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The Kootenay Star Feb 21, 1891

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Array %IH
r 4
No. 3d.
All Wining Claims, other than Mineral
Locations, legally held in (his District,
under tbo Miuoral Act, 1884 and Amendments, may bo laid over from 15th day of
Ootober till lbe lst day of June next,
1891, Bllbjeot to Uie provisions of tho said
Acl aud Amendments.
81 A. P. 0UMMN6,
Gold Commissioner.
Donald, East Kooteuav,
September 29th, 1890,
tty. fiootmcuj Si&t
Going East, Going Wost.
No. 2 No. 1
13:00 Leavo Vancouver  Arrive 11:25
13:10 Westminster
15:46 Anttsfli'/i
18:52 North Bend
23:26         b'penoe's Bridge
1:34 Ashcroft
4:08 Kamloops
7:57 Sicamous
10:18      EEVELSTOKE
11:18 IlK'illowaet
12:45 Arrive
AssESsMiSJia1 Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Public notice is hereby given that Assessment and Provincial Revenue Taxes
ior the year 1891, for tho iiast Kootenay
Assessment District, aro now due und
payable at my office, at Donald, ut tho
following rates:
Real Property Tax, if paid on or bo'
fore the 80th of June next, y, of one
per cent,; if paid on or after the lst of
July next, ������', of one por cent.
Personal Property Tax, if paid on or
before the 30lh of June next, % ot one
per cent.; if paid on or after tlie 1st of
July next, y of" one per cent.
Income Tax, if paid on or before the
30th of June next, l/t of oue per cent. ;
if paid on or after the 1st of July next,
,34 of one per cent.
Wild J.ntid Tus, if paid on or beforo
tho 30th of June next. Vy cents per
acre ; if paid on or after the 1st of July
next, 8y cents per aero.
Provincial Revenue Tax, $8.00 per
capita. f1'1
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan. 2nd, 1891.
Notice is hereby pivcu that all
alluvial claims legally held in tbo
West Kootenay Distriot, will bo laid
overfrom the 1st of October to the
1st day of June 'ensuing iiecc>rdiu<)[
to tbo conditions of Section 1.1(1 of
(ho .Mineral Act.
29 Gold Oommiasioner,
Ilovelstoke, September 20th, 1890,
Notice is hereby given that Richard A. Ery and A, C. Pry have fyled
the necessary papers and made application for a Crown Grant in favor
of a mineral claim known us the
"Silver Queen" situated in the Toad
Mountain subdivision West Kooteuay District.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to forward their objections
(o ma within sixty days from the
date of this publication.
75 S Gold Conimisionor.
Revelstoke, January 29th, 1891.
Notice Is herebv given that Application will be marie to the Parliament of
Canada, at its next session, far an Act to
Incorporate tbe International Railway
and Steamboat Company of Canada, to
construct a railway : Commencing at a
point on tho 49th parallel of north latitude, where tho Kootenay lliver flows
north iuto British Columbia ; thenco
northerly along the valley of that river
nnd of Kooteuay Late, to the north end
of the said Lake; thence westerly through
tho Lnrdo Pass ; theuce northerly along
(he valleys of the Columbia River to the
Boat Encampment; the Canoe River to
'.he Tele Jaune Cache ; the Fraser Hiver
to its northerly bend, and Iheuco by the
most feasible route to Luke Francis j nud
(hence to .aid along the valley of tho
Felly or Yukon iliver, to the eastern
boundary of Alaska : With power to
build branches ; also to own, construct,
charter nnd navigate steamboats and other vessels, ou all navigable waters with
which railway connection may be made ;
and to construct, own. lease and use
docks, warehouses, grain elevators aud
other worKs for facilitating transportation upon said waters,
2 Solicitors for A pplieants,
Ottawa, 12th Decerobar, 1890.
Notice is hereby gfven tbat Applied
tion will be mado to tho Parliament of
Canada at its next session, for nt Act to
incorporate the Northern Transcontinental Railway Company oi Canada, lo cofl-
struct a railway ; Commencing at Prince
AUxKt on the North Saskatchewan River, tienco westerly to the west end of
Lake Athabasca ; thence northerly and
westerly along the Great Slave River and
Lake, to tho point where the Mackenzie
River flows from Great Slave Like ;
thence along the valley of tho Mackenzie
Kiver to its junction with the Riviere mix
Liards; thence along the valley of Iho
[ hitter river to Deitso River and Lane, and
thonco by thevnUeys of the Timzillii and
StiKene Rivers and to the easterly boundary of AlasKii, with power to shorten
the nu.iu line wherever pauses may bo
iVaiind, and to btfUd branch lines; also'tkj
own, construct, charter and navigate
Notice is hereby given, in accordance j steamboats and other vessels on all mivi-
with Iho Statutes, that Provincial Reve- gable waters with wliol railway cunncc
lino Tux and all Tuxes levied under the I (low may be wwc ; and to OODStruotc
assessment act mid provincial
Revenue Tax.
for sotiie limo pait it would
appeur us if the people of Lower
Kootonay were "bucking" against
tho?o of tho northern part of the
dislriuti in working up as far us
possible trade relations with tho
American towns to the south in
preference to those of tho north,
notwithstanding tho fact (hat llie
enterprising men of this (own
and older places in the proviuco
havo tiotiu everything in their
power to provide for the needs of
tho country, numbers going so
far as to establish branch houses
in the lower couutry that, thoy
might give their patrons tho best
possible service.   With ii view of
keeping tho legitimate trade rjf
the province within ito borders
charters wero last year refused
American    railway    companies
which proposed running in branch
lines from tho south, with the
staled object, of developing the
resources  of  lbe country   but
with the real object of securing
tho trade of the district and dN
verting it Into thu United Stales.
Another attempt will be  made
ibis year lo scctiro charters for
these American   rOuds,  and   to
prevent, if possible, such  fights
being  granted,  the   people   of
Northern Kootenay have decided
at meetings bold at Rovolstoko
and Donald, lo petition tho government   not   to   grant   such
charters as they will surely prove
hurtful to the befit interests ol
| the province.  Thore is no doubt
tbat the lower country would be
benefited  to  pome   considerable
extent by the building and opcr-
siting of the roads, but it is nlgo
true lhat by securing the same
class of communication with tho
commercial ceulros ol the province,    tho    Low'ef    Kootonay
country   would   reap   as   great
benefits, while the whole provinoe
would  also  receive benoGls'  it
cold not when the trade went to
the Stale's.   In a like manner by
tbo shipping of ores to tho south
tho Lakes country would bo benefited to tho exlont of the monoy
paid for Bueh products, yob on
Iho other hand if tbo sumo ore
were smoltod in this province tho
mine  owners  would   roup   an
equal roward, while tho smelters
and tho country at largo would
also sharo in the benefits consequent upon increase in tbo valuo
of   the   natural   products, and
and district, but tho wholS prov,
incp, and deserves lo be fostered,
and ils interests and our inlcroFls
protected, which cannot bo done
if it has at tho start to compete
against the long established works
at Denver, which il would havo
to do if tlio spur liues from llio
Amel'ldan railway systems ut'o
allowed to (up the Lowor Kootenay country, Tho (J. 0. Ii. propose building a line to tho Arrow
Lakes, whioh, together with llie
0. & H. Navigation Company's
steamers will t"? aide to carry the
tho oros from llio mines, us well
as Jjivo the country lo tho south
ample carrying facilities, The
pooplo of Revelstoko and Donald
aro not tho only ones ipposod to
tho American railway schemes.
