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The Kootenay Star Jun 14, 1890

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1 T&*    r5
REVELSTOKE, B. C, JUNE 14. 1890. No. 53
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
Sranito  waro,  and    Lump  Goods,        Tin,   Copper  and    Sheet Iron
Ware made to order.    First class work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
attended to.
T3l-ixm��aEr:rTo.arii3-.: TrrgLy.iarawr.-etfzx i:
ill orders by mail or
express promptly
If      ~
,J,i-['/    All   descriptions of
gold and silverware
General Merchants.
J, Fred. Hume & Co.
B. C,
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods  Groceries,   Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware Etc
The Stock in every Department is Full  and Complete and tbo Public will
find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices,
(Close to C, P. E. Depot)
B. C.
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
TV* carry a eeiect and complete stock of gent's furnishings, ladies, genu,
and children's loots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines loilut
requiiiles and ready-made clothing,  A  large iissurtmont of pipes,
lubacco, cigarcttcii, imported and domestic cigii's, fruits, candy, etc,
Clove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other goods
too numerous to meuliou, at moderate prices,
^'���hipbone communication.
A Revelstoke Hoy in California.
Editor Kootenay Sun:
A- yon are aware, J. left Rivel-
stoke some six mouths ugo bound
for Victoria, or any oilier loc.ility
wbieh would offer buBI dent iu luce-
meats to my iimbiti ms designs of
ucqitinug a honuliful supply of hard
cadi in the least possible time, und
the least expenditure of hard minimi
lab ir, My lirst st ippiug pbiae was
in Sin Prauoise,), whiah at th it tim i
was a very uuinviting place for a
fortune hunter to locate, for the reason tli.it it was iii the oomuunee-
meiit of the r.tiuiost of all the heretofore rainy seas ins on record,
which fact causod an almost cessation of nil business pursuits, such as
mining, farming, building, railroad,
or other euterp.isos, anl tho city
was filled to overflowing with hundreds of unemployed min vainly
seeking for work at any terra-; of
remuneration, and for this reason,
after consulting with this-) who ware
lutter inform id than myself, 1 wended my way to the interior of tho
state in the gripe anl cored growing
localities. From San Francisco I
traveled by steamboit up the San
J-.uq-.iiu rivor about 12 J miles to tho
city of Stockton, a thriving interior
city of about 30,000 inhabitants, supported mainly by the agricultural
interests of the immensely large and
fertile valley of which it is the great
depot and supply station, although
there are some very large and complete inmufaotorios located here,
mostly devoted to tl.e production of
farming and agricultural implements
a very important factor ia this great
state of immense farms where modern
labor-saving niic'ninery can only
make a profitable return to the tiller
ol the soil. There bung no in luce-
ment for ms to remain ia Stockton, I
pushed on by railroad for the interior, stopping at various poiuls iu
the valley i:i liopen ot ol>tuiuing employment, but the everlasting rains
had raised every creek, river and
water-course until the whole valley
was almo t submerged, thus putting
a temporary stop to all farm work.
Nothing daunted, I left tho lowlands und made sail for the fo.,t hills
where I hoped to obtain employment
in some one of the uimy g ill niiues
which are being worked on the silos
of the Siera Nevada range of mountains through the cutirc length of tho
When the goll wai first discovered in California, placer, or surface
mining was tho only process then
known, and the only capital a miner
theu required was snlli dent to purchase a shovel, pick, pan and a
cradle, and on any bank or bar of a
inouutain rivor hecoul 1 find "color"
and, iu the days of '4'.) make his pile
iu a few mm tin with the exercise of
judicious ooonomy; but ton or twelve
years later tha whole surface of tho
gold be mug portions of the slate
had been "worked out" andj quartz
mining, hydraulic and deep shaft or
tunnel mining were tho only in dho.ls
in vogue, except by the thrifty
Chinese. ��� Tho independent miner
of '4'J became a thing of tho past anl
rich stock companies, who were
obliged to expend large sums of
monpy  in    in'olinairnvtr    cmnruli^u.-,
alone to develop a prospect that
might or might not pay were the
successors of the early gold hunter.
It therefore is tho rule that tho old
miner bus developed into a pros-
pector or beater of a ledge or voin
of auriferous quartz, which, if an
analysis proves of a paying nature
be can easily dispose of to capitalists
both American and European, who
havo agents here cmntautly on the
lookout for mines from Alaska to
the Central American States. And
this reminds of my interests, aud
those of my partners in mining
claims near Illecillewaet, which 1
am confident we shall yet make veiy
productive in a pecuniary sense,
and although I desiro very much Io
return at once 1 am ooustrained to
abide here for ut least two months
longer in order to procure nimples
of the Illecillewaet ere to bo examined by mine experts and purchasers now here.
To return to my search for i m.
ployment. I was not at all so fortunate as I had anticipated but am
willing to ascribe it to the unpro-
pilious soasou which affeoted all
branches of industry, Snlli io it to
say th.U after many vicissitudes an I
novel experiences, in a few iu nulls'
lime I found myself once more i i
Sin Francisco a wiser, but eomi ler-
ahly po o'er ma i thuu when I left,
The rain which was so anuoving and
apparently a serious detriment, was,
iu fact, like the ovcrll nv of.the Nile,
a necessity and a bios dug, th I g i id
effects of wdiich aro alrealy visible
in the progress of improvement and
business all over the state, and the
season gives promise of being 0 e of
the most prolilli ail paying that
has bram yet experieucsd in tho history of the state.
I did iutond to give a in ire entertaining anl reliable Blotch of
my impressions of the m.in.iors, customs and habits of tin people
around whom my lot hn baeu oast
but I am warn'e 1 ttut I m ut not i i-
tmde loo much upon your space.
Suffice it to say that f au surprised
al the ceaseless vim, energy aud go-
aheaditiveness of Ciliforni.un to
whom the words ''Cant" mil "impossible" are unknown. Of course,
iu this great gathering of tho people
of all climes an 1 nations, there are
many who hive eavgrated from Canada, anl as a rule they aro ever
ready to welcome aul insist a friend
or countryman, especially if ho is in
ueod or distress, and no class of
foreign citizens are mire rospocted
and honored for th lit' thrift, honesty
and integrity iu this cosmopolitan
inhabited country than the'Canuck.'
The first thing to attract the attention of the visitor to S in Francisco
is the admixture if races from all
parts of the world and the harmony
in which they exist together. Although the Oaliforeian mikes such
violeutaud iuoessant opposition to
the influx of the Chinese, tho wily
Mongolian has managed to obtain
possession of at least ouo quarter of
the most desirablo portion of the
city, where lu 1.VC3, mivesanl has
his being with the same barbarian
rites and curcm niies and heathenish
custom) as arc obiorvod iu the m >st
exdusive aul i.iterior to.vu or city
in China anl with as little mdest-
ation, T.ie Oalifornian using the
law as his weapon of offence, which
thus far the Mongolian has laughed
at by heavily feeing the best lawyers
to plead his cause in court, and by
the judicium use of much money
placed in the spot whore it will do
the most good; but the end is nol
yet, and farseeiug mon predict that
tho "Chinese Q lestion" will yet cost
tho people iuuju bloo.1 an 1 treasure
and tint they are reclining upon a
slumbering volcano, which may
break forth at any m no >nt with unrestrained violence which boles no
good for the 30.01)0 or more Chinese
iu this eitv alone.
II ire rieh dis i ivories are ('ported
from the grant (' c ir d'Alene district, nil 1 great ex itemeut prevail*
among mining meu,. VY.ien the re-
p >r's were li m re leived til \v were
looked upon as exaggerated, bit
later and move relia'd ! rep ir s sh vv
th it the discoveries nr imise to eclipse
anything hear.I of in years.
George i'v-1 ir, th i origin .1 discoverer of tho eef'b.atel Pjnrmau
mine, floated a claim on JJ ur creek,
just above Murray, early this week.
Doe Clinton sent down three quarts
of samples by Mr. Median). Io be
assayed, The assay showed S2">,000
per ton, S i far no work of any eon-
sequence h is been done on the claim
but ii is 3ai 1 ib u th i iniuo will pan
out a great deal nf j.i;'. such ore as
has been assayed.
