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The Kootenay Star Nov 15, 1890

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Array ^ ���"   >  y /    -
REVELST0X2. B. C.,  NOVEMBER 15, 1890.
Nr. 22-
Notice is hereby givon that, in pnrsn
r.nce of the provisions of section 3, of the
''Columbia k Kootenay Railway Subsidy
Act, 1890," tho unoccupied aud unrecorded Crown lnnds situated within the fob'
lowing described blocks of land, have
been reserved from lease, sale or settle-
bent, viz.:
Block 13, Commencing nt a point ou
tlm wont bunk of tho Colurnbifl lliver. I wo
n iles south of the mouth of Trail Creek ;
thence two miles duo west: thenco four
miles north ; thence four miles east, crossing tho Columbia River; thenee four
miles south; thonco two miles west to
the point of commencement.
Block 14. Commencing at a point on
the south sido of the mouth of Toby
Creek, on the vest side of the Columbia
River, st tho north end of the Lower Columbia Lake, thence due went four miles ;
thenee north four miles; thonco east four
miles; thence south four miles to the
place of commencement.
Flock 15. Four miles square, situated
at the south end of Lower Columbia Lake,
ou the west side,
Block 10. Four miles square, situated
at tho mouths of Sheep and jjkookum
Chuck Creeks.
Blocks 17 and 18. Each four miles
square and situated south of Fort Steele.
I Hi ick 19. Four miles sqUore, sit nated
bn Elk River, and including Elk River
Provided that this reservation shell not
effect nny lauds which are included iu
nny grunt, lease, agreement for <"de, or
other alienation from the Crown, or which
have been set apart for any special purpose prior to tho date of this notice,
I'll Surveyor-General.
Lands and Works Department,-
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 18th, 1S90.
Notice is hereby given that sixty (611)
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Comrnissiouor of Lands and Worst
for permission to lease the following described tract of land, for lumbering pur-
"Commencing nt a point two miles up
the Salmon River from Bolder CreeK, and
half a mile west of the Salmon River;
running S, W. one mile, theuce S. E. one
md ouu-hnlf mile, thenco north two and
One-half miles, thence S. W, three-fourth;;
of a mile to starting point, containing
about 1000 acres. 16
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days afler date, I intend to mnKe application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd WorKs, for permission to lease, the
following described tract of laud, for
lumbering purposes:
Commenoing at about ono milo below
tbo junction of tho West or North ForK
of the Salmon River, running southerly
to a point one-half (1) mile above the
South or East Forte of Salmon River,
thenco easterly one-half (��) mile, thence
northerly to a point one-half | J] mile
east of the starting point, thenee westerly one-half [11 mile to tho point of beginning, containing aboul 10,1100 aores.
Also, commenoing at a point at Holder
CreeK, about one-half | i | mile from Salmon River, and running south about
three miles, thenco one-half | h ) mile east,
thenee north three miles, thence west
three-fourths of a mile to point of beginning, containing about 1000 acres,
17 W. P, SAYWARD.-
  DBAtRRS IN   	
lit, GOODS,
1)15 ACCO
CI .All-.
0. P��� & ttiBR9   S.&8&&
Going East,
No. 2
13:00 Leave   Vancouver   Arrive
18:10 Woaitivinetor
15:16 Agussiz
18:52 North Bend
2,'i:26         bpence's Bridgt
1:31 Ashoroft
4:08 Kamloops
7:57 Sicamous
10:16       RF.Vfcl'TbKS
11:18 Illecillewaet
12:15 Arrive    Glacier
15:20 Donald    Depart
o. 1
The steamer Duchess leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
and returning arrives at Golden at 4 p,
m, on Wednesday.
Steamboats leave Sicamous for Enderby Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
and return Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
1'ack trains from Revelstdke for Big
Bend on tho Columbia.
Notice is hereby given that all alluvial
claims legally held in tho West Kootenay
District, will bo laid over from tho 1st of
October to the 1st dav of Jane ensuing,
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1800,
A Court of Revision nnd Appeal under the Assessment Act will I.a held at
the Goveriime'nt Office, at Nelson, ou the
10th day of Novem., at 10 o'clock, a; m,,
and at the Court House in Revelstoke,
on tho loth dav of November, at 10a, in.
25 Chairman Court of Revision
aud Appeal.
Revelstoke, Sept. 18th, 1390.
The Court of Revision nnd Appeal
which was to h.ivo been held Nov, loth,
as above, is herein- postponed to Nov.
C'h'inu Ct Revision and Appeal.
Revelstoke. Nov. 10,1890.
In accordance with the provisions o
the Assessment Act, 1888, a Court of Revision and Appeal will be held iu this
District, at and on the following places
and dates respectively :
The Government Office, Fort Steele, on
Thursday, the 80th of October next, at
1 o'clock p. in.
The Government Olflce,  Donald, on
Kanday, the 17th day of November next,
ui il Oclock, ii. in.
Judge of Court of liovisiou
t.nd Appeal,
Donald, Sept, 29th, 1890.
��� MI.M..0   UiloKEtt,���
And General CoiuniiBsinn Merchant,
Insurance   and    Real   Estate
Agent,Notury Publio, Eto.
li C
urn, BRO
ETC,   ETC,   ETC. R (J T C H E RS
~-% 8 V S &��� S 9 St ��;   ' , AV., wnolSgAW AMI   IIETAII. DKALBIU IK
Ail ? M.OHVJ0 8tor�� NliLSON     ' iw row,   ltd,
dfye kootenay Star
The prospecttrs and mintrs will
soon oloae their labors in tho moiii-
tains, and come iuto the towns for
tbt wintsr. They havt not only
heen iBdustl'Jout with their bunds,
but xnelr tlionpttta Iiuts not been
idle, r. ii il tepenially so in regard to
tbt business which thev aro pioi.t-
onting They have doubtltss studied
the mining lawn by which they are
governed, uud have detected their
Tho ideas of each intelligent miner
a3 they have btcoma matured by
hard labor and industrious thought
should be embodied in somo manner
to become available to the mining
business, ami I here is no menu:) by
which this can be done more effectually than by organizing societies at
the central locations. It matters
little by what name it be called���
each locality might suit its own
lasts or convenience as to that���although RtvolStoke has furnished an
example at eoiae trouble and post,
hiving the ground work ol an organization, by forming a local camp nnd
inviting the formation of olher.-i in
other place:;, tho completed and central orgauizatieu to ba known as
tho Miner's Association of British
Columbia, and to bo composed of
di legates from tha vari -ua local
camps, Wo do not conceive of any
better or mora effective way to bring
together and consolidate tht be.-it
opinions of thoughtful and intelli-
intelligent miners, nnd to prepare
them for presentation lo the Legislature, Tin results thus obtained
would bo ollertd aa the combined
and oryetalisied opinions of leading
miners of tbt province, and would
carry a weight to which no expression of individual opinion would be
Each mining tamp may have some
particular grievance, local in itself,
which it would like to have redrtsflad
and if a local uociety is formed, the
central asBoeiation would bo asked to
take it up, and when favorably considered, it wonld be presented to tbt
governing authorities with ti force
thut would ensure to it the most respectful consideration.
A oaso like this might arisr: An
interested party might have somo
selfish end to carry out, that would
be damaging to quartz mining in a
certain lucidity,if net gener.illy,and if
he could in'ike it appear to tbe placer
miners in tbe legisluti r <bb a plausible
scheme, at Itast one not likely to
damage thoir particular interests���
and thoy beiug ao ignorant of and at
indifferent to the rights of quartz
miners p.s tlm average legislator
proved himself lo be lust winttr, the
measure would bo very likely to pass
in defiunoe of opposition by those
interests wero directly affeotod, This
would not occur if a Miner's Aaso-
ci.ition wero formed to guard against
the enactment of laws detrimental to
br.th quartz and placer mining.