Tho boards of trado of Now WfeSt-
minBtcr aril Vancouver, two of
tho mostiiifluoatiiil anil progressive institutions of the province,
are taking similar steps', and havo
sent lengthy peiilions to the legislature on the subject, asking
that nd charters be granted llio
proposed American railways, lbe
promoter!) of which tire atleinpt.
ing to divert iuto Spokauo Falls
tho trade w'hiflh properly belongs
to British Columbia, Tlie government will no doubt givo this
matter tli!) attention it requires,
and refrain from granting iho
charters asked (of,
colls itself when it s:iys; "If the
���' people r}f KovolsWkc had a
" little moro pride and publio
" npjrilj tbey v.'oull not need as
11 much as $500 to decoruto anl
" adorn their public school
" grounds." The proporty belongs io the govornment, and the
stump0, logs, and trees that now
cover it are not ouly unsightly,
but, also a menace id llio safety
of the building, especially in
summer time when fires aie apt
to bo startod from passing trains
or oil or oalisos. The government
in only asked to do whul is best
for all couceriied, Tho oilier remarks of tho Miner are ou ihe
same strain nud not worthy of
further notice;
Assessment Act aro now due for lh year
1891,   All of tho above named taxes,
oolleotibl'o within the Revelstoke Division of the District of West Kootenay,
aro payable at my oflico.
Assessed tuxes are collectible at tbe
following rates:
If [laid on or before June 30th, 1891:
Provincial Eevonue, $3,00 por capita,.
Oue half of ouu per cent ou Real Proporty,
Seven and ono half cents per acre on
Wild Land.
Ono third of ono per cent on Personal
Ono half of one por cent on Income.
If paid after June 80th, 1891 ,j
Two thirds of one per cent ou Real
Eight and one half oonts per aero on
Wild Laud.
One half of ono poi> neut ou. Personal
Thriiu fourths of one por cent on Income        T. J. EENDHPW,
59' Collfctor,
.lkv.elstoke���B..C, Jan, '2nd, 1801,
own, lease and use docKS, warehouses,
grain elevators, and other worns for fa,
cilitatiug transportation upon said wa-
:,tcrstv (lEMMILL A MAY,
51 Snlieitorsfor Applicants,
Ottawa, 12th December, 1890
Notice is hereby given that application will bo- mado- to tlie Legislature of
British Columbia. Ht its next sosiioifytor
a private bill tas incorporated company
for tho purpose- nf construct in){ and
maintaining a railway from someronven-
lent poinl on the priflet of Kootenay
Lake to a point oa or near the southern
boundary ot the Prtvitoej-witb power to
construct and maintain branch lines | and
Ijalao to-tmiBtruot and operate telegraph
'ami ("lephmie I'niii in. couiiactiiijii- with
he said- railway.,.
BODWffiLti k IRVlHd,
6f> Solicitors for the Applicants,
Victoria, B,C��� Deoenibcr 12lh. 1890,
tbe labor, etc., cstfWIod in
such increase. Many thousands
of dollars have boen oxpendod in
tho croctiou of a sinoltor at Rov
elstokc, capable of reducing fifty
lono of oro a day, iho capacity
of which can bo incroumd ue tho
supply roquiros. Tho smoltcr
was built here Unit tho ores from
the various mining dumps in thu
province might bo successfully
trou-tcd. Il is well known thut a
smelter close to i> group of mines
tho ores from which mo of the
same cbarueter, cannot work as
Buoccusfu'lly as oue oontrully
situated in a largo mining ilia-,
incl,'especially whero there ntf'o
[ good shipping fitcilitiu, because
iu the mucking process the oros
of one class aro used' in fluxing,
those of another, thereby reducing Iho cost of smelling. This
Is tho reason why Revelstoke wub
sclcclod us tho most iuvorubh)
silo for u sinoltor. Now that is
buiU hero, ready for operation,
the pooplo of tho place naturally
wish to see tho industry prosper.
It will not only benefit the lown,
It is a great pily that tho all-
wise editor oi tho Miner, could
not also be omnipresent. He iries
hard   to make up for this de-
ticiB./cy   in  his  mechanism   by
giving   away   gratuitously   on
every possible occasion and in
overy direction,    Iu tho Minor
of   tho   7th   iust.   thd   action
takou  by tho people of Revelstoko in petitioning lor uppropri-
al.'o!>e is criticised and tlio right
course for them to pursue pointed
out.  There cau be little objection
taken to the assertion that "The
'��� government will net wisely Jin
" deferring the orcctieii of a court
" houso and jail for West Koo-
" tenny district until such time
" as tho ceiilro of population can
" bo ascertained.   "Such time" is
tbe prosent.  Rovelstoko is undoubtedly the most oasily accessible  and oenttt*! point   in   tlio
whole district,   Il can be readily
reached from tho cast and woSt
by  the C. P, R, and from the
north  and south by the great
wutcr highway ol the Columbia,
and tho means of reaching hefc
will bo increased and mado easier
us tbo country opens up,   Tbo
next thing wo will hour will be
tho Miitcr putting iu tho absurd
claim  lhat Nelson is iho most
centrally  situated   spot  in   the
district, und want tho court bouse
there,   ll is   capable  of   such
chock. It gonot"i'ii:-ly admits that
the road between the lower towi)
and   tho depot should   fo improved, but sagely usuei'lH that
tbo  amount  io*   bo   expended
should bo loft lo the discretion ol
tho assistant commissioner,   it
is kuown thut no less iimoiuit
thar. that asked lor will do tho
i tho work, ami tho people of this
lown did pei'lcctly right in lolling
the government know what the
amount required is.   Wo prcsuuio
tho Minor is familiar with rut-
holes and tho like', but il is nwity
off when it designates iho trail to
tho Hig Bend us such.   Tho improvement ol llio trail in- a ncees-
ity und there is no doubt that the
government will expend oft tho
work this your tho amount asked
for, tho MlttW to tho contrary
notwithstanding.    For uiipi'oce��-
dented impudence tho  Minor ex--
Coxsideiiabus indignation was
expressed in town wbfin it bC��
e-'uio known that Revelstoke bad
1, it boon made a po'iing place for
tue coming Domiuiou elections.
Dniiald Mi Nelson arc ttid only
points in Kootetitty which havo
boon fixed upon us polling places,
Judge Walkem, who is Ills rovis��
iug officer ol iho district had thd
appointing' of the places, ami why
be should ovorlook uu important
plnoo liko Revelstoke is beyond
conjecture, uhd uu tiutrdgo on
the community. In the event of.
more lliaa one candidate entering
the field and a poll becoming
necessary, the electors of Revelstoko who wish to Md will .hav'c'
to go to Donald to cast their
ballots, which will dost them ut
least Hl2 or $15 (a jf^ce) for rail-.
way faro, meals, otc. As far as
can bo leurnad tbo force oftbo
injustice will not be felt, as thero
is only one (fandlddtfl in tho field
yet, bat that is no' reason why it
should go uuchallauged. Some*
thing should be done w bring the
mattor bslore tho revising officer
and have tho evil reraediodso that
it will not occur again. Elections
don't como regularly liko tbo
11 LL ..'.. ."       as
The Nelson Minor complains
that tho present local govern-
ment is partial in distributing its
advertising pulronago, and bases
its argument on tbe laet that tho
Donnld  Truth   from  July   1st,
.1838, to Juno 80tb 1889', only received $5 Loin tbo government
tor "advertising sundry notices,"
while during tbo following your
tho Star roceived tho sum  of
8225.93 for tho same class of ad.
vortising.   Tbo reasons fuY Hi's
discrepancy are yory apparent.
During tbo lifo of the Donald
Truth there Was net tho samo
necessity for advertising in K'io-
lenity district us tbero wus iu tho
following your,  and   then  tho
Truth was novo* looked npon as
a nowspapcr ut all, or a journal
rcpTosenlativo of Kootenay, but
tho vile production of a journalistic pole cat, not flt to bo road in
the home circlo or tot goneral
circulation'. Tbo Minor bo ire a
birthmark similar to that of tbo
dclunct truth, nnd tat pervaded
by  the mime  dirty   vindictive
-������ '        f
MINERS throughout tho country
will bo glad to hcitr that tho fivo
purest, royalty, will in all prob-
abiliiy, never becomo law, Tho
liccnso imposed on working
miners' will aloo be abolished, if
all goto!wolf.
'     -' J)
Mr. R, M. MoSowou who has'
hud diiafge of tho Wilson ostnto1
hero for tho past month, loaves-
town to-ntni-row for Ainsworth.
