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The Kootenay Star Nov 22, 1890

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Array VOL- IL
Nc. 23-
Notieo is hereby given that, in pursn
ni.cn of tho provisions of soction 3, of tho
"Columbia k Kootenay Itailway Subsidy
Act, 1890." the unoooupied ami unrecorded Crown lands situated within the following described blocks of land, have
been reserved from lease, salo or settlement, viz.:
lilock 18, Commenoing at a point on
tin- west bank of theCollimbill River, two
miles south ot llie moum ot 'Stall Crook ;
thenee two miles duo west; thence four
miles north ; thence four miles east, crossing tho Columbia Rivor; thence four
miles south; thonco two miles west to
the point of commencement.
lllock 11. Commenoing at a point on
tho south sido of tho mouth of Toby
Creek, on tho wost sido of the Columbia
Kiver, at the uorth end of tho Lower Columbia Luke, thence duo west four miles;
thi-nce north tour miles ; theuce oast four
miloB; thence south four m>le3 to tho
place* of commencement.
lilock 15. Four miles square, situated
at the south end of Lower Columbia Luke,
on tho west side.
lilock 16. Four miles square, situated
st tho mouths of Sheep and Skookum
Chuck Creeks.
Blocks 17 and 18, Each four miles
square and situated south of Fort Steele.
lllock III. Four miles square,situated
on Elk River, and including Elk River
Provided that this reservation shallnot
affect any landB which are included hi
nny grunt, lease, agreement for sale, or
other alienation from the Crown, or which
have been sot apart for any special purpose prior to the ditto of this notice,
W. S. Ill:HE,
2(1 Surveyor-General.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, 15. C, Sept. I8th, 1890.
Hty kootenay Star
Q- 3?- E EM�� tABM
Notice is hereby given that sixty (OD)
days after date I intend to apply to tlie
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worus
for permission to lcano the following dos-
eril'i-d tract of laud, for lumbering purposes :
Commencing at n point two mile3 up
the Salmon Rivorfrom Holder CreeK, and
half a mile west of tho Salmon River,
running S. W, one mile, theuce S, E. one
nud one-half mile, thenco north two and
ono-balf miles, thenco S. W, three-fourths
nf n milo to sturting point, containing
about lUOO acres. 16
.0. 1
13:00 Leave
Vancouver  Arrive
i U:25
North Band
b'penoe's Bridge
Arrive    Glacier
Donald    Depart
ct :)
The steamer Duchess leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
and returning arrives at Golden at 4 p,
ra, on Wednesday,
Steamboats leave Sicamous for Enderby Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
nnd return Moudav, Wednesday and Friday.
Fuck trains from Rovelstoko for Big
Bend on tho Columbia.
Notice is hereby given that all alluvial
claims legally held in the West Koolenay
Distriot, will belaid ovt-r from tho 1st of
October to the 1st day of June ensuing,
according to the conditions of Section
llti of the Mineral Act.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, Septembor 20th, W0,
Notice is hereby givon that sixty (GO)
days after dato, I intend to maice application to thn Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Wonts, for permission to leaso the
following described trad ot land, for
lumbering purposes :
Commencing at about one milo bolow
tho junction of tho West or North ForK
of tho Salmon River, running southerly
to a point one-half (��) milo above the
South or East Forx of Salmon River,
thence easterly one-half (��) mile, theuce
northerly to a point ono half [J] mile
east of tbo starling point, thence westerly one-half [J | milo to the point of beginning, containing about 1(J,OI)0 acres.
Also, commencing at a point at Holder
Creeic, about one-half [J] mile from Salmon Rivor, and running couth about
three miles, thenco one-half [ 1- ] milo east,
theuce noith threo milos, Iheuco west
three-fourths of a mile to point of beginning, containing about lOiU) acres,
A Court of Revision and Appeal under the Assessment Act will be held ut
the Government Office, ai Nelson, on tbo
lOth day of Novem., at 10 o'clock, n, m.,
and nt the Court House in Revelstoko,
on the 15th dav of Novembor, nt 10a, m.
25 Chairman Court of Revision
uud Appeal.
Revelstoke, Scot 18th, lei90.
The Court of Revision nnd Appeal
which was to havo boon held Nov, loth,
as above, is hereby postponed to Nov.
Ch'mn Ct Revision and .Appeal.
.Revelstoke, Nov. 10,1890.
i -'���<
��&  \-
In accordance with the provisions o
the .Assessment Act, 1888, a Court of Revision aud Appeal will be hold in this
District, at and on tho following places
and dates respectively :
The Government Cilice, Fort Steele, on
Thursday, tho i)0th ot 'Jctoba next, at
1 o'olook p. tu.
Tbo Government 0,'Seo,  Donald, on
Monday, the 17th day of November nest,
ut 11 o'clock, :t. m.
30 A. P. C CUMINS,
Judge of Court of Revision
and Appeal,
Donald, Sept, 29th, 1890.
"Mr. Corbin reports at Spokane
Fails that he will have a daily line
to Nelson and the Kootenny Lako
mines. The Canadian Pacifio branch
will be finished in a few weeks from
Sproat'B Landing to Kelson, which
will lotvo only fiftv-five miles of
steamboating to the Little Dalle*.
"The poverimcnt appropriation of
fOO.OOO for tin. Columbia rirei
linnet.!. Hi"   lioi-liioiii    XWiiida nnd
Priest's Rapida allows $10,000 for a
survey cf the rivor from Priest's
Rapida north lo the boundary lino;
but as Captain Cymons says ths
work will uot be dono until next
spring, Mr, Corbin will have his
own engineers make a survoy from
the Little Dalles to the line thia fall,
and if the work will not cost too
much Kr. Corbin will make ths
river navigable that distance, nnd
firmly intends to run daily all noxt
year, summer and winter.
"The Canadian government have
made an appropriation for the river
above tho line to Sprout's Landing,
whioh takes in the Kootonei Rapids,
v.-liich arc tho word on tho river, bo.
t-.vcen tlm Littlo Dalles and the
Tho above extract from tho Spokane Review, gives an insight into
the plans of tho Spokane k Northern
Railway to reach and control tho
trad;- uf Kootenay Lake, It is a very easy matter to have daily communication by boat betweon Sproat and
Little Dalles. Tho steamer Lytton
makes the round trip, starting at 8
a. in. from Sprout cad returning at
4 to 5 p, m., and cau mr.ke it every
day if required, Eut in case she ia
put on thut route, to satisfv the am-
oition of tha Spokaae peoplo for a
daily Hue, vbat will become of lbs
upper cud of the line between Sproat
and Rovdstoke ? The Kcetenni may
run it threo times a week during high
water, but net oftener, and not at all
even when ths water begins to get
lovr, But it is understood that sho
wiil bo employed ia towing scoffs
carrying heavy frei~hfc down and
bringing ore back to ths ameltsr.
Wlit't thon needs to be dono for
thn protection of Canadian trade?
The fSleamboiit Company will naturally wish to hold tho business between Little Dulles r.nd Sproat, bnt
what provision ft ill bo mr.de lo givo
equal and adequate accommodation
to transportation from Rovclstok??
It cannot be dona without the addition of a first class new stoamer to
iho fleet.