The Miner'i Association 1ms no
|,o]iiioil oniin to accomplish, ISaTOftB
that were made in June to invtlvt it
in the eltotinn then pending, wero
reBtnted as foreign to its objects and
wo hope to see its logilimnle sphere
enlarged ami ils influence extended,
until iht purposes which were originally contemplated in its organization
are accomplished.
D. C. McGillivray and Prank
Lang have tomt ia from French
Cruek, which thoy left en Wednesday November 5ih. Tht Consolation Company had boon four days
on their pay-strtak und wero taking
outubout the sumo that Mr, Goodwin
did lust year. They will uot return
thia winter, Lang being troubled
with rheumatism, and McGillivray
oomplaining that the air iu tin tun-
uel is becoming unhealthy for his
jiings. Bunker, McDonald and the
China oeok aro Jt.ill working.
From Beaver to Revelstoke
by Kiver.
Geo, B. Nngle and Tom. Home
old timtrs, woodsmen' and miners
having an ambition to coekt tin trip
from Btaver to ttevfelstokt by way of
the Coluiubi&j in a spirit tf advtn-
tarsi r.nd with a view t�� "size up the
country" in relation to its timber
nud mineral rtaourots, made preparations by building about calculated
to run Hit shallows and rapids of
tin river without trouble, und left
Bchym ��o M,.mli��r Ocurlmr  HUtll   at
nooa.   They readied Surprise rapids
20 milts below, the lirat day, Although called rapids thoy are a
series of cascades V/t to 11 milss
long whi:h took two days to got
over. Tht upper shute it was found
necessary to portage, but they run
tho lower sliutt which proved to bo
vtry dangerous, iho boat striking a
rock which threw it nearly on end,
but they got over without damage
except shipping a couple of barrels
ot water. They found John McDonald and a German named August Borgmao, camped at the foot of
the rapids, whsrt they bad built a
oabin and put ia supplita for a winter campaign hunting, the principal
game being beaver, caribou and
martin���a good section for fur-bearing eniaaals of inrieat kinds.
The old Moberly trail from Donald down the Columbia as far ns
Cnnco river tr to within a few miles
of it, whioh was cut out whtu explorations for tbo railroad route
wore being prosecuted, is still a
well miirkod trail along the east side
of the river, and would require but
little expended on it to put it in
good order. Etighteen miles bolow
Surprise rapids is Kinbaektt Lake, 7
to 8 miles long and 2 to 3 wide, a
beautiful body of watur, of great
depth, with bluff rocky bIioivs and a
fine gravelly bunch nearly all round
The observations made or, the timber c' that toction, confirms the report of Arthur St. Cyr, which was
published in tho Stab last week,
with this exception in its' favor, that
it did eot overstate the size of tbo
trees, bnt rather the contrary.
At 18-Mile Ripids between Kin-
basket Like and Canos Rivor, in it.i
present stage of shallow wattr, the
river was found to 1)9 very bad, and
in thrtt places the boat bad to bt
lowerad with a lint. It was hero al
the lower rapids, whoroamannamed
Johnston iu 1885 was drowned on
i' t trio rouud with a party from
Donald. A reoord of the aocidont is
posttd near by as a warning to other
navigators, of tht daugtrout character of tbe rapi.'s,
Messrs. Nagle and Home sprnt
four days at the old Hidson Bay I
Boat Encampment near tht mouth of
Wood River, and on Canoe Rivtr,
Whioh tiny ascended about 25 miles
wilb a cnn.it as far as tbt shallow
water permitted, nn i Ihoecs on foot.
Both Canoe and Wood RiverB, ns
far as observed, appear to havo the
usual quantity of burned aud stand-
in;; limber,
'Iho 50 milei to Smith's Creek
were mwlt in two days. Hire they
found Iht Columbia Rivor llydriuilio
Company in first class condition, all
parties salislitd with wind lliey wtro
doing, whioh it mustbt Inferred waa
vtry good to reward tin labor of the
seven n.cn employed
From Smith Creek to Rtvtlitoke,
Death Rapids was run without ncc'-
dent, and at a place a few milts bt-
low Iht boat was lowtred with a line
but at the head of H'x Milo Canyon,
which is six milts above RtTolstoks,
they found tho most difficult water
this sidt of Canot River.
Prospttting for gold tt tht mouths
of the various streams running into
tbe Columbia on belli sides was systematically carried on, ami colors
wero found almost without exception
in overy pan of dirt cashed, but
mora taptcially was this tin cart,
aid better showings were found, in
the cntks which ilow out ef the Stl-
Sign I of gamt wtrt se.tn al various
points, and out caribou was shot on
Cunet Rivtr, and Iho horni brought
in.- Thi trip occupied two weeks,
Sir. Kellie Interviewed.
A reporter of tha Colonist inhsr;
vitwpil Mr. Ksllie on hie arrival at
Vietoiia, aid wt make tht following
extracts ;
"Mr. Kellie hs.�� recently returned
from a visit to the miuing  tampc of
Kootenay Lake, which district he is
of opinion will prove to ht  ont  of
tht rithest, if not Ilia ri -litet, on iht
Amtrioan continent.   Tht  devtlop-
mtnt at tin various  minaa���ittably
thee   of   Iht  Hot  Springs,  Tea 1
Mountain, Trail C'rtek and the Blue
Bell viaiui���has dcnior.Mrjted btjond
ptradvtnturt that tin district pose-'
tssta  numerous ledges of  phenomenal oxttnt and  richness.    Many
>on�� of picked ort havt been shipped
during the season to ihe American
smelters for traatinont.   The lack of
rail and wageu roads  seriously   re-'
tarda the progress of  ths  distrist,-
The short line now nearly completed
by tbe C. V. 11. between  Kootenay
Lake and Columbia  river  will  no6
meet the neuls of tin district so far
as railway communicatitn is toncern-
ed.   They should immediately build
a line from Revebtoke to Kootenay
Lukt end   timo  furnish   a  regular
line of communication.   The American lines are approaching tht bound-
try, and next spring the Spokane 3c
Northern and tht Northern Faoifio
will havt staamers  plyinj on  tbt
Kootenay and  Columbit livers  to
tie   Kootenay hike  mines.      Mr,
Kellie is of tue opinion that the district and province would   batnfit bv
'.he extension of thete lines  to  Nel-
ion.   The McKinley bill lies done a
gtod thing for the distritt, rtmarked
Mr, Kellie.    It will compel  tht
Bmeitiug of nil ore within its boundaries, and iu a abort time there will
beanough ore mined to keep half a
dozen snu-lters busy.   Dr, Hendryx
will erect one on the aito of the Blue
Bull claim to treat the  ore  of  that
wonderful property,   Mr. Kellie  is
hopeful thUt ���tlio government will
pursue a liberal railway and wagon
vagou road policy during the ctming
"The reason that the Rsvelstokt
smelter was not now in operatioi,
was solely because ore otuld not be
brought to tho works. This would
be obviated iu the spring. The Ct,
owned mints at the Hot Springs
camp sufficient to furnish thtni with
all the oit tht'y needed, and tht
railway would be in operation by
springtime between the lake and the
"Along the Kootenay River from
the lake to tbe boundary ia valuable
bin I whith could be utilized in the
growing of supplies for tbo distriot,
Thia is at present uudtr restrve to
Baillio-Grohman, whose reclamatioi
scbtmt, Mr, Killia elates, it of an
almost insane character. The outlet
of Kootenay Lake ie much smaller
than the inlet from tho eonth or from
tho Lardeau River, anl when buow
is molting the water rises a foot per
day to a hci^bt of 10 and 12 feet,
To prevent this it would be neceesa-
ry to spend milliona of dollars in
widening the enlist, Mr, Kellie
claims that Grehman has failed in
his cottract already with the Government, and will advocate the cancelation of the contract, and the
removal of tht reserve,"
Tho Wtatero World, tbe illustral
ed moitbly magazint published at
Winnipeg, by Ac'oi Burrows, it
steadily improving, Thia month'i
niiiohc��������� .-ciitaian en special features
a description of tht Mtoleod district,
including Lctbbriiige, illustrated
nitli aixteeu illistrttioni of pittur-
tgqut scenery, tbt colliery works,
ke, Thero are alao illustrated descriptions of Bran Ion and Moost Jaw
and a eonaiderablo'amouEtof miaeel-
laneous matter dealing with tht resources and dtvtlopmtnt of the
wholt of tht territory bttwttn Lakt
Superior and the l'aoiflo Coaat. Tho
Magazine ia performing vtry important work it :ul vartisitg tht rtiourctf
of tht great wtat.
