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The Kootenay Star Aug 9, 1890

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/   \M II if! !1 l��l
No. 8-
Tenders for a License to Cut
Timber on Dominion Lands
in the Province of Uril-
isb Columbia.
Scaled Tenders, addressed to thoiui-
dersigned, and marked "Tender for a Lioense to Cut Timber," will be received at
this Department until noon on Monday,
the 6th day of October next, for a liceuue
to nil timber on Section 82 nnd the west
half of Section 88, Township 2(1, Range
19, West of the fith Meridian, iu the said
The regulations under which a licenHe
will be issued may be obtained at thin
1 li part incut, or at the office of the Crown
Timber Agent at New Westminster,
Each It nder must bo accompanied by
8ii accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
in favor of the Deputy of Ihe Minister
of the Interior, for the amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to
pay for the license.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained. '    JOHN R, HALL,
8 Secretary.
Department, of the Interior,
Ottawa, 28th July, 1800,
Sittings of the County Court of Kootenay will be held,
At Farwell, ou Wednesdav, 80th July,
At Donald, on Friday, 1st Aug., 1R90.
At Nelson, on Friday, 22nd Aug., 1890.
At Farwell, ou Monday, 3rd November, 1890,
At Donald, on Woduesday, 5th November, 1890.
At Nelson, on Thursday, loth November, 189(1,
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
10th July, .1890, Clot
Notice is hereby given that tho Pacific
Mining Co,, by their agent, H. Anderson,
has fyled the nocessnry papers for a
Crown Grant in favor of Iho Spokane
mineral claim,situated at the Hot Springs,
Kootenay Lake.
Adverse claimants, if any, aro request-
id to f\-le their objections with mo within
lid days from ditto.
4 Govt, Agent.
Revelstoke, July 15, 1890.
A Court of Assize, Nisi Priiis, Oyer
and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery
will be held at Nelson, in the Comity of
Kootenay, on Friday, the 22nd proximo.
By Commnnd,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
10th July, 1890. 55t
The following reduction of Fees for
Assaying, as from the 1st proximo, has
been ordered by tho Hon.  .Minister of
Tests for single samples, for gold, silver,
lead, or copper, to be made
for Sl.f'O each.
Two or more samples,    "   Sl.00 each.
For all other tests a proporlioato reduction has been ordered,
515t Assayor.
Notice is hereby given that thirty (80)
days after dale we intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to lease '.he following described tract of land for timber purposes :
Commencing at a stake about 39 chains
Boutll of Pilot liny, directly opposite the
Outlet of Kootenay I.akoou the east side
o( the main Ink?, I hence smith 10 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence uorth IU
Ohains, thence w<'st 89 chains, to the initial post, containing .'12(1 acres, more or
W. P. SAY\V.\It'll,
9 per Geo. T. Kane.   ,
Koolennv Luke, II. C��� July 8tb, 180Q
Tenders for a License  to Cut
Timber on Dominion Lauds
in the Province of Jliit-
ish Columbia.
Sealed Tenders nddressod to tho undersigned aud marked " Tender for a License to cut Timber," will bo received at
this Department until noon on Monday,
Ihe 18th day of Octobor next, for a li-
oenso to out limber ou a berth of 25(10
acres, more or less, situated two miles
east of Notch Hill Station, on tbe line of
the Canadian Pacific Rnilwny,in tho Province of British Columbia, Tenders will
also bo received al the same time for a
license to cut timber on a berth containing nn area of 8200 acres, more or less,
situnted on Canoe River, iu the said Province.
The regulations under which n license
will be issued, together whit a sketch
showing approximately llio position of
the berths in question, may bo obtained
at this Department, or at tho office of tho
Crown Timber Agent at New Westminster.
Each tender must bo accompanied by
nn accepted cheque on a chartered bank
in favor of the Deputy of the Minister
of the Interior, for the amount of the
bonus which the applicant is prepared to
pav for the license.
No tender by telegraph will bo entor-
tnined. JOHN B. HALL,
7 Secretary,
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, 28th July, 189U,
Notice is hereby given that James E.
Dolan and Andrew B. Hendryx have
fyled tho necessary papers and made application for a Crown Grant in favor of
the mineral claim known as the Tough
Nut, situated in the Toad Mountain Subdivision, District of Wost Kootenay.
Adverse claimants, if auy, aro notified
to fylo their objections with mo wilhin
sixty davs from dato.
'     '        G. C. TUNSTALL,
2-00.1 Govt. Agent.
Iievelstoke, Juno 21, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
after date, I intend applying to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
permission to lease for lumbering purpose;!, the following lots of land situate
in the District of East Kootenay, viz, :
Lot No. 1, Beginning at the stako |
mile from bridge on North Fork of Spill-
amasheuo Biver, thence east two miles,
thence smith one mile, thence west two
miles, thence to initial stake, containing
128(1 acres, more or lesa.
Lot No. 2. Beginning at a stake half
mile from bridge on Middle Fork, Spill-
amashene lliver, thence west one mile,
thence uorth one milt, thence east threo
miles, thence south half mile, thence east
two miles, thence south oue mile, thenco
east two miles, thenee south oue mile,
thenco to initial stake, containing 32U0
acres, moro or less.
Lot No. 3. Beginning at a stake alongside of last mentioned stake, thence oast
half mile, thence south two miles, thenco
west two miles, thenee north two miles,
thenco to iuitial stake, containing 2590
acres, more or less.
Lot No. 1. Beginuiug at a slake on
west, bank of South Fork of Spilliiiua-
ohone River, ou S. W. corner of tho "Big
Slide," thence north half mile, thence
east one mile, thenoe south six and ono
half miles, thenco west two miles, thenoe
north twu miles, thenco easl one mile,
thence north two milos, thenoe west one
mile, thenoe north two miles, thence to
initial stake, containing 6720 sores, more
or less,        T. II, II, COCHRANE,
Golden, ll. C, 2Uih July, 1890,        fj
���j( "J jr'T^"r"T'v^iKfc
Cfye ftootcnciij Star
SATUBDAY,  AUGUST  9,   1890.
Hon. Edgar Dewdnoy, Minister of
the Interior, returned East last Monday morning, and Messrs. Win. Cowan and Wm. M, Brown boarded tbo
train and went as far as tho Glacier
for llio purpose of gnining information in regard to the land question at
Revelstoke, They found tho Hon.
Minister quite willing lo talk, and
Iky report a very agreeable nnd satisfactory interview. Tho Government
is now prepared to givo deeds to all
holders of titles under Mr. Farwell,
nud requests all such to unite anil
forward thoir deeds -or evidences of
ownership in a body to Ottawa. The
Minister requests that un effort be
made lo havo all claimants unilo and
save troublo lo tbo Department by
sending together their applications
for Crown Grants, and tbo evidence
upon which they bnso their claims.
