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The Kootenay Star Jan 3, 1891

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Array I
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$4 |%ff%# #MrAM
y 1 1 11 11 r iS 811 I I
St,:.V o-..t3K* 'v.. r. r. ssKfrai: r-.v iT��rrK3mw��tt3a*aiy.v��;��e''*inoBSZTBirxt ft'zskttK
I-.j r.
Notice in hereby given that Application will be made to the Parliament if
Canada, at its next session, for an Act to
incorporate the International Railway
nnd Steamboat Company of Canada, to
construct a railway : Commenoing at a
point on the tilth parallel of north latitude, where the Kootenay lliver Hows
north into British Columbia; tliouoo
northerly along the valley of thut river
diid of Kootenay LtlKO, to the north end
of tho said Lako; thenoe wostorly through
ih;' Lardo Pubs ; thence northerly along
Hie valleys of the Columbia River to the
Boat l-'.iiciiinpinenl ; Ihe Canoe lliver to
tlie Tote .Inline Cache; thoFrnscr River
1 o its northerly bend, and thonoebytha
I'loiit feasible route to Lake Francis; and
thenoe to nnd along the valley of tlm
Telly or Yukon River, lo the eastern
boundary of Alaska; With power lo
build branches ; also to own, construct,
charter and navigate steamboats nnd other vessels, on all navigable waters with
which railway connection may bo made ;
nnd to construct, own, leaso aud use
docks, warehouses, grain elevators and
other woi'Ks for facilitating transportation upon said waters.
52 Solicitors for Applicants,
Ottawa, 12th December, 1890.
All Mining Chdms, other than Mineral
Locations, legally held in this District,
under the Mineral Act, 1884 nnd Amendments, may he laid over from loth day of
Ootober till the 1st day of June nest,
181)1, subject to the provisions of the said
Act nnd Amendments.
31 A. P. CHIMIN'S,
Cold Commissioner,
Donnld, East Kootonnv,
September 29th, 1890,
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislature of the
Province of British Columbia, ut its next
session, for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of constructing,
equipping and operating a tramway or
railway between the navigable waters of
the Columbia River and the Kootenay
lliver, or between two or more navigable
portions of the Columbia River between
Golden nnd the headwaters of said
lust name! river, nud between said last
named river and Golden, and fur the purpose of owning, controlling and navigating steam or other vessels on the Columbia iiiver.iiinl the constrnctiou,equippiug
end operating telegraph or telephone
line,; between Golden und tho Kootenny
liiver. villi power to build,equip and
operate tramways or aerial ways to nny
mine or mines in the vicinity of the Colutn'
bia lliver, wilb power lo said company lo
acquire lnnds, land grants, and bonuses
in aid thereof, nnd to make traffic and
other arrangements with other companies
in connection with said works or any of
them, und for all other usual and uedesury
powers, rights and privileges,
63 Solicitors for Applicants,
Victoria, 17th December, WO.
Q- $��� ��& XSttffl   ff-O&S
Going Ei
g Wost.
No. 2
No. 1
13:00 Lu
Vancouver   Arrive 14:25
North Bend
bpeuce's Bridge
12:15 Ar
rive    Glacier
Donald    Depar
t   11:45
Notice is heroby given that application will be made to tho Legislative As
lomlilv of the Province of British Co
lumbia, at its next session, for an Act for
tho purpose of constructing, maintaining, equipping and operating Water
Works ut tho Town of Nelson, in tho
Kootenay District, in said Province, and
for the purposes thereof granting to the
Company tlio privilege of taking water
from Iho Cottonwood-Smith Creek, the
Ward Creek, and other suitable points,
with power to tho Company to build
Humes and aequoduets, lay pipes, erect
dams, acquire hinds uud do all things
necessary for tbe purposes aforesaid.
50        *    JOHN CAMPBELL,
Solicitor for Applicants,
��� Dated December 13th, lti'dO.
Notice is heroby given that Application will bo made to tbo Parliament of
Canada at its next session, for in. Act to
incorporate the Northern Transcontinental Railway Company of Canada, to con-
struct ti railway ; Comnieueiug at Prince
Albert on tho North Saskatchewan River, thenco westerly to the wesl end of
Luke Athnbasca ; Iheuco northerly and
westerly along the Great Slave lliver and
Luke, to the poiul whero the Muekeuzie
River Hows from Great Slave Lake ;
thenco along the valley of tbo Mackenzie
River to its junction with tho Riviere mix
Li.'irds ; thenco along the valley of tbe
latter river to Dense River and Lime, and
theuce by the valleys of the Tiiuzilla und
StiKene Rivers and to tho easterly boundary ot AlusK.it, with power to shorten
the lui.in line wherever pusses may be
found, ami to build branch lines ; also to
own, construct, charter and navigate
steamboats and other vessels on all navigable watorawith which railway connection nitty be nittiio; und to construct,
own, lease nnil use dooits, warehouses,
grain elevulors, and othor worKs Tor fa-
eilitiiling transportation upon said waters, GEMMILL & MAY,
51 Solicitors tor Applicants
Ottawa, 12fh December. 181)0,
|[L.S.]      HUGH NELSON.
VICTORIA, by tho (trace of God, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland,'Queek, Defender of the
Faith, &o��� &c, &c.
To Our faithful lbe Members elected to
serve iti lh" Legislative Assembly
of Our Province of British Columbia��� GUEETIXO.
Attounev-Gexeiial, 5 We are desirous
and resolved ns soon as may be, to meet
Our people of Our Province of British
Columbia, uud to have their advice in
Our Legislature,
NOW KNOW  YE,  that  for divers
causes and considerations, aud taking into consideration the ease and convenience
of Our loving subjects, We have thought
ht, by mid with the advice of Our Executive Council of the Proviuco of British
Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by
these presents enjoin you, and each of
you, that ou Thursday, the fifteenth day
of January, 1801, you meet L's iu Our said
Legislature or Parliament of Our said
Province, tit Our City of Victoria, POR
treat, do, net, and conclude upon those
things which iu Our Legislature of tbe
Province of  British Columbia, by  the
Common Couueil of Our said Province
may, by the favour of God, bo ordained,
lx Testimony \\ HEREOF, We have caused these Our Letters to be made
Patent and the Great Seal of tho
said Province to lie hereunto affixed ;   Wir.Ni.ts, ihe Honourable
Hfoii Nelson, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Proviuco of British Columbia, iu Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province, this
Twentieth day of December, iu
the year of Our Lord oue thousand eight hundred and ninety,
uiid iu the fifty-fourth year of oiir
Bv Command,
58 Provincial Secronry,
Notice is hereby given that all alluvial
claims legally held iuthe West Kootonny
District, will belaid over from the 1st. of
October to the 1st day of June ensuing,
according to tlie conditions of Section
UO of the Mineral Act.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 20th, 1800,
It is reported that the C, P. R.
will have a corps of surveyor.) injtbo
field between Revelstoke'and Upi>er
Arrow Lake before January is out
if tin' weather continues favorable.
So far thi) winter, the enow fall has
been very light ami weather mill,
anl explorations might have been
carried on without interruption, It
Mould almost seem to bo inopportune and unseasonable for engineers
to undertake this work before too
back-bone of winter is broken, The
Star however remembers commenting a year ag* with some distrust
on the work of the engineers who
laid out the railroad between Sprout
ami Nelson, under very similar cir-
cnmstiincos and wo are now confronted and we might say quite
satisfactorily answered, by tbo fact
tbat tlie Columbia & Kooteuay Railway is almost completed. Wo therefore welcome this muvomeat, in tbe
belie; that the railway authorities appreciate tho importance of a winter
lino to the Upper L ike so that communication cau bj kept up by lake
and rail with Sjiro.it aud Kutonay
Lake the entire year.
A silling nf the County Court will be
be held "ii Jlond iy the 12th day of January, 1891, at In o'clock a. in., at the
Court House, Donald,
17 Registrar County Court,
Donald, East Kootenay,
Deceit ber 10th. 1��00.
''The member of the Domiuion
House of Cjmm.ius from Yule-Knot-
euay district is largely interested in
a steamboat line tbat is part and
parcel of a trauiportation company
that was granted 210,1100 acres oi laud
bv the provincial legislature last
The above is au extract from the
Miner, and states   what the editor
ought to know���if bo   does   lint���is
! utterly untrue,   Mr. Mira is not m-
j (crested in a steamboat line that was
; granted the lund  referred to,   The
transportation co. that his steamboat
line is ''part at d parcel of" did not
receive its charter from the provincial legislature, but, was incorporated
under the  General   Statutes  as   a
! Joint Stock Company,
Again, tho  Miner says, "It [The
' Staii] says that the transportation
I company is not iu the habit of ac-
j quiring rights and giving them tip
without  a  struggle.   Wo said   dis-
| tinotly that the Canadian  Pacific
: Railway was not iu the habit of giving np rights without a struggle, but
nothing whatever  about any water
! transportation company.