Tht Lev. Mr, ration, Rrtebyttrian
minister, will preach at tht ohurch
on Sunday, tomorrow oroning tf
7:1X1, tXbe kootenay Star
Al'ourpngc'vVfciity-columr. news
paper, |aissued from theoffico of
publication, Revelstoke, l>. C
Bubjcnption price %1 per year
Rates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprietor
Ranching    in    British
E.litor SUR,���Sir���Parties living
east, and Bometimes those travelling
���treat upoH C. P. It. trains, are
puzzled to know what is tht meaning of the term "Ranoh," so frequent-
Iv used as the coast spproachea.
Webetcr's Dictionary, standard authority, -ays, "ranch tht same as
ranoho, (Spanish)���A rude hut aa
of posts, covered with branohts or
tbttoh, where herismea or farm-
laborers may live or lodgo together;
elioaltrgo farming establishment
on which are many ranches; especially an establishment for roaring
oattle and horses ������- distinguished
from tin haoienda, which isaiiulti-
vated farm or plantation."
In early days in British Columbia,
many perions in the Pacific Province
gave attention to raising stock to
supply a demand in the Cariboo or
other mining districts, and oultiva
tioii ef the soil was quite Railed.
Of later years, attention in many
pints ef the inland country, ii given
to raising grain, vegetables, tnd the
growth ef fruits. lio-.c-'vor, the common tiprtsskm prevails Jin most, ol
"ituch," to iliBtioguiah a settler's
property. No matter how nunarous
and productive Ihe acrea held, or
limited a; d comparatively insignill-
taut the lotation wbi-rt "aquatttr
Sovereignty" exists, tha tills raneh in
applied in general conversitian.
Uniiee the word ao often heard.
Timet who outtr British Columbia
a; tht Kookiee nnd travel with rail
road speed to coast cities, txpress
i(heir surprise at tht genoral appear-
anoe of theoountry upon either hand.
1 iiia travelling "liko a Hook ef pig-
eenB ever a town," is uot the H wny to
gut a correct knowledge of British
Columbia. Whilecn.l.v anoecasional
grttn Bpot, er raneh, can he teen
along the C. P II. line, a abort distinct from thy railway may be foiunl
n'omiivs iields, ooinfortiible hornet,
proaptrouB settlers and gauar.il con- I
Space will not- ptrtnit to dwell
upon partiouler localities, Suffice
it to any that Nisola today presents
not a few happy homn, that are j
year by year being intreaatd, ami as
the spirit of euterpriit ia abroad, :
tjiaing towna with ohnrches, Bchtoli,
mills, eto., are to be (tea.
htard ie Ytrnon. and the otho  re- , bands babied his back, jist as if bt
tound along the chain of lakes that | wa* doing it for cxtreise, though 1
extended Mission-ward.
Perhaps ia all British Columbia
there it no finer climate or richer soil
than is to be found ia what
is known as Okanagau Mia-
aioa Valley. True it is, that
ths natural advantages have not bete
used as they should havo been. Those
who located there in surly days have
too often "takeu the world easy ;"
the Bices? was that no market was
approachable. Well, with tin
change of proprietorship of many
ranches, and tht stearetrs plyiug
along tht Okan.igan I ake, a new
state of affairs are cropaung out.
There are still openings in the valley j
for parties with a little mtur.s. Tht
day is not far distant v, lieu thousands of tons of choict grain, txttn-
bits tupplies of delicious fruit will
be on aale and readily shipptd, Et-
aiJau, dtvtvy kmaiuavaa, h��p vaieing.
and the cultivation of beats and
staunfuctore of sugur, can bt carried
tn, Tbt opening ia thero-it only
requirei tht right kind of tettlsr
wilb capital to do the rest.
As to the action of tho Gevem-
nient iu introducing Artesians wells
a few ytars wiil prove the housaiy of
coald net from the bank of bis neck
thai hie jawfl ware working in a des
pirate way. The man muat havo
been most suffocr.tid, though he
managtd tt get away with hia mouthful, taoh tiret, while he stood at tin
colored pottert, Ko kspt this up
nntil ht iii'ii'i have tatan about
eight eheepa' tongues, besides a lot
of sausages. It was ont of the
iquarest meals I ever saw got away
with, though it must havt boen a
dreadfully painftl oue. Anyhow
pretty icon ht came up to the bar
and took a lev,- gulps of his betr,
which I take pride in nerving in tbe
biggest stovepipes iu the city, Bir.
When be had taktn a kip or two ho
said in acarekaa way:
'I wonder if these sbeepe' tongues
art g��od, barkeep? Anyway, I
guess I'll try out.'
bo he helped himself to another,
and wliilo ho cliuweil It, having by
thit time swallowed about one-third
of hia beer, he shoved tho stovepipo
across the bar and said:
'Barkeep, I wish you'd fill this np
for )ns.   It's got a little Out.'
'Well, do you know, I was ao fitb-
btr-gnsted that I took tho stovepipe
Smelting and Tradir
those managing tht affairs of State,    to lbe keg and filled it.   The folio
and tin retail cau not be  doubted
The writer haviug had an experience of ten years in au oil country,
can  speak  favorably  of   different
points iu Spallumoheen aud Okana-
gon for the introduction of Artesian
wells,   The txpense attending tbo
sinking of riio'a wells is mauil in eoni-
pariaon to tho advantagts of irrigation.   Whtn it ia taken into account
what baa been  dono  in  California
and is doing iu OrKjon  and  Washington states for benefitting tbo dry
districts, no delay should be bad iu
inhibiting energy to fairly tout tbe
moat favorable  sections.   Tbe  increase in value of Government laud
aud   private  property, (tbat would
sdd to the advancement ol the tax
roll,) would soon make good the outlay.   Wo need not refer to the  adt
vautago of   the  increase  of  population ; whtro n few now are scattered, scorae  would bscooe  settlers,
��nd|thufl wonld our country gain in
strength and    importance.     Jus
think of it! Oats scares at present in
RamlospB at 2 cents per pound and
not a hundred miles from our doors,
thousands of acres of virgin coil idle !
Again,���hay 020 per ton and numer-
oue rnnolitfl produoinglittlo or nothing 1   Whort is the tnterprizt ef our
people?   What is our Government
doing to ohange this itate of affairs '.-
A. new life wanta to be infused into
this Proviate and the abmnlru drain
st.   ped,      No  need   for   sending
abn id for what can be  procured at
"Rise or be forever fallen I"
"Can (laul .r M .����ivite assist us ?
