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The Kootenay Star Oct 4, 1890

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Array VOL- IL
Wli H fi TH I
111 Ul I
No. 16-
Notice is hereby given thut, in pnrsn
ance of tho provisions of section !!, of the
���'Columbia k Kootenay Railway Subsidy
Act. 1890," the unoccupied and unreoor-
dul Crown hinds situated within the following described blocks of land; jiavo
lireD reserved from leaso, sale or settlement, viz.:
'' Mock 13, Commencing at a point or,
tho west bunk of tho Columbia River, two
miles south of the month of Trail Creek ;
thence two miles due west; thence four
miles north ; tin nco four miles east, cross-
ing tbe Columbia Kiver; thence fpnr
miles sonth ; thence two miles' west to
the point of commencement.
Block 14, Commencingai;^point on,
Iho south eide of the mouth of Toby
Crr-fk, on the west side of the Columbia
Biter, at tho north eud of the Lower Columbia Lake, thence due west four miles ;
thenee north four miles ; thence east four
miles; thence south four miles to tho
place of Commencement!.'
Block 15. Four miles square, situated
sl the south end of Lower Columbia Lake,
on tho west side,
' Block 16. Four miles square, situated
nt tbe mouths pf ��� Sheep- and Skookuru
Chuck Creeks. i     '''   '
Blocks 17 and 18. Fjiic'p. fopr miles
square and situated south of Fiit Steele.
Block 19. Four miles square, situated
on Efk River, end including Elk tyiyer
1'iovidi'd that this reservation shall not
affect any hinds which arc included in
i.ny grant, lense, agreement for sale, or
oilier alienation from tjie Crown, or which
have been set apart for any special purpose prior to the date of this notice.
26 Surveyor-General.
���  Lands nnd Works Department,
Victoria, B. C��� Sept. 18th, 1890.
provincial government
ass;;7 oleics,
11  ��� I  .
The fc.llp.wiog reduction of Eces for
Assaying, as from tho 1st proximo, has
been'ordered by the lion. Minister'of
Tests for single samples, for gold, silver,
I' ud, or copper) to bo made
fur S1.50 each.
Two or more samples,    "    $1.00 each.
Fur all other tests a proportioato reduction has beeu ordered.
515; ���        **�����������'J A^Bajw
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days after date, I intend to mane application to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and WorKs, for permission to leaso the
(allowing described tract of land, for
lumbering purposes:
Commencing at about oue milo below
the junction of the Went or North Fore
of tho Salmon Rii'er.'.imning southerly
to a point 'one-half (i) mile above the
South or East Fore of Salmon River,
thence easterly one-half (J) mile, thenee
northerly to a point one half [J] mile
past of the starting point, thenco westerly one-half [J] mile to the point of beginning, containing about 10,000 acres.
Also, commencing at a point at Bolder
CreeK, about one-half [J] mde from Salmon R\ver', and running south about
three miles, thence one-halt [ h ] milo east,
thence north three miles, thenoe west
three-fourths of a mile to point of beginning, containing iibout 1000 acres,
'; "��� JOSHI/if DAVIES,
^^^^     Els&<i��; ^^^^^
EaST kootenay.-couht of
revision and Appeal.
In acoordance with the provisions o
the Assessment Act. 1888, a Court of Revision and Appeal will be held in this
District, at and on the following places
and dates respectively :
The Government Office, Fort Steele, on
Thursday, the 30th of October next, at
| ojolqojj p. in.       '   '
The Government Office, Donald, on
Monday, the 17th day of November next,
at 11 o'clock, a. m.
Jud^'o if Cpjirt of Revision
and Appeal.
Donald, Sept, 29th, ISpO.
Tenders for the construction of & School
House at Revelstoke, addressed to tho
undersigned, will bo received until tho
10th day of October, nt 10 a. m.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.   Plans and specifications
can bo seen at the Government   Office,
where forms of tender can be obtained.
28 p. C. TUNSTALL,
���  Ass;tnnt Coinmis'ner Lauas '$ Works,
Revelstoke; September 26th, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that a Public
Auction Salo of Lots in the Town of
Nelson, West Kootenay District, will be
held 'at the Government Office, Nolson,
aa [ho loth ,! V of October,'' 1890, '"
Each lpt will bo sold subject to the
erection of a building of uot less than
|500 value wilhin il months from tho date
of sale. Any purchaser failing to erect
such building wilhin tho stipulated period shall forfeit his deposit, and tho sale
will be cancelled,
Revelstoke. Get. 1st. ]$)0,
Editor of the Stai},���Sir���Feeling assured that South Kooteuay's
undeveloped resources are worthy of
the attention of capitalist aod enterprising rustlers, I forward yon a
few items copied from notes of my
Into trip from Revclstoko to Ainsworth and return.
Tho weather sinco leaving nt 8
a. ni. Ihe 15th ult., has been very
favorable for tourists. The "Lytton"
is running very smoothly, and since
the boiler and londiug steam pipes
have been mjrloied in abostos packing,has no difficulty with gcod wood,
iu koeping np 100 pounds of stenm,
which is nmple power for tho river
and lake navigation. Thero may be
mure approved models of machinery
and hulls for river navigation than
the "Lytton," but she seems well
adapted for the requirements of
these waters, and tourists aro well
pleased with her speed, management
and general accomodations.
'Arrivjrig at Sprout at 11 p. m. I
started next (Tuesday) morning in
company with Ed. Wilson, on horseback for Nelson, crossing the Slocan
by ferry, and, after a two miles! trip
again taking ferry to "Wards,"
where we had a fish and grouse
dinner. From this central point oue
can go to auy part of the world, with
choice of routes via. tho R.R. trail
on the uorth or the Government trail
to the south of the JfoOtonay, Which
ever route ia taken {he traveller
wonlJ pronounce it "rocky" and
regret he did not choose the other.
The oamps along the line are much
more comfortable than on the mount-
tain work of the C.P.R. live years
We stooped over, night at Reefer's
mail) camp, about three miles west of
Euglo Creek, and from tho proposed
crossing nf the Kootenay where Mr,
Reefer at present has his headquarters at foot of falls. His line ruus to
navigable water, t'joiaudu half miles
from Nelson. Although men are
boniewhat scarce, and cannot be
pushed, the work is progressing very
fuvocably.    Whitehead expeals to
j       .i.