Deeds will then in due time bo issued
lo all who are entitled lo receive them,
at a small charge for surveying nud
the usual Government fee for a Crown
Iu regard to the balance of the
townsite property, the Hon. Miuister
states that an auction sale of lots will
be held on the ground, wilhin a short
time, It is expected tbat this will
take place as soon after his return to
Ottawa as tho maps and plans cau be
put in shape for the sale.
It is uow believed that the long
waiting for titles to townsite pioper-
ty will soon end, and that all who
wish to buy ljts will have an opportunity, and that building operations
will spring into activity without
further delay.
Judge Tunstall has received notice
from the government at Victoria
that the appropriation available for
West Kootenay was hut 810,900, instead of $12,000 as had been heretofore believed. This is exceedingly
unfortunate, for the reason that improvements had been authorized aud
work commenced on the basis of an
expenditure of $12,000, Judge
Tunstall acting on information received from Col. Baker. At the
monthly meeting of the Miner's Association last Monday evening, a
special committee was appointed
with instructions to enter into oom-
munication with Col. Baker with the
view of getting tbe appropriation restored to ��12,000, in order that the
improvements may be carried out as
originally planned.
C.  * K, S. N.   CO. LI).
One of tlie above company's nleumers
will leave Revelstoke for Sproat every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 1
a. in. Returning will leave Sproat for
Revelstoke every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday a;. 3 n. in.
Fare each way $5.00,
Revelstoke, July 8, 1800,
It is not true, as intimatod by the
Miner, that anythiug has appeared
in the Star taking "excoption to tho
government expending so much
money in the lower end of West
Kootenay District and so little in the
upper end." Thepoiutof ihe communication referred to was, that
after an appropriation of $012,000
for ittilroad, and ({10,500 of a total of
��12,000 for general purposes, bad
been secured for Lower Kootenay,
some of tbe peoplo of Netaon wished
to mako another draw upon tbo
small sum of $800 which had boen
act apart for an "emergency fund."
At tho satno timo only $700 had boon
ns thou supposed, appropriated for
tho upper cud of the district. Tho
STAB wants Lower Kootonny to l.uvo
all it has got and all that it requires,
because it btlieves that its expenditure there will help to givo prosperity to the entire district,
A representative meeting of the
members aud adherents of tho Episcopal Church was held iu tho edilice
on Saturday evouing last. His Lordship the Bishop in tho chair, for Iho
purpoHO of discussing arrangements
looking to a more satisfactory supply of pulpits iu this portion of tho
diocese. Much regrot was express-
Bed by Iho Bishop al Iho demoralized
condition of affairs, tho blamo for
which, however,   he   cntiroly  re
pudiated. That there was considerable tension existing among tho congregations, he was aware,tint argued
that this foeling had been doubly
increased by a partial misunderstanding of the circumstances in
connection with the securing of pastoral supply. Tho onus of this unsatisfactory slate of affairs bo bold
lay with the predecessor of tho present incumbent in charge of the district. His Lordship, however, from
information gathered at various
points in tho distriot, felt satisfied
lliey wore in a position to support
threo ministers. Ho had already
made partial arrangements for the
engagement of two in addition to
tbe incumbent nt Kamloops, one of
whom was in full orders aud could
reside at Donald, holding a bimonthly service. This would entail
in all an expenditure of about $2,809
for stipends, which amount bad
been guaranteed in proportion by
tho congregations throughout tho
district. This proposition was ultimately declarod satisfactory, and the
meeting adjourned, the Bishop to
lay the matter before tbo Kamloops
Advisory Board whose concurrence
is necessary before tbe arrangement
can go iuto offuct. During the evening the Bishop admitted that he had
boen altogether misinformed as to
the ability of Goldon to support a
minister. Ho had to depend largely
upon verbal report for his information regarding many points in his
oxtensive diocese, and this ia respect
to the latter had completely mislead
him. He expected much from Golden in tho future.
Impressive services wore conducted iu the church on Sunday morning
and evening by his lordship,
The GOO lb. bell after much delay,
is now being placed in position in
tbo turret of tbe church, and will
hereafter extend its inviting notes to
residents of Donald at the hours of
Messrs, Patmore & Craigo, the
popular postmasters of Donald, have
removed into their newly erected
premises in Main street, where tbey
iutend, in addition to the P. O. business to carry au extensive liuo of
general goods, The wishes of the
boys are that success may attend
them in their new departure.
William Gray an intending passenger for the coast was disagreeably surprised on Friday, tbe 1st
inst., an arriving in Donald by the
noon express, when confronted by
Sheriff Redgrave with an order calling for his arrest charging him with
bringing stolen money into Cauada.
The prisoner took the matter cooly
and was at ouco oscortel to the
lockup, Gray, it appears, was engaged as baggiigomaster in the employ of tho expross company al
Hurley, Wisconsin, and absconded
with $309!) of the company's funds.
Conductor II. Abbey, in chargo of
tho train upon which the prisoner
was Iruvoling, having been furnished with a description of the man,tho
distinctive fcaluro of which was tho
partial loss of a tliumli. Noticing
this bo telegraphed the resident
sheriff of tho prisoner's presouco ou
Iho train, Upon being searched
$22(10 of the amount stolen was found
upon his person. Conductor Abbey
in all probability receives a large
proportion of llio reward of $590
offered for the man's arrest. Tho
usual course will bo taken to oxtra-
dite the prisoner.
Willi but natural assumption tho
Winnipeg papers credit Chief Mc-
rae of tho police department with
issuing the order for Gray's arrest.
This is given an unqualified denial
by Sheriff Redgrave, who said that
Mcllao knew nothing whatever of
tbo man's arrest until wired from
here. The credit of the arrest is duo
to Conductor Abbey and the local
polico aulhorit.ioB,
John Hart, an employoo ia the
round-house, sustained a severe
fracture of the collur-bono nud other
injuries on Friday last by falling
from tho boiler of an engino while
engaged in repairs. The unfortunate
man, who intended leaving for the
const ill a few days is under treatment nt llio hospital,
At the session of court held at
Donald August 1st, there were eight
oases tried before Judge Spinks. It
was his iirst appearat.ee amongst us
as Judge of fhe County Court, aul I
need hardly say that his metbo.l of
handling tho matters brought before him shows that ho has studied
law advantageously to himself, and
therefore it enables him to meet out
justice to others. No one can be
more painstaking than the judge
and right through a long day's work
he perilled diligently every document which could bo of service in
the cases brought before him, aud I
venturo to say tbat all who heard
him feel conlldeuce iu his superior
judgment aud his fair and impartial
decisions. Wo shall bail bis presence among us with much pleasure
whenever we have a court aud knotty
questions to unravel.
