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The Kootenay Star Jul 26, 1890

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REVELSTOKE, B. C. JULY 26, 1890.
No. 6-
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
'Jraniio  ware,  and   Lamp  Uoods.       Tin,  Copper and    Sheet Iron
Ware made to order.    First class work guarauteod.    Orders promptly
attended to.
t     ���
Ul orders by mail of
express promptly
All   descriptions of
gold and silverware
General Merchants.
15. C
J. Fred. Hume & Co,
B, C,
(Branch Store at Nelson.)
Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries,  Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware Etc
The Slock in every Department is Full  and Complete and tbe Publio wiil
find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect   (*oods   and   Compare   Prices,
(ClosotoC. P. R,. Depot)
Revelstoke      -      -     B, C,
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
V\*e carry u select and complete stock of gent's furnishings, ladies, gents,
#ii(l children's loots, shoes nod hose, btutioncvy, patent medioines, toilut
requisites und ready-made clothing,  A   largo usscrttooot of pipes,
tobacco, I'i^iu'eiicu, imported uud domestic cigars, IVuits, candy, etc.
Etove pipes, tinware, mockery, rough und dressed lum her, and other goods
too numerous io pjeuiiou, at moderuto prices.
Telephone eouimunicalion,
"Wal, yon see lliar wnz'bont a
dozen fellers over tliar working Ihe
mines, au' bein all men, we got to he
b'aiued tough. We didn't hev
notliin to read, an notliin to do
when we warn't workin but to play
keerds nn drink whiskey, an so we
sorter slid down hill in',u cussedness
and got to bo 'bout tho hardest lot
over a feller see.
"But one day 'long in spring,
'bout four yenrs ago, a feller come
'long over thar holilin raectin's an
Sunday-schools, When ho fust hi!
Horselliief Pass we didn't take much
to 'im, an somo !o tlie fellers talked
right smart 'bout givin him a coat o'
tar an feathers an riilin im outeu the
camp, au I reckon they'd a dono it
but fer a leotle sureunistanee ivhnt
happened jest then,
"Yon see old Shorty Brown wus
the leader in the camp, an every feller swore by him through thick an
thin, Shorty wuz powerful wicked
au could out-cuss a dozen common
fellers, but he had a heart in him
bigger'n a punkin an 'ud do any-
thing to help tho boys out.
"Wal. bout the time they wuz
tnlkin o' tarrin the preacher, Shorty
he got hurt in the mine, nn fer a
week wuz powerful bad off. We
got ter thinkin he'd reached the end
o' his iced an that he'd bev tor cross
over the range. Shorty'd been the
wust feller in the camp n;;in llio
preacher an it wuz him that proposed
the tar an feathers, so when ho got
liurt the others dropped tho matter
au waited fer him to git well if ho
wuz a-goin to.
"We wuz workin like ore'thing
then to git a new mice opened, au
we didn't hev much cluinco to look
after Shorty, so we had to leave'im
to git 'long by hisself. That preacher
be just seo how it wuz, an blame my
s'liin if li�� didn't j"bt go right down
til hor y's cabin, an fling off his
coat an turn nnss. An ha stayed by
Shorty jest like a mother, an waited
on im an give'm nioiliciun till ho
pulled through all right an got well.
"After that we thought a good
ileal more of the preacher, an as fer
Shorty���wall, I reckon he'd nade
shoit o' anything who'd a said a
word agiu him. Shorty wasn't a
man to go back ou a friend, an he
never forgot a favor. As soon ns
Shorty wuz able to git about be
oome down to tho snloon whur we
usually round up o' nights, and he
"Biys, the parsou's agoin to
preach down at my cabin tonight, an
I want every last oue o' ye to bo
"Wa'n't none of lis hankering to
go, but we could tell by the way
Shorty spoko that ho wuz iu dead
earnest bout it, an we knowed it
wouldn't be extry healthy to refuse,
so we agreed to como.
"An I want you to b'ar in n\in',
says Shorty, that tho preacher's my
friend, an that he's got to be treated
white. I wait you fellers to bo-
have an act decent, an if any galoot
disturbs iho meeting, blamed ii I
don't put a hole through im ou tho
"Shorty'd a done it, too, an wo
knowed it, so you may jest htt ycr
hist dollar that we wuz a mouly well
behaved congregation that night as
we squatted agin tho wall o'Shorty's
enbiu an listened to Ihosarmont.
"At fust I didn't take no special
interest in what the preacher said,
an reckon noneu'tho others didn't
neither, but after he'd talked on a
while hn kinder wanned up to business, an fer bout a hour lie talked
powerful eloquent, shore, an tho
way he ripped them ohl rascals 'way
buck Iher to Jerusalem, wuz n
oaution. Before he'd gone very far
we all got powerful interested, nn
could a listened a heap longer, if
he'd a kep' on,
"After that wo tuck to gnin to
raeeliu rog'lar, nn afore
many nights we got to lookin forrurd
through llio day, an focliu sorter
anxious to In)v night coinc, an with
\l another tiu'mout.
"Shorty idlers set up in front along
o' the preacher, an sometimes when
I looked up thar an see him ho
solemn like, au' remembriu how ho
list to cuss, it wuz bout all I could
do to keep from langliin right out
"Wal, the mcelin's kep on fer a
week, an then one night the preacher
sail he reckoned we ort to hev a
Sunday School. Shorty said, cei-
tainly, an tbe rest uv us agreed,
because we thought it 'ud save
trouble. You seo Shorty hud got
mouty pious, but the way he fingered those shootin irons o' his'n nude
us a leetle jnbous uv im.nn we didn't
know but ho would break out an
shoot some uv us fore ho knowed
what he wus bout.
"So the uext Sunday we met. at
Shorty's cabiu to git up a Sunday
school. Fuit tho preacher prayed
au sung, nn then ho read a chapter
in scripture bout JuJas betrayin his
Master an nil that, you know, an
then hoaxed us to talk-to Borter
give our notions of it
"After waitiu a whilo Shorty rose
up an said:
"Fellers, this yore's a new lay for
me, an it comes a bid awkerd on I
mayu't be able to sav notliin o' uuy
count, but I'm blamed if I don't
feci like somebody orter make a few
remarks, nn i'm willin to wag my
chin far all tber is in it. Tne parson wants our notions o' this yor
whut ho jest read, an fer my part I
hain't baok'ard bout givin mine. In
the fust place I think them thar
Jews was an ornery set, an every
blamed galoot ov em ort a
been made tostrotch hemp. In t' e
nex place, I figgor that that low Hied, Juda feller o-it to a been a dog-
goned sneakin coward. 1 don't mind
a feller bein mean when ho's out mi-
out in it, but 1 huiut got uo use for
them underhanded cusses what plays
the part o' a friend an is jest watchin
fer a chance to throw off on ye.    I
,,���f   tU��l   ,1.M.   J-U.ll,3 IIUIUJ lOltt U.VMI/J
mean sneak, fellers, nn if he givo me
any uv his chin it wouldn't take me
uior'n two shakos ol a sheep's-tail to
put, a chunk o' had through 'im.
Parson, them's my sentiineuts, an I
reckon they're krect, too. Mebby I
habit talked as well ns some fellers
you've heerd, but you want to b'ar
in min' that talkin ain't my fort. I
kin grub 'long outer a pay streak
bouts well as any of em, but this
yero is a uew lead to mo an' I don't
feel right to bono ou ii.