ETO,   ETC,   ETC.
;  A&J Tost Office Store NELSON'
Any purchaser of a lot will havo  the
privilege of purchasing an adjoining lot,
subject to the erection of a building of  8et through by tha ��th or 10.h of
not less than $1,000 vajun tvitbiu nine ; Dot. Keeled will easily keep ahead of
moutlis, oa the same'conditions of forfeiture iitii uimce-llatiou.
Terms 20 per cent, cash, and the balance in 12 months with interest ut the
rate of 0 per cent, per annum.
24 Surveyor-Genoral,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, 12th September, 1890,
A Court of Revision and Appeal under tho' Assessment Act wiil De held at
tho Government Office, at Nelson, on the
18th day of October, al 10 o'clock, a, in,,
and at tho Court House in Revelstoke,
on tho 4th day of November, at 10 a. in,
25 Chairman Court of Revision
aud Appeal.
Revelstoke, Sept. 18th, 1890,
And General Oommissjnn Merchant,
LiBiHMicj   and    Real    Estate
Agvtii., Nptiiry P.ublio, Etc.
11. C
C. & K. S. N. CO.
The Sb amor Lytton will leave Revel-
stoke   Mondays   and   Thursdays   for
Reielstoke, Aug, 9, IdOO,
track laying and finish up by the 20
or 25!h inst. The hitter's iu'jh have
been somewhat uneasy, fearing the
work would not be fihi.-bod in season
|o let (hem out before tho boat stopped running to Revelstoke,
Arriving at Nelson at 10 a.m Wednesday tin d iy was spent iu looking o-
ver this favorably located prospective
metropolis. Messrs. Hume and
Lemon havo very good stores, well
stocked. Messrs. Gardner,Thorhurn,
and Gilker k Wells are centrally
situated aud carry a variety of goods
suitable, for the market, which is a
little dull at present. Thursday in
company with Recorder Gillin, I
visited tho Hall mines, seven miles
up the mountain by trail and ten
miles by tho new waggon road, which
is surveyed bu; only completed four
miles at a cost of ��5000,'"It is estimated that the other six miles will cunt
812,000 but may bo built for loss, It
is surveyed for a continuous winding
doH-u-griiile from tho mine to Nelson.
Mr. Wiuslow Hall explained that
owing to the death uf Mr. Atkins and
the unsettled state of the ownership,
visitors wore not invited to oxaniiue
lithe "Silver' King," but he gave mo
samples of the oro uow being taken
out, which is rich Peacock Cupper;
tho !)olid ore being shipped iu such
by mule train 'to Nelson, and thenco
by steamer and rail to the Ri finery
in Moutaua. The oro that ia disseminated through quart! iii retained
lor future local oouoontra ting ami
smelting, Forty men r.ro employed in
tho miue aud some of them say that
there is at present an inexhaustible
supply of ore-body varying from 20
to 10 feet ill width.
A new i^nd discovorcd by Pat
Fleming two and a half miles south
east from the Silver King, is willed
the "Jumbo," and shows up samples
of grey and peacock copper iu small
The " Dandy" is the wost extension
of Ihe Silver King and is a substantial vein of concentrating galena oro
that may develop into Peacock cop
per as depth  is  reached,   It was j
staked by Keller k I*'ux  two  day's '
after tho Hall's made their location.
At the suggestion of   Mr. Kelley, j
Fox k Cook started from Colville to
follow the Hall's'! fWtli May, 1867.
Until parties were delayed by snow,
and   Iho   Halls   returned and   went
round by Bonner's Ferry, and staked
Iheir claims  Jin     28lh,   Fox and
Cook wero out o' grub when within
six or eight miles of the mountain,
and had to return jllty mjles to Fort
Sheppard for a supply.    Cook returned from thero and Fou accompanied by Mike Koely came through
ou Hall's old trail,arriving oue day'
later than tho Hulls.    They located
Iho Dandy July 1st,
The "Iroquois" is showing up
well in quantity and quality of ore
matter, in (act, the whole mountain
with its genoral formation of granite
and lalcose-scliist is cut up with
motalic veins of which forty or moro
have been located, recorded, and
developed enon'gfi to warrant tha investment of capital.
The new (own plot survey of Nelson embrace;; about 300 acres of land
to tho south and wost of the original
plots, It is likely that a modification of the Government requirements
to erect a $500 building on each lot
within six months, will bo made
soon, if not thero Will be a slow sale
of lots.
Professor Dawson reports Ihe
height of the Silver King to be 4 310
feet above fho lake, Aneroid measurement indicates a height of 4,500
feet. The Dandy's shaft and tunnel
has an altitude from tho lake of
about 4,000 feet.
The trip on the Galena from Nelson to Ainsworth is made in five
hours including stoppiig- s. There is
very little graBS land ajiing the route.
The mountains are rockyand sparsely
timbered principally with birch, fir,
sprtica and hemlock, The combination of mountains, trees and beauti.
ful clear water makes delightful
scpnery, and iho sportsmen can revel
in the abundance of li.di and game
that biB skill can command, but the
success and wealth of this section do-
ponds on its mineral output. That
its resources iu this line are exceedingly prolific and valuable no reasonably intelligent and unprejudiced miuing man who carefully
examines the development of located
prospects, can deny.
The present town of Ainsworth or
Warm Springs Camp, is represented
by two stores, two hotels aud a restaurant, several offices, dwelling
houses, touts and Indian lodges. A
large hotel is in progress of erection
and Mr. MeRihhon is adding a two
story frontage to the Vancouver house.
Mr. Buchanan has just sent up a raft
and scow of lumber, which will nl-
low several parties to commence tho
erection of buildings that havo been
delayed on account of scarcity of
bnildiug material. As al! thn lots
in the old townsito survey have beon
sold Mr. Farwell. C. E., has just
completed tho Burveyaud plotting of
additional lots Ibat will soon be
placed on the market for purchase.