E ght miles above drier's striko
another gol 1 claim has beeu located
which is siid 11 be equally rich,
Col. Wall ice. who came d iwn
IVi lay, says that three weeks ago a
tramp walked into Bear Creek with
his blaukets, and wont prospecting,
lie discovered gold and sold his
claim out for��10,0j0. Th" colonol
also says that another claim w.n
openod up which showed gol 1 cling-
in;,' together iu large quantities,
This was at a pi ice called Fitciiburg.
These discoveries have all been
nude in the creek above Murray, A
large uutnbci of prospectors have
left and are leaving for the scene of
the latest gol 1 exuitcmeut,
A Free Trip to Europe,
The publishers of the Canadian
Q icon will give a free trip to Europe
to tho person sending them the largest number of words constructed
from letters contained in the name
of their well-kaowu MigazUa, 'The
Canadian Queen.' Additional prizm
consisting of Silver Tea Sets, Gold
Watches, China Dinner Sots, Portiere
Curtains, Silk Dresses,Mauteloloclis.
and miny other useful and valuable
articles will also bo awarded in order
of merit,
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
to be used as authority iu deciding
the contest.
This is a popular plan of introducing a popular publication,
Every one sending a list of not less
than ten words will roccivo a pros^
ent, E icloso thirteen 2c stamp:; for
Illustrated Catalogue of presents
and three month's t del subscription
to The Queen. Address���The Canadian Quoen, Toronto, Out.
A cloud burst occurred nnr
Brooklyn, Ontario, June li, which
caused a flood destroying roads and
bridges valued at $25,000.
The Stab has boen so full of advertisements and political matter the
late weeks that it could not find
room for the holel arrivals. The
hotels have had a 'bom'' during
this tim1, their registers showing
arrivals of about 000 people, and
many came and went without entering their names. Tho Columbia Ins
had the larger number, fully half of
the entire list, because it had the
largest accommodations, botull havo
been tilled to tlnir almost capacity.
Among the prominent numes found
on the registers during this period
J. Serson, Kiin'o >ps; J F Garden,
Yancouver;MraE G io 1 ivin,Chicag i;
Fred Ghileott, Wiunioeg; G E
Matthews, W 11 Au.-us, Mr Calender, Montreal; O fi Mali ui, Winnipeg; Mr French. Hamilton; J A
Mara, Kamloops; JC Pitts. Donall;
Mr Cochrane, Calgary; A S Farwell,
F 0 Gamble, Wm Jenuen, Hon
JohnRobson, Victoria; A E Pua\
Kamloops; Dr Sauson, Clinton; 11 E
Smith, Dr Tunstall, R?v A Sbil-
drick, Kamloops; Prof John
Macoun, Ottawa; Capt Armstrong,
Golden; D MeGillivray, H FKeefer,
and wife; Vineo'.iver; A <l M
Spragge, Douall; T L Higginson,
New Westmtustor; C J Doggan,
Donald; Dr WBell-Campbell, Banff;
Dr AC Lawsou, Vancouver; D 1>
Campbell, London; C X Perry,
Winnipeg; Wendell Hill, Spokane;
O H Allen, Calgarv,
J CStoen, Douall; R 1' Green, ,T
M Kellie, D A Lamoy, A C McAr-
thur, Illeoillewaet; L- II Doll, Calgarv; A 1! ElphtuatoOT,   T   V   Tlin��.
bum Vancouver; W A Jowett,
Winnipeg; G M Sproat, NeUon; J
Sikland, Seattle.
At the Stockholm House, Mr.
Stono Ins lud his stealy run of
friends and patrons, who oonld uot
be hired to go to any oilier hotel as
long as his hospitable door is open.
Tho C, P. 11. Hotel, besides its
regular railroad custom. Ins had to
feed an immeiis-3 number of laborers
passing through to the railroad work
near Sproat.
Mr. Robson, at the Sndter board"
ing home, has ha 1 all he could
accommodate, mostly employed on
ihe new steamer, but he has also
had some transient custom.
Tho Mowatt administration   hns
been sustained in Ontario by u
majority of about 20, {Lb: ftootcnciy Slav
Tflilili'W fill1 a  License to Cut
Tinibflr on Dominion Lftitdn
iu (lie Province of !Mt-
is'i Columbia.
A four pago twenty-column nea-n
paper, is issued from thoolHoo o
publication, lioVelstnko, li. ('.
Bubvcription price ?2peryoar
Jiatcs of advertising given on
Publisher und Proprietor
ores.   Mr. D.Ooech-'imnr, Mavnr of TIMBER LEASE,
Vancouver, ins pamphlet published ; �����,{���,, j.,,,..,^ ,:,.,,, t!l,( ;;., ,-j,v,
last year, also mdies Special refer-1,^ (, ., ,_���.,,_ ,;���. ntid-'reigivd, intend
enee to Ihe Selkirk deposits, He h.0 diiplv to the lion. Chief Comniissiou-
slates tint the Lanarck Mine, Bitu-
Kelllo in West Kootenny
und Lew iu Bust nre
Probably Elected.
We arranged for special dospatjh-
es from all accessible polliug places
in West and Eist Kootenay, and
suramariiw tho results in tho tables
opinion is slowly gaining ground
that British Coin nbiu is destined Iu
the near future t) become nil important sent of mining iulustry. For
the moment no doubt mining speculation Ins sunk ton vary low ebb. at*d near the Illecillewaet station of
Nor is this to be woudei'fld at. The the C.P R., has sent ore to San
mistakes, the blunders, the reckless- Francisco and Denver, for smelting,
noss, the worse than al! these, which gives the results of assays male on
have, characterized the history of ihe j Ihe Spalliun -been River mines,
latest mining boom, might easily which arc included in tbo claims of hnii'iilnry of tho Meiuiow-lnnd reserved
have sickened a heart of adamant, the Carbonate Company, as follows : on Ivhi II ol the KooteUny Valleys Com.
The mining industry in geueral is | Monitor -from 11 no per octal |r*uy. in llw 1^.',.^���''���^'^'
or i f Li uds nnd Works, for n lease for
lumbering pnrposos, nt tho following
true! of Irani in the Woe! Kootenay district :
Commencing at n prwl on the lefl Imnli
;r ! ni'l |sh plier I Creek about thro'd
miles from it i inmit.li, on  the western
lh li edm we I 20 chains, then 'o r nith
.���',' ehi ins, l.heii '0 w.- I 20 chains, Uu n io
SonHl fenders ii I h-'ii'l to thi n il >r-
slgnod, and marked "Tmd irfirn trino
to out Timber,'1 Will b - roiaiva I a1; this
Depnrtmenl until ri i in o-i M cil ly, thv
15th day of September n-xl. for :i Ic-
consn to out limber on n berth litu itodo'i
the Columbia Kiver, in thi Provimo o(
I'.rilish Columbia, dosoribs 1 as I' illows :
Ciimmeiioirlg uf I'm Northern In in h-
now suffering  from   the  reaction, lead. 132 to fiD nss, sil^e', Willi a trace
The i leresi in Australian mines has of gold,   Good smelting ores. Other .,,,���., ,,,, r]|. i;r. |||���.1���, wes). 20 oliaina,
declined into a condition liordeiino recalls  might bo  quoted, but the (i^(���,0 ,,,;'.: | ehuins, tlienco weul throe                     ,,    ,  .     , ,  ,
.   ,.���                ,-,.,,,.                 .                      ,        ���   ,���    ,    ,i ,", i  ,,.,,i               , I'V ol   I leri-'i- II-rib .so. III. IIc'Icm Nor-
on sheer indifference.   South Africa foregoing aro enough to imlnutc the union, thence south 'i miles, thenoe cnsl ^   ,    ^       (]|n ^i,,,,^).,  |;r,Vi. t,l;,
is also under1 a cloud, nuditneods mineral characteristics of the Selkirk 8 miles, thoiieosouth 80 chains, llieuco mJ]^ |)y fl ^   ^ q[ ftvfl m'i]01 w,slor|y
the slimnliis of  a  new district of district,    Tho Carbonate Mountain oast 80 chains, to the western boundary n,,.,.,..;.,,,., f|. |.��� ..., rfvor, antl contain.