He will be obliged to go nrouud
by lire const mid in by tbe North-'
erti rV'ilic, etc., und expects to"
Imve u romantic trip, The store
,hcro will bo otosedv CIk liootenay Star
A four page twenty-column news
paper, is issued from the office o
publication, Revelstoko, 13. C
Subscription price ��2 per year,
Rules of advertising given on
Publisher an'd Proprietor
matters and delivered a speech of
abont thirty minutes duration and to
Iho following effect.
Iii the first place he elated he bed
come here in behalf ef a number of
gentlemen deeply interested 'in tbe 111 Was our neighbors keep their
         - , I " markets closed against us by high
The initial number of tho BriU
ieh Columbia Commerce nnd
Maritime Register is to bund
will be entirely devoted to tbo
laprcatitiic interests ol the prov
inco, and gives promiso of proving
a valuuble and Influential addition
to lbe press 'British Columbia.
welfare of Eist Kootenay
Golden in particular, That the
timo bad arrived when this rich aud
prbduoto valley shoul.1 be thrown
opoa to the immigrant's, and that
tne vast mountains of mineral wealth,
now looked in |ho fastnesses of the
Selkirks should be showered on the
povorjy stricken cities of the defunct
Secondly, that he bad staged his
"all" in Kootonay and was deeply
concerned as to our future welfare.
That he had come fo Gulden simply
as a privato individual and  not  in
procy  treaty   with tbo   United | NOTICE.
1 Stales  that  would include ' tho
1 products of British' Columbia, but
' wuol,d  ��?���K .\D7', mo,'-1,ill.oati��," I    Notice \a hereby given lhat nppll
| of the tariff which should We a     ^ ^fo m,;drtb.lt tll0       ^
tendency toward, free  trade,  so | Jj.^.,. the'tegislative A/sseinblyot
British Columbia for' an Act  to Jn-
" protective d:.itjesL
The question now comes before us
corporate i) fiqiiipany  to  copslruct,
equip, maintain aud operate a  tram-
iu a delnite form.   Shall wo adhere j ����J. to be worked  bv  steam, horse
td {'ho National Policy, under wh'jc'Ii
Canada has prospered, aud endeavor
le'ceeure a troaly with the United
Slates that will bo fair to limth
countries, or shall we, on the ether
hand, accept Unrestricted Reciprocity as advocated by Mr. Laurier
and the Reform party ?���a policy
that can have no other nieiiniiig than
a common tariff for'Canada and tho
United States against the rest of the
world, and one tbat will bo framed
at Washington obd'not at Ottawa.
I admit that ol high protective
tariff falla more heavily on ' our
Province than any other portion of
the interests of any persons or cor-
It j poratiou and lhat he  was  dosiriou'c j (he Domiuion, as we are consumers
for his own information to learn tho   vatll0r tha" producers, and owing to
] tbo great distance
1 faeturing  centres
I Quebe'ri'transportation in
of i ally to ihe cost of 'goods
.  ,.       . r, ,, .,      i tbe great distance from the mami-'
feeling of Goldcnites  ou railway  totiiHoq centres of'Ontario' and
mutfca-3. I Qaebeb'trausportatiou nddu maten-
After an olaboratoj description of j ally to the cost of 'goods laid down,
the    awe   inspiring magnificence |]Jllt we must'uot forget that we are
���' ' an infogral pai t of'"tlie Dominion.
Stoveston, at tbe mouth of tho
Feasor river, is fast becoming a
livo town, Tho latest evidence
of its prosperity is tho establish*
ment of a nowspnpor thoro, tho
Enterprise, which is bright and
attraclivo in appearance and
curries a respectable amount of
Missouri has passed a bill
which makes it a misdemeanor
for any person to sell a minor
under 17 yours of ago oigarottos
or tobacco in any shape without
a written orcicr irom parents or
guardians of such minor, It is
pro'mblo a similar bill will be
passed by tho provincial legisla
and grandeur of' the Selkirks,
Mr. Spragge descended into
tho valley and gave a pleasing bnt
erroneous sketch of the route o'railway would follow from Goldou to
tho Northern Pacific R, It. nnd
drew a sad aud heartrending picture
of the utter destitution awaiting
Golden and the Columbia and Kootonay valleys should the construction' of a road between Golden and
the boundary line be commenced at
any point but this, how a trado with
our neighbors to tho south would be
and that no Provinoe has participated
t'OBo'great an'extent in the general
prosperity of the last live' years as
oiir's. Wo must also bear in mind,
that witheut a ' protective tariff.
Canada would nO't have had either
lbe weans or credit to pusli to Completion withiu so short a time the
Canadian Pacific Railway, aud without that work 'British Columbia
would'only be a member of tbe Cod-'
federation in name, 'British Columbia covers an immense area, our
populatian is'small and, soattod, our
mining districts aro" in qany cases
almost inaccesBablo. and our mineral
wealth   will remain   undeveloped
or other motive power from the "Silver
King Mine" on Toad Mountain,
Kootenay'Disrict, to some point on
the Kootenay, River, at or near Nelson
aud for all the powers, rights and
privileges usual or necessary iu such
au undertaking, or iu constructing,
equipping, maintaining and operating
ii 'railway;       ' '
69.6 A Rent, for Applicants.
Notice ie bofflliy given that Allan
Granger has Bled with iho, applications Tor, Crown Grants for his mineral
locations situated on .hibdoo Mountain, iu the pMrfot of East Kootenay
known as the Horse Shoe nud Dewy
Eve. Adverse applicants, if nny, are
required to send in their objections
to ic6 within" siiiy flays from, this
A- ?��� CUMMINS,
Gov,  Agont,
��C-S Beust Kootonay, B. fy
Donald, January 15,'lttfj.1.
Notice is hereby given'tbat appli;
cation will be made to th i Legislative Assembly cA- the Province of
Britjsh Columbia, at its next session,
for i.n Act to incorporate a company
for the purpose of constructing,
maintaining, equipping aad operating telophone lines within tbo town-
site of Nelson and Sproat's Landing
a.(d tho distriot between said Towu'-
sitos ; and also within the Townsito
of VerMn and surrouudiug district,
56 Solicitors for Applicants,
DufedJ thj^ lst Decc,c,l,c,L, lHli.O.
nutured ^uevcr to be recovered by |an'iir r'the>''mountain   range's   "are
Canadians, uot to mention other
calamities too horrible to write
about, and wound up by requesting
that We'petition our member in the
Local Legislature to use his own in.
fliieneo to prevent the Government
granting a charter to any cempaoy
that would not agree to commence
* "',    |   ,      *
turo shortly, and with good effect; construction at Golden and continue
' it south from that point,   ^u  other
upon tho youth of tlio country.
British Consoryativos havo not.
fpr a long time received such a
shook ds in tho question address-
od to Homo Secretary Mullhows j route mentioned
words Mr. Spragge requested Qol.den
to petition the Government lb make
it almost impossible fer any corporation other than the Canadian Pacific
Railway to oonstruct a road over the
A_d, this was the
pierced wiih railways. The burden
of railway'bhililiug is too hoajy to be'
bori.6 by tho Province," and wo
must largely dop^n'd on Foderal aid.
How cp.iV- We claim that assistance
nii^DS %e contribute oqr quota of
ij'aiation? The' Premier in his
recent addreks, elates: "Wo havo'
" by liberal grants of subsidies pro-
11 moted the building of railways
" n'6w become aa absolute necessity,'
" un'til the whole country is covered
" as with a network.''
This may be tlid Case in tbo older
provinces, but it is certainly not so
iu British Columbia, except on
paper. ' '
Thero is, I beliovo, an agitation in
tho eastern provinces in favor of'an
export duty being placed on uickle
ore, and a feeling of alarm in a
portion of tbis district, lest such a
tax should be imposed, I do not
apprehend any such danger, bnt
should the government contemplate
placing an import Of that description
I will, certainly oppose' ft. "1 would
Notary Public.
Notice is b,e,i.ebj. given that ,f amop
Brady, hao filed with me an ' application for Crown Grant for his minora!
location situated about two miles
west of the ^outh end oj Upper Columbia Lake in Easi Kootenay District knowu as tho Thunder Hill
mineral claim. Adverse applicants,
if any, are required t�� send in their
rnjectious to me withiu sixty duys
from the date i#irDo,f.