It ia rumored that Mr. Ainsworth
contemplates the early erec'ion of a
large hotel near the hot spring, tho
water of which will ba couroyud to
the bath moms that will be liberally
distributed through tho house.
Tlie mountain hero slopes up
gradually from Ihu waters' edge and
Iho wagon road built under the superintendence of Mr. Wheeler ia three
and a half milos long, running in a
zig-zag direction to withiu 700 yards
(of the "United"claim, recently purchased by the Revelstoke Miniug
Company, who will complete tho
road thin fall to their location. Tho
roiid is in tho centre ot the miuing
claims between Cedar and Cotloe
Creeks and is very convenient to Iho
Little Donald, the Charleston, lb*
Krao, the Gleugary, the Tondorfoot,
llio Arkansas, the Uuion, the Sunlight, the Spokane, tiio Triuket and
thcDellic, Tho Skyline, the No. 1,
tho Preseott, tho Fourth., tho Neosho
and the Transvaal are higher up thu
mountain to the north or smith, and
are from one to three miles distant
by trail from tbe "Unilod,'1
Regarding the mining claims of
this district comprised in a belt of
Ovo miles north anl south and ix-
tending up tho mountain to near its
summit the general showing is so
good that single claims are rated by
comparison. Auy one of thi* claims
on which development work bus
been done shows np mineral iu
quantity and quality that if found
isolated would eanse considerable
excitement. Where development has
been pushed, as in the case of the
"United" [altitude above lake 1,753
feet I and "Skyline," [altitude above
lake 0,BOO foot] the showing of rich
ere in pativs, wire, nod ruby silver,
carbonates and solid galena, assaying
from f.O to 1,200 oz. of silver to tho
ion is so considerable, as it lavs on
tho dump in sacks ready for shipment, tbat a for, enquiries as to cost
of working tho mines, transporting
and trealing Ihe ores wilj convince
the investigator that groat Wealth,
lies dormant in this mountain only
requiring capital and .-killed labor to
yield rich returns far investment.
Owing to the formation running
nearly north and south the water is
bold in the mountain and consequently at a depth of from 30 tu 50
feet pumping machinery is required,
lo allow tho further sinking of
theshaltsaud drifts ou the veins.
Many of the prospects are situated
so that tunneling at depth to relieve
this water accumulation is uot practicable, but tho oro is good anongh
to warrant libera! outlay for rccui.-
Oaing to the limeitone, marl.lo
and greenish volcanic schist foriui.-
tiou uf tho mountain, together with
the great pressure that tbo gangue
matter in Iho fissure aod gash veins
have evidently been subjected lo,
experts predict Hint the lends will
pinch out aud fail to carry depth.
Time and development will demonstrate this problem, but I predict
that thero will be ninny notable exceptions to this predicted failure.
Tho follow iug single or combined
claims ought to produce 25 to 50 tons
of ore per day. Crescent A Eden,
Crow-flodging, Krao, Glengarry,
United, Little Donald, Ranker Jc
MarstDn, Spokane .v. Triuket, Sun-
light, Number Ono. Skyline, Dellie,
Gullighei; and the Patuha. Tha
same may be said of several lower
grade leads to the north u! Cedar
Returning on Thursday 25th ult.
by row boat to the outlet we wero
picked up by the Gilena, from
Bonner's Ferry, aud dpi. G. J.
Ainsworth, wife and two chillren,
accompanied by L.L, Hawkins, Esq.,
Prest. of tho Ainsworth National
Bank, Portland, Ore,, disenib.ukeil
for Hut Springs. Mr. Aiuswurth's
visit is fur recreation and tolnok
after his townsito interest.'. Mr.
Hawkins comes to size up tee conn-
try, nud will return to l'ortlaud via.
Revelstoke, Banff, Victoria aid
' Slopping over night at the -'Pnor-
mau" camp, Eagle Creek, Mr. A. L.
Davenport courteously showed IIS
developments iu that paving gold
mine, consisting of a tunnel 180 feet
that taps the ledge B0 feet bet w the
surface. The vein has been drifted
on the north and south of this tunnel over 400 feet, and from 80 to WO
feot of the lead Inn been sloped out
and limbered to the urface. A tunnel is now being driven from the
Creek tu}slnke the ledge nta 2oU foot
level. 150 feet of tunneling will he
required to rtao.h Ihe vein. The Mill
Plant is very bu'bataotitti ami economically worked. Kach ol the ten
stumps weighs 850 lbs, Tbo Idako
rock' crusher treats 80 tons of ore per
day, and '.he whole plant, inolndinij
4 Triumph Concentrators, or Yu -
lion, i:, run by vvator-power, apic--
suro of 200 feet being obtained
through a 10 inch so el pipe to a
Pulton wiiter wheel. Operations i,t
the mill have ceased for Hie present
ou ace mil ui 1 "iv water. The D.nei.-
pmts, father ami son, own several
goud claims at Hut Springs, including the Little Donald, and aro awaiting delayed machinery to pump mit
water at the latter claim.
A few more such men as tho Daren-
ports,Dr, Hendryx und A D. Wheel*
ir, are wauled in Suuiti Kootenay,
which will sunn take rank among the
rich mineral producers uf the world',
[In reference tu the Sale of Nelson
town luls, since Ibrf foregoing nnti-a
were made lbe Government has post-
I puui'd the Sale ilutil the I5th ln.-t.,
! auil allows nine months instead of
sis, for the erection of a building-
See advertismonl ia auo'.hercjlumo.