undoubted minoral wealth, disenn-1 deposits are slated to be the same
m-clcd from the fiascos which have formation as tho Conr d'Alaine,
churaclerized the history  of oilier.   Messrs, John Taylor & Sons, the
Holds, to lift Ihe invest ir into suae-' well-known miniug ex perls, have had
thing like now hope.   If nill dal pro- ��� the properties to bo aeipiired by the��� 5 fi d
,f lh,, deserved li nd. Ihcnco following
, ' ing on urea of o.l samara milos, in ira or
Biioli western  boundary to the initial       , '
l)oint,contaiuiiig7l)l)m;wmornorless.    '^io regnlnUom muV wblota n lioanaa
\\. l>. SAY WARD
ITU  0. \V.  i
kelson, I). C, May 13, 1830.
nonncemenlfi and   the   opinion  of Orhnnntu Mniiiituin   Development
independent experts carry weight. Company examined by their ngent, I
fb-itish   Columbia    possesses   tho m-,,] Messrs, Tajlor'e report annexed
highest possibilities for successful to tho prospectni states--
milling enterprise.     Her   mineral     The position of the mining claims
,      .,   .   ,   ,      ,,   .. fs vprv fnvornlile fi-r fcononnc veil,
depos ts include gold, fiver, copper,  .���',,,      , , , :���,. ���,,,���,
,  '        , ,    ,    ,   , . ing.     The   ledges  or   veins upon
iron, coal, lead platlniliU, antimony ��� wWh ���,��� ,.lllilns ����� ,���t,ftted extend :       ^ Um f)M ,,,������,,.,���, ,ffiJ
bismuth,    and    plumbago,     Cold \ m��� ft distance ol about three miles,, I ^ ,i!l;.,li���] tll| tho m[i
mining in the territory dales back, and  contain oie.s of argeutifeioiis
Notice is hereby given thai sixly days
,'i"ler date 1 intend to apply to tho Chid'
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
Five polling places in West Kwt-
coay cannot be heard from Under
three or four days. They are Mc-
Cilllotjgh Creek, Sproat, Nelson, Hot
Springs, aud Custom IIou-e,aud may
cast 50 to GO votes.
P maid	
Roger's Pass..
Golden City..
112      127
Yet to hear from, Windermere,
Cranhrook, and Wild Horse Creek,
poiliog perhaps 3D to 40 votes,
Mr. J. C. SCccii.
This gentleman, whose name was
before the electors in the earlier part
of the political canvass, us a candidate for the Lioal assembly, deserves
to have �� public record made of the
circumstances of his retirement from
the field. Three candidates, Messrs,
Steen. Kellie and Eiaskius, entered
into a mutual agreement to select I
each three men, and the nine then ,
to choose  a  tenth  mm,   for  tho
of conrse, for many years, beainuing i 1PIJL', ''���"!, (? ,     . ,,. ���,,,
..      '        . '-    ,       .      r,   Th- ledRcs are of great strength,
on the leaser river as long since as, |iml tl.,.ir ���,���������, ,.!l;ll,,(.t,,., ,, well
1850; but Ihe oxtensive goldfield of; ltll (haf r<f the enclosing rock, i���< very
Cariboo, lyiug north of the Canadian favorable, ores being found under
PaciBe route,  wm not discovered i nromWou   couditim.s    along  h ���
b e,:i< of ihe Coluuiliia Kiver, in tho West
Kootenay District, and described as follows :
Commencing at n post marred II S -
S W, wl i fe Iho IhternatioBrtl lioiindnry
lino intcreccls tho Columbia River, thonco
.. , ,   ' Unrface at nmtiy puiuls, and doubt- east forty (40) chains along the said
until 1800, and tho actual output of ,6RK y    h)i]Ws ���t (,,,, v;il| |,t, foftud i boundary line, thence north forty (40)
alluvial gid.l from this region up to j jf (ue p'fpres are opened, which can
1882 is stated to have been something ho dono��by ml it levels to great
like 810,000,000, and Iho tobd biken depths,  linn saving   the cost   of
,   , ., ��� i-     .   .i     DlimpinK anil buubmo.
out of the province, ac(u,,-d,,,g to the I ^ ^ m imitation in advising
Iho prosjcntiou of works upon Ihe
'aims Io be acquired by the com
latest official returns, C52,030,000.
Tho argentiferoiH ores which hive
, , if>. ,' pnriv iu he most vigorous manner,
been d scovovod  of late years, and   ' '",-.    ,   , ,,     ��� , i:,;,,���u   ,,, i
parliciilarly as the eoni.itioiis oi
cropping* of which have beeu assay-1 Uljnj,.g llr0 similar to Ihose ol Heed with satisfactory results, indicate j great mineral deposits just over the
that when proper depth is attained, froulier in  Montana, Idaho,   and
WashiiiBton territory
eiininsi thence went. 4')) chains more or
less to Columbia river, thenoo following
ihe bum: of the river in a southerly direction to the point of commencement.
Nelson, 12th March, 1800,        5003d
will be issued, together with n skot-jli
Rhowing iipprtrxiniately th ��� position of
ill" berth in question, may be obtained
nl this Department, or nl the oftl <���) of th >
Crown Timhor Agent at New Westmiu-
Each tender must lie ircompnnicd by
an ncooptod choquo on a chartered Bank,
in favor of thtf Deputy of tho Aliuistia-'
of the Interior, for lh i amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to
pay for the license.
No tender l.v telegraph will bo enter*.
tairicd, JOHN It. El ALL,
52lt t'uicliiry.
Department of tho Interior',
Ottawa, 22nd May, 1890.
OESTIU!, llOl'KL"'
Cofber front and Sanson Sm.
Atiii.uiAMci:,- }':iy:.     ���     l'.D'#isr)i*
First class in overy respo.it; Noaresb
hotel to C I' II d '[> ��fc ail stil n'i 1.1
hm-iling, betwaoa past o'llio aul g>\
building". Cinch to an 1 fron ,1 i.n'.t
and steamboat,    Fire proof Sife for tin
.'.old and silver  quartz mining wil
Alth nigh   the    ledges upon   the
Onbeliuit of the Columbia h Kooto- , , .....
,, ., ,.-���,:,   ('���.���,,,���,.    accommodation or its customers
nay Railway and Navigation lornpuny,-
promptly come to the front. It is i |iml,01.ti^ lu |,a acquired may be
common knowledge th it tho great ���|llssPj generally as argcutiferune
-ilvpr bolt, which runs in a north-1 lead miliar thau gold veins, samples
Messrs,,I elm
silver belt, wincii runs in a norm- leutl ralher tuau aoni veins, hhiuoiw
westerly direction through Mexico which were takeu by Messrs. Join
. ,    ,,'.     ,      ,,.      .       v     , Tuvlor & Sons  repn Beututive fnm
into   Colorado,    \\ vnilling,  Nevada ,      . ,     ,,', ��� ,,,������    ..i,;,,i
'                    ��' several   points   lieiCH  tin-Ill,   DlllCI
and   Idaho,  extends   into  British ���|10we/| ���u visible gold, are stale.
i horobv give nulice oil mi npplioatiou to j
Columbia,    Up to the present, time  to have  given, by assav, in lienrlj
every ease traces or Hindi quantities,
and "one sample taken from a tine-
lorikiug ledge in tho l.5outliern Cross
Claun, Iho continuation of which i-
mining operations in Iho province
have been mainly carried on by
diggers, men of limited means, and
frequently of less scientific knowledge, Active steps are uow, how-
eve-, about to be taken Io place Ihe
industry on a mora permanent basis,
as it. is generally believed that it
the inlrodn
lion of ad-
capital     and    scientific
to tot the mining industry
only in
fairly on ill legs.
Aii English co apany, nu ler the
title of the Cirboniita Mountain i1
veloprneut Company limited, !... ; i��l
been registered,   with  !::    !..       il
seen  oiitcroppiiiR f,.i a rtlshiuei
iibout one mile, gave 1  nz. 17
12 (.'is. of gold per ton of ore.
In regard to fa -ilities for smelting.
it is pointed out that smelling fcura*
are already in ojieratl m nt lto\el
bIoUb, within 00 miles of ihe mines,
und  we uudi-r-itaud that   arrange-
:. i nts Hie being liiie'e fur ] llll.ifg
down sinelti i: v orks alGoldeli City.