"Wilb that Shorty sat down au
waited for somo uv the rest o' us to
speak, but we didn't feel ekal to. Ihe
'ension, so nobody rose up.
"Look yore, boys, says Shorty,
this won't do, Some ov [ye shorely
got notions bout this business, an if
ye hev the parson wants to hear cm,
(Jit up, fellers; an speak out.
"Still nobody didn't move, an I
could sue that Shorty wa'n't pleased,
He waited a leetle while, thcu ho
hopped up au said;
"Stumpy Jackson, ycr got gab
'nuff when it comes to swearin, an 1
ligger that you could fling out a few
remarks ou this oreasion if ycr tried,
"I hainl no speaker, said Stumpy,
nn I'd ruther be excused.
"Look yero, Stumpy, sail Shorty,
wo nint goin to bov uo suoalvin out
o' joolies iu this business, Just you
rise up thar au net ycr mouth agoiu,
will ye ?
"Stumpy see that lis were in fer it,
so lie crowli'd up, uu leaning ugin
the wall with bis bunds run down in
his pocksts, ho Buid:
"Fellers, I'm with tlie parson,
I'm in favor of this yore Sunday
school. T think that there Judas
chap what parson read about wuz n
gol darned scamp, an I'm agin im.
Them's my notions.
"Willi thai Stumpy slid down the
will to Iho floor, nn the parson talk
oil a '.little more un then the thiug
wuz over,
"1'urty soon after thut Ihe parsou
went away, an we wuz left to gii
long without im, But Shorty came
out mouty strong then an loved ho
could run thu itislortiitlon, au ho
did, too, au made a success of il yon
"I never seo Shorty's head fer
tiikin a interest in what he took hold
ou. Feared like when he set in to
do a thing hi- je^t put his whole uiiu'
to it, an h ' wasut satisfied lc->- he
wnz doin his level best, Thai's the
way be wuz biMil that Sunday
school, an every Sunday ho wnz
promptly on hand; an he see lo it
that every doggoned ono uv us wuz
tber, too. I never see sieh a change
iu iiubo.ly, no'iher, as ther wuz in
Shorty, He quit oussin an fightin,
an he never portended to go bout
the s'loou uo mor'u if thar hadn't
been sich a thing. When ho wasn't
at work he wuz readin Ihe bible, an
lots o' times he would set fer hours a
singin thorn ole chimes,an fer makin
musii; he wasn't to bo snuffled at,
lemme tell you.
"Wal, we got long fust rate with
that Sunday school,'.an every Sunday Shorty'd explain to us bout
them scripture-sun' he'd alius give
that thar J thi feller a gouge
fore he'd quit.
"Ono Sunday 'long two or three
mouths arter the preacher left,Shorty
got up after ihe Sunday-school business was done, an he says: Fellers,
cordin to my way o' realiu this yere
scripture, I figg-n- out that we ort to
be baptized; au this book knows ita
business, so I reckon we'll go down
to the crick right now uu git that
"Stumpy hopped up to argy the
question, an come out ngin baptizin,
but Shorty shet im up in short order
au carried the pint his owu way.
"A leetle water wont hurt you,
nohow, Stumpy, says Shorty, an I
reckou yon needn't be so powerful
skeered of it. Yet' ort to bathe ouce
in yer life, anyway, an uow's as good
a time as any I
"That wuz a party hard crack at
Stumpy, fer jnrin the six years he'd
been at the camp he hadn't never
bathed once.    Still, Stumpy wuz a
 .. w    ..      .  1 .11 ..!   .. -.-
all liked him.
"But bout th"t baptism. As I
said, Shorty curried his p'int, an we
all filed out an down the crick, whar
Shorty put us under, au wo submitted mouty meek, fer he carried two
big pistols, aud wo didn't know but
he'd use em.
"Twasu't long before Shorty's
Sunday-school got to be known fer
an nonrmong the miners, au sometimes people come as much as thirty
miles to see it iu operation, I remember one time a lot o' fellers
come over from Polecat Gulch, au
they wus a ungodly lot, sboro. They
wasn't hardly in the house aforo
they began to laugh an make light
o' the doins, but they didn't keep it
up long, lemnio till you, for the fust
thing they knowed Shorty laid down
Ihe hook he was readin from an
pintin a couple o' pistals at cm,
"We're goin to hev order in this
yere shop er know the reason why,
an tho next denied galoot that makes
a racket had better say his prayers,
fer blamed if I don't drop im in bis
tracks. We're glad to hev visitors
when they know nuff to behave
themselves, but when they dout
they'd better stay nw.iy or bring
their coffins along with em. The
sarviccs'll now pnrceed,
"Arter that Shorty never bad uo
trouble, nn fer four years Ibat Sunday school's been runuin along, an
today its flourishin,"
A late cablo Bays llio Canadian
Pacillo company are 'about to issue
fresh capital for purposes in connection with Iho Paeifto steamboat
service, undor subsidies granted by
Iho British and Dominion governments.
The customs department bus refused permission to oxport two,
fawns to be placed i-i the park in
New York, tho Canadian law pro-.
blotting the exportation of deer.
You may talk obont the butter
That's sometimes got In town,
But tho goat's tho only butter
Strong ettough b knock you dowlV ��� ������'inr i-i"iiim'WiiWwT��mtn-rrrMiiii iwrimn ������M ' ii'mn MMSttHM '������' MW I ���WW���sane
Clie iiootonciy Star
A lour page twenty column news
paper, is issued from tboollico o
publication, HevelBtoke, 13. C.
Bubfcnption price 8-'per your
Itates of advertising given on
Publisher und Proprietor
t I I ! LCT
In nn interview with Mr. Mara, M.
P., respecting the inroads made by
the Columbia lliver, on tho bank bo-
low tbe town, we learn that that gon-
tlouiau called the utlentiou of tho
Government to this matter last full,
nud that upon bis request Mr. Gamble, tho Government Engineer, was
instructed to examine tho river and
report as to the best moans of saving
the hunks from further destruction,
Mr. Gamble reported iu favor ot cribs
being sunk or piles driven from a
point below the old steamboat landing, where the ground is solid, to the
Smelter, at a cost of about $10,000.
Mr. Mara tbeu applied for thut amount
to be placed on the Estimates, but
this was refused by the Government.
The Minister of Public Works stated
however that ho would recommend to
his colleagues, that the work be undertaken by the Government, and carried ou under the supervision of an
Engineer iu biB Department, provided
the Smelling Company would pay
one half the cost, this was deeUued
by the Company, and although le-
iieatedly urged by Mr. Mara nnd Dr.
Orton, the Minister would not re-con-
sitler his decision.
The Star is pleabed lo learn thut
an earnest effort is being made to
have a collection of the various
classes of ores of West Kootenay
forwarded to the Toronto Exhibition,
T( il,��� hm.lnOM.man nn.1 ml.,..-..    -HI
heartily co-operate, the mining
camps of Hot Springs, Blue Bell,
Toad Mountain, Eigle River, Arrow Lake, Big Bend and Illecillewaet, can send a collection of valuable ores that will'bo a genuine surprise to many men in the Eastern
Provinces. Mr. J. M, Kellie has
received assurances from tbe steamboat company that all ores for this
object will be transported free of
charge between Sprout aud Iievelstoke, aud he is confident that such
further arrangements can be made
wrth iho railway by which tho collection cau bo shipped direct from
Revelstoke to Toronto.