This effort of the Miner to m ike
Mr. Mara responsible for tbe odious
location of certain blocks of laud
by tho railway company, partakes
too much of that conimou and unscrupulous abuse, which ia almost
the sole weapon of that paper. The
editor bad at baud tho means of
knowing it was uot true, at the time
the aspersion was penned.
The Miner'* supposition tbat Mr.
.Mara controls the Staii, is equally
wide of the mark. If it were true,
we should consider ourselves fortunate,
��� "    I '������'������   gBBSgSS
Tho Miner devotes considerable
space to the Stab ou the qiiOiitioa of
railway reserves, and charges it with
being indiffereLt iu rolaliou to them.
It happens that the Stab is on record in tbe mutter as long ago as Nov.
23, lhbO, in mi article on "Railroad
and Land Grant," which was long
before the Miner bad un existence,
uud therefore it can bo excused for
its ignorance. Wo quote from tbo
Staii of that date:
"The fact, however, is now plain
that Kootenay Luke is ou Ibe point
of establishing a record us tbo greatest producer of ore freight soutward,
and of supply freights inward, in
Domiuion uf Canada, and lor its size
ou tbe continent of America, What
now do tbe charter becking people
ask, aud what should bo granted to
them 1 Is it not enough that tbey
should bo given the carrying of this
freight inward uud outward 'I Must
they baio u laud gruut iu additiou to
tho now demonstrated freight producing capacity of tbe district? It
strikes us that this demand has como
too late ; that there is no lunger any
necessity lor acceding to it; that
the importance oi Kooteuay's mines
is proven, and that there is uu ex-
perimoutul stage���no interregnum in
ihe profits���that a railway company
must needs havo bridged over trom
tbe treasury ol lbe people."
We believed at that time (hat Kootenay District sbonll be exempted
from legislation giving land grants
to railways, booanse its freight producing capacity hud been, or was on
tho point of being proven, but these
views had no second, so fur us we
remember, even from the editor of
"Truth," a paper which hai ths ambition to cover the entire province ill
its- editorial scope, ami m ire uBpeo-
i.dly Kooteuuy District, from which
its editor had then but recently removed, Tho views of the
Stab were overrul id, and like a good
democratic ciliz'n, wo submitted lo
the majority, It is our policy to
m. ike on retires heard before events
ore sottlod, rather thun make ourselves ridiculous by raising a clunor
afterwards when nothing can be ac
oomplished by it,
It is still our belief that the quickest way to obtain the relief sought,
is to treat the railway as if it secure,
rights which mu-it, have eousilera-
tion. If "litigation ia the bane of
the mining industry," tbe course to
be pursued should be the oue tbat
will avoid it. We could uot far a
moment suppose that the quickest
way to "knook out" the Canadian
Paoifio Railway would be by challenging them to a combat which
would inevitably end iu a long litigation.
Tho discussions whioh were earned ou when the proposition was
made to British Columbia to becomo
a member of the Confederation,
could have much light thrown upon
them at tbe present day, as to whether it has been a matter of profit or
loss to the Proviuse. But whatever
it may havo been in this respect,���
if against the province, it waa the
price paid for tho privilege of being
more exclusively Canadian, which
the construction of Oanuduin Pacific
Railway enabled it to bee una. Before this time, it was a Pacific Coast
province, closely allied in interest to
tho American territories to tbe southward ; after rards, it became a homogeneous portion of the entire Do-
minim of Canada, Tuis connection
has its compensations, one of which
is fonuJ in the fact that tho power
of Great Britain can be invoked to
defend its rights, as bus beeu proven
in regard to fur sealing in Dealing's
Tho National Tolicy of tho present
Dominion Government, is the one
thing that became absolutely necessary iu order that the Uauudiau Pa-
oilic Railway might have a reason
for its existence, because without
this policy thero would be nothing
for the road to carry over the long
distances of its lino, und it would
uot therefore have earuiug capicity
sufficient to pay tbe interest on its
Reciprocity, to this national highway, has this moaning,���That from
Port Arthur to Victoria, where the
railroad runs noar tbo boundary line
the eutire distance of nearly two
thousand miles, at every accessible
point, the Canadian towns built up
by tbo railroad would be supplied
by American goods, ovor short Hues
of transport, tho road deprived of its
freight, ami Canadian merchants and
manufacturers at the cast lose their
market. Is Col. Baker au advocate
of reciprocity, in view of such con-
sequcuces ?
Trail Crook  Mln��Sa
The Trail Creek minou lie about
twelve miles north of tbo iutoruu-
tionul boundary, und near the Columbia river, und therefore lie more
convenient to Spokane Pulls than
auy of tho mining camps of British
Columbia. Its supplies naturally
must come from this city, sud as
already Spokane capital has become
interested there, some details of the
mines will prove of interest,
There are at present about 120
locations, which are divided iuto
two district belts, The smaller ones
with about forty locations, are veins
carrying lead, antimony, silver and
gold. Those voius are iu size from
two to ton feet, sumo of the ore being of gool quality, running as bich
in tho precious mini nils as ��180,
Bilver predominating, the formation
being a dark syentic rock, Oil fix
veins of the group considerable
development wo-k hai been done, of
which Lily May, Zi'nr, II un -stake,
are tbe most prominent, with other
veins with as g )od surface showiu g.
The large group commences about
one and ono-hulf miles north from
tha Lily May group, and is found in
n grey syenite, nnd the veins in thia
lis well as in tlm olher group
are Assures, cutting Iho formation at
various angles, As fur as known nt
present, but live defined veins have
beeu found, but each of t'l "> vi im
havo from live to tii'teeu locations
Three of these veins, on then- whole
length, are not hiss in nny place limn
fifteen feet iu width, and in places
there arc croppings showing seventy-
live feet.
The ore is an iron and copper in
sulphide form, carrying b.-'th gold
and silver, in varying quantities,
assays varying from S3 to 8506, in
which gold is the predominating
metal. The development to far on
theso big veins has been attained
shows an increase in cupper, gold
and silver aud the great hope of the
camp is the belii f that copper is
there in paying quantities.
Ono location the Lo Boi, is being
developed by shaftiug by some well-
known Spokunites, aud they are prepared to work two shifts all winter.
From this claim the best assays of
tbo camp have come. It lias fifteen
feet of width of ore iu sight, with
croppings yet above and below.
Tin-re has been a paraleil vein found
withiu the limits of thu Le R ii claim
which is as wide as too one worked
nt, and i3 as yet virgin ground,
A Portland company has bonded
and is preparing to work three
claims, called St. Elmo, Mountain
View, aud Spar. These claims are
the only ones carrying galena in this
northern group of mines, and are at
a higher altitude than any other
claims in the district. The St. Limo
and Mountain View are located ou
the same vein, which is of great
width, though its exact siz,.' is yet to
be determined, The ore is a copper,
load Bulphide, carrying silver.
Eight or ten other claims have recently passed iuto the hands of Spokane people ��ho, us far as known,
will uo! do auy great amonut of
development till the opening of
spring, The highest mine in the
camp is uot above 8,000 feet altitude
and to date is entirely clear of snow.
The larger group lie ou a mountain
with a southerly exposure and therefore will be free from enow early in
the spring,
A road from tho mines to the
steamboat landing un the river will
cost but little, there beiug but six
miles distance with no heavy grades
uud a series of level benches for tha
greater part of the way. Prom the
luuding to tbo Little Dalles h about
au hour's run for a steamboat, and
the camp is assured of a daily service next dimmer, thence by tho
Spokane Palls ,): Northern to thia
city ; aud thenco to any smelter to
wbieh it is desired to send ores.
Taken as a whole the outlook is
very favorable for a Brst-olaSB mining camp. The veins show permanency and endless quantities of ore.���
Bpokano Spokesman,
Kiniiui'-Kr.iiii���At Kemptnlle,Out.,
on Jan. 1, 1SJ1, by Hev. Mr.
Emery, John Kirkup, of Revelstoke, B. C, an I Miss riasia
Kerr, uf Kemptville,
NkkdHAM���PliHKIXB��� At New West-
ruiiinter, ou Ihe 1st inst., in  tho
Eplttgpal Cathedral of   Holy
Trinity, by the Rev.  U. Irwin,
Mr Henry Neodbam was j lined
in the holy bonds of matrimony
to Mrs, llaltiu M. Perkins, both
until lately residents of Revel-
The bride was  elegantly attired,
and    the    bridegroom looked  tbe
happiest of  men.   After lb>>  ceremony the bridal  party   repaired   to
the residence   of the  bri le's sister
where a sumptuous breakfast was
part ikon of,   iu the afternoon bride*
anil gr.ioiii took the boat lur Victoria
on route to San Pruuoisoo  ou a Uvo-
week's bridal tour, 1;!.\ i ! K'iOKIO.