1; will thiisbes.'i n  thatcire.iinistnu-
 -  are disliuctly in favor ot
enter] liae.
the I kief Commission']' of Lands and
Wonts, by this Company, for authority
totmce one thousand 11000) inches of
water from Cottonwood-Smith Ci-cck,
ni.;:r |,bo Townsite of Nelson in the Kootenny District, said water lo be conveyed
from a point one mile from tho month of
said OrcoK through tho land reserved tor
this Company to imclin point on the said
reserve ns it may be required (or Railway,
Agricultural, Milling, .dining or Hausj-
""���' "i | hold purposes, for period ofmuoly-
dwi-s. Ivciirs. H, ABBOTT,
501m Provisional Director,
Dated at Vancouver, 27th May, 1800
A' a
A to
McflAttniv    ....    PaoP,
First class Temperanrja flonsei
HOARD   ASI)    I.OIUIN',;,  ej)   i'.;,;   w'^ait.
DOXAI o i <:
On hclmirof the Columbia & Kootenay
Railway and N'svigationCompany, [hereby give notice of mi application by this
Company to the Chief Com iiusiatnr of
Lands aiid Wonts, for imlliority to taite
(.no thousand (1000) inches of water
from Puss CreeK, near Sjrroat's Iiandiug
in the Kootenay Disliict, flomnn Being
above the fall iibout oue hundred nnd
MEALS, K)0.      Io.;,i, 2)0.
Th i hotel is situated oouveiiientto tho*
statioi, is comfortably fitr'irishad aul
nff ir I. first olaes ucoomniodatiou.
,  ,   ...        ...     , ,,     catdtal ol    i.' 00  :a - 1 -'   -������-    The A committee comprinug
puruose of deciding which of the   "--'I'"a      -    .      ia                    i.u i
three should run. the other, to will.- j ���*V���y - '     ' d to       ���  ire .   I imherlaud, dipt.  MadUeaon, J. , ftfty {m) (eot iu ll(.ighl !!Ua (lbont one
riM    levelop   111 in   ;  ,-    laiins il    ;   ��� C,  Steen     Ireas)   and I'. Caller. (l;lui!o from tho mouth of said t.reer.,
.,  '              ...    y   ...     .   tion    ,; Sec   has Uen appointed to arrange aud to bo conveyed through the land ro-
U'b[  "'"          British     ���                      Carl   nati - r the holding of general snorts on | served for this Company, to any ]ioint
Monnl dp   V. ���   in   ���':- heart of the '���' ���< dni ui Day
Selkirk range      tv-five mil ;.'; '���
a.- Df ths 0 Men Citv stal    ���   ' -���-��� and expeel to be in a position to
draw and  give the su'ciss'ul
their support.
AgaiiWl ^teen
���ved Ei
rhe committee have I on its reserve wh��ro said water rail to
'required for Kmlway, Agricultural, alitl-
bTltlllTlrY FIH
revels rox.;    ���
3. C.
W. Cowan, Prop.   H. Ilcbort, Clerk
llth  ponsi.iel'iilu
This wss aereptel by Mr. Steen
and his friends as conclusive against       ,
Liui.   The'seoond ballot stood
For Kellie 6
"   HasL-ins
The verymnulvconrio pursue 1 bv
Mr Steen Biihseqnenl t deseives
liiatu'st praise.   Thereason u
Haskins   declined    to  accei I   Ihe
result, was refTrsd to by him in a
letter published t vo weeks ag i,
in-.:. Jliniug or Household purposes,
period of ninety- nine yea:.).
mines, 1
Provisional Director.
Vancouver, 27th May, 1890.
Ui CyiiUii
Telegraphic < orersiion lonco
I;.i,r.. r!.i.r.Tu-.r. .1 ine llth, '. -
To th" Hon. J ;iv Ilwi.'ON or
Hos, Tub i Davie,
Viet iria, B i".
Will pavment of one bun I red  an 1
five iollars have to  be pni I within
ten mouths on  locafed   claims or
when Crown Grant is issued,
VrcTflBU, June 11,1 90.
,T, M Kki.mk,
No occasion   to  pay   wilbio   len
months,    Suflleient  if  paid when
grjnt nppliul for.
.   prizes.    Upwards ���
imonnt has already ! fj tin
���    The  spoils will j
Ball    and   Cricket
nnd foot raclug and
-.-. i
for a pnrso of ��10
itherlnnd, o)icn
. w : r in Ihe
[f.  C ��� ���   '������   he ��� i . ici
Fairly (inod
made,   '    ' .: h r b
-    ��� W,.ir,l    liaii     n, ptlyund lo snlisluotioii
torriscn foin-. ig it,     ir  ',,,- wo'r!( uoliciled,
n  ��� ���
louni       ..
I een >
li'-ii-i.- mi I Riono
d   Kulsciuirici'.
B, C.
Mlison, l'lnstere
All   work  ttom
Ioiduis woll n'tc id.-il; tubli s nnox*
celled. Which und liquors gUaruu'
teed id' a high quality, r'ir.i in
sample room. Telephone communication with U. lJ. if. depot. Ifiru
proof vnult for the oouvenionae of
diesis.   Haas meets all trains.
TKANSIKXr RATES    -    -    -    Si !':���: i mf
-WE -
.     < lo    il
���   ���
ii idan;
!,  .   v   pr ������ i.t
3'.;:::? (', HJAiTJBBj
Tlif*   Miner,il    UesiMtrci'S
Dritiali ('i'liiuil��i,i.
wtive King hn
tan 'd on in a n .
which has i I in th
deposils of
pi The
i 11 al the present niomnnl that
in wbleb tha    itei   i g i Km
i ��� ���!. . i! .��� o intered   bi -
i lotil i so far mill > are of :li
promising kind."    fn anotliei
tli i   imeanth irity stal ���
every iren on to  belii re Hi >: hnfon
m-iiiy years i' ipi e lh�� pi e inee -��� II
talte its place  t��s one of ihe gn il
Sll   ���:  pr   In   il g      ,' ������' -   ;    Of    the
worl I."   At the rich I irib o Ui Iricl
: 11 DEN      - -       n.c
Mini ii ;   lli-okcr,   ('oiiimissioii   Agt.
Notiii'v Public, itc, &c,
u .- toi Ic.   Milling hi rdo;-B, Puso aud
n.EVEL5To:c-:. s.c.
Tholurgeal and most central Hotel io
il itv ; good nooommodatioa ; every
1   thing now ; table well supplied ; bur arid
, I billiard room nttnohed ; tiro proof safo,
������ - ���    - nuipl��
i ily,
: ...
: ,  Miners   Loos, ijteo   and ('.imp
I    l-l   :       ��� '     .     .   I ��� ' 1
traced ar-1 Outfits,                                       8tf
els foi Ihe 	
ihlie has
.  .      ,idl il      -:.; . ,   ,i|
1 o ' he School  \ otcrs of i:
' ���' ��� ������   li ml i ilMirlct,
,.   i
K.iiidoojiH, I! C,
ii  full  line cf Stationery nnd
Fan ���;. if id i nl i ai lorn pri ibsi
f beg  lei  '��� ;     ���',-.  |o  nfTer
���     '      id    i for  the  olllcc
: ['riisloe nl -e- f irllii oi
election   If poll h i ioi - ic -villi vein-
Tito opening up of the rich district  to the north ol Curbonate Monnhun, siilTrngosI will do mybn Ifofni her   ^ -l'''': !''
of sporting i
I ��� lung tackle, Eb
Stockliolm Housd
The dining room is furuishod  with the-
best tho market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choico stock
of wines, liquors and cigars,
of British Colnushia by the Canadian 1 a large quantity of alluvial gold has the came of edti  ition  ii our |>is
Pacific Railway baa bud Iho nainml
Also i, large assortment  J db.    JjlDGrtlY#
- :��� iii [r, Hn e Hill (Joods, v
t lf"ct of hastening in a very marked
degree tin  development of tbo re-
been taken owl during the p����l :;o ln,',���
years, nnd fhe Cour d'Alaino Min- c honor to bo Ladies and
to lh" south, are stated to posses
feitU'ces  of   that   proiiuce, and lh�� ] lilii un Iv   lieb    deposits o(  hilvcj
(lentb'ihi n,
Vuiir very ol ��� lient servnn'
Sub criptions taken tor nil  O.m-i.lian
Engli li an I Vin irio in n iwspup ii-j
al I'liblisliei n Price ,
CORD WOOD FOR SAL3 IjKliBaiii^.-BMiattttUKMaiittGS^^
Sulklrk Lodge, No.  12,
I, 0, 0. F Donald, B. 0.
