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The Kootenay Star Jan 17, 1891

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Array pmaw ^s^!^SE!5SS!!SS!SSS
REVELSTOKE. B, 0,. JANUARY 17,   l��91,
No. 30.
Notice is hereby given thnt Applioa-
lion will be nidde to the Parliament :>f
Canada, [it ils nest session, for an Aet to
incorporate ilte fpteinutjonul Railway
and Stenmboat Company of Oimada, to
construct a mil way , Commoucing nt a
point on the 4!)ih parallel qf north latitude, where the lloi'iieniiy (liver lloiys.
north into British Columbia; thence
northerly along the valley .,f thai civer
and of Kootenay Lukc, to the north end
of the snid Lake; thenoe westerl) through
tho Lardo Pass; thenco northerly along
the valleys of the Columbia lliver to tbo
Boat Encampment; thn Cnnoo lliver to
the Teto Jaiinp Cache ; the Prasor River
to its northerly bend,, ii)id thenoe by the
most feasible route to Lako Francis; and
theuce to mid along ihe yalley of llio
Belly or Yukon River, to nie onstern
boundary of Alaska ; Willi power to
build branches ; also to ov/u, oai)s|ir,tlo,t,
charter tiud niiyigajiO pteniiibjqutsnnd other vessels, oo nil navigable waters with
which railway conneotiou may he made ;
and to construct, own, lease und use
docks, warehouses, grain elevators aud
other worus for facilitating transportation upon siiid water?.'
' PEM'MltL k MAY,
52 Solicitdrsipr Applicants,
Ottawa, 12th December, 1890,
Notice is hereby given (hut on upplicv
lion will he mode to t he I .cgisliituro of tbe
Proviuceof British Columbia, at its n^t
fesi-ion, for un a'ct'tu incorporate a company for the purpose of coustruoting,
equipping anil pperittl.iig ii iriunway or
railway between -.be navigable'waters of
ihe Columbia lliver unit the K.ootemiy
River, or between I wo i,r more (Uivigablo
portions of tho Columbia lliver between
('olden and tbi headwaters of .suit!
hist iitiined river, nnd b'tweeu said lasl
' named river ,-ii,ui-olden, and for lht- purpose of owning, controlling and navigating steam or ol her vessels op the Columbia Kivcr.iiitd the const.uclii^i.-.quipping
und operating, telegraph or telephone
lines between (ioliim uud the Kooteuay
River, wilb power to build, cquio and
operate tiniiiwitys or noriul ways' to any
inini'or mini s in i he vicinity of tlie Ooluni'
bin River, wilb power lo said ciiinpimv' to,
acquire lnnds. 111:;..! gijunls, tied lionises
in aid thereby yuil \o '^iik'p Ruffle and
other arrangements with other epmpnuies
In connection with snid works or auy of
them, and for all other usual and ueoesnry
powers, rights nnd privileges,
03 Solicitors fur Applieaiits.
Victoria, 17th Deceiver, 1890.
NO I'lC 1'].
All Mining Claims, other than Mineral
Locations, legally held, in (his District,
tiuder tho Mineral Aet, I'S'Siiind Amendments, piay be Inid over from loth dny of
October till the let day of Jnno next.
1891, stlbjpct to the provisions of the said
Act aud Amend ments.
31 A, 1'. CUMMINS,
Bold Commissioner.
Iloniild, Easl Ko���teiiiiv,
September illlih, 161.0,
0��� $��� e tm% %uim,&
!l(]e f\oo(enuij  Slav
Going En
���st,                     Going
No. 2
Jo. 1
13:00 Leavo   Vancouver  Arrivi
1 11:20
13:10   '
North ll'iiil
fcpeuce's Bridgo
tli ea m mis
12:15 Arr
ive     Glacier
Duuiild   Depart
This expenditures for public works
in the line of ro.ul making
in the Kootenay district adjacent to
Revelstoko during the past
I year. br.v0 been very limited indeed,
aud would indicate thut this part of
the district 1ms boen sadly neglected,
us may be seen from Ihe following
figures, showing bow the appropriations for Kootenay have beeu expended:
Nelson and Tond Mountain
wagon road $5,005 10
Hot Springs wugou road .    3,099 97
Columbia Railroad k Nelson Trail 	
do do       do
Trail Creek trail 	
Illecillewaet trail	
Albert Canyon trail 	
big F.eud trail 	
do do         388 '1Q
Revelstoke wagon road to
C P.It. station k steamer
lundiug       15 25
25 00
917 00
50 00
498 38
102 00
220 00
Notice is hereby given that application will bo made lo lbe LegisU'.u|ve As
seuibly of the Province of British Co
iunihiii, at its next session, for uii Act for
Iho purpose of constructing, nuiintaiii-
ing, equipping and operating Water
Works al the Town of Nelson, iu the
Kootenay District, in snid Province, and
(or the purposes fbereo'( grunting to the
Company the privilege of taking water
from the Cottonw'ipd-Smith Creek, the
Ward Creek, and other suitable points,
with power to tho Company lo build
tluines nnd iiequeducts, lay pipes, erect
dams, acquire lundo und do. nil thjtflgs i
necessary for tbe purposes- nEpj'Ojniit,
Solicitor for Applicants,
Dated December 131 h, 1890,
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the
United, Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, Qi'KES, Defender of the
Faith, &o��� .Ve., ko.
To Our {tiithjul Ihe Members elected to
serve in the Legislative Assembly
of Our Province of British Oolum-
A r:,:.,'.,v:>!ATiO.N.
laHipj-^ORE DA\ IE, | WHEKEAS.
Attounkv-GiiXI-IIAl. \ We arc desirous
and resolved us soou us may be, to meet
Our people of Our Province of 13ritis]l\
Columbia., nud to, hura ti;e;r advice in
Our l,egi:i,l:iture,
NOW KNOW YE, tbnt for divers
causes and considerations, and taking iuto consideration the wise and convenience
ot Our loving subjects. We have thought
lit, bv uud with tlio udv,ee of Our Executive'Council ol the Provinoe of British
Colttiiihiu, to hereby convoke, and by
these presents enjoin yon, and oa,oh, of
you, thut on Thursday, the fifteenth day
of January, 1891, you meet Is in Our snid
Legislature or Parliament of Our said
Total 811,36710
It will be seen that whilo ��10.000
hai  been  expended in the Lower
liooienay poultry���at Nelson and
lint Springs���only about 81,000  has
been spent in this vicinity,-und.ouly
$-15.25 at ltevp'.stuke.   The attention
of the representative of this district
should be called to this, state of affairs, that tbey may urge upou the
government  the  necessity  cf this
year   granting   appropriations   in,
I keepiug  with tbe present require-.
I ments of this particular part of tho
! constituency he represents. A meet-
j ing of nn informal nature was held
'. in the court houso Wednesday even-
j in.) by a few of the pruminout men
of the town to discuss this matter.
1 It was decided that a more representative meeting, should bo held,
duo  notice   of   wbieh  should    be
given.   Thore is uo time to be lost
as the local parliament is now in
Besijinn,   and   our   representative
should   be ct worlf.   it   would he
Well if the department would make
specific  appropriations for certuiu
works, and the coimy^sionorB be instructed to exp nd the monies ac-
i cordingly.    The residents of   the
lakes district are working hard to
get ull they, can, aud rightly too, as
long as tbey do so  fairly,   't;'bey
I received more than their share last
'' year, but tbat is uo reason why tbey
j should this year, if tho appropriations are inailn us suggested. Among
Notice is hereby given that Application will be TOIIfle to the Pitrliutneut of
Canada at its next s> sgion, for tu. Aet to
incorporate the Northern Triinseontinen-
tal Railway Company of ("iiutidii, to con,,
struct a railway pOommeqoingnt Prince
Albert on the North Susktttohewun' Kiver, thenco westerly to lbe west cud of
Lake Atliubufeu; tjieuoe, northerly and
westerly along'the Great Slui'o llivortftid
Lake, to the point where the Mackenzie
River llott's from Groat Slave Lako ;
thence along the volley of the Mtiokonzio
lliver to its junction wil li the Riviere mix
],iai;ils; tnohcB ulong Ihe valley of the
latter river to Deuj|e lliver iiiul-Lni;.', and
thenoo by the valleys of the Tiiuzillaitntl
StiKone [livers and to the ousjorly boundary of AlusKii, with power to shorten
the uu.in line 'vherevi t pusses aiay In
foiinil, uiid lo build briinob lines; also to
own, construct, chariot nud  naviuulo
Sll'llliiliollls )ilil oilier VI BSels nil nil  1)11  i
guide wider.) with wl jch railway oonm ���
lion tuny he mado; uud lo com I
own, leaso ami u iukh, ivarelioiisoi,
gi'iiiii olovaliors, and othot worss fur hi-
cililut'iig traiisporliilioii i'| "ii 'md wu
tors. CIEMMILL ���'��� .vl'AY.
