKM|M A_  ^ ^ ,,
Tho following rodtiotioii of Foes for
Assaying, as from tho 1st proximo, has
been ordered by tho Hon. Minister of
Tests for single samples, for gold, silver,
lend, or copper, to bo made
for ��1,150 each,
Two or more samples,     "    S1.00 each.
tVf all other tests, a pra^'t-ionij reduction haa been orderwi
W. !���'. McCULLOOH,
515b Aesavor,
jroasar o. HiiYJi),
Miuing   Broker, (hvivuission
Noiiirv Publio, ko, ko,
In Stock.-���Mining Powders, Fuse ami
Caps, Miner's Tool;?, Stool aud  Ci-np
Outfits, 3tf
Corner Front and Hanson Sts.
Sittiugs of tho County Court of Kootonay will be held,
At Farwell, on Wcdnesdav, 30th July,
AsDonaM, ob Friday, 1st Aug., 1890.,
At Nelson, on.Friday,,gjJiiif Aug,, 1890.
At Farwell, on Monday, 3rd November, 1890,
At Donald, on Wednesday, 5th November, 1890.
At Nelson, ou Thursday, 13th Novom-
bor. 1890.
By Commandt
Provincial Socrotary.
Provincial Secretary's Oilijo,
10th July, 1890, E15t
Ad Mining Claims, other than Mineral
Looalious, legally held In ibis District,
under th - Mineral Act, 1884and Amendments, may bo laid over from 15th day of
October till l,ho 1st day of Juno next,
1891, subject to tho provisions of IhuBiiid
Act und Amendments,
���il A. I'. CUMMIN'S,
Gold, Commissioner,
lioii.'il.l, Rant Kootonny,
. oulembor 29th, [890,
Knild Suti.lo, a mining, oiipiiulist,
Who bus bn I the ��xpei'i��nr:fl ut several Venn in Nsw / aland,now o/ Lon-
don, K ig., was here on Thursday.
Meeting Nil .Times Grant in Qt(awa,
be becanje imbued with that gentle
jfi u's tutliusiatiu for tin illeoillo
aC'iel, mines, uu.l bus pnrtbused fiorn
iss A. Iii)OX, tlio tiloouttoni it,
was here oi) lilt 2'lih i'utt,, on her
rbtHrn east, having oompluttd her
tour lo the const,
J. ClsniontH, Mrs, Clements, and
daughter of \[*iicouytr^, passed h��r��
on tho 2/lih inst.., en.'.lieii' way 'o To
ronto, Montreiil un.l uiher eatttrn
Frank Fletcher, of t
i puitninit of th-i  C. V. It.
y.Iter -v:vtt and Areb.t CUtholm, a tllfl ,iuB ������ |h(, m ,���,_
>*��, 1''.t��reilt 'r1..'"8 (-'M Cart, Octohijr 80lh.
Land, De
���rei.i   ii.
Notieo is hereby given thpl the Rov.el
stoko .Miinii;.; C'oinpauy b is fyled the
u, iry papors, and made npplioatiou
for a Crown Grant in favor of the minor
ul claim known as the " Number Ouo,"
situated nt tho Hot Springs, Kootenny
I (iko,
Adverse olaiipants, if anv, aro requested io forward Ibeir o -j wtioui tone, with
si .ly d.tya from date of publioation,
83 GoldCWr,
revelstoke, Oct, 8th, lS9.il
Abhahamson BB1S.
pi. )p;iict m
13. O.
First class in every respect | Nenrest
hotel to 0 1' ll d'ipot nn I Htoi.n').)!
landing, between post o'Hio aul rjv,
bnildinga, Coach to aul from dopitt,
and steamboat. Firo proof Safe for the,
accommodation of its customora.
F. MoOabmv   -    ,   -   -    Prop
First olass Tompsrausc Hon in,
IJ'lAIiD    AXD    laOUOIXS,   $3   PUR    v732K,
meatis, 25o.    nuns 25).
This hoiol is sii'.vitoiicom'eoi mtto th��
Rltition, is co..JU'tal;iy  (iwuished and
affords first class iiceouyiiodutio.i.
rTllin'I.V  t'Hts'i'-OI'ASS.
lEV��LSro,<��     -
3. C
W. Cowan, Prop.   II, Hubert,Olerc,
li'oo.ras well u,l tended;, tn.bli.-8 nnex.,
celled.   Wines and  liquors guuran
toed    of ll    hi;li    qiliilily,      Fjco  1^
sample room. Telephone communication wilb (J. P. If. depot. Fire,
prool vault for tbo con von ion oo of
guests.   .Buss meets all- trains.
it.ansient b^tes
run UAI
-the -
Tbe largest and most oenjtral Hotel in,
the city ; good aec'iuuuxhitioii ; every-
ijiiniriibw ; table welj supplied ; b.irnndt
billiard room attiiohod i lire prowl" Bate
Stockholm Hous
The dining room is furnished  with th*,
best tho market affords,
Tho bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines, liquors and cigars,
Jas. Liberty,


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