66-8 East Kootenay, B, 0.
Donald, '-January 15,181)1.
Notary Public.
Mining, Timber and, Kenl Estate. Brokers and  ClonaraJ
Coiniiiissioi!  Agents.
Cpnveyonees, Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Rinds, etc., drawn up
Ronts'aud Accounts-Colleeted;   Mining Claims Bought and sold; Asses-
I iiieiil, work ou Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc,, Etc.',
Lots on Townsito of Ilovelstoke for. Sulft aud Wanted, Agents for.Miuiug.
Machinery, Etc,''
lust Friday, as to whether tho 1 gist of Mr, Spragge's mission  to
Prince of Wales was implicated in j Golden.
Criminal gambling in connection i    A feff remarks, an,i to tho point,
with    t ho   Gordon Camming I were *?** tytbreo or four me'Jlbers
���      , ,     m,'   , ,       , of the moetiugnoiiiting out the cras3
Scandal,   Th",  homo secretary    ,     ...    , ��:   B.      ,
;                 :     ������������ ��� .'.,'-    ; absurdity of Mr. Spragges sugges-
gavc a negative reply which al; .^ am, M but ^Q ^^ (Mr_ j t���mtiMtf-<��fm being ineroas-
least strained tho letter and spirit: Pote.. Sabug'tilin wbu ��� oko in s     ; ed as soon'as our smelters are run-
ol the law. Tho autbbrilios b'avo  port of Mr SniagKe'lieink'one) were ITS' Wff"Lf!   %��� b'/ore
��� ��� ������ ���-<������ 'jumoi.-ii. oinub^L iieiiiDouej were . raKtjy years 'Kodtehay will produce
unanimous when a motion was made j more'lead than will be required by
to tho effect that the meeting adjourn : the whole of tho Dominion,
(or a twelve uiouib to consider what'    ^ oommon tjijtli' I be other mem-
i    ,,i    , ., , ��� bers from this province, I strduglv
Bhould be done with men possessed , ..tt,      .}    ���,���   . 1 ��� . ��� ?,
, , ' i urged  ubon the government   the
of the unprecedented gall of Mr. v-   ���    ^m
| Spragge.
Thia evoning a meeting  is to  be
in the O'lceu's Hotel, and I under-
of laic slioivn themselves remark-
ttbly active in punishing belling
at public houses and working
men'B clubs, end there is a iccN
ing that it is about time for
something to bo done with uris-.
tooratio idler who gambles
in guieni'.j
men gamble
lbe princo will break tbe law, be
should be punished us well us the
All kinds of Repairing done ifl" a -wcrkmanljk.e, manner,   Shot Gune.
Rifles, Pistols, Ainnii.iij.iiipi! ite., .te., for sale at lbwp's|.prio6s.
iW Fine Itiilos Mnde to Order.
ilium ������nun Miniii������ii���im ii m���MM���������  mi mill ��i
where   working-   stand it is the intention to request
in    pennies.
advisability of placing mining
machinery on "the free list, and
pointed out the advantages that
would accrue, not only to British
Columbia but to the whole Dominion  if this   encouragement" were
Tho prospect of proposed leg-'
ialation ir. India, in regard to
native marriages, is causing some
anxiety to the authorities. Native opinion in .������ iy influential
quarters is already t r monnced
against it, and ii is evidi at thai
otir member to do everything in his i offered to the mining industry.   Our,,
power to induce the Government to j effort's were so far successful that!all
encourage in every possible way any ' mining machinery not maniifaoture'd
,,     ,. .      ,       , in the Dominion, is nOw admitted
corporation, Canadian or American, ' ^ and j- im gM to knoff ,httt
desirior.s  cf   constructing  a  road   more than one mining company in
' throughout our valley.
P, \V. AVI.MEI!.
Golden, Feb, lOtli, 1891.
East and West Kootenay his taken
advanta&o of this concession.
Iu endeavoring to secure assistance fill''publid' wWks, I have at
least biiiiii partially successful.
During  my   torm   subsidies w.ere
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      granted to only two railways in this
province, one in Yale and' the other
tn courting days'twas depost bliss   jn Kootenay.   Tlm Columbia river
Elastic Word,
In wedlock bond they're linked
il,in loving pair, and now
Tbo neighbors, aay .Ley oft en^py
A ui'asf di-lightfiil row.
r...      i      i     ' -        ' i
above Golden has been improved bo
that a month and upwards in the
season has been added' to steamboat
navigation, and work is' now 'bo'ing
done bdlo'w tlie mouth of (ho KW
tenay, which it is' Imbed' rv-ill give
navigutiiiii'en tho'loWer river all the
I'Mir round.
The government decided to estob-
linh four (iVdustriiil 'Schools for
Indians in cur prOvinco. Two of
(Iiokh aro now in successful oponition
in this district, So thoroughly aro
thee institutions appreciated by tlio
Indians, that the Principals and
Indian  Agents havo   difficulty  iu
 ^t'pon the lake to go,
the Indian government will have  This loving pair then oft eojoye
grave ditTjpijlties u oontend with     A most delightful row,
us is generally the cisj when
mall"!-' closely touching native
social life are taken in bond by
the legi lature. tt ia i r ipose I f i
pass a law pn,liiii.i.i.g men  ol
rjvor 5i) years of ago Irom marry.
ing fiir!* '.j yeara ol age and
under, sod tlie natives think such
a law would do great iiijUolice I      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the younff ladies of tbe land, and      QVQmrQltok to important . "W.��l'"B P��#. g�� nnmbor offering
���Ify, " * a ,- , ������- , ���       i   ,   ,,    bens so maliu greater than there is
wotibl bo a positive hardship on   propoBift having been made by tbe -   -   "- -,y-
thooldba;:t,c!o,'R nod  Widowers    D(,minioD f)^ernment through tbo
^^.^���'���'Il"i:il"';'",,',",i":a""''States, wi,l, a new d femin, a
i-jnlant maniapoi. now, bat tre(it.'oowing trade ud'ptbn re^
classify ..-ieh tarbarity undor tlm   |,lt:Mi: (;etweon ^8 twn 0ODDtr|ej(
iiealof ,'ca;'iyrria;-'ia;^;i," which     ' ' '" "
sounds all right in Knglmh.
fa,       I    I       I ���    f J      !     !"|l,l      t'      I.I..' '*
Eallway W/BOtlng atj, Qold��n.
Tjj tho IMjtpi\of|tjie^ooTENAV S in
'SjS���op'iail, evening ol llln Insf,,
a pii'lJiiomccittig wwi luilil in CJplde'n
D^yG-ooDs, Mipra furnishings,
23 &
acciiimodiilioii for,^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J'flil'l'i' In'." I"-'i-   ��� "ii i'l'id'l"   dis
Imperial Government, to the t/nited   sattufaotipn on acoount of of delays
tbat bave'oooored in extending post
office facilities to outlying distriots,
' may say that f hale not Ik.-.ii idle
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ id tins matter, ahd tvhilst tho l'ost-
and that H|n people may have uinster OeilOral has'not aoocded to
an opjportnrilty '' of oipressulg , every request'aarsiiiliiy as 1 iidulu
their views iitlon thbee broposallj Wufli. 22' new offices have' beou
:';lifi-irii"iit, hai been dligoHed, aid opened within the fiad, four yoars,
v'uii aie ti'.w clillml ni'inri fo Select 'a with an intt-i-aSe of aboul 000 miles of
repVesenfafiye f6 tbe Bobsd of Cofa-1 '��� airvfoS,
ition' I   'TKe'mos't importantqnestiob     Now, gentlomon, f hope I have
tHlitHas oddi!(lied1 tuo dtlentDon of plocfed'theIsSlie*1 fairly beforo ybu,
tHeAHmibistfatloh and the Ho'nse I If you'liavo'sufflplont ionfldenoe io
t/f'Ootom'Ons for fievelr.l  ye'urs   p'agl   iUn t'o iV (ileet nil), I  will ak in tho
t'tiio ("''icena"flpfel "'o  t'akb  into   arid prolmldy  the rvrX Imijtortuut  past.' glvd'thi prtsent ad^ertmeht a
'""  rait'wa'v cond'uctio'i  d""lll"t' >v||l''if'tiVi bfifofe the' ne'n   gclierotts alfrtobtlj and f, will en-
,,,     i'ii't       ,'H'i  '" ���������! IKihsn, is mil- tlftde''roWliooa  with  doWo'i' "at *Bl("lame
,.,,     \nl" lI?.3!' i?" "'"j -I,      ,, I oVtr' liciiihboni.'  'Iii  c'ceklng  yofir | ,'liard yoiil- inleroiitfi.