-EililW. | ...-rv. -.^--<^-y..;.^-^rviKjys-.fc-^-.:iij-'^.'?^
I  a_a___^^m^^^_
(E% kootenay Star
A four page twenty-column news
paper, is issued from tiicollice of
publication, Iievelstoke, li. 0,
Subscription price 82 per year,
Hates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprietor
Warm Springs, Kootenai District,
I', C, Sept. 10.���When it is remembered that these mining camps arej
but a short distance from the American border, and that they are poo-
pled to such a considerable extent by
men who have come from tho United
States, it is not a littlo strange at
Iirst to rind so many ppjnfs jif sharp
contrast between them and the mining camps across tho line. Some of
these differences havo been pointed
out already in these letters, but there
is one that attracts at once the notice
of every visitor. Thai is the absolute quiet and good order that prevail everywhere in this district. Im
liglne, if you can, of a camp in the
United States, with the population,
prosperity aud rapid growth of the
Warm Springs, without a 'bad man,'
a faro bank, hurdy-gurdy, or 'concert' saloon within ifs' borders. Not
aven a 'man for breakfast' any morn
ing���no, not oven an unmarked
tunned to betoken the last home of
sniue unfortunate victim of tbe bullet or Ihe knife I Imagine, if you
:au, a mining camp where neither
sheriff,'deputy, nor oven constable
is needed I Not even a hint of that
lust resort of au outraged American
public���the vigilance committee.
This district, since its formation as
such, has a record of but two cases
of assault with deadly weapon, and
one of them was among tho railroad
laborers below Nelson." The oitua-
tion scorns to be almost as unexplained as it is unique and gratifying.
Take Warm Springs, fer instance.
But for th? bearded men iu their
rough gaib and the newness of the
houses aud cabins, you might almo.-t
attract the lawless gangs that followed'every new slriki) from Deadwood
to Tombstone, I have propounded
the conundrum to several men of
wide experience in the lifo of mining camps,and the almost invariable
answer js to the effect that lawbreakers find tho [climate too unhealthy
Perhaps this is the csseuco of the
real truth of the matter. There is a
certain cold blooded rigidity in the
British execution of the law that
strikes tho evil-doer with a shiver of
terror, It may be that an appointed
judiciary is more uiinlentiug aud
less liaule to bo swerved by efforts
to avert legal retribution than au
elected one. But, whatever may be
tho reason, justice in this country is
swift, sure and pitiless, and the result is felt in the absence from these
mining camps of a class that has
hung like a millstone about the neck
uf honest endeavor in every' American district for somo years. It is safe
to say that if a man discovers and
locates a claim here and honestly
and fully complies with the simple
laws, both general and district, that
have beeu euacted for the common
gcod, he will find that hJ3 right in
the property will bo gnaranteed him
by tho public will and the government's strength. He may sell it or
he may work it in absolute freedom
from jumpers or blackmailers. He
need not fear that, in tho course of
negotiations for its sale, for instance,
ho will bo called ou to island and
deliver'a portion of the. purchase
money under pain of having a shadow thrown on the title through some
systematic Bcoundreliisni,��� Spokane
fancy yourself in a sleepy Now Eng-hard  to   secure  admission.    The
' Thero are but two pla-;J'"'Kes   and lawyers have to fight
Bui'tlioll's Doom.
Woodstock, September 29.���This
is expected to be the last day for the
trial of John Reginal Burehell,
charged with the murder of F. C.
Benwell in Blenheim swamp in February. Tho interest inthe,. case has
steadily risen until now it exceeds
an) thing ever known in a similar
case in the history of Canadian criminal jurisprudence. At this very
moment tho court is about to open
for the day and is already well
filled, aod thero is a surging crowd
A f.'air of Fpcjt,
VI '   '
It may ;ie sinled without fear or
dispute that Miss Ella Ewing, of
Fairmount, Clark County, Mo., is
the possessor of bigger feet than any
other woman in the country. The
young lady, who is now but 18 years
of age, ordered last week a pair of
shoes from the Tennant-Stribling
Shoo Company, and *hey are now
very marly finished. The shoes are
the largest ever turned out iu St.
Louis. The lapt over which they
were constructed measures 15'4
inches iu length and i1/, iuches in
width at the ball of tho foot. There
is'pnpugll leather in one of the heels
to build live pairs of ordinary ladies'
shoes, and tho leather in each shoe
would be sullicient, if it all could be
utilized, to make thirly pairs of or-
dinay shoes. A. W. Fuote, who
made the lasts, states that withiu the
period of his eighteen years' experience in tho shoe business he has
never seen anything to quite equal
Miss Living's foot. It took hin a
day and a half to look up the timber,
and when he finally secured a large
enough maple block lo hew the last
fronvh'e was obliged to till up thp
instep with leather.
Miss Ewing wanted Ihe new shoes
next week in oi\ler..thnt she might
make a creditable appearance iu St.
Louis during 'the poming festivities,
A Woman of Sense.
Lebanon, Pa,, Sept, 24���A very
daring attempt lo rob the People's
Bank here was neatly frustrated by
the shrewdness and prompt action of
an observing young lady who lives
just opposite the bank. Cashier
Woomer' had just left, and the Assistant-Cashier, Elmer E. Hauer, was
alono behind tho desk in charge.
His first visitor was a short, thickset, strange man with dark beard,
who asked a number of green questions about sending a draft to some
neighboring town. The next man to
enter was a tall person, also a siari-
ger, who, seeing that tho assistant-
cashier was engaged, and apparently
being iu no hurry, stood in ihe
middle of the door and opened wide
a large newspaper and seemed to be
reading,   The thiril man of the party
Smelting and Trading
Is now Prepared to Receive all Gold. Silver & Lead ore.
Miners who have any ores to sell aro requested to communicate at onco with the,
manager at Revelstoke, B. ),, ? ho is prepared to furnish evory facility
to minora cf smajl or limited means to ship their or.?.
R. HOWSd and CO.
General   Contractors    and    Builders
Manufacturers nnd Dealers) in   Doors, Sasli, Mouldings, Glass,
and all  kinds of Building Material.     Office Furniture aud  Fixtures a '
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and Picture Frames, etc
m^dj, to order
ay and Corn.
I have entire sale of Iho celebrated Canmoro hard, lump and nut coal, suitable fer
base burners and other stoves.   CHEAT HEATING PU WE 11.   MUCH
CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered ai Revelstoke, any part
of town, i?'J DO; Kamloops S9.U0; Donald &8.5.Q.    Special "''
quotations for car lots,    Coal stoves sold at
wholesale cost  tiny, oats and bran sold
by carload or smaller quantities
Yards at Kamloops aud
��� D^ouald.   Apply;"
aiu of frantio, struggling tipstaff
and constables, The work of preventing ihe crowding of the court-
laud village.     ^^^ 	
ties in the town where liquor is sold ' their way through the crowd by the
���one of them a i,utel���:ind they are
as orderly and respectable as country gri ce'ies.
