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The Kootenay Star Jan 24, 1891

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f" li I    1 IB q
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|^mCi^)qa>i(Ml��^WlKl^. J-.-.rs-'.v.^  , H      ���-���
REVELSTOKE, B, C.  JANUARY  24,   1891,
Ko. 31.
INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY COM-                      NO i ICE
All Sibling Clu'iue, other than Mineral
Notice is hereby given that Applies-1 Locations, legally hold in this District,
lion will be uinde to the Parliainenl if   tinder tho Mineral Act, 1881 nud Amend-
Canailn, ui its next sossion, for an Act to   ments, may bo laid over from 15th day of
incorporate ,ho   [p tern a lion al   Railway | Ootobor till the lst day of June noxt,
mid Steamboat Company of Canada, to
construct n railway ; Gommeucing at a
point on tho 40th pnrnllol qf mirth latitude, whoro the Kootonny lliver Hows
north iuto British Columbia ; (hence
northerly along tho valley of that rivor
nnd of Kootonay Luko, to lbe north end j
pf the said Lake; thence westerly through
the Liirdo Puss; thenoo northerly nlong
Ihe valleys of Iho Columbia River to tho
Boat Eucatupinent; tl.e Canoe lliver tu
the Tele Jan ne Cliche; tho Pi-nser Rivor
ioils northerly bond, and thenoe by the
nioet feasible route to Luke Praucis; and
Ibouce io nnd along tho valley of the
Felly or Yukon River, to, tne eastern
boundary of Alaska : Wiih power to
build brunches; also to own. construct,
charter und navigate steamboats and oilier vessels, on till uuvigable waters with
.which railway connection may be made ;
end to construct', own, lease end use
(locks, warehouses, grain elevators and
iitlier worms for fitoilituting transportation uppu said waters.
52 Solicitors for Applicants,
Ottawa, 12th December 181)0.
in (if, subject to the pre isionsol the said
Act und Aiiieii'inii'iii.'i
1)1 A. I'. CUMMINS,
i lold Cummis6ioi)0r,
Donnld, East fvool nay,
September 29ih, 1890,
o- p. m tm�� %
t.h .Tj v-i .'li
Going East,
No. 2
iioa ve
NO I'J0|i]
Notice is hereby f. 1 von that nn npplicir
lion will be mado to the Legislature of the
I'loviiii-enl' British Columbia, at its next |
pession, for an net to incorpori(to a uo,m-
j'liny for lbe purpose of citnslriictiiig,
equipping aud operating n tramway or
railway between the navigable waters of
Iho Columbia diver end tho Kootenny
River, or between livp or ipore navigable
portions of tho Columbia Rivet- between
holden and tin .headwaters of snid
Inst named river, nnd betwooq said lust
iinnic-d river mid Gulden, uud for the purpose of owning, controlling and miviga- I
ting steani or of her vessels'p-i Iho Columbia River.nnd the coustriictioii,oquippiug
uud opeinliu? telegraph W telephone
lines belwi en ooiiu u una cuu ii.ijoa-,i.._.
River, wiih power to build, equip and
opeinlc tt���inwii)s or aerial ways lo auy
i; inoor mines in the vicinity ofthc Colnui'
i.-iu River, with power to said com pan) '.
acquire lnnds, hind gratiiu
if- T 1
12:45 Arrive
North Bend
hpenee's 11,1 Ig
Doii-.ll    D
Going West.
No. 1
Arrive !4:25
;o 3:43
Fbakoh-Bailey���At tbo rciidcnoo
of Mr. A. E. Fortune, Snallum-
cheen, on the 14th January by
tho Rev. Jas. Turner, Mr, John
A, francis to Miss Cliza Bailey,
both of Enderby,
bmmiww-5'W. -*-:���;-.-j^wuj-ii'JaicaTi^riV'.a-j
Zhi ilootcnay  Star
The report that Mr. Nasou, government cniulidote was elected to
represent Cariboo, on the 13th inst.,
is confirmed, His majority was
(il over Mr, Borland.
Weill) has beeu looeived at Ottawa
lhat F, J. Brady, of Windermere,
has secured judgment ogaiust the
Crown for injuries received by bim
in Buiil! park, owing to the negli-
gi nee of tbe park oiHiials, It will
be remembered that Mr. Brady and
J, P, Boswell while driving through
the park sume two years ngo, had
their rig nbset by a telephouo wire
whioh was left lying across the road
lii.'Sii ! aud both gentlemen were injured,
port   11:45
[L.S.]      HUGH NELSON,
'-1      '��� j printed on onr second page, seems
VICTORIA, by thoGracoof God, of the to meet wilb almost a genorul up-
United Kingdom of (J rent Britain Lroval .the itidopendents offering no
nnd Ireland, '"-"- ni-f ' ' "-��� '
Mr. Brady being crippled for life.
The ainouut of damages has not
been fixed, but will be determined
in lbe usual manner and undoubtedly will be lttl'gt,.
The policy of the provincial government as set foi'lh iu the speech
from the throne, delivered at the
opening of the session, uud which is
i.lrKE", Defender of ihe I
dissenting voice, while that of the
_^^^^^^^^^^^limd bonuses j
in aid thereof, and to make traffic uud
other tivriitiL'/.ii.enis wiih oilier companies
iu cutnia.-a.-i un with said works or nny of
them, and for all ol bei usual nud ueccBary
powers, rights aud privileges,
53 Solicitors for Applicants,
Victoria, 17th December, 1890,
1 opposition iviis weak indeed.   The
in excellent s!iii|is, and if the vigor-
i one policy outlined by the govern-
menl is curried ou( tb' re ia, uo reason
  why  Btitish Columbia should not
i'H-EOjJi.ORE DAVIE, /WHEREAS i make rapid strides in the develop-
Ari'oiixKY-Gr.xmiAi..  [ Wc are desirous \ ment of her resources, aud become
 I province of tbe
i Onr faithfn] the M/imlvw >H��U.
serve in tlio Legislative Assembly
of. Our Province of JlrilL-h Ooluui-1
bin-G i:k
* '   ���  �� ""-' ��� - ' ������   ��� ��         J     ..   v  ...v  ..v. ..         IUI. Jil   Ul     1*CI    1UQUUI t
ml resolved us so m lis may he. to meet;,.,.,. loilg ti,e banner
)ur people of Our Province of lirineh I Cl,lJfuj..rilts1,Bi
Columbia, aud to have their advice in
Notice is horol-y gbea that application will bo made to tbo Legislative assembly of tho Province of Uritish (;o-
liinibii, at itsjuext sessio t, f, r an Act for
the purpoee of constructing, nutiutniu-
iug, equipping and operating Water
Works"! the Town of Nelson, in the
Kootenny District, iu snid Province, and
for the purposes thereof granting to the
Company Iue privilege of taking water
from the Cottonwood-Smith Creek, Ihe
Wurd Creek, and other suitable point".
with power to tbe Cpmpiuiy to'build
Humes and aaqneducte, lay pipes, en-el
dams, acquire hmds aud do all thing?
necessary for the purposes aforesaid,
do     ' joun Campbell,
Solicitor for Applicants,
Dnted December 18th, 1890,
��� vnini-vftS  v���    i .  i     v It has been decided to petition the
NOW liJiOl)    Ic.   thut   tor  divers ,                '. ,.
onuses and cousiderations,and takingin- fi^"1"1'���1 f,��' appropriations  to
to consideration the ease (ind oouvenieuce ^ ��mouDt of  ��13,000 for public
ol' Our loving subjects, We have thought works in Revelstoke and the adjoin-
til, by nud with the advice o,f Our Exec: ing country, as will bo seen from our
utiye Council of the Province of British re(jort of the public meeting held iu
Columbia, to horoby convoke, and by the court houso o.u Tuesday evouing,
these presents enjoin you, and eaeb of
you, that on Thursday, ihe fifteenth day
of January, 1891, you meet I siuOursuid
Legislature or Purliamout of (Uir said
frovinoo, nt Our Oitv of Victoria, t-'i]l'
treat, do, act, and coneir.de upon those
things which in Our Legislature of the
Province of  British Columbia, by the
Common Council of Onr said Province
niiiy, by the favour of God, lie ordained.