It is not only what Revelstoko
wants, but it i3 what all Canadian
trado interests demand, to ba placed
on an equal footing with Spokane
Falls, or any cthsr American city
which aspires to compete foi tho
trade of Kootenay Lake. The manages of tho Steamboat Company of
conrro m)o this very oloarly, aud we
hope they will take ths nooossary
means ts most it, and at the same
timo retain the carrying trade of the
American eud of the route,
i)"t receiving enongh acceptable
bank notes in which to make bis remittances, A�� a last resort, therefore, he mado suitable ropreaenta-
tions to headquarteri���a properly
emphasized "kick," aa it were���and
the obnoxious rule was relaxed ns to
The singular thing about the
whole matter is, that an order made
for the BUpposable purpose of doing harm to a bank by discrediting
its currency, should have the directly
npposito effect. The bank in sending out ourrenoy hopai it will not
return for redemption immediately,
and the O, P, R. which is tbe only
great artery of transport wilhin the
Dominion, by which it might return,
refuses to receive it, aud thereby
assists tho bank to keep it in circulation.
TO ii A CCO,
ETC,   FI''.'.   ETC,
|.i��:PwiOS.n Stori NBLS0..S
~MlJiIsa BBOKEtt,���
And General Commieaion Merchant,
Insuranoe   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Notary Publio, Kto.
D, C
i��rr ">*i-   it'-,
Por soma reason best known to the
C. P, R, the  Commercial Hank of
Manitoba, has not been taken ut its
offices for freight er passage money
for several years.    Aud although
every Canadian hank is uow taken nt
par, under th'. new banking law, at
all cthsr  Imuks  iu  tlio Dominion,
the order tabooing the Oomraeroial
Rank which got on,,to the bulletin
board of tne cj. P. it, so lar us wo
know, remains uneouiitormanded,
Thin condition of affairs mado
little trouble generally, as there
were oily small accounts of that
currency in circulation, and the
agent could receive it aud gut clear
of it by paying it out again in change
At Revelstoko, however, th.i situn-
i on became serious for the reason
phat the Smelter Co., had its account
at the Commercial Hank in Winnipeg, aud made all its payments in
that eiirrency, Mr. Hamilton, the
C, 1'. Bi agent fotmd so Mitch of it
in circulation that he could not get
along with the business of .his office
A Grout Experiment.
The importance of the experiment
which is being tried in the valley of
tho Thompson Hirer cannot be wel.
overated. The dry belt is of great
extent. It contains millions of
iici-os, This land is tot now productive. It is of little or no nse to the
inhabitant) of the province. Supply
it with water and it will be as fertile
and ai productive as any in the
province. The freitfulusts of these
arid lands after they have been irrigated is really extraordinary. It
seems as if they had been waiting
for ages for the water necessary to
make thcai yield abundant erops.
Vegetation is rapid and luxoriant,
aud the products raised on it aro not
only abundant hut of the finest
quality. In saany localities it can
be insdo toyioldjtwoor more crops
of vegetables, two hoary ercpe of
hay, and the finest roots and cereals.
If ifator enough can be found on
these dry lands to raise a good crop
of hay it will be eonverted into tbe
fiueat stock raising country in the
world, Three or four tons to tho
acre on irrigated land is cot an unusual crop, All that the soil waute
to enable tho farmer to produce it is
We said that there are millions of
acres of land in this provinoe which,
if the experiment now being tried by
the Government provo successful,
will be reclaimed ami made to yield
heavy crops.   Assume that the Government experiment results  in redeeming only half a million of acres
from the wildorness,   This addition
to ths arable laud of ths  province
will add immensely to  its  vr.lue,
There is not an industry  in tho
country that will net foel the stims-
Ins which such an audition  to  the
available resources of tha province
will cause,   The vslus ef the  pro-
duet of eaoh acre irrigated  land
canuot be  less than forty dollars.
This wc I Link a moderate estimate,
This will make an annual yield  of
twenty million dollars.   Is not the '
chance of increasing the produtt of
the proviuce to that immouso extent
worth  the  expenditure  of   a fev
thousand dollars?   This  implies a
large  addition to tha  population.
Fine farms,  with   pleasant  home
steads, gardens and orchards, flocks
and herds, will be scon whero there
is now only the dry brown  earth,
partially  covered   with  Bkant  and
stunted  vegetation,   Thu  transformation will Iu a  biesbod  one.  and
those   engaged  iu trying   to bring
it about should not allow themselves
to bo discouraged,  mach  lose  deterred,  by  the croakieg  and   the
growling of Buiull minded politicians
whose heads are so fillud  wjthtjiejr.
they have uo room in them for large
projects,  intended   to benefit   tke
wholo province now and for ages to
cone.    What,  after   all,  are the
subjects which tho small politicians
make IO mich fuss   about compared
with  this attempt   to  bring  into
cultivation an inmenie tract of land,
tbe eapidoillie�� ef whioh aro eo great
that, if it is reclaimed, tko prospects
of tho province will be brightened
to an incalculable  extent,  and   its
prosperity, present unit future, will
be assured ?   Compared with the importance of this enterprise every,
thing that occupies the attentioi of
our oiiklio meu dwindles iuto insig-
A Visitor from  Australia,
John Johnston, from Sydney, New
South Wales, Australia, of the firm
of A. Johnston k Co., 'iii'roa.l   con-
tractors and mining operators, left
that country on tlie Dth day of July
last, and came by th-)   way   of  Sun
Franoisoo to Victoria, theneeorossiD?
to   England,     He   returned   here
about one month ago, to carry ont
the original program,-which was to
obtain a knowledge of the mines anl
mieing possibilities of Wi.st Kootenny
District,   He first went to illecillewaet, by" arrangement with Eund
Sando, of Loudon, who had  boiinht
an interest in  mines  there, exumiu-
iag the Maple Leaf, Goat Cave, Yellow Girl and others,     The  mineral
found was very good, but there hue
not been much systematic work done
in tho camp.
Ee then went to Kootonay Lake in
company with Dr. Canpholl, tha
first call being made ut Dot Springs.
lie found it to be tho richest new
mineral field he ever saw,���nothing
to equal it either in Australia er
New Zealand. Two local companies
are carrying on mining opcrattone
legitimately, one under the direction
of Dr. Campbell, for the Iievelstoke
Mining Company, and the oUer by
Mr. A. D. Wheeler, nud the work
they aro doing is oretlitable to them
at practical meu and mine managers.
Not much can be said as to thu balance of the camp as to tho work accomplished, All the mines inspectid
13 in number, show good mineral in
silver and lead, The leads in this
oamp, run north and south, dippiug
to tbe wast at an angle of 15 degrees.
Mr. Johnston was net able to
give tho Hull mines an examination
on account of tbe depth of enow already fallen, bnt visited the Door
Man Mine, where he saw a fiid
plant of machinery, which was shut
dowu for want of water. Near this
property northward are the Wizard
and Royal Canadian. Ho formed sc'
favorable u�� opinion of iho latter
mine, that he offi tv.i the owners
815,000 for it, on condition that one
ton of ore treated at the Iievelstoke
Smelter, should run l,1, ounces to
the ton. Although mueh higher
value is claimed for it, the proposition was accepted, und tho oro will
come forward as soon as it is possible to make the shipment.
Ue was solicited to go to Trail
Creek, bat for want of time was
unable to do so. Some samples cf
ore, however, which he saw from
that place, had much base mineral
in combination with the preeions
He will strongly advise his princi
pals to make investment* especially
in Hot Springs camp, and he is vtry
confident that tbey will do eo next
spring. He expresses his obligation* to Judge Tunstall aud Dr.
Campbell fur their attention and
kindness shown in asaistiug to
further the object! of his visit.
A large number of samples wire
brought in from the various uii ti
examined, which will be assayed by
Mr. lloeser, ami certiQeates of the
result forwarded, Mr. Johnston
lolt ou Tuesday evening for Victoria
where he visits a brother, aud will
loon return to Australia by way of
San 1'raiici -co.