The few Indies bore pass through
Ihe streets in perfect freedom   from
any species of insult or  annoyance.
Tho 'bad  man,' the drunkard
loafiraad the shoestring
outside, mado np of all sorts and I haJ ^ cum ^ nm] wa8 ft ��� hl]
conditions of peoiile.strugglim; for-1,. ,lilt y( ung fe]]off wfth B ^^
face. The hitter's movements were
completely hiddon from theoashier's
sight by the tall man who stood up
holding the spread out newspaper.
Suddenly the young man unseen,
dropped upon his hands and knees
room itself was we'l done, and at the i    - ,,, ,
| aim crept around the counter toward
and to
where Assistant Cashier Hauer was
sitting.   Tlie young man had r. sand
cluh iu bis hand, probably to knock
time the court-room opened no more | thflflnlt (if |he b.ink
had beeu  admitted than  would till
tbe   seats  available.      Prominent
gambler among those iu the court and sitting
' beside the counsel fur the defence I
and very near  the' prisoner's  doc|j
no[' were Mrs. Borcbell and her sister,
Mrs, West-Jones,    Mrs. Burehell
ed herself to lis-
sceni to havo given the place the ev
e~rfaj'.ing go-by, and though tho visi
tor mlslaea'those worthies, ho ia
consumed with r'r-gVet at theirab- ^^
sence.   A man may he seen with a  ^ma to have ne:
shotgun or a rifle occasionally, and | tan to all   that goes forward,   ul
.....   i.,i���,i,r,i imnKnp there isa weariness m her face that is
many men carry sheathed bun.ing
,     ,    ��� ,_i   ���,,  n. -���   pitiable   o see,   Mrs,   \\est-
kiuves, so h.indv iu camp   an.!   on i
,   , ���, i,���,,ii,. ,,.������. J   ���- . tend   mlybecan ��� ber sister
prospecting tours, but lieaill)   weap j
,    , ������i, ���,.������,, nnrt i.f mutt be supi  .'-1 in this dreau
ens, for nse as such, arc uo par.  oi 11
human apparel or adornment here.
Once in a great while, it is sail, a
���bail uu��u,' from the states will wan-
li-r into the country, but his ferocity seems to be soon wilted in the
leal,   In ] assing  the  prison
dock she never -��� ��� ���   lo< feed at the
occupant, and even Mrs,  Bnrcbell
���'  nn I to Iread to let her eyes rest.
on hei : cc    'J he prisi ner
ames McDonald & Co,
All classes of Lumber on haul for salo.    Coiitr.iotin' unJ building.
fmrfof the indifference with whioh '"      -      '    m^   At last the thcy mean to kill you."   Assistant-
bi, badness is viewed, and he   th                          : upon hia,   Uu Cashier Hauer quickly turned and
aMS to work like an honest man  or "W��l &*ihe  :"i '���"' ��leeP ��o11   seized bis p I, and in a moraonl
Alt* for some more congenial   m                           :-'lk" "b tho ti   i  vould-bo burglars dashed
trv Americans with capital or Amor i   ' '����,   hot ni ,   ,,    ^  ,       d<    T|i���
���' ' ,  |j,iD6rji   v,:, mil a I     ol  ���-: pi b man i lis     ai
;i .it events ai  pi ad
Mr, Hauer unconscious, but before
he got near enough a young woman
briskly entered the bank. Tho tull
man with the newspaper turned
sharply arounl, still holding tho
sheet up so tbat Ihe lady could not
see in tho direction of .he cashier,
"What do yon think of this picture?''
he asked, and then, quickly, ".Somo
one is culling you from the opposite
side of the street," Tho young woman quickly stepped away from the
man and shrieked out, "They are
rol her , tin re i one snraking on his i
, look out, Elmer.! 1!"ll0S nn,] Blankets, Curry combs,  Harness
b. a
Harness ��� and��� Saddle ��� Emporium,
oil, Horso brushes,  Whips, Spurs und
Hits In grout variety.
ean   pvuspec'/ir     	
ha"c Buffered in  mining  camps 'on j
the other side' from allied
jumpers, blackmailers and Qghl . .
liml inexpre* ible relief in their absence, pi late yenra :1" ��� ;
ousgangs'have made it almost impossible tor anybody lint rich ami
powerful corporalions to resist their
organized oppressions, so intrenched
do they become behind (randulenl
pretensions and lawless force, Why
(We methods do not obtain a footing ou this side of iho boundary it is
nut so easy lo explain.
The population hero i.i made up
largely of Americans, especially that
major portion' of It engaged in the
active busjb'eM ol mining,   By A
��ricans I mean men who have come
here from tho United Slates,
Ibey pursued tho same calling
engages them here It is, of course,
no wonder thut tbeio men aro law-
abiding, for there are no mol'O law
BUd order IotIo? people In the world
than actual miuing tuon. But tho
or is (bat the same causes which
attracted them
i...... .-������������
i       I. i . ''il .llll'l.l l-'l   Iii
Ibe j ' (inl ' "il Bumming up nl
j DO, and at i I :.'- the jnry broughl
in ii vfi dlty,   Burehell will
be hanged Friday, November llth.
Lond in, Sept, il Slavin the Australian and McAnlifTe the American
met in the Ormonde Club hero early I
this Saturday morning, Two rounds
were fought and Slavin declared Ihe
winuer. Tho fight began at 5,05 a,
in., unil lasted six and threo quarter
minutes McA uliffe's face was had
ly bulged when ihe fight ended,
Toronto, Sept '.'". A Washington
!' i] . I..' ij i th it tha Diction of tho
i niti ii State. government In adopting nicklo stool for armored battle
ships will result probably in on ex-
pondituro of [irbbably 81,000,000 in
Canada within a short tiino for the
purchase of that metal. The tariff
bill just agreed upon  places  nickel
young laily  was  Miss  Hauer, the
.     r'���  . ter, who lives oppolite,
and who saw the itrango men acting
. usly,
AM i.i:.
