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The Kootenay Star Sep 20, 1890

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Array <HtA
IS 11 II %   2 I
5*'H^ ���
'���SJyJfr'.g. VJ^UlUflMI^,J^.HgW'VI��JH��JLJ��^
No. 14'
Sittings of the County Court of Koolenay will bolield,
At Farwell, on Wodnesd.-iv, iiOth July,
At Donald, on t'ridav, 1st Atlg,, 1890.
At Nelson, on Friday,22nd Aug,, 1890.
At Pi well, on Monday, 3rd November, 1890,
At Donnld, on Wednesday, Gth No-
veiulier, lHWi).
At Nolsoui nn Thursday, 18th Novom-
ber. 1890,
Bv Commatid,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Ollicc,
10th duly, 181)0, 6T5t
Sealed tenders endorsed " Tenders for
Government Building," will be received
by the undersigned at the Court House,
Donald, B, C, until noon, on October the
1st, 1890. for the construction of a (Jov-
(���rnnieiit Building at Donald, B. C, in
accordance with plans and specifications
which can be examined at tbe government agent's ollico Donald.
An accepted cheque to the amount of
5 per cuit, of the amount of tender must
accompany it to be forfeited on declining
to enter into ei.nlract,
Neither the lowest nor any tender will
luceesarilv be accepted,
23 Govt, Agent.
Donald, B, 0��� Sept, Kith, 1890.
The following reduction of Fees  for
Assaviug, as from the 1st proximo, has
been ordered by the Hon. Minister of
Mines s
Tests for single Rumples, for gold, silver,
lead, or copper, to be made
for @1.50 each.
Two or more Rumples,     "    $1,00 each.
Por all other tests a proportloate reduction has been ordered,
w; f. Mcculloch,
i'il.H      HI Assayer.
town or Kelson.
Notice is hereby given that a Publio
Auction S.de of Lots iii tbe Town of
Nelson, West Kootenny Distriot, will be
hold al iho Government OJBoe, Nelson,
on the 80th day of September, 1890,
Each lot will ho sold subject to tho
erection of a building of uot less than
J600 value wilhin (! months from tho date
of tide. Any purchaser failing to oreot
siieh building within llio stipulated period sball forfeit his deposit, and tho sale
will be cancelled,
Terms 20 per oent. ensh, nnd the balance in 12 months with interest at tho
rale of 6 per cent, per annum.
21 Surveyor-General.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, 13. C, 12th September, 1390,
Notice is hereby given that sixty (00)
days after date, 1 iuteud to mane application to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Woi'Ks, for permission to lease the
following described tract of land, for
lumbering purposes:
Commencing at about one mile below
the junction of tbo West or North Fore
of the Salmon lliver, running southerly
to a point one-half (A) mile above the
South or East Fonc of Salmon lliver,
tbenoe easterly one-half (!,) mile, thence
northerly to a point one-half [J] mile
east of tbe starting point, thence westerly one-half [.', | milo to the point of beginning, contmning about 10,000 aores.
Also, commencing at a point at Holder
Creeg, about one-half |",', | mile from Salmon Kiver, and running south about
three miles, thence one-half [.', | mile east,
thence north three miles, theuce west
three-fourths of a mile to poinl of beginning, containing about 1000 acres,
Notice is heroby given that the Pacific
Mining Co,, by their agent, II. Anderson
has fyled the necessary papers for a
Crown Grant in favor of the Spokane
mineral chiim.sitiialed at the Hot Springs,
Kootenay Lake.
Adverse elaimnnts, if any, are requested tofyli'i their objections witluno withiu
(10 ilayBfroin date.
4 Govt. Agent,
Revelstoke, July 15, 1890,
HUT C 11 E It S
it!) WHOIBUIB Attn  liI'l'AlL DEALERS I*
A Court of Revision and Appeal under the Assessment Act will bo held at-
the Government Office, at Nelson! on too
IStii day of October, at 10 o'clock, n, m,,
and at the Court House iu Iievelstoke,
ou the lib dav of November, at 10 a, m.
25 Chairman Court of Revision
and Appeal.
Revelstoke, Sept. 18th, 1490.
SATURDAY,  SEPT. 20 , 1890.
Notice ia hereby given that sixty clay8
after dale, I intend applying to the Cbie'
Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
permission to lease for lumbering purposes, the following lots of land situate
in the District of East Kootenay, viz, :
Lot No, 1, Beginning at tho stake \
mile from bridge on North Fork of Spill-
i.iimehene Biver, thenee east two miles,
theuce south one mile, theuce west two
miles, thence to initial stake, containing
1280 ttcfeff, more or les-i.
Lot No. 2. Beginning nt a slake half
mile from bridge on Middle Pork, Spill���
amnshene River, thence west ono mile,
thence north one mile, thenco east three
mils, thenoo south half mile, thenco east
two miles, thence south one mile, theuce
east two miles, thenoe south one mile,
thence to initial sl alio, containing 8200
acres, more or less.
Lot No. 3. Beginning nf a Stake alongside of lust mentioned stake, thenoo east
half mile, thence south two miles, thence
west two miles, thenco north two miles,
thenee to iuilial stake, containing 25G0
acres, more or less.
Lot No, 1. Beginning nt a stake on
west bank of South Fork ot Spilliuna-
chene Kiver, on S. W. corner of the "Big
Slide," thence north half mile, thence
east one milo, thenee south six and one
half miles, thence west two miles, thenco
north two miles, thence east ono mile,
thenee north two miles, thenco west ono
mile, thenco ninth two miles, thenco to
initial stake, containing 0720 acres, more
or less.        T. 11. jl. COCHRANE,
Golden, 11. C, 20th July, 1890, 5
- MINI !G   URoKER,���
And General Commission Merchant,
Insurance   and    ileal    Estate
AgOiit, Notary Public, Etc.
.      B. U.
C. & K. S. N. CO.
The Steamer Lytton will   leave  Revelstoke Monday ami Thursday nt 1 a. in.
Leave Bproat for Little Dalles Tuos-
{ day an.I Friday at 1 a. in,, returning (he
same day to Sproat,
Leave Sproat for Revelstoke Tuesday
and Friday, soon after arriving from
Little Dulles, and connecting at Revel-
stoke with the train for the west, at D
p, m | Wednesday and Saturday.
[   ReveUluke, Aug, 9, ld'JO.
There are several charters for railroads in Kootenay Distriot, but only
one is under construction -the Columbia .t Kootenay. Tho Crow's
Nest & Kootenay Lake Railway has
a 1'iovincial charter only, and does
not extend eastward beyond the summit of the Ricky Mountains. An
application for n charter was made to
Ihe Domiuioti Parliament last winter, but for some reason best known
tu Sir John Muoilonahl, he cut it off
seven miles beyon 1 ihoeistc-rn boundary of the Province, so that for the
present no rail connection can be
made eastwari from Crow's Nest
Pass, and tho probability is that
when a charter for a continuous road
is granted, it will bo in the hands of
the C P. R., or people who are its
friends. Meantime, Col, linker's
company rennius in existence, and
has three years to begin and five
years to completo from April 26
1S90, under its British Columbia
charter, and its construction appears
very uncertain. It is not en much
desired by the people of Kootenay
Likens connection southward, and
it is not necessary to the development of the district,
A stubborn fact has recently come
to our knowledge which explains tho
indifference of tbe 0, P. R. to the
Crowe's Nest route. So far as it has
been examined, It is not a feasible
ono, D. A, Stewart, the best exploratory engineer in the employment
of the road, went eastward a year
ago from Kootenay Lake, over the
Goat and Moyea river trails, which
is tho route colored by the Crow's
Nest charter, and later made another
effort to linil a pass to Kootenay lake
by ascending St, Mary's River west
ward from Fott Steele, but the best
line that could be found required a
tunnel eight miles long, and all explorations in the direction of Crow's
Nest Puss were therefore abandoned,
If there is a route for a railway in
thai part of Kootenny District, that
can bo built without extraordinary
cost, it is yet to be discovered.