No, bv our own energy must
our    . trtj be wi   :ght,
kl, H,
I o        - -   , Nov. 6th
Th ���  Car ���  per.
Is now Prepared to Kcccivo all Gold. Silver & Lead ors.
Miners who havo anv ores tosnll are requested to communicate at once with   ik
manager at Revelstoke, B. 1., r ho is prepared to furnish every facility
to miners of small or limited means to ship their ere.
General  Contractors    and    Builders
It has well been said   Ihal "S] il-      - ;-- -     -, .         .
hmobeen is tht   garde               <������.*���'��� sera       * to  me
Columbia."   The natural idvan igee   -   . ., ���        deeper
ff soil, timber, openings  (or high-      ,       .   -. For ina ,noe,
wajs, etc , areapi treat to all wh    ���-,.      ,   . ,    _ ulrt tne
travel that way.   Now that tht Bhe             .
drank it do urn, saying that he liked
to feel be was getting the worth oi
hie nickol, and went cut. I'm waiting for him to turn up again, with a
plateful of patent medicated sheeps'
tongnos that will ticken him of
working free lunches for gvoil, I
Asked tlio Wrong Girl.
Bridgeport, Conn., November 2,���
A wtll-knowu young blacksmith of
F.iiat Bridgeport ia somewhat saddened over a vtry unfortunate mistake
which he made Wednesday evening,
Tho young man in question, had
recently fallen in love with a fair
East Bridgeport maiden. The
young lady has a twin sisttr, who resembles her so much that it is at
tiuns very hard to distinguish ono
from tho other.
The voting man called at the
house oi his tweelheart lust night
for the purpoje of whiapering love'a
message to tho maiden fair. It happened, however, that she was out,
and the yonng man wts met at the
coor by the twin Bister, who received
him cor Rally and expected to entertain him until her sister1! return.
Tha young man, however, supposed that tht young lady who received him was the one whom ho
adored. He therefore broached tbo
the subject of his love to her end implored her to accept him as her afli-
anced husband,
The young lady had hardly time
to reply when her sitder entered tht
room. The youug mun was then informed that before him flood bis
true love, and the young lady whom
he had just abked lo ucctpt him was
In r Bister.
He -as completely upset by this
ex| lanation mid earnestly begged
the sister's pardon, which was quick-
intcd. Things were then put
to rights and ths sister retired, leav-
tht young man happy with his own
. iwtetbea.it,
wap and  Oki I ailway  w
iooo 1 a coutti toted, ntw energy w
ho displayed   . *  e
tources   f the country isacd
a,' acres ley       ��� ��� *     ;���>   .
The !. id rl - :i havt dc .t
-      -   -        -
..a ���        ��� -
i.No " i.' ; man OF N.mitr.TK."
in E jlish oorrctpondtnt of ibe
Congregi      diet ti lis the following
| slory  ab mt   Benjamin  'lillet,  the
f dj labor liailtr who has
ti a    I y otine to the froit, and who
- ��ay, ia a Congrt ;ationalist:
'He was iptaking lo an immense
.,..._..,,-...���.. .......     , elen, many of them
BU.htO.Uilu"       .... , ... ... .
�� "dw        '       ;   "       ' ' - -      - .DiviutMastt.     [..poke
Ml   *     '       '" '    '  ' ��' -   rttbetld
���ll b. opened and      ..Untie     ,. , ,
gin ;. ���', grain pr if late
va.ra new tnttr     it ban   it     ��� i
ti d. and no .i   .....
will jontinut    Far too large a       a
in SpalUatohce in da nature
.tan ; bowevtr, as fai liliti grow up,
stttlera ar.-ivt in tl < ���
ties, and protpei 11 brighten, btttti
daya are in alma (tr Spallu
aged settlers ivill yet livt to tee
waatt section*under ami.in;; , tin,
and dilicioo i fruit and olnica flowtra
ootnpy tht place tf (ortat, bruah and
wild rosea,
Going a lit1 is further to tbe lonth,
or running to the White ' t .���.->
iittlemerit, art to be found openugi
for new ratichers, Tbt "old stock"
feuerally got tOO e-.iy :i living to 11
art Ihemaelvts ; lliey bate no* to be
���jp and doing or fall back ; tha wheel
of progress is moving and aeon the
__��^1,^1I^I^I^B_______ ; he* told
oil.    .              -a .             ��� ���',.-.   ,|',|
'     ' ���   ���   -���                           -  I  as
'      "                 '           " lathtbcliti            Ian  of
'���'''     itaud on tht cornier while
a i free     nh in t  Man
ner to artful <
ahead I       - - it iw
d ed g
toni a ���   I     ��
;; '. itOOd WI       Ig WI
iwn     i
rtry hard apparet   i
menae inters * in th irod a
theater bills en tilt   walls
back and    i      bttwtt       <     .
> c
loon, bo'd lake lo i ohao ��� -
when i daoltod my htad <<
eounttr and grab a ihtep'i tongiia or
a  big bunk   ol   sailings   so   quid
tint it "/aa like a maiitiun'fl trick.
II. ItooMQliyt v.i,..|iis  win b��'Thin he would walk away with hit
anal do      ibori    ei re ;.a.... i le Uy,
He grewm -  leal > i he
a i        a i ,'i.d  'Viu
hbnoBi .'. I   i-'ve ol
a I 'il.     AI loll     '
a ...i 'Lot's give three
ihtt i  lo i ol     i -li'-'li !
���   -ni uu havo
irer beard umi      ly 'bo.
ll  aa     an    Otpt "ail) tpllfled
...�� if roioea ; dm d   in
;     ii      ,  i ii m in .,f Naz i
11 a rtrld in "i i,
''". t yen kno ���; i oily, that it in
o p "- ��� I ir vol in turn round and
Iter a gentlemnii,'   'liut main
nn, I iti.'i "idr looking to nee  il be
wan looking lo mil I wm lookin|.
Manufacturers and Dealers in   Doors, Sash, Mouldtnsrs, Glass,
and all  lands of Building Material.    Office  Furniture nud  Fixtures a
ft specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and 1'ioturt Frames, eto
made to order
7JW/ftK-* iiW?��sr��SfSKi TJKnilWF"W! "XVXmBBOBmBQOOBt&R
.havo entire snip of the cc-lobealed Canmore      il, inmp nnd nut coal, suitable f
base-burners and other sloven.   GREAT il MATING POWER.   MUCH
CHEAPER THAN WOOD.     Delivered nl Revelstoke. any part
ol town, $!) 00; Kamloops 89.90: Uonald $8.50.   Special
quotations for car lota.        il stoves sold at
wholesale cost ffity, oats und bran sold
by carload or smaller quantities
Yards at Kamloops and
Donald.   Apply
L J. EDWAItDS -      ��� DONALD,.
oo   MxjlJ^llmU, 06  UU.
���*   y
Tl rT Fb o
Is     J-," iy
Carry lui'ge lines of plain, medium, inn i high-gr.-iile turniture,   Parlor and
Rod-room sets ranging iii price Er nn $6.50 to $500.    Hotels furnished throughout,   Ollloe and bur-room chairs,   Bpiug
mnttreBSos made to on! , nnd woven wire, hair
and wool mattrossos in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootonay Lake
points will iftcoive early
and   prompt attention.