Is Testimony Whereof, Wehavecaus-
cd these Our Letters to bo made
Patent iiini the Grout Soul of the
siiid Province to bo horeunto uilix-
ed;   Witness,  tho Honourable
ID mi Nelson, Lieutonnnt-Gover-
nor or i lur Baid Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our, si.id Province, this
"nil ntieth day of Docember, in
tho ycr of i 'nr Lord one thoii-
'...ii'i eighl h.n ; ; and niuoty,
iii.,1 In theilfty-fouflh vearof Our
i'lV  I'olliUll.li'l.
58 Rrovincial Secroary,
Notice is hereby given thai Application will be made to tbo Parliament o(
Camilla nl its next si ssion, for in. Act to
incorporate tho Northern Transcontinental Railway Compnny ot C'nundn, to con-
struct n railway ; Coinuieucing at Prince
Albert on the .North Saskatchewan lliv
er, thence westerly to llm west end of
Luke Athabasca ; thence northerly nud
westerly (dung the Great Slave River and
Luke, lo the point where the Mackenzie
River iloiys from Grout Slave Luke;
thenco along the valley of the Mnokeuzio
River lo its junction with the Riviere mix
Liai'iU i thenco along the vulluy ol the
bitter river to Deaso lliver and Liikp, and
thenee by tho valleys of tho TnuzillnHud
Btiiteiio Rivers nud to the easterly bouii.
dary of AIiibkii, with p'lurr to sborteu
lbe t,it,in lino 'il.i ii vir pusses uinv be
found, "tu' 1(l lJ,iil(J branch lines ; alBoto
own, uonslruel, ohartt'r nnd navi:: lo
Btoambpiits uud olhei vessi \e on nil unviable wi'li't-u Willi which ruilwill colllli ������
lion may he mn io; anil in conslruci ���
own, liiiic iin.l iise dm-!.; waichouses,   nary, 1891, at  lo o'clock n. m��� u(  'he
grain nlovatdi'B, nud nil. r won   rot (a,   i, ,.��� ||   ,     n, ua]ji
cilitaliug Iriinspnrliilioii upon said wu- >;   UEDGRAVE
ers IIEMMII-I./ MAY, 47 trnK'ouuty Court,
51 Solioltors for Vpphcaul ��� Donnld, En t Kootenav
' OUnvvn, llth Dccomber, 1800 I',,. , ;,,r \,ru. \
Ni'tnv is hereby given that nil alluvial
claims legally held in'he West Kootonay
District, will belaid over from '.In- 1st iif
I Ictobi: '.'.i',::-.' 't-t day uf June ensuing,
according to ihe conditions of Section
11(3 of the Mineral Act,
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1890
ll I
NOTIO ���),
\    " t ' '���: the i  .,iii' s !,..:: will be
bold .'n \| ud i the liihiiay id Inn-
the amjunts  to be distributed as
Court house and jail.. $7,(ilK) 00
Road to I he stal ion...   2,5111(01)
Big Bend trail ,.    il.O.OO UO
Lardeau trail      UI0 00
Improvement of   the
school grounds.,.,      500 00
Fiio protection       5110 00
Nono of the amounts asked for are
large, and all thu works are absolutely necessary to at till keep up ..ilh
the requirements of tbe. times. Tho
building ut present occupied as u
court house is totally inadequate to
the needs ol the distriot, and a jail
is also a necessity. Since the jail at
Kamloops has been mado a provincial prison that institution has been
overcrowded, and sometimes loo tbe
overplus is made lip with men sent
from this part of the country, who
were made lo do work thai all wcut
to beiiilit Kamloops. Ily tho building of a suitable jail here aud the
working of the prisoners who may
be incarcerated in it from time lo
timo, the government may havo work
done iu the improvement of streets,
etc,, which otherwise would oulujl a
liirgc outlay cf tnoney, The road to
the station will have to be improved,
and to put it iu decent shupo tbo
auiouut asked to be appropriated for
this purpose will be required at tho
lowest evtiii'.uto, The liig lleud aud
Lardeau trails also call fur improve-
meat aud tbo uumtinls asked for
these works is not over estimated,
especially when the beuetlts to bo
derived from such outlay is considered, Tbe clearing and fonoilig ol
tho schoolgronuds is, n need which
only requires tu hi mentioned to
insure attention from tlm department, Last but Upt least is
thu matter of lire prelection, Rural-
sioi-.o lias suffored much from Urn,
and the time has uaw arrived Ifhen
something must bo done to guard
against a repctitiou of the disasters
that have have laid it in ashes on at
Past two occasions. Thi usual gnnt
male oilier towns nnd cities is $500
and surely Revelstoke is entitled to
a like amount. The petition asking
for these appropriations has been
forwarded to .Mr, Ki-llie, who no
lUtibt will (sort himself iu securing
the uooosaa.ry grants,
Down   llivor ?,'ot..'!;,
Tffo hundred and five tons -of ore
from the Kootenay Lake country
forwarded to the Montana smelters
sampled a trmss value of S'il.OHl iu
copper and silver. A larger quantity
wouhl have been shipped, but mine
owuers preferred to wait and take
advantage of the cheap transportation lo provided on tho completion
of the Columbia k Kootenay railway.
Three miles of wagon road nine ft.
wide, was completed last summer
by tho Government at (ho Hot
Sjiringii camp, which involved the
construction of 3,500 yards of cribbing having an average height of
four feet and thirty tlvu ctilvtr's,
besides rock blasting at a few points-.
The roi.d reached an important
group of mines, which, by this
means, have boen developed to a
greater extent since its construction
than in tho three previous years.
Three aud one quarter uuie3 of the
Nelson-Toad Mouutaiu road 12 feet
wide, and eight substantial bridges,
also sereuteen culverts w*re constructed dining tho same period.
About tea miles more remain to be
completed at each camp.
Mr. Topping, tbe miuing recorder
at Trail Creek, is preparing a map of
tbe Trail Creek mines, "the L." ""'
p'ii'auiee "pnyiifg returns from
smelting operations. A large immigration is expected at this camp iu
tbo spring. Tbo weather still continues lice, and ao sue* bud L'lon
at a Into date.
Glncier   House.
Horace D, Hume, couductor dining car, Sulmun Arm, made a brief
visit to this place on the 17th inst.
Wm. Downie, assistant superin-
tenpont 0, P. R. Vancouver, went
west ou the 18tb inst,, after u very
pleasant holiday iu tbo east.
J. W. Vail, lato editor Roolouay
Stab, Revelstoke, gnvo ns a call en
route east on the 18.h iust. Wo regret to hear of bis severance from
Iho Stab but hopo to see bim again
in the sprint,', and extend our good
wishes to I). ,i. King, late editor of
the Sentinel, Kamloops, who takes
over the editorial chair.
W. P. Anderson, auditor C. P. R.
Vancouver, came in from the east ou
the 18ih iust.
J. E. Griffith, resident engineer,
Donald, and J, Sersou, bridgo inspector, were hiroou the l'J and 20th
G. W. Waiuright, manager," Gal
Coal Company, Le-lhbridgo, N.W.T.,
returned east on the 21st iust., after
u trip '.o Jupau.
C. J. Pitts and bride, Donald,
went west on the 21st inst., wu wish
them success through lifo's journey,
R, Marpole, superintendent, returned from Donald, on the 21sl
A very painful and seriona accident occurred at Rogers Pass on the
21st iust. Alfred Vye, car inspector
while jumping ou train No, 2 slipped
and fell under lbe train, '.'.is Julfc log
beiug eut off bulow tho knee. Dr,
TuttBtall, uf Kamloops, who was on
bis way westou No. 1 took ohurgo
of the sufferer, ami rulumod with
him to Donald, Lato reports state
that his leg had beeu amputated
above the kii.ee.
It is repotted that a uch quartz
nine hai) been found at Port .Moody,
about half way from a point directly
opposite tbe North Paoiuo lumber
mill on the other side of the inlet to
thu North Arm. An assay of the
quartz has been made, tho results
being !?J iu gold, $1 in silver, ami
sft> iu copper por ton.���Lodger,
I'd Discuss Appropriations���
$13,000 to bo Asked
Pursuant to notice a^meelins was
hell in tbe Court Uouso on Tuesday
ovening for (he purpose of considering Government appropriations.
There was a fair atii-cdaute and (he
decisions arrived at were unanimous
Mr. .W. A. Jov.ctt was elected
chairman, and D. J. King leoretary.
The chairman explained that the
meeting was convened wit!, the object of deciding upon what appropriations the Government should ba
asked to grant this part of Kooteuay
district for public works, it beiug
generally believed that it was necessary that onr needs should be cleat ly
placed before the Government, especially iu view *f the manner in
which the appropriation! were mado
uud expended last year.