'"^i-.'.A, '''', M, tipttf.'fi. oj, la'onald | sjiffr,-t|,'es at tji'i last) grn'mral electibil | \'ours faithfn
.;,| 'aa liio MMMiii of railway  tMi'i, '"I sliolfld favor a reel* 1.83
. .1 , '      u U       III       .' .     .
to   oarefully
Coal, Hay and. Corn.
Have entire sale of the oeluboated Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, suit
able  for base-burners and other stoves.    GItEAT HEATING   "
""^OWER.  BIUCH'OHEAPlfB THAN AVOOD.    Deli-     '
'vered aVlievplstoke,' any part of town, 89.90
Kamlri6ps$).90; Do()ft3|, ��8,M,    .Special,    '
''ri.uqtatipns for car lots.   Coal stoves
'sold  atwliolosale cost Hay, oats
* and bran sold' by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
at Kamloops and Ronald.  Apply '
UD, WARDS.      -     ���
L, J.
The, Kootenay Star,
Dcvotjfid to f,hji) LUM,BEUIN%6,   BUSINESS    and   AGRI-.
(^ULTUKAL, and especially to tho
uJV-AI V<1 to, aud executed in the beij,��^le.   Ceiflpior/jial wprk(
a gpecnlty.
';i';.*''VW��� 1. Any person who takes a paper
rogularly from fhe Bqst Qflipo,
whether ho has subscribed pr pot, io.
rpsprinjliblo (or (ho payment.
2. If % person  orders bis p&per I
flii*cf>ptipuocl ho must pay all arreats,
or the publjs hrs  may continoo  lo |
send it until payment is made, and
then colleot tha   whole,  amount |
whfthor the papp.: is taken from the
oftice or npt.
4. In suit* for subscriptions, the
fuit may be instituted where the
paper ie published,
<L Tlie courts havo decided that
feftysjug to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Tost Ollico, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
ior, while unpaid for, is pima facio
eYJde.n.c.0. o,f ifltentUjuaJ fv^ij.
If I Wore You.
If I were you, I often say
To those who seem to need advice,
I'd always look before I leaped;
I'd aiwaj? tliirik \t over twice
And then I heave a troubled
For, after all, I'm only I.
I'd ne'er disense, if I wero you,
The failings of my fellow men;
I'd think of all their virtues first,
And scan my own ahorloomiy.gt;
Bnt though all tjiis is good
and true,
I am but I; I am not you.
If I R.ore you and \,M so rain,
Amidst my folly I would panso
To see how dull and light a fool
I was myself. I don't, becau^o���
And here I heave a pitying
I am uo.t you; I'm only I.
J[f I were you, no eplfk-h care
Should chase my cheery smile
I'd scatter round me lovo and hope;
I'd do a kindness every duty.
Ijlut here again I Bud it true
That I am I, and you are you.
I wonld aiot be so very qnick
To take offense, if I were you;
I would respect myself, at least,
Whatever others, aay or do.
Ala* I can no ono tell me why
I am Dot you, instead of I ?
In eLort, if I wero only you,
And could forgetj that I was I;
I think that little cherub wings
Would sprout upon me, by i&nd; by.
GTeiuiings from AH Over the
\Viile \VV<;^.
miiviter,   lulliiug  to a   man   who
appeared to be a foreigu seaman.
Tbo i'nited Slates government has i
authorised a test at fiort ^lierjdan of i
tlie pi-w gun, njne and one-half feel;
lrl)gi which is) said to, bo papnbie of
thipwing  dynamite  or other higb
evplosives shells a distance cf five
miles, thoiit-amls of limes iu success-
ion without becoming  ovcrhoated.
The inientor is Louis Oathmauu, of t
j Cjiic.,go.    Th.e cf.ief $pve) fetytqro
| is the uso of liquified carbonic acid
I gas, dtlivered automatically along
the entiro length of tho bore, at the
] instmit of discharge, not ouly as an
| absorbent, of tbe heat generated by
ij, bqt as a {.opler after the charge
has left tho gun.   Should the in-
ventiou prove suocessf*1, C.-jratutjmr,ia,
expects tbat tho existing systems of
const defense, practically, would be
J|m^erer| C;ii>t,iirvM��.
He (at 11.30p. m.)-J feel woundi-1 \
UP tonight. " ��
She���Why yon don't seem to go.
Thfi dignity oi labor is all right,:
but it is the djg njgbf apd day of j
labor that many people complain of. j
- -
"^iielr," the said in ft tcrnler voice,
"I am really sorry, but o;\v ��r.aduat-1
ing mr.lto tliis year  was 'Learn to j
��aj uo,' .ind this is tbe first chance
j I've had."
Tommy���I  wish  I  had  a little
Mamma.���Yon do?
Tommy���Yes, I do ; I'm  tirod of |
| kicking the cat.
a   HJLUJLA/liCMU.   w   vu
Oarry large lines of plain, medium, amd hlgh-grado furniture.   Parloi and
Bed-room sets ranging iu, price from ��ti.all to S.5.00.    Hotels rur,
nisheiJ throughout    Ollice and bar-mum ohuirs,   hpmg
m,attresaes made to order, and woven, wire, hair
and wool mattresses in staok.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Like
pcantuwill receive early
and   prompt attention,
B.   0
I   She-Why don't you get married ? I MMN g,rRmv  uliJVE?jSToK 13
Can tvou afford it? ^^^
He-Yes, I can afford  to marry, f*?*!^?*1?*!^?1??"^^
; but I cau't stand tho e^penao of an !       _ 	
engagement. i rfll "ff"^, 1
The "Badischuwijjl;thoe(iogkeites,"
is the name of a new benevolent
order recently established at $vans-
Tille, Ind.
An epideml,?. ol small pox has
oawed a number of deaths in Hal-
dersleben, Germany.
W. ft. Msftirr, employed us a
clerk i�� tb% litwahw post <#e
b.8 been arrested, charged with
jobbing letters.
It is rumorod in, Montreal that fcir
Heny Tyler, president of, the Grand
trunk Kail way, is coming to that
City to establish a Canadian Board
of DiijeotorB for the purpose of ad,-
vising tho management.
A deperate affray in a, salm at
B.tte, Montana, resuljled in the
.hooting of three gumblers named,
Evan, Buyer and Sbeerin. Svau I
JlavcdAtagame in which, Shemn
Jas dealing and asked the latter fo. |
, 0200 loan. On being refused.,
Evan began n^ig aud both ho ana
Sherrin emptied their revolvers.
A bystandir, named Boyei; was fa,tally
injured, and the two principals w.ere
iouslJ  winnded.   Q*> ��"W>��d
men were in the saloon at the time
pf tbe shooting.
Jack the Ripper has beon at work
again in Loudon. On Friday last aj
policeman oi? duty at Ch,ambe^trcet'
Whiteohapol, found the dead body
of a young woman with her throat
out from ear tp.ear. The head ras
aUaobed to tbe body by a small strip
of skin, Tin body has been ideuti-
iti as a woman of the pavempate
known as "Carroty Nell," about 20
Jean # The, "oljpe, believe that,
tbe woni.^ m murdered while
Standing taj'lHPgtPllo:, asspciato, ami.
that the "RiijPW." Kd no ti��P te
inflict tho peculiar mu,jl|a>ipp,fl which
ffijTO h^ctoforo charactered. IjlR
The   Columbian    says:      "The
atrocious and mystorious murder of
on uukuowu man, whose body was
found in the river near Chilliwhack
er. January '23rd, and full particulars
of which appeared in the Columbian
ut tlie time, will be remembered by
our readers.   Ever since  tho  date
of the  inquest, Mr. Moresby  has
been quietly working up  the case
and it will bo satisfactory  to  the
public to learn that he  has traced
t;be crime to its  perpetrators,  and
brought the murderers to  justice.