51 Sialieilni'i, I'm- Appliolllllal
QtltVWB, 1211 December, 1090,
'rmritww ui n���,  oil     7\ ~"i "���'*'��� ,7"!',.' the ui'geut ueoesoitioi of this part
iovm.ee, ut (,',111 City of Victoria Full I
THE DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, tol0'' tLe Jistrict'" tue buil(liu8 ot a
treat, do, act, ami oojajjlude '.ijiou those ! sl'ilabl��, court houso and jail here,
things which in Our Legislature of the
Province of British' Cbju.uibiu  by the
Common Council of Our said Proviuco
may^ by the favour of God, bo ordaiueil.
In' Ticstimoxv Whereof, We have caused these Our Letters to bo made
Patent and the Great Seal of the
said Province to bo hereunto affixed ; Witxess, ihe Honourable
ILi'ii Nelson, Lieutennut-Gover-
nor of Our snid Proviuceof British Columbia, in Our City of Vi"-
to'iti, iii Our suet Proviuco, this
Twentieth day of Doce'm.bor, in
the year of Oiir Lor,'d ono thousand eight hundred nnd ninety,
iii"I hjthoflfty.fourthyeurofOur
Uy Comiiinnil,
1,8 Rrovindnl SeoreBiy,
Notice is hereby given that all alluvial
claims legally held in the West Kootenny
Distriot, will be laid over from '.he 1st of
October to tbe 1st dny of June ensuing,
according to the conditions of Section
[IG ut ihe Mineral Act. '
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revolstoke, September 28th, 1890,
the building of a road Irom the
busiuess, part of the town to the C.
P, 11. station, the improvement of
the trails to tho Lurdouu aud Big
Bond, and the building of a road
Iron) Revelstoke to the lakes fur
winter traillo, should uo railway bu
built between theso poiuts uext
summer. It would be well fcf t!f��
reyienenliitivo men uf this district lo
forward a petition to Mr. Kellie to
present to the guvtriiniunt, asking
that m lli.'ii'iit appropiiatinns bo
mudo lor these necessiiry puhlio improvements, und thu matter should
bu uttvuiled lo ut unoe.
A   New  Ititliistry.
,   ,  :'"   '   '  'County | ���,,
be held   i  \\    ���, .��� .|.,,
iintv, 1891,
2lhi|:iy of Jan-
 b'l'lock (i. in., id the
('i J.I ItpU80,   I' ���:   I
���17 '���'  ������ 'tin County Court,,
Donald, Kiwi kooteuuy,
Dooomber 10th, 1890,
The favorable situuliou pf Revel-
fur manufacturing is ijriidually bu-
coming recognized. Mr. J. H. Ale-
Lena proposes cstublisbing hero
shortly a sash, dosr and blind factory
uud bus ordered the necessary machinery from Quit, Ont, The building will Ve luxOO feot, two stones
nnil a half high, and will bo erected
in the east end of the town south of
the mill property. Mr. McLean is
confident his venture wil prove a
success and there is no reason why
it should not, with tho material at
his very door and excellent shipping
facilities, to all purls of the distriot,
.Mr. McLean also conloiup'atps the
muuui'uqtiiring of certain grmlos of
furniture should all go well. It is
by the cglajilishmeot of such industries au this that Rovolstoko will
cemc to. thp front.
Tho Sl'^i) is iudebted to Judge
Tunstall for Iho following authotie
information regarding the Trail
Greek oum,i.
There have been 110 locations made
on Trail Creek, of which there ut
least 30 that ore 15 feet aud upwards
in width, The camp is composed of
two distinct groups, in the main
one of which, situated on the old
Government trail the principal prospects are the Lilly May, llomeatako,
Zilor and Blossom. The ores are iu
a sulphide form and carry leud, ziuc
antimony und silvor, There" is u
shaft on the Lilly May 20 feet in
depth which shows nt the bottom u
vein i feetj wide of ore carrying
about 80 oz. of silvor per (ou, choice
pieoes runuiug as high as 180 oz.
The oth,er group lies about 2 miles
to the uorth Lilly May and this also
carries sulphide ore, wjth this difference, that copper and iro,n are the
predominating minerals, wj h a little
antimony, more or leas gold and n
Bintill quantity of silver, Tho Le
Hoi claim is the best kuown pf any
of the prospects in thia group, and
will serve uj a sample, This vein
has been opouod out by an open cut
across tho vein and shows 15 feet
of solid ore which will run about 8
per cent copper, about 10 oz. of silver and varies from ��3 to ��500 in
gold. Part of this has been bonded
to u Spokane Company who are
working 2 tbifts regularly. The
outlook for this to become a first
class mine is good. There are three
othe; locations on this veiu with sb
good crpppiogs,
A Portland C'o.mpany has bonded
and are working two shifts on the
olatmnSt. Elmo and Mountain View.
Thero are thu highest 1,nations in
the camp. With tho copper in this
ore there is a small per eont of leud
aud from 5 to 15 oz. of silver. There
are several other locations on this
vein and all of them are from 20 to
50 feet wide, on which but the assessment bus been dono, but now
Unit the representation is performed
several of tho mine owners are
settling ilc-.wu to a winters work on
some one of theso claims.
The main hope and belief amongst
the mine owners is that they will
have copper in paying quantities.
li. is u tsfit that, eyoijy prospect
worked at has shown i,ac!;oi!,seil copper
with increased depth. Thp Le Roi
bus increased from 7 per cout surface 10.15 per cent, at 10 feet depth,
also carrying un increased amount
of silver, bo thut the ore from this
mine will pay to handle now,
. ������ ���
If busiinsii his beeu du'l wjth the
traders of D mild, this week, the
officials en the hill havo boon kept
busy enough.
On Wednesday Nool Sic��tte appeared in court charged with assault
I upon liunry Dtibi, Tho defemlaut
ikeepsa boarding house, und iho
parties In the suit hud an altercation
niif.it money and payment of work
done by Dubis horse. Sicotlo ordered, M,ubj out of bis house, and he
not complying quick enough, facilitated his mnviimuniH by buiaioriog
him with a glass buttle, Magistrate
< hummus lined Siuotto 810 uud costs.
On Friday Patrick Murphy thu
proprietor of tht Woodbine wub arraigned before the court churged by
John MeCrum with,UBBUult uud bat'
tery. MeCrum nishiug tq, get u
uiuhts lodging rallied at tbo door
until thu landlord of tlio Woodbine,
bucked up by his bettor hair, both
dressed iu nightly array, opened tbe
door. 'Iho eumpluiiiaut uueing tbe
ghostly host rushed for the entrance
-where the woodbine twineth, --but
he was stopped hy a blow from a
well developed palter, Murphy admitted playing the poker uud was
taxed 310 and costs.
Tho returns from Cariboo so fur
as can bo iisccrtuinei! iudioate that
Nusou, cil'M. P, P. has beeu elected
io reprcaent that constituency, vioo
Joseph Maspll, deceased,
Hob Fteiiumons, the Australian
wonder, won the middleweight
championship of the world and J10
DUO nn Wednesday ut New 0 Uuns,
by defeating J.iuk Deinpscy, in a
fiercely contested light. Dempsoy
| wus kuocked uittju the llth round.
CHucler    HoiiMf,
J. Wilson, nuperintendentC. P. R.
telegraph, Vancouver und E. H.
Grindi od, inspector, Kamloops,
��ere here on a tour of inspection uu
Ihe lllh, 12th and 13ili inst.
11. Marpolo, superintendent and
J. E. Grifliih, C. 1'.., cume in from
Donald en the lllh in.-t.
J.  Brady, Victoria was here on
the llth inst., and left the following
day for Donald, nnd Golden, nnd ou
his return will visit the Lnuaikmino
J. G, Oorden Muiin, of J! 'ir.burgh
Scotlaud, nnd E- R. Park:!,son, of
London, Englund., were here on the
12th nud 13th inst,, eu'roufo tn California, These were the tw�� gentlemen who escaped unhurt from the
wreck at Point Lewis, on the Intercolonial Railroad, a short time ago,
llev. II. Iiwin, of New Westminster (lute of Douald) passed here on
tho 14th inst., on his way to England.
L. 11 Johnson, master mechanie,
C. P. 11. Pacific Diusion, Vancouver, went np to Donnld on the llth
Sltimacb, the Indian v>ho murdered Louis Lee, a hulf breed at
Pitt L.ike some mouths ago, wus
banged at New Westminster yesterday morn in;;.
Eon, F. G. Vernon, chief commissioner of hinds and works for Lriii.sai
Columbia arrived iu Ottawa .'ilcnduv
on his return from Eugluud, aud ii
expected in Victoria shortly;.
A man named John Wild suicided]
at Victoria by poisoning. Tbe police were after him for obtaining
mouey on false t jjtences, he having
forged a cheque for a small itmo.ur\t
und to avoid the ihame he ended his
The first tkroivgh train over the
Southern Railway from Fairluveu,
to Now Wi-a'.minster, peached the
Liverpool deput, across the river
from New Westminster oa Tuesday
evening. The road will be turned
over to tho Greut Northwn Company
on Feburary first when it will bo
open for general traffic.
Tlio electric light 'vns. turned on,
iu Kamloops on Saturday night last-
fe!j the first time, The light is very
satisfactory, although somo patrons.
were slightly disappointed in not
getting s l.QQO.candlti power lump
instead of ten candle power. Revel-
stoke will be the ne:it town, to adopt
electricity as a means of illumination.