Regular Mooting Thursday d( each
which you publish in your  issue of   1200 toin of ore on the dump
the 7lh inst., is so clearly nn electioneering dodge Unit 1 shotlld not
Notice is heroby given that fJO days
- -      " b   "' ���'���"   after date I intend to apply to thi Chic'
Veek at 8 p. i'i.   All visiting broth llhiuk it worthy of nolloo Were il not   Eagle lind 'i') creeks, n gold le.lgci | COmiilisBioner of Lands iiiid Works for
Simon Itiy und another Frenoll
Canadian   arc     workicg   between
brs are cordially invito
J. McLEon,     .!; 11. MATilitsoN',
N. (1. B. S.
that ho makes a speeiflj charge ] They had run fl'i lent, on the vein 18
which it is incumbent upon ma to inches wide, but defect lower iho
contradict.    Ho states that I told i vein was five feet in width.   Thelusl
him Unit I would ad
voaiie a clia'i
j in the Land Act lo the effect Ilia! no
I person shoal I  be ad ,��-,. 1  to' pre-
Domlilion l.'iv Will ho celebrated ! empl I ind unions he hud a capital of
by an excursion on the steamer Lvt- | "'"> thousand di-'llars.    ttiieh a State'
ton or Kootenai. j mcnl is nWutely mitre,"
0. J. Birrelt has received a largo In publishing the letter referred
Stock of Cask-Is and i''iinl'i-ai Goods to by Col. Baker, we did so in ac-
from lh1 ii.st, cordanco with our general invitation
Mr. J. Prod Hume went down to to all respectable people to use iis
Kelson a few days ego to alt ml to ouliiinus ovot' their rightful signs-
business (here. lures.
A large  scow   was  Inunehel   on ���~
Tuesday for use by tho Steamboat       DOWN IIIVEll NEWS.
Co. in transporting locomotives and j 	
railroad iron lo Hproitt, the rsloicine 1-Yiry, which  was re-
Bear in mind tile nndital meeting paired only Borne two weeks ago,
to elect school trustees next Monday ' ngnin m I with an accident, the oc-u
Dvenicg, Mr. Frazer has an nn- pants of which barnl-,- escaped with
honnectneiil in this issue. their lives,    It seems thit the scow
The family of John Stone, of the had just left the landing, when the
Stockholm House, Mrs,  Stone and connecting cable snapped iu twain
assay was ,;i7dl  g.dd   bjsi I
The Ward Brothers have staked
an immcilse deposit :;f mnprmlieil'nlj
ore dose by the railroad line, whiuh
gives a return o' 81 in gold,
The li ills arerunuiug a drift nl u
lower level to drain llieir mine, and
woiu i mployiug ril   their forces id
daughter, arrived from Sweden last
Mr. Win, Taylor find Phil  Aspin
and away she went, propelled by the
strong current, iu Ihe direction of
rapids,   She was happily arrested Id
wall started oh a prospecting tour her ma I and fatal career by a provi-
Lstweek. They intend to cross the deutial snag, which coming iu com
summit between the Columbia and toot with the vessel, gave sufilcionl
Hot Springs on Kootenay Lake.      j time for the passengers to jump ou
The legislative candidates all went; dry land.     Jack  Evans,   who had
tip to llU'cillewiut   for  h meeting chargo of the ferry
Wednesduy evening, called by Mr.; hie post, and endeavored to save the
K,.]|jo, craft by throwing a rope over the
Rsv, Jani"s Turner, Methodist; obstacle. Iu this his efforts proved
minister, will hidd services at Iho futile, and she drifted out into the
church Sunday (tomorrow) evininp j middle of the Kootenay, when Jack,
nt 7.00. A general invitation is ex-1 considering it sheer madness to i-e
this niid in Hearing  n wi le
around their buildings to save
from lorest tiros.
Buchanan's su*" mill ij actively at
work supplying lnmbei' al Nelson,
A large fufl had arrived and was being delivered, end buildings wore
".oing op in all directions,
(p.   .,**.~"'5's ���..
Tciiticrs fur n Licmsoto Cut
Timber mi Dominion Land.'!
in tho I'l'-iviiico of British
lenses, for lumbering purposes, of the
following tracts of lands: -
Int, Login line, :il a utakomar tin northwest corm r of Crawford Bay; thence
���'���'"' north Kb chains; thenoo east to Up bank
of Crawford Creek ; thenoe south along
said Oronk to a poind doe east of th I ini-
linl stake : thenoo west lo raid stake ;
containing GOO acre.--, m ire or loss,
2Ud. A st'iko en we,;, i,,.,:, ,,;��� [jfirdomi
River, about two miles IV.cn i:-; mo'ilh ;
Iheneo ronlh d I chains; lii men nasi ill
ebaiiis : thoucd north to bank of river:
thence idi n: said bank to plneC of be
innniug ; coiitaiuing Bid acres, in ire or
-.1. A sin
he wosl bank of He
l.nnleiii River,; bout four mills from lis
month : thence west 40 oh cine: thoucc
SOIltll to lh'   ban!; of river ; thllUC lllloilg
said bank to place of begiuuing, containing Kill acres, more or lens,
4th. A stake on liio tfciSt bank of Lardeau lliver, about four miles frrlm its
mouth, thonca west Hi; oliains, thence
north 100 ehuiusi thence oust, to Ihe bank
'.;f Howfior Crook, thence bv the bam; ol'
said cfooic und of the Lardoarl Rivor to
the pluCb of beginning, containing 1280
ncivs, more or less.
filh. A stake on the went bank of Upper Kootenay Lake, about one aud oue-
half mile from ita outlet, thenoo south 40
chain:), thence east to shore of the lake,
thoe.ee along said shore lo place of begin .dug, containing 100 acres, moro or
Sealed Tenders addressed to (ho undersigned and marked "Tender for a
License to Cut Timber" will be received at this Department until noon ! 'ess,
on Monday, the lith ilay of Angusl j    6lh. A Btake Oil the east bank of How
I'n   Provided
r>- tin Wnt
r' I l'-,-.-1 t i ' i >
mil, at o.-b ���
All noeounts agahli
Govern nont c i liml 1.1
is'o it,ui iv Pis ri,i. a ������
forward id to tin un 1 >r
en-1 ih ��� i >rmin it io i 'if th ��� :i i n ii ilyo i
endiug Ju i ��� 30th,
o,'. 'ir:-;-;;'\!,',.
5211  .1. Ag.-ni.
ii-"! i ike. JuuoOth, 1890.
Notice i- heroby given lh il sixty j 00)
d lys after d it \ I in! nl I to n ik i iippli ��� i-
tiou t-i the Chi 'f Ci n nisiion ir o( I, in 11
nnd Work.; for permiseio i to p irali us i
lie [oil iwing de-; irib id tr id if i in I situated hi Ivi iton ly i'i itrict, ii. li. :
Commencing at a p liut mar:; '1 by a
stake 0:10 mllo up th ) m lin Sal n m liiv-
er from the j m itioa of th - west or n irth
Fork ; thon'O iu a N, \V, diroati iu 23b
foot : Ui ui"-' in a S. \V, ilir.'.'li iu ptrail ���!
with Ui ��� river 8 io i feel ; th in " in a S.
I-', direction one mile ; then-)) in a .N*. E,
direction Hon foot : thonie in a N, W.
diroctiou 20L) foot, to the point of b>
gianiug ou tho rivor,- ooutaluinj abjut
looo acres,        JOSHUA DA VIES.
Victoria, B. C, May 3.jth, lS'Jj,   51J J
js on-
stuck nobly to j next, for a license to cut limber on
a bortli of one and one-half mi mire
miles situated on Hospital Creek, a
tributary of the Columbia I'ivir, iu
the Province of British Columhi.