There is no obstacle to building' a
road through the Crow's Nest Pass
westward to the Upper Kootenny
River, ami it seems to us this is the
only immediate outlet for tho coal
deposits of Col, Baker in the Rocky
Mountains. It is entirely feasible
to build dowu the river to a junction
with tbe Great Northern whero it
strikes the Kootenay riyer, if a charter ennld bo obtained to enss the
boundary near Tobacco Plains, otherwise ho would have to be satisfied
with transporting his coal by steamer
down tbe Kootenay. This is tbo out
let provided by nature from tho Upper to tbo Lower Kootenny, swinging around through Montana aud
Idaho, avoiding tho 8 milo tunnel
through tho Purcell Mountains, and
thereby enlarging thu market for
coal by way of tlio Great Northern
into Montana and Idaho, and westward to Spokane Falls, ami finally
reaching Kootenoy Like by rail or
river from limner's Ferry.
now nndor construction, is a littlo
segment of ronI which his uo rail
connection cast, west, north or south,
and over which uo train will have
occasion lo run after rivor navigation
closes till it opuus again in the
spring, and which will ba troubled
to earn the interest on its mortgage
bonds, and perhaps even its running
expenses. Vory little can be said In
ils bnhiilf as a milinml Kolmme until
it is connected northward with tho
0. P. R, at Rovelstoko or southward
with the Spokane k Northern,
which the charier describes as the
"Farwell k Nelson," was endowed
with a largo Ian 1 grant and mineral
royalty last winter, and is the only
road on Canadian soil which ii absolutely necessary, not only for controlling the ore freights of K lotenay
lake, but for all other collateral interests connected directly or in-l
directly with mining iu that section,
The ehoice of its location rests with
the C. P. li. aud must be either
down the Columbia by the way of
Sproat, or through tin Lardeau
puss direct lo Kootenay Lako. Tlie
latter route is without doubt the one
which will bo chosen. . Its shortness
recommends it, ai it is only 85 miles
to the lake, whereas by the rivor
route it is fully 200. It is the mineral line anl taps a new district believed to bo immensely rich, nud
from which the company will derive
a mineral royalty. It is a fairly
good lino to build, any objections to
it on this score beiug overbilanoed
by its shortness,and therefore lessened expense of operating. It has
business wailing for it which will
grow into grand proportions before
the road can reach it. It is in fact
the lino which shonll havo been
built iu preference to the Columbia
k Kootenay. It could have been
constructed nearly as quick and at
proportionately less expense! because
its source of supply would have been
from its awu track at Revelstoke,
instead of over 15U miles of uncertain river transportation, and be-
si les laborers could have boon depended upon at this distance from
tho boundary.
Tho outcome of all this trouble in
regard to Kootenay Railways will
probably be, that the C. P. R, will
desire to have a oonnootiou wilb tho
Spokane k Northern at the boundary, and that th? track will he extended from Sproat to that point; that
the Farwell k. Nelson road will vouch
Nelson by way of the L -.rdcau Pasa
aud Kooteuny Lake and Outlet, thus
forming a direct connection between
Revelstoke and Spokane Falls, and
accommodating all tho intermediate
mining localities.
This solution of matters will give
to the Columbia and Kootenay a value it would not otherwise possess,
and tho exultant loyalty which was
quite omnipresent when the Spokane
k Northern wished to cross the border from the south, will cheerfully
acquiesce when the Canadian Pacific
asks for the privilege of crossing it
from the uorth.
Columbia Kiver Navigation.
Although it is now two months
before river navigation should close,
it is becoming doubtful whether tbe
Lyltou will ho able to ruu much
longer, owing to low water between
Rovelstoko and the Upper lake. If
the water could be couUnaJ to ono
channel, instead of spreading over
ami barely covering tho bIuIIow bars
navigation would bo all that could
bo desired for huts of ovun deeper
draught tlnin tho L/tton or Kootenai,
Below Sproat at K lotenay rapids,
and blow tho b miliary at a place
neat Sheep Creek, there are places
of difficult navigation, Thu hitter is
where the Kootenai got ou the reeks
a few yuars ng ). au I at tin former a
speed of 2o miles au hour Inn to be
made for necessary "steoragi way,'1
right in the face of dangerous rocks,
and where if tho vessel did not
promptly answer tho touch of hor
helm, she might bo hopelossly
The interest which Misirn, Mira
and Barnard, both M, P.'s and both
K'oekholdors intho Steamboat Co,,
have in making river navigation safu
for their sLimuii's, will doubtloss
have much to do with the attention
| whioh the Columbia river may 1'e-
ooivo from tlio Dominion Government, and it is foi'tuu ite fur the mining men and business interests of
the Columbia and Kootenay valleys,
that thoy occupy these official pusi
tious, Mr. F. C. Gamble, Dominion
engineer, has already iiiiulo the trip
to tUe Dallus with Mr, .Mara, but the
water was then tun high fur satisfao*
tory Conclusions, and il is expected
that he will soon go over the route
again, an 1 on tlie results of this examination bass his report to the
government, with his recommendations for the necessary appropriations, which the Sr.wi does not
doubt will be ample fur the emergency.
Below the boundary the American
Government has appropriate I Si>9,
000 to beexpen led in improving tho
Columbia from the head of Rick
Island rapids to the foot of Piiest'3
rapids, Washington, It 1ms also
provided for a survey from the International Boundary to Rick Island
rapids, but should an appropriation
be recommended for this, it could
could not becomo available until
next year, too late t* benefit navigation for the coming season. The
Rock Island rnpidfl referred to are
at least 200 miles south of the boundary by tho course of tbe river,
which fact we learn from a map furnished ns by a friend at Washington, "publiihed at the office of tho
Chief of Engineers, U, S. Army, by-
Lieut T. W. Symons, revised to
Dm., 1887, by 1st, Lieutenant Wm,
0. Langlett." lie Rick Island rapids near Littlo Dilles, so c.illel, do
uot receive the benefit of this year's
appropriation, Tho Steamboat Ci.
mast therefore rely for improvements to navigation s iiitb of the
border, on private enterprise, unless,
indeed, something unexpected shoald
occur in legislation next winter to
induce the Spokane k N*.irth"rn t-.j
build northward from Little Dalles.
Hon.  RLiekanzie Botfell a>fitl
Ward's Hotel, S. Kootenay,
September 16,1890,
Editor of the Staii!
In advance of details 1 notes of ray
trip through tho Siuth Kutduiv
section, I sen 1 you by return trip uf
the Lytton a few nites fur immediate
At this point I met a distinguished
party, consisting uf Hon, Mackenzie
Bowell, Minister of Customs; Dr.