1'irnf'- Buildi ng, Ri felatoke, B, C
WILSON', Agont nt Rovektoke.
lil i
The Kootenay Star,
Divoli'il  lo   I In-   1,1 MI.'IMNd,   BUSINESS,  nnil AOIUCUL-
11 KAL, iiml especially to tha
hither did  uot also on the free lis
Steameks Io phksb, Maw in .-��� Peht,
Sir.   Duchess leaves floldi n lor
Windermere and  vay points ovi ry
Mi ijiiny at noon, ' md oi) 'I linrflilsys
tvbon Biifllcient Indu 'emenl i offei   .
returning nrrivo at (lohh n Wulms
day, 1 p. io.,
Tourist tickets ?i; for round hip.
Agents, Golden, H, 0,
Mining Interests
Kootenay District.
I / \ | ) I'lilN riNO OF ALL   KINDS PROMJ'Tl/; AT'J'EN
*) V / I ) oil to, and cuceulod In the best style. ConuneroliS wort;N
ttspetially.  Oi;;'.��r6 by ^|iJ s^rifully filled. WjgBlJSjSBBIjjjjjMP
He loved a maid,
But, half afiaid.
But novel-told Lis passion,
Of course, sho knew,
But, bashful too,
She wa ited, woman fashion,
At last one day,
The gi ssips say,
While they were silly chatting,
A mouse pettye,
Run by their feet
And shot across the matting.
He was so near
That wild with fear,
Sbe threw her arms about him.
He clasped her tight
And soothed her fright -
How could she ever doubt him ?
His courage rose,
You may suppose,
After that fearful dangar,
This week the same
Pair chose a name
To give a little stranger.
, -^	
The Beauties of Banff.
A run of nine to ten hours from
Glacier, alwajs through grand and
majestic scenery and often among
terrible and gloomy heights and
jjo^ges, brought us to Banff, near the
western slope of the Eockies. By
the way, shortly after leaving Vancouver we tookou an observation car
and continued to have one, except
for a short distance, until well into
jhe great plains ea3t of the mountains.
This system adds gre.fttly to the pleasure of passengers through fine
Banff is by many considered the
gem of this great road. Because of
its beautiful locution and also because of its warip and hot mineral
springs the Canadian Pacific Company has erected here the most elegant and best appointed hotel in a
will, mountainous region probably
jn the world. Indeed, it will compare favorably with the host hostel
ries in the neighborhood of large
cities. Here in a wild basin of the
mighty backbone of the continent,
��,300 miles from Montreal, nearly
1,000 from Winnipeg, and GOO from
Vancouver, with no populous lands
,-ioaliguoiis, hut surrounded by
Nacre's boldest and roughest works)
In which are the hauuts of wild
beaslB-here one finds all the elegances aud comforts of a city's su-
fjui-bs, all of the delicacies, luxuries
of a'i'ity ho'cl, coupled with tho hygiene of a sanitarium, the ozone and
bracing atmosphere of a lofty alti
tnde, and the glorious scenery of a
mountain fastness. In \\a Raising
rooms, surrounded by costly furniture, oue can listen to niusio from a
superb piauo, and in tho saloon can
satisfy his appetite with viands prepared by a first-class chef. One can
loiter lazily around the broad piazzas
girdling the great hotel, and let vision lose itself among lofty, rocky,
grotesone mountains or sit in grace
ful Kiosk observatories overlooking a
bold river tumbling ��e��r hy in a fur
ions cascade. Ono can watch the
limpid grV'U water of one large
mountain stream meeting and unwillingly mingling with those of a
milk-white, glacier-fed river, just
below the vortex under the oascade.
One can wander in pretty pine
woods on gentle mountain slopes
WWaj.|i/������aiMrani;it �����
depth, If he prefer a real genuine
swim lie finds it near tho bach, door
of Ihe bptel in a lank a bunded feet
long, jjrjtb ihe air bareiy taken off
fresh cold water. Ia bis room be
has a soft bed to sleep upon, surrounded by tasty furniture, and sits
in a large dining-room attended by
waiters, aud provided with fruits,
wines aud viands fit lo satisfy a fastidious epicure. Close under tho
hotel an angler now and then catches
a trout of over a pound weight, and
in a lake a few piles off in the park
is rewarded with speckled fellows of
fine si/e and with lake trout uot infrequently running np to forty
pounds. I met at Glacier Mr. E. S.
P. of Chicago with his family going
west. He caught a (iue lot in Devil's
Lake near Banff, one a lake trout
weighing thirty-six. There are few
mountain resorts offering so many
natural attractions as Ibis P,ocky
Mountain hof springs,
We had remarkable visible evidences of the strange and irresistible
instinct of the salmon to climb steep
waters from the sea. For many
miles the Eraser runs with great
speed. Below every projecting rock
there is an eddy more or less large.
In these eddies salmon were congregated by the thousands, showing
their black backs and fins an inch or
two above the surface. These little
whirlpools are generally many feet
deep, aud the finny voyagers must
have been piled upon each other
several feet deep. Over oue crystal
stream running into the river road
passes on a short bridge. In a pool
in this creek, say twenty by fifty feet,
the fish were so thick that a man
could almost have walked dry shod
across the stream on salmon backs,
In the ascent of the fish they fail
often to overcome the rapid ci;rrent
and stop to rest in the eddies, I do
not think I exaggerate in saying we
saw hundreds of thousands, possibly
millions, in a part of our run not
exceeding thirty or forty miles, The
fish looked small to us for only a
few inches of their backs could be
seen. A fellow-passenger, however,
assured u�� that such bs wo saw ran
from sij to nine pounds. They were
no Indians fishing, as there were
three years ago. Their stook is already iaid in. A hundred aud eighty
thousand fish of about eight pounds
weight were caught in one day last
week at New We.-tminster. A man
of that locality told me that now was
but the beginning of tbe running
season, and in three weeks there
would be a hundred thousand where
there was one now. Tbe scientist
was probably not mistaken when he
asserted that the water of the world
could produce more food for man,
acre lor acre, than the land, i tear
the canneries are causing too many to
be killed now,
A slight shock of ,eArthquake was
nit at Montreal last Saturday morn-
The Northwest Legislative Assemble has been called by Lieut Oover.
nor Royal at ljegina for .October 29.