Tho Iirst case ou the docket was
Stark vs. A. B. II, Cochrane aud II.
J. Sharp of Golden, Settled out of
court, O'Bricu against the same
parties was also settled out of court.
Brieu aud Bains vs. Kiunainey, of
Golden. Claim admitted, to bo paid
by monthly installments.
Martin O'Brien vs. J. W. Can nor,
$119. Claim admitted and part of it
paid into court, balance iu tiva
Steen vs. Gibson. After witnesses
were beard on both sides, the caso
waa dismissed with costs. Mr.
Spragge for plaintiff, Mr, Fulton of
Kamloops for defendant.
Milligan vs. Anderson. Judgment
for plaintiff in $212. to be paid iu
mouihiy installments. O'Brien vs.
Barao, $151, settlement to be made in
same manner.
Trethoway vs. Cariboo Creek
Mining Co,, of Illecillewaet, claim
$998.50, This on3B took up most of
tho day and many witnesses were
called on both tiles. Plaintiff performed contract work making tunnel
in company's mining ground at Illecillewaet. Food was furnished
plaintiff and mon were paid a Binall
sum. The contract prico was $10
per foot, wilb a forfeiture of $5 per
foot ou failure to perform a certain
amount of work, work to be measured monthly before a pay 6beet could
go iu. Defendants failed to measure work, and plaintiff therefore
contends they failed in their contract. Evidence heard on both sides
and as thero was a lot of documents
requiring a "Philadelphia lawyer"
to unravel, the judge took all papers
and reserved his decision.
On tho 1st of August, William
Gray, an absconder from Hurley,
Wisconsin, engaged in Uiited
.Suites Express Company, was arrested by Sheriff Redgrave aud Constable Lendram, ou the chargo of
bringing stolen money into Canada.
When searched the sum oi $2,127.20
was found upou his person. Telegrams were sent to Sheriff Watson
of Chicago, and his arrival is expected in a few days. Meanwhile
tbe prisoner is luxuriating on tbo
best of food that the Sheriff's hotel
at Donald affords,
Curd From Slierill'Ili'ilgruvi-.
A paragraph in the Manitoba
Daily Free Press of August 1, states
that William Gray had been arrested
at Donald by order of Chief McRae
of Winnipeg, Thin is not bo, I
never hoard Chief MoRio's name iu
the matter till 1 had a telegram from
him after tho arrest had been made.
It was Mr. O. Ford, of tbe Dominion Express Company, Winnipeg, who gavo information which
caused the arrest.
S. Redgrave,
Mr, T. J. Lendram returned from
his 3 months visit to tho old country
much improved in health, and comes
to Revelstoke by transfer from Dou-
old.to fill the positions ol Provincial
('(instable an.l Mining Recorder,
His experience in official work and
affable manner qualify him for the
acceptable performance ���' bis duties OLhc ftootcnay Star
A I'our puge twenty-column nows
paper, is issued from the office o
publication, Rovelatoke, 13, C,
Subscription price $2 ;>�� year,
Rates ol advertising sivon on
Publisher and Proprietor
.'loo Ilampson, as ho widened, ihe
loop of his lasso, The others caught
al Iho idea, and soon, with Biviuging
lassos, were advancing in a circle
upon Iho bear,
Only one of them allowed no enthusiasm in this undertaking. Louis
By a great effort, Iho terrified
horse, though half borne down by
tho shock, breke loose and dashed
away before Ihe bear could repeat
his attack, When Ebel had put a
safe distance between himself and
his antagonist, he turned about lo
"Hello, boys,there's a cow down!"
said a bronze-faced man in broad-
brimmed sombrero, eluiperiilo and
Mexioan spurs,. He was one of a
gfOlip of live. The cow-boys reined
up their bronchos in order to look,
nnd tinn, turning, rode in the direction to which he pointed.
They wero nt tho foot of ono of
those great mesas or table-liuuls
which, in New Mexico, extend eastward from tho Bocky Mountains,
and fall precipitously ono down to
another liko vast steps, till the Gulf-
coast plain in Texas is reached.
Tho object toward which the group
was riding turned out on near inspection to bo a half-grown calf,
which had been recently killod in a
violent utid terrible fashion, Its
back was broken, and its skiu was
torn in shreds.
Evidently tho cowboys had scon
something like it not long before,
for after looking at it iu silence for
a moment, one of them remarked,
" It's a bear's work, boys, dead
"It's the same bruto that killed
those calves for Heckle lust week,"
said another,
"Yes, aud a colt for Allison,"
spoke up another. '"We've got to
turn out and hunt him down as soon
as the round-up is over."
"If we wait till then, fliers won't
be much young stock alive on the
range," said the first speaker, "Ho
kills about a critter a night."
Tho parly turned their horses'
heads, resumed their Iirst course,
and were soon riding in single file
up tho narrow trail that leads to the
top of the mesa.
It is not often that tho grizzly j
lifci,( has been found at large east of j
the Bocky mountains, or elsewhere
ou the open plain; but somo largo
animal had lately made sad havoo
among the colts aud calves of the
cattle rouges about the mesa. Iu to
wide a country bis ravages among
the scattered herds bad at first
escaped notice, but they scon be
cam? apparent. No cue had en
the depredator, but it was believed
to be a grizzly bear which had followed the canon down from the
mountains aud made his lair near its
Various plaus for Lis destruction
Lad. been discussed. There was littlo
Walker, the   veteran rancher and j inspect the ground and found that
his companions wero net far from
hunter, who had killod all manner
of big game of tho western mountain
and plains, wore an expression nf
reserve and tkoogbtiulness. He
did his part with thu rest, but he
handled hia hor.se with great oircurn-
Bpection, smiled lo himself with deep
meaning, and cast an eyo backward
from timo to timo lo examine tho inequalities of ground, us if he expected shortly lo ride over it in
Tbo Mexican vaquoros of tho old
days, who lived in tho saddle, used
sometimes to capture llio grizzly
wilb llio lasso. Several horsemen
worked in concert, and their method
of operation was to get Uo or more
lassos over llio bear at onoo, and, by |
drawing them tight fro:u different ]
directions, to hold tho beast at the
mercy of bis captors; but the modes
of driving cattle of tho present day
havo not served to perpetuate this
marvellous skill,
Tho boys had often talked over
the proper way in which a grizzly
should be lassoed, aud Ihe undertaking had seemed quite feasible.
Now tbat thu chance to mnko the
experiment was offered, they found
unexpected difficulty in carrying
out the practical details. This
grizzly bear was clumsy in appearance but very active, repellant of
manner and with a marked antipathy to any intrusion upon his privacy. He seemed possessed of a
fixed idea, which was to gain the
broken ground toward which ho was
making when ho was discovered, and
lie kept pushing toward it in spile
of obstacles.