U.-E. Rickey, M. P. for Dnudas}
VV. G. I'.irin lee, Asst.Commissioner
of Customs; J. S. Clute. Inspector
of Posts for li. C.| dipt. G. H,
Young, Inspector for Manitoba and
N. W, T. The party left Fort Mo-
Leod with police escort and pack
train, in nil 15 men and 113- horses,
under command of Sergeant Waite,
N, W. Mounted Police, reaching
reaching Fort Steolo, K > itonay, on
the 7th inst. The Kootenay river
was reached on Sunday, llth, about
IS miles south of the boundary Hue.
whero ou the following morning
thoy bailed the steamer Galena.
From thero the police escort return-
e.l to Fort M'fieod. Tho party arrived at Nelson Monday, tin loth.
This is au offi.'id trip on publio
business undo by the II in, Minister
nnd hi-i staff, in order to familiarize
himself with the necessities uf S. E.
British Columbia. Hi expects to
take steamer at Sproat for Revel-
stoko Wednesday morning, from
which point he goes on to the coast
to deal with certain matters requiring
attention there.
Tho present expectation is that
those u! iho party belonging in tho
oust will return via the N. P, It.
from LVicoma, m soon as busiuesi
will allow.
The party found the trail all tho
way through the timbir section very
much obstructed by f illen trues, requiring a liberal use uf axes nud
Ihe Hju. Mackenzie Bowell mil
party armed from the south on the
Lyltou i'iiursday morning und touk,
Innn for tho const the samu evening.
Iho 11 ui, gentleman, although by
maiiy years tlio oldest poison iu tho
party, appears to have borne tho long
trip through Crow's Nest pa��s mil
over tho Moyea river trail oven better
than tbo younger men of the party. fm*satt^*~****&mwJ^r*&'u&m.*&**i*��?wrt*-��^*[m+*
��k lioolciiaij Star
A four page twenty-column news
'paper, is issued from Ihe ollico of
publication, lleve.lsioke, II. C. ,
Subscription price ?J per year
Rates cf advertising givon on
Publisher ami Proprietor
SATURDAY,  SEPT. 20 , 18Jo.
Golden to Wiudcrmcre.
Iu nature's book, a page unread
Opens for ns, the radiance shed,
As slowly sinks the Cod of Day,
Makes beautiful our onward way,
Rank behind rank grand mountains
'    lift,
And slow, afar, cold glaciers drift.
Far, faint and dim tho Rockies high
Are limned against tho summer sky,
Aud rugged S'dkirks, capped with
Look down on winding stream below,
Dottfed'with fairy islets green,
With paths of liquid light bctiveen.
Each   snow-clad crag with living
Is   wreathed,  and on each  rocky
We seo a flaming mantle rest,
Which    mirrored   in   Columbia's
A double sunset soeins to make.
And oft the burnished ripples break
In paths of opalescent lire.
We feed our eyes, and never tire
Of looking at the pictures fair,
That be about us everywhere.
The stayless river winding round
'Mid granite crags, all halo crowned,
Gray Titan heights on  either side,
With sunset splendor glorified.   '
On cliffs, strange castellated shapes, I
Whose siioiv-n bite sides the wild vine
Aid canyons wiord like paths  of
Clioi>ti' a tun, by    winter    siiow-slldO
Sheiv piaiu tho arrowy firs  between
Iu varying shades ol emerald gree.,
All swift succeed, till gloom of night
Veils all things from our raptured
The   radiance   leaves ti.e tranquil
Its pulsing waves no lunger gleam.
But, one by one, the shadows fall
Upon each far-off mountain wall,
And ou the foothills bare and brown
Tho   gloaming   hush conies softly
Where tall, dark trees, like spectres
Watch keeping e'er this wild wood'
'i    land.    ''
But though theso scenes may fade
from view,
Fond fancy often will renew
On mom iry's walls, in fadeless tints
These beauteous pictures, nud their
While ld'e shall last  will ne'er be
B it o'er nn I o'er again, be limned,
As we these hours again recall
With Bnnset halos over nil,
Gold n, August 1, 1889,
The Winnipeg Commercial's travelling correspondent gives tie foi
rowing dee ii utio ; thia finely lo-
c.i i'. town;
The little town of Golden, B, ft,
is situated on tho main line of tho
Canadian Paciflu Rnilway, at point
whi re tho railway sudd nly emi rges
from the narrow gorge of the Kic':-
ing Horse Pass and enters the broader Columbia river valley. Golden is
1,000 Miles west of Winnipeg and
2,429 miles west of Montreal. Tho
run loin thesn'mmit of the Rocky
mountains down to tho Columbia
valley at Golden, is one of tbe i i I
inter, .i ing Be -li' as of the road, It.
is one OOntinUOU succession of wonderful Bobnes, This portion of the
road passes through what is fumil-
iary known by the unoonth mime of
the Kicking Horse Pass. The lower
portion of the pass is through a narrow gorge, with towering mnsseo of
rock overhead and tho oeithi: g
waters cf tho i,ickii,g Horse river
lenoutb, as they rush onward to ioin
for a smelter on account of the navigation to the rich mineral country
up the river, and also lo the facilities
afforded for shipment by the railway, A.'B. H' Cochrane & C>. have
oontracts in connection with the
smelter. This firm has a lime quarry
near Gulden, which they claim is
the finest quality uf limo in the province,
There are very valuable doposits
of a fine quality uf slate a few milos
east of Golden, near the main line of
the railway, which hiwc been iicrk-
ea to some e.tcni.
| the Columbia. Tbe railway suddenly I also buy ores frcm any other mines.
| emerges from this narrow gorge; by j Golden was selected as a good point
a short turn to the light, and enters
tho valley of the Columbia, which is
about two miles wide.   At this point
the Kicking Horse rivor is merged
in the Columbia,   which  hero Hows
in   a northerly direction,     Frum
Golden the railway follows on doivu
the Columbia river.
The town occupies a beautiful site
in this valley.   Ou every sido snowcapped peaks of the mountains are
visible in the distance, the Selkirk
range extending along ou the western
side and tho R ickios ou the eastern
side of the valley.
About   Goldou   thero   are some
farms in the valley,    A portion of
tho valley is Hooded during high
water, aud this grows a great crop
of Lay, which furnishes good food
fer stuck.'
About i.'0 milos up iho river(south)
from Golden, the valley widens to 5
or (i miles, and beyond the vuiley is
a rolling hilly or bench country extending back to tho mountains.Some
ranches are located up tho valley,
The bench lands aro rather dry, and
would require irrigating for agricultural purposes. AVindermere is a
point about 100 milcc up from Golden, where F. J. Brody has a store.
The Columbia river is navigable up
from Golden fur a distance of over
101 miles, to the head of the Lower
Columbia lake. Tho steamer Duchess
runs en this route during the sum'
mcr season, mnking trips once or
twice a week. There- is considerable
traffic to the rauchos aud mining
camps np the river, A mail is also
earned. Captain F. P . Armstrong
is the main man connected with the
steamer, and principal owner. Mining claims are located along the valley up from G ilden. The trip up
tho river is a most delightful one to
the lover of scenery. Down from
Gulden the river is not navigable,
aud after Donald is passod the
mountains close in on tho river and
tho valley is lost.    A wagon road
A Prince's Pluck.