Tin-.'li ni ue- C.ipitnl,  (lie biueU'
|��|{ Letjtre.
i'he    Futnni    Denver  of   the
Tlie advantages of central location, on
the C iiun.'ii i river, which nature has givon
to tho site of R'jvolsloko, havo been frequently described. It bus Bteamer navigation 200 miles to the southward into tho
Stall nl Washington, and northward steamboats havo run 15 miles in tho oai'ly days
of mining in Uig lh nd, and its navigation
could be 1.11 le pormtiiicnl by the expenditure nf a email am ami by tho Ciuvorniiiout
in iinpronng the rivi r,
li lies ,-,! the eiuitorii entrance of Eagle
Pass, which ex-cuds to lh Sluiswup lakos,
ami us iliis is the only feasible railway pass
yi'l folltld 1.1.1.'. the ,; ild ranee, il necessarily became tlio route ohoson by tho
Canadian Pacillo Railway, in crossing tho
Rocky aud Selkirk mountains from tho
northwest prairies to the Thompson River
valley, These natural advantages have
lie, n improved by llie construction of the
railway, thereby bringing Rovolstoko into
regular and ihiily comniunication with the
outer world of business, and llitis it has
become possible that important lumbering,
ore Binelting, bullion refining, manufacturing, and nteumbout companies should he
established here with all their connected
and lopon lent interests; andtlioso .-ftf.tr as
they have already taken form, or are in the
immediate prospect, we will endeavor tu
TUB KOUTI'iN.lY SilEIaTIXH  AXH Tll.llil.a'O
SVXUICATB (���lallllTEn),
This company is the Iirst to claim attention, as it was the first one established, and
is the leading one in importance, It was
organized in Loudon with a capital of
8200,000, P. R. 0. Boyle is president,
and Hi.,!. Campbell, local manager, llie,
plant is oomplote, and lias all (he best and
most iinprin'cd methods of reducing oros.
Its capacity is fifty tons per day, with engine pow.or sufficient, to double tins quantity at any timo by tho introduction of a
second sleek. It has wharfage] facilities
with u tramway to elevate ore from the
river to the works. A railway track connects it, with l,li.vih,.iii. line ol tin Canadian
Pacific Railway, and it is thus enabled to
.i ,
receive ore from river points, and from all
places on the line of the railway,   Tho
Sampling Works, which are a vory important but independent '.'"���'". if tin smelting
plant, can easily crush and sample lull tons
of ore per day, and have been tested in
actual operation, with the highesl decree
of success.   The smelting works luivo not
.pen started, because su.liciont ore could
not yet bo secured.   Bill there is now a
j.iT-.ui'y thit its's.i ui as navigation opens
ui the spring, ere will come from !-��� -  en r
lake in 1 irge and sti t ly supply,
added tn i.iie output of 200 tons per in i th
from the Monarch mine at Field, n ii
has been contracted f >r, wiil enal le tl
smelter to start and contii i   run . i
out interruption.   There have.been .
received at tho Sampling in r.
Pr 'in   bin' l< w u '    Dunveg
30,830 lb-, i Maple Leaf min
' From Field���Monarch m
Prniii ki.Lt Kootenay   Ve
(19,074 ibs.; Dark EInrai
From Cherry crtek, 2,220
Kooteuay lake, 2,900%
These ivorks ire
the ���;   '������ -.;
��� :
The president, Mr. L. S       ;;
report ill Augi
tlie '-"ii���;���.-.���
ef re'...  .
forence   bul Ki
pricee Ivor.    Dr. i
will sh Ij   ���
thi .       ito |
1 It is undei tood that tl
refinemi nl ef bulli n ������ ill be oreel
^tf i .       ,    ��� uffii ��� I)
i,j warranl the outlay,
'I'lll | i������ r!   tOKK MINIMI co. (lto).
Thi:: company �� is organized in London
l.ist Decemb --,  n-ithn capital of. 82 0
by somo of i In: friend-, and stockholders of
the smi Iting works, its offices and manage
ment, b'oing iu tho same hands, The object
of the company is to deal in and operate
mines, independently ol the smelter, but
for the goneral purpose of supply ing it wil h
ore. It haspurchasi d, at Hoi Sprin < on
Kootonay Lake, the United Minofn i una
of $7,600, and tho Ko. I for 815,000, Both
properties aro now being worked under tho
direction of Dr, Campbell, who nan -.'mie
down to tho minos to a- uimo poi icnal con
���I-,,!,     An ore house lies been erected on
,.....,.-... ��� ^.^,.,....1Mwai^i'.'.-WPaM -  T&Ujr'*TlCr*~**~''
rsi.�� apaaUalulWammaHVllWM llfflU'l
ihe lake with.-i torage c ip.-ioity of 2001 tons, ���' I.e ,.���,.., .... Columbia river are to bo
which will be '\:'- I by tho opening of uavi- found heavy bodiei of timber, composed uf
whon   li   on  .' i'l e.' shipp 11 to  '���'���, cud ir, pine,  pru ���    ii.lhi nil   k,  i
"""""'"""""^y!?^''.'"'���1'!!'"1.1. """TtiaHMTBIHIHIIII Hill
;a!i 'ii, iinou :.i ��� on ivi'l ce snipp id Lo
ItovolHti ke, Pumpin ; r.i.icl . -; li is In en
brought in from tho ������ itc-q and place I in
the United, aud very favorable reports come
from b .i'l mines as lu tho quantity and
quality of llio on  ibtaiuod.
SA1 ! 1.VI10.N iv. (LTD).
This company was oi mixed in the fall of
1889, witli a capital of 810),0)0, nlisor.hin
the Columbia lliver Tl'illispovt ition Co.,
which owned llio stoamor Dispatch, nnd
adding tho names and financial ability of
J. A. Mara, M.P., F, g, llaruard, M.P.,
and dipt. John Irving to its li,: of stock-
ho dors, Tho stoaiiiur Lytton, a llrsl clan
boal in ovory rasped with jupi ri ir pnsson-
gor iicooniniodation, was completed about
the 1st .Inly, and on tho 2nd aturlud
out on her iirst trip and coiitiuuod to run
until Nov, lo, making i'l trips in all, 13 of
which wore round trips to tlio Littlo Dallca
in Washington, The steamer Kootenai,
which during tho period of C.P.R, construction ran butwoon Littlo Dulles and Rovolstoko, bringing hi suppliesand railroad material, was purchased and put mi tho route
id In udook.
wero i.i ide the subji tl ' investigation ainl
epoi'i by a pn-iy of Duiniuioii Government-
surveyors in IS89, wl)Q '.vent in oanoes from
Heaver to Rovelstoko. And again, in 1890,
a private | arty passod ovor thu buiuo route,
and confirmed all the favurable reports
previously received, The Domiuion Government iidvi'i'ii .ed the piiHt siiiiiiner for
tenders for 51 square miles of timber lauds
near Rovelstoko, nnd it is understood that
the limits [Hissed into Btrong liniuU, Forty
thousand acres urn held by private parties,
purchased from the Provincial Governnicnl
botweoii-Goldsti'oam and Cauoo river, aboul
80 miles north of Rovolstoko. These are
bul small tracts of ihe great bodies of
timber which inusl On i i-ln ir outlet nud
miirkut id this place, and Bti pa are u iv bo
ing i.-.l.-i n tu seoui'u sullicicnl limits to warranl llio construclion of a largo saw mill,
and ii tbey are ubtuini d, the intention is
 rgaiiisso a large couipany to build the
0, f.    RAILWAY.
Rovelstoko is a divisional point on ihe
(J. P. R.���the Mountain division extending
eastward to Dou-dit,  and   the Shuswap
lotwoon Rovolstoko and Sproat for three division westward to Kamlqops. As is well
nonths, May 13 to Aug.  12, making 27 known this portion of the C, P. R, is under
Mips. She was then laid up because of low
water and the slacking oil'of business. Thu
stoamor Dispatch made four trips. The
total number of trips made by the company's boats was 73, and the miles covered
23,262, The total freight carried during
the season was about 4500 tuns, exclusive
of 150,000 foot of-timber.'av,d lumbor, 19
curs, and one locomotive and tender. The
company is now building near Nelson, on
Kootenay river, a large steamer to curry
ores from the Kootonay Lake mines to the
Columbia and Kooteuay Railway for transportation to Rovelstoko ami for general
business on tho lake and river. We have
no doubt (although it has not been announced) that another powerful light-draft
steamer will be built at Revelstoko this
winter in order lhat a daily connection may
bo made between the Columbia & Kootonay
Railway at Sproat and tho Spokane and
Northern at Little Dalles, and also.to maintain a line of equal efficiency betwoon Sproat
and Revelstoke. The Kootenai will doubtless he employed, when the state of water
will permit, in carrying ere, m the towing
of barges similarly freighted, and other
heavy material. Mr. J, A. Mara is manager of the company, and Mr. F. G. Christie is the steamer agi ut, located in the new
quarters of tho company near the old dock.