Apparently he know what he
wauled and did not care to be bothered. When his assailants came too
near he turned with a growl,  a dis-
him, They slopped then to coil up
their lariats���which they hud not
taken time to do when ia Ihe vicinity
of the bear.
The cowboys watched tho grizzly.
Satisfied with having put bis assail'
ants to flight, bo had not followed
thorn, With a clear field he was
having it out with Ebol's slicker.
The noose had fallen about his neck
and under cue shoulder, and his
impatience would not permit him to
take Ihe necessary steps to throw it
off. lie bit at it with tho effect only
to draw it tighter. He lose on his
haunches and cuffed at it savagely.
His fury was tremendous, From
timo to limo tho idea seemed lo
striko him that Iho flicker was associated with tho persistant attentions
of Iho rope, and bo rushed at that
inoffensive and tightly strapped
bundle and toro it ;,savagoly with
teeth and paws, Then ho renewed
his struggle with llio lasso.
The slicker fared badly, but the
rope go far as the witnesses saw, had
altogether tho best of tho encounter.
The bear finally broke for the rough
ground, and, keeping up a running
light with the rope all tho way, disappeared among the rocks and trees
���in the direction of the canon.
The cowboys rode to tho scene of
the encounter. A considerable area
was torn up. The slicker was in
that "state of tntterment," as one of
the boys afterwards expressed it,
"that you couldn't havo got out of
it a fair-sized shoe-string." Louis
Walker's inward smile had developed superficially into nfull-sized grin.
'T uould have toll yon befove boys,
how 'twould turn out," be chuckled,
"but 'twould have spoiled your fua,
and you wouldn't have been so ex-
Ls now Urciiarert to Receive alPllold. Silver & Lead ora.
Miners who havo any ores to sell r.ro requested to, comntunici-.te at once with tha
manager at Revelstqka, ll. !,, r ho is prepared to furnish evory facility
to minors of small or limited means to ship their ore.
MggggMB WJfMmm
play of teeth mid  uprising of hair
that made  iiini
aaein portentously
perienced as you are now."
The bear was not heard of again,
but it may be remarked that there
of tho Kootenay (15. C.) Smell in;','in 1 Trailing Syn licit,!, Limited, Itevolstolce, B. C.
Silver, Gold or Lead    $ 1 50
Silver and Gold  2 00
Silver and Lead  2 50
Silver, Gold and Lead  3 00
Silica, Iron, Limo. Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Barium
Magnesium, or Sulphur, each  II 00
Arsenic, Antimony or Tin  5 09
Sealed samples at donblo tbe nbovo rates.   Samples by mail or sipress promntlj
attended to,
Assayor, Chf-,mi��t.
JWJUl AU^..... Li.uuj>u.i..^.^.,iii^.,!c.*..��. i,���,a����...-��-i  i���im.-mm   n MMm  i  iii    Ba>���W
It was no easy mitter for the cow- i after lie ceased to make depredations
boys to get near the animal, for Ihe about the Montoga niusa. Ho pro-
horses wanted nothing of him. They . bably went back to the mountains,
snorted, plunged, land backed away; But should be or any ono of his kind
their willingness lo play acrobatic reappear about Ihe mesa it is safe to
tricks on theil hind legs was as mark- ' say that he will uot be disturbed by
ed as their unwillingness to op-; the attempts of any one to capture
proach tue bear. It was great fnn��� i him with a lasso,
a Bomnn holiday in'anjamphitheatro j . ^ ,	
Against   Mongolians.
Sau Francisco, August 2,���The
council of fedeialed trades has sent
the following telegram to Washington: To tbe Pacific Coast Bapresen-
infinitely grander than tho Coliseum
- but tho bear insisted ou choosing
his own part, which was by no
means that of victim.
8 iveral limes the bolder riders
threw their lassos, but at too long
range to 1 e i fb ctive.   The bear was
growing impatient  and  seemed to tatives iu Congress���The council of
care I -  aud  less  al mt running federated trades o{ the Pacific coost,
away,    '.. whirled repeatedly,facing representing   the   often expresae
his pursuers in turn, opinions of tho great mass of work-
Presently An.lt   Ebel,  a Mexican ing people on this side of tbe oonti-
and a forced   da        ������ n ;-,  respectfully, bat firmly, re-
..  animal and quest that the tonnage and mail snb-
.   . .    ��� rope, Bidy bills now before your honorable
time to organize a hunt for him dur- .. :,.,.r-s body, be so amended as to prohibit
ing the busy portion of theronnd-u ; jhonldei the employment, on subsidized lineB,
and the undertaking had boen defer-   ..,; . ly braced back of persono ineligible to   American
red to a moro eonvenienl season be rope taut, i msbip, notably Chinese and Ja-
It was up Ibe long asoenl   I . Might, panese, as being not only prejudicial
feet to the top of the Montoya mi  .   . ,,: if our own seafaring
that our live i , .. en tbo otbei but sneh Bervice ia notori-
General  Contractors    and    Builders.
M'iiimractiivers nn<l Dealers in   Doors,
and all kinds of Building Mttorial.    Office
n specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and Picture Frames, etc
made to order
Sash, Mouldin-rs, CUaiiss
Furniture and  Fixtures   a
Tbey made ocoasi d .1 '.. ,1
their horses, an I, near the ��� ,,
ol tl e borsemi n stopped to |
bis cinch.      li.
putty an   ; |   rtnuitj
ihe hurie.i arrived fairly fresh at the
As tl. if    most rider
the tu: lo-land 1 ., ...
-. ive bia - imbrer
1 Li  1. ���..:        '.  ���     ��� ..   I      "I     . ,
ill    ���   ;
-    , ,i   ,i., i1.'
Tho party pre sod  forw ir I, and
Baw.aflhorl listacco awa    , ... sly
bear which was  baml ing aero    in   ""''��"
opi a.-; ice to . .;��� 1 iomo ... ky  in I
wot .';������ ! gr innd be} md.
Here km a  chance  fur c. ��� ���
sport ol   i.  i n it    exciting   kin
Owing to tho law which forbids tin- tl,rn ��' '     : mo tho pon
carrying of brs-arms on the round- "f
an il.,  boys  wose unarmed, but '"""���">���   l!lU'-">
nevertheless they raised a veil, and ' '   '       ;'
rode their horse bard for tho bear, wlli
The gimly quickened his paci   ' i snapping tei
their coming, and was evidently de- '"' '  in bom
pilous to get away; but [his purstu ra ':'1' Bn '"��0,
boou overtook and surroundod  him.     Purely mi   ...    uldle, lioani
Ab fioma of them got before him and mal caught in Iub ie oil-olotb
headed him off, he Bloppod, panil as coat or 'slicker' rollc I up in Iho rear
il taking the mailer nf llioir presence, of tho saddle, and witli the accom
into Borious consideration, pauying clntob of kin claws lacerolod
"'.'Lel'Bropo him, boys!" shouted | Iho horse's haunch
onsly ...   i      '    and a   perpetual
-,f danger to the lives of pas-
irs  sailing on thoso
I ".   Prod Smith
bil :j in the
:   .