Jai. McDonald i Co., aro rushing
work ou the nohojl house at a lively
pace, The frame is up, roof on and
ihiuglcd, the tower finished, thu
had to lay off, waitiug for doors,
sash, window frames, eto., whieh hail
baiou ordered from the Royal City,
but not yet received, Tue weather
has beeu fine for puihing ahead tho
work, which will doubtless be lin-
i.imd withia contract lime,
In the city of Ceatralia, Wu Amgton,
November llth 1800, ^ (hj ro8/.
donee of W. G. G |-uuo#| ft,^
daughter of Mr, ai *i urii ;y. T.
Atheiton.of Hie. illewaet, H, C,
aged 8 years ��u-^'i mawuiUn, A fcrrpngo twcnly-columnncw.
paper, is issued from tho ollico ol
publication, Revelstolce, l>. C
Subscription price $2 per your
ng given on
Rates of advertisin
application.     ^^^^^^
Publisher and Proprietor
in readiness for the mountain floods
whioh for several months will send
> Niagara over the heavy deek apron
which now shields the biff dam from
and went back to camp to get his
bone, Returning with the animal,
he fastened him te a tree nud then
climbed up in where the  deer  lay.
the mountain torrent,   As soon as   Bnt mister bear had smalt thog
Millions   in
San Francisco, Nov. 7.���No mining cvi ut einoo the discovery of the
Big Bonanza on the Comstook has
so interested California miners as
the final turning of the water from
the feather lliver bed, by which the
pay gravel is brought to light. For
months the eyes of all miners in the
state have been directed to the
Golden Gate mine operations, by
which tho Feather Rivor was diverted
from its course and the rich river
led laid bare. To-day it was learned
that the pay gravel was tested, wilb
results Unit nliow the mine will yii Id
many millions, Nearly all miners
d,flared Iho scheme impracticable,
bnt t few days ago tho work was
finished, Tha bed of tha rirer appeared as a deep rai 	
feet across, bounded by rocke eighty j steal Im outfit
Shields who is thn author of sewn]
works on out door sporting lifo, He
bus (he Queen Anne musket; one of
Sam Houston's old American Dint
locks; a long Kentucky ride of the
Daniel Hooiie style; au oil Belgian
gnu from the field of Waterloo ; bat
the gun which he calls his put life
preserver and the incidents which
give it that character are thus described:
The 15 calibre 90-grain a tried and
true friend on more than one occasion.   It has a record cf two elk,
four bears,  seven   antelope,  thirty
deer, and dozens of wolves, coyotes,
ami foxi.fi to its credit, besides bsing
the means of  scaring off  three  In-
iio about 1001 dians that tried on one occasion to
���.-���.--    This was the sum-
feet high.   Above sweeping through j mer of 1883, when Mr. Shields was
and waa there ready to dispute lhn
hunter's cluiiu whon ho appeared.
Tuking in th�� situation Mr. Shields
in-do a masterly retreat toward hi-
horso, but that animal had also satr.
ihe bear, and began to act iu perfectly frantic m uinar, During the
struggle tho Winchester was throne
from ths saddlebow between the
horse's fuel, and a sharp kick from
the latter, caused the pistol-hold to
crack. But diviugdown Mr, Shields
grabbed his gun and turned to confront bruin, who by Hits time was
olosiug in on tho hunter, A well-
directed bullet stopped all further
proceedings on his part, however,
and when the hear keeled over Mr,
A mnu in Chicago has a mnietim j Shields went up for Ihe deer, which
of oiirimis old cnuj,    U  j, qM) 0( ) ho ,U00M(]9ll   in   BlretubiQ
Ihe water subsides iu the sunisiir,
work will be begun, as cutly proh.
ably as July, as the great head dam
and iluine ars already in place, and
the work of removing the gold will
be carefully dona, It is expeoted
that the mine will yield 810,000,000,
as the rirer bed has caught all the
tailing cf the ri��h placers that
yielded many niillioU3 iu tho '50i,
Just below this mine is tho Golden
Feather mine, which has a mile and
half of the rirer bed. It will be
ready lo work two years hei.co and
is expected to yield 813,000,000.
      ^a>..  _
Guns  With ;i  History.
I.i now Prepared to Recclvo all Gold. Silver & Lead ore.
Miners who have anv oren tosull aro rcriuestod to oommunioate at ones with 4k
manager at Revelstoke, B. 1..  r hn is prepared to fnrni-di every faoility
to miners of small or limited means to ship their ore,
an immense Hume, the waters of the
Feather glide at a velocity of seven-
te*n feet per ftcond, From the
end of the fl'iine it is estimated that
III.OUO tons of water drop every second. This 3,000 yards of river bed
presents au interesting study. Whs-n
the water was turned into the (brae
two wuks ago there still remained
si vera! miniature lakes in the bottom
of the stream, and these were ang-
ssfutid by the seepage of water from
tlie big dam. Tho Bijven huge
w��ter wheels which hang across the
flume were connected by wile cables
to creat | umps and these working
right and day began te pump water
at tho rate of 1,000 minor's inches n ' pushed 1
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nerona,
tlie aail.ll., arter uunslUeraOlo otToil
for thu horso was still bally frighten-
ed. When he reached cuinp ho told
his story, ami Mo of the party wont
back alter tha prize. The skiu of
that bear now sums as a rug in Mr.
Shields' den, while tne deer's bead,
vi ith one ear badly ohewed, is handsomely moiiiitcii and adorns tbe
wall of tho family dining-room.
Clone to Heist.
"Suffer little children to come
uuto Mo, and forbid thorn not, for
such is the Kingdom of Ilcaveu," is
oue of tho commands of our Saviour,
aud ever bince the world began the
mandate, or law, has been fulfilled
and carried out, How oftcu are we
called upon to chronicle the death of
a little prattler whoso holy ways
havo so wou tho heart's deepest affection of not only mother and father
but of all with whom tho littlo one
has ci.me in contact. To-day we
have to announce the death of littlo
hunting through Moulaua and
Idaho. At oue time while riding
a tortuous trail that crossed the
Hoikits, with a pack horso just in
advanoo, tha lonely hunter was suddenly accostod by three Indians,
who in Chinook asked him if he
iv re al-jiie. Ho replied in their
own lauguage that his friends wure
a f.w miles iu the rear, for noticing
their covetnou.s {jlnices at his stock. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Shields suspected thoy designed to I this city. The little ens was takeu
rob him.   But apparently his am,, j ill while on her way here  with  her
Genera!   Contractors    and    Builders
rVTamiffiCturp.rs nnd Dealers in   Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Glass*
and all  kinds  of Building Material.    Office  Furniture and  Fixtures a
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and rieture Frames, eto
made to order
Goal, Hay and Corn.