It was decided to adopt the decis.
sions arrived at at a meeting held a
week previous, as a basis of proceeding, cud lhat nothiug should be
asked for but what was absolutely
After some discussion it was finally
coiacluded   tbii!  no    appropriation
should be asked fur  the  building
ol    a     ruud   to    the   Lkes,    as
Revelstoko    would   soon    be  en"
joying railway as   well as stuaic-
boat communication with  that  part
of the country, uud the Government
would uot bejustifled in at  present
makiug an outlay necessary for such
a work,  even  though  the  district
would be greatly benefited thereby;
aud because there were works much
auore urgently needed,
work, with tho following result.
Un motion of Mr. lijubury, seconded by Air. Reck, it was decided
(hat the sum of 81,0.0(1 be askod as
an appropriation fer a nev, court
buuso and j,til to be erected uc
The matter of securing a grant fox
purposes of lire protection was uext
discussed, when it was moved by Mr.
Terbury, seconded by Mr. Green,
and carried unanimously that the,
Government be asked for un appropriation of avUO fur this Object.
The need uf a considerate amount
to grade, ditch uud macadamize, tbe
wagon road (rom town to tbe staliiu
was generally expressed, aud un motion of Mr, Abrahauisou it was decided to ask tor au appropriation of
fd.eOO to carry out tuis worK.
Tii.it work should bu done ontha
Rig Peud and Lardeau trails Was
considered beyond question, aud ou
the motions of D. MoGillivray and
W. Drown it was decided that il.ODO
should be asked for the improvement of the Rig Rend trail, aud
feUO for tbe Lardeau.
Ou motion of detain Sanderson
it was decided that au appropriation
of o'oOO be asked to clear and fence,
the school property.
Messrs. Jowett, Wells and Teetzel,
w>re appointed a committee to draft
a petition to the Government in au-
oordauoe with the expressed wishes
of tbe meeting, aad have it forwarded
to Mr, Kellie, at Victoria for premutation.
The nooessity oi nuviug proper
recreation grounds in iho town was
spoken .to by .Mr, Jowult, aud also
tbe matter of securing u suitable
cemelry; and tho befuremeutioued
couiiuittoo was authorized to petition
the Domiuion G��Teiuwont to reserve
eertaiu Mucks of land lor theso purposes.
Voles of thanks wore teudereJ tha
chairman aud secretary, when tbe
meeting adjourned,
Singh* earthquake shucks were
felt ut Guuoa ou I iiijidiiv, and throe
persons who wore skating ou tbe
uarOer, were drowned by tho braking up uf thu ice.
Kiihiktiiiii, king of tbe ihwaiian
islands Uled at .-au Francisco, ou
mo 2dia lnot, Tin, successor to bis
crown is Princess Lydia K. Lilluo-
kaliuu, olilcst sister uf tbe late king.
Hue ii in Liiglin I at present Ueiu^
educated. (Ebc ftcoienau Star
,?.-^aix.:.^:*je^xis^��w*?.r'��i*��^.rsatt..vttaaa3^^^ -*"*'���'"     '
proved salisfactory, several exten- were married, and lived happily to-
sivo areas suitable for settlement ! gother until Friday lust. On tho
having been already located. You afternoon of that day there was a
will be asked to make provision fur knock at the .'.onr. .Mrs. Jenkins
more extenslva operations. went  to tho  door  and  when she
The ( olumbia & Kootenay railway : recognized her husband and fainted
r3 = vast niw:^:T.:c.^eS'*;ios:^-*aa*iji.-.e3--^^ *W��*-*--MU**a-M-*:-Af
page t\veiily-coltiiiiiiiie-.vs
A lour
'paper,'io issued from the ollico of
piiblicifiofi1,' Uovelstiike,  R- C
iSubVoi'iption price ��2 per year
Rates of advertising givon on
Publisher and'Proprietor
women get the money, and with it
great responsibilities thoy never
dreamed of,
Some women marry because they
lovo tlio man, because they want to
be his nrlfe his friend and his help-
Tho   lid iter':; Daughter,
Blithe wero the dnyo when enrap-
i        tared I'wop'd her,'
Lovo in n:y hoart was a welcomo in
I ��� >i   ii nder;
Fetters in gold iu a dreamy land
bound mo         ' '"'
And   bulos  of 'blisa  circled wildly
i       around mo. '    ���
Pair as tho dawn wus the editor'o
Her neck liko tho Bwan en a hike's
placid water,
Caramels, ice cream and soda I
bought her,
For my heart was wrapped  up iu
1'    tho editor's daughter;
My passion gushed forth iu  Swin-
burniau stanzas,
Sonnets and rondeaus nud extrava-
V- ���    garzas:   "      ��� ���   ���  ���
And visions revealed  how as proud
as a kaiser
I'd own half lbs stock of her dad's
i       Advertiser,
Winning and swoet was the editor's
daughter,   :' t
Clever and versatile, just liko her
pater ;
How oft in the shadows of evening
I sought her,
To whisper my lovo to the editor's
I craved of the muses their aid, and
thanked 'em,
And sent my proposal iu  verso to
l:nr iinii'-tii'ii
1        thoughts into vapor���
"Rejected ; you write on both sides
of the paper."
Ficklo and cold was the editor's
Heartless and cruel, but 'twas cir-
cum lances taught her ,
Well, ii: 'y bo 1 loved her far more
than I "oughter."
Rut my flame was  soon quenched
;    by lb: editor's daughter,
Speech from llie Throne.
The following i- Iho full leit oi
Ihe bj eech from the throne delivere 1
by     L.;uti out-Governor     Nelson
promisos to bo ready for traffic with j Tho husband soon learned the state mate; became thoy want lo make
tho earning spring, while Shuswap of.affairs, and so did numbc two, him feol that there'is one woman in
&-Okninagan railway is being pushed They did not quarrel, but sat down tbo world whim he cau love and
forward with vigor. and discussed (lie waiter.   Jenkins
in anticipation of legislation said beloved tli6 we-man, bnt was
upou tho subject, my ministers with- satisfied that Evans was tho rightful
drew agricultural lands from private ��� husband. The woman said she was
nolo. You will ba invited to oon- loath to part with either man. "Well
si.ler what measure's will be best you oan't havo two husbands," said
calculated to discotirago speculation j Jenkins, let ns decide tho matter
iu agricultural lands, and ensure , somehow." It was then agreed that
their being available for actual | the two nmn should pull
settlement at the govemmetit price,
Rills will also bo introduced for
the purpose of nmondiug the Railway Aid Act, the Assessment Act,
end tlie acts regulating Iho sale of
intoxicating liquors,
The public aooounjs will lo laid
before you nnil the estimates of revenue nnd expenditure will bo presented at an early stage of tho
I now leave you to your deliberations, with confidence that your
labors will he conducive to thn best
interests of the province, nnd may
tho Supreme Ruler direct your
straws for
the wife. Jenkins lost and took his
departure from the house. Mrs.
Evans refused to part with his child,
18 months old, and husband number
one snid it should remain. Evans
will now take his family west with
Odd .iiitf Even.
She- Please hoi
around yon first.
1 my wrap.
Shall I
put   it
cherish, and from whom he will
receive love and consideration in
return. Because thoy want him to
feel that if sorrow co.a.os he has a
sympathising, loving friend close
beside him, and that in the day of
joy there is one who can givo bim
smile for smile. Theso are the
women worth marrying. Tbe others
arO of little worth, and never would
be missed if they suddenly dropped
out of tho matrimonial bonds.���
Rab's New York Letter.
Furry on   Sen!
Winter (ilwuye tells mo nio;o
Than Ihe summer.  Now I know
When my rival's there before,
By hi ��� footprints in tho snow.
Cowboys and cavalrymen are usually bow legged. But all bow
legged people aro not cowboys���for
Capt, G. R. Ferry, muster of a British sealer whose vessel   was   seized
by American cruisers for illegally j which they should be tuankfu
taking seals in Bebring's Sen, bus
arrived in Washington, on the request of Sir Julian Puuncefote, to
testify in the cuse which will soon
come up before Ihe United (states'
Supremo Court, dipt, Ferry contradicted the statements of special
ogeiits, and the stulo department's
assertion that the number of seals is
Mrs. Bridget Cannon, died at
Belleville, Out., the other day aged
100 years ami tl months.