11 d .���   pped
. . i         al
A v,.               , J .-1. n ith --.li1.
di d  ii. ii love affair,
. ,     i ,:u this
ibably die,
I thai   .1.   fl
,.  . irlhern [Pacific
,   i: Boon i"
... orthern
E'uci      ���    .i. in tha I icifl i ooi I,
��� . .    I       nn:.
; . , -.
. .   mi,    In   ud.
'It is I
i insist?"
������I do
"GiVO   inn   lien  live    milllltOS,   I
I0g, '
"Wh.ii [or?"
���''to i.ii, obi irofonn"
vva&svasA* Mt&A?a&9S9ftjff fttisaa
All classes of Lumber on haul for Bale.    Oontraotina and building-.
B. C)
Harness ��� and��� Saddle ������ Emporium
-.lies and M!:iiil;e|n, (lurry combs.   Harness
oil, Horse brushes,   Whips, Spurs iiini
Bits in gr ui variety.
A . .Ml'l.i:II". ASSORTMENT OF ',
0B, 5, WILSON; Agent at, Rovelctoke,
nor i of Victoria was drowned at Seattle
'What is tlie nows from tbo western j fi!W (1|ivi, a���n
And what is there fiom ibe east?
II as  the   blizzard   blizzed   or the
ci clone whizzed,
Or the fire king tu'en a feast?
W but is the latest name grown great,
And what may the reason be ?"
The papers he'll hurl iuumaddening
As he gurgles a sound a glee,
With his eyes ablaze, in his furious
He scatters them left and right,
Till the new swept floor is piled up
with lore
Of the previous day and night.
And then when his woeful work is
With n manner that's light and
He takes, in his greed, just tho papers you need,
And he gurgles a sound of glee,
���       *&-
>Tot Ready to Fight.
Washington, August 2. ��� There
has been a good deal of warlike talk
since tbe publication of tho Behring
Bra eorrcsuoudeuce and tho very
stiff protest wbieh Lord Salisbury
addressed to Secretary of State
Blaine, but the consensus of opinion
is that the United Slates is hardly in
a positior. to go to war witbEngland,
Despite the vigorous efforts which
havo beer made during the last few
years to build up a navy, this country has very few vessels which could
compare with the magni icent fleets
England could send over here in case
of trouble, and all tho great ports
are in such an unprotected state that
it would be no trouble for a few
first-class ironclads to stand off and
shell them at their leisure. The
military aud naval authorities have
nothing to rely on as a means of
harbor defenoo except torpedoes,and
while Bubmaiine torpedoos are good
enough in their way, they are, alter
all, a very insecuro defence unless
lliey are rein forced by forts on the
land and a 'good fleet of cruising
vessels. Ou the entire Atlantic coast
there is net a fort worthy of the name
nor is there a largo modern high-
nowered fjnn. The seme stato of
t lin^s exists ou thel'nciric const, and
with tbe exception ot the half dozen
cruisers wbieh have bei n built in
the last few years, Ilia United States
yuvy consists of woodon ships armed
with" smooth bores which have been
out of date for n quarter of a eon-
tu v. Iii tbe entire navy there is
r.otn single- battle-ship, and while
limits of this province,anyor|any portion of theaiiim.il.i orbirds herein men
Honed, in their raw state; and this
provision shall apply to railway,
steamship, and express companies,
It shall bo lawful  for  any  constable to search any person  in  any
I street, or   public  place,   whom  lie
August   2. ��� Joseph ! sball have good cause to suspect of
baurel of whiskey in I IminK in '��3 possesion any game
An accident to ihe Sanlt St. Mario
canal will necessitate ths closieg of
i the canal for a week, and it is estimated that the delay will cause a
loss of over ono million dollars to
ship owners,
Pavles left
front of his saloon yesterday. After! unlawfully obtained, and also to
the sun had been shining" on it a ! stoP aml sea',fib i"1? cart orjotber
while tho barrel exploded. ��� Fnyles, I conveyance iu or upon which ho
who had beeu standing near, was! SU��H have good cause to suspect
thrown fifteen feet and had his wrist ���that ����>' Sllcl> SaI��o is being carried;
fractured and bis ankle spraiued.
A nurse, a baby and a baby carriage
wore upset in a heap. After the explosion tho front of Fayle'�� ealaon
looked as if it had been visited by a
| tornado. There was no sign of the
! whisky that had been in tbe barrel.
You cannot euro ham wilb a hammer,
Nor measure a dram with a drama.
Slew plums with a plumber,
Do sums with a summer,
Nor yet shear a ram with a rammer,
Biggs.���Well old man, you seem
to be whooping it up a good deal today.
Hoggs.���You bet. I'm celebrating
tho fourth.
Biggs,���Ain't you n little late?
Hoggs.���Nope.   Bom last night.
Neither cow-elk nor hen pheasants
shall be bunted, taken, killed, shot
nt, woundid, or injured at nil or at
any time.
No person shall at any time buy
or sell, or offer or expose for sale,
any pheasant or pheasants, fawus or
deer under the ago of twelve months
nor does of any age, until the First
day of September, 1894,
Deer, elk, reindeer, cariboo,
mountain goat, mountain sheep, or
hare, between the 20tb day of December and the loth day of August.
G-ouse, partridge, prairie fowl,
California and Virginia quail, robin,
and meadow lark, between the 1st
dav of February and the 1st day of
and should 6uch constable
discover any        gnruo       on
any such person, cart or other con>>
veyanoe, ho shall seize and detain it,
and shall immediately summon such
person before any two Justices of
the Peace, to be dealt with according io the. statute.
Any person giving information
leading to tho conviction of any person nuder the act shall be entitled
receive to nue-half the fine inflicted.
No person who is not domiciled iu
this province, other than officers
and men in Hor Majesty's regular
army, n permanent corps of Canadian Militia, shall nt any time bunt,
kill or take nuy of the following animals, viz: Deer, bull-elk, reindeer,
cariboo, mountain sheep or mountain goats, unless such person is the
holder of a gatno licence.
Divine Servieo will be held iu llio
Revelstoke Church evory Sunday evening at 7;30, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church .Ministers, Speceial announcement will be made each week
iu the Staii.