TUU   i - i.::;;... ii"' a
tlm efficient superintendence of R. Mar-
pole, with headquarters ut Donald, At
this time there is a force of about 00 employees on tlm pay roll, an extra number of
men being required as a reserve against tin:
heavy snow-falls usual among llie Selkirk,-;
mountains, which fovtuuately, however,
this year have not yet appeared. Railway
aitiiirs have been very active this season,
owing to the construction of the Columbia
k Kootenay Railway,���all tho supplies,
material and equipment being forwarded
150 miles from Revelstoke tu Sproat by
river transportation,
Tbe townsite troubles which have so long
kept back the prosperity of Revelstoko,
are at last, settled. The Dominion Government held a public sale in November, ul
which 150 lots were sold at fair prices to
people who intend to improve them, and on
on some of which valuable buildings had
already been creeled. The most notable
buddings uow in construction on the Dominion townsito are the addition to I he
Victoria Hotel, 28 x 00 foot, threo stories
high. On first (loor���tolophone exchange,
oflioo, waiting room, parlor, and dining
room 20 x 20 feet; 2nd floor, ladies purler,
bath room, and ten bedrooms, and on the
3rd floor, twelve bedrooms.
i .billies Liborty is creeling a business
block uu Front street, Win. Kirkup & Co.
are putting up n hardware .'-.lure, and two
breweries have been built during summer
and fail. A public school bouse is now.
being built by the Depart moot of Kdiu-.i-
>:,i J.'.iuc" MeDonaU 4 Co,. .���.���imI"!��,
, Ii ii fS'teot long by'W wide ahd will have
,    .. .  '     ..,_,���      .,   seat room for PiO pupils,   ir. will be ready
::! for occupation by January 15th. AMeth-
udist church, 1)0 :; 50 feet, n tine structure,
was    begun  November lo, and  will   be
;:   Spok me and N"i r her i Rai '  y, is
quickc I an In I lint can b.
found from iniu   rior ���     cistern
Columbia I ,:. tin,       I in and
'' .   :-.. .'. :, Al ���- '. nn
Falls prompt com
The d.'iili of Joe Wilson by drowning
occurred on the night of December 15,
1890, on Kioleuay Lake, lie was returning from tho boundary line with a
barge loaded with beef Pftttle, Ths
barge n,e, in ton of tha steamer Idaho,
but owing tn bail weather they bad tied
up to tlm bIioi'o about 10 miles below
Ihe outlet. Mr, Wilson with Captain
Langley and engineer Tilbury were on
ihe barge attempting to get up some
entile thiil wero down, when they crowded so suddenly to tbe Like sido of lbe
barge that it overturned nliuoat instantly. Mr. Wilson oould not swim, and
was heard to cry fur help, but in the
darkness il was impossible to help him,
us thp lights hud been extinguished in
the overturning of the barge. The body
was found on Thursday morning, and
on Saturduj afternoon the remains were
buried on the hillside overlooking the
nutlet on the east aide of tlio town, foi
lowed to the grave l>y over 200 of the
people who hud known and appreciated
his honest worlh. We copy the subjoined biographical sketch f:om The
'Joseph Wilson was born in Welling
ton ciiitity, Ontario, iu February, 180 2
I'he family afterwards removed to West
Gwillimbury towuship, York county,
where his father, John Wilson, now
lives, hia incthor dying 11 years ago. A
brother and two sisters also live in Ontario ; another brother, Blake Wilson,
lives iu Nelson. His Iirst venture away
from home was Jo Winnipeg during the
boom, Ho remained there for a your,
thjn returned homo for a short stay. lie
again returned to Winnipeg, and from
there went lo Minnesota. Prom Minnesota to the Coeur d'Alene country ;
thenco to British Columbia, arriving iu
this Province in tSB-i. In .1;��!J, h,. was
on the line of the Canadian Pacific, engaged in Ji.T.'i'a.nt occupations, Ho finally got an interest in a pack train, and
when the Granite Creek excitement
broke out unveil the train there. However, that camp's boom was of short
duration, and 1H87 found him at Illecil
lowaet, packing ore from the Lanark
Mine, lie brought his train back there
again iu 1883, but work at the inino was
shut dowui.c-KJy in the season, and thstf
year's business was not veiy profitable,
iu 1880 ho ouiiio into the Kootenay Lake
couulry, making Nelson his headquarters. Early thut spring he packed the
machinery to the Golden King mine,
and later hauled tho muuhiuory for the
1'oormau mill to tho mill site, He also
packed ore from the' Hall mines. Tbat
year ho brought in beuf cuttle  f?oui
l'"'.;!e River, mil laid (he foundation
for tlie business he carried en this year,
Lute in the full be returned to Illeoilleji
wai I, i.ml obtained a bond on tho Boydl
ft Bain mine on Pish Creek, on whichl
he spent several thousand dollars only
to find it utisalabK This spring ba anl
his biother sooured the contract fur fur*
nisliing the construction force on the
Nulson k Sproat railway with beef, also
the contract for packing supplies along
Ihe right of way, Re established a moat
market at Nelson, ran job teams nud u
corral, nnd carried (be mail betwoon
Sprout and Ifels in, lie was always busy
and no man in the lake country had
more rustling enterprise. Ibid he lived
ths New Year would have seen him out
of debt and on solid footing, No man
better deserved suoooss, 111 was liberal
and honorable in bis dealings; was both
kind hearted and good naturod, seldom
uttering a complaint evon when Jisap.
Poiuted 01' worried by bad look. Joe
Wilson was tho one man who could least
bo spared at Nelson,"
dedicated January 4th, 1891
The Steamer Company's townsite is composed nf 20 acres and occupies a central
position, lis manage unit have projected
a large first-class h. bul to be linished not
NO no 15,
Notice IB hereby given thai an applW
tion will bo made to tho Legislature of the
Proviuco of llritish Columbia, nt its next i
session, for nn aul to incorporate a com-
puny for the purpose of oonstruoting
equipping nnd operating H tramway or
railway between tho navigable waters of
Iho Columbia lliver and the Kootonay
luvor, or between two or more navigable
portions of tho Columbia River between
Gulden nnd (he headwaters of said
Inst named river, nnd betwoon said last
named river and Goldcu, and for the purpose of owning, controlling und navh'n-
ting steam or other vessels on tho Columbia Riveiyvnd lbe construotion,eqiiippmg
and operating telegraph or telephone
hues between Golden and the Kootenny!
biver, with power t0 build, equip anil
operate tramways or aerial ways to anv
mine or milieu in tho vicinity of tbo Colum'
bin River, with power to said company to'
aoquiro lands, land grants, and bonusos
in md thereof, und to make traffic and
othor arrangements with otJaoroompauios
in conuection with said works or any of
them, and for nil other usual and uocosiirn
powers, rights und privileges,
58 Solicitors for Applicants.
Viotoi'ia, 17th December, 1800,
A silting of tho County Court will be,
be held on Monday the 12th day of Jan.
unry, 1801, nl, 10 o'clock a. ni��� at the
Court House, Donnld.
-7 Registrar County Court,
Donald, East Kontenty,
':��� Kortl  rn P    tic, Union Fin id later than July 1st.   W, A. Simmons is
��� ., contractor,   It will be 70 feot long by
ll   1 ti.it         "     i         i    ���      i: i    ii     i.���
02 feet wulo, four atones nigh���tho two
���-   v' upper stories being within thu roof above
'-!                 D         .i.     nil in - the cornico, tho chambers being lighted by
.              :.;       ... dormer windows,   It will rest oil founda-
���    :
tions of stone, with chimneys built from
the ground,   The dining room, will be 31.
y : I feet' billiard room 33 x 32.   It will
,- 56 feet to peak of roof, will be provided
��� iii   three  lire  escapes,   and   will  cost
"'i.   The intention is to make  this
I the bost one in Ihe province cast of
:     A dock is to bo built at the
mil   ; landing, and a railway track
,   I "ii'.  tlio  main  line of the
���   P.R.
un Iter Co. have a townsito of 60
��� v nl  into  lots,  of which 200
- I,    lii"::> a milo and threo-
1   tu havo b   n cl( ired, and
I  in   tho   spring.    Thoy
ns for In Iding a large
hoti I fully ei|       i an ,'thin (in the moun-
- 'ie- provide I   '"!��� dock-
i    :��� iron   prop   ly, and
��� hem will l i
i a   the c uditioii of tlio
I'     C. P. It. havi [o tl id  "f land
-     lib divided
I i.i o lots
b   ii(j  m ir In
let rivor, n Iticli i ikos its
��� ���    ' i ..     . nil     I- fill
. tin   Columbia ul
! -' - ' 1,1 li'-i-lil
��� bo utilized din i tly
'     river, or tl  can
tu mil .���' iro ol electricity
...        '        ' ! '   '!'    '"'
,. . ' , ���-..:..'    i   ill tnni 0,
��� ���'''"''- '   "' ' H for olootric
' I'liisiti , er for a at reel rail
,n truotwl '',-.���. .  .. ���     .: all  I ind ��� can  bo
... -        ���'.'���. !",:!l.:'h"':,;'
V] ' ��� ���'  I!   ,
fully omployod tho entii i       apply
ing tho local di    ti rl ul pri
lijclt 1 I ' i!'' i   au
.,.,.'      i   h .'i  |'ijnt.il,
i  pipii     csl      i'    'i ������ !> ad  and
po��  i  i  n In  here oh din J .: il"- lowosl
Wati    "-il-    ire n  nt liter "I tho im-
' ':'"    "" '���           '     ���  -  In,   already
. ii-- ''-'''i front Hovel toke mil i   , .p..���,, tho fiml ni i \i     top loi  ���     ...
viite ordi i    Emm : ho tmsl
December lOlh, 1800.