The regulations under which a
license will bo issued, together with
a sketch showing approximately Iho
sor Creok, near Oriazly Cre
Seated tenders will b; revive 1 bv th)
Chiof Oontmissionsr of Lm Dan 1 Wirm,
k. thouce I nddrossed to tho Assistant Com nissioaer
Mr. H. N. Coiirsier returned from
Ontario Tuesday evening, Ho says
farmers are feeling well over the
prospects for a good crop iu that
Mr. Hiu'oUl Eodgrave has accept-
east 40 chains; thence north 120 chains,
thends west to the bank Of llowser Creek,
thence along said creek to place of beginning, containing 480 acres, in ire or less:
7th. A stiiKe on eat!1; banc oil Lardeau
liiter, about one mile from its mouth,
thence north 100 chains, thnu.'e woBt to
biinii of river, thouoo along said ban1; to
March 12th, 1800.
ed the position of   Provincial Con
stable and Mining Recorder in place I and proceeded on their jonrnoy to
nosition of the berth in question,
main longer on  board, hastily dis-   raay be obtained at this department!
robe,!, an I j imping into the swift ' or at the office of Iho Crown Timber , P1bob "! %"��"��g, eon taming 010 acres,  neccssarrly accepted
i      i. ��     .i      i        ! A-vctat \ew Wesi-n-n-tei' more or less.      I.-. O. )i JClJ A.\ AN. A. y, CO;
BirBnm, struck out  for  tho  shore,   agent u wen ttesiminscei.
,., , ,   ,   ,, ,    ,!,.,.       Each tender must be. aocomnaniod
wheh he reached after much  dilii    , ,���i,i.��� ,
, bv an accepie.l cherjue on a charter-
cultv. Tho passengers, among whom , ,,�� bn,lk j��� fuV(U, .,,- ,),��� ]>,,,nt> ut
were M'-ssrs. Haskius, Brown mil : the Minister of the Interior, for the
Kellie, were afterwards transferred amount, of tho bonus which ihe ap-
rroin the other side in a row boat   I'1'���"''" lire!'a,Ttl tu W lur lh"
of J. Kirkup. and has entered on the
discharge of his duties.
A spirited political meeting wns
Sproat well impressed  with tho uar
rowness of the escape.
Dr. Hcndrix is at Iho present time
held nt Nelson June 6, presided over j engaged pro-pee Un,' a wagon road
by Mr. G. O. Buchanan, at which from the Tough X it to Lookout
Candidates and others made speech j creek, Ihetico to eoniiedt With the
e*. but we are obliged to omit an ex- projected one from do Hall mine.
on lo N'dso I.   He intends nexl year
to put up at the   Galena  a  smeller
No lender by  tolograph   will  I
Department of the Interior,
Ot'awa, 22nd May, 1890.
of handling 400 tons of ore
tended report for want of spnl'6
Messrs Brown, Haskins
Kellie were several times on
feet in excited controversy, but the
arguments brought forward were I The machinery for the proposed
similar to those adduced at the other | building will be carried ou bleigh)
in eliugs held, and which havo been ! this winter and thus be in readiness
reproduced in the Sta��, and do not' to ho put together immediately up-
heed to be reported again. A'ter ou the completion of the structure
thanking the chairman the meeting next summer,
adjourned, Mri  B 'eser, of tho   Eivels'.oke
A political meeting was called by
Mr. Haskins,  which was held at the
Notion is hereby given  that the
their I complete in everv wav and  capable I P'iriue,-shi.,hiihe,-toexisting between
��� ��� the iindel'.-lgned as  co-ti actors anil
! builders has been this day dissolved
by mutual convci t.
Mr. O. J. Barrett, who enntinnos
: llie business, assumes ail debts of the
Hrm of Barrett   &  RighlsmtU, end
; all book accounts due the said r'rm
must be paid to him.
Revelstoke, May 27th, 1890.
All Alluvial claims legally held in the
West Kooteiiav Diitriet, will lie laid
over from ihe first day of October, lSy'J,
lo the lolh day of dune ensuing.
G.C. TUN'.-;''ALL,
Cold Commissioner.
October 1st 18SD. 42i
015  TIIIC
Pkovincial Skcretaby's Depahtment.
Victoria, May 8th, 1800.
Notice is hereby given that the Annuel Examination oi' Candidates for Oertifi-
oi tes of Qualification to teach in tbo Public Schools of tho Province will beheld
as follows, commencing on Friday, July
4th, at 0 a. in. :
In Victoria-High School Bnilliug,
In Kamloops��� Public School Building.
Each applicant must forward a notice,
thirty days before lire examin ilion, stating the class nnd grade of eertiiicato for
which ho will be a candidate, the optional subjects selected, and at which of the
above-named places he will attend,
EVery notice of intention I, > do exam
of farads nnd Wonts, Donald, II. 0., for
tho purchase of th' Gr/eru-neat Buildings at Windennare, East K >.>:. -:i ly, !'..
i'.. together with th) site of the sail
Ibiildir.gs, being part of I, it S, Group 1,
Kootenay Distriot, ooutuiniug eight and
on.i-hulf acres,
Neither tho highest nor any tender
511 in
Govt. Agent,
Donald, B.C.
Donald, B. C, May 31st, Hi'.
I hereby give notioo that it is my intention jo maite application t> tha Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worra, for1
permission to purchase the following
blocK-jof land, situated in the East Kootenay I h-i'.rict:
Starting from a post on the ri rhl b inn
of ihe Si. Mary's river, near its jnuotion
with tho Kootenny river, thenco running
up tho right ban;; of Ihe former river, t i
a point fuiir miles distant, '.hen.'- s iiitl)
eight miles, thenoo east to a p nut oa th)
!'. > itonay river, then le north irly al iu :
j the we3ter'nmosl boundary of Ldqts 123,
12S and tho Indian reserve and the !\ i it-
euay rivor, to tho starting point,
April 18th, 1830, 452ra
saeltcr, left i n the last bout to visit
'he di'ierent mining cam is in tin
Columbia Ilatise on Tuesday even> I Kootenay country, to effect arrange-
ing and was nnmeronslv attended, ments for the transmission of ore to
On  motion Mr.  J. W." Thompson this town for smelting purposes,   It      Notice is hereby given that the Uu-
.._..���.        , , ,,  .        ��� , ���  , dermontioued l.-ots, siluik'd in thor ... .    , \,
took tho chair.    Mr. Huskies first is  understood that special lnt1u08' N^'own of Nelson will bo sold by pub    m0D,al certifying to the moral character
Bpoke, and   was followed b.- Mr. ments will bo offered to the firm eon-   lio Auotion) Ht 'NeUoD) ofl .J1^  of the oandidato. '81m
Brown.    Mr, Kellie  then took the trolling the Poor Man to  havo its   day ol June, at 11 a. m. ��� '    '    ;l
floor   and wa3 succeeded by Mr. oinoautratos for.wardo.1 as  soon   as;    block 4,
Lots 7, 8, 0, iO, 11,
Block 8,
L"ts 3,
Block 0,
Lois 2, 3,4,0,10,11,12 (Ward's
house is on Lois 2 and 3),
Block Id,
Lots 1, 2, 4, 5, (i, 7, 8,1),
Block 11,
Lotsl, 2, 0,4,5, 7, 8.