B.     Oa
tarness ��� and ��� Saddle ��� Emporium
THUNKS   AID VALISES | | ladies.and gents
Holies and lilnnketH, Curry combs,  Harness:
oil, Horso brushes,  Whips, Spurs und   :
Bits in groat variety.
II), S  VVILS )X, ���'��,'�� . at llovalatoke.
Di-voiril   to   lbe   LUMBERING,   BUSINESS   nnd AGiiCUL
TURA L, and espscially to lbs
Milling Interests of the
Kootenay District.
��){)!) od '", and ezocuLod In tho best ityle. Commireisl work;
��.iieiglty,  ')r4��raeT��U^ nt��Mj lllli TO MY MOTHER.
How fji ii- you are, my mother I
Ah, though 'tis many n year
Sinoa you were here,
Still do I see your beauteous face,
And with the glow
Of yonr dark eve; oomoth a gi'iica
Ot long ago,
So gentle, too. my mother :
Just as of old, npen my brow,
Like benedictions now,
Falleth yonr dear hand's'touoh,
And still, us then,
A voice ll- il glads me overmuch
Cometh again,
My fair and gentlo mother I
How you have loved tne, i ."iher,
I havo not power to tell���
Knowing full well
'J but evin in tho rest Above
���I ::. your will
'lo watch uud guard mo with yonrlo. i
1.   ing me still,
And, as of old, my mot her,
I am conteut to be a child,
���By mother's love beguiled
From all these other charniB ;
So, to the last,
Within thy dear, protecting arras
Hold thou me fast,
My guardian angel, mother I
Obstacles to Imperial   Federation.
���Whether Imperial Federation, or
Mr. Phi kin ban called it, National
l.'uity, will be practicable in the
1; uire, will depend en ninny things,
mainly, I think, on Great Britain
.'" df. At present sho shows no
derre for any anch union. All, or
nemiy all, the vi��ito:a, be they
writers or statesmen, whooemo to tbo
Australian oelouins tell ns that we or*
not wonted, at least not any term'
likelj to ba at all acceptable to our-
s��lv��: Mr, I'roudo wus emphatic
on this point, es have been it hut
others. ��o that the wander is thut we
contic to cherish t, neuti��eiit to
which there i�� so littlo response.
Bir Charles Gevin Duffy kas told
Great I- iiuin what her duty is, lur
he baa urjed ber to go forth end de-
dare thai ha empire is one, but h��
li��s not, ri fki' aa we have heard,
awakened '.t>e conscience of a single
British Statesman nor met with any
supporter :. ihe whole range ol
British journalism, V)'e litre, however littla >ie may care for him
in other ways, know that k�� apoke
Iho true war.; in regard to thia matter, and we are lost in wonder that
hia utterance bus fulUu ao Hut.
What'is the matter with the British
people? Have they liecoae, like
Pettr Bell "so subtile that lo be
nothing ia all their glory," do tbey
cure for the colonies. Have they
g pride and belief in tbe empire, or
are they willing i let it crumble lo
piaces under tkeir eyeB? Mfe bare
loek for some assurance thai we de-
aired, end we find certain cold calcu-
lai.ee intended to show ua that
blood ia of lesa specific gravity than
water. We dream of the time whoa
there might be �� mighty empire
standing four square to bruaat the
ahocks of time and chance, and we
are told that the House of Com.-.ione
is tha Alpha and the Omega, the beginning sad the end, tbo hi-, and
the laat. Natural^ our ire is awakened nud wo ��"k iu this the way to
deal mighty problem of a great Imperial Federation on which the sua
ahall never set, and whioh may move
the future deatiny of the world ? Wo
turn te A.hie. Smith, aud read hia
chapters on the colonies, which
should be printed iu letters ef gold,
und any, "here are the keys to the solution." We wait, but we get uo
answer. Still, wo hold our faith,
aid ahall continue to held it Until we
are finally conviiced that Gnat
Britain car not riae to the height of
the great argument, anil than we
shall, ne do ...t sorrowfully eve:,
then cast iu our let with then who
now aoream about 'Ucpnblioanien,
nationality, and a hoat of other
things which they d�� not in the
leaat understand. And the problem
is how toootialruel legislatures whieh
shall represent the eupirctltkl lawn
for the empire, ho to the empire
what tbe Congress at Washington ia
to Ibe United Stales. We are told
that ranch a legislature is an iupossi.
hilily, that it is a dream, the shadow
ef a abadn ; hut we answer tbat tbii
but yet lo be proved, for no attempt
nt ((deration has yat been made,ar:
does the spirit see::i to be abroad,
Those foolish persona in England
wko think that the colonies are feol-
ishly loy*l, because tome of then,
are demonstrative on ..." 'tsio is, and
wo boner royalty more than it ii honored ;i! home, do uot un lerstand,
and fall i itn a similar, though opposite error, Ihere ii in these colouiea
a Btrong and earnest desire to
preserve it aiy jeii^-e. No ooloniat,
it may be decidedly aaid, bastiTisiou
ia the future ii which a House of
CoKiui.ua cf any kini shall rule tbe
empire; bat the dreams dreamed,
if dreams they be, are of quite
another statt of affairs, We who
bepe fer Imperial Federation, er
national unity, sec tbat it c���� only
be broaght about, if it e&u bo
brought about at all, br a free and
eipul union of nil the colonics,
under a system which ahall ba adapted to ihe now cirenstsUoees,   And
why not?   T'r. A.u.-.-i'.m Union vii.s
oi.i.le and flints in   d��8��iiu��   ul   a.11
previous experience, whwh was thai
large slates could   net   nuite,   The
Greek   colonies,   ra   used   lo   he
told swarmed off and w-.e pr.ictioally
separated from  tha  parent I'olea,
i'huoyilidesiufermsns that they cur.
ried with thoin the veeUllirs.and thus
acknowledged their origin, and eveu
aoine obedience as a oosssqueuce,
but there wu' no real unity.   Thi-.
waa the example nf thu world ;  aud
yat, in the face  of uii this,   i:i   the
very teeth of hiatery and Ihe philosi
pliers, tbe fathers of their country
locked    themselves  uy    for  a.niiti
months and devissd���they did  ����
wait for it to grow���a new constita-
tioc, whioh has worked, is working
I and���Mr. Bryoe tells as���will   continue to work,   Are then   wa to  be-
i lists that all origiualities have bat:,
I exhausted, aad that wc have nothing
! to do but sit down  aad  let  Ihiugs
drift?  This ia  what we  here, the
large body of persons wno hold to j
Imperial Federation, do uot believe, |
list grieve that we  find  no  eorros-
i; nuding euthasiastn   ou  the  olhor |
eid��  of the  world.   Invely, if the
whole tbicg is to fail, it would be
[ taller to fail iii .'ii e^.icavor to csn-|
ii, lid Uo  th-' empire,  in  a  bv-attv'.
recognition of the fact that wo are
; i in- people, than to ait down and lot
the fubiic ret to  .jie.'tis  under our
'. very eyes.-
j   This iraa! of moral, and  national I
vigor at home is felt here, and it is
! the on*, thing which gives force and
courage to  those   who  deride  1ib-|
perial Federation, who mock at nil
that ir, British, aod who e**�� to for
meet a like sedition and disgust, They
are not strong or very wise in their
ladvooaoy, hut  they seeii  to  havo
; Englaid at their back, for she is ua-
miudfal of her fate,  and that is the
j way to ensure that others shall b* un,
| mindful too, aud to put weapons iu
j handa of her enemies,   Let England
j declare that she wiil never desert her
| colonies, never allow thorn to separate, except there is absolute  uuatii
mity ; let her speak plainly  ns  the
"great Mother of majestic works"
should, and the whole colonial aspect will be changed by tho simple
magio of entire earnestness,   'iiten
if yoa have articles like that of Mr.