Notice has been given tint application will bo made to parliament
for a charter to build and operate a
railway from Kamloops to Cariboo
via the north Thotnpsou river. All
the uTiiilable lauds on tho west side
of tho river north from Kjuslpogs
fer a distance of about twenty miles
huvo been taken up by sjiecnlutors,
who look for a big rise iu land rallies,
in that district.
Mr, J. W. Vail, who has edited
llie Si.ui since it first made ItBappesr*
mice oti the horoscope of RovolBtoke,
bus sevei-i-.l his oonnootion with the
paper, and ou l-'ri ;.y led town for
KamlonpB. He intends going to
Winnipog lor u time, but njay ro-
turn to Revelstoke, in thu sjumg,
not, however, to engage in anything
so trying as newspaper work, \\'o
hope bu may find some moro con-
geniul occupation and that fortune
may smile nnbiiu where ever he iiuiv
he, Ho will be greatly missed from
A mooting of tho director:-, of tho
Columbia k Kootenay Stoam .Wig,,.
tion Company wus held in the cum-
panys ollice here on Monday, It
was deoided to build another powerful steamer in addition 11 thu ono
being built at Kootenay Like, to ply
between Little Dulles uud Sprout,
giving a iluiiy service between those
points, connecting with the trains nt
both place and wjth steamers from
hero at Sproat, 'I lie craft will bo
built at Utile Dalles, work to be
commenced at once and the vossei
allout un the l-t of May,
Reliable Agents Wantod.
socials up-
Tho Costn ipolitan Life
tion, lleud Oflloo, Toronti
pointing reliable uj.u.ts all
Canada, A joint 1 ifu natural pre-
iniurn table oi thu CosL'iopolit.n is a
marvel of simplicity and ingenuity,
Applications fur territory should be
made ut ouco. tttj jC<MS.
awaattiiay��aaaaftaai.aania.Maiaftnvi aa^~
�����...     ...�����*������
���-waacTJ^aaey-TC-^a-aa-^iai rf��*da^-<:,::w��*sar'3ragi33ras^ygireyTJ-*^ .,
���Xf'/C  liOOlOilul!     5t"CtV 'i"'! (L.> l. -.- ..r li:.- iii:,!,: r.���ve- i-. ii p., i ^^.i..H,i��ri ;* POiMTS-
much greater, us twehe mmi wi re in 	
Al'nirpr.gi twciily-coliimnnevi-s Iho shod �� few niiuules lefora (he Th�� Lnta,t ��,,d Kr-siiaiutaeon th��Bel*.
ptipi'i'is issued from ll Ilico ol '.'i:'1;-':":':"'-     Tli"-V   ��''"���'   ��ll��'il- The miller finds lile io bo'one continual
'   ' i      i        | ing in ii ueks of mi in i), and win n K-j, i.
l"ib|isution,   i'.evclsloke,   11. < the crush eutne the truck and con- ('he couk ij an expert at decorating tbe iu-
Ir'ubsci'iptioil   |.riio 82 per yum (mils   disappeared,   while  tin
Hull.;  ol u |v< I'tii iiig ;;!'n u on
upplii ition,
ti. Mod iViiLMN
Publisher and I ivniiul
Woods  iu   Willilll'.
There's bounty in (ho v inter wood,
ii ,.;.'>��� rnck wi
i-.v Wl'i i
biu'elv . scap '. the futo of tbi ir uu u-   .   ',',   ,
' '   ;   l  : ' ��� i.
i. .1 iiiver Intended that any man should
'iii'ing' Sen t/ismito.
A man's lot may ho hard, but hlsuelgh-
!���   ':��� I '��� is can mnko it. Id 4; fuzzy.
it   B.iuld nut. hestrange if Moyorheer'n
music were of tho intoxicating kiwi,
i-ii'i i: utrii ige thn tbo hewer u man gu'n
SVashinglon,  January   12 ���Tin-   mini this worn the butter hols olt'l
Behring sou fur seal fishing qnestii-iii      M-in Is a iirent d.-ul liko tho irlml-lia
w.is   this   iiftci-iioiiu   tiuildi'iih   nnd   'Tl'^Uea when Uo ib (.bout to do devilment.
,,,,., ,.   i ,,., .   i   ,        ,i        Tbe  Indians reailv  hsllevo iu oulv ono
line: i ctei y    iron  h    i efore    in.-     ... , . ��� . ,
s. eat I-1 it, uud lhat Is nover uiucli above
supremo court of the Cult.-d til ttcs,   iw per crnl pnro,
when Sir I ihn Thumps m, Ul inn i "Fjiiny Idea, Blip -.-'.-, y ur calilm; your
Oeneral  for  Ciuadii, tin i   :h   Mr, ",;i' " ;'���:s 10UB���"  "Oh, I don't know; her
nn            ,     ,t   !��� i       , Wl '���'������ l��w,yi i. know!"
''                             Saruienl   ri"ri   ' M"li'i ."B,h  ���, what mvlo you eat all
Snow wn-aths tiro hanging every-
���   mi   I of the llriiid, Legiiiiuti, and   ibatiuuelcikei"  Uutiby���"'Causeyuutold
Josi ph   Chi ,   ussueiulu c isel,    me to be a hotter boy."
in ule ;i motion in ounrt for a writ of
I prohibition cum mm ting Hn Uuited
How  wh.to  I,,,!  R(il|   tbo  drifted   Btatol  l1i<t,.ict lMU1, ,a sitk[l   ,���
wreath , , ,, ,      , . ,
ttutilll the ;i      .'I ���' gs !.; uhd-h  the
Lies i!i|lhe hollows'shcllcrel hold,
ll.'iw colil il wraps lbe !'���, i-ns beneath,
Likt'lleocy garment, fold on fold,
Under Ihe ice Iii" waters (I iw,
With  .softly lanill   I song;
Over the ice (lie hkulers go,
W th   in 'try  laughlo,   loud nud
There's music in Ihe gnarled trees,
I huso boughs In heaven appealing
Make  vibrant burp blriugs for tho
When across the wild wood stealing.
Then, 5-hen tbo winter's day is dono
Tue  children  climb  thoir sire's
Wimti cottage lights gleam one by
"Tis then tho woods ,ro dear to.mo.
How lIII wander through the the
When sha lows Ho across Ihn suoft,
A   I list' tho sound like far-,,ff bells
scho mer 'A . P.Siiyward wus libelled
in lb'87. Tiiis iii,neon Iho part of
Canadian oflieiuls, it wus .-till' d, was
made in behall if Canada by Sir
John Thompson with full knowledge
ami consent of ihe British Government, tho purpose evidently, beiug
to appeal from the StoteDepartment
in the Supremo Court to settle one-
for all Ihe dispute, This movement
on the part of tne Britioh govern
ment seems not to have been expected, liiidjhii Attorney-General was] a plot liko t bateau conthim through live
takeu by surprise when the. moiiou
waa mado by Chuuto, The court
ordered that two weeks' time be
granted    Iho   Attorney-General   I"
tt is one of tue curiosities of natural history thai a hor o ouj iys Ids (ooil bettor whon
lie li.-isu't a bit in his mouth.
When you gu to oolioct a bill don't bellevo
your debtor ii i-ay hocau o thu shads is pulled down; that's ouly ii blind.
Tho advice thai Is talcen nt bit ii that
ivli r. comes from tho ieiu who has nothing
ti' y while all others urj shouting.
'���Oh,dour!'said Mrs, Baking, "the ants
buvu : i',,.i into my bisouiU" "What wonderful digestions I' ejaculated hor husband.
"Isn't dint iuiuiousel" said tbo Cbiuago
girl ns she louki-d u huiringly nt tho slipper
into which tho salesman had orowded kor
duinty i'l it.
Jason���"I ur.v.r employ the driver of a
haiisoni to get me to tbo train ou time."
Jaiisiiu���"Why not?' Jason���"They're always behind."
I can't imagine," said the lawyer, "how
���on cold night winds begin to
won .1 calch Iho fututer noli
Missed though tbo dny iiur under'
While oyer .! ���'-.; slitrlighi .' in
Crowning   with   beauty   .A   ih,
Terrible Di.s.i
tcrni i ic
arts,"   '���(), i u' you Bee, iu the second a suit
at law is begun."
".'���iy  hop.a aiv dead."   "What   killod
thomf"   "Heart-failure,  I hadn't tlio spunk
tn pr iposo to my girl until she gut engaged
tiiiike  u  sbowiu    : motion. I t�� another loiW."
'ei,,,  |.,.;,; I, ���      ���.     i    ���,  ���    , "Is iUi'.Chinuey an entertaining person!"
llio  utilisl) government,   j   is be-    ..,,' ���  i   , u . ���    i
Uu, yi-s, in e-i"l, very,    He en ertained mo
hn-1-.'.-" hours last evening,    Told ma all
il.i -itorici I ovor know."
Ho���"The sound of your volc-i reminds me
of the music of a hrjok." Sbo (flittered)���
"In lei dl' I!������- "V.'h. Yju see it rolls on
foiiiver."-N, V. Herald.