Sunday School and Bible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:110. All
arc cordially invited to attend.
.lie Kevelstoke Tin Shop
September;  provided   that robins
he Philadelphia and Baltimcie are! may be destroyed in an orchard or
good vessels, thoy could not eland garden at anytime;
Wild duck, between the 1st day of
March aud tbe 12th day of September.   Cock pheasants from 1st Feb.
Hume's Building, Rsvelstcko. B. C
By the Columbia River Lumber
Co., at Beaver, B. C, to work in
their mills and iu the woods.
up iu an open fight for half an hour
against the armored leviathans of
which England has so many. Now
that the correspondence has beeu
mado public, I think I may be pardoned tbe chargo of egotism if I call
attention to tho fact tliat tho first in
to 1st October.
Nono of these nrimals or birds
shall bo hunted, taken, killed, or
shot at during any night throughout
formation of the very serious state of'. the year.   Hunting deer with dogs is
affairs was conveyed through the
columns of tho Star, The correspondence bears out all the statements made iu my despatches, and
prohibited except east of the Cascades,
On the mainland it shall be unlawful for auy person to shoot, cap-
although rival papers, which at that tnro, or by any means destroy, cook
time did uot possess the information
which I hud at my command, pronounced it a canard, they are now
willing to admit  tho journalistic en-
pheusants or quail before Ihe First
day of September, ISi'l,
No person Bhall buy ��r sell, or
tcrprise which gave to tho public tbe j lmve in ^ QV j1(n, possession, any of
first information of the most import-j ^ gaui ftUiraai3 0r birds, or any
nnt national eveut which baa hap- pftvt or portion of any such animals
pened for some years. I nDileiettaml j or birds, during tbo clos�� season:
that negotiations havo once more Provided, always, tbat they may be
beon resumed between Secretary exposed for sale for three days, and
Blaine and Sir Julian Pauncefoto, B0 longer, immediately after tbe
und that there aro hopes of arriving comuionoement of the close season;
at a satisfactory sett lenient. While ��� \m[ jn ft][ ami nl9 proof 0f the time
tbistottlemcnt may bo delayed, it u| of killing or taking shall be upon
very certain that Ihe United Slates tUe party in possession,
revenue cutters will not mako any | It shall not be lawful to shoot at
seizures this season, much as Kotne I any gnll in tho following harbours,
of tbo admirers of Mr. Blaino'u jingo: T|z: Victoria, Eaquimalt, New
policy would like to bob this done, Westminster, Nanaimo or Yancou-
This country doBB not want war, and ver| 0r in any arm, fiord, rivor or
it is not disposed lo indulge in a war ��� cl.e(,]; extending from or flowing into
to gratify any man's political or per- BUy 0f the said harbors at any time
sonal ambitiou. Arbitration is look- of the year,
pd on by every one as .tho best way J Itshall be unlawful to kill deer at
out of tbe difficulty, and, I havo no j aDy time for their bides alone, in
doubt, after a sufficient lapse of time j aliy portion of this Province,
flio question will bo referred either Nothing in tbo act sball be con-
to a mixed oouiuiusion or some iiou-' strued into preventing any resident
trul power for final settlement. If farmer from killing deer that ho may
Iho decision is against the United i':mi depasturing within his oulti-
Htntcs, the question of tbo liability rated fields r.t any time,
of the U.S. government for duma- On and after 81st August, 1800, no
ges for tho vessels which it has seiz- person or corporation shall at auy
ud will bo brought up, Ol Ibis Mr,! lime purohase or havo in possession,
'JJlnjno lias been informed, although with intent lo export or cause to be
no mention of that appears in the exported or carried out of tho limits
published   correspondence.���Mont-' of this province, or shall nt any lime
Steamers Ducfess, Marion &1'ert,
Str.  Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Monday at noon, (and on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednesday, i p. m.,
Tourist tickets 86 for round trip.
Agents, Golden, B. C.
3rnnilo  ware,  and    Lamp  Hoods.       Tin,  Copper and    Sheet Iron
Ware made to order.    First class work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
attended to.
11. C
111 orders by mail or
express promptly
All   descriptions of
gold and silverware
General Merchants.
B. 0.
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Pu. D��� F.
G. S.A.
(Late of tho Geological Survey of
Canada j
Consulting Geologist, Mines, quarried, und mineral deposits of all
kinds examined and reported on.
Economic problems investigated and
information furnished. Whetham
Block, Vancouver, B. C.
Note.���Mineral specimonssont to
Dr. Lawson will be plucod on publio
exhibition. DO
roit SALE.
J. Fred.
Hume & Co.,
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods  Groceries,' Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware Etc
The Stock in evory Department is Full and Complete and tbo Public will
find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices,
seal Star,
��� or in auy manner export, or cause to
One Billiard Table, completo and
in good repair,   Aihl.-cs
Kootenay House, Golden, B, C.
(Clone to C. P, 1!. Depot)
Hevelstoke      ���      ���      15. C.
Importers of tho Choicost Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a poled and completo stock of gent's furnishings, ladios, gonts>(
and children's boots, shoes nnd hose, stationery, patent medicines, toilet
requisites und ready-made olothing.   A  largo assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigarettes, Imported and doiuosiie oigars, fruits, candy, etc.
Btove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and drossed lumber, and oilier jjooJs,
too numerous to incniion, al moderate price-..
Telephone io��mnnic.Mion>, IHE KOOTENA'5 STAB
a . _r iv.-eiiiy column news
1 iper, is issued from tho office o
publication, Revelstoke, P.. C
Subscription price 82 per year.
Hates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprietor
,       1 L ' LiW
bought a ticket to Port Arthur anil
from there to the coast. He will
doubtless go back without a requisition, for tho reason that the offence
of bringing stolen property into Canada is punishable with a heavier
penalty than the stealing of it would
incur in Wisconsin.
Mr,  F.  E. Hobbs,  Locomotivo
Foreman at Donald,   has succeeded
Ibis week in   bringing  engino  No.
109, or what remained of her, up to
English Church services are held '��� Ihe maiu track, after a three mouths
regularly on each Sunday morning i rest in tbo mud  slide at  Mountain
and that hie, real namo is Dobie. He I arrived on tha last trip of the Lylton,
had committed on offence on another | including Snpt. Mavpole, Messrs.
railroad, which lost him a situation, Brown, Korr, and others, Messrs.
and he than assumed the namo of Browu, heir, Dr, Campbell, and
Gray, he first went to tho Seo, and j another gentleman proceeded to the
iber.ee to Montreal, but finding him- | Little Dalles yesterday morning. I
self shadowed    by  detectives, he  think we may lopk forward to a large
at 11 o'clock.