Gossip's, you will have them with
ths difference for the eitiltalioa  of
the separatists is based aud sustained
by tho indifference  of  tho  Mother
Country, and craving fear of speak-
| ing Ihe words which bIiow  that her
i heart and her hand are iu thu right
j place, the one healing in  sympathy
with her Irue  eois all  the world
over, ami the other on her sword to j
put down traitors who trade now on
ber forbearance whilst tbey laugh nt
her folly.   If she Is so diatraotod in
j her Counsels that she cannot venture
! io be bold, or cannot find Ihe words
[ lo utter, then the colonies may drift
t away ; as her true sons may cosae,
I as they are coming to think that it ia
I useless to fight a battle which is do-
, glared to  be lost already,���United
Service Magazine.
'Yes sir,' began the distinguished
stranger, 'I havo delivered tho same
leotun two hundred consectire
night?, Bir.1 'Taat's nothing,' de
chircd Peck-son, 'My wife often delivers two hundred same lectutes in
one consecutive uigbt,'
'No, I c.iii't givo yon anything,
: said Jaysmitb to a collector for the
I missionary ranse, 'obarily begins a
: buuio,' as Shakespeare said. 'Hut
Shukespenro never raid it,' 'Oh,
i well, ho would if he hud thought of
: t:
McKinley, tha author of the l.si
American tariff, was burns I in offitry
atsoio* places in EogUnd on Guy
l-Vvkas d��y.
The Ottawa Governmsnl has ��''o;'
ted a big schema for utilising the
iin migration vote passed last session,
im! whirl: applies solely to Manito'
ba, the Territories an! British Columbia, Evory actual settler on land
being tho hss-l of a family will gel
��15 ; every child over 12, $7:50. and
au additional bourn of ���?���"> will be
,ivcn to any tnenieor of a family
who wfthiu six months after arrival
actually settles, L-md grants are
'-iiiii'i-ly contingent on actu.il settle
'Dear Mr. Hicks,' she wrote, 'I am
,-ory sorry that what yon sal I cannot grant, I cannot become yonr
wife, Yonra sincerely, Ethel Barrows.'
Then she nd-led, 'P. 3,-On soconrl
ii.o.i^uio, iioai- enmrgo, i iiiu.ii i will
marry you. Do come up tonight aud
-.���a your own true Ethel,'
Uo.vald, 11 0.
GLACIER L0D3E. No, 51.
kleets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wed-
ii adays each month.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt,
Seo'y,   W. F. Ogilvio,
Fiuc'r,   Argils McLean,
Journal Ag't, E, A. Chesley, Earn-
oops, ii, C.
"*x*.���"-. ::��� f-'a��� tt.t���-vr.-.v". i ��>a*:?A- muzLx,<*!&*?
mi    ' ������     iii
JL1IU iWYtUouUKti iiil DIlUPi
H  Ji.   1\ LLi.IV U .!      OS    v. \J,
DEVL3B3 IX Si'-)V;-;- ASD I'i , .V.VRS,
Jranito   ware,  und    Lamp  GjoIs.       Tin,   Co.ip.'i'  mid    Shast Iron
'Vi.ro in : I" to 0,'L'i'.    Ifii'sj-oi.ia-) vu'; :'urmtej t,   ' Gi'hrs i-an-ith*
t    J m
ftttcn   d Lo,
tmmtjMMnmimm mm/gam m&mmmmWma%wtmm :���!,. _���-���
^ilerfTj^olB    .'j   'tftial*'^;'*.     All   \f
-. s
nWnlnl       i-y''
li.   .
Ul orders by niiiil or
oi] .-���    n mptl
atti uded
i a n ys r, ���; n a
. i'-:/-.iy* SELKIRil LODQ-E NO.,
&g��P     IOOFDoaald B. (
'., 12
Begular Meeting Thursday ,t each
week at 8 p. m.   All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J. McLeoo,     J. Ii. Mathesos,
K. G. 11. S,
Hnmo's Buildiug, Bevelstoke, B, C,
e      ��
lif -
jill   descriptions of
g. Id an 1 silverware.
j. d. WILoOJN & CO i.
General, Merchanf^o
Ti. C.
(���. -K.     si
1 J" J*r
f \'-;.:y;.:.,.'<"��� *.\
Steamers DccaEss, Mario:; &Feiit
Sir.   Duchess leaves  Guidon for
Windermere and way points overy
Monday at noon, (and on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements oiler) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednps
day, i p. m.,
Tourist tickets $0 for round trip,
A. B. II, 0O0HEANE & Oo,,
Agents, Gol.Ion, B. C.
MTWtW PRIflViS '-��� ������������'<���
lUV ,\.  A   <-J ��liA     .:-j   att*V/iatfa''l V..-������'.; -%,   v,-.
DUUJ!UiJ!j iJit?Uk),
(Close to C. P. R, Depot J
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Ph. D��� F.
G. S.A.
(Lato of tho Geologioal Survey of
Consulting Geologist. Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of sl
kinds examined and reported on,
Economic problems investigaledand
information furnished. Whetham
Block, Vancouver, B, C 1
Note,���Mineral specimens sent to
Dr. La'.vnou will be placed on pnhhe
exhibition. 50
P, 0, Address, Nubian, i). C,
Capacity 20,000 foot per day. Pinner
shingle luacliiuo, oto. All kinds of
lumbor on band. During the season
of 181)0 lumber will be; delivered at
anv of the landings on the hqe
jTMIIt reduced prions,
Importers ol'tlio Choioost Gfrooeries and Provisi us.
Wo curry a select and completo stock of gent's furnishings, i.i lie.-, gents,
und children's hoots, Bhoes and hose, staiioiiery, patent uiediciues, toilet]
rcquinitoB and roudy-mado clothing,   A   large  assortment of pipes, ^
icoucco, oigiu'otloii, imported uud domestic cigars, li'iiits, candy, etc,
.itovc pipes, tinware, crockory, cough and dressed lumbor, and other goods
toe numerous to mention, at moderate prices,      ,y.^ '.t^'^
'/eleuhaac e^mmunieation.
reu. n
ie h
iievelstoke       -     -    -"-.,. 1!,C
(Branch Store at Nelson,) ]
Dealer an Dry Goads  Groceries,' Provisions
Canned Goods, Hardwire ^.j.
The Stock In every Department is Pull an I Completo and the Public will
find ii to their advantage to call nnd
Inspect   Goods   and1  Compare   Prices.
Donald, B. C.
Merfs 1st 2 Sundays, end last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt,
Sec'y,   W. F.Ogilvie.
Finc'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't, E. A. Chetiey, Raui-
oops, B, C.
Donald, B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,    Arthur Randall
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Geo 1) Govett, Box 49.
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can-
nn ue, K "W T.
Mafriiziuo Agent,   II J MoSorloy,
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday evening al7;30, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church Ministers. Speoeial nn-
no'incemenl will bo made each week
iu the Star.
Sunday School and Bible ('lass every Suflday afternoon at 2:30. All
are Cordially invited lo attend.
Sunday Services [Church of England,] will bo held each mouth, at tho
following places:
At Donald, evory Sunday in the
month, alternately by Rev. J, C. C.
Kemtn and Mr. Evans.
At Golden, 2nd Sunday.
At, Rovelstoko, 4th Sunday.
J. C. C. KemmT
A card from Hurry Hebert advises
(font be hue loonted in the city of
Scuttle, Wash.