*^'^MMeJEK��wilwwwl��^^  ������	
?; ft '
f�� ��IlS,
Coal, Hay and Corn.
nave entiro salo of thn oelubentod Citnmnre hard, lump and nutooal, suitable fo
base'bnriiers ami olher stovos.   GREAT HEATING POWER,   MUCH
OHEAPERTHAN Wool).    Delivered ai Ravelstoke, any part
of town, 80,00; Kamloops��$9.00j Donald $8,50.   Special
quotations for car lots.    Coal stoves sold at
wholesale cost  Hay, oats and bran sold
by carload or smaller oiianlities
l'lirds at Kamloops and
Donald.   Apply
L.I. lOhW AKDfo
. ggWWaaaMWMMIWiagllalWBWaMMMjM gg lltm
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to   tlio   LUMBERING,   BUSINESS  and A.C1ROUL
TUllALa and ospocially to (ho
"i ��� n, tion, and is oxpi ctud to bo ri idyto
bill ordi i   foi   hingh   in tho early  prin
Mi' -I  . Mi [ntosl   I' '"i!'"|-1,   md Vlr
John V'alenUiu are the proprielors of the
ill    for two hundred mil    ;      Itnvol   pure
/ ei,n     Che watot II come fr in
-���    ���    n th    n  ������ : ���.   .   n ���   -, .
ll    ition of tin ir
inn t bi i upt   tiati -I with my iinlu il I13
t),  bul until  indeed   be alto iclhci
od to, und executed in ll
;i ivmlt* (M<mto m^ ��w*^y Wat
l / \ Q |,|;1N 1IN,; 0F ALI' KIXlJ,s PBOMPLY ATTEND.
Ji \J O oi to, and executed in the best style, Ciemjs^r^ai ^.t, EWgwawwat Wi1 MIWH"l'i WWf
rMrwtssrvx.rrs^'^t.n.TO^:;^^ ^.^^.r^TT.WKrcr*^r.?*
AN INMXT Alii.OAD,       ilwjgillewaei
ING i- ���        icOti'
glgli.ii, Ncfiina nnil   I mi liloalu I))' llm Way
-'l ir  I'iiI, In l.oiifl  : I '. In ir H ilii-
tlli'H���Tin   O.l'l  Coi'hiiojf   K.siu-iiasloii!)
tlial Strike ill - Cimul \ I .Hor.
Two wi. lea a 1,'ui 1 "i it 'hi' llm ��� ��� f the
yeat Isn'i ;'." menl p as lit tl no I r n 'rav-
,,,,;��� ;,,    ...    :��� ., ���    I .      .     ..ll'iiiiil  S    III i.
Uiid now il Us i.l du :"' A ��� I li'i.l lor I II'-
1) lived i;i Un don, I iiuniv iho best '<ml wu
clieupoit ,;,, i.i i i.r iijj ��� ii foi'i, il -in ii"
ut all j,, ...l,,..- for a ���������-. ��� ..:��� r in I. - ,i ���
I'.ic iii ,: ihi. ��� . ynu Iiini in , n I foi i"'' '���
ine. V. li.���'...: i . p ami down n R'n ', viirl-
, m In I;;,,'., i i ttldeh si" in , uiii el nl I'd: i
ii nail :���.���;- r ��� bn : l'.A| ai'diiuiil ��� uM.'
"Fiiruislii'il Hi ii-." IVlii'ti I liiuujlii 1
I ml dli ��� v in I llio i- .'���: place, �� id ni'idao
I ;tlii i ii ���: In-.ihi(,:i linn (il I-, ah .���������'���'
Lu,! lo  lata  n  wi������:  ihruu^ii llm   in k
i    'i
.', ��� i
./ i ':.
y: >   . ���.,.\
.-.-��� bt
I |        -:, .    t b-   rn
���f    ���        r;  ! )
J ';      .: ... /i"Vi fas*
ksti .: a :: iii Di.va nousm.
alley Iirst, If you nvo a" nil a counolssaur),
1 marc ieil up the stopi Tho noxt Iblng to
il. In tu km.fk. If you cnualder your.-olf a
worthy person knock often, very often; aa
if te nny, "I demand a ittiitlaucc;" clioasa-
mou^ers and organ-grinders knock only
0i.ee, The oftencr and stronger yuu Itaock
llio hel ��� :��� i��y nr I'.vi e:i n. A timid knock
niil produced barsh "Welil" on tiio lips of
tiio doorupenor, general/ a llttlt>, under-
grown girl il I.'., .'���������������.��������� ��� up ii woin.in'ii
clothes, with n funny thing on her head
bi'ined " ii servant's cape ' 1 throw my
vali>o ngniuat the do.r, which wus gently
ep-iiid by uu undergrown girl wiih an
overgrown cjatuiiiQ
"Sir!'1 she said, whilo a deep nd r.lon-ly
cn-pt over her placid c luatonauco.
"I want apartiudiita for myself," I .������.-
plaiued hi t..o 6aiuo timo pruduclug my
Aim rieit'. passport,
Tii' landiii.ly ncunwliile appeared, tlio
girl i'e.,!y ii in.vl h'i-eif away, and the
; locossut 1-i.iiiiiuin^ and taking a room was
f..r:i:;.- proi iu.il witli. tain Iborefoi'uiu-
Flailed in i.-i.'i','. ;i.' i-.|"ii'ti!ii'iiis ni " hnwif a
guinea" a H'('0��, lulling moat of my meals
iu iho "city," wnuru ihiiy are good aid vary
ex.. Oll.ivV.
However, if y.'.i wish loses London as It
is, an' I [or .hut you must learn the ways of
(li' middle c'a-sfis wherever you are, live in
tli' N irib or Houib end of London unit cat
W.tll   iii" I  l-.-iii.'Mi   ill"U.
" Annie 11 louoy" has Just ouio ovc-r hare,
ad In tie morning these sweet sounds of
toot favorite variuiy show ballad awaken
np in.d make me look at Loudon iu a vury
tin i mo -I all-day.
Opposite our place is a public-house, fro-
quo ded alike by gontlemen, ladie-i, nud
"growlers." The latter aro rusbe' with tlio
same energy and in the minio ftvdilou aa iu
America. Tbe English boors (ales, stout,
anl porter constituting Ihoai) are never
k'.'pi on ice. Tiicy are, therefore, stale n.-.d
lo a (eTiiuiu tongue dlsagroaabio, but aro
stld, fr in a medicinal stnudpoiut, to be of
bettor qaatity than tbe Amorieon boor.
Thero are various ways In London of
travelliug quickly���overground, of coui-re,
Iiini uudorgi-ound, When you tak,- the London elevated railroad j-uu havo a most beautiful view of housetops, backyards, ca1-
tigbts, etc.   All trains are divided into three
rillST, SEOO.VB, AXil  'filial) l.';.Ai.1.
clauses. Lerds [I menu landlords, for real
lords have special trains), bankers and
piimiboi-s travel tlrit-class; ladies wtiu shop
and those who have taken a third-close return ticket aro allowed in tbo second-class
carriages; practical business nun, h id-carriers, and the rest of London travel tblrd-
cluss. 1 came third-class from the Korth
ond. With n jerk the train suddenly stnpi.
You jump off with the rest nnd follow tho
masses, Outside ef Broad street station yen
are surrounded by several ivomeu, supposed
to represent tho typos of Lwdou flower-
girls. Notbiuj ran bo slid about tb.-ir
warn, it Is fresh aul blooming, Not so
their facei, which are careworn an I faded,
Loudon hi n big oity and it takes a long
timo to see everything, Here and there y iu
ob erve a littlo, Want I have experienced
I have beiii shown.