Tho interesting announcement is
n.�� lo by tho London Times that the
authorities of tho British Museum
have discovered among the collection
of papyrus rolls recently brought
from Bgypi', llio lest of
Aristotle's treatise on the 'constitution of Athens. This troutise is now
in the British Museum, where fac
similics are being prepared. With
the exception of'the opening chapter,
which  is  missing, and   the   lust
chapter, which is mutilated. Tbo
manuscript is in perfect condition.
As nothing was known of it,a can'
tents of tbo papyrus when purchased
there is but littlo doubt of it genu'
inoness, Tbo Times considers the
discovery almost unprecedented in
tbo hiotory of classical learning,
It is Btated that while Irish produce in abundanoe is ..oaring into
England, turkeys and other poultry
from Ireland supplying holiday
dinners for Englishmen and Scotchmen, tbe wretched inmales of Oal ���
vay oobins hardly had a potato,
This shows that their, is plenty of
fond iu Ireland, but that a large proportion of the population havo no
money with which to buy food aud
uo means of earning money. Destitution is every day proving more
accnto, aB Iho loads of patotocs
brought hy British mon-ef-wur aro
but a temporary relief to tho all-
prevailing -iistrecs. Tbat there is
not a mnrkod increase of the doath
late in the famine districts shows the
wonderful vitality of tho rr.ee and
its capacity for suffering,
Wm. I'roitt of the Loland Hotel,
Vancouver, received a pair of long
tailed Jupiineso fowl by the steamship Abyssinia tho other day. The
tail of tbe mule bird measures over
9 feet iu length. It has to climb a
tree to roost, or let the feathers hang'
ou tho ground.
What is the clatter shaking
Our home:; and iuslitulions?
"lis everybody braking
His now year's resolutions,
She���Do you think this hat suits
my hair, Edward ?
He���Ils all ri'rht, I suppose. Still,
decreasing,   He  says he saw more ] if it doesn't suit, ivlnts tho matter
seals in the Northern   Pacific ocean i
and Bebring's Si a last summer than
he ever saw there before,  and  that!
Iho reals, when   returning  to  the
rookeries, in the rucin  are females
M,e.'>..w.iLh..,Y.��a��?.,   ��f tlm female
Sea und deli'.ir  iheir young,  perpetuation   of nice   is   secured.   If,
however, the Uuitod   States   folded
the killing of sea! in Bebring's Sua,
j sealinij vessels  would  simply  take :
! Iheir position al tbe ��� uter  entrance
! U t-,-0 sea, aud Liil .i.e animals; linn
destroying i Id m ii yoni g  together.
In other words, to kill seals in   the
I North Piicilfe Ocean, where there is
no po.,-iWo questi n   i f  restrietioo
means the di struction of the species,
while the killli g ol   ��� il in i.i living's
Sen after tl e      . a ot  n uteruity is
i as -��� ';. mi .i - th pe.-| . .  . ti ol the
di ii      .. tain   11 rry   says  tin v
are found ii     . I        :,;  3d,
at the opening  of  ihe provincial   and only two, or rarely ll    o can bo
killed bef       ��� . i  . ��� :
'..-.-���'...    ijs ll u never
with getting another���lot of hair.
A. JO WET 1',
Nctarv Publio.
Notary Publio.
Jako Jiinpson���What species of
bird do you liko best ?
Cera Bellows���When I was a child
I liked the canary bust, but  (blush.
> T        I      ... i 1. ...
prefer tho popiu jay.
No graduate of Vassal' college has
ever beeu divot m-d from her husband.   The young lad'ioslwho grad
uatu  from  that institution aro all
goal cooks
Clara-Ohl Lucy, did I tell yon
Qtn aud I are engaged. Ho proposed j
lust night.
I.tiey-How did he go about it.
Did he go on his knee?
Clara���No; how could he; 1 was
on bis knoo,
Mining, Timber  find   Real   Estate  Brokers and General
Commission  Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale,'Mining Bonds, eto., drawn np
Reuis and Accounts Oclleoted; Mining Claims Bought and sold; Asses')
ment work oh Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc,, Etc.,
Lots on Townsito of Iievelstoke for Sale and Wanted, Agents for .Mining
Machinery, Eto,
ii minTTmniT   practical
Shot Cuue
All kinds of Repair) :<r dono in n workmnnliko manno
% I'isti-ls, :\ inmnuition ko., Seo,, for salo at lowest prices.''
W. Fine Rifles Made to Order.
parliament on the 10th inst:
Mr, Speaker and Gentlemen of tbe
,    Legislative \ 'semi iy
It is with more than ordinary isl -
isfaclion that I now proceed to open
the first session of tbe-sixth term of
the provincial
Although i     .,  ixi    '-', ��� ��� may
be est  , - leave
the    I.   thi. . t thi
middl . ivel as
far souths ion,m iting   price of my si!
.   ��� ��� ��� follow
His Sile.K'u  P'.u'chn: ed.
Young Man-Sir, I havo come tu
,:i mand lbe baud ol your daughter.
Banker-Sir? Wh.it do mean, you
young- --
V'jiit u Men-IIerhand, sir, ig the
not have beer, fully realized, yet the j ���
pus' year Ids been one ef eoriera: uoro '������'"��� travelling
prosperity, and   ie outlook for the
future is inersasiugly hopeful.
Iu tbe prim io of rovenne
there has been substantial improvement, Last rear s receipts very
largely exceeded tbe estimate, while
Biinker-Myl my I   This insolence
is unbearable, George, call a polios'
man I
_ i"oung Man���One moment,  sir.
���������'   back   i''   Retiring   v"!1  Mistake   I know-nut-bin" of
i baa   your aflitirs,   Ian tho young man
who practices on tlie   cornet  in
so  tho house next door,
'' '���'���   '      ike her my son anl
appy, i
to he obsi rved in   ��� m
- x, in
sua , boats or fndi   . ���;, ,i
Gilker &
the receipts during the current flseal   DP0U  bB8ollo��   ' animals,
year indicate a still more gratifying  '
the w i'
shot or spi .'���
��� ml
i The stoplo industries o. the province i. iw ii healthy expansion. The
output of our coal mines largely ex-
cii'ii" i     it of uny previous year,
A -  ii   ������ ��� III be submitted to you
1 avii t, ft r its ol jfect the ci'
of the pnl lio debt npon torms highly oil) intsgi ous '.o tbe province,
A :i, mmpri ."d of gentle.
men     ��� s   i og t.'.'1 a   ee praclical
ac   , dnl tnco with the subject has   : .,:,,,
boen ml n tod with the work of re-   maining | ,
vising   is   ining laws, and prepur-   pi ���
R h , Women Marry,
Ifoa seo li    ay has jone by when
ii  man would do anything  for a
woman, countries need to bo very
���'        '    ild whon this sort of
i   thing happen , i il iftorall  I can't
kelp but renminbi r that question,
��� ���  .-;.   ��� m i , j f��r?'
u    ���       i man ,   I, cause they
: He ii iwn, nud these
���    my co
worn   ,i   ii   i booonso they
li   moral    in igo lo romain
Bettur Tliiin  Mnocli   Arden
their marriag
lefail    .    i
Goal, Hay and Com.
Havo entire salo of the celebeated Canmore bard, lump and nut coal suitable  for base-burners and other stoves.    GREAT HEATING
vored ai Iievelstoke, any part of town,  89.90; ��� i
Kamloops $9,90; Donald ��8.50.    Special
quotations for car lots.   Coal stoves
sold  atwholesale cost. Hay, oats
and bran sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
at Kamloops and Don- '
aid.   Apply
J. t DWAUDS       o
ing such amotdments as shall meet
thi- changing needs of this important
industry. The result of Ihoir labor
�� .1 be laid beforo you at an
r irly da! , in ordi r tbat you may
(���iii-: iiiicdi legislation us shall be
caluiil led to promote the develop-
menl of onr gronl mineral wealth,
Vou will Im asked to consider n
p rs -  '
loo i as b ,,..
unable to 'I" o,     i
the wife and
Wilkesbarre to  tli t hone
'..    .(!! al -.". .;
������������ 11 i,   i '        .    ,
of  Iho death  nf  Mr.   I
o Bcouro compensation for  doom I widow's weeds andcoi
to  eko
-I ,V    Ini".HI  n   tljpv
oi' .  I-,  their
pin ., iand a larg r oi   lil  al
,, ,
i.      a   i marry hoi u o thoy
i il     .      ''ii Iheir vi King
" '  ��� worm 'i m irry bocanso thoir
mothoi i m to,
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted lo (lie LUMBERING,   BUSINESS    nnd   AGKI-
CULTUHAL, and especially to the
���\ IT*
mim I
mo /onii i h   iu to a muu
injuii s sMll'-ired by work-   '"  eko oul  an  osistenco with her   naked them to and they  dou't like
mpn in; certain cases. needle   'ohn S. Jenkins, of Newton,   to my uo,
Tbo result of Iho land surveys; laid seign to Iho widow's heart and     Bmno women marry fi
Tutu ii'i/.'l li'i   session has, so far,  wasacccpted    Two yenra later they
���"iii" women marry inr monoy
money, and nothing else    Thcaol ft epeomlty
kootenay .District.