The Stab would suggest that a
governmeut grant bo asked foj, so
that after Iho exhibition is closed at
Toronto tbe samples could be sen;
to England and there placed ou permanent exhibition at the offices ol
the Douiiuiou Government. Thi-t
would attract the a'.tention of capitalists, and wight be the means oi
directing the flow of capital to our
promising mineral regions, Wh"
should uat Eist Kootenay be also
asked to j,uin with us in this Miners!
Exhibit ?
gdltor Smb:
Within tbe last ten days we havo
receividvisitsfrcni several of yonr
most prominent citizens and others,
umongil them BishopSilliioand wife
Ni'* Westminster, Pr. Campbell and
party, Farwell; W. I' Teetzel, E,
S. Wilson, I, Mi-Uomilil, all going
to tho Bonanza City, Nelsen. should
the mines on und around Kootenay
Lake ever reach one tenth tho value
of what is expected, tLibtownsfcould
Ul;e its Bland among such plaoes aa
Virginia City, Bntts and Holeoa.
(in the 18th inst, the quiet ol tho
landing wus broken by the arrival of
a young stranger In tha Bhape of a ,
baby daughter lo Mr, ind Mrs, Mike
Huri(.'un, Joe Wilsou's well-knowu
pucker. Mother and bubo are
Railroading is pohig ahead as
usual, and sines Ihe alteration in
(he guidca work is proceeding niuch
luster, if not rpiito so Batisfaotory to
(he pockets of the contractors.
^ov that the barge has put .in an
appearance with six moro flat cars,
Whetiuore will bo able to push track
laying rapidly forward.
The barge is bo hauled out and tbe
bow thoroughly repaired before re-
I turning to Iievelstoke,
Things aro beginning In look lively
in the neighborhood of tho new tiud
on Trail Creek. I have seen some
of the ore; it is rich io copper, carries about tv,i 07,. gold aud a good
per centago of silver. Claims Ste
being staked off rapidly iu that district, men coming in from the Liltle
Dalles as well as from heie aud
Nelson. Should it I urn out well the
ore can be shipped with great ease,
the lodges being within three miles
of the liver, with a good grade for a
road to tho Lauding.
Everything is quiet here, old Sol
having it all his owu way. Big
straw hu's are at a premium, the
supply being quite exhausted. Some
of our heavy weights look as if they
were training to meet John L. or
Jackson, They are beginniug lo
look angular, but to pot it in plain
terms, it is very hot.
I wonder some of your enterprising citizens do uot ship some vegetables to the Landing; a moderate
quantity would find ready salo it'
shipped on every mail boat,
Genello Bros, lost a valuable
horse a few days ago from overheating. Tho team was worth $500,
Jniv 23.
Hamilton.���At Revelstoke, B. C���
on Thursday morning, July 2Jlh,
Mrs. Mary Hamilton, wife of Mr
Samuel Hamilton, aged 32, in
The circumstances attending Mrs.
Hamilton's death are exceedingly
sad, She had been the mother of
13 children, six of whom are living,
aud was the centre of an interesting
homo circle. Tho entire community
attested the esteem iu which she was
held by their sympathy and attendance at the funeral ceremonies, The
promising boy who entered ',the
world at tbe cost of ils mother's life,
survives her. Mrs. Hamilton was a
unlive of Menominee, Michigan,
Our starling point was Iievelstoke,
not iu the mujestie "Kootenai," bet
iu a canoe shaped row boat capable
of earning two tons. In going down
ihe river wo bad no need to use the
oais, all we required was to use the
paddle as a helm;the rapid cuneut
of the Columbia did the remainder,
The scenery along the hanks for a
distance of twenty miles, until we
reach the month of tho river at the
Xoith Arm, where it empties into
the Upper Arrow Lr.ke, is mo.-l enchanting. Indi ed, so much so, that
we are imminent dinger of cuming
to grief in oootact with iome of the
numerous snag;; with wbieh the
river abounds. Still we can tiud
some time to look around us at the
glorious mountains, whose snowcapped peaks rise high into the
azure sky and look like frosted silver
sparkling in tbe - in a rays, Adown
the mountain Blopes are hung
luxuriant woods, whose colors are
varied and beautiful ua the shades
of the rainbow, and un.id the tree,
wo ever and anon behold a milk
i ii treak, which on a closer ex-
tmii atiou we discover to be a nwun
tain orrent, foaming to meet tin
rushing rati 11 bi hiw.
Whal ,. ��� 'an I md ..ul.iime volume
of water is this great (o umbia I
What a torrent ol wa ted ene
What a motivo power might il eon
tribute to lighton human labor
\\ hat teeming millions might be refreshed by its sweet waters, pure as
the dew drops that bathe the mountains in the morning light, ifetboa
terrible, could it burst its bounds!
What devastation would follow in
its trail)' How many peaceful valleys, some day to ho thti horn ol
men. would its waste of waters en-
gnll'l But tbo great flood is bound
fast in its channel, girder] on either
side by adamantine rocks, whose
walls tower high above its bulling
Burluooand whoso foundations nm
laid deep in thn bowel:; of the earth,
bidding denial defiance to time and
the elements. At length, niter pausing scenes of varied beauty,we reach
Hie Arrow Lake, and now for Ihe
meeting of tho waters. The migh'^
current bus torn into foam the waters
ol tho plneid hike, We are tossed
to and fro by the surging waves.
However, we bond to the oars and
pull straight ahead and soon escape
from the boiling cauldron into the
quiet waters, which ripple gently iu
the sunset, for tho wind is at rest
and there is hardly a breath to cool
the heatsd brow,
Card of Thanks.
On behalf of myself and family, I
wish to express our thanks in this
publio manner for tho warm sympathy and great .kindness shown to
iib by the good people of 'Revelstoke
iu our irreparable bereavement, and
and especially lo Rev. Mr, Turner,
Mr. Bowson, and to the hearers.
July 25tb, 1890.
To the Editor of tlio Stat.;
I see in the Miner an account of a
public meeting at Nelson to take
sleps lo procure a wharf-site, elc.
It might be inferred from the
"kicks" which the speakers gave
'he Government anil Mr. Kellie, our
representative, that they were beiug
very bully used iu Southern Kooteu-
ay, and that they were not allowed a
fair share of the publio appropriations. It slrikes me that they do not
see this matter in its pioper light.
Iu Ihe first place a railroad 26 miles
long is be'ug built for their benefit, which has been subsidized by
both Iho Dominion and Provincial
Governments. It may be summed
up us follows;
Fiuei the Province 200,-
000 acres of laud worth   $500,000
From the Dominion $3200
per mile for  35 miles    112 000
This Bum of $'012,000 has been
&i?en towards the tuilroad, and it is
ii.de to say it wuuhl no; have been
built without these grants ButMi.R.
E. Lemon inulies a contribution to
one information ou Ihese matters
uj'icu appears to have surprised oue
oi Itie piomiuent speakers. It was
. j Ihe effect that $12,001) had been np-
propiistod lor Wen liooteuay, ut
Victoria lust \sinter, aud of ibis
amount onlv$7U0 had beeu set apart
lor the entile district north of Koot-
eaayLake, iucludiugRevelstoke and
ihe important llle ille.\aet tump and
auiuile 1'iiil iu BigBeud, whereas
jlO.uOO wus given to Nelson aud Hot
Splits, leaving ai.ni.dl ''emergency
(uud"o( �� SOU. .Not oouieut wild this,
] nearly uneieu'.bs of the enliieappi-o-
'piiaiiou for West Kootenay���Mr.