For ltelter or l'or IVorie.
Friend���You havo only Im-n married a
WH'ili and li"re I find you in tears.
Yoiiiig Wife���Yes, but my hiishii, I has
beon running foi'ofltce, and I have been
roadlng In the papers wbnj an unmitigated
scoundrol lie is.
Sunday Beboel Tonolior���What did Lot dt
dfler Ins who was turned Into a pillar of salt
Botliol Sadie- 1 s'jiom bo I ked out '.��� r i
In this camp comprising a numher
i of well known and Bonia valuublo
claims, ciiii-i'l'i-ildi! development
work lias been d me during 1890.
Oa the Lauark claim, (he tunnel has
beeu extended 300 feet, making a
tot .1 length now of 500 feet. The
vein is rich in character an 1 is from
H'j to 0 feet wide, Four years aiio
1(1 cars of ore were shipped to San
Franeisoo for troatmi ut und yielded
S9 oz, of silver to tho ton, The com-
punv lia^e oxpeuded a largo amouul
of time, labor and mon y on this
claim and are entirely deserving of
success, and whioh they Will undoubtedly attain,
'Ihe Cariboo Co,, extended the
tunnel on their claim 100 feet last
year. The lode ia a propbery, formation, composed of galeua0 to \2
feet v. ide, lbe assay valuo beiug
about 880 per ton in silver.
The Maple Leaf claim has now
two shafts, the upper ono being Oo
feet and,thu loner 45 feet. The vein
i, i'/, I'eei wide, and from ore previously tested assay returns were received of no oz. in silver, and 23 per
cent lead per ton,
The Crystal adjoins tho latter
claim on tlie wost side, Assosmont
work only was done on this claim
during 1800. Induing this work a
solid body of good grade ore was uncovered, tha width of the vein not
being established. A shipment ot
oro will be made iu the spring,
The Oak Leaf is owned by Messrs,
Jowelt & Haig, KoveleU.ko. It, eou-
sists of a 2 foot vein of galena, and
carbonates, lying in a slate formation, The ore assays from 45 lo 328
oz. per ton in silver and 50 to GO
pur cent in lead, Two tons of high
grade oro was obtained in doing the
assessment work, which will be
tested by the sampling works at
On the Gladstone, Messrs. Kennedy I- McArthur, have sunk a shaft
on their claim a depth of 20 feot,
and have also drifted a tunnel into
the voin a distauee of 80 feet. The
width of their lode is from 18 lo 30
inches. About 20 tons oi ore was
extracted in doing this work, which
will bo shipped to .the smelter in the
The Gold Quest), Cora, Monitor,
Crown Point, Vulture and some
ol hers comprise a group of claims
situated in a depression about two
miles long crossing Cold Hill, and a
few miles north east of Illeoillcwnet,
Tbo veiu matter is composed of lead
carbonates varying from 4 to 12 feet
in width, and averaging 20 oz. silver
to the ton. A trail was constructed
to this group last summer by the
Government, which starts at a certain point from the Cariboo creek
trail 5 miles east o! Illecillewaet, and
extends a distance of ro){ miles.
The Dun vegan mine on lush Creek
was bonded last spring by the Kooteuay Smelting k Trading Syndicate
for six months, the boud being
In prosecuting their work they encountered a horse in the lode, and
requested an extension'of time to
fully test the property, but the proprietors tefused to grant it. Tbe
claim has however had sovoial hundred dollars since expended on it by
Jowett & Haig nud the owners. Ten
and one-half tons of oro was cx-
tracted, yielding 50 oz, of silver and
50 per cent lead to the ton.
Tho Mogul is an extension of tho
Dunvegan, a tunnel was drifted 23
feet exposing a fair body of high
grade oro of the same character.
The (i at Cave is a claim located
south of tho railroad track back of
tbo town of Illecilleivaet, it is
situatt.il on a steep elope of the
mountain at an altitude of 2,000 feet.
A tunnel has been opened iuto tho
veiu a distance of 20 feet. Tho vein
matter is galena and quartz, assaying
120% ez, silver and 03 per cent lead
per ton. A half interest in this claim
was sold in tbo fall to Mr. K. Sando,
of Loudon, England, the remaining
interest being retained by the former
owners, Messrs. Scott and Chishoim.
The amount of tho purchase money
is uot known, but there \is, a stipulation in the agreement that t'4,000 are
to be expended in develoiiineut during 1891,
Al Albert Canyon, a few miles east
of Illecillewaet, is located the Wild
1'ox, a claim held by Abrabamson
Bros., of Iievelstoke, On this claim
is a tunnel 47 feet. The vein matter
is gib ua, 3 feet wide, with an assay
i valui of 22 oz. of silver anl  47  per
1" t cent h al per tou. There are
two ether locations hire on whioh
assessment work has boen done, the
ore beiug of the same character as
thai in lbe Wild Fox,
Messrs Jowetl k. Haig have opened
. a quarry at  Albert Canyon, and
I burned ono kiln of  lime,  which
i proved to be of first quality, nud  it
is thoir intention  to  prosecute the
business in the spring,
The debt of tbo city of Victoria,
when the il, bontiiroa  for sewerage
and market have  been floated will
j amount to ��935,000,
Halifax,,Ian, 2.--Tlio miiungcrjof
1 the Springhill coal mines was robbed
uf a valise containing $100 at the
leading hotel here to-day.
Madrid, Jan 2,���A handsomo Malacca cane has been sent to the pope
os a New Year's gift by Iho Queen
Regeut. An ingenious contrivance
was placid iu tbe top of the cane ao
that a lieu his holiness touched it, it
flew open, letting loose a shower of
gold coins,
Windsor, Jan. 2.���Detectives have
recovered ��5,000 of money stoleu
from the Chatham brauoh of tbo
bank of Montreal by J. N. Henry,
ono of its customers. It was given
np by friend with whom Henry had
left it. Tho defalcatinos of the absconder are now fixod at $10,000,
of which he got away with $20,000
in cash. A reward of ��5,000 is offered for his arrest,
New York, January 3.���Owing to
the rivalry that exists in England,
Australia, Germany and America
ever feats of strength, Richard K.
Fox has doubled to prove that thero is
no man living who cau excel Louis
Cyr, tho French Canadian. There
will be seven feats performed, one
of which ia lifting 4000 pounds of
pig iron with hands and back with-
I out harness ; another, lifting a 750
pound platform on which are "Omen
aud a 250 pound dumbell with bis
$��jh.KLK:lRK LODGE NO. 12,
���y:,^0    I 0 O F Donald BO.
Regular Mooting Thursday jf each
week nt 8 p. in. All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J. McIjEOD,       J. Ii. MiTHESOX,
N. G. R, S.
)s McDonald & Co,
Darry largo lines of plain, medium, nm 1 hi ;h grn lo furniture.   Parlor aud
Bod-room sots ruugiug in prico from $0.50 to ��500.    Itotels fur-
uished throughout.   OfDoonnd bar-room ohnirs,   Spiug
liuiltrossos mado to order, and woven wiro, hair
uud wool mattresses iu stock,     Mail
orders from Kootonny Luke
points will reoeivo early
and   prompt attention.
15.   O
The Revelstoke Tin Shop
'Jraniio  waro, ami   Lamp  Goods.      Tin,  Copper aud   Sheet Iro
Ware made to order.    First class work guaranteed.    Orlora promptly
tttleiiJcd to.
Dojjald, 13. C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, nnd 3rd nnd
l.th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Bos 49.
Receiver,   .lamos  Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   II J McSorley.
P. O. Addross, Nelson, /j. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet por day. Planer
shingle machine, etc. All kinds of
lumber on hand. Luring the season
of 1890 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
numo's Building, Revelstoke. B. C
niS HONOUR the Lieutenant-
Governor bus been pleased lo mnko
the following appointments :
27th Uocomber, 1890,
W. Salter Jones, of Trail Creek,
Enquire, to be a Justice of the Peuco
for tho West Kootenay Electoral
.1. Charles RylteM, Esquire, .1. P.,
to be a Mjllirfg liecorilor for tbo Coal
River Mining Camp, in the West
Kootenny Electoral District.