'    -     ;        to, and ojcoutod in iho best ityle,   Comraoroial wort' a������ua��^l������>la��^.���,oe��l^*^iM��lKal^^ai-ai^:.yava��^<l��->^ arqaas '������KVHrnLiijrx:
jSc\Voj)i��i>ci'  Key illations.
1. Any poison v.ko tabu a paper
regularly from the font Qlliee,
whether he bus subscribed or uot, is
responsible for the pigment.
". If a person orders hia paper
discontinued ho mutt pay all arrears,
or lbe pnblis lirs  may continue   to
American cart
nve been placed Tht Am,),.icau trotting mure Polly
on the Great Western railway of won 81,750 in European trotting
England as an experiment, , races last season.
The Nauaimo Free Press says: At noOD 011 jfom]ay ��� ,,,,,:��� nn tW
s-vine aro dying by the score at Rio Gfanda I'.ji,,,^ bo,,V(,en
Wellington from hog cholera, j Browusville, and Port Isabel,  vas
Aj Montreal on Saturday last tber- j wrecked  and    robbed    by  fifteen
mometers registered 33 degrees be   masked men.   Tbey placed obstruc-
low zero, and at some places east vt j tions on the track, derailed the train,
send it until payment is made, nnd j that city it wus id decrees below j held u
t^pn collect thu whulo amount,
whether tho paper is taken from the
ollice or not.
���1. In anils for subscriptions, the
Biiit 'may be instituted where tbe
paper is published.
i. The courts _tiavo decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post O.ljce, or
removing and leaving them uncalled
lor, while unpaid for, is pima facie
evideuoe of intentional fraud.
Gleanings from AU Over the
Wide World.
Bradlaugh the great English free
thinker is seriously ill.
A choir loft of a Pensing church,
Austria, suddenly gave way on Sunday, and eight persons wero killed
in the wreck,
Oiorge Binoroft, Ihe |m;;ican
historian, died at bis home'it Washington, on Saturday last, ut tbe ripe
old age of 00 ;;;;ts.
Vaneonverifos at a mass meeting
held on Saturday declared in favor
of granting a subsidy for a 81,000,000
dry dock at that place.
A Westminsti r dentist paid J'50
for ,i lioth (or grafting purposos the
other day. He bad dozens of callers
who were willing to part with thoir
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        p  the  pass.-ngers,  r,ii,J got
Z8r0' j away with about $20,000 in Mexican
Archbishop Walsh said at Toronto I money, which was en route for ship-
Sunday tbat it was a shame and dis: ��� ment by the steamship Morgan, to
honor that the Roman Catholics j New Orleans. The ship's mail wm
-houl.1 havo to send to   Europe   fur j *lso taken, and tho   passeng.'i-s wero
King Knlakiiiin, is ill at San Fran
ciseo, unl will not be able to leave
robbed of their money aud valuables,
A urukeman was badly injured in
the wreck.   A sheriff aud posse are
for his home in Honolulu this week j ����' scouring the country for  a trace
as intended.   Malaria is Ihe malady j of tho robbers, who doubtless went
over the liHe tt, Mexico,
Ou   Tuesday   last   Lieut,  E, P.
Turner, one of tbe saloon passengors
with which he is attacked,
$t. Louis capitalists are negotiating with a view of purchasing the
Badger silver mine at Port Arthur.
It now pays regularly j}20O,Q00 per
month, nud is valued ut $10,000,000,
An injunction has been applied for
to prevent the Toronto city council
from making payment of the ex'
peuscs incurred in entertaining the
Duke and Duchess of Ccnuaught,
during their visit in August last.
The British Admiral, accompanied
by a portion of tbo British South
Pacific squadron, has left Panama
for the coast of Chili, where ho will
observe tbe insurrectionary movement now in progress in that province,
The Empress of India, the first of
the Canadian Pacific steamers for
the Pacific service, will start on the
31st iust., from Glasgow for Vancouver, via Suez, Iudia and China.
All the berths have b-.-eu taken up
for the trip.
Zanzibar  d-qin'c':e'. report  that
grn dan.
'The people of Trespassy,  New-1 &e Gj-riuaus Recently moved upon
fonndland, are in n destitute condition und iu danger of starvation.   A
wessage from Bonner's Bay says the
liei pie of that place will be in a serious oonditiou if the herriug no uol
strike it soon.
Prof. Koch says bis lymph for tbe
cure of consumption ooDeistB of
glycerine nnd extract from pure
tuber:!'..-., .'l   im.dli.   The professor
ud attacked Muohainbas, a strongly
fortified position, entrenched in tbe
midst of the jungle. The dpnse
brush fatally interfered with tbo
m;uoevreiug of the troops, and alter
some obdurate fighting the German
lorees were compelled to beat a
rapid retreat.
Despatches from Leghorn report
serious disturbances  iu  tbat city
btat.s that bis next study will  be to   A number of dynamite cartridges
apply the   remedy  beyond   whero j expluded  ulnios; simultancouly ou
it  bjij hitherto been applied  that
the same principle may be applied
in curing oilier diseases.
The residents of the Nicola Valley
i-xpiot a largo town to be built up
ilt Coutlii-s, where good indications
of extensive coal deposits exist. A
number of proiuiueut C. P. 11. officials are making application for u
charter to construct 'a liulroad to
this point from Spenoes Bridge, and
have beeu offered a bonus of these
eoul hinds as an inducement lo them
to build and operute the road and
develop the mines,
On Sunday night whilo L,  Mar-
liouef, proprietor of tho Poodle Dog
restaurant, Victoria, was locking up
his placo preparatory  to  goiug  to .
bed, somebody dealt  him  a  heavy
linos; simultancoul,
I Saturday iu clo=e proximity tu vari-1
ous houses of wealthy residents of
th* city. The outrages are attributed tu Italian anarchists, whu had
laid i pliaii to lout that puit uf the
city inhabited by tho Healthier
With the ne-,., regime iu German
E-.ibt Africa, beginning iu March, a
vigorous policy,pf. development and
settlement will be iuagurated, and
German immigration to New Guinea
and other regions is to be encourag-
ugfd more than heretofore. Germans are pushing their commercial
interests with a vigor that may well
alarm Eeglund, not unly in .Africa,
i Polynesia and farther iudia, but
I also in Persia.
The Glasgow chamber of oom-
blow on the back of the head. He \ mkf> iute"Js petitioning tbe British
fell, but was not stunned. The as-1 V\r]*fu\ to *f "^legislation com-
snilaut tken made a grub nt the cash
box Marboiief had under his arm,
but failed to get it, Ho then dashed
vip stairs to tho lodgings above tbo
restaurant. Murbeuof summoned
tbo police, starched all tho rooms,
but failed to identify the would be
Iquique, Chilli, papers announce
tbat when tbe Chilliau uavy rovoltod
ugainst Iho Government it  was  ex
pelliug submission to arbitration of
the issues between the scutch rail-
ivays and their former servants. The
chamber states thut railways are
public corporations, and that the
public ba\e a right through parlia-
liament tu interfere with any
course on lbe part of tbe railways
lhat deprives the public of the use
of them.