In a speoch at Portrea, Sir G, O.
Trovelyan inveighed again:;! allowing
moneyed American snobs to desolate
the highlands by forming deer forests.
Toronto, Ont., September 23-
The Commercial Union Club held its
annual meeting to night. Goldwin
Smith, president of the club, iu his
address said, "Our club holds its
annual meeting again under its old
iiiuuo, which, let me say once more,
means just what it says���commercial
not political union, We rejoiced
aan'diiv^hr ride along well-grav- whon the liberal party took up our
oiled roads through the National causo, but it is the business of this
park now along limpid streams, club to promote the removal of trade
then 'on winding curves or mounting | restrictions as a commercial and in-
hy zig-zags hold rocky heights; caa jdustrial blessing to the people, ir-
batho in, pr^plftiu tul)ii lijled by hot respective of all parties, Of course,
mineral waters just from plutonic, whatever we may do will inure
laboratories far below tho mountain's practically to the benefit of tho party
foundations, and then sweat in soft j which embraces our causo." Mr.
blanketsalmostas white as snow j or jliiuith then referred to tho present
pan by a tunnel through lava rocks, political and commercial situation,
The McKinley bill, he 6aid, is a great
disaster, and will be felt much moro
by Canadian farmers thun by those
having nothing personally to lose by
it, who can afj'ord to receive it with
trumpet notes of patriotic defiance,
Of course, Canada will survivo,
though the the industrial energy and
reach a grotto or cave scooped out
by agencies of hot wator���a veritable
jag in the rock, lighted dimly from
A Syracuse jury agreed on a verdict in favor of tho defendant, bnt
nnnouneod it by mistake for the
plaintiff, nnd it is said that there is
no help for it.
The Pjogina, Long Lake & Saskatchewan Bailway is completed,
nnd trains are running twice a week
each way. Tuesdays and Saturdays
from ltegina and Mondays and
Thursdays from Prince Albert.
The prospective passage of the
McKinley bill has creeled a great
demand for vessels at Kingston to
caary grain to the Unitod States.
Lambs, sheep and cattle are being
hurried acrosB the Jake, and double
as much barley as ever before at
this date has been placed in Oswego
Lethbridge, N. W. T., Sept. 26.-
The grading for the Great Falls &
Canada road was completed last evening, The rails will be laid into
Lethbridge and the road practically
comploted by Monday next. Two
hundred miners are expected from
Pennsylvania and Ohio to work in
the coal mines.
a small aperture in the apex. Here
in this gem of a natatorium one can
swim in water, above blood heat, five
feet deep and twenty five from rim.
to rim. When satiated with his
warm bath in thia glorious pool he I fortitude of herpeoplo will bo severe-
mounts a great stalagmite on one, ly tried. England survived under
sido-a stalagmite rosemblinga huge '. protection, but sho has trebled hor
mushroom���and a shower of cool wealth nuder ireo trade. Tho Mc-
wnter tumbles from above upon him, Kin ley hill is not pointed against
or lie cau stand waist deep iu the Canada ; it is a measure of domestic
warm embrace ol tbu fluid wljilo not foreign policy. In proof of this
cool sprays fall upon hia head and | Mr. Smith read a letter written by
shoulders. If one prefers an out Senator Sherman lo Mr, E, Wirjau.
door swim he can splash in a sul-. Iu consequence of a letter written by
phur tank forty feet across of Nature's Mr. Smith Baid that Mr. Sherman's
fashioning, while bubbliug through statement:) were corrobnted by all
tyiudsat his feet water heated 'olio5 ; I hut ho cuul.l  learn   from   other
jiijORMii] low. him lo Bwlamlog naarloW)
Do yon believe in healing by
touch ? asked Miss DePrice.
Indeed I do, said DeBlakes. I met
Tom Tightpincb today limping along
and complaining of the gout. I
touched him for a five, and he skipped off as though he had never been
ill a day in his life.
Tourist (in Oklahoma)���Do yon
find it a hard matter to make collections here ?
Collector���Nope I You see, every
body knows I can hit the bull's eye
nine shots out of ten.
DotHns���What's the matter with
sister Nellie ?   She acts so queer.
Mamma (in a diBgustod tone) -O,
she's in lovo again ; this is the third
time, and she's got it bad.
Dotkins���Why don't you have her
vaccinated, so sho can't catch it ?
Principal of girls' boarding school
(to her butcher)���From tomorrow
you can send me three pounds of
meatless than the usual quantity.
Have you lost some of your boarders?
No, but four of the girls have
fallen in love.
After the wedding-He-What are
you crying for, love?
She���Over papa's wedding present
���boo hoo,
He���Why, what is the matter with
She���It's nothing but a* receipted
bill for the gaa we used during our
���wumniii     m
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Pu. D��� F.
G. S.A.
(Lato of tho Goological Survey of
Consulting (luologist, Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of al]
kinds examined and reported on.
Economic problems iuvestigalcdand
information furnished, Whotham
Block, Vancouver, B, C.
Nom���Minoral specimens sont to
Dr. Lawson will bo placed on public
exhibition, DO,
P. O. Addross, Nelson,, J, 0,
Capacity SO,000 feot per day, Planer
shingle machine, etc, All kinds of
lumber on hand. Duriug Ihe season
of 18111) lumber \,ill bu delivered at
any of the landings ou the lake at
^really reduced prices,
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
Sranite ware, ant}   Lamp Goods.      Tin, Copper and   Sheet Iron
Ware mado to order.    First class work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
attended lo.
ill orders by mail or
is�� geld nud silverware
General Merehanls
B. C,
Fred. Hume & Co,
Revelstoke *     B C,
(���Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries,' Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware Eto.
The Stock in ovory Dop.irtu.iont is Pull and Completo and tho Public will
find it to their advantago to call and
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices.