Buchanan thought thut some of this
fcaOO emergency luud should ba applied for, closing bis speech with
the ''cogent'' remark, "Ho not on
auy account be aftaij to auk for too,
r   i     .o of  re-opeuing the Public
Sche lis litis been changed from August
Itli, 1800, to August llth, 1890.
1 S. I). POPE,
SuperintendeLt of Education.
Eihioation Office, July 17th, 1890.
Tenders  for a License to cut
Timber on Dominion Lands
iu tho Province of British Columbia.
Sealed lenders addressed to the undersigned, and marked "Tender for a License
Lo cut Timber," will lie received ut this
Department until noon on Monthly the
13th day of October next, for a license
to cut timber ou a beilh of 27 square
miles, more or less, on the Columbia lliver, Tenders will also Iu received up to
tho same date for another berth on the
same river containing an area of 27 equine
miles, more or less.
The regulations under which a license
will be issued, together with u sketch
showing approximately the positions ot
the berths in question, may bo obtained at this Department or at the office of
the Crown Timber Agent at New Westminster.
Each tender must be nccompauied by
au necepted cheque on a chartered Bank
iu favor of tho i leputy of the Minister
of the Interior, for the amount of the bonus which the upphemt iB prepared to
pay for the license.
No tender by tolegrnph will 1�� entor-
taiued, JOHN It. HALL,
2 Secretary.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, 3rd July, 1800.
Notice is hereby given that thirty (30)
day6 after date we intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to lease the followiug described tract of laud for timber purposes:
Commencing at a stake about 30 chnius
south of Pilot Bay, directly opposite tho
Outlet of Kootenay Luke ou the east Bide
of tho main lake, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 80 ohaius, thence north 40
chains, thence west 80 chains, to the initial post, coutaining 320 acres, more or
3 feu Geo. T. Kane,
Kootenay Luke, 11. C��� July 5th, 180.0,
We iitiu tho following in the
speech of Mr, Buchanan, as reported
at a public tnee.iug in Nelsou :
" We have as a representative, a
man who, 1 fiirnly believe, has sworn
to support tho Goverument through
thick aud thia. But I believe we
can frighten that man to aot in our
interests���I certainly should try."
We cannot conceive what oause, if
any, tbore is for this threat to fright-
Mi   Kellie into aeliug for the interest ol his Constituents.   It was only
Ihe previous week that, ids card "To
my Constituents,'' was published at
,. |    D, OOntainiog this paragraph ;
El ..'nail I"- my nun to >ee that all
i i| the dl trict receive con-
fidei: on  und that appropriations
��bnll be d ade, a far as possible, fur
lotion   of toads, bridges,
tud oi iei  di      iry i nprovemouts
t i: y leoti in gives evidenoe
 ii aditnre is j istitlod."
The i Irown Ora it (or the concession ol 820 acres to the Smelter Co,,
was received from Ottawa on Wednesday Tbe Hales of loin, and plaiiH
for improvements on tho Bmsltei
townsite, which have been wailing
(or ibe Crown title will now go
forward without delay,
N--W Sfork < iiy has a population
ol 1,513,601, an Inoreass of 807,202
since I hko
Messrs. P. MeCurly have brought
in by oars 10 head of beef, 8B hogs
and 20 sheep, Hince opening Iheir
butcher shop,
Notieo is hereby given that the Pacific
Mining Co,, by their ngont, II. Anderson,
has fyled the necessary papers for a
Crown Grant in favor of tho Spokirca
mineral olaira.siUnted at the Hot Springs,
Kootenay Lake.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to fylo their objections with mo within
60 days from date.
i Govt. Agent,
.; velstoke-, July 15,1800.
A Court o! Assize, Nisi Priiis, Oyer
and Terminer and General Gaol Dolivery
will be held nt Nelson, in the County of
Kootenay, on Friday, tho 22nd proximo.
By Command,
Provincial Secretary,
Provincial Socretarv's Offico,
10th July, 1800. 65s
'live following reduction of Feos for
Assaying,, as from the 1st proximo, has
been ordered by tho Hon. Minister of
Tests for single samples, for gold, silver,
lend, or nopper, to bo nwulo
for ��1,50 eueh.
Two or more samples,     "    SI.00 eiiob,
For all other tests a proportioato reduction has been ordered;
51 fit AsBiiyer.
ffiwiPNi.'.i m
���" i %, * i
W    ft) r.niBiWSM;   ..'-
��. .:��� llsw)&!M' t\fr MP ',vfe*Sw
S. N.
One of the above company's steamers
will leave Revelstoke for Sprout every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at I
a. m. Returning will loave Sproat for
Revelstoke every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday a; 3 n, in.
Fare each way ��5.01),
' J. A. MARA,
Revelstoke, July 8, Id'JQ,
O- 3?. U- rSMS YAS&8.
Going East, Going West.
No. 2 No. 1
13:00 Leave Vancouver  Arrive 14:25
13:10 Westminster            14:22
15:46 Apassiz                11:28
18:52 North Bend                7:4!)
23:26          Spence's Bridge 3:43
1:34 Ashoroft               1:31
4:118 Kamloops              22:50
7:57 Sicamous              19:00
10:16      MEWTOK      16:52
11:48 Illecillewaet 15:20
12:45 Arrive    Glacier 13-55
15:20 Donald   Depart   11:45
Ono of the stoamors of the C. & K, S.
N. Co., (Lytton or Kootonai) leaves
Revelstoke for Sproat every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 4 a, m. Returning will leave Spront for Revelstoke
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
nt 8 a. ni.
The stenmer Duchoss leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
uud returning arrives at Golden at 4 p,
m, ou Wednesday.
Steamboats leave Sicamous for Ender-
by Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
and return Monday, Wednesday and Pri-
Paok trains from Revelstoke for Big
Bend on the Columbia.
Notieo is hereby given that 30 days
after date, we, the undersigned, inteud
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a lease for
lumboring purposes, of tbe following
trad of land in tho West Kootenay disr
Commencing nt a post on tbe left bank
of Fort Shephord Creek about three
miles from its mouth, ou the wostern
boundary of the Meadow-land reserved
on behalf of tho Kootenny Vidleys Company, in the Lower Kootenay Valley,
thenoe due west 20 chains, thenoe south
80 ohains, thence west 20 chains, thenoe
south 80 chains, tbonce west 20 chains-,
thence south 80 chains, thence west three
miles, thenco south 2 milos, theuce east.
3 miles, thence south 80 chains, thenoo
east 80 ohains, to the western boundary
of tho Resorvod land, thence following
such western boundary to the initial
poiut,contuiuing 7040 aores, more or less.
5 6 d per C. W. U.
Nelson, B. C. May 13,1890.
-E 33 TB &3 TO ISO-
Arid Post Office Storo NELSON-
��� MINI.VaJjimoKBR.���
And General Commission Merchant,
Insurance   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Nc-tury Publio,]JJLtO.