The scene at tbo meeting of tho
booted that it would be seconded by j Trnlee National Club, which by a
the troops iu Fagusta aud Coldea, vote of 46 to 39 rciused tu support
but these soldiers remained faithful Parnell, is described by witnesses as
with the res! of the army to the Gov- highly exerting. One uf the speak-
ernmeut. Several prominent mem- ! ers denounced Parnell as Ireland's
bei-B of congress are Bald to be with bitteiest enemy, He was ahout to
the revolutionists, Jargo Monte proceed with harsher epithets when
has been appointed commissioner-in ! a blow on the neck from a black
chief of the force:), and the oom-; thorn put him burs do combat,
mnnder of the irouelad Huascar has Upon a division each party took
boen replaced by the former com-, different sides of tbe room, and
mander of the cruiser Esmeralda. ' somo that stood hesitating were
Admiral Nielee aud another admiral1 pulled and hauled in a way that
remain loyal, and are making prepa- : threatened them with personal dis-
I'tttions for the defence of Valparaiso. ; location. One poor fellow, an anti-
Order.''having been given lo prepare Paruellite, was forcibly seized and
the torpedo hunts for service The drugged iulo tho opposite runks,
government of Chilli  bus  issued n   while he shouted and struggled to
on the steamship Abyssinia, committed suicide by shooting himself.
He was about io years of age, and
was a son of Admiral Turner, of the
Pacific Squadron of the U. S. Navy.
Piom papers found on (ho body ho
appears to have left the United
States in 1887 on account of having
killed bis eousiu in a duel. Uu went
to tbe Caroline Islands, and was
thought to be on his way to San
Praucisco to form cu company to
carry ou business in those Islands,
He gut on the Abyssiuia at nong
Kong and appeared to bo insane,
He was however observed to be iu
the habit of taking drugs. On Tuesday last the passengers wero startled
hy hearing the report of a revolver
from the cabin. They rushed to tho
cabin aud endeavored te force opeu
the door. Beforo this could be done
however, another report was heard,
and when tbe door was burst open
be was fatally wounded and breathed
his last ufter a to';; moments, lie
bad written a letter asking that his
body might bo embalmed and buried
in the family vault at Jersey City,
His will and personal effects were
handed over tho U. S, Consul at
.i^'f-%. SELKIRK LOlGE. KO, 12.
*$0W J n. �� F Donald B.O,' '
Regular Meeting Thursday A each
Week at 8 p. m. All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
'J. MoLl!OD, ���     J. II. iU/l'i..,i..SClN",
'   N.G. U.S.
Donald. B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   ,1, S. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W. P. Ogilvie,
Fino'r.   Angus McLean."
Journal Ag't, E, A. Chesley, Earn-
oops, B, C
Doxali), B, C.
Meets lst 2 Wednesdays, nnd 3rd nnd
4th Sundays, in Pireiaen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Kendall.
Secretary,   .Joseph Giiliin.
Collector,   Geo li Govett, Box li).
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   II J MoSorley,
J W. 1
Hume's Building, Revelstoke. B. C,
decree offering a reward of two
years' pay and amnesty to Unco who
have been unwillingly led into revolts, and who will submit to Ihe
government. It is announced that
PiaBguaend Ssoalottu, aud probably
escape, Tnu bold Piiinellitus made
a dash to the rescue uud succeeded
in carrying off their Irieud tu the
side he wauted lu be eutinted ou,
but he leit half bis euat with tbe
Paruellites,   At length, with much
Arisen, will be blockaded on and effort un the pint of lbe calmer
after Jan. 25tb. Provisions are be-1 members, a vote was taken with the
doming very scarce in Iquique,        ' above icsult,
P. O. Address, Nelson, J. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto, All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1880 luni..er will bo delivered at j
any o( the landings on the lako at
greatly reduced prices.
REVELSTOKE,   -    -  11. C
uames McDonald & Co,
a ��
Carry large linos of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture.   Parlor aud
Bod-room sets ranging in price from ��6.50 to ��500.    Hotels furnished throughout.    Ollice und bur-room chairs.    Sping
mattresses mado to order, and woven wire, hair
nnd wool mattresses in stock.     Mud
orders from Koolenuy Luke
points will receive early
and   prompt  ;it-
evelstoke Tin Shop
jranito  waro,  and   Lamp  Guois.       Tin,  Coppor  and    Sheet Iro
gWure made to orjei.    First class work guarantool.     Qrdors promptly
attended to.
Ml orders by mail
express promptly.
All   descriptions of
gold and siiverwaj
(Close to C. P. It. Depot)
Importers of tho Choicest Gi-ocorics aud Provisions.
We carry a select and completo stock of gout's fumisin^s, labios. gents,
and children's boots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medics, loilct,
requisites and renly-nindo olothiug,   A   large  iissui'lmeul ol pipes,
tuhuooo, oijjttt'ol/toii, impeded and domestic cigars, truiU, randy, clc.
Stovo pipos, tinware, crockery, rough aud dressed lumbor, and other goqtk
loo numerous lo inenlion, at moderate pricoo.
Telephone c'unniiliiieulioii.
J. Fred. Hume & Co.
. B   i)
(llrnncli Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry GtootU  Groc3rie3.   ProvisiOaU-
CaauDl(b):b Hirlffjira EjiS..
Tlio Slock in ovory Dopai'lmont is Pull an 1 Complete and ',ho Publio w il
Uud it to tboir adyuiitajjo to call ana
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices.
BSa    HtSTU'J 33 P?j.tJJ   A   S? ECIALTlT.     .��j tf	
-^ -rriffr^ffli|a^p*l'aal|iigaMJ3iyriwiiwiiiviajyaaaBia^^
Pirine Service will bo field in tho
Revelslolti' ri tirch "vr-y Bnndnrnvd-
iu'ng ill 7;30,' i ducted alternately
'��� Blindi.y School and liiblo Class ev-
ery B'mMiiy nftei'iUiriu tt! 2:30.
bre cordially invilsid 1" uttond.
i :
C}i in nil iHfji-i'i  was  exnresBed in
town when word was received of the
iii'ri leiit iit Rogers Pirns, by   which
Alfred Vyi' was  niaimed   for life-
tho particulars of  which,  arc (riven
Ily    onr    Glacier    CnrrespondeDt.
Young Vye was in the employ ol tho
T. i. Londrum left Thursday nigl.t'   0, P. R. hero  for  some  time, and
for Victoria. 11,' will spoud a couple ;   during his stay in (own  made roauy
of weeks'iu doing the coast cities.     ,   frieni!a *ho al> *mk Ml of bim,
n noeideut occurred nt (be  mill
did   what was right iu  protecting!
his property.
R.Green and Wm, ViokerG havo
dissolved partnership and I'm loi-mer
will look ufiei the ranch ih"future.
lief. Mr. Pntou,  ot Donald, villi
���,���,,,.,   ���,������    . ���    ,,     ,   ���.  ., ,,   : on '-,', I'diic'sdiiv con-in'', v/itii serious
   conduct services in ltt�� now aleih- - * ,
��� ,.,,[,' ! cunseqiionces   to    u   ypnug   1.1:111
odist church, on Sunday, morning Dlime,|  August Kutis.    Ila  -.ml  n
REVEJJSTOKE,B.C., JAN.21,1891   and evaiiing, j compniii-n were ri'tnruiii'g to the
11  ���_.      James   Lindsay  hud  a    turkey I will after unloading a car of lumber.
Assessment Act ant. Piioviscial
Revenue Tax.
r D'1�� T   NT?TATS.
'Postered" from hini on  'iu'esday.
Mr. J. Do-rer, has returned from a
visit (o'easti'.'u Canada.
Darby's blacksmith shop ut Kanr i "
bops was burnt down List night.
iSonio  small boys   have  built   a
Tbey hegau   racing,   and Kaus iti
I   getting ahead jumped duivn  it sliji
If got home in time to greet him for    way uud    nlighiing   between  two
dinner next day. i   plunks,  broke his leg   ubdvn tho
ankle, Both Iwni's wi'iu broken, that
of tin- larger bono being a compound
Tlie regular open ni��cting of Ihe
Revelstoke Total Abstinence Sooii-tj I   fncinre,   'i'he young man was takeu
i will be held in the school  houso on ;   to a  b'oilSB'liear by and   Dr. Laurie
Tuesday evening,    Au  interesting
programme is beiug prepared.
public notieo is hereby cicon that Assessment and Provincial Ren tine Taxes
fo) fhe year Ifffil, for tho iiu.t Kootenay
Assessment District, lire now duo ni'd
payable at my oliicc, at Donald, ut th"
following rates:
Real Property Tax, if paid o:i or be'
lorn the 80th of June noxt, Ij of onoI
tier cent. ; if paid on or nihil' the lst of i And lit
Building & Contracting
EE��SL2T0KE - - B. ft,
A'loll'i'.:- ace.dent is reported Iron
uii thu line, by which John Hopgood.
s bi'ttkeuiuu, hud a foot crushed oil'.