Montreal, September 12,���Piinoe
George h is shown his British pluck
in such a way as to involve him iu a
serious scrape. Tho whole stoiy has
been carofully kept from tho public
aud all questions are met with an
official denial. After tho Aoademj
reception ou Wednesday night, the
Prince returned to his hotel, changed
his dross suit, only retaining his
whito tio aud black seam.il gloves,
and then starsei'j pu,t with une of his
lieutenants and a local 'nabob' as
two sailors when on shore. Passing
the corner of St. Constant and Lo-
gaucholiue streets the trio were
accosted by n number of ruffians who
asked fur munoy. L.efuro they had
time to comply with the request, as
was their intention, the Prince and
his friends were attacked. Just how
it happened is not known, but in u
moment tho Prince and his friends
were engaged iu a rough aud tumble
fight with six of their assailants. The
nabob was soon laid low, and fur a
few minutes it looked bad for the
Prince and tho ofljoer, as six to two
were big odds. Then the ' Prince
and the lieutenant got back to back,
and handling their fists with pure
British pugilistic science, astonished
tho roughs.    Threo of these foil be-
Till? KOOTENAY (15- c,
UlULf-.      U}.\
Is now i; repaired to Reccivo all Gold. .Silver & Lead ore.
Miners who havo any ores to sell are requested to communicate at onoo with the
manager at Revelstoke, B. !��� v ho is propirod to furnish evory facility
to minor:; of small or limited means to ship their ore.
.'.'.������     *    i     ���       l , ill '
General  Contractors    and    Builders
Manufacturers and Dealers in   Doors, s���sh, Moulding, Glass
aad all  kinds  of Building Material.     Office  Furniture and  Fixtures a
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and i'ieturo Frames, etc
made to order
���  f-^^i���WY
fore the scientific hitting of royalty
along the Columbia valley southward I alone, while tbe other officer laid
from Gulden to Crnnbreok, n dis- two low, aud the sixth took to flight.
tiineeo'f 1S7 miles, has been con- Had matters ended here everything
stiuctedby the provincial govorn-j would havo been lovely, but they
meut, This read is uow about com- j did uot. Along came two of Mon-
ploted,   ' I treat's PronoU 'li ibbies' ivho, seeing
Thero are two general stores io meu lying on the sidewalk and two
the town, conducted by M. B. Lang othors bending over them, arrested
and Furrick & Warren. A very | them and took them bp|h to the
largo and varied stuck is carried by station iu spite of the protests of the
these stores, and the trado is almost P'iuoo. No protests or requests
of a jobbing nature. Tho trado of could obtaiu their release, and they
the town is largely in furnishing sup- locked up the royal prisoner. Finally
plies to miners, ranchers and others a sergeant of pohcq consented to
in the up river country, and their telephone for Colonel Hughes, the
orders are generally for consider- Chief of Police, who came to the
able quantities at a time. There station iu great haste, recognized
may be scarcely anything doing for the prisoners and immediately re-
a whije, and iheii there is a great luasol them. There was a trembling
r isli of b isinass for a brief period, lot of police, each expecting prompt
Large stocks consequently have to dismissal, and somebody would have
be carried,, comprising a great va gone had it not been for tho request
riety of goods. Miners' tools and of the Prince that uo harsh measures
supplies, powder, provisions, etc., betaken. Humble apologies follow-
are carried in great variety, Tin-re ed, however, and a hack was culled
are two h tels, rhe Kootenoy is kept for, and the Prince and his friend,
by Harry I innacher, who took pos- accompanied by an escort, were
seat-ion last s] ; and is building driven back to tho hotel. The affair
an addition [he Queen's hotel is has been kept n secret, though blue
kept by J, i i -.. W. Chandler blood and royal llstsoonquered. This
has ol irge       the   butcher  sho)   evening tho Pnnoe entertained bis
londn    id as a  branch of  friends aboard the Thrush,
the business of Hnll  Bros., of Cal-  . 	
Coal, Hay and Corn.
I have cntr.-e sale of Ihe celebrated Cunmore hard, lump npd nut coal, suitable for
base'burners and other stores.   GREAT HEATING FOWEH.   MU0H'    '''
CHEAPER THAN WOOD.     Delivered ai Revelstoke, any part
cf town, iJO-00; Kamloops ��0.00; Donald $8.50,    Special
' ' quotations for ear lots,     Coal  stoves  sold  C   ���
wholesale cost tiny, oats and bran sold
by carload of smaller quantities
Yards at Kamloops aud
Donald.   Apply;
L.J. EDWARDS     ��.
*      DONALD, R. O,,
James M
"' & LUMBER,
99AV8V&8 At OS8AY��,&$V33��sr PKS989|
All classes of Lumber on hand for sa|o.    Contractuig and buildinir.
R. 0.
Hume's Building, R ivelstoke, 11 Ol
gary,   . .      ire a    it all the bnsi-
:' 'he mer- J.W.THOMSON
I | the riv< r about 12
.... re ; i a �� iter power   aw
��� mill, owned by E. J. I an   in    Cd
Phis mil) was com] leti d lost fall,
and pin r .. was added
ipring,   In the country reached
���   ,e river are
i   ii id oosts.   Jamas Baker ha! a
ink, 200 nu i     .
is also a hotel at this
place   John T, i dbraith & Bro,
have a  ���       .   - el, 200 n 111 s
distant, and   E    Kelly  card
business at  St.   Gu [ene Mi   i m,
near I ranbri is      S 0 in en ha
to i, hotel and iiawmill at Was.., a KOOTENAY    VIAIL   LINE.
pi    ' about 200 miles distant.
This vast terr itory reached from
Golden is known ns I,astern   ['
nay, and it is certain to bocome  ' -
Harness. ��� and��� Saddle ��� Emporium^
Robes nnd Blankets, Curry combs,  Harness; ���
oil, Horso briiHlies,  Whips, Spurs and   I ;
Bits in great variety. I I
���   ' ��� ' i,  MaBWN A IY.Iit,
nious as ii mining country,    Hundreds of mining claims hive  heen
Itr   Duohi i���     .������ is  'loldin (or
Win lermcrfl and    W&J   polnl I   every
Bn. S, WILSON, Agent at Rovoistoko.
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted  l<��   tho   LUMBERING,   BUSINESS, and AGRICLL-
Tl n,AL, find especially to tho
; ii i od throughout the region,   Sil- Monday at noon, ' ind on Thursdays
when si Ulciont indi lomenl. niter; ;
er, (,'old, coal, petroleum, etc, are
ii- ong the di ici vorii ��� t iade, and the
country is yet imporfobtly explored,  returning nrrive al Goldon VYedncs
Conn ileral le attention ha i I sen di y, I p, n ,
drawn to Golden this Soason by (ho
location of a Bn oltor. The company
Im, mining olald a at Field, Illecillewaet, Jubilee Mountain and
olher points ill the distriot, and will
Tourist tickets  }fl for round trip
A, li. II, COCHRANE ���$ CJo ,
Agonts, Golden, .11, C.
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
I Jted to, aailoxoouled in tho best style,  Commercial wrri-
flsprnnnlty.  Orders hy nj��il imfully filled, fK.
The'-e were five nf ns in tho party
���six, iMintiri'-j Ling Tun. the
gni le After two days' bird oliuib-
ing, which the linrros endured with
exemplary fortitude we arrived at
the little valley high np in the mountains, through which threaded the
trout stream.
Jest yon all go over into Ihe cauiu
there and make yourself oomf'ble,
while I'tend Rettin' this stall' nn
packed, said Long Tom; there ain't
no one there. My pardcor, he's
down below,
Thb cubin appears to be two cabins,
paid the colonel, as we approached
Tbat is for economy in ridge-poles
said tho doctor; sleeping apartments
on one side and kitchen on the other.