"That man." said a Chicago citizen,
";:,:[.!" lid fortune raising grain." "You
��� I" ���.; lii'i'i 111, ,;l mo that he is a f armor I"
'S i.   iii.- owns tiii elevator,
I'.ili.'!..���"llnii't you liko those sofas that
have just room ouougb fortwol" Maud���
"'.'.-. bul I hire llm..) that havo hardly
roomi uougli fur two for letter.''
��� t-st bro! ')������"IStoo'ts hove been rather
lieved, bus hud the in liter iu con-
ii mplatiiin for some lime, probably
since spi Ing, wiieu il was anuonnced
Ibat negotiations between tbe Coiled
Stutes and Unglaud on Iho Hehriug
Sea matter ..as en i"d. The scho mi t
\\. P, Saywttrd uf Vi doriu wus t e -
luted by tbe revenue cutter "11 I I ."
for killing seal in Bebring Sea,
o huil tii'i capture was made the
schooner Has in i: I ,;. g a.,.rt| ������.;,
miles from any laii I   md there wt i
'177s.'iil kiusonbi-aril. I'hesch   'uei     "tsttn-iy lately, how do you acoouut for it I"
Second broker���"Proltibly It's becaua.6 of
was    lukeu   .     ::i
.'   ' ���" ui   ' ;��� of drops they've hidubed
T.tisb," ami from   Ihei-e   to   Sitka,       "He v>its her so regularly 1 actually be-
where sho w  il      led I.i '���' I ere  is suinetliijig between them,"
Victoria, Jan. i.1    Thisafh ri
shortly aRei i :,, ......
ii'.'ideiit occurcd ul the Ocean
at ih" entrance 1 i the barb   .   .
suiting iu tho I ss ' |]  ;.,  .
A gung of   meu  was employ   .
steamer Danube, v,        .
days ago I'n m uortherti ports.    .;..
cases of salmon wei   '
a large shed at I
and  ab ul   ,'
1 ill lee    Uii I
a quantity nlrea
wiiii. su :,i". ly u d
11j ring  was .
grinding,  crushing .-   ..   -
<������    '��� ;.      Ihe crush ben
'������ and
' : Umber au
eij itatiug l   '
cusis of i i
gulf ...   .
be refill tb
States districl        :'.;.'..
within th   ..I    .
Slid s, in wolati "i   ni   Hi     .
.    Appeal Wu   ,... iu and the
IVU I    . . . '.     . . :'
inlirt, and o         i   peti
:. .-    - . .
.'. .   .. :.   '    . :
li        :   .   .
:.. ���   ,
Clli. ���    Il   I
met    'i    ���! . ' ������
l.iil.'���'������   the I
thai of Jm)"s and
I,,, medical skill     sho''1 t bo
ih'.i I.    The news of Ihe
i rn tghl ot        from .   ind
i,i  '  -      ���     ��� '
people  pi ;  ���    '   '
thev coo   '
of tin mil rltmat'i
i.ui'i g  the ralm-n
,",'���., louldcisclltof tho wu '     '
I ;.��� ,. .. | , ..ily i i      ���- ���     '
hospital, but in uot expected to liio, ! going to     in'li At
,.������, i   I,,      ; a total loss of j |
II        ij     , . tho killod    "   ��� isreepon ibhi  I ir  th i   lurgo
'    ,- ,1,,    nn i   oiiiigri tion.   I in ���
are:   l'oX.^My,  "���:-        '   ,
yJDtoll,all i - .���        nun ami  real-   , r|/ , ij,f, fmilty m thuds  0     i
,Ullli:,oi Victoria,    Iho injur. I man   , .���, ..    j        , .   ,,,
rauiuMJOnarlosCarlBSon, aS*edo,   the   ciroful   iittuu mu   ol     Italian
, ...,���y I,,', I'lniniii'ii  Qoonomists un i"
kyvi t i narrow oscapusuio lououi   ,
��� . I,! iu wouldn't lluiik it if you saw bow
.   ��� it  . ���! .��� i ) i'; ilt mi the sofa whoa ha
nit thi   iii il  dlsajrjeahle ir.i-i on,
.    IU,   -.i.-.  '   ,iu lis ���.'���'..; , "Is, tho FBI-
"','-,' rasp iiidod Bdly Ucu lar,
. y    " :i i. wa hav i to put up with
. : tl i m ,; a ly ia! holsory countar)
istriK uu )n<beingralbor
load      .     ������   -' ���   ��� mi ,   " But   w isider
v  .. i ii- i' j i;:- foot from going
���'' . ii inparstltloii is tint
���'. bu   ���: . supp -., 1 thi mls-
.  .   -      .  iiial   iviih  ���.. o ,1,'V'T came
I a(".-  ri u.'.l s, nothing to do
I i'V were i ���. tl ig ���:'���; ntou l In '.ho fire.
��� .a.  big ,, >o l.y your
i      tt  ) !" asked bo,   "Bubo crackud and won't pop.'1
''���: al did you mean,
Cumin 'iviiil
.      Ilg   til   I Op)      "li'i.iil":-!!.
,., ie uuoda batoi'o bld-
���   ' ���  tough stwu [gla
i : :. ;i I.' .1 iv (-'iii-
" tiiirhur's
orhor, "butyou
rour friend
.    i   I fi    la thera
you and lilnil      rod
.   -
, . have
��� ���
,     |fo,   "1
'  :
: ' 1   tllO
-    ||  i
��� '
,   ,      ||
I    , 'I ���
.,'.     ���   ..a-   II   I
,    . ,   . ,
1   ���     ���    i !
I    ,   ���  'I'll  '
,   i   '  :        ���     .
,     '   ||
,   i|
'   i        .il up hi the
A j   i"
Inn i left
��� ,      mid
iy, I |        ,       "No, ho
V. email's .1 iu i ii ,'. ninan.
Miss Gossip - 1 bear your club bad a meeting It,-! night,
Miss Dorcas -Vm, hide d. We hud a
i-i'i ii lid dim] ������- ai I) ���! uonic i's tl al cosl .i")i
a plate, after ivliieb our Pro Ideal rea I n
helpful paper on "How lo Live on $301) a
Couaidorablj lUlV.i-ea '.'���:',
M\i :y< ii 'y:-:- 'r)
���,"    ' ;    -.' I      I'   i;'-'- ',--,L;---' :-"-T"
���'' it*-Ov���'
Customer���"What bIzc would you recom-
maud for a boginni'i'l"
Denier���"Well, ynunj follor, if you're llio
bogiiinor I'd say you'd bnvoa better lime on
a rainbow ibai) anylb.ii'ubi'."���Judge.
Why S!;h Llko.il Crowded Can.
A 11 >t'e sweet-faced, tonder-oyod girl, with
an elder and plainer cniiipaidou, i;ot into a
New York train oue ni';hi, and wedged hor-
Bolt In among ihe crowd thut was packed
into the aisle of tho car. Her at tiro and Ibe
Utile tin lunch box uudar her arm showed
her to b" a shop girl on her way home to
supper, and her pretty, iunooout looks Interested many of tha stern business iiie.t
who saw her, Ono gentleman In particular
called tho attention of his companion to
ber fine eyes, and obsorvod that her faci)
wu,! a perfect index of liio purity in .her
The movement of tho crowd soon brought
tho pretty girl quite uoar to where thogon-
tleuiaii was standing, and. bo leaned toward
hor lu order to bear what sbo was saying to
her friend, He thought to hoar words of
youthful simplicity, and his heart was warm
with appreciation of sueli clemuiO'.Bsnf heart
in one wbo.-a environment oould not hoof
the best. As ho listened to catch tho sub-
I j'.s'l of tlm girl's remarks, tho fodowiug
words, spoken iiinmetnliic voice, cimofrom
her lips:���
"Say, Maggie, 1 li!:o to strike a orowded
car liks this when 1 go homo nights, bocause
you get a oha'ice to etiii.llo up lo a good
limiting (niiai'."
Tlio soft hearted goothniati started baok
as thou:;h bo had boon struck in tbo face.
As lie did so those yonng inuoosiit eyas
were turned into bis, and ho edged away
from the girl iu despair, She was wondoi--
1 ig why that nice looking; "foller" mado a
p ant of avoiding bar. Sho ha I thought sha
v.-.iis e,ie iiii'ii.'iug him cuquottishly, uud ni
a lilt of wickodnoss was in li'i- itnroltio.i
little miud.
Adololius���"Au.'uiiiii Is a s'li s-aseii to
mo I wonder why the leaves turn rod."
Angelina���" I'.irhapi ticy're blushing."
Adolpiius-" A i, but why sboull thoy
i iii-.ii i" Angolina���"Mayba thoy blush to
sec tbe iiiiili'isi bare."
Singleton���"It's a wonder to uu Ihal mora
w.-im.ui aro not robb d, when thoy carry
their pursos sj openly in their hands."
Doiibloday���"If you wore married and
liuew w hat they carry In those puruds, you
v led ii it make suo'i a remark."
iTVWtlK'ff.   ' i.^"W^.-a. tira<
A IV'i-iiunf, .State.