The accident oceured nt Beaver.
Particulars have not beeu received,
"Two Heads are Better Thau One"
! is the nanio of a farce which it is
altogether likely will be placed on
(he board at the entertainment to be
given, next mouth iu Ihe school
J. Fred Hume and Capt. Sander-
sou weut down the river with a
canoe on Thursday afternoon, to
look after some woik uu tho steamer
Despatch, which is being overhauled,
Church cf England services will
be hi Id in the'old'school house, con
swift toboggan  slide  buek  of  the
Mrs. Pick, who as ono time kept
the ('. 1'. R.   1 Intel   here,   died  at
Clinton on'S'aluday lusl,
Wan Hull, of Calgary, of tho firm
of Hull Bros., butchers, wis in (own j
dining the first dttyS u' the week.
Mr. P.. Groon, cf IIleo.lle.vuet
was in town today, He says there
is :::;���' n feet cf snow at lllocillowaet.
A hunibei' of the young men of
town intend organizing a double
(jtiiirtette gloo olub. with Mr. W, A.
3owctt us leader.
Mrs. F. Eraser and children returned TiiC'SiUy fi'oni ii visit io relative in  Pel tli,  Out.    Mrs.  Eraser
van greatly benefited in health ^ I daoted by Rev. J. 0. C. Ivmin, on
lb�� tin.; | Sunday.   Morning servico and holy
W.C.Phillips and wife arrived I'communion at 11 o'clock, and even-
in  lowu   from Pn Id   Wednesday,   mgservicuat 7,ISO,
llr. Phillips and  Dave Ferguson      ...   ��� .,    ,,    , ,
1 ���'..-..-     I    JiiUginoer li.  Oreelman   has  re-
start down the  river  today   i��� i  a I , >     .,   ���       ,
.   \. tnrued from Roger s Pass  to  again
canon with Sproat us their objective   , ,., ,,  ,.,,���,, ,
1 ' take eiii,ti':,o i.i die y..|'d  sngllie, aud
point. ��� v , ... i '    ,
1 > Aat Dcolt, who  lias  been  running
' A social danco  was givon  at  the | the yurd pusher for souiO  weeks has
C, P. It. Hotel on Wednesday even.   bl.,.,,   banished   to the   engineer's
iiigbymineii.'t McCarthy,   There   Siberia at the Pass,
was a fair atlunfliiuc'j of  the young      ,, ,,    -,, , ,.,.
J     ��      Orange Hamilton gave au exhibi-
prople of the place and a very pleas-   ,-        ,, ,,,     , ,, .
1      .       ' ' turn  ol    eqnesti'imiship  ou   Main
uut evening wit- spent. I   .���, ,   ��,       ,   ,, ,,        ,
, "        ' street Monday afternoon.   He rode
We are  iu receipt of a  cop/  of: Wilson's horse bareback   and  suo-
ViekV 1 l.irul Guide, issued annually j needed in sliding off iuto  the  slush
by James Vick the grout seedsiuan of   oi.ee iu u while.   11   he would only
Rochester, N. V.   Il ia a gem iu its   Luep on he would make u good tough
line, und no doubt will guide many a   ,i,],.r $oaie ,i.,v.
gjirduer in selecting .eels. Tho fln(j mjjd ii,^,,, t of (bo pngt
A man named Wm, Kidder was week wae almost unprecedented in
drowned iu Kooteuuy lake on the n,i; ;,...,,,,,, ; ,;,.������ u{ ti,e ,;.,,.,.
llth inst. He fell d| a barge which ( Baiidsi-s lock ndi'Uu^aiti of it ami
was being towed to \iuswbrth by telling work wasiiout, on W. C'uwau's
tbe steamer Idaho, and   was  neve;   new building, and  also on   that ol
set Ihe broken limb, and last, night
had bim si nt to the hospital at Kamloops.
Pfflo'B Beraody rorCaliin-U U O.o ft|ii
July next, j-, of one percent.
Perso nil Property Tax, if paid ni, i r
before ilie 30th of June next, )��� of ono
per cent. ; if paid mi or alter the lot of
I July next, \{ of ono per cent.
Income Tax, if paid on or before tbe
j 30th of Juno next, ]'., of ono per cent. ;
j if paid on or after the 1st of July next,
.^'\���'''"io u"����nouiiei.pci��t.    &^    | ii- 0f onfl ,,,,,. collt.
������'���,���..,..-.-..'.:.-.. i.:.'���..��'.- -.(       Wild Laud Tux, if paid on or beforo
tho 30th of June next] iy cents per
acre ; if paid on or after the lst of Jul;,
next, b'!,, cents per acre,
Proviucial   Revenue  Tax, 53.00 per
capita. 00
Assessor uud Collector,
Donald, B. C, Jan. 2ud, 1801.
Mix I .'(1  BROKER,���
ieiicral (joinmissior, Merchant,
liisuraiico   und   Real   Estatp
Agont, Notary Public, lite.
is- iltl by drupglflta or r;;:it by maU,S0c
;_j ;c. T, HamlUne, Wurrou, Pa,, U. a. A
T��T Af'T PI V
K.ilico is hereby given iiini A'ian
Granger'has filed with mot applications for Crown Grants for his mineral
locatii ns situated en Jubilee Mountain iu the District pf Rust' Kootenny
kiiown us (lie Horse Shoo (ind Dewy
Evo, Adverse applicants, if tiny, tire
required to send in their objections
tn me Titi'.iu sixty days from thia
Gov. Agent,
P7-8 Lust Kootenay, ih (.',
Donald, January 15, 1891.
N O T I C E.
Notice is hereby given thai James
flriidy hiiB filed with mu an upplicn-
tion for Crowu Grant for his mineral
location situated about two miles
west of tho scuth ond of Uppor Columbia Luke in East Kootenny Lis-'
11ic t known tin tho Thunder Hill
miueral claim. Adverse applicants,
if any, are required lo send -in their
objections to me within sixty days
from the date ben of.
Govt. Agent.
66-8 Enet Kooteuay, li, (J.
Donald, January 15. 1891.'
Notieo ie hereby given thut application will be made to the Legielauue of
Bfitiisb Columbia, id, its next, session, for
a private hill to incorporated company
for iho purpose of constructing nnd
maintaining a railway from somo convenient poiiit on the outlet of Kootonny
Lake lo n point on or nonr the southern
boundary of the Province, wilb power In
construe! and maintain branch lines ; and
also In construct and operate lelegrnpb
nnd telephone lines in .-;0'.ie,cl ,on wiih
Ihe said railway.
55 Solicitors for iho Applicants,
Victoria, 11.1',. December 12th, 1890,
IND )Vllou,SAI,K AKB.HB.TArt. DKAI.KliS 1^.
cent JUL nana
Corner Erout and Hanson Sts.
AilK.UIAMSOX I'.lioS.       -       PBOPniETOHS.
First class in every respect; Nearest
hotol to (1 P It depot aud Bteimityia,
landing, betwoon Y'-^ ��"'lW all(' (?'"<
buildings. Coach to and frotu dep'ott*
and steamboat. Fire proof Side for llie,
accommodation of its oiistoniors.
Notice is hereby given that thirty clays
after dato ive intend tnni(iug triplication
to the Honourable .... :Ai,..i I'miimiseiun-
er of Lands and Works, for permission
lo lease for lumbering purposes, the fol-
lowiua described lnnds situiilo in K.oulo -1
���i,-v District, that is to say :.
iia 1. li. ixxLihii
���   REpLSTOp.
P, MoCahthy   -    -    -
Pirst clase Tiinpol;i.-.vp [lCHSOt
maud   ax!)   lodoinh  q5  ,,S!1  ,ym<
Me. 11. A. Browu at the t-ast  end of
tbe town.