Tn the space between, yon keep your
fishing-tackle and worms.
We ontered the right-hand soctjpB
of the twin cabin, which proved to
Pe tho jijlchen side. There was not
much furniture���a table of hewu
logs, a chair of beut saplings, and a
rough bench.
However, we did not notice such
furniture as there was, for each member of the paity, as ho stepped over
a flap j ick or sper.red a rasher of
bacon. Now l.e cau stand up and.do
it with ease. Vmir drauchjt Iheoi'y
is no good: the longer the pipe, if
filraight, the bett.ir the lire will
Professor, remarked the colonel, I
regret to have to tell yen tint your
money is gone. I. ing Tom told m;-,
on the way np, that his partner did
all Ihe cooking, and he is a man of
rather short stature. The colonel
then paid bis compliments to the
jack-pot, and continued; Now, my
idea is that the stove heats the room
better there than on the Ilcor. It is
only a cooking stove, to be stue, but
when the winter is cold it makes
this room comfortable. Being up
in tbe middle of the spaco it beats it
all equally we]], which it could not
do if it wore down below.
The doctor greeted this theory
with a loud laugh. Colonel, he said,
yo aro wild���way oil' tho mark, Hot
air rises, of course, and tho only
way to disseminate it is to have your
stove as low a? possible. According
lo your idea, it would be a good
plan to put the furnace iu the attic
of a house instead of ia the
basemen t.
I think, said the col mel, that I
could   appreciate    yonr  argument
ipe high threshold, had his attention
instantly attracted by the stove, and | better if yon would ante
li brief roundelay   of ejaculations
went along tbe group,
Well, that staggers me said tbe
fl'm, said tbe professor, in a
mysterious tone, as be rubbed bis
'.Iho stove was a plain, small cooking range, rather old and rusty. The
strange thiug about it was its position. Its abbreviated legs stood up-
pn large cedar posts, which were
planted in the floor and were ovor
four feet in height. Ibis brought
the stove away up in mid-air, so that
the top was about on a level with
the face of the colonel, and he was a
six footer.
We formed in a circle about the
stove and stared at it as solemnly as
a gionp of priests around a sacrificial
tripod. We. felt of the posts���they
Vera tirm aud solid, showing that the
The pot is mine, said the doctor,
as ho deposited bis coin; you will
adopt my idea the moment you hear
it, and Long Tom, who will be here
in a minute, will bear mo out. This
room is very small, it has but little
floor space, and none of it goes to
waste. Now, if ho had put the stove
dowu where wo expected to find it,
Long Tom could uot have made use
of the area underneath as yon ses he
has doue. Ou all sidos of the supporting posts, you will notice there
are hoaks on which be hangs bis
paus'aud skillets. Uulernenth, there
is a kitchen closet for pots and cooking-utensils of various sorts. What
could be more convenient ? Under
your ordinary stove there is room
only for a poker and a few cockroaches.
The jndge, who had been listening
to the opinions oU'cred by ihe others
mysterious arrangement was a per-1 now stepped forward and dropped a
mnuent, not n temporary, oue, Then ! coin ou the table.   Ho then rendered
I; his decision as follows:
��e all bent our necks and opener
,"ui iiioiiuii io iooii np a. jhe hale ;n
ibe roof, through which the bt'ove-
1ipe vanished,
Suddenly the stock-broker burst
out laughing.
Oh, I understand it all now, said
Understand what 1 said the colonel
It apuears that none of you have
noticed the foresj of hno!;s in the
roof just over the stove, They aro
not in use at present, but they are
there for some purpose. I imagine
that during the winter huge pieces
of venison apd bear's meat dangle
over the stove and are dried for use
later,   Now, if the stove were on lbe
Why Long Tom  has bis  stove j floor, it would be too far from tbo
hoisted up so high from the floor.    ! roof to be of service in this way.
" 3,i) do I, said the doctor; but I sus
pect my explanation is not the same
that anyone else would offer.
Well, I will bet that I am right
p.aid the stock-broker, aud put up
tho money.
1 am in this.said the judge; I havo
a clear idea about that stove and will
back it.
Make it a jack-pot, said the colonel,' I want to take a hand,
The stock-broker drew a small
yellow coin out of his pocket und
dropped it on the table,
Ue has tho stove up there to get a
better draught
mountain air there is
Here comes old Tom, shouted the
colonel, who bad stepped to tho door
while the judge was speaking.
Tho old trapper put down the
various articles of baggage with
which he was loaded and oame into
the kitchen where we all stood. He
glanced at tbe group and then at the
stilted stove iu our midst.
I see you air admirin' my stove,
said he, and I'll bet you've been a-
wonilei'in' why it is up so high.
Yes, we have, s.iid the professor,
how did you kuow it?
People most alius   generally as
In this rarefied I soon as they come into the place be-
only  a small'gin to ask me about it���that's how
jimount of oxygen to the cnbie inch,! I knowed
nnd eombustiou is more difficult to ] Well, why is it up so high ? de-
Becure thnu in the lower latitudes, I manded the itock-broker impatiently
have heard that if you 'go high I with a Bide'-gl'anoe at the wcll-devel-
enough up, you can't cook an egg��� oped jack-pot on tho table,
that is, I mean, water wou't boil-cr, The'reason's simple enough, snid
somethiug like that, be continued, v-ong Turn with a grin that showed
(.brown into sudden coufusiou by! his bisoupids; you seo we bad to
tho discovery that tbe professor's pack all this stuff np hero from bo-
oyo was lixed upon him with a ear- j low on burros, Originally thero
dastic gaze, I was four jints of that stove-pipe, but
Is that supposed to be science ?' the   cinch    wasn't    drawed   tight
ileuniiided the professor,
Well, said the stock-broker dog
gedly, never mind tbe reasons,  Ex
enough ou tho burro that was carry-
in' them, ami two of 'em slipped
and   rolled   down   the mountain,
perience is probably chough for I When we got here aud found that
Long Tom. He finds that' ho gets a ' there wasn't but two pieoes left I
lietter draught for his stove by hev-. rackoned that I would have to kiudo:
ing it up in mid-air, so he has it j li'istthe btove to mako it tit the pipe
there. '   ' I ���so I jest in and h'isted her.    And
Tbo right explanation, bogan tbe ' thar sho is yet.   Say, what's all this
professor, is tho simplest,    My idea hero money on the table for?
is that  There was a deep sihiuce that last-
Excuse me, interrupted the stock- ed so long that Tom ventured to re-
broker, tapping the table; are you in pent his question about the money.
the pot ? Lisa ja.'kpot, said '.Lo doctor,
The professor made n depppit and sadly, ami us near as I can make out
proceeded; it belongs to you.
1 Have you noticed that our host is ' ���	
a very tall man?    Like all tall men, GENERAL   NEWS,
lie bates to bend over.    If the stove ' 	
were near the flour, he would have j Toronto, Sept, 15.���About 73000
ti) stoop dowu low when he whirled i were ou the ground [today, it being
i. i.   i
Citizens'Day. There was a great
crowd o" people in the ljrilish Col-
uuibia Court, The leading attraction
was the large display of live stock
and fruit on the grounds.
The representative of a Colorado
mining company seeing the mineral,
is going to Uritish Columbia to buy
mines. He was greatly pleased. He
reports a boom in lead and silver in
Colorado and is selling out there.