The detective work done by  Mr.
Moresby iu this case reflects tho
the highest credit on that gentleman
especial!) when it is considered he had
absolutely no chie to begin work on
further than the evideuca supplied
by the mutilated body irself.   Mr,
Moresby has been living up river for
the past wee^s prosecuting enquiries
aud yesterday lip, bad secured sufficient information to   warrant  the
arrest of Y)ctor,  a halfbred,  ami
Sheil an Indiau, of Nieomou Slough
on tho charge of  punier.    This
afternoon ho brought them to the
city, and thoy are uow  housed in
the Provincial gaol,   Tbe iflvestiga.
tioua of Mr.  Moresby ttuealed  the
fact ti.it the  murdered  man  was
named Patrick O'Shea.   He  was a
tramp and claimed to have walked
across the continent f;om Montreal
to  Westminster.   Not iiudiug any
employment to  suit him  here, he
turned eastward again, and get as
far as Nicomen Slough,  wb,ere he
met with the prisoners, and took up
his abihlo with them.   Thii  was  iu
December last, and nothing more
is se.own of him or hia doings.
Tbe prisoners were takeu before
Capt. Piftendrigh, J. P., and remanded for a week in order to allow
a! tha evidence being felly- prepared.
Mr. Moresby has some important
evidence to lay before the court,
andii confident that it will fully
sustain the obarge. He is to be
congratulated on the success which
has attended hia efforts in this serious affair."
Gaoler (laboring under alcoholic
emotion)���Say, Jack, why am I like
tho inpp,u tonight?
Jack -The moon isn't full tonight
Guzzler.���We are both on our last
quarter, though.
"I hopo you will parden my late
arrival," said the youDg man, as he!
soated himself iu the easiest chair.'
j "I forgot my umbrella and had to
j stand in a stairway until the shower
j was over."
"That's ono on you, Jonuie,"
. shouted Tommy, in great glee. "I
! told you so. Of fot>rse he, l^d sense
j euough to go in when it rained."
Aud the silence liko, a soft hat,
| was plainly felt.
.8 ReYelstoke Tin Shop,
3raniie ware, and   Lvii;)  (ijul.-i.       Tin,  Qoip,p,Jtv and' *Sboot Ira
\Yave mado v.o qrdor,   '.First ol wi lYjr-k gu iiuat al,    Otln'i pro ojlij
attended to.;
A middle-a^ed farmer came to a
yonog minister the other day and
said:    "Parson,  I don't want to
trouble ye too much, but I wish ye'd
tie the knot for mo and 'Lizobeth
I over asain."
| "Why so?" asked the young man.
'["Weren'tyou legally married be-
j iore'i"
| "Yes, I suppose so," was the reply
j "but'twas done by a Justice of th.��
I Pe^eo and wo& a kinder  cheap job.
I'd be williu' to pay $2 tot a giuooine
profeshionul hitch."
It was in a grocer's window
That she saw a simple sign,
And sl-.e stopped aud slowly rea.il it,
While her blue eyes seemed  to
I Then with scornful lips she mur-
i ssuvedj
As she tossed her pretty hat;
j "How I wish ^he, men were labeled
With a ,/j,od plain sigu like that!"
So when she had passijd, \ ventuyed
Near that favorod grooer's Bhop,
And espied this simple legond,;
"This Corn Warranted to Pop."
���     a
Vll  orders by mail
express promptly
All   descriptions of
gold aud Ki^erwara
Koturniag Oillcers,
The following v,o the British Columbia returning officers for the
Dominion electors.
Cariboo ��� J.ohn   Stevenson,   of
\ictprJA-Jas.   E,  McMillan, of
Nanaiftp���Marshall, IjSray, of Na-
l>amloops���Fred Hussey, of Kamloops.
I\ow W^ajamhistor-Sherifl Armstrong, of, new Wostmioster.
(Close to C. P. It. Depot)
NOTICE is hereby given that the
undermentioned tract of land, situ-
atenj -u, East I\oo>oay District, has
beeft aurved, and a plan of the turn
can be seen at the Lands and Works
department, Victoria, and at the
office of A. P. Cummins, Esq.,
Assistant Commissioner, Donald:-
Lot 223, Group 1.���Thomas Jones,
Jra-emutiptt  Ueooijd,   No.   67/,
atod 3rd June, 1885.
Persous having   adverse claims
must tile a statement ot the eaow
wi,th, the (Jpmavisjjjppw- vfitt^jLo. 60
days from date of this notice.
,W, S. GOBE,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria,, i?.C., febwKS 5th, 1891.
Importers, of the ChoicostOtocertcs mid Provisions.
We carry a select and coropleto stock; of gent's furuisin^s, labios, gen t
and obildren's bouta, shoes and hose, stationery, patent inedii^, toilet,
requisites and ready-made clothing.   A,   bu;^e   assertmeut ot pipes,
Ubacco, C'lgurottcii, imported aud domestic cigars, li'uits, candy, etc
Stove pipes, linwa,ve, crockery, rough and dressed iumbor, and olhorgooibf'
loo numerou,!, IQ, mention, at, moderate priccD. a
Telephone emmnnioatiou.
Tbepreriodof "a generation"
has boen leugthoned. It need to'
be jbiiiiiy years,, and wus later
increased to thirty-four. Now, a
seieulist says, the avorago term
of human life has inoroased in the
last fifty years, from thirty-lour
ro forty 4��o years,
A peculiarity about "189-1" is
that adding tho first figure to. the
second makes the third, and subtracting tho fQnijlh, figure from
the third gives the second. Adding tbo, four fasurea.together giveB
ui the number of the oentury,
 ^ -- ���
It, lias been remarked that some
givo accordiyq to their tpoaus and
' some according to their meanness,
TT   i.i       ��'        '     '    I- '  '    '
P. O, Address, Nelson, J. C,
Capacity 20.0JQ foet per day. Planer
shingle maohiue, eto, All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1890 lumber will be delivered al
any of the landings, on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
F, Frei Hume & Co,,
aa ax
. B   U
(Branoh Store at Nelson,),
KEYKL6TOK0,   -    -   V. C
Dealer in Dr^ Goods Groc3ri&3,  Prowisioas-
,.. CanH,8iGoD;U Harisrara E;3-
ThO: Stock ia evory Dopartmont is Pull and Comploto and iho Publio wil,
find it to their luhantngo to-call apo.
Insinect  Goods  and   Compare  Priced.
nt   sJ.BBUPPL.iBs a apjtouuxr.  ^m  <wt-
<Tf wmBKB&Btat#ms*
*rm*!*:mlmj**v*rs* *mjr. ����� *��� ,*.*j m ������*-�� M~y*. s*v >hpi>i CTMMWWMWMWMBWIIMWBIBWMI
rbe town was besieged with oom�� the other band by the building of
  I liiercliil men this week. \ the road from Revelstoke to the lakes
Divine Service will be held hi tho |   James Liberty left town on Tues-jand tho communication afforded by
day night for tho ooast en route for j water,  the  wants of the  couutry
I the Old Country, where ho  claims would bo supplied by British Co-
thoroia a legacy awaiting him. lumbia    dealers,  whilo    the  ores
Chief Constable John Kirkup and ' ��nld bo brou8ht to %�����M�� for
his bride arrived in town Wednesday !trettt,nent- bencntin" Bevolstoka
from  Easteni  Canada,  and   wore particularly  but   alao   tho   whole
i province by keeping tlio wealth of
the provinoe wilhin its borders.
1.1- velstoke Church every Sunday ��ve
ping at, 7;80, conducted  alternate
Sunday Sohool and Bible Class,
cry Sunday afternoon at 2:110,    '���
aro cordially invited to attend,
,.-:.'������.'������ ,''������ . SE1 KIRK LODGI
;-:'*;''���-' IOOP
Donald B, U.