Th" rn ua o ru n ui off tti r .ils,
IH'  .;., are sinl.iu ; in llm g.ues,
Hollers are expl, ling;
Heteis tiro going up in sino'ie,
And   uns are poi no I in a juke
After careful loading.
Oil cans are starting backward (ires,
Tbe s: oats are burdened with dsnd wires,
And ale > ators slip.
Will sears are driven through the street,
A iiiiid dog you will sometimes most,
They're looking for la grippo.
Pistols ara carriod by lunatici,
And cranks u-e knives for toy toollipicke
Uy liiiih somo think lliey'ro cured,
Tiie cable ears run very fust,
The next moment may be your last���
You'd bettor get in.-ure 1!
���Pittsburg Dispatch.
A i.oii.i cl.au a OiJ.
The stoiim whaler Beluga has arrived from
Bebring Hon, bringing the remarkable nows
of tho reoovory of n harpoon which bad
been thrown into a whole sixty years before
in iii,'.-; 'iiihS'iis, says a San Franclsoo des-
patou to tbo Chicago Herald,
livery whaling vossel bus Its name-stamped
en tin.1 barpoous it uses, Lost August, hi
li. briiig Sea, tbo Beluga's crew killed a big
whale, in which was found an old harpoon
bearing tbo name Mucb zuuia ou it.
Tim head of thu harpoon was perfectly
preserved, but tha shank bad beau eaten
away close to tbe skin of the wbulo by tha
Bait water.
The records show that the Moelozumi quit
whaling in the South Seas sixty years ago.
Sho wus a New Bedford craft, and while
lying idle at that port during tlio war sbo
was bought by tho Government and suut
wilb oilier old hulks down to Charleston
Harbor and sunk at tlie entrance of tho boy
to break up blockade running,
Tho whalB that carried tho harpoon for
more than half a century proved a formidable lighter.
Can Stand Experimenting.
Ill-own���1 see by the papers that tha latest is a cat doctor. Now his patiouts hava
somo show,
Mrs. Brown���How is that, my dear.
Brown���Because tbey have nine livos.���
aMunsoy's Weekly.
'i im Itoason of 1U Dniigei*.
Gaggs���Now, do you really think ice
wiiter i.-; dangerousl
Win; is���Yes, in tne Winter, wheu tho io��
is thin,
Where Anolllnni'ls Comes Prom.
Apollinnra water comes from a spring
near Neuenulir. So much carbonic acid
is liberated aa tho water bubbles forth
thut it i:i dangerous to npproach thu
spring on a windless day, and birds
tiittt alight near il die almost immediately. The discovery of the well is duo
to the owner of the vineyard in which
it was situated Uniting tbo vines would
not grow on a certain spot. On digging
down forty foot, tho wator welled up
with the force of a small geyser.
Tn., Much for Illm.
Gworge--"Whal'B the mattab, Cholly?
You look over, come old foi."
Cholly���"lam, chawppio, A gontle-
niau paused by jus! now, and his shadow fell "ti ni".   .In-l think of it'."
First E.;g "I am tired staying in this
hoi water."
Second l-'.;e-���"Never mind, You'll
I..: hardened Lo it,"
iiiicer & i
-D7.Ai.Kns IN-
3 fr? l-ht rryTg.irir��v��lP3C=-.y?"
wnBi���in ���bw
Hay and Gorn.
" ve enl iie salo of the coloboalod Cinmoro hard, lump and nut coal, suitable fo
baao'bnrnors and other stoves,   GREAT HEATING I'OWER.   MUCH
CHEAPER THAN Wool).    Delivorod ai.Iievelstoke, any part
oltown, S'J.OOj KamloopsSlI.OOj Donald 88,50.    Special
quot.itions for cur lots,     Coal stoves  sold  at
wholesale cost  Hay, rials and bran sold
by carload or smaller quantities
Vurds ul Kamloops aud
Donald.  Apply
I., I. Ml) WARDS -      ��� DONALD, B.
'(     i'> f\ Is
illo ,Li ' .'uu
Dovotoil  lo   I lie.   LUMHERLVa,   BUJLNESi   nnil AGRCUL.
TUBAL, anil I'siiucially lo tli��
g Interests
iy District.
ilod in Ibi bosf itylv '.'-*)u����vav��i%l <#oth - ^- s ���<.---.r'.-a-T-i.'svi.*'';tfl>^-^vC5*a-s��iv'*ir-Ti^.^
,. S.
i  I i
1.1 is are enjoying a mild
is doing deadly work
Mrs, Calkins bad been   Uiee  niar-
riod before.
The revet! ue from Chinese immi-
j gration at Vancouver lust month was
S'2.820, a decrease of 81,175 over tbe
1 sniiie period last yuir.
hestil lies to reduce his revenues by
ab lishing tlie famous gambling
den whose miiiogi rs virtually control the principality,
1    .
In i Sir John M.io-
1 1
il iis Tilth birthday.
:' er
. ;   Here   burned   ut
. nlay night, entailing
1 . .
Joe  <> Dnnogboo,   Ihe
-katcr, who has been beating every-
Detootives pounced on a  counter   body hi Iho Amsterdam international
.. laiiil Ralfour fund for tho
fumi: . . in Ihe west of Ire-
i.     now am muts tu ��10,000.
li illio   in   und    around
enl is impeded by the heavy
j Kiioit during Iho past week.
; . . Wi gins says  that tho
i:.: . eaill ipaiike thai affects
Oa: . nill occur about August 17th
; ������ t,
foiling outfit on a farm npar Windsor
I on Monday, Theycungbt their im u
; in the act of  uniDufucturiog  bogus
Traffic on the Thames ha? bean nl-
, most at a stand still during the past
. - iiruell-O'tibea  divorce
���; prevails iu ^Ylllcs,
i ini ited that not less
ivorkmon are out of  em-
week owing to iee ou Iho rivor, the
weather in England being exceptionally cold.
In Vicuna, owing lo llio eitromo
cold weather, "warmstuben," or
warming rooms, have been opened
tu the poor at sixty different places
in tho cily and are deubely crowded.
The  Department of Agriculture
imes is preparing to   Uns [���,,,��� :l.ivi^o.l from ono of its
i Iho whole bis- | velrinary inspectors ut Fort McLeod
that the liiseaoo reported  to  eiisi
iiuning tho horses there was grossly
The Loudon press comment on the
filet that tiie routeto Victoria Nyauz i
is again insecure owing to Einiu's
��� :, of tin) Lick obse.r- ! return tu thu coast, and his arousing
mcisco states that the | the hostility of tbo natives, Muck
blame is laid upon Luiiu by English
Word couies fram Washington that
thero is no vessel in tbe Northern
Pacific squadron which is there by
order of the Navy Department because of anticipated trouble between
Great Britain and the United Slates
over the 11 hring Sea question.
Huron ilirch is said to be negotiating willi the sultan for au extentsivo
Jewish settlement iu Palestine.   The
baron is willing to pay  liberally for
a Bcotioil of  the  Jlo|y  L.iud  large j
enough to make an asylum  for sev
erul thousands uf the Jews now being I
diiven eut by persecution from llus-!
: .rl! ] ii In)  of Jan.   2nd
\ musts ivorc that has occurred
ii, in r In : . California since 18(18.
ig  irive been operating in
the to! Kincardine, Out.,   of
bit.. i ��������� ii (ires have occurred
\ itl in a sl irl period, No cluo to
the ii ��� endiai'it s I n i beeu found.
.-'   :      ���    ;-. ..',,.tly  gale, accom-
1     led Im    ... swept over St. John,
. lenday night,   when   the
Iulo i ;her lhau it 1ms for many
-.��� ��� - - ' ������ ly submorging Ihe
\. di eg much damage to
��� . ��� ���..'.:,,o stocks contained
in bardo, a seventeen
-��� .
>i    kwile girl, was told by
ber i
i! il : ..'��� must earn  her
I.    ���        :
'   must earn her own
:        .
,. 11 :: lay night she started
:    ���.,.  :
': done   twenty   miles
i :       .
'!  .'  next day  ber body
..    foil
,  .. Mulcuo, frozen still.
��� . hie escitetnont has been
: n
���.   i 1   by lite  news   of
1   .: ic's ilemaud ft"' satis-
i ::
ii btruntion of Ameri-
i .:
... | n | crty in the Caro-
line   .
1 .   I'he  Government is
.. ���:  ed   about  it and  ut
:.: of the ministry.
.   ie .
,.   .he  United   States
i   ���:.-���.
np  a pretext  for seizing
'  .
lin is nl present   in no
..   war either by land  or
toiiruaffisi t has timed in England
nnd is preparing for n race ligiiinit
time to take place at Cambridge,
['he : venl i lookod forward to with
much interest by lovers of skating.
Young O'Donogbiio is exceedingly
popular on account of his unassuming Duinners which are iu marked
contrast lu tho eg itistio, cock sine
ii; ii nor which is us a iulo (he distinguishing characteristic of the men
who excel in spoil of any kind, All
Ihe papers oro iu aecoi'd in deolnring
ihiit he is the tiii-ist graceful skater
who has ever beeu seen iu England,
���     -     -o , ,���
'flic Indian Win' Over.