have entire sale of the oelubeatod Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, mutable fo
base'hnrners and other stores.   GEEAT HEATING POVYEK.   MUCH
OHEAPER THAN WOOD.     Delivered ai Rivi letoke, any p��tt
of town, 89 00; Kamloops $9.90; Donald ��8.50.    Special
quotations for car lots.     Coal  stoves sold  at
wholesale cost  liny, oats and brnti sold
by carload or smaller quantities
Yards nt Kamloops nnd
(Donald.   Apply
Bay Athorton, aged 3 years and 1 L J. EDWARDS
months, the daughter of Mr, and
Mrs. W. T. Athorton, of British Columbia, who died this morning at
tho residence of W. G. Gaunoe, iu
wer sntlslind tbeiu, for alter a mo-
tuont's consultation they rode away
in the direction !�� had corns and
eft him to pursue his journey. He
horses for (lie next ten
inolher, and for the past week has
iatei) lying in a dangerous condition,
until this morning, when death re-
b-ased the little one from hor Buffer
Congestion of thai bruin was
minute, discharging into a sub-flume, j milonand wus congratulating him
his eseape from what looked I off.   Bay was a bright little child
When tho water was pumped out it self on
the immediate causo of  ber taking
"as found   that  there
was   a   vast
amount cf unexpected debris to be
removed before uncovering tho pay
Several hundred men were put
like a bad predicament, whenaourve
iii the trail sho red him Skreo Indians
headed in bis direction and following
along no or so oiilea   ha-hind.  He
,.... ..  now divined that they intended to
work to strip tho the debris from the dog his tracks until  he turned into
claim, and, if possible, to get dowu camp  (or  the   night,   when   they
to pay gravel.   At uigkt the scene ii   mould nudoudtedly   creep   up aud
worth going miles to see.   A line of take his horses and equipments,
electric lighti are  hung  along  ths     Hiding along as  n   ho bad  iien \
flume that skirts  the  walls  of  the nothing, Mr, Suields kept the trail  again press the "child of the grave''
river,   it 0:30  each  evening  the  fui auether mde, when ho suddenly i to their "
dark ravine, buried iu deep shadows  turned np  a  ra
and the pride of her parents, and bfcr
death has  cast  a  gloom  over  the
household that time can never efface,
The losing of a little oao way sosta,
to those who have never been called
! npon to part wilb their babes,  only
'a ualti'rofa few hours' grief, but
ever in after life is thero a vacancy
! in ths  hearts of  both  father aud
mo'hcr, and a fond longing to once
is suddenly illuminated by tht white j timber an.l cached sis horses.
glare of electricity, which torus the   I'hea    rel  ictng steps    he
gloom to day, anl the night shift limbed to the . of a rock that
man begin work where tho day crews overlooked the trail and patiently
left off an hour before, wLen dinner   ��� ��� - irsners
signal sound
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  bosom.   Littlo finger-marks
corered   with   upon tho door frames, littlo drosses,
playthings, pictures, all, all go toward reminding every day in the
home life that one link in the family
chain has been broken, never more
  to be united, until that  timo  wkon
At a point then ��� ��� ��� ���������������>��� of tbe smhnscade ��lich and evory member is called
a little streak of top gravel wi-- they rode p to wi ��� feet of I e hence te join those who have gone
was reached Major McLaughlin bi        t,* ���        of L      caused   before,   Tin visiting strangers have
gan panning. Five cents to the pan i    kemte iazzla   the entire and heartfelt sympathy of
considered very rich  (or good -' ��� .st.r. They w re irdered   all in thair hour of great bereave-
but this top gravel ran  :   ��� ���.   . bunds and  ... -   ment.   And the mothers  hero  who
a little deeper it went a d Suohja " rdidin   have   -  . tpon to part with
richness at the top wou . ite.jabs advanced .   their own! -   join  in  doing
richness st  hedr   ..  :'..- ueeed -   -   - i it human power can    itooom-
eipeetaclona,   Pan after pan of   . ��� ���   i ttiior I i grief sl        i   mother of
was worked,  and  it  was tbe same; reasoi * 0 , ,, ���r.A oom.
everywhere, gold in everything a        -    - ids inmi
P1,D'J o'i*.   When the riu       - ���< i       i gauzy -   -. , .��� ,-,.	
������'being * rked ta       neit      ��y were rer jn ''that
i li/0 and upwards to     i pan     Iho I to where lh n-rota'
p��y gravel will be sh ��� <      i
-. if   .;
���   ,   im   I belisl
many a I,
x p-a.;,   .f gi if aid sorrow
n o mi 111- Br lo  be ir.   Th ire is
iad, sweet I on ;ht thai  oar
Carry largo lines of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture.   Parlor nud
Bed-room sets ranging in price from $8.50 to ��500.    Hotels fur-
uisbod throughout,   Ollico and bar-room chairs.
mattresses made to order, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenny Lake
points will receive early
und   prompt  at-
MAIN STREET. REVELSTOKE      -      -      -
B.   O
Harness ��� and ��� Saddle ��� Emporium
Hobos nnd lilaiilcets, Curry oombs,  Harness;
oil, Horso brushes,  Whips, Spurs and    I
I5itn in great variety, '���
 ^^^^^^^^ .
liaises,   So rich i     n     . -       ��� ��� ..
known to be tb il :..:- b of it will be     in �� bass	
workeii Ij rookern,   I., mat   j it he had -
to sh* shovelful, and that ever/ mnn i ���   a*
BO|menltuW01'1 ' p*r minute     i     ir lie  �� .   . ,-        - ,      ir shore'and Tt "is
will be i��..,:i cut in  g0|d    ,���,.���,, [[a , l(( mo   >r>aljMrl
B"""klM of "^ in"n��nie returns fhtv   ...      ritbont a word and he I to       . |,0UI mit8
"-'      ''.n',:" ;:'" "'" �����' ' ' '���"- '    "'  'Wtb��n ���      ���   io       be te wile mi  si    , tbt  othor    lion
niiner.   fhe Golden Gate is now bi                                                ... ���hen   time shall   nasi   nnd  ll���
i��g worked for all it ie  worth in ingan attack,  but      ���     ��� .,   r burden ef lift 1 ���   'been   I id
������to Mtkt��oltan-up before the from thtir res ...     ,     . ,   ,,,,���,���, kUr.
winter raits sit in,   ft is mtrely a failed I           my of their h-ismls. inl tzisttnoi    L'ontraiia [Wathlto
quihtion *f aeatber, and every clear "Soj a ��ao   ,  lily set,    , ,   ,if ton) Ktws
day is invaluable tt the stockholders     liclds,    ting the forty-hvt
mth.mi.t.whichisb.li.v.d tt b. | ohc.ttr a cunning ta?,  -why  I Oaaband Anything you tv.nl In
the ri-'littt river mia, .rer |��id bar. look ppon this gun us an old fri.,',,1," ] town'todv, ��y"d.arl
in t!.*w��ld. Th,   . ,f0 Winch, ler own'
At the flnt sign of a ris. in  the .vi.leuc. of b��r,1   -,    ������    ,\,   ,������
liver from tht aouMuit, r.iui, tu the pislol hold is wound lomnvl, .
wb fliimta, dtrrioks, pumps, .luics, oord, juit.. it m�� roughly but st
���Ac.,, will be tMw.d, th. rrniU curely dent Lvoytam ago  in  U
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ uriliir
itme of it nl i��lf riling Hour} Wife
V7o have plenty left ; Inl I wish
yon would stop al uu intoJIigenoti
office and order m. ��� ..If risiof etr-
innl girl
'). C. DAVISON     i   PROP
ED. S, WILSON, Agent at Rovclstnlte.
���J" if\ rrr
Devoted  to    Iho   LUMIlEltlNa,   BUSINESS  ;in 1 Y'l.lJUL
TUttAL, and especially to the
Mining Interests of the
aay District.
.11       t    T     1 I       TV    l-.n      Till. tie..a    a* .	
JOB eel to,	
I lyMtalty,  Onleriby qyyl Itrtftllj |llt<
o I to, and executed in tho best style, Comatrcial wortr- 1 oilngstown, i'., Nov.
A'Washington pnpor claims thai ���ent death in Canada of
|i,o nnseltltd condition of the mone<   yH^ .���,.., milt!jBr u!- c;,.,.