A large amount of literature re-!
luting to British Columbia is being
distributed and the visitors are Very
eager for it.    Au eudless quantity
could be distributed,
Winnipeg, Sept. 15,- Cerrle Pearson, a young Frenchman of St.
Anne, lies deal in the Winnipog
General Hospital, his death being
tbo result of injuries received at the
bands of one Ilomard, a farmer of
St. Norbet, lust Thursday night at
tbe hotel Jlondor, in St. Boniface.
During a drunken row Homard
forced the point of an umbrella into
tbe left eye of his antagonist, breaking a blood vessel and fracturing the
bones of tho eye, and causing almost
immediate lockjaw. Ho expired this
morning. His assailant escaped,
but is being pursued by the police.
eve.isT.0Ke im shod
jiajijli)  ware,  and   Lamp  Gools.       Tin
To Spite Dad and Sarah.
The baloonist at tho exposition
had a call yesterday from a young
man wearing a linen duster aud having his trousers tucked into his
boots. He wantod to make the
In the profesh ? was asked,
Ever go up ?
Perform on the bar ?
Well, what do yon expect to do.
Go up about a mile and then let
go and fall kercling.
Aud bo smashed to a pulp ?
That's jiist it, I reckon there
wouldn't bo enough left of me to
grease a wagon,
I cau't see your object,
Well, I've got two. In the first
place (he old inau wouldn't give me
but $2 to come here, aud in the next
place my gal Sarah has given me the
shake siuco we arrived and is now
over iu the hog department with a
chap who kin buy two bushels of
peanuts whore I cau't go teu cents
worth ofgumlrops.
Well ?
Well, it'll spite Sarah and scare
her most to death, aud the old mau
will be put to j?2o expohjo to gather
me ap.   Say, IcmmD go.
CnulJn't think of it,
Haiu't you got no feelin ?
Not iu this line.
Well, I'll'have to try sunthiu' olse
I s'pose.
wjBggjgg e���aa   .  _.i    ' tm
A portable engine and complete
saw-mill outfit. The whole in good
For particulars apply to
15 Sproat's Landing,
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Pu. D��� F.
G. S.A.
(Late of tho Geological Survey of
Consulting Geologist. Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of nil
kinds examined and reported on,
Economic problems investigated and
information furnished. Whstham
Block, Vancouver, B. C.
Nom.���Mineral speoimens sent to
Dr. Lawson will bs placed on publio
exhibition. 59
T. 0, Address, Nelson, it, C,
Capacity 20,000 foot per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. Duriug the season
of 1890 lumber will bo delivered at
any of the landing:, on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
Ware made to order.
.   ,  Cqpn
Firqt class work gu.uMiilool.
attended to.
r  and   'Sheet Iron
Oi'L'i's promptly
ij, CI ,
111 orders by mail m
oxpress promptly
attended,   ."j
All   descriptions of
gold aud silverware
General Merchants
It. C.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Good? Grocsries,' Provision,
Canaal Gtuiii Hirlwird Etc
Tho Stock in evory Dopartmont is Full and Complete and the Public will
find i't to, their advantage to call and
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices.
(ClosotoC. P. R, Depot j
Revelstoke      -      -     B. C.
Iiaportorfl of tho Choicoot.Groceries and Prcvisiona.
W* carry a select and comploto stock of gout's furnishings, ladios, gents,
and children's boots,'bIiooh and boso, stationery, patent medloinea toilet
requisites and rcudy-inado clothing.   A   large  assortment ol pipes,
tobacco, oijjarettei)1, imported aud domestic cigars, 1'ruila, candy, ulc.
Stove pipco, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other goods
toe iiumorous to mention, at moderate prices,
Telephono ��"mmunication, '.l.KiKK LODGE NO. 12,
I 0 0 F Donald, P. 0.
Regular Meetiug Thursday uf each
week at 8 ]). iii.   AH visiting broth
ers are coruiidly invited.
.1. McLrod,     .1. II- Matiiksos,
N. G. R. S.
Donald, 11. ('.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays caeh month.
.Master,   ,1, S. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W. P.Ogilvio,
Pino'r.   Angus MoLonn.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Kamloops, li, 0.
Donald, B.C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, nnd 3rd and
1th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Muster,   Arthur Randall,
Secretary,   Jnsoph Oallin.
Collector,   Goo 13i Govott, Box 19,
Receiver,   .1 nines   Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Ageut,   II J McSorley,
W.A.JoWETT.    ""    T.L.HaIO,
Divino Service will bo held in llio
Revelstoke Church overy Sunday evening nt7;!10, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Prosbytorian, and English Church Ministers. Spoceial announcement will bo made each week
iu the Star.
Sunday School and Bible Class every Sunday alcerooon at 2:110. All
lire cordially invited to attend.
Gleanings   From   Southern
W. A. I'iiillie-Griihnian bus let the
contract for excavation work to II.
Solous and T. I!. Lewis, It will lie
commenced this mouth and carried
on through tbe winter, lie is also
organizing two surveying parties for
locating the reclaimed lands for his
!fLX J IL._	
Chance, but do not bring any par-; don is quoted at DILI per ounce, then
tienliir news. In lbe last 200 feet of 50x1.(1955=84.7750 is Ihe value of
the tunnel lliey met a large number[ the bullion in our dollar in London;
of boulders which hnd to be blasted '��� 50x2.19211~109.G0550 is the valno of
out. Sanderson says Iho bears j one ounce of pure s<ilvi i-us we would
around Rig Bend aro "thiokor than quote the juice here,���American
grasshoppers." | Banker.
There baa lately boen a tendency
in tlie young blood of Revelstoke to
a "discussion mil lists." Pour events
of this kind havo recently occurred.
Would it not be a wise thing for the
gymnasium club lo get to work, and
thus furnish an outlet, under proper
regulations, to the hot mu*clo which
now seems to be lying around uncurbed ?
The steamer Lytton has lost one
day this week owing to fogs and low
water, and left yesterday  (Friday)
morning instead of Thursday as advertised,  uud may not go beyond
Sproat this trip, She carried a large
lot of bridge material,   bolts, tio-
irons, etc.,  for the  Slocane   aud
Kootenay railway biidges,
Capt. Odin, of the steamer Lytton,
is very cautious and careful of his
line steamer, and does not intend
that any barm shall befall her while
under his command.    After twelve
years sailing without an accident, he
does not wish to lose  his  laurels.
Fogs and low water have delayed
(luring the last week, and trips beyond Sproat may not be made strict
ly as advertised.
Jiidg'j Tunstall mado a visit to Al-
bort Canyon Tuesday of this week, to
make an examination  of the North
Fork trail, with a view of recommending   the necessary outlay lor
thu protection of the  biidges, etc.,
nutil such lime as it will  need to be
put in perfect order for the coneen-1
trnting plant which it  is expected
will  be located there.
Mr. F. W. Robinson  went  south
into Southern Kootenay on Thursday's steamer, with a view ol looking
over that section during a slay of
about two  weeks.     He has  been
known in tho mining and business
oircltis   of   Kootenay   District for
several years, and iu fact was one of
the Iirst promoters of  tho smelting
works ul Revelstoke. He also carries
a facile pen, and we hope to hear
from him   over bis   usual nom  de
plume of "Wayland."