Attonlion is called to tbe adver-
tisemont of Messrs. Jowott & Hnig.a
Creek, It required four day's work
to do it, and the laying of a switch
track about foe.:- bun hod foot down
new firm,   whoso lines of business | tho  inountniu   sido,    The running
cover a wide field.
Rev. J. Turner, Methodist Minis
ter, will preach at tho church on
Sunday (tomorrow) evening, at 7.SO.
An earnest invitation is extended to
Mr, J. F. ITnme returned from the
south on tho last trip of tho Lytton.
Although he has high expectations
ja to the future of Nelson, ho is still
very enthusiastic in relation to the
old town of Revelstoke.
An item appearing in the Jiliner,
it will be well for tho 0. P. E, to
look into���that is, tbat tbe freight
rate on gnods from Toronto to Kootenai, Idaho, "was 21 cents a hundred less than from Toronto to Revelstoke,"
It will be seen by a notice published in this paper, that a public meeting will be held on next Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock, for tbe purpose
of soiectiug a school site. Every
niun interested ia tbo location of tho
school house, which is to be built as
soon as a site and tbo title to it can
be secured, should bo on hand and
take part in tho mooting.
A meeting is called for this evening to discuss mailers concerning
the Revelstoke townsite, take measures to obtain deeds from the government, and to consider any other
questions which may come up in relation to the present and future bo-
nefit of tho town. All interested iu
the matter should attend.
genr was found lo bo in good order,
trade being worked up between tlio
0. P. 11, at Revelstoke and tho Spokane ,v Northern at Liltle Dalles.
The Colonist was right. A magnificent townsite is now opened down
the Columbia, nnd when the road is
finished to Nelson a trip up the
Jvootonay river will well pay a lover
of fine Bcerery. Here at tho Landing, or I should say about one milo
from it, is a splendid water-fall,
where Pass Creek fulls some two
hundred feet. The surroundings
aro very pretty, and if a trail were
cut to it, it would make a favorite
Dave Woolsey and Harry Sharon
have just returned from Trail creek,
and have brought some very good
aud sho was brought out upon her specimens witn them. I ?awa wash-
own trucks. Although a dangerous I up in a wash basin of about two
piece of work, not an accident hap-   bandsfnl of decomposed quartz, and
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant
to nn Order ill Council, approved by His
Honour, the Lieutenant-Governor on tho
30th July instant, tho alienation of any
anil all Crown lauds by private sale will
be discontinued from and after this date,
until further notice, pending contemplated legislation.
This notice shall nol affeot or prevent
tho right to complete the purohase or
salo of any lands in respect of which notices of intention to mnko application to
purohase have been published in the
British Columbia (Juzotto prior to the
first day of August next.
Chief Commissioner of Lands k Work e
Lands and Works Department.,
Victoria, B. C., July 31st, 1890.
pencil, and Mr. Hobbs, as weli as
the roadmaster, Mr, Newman, may
bo congratulated upon their success
in this difficult job. It will be remembered tbat Engineer Van Antwerp and Fireman MoDongall went
down with the engine when Ihe ncci-
dout occurred, aud that the fireman
lived only a few hours, whilst Van
Antwerp has not yet been able to return to duty.
Thomson.���On Monday, llio 2Sth
July, at Rpvektoke, to Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Thomson, a son.
At tlio Glaoier.
Messrs. Huber and Sulzer, of the
Swiss Alpine Club, did not attempt
any other ascents after elimbiug Sir
Donald, but left on Sunday morning
for Bear Creek for an exploration up
the Beaver valley.
Dr. W, I'-c-ll-Campbell and Mrs
Campbell, took dinner at the hotel
on Wednesday, whilst ou tho way to
Rev, A.  Beanlantls, of  Victoria.
tho yield was over 110 cents. Some
of thu ledges carry a large amount of
this matter and rich sulphnrets.
Phil Aspinwall and Jack Mugher
of Uleoillewaet, havo staked three
or four claims, and from all reports
of experienced men this is likely to
be ono of the riohest finds iu B.C.
There are about 25 men in at present, and many mor e going down tomorrow,
Wednesday, Aug. 0.
w. A.Jowett,        T.L. Haig,
Notary Public.
mining,timber and heal estate brokers
and genebal COMMISSION agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Salo,
Alining Bonds, etc., drawn up;Rents
und Accounts Collected; Mining   Claims  Bought  and
sold; Assessment work
on Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents   Applied   for,   Etc.,   Etc, Etc..
fire,   life anp  accident  insuiunce
Lots on Townsite of Kovolstoko for Salo
and Wanted,     A gouts for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
REVELSTOKE   .....   R. C.
0. J. Branch.
Mr, Julian Ralph, of Harper's
Weekly and Monthly, has just returned from the Kootenay country, his
associate, Mr. E, Remington, and
wife, haviug gone east. He found
tbe trip through Arrow Lake to
Sproat'sLanding most exquisite.Tbe
steamer Lytton was in every Way
complete aud swift, while the scenery
was grand, The sunset effects all
tho way were beautiful, and the sight
of deer aud bear swimming across
the lake gave ample evidence of the
forest primeval. There was no habitation in a distance of 145 miles,
save where wood was cutfortho boat.
At Sproat's it was possible to see
from the barroom into all the tweu-
to its
O- 3P- ft SUB8 VMUD.
Going East, Going West.
No. 2 'No. 1
13:00 Leave   Vancouver  Arrive 11:25
12:45 Arrivo
North Bend
Spenee's Bridge
Donald   Depart
Brick and Stone Mason, Plastoror
and   Kalsominor.   All   work  done
promptly and to satisfiioLioii.  Con
tract work solioited. ilfj
9981 ������ S&VOSt
Mining   Broker,  Commission   A^t,
Notary Public, &o, ko,
In Stock.���Mining Powders, Fuse and
Cups, Miner's Tools, Steel and Camp
Outfits. 3tf ���
Corner Front aud Hanson Sts,
Abiuhamson nnos.
B. C.
accompanied   by   a venerable but
vigorous friend of 70 years, arrived j ty rooms of the hotel, owing
on Wednesday for a couple of days ail7 construction. He had ridden a
Mr. David Woolsey returned from ! recreation at this mountain resort, i considerable distance aloug a trail to
Kootenay Lake Thursday, haviug! Thoy had previously climbed the one of tho construction camps of the
procured specimen!! from'about 30: mountain at Illecillewaet ami spent [ railway, which will be completed
c-f the best mines of the district,! a night in the camp of the Lanark aheai1 of time- T1|C1'8 ia a b,U0I��0-
weighing nearly 1500 pounds, uiiue, Mr, Boanlanda returned to 1tive aDa 9BVel'111 fl'lt cal's on the linB
These, aud others to bo got from the coast on Friday.
other parts of the district, will be Mr James Ross, one of the con-
arranged and forwarded as an exhi- traotors of tbo  Regina and  Long
bit to the exhibition at Toronto.       | Lake Railway, is "doing'' the Rocky
Mr.  Harold Redgrave, who has and Selkirk mountains on pleasure : a str0CS miDin8 impulse
' and evident progress is being made,
particularly on K e'er's   contriot.