-..ii-feiil was causal by lh" LnuWuna  iiUgr( ^b,, ������,, executed |
-Tht re-
Lottery company��
87,000,030 from circulation,
bin Ion Nov. 15.-Tin B.-ltUh
Garerumont has ordered an inquiry
of the iumilies of eleven German
boatmen who perished while trying
to rescue the nrsw of thn wrecked
���Jlaitish vessel Erik IJeromlsen, the
jntehtitn bting to make a subHlan-
t|��l grant to Ihe bertsvsd relatives.
Queboo.Nov. 15,-Ont thousand
and seven fnmili'H bare reo ived
from the local government their
hundred Boras cf land under thu la��
relating to families "f twelve children, These families represent th"
goodly number of 12,117 chilnrin.
New York, Nov. lu.-In an iuttr-
view to-day Thomas Daring tM ll
wus true the Bunk "I Euula'id, the
ilethichild. and other large Euclisb
linking houses hud agreed I" guar
ante, the credit of tht Barings to
extent of ��11.000,000, of thia amount
the Bank of England furnished ��.!,���
1100,000, aid the other relief party
the remainder. Ths Baring* ha**
been allowad three yta-rs to adjust
their affairs. All actual peril is now
believed to be pau-t.
Ottawa. Out. Nov. 15-A repro-
scntative of the Great Ntrthim railway here states tint 5,000 men are
now employed constructing the line
from  Aasinuboine to   Seattle,  on
j -     I I ���    "!"���   "'     l'r
a-.s.-e,:. iis?!* was \ itsounding
am.'-li. nn,I iir. Mattltvrs, amaztd,
delighted; and ftollngajif he walked
on .ir, hi I the yer.ng lady to ths
post, which was never lrt;e enough
for him after that. Tbey hud never
seen euch other beforo, 1st the good
chaplain had so descriod tho doctor
to his daughttr and hai spoken so
many good words for liia that ehe
felt as if bIio had kno'n him from
childhood, and the rtsitfuitiou was a
thing of no difficulty. It was not
long before the bans wra published
httueinjlr. Muttheis ,and Mial
Kirkby. Ho they were curried, und
Hied happily tvtr afti .-Ntw York
-., M. 8ier-
ere for tha
withdrawal of it�� murder of Lizzie Gronibaoktr, has
unveiled strange facte concerning an
incident that occurred ihortly before
thu elocution,
Sterling'! molhtr e.me here from
Maxwell, Canada, and though he
had left homo when but a la<T, with
maternal iutitation she reoognized
him when brought to his cell. Starling nkkout . quivtr ofamnsolt,
"Vne are mistaken, madam; I am
not your son.';
Sht implored him io recognize her
but ho refnstd, and sht returned
homo half oonvinoid that slit w.s
mistaken, To his counsel Sterling
''Shs is my mother, but I could
ant-breakher heart bj telling her
thut her ion would be hangtd, Keep
il Btcret until she dies,"
Her death during tho past week
cnused his attorney, Anderson, to
break the seal of silence to-day,
"It was the Most dramatic iceno I j is, ot course, nothing lus th.u a
ever witnessed," said Ur, Anderson, dastardly attempt to dprive the
"I h.ivt seen all the tragedies of the , American hen of the bebtlts of tbe
past quarter of a ctntnry, but none  tariff bill, knowing that', bt orusbe.l
lie Revelstoke Tin Shop,
Sranlte  waro, and   Lamp  Goods.       Tin,  Copper and    Sheet Iron1
Waro made to order.    First cUss vrork guaruote'eJ. I^Orlcrs promptly"
attended to,'
The duty on Canadian qgs is to
be evaded by un ingenjom scheme,
Enormous henerles arc to It erected,
the bnildings being placd on tho
houiiilnry line, so that nii-l'.ilf of
their area will he in Oan.d un.i Hie
other hull in the I.'u��� toii fc'-itee.   Tht
hens will b�� fed ou "cheapOaoadian
fuoiC'iiml tended by "ch.p Can.-
diuu labor" on ono Bide, ail do the
laving of their eggs on thtatbor.  It
that compared to tht icene ou that
''The mother, every line in h��r
face showing most iuttnso luffering,
,iuil her hciirt ue.irly broken, while
the ton, knowing that tht truth
would kill ber, stood,like a statue,
bis faoo showing tht paltr of death,
assuring her thut sin wasnii.-takeu.
"Such intensity of action was
never produced on any stags. It
eould not be."
Paget Sound. Tbe lino is expected
to be completed by September nest.
To the mountains the distance is 301
miles, and it Mill be completed by
,Tun 1.. There will be uo heavy
grades nor tunnels.
The O'Shea divorce case in wh
Purnell, the Irish leader, wat
dfiit lm�� resulted
jnrle nn I little colony at York Factory, a part
Pretty Love Romance.
ch I 	
.made Not many years ago Dr. Percy
co-roseponueni uue .-��� disus-1 JI.tHiows was physician for tho
tronsly to him. In fact he in
defence, wbieh is understood to be of the Hudson's Biy Company, far
an aimission of guilt. Th* Altitude U*ay in the black northern wilder-
of Mr Gladstone towards Parnell, ne*s, The cha| lain was tht Rtr. Mr.
Rbnnld determine Iho question | Kirkby. Both Men ar. .live, and
be will continue to he the Mr. Kirkby was for a time employed
in too Bible house, this citv.   York
,_    ,, ���        Fiictorv is not u factory at all iu the
St. Petersburg. Nov. 17.���It is re-'
aud defeated Air,   Mclfluty  is   uu
longer iu the house to preeut it.
I OOFDonal B, o,
Regular Meeting Thursd? A each
week at 8 p. in. All visitig brothers aro cordially invited,
J, HcLeoD,       J. II. ilfHESON,
N. G. R, S.
B, T,
ill ordera 1 y mail of
eiprees promptl
All   descriptions of
gold and eilverware,
leader of I In
Irish parly.
modern unilfirstaiiiliug of that term
���thai is, li'ithiitg is made on the
j premises;   but   factors,   Cleaning
traders,  exchange  flour,  blankets,
j knives and biitteun for  the  beaver
skins of lbs Indians.   As hardly 28
people lire there through the year,
\ ami as there id usually but oue ship
| from and to England  during the
i summer, it- is a lonesome place,
Dr, Matthews, who was young and
Hume'B Building, Revh'ike. B. C,
& COT.
General. Merchants.
B. O.
tel that, u riot occurred l.i't week
fifteen miloe from Moscow and thai
tho troops i-kot and wounlml 100
peasants and workmen for refusing I
tor.-ceivu the commands of the newly
appointed district oftlcials. The
rioters bound thsoflici.ls with cords
and sent thtm to Moscow.
London, Nov. 11-11. U S Serpent was wrecked Monday night 20
miles uorth of Cape Fiaisterre, Two
hundred and seventy three men were
drowned. Ouly three shaped, The
Sarpeht went ou tht rocks during a
storm on the Spanish const. The
crtw was washed overboard in groups
by the remorseless waves and drowned or dashed to de.lh among the
rocks. Tho Serpent's crew prop��i
consisted of 171) men. The remaining victims were relief ertws which
were being conveyed to oilier British
men of war nt au African station,
Rural Dean 'Wade, who attended
Bircbull during his confinement in
jail, refutes to repeat tht burial service of the Church of England over
his remains. This indicates plainly
that the clergyman has knowledge
of the guilt of deceased. After the
execution he s.w in the papers thai
Bircball had written a statement in
whioh he dtolartd soltmuly he had hn
never confessed iu any manner whatsoever tt auy complicity in the mar-
der of Bcnwcll. This was so untrue
that the whole altitude of the rural I your daughter," replied tht young
dean was altered by its reading. i man, half ruefully an 1 half in banter.