W, Gesnpr Allen, of Nelson, Esquire, to bo 'j��� Coroner wilhin and for
the West Koolenay Eleotoral Distriot,
Ml ordej.8-2 y
All   descriptions of
gold and silverwnra
(Close to C. P. R. DepotjJ
Revelstoke      ���      .     BC
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Pr
We cany a select and completo stock of gent's furnishings, laios. s& n
aud children's boots, shoos ami hoso, stationery, patent meditt   toilet
requisites and ready-mudo clothing.  A  largo assortment of'pipes, ^M
tobacco, cigarettes, imported uud domestic cigars, frails, candy, etc.
tStove pipes, tinware, crockory, rough and dressed lumber, and othergoofr
toe numerous lo mention, at moderate prices. 3 ���*
Telephill wmmnjuoaUoLV,
J. Fred. Hume & Co,
. B   0
H,(HranchStoro at Nelson,)
Dealer in !Drv Goods Groceries.  Provisioaj-
Canaed Goods Hardware Eto,    ���
The Stock in every Department is Full at. 1 Complete and tho Publio will
hnd it to their advantage to cull ana ' ������
Inspect   Goods   and'   Compare   Pricosr
D'X.an, II. C.
yeetF Isl 2 Sundays, aud lael '? Wed
n is lays each isionlb.
?[amor,   J, S. Ilabbitt.
Mec'y, ' W, IA Ogilvic,
I'm )'r    Angus llcljonn.'
Journal Ag't, E. A, Chesley, Kaiii-
rope, li, G.
Divine Sorvico will be held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday ove-
i in.; ct 7:1111, conducted alternately
by JJetliodist, Presbytorinn, and English Church Ministers, Spocejul nt;.
;i itiitcenieul vv.11 be cade each mAi
in llio Star,
Sunday Sohool nud Biblo CJnss every Sunday afteruooi) nl 2:30. All
.ii.' cpi'dially invitod to attend.
SuimI .v Soi'vipes | Church of England, | will bo hold i.-ii'h mouth.ut the
following pianos:
Al Donald, every Snndny iu llie
nionlh, alternately by Rov, .1. ('. '���'
Ki'in.n aud .Ui-. lilvuus.
At (lolcleu, -nl Siiuday.
.it lievelsioke, Itb Sunday.
.1. ('. C. IVKMM.
Mr. f. li. Christie spent several
clays of Christmas week among bin
friends tit Kamloops.
Mr. P. Itoesor started for New
York on tho 20th Dec, to visit his
home after .in nlmonco of si* years.
Thomas Dunlap, an oil timer in
the province, died at Sproat on the
17th Dee,, aft"r an illness of several
The firm of Win. Kirkup k Co.
have rciupvod their stock of hardware iuto. the new store which they
bit^n recently erected.
On Mouduy, Jan. 12, Miss Irvine
will terminate the holiday vacation,
and open school iu the new public
school building, just completed by
the contractors.
The Rev, Mr, 1'aton, Presbyterian
Missionary, will preach on Sunday
(tomorrow) morning nnd evening,
at 11 nud 7:I1H. The morning service
wi" '
J nice Tunstall has received a
letter from Mr. Mara staling that the
John Dunn hI,o yen! La Kauilcops
! on account of poor health, did not
go into the hospital, but has been
slaying at the Dominion Hotel llo
i:. gaining steadily, ami intends to
titurii to Revelstoke soon,
Ihe statTof the Staii took a holiday by going down to Kamloopa and
working overtime ou the 12 page j
Sentinel, We arc tberojore obliged
lo omit ono issue entirely, and make
thut for Jan Kith a half sheet only.
We will endeavor to even this up
before nuother year comes around,
A privuto letter from Kootenai,
Idaho, reports:
''The Groat Northern is making
arrangements for freight to be
hauled over the road (to D inner's
Ferry) while snow is on tbo ground,
which looks ns if tbey intend to push
(dings next spiring on the Kootenny
river above Bonber's Ferry. We
have had no snow here yet and
everything is Indicative cf a mild
The dedication of the new Methodist church took place on Sunday
January 4th, by services both morn'
iug and evening, Ihe Rev. Mr. Hall
of Kamloops preaching at both hours.
A large congregation was present,
especially iu the evening, and listened with much interest to tho scr
mon. On Monday evening, a supper
and sociable wero held iu the audience room, at which lull weto served
at tbo nominal charge of fjQ cento,,
After the tables were cleared n.vay,
Mr, Jowett was requested to test the
powers of lbe now organ, and grace'
fully complied, brilliantly rendering
the celebrated "Overture (o Semira-
iuide," by Rossiui. Music by the
choir, recitations and songs, with
several interesting "fifteen niiuute"
speeches by thu ministers, Mr. Mor
den und Mr, Puton being among
them, terminated a very interesting
The new school room was first
used on Christmas eve, when it was
occupied by the Hciyilsloke Sunday
school, parents and children, for an
enlci'tiiiument uud it is believed that
"���..lacier    House.
Frank D ity (of Doty Bros,,) Toronto
| Ont., went east on the 25th iust., after
| a business trip along tho coast.
Mr. Hannah, Seaforth, Out., who is
I mming extensive creameries in Huron
county, passed through here on tbe 2"itb
inst., on a business trip to the coast.
Christmas Day passed oil' very quietly
uronud here.
Miss Dora Kellett loft for Donald on
the 2(jth inst., to attend the ball at tbat
Charles Davis returned from Donald
on Iho 27th inst., after furnishing music
for Ihe ball.
R. Miirpole, superintendent, and J. E.
liriilith, resident engineer, weut up to
I'omild ou the 28th iust.
Tho Keeno Theatrical Company went
west on the 3Uib inst,
Mr. Henderson, Winnipeg, (of llend-
ersoi.'s directory) passed through here
on tho 31st iust., on route to  tbe const.
J, Fred, Hume, Miss Hume, Miss
Irvine and Frank, Tcetjel, Revelstoke,
wen I east ou the 31st inst.
Glacier IIouso, B. 0, Dec. 31. 1890.
Mriso't Remedy ror Catarrh la tfco,
B-j.'t, Meat to UiioanilCheaii.'.a',
|��   Soli! Iiy ilruKsIaU, or cunt by wall, rfejST
jVj IIX. liMuiUui), Warren, Pa, xj, a, a. Ba
Fletcher i
Building & Contracting
And General Commission Merobnnt,
[iisui'.inco   and    Real   Estate
Agent, Notary Publio, Eto.
Assessment Act and Phovi.xcial
Revenue Tax.
Public notice is hereby givon tbat Assessment and Provincial Revenue Taxes
for tbe year 189-1, for the Lust Kootenay
Assessment District, are now duo and
payable at my ollice, at Do.iald, at tbe
tlie)e were fully two buudred pres- ! following rates ;
eut.   A program of sixteen different \    Real Properly Tnx, if paid on or be
fore the 8.0th of Juuo next, % of ono
per cent. ; if paid ou or after the 1st of
July in xt. ; J of one per cent.
Personal Property Tax, if paid on or
before the 80th of June next, </, of one
per cent, ; if paid on or after the 1st of
numbers made up of rocitatious,
dialogues, choruses, duets and solos J
was very successfully given by tbe ;
ebil.lieu, of whom there were 10 pres'
ent, many of them taking part it) the j
exercises,   An arch was constructed
July next, !����� of ono percent,.
Income Tux, if paid on or beforo tbe
II be especially designed for the j 0D 'lit! platform, supported ou either , 30t)l nf ,jim,, ^ y ()f QUft m ^ .
iklreu. |h"'" "-" *'"" K!'P''R''?,i tn be Christ-' if paid on or after tho 1st of July next,
mas trees and boughs were profusely ; "i of one per cent.
interwoven giving all the appearance : , Wild Land Tax, if paid on or before
,     . : the 30tb  of Juno next. IV, cuts per
,tInilc of l.loek 511 is set apart by tin- of  tt  m^* avub  ot �����rS���a*  acre; if paid on or after the1st of July
Dominion  Government  for sohool  '^ting upon the platform, on this, as  ntaxt, 8^ cents per acre.
, ., . .  upon the old time aud less pretentious     Provincial  Revenue  fax, $3.00. per
p-irposcs, ami tb.it a  orown  grant �� u
���ii i ii    ii���,  i',., i.i.i-    Christmas tree, wore bung ornamont-i   Lai"LU' t,t-,^^t. .-..^
will be   issued   to  the   Keveistouu    ,,,.,' S, REDGRAVE.
school district,
iiuoiig lbe the evergreen foliage, tbe
W������ mo informed by Mr. Nash,
ageut for Domiuion Lands at Kamloops, thut the Government has for
tht' present withdrawn from markel
the balance of the unsold lots ut
Uevelstolje, These however and
that portion of the Dominion town-
site which wus rn t offered at the
former sale, it is understood will in
due time be offered at a public sale
to the highest bidder.
Tbe mails between Revels;      tad
K ii ti '.'.'���' I ike new  go   by   i .
Victoria,   thence   weekly     .   ���.
\Vednend rj nighl       ��� i
ton to M irons and by trail up lbe
Colnwbia to  3proal   ind
From ten to fouiteen days  are re-
qniied 11 make thi trip
Uiii! al.- ������ :���-    '.
Assessor aud Collector,
Donald, B. C, Jan. 2ud, 181)1.
whole illuminated with many hued |
tapirs. It was a beautiful sight.