(ioi.DEN ;.      .      ���        .      B, C.
wzr, rokA etc. ii>
SelUll-K  L,otlge,   itu.    i*,
I 00 F Donald, B. 0.
Regular Meeting Thursday of eaoh
week at 8 p. m.   All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J.McLkod,      J. H. MATHE30N,
N.G. R-^'
iu;.   imaatun     jeiurut-u   iium   u.a
prospecting tour of three weeks on
Monday. He went to tbe l'isb
Cresk mi&e, giving it a thorough
examination. There are now good
trails, camps at the railroad, on tbe
summit, and at the mine, and the
i iremans nun was reaumen wiui
renewed zest and kept np until the
wee hours of tbo morning. Tlie
presents, wbieh were valued at upwards of $500, and included a goltl
watch and cbaiu to both bride and
I groom, ami almost every conoeivabla
Mr. A. S. Farwell took the steamer
for Kootenay Like a few trips ago.
Win. Taylor arrived f.'om Slocnne
Tass Thursday evening. Ho did
not get over the summit to Hot
Springs but intends going out aj,ain ���
P. M. Walker' Loohie McDonald,
Tom Downs and Chas. Holden have
got in frem the North Arm, after
finishing assessment work on their
Wo are informed that Messrs,
Jowett k Haig have bonded Danve-
gan mine, on Fish Creok, and that
development work will bo contiuuod
nuder their direction,
We have a report from a good
source at Nelson tbat Dr. Campbell
has bought two mines at Hot Springs
and has bonded one. One of the
purchases is tbe No. 1, for which he
paid 815,000.
George Ashley, while on duty
supervising the work of the Chiuii-
men who are cleariug the Smelter
townsite, last Wednesday was overcome with tbe heat and obligod to
suspend work for two days.
John Abrahumson, Jack Evans,
Paul Anderson aud Robert Sapder-
son are down at the Hot Springs on
Arrow Like. Mr. Abrahamson's visit
to the Harrison Hot Springs did not
cure his rhoumatism, and he is now
trying the curative powers of Capt.
Sanderson's springs.
The Lord Bishop of New Westminster, according to previous arrangement, will return from Nelson
this week, and hold church services
at Eovelstoke, to-morrow, Sunday,
viz: Celebration of the Holy Saora-
ment at 8 ��. m.; Morning Servioe at
11; Evening Service at 7,30.
A movement for tbe olosicg of all
the stores iu town ou Sundays has
recently been agitated, and we are
informed will go into effect, to-morrow. This is a step forwaid for Revelstoke which will meet wilb
general approval,
Mr. D. Woolsey, of the Cariboo
Mining Company, has gone down to
Kootenay Lake, having been chosen
by Judge Tunstall to collect samples
of ore, as a mineral exhibit for tho
district, to send to tho Toronto Exposition,
Prof. Maconn and a-isittauts have
returned from tbe Kootenay Luke
District, and established camp iu
Revelstoke for a few days, whence
next week they will go to Rogers
Pass. Tho Professor fluds moro species of birds, and varieties of vegetation, at this point, than at any other visited this season.
Tho disabled scow, repaired after
mnch trouble and expense, finished loading last Sunday, fifty tons
of steel rails and six flat cars, aud
made the trip to Sproat in company
with the steamer Kootenay, with
complete snocess. The loading of
the scow, under the supervision of
8. A. Cash, mechanical fororaan, was
accomplished without any trouble or
On Thursday afternoon, during a
thunderstorm, the lightning started
two forest fires���one on tbo mountain north of and near Mount Begbio
and the other in Eagle Pass, several
miles distaut, Grunt volumos of
black smoke immediately filled the
air in those localities. Previous to
this time not a bush lire was visible
in any direction, and we began to
hope that wo should cot have a
repetition of tho fiery dangers and
smoky discomforts of last year,
The Str. Lytton was held Wednesday morning until tho arrival of
the train from the west, in order to
allow Mr, Julian Ralph and Mr.
Frederick Remington and wife, of
Now York, to take passuge on her,
Theso gentlemen represent the
Harpers and will write up and illustrate the Lower Kootenay country
for the periodicals of tbat publishing house. They havo hud large
experience, and we tnsy look from
present owners intend soon to begin ; art;cie j��� \\w wy 0f domestic orna-
work on their tunnels.  Mr. Haskins
did not make any new discoveries on
Fish creek nor   on Moose   creek,
wbieh   be   followed   from   Albert
Canyon to its source,    With Mr.
Pollock, ho will now trausfer his
base of operations  to the  Lardeau
Pass, and intends spending two or
three mouths thoroughly prospecting tbe district.     They loft for the
North Arm on Tuesday last.
Messrs. Frasor and Rjbson, two
of the trustees of tbe Revelstoke
School Board, met non. Mr. Dewd-
ney, at tbe train  Thursday evening,
and interviewed him in relation to a
site for tbe school building soon to
be erected.    They received his as-
suranoe that the Dominion government would donate an entire block
for the purpose, aud the plat would
be ordered forward so that a choice
could be made. Since nothing bat
to be paid for a Bite, whether obtained from the Smelter Co, or tbe Dominion Govtrnment, the entire appropriation of &1500, will be expended ou the building, with the exception of a small amount for new furnishings.
Some of the businessmen of Revelstoke have at times been tested by
flee, their buildings destroyed and
their stocks burned, but they have
the quality of "staying," and have
risen from tbe ashes more rosplen-
deut than before.    This has been
twice the case with Mr,  Hume, but
the more recent instance is that of
Mr. Wilson who was a sufferer by
the fire in May.    He has just completed the  best  store  building  in
town, praotically fire-proof,   metal
roof, with a heavy coat of plaster
aad eement on three sides.   It is divided into three campi rtments under the same roof, the store proper,
the office aud tho warehouse,    This
week, during his absence at Koote-
day lake,  his lieulenante, Messrs,
Pills aud Roalley, have taken possession with   their stock of goods,
which owing to the convenient and
roomy shelving, are displayed very
invitingly.    A now Taylor safe has
been brought iu for  Iho protection
of the valuables, and everything appears to be iu good shape for the
long anl  prosperous career which
the  enterprising character of the
firm deserves.
ment, tsstified abundantly to
eMlcotn iu which they are held.
At a public meeting held in the
Forrest House on Tuesday last with
Mr. Tbos. Evans in the chair, it was
decided to devote the surplus of
��25 from the amount raised for
prizes ai Ibe recent athletic sports,
to the heading of a subscription list
for the better improvement of the
A hotly coutested half-mile horse
race was run in heats the latter part
of tbe proceeding week by a band of
Stoney Indians passing through the
town, for a purse of $26. The Indians prolonged their slay until
Sunday, wben an impressive divine
service was held in camp some two
miles from town in which a number
of residents participated. At tbe
invitation of Mr. J. E, Griffith, the
redmenin a body, accompanied by
their squaws aud papooses attended
service in the evening at tbe Chnrcb
of England, Rev. Mr. Shildrick, of
Kamloops, officiating.
An exciting quarter mile foot race
was run on Wednesday evening last
on the race course, between Thomas
Henderson,  the  local   commercial
operator, aud an unknown, named
Wallace, minus one tarm, imported,
it is believed, by some of ihe resident sports with a view to a snap.