Omaha, January 13.-A special
from l'iiin Ithlge says: All the
hostiles reached the Mission, live
miles out, late hist night. Troops
are pressing them closely and have
guarded all avenues of escape The
bead of the band reached llie agency
ul noon, the ethers coming in slowly,
Fow of them are armed, having hid
their arms iu Ihe sand hills. It- has
beeu decided not to attempt to disarm the few that have gnus, for the
reason that they cau easily procure
more from traders. General Miles
divided the hostiles (it the agency.
The Brulea will be scut overland to
ihe Rosebud Agency, where (bey
belong, under guard of troops. Already Indians bavo begun to puck
Up (heir goods preparatory to march-
it!? home. General Miles says (he
Indians are in bad shape and thut
they have done well to notiu as soon
us they did. Thee is rejoicing at
Pine Eidge over the peaceful outcome of tho war.   That tbe war is
Carry largo lines of plain, medium, am i high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
liod-i'ooiu sets ranging iu price'from $11.50 to $30'.    Hotols fur-
uishi il throughout.   Ollice an I bar room chairs.   Spiug
mattresses made to order, and wovou wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Koolenay Lake
points will roceivo oarly
iiini   prompt   ul-
ji'iiiiite  ware,  and
Ware made lo orJor.
Lamp  liuLi,       Tin,  Copper anl   Sboet Iro
First class work guarant831,    Orders prjmplly
attended lo,
The minister of foreign affairs has' over is llie general opinion.
A [ i '. has been formed in
.;,... io dvocuto the repeal of
Cttj-'ilal pu ishment for women con-
��� . -. ��� t the highest crimes. Preju-
ii ii . i- it the execution of
:, in ���������' iy Btrong and lias gained
gr und owing to the roports regarding tbe rocent banging of Mrs.
I i1 irey, for the killing of Mrs.
U gg and tho latter's child. It is
said t* h ive been it cruel und bungling execution, and reporters having
been de-barred, the officials have
i.i i;. able to i onccal Ihe exact facts
from tho public,
Frances !���'. Calkins,  a  handsome
informed Lord Lytton, tbo British
uuibassnior, that France will nut
uouept any compensation for her
fishery rights in Newfoundland, that i
she does not consider to be their
fail equivalent. Nothing of that
nature has been offered to her. It
was for England to say whdt she
cau give, money a ill uot bo accepted.
Archbishop Logan, of Armagh, in
replying to an address of welcome
ou bis return from Homo, declared
that the bibhops aud priests of Ireland would have noli,iug to do with
any compromise with Mr Parnell ou
the subject of his retirement till be
marries Mrs. O'Sheu, He defies
Mr. Parnell to carry on the agitation
against the clergy,
A singular religions sect has become prominent in Karanda,
Zwicban, Baxony, Its members
predicts the speedy coming of the
end of the world and uro so confident of the correctness of their faith
thai (hey decline to work or engage
in any business. They spend their
time in watching and prayer and in
exorting their unbelieving neighbors
to make ready for the judgment day.
Alarm has been caused in the
southern pari of Manitoba by the
report that Indians have left tho
Turtle Mountain reserve, south  of
Donald, 1.1. C.
Meets !s| 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, iu Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Sei rotary,   Joseph Oallin.
Collector,   Geo U Govott, Box 49.
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Cun-
moro, N \\ T.
Magazine Agent,   II J McSorley.
Divine Service will bo held in tho
Iievelstoke I'liiirch every Sunday evening ut 7;3(), conducted alternately
by Melhodist, Presbyterian, and English Churob Ministers, Speoeiol announcement will be made each week
in the StiiK.
Sunday School and lliblo Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
Sunday Services | Church of Eng-
and, | will bo held each month, at the
nnd innocent looking woman with a ' the boundary and had gone  on  the
beautiful bright eye, was marriod to  war pith, pludering settlers  and
following places :
At Donald, overy Sunday iu  tho
month, alternately by llov. J, C. 0.
Komm and Mr, Evans.
At Gol len, 2nd Sunday,
At Revelstoko, lib Sunday.
J, 0. 0.  K'liMM.
ill orders by mail
express promptly
descriptions of
anl silverware
(Close to C, P. R, Depot)
Edm ti 1 Calkins, a well to do
. i.i t Apiil, at Goshen, In-
liiiiin. Throe days later sho and a
man named Trunk Hendry, with
whom i'he bad been intimate
11 fi ii- Ini- marriago, induced hor
husband to go boating wjth Ihcm.
They relumed (horoitgbly drenched,
without Calkins, who, Ihoy said had
been drowned by the bout upsetting.
The body was found tt few days after
and the verdict uf tho coroner's jury
wus "nooidonlallydrowned," Shortly
ufter Mrs. Calkins applied to the iu-
BUianoo oompauy for the amount of
the policy muile in her favor by
Calkins, bul payment was refused,
the com] anj Biispootiug foul play,
Listen I of presi iog her claim, Mrs.
Calkins uilontly disappeared a few
days lal r ������ ilh Hendry, They wero
subseqii ally indieloil by the grand
jury and bolh were arrostod, Mrs.
Calliina in Niles, Mich , on Wednos-
day, in      in Chicago,   .Mrs.
Call in I,"i niHile a full confession,
iuipl '. ;��� lli'iiilt-y. Shi snys th.it
ti'l11 ii' husband  to will
killing cattle.   In consequence   of *
tho ul arm a detuchmont of ninety
mounted police was sent  from  lie-
ginu to reinforce those at Delomine
ami  prevent the    hostile  Indians
crossing the border
Tho authorities at Monte Carlo ore
said to bo seriously tilarmi-d  by the
| utiuoks of tie  Parisian  press,  and
Hume's Building, Revelstoke. B. C,
Importers of lbe Choicest Groceries and Provisions,
We winy u select and complete stock of gout's furnisin^s, lahios, gents
iiini children's boots, shoes and hose, stuuouoiy, pilctii inodiis, lotlet,
raiuimlos and roudy-mudo ololhiiig,   A   largo  ussurlmoot ol pipes,
lotiaueo, ci^ai'ctlci), imported and demestia oigut's, fruits, <'andy, ele.
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other goods
loo numerous lo ineiiliun, at moderate prices,
Tolephoie ����mmujiioatIoft.
repression  of  tbe   ^ T      ti *T 1     1
tD8irrThTet' SAW MILL
,co,  has  issued  n
tho growing  demaud    throughout
Europe for tho repression  of  the
gambling hell,   M
Biahop  of  Monaco
remonstration against the reckless' Q, O, BUCHANAN
manner in which the establishment
is administered, and the busty interment of  suicides,  ,,bo,  though
P, O, Addross, Nelson,
Capacity 20,C
J. C,
It istlmuuht   not   nnprobaie that
nil (bo propi ily und   nBuruuoa iu   a,,.���  .      ,
'                                       liatieeiii.iT t.il.e ndvan age of tho
 ���;���'" bimi0a"n��for   PUblie feeling aroused to soke (he
'   '    :     ,;j""7>'"��-    ';-   little principality and anne, t, i:,
 : ,:"'!' rM  1'rincoUsaidtobe iunuoli  : ,
-^  "- '^-!ofs:,i-h,.e:ui.',,:;   ...    ���    '  ',
feet per day. Planer
not entitled to tho rights ef the shingle maohine, eto.   All kinds of
I'lmivii uii.ii.i i i,���. ,1   lumber ou band. During the season
onuieu, Biioulu have a roSDeotoble    i iumi m i     , ,-       ,   .
.     ..     . "       I v-i.i"ii   of lb'.M luin.,er whl bu  delivered at
uurini.   A number of persons have any of tho laudings on the lake at
utrii-ed  at  Monaco   from  Franco, greatly reduced prices
England aud more distant countries,
in search ef missing  relatives  now
bolievcd to have perished thorn, and
tho "/"iters Held" ia anxiously in-
Bpeoted la them althongh they find
it difficult to gel s:,y information,
BBVEL9TOKB,   -    -  11. C
J. Fred. Hume & Co.
.fevelstoke       -     * -     . \\
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer ia Dry Goods Groceries,  Provision*-
Cmd.3;1 Gja:h H.u,Jf7ii,j E;3.
The Slock in overy Depar.tmont is Pull an 1 Oompletu and llio Publio wi f
tiud it lo tbo'r advanttiL'o to call una
Inspect   Goads   nnd
^   J^M Wi ^U P'' 4 ! i  A   SP ECIA LTi'.   ^
Prices, UilHaUlVlwr.
Id BO.
Regular Meeting Thursday  >t each
week at K'p. in.   All flsitiug brothers are cordially invited.
<-.l. Mclrtijn;1.'   Ml M'athssox,
N.G,   ��� '   - ""'���a. s.
lW.\i.n,' 11. (!.'"
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last I! Wed-
iiAiiiiivs each mr.ulb.
MaAer,   ,). K. Babbitt.
ieo'y,   W. F. Ogilvie
F-inc'r.   Angus oloLoan.
Journal Ag't. E A ChoBloy, Enm-
dope  li. IV..