��� I    Iht ck-igymuu aiuiled, shook his
London, Not. 10,-The iochi] baud and went aboard ; lines were
tvtnt of tht week will be the mar- eft8t off, good-byts were ahoutedand
riagtof Princess Victoria, sister of \ tbl, suj|p headed for England, while
the Emperor and grand daughter of | .j,, doctor turned hack wilb a aigb.
Queen Victoria, to Prince Adolph of, The arrival of a chip is a great
Sohaumberg-Lipp. The wedding event at York Factory, and when
will be celebrated in the royal castlt ��� 0Le bright day iu autumn, a Bail was
nt Berlin, nnd atttndance will in-1 descried to tbt northeastward, the
dude the prince, and notables from j ,ti)o!e popul.ition of tht place helped
all parts of Enrepe, including the , it jn by Bitting *n tbe short and
Dukt of Clurenct and A etndale. j looking at it. Dr, Mattlltws wus
representing the royal house of [ tbere, and as the ship neared the
Great Britain. The marriage will laud he wus surprised and pleased at
ltavtto Iho bei waved emprois one \ ihe appearance of a blooming, trimly-
of her ohildren, Prince Margaret j dressed young woman on the deck,
She, it Is understood, is lo become for h's heart fluttered responsirt to
within a year Ihe bridi of the Prince : the Antler of a petticoat, Ths gang-
of Naplti, heir to Ihe tlirent of Italy. ; plunk was run out, this damsel trip-
fond of couipanv, found it especially
hard to live in it, one reason bfing
that there was no female society at
post excepting two or thr e sqcaws
and httlfbreed, wives of laborers employed by the cimpany. He often
complained of this shortcoming, but
ha had li'tlt sympathy froes tht
b.ohelors, for it is remarkable in
how short s time somo men come
not only to enjoy seiitude, but to
like it.
Mr. Kirkby had n daughter at
school in England, and one unramer
he resolved to go abroad lo seo her
and enjoy a little civilization. There
was to be an extra chip to York
Factory iu the fall, though he did
net intend to return on it, but as ho
was embarking he turned to Dr,
Matthews, who was in gloom at the
prospect of losing a fnsnd when
had so few to spare, and
said: "Doetor, can I send anything
baek lo yon from England?"
"Nothing���unless you Bind   me
Steamers Duchess, MiiioN k Pert
Str,  Duohe6S lenvei Golden for
Windermere unfl way wints every
Monday at noon, (and in Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer);
returning arrive at Gok'on Wednes
day, 4 p. m.,
Tourist tickets 86 forround trip.
Agents, Golden, B. C.
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Ph D., F.
G. S.L
(Lata of the Geological Survey of
Consulting Geologist, Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of .1
kinds examined and reported on.
Economic problems investigated and
information furnished, Whttham
Block, Vancouver, B. C 1
Note.���Miuornl specimenssont to
Dr. Lawson will bt plaood oa publit
exhibition. CO
(Close to C. P. R. Depot);
Kevelstoke      -      ��      BC
Importors of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We curry a select and complete stock of gout's furnishings, ladies, gents*
aud children's boots, shoos and hose, slaiioiiory, patent medicines toilet
requisites aud roudy-made clothiug.  A   largo assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigarettes, imported nud domestic cigars, fruits, ''audy, oic.
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other good*
, tou numerous to mention, ut moderate prices,
felaphonc eTamunioatio.i.
J Fred. Hume & Co.,
B   O
0 man f who for. tariff high
Vooiftrously iqUMltet,
Coniider what a limo we hud
To put darkeys on tht free list.
P. O, Address, iNelson, i>. C,
Capacity 20,000 foot per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto.   All kinds of
ped a.l.ore. ai.d after looking at the j lumber on hand. During tht season
-tt,.tii,-) faces en Hie wharf for a mo-     , ,on��� .-    ,       ,��� .     . ,.
���..,, ,���     ,,   ,, ,,,        of 1890 umber will be dehverodot
ment ber eyes fill on Dr, Matthews, !
She .d'-anccil  toward  him  with  .  ��,IT ^ the landings on ktth t a 1
���milt and with tbe remark.   "My  ^Mtly red not 1 prices ,-
(Branch Store ot Nelson,)
Dealer un Dry Goods  Groceries/ Provisions
Canned Good3, Hard ore Etc
The Stock in oTory Department is Full sn I Complote and the Publio will
iind it to their advantage to call ano
Inspect   Goods   and1   Compare   Prices,
Divine Service will be held in tho
Eevelstoke Church every Sunday evening at 7 ;8Q, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church .Ministers. Bpeoeial announcement will bo niitdo each week
in the Stau.
Sunday School aad lliblo Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
aro cordially invited to attend.
Sunday Sorvioes [Church of England, | will be held each month, at iho
following plaoes ���
At Donald, every Sunday in tho
month, alternately by Rev. J.CO.
Koinin and Mr, Evans,
At Golden, 2nd Sunday,
At Revelstoko, 1th Sunday,
J, 0. 0. Kdum,
;. J..I1	
Judge Tunnlull returned  last Saturday on the .teamer Lytton.
janiM McDonald k Co., have been
active uhipptra of furniturt during
thi. wtek. Several lots have gone
to Don.ld and Golden. Harry Con-
u.chtr'B betel at Golden will be furnished Wtth some of these nobby
Shorifl' Esdi;ra*e stopptd off at
Re vt Is toke, Thursday- moruing on
hia return froN Kamloops where ho
bad been to deliver the yonng Indian sentenced by Judge Spinks, to
18 months imprisonment, as dei-
cribed iu tbe Donald court proceeding last week.
John'O. Richardson, the wrestler
who was hero with '..umeron a fow
weeks age, .ml ga��e a wrestling
exhibition, bus reached Loudon,
Ont., and challenged Harrison to
wrestle for the championship of
Canada for any stake from 8100 lo
$850 . side.
Tho force of men at work on improving tbo rivir a fow miles
below were called off this wook, and
F. G Gamble, Dominion Engineer,
went flown to Sproat on Thursday
ou tho Dispatch to inspect tho river
and Kootenay Rapids with reftronoe
to the improvement contemplated in
the early spring,
Judge Spinks made a quick trip
to Nelson and return, ki-t week
where ho went to hold a session- of
of the couuty court on November
13tb.   There wero several caeen on
^^^^^^_ tht docket, which ware all disposed
Rev. R. C. Whiddcn of Marshfltld, | of eic(,,lt SUl,], ag wal.a uot wj|,ya ^
Maes., prtachtd last Sunday evening j jariadiotiou.
instead of Rev. Mr. Patten.
Mrs, S. A. Cash has spent two
weeks among friends ut Vancouver,
Planting bom last Friday.
The steamer Marion, Captain Tick,
left for Sproat last Monday with a
fell load of passenger, nnd freight.
Tom Ward has her under charter.
Tht rtport was current yesterday
that, the ore body bad been struck in
the Lanark tunnel at Illecillewaet.
A telegram this morning contradicts
the etory.