The trip of J. M. Kellie, M. P. P.,
to Kootenny Luke will be something
new for the people of thut district,
for it will bo the first time they have
PIOO'8 tli-m-ily for Catarrh In thn
Doit, Easiest to Ubo and Chonpt
'"iaaarSneSaH ____
:lsl.-;or rent by null,r.i>c
���, Warren, Pa., U, 3. A.
W/^C\Vi A Rare Opportunity la
Utilities of tlie iluiuan Sn-ua,
I hive nf ir.!o inndo noma viiltrnWo ImwavcmMila l�� Tnunoi
tudAnton,irlilch im PATENTS? BY ME, una
which cannull�� snriuwiuuTil
Practicability, Liffhtuoss, strength, Sim*
plioity ftnfl Pinieh by auy Maker on
tlie Continent of America.
I'in tint mini; to rati mi entire BtmiiRer, as I am well rtn<l
ftiv ir lily known by tho Hoillcal I'rofoNaton fill otortho Domin*
f .ii ..: < .:n,h niniqiiltu anumbur in your I'rovll BWhniiil
with my uooda fut j'oura, mid wiil lentify to mj
Made Natural in 6 Months,
without operation.
(Instruments Patented).
B. E. Lemon, of Nelson, Spront,
nnd Revelstoke, mmle n iLjing visit
lieie on the Inst steamer.
E, S. Wilson was a passenger
Momlay, on bis way to Xolson anil
Hot Springs.
The Rev. Mr, Kemm is expected
at Donalil this week to take charge
of the English church.
Both freight ami passenger traffic
on the G. P. is very largo, and the
trains aro making good timo.
F. 8. Barnard, M. P., nnd a share-1 ���  ���  .
holder in the steamboat company, j seen Mr. Kellie since tbe election,; ����<* constructing one on the Lync
took in tbe trip to Little .Dalles and I ""'1 >" '��ct it is the Iirst time a mem-i P>oV>6.tj at \\ arm Springs, Knots
returtli her for Kootenay has ever set foot i aftv'   ll cua llls0 be converted into a
" --.- -.mi- | perpetual lime burner, by enlarging
(/ B .^__
"    suit ililiiTScll tin. hi'i'.il lit Hill
lui-t'OKliinilnlili'iil iiiKllluUuu
^^^^^^ _^^^^^^^ lu yiimlda '"'' "l8
C. 1!. Nagle bus relurned from' Manufacture of Appliances for
Hot Springs anil is very much en- i the Belief rind Gure of Rupture
amored with it as a mining field,      j and Deformities
,,    ,.   , Buoh aa Lataral an*PosteriorCumtMe
It is reported  that the  Kootenny   0f the Spine, Sow legs, Glut) Feet, Par*
T.lmn Pnmniitu   liuvn   k.W.......1 ...1   in   alysiB ainl Wealt IcifB. and all otlwr Be-
ijinie company   nave suceeeneu in i    "    ? ��i.u�� a.^i,. ifiimm, ftuu.
burning   Urst-class lime   near tlu-
llluo Bell mine.
Mr, Mara, M, P., is entitled to
the credit of laboring for increased
mail service on Kootenay Lako. A
new post ollico is to be established
at Ainsworth, and a new route
thenee to the boundary is provided
Tho lots of the townsite of Balfour
(Mr, Busk's) near Kootenay Lak , at
the outlet, are uow offered for sale,
The mi ers of Kootenay Lake are
not responding as promptly as could
be desired to the invitation to send
samples of their ores to the Spokune
Pulls expobitiou, which opeus Oct.
The track of tho Columbia k
Kootenay is withiu two miles of the
Slogan, and will be np to that stream
next week, The length of time il
remains there depends entirely on
the progress made on the bridge,
snituble limbers being hard to g"t il
is said, That the road will be to na
viguble water before navigation
closes this fall is very doubtful, foi
the reason thut it is almost impossible to get new men to work for the
wages offered, and llio contractors
cannot pay more and come out even
dii the work,
A new smelter will be built at
Spokane Falls by tho Washington t-'melting and Refining
Co , capital, 8500,000. The syslem
used by the company is tho 11 st
patent, and they will commenoe nt
Notary Public.
minivc timber asd rfial estate brokers
ash (i::ni:i:.m, commission agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale,
Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up; Rents
nnd Accounts Collected; Mining   Claims   Bought  anil
sold; Assessment work
on Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents Applied for,   Etc., Etc, Etc,
Lots on Townsite of ltovolstolr.8 for Sale
and Wauled,      Agents for  Mining
Machinery, Eto,
REVELSTOhtE   -  '���   -   -   -   11.0.
0. J. Branch
The C, T. R. trains aro delivering
from 50 to01) ears of lumIter a week
for construction and repairs between
Kamloops and Ilegina,
It is said of Mr, Marpole the C. P.!
It,Supt., that ho knows   every new
piece of timber and every new rail
that is put down on his division.
in those camps- He expects while
there to make himself acquainted
with the wants of his constituents
by meitiug them   face to face.
the main arch and closing the draft.
Randall H. Kemp, iu the Review,
Nelson, in British Columbia,
and ! ���    ^_^_^_���_
will thus lie prepared  to give them  is �� copper-silver   camp, with ores
will be  ��' t'ic> '"ghest grade in both metals.
and also valuable for their gold con-
such legislative attention us
required at Victoria,    Thia method
of arriving at the wishes  of one's
constituents, by  counselling   with
We learn that. Fred Fraser wishes  tbem is the Ir ie one,
to sell part of his herd of cows, This     The fame o  K mteoay District has
is a good chance for  any  ono  who crossed the Pa-itic. We copy a letter
from Kobe, Jipan, addressed to the
"We 'nave recently real several
.:.- of yonr section, anl wool'
wants such stock.
Purser McMorris, of Iho Lytton,
is carrying mail matter for the peo-
ple at Trail Creek without charge.
Mrs. J. M. Green, of Sproat. i-
suffieientlv recovered from her ^^^ ^^^
ness to visit her daughter, Mrs, Per   ���'  ' - ' i we will forward tbe
, at this place.   Sue came op on amount. 0D '��eiP' of aa"ue-   Alsr''
The smelting people of the provinces have made provision for handling anil smelting the silver-lead ores
o! the Kootenay camps, but have taken no action on the copper proposition.
The Seven Devils district in Idaho
it is said eclipses anything in the
,     ,       ... , .     ,,   wav of copper heretofore discovered
��� . 1, ised to have a few copies of
^^��� iu the world.
yonr  | i| er  -  il A    ������   n al
the last steamer.
The steamer Dispalcb, Capt
derson, is engaged a (iw mi
improving th" channi I of th
bia, the water bein-: low enough
perni't tbe work lo go f rwa
C, 11 Cady, Mining ';.   ert
trip S'lii'li  H l'1''' I 'hi	
Btab, returned Thursday and I
train immediately for Golden, from    >-, ,    ,,,,      toke, on Thursday,
which point lie will go into the min
ing camps of Upper K lotenay,
. is any pamphlets or in-
torma .on in any i   m   relating to
���be m ning ��� mi particular
eigh       iod, thai is, tho ii lotenay
rogi        Bvel ipment,
UIB'I il.
As my lino lallmltod nnil caniiol Iw prolongod, fill parties
wishing ti nsull mo Bluiulil Im in liinu.  I will bn lit llio
following I'li.v". '-ii limo, mill tu tlio last train loavlnu fur my
noxtiilace of visit,
1 will bo at the following placea on whloli
you can fully dopend i
PCF1T ARTHUR, Northern Hotel, Saturday, September 20th.