John II, Scoley aud Mrs. Scoley
have settled down to housekeeping
in the cosy little pkee formerly owned by Branch.
Premier Robson has gone to San
Francisco, because of the illness of
his boo. He will probably bo absent
at i4ii.il two weeks.
Evan Johnsoi was up from the
North Arm hist week for his atook of
supplies. He will spend the winter
on his ranch.
Fletcher ia hurrying lo ge; hia
honso reedy by the 26th inst., fer li.
N. Coureier. Some :.'.ysterv about
this.   Harry isn't married.
The rsilroad beys got up a dance
at the C. P, R. Hetel em Thn I ,j
evening. A blind itinerant fiddler
happened along and he was thus sti-
Take notiee of the advertisement
of ths new tirm of contractora earl
builders, Fletcher k Co,, Ernest
Fletcher and Thomas Dempster are
tne partners.
Tne steamer Marion is  beir,�� pnl
ir. readiness for   business again.
\\ hen the Lytton stops running, the
Marian will keop up oommnn
between hare ami Sproat aa
Torn, I.itster and Jack I
went down to Hot Springs last week
lo | ut in the pumping works on the
United. They will likely have employment which will prevent their
r lum thia fall.
A "ampin lot of two tons of geld
ore' m Icon receii-t'd at Iho Smelter
this week, shipped in by M S
Davys, It is from Rover ereek,
nhieh rune into the Kootenay River
between Sproat aud Nelson, Tha
itsmiile runs high in tbe yello>v
The Commission whioh has been
called together at Victoria to eon
aolidate and codify the minint, laws
ef the I'rovineo, is oomposid of Mr,
Cewnn of Cariboo, <'��� it. Wright
ef A uiworth, Jndga Spinks <.' [(am
loops, and ,T, M Ki 'lie of Wesl
Koolenay, Thoy are now engaged
a the iroik, Mr !<-**iii<; having left,
ley, yicteria last Vonuuj ivening
The Ohioesa hare opened f- M��-
eonio Lodge in Revelstoke.
Meaars, Jowett k Haig hati a new
advertisement in thisiacr.e, referring
to the nale of Revelstoke lota.
V/m. Cowan, of the Victoria Hotel
vent down tho river last Monday,
for a visit te Kootenay Lake. He is
expected buck on the return trip.
Georiro Laforme started for Big
Bond last Sunday with his pack train
and five head of beeves, which he
brought in from Spalluatoheen and
will slaughter te supply the camp,
G, B. Naglo and Tom. Horse
started ou Thursday for Sproat in the
boat with which they made the northern eirouit of the Columbia two
weeks ago, Tbey go down to Kootenny Lake to remain,
It will be seen by the official notioe
iiorein published that Gerard IJ.
Naglo hag boon apiinintsil Miuing , thut he confessed his geilt to the
Recorder aud Tax Collector at Hot ; sheriff mui i.��Boi <.jgiat��*n moutiau
Springs iu place of Henry Audersou, | hard labor at Kamloops,   where he
there are plenty mora who ought to
have a Lome found them by the Gov
eminent, to keep the respectable in
habitants from a weekly panda-
Noveriker fifth and sit a county
court was heliT, Judge Spinks pre
aiding. There were about thirty
case*, some for wages, some for debt
und, Lien Act and otherwise or en
against the C, P. R, for killing
horse balongiug to oue aT. Henderson, Mr, Drake, Jr.,from Yietoria
for defendant aud Mr, Spragge for
plaintiff,   Plaintiff was nonsuited.
About six weeks ago as Indian
about 16 years of age was brought
down from Fort Steelo for breaking
into a house belonging to a person
named Keily, a J. 1'. Ne evidence
waa forwarded or any 'depositions
sent, merely a warrant for his arrest
aud cosamittal.   However it appears
removed.    The Star congratulates
that mining camp upon the change.
The article from cur oatcemoil
Kamloops correspondent, "M. H,"
on the inside page invites an attentive perusal. "Ranching," which is
to be understood in tha souse of
farming in British Columbia, ia illustrated by his pon, as well aa the
the subject of Artesiaus wells, which
has lately been to much discussed
by the press.
,7. Vi'. Haskins lias built a cabin
on tho ea'it sido of Trout Lako, in
Lardeau Pass, whore bs intends to
spend the wintsr. Tho placo is
iibout 00 miles a littlo oast of south
o stut.-j, nearly 20 miles from
auy other habitation, uud is entirely
shut in an soon as caow falls heavily.
Harry D. Beck who has made a
hermit cf hims-jlf for thrsa months
at Carne's Creek, returned yesterday.
During that time he saw bnt oca
persen. He baa been building
shaeks, repairing water- wheels, and
pntting matters in readiness generally on the plaoor claims of Jow��tt
it Haig, which aro located up tho
erisrikj three milos from ths main
P, M, Walker, Lochie McDonald,
.Tick Evans, and Chan. Helton, era
placer mining ou the Lardeau, Two
of thum aro sinking a shaft, end two
aro washing.   They are believed to
1 b�� doiug well, and their long stay in
! that locality is proof of it. They
have soma nice coarse gold ou hand.
! Mr, Slobart is washing by hioseli
not far from the other party.
0. H. Allen has begun eioavating
; for the foundation of a brewery
which he will build ou the north
side of the railroad traok. He will
rush the work with all the force ho
j can muster, and expects to be browing within a month.    His location is
near the river, and hn will rely
that :' .- his water
will be conveyed. In giving judg
went tho judge used very foroibledan-
guBge- He (the judge) was informed that this was tha prisoner's soo-
end offence, haviug with live oilier
Indians at his hack broke into the
same stun and stale 8100, receiving $20 for his share of the
plandsr, all getting off by or through
some missionary paying back tha
8100 aud a cow, to the very J. P.
who caused the arrest of tho prisoner
now convicted. The judge further
called the attention of the sheriff to
tho above facts and requestod that
his remarks wouid be nonveyad to
the missionary ami J. P. and ull who
attempted to compromise the felony,
wishing lie had the other Indians at
Donald, and those who received the
money and ho would commit them
for trial. 1 suppose therefore we
shall hour mors about the unseemly
conduct of thosj who ought to know
better. Mr. Longhead lroia Calgary
and Mr. Spragge of Donald were the
two lawyers who couduuted most ol
tha cases in court.
Will attend the Government Salo of
Lots at Revelstoke, on Nov, 27. nnd
would offer their services us Agents
lo intending purchasers. 42
niS HONOUR tha Lieutenant-
Governor has been pleased to make
tho following appointments : *
31st October, 1890.