Block 12,
Lots 8, 7, 0, 10,
Assistant Commissioner of
40 Lands and Works.
Rovolstoico, .'day 21s|, 18110.
i hereby glvei
1- arwell.    Mr.  G.   M. Sproat was: possible..
culled for but was not present. Mr. j TbH Hall Eros, have a gangof men
II A. Brown male a few general re- at work opening up a new tunnel at
inarkii, "1H'1' m'U8,    ^'ie ^''s' [l^'xJ ��' "101
i  Mr. C. D. Band, who went to Lou-; ore struck gave no less th.iu f?300 to |
don a few months ago has forwarded i the ton.
to the Star a copy "of the financial:   They purpose petitioning tha gov-
paper, "Money," of May 24, which eminent to place iu their hands the
contains an article on the "Mineral SB000 which was appropriated last
Resources of British Columbia," and session for a wagon roal  from the
which is copied into this paper.    It Hall mine to Nelson.    Ii such  bo
givesanaccountof the formation of granted thoy will proride for its'
Ihe Carbonate Mountain Develop- further cost, and further, guarantee!
tnent Company,   Limited, with B its completion within 8 oertain time1
capital of ��65,000,    This is  good  from  tho granting of   that sum.;
tiows for East Kootenay, and we are ' Olherwiao tUu Svia will baro nothing .
glad Mr, Rand has enabled us to whatever io Jo with the construction
give this early information to tbu: of tlie roiifl.
readers of tho Stab, Chief of Police Kirkup  arrived
Mr. T. L, Haig. ballot box messen- yesterday, and was last night closet j
ger for Big Bend, started on Tues* ed with Goverumont Agent GiQia. j
day morning for that precinct. The \ His presence wiii no doubt greally
horse be rode came back after a fow | disuour.i^o tho doings of tbo dls-
lionrs fminus the saddle, etc. A i orderly element and aomowhat dump-
i-econd messenger, despatched by j en the ardor of the whiskey poddler,
e'mlge Tunstall to see if an accident'A consequent rise in the price of
might not have befallen Mr. Haig that article may be looked forward I CoT.Vu&eav'er, B. 0��� to work
and to serine the safety of the ballot  to. j their mills and iu tho woods.
box, found the following note piuned j    A printing press and its adjuncts ���    uivirvin    i,' \| n I V! |,< i; |>
toatree:    "June 10th, 8.45a. m.- were amongst the cargo of yesterdays ;    JUlnlAU   MAuliA LLll-
If anyone should fear  because tho I steamer.   Messrs.  Houston, Ink &
more gots back to Revelstoke without! Allen   were  the  eonsiguses.     Mr.
mo that I am hurt, thi. is to say that! Houston expects to have the  first, (LateortUo Qao,   jflal B of
I mo all right and ou my way to the] 'ssu�� of the Kootenay Miner  out by , Camilla )
Bend with ballot box."    lie did nut , Thursday wetk.
intimate how he got   unhorse 1, but! 	
it is bcliovod tho nuirunl "bucked"! TncEiglo Creel: Mining Co., J.
him off, it:. Divenport i   Co,,  have    been
Col. Baker, in a note to tho Elder operating their crusher ten stamp
Commenting on a letter vdiich op- -mill, with oi.u'ity for twenty tons
Jieared in Ihe Stab last wook, says;
that  a
County Court will bo he'd nt Far-
well ou Thursday tho  19ih  day  of
June, at 10 a. m,
By order,
Registrar County Court.
Farwell, 28 May, 1800.
By tho Columbia River Lumber
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Pa. D��� F.
G. S.A.
Consulting Geologist, Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of all
kinds examined aud'reported on.
Economic problems investigalod and
information furnished. Whotham
Block, Vancouver, B, G.
Notd,���Mineral specimens sent to
per day, for ah rit oue week,   and   it; Dr. Laflson will be placed ou public
"The letter    from   Mr. Ajliner | woik,  without a jar.     They have   exhibition,
Notice is hereby given tint Paul Brazier of field, in the Distriot of Kootenny, Hotel Keeper, did on tho twonty-
ninth day of April, 1800, oxocute to in -.
Henry II. 1'arsons, of Field, in the District of Kootenny, Hook Koep ir, in trust
for tho li ik li! ui' Ui" creditors of the
said I'iiiiI Brazier, an Assignment of all
his real aud persona! estate, which said
assignment was on the lifth day of May,
1800| accoptod and oxoouted by me,
All creditors of tho said Paul Broil ir
are required within sixty days from this
dato, to forward to mo by rogistorod lot-
tor, adcli'ussod to in i ui. I'nl I, a statement of Iheir respective claims, and the
seouritios if any hold by theiu,
And after tho expiration of the said
sixty days, I shall proceed to distribute
the said trust ostato aooording to the
terms of the deed, among the oreditors
of whoso olaims I. shall havo notice,
Dated nl, Field in the Distriot of Koot
enny, this fifth dav of May, A. I)., 1890,
4786 Trustee.
ci ;ai;s,
etc, Bra .Era
And rostOilloo Store NELSON'
Notice is hereby given that sixty | GO |
days after date I intend lo maao npplieii-
lion lo the Chief Commissioner of Kinds
and VVoi-ks, for permission to purchase
the following described tract of land situated in Kootenny District, B. C. l
Commencing nt n stinte on the Columbia Diver iibout two miles above the
mouth of the I'iMid D'Oreillo lliver, Ihonce
following the meander line of the Columbia lliver eleven thousand foot ; thonce
iii an cnnlorly diroction four thousand
feot | thence iu n southerly direotion eleven thousand feet; thence westward to
tho point of beginning tour thousand
feet, containing about one thousand
Victoria, B. C��� May 80lh, 1800, 5111,1
���mini ;a im-oKEit,���
And General Commission Merchant,
InsillMice    ai: I    Ileal    Estate
Agent, Notary Public, Mite.
B. C.
ll.ir. POBB.  KTC, (Lfy kootenay Slav
and stronger every day���going to
build a brick church aud a public
school next, week, and before six
months is out they'll bo iu full
coutrol of the town. Tako my word
for it, if you want your paper to
succeed, yon will havo to givo the
Presbyterians a showing, And that's
' all I've gol to say.'
I heaved a deep sigh of relief as
[ bo vanished through the door,
which I was about to lock after him
when an old man, wearing the look
of a Mi thodist proacher, pushed his
way in.
'II iw is it with yon, brother?1 he
asked, Bhaklng hands heartily, as bo
plumped down iu the only chair in
tho 10,uu.
I told him it was not as well ns il
j might he, but that I hoped to pull
[The subjoined story, although not through,
written with reference to the politi- 'You'll never do it,' he Bail,'by
cal canvass now goiug on in Koolo- j lislcuiu' to them Baptists and l'rcs-
nuy, is nevertheless appropriate in byterinns. They are trying to run
many respects to the situation of an this town, but we're {join' to pit up a
editor in a small town like Bevel-   revival  which   will sweep 'cm from
A four puge twenty-column ncwu j
paper, is issued from ihcollioo o I
publication, Revelstoke,   11. C
Subscription price ?2 per year.
Hates   of advertising   given on
L'nblishor and Proprietor
Notice is hereby given that under
the provisions oi' tiie IJiiulifloation and
Registration of Vol >rs Act, 1 shall
hold a Court of Revision at the Court
House. Fnrwoll. ou .Monday the 4th
day of August, at 10 a, m., lo hear
nnd dolenniue objections ngaiust tho
retention of nuy names on the \ o-
tors1 List.
li. C. TUN3TALL,
528t Collector of Votes,
Farwell, June 2, lHOo,
Dacoasod, Intestate.
Any person having any olnims agaiusfc
the above Estate are roquosted to sond
the siinie at onoo to tho undoraigned, as
the estate will bo distributed on the 17th
of June, 1890, All claims not sent in
by that date will bo barred,
"Any person hiving any effeots belong-
ing to said Estate will pleasa deliver
same to tb�� nndersiguod,
494w Administrator,
Victoria, May 10l.li, 1393.
A Court of Assr/.e will be holder!
for Fast Kontonay at the Sidkiik
House, Donald, on'Monday the 10th
day of June, 1890, at 11 o'clock, a.
By order.
Sheriff of Kootenay,
Donald, B, C��� May 19, 1S00.
This is to give notice ttiat 60 days af-
t t date 1 inieill to apply to the-  Ohlot
Commissioner of Lands nn I Works, for
leave to purohuso (J 10 noros (moreor le.-u)
of land situate on tin oast sid) of tho
Lower Arrow Lake, and about 8 mile)
above its outlot, in West Kootenay District : Oomnunoiug at a stake m irked
"J, M. B.," thenoe oast oue milo, thmsa
south ono mile, thonoe west on) milo,
tbeuoe following tin ahora of tin lake
lo tho initial stake, boing part of the
land oommonly known as "Deer Park,"
April 9th, 1890. 4760d
he face o' ihu earth !'
'No, sir.'
'Not exactly, sir.'
'Episcopalian ?'