WIMNIPEG, Grand Central, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, Eeptembor
22nd. 23rd and 2ith:
Thursday, September 2!3th,
BRANDON, Cornell's House, Friday,
BeptemDer 20th.
REG IN A, Palmer House, Saturday, September 27 th.
MEDICINE HAT, American House,
Monday, September 20lh.
CALGARY,Hotel Royal, Tuesday, September 30th.
VANCOUVER, HotelVancouvor, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, October
4th Oth and 7th.
VICT O RIA, Tlio Drlard House, Wednesday and Thursday, October 8th uud
Call Early. Don't Walt Until the Last Hour
I am fully pTflparod lo nfi.i.l yini. to relieve you, anrl a. personal examination ofyour caso will lie in ymr ailvanui;ro.
Bring your physician with you. Yours truly,
B''inl< nnil Stone \f,m i
unl   Knls
8 ('.
iitiin.T     AH    vi>'-\-
mil lo si isl-i'-' io i
trii't work Boliciti'il
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
(liiys after dato I intone] to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands anil Worm
for permission to leaso tho following described triiet oi laud, for linnboriuj purposes :
Commenoing (it n point two miles up
the Salmon lliver from Bold��r Creex, nnd
half n mile west of the Salmon River,
running S, W. one mile, thenoe S, E. one
and one-half milo, thonco north two and
one-belt miles, thenoe S. W, three-fourtha
of a mile to starting point, containing
about 10(10 acres. 13
1; f urn correctly informed, the
- pper nnpply this yenr will lall
short oO.'iOO tons of the demand,
11 in Kniil that 2,"!I00 tons is annually deotroyed by electrical uses ami
soon a new supply will be absolutely
ary or tbe   wheels of Boienoe
will be cheeked by the high prices,
11 e   L'agle   mine,   lo'-iiU'il four! 8
m li ��� fi 'M Cbewol ih,yioli!ed a pri fl'
', ovi r   > 00 daring the month of j
Tbe Colville Mutual Smelting Co,
Notieo is hereby given that thirty (30)
ilnvH after dato we intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works
for permission to lease the following described li'iietof hind for timber purposes :
Commencing at u stake about 110 ohnine
south of Pilot Bay, directly opposite tlio
Outlet of Kootonny Lake on the oust side
of tbe main hike, 1 hence south 40 ohains,
thenoe east HO ohains, thenee north 40 |
chains, thenoo wosl 80 ohains, to the initial post, containing 820 nores, more or
el-is Geo, T. Kane.
Kootenay Luke, II. 0���Julv Hth, 1890,
rom f o. t \�� * '���
GOLDrJM       -       -       -       '!.   .
\litiing   R'n'ior,   '! i ii in ��� ,
Notarv Publio   \ ���. ;���-.
Tu Stock.���'lioi ig P i.v 'era,   ' ��� ��� ��� i.i i
Cups, Miner's Toils, fjto,:   ml    li.n
Outfits. Uf
Corner Front and IfiinsoivSts
Abkaiiamson r-ii >-��� " '��� <��� ���'��������� ��� i
BEVELSTOKE,     il. C.
First class in every rospeitj ^oniwl
hotel to C P R il.iiiit ii I it.-ii ii ii i
lauding, between past o.lije mil %u,
buildings. Conch lo nn I fr i n 1 e> itl
and steamboat. Fir i pro >E 8i!'i I! ir ta-<
accommodation ot its customers.
P. McCarthy   -   ���   ���   ~
':( >l>
First class Temparanoe House,
hoard   axi)   Lonama, %") run wnUif.
UBXtJB) 23a     beds 2jc.
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is oomfortnbly famished aud
affords iirst class aoooinmo.ktioQ.
REVELSTOKE     -     ���
W. Cowan, Prop.   ll. Hubert,Oh
Rooms well attended; tub' �� i
celled. Wince und liquors . ���
teed of n high qunlily, . ir
sample room. Telephone ooinniu
cation with C. P. K, depot., \<
proof vault for tho eonvuni.tii"-
eucBts.   Buss moots all
trill ns
-   $2 Pi
���Tin; -
Acnes Knox anl Miss
Mabel Clothior made the
round trip to Littlo Dalles, return
ing Sunday morning, Mb ��� K ios -
ins; direetly east to Calgary to fill an
engagement for a reading entertainment,
��� liver
������!' ������ 'f 'M' A. Im." had jnst finished a shipment oi 540
of adaugh  ol nilver-ltad bullion nnd a
-�� number of carloads of matte,  Their
inn ll ��� .  olosed for the present..
  Tl.e board of trade ol Colville hold
-  when anything thut
Tho price of silver is always rinot- ,; ,u ,, , ���, ,,    ,.M,  ,a
ed in London in pones per ounceof ��� ,   ,   ,   , ^ ,.,,.,���,, ,���r!.,t|
iterlin8  ';!"'1'' '"' Kl1-'''1' "'"'!'" isaotedupon at  onoe, hearts and
The steamerLylton carried on her standard      Sterling  nivcr is vao ha|)(]j Mn% joined in any entei-|,ii.-io
last  two trips   101 passengers  53 parts pure silver in 1,000 parts, or t;/llr,,.    ,., j, m���tnal intorosts.
down an-MH up.    Of these 72 eame aswewoo     -                   [n the ;,,   M   ,������.;, ,](, ,L;lt ,,,,��� pBop]0
to and went from Revelstoke, and 23 United states we quote tho prieeof r,f RoVfli8tok�� wouU do well to inn
Little Dalles.   Trail Creok continues ilvornotof on r coinage   tandard utl.
to bo largely represented on the pus- flneni ss, which is ,010           mc as
_,'i pure lilvei*.    Knowing the London
nenger list. '
Dr. J. Cbipp, ono of thoohlphypi price of silver in pence, if wo multl��
ciansof the Piovlnoo, who has many ply thu pence by the eo-effloiont
aeqnointanoos here that know bis [ 1.0950, it will givo tbe vain., in
professional skill, will be in ^^
toke on the 2ith Sept,, (or a few London. Multiply tbe starling tn ease tbe water In tlie rivor gots
davs and will attend to calls if hit price poi ounce in ponoe by the eo-1 too low for the larger steamers, the
icrvi'cfis should be required. fillcient 2.10211 plus it will give os  Dlspateh or Marlon will be nsod as
John Si n lersou and James Ter- the p ioe ot ono ounce of pure Bilrur far as tho I pper Lake, where (ramies havo come   in from tho Last | in London.   Thus, it silver in Lon-1 (au will be made to the larjfe steamer,
Rev, J, Turner, Methodisl Minis
ter, will preach nt the obnroh tomor
row, Sunday, evening, at 7:80.   Ail
ents of Iho silver in our dollar at!ftre cordially invited.
ETC,   ETO,   ETC,
Aini PobI OlSoe Store NELSON1
REVELS-I  )\ . i  J
The largest nud most central Sotel iu
the city ; good nooommodatioo ; evory-
thing new ; inble well supplied ; bar and
billiard room nttaohed; lire proof safe,
PURE  BUS'  AT  ALL   fRllNi
Stockholm thnu-t
The dining, room is furnished  with fchev
best tho market affords.
Tbo bar is supplied with a choice stock
ot wines, liquors and cigars,


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