Rev, J. Turner was chairman of tbe
pr -��� i;r i (fee an t cake ;were
������" i. Mr. Wm. Loc, acted as Santa
1   ms in the ition of the toys,,
::. I not 1) ive been done better. Ja-. M Dona] 1 | resented the
:��� a :h r Miss ir\ ine, with an elegantly
I.  Istered c , and in ac ���
.' she ma le i -n rt  speech  briefly
  .'.,.'. ���-' her thanks
J      ii ime in
i   are     tbe     thanks
i biefly I ir & ��������� '. r makinig thi even
-. i.viv laki;
Notice jb hereby, given Ibat application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, at its next session, for (in Act to
incorporate a company for tho purpose
'd constructing, maintaining, equipping
and operating telephone lines within the
te of Nelson and Sprout's Landing, and Ihe distriot between sniil Towu-
sites; and also within the Townsite of
non and Btirronndiag distriot,
Solicitors for Applicants,
Iii.'' ; thi   l * Deoember, 1890.
official '-"rn ; CI   i  1 \ ]
vernme >    a \   \ S        i 13 J   1 a I i
III   (I |l| al I -
Lower  li loteunj oar.noi I      ���  ..
Uui n to arrive     rl        drty days
'The   !:��� "���������' ���"   Public  school      '"   '   ' '
house has been  tloished  bj  Jame -��� per day. I 3  Uko Railway Company,
UeD.miUld k Co., the conUaoto I '"ll"1 ''""'I'""; bicon-
��� '. C.
'.' n hi   ;ii 'i thai
tide to Hi"
the Province of British Co
rn , for mi Arl 1'x
tending the powi i of the Crow's Nest
 -""Uu. iniredbythe   m     '
tract, and  is  ready lor aeoeptaooi ,, , landings o
by the departmeut of education,   In ��,. |, .
some rt'ii'ecls it is better   than the
contract called lor, more specially
in ite suiting arrangemenis,   The J   ^ TiiOMSO \
contractors w re required to put in
only the ordinary stylo of old seals,
bui instead thoy I urn ise some of the
best work of The Canada Ollico and
School Furniture Co,, of Pnscott,
Ont , seats which fold up, and are of
tlilTureut a'tux, adapted to scholars
uf different ages, and containing all
improvements needod for tlm storage
nud can; I books. Tho school house
i, uu or uincnt to the block of hind
on which it is located, whioh will be j
more apparent when the stumps,
logs aud other rubbish that now ob'
BtrUtftH  tlie   viui" ii'�� clc'i".! mvuy
flume'? Build iig  Ki    I toko. B C,
.,i;vK.,sT(t.u;,  -   -  ii. (
I up, operate nnd mnintiiinn lino
m ,-' poinl nn the Lowor
;   i ti ti .' or ii' in- its jimotion
'���  ' ������      ���'���   r, thence to tho C ilumbin
��� hood nf Fori Shep-
n b lini   in S'olson via,
- KB   ��� nnd from tho Columbia
of Osooyns l.nl:. :nr| Sim
��� ��� II ������; to Hope, thoi following
the sou tl tlii i   .   t |{i" i r ton coir
vi M"!.I. pi ng lo N iw West-
" nl terminal point on
IJ liilel    Hi po '���' i to build branch
��� hirh mill   in longtb,
I), ' and  Is of tho
'   .     S'cel -'I i  Knob nay faiko Kail
cay I   '��� pnny \ot, I . boiunond
ed iiv iiii'ii '1'iiii; tin on pi la] mj I bprrow
in ��� j'',." ia "f lh' compiini \ el in
' hniii'" the niimo of tli niUjiiiy lo
Iho "Ihitl li I il ii bin m'li.'iii li'.iiluiiy
Compnpy," mi\i;M.; WILSON, '
18 Solicitor foi Applicant .
Dated Hi" llih day nf lin, iiiImt,
\  ii 1890.
SHOT,    POl)k,Bn),
K'ick an.] Stone Mason, Plasterer
anil   Kalsiminer,   All  work  dono
promptly and to satisfaction, Con
tract work solicited. 35
W A.Jjivirr, T.L.Huo
Notaiv Public
Oonvoynncos, Agreements, Bills of Sale,
Mining Bonds, etc, drawn up; Rents
and Aooounts Collected; Mining   Claims  Bought and
sold; Assessment work
ou Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patent,,)  Applied   for,   Eto.,  Etc., Eto
Lots on Townsite of Iievelstoke for Salo
and Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Machinery, Eto,
Notice is heroby given that application will be made to the Legislature of
B itish Columbia, at its next session, for
a private bill to incorporatea company
for the purpose of constructing nnd
maintaining a rt ilway from somo convenient point on tho outlet of Kooleiiiiy
Lako to n point on'or near the southern
boundary of tbo Province, with power to
construct iiini maintain branch lines; anil
also to construct and operate telegraph
mid telephono lines in oonuection with
tbo said mil way,
55 Solicitors for the Applicants,
Victoria, li. 0��� December 12.1b, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
after date we intend miming application
to the Honourable the Chiof Commissioner of Lnnds and Works, for permission
to louse for lumbering purposes, the following described hinds situate in Kootonay District, that is to say :
Beginning at a slake, planted on tho
eh bank or the Columbia R-ivev, at the
month of Curoe's Creek; thence oast
along the bank of said Carne's OreoK IO
chains ; Iheuco north to a point on the
southern bank of Downio Creoti; theuce
west following the bunk of said Doivnie
Creek to its junction with the Columbia
River ; thenoe south along tbo eastern
bunk of tho Columbia to Iho place of beginning, containing 5,000 acres more or
Also, beginning at a staKO planted on
the right buuic of the Columbia River,
opposite tbo mouth of Carne's Creeic;
thenee west 10 chains, thenco north to a
point about 100 ohauis north of Salmon
CreeK ; thence east 40 chains, or to a
point on the bum. of the Columbia Riv
er, opposito Downie Creek ; thence south
following tbo meanderings of the Columbia Kiver to tho placo ot beginning, containing 5,000 acres more or less.
T. W. D011IE,
57 G. II. C. WRIGHT.
Dated tho 27th Decomber, 1800.
asbesbment act and provincial
Revunui! Tax,
Xnlico Is hereby given, in accordance
with ibe Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax nnd nil Tn:;cs levied under the
' Ai.sessnient Act are now due for tl) i year
1801, Ml of thu above named tuxes,
oollooliblo within tlm Revelstoke Division of (bo District of West Kootonay,
nre payable at my ollice.
Assessed taxes are colloetible al the
following rates:
If paid on or beforo Juno 30th, 1891:
Provincial Revenue, 83,00 per capita,
Ono half of one per cent ou Real Properly.
Seven aud one half cents por acre ou
Wild Laud.
One Ihird of one por cunt ou Porsonul
One half of ono per cent on Income.
If paid after June 80th, 1801;
Tim thirds of  one per cent ou Real
Eighl mid one half cents per acre ou
Wild I und.
Ono hol| of one per cent on PerBonul
Pi por'y,
Throo fourths ol one per cent on Income,        T, J. LEND HUM,
50 Collector,
Rpvolftoko, It (' , Jan, 2nd, 1W1.
GOLDEN - . . B.C.
Mining Broker, Commission aW
^ Notary Public, ko, ko,
In Stook.���-Mining Powders, Paso and
Caps, Miner's Tools, Steel and Cii'tm
Outfits. 3tf
Corner Kraut and Hanson Sts.
First olass in evory respect; Nearest
hotel to C P R depot aud steuinboa
lauding, between post ollice aud gov,
buildings. Couch to aud from depott
and steamboat. Eire proof Safe for tbe
aooommodation of its customers.
��. p. a. HOKi
P. McCAftTiaV    ....    puop
First ohms Tempeuttnce House.
HOAIIU    AND    LODGING   ��5   Mil   WEEK*
meals, 2o.o.    aims, 25c.
This hotel is situated oouvenieut to the,
station, is comfortably fiu'uiahed and.
affords iirst class accommodation.
REVHL9TOKE     -     -      B.C.
IV. Cowan, Prep.   IJ. Hobert,Clerk-
Rooms well intended; tables nnex.
ooiled. Wines and liquors guaran
teed of a high quality, r'iro ia
sample room. Telephone communication wiih (J. P. it, depot. Eire
proof vault for the oonvonicuoo ot
guests.   .Buss moots all trains.
rilAUSIEN'r hates   -
?2 PER OA*
The largest nnd most central Hotel in,
lbe city ; good accommodation ; everything new ; table well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe,
Stockholm House
J.OHtf STONE, Prop.
Tho dining room is furnished  with the.
best Ohe market affords.
Tbo bar iB supplied, with a choice stock;
of wines, liquors nnd cigars,
Jas. liberty.


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