Ia this they were disagreeably mistaken.    It was eiident during the
preliminaries that the dark horse
was by no means a novice on the
cinder path.   Ou the start Wallace
got a decided advantage and forced
(Ue pace from the outset with a lead
of  several feet which hs retained
UDtil about three-fourths of the lap
was  reached.      Here the staying
powers of the  Donnld man began to
assert it-self, and amid the applause
of the onlookers be  quickly passed
his opponent some ten feet from tbe
line,  an easy wiuner, the  "dark
horse" unfortunately for his backers
losing  his fuel at the same moment.
By the Columbia River Lumber
Co.," at Beaver, B. G, to work iu
their mills and iu the woods.
u. J. Jiranon
tract work solicited.
lUiek and Stone Mason, Plasterer
A silting ot the County Court for   !U"1   Kftlaominer.    All   work   done
Kootenay,'will be held at the Court  promptly a I to <.c.-ia m.  in-
House, Farwell, on Wednesday, the 30th
July, 1800. ut 10 a, in.
By order,
52t               Registrar Comity Court.
Farwell, B.C., July 15th, 1890.      .*
A. silting of tho County Court  for
Kootenay, will bo held at the  Court
House, Donald, ou Friday, 1st August,
1800, ut 10 a. m.
By order,
52t Registrar County Court.
Donnld, II, C, July 15th. 1800.
Sittings of the County Court of Kootenay will be held,
At Farwell, ou Wednesday, 30th July,
At Donald, on Fridav, 1st Aug., 1890.
At Nelson, on Friday, 22nd Aug., 1890.
At Farwell, ou Monday, 3rd November, 1890.
At Donnld, on Wednesday, 5th November, 1890.
At Nelson, on Thursday, 13th November, 1890.
By Command,
Provincial Socretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
10th July, 1800, 515t
TOSS 0.8VY43,
Mining   Broker,  Coiiviii-wi-vi
Notary Public, to. 4o.
In Stock.���Mining Powders, Fuse anl
Caps, Miner's Tods, Steel and Coup
Outfits, Btt
Kamloops, B C,
Carries a  full  line  of  Stationery
Fancy Goods nl eastern prices,
A Specialty,   Also a large assortment
of sporting goods, Ilaso Ball Goods,
Fishing tackle, Etc,
Subscriptions taken for  all  Cinlivi
English anl Amerioan newspapaw
at Publisher's Prices,
Corner Frout aud Hanson Sts.
Auraiiamson BROS.
B. C.
The semi-annual installation of
officers for Selkirk Lodge I.O.O.F.,
was conducted on Thursday evening
the 17th lust., by Bro. E. C. Davison
D. D. G. M., of Kamloops, as follows:
Robt, Gordon, N. G.
AH Penzer, V. N. G.
J, H. Matheson, Secy,
Alex. McDonald, P. S.
GeoBrunett, O. G,
Wm. White, J. G,
Jas. Simmons, W.
T. Irwin, Con.
J. H. Baritt, R. S. N. G.
Jas. Mack, L. S. N, G.
W, Van Antwerp. R. S. V. N. G.
J. Dover, L, S. V. N. G,
D, Jameson, R, S. S.
J. Hopgood, L. S. S.
John McLeod, P. N. G,
During tbe evening the first de-
greo was conferred upon Bro. Mo-
Ginnis. At the conclusion of the
ceremony tbo fraternity, some 25
members iu nl', adjourned to the
Selkirk House, where a tempting repast was provided, Bro, Davison
occupied tho seat of honor and introduced tbe customary toast list.
Tbe company retired at a late hour
after a most enjoyable evening, ggg
A complimentary dance and supper
was U uili'i'i-d a large number of the
friends of Mr R, J. Oeddes. engineer,
ou Friday night, the 18:h inst., upon
Iho occasiou of his marriage to Miss
Parker. Tho Firemans' Hall was
elaborately decorated where the
light fantastio was tripped nntil a
lato  hour.    An adjournment was
Steamers Duchess, Marion k Pert,
Str.  Duchess leaves Goldon for
Windermere and way points every
Monday al, noon, (and on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednesday, i p. m,,
Tourist tiokets $G for round trip.
Agents, Golden, B. C.
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Ph. D��� F.
O. S.A.
(Late of the Geological Survey of
Consulting Goologist, Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of all
kinds examined and reported on,
Economic problems investigated and
information furnished Whutham
Block, Vancouver, B. 0.
Note.���Mineral specimens sent to
Dr. Lawson will boplucod ou publio
exhibition. 50
P. O, Address, Nolson, -J. C,
Notice is hereby givon that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase oue hundred and
sixty acres of land situated on the east
bank of tho Columbia Kiver, in the West
Kootenay District, and described as follows ;
Commencing nt a post marKed H S���
S W, where tbo International Boundary
lino intersects the Columbia llivor, thonco
east forty (40) chains along tbo said
boundary line, thence north forty (40)
ohains, thonco west (40) chains more or
less to Columbia river, thonco following
the bniiK of the river in a southerly direction to the point of commencement.
Nelson, 12th March, 1890. 50G0d
Notice is hereby given that sixty [60]
days after date, 1 intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd Works for permission to purchase
the following described tract of land situated in Kootenay District, B. C. :
Commencing at n point marKed by a
stake ono milo up the niniu Sulmou River from the junction of the west or north
Fork ; thonce in a N. W. direction 204o
feot; thenoo iu n S. W. direction parallel
with tho rivor 8ooo feet; thenoo iu n S
E. direction one milo ; thence iu a N, E.
diroctiou 8ooo foot; theuco iu a N. W.
direction 264o feet, to tbo point of bo-
miining on tho rivor, containing about
loot, acres,        JOSHUA DAVIES.
Victoria, B. C, May 3olh, 189o, 51Gd
First class iu every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P R depot and steambo i
landing, between post offi33 and gov,
buildings. Coach to an 1 from depott
and steamboat. Fire proof Safe for thi
accommodation of its customers.
F. McCarthy   ....    Prop.
First class Temperance House.
MEALS, 25o.      BKDS 25c.
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is  comfortably  furnished and
affords first class accommodation.
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. Robert,Cleric
then mude to tho refreshment rooms
Iboir pens aud pencils for something' 0f tho C. P, R, lepot, .wliero a sub-
worthy  of  the celebrated  station eUntial supper wu provided nuder Capacity 20,000 foot per dny. Planer
which they havo gone down to por-'tbo direction  of  Mr. J. Lawson
tray and describe.   Mrs. Remington  Alter the wants of Iho iuner man
sbinglo machine, etc.    All kinds of
returned on tbe steamer aud has! bad been utteuded to, and tho health :lumboron hlU111'D'11'i"B tl'88e'J90n
gone to tbo Glacier House to await of Iho happy oouplo drunk and ro- i ��' 181IIJ Iu"ibor will bo delivered at
tbo conclusion of her husband's sponded to in ��� humorous vein by'ny of the laudiugs on tim lake at
trit'' I Iho amiable principal, dancing iu i greatly reduced prices.
Notice iu hereby givon that James E.
Dolan and Andrew B. Hendryx havo
fyled tho noccHsnry papers uud made application for a Crown (Irani in favor of
tho mineral olalm known us the Tough
Nut, situated in tbo Toad Mountain Subdivision, District of West Kootenay,
Adverse eluiuiuntn, if any, lire notified
lo fylo their objections with mi withiu
eixly duys from dato,
'    "        (i. C. TUNSTALL,
2-00d Govt. Agont.