'Not very much, sir,'
'Why. God bless us,
It had been the dream of my lifo I
to own, edit  and  publibb   a  news-i
paper.   I was not particular  as   to
whether il was a  daily,   weekly or
monthly: 1 simply tvanti-d to run it,
and try my hand at moulding public
sentiment, as my grandfather had i 'Why, God bless us, brother,'he
done before mo. lie was a good j exclaimed, its he jumped up and
editor, and rau a weekly newspaper grasped my hand, 'you're u Methods long as his creditors would let dist, uin t you ?
him, aud when at last he died of his I 1 told him no, but that I had onco
debts the sheriff gavo him an obitu- fallen from grace, and that I snp-
ary of which any editor might be j pos^d that was tho next thing to it
���ir011] 'Dju't  worry  over  it,' he said,
Well, when 1 had saved up sixty soothingly, und giving me a slap on
dollars my opportunity came, A tbo back which set me to coughing,
friend of mine who owned a hand I '>���'-���� ain't the first msn that ever fell
press and n box of type offered lo
trade the outfit for my waU-h and
sixty dollars. The watch was an old
Waterbnry, so it did not take long
to wind up the business, and I soon
found myself iu full charge of n
nourishing country newspaper,
With great pride I prepared my
salutatory, bat while I was in the
act of putting the finishing touches
from grace. But we me going to
throw ^the props around joa and
keep yon up. Now, I'm goiug to
get right down hero nnd pray for you
���right ou this floor which ain't been
swept in ten years���aud I waut you
to get, down with me.'
It was in vain that I told him I
wits in a big hurry and would rather
wait till dark.     Ho would take no
A sitting of the County Court fori
Fast  K-iot, nay,  will be  held at the
Court House, Donald, on Monday,
the Kali day of dune, 1800, at 11
o'clock, a.m.
Registrar County Court,
East Kootenay.
Donald, B.C., May 19, 1800.
A  Court of Assize,   Nisi Pries,
Oyer and Terminer and   General
Gnol Delivery will bohtdd at Donald
in the Coui.ty of Kootenay, on Mini
dav, the Kith day of dune proximo.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Odiee, 20th
May, 1890.
Smelting and Trading
Is now ready to receive nnd purchase till Gold, Silver & Lead ore.
Miners who havo nnv ores to sell are requested to communicate at onoo with the
manager al R ivelstoke, B, C��� who is prepared to furnish every faoility
to minors of sniull or limited means lo ship their ore.
to it, aud had just penned the usual denial,  and  in a second he had
wor .8 :   'We arc h -re  and here to started a revival in that office which
stay,'   a    prospective    subscriber would  douo  credit  to a first class
stalked into the sanctum and sealing catnpnw ling.    Ho had warned me
himself   calmly upon Iho editorial beforehand   that he would  remain
desk, said : ujhhi his knees  until I was convert-
'That's your salutatory is it? Now, ^ ttm] | mentally decided that my
One Billiard Table, complete and
in good repair,   Address
Kootenay House, Golden, B. C.
Of the Kootenay (B. C.)Smelting' and Trailing Syndicate, Limited, Revelstoke, 15. C.
Silver, Gold or Lead    % 1 r'��
Silver and Gold  2 00
Silver and Lend  2 50
Silver, Gull and Lend ��������� 3 00
Silica, Iron, Lime. Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Almniiium, Barium
Magnesium, or Sulphur, each  0 (10
Arsenic, Antimony or Tin  6 00
Sealed samples at double the above rates.   Samples by mail or express promptly
attended to.  _._,��1-���
Assayer, Chemist,
you're a stranger here, and maybe
you'd like a few hints as to what the
people want? Well, I'm the man to
give 'em to yon. let's see what
you've wrote there ?'
He suited the action to the word
nod took the editorial from my reluctant hands.
'It won't do,' hesai 1, when ho had
labored    through    my    ponderous
sentences.    'I see you don't understand this people very well,    You
know, there's more Baptists iu this
community than there ii M itko.list;
la fact, we just rale things, and if
yon dou't put in a giol word for the
Baptists you're a ruined man.     H)
the way,'  he continued, m
one of my red slip)
aud Hooding it with tobac
'What ohurchdo youbf
I was almo ' afraid to tell
1 ventured to hint that T had i
ing towards tho M
'Keep it '.
a whisper, 'I
nowhere    SI
They   only
month,   tad  I
man on the tan
Baptist" i" gel
men,   oiio  es I j
t'i'-.-rai h  opi
the lead. I  tell
keep  yonr  a  il
look to ;>
have to   .;
And he It (I me 11
But I was :, ���
for ere the  I ���
friend had  died inl i ... a tall,
slim man, wcarirg a m
and a  pair  of gl isaes
tip-toed toward m .
T saw ol I Jenkins comi
just  now,' ho  i xpl dne I, a
down on my ink bottle,      I I'll bet
I know what he was up to,    Ha wo i
trying  to tell  yon how to  run the
paper���now wasn't he I'
I admitted that his language had
impressed me in that way.
'Don't miml a word he hays,' sai I
my new adviser. 'He's crazy- on the
subject of religion, nnd don't know
can) was hopeless, As the good old
man prayed for my salvation he beat
tho air wildly with his bunds, and as
I was iu the air myself, 1 came in for
- . i share of the beating, He
foil i\\ d mo all over the room, in
th - a ��� my of his pi -a. now knocking
my hoad again thee . ingstoue,
my 1 ' v. itb a si vi re
blow in the <.'.' -. j-.ist tun,.. .
his  w :��� Is,     room itim is   I   would
wall hard, but be only Bhouted the
-.-. this occurred,
We were both   prespiring freely
������   -
Hume's Building, Rovelstoke. B. C
ii v   :   ��
General      Contractor    and     Builder
.. ii
S:.. imem Do m:ss, Marion & Pebt, j
St.   Duchess  haves   Gulden for
Windermere and way  points every;
.��� al no in, land on Thursdays
nflicient inducements oiler) ;'
���-.  dug arrive at Golden Wednesday, -1 p. m.,
tots  f'i for round trip.
A. I'  II, : 0( ilRANF. A Co.,
its, Gol len, B, C.
Manufacturer and Denier in   Doors, Sash,   Mouldings,  Glass-.
Polly, Weights, Cords, Pnllies, und all hinds of Building MiiUriul. Turning
Scroll sawing aud Fine Work a Sueeiulty. Picture Frames made to order.
Furniture Made and Repaired.
McDonald & Sutherland
0  id'' HASAN        ....PROP.
P. f). A Idress,  S'slson, D, C,
. took   the
.   .
have oeen i tun.
1       ' i md their vile mercurial
enmpo i   nol   dc pair,     I
All classes of Lumber on ban 1 for s.ilo.    Contracting and building.
-   '      ,' i er day  Planer,
��� m ':,i ip, ' ic.    All kin I ��� "I
.-. the season
of IH'.HI lumber will be   d< livercd at
i ,v i f I iks "'i  tho   i d " al
I pi ices,
Ml Desperandum,
li. 0.
laBTmabatrnr^nruutmiiimimn ;rxvre
[arness ��� and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
il  of Solitary
@| ut, etc
i, ���
��� c  i.   ,  ,   tal og .      II ���
l ha ci iiire business portion of
M isomii, N VV.T, was destroyed by
i ri In ' , durday morning,
Frank Spencer,   who   murdered
what he's talkiug about, What yon Peter foster on Campbell's ranch,
want to do is praise up tbo IVosby. near Kamloops, on May 20ih, 1887,
lunftOa,    Thcj're gelling etrongcr   wPl be hnngod on July 22ud next,
.    PERM \M.\ i (I Kl .
use I ,,-,!; who I,a l givon
up bo ���(��� ha." bei ii i natohed from
the brink of Ihe grave. I will mail
to ai \ uihlri  i, ler i lain covers,
1)110 Box si; Sij II im ��� ������':'.   Describe
yonr en o pi duly win n wriliug. All
corn spin,ib'ie-e strictly confldeiilial,
Addn is, Prof. Ilaybouhl Fox, Ph.
ii., Vancouver, II. C, -IT
Robes und lllimkeis, Curry combB,   I
oil, Horse brushes.  Whips, Spurs
Bits in great varioty.
:            A FINK  LINE OF
ES i
and   :
��P, 8, WILSON, Agent at Revelstoke.


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