Gerard B. Nagle, of Hot Springs,
Esquire, to be Mining Recorder for all
;::;i* portion of the Distriot of West
Kootenny which lies to the east of
the 117th meridian, vice Henry Anderson, Esquire, and a Collector un-
.  on ' der the "Provincial Revenue Tax Act"
Ifis specialties for the said District, 40
Tenders for a License to Cut
Timber on Dominion Lands
ni the Provinee of lirit-
h.ii Columbia.
will be tine class aies ai.il porter,
which may be had iu barrels, kegs or
[head] lined meeting was held
last M uday evening at ths school
house, i.: the 1. velst ke Literary
.'���..j. i . . ras ;.. . oi [a... ���;. by
the appointment of W. A,  Jowett,
president   Miaa Irvine, 	
.��� ndrum, secre     E VLED TEN DERS nddressed lo
tary; Frank Bourne, treasurer ;and  '!" "    ���   ''[ ,::|,|'k"'1 on the
Mis. Hum.    . lis,  Mr.   R.b '    >: Tf ber Berth
'     ���, 11,   will   i ��� reoi ived at this De-
Wi   ��� M��r,  Uev, Mr.   [urner,  (,... , ,.��� Mondn��� tho
���nd Mr, Lewi , compose tbe exuou   - ,, ,,��� Decemb xt, for a license
lOiittee.   lat  first meeting on berth Mo, 70,  	
��� ,j   be ' the NTi rth-
init, ' .'.-:.' r
Indian  llesi rve , the fn otional
[uarl ���  of Set   "ii li;;
i 21, .- id the
,r    o
; . i
an, ii. tho Pro-
.,,- (Joluml L'ho  li
-    li
!1 above do-
ippeared   i ������      ��� to tho pi ivis
He knocked one 'l.'-.vn and  hand-  me 1-1 to 17 inclusive of
cuffad the other bringing them both nin        on,
to the lockup.   The  next  day   oue   I nl of Hoinin
.    .                        ��� .. ... '          i ,:    ������
the disgusting language hi'��ad. ass '                                  ,   |( fl  (|
of.sinoi which tin* then has been
peace, -                                        /
A prisoner named McKinnen was    '   ' ' ""   '  '   - -   '   "'
,, i       i   "    . i.   ii  I.  i    ""',!"1
brought down by - ji itahle ll  Heii
ftao'e nemodr forOitarrti la tho
Best, Bailout to OieandOhcupoat.
|   Sold bj drut-glato ur sent by mall, 50c I
E. T. nuclUue, Warren, Pa., D, 8. A. j
"' ������ '^SaMfeKiii'*
Public Notice ie hereby given, tbat on
the 27th November, proximo, nt 12 o'clock, noou, the Agont of Dominion
Lands for tho Kamloops District, will be
presold, at Iievelstoke, and will thou offer
for sals to tho highest cash bidder all
tho lots in the Townsite of Revelstoke
remaining at the disposal of the Government, lying south of tho Victoria liond
and west of Wales Street.
Deputy of the Minister of tho Interior,
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, 21st October, 18110.
Notice is hereby given that Iho Partnership heretofore existing between O.
11. Allen nnd Thomas Righton, as Brewers, in the town of RevolstoKe, oarried
on under the firm name of O. II, Allen
& Co., has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent. Thomas HightcM continues the bnsinoss, pays till liabilities,
and eoilects all accounts due tbo said
firm, O, H, ALLEN,
Witness���J. W. Thomson-.
Revelstoice, Oct. 17th, 1800.
0. J. Branch
Brick and Stone Mason, Plasterer
and   Kiilsomiiior.   All   work done
promptly and to satisfaction. Con
tract work solicited. 35
W. A. Jowett,
T. L. Haio
Notary Publio,
A\'n r.ns'rcr.Ai, commission agents.
Conveyance's, Agreements, Bills of Sale,-
Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up; Rente
and Accounts Collected; Wining   Claims  Bought and
sold; Assessment work
on Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied  for,   Etc.,  Etc, Et��
Lots on Townsite of Revelstoke for Sale
nnd Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Machinery, Eto,
Building1 & Contracting1
Tho following roduotion of Fees for
Assaying, as from tho 1st proximo, bus
been ordered by tho Hon, .Minister of
Tests for single samples, for gold, silvor,
lead, or copper, to bo made
for $1,50 each.
Two or more samples,-     "    $1,00 each.
For nil other tcsls a proportion^ reduction has been ordered,
D15t Assayer.
Id   Doings,
���    i .
o . Hue
gl ir- I        IM  'mere, fer stealing
;i eratch and other artieUi from  hi
o-.iii in.'..'   Hi... n>ai ledfcl     d
ember I2'h for awl   ass toappear
���    CO " piml  I
. ul cliorpu. III
. ..f tho
i J for iIn.
of c ii nppli
,,,,,,,, ,. ,       ��� I rani i i tu in    -I i-i pay (or  the  II
i i    'iblo M'.O'i... ...nn:-!.! down o <   i
r.i .11
i i- on   Ihe  .'Hi  0 .er ,    ,   ,    , ,        u_.mii
v"     ' '" i loiiilur by Inh"' | n will ho en.
wholiul reeeivod 20days imprison- ,,.,..,,,.,.,L      .M,|t\ |;, ]| \|,|���
ment for being a vagrant,   Ills said jig Scorotnry,
he ought to bring one down every iley'    fleparlincnl of the Interior,
ten month t'o keep oonvpanj o-*       Otluwu, 28lh October, 1800
Whereas tho Lieutenant-Governor in
Council is empowered, under tho "Publio
School Act," to create School Districts,
in addition to those already existing, and
to deliue the boundaries thereof, it is
hereby notified that His Honour has been
pleased to croate the tract of land enclosed within tho under-montioued bounda-
ies a School District, under tho title of
tho "Golden School District," viz, :���
All that tract of land iucludod within
a circle having a radius of three (3)
milos; tho said radius to connnonce at
tho coutrid point of tho oastoru end of
the Government Bridge crossing the
Kicking Horse Rivor.
By Command,
II Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
6th November, 1890,
All Mining Olahns, other than Mineral
Locations, legally hoid in ibis District,
under Hi.. Mineral Aot, 1 hh-| nnd Amendments, may Im laid over from 1MI: day of
(lotobor till lh" 1st day of Juno m xl,
180T, snbjecl to the provisions of thooaid
Act aud Amondinents.
;;| A. I'. CUMMINS,
tlold rniiiini'. doner.
Donnld, East Knob uay,
Septoniber 29th, 1890,
Notice la heroby given thai the Revel
toko  '.1 niu : Com] y  has fyled the
ui .(. nrv paiiors, aud tnude application
for a Crown (jraiil iu luvor of Iho minor-
,1 csliiim known as the " Number One,"
.I nt i be Hot Springs, [footenuy
Adverse claimants, if any, arc request-
oj tu f. rwur I : toir o iji i tions to m ��� with
in sixty days from d ite of publication,
83 lioldOom'r,
Revelitoki Oofc ����K, 1890-
�� 0. 3 S,TJ88, /J
GOLDEN . .- . B.C.
Mining Broker, Commission A.-t;
Notary Public, So. So,
Tn Stock.���Mining Powders, Fuss and
Caps, Minor's Tools, Stool nnd Camp
Outfit* 8tt
Cornor [front and Hanson Sts.
AniiAHAMsou niios.
FiH class in evory respect; Nearest
hotel *% C I' R depot and utaimbos
landing, between post ollioe and gov,
buildings. Conch to and from depot!
and steamboat. Fire proof Safe for ths
aooommodation of its customers.
e   * e  Al.   aUfcVX
P. McOautiiv    .....    pB0P-
First class Temperance House;
BOAni)    AND    WDOINa,   $5   PER   WERK,'
Jt'BA'iig,' 25c.     io/s 25c.
This hotel is situated Convenient to the'
station, is  comfortably'  furnished and
affords Iirst class aooommodation.
REVELSTOKE     ��      -       a.C
VV. Cowan, Prop.   H. Hebert,Clerk
Rooms well attended; tables unonv
colled. Wines und liquors gunrnn
teed of a high quality. Kiro in'
sample room. Telephone communication with C. P. li. depot. Fire
proof vault for iho convenience ot
guests.   Bubs meets till trains.
-    $2 PER DAY
-THE -
The largest and most contral Hotel in1
the city ; good aooommodation ; everything now ; table well supplied ; bar nud-
billiard room attached ; tiro proof sate,
Stockholm  Ho us
Tho dining room is furnished  with the
best tho market aifords.
Tho bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines, liquors and cigars,
Jas. Liberty.


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