Revelstoke, Juno 24,1800.
Notieo is heroby given that sixty [60]
ilnyn after dato I intend to nnice application to tho Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Woriw, for permission to purchase
tho following described tract of laud situated in Kootenay Distriot, B, C. i
Commencing ut u hIiiko on the Coliun -
bin River iibout two miles above tllfl
mouth of tho Pond D'Oroillo River, thonco
following tho meander line of the Columbia Rivor cloven thousand feet; thonco
!n nn easterly direction four thousand
foot; thenee in u southerly direotion eleven thousand feel; thenoe westward lo
the point of beginning four thousand
reel, containing about one thousand
Victoria, B, ('��� May 30th, 1800, 5100
Rooms well attended; tables unci,
celled. Wines and liquors guaranteed of a high quality. Fire in
sample room. Telephone communication with C. P. R, depot. Fire
proof vault for the convenience of
guests.   Buss moots all trains.
TRANSIENT! RATES    ���    ���    -   $2 PER DAT
-THE -
The largest and most contral Hotel in
tho city | good accommodation ; everything new ; table well supplied ; bar aud
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe,
Stockholm House
Tho dining room is furnished  with the
host Iho market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines, 11 [uora andolgare,
Jas. Liberty.
CORDWJODFjmLi: %fy kootenay Stat
A lour page twepty-column news |
paper, is issued from tho ofTico o
publication, Jtcvolstokc, IS. C.
Subscription price SJ per year.
Rates of udvortisipg giyep on
iij plication.
Publisher and Propriploi
._.,   .  -1   -  J.���-'. B=S "- -"- -I'M
preoious metals, and, now that the'weapons were pistols. Neither
transportation question is settled, combatant was wonnded,
capital will readily lake hold of and j Tbe duelists had overlooked the
develop Ihe numerous niineral lends presence ui e couple of trainod
already discovered, the assays from I monkeys, who sat munching nuts
which prove their richness. Vuti-j during the affair of honor, These
eonver wi]) assuredly sharo indirect- animals had been taught to ride
lyiu Iho beiii'lits of all this. Revel- round the ring, dressed as soldiers
stoke will be the interior metropolis, filing pistols as they rode.
antPbe people who bare shown their They saw the clue], am! when the
enterprise in pnttitig Heir capital [ring was clear imitated tbe pro-
into the place will doubtless reap a ceedings.gravoly loaded the weapons
rich reward. I and took their places nt a distance of
five paces only.   Bulb fell dead, the
Imelting and Trading
Trunk Spencer (iuuffprt,
Funk Spencer was [banged at
Kamloops at S o'clock on Monday
morning last, The crime for which
he Buffered tbe extreme penalty of
l|ie law, was for the murder of Peter
'osier, on Campbell's ranch, about
on   the
wadding of the old fashioned pistols
acting as bullets,
Under Difficulties,
      A long, louecoroe  man, who was
Tbe News-Advertiser has acquired I ,j)0 ].lw~WftR ror tue murje'r ,,f peter! most all nose and linen duster, and
some informniion in regard to this Foster, on Campbell's ranch, about! ffh�� bad no doubt been inspired by
locality, which it publishes in the ten miles east of Kamloops, on the ILat fluid which bUeth like a serpent,
subjoined article: j 20th May,  li'87.     It seems that . t'llllt!l1 a C1'0ffd ��rouna llitn ^ ^
Revelstoke, at the junction of the Spencer sent Foster lo Kamloops to foot of Woodward av yesterday and
Canadian i'acilic railway and tbe Co-   porobnso some liquor. When Foster j bc&an< #
i      , ��� oon      -i      r tr rnhii'nnil nnnnrrnl miriipA nn tn   Hit,'     "LcloW   Patriots;     lomoi'l'OW   IS
liiiuliia liver,  ,180 miles from Van-   ���ciumui a queiiei burui t. .is to lue,
i    r-        ���,        r ,,       nnmmlKalnn   tint   Winn-   lwn   nvn.   116 gloI'lOUS Fourth  of  July.     het
pouver   and   io   miles    from   the   oommiusiou   not  mung i,un pio a j
i,   , ���     ,      ,     .       ,., noi-lv ui'i-fm-mpil     v.nt dm nnnrwil your bannere wave    Let tho welkin
Rockies, has n locution winch ensures   pcny puioimeti,    put me q.inuei ._ ���    v i '    ,    .       ,
lor it a prosperous future.    Its na-   M apparently been settled when , ring with your shouts of victory!
iural surroundings are  grand, and,   Spencer went into  Campbells bouse The haughty British government at-
i and secured a rifle,    When Foster | temPte�� to	
Hold on, there! shouted ono of the
Is now Prepared to Receive all^Oold, Silver & Lead ore.
Miners who havo nny ores to sell are requested to oommunicate at onco with the
manager at Revelstoke, B, C,, who is prepare! to furnish every facility
to minors of small or limited means to ship their ore,
Assay Office
Of the Kuotcnay (11. G.) Smelting anil TuaiUng Syulic.it;!, Limit,
oil, Iievelstoke, B. C.
\\liile tbey afford delight to the lover
of scenery, the attractions of the
district are not less to those who, in
the mineral wealth of gold, silver,
popper, lead nud coal with which it
abounds, see hero t'uo possibility of
tbe development of an immense mining industry. Not less fortunate is
'Iievelstoke in ils location as regards
jts unrivalled facilities for communi-
ratiou with other sections of the
province. It commands water communication both north and south,
uud the Canadian I'acilic railway
runs east and west directly through
it. These are in themselves greater
advantages than are possessed by
other interior cities in the province,
A giance at the map shows that Ke-
velstoko is tlie centre of a spries of
bikes, extending to  aud  embracing
w Spencer returning with a rifle
in bis hand he endeavored to escape
crowd.    Pon't say a word ngin the
by running away, but was deliber-1 Eu8lial1 �� ��ir g��es J0"' b<'ad 1
atelyshot down by Spencer, the ball     Well> ih>r>> a certain European
taking effect iu his back.    After the I government put its foot-
murder Spencer went to Campbell's
stable, took the best horse there and
left for parts, unkuown, taking the
rifle with him, remarking that he
might have occasion to use it again,
Nothing more was seen or 'heard of
Spencer nutil this spring, when lie
crossed over from the other side with |
a band of horses which he intended
to disposo of, hut nas arrested by
Chief McLaren, of Vancouver, and
brought to Kamloops for trial and
was sentenced to be hanged.
The condemned mau did not re-
Suuday night, but spent the lust
Name your gov! shouted a second
man, Don't throw no slurs on
France 1
Uud eef he means Shermnny I
can lick him! added a third.
Very well, let us skip that. This
government declared its iudepen-
I denoe, and on KJO battlefields shed
its precious blood to	
There wnsu't 50 lights in the whole
revolutionary war! shouted auotbec
All right; reduce my figures then.
At Bunker H'H the proud tyrant
was huil'ied to tbe dust amid tbe
victorious cheers of tbo colonists.
Not much! culled a voice.    We
nil the important mining locations i hours pacing bis cell and brooding
pf the district.    Two railways are !(,v(11' bis fate, and refused to lake i    -
under construction now to complete  any breakfast or ^stimulants except a   ��ulf on. at Bunker Hill, but lost
I ........-..������.,   ���rPliamnIl,nn)lnlv|tlieday.