The Kootenay Palls are not only extravagantly beautiful, but. in case of
being ox-
steamboat,     AND   TRAIL   OONNECTIO
Ono of the steamers of the C. & K, S.
N. Co.. (Lytton or Kootenai) loaves
Revelstoke for Sproat every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 4 a, in. Rb-
turning will leave Sproat for Revelstoke
every Tuesday, Thursday nud Saturday
at 3 a. m.
The steamer Duchess leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
and returning arrives at Holden at 4 p,
in, on Wednesday.
Steamboats leave Sicamous for Ender-
by Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
nnd return Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
Pack trains from Revelstoke for Big
Bond on the Columbia.
been filling tho responsible positi-ins- and business,     His "Pullman" was
of Provincial Constable and  Mining attached  to   No,   I   at  Banff last
Keeoidcr since Constable  Kirkup Wednesdaj   morning,   dropped at
was transferred to Sproat, lias acocp- Heaver saw mills, picked up by  a
ed a trausfer to Donatd, aud loft for freight,   and  side-tracked    at  the
his now field of duty last Sunday Glacier the same evening,
morning,     He has performed the Profess    Macon          union N.i-
funrtions of office whilst here with turalist, is cam
much intelligence and satisfaction.
Oc  Friday morning about three A, E. Sutton,  Asiistant Manager
o'clock, while the third tea train was of the i             again boen B|
crossiug the loop-bridge near  Ma- ing a few d         . liing   t Gril
loney's cut, the extreme rear of the La                      I >ke,
train, which was the tender of the Wan Wan                led Charley,
pusher, No. 312, suddenly dropped fell   Wi Im   lay  m   ... g   from   a
wkort a spaa cf the bridge had been high                                 cleaning,
undermined  by  the creek.      Tbe - -                       helpless con-
engineer was unhurt but the lireman dition.
A. Iliff, bad some ribs broken,   The I                                   onr   in
passenger trains were delayed alonl party   . ���             i ons, from  I                   held iu '.he School U,ouse
14 hours and the fourth tea-train lat for Alaska                 la             on Wednesday, tbe 13tb inst.  at 20,
b^een held at Albert Canyon now 20 Ok                         milarpartj is  o'oloo , to bIooI ischoolsite,
perieuced, are capable of supplying
mure power than the falls of Minneapolis or Spokane. They are almost
as magnificent as those of Niagara.
The sight of the angry river,?aid Mr.
I: ilph, almost makes ono doubt the
elllcacy of Mr. Bailiie Grohmau's
scheme, with all the power of the
lake and Iho seven tributary rivers.
On this excursion ho had seen for the
first time tish which never went to
bed, but wore ready to take bait all
Thoy were genuine speckled
if large size with a red bar
side. -Colonist,
There will bo a Publio School
hours. expi
Even Johnson ie in from bis ranob    A family i
on tl..: North Ann and ia agitatia
the project of a trail oonm tbe |
Arm with Trout Lake in Lardeau |and
Pass.   Bi baa cironlflted a BtibB?rip- '  '���
lion list among the business men,  abori
li.' . . ���
I   | i   iBtees,
:' ..'..'..:.!���
la de    ibing     i ��� i
Glacier Ho
must  not bo   made of its din    -
room, mai
with (lo  ������      ,   fi c    by   \,
and has already got 8110 pledged,
The Government Bbouhl be asked to
make an appropriation for this trail,
(leo, Lnforme oame in in.rn Mo-
CoHoch Creek on Wednesday, and
with Ida pack train started back today, Pierre SjlLaurent goes back
with him. last Sunday week Ihe
Last Chance tunnel had progressed
*T0 fed, in gravel and sometimes To tbe Editor of tbe Star:
mixed clay and gravol. The shaft VVooronow enjoying a mo
houfe, etc., at tho Consolation Co,   lightful rain,     ft oi I with
hud been moved from the old and heavy bail about noon, and has made
put in placo at the new shaft, and  tilings cool and pica anl n
work was going on steadily. Tim  Kootenai arrivod about   11
The man arrested at Donald as o'olook this foronoon with a caboose,
William Gray, admitted toponstable two (lat oars and a big lo .d of steel
Londrum that be stole the paokaga rails,
B '..
of oncb
ers i
ui,     .1. II. Matiif on,
i; S,
������-������  i  ���      I.,
i.:.<li..,A V LAKK
men's furnishings,
fancy & toilet goods,
patent medicines,
And Post OuToo Store NELSON'
��� MININdJjIlllUKKIl,���
Ami Genoral Commission Merchant,
Insurauoo   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Nnlnry Publio,JJEte.
First olassin every respect; Nearest
hotel to 0 P ll depot ui I steamboa
landing, botwoim post ofriae and g)V,
buildings. Couch to and from depott
and stoamboat, Eire proof Sato far th*
accommodation of its customers.
������ Pi Ri HOI�� It
P. MoCarhiv   i    -    i   ,    Piiois
First class Tomporanoe House.
U.0AK0    ANQ    I.on.lIN'd,  $3   1'isn   wnisic..
MEALS, 2"ic.    nuns 25o,
This hotel is situated oouveuieutto the
station, is comfortably  furnished and
affords first class aooommodabion,
S, C
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. llobort, Clerk
Booms well intended; tables unexv
colled. Wines and liquors guaranteed, of n high i;uaiay. u'iro in,
sample room. Telephone ooiiiniiiivi-
oution with O. P, li, depot. Vivo
proof vault for tlio convenience ol;
guests.   Buss mods all trains.
transient bates  ���   -   -  $2 p,;:; day
the -
li. C.
a 'i i.
P. O, Address,
i .on,
o! money from tho express company
A large party of C, f, R, ofljoials
Capacity 20,000 loot per day, Planor
shingle macbino, oto, All kinds of
lumber on li m I During the in
ol 1890 lumber will bo di livcrod at
any  of tbe bindings on  Ihe   hike al
greatly rednood pricos,
n����r, mjjx, *Tc,
Tho largest and most central Hotel in,
ilio oily; good accommodation ; everything new ; table well supplied ; bar uud
billiard room attaohed ; lire proof safe,
J.il!0\VN k CLARK,
Stockholm House
The dining room is furnished  with the.
best tlio market affords.
The bar ie supplied with a oboioe stock
of wines, liquors and olgars,
Jas. Liberty,


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