Tail, aii. aaa.aaafiuaaaaiaa
be plenty of provisions to last over!
Tho local house assembled at Vic-
totvia on Thursday pursuant to proclamation;
A number of men are busily cn-
gngell in fitting np the Kootenai for
carrying ore and toiving next season.
A number of Nelsonitesure getting
The Miner states
play the
cymbals fertile band.
A deposit of galena is claimed to
lin^u Weli'found on an Island about
2b mileB from 'Vancouver. The
ledge is said to be 12 feet wide.
up n'bruss baud
that Mr. R.'R'.1 Lemon wi
Fletcher l OolO. J, Branch
Builflmg & Contracting
RlfimSjTOp, p.o,
Bnolt apd Stone Mason, Rlustoror
ALL KINDS   OF JOBBING, WORK I and   Knl'somiiicr.    All   work  dono
promptly nnil to satisfaction, Contract work aqlipiieil. SH
Notice is hereby given that a County
Goiitt will Im holden at 'llio'Court House
w balling was promiscuously  Revelstoke, on   Wednesday llth  Pob-
J. 0. Piits, of Donald, spent Wednesday in town.
Judge Tunstall left on a visit to
Kamloops on Thursday.
It io yet ":i8i)Q" with a certain
hotel lb t'owu���'vide ih register.
Hev. Jus. Turner Will conduct services in the Methodist church tomorrow.
Miss Elliot, of Bathgate, N. D��� is
visiting ner half-brother, Mr. S. B.
Hamilton; of town,
A publib feinperance meeting is
announced fw'lnesdayeveuiu'g week
to be heldiu the new church. -
Mr. F.O. Christie leaves to-morrow
for Kamloops, where bo will enjoy a
season of holidays (or a time. He
will ulso lake m iite ooasc citii)8, returning to-'RovelStoke tfbOivt March
tii -t.
'Mr. S. V, CubIi !">.- just finished
putting in'McaBipipes'iu tho C, P. R.
indulged in on main street on Friday, aud as a re'Biilt several pains ol
glass  Had to^bb paid for by the
i ballists,
| Tlios. Wright has a lol of roosters
which lie proposes putting tip for a
shooting match next week���if he
does not otherwise dispose of them
it tbe interim.
M. P Gordon of Kamloops and
A. E. Raab, for some time a resident
of Revelstoke. have opened a new
furniture business at New Westminster, liudei1 the iirul name of Gordon
k Raab.
Two rival dramatic coteries have
been organised at Kamloops, lo give
entertainments in  the   near subse-
riiary at 10 a. ni.
(1, 0, TUNSTALL,
03-4 Register C. 0,
Revelstoke, Jauuary, 12,1891,
HIS HONOR the Lieutenant -Governor has been pleased to make' the following appointment:"
9th January, 1891,
Arthur M, Wilson," of Ainsworth,
Esquire, to be a Justice of the Peace
within and for the West Kootenay Elee-
���MINING   BlvOllER,���
And (ieiiei'ul Commission .Merchant,
[tiBUi'alioo   inid    Ileal    Estuto
Agent, Notary Pirblic, Eto.
B. C
queutly for Bweet charity's sake, j tora| District, Province oi   British  Oc
Will iho poople of that place  suffer
that tbe sufferings of Other's "may be
allayed ?
There were about forty enthusiastic
tobtig^anists on the hill Lst, night.
During the afternoon ah attempt
was mado to brake in a new slide,
but the chute proved to erratic and
iiftur oue slider narrowly escaped
serious injury, it was abandoned.
Early this week it looked as il
some of the young men had gol
themselves into a serious scrape,
but investigation shewed that' tbey
bA M\y&i
-���/ .���:���; *<*.&$&
., ���-������   ....   *;.-,l^.''-vi/>''j\
Assessment Act and PnoyiNClAL
Revenue Tax.
Vji'khhop:, md in future they will
be jeate'.11)y'oleum. 'i'he boiier cf
rot'.ry siiiowplo'w f) is made furn.^h
fbo;stium iitipresent.-' '' ""
Tbe initiutory steps are being
taken to prepare for a musical and
literary entertainment to he rii-en iu
the methodic church abouti'Febr.i-
dry 10th. Tlie proceeds will be devoted toward liquidating tbo debt
or tbe church organ
Tbe mill men are anxious to shoot
a match ���with ihe down town rifle
meu, and the lntter are willing to
try conclusions with their doughty
challengers, so ai mutch may be
looked .or in th. near future.
The' friends of Engineer Thos.
Bummerby will be pained to
that be is seriously ill, am!
taion la tbe Donald Hospital
Wednesday. It is to be hoped be
will soon be well again and driving
Engineer Mat Crawford was married to .M;:s Ciaribel Ladner, elde���l -
daughter of Rev. Mr. Ladner, lately
of Kunloops, at Portland the other
day. - Tlie youug counle have ����� host
of friends along tbe line,' who 'wish
them bon voyage ner the matrimonial Sea. Ths StaH offers felicitations.
Public notice is hereby Riven that As-
,   ,     , , ,.    , , sessment and Provincial 'Revenue Tuxes
had only removed tbe downy excres-1 for ���le ym m< for tb(J ^ Ku,,tlllU).
sence from their faces-to g'uard Assessment District, are now duo and
against carrying to much snow When j payable at my office, at Donald, at tho
tobagganniug. '��� following rates:
���, ,       .   . ,     Real Property Tax, if paid on or I;
Tobaggabniug season was opened forfl thf: ,0lh '0, Jn^ ^ ,;/ of ouf
on Wedu sday night, when  a score | |ier cent.; if paid on or after the 1st of
or more of the young people of the
town repaired to the lull on tbe
roadway leading to the station, and
indulged iu riding the snow satyrs.
An occasional spill helped to enliven
tbe proceedings, and there were
heaps of Iue- and people tit  times-
The osort has been k<-
up nightly
July ni'Xt, =:' of one per cent.
Personal Property Tax, if paid on or
before the 30lh of June next, yx of one
per cent. : if paid on or after the 1st ol
July next, % of one pie: cent.
Income Tux, if paid on or beforo tbe
30th of June next, Yi of one per 'cent:';
if paid ou or after the 1st of Ju
, ��� oi oue pev cea.'.       ' ' '"��� '��� '
Wild Land TnxJ if paid on or before
tbe 30th of June next. 7J��' cents per
acre ; if paid on or after the 1st of July
uext, 8] j cents per acre.
Provincial Revenue Tax. $11.00 per
capita. '60
Notice is hereby given that application will be made to"the Legislature of
British Columbia, no its next session, for
a private) bill lo incorporiilen company
for the purpose of constructing nnd
tanintnirdug a railway from some convenient point on tbo outlet of Kooleniiy
Lake to a point ou or near tbo southern
boundary of the Bravihoo, with power to
coi'istruet and maintain branch lines ; aud
also to construct and operate telegraph
and telophone lines in connection will,
the said railway.
55 Solicitors for the Applicants,
Victoria, B. 0��� December 12th, 18P0.
W A.Jowm.        T.L. Hi.io,
' 'Notwy Publio
Oonvoyancos, Agreements, Rills of Sale,
Mining Bonds, eto., drawn up;Routs,   '
and Accounts Collected; illin
iug   Claims Bought and
sold; Assessment work
on Mining Cluims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied for,  Etc., Etc., Eto
fads on Townsito of Ueyolstoke for Sale
and Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
REVELSTOKE   .'  ....   B.C.
GOLDEN               B.C.
Mining  Broker,  Commission  Agt"
Notary Publio', '&o. ko,'
In Stock.���Mining I'owdois, Fuse and,
laps, Miner's Tools, Stool 'and Camp
'  8tf   '
Corner Front nnd Ilansou Sts.
Abuaiiamson 111IOS.
R. C.
1'irsl class in every respeot; Nearest
hotel to 0 1' 11 depot and stoanib)��''
landing, betwoon peel ollico and p( >v,
buildings. Coach' to dud t'roni dopbtt'
nnd stoainboat, Eire proof Safe for tha'
accommodation of its customers.
C. P. R. H01��t
P. MoOarthv
since then.'
The handsome new school Louse
here was informally opened on Tuesday, Miss. Irvine has now under
ber cbargd 27 pupils, from the first
to tbe fifth grade classes. When
the seats and det-lis are placed in
position Revelstoke will have one of
the best equipped, as well as" (he
largest and most comfortable school
building in the province outside
of the cities.
There was a gay time er. ice down j tion will' be riinde'to il-.e Legislative Ashy tlie bridge on Wednesday after- setni.ly of the Province of British Col-
noon, when a number of the lovers nnibin, ut its nexl sesbiftb, for nn Act to
of skating asserabhd thereto enjoy incorporate a complihy 'for the purpose
the pleasures of that exhilerating of C0D8tr��ctiag. maintaining, equipping
sport      M-..    were   I ie  graceful
Assessor and Collector
Donald, R. C, Jan. 2nd, 1801.