Well, mebbe we did, continued
the orator, but turn to tbe picture
of Washington at Valley Forgp. In
rugs, poorly armed���fretting in the
wintery blasts, our gallant army met
and defeated over four times their
What a whopper! shouted half a
dozen meu in  chorus.   There  nas
i.o bailie at all at Valley Forge,
Tin re wasn't ?
the connections between these wati rs ' caP ()t sll���K u'a' lTllG melancholy
nud Iievelstoke. Four steamers now I procession formed at 8 o'clock,
ply between Iievelstoke nud Sproat, i Spencer mounting the scaffold with-
uud tlie railway from Kelson lo !1,ut W assistance, Winn all wus
Sproat will be completed bv October i hi iciuliuefs bo offered up a short
1st, while tko line connecting Oka- prnyev at tho close of which tho
nngan Luke and Iievelstoke is being j sheriff gave the signal and the ex-
graded.   The main lipeof the ('una-' ccutioiier   let  the  trap  drop nnd
Silver, Gold or Lead    $ 1 CO
Silver and Gold  2 00
Silver and Lead  2 50
Silver, Gold and Lend  3 00
Silica, Iron, Lime. Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Barium
Magnesium, or Sulphur, each  3 00
Arsenic, Antimony or Tin  5 00
Sealed samples at double tho above rates,   Samples by mail or express promptly
attended to.
F. R013SER
Assayer, Chemist.
diau Paciflo Ruilway, now passing
through Field, Golden and Donald,
will Jbe transferred, to a moro
southerly route running through'the
Crows Nest Fuss, and joining again
nt Revelstoke, which is now a divisional point, with roundhouse,
cto. This lino is now under construction, connecting with Calgary.
Tbe importance of the Crows Sest
Pass route cannot be overestimated.
Coal of almost every kind has been
discovered here in almost uulimited
Quantities, particularly a coking
eoal lor use at the ReveUtoko Smelter, while tho aulhraeile is equal to
tbat found  at  Banff,    The   whole
Spencer was in eternity, death being
The C;i.ril;oo Kobbery.
A number of stories are rife as to
tlio identity of the robbers ol the
Cariboo stage. A heavy rain fell
shortly alter the robbery, and no
trace uf the highwaymen has been
soon since, Several parties were
organized and have started in pur
Two meu who carapel nt Canim's
il  -. inl     .- .    b   dole r canoe
and moved it to M s le.ke, are
R. H0WS0N and 00.
General  Contractors    and    Builders.
Manufacturers and Dealers in   Doors, Snsli, Mouldings, Glass,
and all  kinds  of Building Material,     Office Furniture and   Fixtures a
a specialty,    Turning, Scroll Sawing and rietnro Frames, etc
made to order
Very well,   I ctose.   I quit.    1
subside,    It  is  very evident tbat
oratory is an  unknown quantity inl
this town, and   that  patriotism  is
dead.   Who'll treat to the lemonade?.
Dh nie Sen ice will be hold in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday evening ut 7;30, conducted alternately
. dethodist, Presbyterian, and English Church .Ministers. Speoeiul announcement will bo made each week
i     i Staii
suspected.      Thev could get from
district is thus  tributary to Revel lUhooJ   Uke   to   <    "water and
stoke.    Ail of  the following mines tbence down tne Nor h Tbompgon.
will have direct rail and water com- ''!] lbe ;"! �� J"De     Sundi.v School and Bible Class ev-
munication with tho   smelter now ���'���'   W ��� ;'   '' '"- ; " ";   '       -     inday afcor in at 2:30.   All
completed:   The Lardeau District ������      inspected.     One   was a   (re cordially invited to attend.
and Cherrv Creek; the Yale District ������' ' >, M^PPuenUv
and Nicola mining camp: Okanagan ��� P'etty bard case
lake and Rock Creek, the Upper a, 1     On Wednesday i
Lower Arrow Lakes and the I-.   ��� ���   ���  '
nay lakes, with Sproats   Landing, :-'��.  ���
Heudrix camp and HotSprin  o '    '"       '       "
the Crows Nest Tass and  the   [lie th -      ' '     '
,i)lawaet district, and, in  fact   the '" ���    ���'
"hol�� B" �� oooDliy, ��bi����g ���  p        [CooteDay House, Golden, B. C.
Louis 1 ;,',i
���'""".b? J. VV. I HOMnOiM
James McDonald & Go.
lands in
an enori i     urea
- ia i '���' the bi sl farmina land
tho district are adjacent to Revel
bto e. wliil ��� - i banks of Ihe i i
lun.! io rivi t are line 1 with the
finest timber, A saw mill and
shingle mill are already in opornti m
und Ibri o liti - foi other mills are
selected, jnd tbe timber limil
up by lumbermen A 1 ir ;e bed of
clay Is adjaci nt to the oily, a d the
bricks in ide from it are con idereil
the host in Iho province, A to i
made by < :;' rts shows ihe clay
fpociallv ud.; tod for nuking bard
drain pipes, 11lev, etc. Undoubtedly,
tnorefore, Iievelstoke bus a great
future. The smelter altea/ly erected
by a powerful English company will
lis followed by others as soon as Ihe
lai'iouds to Ihe lakes open up and
afford cheap transportation for Uu
_^^_^^_ libers
tbeii effi rl i will bo
i t worn I
nan was in nlo Ir r. i piei
A party froi Igo
having traced .the sl igfi robb
d   :;��� s mil      i ai     i tarty di
reolion,    Tbey found rnai
[ave up the   ia
on ncconi i of .-:-���'  I.a. ing    ithoril
to a it the in in
11 ie Billiard T.Uo, complete and
in good repair,   Address
All clussos of Lumbor on band for sale.    Contracting uud building.
R. a
AM ' 11
Bui ling, Rovi Islokc. li. 0
l.l PA l f>H \l. DI .'IKK I'
Harnesg ��� and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
Itohos and Ulanbts, Curry combs, Harness:
oil, Horse brushes,  Whips, Spurs mid   I
Bits in gl'oat vtiriciy,
i i;��� !��� t ii  IMiol.
A duel took place dose to Paris
:',:,..'.   on He  Bill, botwoi u twi
ores, nnd  ono,  He Columbia nnd acrobats belonging lo   .  traveling
und Kootenay railway will bo com. circus,  Tbo men (jiiiirrolled nud r,e
jdetcd by October l.t.    tlvflrything solved lo light in the ring after the
points towards  gnat  activity   iu porfornnuao.
fining operations.   The district Is     The  conditions were two shols
ilreudy proved to  be rich iu tho each at twenty live   paces,    Tliol
oi  iii i' under
I Ihi Qualifiriiil ou .in I
-.ii of \ nloi; Aot,  I shall
i,mM ,i Court of llevi linn al tbn (loiirl
���   Pnrwell, on Monday the lib
\"!'l it. 111    I" II.   III., I"   Ih-ii.
an i doti riiiinn objc lions U| linsl klio
rod niion of nny niinios on tho  V'o
in:.'  I.I it,     ���
:,,'..,! Collcolor of Votci,
I'anvcll, Juno 2, ISUo,
U'iHTANnillvWY HARNESS.      ;   ;���
KD, 8. WILSON, Agent at Revcl*lo!��k


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