English Church services by Rev,
j c. C. Ktmm will bo held in the
oiiur'ch tomorrow Sunday, Nov. 23,
both morning and eveniug ��t the
usual hours,
D. C. MuMorris, purser of the
Lytton, closed tht season's engagement ou tht laying up of tht steamer
last Wednesday, and left for Kara-
lopps to join his family,
l'liomns Lynel, known as -'iuu
Lynch, ��t Hot Strings, was brought
up for stealing . watch and ring,
ami .entenced bytludge Tunstall io
four month, at bird labor. He was
brought up on Saturday last, anil
was taken down t Kamlotpa by Con-
stablt Lendrum ft Sunday evening.
We art favoiodby F. G, CbriBlie,
steamer agent, will somo of tht figures of the performances of the itr,
Lytttn during theseanon. Sinot she
was put in oommi.ion July 2, she
has made 12 trip'.nnd has run 14,-
Ulifj mileB, Fouritn of tlmst trips
wero mado to Lttle Dalits. The
Bttamer Eootenli made 27 trips, and
rim 8,100 milts
Dr. Campbell arrived from Hoi
Springs last Sajunlay, and started
for tho oo.it T eaday evening, llo
will return froi there tc Kootenay
Lake by the A oilcan ronte, whore
hoexposts to pond most oi the
winter, pnshiniwork on tho United
and Number Op, and in having oro
patktd to tho iko,
Mr. J, Hamlton agent for ths
0.P. R. ot Boilsttko, reports thai
tkoroioan un-.tuilly large freight
movement, anl that it. has continued for twoiBon'.liB past, both
through and M. Notwithstanding the merobani bare oomplain of
dull trade, theyijpear to be receiving goods in laire quantities,
Eevelstoke 1 in.-; e divisional
point between tho Shaswnp r-nd
Monntain Divhpus tho latter csing
Public Notice ie heroby given, that on
the 27th November, proximo, at 12 o'clock, noon, the Agent of Dominion
Li t de for Ihe Kamloops Distriot, will bo
present at Revelstoke, and will thon offer
for sale to the bighost cash bidder all
the lots in the Townsito of Revelstoke
��� mining at the disposal of the Govern-
in .1.. louth of the Viotoria Road
lof .ValesStreot.
Deputy ot the Minister of the Interior,
Dopnrtinont ol the Interior,
Ottawa, 2let October, 1800.
Joseph McLean, brother-in law ol
0.11. Allen, who hail just been released from work on stations on the
0 A. E. road ban the supervision of
Alku'a brewery censtruotion, and is
pushing it ahead with great vigor.
Last week wo announced the cicavn-
lioa of the cellar,���now tho fruino
is up and enclosed, the roof ou and
being shingled.
At Rogers Puss 50 miles east of
here and 2,800 feet higher there is
now threo feet of snow, and a snow-
plow ic running to keep tho railway truck fi'so. At Revelstoke
there is no show at present, nlthongh
it is to bo Been on the leps of the
surrounding   mountains,   ortoping
day    by
day und era many days wo expect it
will drop iuto and whiton ths valleys.
Two scows are being loaded with
24 tons of freight nud will .tart to-
Imorrow for S|>ront,   Thsy will be
Thomas Roadley has gone east for! peled as fur th. lakes, whero ths
aoeuplt of months'trip to Toronto ; Dispatch will take them in tow.
���nd through tht States. He has had [ This will be a clean up i ( all C, P.
sole charge of E. k>. Wilson k Co's,, R, freight, oats, butter, etc., includ-
busintss here while Mr. Wilstn was ing explosives for ust by the Gov-
absent at Hot Spring trum.nt engineer in blasting  out
Otnstablo J. Kirkup cam. np from | the roc, in K.ot.nay E.p.ds.
Low.r Kootenay last Saturday, and ^^^^^
intends to go east December 1st to . Lytton, and took thi Dispatch on
���uend the winter. This will be his Tuesday for his home at Portland,
first vacation during a continuous Oregon, by way of Sproal and Spo-
servict for the Government of sis tans Falls,   lie will take a  row
boat from Sproat tt  Li    i I
Assistant P,  O.   Iuspectcr Wm.  Hit mau.gtmtnt of thi
Dorman came" up from   Nel.tn  on givtn satisfaction to tbe ownsrs, and
the Lytton, aud reports th.t there is to the travtlling pnblio,  end  it  i
tht prospect of a weekly mail service  the gener d wish to ���    bi
to Nelson during the winter, and helm agem when navigal   -
if.. it will oo��e in by way of Marco.,      Th, lv;v of p]ftc|(t ,...,..
and Trail Creek to Sproat. Lardeau, P. M  Walker, J,
Seokane Review   Doc Hendryx  i80 other- tame it
and his wife had gont to tht ..ring art net fret   to tell tbt  a
jost below tht cabin whert ht livts gold lust thty stcn
one night a few days ago.   Hendryi least a  ftw   hundred
'-ad iup.- d'nped a bucketfnl of water  their o| inion r I I bt
and turntd to givt hi. wift a drink,  dent from   the  faot  thai
when they were both startled by the ' ?nir,g back soon,   pi
crack of ti ride, and tht bucket fell  tbt winter, and whip . r fo?
from Htndryx's  hand, tht hauule optrationt in the sprin
having btoa .hot  away,   Tht cow-
anil, arsas.iu did not Btaj to see Ihe ; .MTitgbu 8nowa whiflh jn ,ho astar
affect of his shot, but hurried .way
into the bu.i��.   Doo Hendryx is uni-
coal and I a
classos of furl
And Fuel Ag
recently added
tha stock, and
Notice is hereby givon that the Part-
iiiTnhiti heretofore existing between O.
11. Allen mid Thomas Righton, as Brewers, in tho town of Bovolstoico, curried
on under the firm nninoof 0. II, Allen
& Co., hiis this day boon dissolved by
mutual consont. Thomas Righton oon-
tinuos tho business, pays all liabilities,
and colloots all accounts duo tho said
fine, 0, H, ALLEN,
Witness���J. W. Thomson.
RevelstOKe, Oct. 17th, 1890.
0. J. Branch
BHok nnd Stone Mason, Plasterer
and   Kalsi,miner.   All   work  done
promptly aod to satisfaction.' Con
trict work solicited. 35
wTaTJowmi, T." L. Haio
Notaiy Publio,
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Salt,,.
Mining Honda, etc., drawn up; Routs
,'iuii Accounts Collected; Mining   Claims   Bought  and
Bold; Assessment -irk
on Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents Applied for,  Etc,, Etc., Eto
Lots on Townsite of Iievelstoke for Sido
nnd Wanted,    Agents for Mining
Miii'hinery, Etc,
REVELSTOKE   -  '-    .   -   -   B. C.
rossa b. �� &���*.*��,
ormer wood, both
|nvo to be pvoviil I,
it Bannerman has
iShO tonn of ooal to
largo (Quantity ol
l y.  9
13. 0.
Mining   Broker,  Commission
Notary Public, ko, ko,
Tn Stock.���Miuing Powders, Fuse and
C'nps, Minor's Tools, Stool nud Oamp
Outfits. 8tf
CENTRVI   110 T Iii
Comer Front and Hanson Sts,
wood.   Tho una! supply is 1,100
tons of co*l, art 790 cord'- of weod,
Thero wiil baa uoncert at Donald
on Monday eviiiig. tho 21th inst.,
in ai;1 ol the cbkrob fund of the English ouuroh. Mmy of tha moBt
prominsnt p��oile tl th�� placa will
take part in it,: Tie program is an
excellent on-', aid he oenctrt should
be attended on its merits, aside from
tho bentTtlent pupose to which the
proceeds will bo (cvotad,
Tlie contract ir building the
Methodist church t this plaot, for
which tcad��3 wen invited for tha
ldth inst., has beejTefto R. How-
son & Co., oontraqors and builders,
for 81.225.   It is!( he located  on
lota '���': and 8 bio
cownuito, cno. will
by 50 in size, ffiti
ond a 29 foe's c.ilii
'. mtion to have i
!; <!'.', Dominion
be a structure 30
walls 16 feet high
j. It i; thsin-
iu readinsss for
Building & Contracting
The following reduction of Fees for
Assaying, as from the 1st proximo, has
been ordered by iho lion. Minister of
Testa .'or single samples, for gold, silver,
lead, or coppor, to bo mado
lor Sl HO each.