N'otiee is liereby given that npplipa
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
nfler date we intend miming application
to the Honourable ihe Clu" Commissioner of Lands und Works, for permission
to lenso for lumbering purposes, the following describid binds situate in Kootonny District, thai is to say :
Beginning tit i\ ijiulitt pluiitod on the
vw' j eft Imuk of the (Vliii.iwti' il.yei;, ::4 the l.ufl'oi'ds first cities
mouth of  Carne's Creek; thence east
along the blink of said (.'ariie'ii OrooK 40
cbiiius ; thenco north to a'jioi::t on the
southern bank of Downie OVoeif.'; thence I
west following the bank of snid Downie j
Crock to its junction wilb (lie Coluniola     __^^__^^
River; thonco south along tho onstoiii REV.ELSTOKE
bank of tho Columbia to Iho place of bo- j
gim::.ng, containing 5,000 acres more or
iesfl.''1' ;' '"'"''
Also, be ;iiwuig at a staKo planted on
the right bans'of the Columbia. River,
opposite the "mouth of Carne's CreeK ;
thenco west 40 chains, thence north to a
poiul about 100 clitiiuO ''north of Salmon
Creeic; thence east '4'0 chli.iiis, cr
as Tomporanoo i louse.
AND    LOUQINO   ��5   l'SII   WKIiK.
mi ins, 25c.     el-US 25c.
This hotel is situated convenient to the_
stnlioti, i.-i comfortably  i'llrnished ami!;
and operating telephone lines within the
  townsii'-1 N'-hoti and  Sprout's  Lund-
figures jut, mingled witi} others less      - Bni   ;; tricl between said To-.vn-
': dignified made by cevera!   cf  those *tes ; 'end'also within the Townsite of
matches   for   nnsolJhisticatcd in (I.e  sliding art. Vernon and -surrounding-distriot,
^^^-      '                          r;UJ on tlie CORBOULD McCOLL k JEMS.
^^^^^^^^_             ,     ., nt;                Solicitors for Applicants,
Blongheastofthe  station by  those |);i,���, ti|l. ,,., ,��� ,���,���,. ,^(,
living in that ficiniiy.
  I il
point on the banK of tlie CblMibife River', opposite Downie Creek ; thenee couth
following tho nieunderings of l be Columbia River to the plaeo of beginning,' ��U-
laiiiiiig 5,000 acres moro or loss.1
57 G. 11. 0. WRIGHT.
Datod tho 27th December, 1890.
���   'ate sbr.ot'ng
tuiVevs; etc., have proved good sport   Qo0(j  gating was ale
-and HlilH�� local N,mr��d9'
On Ttwdav a rifle Bboot was
held down town, lbe prizes offered
, ,    , ��� -,'    -    ��� f     '  lit    i     :       ������ ll
being a niia
BDd some unetufied turksj-s. H. A.
DrowD-took tbe highestUoBors, and
Mrri8a off as trophies of hia prowess
three turkeys aud tt muskr.it, while
,, j(   , Bi<u u ��� a weasel and Ouy
Rarber'i goose egg.
Cap,. Tbos. Ddwne, Andy Pmks
The annual meeting of tbeC, I   ���:
Riiiding tloi ;.. Ai   ciati m was held
on Saturday last when tbe folio
officers wero elected for tbo ensniug
year   '-.�������� ';*''' I Thos
Lewis, secri'tary; and '��� Hamilton,
treasurer. Messrs, Lewis, Cash and
Foley ^reappointed aoommitWe to
aelcct and purchase papers anil': - ri-
Asii'-ssvMRT Act and Piiovincial
Revenub Tax.
S srivi ii tl '   an appli
hi   ���    le ''' !l ������   Leg  lift eo
\   . ml      if tl   '.'rovinw of Bri isb Cb
..  .   noa  bi ��� tion I ir an Acl ex-
���' nding tie powers of tho Crow's Nosl
i \V. Post, Jaci, Brownrfgg, Jolin, I odicals for tbe rooms.   The  ii  ,ftn    ,... aid Company to con-
gamin ��mi W. Orames, who ou the   tion was shown to be in a fl .nrishing struct/equip, operate andMlnlaiiui line
30th of December started 'd'ow'ri' tUo  coti(titico In ove-y sence, and  has of ijailwtiy
river with Ahrahamson's row boat, , U,���R deservedly well patronized by   l"','1^
tho C. P. R. employees,
Mr   J.  tt.   McLean  ban    been
rustling ironnd town this week try
ing to enthuse li iora of the roarin'
game to organize a clnb,   Witl that
objeot in vie* a'meeting was  held
in the court houssoB Friday bvenifiit, j rhinHterJind ncoiivoilicnltiriniii il poiiil mi
Mr.'McLean ofleMd to  provide the  Btirrard Inlet, witli power I  Imililb   nob
lumber lo baild urinlt, nnd  olr.p to Itabb not exooeding thirty milos in I Ugth
furnishasetof  cnrlirig stones    tt Ai i thai  BeotioiiH 0,'/, and 18 of tlio
decided to form a "in'.'":  dob,   C��W �� N.   A  I(��.t��.��Jf   fall     li
,, ,      ,,,,,    i,:   i"   pnny    el   IHH8,   a) lieninend
,   ^MoLeansbfl'     . 	
bin t  near Ihe  steumor ,,",.       ' .   .
_.��� iei'.iihni, ��.ii bo used m po*|   "   ; ; ���;��� ;������   ""l ".	
. and   for ���urllnaand skating,and season ohnngoUioni f tin   tulcoinM.m   t   0ne half oi one per cent on Personal
tickets will he issued at 8D to defray ' tbe "BriUsb C ilnn SoitUiorn liailwui' |       Prop, r'y
tu��ing a scow loaded with eight tons
���f geDBralTiiercliiitr3ise to Sproatlor
j, ].- T,,t:olh,Vetiii'.'i'id to town this
jiernoor.-having made tho best time
()D,ecord for IV. trip. Tbo iown
rfnd the return live day's.   llefjrn.S';
tll���v  bad  open water until alM
17 miles below Iievelstoke, at a poml
known as Stiagville, where the ice
.irevrLCil navigating Hut cup the
tlltri I 'After pulling the W, over
..bout a unle'of ice, tbey left it ami | nllk wi
��iUwdberq.  They had a hard wad | compan s
,oWaV��l.'tlwough the deep sno
-voods.   Tbe coal oil famine   p the
'.ower Kootefloy wuntry   i��4 W>��
Notice is hereby given, in accordance
with tlinStiitulei'i, that Provincial Revenue Tux add nil Taxes levied under the
Assessment Act urn how duo forth"year
1891,   All of tho above named taxes,
irom a point on the Lower I collectible within tho Rnvolstoke Divis-
/", I,,,,:  its'jiufctfon   inn of the Distriot of West Kootenay,
lo he Columbia   are payabloat ray ollice
Kivoriii the m igl borl mdof I'art She.)       Assessed taxes are collootiblo at tho
������!,��� :, b line to Nelson via.   following rales:
I  !���    "; nnd fron   tho Columbiii      If paid on or beforo Juno 30th, 18011
iHyorbv way of Ostwyos l,iifti and Sim    I'mvinoiiil ttevcium. 8d,00 per oanitu,
itomeci Hive to Hope, thonco following   Ono half of'on. por oont ou Real Prop-
thosontb '"''��� f tlvol'i ll I 111   ���    i   on'    ,    ''',,y-
vi'iiii'iii poinl foi ' '  ini Id  I     Wesl    s,'v""""
half dents per acre nn
was (
and to acc|t M'
Willi Land,
One third ol one per oont on Personal
one hall ol ono por qont ou Income.
If paid after,Iiuki'MiIi, 1801 :
i ���,, thirds of oue per cent on Real
! IM, ijrty,
I , .: i niul ..I,,, half c-iili per aero en
Wi - Land
b-'it'.'jTi y Fiasa'-oi-ABS.
,' B.C
W. Cowan, Prop, 'Tl. U.obert,Clerk
Jlocms well nttonded; tables u,neXa
celled! Wines and liquors gu.arau
teed of a high quality. i''i:;o in
sample room. Telephone communi-'
cation with C. P. R. depot. Eire
proof'vaull for llio convonioooe ot
guests.   Buss moots all trains.
The largest nyl n.ost contral Hotel in
lbe city; good accommodation ; every '
thing new ; table well supplied ; bar and'
billiard room iittuebei]; lire proof safe,   '
Stockholm House
The dining room is furnished with thv
bebl tl e market affords.
Thu bar is supplied, with a choioe stock,
of wines, liquors and cigars,
^Vd, fifty cases having been taken
,tn,vt,o,.,tl.ioseow. There will ��1����
I ox'ponsesi   Mossrs. C. Nellis aud J', llompuuy.'
II. Mctii'at!'I'.'d ciiiviis ing memcr- 48
ship iiihscii|iiiiiiis,    ('ul down your
nam':- -and Ihe necessary ihiuo.
CHARLES WILSON, j [bred fonrthe ol one per oent on In-
SolioitorforApplionnte, |      come.        T.'J  LENDRL'M,
Ihileil lie lllh (lev of Doocmbor, j B9 Collector,
A,i), 1890, '   Rovolstoke, B C , Jau, 2ad, 1891,


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