Ii. S, :: ���:::.'''., who has lu en '
;     -      ��� ..i   . : tho  cr-dilors of
(ti .-ii    a'.i .��:i ii.''.      The  deceased
(���nine to -tlie  lakes  country in  the
spring from Quebec to  work ou Ibe
Columbia i KooUn j rui way,
' The weather contiuues exception-   tb; W;i;.ol, (,sUtt(| 1(,iiVus tu.nigllt e]i
route to Yicti    i  ������ I i   bo-
ciirod .i .    . . m sitb   ������ iii       i
Mr, Scutbon during his
 i  I   . ;������   .   -ii Is   v,,.
ire.   He   i
......     I!   XI   '.i   >:,.i,:
���������' ��� ���- '.''-n^ij
rno.i,  ciii'd  com-
ally'good,   There  <������ no sn -���  -
Ainsworth end Ihe ground i   .'...
bare at Nelson,   For'
ilnvsoflhe wee!,  the thermom tei
runged from 30 It 18 il        n.   I In
Friday to 126,   Tli ���    utlet   .:   -
o, en, uud oven bets are made that it   winnepeg, who enured
will uot freeze over (his winter.���
Judge Tunstall the other day i
ceived a letter from  Dr     impl
3'-,. .-.-iuteiident of tl -   no-
pc-iv, who is now y. i.i ���     tne .
Denver Colored), in wi.
"Tin mint )��� at Xiusworth are i
ing well.   We strtn    i       11
of on- in No. 1 the day b
ftC,l I had a letter    	
from the .'
that we have (ll��3  .'>' . I, and
tix -.ii.'t es taken from'l
an average assay ���' -' -
per ton     The    i ���      try  on   the
United  is   woi
doctor ;.i ��� its ���   fill be up
this way In fore .Lo ffich r is over
Wc are in n oei| I    I        i imnui-
orlion from Mr, I. Ma p  ���   pri ���
6rii I' r -A Ihe W odbinn Uo
ReBtanraut  at   I' maid,  n i.
'.but our corres| on ii nt ot  D
wi,., "too fr: ���' " 'i his report nf :   i
..us.: of   ''������-" ui Q  - ��� inst   Mr,
N dice is hereby given that a County
I ���   !  he bidden nt the Cpni't House
lievelsl ike, on   \i"ednes,hiy llth  February ut  ill .'.. til.
Register U. 0,
11 ivelstnko, January, 12, IBDI.
Mill CM,
��� ��� is berob)   given  that npplioa-
- ���   node i'l tb '  Legislative As-
��� Province of British Col-
.   :  '   ;i -.' session, tor nn Aet lo
'iijiiiiiv for tho purposi
Bogiuning at it stako pluiitcd on the I    ,,,,. .'v\:;:' "'}'���    ��kds 25o.
Pfl bunk   f ��>CoUii��.Vh River, at the       ^ '���el u sitaated cwvouiout
mouth of Carne's 'Crb'ek : thence onsl!    " J�� ��***fc  fartdsh',.
:i. -.-'���: ,    . "I
.   ��� .-      .   town  ' ttintiiining  equipping
t eu   i
ir I
|l     ,.   .',' .
[i ''-���" lines withiu the
��� in I Spront's Land-
:i": hi tween eni 1 Town-
��� within the Townsite of
.   riet
i :     ��� fe .Tl -.VS.
-i   for Vppl
:      '    'I '.
along llio bunk of said Carne's Creoic -10
cli'dino ��� thenee north to a poiiit on the
southern bank of Downie Green ; thenee
west following llie bunk of.snid Dowiiie
Creek toils junction wilb tho Columbia
River; thoiicofioutli nlong the eastern
bunk of the'Columbia to the plnoo of bo-
ginning, coiitaming 6,000 acres more or
Also, beginning tit a stnKo planted on
tho right biinu nf the' Cbl.ll.mlVin River,
opposite the mouth of Ciime's' Green ;
theuce west 40 chuius, thenco north to a
affords first class m
to the
REV-��L^TO^i��     -      ���       0. C
W. Cowan, Prop,   IJ, IJubort,Clerk
Rooms well a!tended; tables unoxa
colled.   Wines and  liquors guuruu'
point about 160 chains north of Salmon teud   of a   h, ���        ,V     ��j       '
Creei;; tlienco east      chains or u�� a Si���   ,c Telephone com nuni-'
point oh tho biiUK of tho Columbia Riv- ���,.,;������ ���,-,. ,, p   ,,'    ,    uu"""u " .
' ���,     i,  '     ���    h  ' i      ii n C,.1,10(1  IMlll I.i, f,   |;     (Jei)')t Vim
or, opposite Dowmo Creek', thenoe Bouth ,.���,,���,��� ���,. .,      .       uuP-'.i'-     rno
"PI. ^^^_
i'ollowiiig the nieumle.iuguof llio Colniii-
biii River to the plnoo of beginning, con
tniuing 5,000 acres more' or .'ess.
57 (.1. 11. (���  WltKlllT.
Dated the 27-th December, 1890.
,��� '               ti sijipli
I ' . I      ! ' I i.i'ii-
:' Ijrilisb Co
. i - - i      i cf              ���       rgetic                     ' foi       Vcl ���--.
jonng    .
iiml i.n  ..I '   i    : ... ' .. ���    ��� ���      ,
:,',".' . i, which result)    in j
Uo loaves ii
bourne Hi-os, 11 ivided   spo
Revehiie Tax.
.Notice is hereby given, in neoordanoe
Ruilwny Company, I ��''"' ",0 F>tatuK thut Proviuoial Reye-
I'omptn ".    ���'   ' l>inOd"oi) Uxw levied ynder the
proof vault Cor iho  convonienoo ot,
iiesio.   Bubs meets ull trains.
I'KixsiiixT riaiTja
��2 run DAV
The largest and most central Hotel in
the city ; good accommodation ; everything new ; tabic well supplied ; bar and-
billiard room attached ; lire proof safo,
UROW.N ���& CLAlth',   '
per:,t(M,���dn���,i.,t!,i���a Ii,:., | A^issun-iil Acl ar u due forth year | _
on via.
iyiii I,
^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   I
mencod kicking at his door.   When   B. Wells,   who  paoli    ���   ired   two twlpointon
Murphy  for assault,   He explains thu local i- fl-imen ut thn ni-jug on
thatMcCrinn onoame to his placo 'J i.-.i,.-.-
���ijt licntod .'i   be night   or rather aspriwis for tho        i. �� n, and
Morning-referred   to,   and   com were won by'
��� ;.   Ml nf the i:1 ive named laxcs,j
coll 'ctihle within tlm Rcrolstolie Division id the  Districl of ViV.-( Kootenay,
arc payable at my ollice,
,\ ,-i   nl i.in'i -i aro collectible ul the
foil iwing rati.s:
If pai I ��� before June 30th, 1891:
lh"-, iiiei il 11 ivcniie, 811,00 por capita,
One b df ni iii" per oeut i.i. lh al Properly,
"M -I in -I oi,.- I all -.'eiilii per acre on
Wild Lund
Jlr, Murphy went to the door and   birds, and W, Cowan (     -v    ,, hraneli   Ono third ol one per cent on Personal
ledii Property,
i   I- Oao half "I ono pen''' .I on Income,
I   pnid niter June 80th, 1801 :
 Id i I.- b   ,., '.'I     I'vn ii.   .I', ni  niii; per cent on Real
ubut Iho door,   Tho kicking was   while  II. s   Hoittli n com | uf llm on I to j Eight nnd ono half cents per acre ou
repealed  wb'rn ho used ,;": poker   in timo I   oarry  i the (Ifih and '���""''
��^��^��"      a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^ a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^i ()���,, |!|;'[ ���| ���   Pc-1'fOntll ,
a-kml the coini'l-.ii.ant in tho casu ion aud JH A.'Brown each ���        i
wnal ho wantoil, he Was answered by McCarthy also gol up a a
the foulest epilhots, who    ipon he Tliuisday,   Al   this shonl   I
liit MoCrimmon with his del and ttinliton eaptun I lonrof tl'^��*'' '
"he kicking was while  II. ti
Stockholm House
Thedininj room is furnished  with tht
I'e.:! 'he market affords,
Tho bur is supplied with a choico Block
of wjiies, liquors iiinVgurs,
ttpoll MoOrimmoB.fcftM giving lifin- I just whun W, Cowan bad cm '''     '      '''" ' M,:> '   ("        P
warning to olea''out or he would use I eluded th,,  ,- mn  was   ,,, ISr^S      Tl   V '.,"   ,!   n.  per cent on In
ae.ethingbarerVniBfist     ,-   ,,riij ,���,    ,,  ,   ,     " ,  ,    . ,,,,,���.���
?rb,U     "'         ihaoD]T^^^' A.D.J rVeUtoke,B,C.,Jan,2ad Sr'


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