Two or more camples,    "    $1.00 each.
For all other tests n propoitioate reduction bus been ordered',
w, f. Mcculloch,
615b Aosnyor.
Adkauamson HR08.
B. 0.
First class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to (J 1' it depot and stenraboa
landing, between post office nud gov,
building.1). Coach, to and from dopott
nnil steamboat, Fire proof .Safe for tht)
aooommodation of its customers.
9   li
or a ? m�� *
MoOARTiiy   -    .   .
,wM.lfUitid.��   by svtry     ���
tbt tonntry. and his friends, ��i sell
don for tht d.etardly attempt
��� the track at tbe run mi bonsta otary
known mat the   man,   whoever   "  ,B0W plough| a flanger ftn(] 8
was, cameaoroHH the Uka iu a noat, ���	
and' bad tvidtntly lam in wait
ai"on< tut busbts for eeveral hours.
fjhiif ingintair, John Patttrion,
of tbeC.'iK.S.N. Co., dots not
find bis laWs terminating with the
laying up of tbo Bttamtrs, for he ie
now engaged in overhauling the ma
cbinsrv of btth tht sttamtr., Lyt
ton and Kootenai, and planning tbe
repairs and improvtments ntotssary
to put thtm in ptrfect onler.
Another responsible duty will bt to
jormulato tht plans, and attend to
tht construction of ntw ni.okjntry
for tht steamer wbieh is to bt built
near Nelson for tk* Koottu.y Lake
dedication at Chri :mas
Glasiei House.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thu crilingccptjnancc of U, D.
Capt. Gort ha3 laid np tho steamer I Humo was ssm Lira on tho 113th inst.
Jri.':i. E. Hantoa has returned
from EamloopB fully restored in
D. Godfrey, lfe::trosl. tha newly
appointed aan&tibr cf tht  Tank of
i i.oi-ih Autrica, at Vcncou-
isfld thmigh bore, en roct;- to
��� .3-, -.ntie loth inst.
.'   E. Snfcton rctarnei". from Rioh-
. Ian,, onlhe liitli inst,
G.  01 re , Vancouver,   auditor
i.��� ���.--.-, Company, -..-..-,
". 115l and  i th i ist., c i
Sprl   11 .'.- ling.
. ;-   - inder, Ic-*', how o.i ths
. ':,     ' ..-.-. cLe
i for ( tig :-
i ins] -       ��������
I7tl inst.
,��   As ���  anl S       i
Donald, was bert oe  tho
ft. instn,   mauler   u. -
��� ���       . Irish n       '>'. Jt.
wtet e.-i-t on tne ltith inst,
rgfl A. Ball, our ohtf,  for .the
I.st two jiari  iii  leaving  for Sun
i o,    Our ii iod  iu>iii'fl are
i��      tim, for his futurt snectss, He
ttded bv A.  (loii/.in,  latt ol
Washington D C,
f, S Robb, our Into w.tehman]
left for California on the 20th inst,
Wb rttfi t to Its* o'ir agent htrt
'W. A. Robb) who leaves for the
sunny south, it a fewil.iya. HlstUC
o�� tsor is nol y ' .ppninttd
���Whereas the Lieutenant-Governor in
Connoil ia empoworod, undo'' tho "publio
School Act," to create School Districts,
in ad Ltics io thoso ni-e;:.!v c.ii: t;:i,'-,, nnd
to define the boundaries'thereof, it is
hereby notified lhat His Honour haa boon
p!eae:d to oraate the tract of hind enelw)-
ed wilhin the under-mentioned bounda-
riea ���.<��� School District, under tho title of
tho "Golden School District," viz, -.���
All thattraotof land included wi'hin
a oirclc having a radius of fc'Cu (8)
mill a; the oaid radius to commenno at
tho central point of ths eastern cud ci
tho  Government Bridge oroseing tho
Kicking Horso Giver.
By Command,
II Prov.'.' ::::i Secretary.
Provincial Soorotary'n Office,
5th November, 1890,
First chics Temperanoo House.
ItOAKD     AND     LODOINO,   J")    TKIl    WISES.
MKAT.s, i!5e.      BEDS 250.
This hotel iu situated convenient to tho
station, in  comfortably  furnished  and
nffordu first china accommodation.
REVELSTOKE     -      ���
W. Cowan, Prep,
-      ������       G. C
II. Hebert, Clark
Rooms well attended; tables onex.
celled. Wineo and liquors guaran
tend of i>. high quality, n'ire ia.
sumplo room, Telophone oommuni-
cation with C. P. li, depot. Fin-
proof vault for tho couvouiouce of
guesta.  Rusa moots all trains,
liie'.. P, It. is preps
a ti ler of  I ��   set to i
s   itdtptl    -    Ibe
tains .n -   -
vtr and   :::--.::
., .   lotomoii-a" foreman, bas al i
it ii
���THii -
.. iTjyjE,
Bbovtl with po rerfnl ����������� g thai an
be ��� ittnded or drawn in vbilt in
motion us eironmstancea require,
Thtae with two lotomotives, which
ire to be stationed htrt U>r tht
winttr, make np Hie outfit for th*'
coming oampaign with the '.now.
Sixtttn nici. will be required to
man the snow train, two on each
enpist, and ten on tht iron-winjed
Knew shovel. The whole has bttn
put in thorough order, beautified
with pui.t and bright with bnrmshtd I
bandits, and it Is hoped the; will
not see enough of hard service to
become tarnished���at leant thut the
boy!) will not have unj bonis broken
'.' skio robbed off,
attend Urn Oovornmonl Hale of
Lo - i   Knvolstoke, on Nov, 27, and
would offm tlioir Bervioos as Agents
to inlendii i; nitrchosors 12
All Mining Claims, other than Minon i
] fjocnlious, legally hold in this Dio'.rii i,
under Lbo Uhiorul Aot, 1884 and Amoud
mouts, may I"- Inid overtrain 15th day of
October till th" 1st day of Juno in ct,
1801, subjecl to tho pi-'nisi'ins of lbo staid
Art uud Amoudmonts.
:;l A. P. CUMMINS,
(inid ; omuiissii .'"-.
Donald, East Kooteuuy,
Hoptember 2fltb, [890,
Notieo is hereby given Ihnf the Revelstoke Mining Company has tylod the
n m snry papers, i1 I mado application
for a Crown Uraut In favor of the mineral oluim known ns the " Number Oue,"
nii.n,iinl at, the lli.t Spriugs, Kootonay
\ ' ��� rso claimants, ir any, aro requested Ifl forward thoir objections to mo with
in sixty days f1, dale of publication,
83- Cold Oon'r,
laVei.tnle, Ooi. Itifc -SJO
The largest and most central Hotel iu
tho city ; good accommodation ; everything new ; table well supplied ; bar and
billiurd loom iittaohed ; lire proof safe,
Stockholm douse
The diaini] room is furnished with tbt
beat tbe niiirkot affords.
] be bar is supplied  with a choicij stock
of wines, liquors aud oigarB,
Jas. Liberty.


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