Regular Mooting Thursday ..f each
wee!; at 8 ]>. m.   All visitiug broth-
era are cordially invited.
J, McLroo,     J, H. Matiieson,
N. G, R. S.
which did damago to plate glass all
over the city. The flteiuen worked
heriocally 'Jo very little purpose,
The lossess generally were partly
covered by insurance. The bleck
will bo rebuilt better than ever, as
soon as possible.
DaN-VM, li- 0,
Jlo ���; s 1 a 2 Sundays, and last 2 '\Ved-
nosduys each month.
Muster,   .1, S. Babbitt,
Sco'y,   W. F.Ogilvio,
Fino'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Cbesloy, Kam-
oops, 11, C,
Donald, 11. C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
lib Sundays, in firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall,
Secretary,, Joseph Calliu,
Collector,   Geo U Govett, Box 49.
Receiver,   James   falconer, Can-
more, N V? T,
Magnzino Agent,   H J McSorley,
given a gonial welcome to Revelstoke.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkup loft eu Thni-s-
day for Victoria on a visit of a week
or eo. Sinco the Now Year they
have visited ail iho pieces of Interest
iu Canada.
During ihe wee!; several industrious ticket sellers canvassed the
town for tho benefit of the concert
to be given in the school uext Wednesday evening in aid of the Methodist church organ fund. Tho programmes have boon issued aud give
promise of a very intoresting^euter-
Judge Tunstall yesterday received
word that a trump was lying at Lle-
Messrs Thomson and Valentine
opposed the motion ou the groitnd
that by the excluding of American
I roads the C. P. R, would be given a
mouoply power which would not be
oxeioised for tho benefit of tho
Mr. Kellio expressed himself as
antoganistio to tho motion. He
claimed that excluding American
roads, would be to build a stouo
wall to shut ont American capital
that wonld othet'Wiso go to develop
the resources of the couutry and
beaelit all parts of it, The Canadian
Pacific, he said, was seeking foreigu
Flso's Remedy tor Catarrh 15 tho .
Dtffit, EllSlOBt to Duo Will ClU'KIXSt.
r*j.   eold Iiy ilrugglsta in- sout Iiy mall, 60o.
K3 HT, U,ii.llliio, Wiutou, Ph., 0. D.A. j
Fletcher \ Co
Building1 & Contracting
cillawatt very ill, in fact so ill that | Holds for operations, aud waa quite
he was not espected to live. Mr. T. j capable of holding its own against
J. Londrum went up on No. 2 and ] American oompanie3. Ho was
intheevotiiug took biai to the bos1 j confident competition would only
pital at Kamloops, The sick tramp, stimulate it, and tho country would
au old man, visited' town Wednesday j benefit by tho competition, and the
and was was put put off the train at i increased aetirity of the company to
Picked Up in tlio Town anil
Mr. W, A, Jowett left town Wednesday on a visit to Victoria.
M- A. Stone ftud Miss Stone paid
a visit to Albert Canyon Thursday,
The concert to be givon iu aid ol
the Library Associations cf town,
has been postponed for a month.
Had Jlr, Kellie inforiaod his oon-
stituont-i iu Rovolstoko that he introduce! the N<l3Qij k Fort Shop
pan! Railway bill to .Parliament, he
would have saved considerable talking ou tho part of ono or two oj
The ice harvest i3 on nnd Messrs.
Illecillewaet for stealing a rido
For some time past Messrs, Angus
McKay, 8am Hill. John Sands and
GusLund have been makiug preparation to start out for thoir placer
claim on Smith Creek, in the Big
Beud, ou Wednesday morning they
left town for the gold fields to tbe
north. They went up tbo liyor
about 16 miles, but snowshoeing
was so heavy, the road so rough and
woathor so severe, that lltey were
obliged lo return after camping out
one night,
DR. 0. E. C. BROWN expects to
visit Revelstoke on or about tbe 20th
iust., and will be gliul to meet all
who require Dental Work at the
Columbia House. Iievelstoke. Will
also visit Illecillewaet, Donald.
Golden, etc 82 2
And General Commission Morchant,
Insuranco   nnd   Real   Estate
Agent, Notury Public, Etc.
A   Big-   Mcctiutf���Public
Questions Discussed anil
Resolutions Passed,
meet the requirement ol the country.
He would be sony to see the motion
passed, and asked the meeting to
consider tho inalter carefully before
Mr. Eraser pointed out that the
Omadinn Pacific Railway had shown
that it would be iu the field, and
was already helping to open up the
couutry Uy building tho Columbia
4 Kooteuay brauch,
After further discussion on the
same Hues, the motion was seconded
by Mr. Hamilton, aud put to tho
meeting, carrying Uy a majority of 19
to 10.
The advisability of impressing
upon the C. P. R. authorities tbe
necessity of at once commencing
construction of tho proped branch
to tho Arrow. Lakes was uext taken
French]) Tailui^ System."
A graduate of Madame Kellogg'a
School of Instruction, Port Huron,
Mich., has engaged rooms at Robinson's Boarding House, (near the
saw mill) Rovolstoko, and is pro.
pared to reneivo nnd fill all orders
for dress and mantle making, in the
best manner known to the art.
The French Tailor system of cutting and fitting ^employed, am! a
peifoot fit guaranteed, 08 lm
On motion of Mr, Roeser seconded
by Mr. G. Brown, it was decided to
communicate with Mr. H. Abbott,
genoral superintendent of the C. 1J.
R, impressing upon bim the necessity of immediate steps being taken
to construct the branch line  to  the
Tho largest public meeting ev&r
held in Revetetoke assembled; in the
sohool bouse on Saturday evening to
confer with Mr. Kellie, M. P. P. on
questions of public interest hero.
Mr. Kellie was enthusiastically received by Lis constituents.
Mr. W. A. Jowett, was elected i Arrow Lakes, tbat it may be com-
obairm.vj and Mr. V, IJ. Wells see-j pleted by Sept. lst, 1981, in order to
votary. '' give winter comuiuDicatiou between
Cowan, Brown, Sutherland and iMc-! The chairman alter explaining tlie I Lower Kootenay aud the main line
Ciirty are hard at wori taking it out. | object of the meeting called on Mr.,! ef the C. P. 11.; aud with the ulti-
"Johnny''Sutherland is building a! Kellie. | mate liew  of extending the road
roadway up f rem tho river near the! Mr. Kellie stated (hat Ihe House j from tho lakes to the miuing camps
bridge to make tlie work easy on his | had adjourned to allow the members [ of South Kootenay. Also pointing
horse and to avoid a long haul. \ an opportunity of attending the cere -. out that if the work is not gono o
On Monday uightther was a party I monies eonnrcted with  the  formal j with at once, tho Government will
openingof the Westminster k South- j be compelled lo grant darters to
em and Fairhaven and Northern: roads from tbe south in order to
Railways at Blaine, and he had taken , give the people of that district tho
the opportunity to visit his conslitu- > railway facilities they will require,
ent* at Revelstoke, to obtain their j It was decided to ask the Domin-
views on several important nutters I ion Government to do work on the
likely to come before tho Houso. river here to prevent the cutting
Mr. Roeser in a brief speech away ot' 'he back at the bend above
pointed out the necessity of the llie smelter, aud to improve the
people of Revelstoke and tbe interior ohauuel iu tho uarrows at the ��� Arrow
of British ('< fnmbia generally taking '��� Lakes,
some steps to guard their cornmei--     Mr. Kellie asked tho scntimontof
ia) interest* by preventing if pos-1tue meeting regarding the granting
sible tbe monopolization of Southern
Notieo ia hereby given that Rid ���
nr.l A. Fry and A. C. Fry have fyled
tbo necessary papers, and bsiiTs apt-
plication for a Crown Grant in favor
of the "Grizzly Bear" mineral claim
situated at Toad Mouutaiu, West
KootaMisy Bistriioi
Adyorso claimants, itfany, are requested to foward their objections-
to mo within sixty days from the
date of this uiiblicationi.
74-1 Gold Ooiwiiissioner.
Revelstoke, January 29th, 1891.
Comer Front and Hanson Sts.
First clasB in every respect; Nearest
hotel to. C V It depot and steamboft
landing, between post ollice aad! gov,
buildings. Coach to and fTOra depotb
aud steamboat. Fire proof Safe for the*
aooommodation of its customers.
of about fifty tobogganning on tbe
bill near i:,.e C. P. It. Station, The
slide was in splendid condition aud
the toboggannist enjoyed themselves
till nearly niiduight. The moon
gave a liberal light for the occtv-ion.
Mr. T. P. Nichols of Port Arthur
paid a visit to Iievelstoke this week.
Por some years past he has been on-
gaged in the manufacture of powder
and other high explosives at Port
Arthur, and is looking for a place
to build powder works id pi -
ince.   lie is very favorblyi mpre ised
with the-sitnatkm of Reveletoke and Kootenay [trade by the Americans,
and moved tbat tbe follow)eg resolution, on the subject be sent to (he
of lands to railwaly companies, the
employ ment of Chinese on publio
works, tbe payment of a $5 license
fee by miners, and the enactment of
u law allowing the uppoiutmeut of
municipal   commissioners to  assort
iu ail probability will locate he-re.
Tho last .-pikes on the Westmin- ,
,   ���., ,   Honorable llngli N': '��)i,'i'1-.ciiior
stor Simtown and Fairhaven and ,.       ,,,,���.,,���,    , ���
v ., , .       General of British Columbia,
Northern   ra.lways   we,e   driven     ������,   ,,I���;, :,!,jH���I RevoWoke tbe gold commissioner iu expending
T    .'���  '-    ,n    '   '. ;'       -1  wonld respectful    i     I ontbepeo- public moneys.
by Lieu .-Governor ad  I       Icon       ^..^ ^^ bei The vote of the meeting wae unaui-
ef British Columbia, and Governor l0(,,6(1,   tll��� ,,,,, ,,:i,,,. Uon ,,, mously opposed to the further grant-
"!1   '"���"'-' '   ''Washington,  H^a WM  .,.,...  ni] iug of ludi.to railway corpwailbnai
Lxcurskns from all along both lines ,nto    . ,,,   ,^    ,   ,,. .     wbi(!ll!aud  lbe employment of Obiuese on
brought  thousands to   the scone. W(in!(] ,hvor. ,���,]��� ,���,,, lmPJ(. Uoa Governowot worki awl publio works
Iho  international town was gaily ^^   ,   .  Bw0iUi  tll;i, ,h��� aided   by ths Covewment,    Tbo
aeeoratedfor (be occasion, and the 0oTerD|aentr8fageto|   ,���    ,., ,   *ingof,abiU providing  for the
people from both sideeot fhe lino ,0 rtll0ll ,ruiWl,.,.  ,           ,,    .; ,,, appeuit����pLof a board to net wiih
bad a lug times                             iDimioal to the inten il   of tbe pror- [hb Kola commissioner in expending
When engaged in   hauling iee jDae generally ; provided  that the pnblio moneys was considered advls-
from the rives on Wednesday, Mr,! cidnaoian Pacific Railway or other able, but the lioense imposed   upon
W. Cowan's team broke through tbe railway oompany  take iiamediote working miners was oousidered a
ice near the bridge, in thirty feet of j ster,B to give the peoplo of  South gross injustioe and should  bo done
water, and narrowly ascaped denwn-1 kootenay      the     railway     com- away witli at onoe,
ing.   Jim Lindsay who was driving, municatj���n     they   peqniro    with Vote&of thanks were tendered Mr,
thu team, assisted by a number of [the main line oi the Canadian Pacific Kellie, the obairman and seerelary,
men succeeded, in freeing the horses Railway," after wuiob the meeting adjouined,
Irom Ihe sleigh,   Ono of the animals;    Mosars..   Robaon,    Abriiliamson,
bcrumblcd out itself, while tlm other  L'raser,,uii-l Irani,Hon. supported tbe
remained in the water wiih   Its (ore  notion pointing ont the  injury that
Notice is hereby given that Wren.
Rosamond has filed witHuue (wap~
plioation for a Crown Grunt for his
oiiueral location Hitunted en 11>!n-
Croek iii the district of East Kootenay known as the Jumbo claim.
Advorso applicants, if any, are required to send m tlieir '(objections: to,
mo within sixty days from (his date.
81-8 Government Agent.
East KooleniiiT, Bv CI
Donald'. Deo. ^1891.
F. McCarthv    ...   ,    pjoy
First class Temperance Honse.
1IOAIII)    AND    UllXlWd   ��5   IUB   WEES.
MEALS, 25c.     mrtw 25o.
This hotel is situatedcoiiyenieratts.thai
station, is comfortably  furnished ami
affords first class accommodation.
REVELSTOKE      -      -
W. Cowan, Prop.  11. Hebert, Clerk
i'ire nt  WosliiiiiiHtor.
On Sunday morning Now Westminster was visited by a flJDfljtJOO
lire,      Tho   lire originated   in   I1'.
feet ou tho ice. U gjodnftlly sank '��� would bo done tbo provinoe by per-
however in tha aold waiet but did ] milting. American railways to oome
not strngglo in the slightest, patient' I into thu Lower Kootenay and drain
waiting until a rope won passed ty (J( its rcsoursos, by cui-iymg away j Slirslcy'a jewelry store and ape nil
around its body, when it was hauled I tlio money paid [or supplies, nod with, great fury, destroying tbe
out by thn mc.) who- witnessed *>hf* I also, in carrying away ores which Masonic blooll llm linost building
accident. The horses, seemed, none would not be made valuable until in tbe oley, During the pnogreas of
j'.e.i wotisc (or tho cold bath. i, 1 j -y had crossed tho  line,   Uu  IhjJ tbo fire a tcrrillic oxplosiou ouctired,
Notice is hereby givon that tho undermentioned tracts of laud, situate
in West Kootenay Distriot, have ton
surveyed, and tbo plans of the same
can bo seen at tbe ollico of G. 0.
Tunstall,, Esq,, Assistant Cmumb.-
aimior,. Rovelatoke:
Lot, 105, (Iroup I,���Known as tne>
Grizzly Boar Mineral claim.
|,,,l 105, Group 1,- Known ns tbe
Silver Qpon Mineral Olaim.
Ul 172, (Iroup 1,.���Known us the
United Mineral Claim.
Lot 17,8, (Iroup   1. -Known us  the
Arkansas Mineral Claim.
IV��t. I��-I. (Iroiip. L���Known us the
Blnelibird Alincr.iji. Claiiii,.
Lot FI'k Group 1.-Known ua the
Joanne Mad Mineral Claim.
I.nl. 17(1, Group 1.--Known  as  tho
Alpine Hose Mineral Claim.
Lot 177, (irniip 1.--Known  as tho
IWllntid. Mineral Claim.
Lot I7H, (Iroiip 1. -Known us the
Idbliy Mineral Claim.
Lot 1711, Group L-   Known us  tho
Tenderfoot Mineral Claim.
1,1,1 ISO, Group la��� Known as tho
,lu( it A. Legan MLtoral Ohi'mi
Lol 220, Group 1.   II. SbIoub nnd
M.S. Davys application lu pur-
ohasoidotod 2Dtb Saptamajonj.ES9<a
7,8 K\ ti. (,1011E,
Loads nnd Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 'rJth February, 1891,
Jfoome well attended^ tables une*
colled. Wines and liquorsguarae
teed of a hif;li quality, r'iro i\
sample room. Telephone communication with 0. P. It. depot. Fir*
proof vault for Iho convenience oi
giicHiH.   Buna meets all trains.
riiANSIKNT  HATES     -    -    -    ��2 PER DAS
���THE -
The largest luicif most contral Hotel ini
the city ; good acconimodiilion j, everything now ; table well supplied ; barandl
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe,
Stockholm House
The ilini'ng rcoic- is furnished! with) the-
best the market affonds..
The bar ib supplintl with a choice stock
ol wiuos, liquors and cigars,
Jas. Liberty.


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