(ClpsotoC. P. R. Depot)
Kevelstoke      -      -     BC
Importers ol'thq Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and completo stock of gent's furnishings, Indie?, gents,,
and children's byots, shoos and hose, stationery,, patent modlciuoa toilet,'
requisites and ready-rnude clothing.   A   largo assortment of. pipes,
lohiiouo, olgarotlou, imported and dompstio cigars, frails, rundy,ele.
Slov.o pipes, tinware, orookorj, r/iugli and drossod lumbor,and otborgooda,
too numerous to mention, at moderato prices,
Telephone crmmiuiicutior^ I- .
���.n��aaafflawtw��ii��>wrri a    iin.iniMa.iriWtrrrri
?     10 0 F Donald, 13. 0.
Regular Meeting 'i/nursiiny <
week nt 8 p. in.    All visiting'liroth
ers are cordially invited.
J. Md im.;     J. II. Mathbson,
N.G, U.S.
DllXALl),   B.   C.   '
Meets 1st 2 Sunday's, nnd last 2 Wednesdays oac.li niuiith.    ��� ���
.Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Boo'y,   W. P. Ogilvio..
.'l'ini-'r.   Angus .McLean.
Journal Ag't, E. A. Chesley, Kamloops, B, C.
Donald, B.C.
GOLD UANi'ilC LODGE, Nn. 341.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hull,
Muster,   Arthur Randall,
Secretary,   Joseph Oallin.
Collector,   Geo 11 Govott, Box ID.
Receiver,   Jumcs   Palcouor, Can-
mOrC, N W 'J'.
Magazine Agent,   II J MoSorley.
(Lbe iiootcnay Star
A Water Works Co, for Revelstoke
is in process of formation under the
Joint Slock Companies Act, for the
purpose of taking over from the
Dominion Government certain water
rights for fire and domestic uses.
There ia likely to be contention perhaps as to who male the first or the
most deserving application, as more
than one has gone forward to Ottawa
for consideration by the Govern mi 11.
It does not appeal to us that the little mountain .stream wbieh is Bought
to he acquired ob a coneession for
tin-so objects, will he " sufficient
to provide water the year round for
a town of 1000 peoplo, It this time
of the year i'. hucome nearly dry, and
it is said rights havo been acquired
by the Smelter Co, and the C. P. R.
to the streams further to the east.
What then must bo Iho reliance of
Revelstoke'^ for au adequate water
supply if it should becomo a city of
lG.CliO or oven 5,000 people?
Without any doubt, the Illecillo-
Judge Tunstall has gone to Nelson
for a couple of weeks, starling on
Thursday morning.
Rev. J. Turner Method'st Minister, will proneh at thn Church on tomorrow [Sunday] evening at 7:30
Capt. O.lin handed ever ihe iino
steamer which ho has had charge of
from the beginning of the season, in
perfect order to his successor on
Wednesday, and touk his departure
for the coast.
The sampling works were in oper.
alion last Saturday on three carloads
of oro from the Monarch mine ntField
Two carloads have been received this
week', These are intiilltfettts on
about 200 t'o'ris altogether which are
The Smelter Co's brickyard has
turned out about 800,000 hiick The
lust kiln for tho season having been
fired up last Monday. Sales and shipments have been made tollleeillewaet
Donald, and 18,000 to tho Golden
Smelting Co., besides smaller quantities elsewhere along the line.
Capt Gore- from Portland, one
of tho best swift water captains
in the weat, took chargo of the sioam-
er Lytton, on Wednesday, The water
has risen in tho river two- to 'three
feet, and it is expected that the
steamer will make Ihe trip to Little
Dalles starting from Revelstoke next
Mr. F. C. Gamble, Dominion Engineer, and Mr. Mara, M.P., and
manager of Ihe steamboat lino, went
down the river on Thursday. It is
understood this trip is made with reference to the improvements whioh
aro needed to the navigation of the
river, more especially from Sproat
to the Boundary.
At a meeting of the Library Managers tlfis week it was decided to request parties having any claim or
bill against tho Revelstokp Library
Association to hand in the same io
the Secretary for payment, and that
tbe Association will not hold itself
responsible aftei Nov. 1st for any
claims long outstanding which are
not presented before that time.
Mr. S. A, C.ish has added to the
mechanical department over which
he has charge, tho  repuir  nnd  re-
Report for September
Prescribed school days
Days school was in sess:on
Total dally attendance
Total ailiia! attendance
Average daily attendance
Average actual attendance
Pupils actually attending during the month
Boys actually attending during the month
Girls actually attending during the month
Greatest   number  present at
any session
Least number present at any
Highest  register  number in
use to date
Number monthly reports sunt
to pareuts
Expulsion, 'suspension,  aud
Truancy of pupils each
Tardipflss of pupils
Days'absence of teacher
VisitB to school by trustees,
superintendent of education, and inspoctor each
VisitB by other pett'i'ns'""
'   22
miMaaiwi���'in* iiiiiiui^iTrTt-ail-���r-rt
The furniture "business of Revelstoke
;s hne of its best lines. James McDonald
$ Co. have had a steady - demand for
goods at homo and along the railroad
line, and they have sunt several largo
consignments dowu the river for furnishing the new hotels at Sproat and Trail
Creek theii-ohipininits to the latter town
having luckily got doivn'just before low
watt? out off husities^helow Sproat,
Mr. fi', A! Brown, machinist in the
rmplnyhlelit of tho C. P. R.: bus had
lbe pleasure of a visit from bin father
and sister, Mi", pntid Brown and Miss
Mary Brown, of Ayrshire, Scotland.
Mr. Brown is r, lithographer, printer and
paper box manufacturer; r.nd has three
establishments in Scotland. David Kerr
Brown, now deceased, who > performed
editorial work on tho Toronto Telegraph
and Winnipeg Sun and Tiirieii, was also
a son. Himself and Miss Brown have
gone west, and will visit tho Sound and
Coast cities as far south as California,
and the Yosemite valley, Thence they
will go through tho United States, and
intend reaching their Ayrshire homo in
Fourth Clans.
Obtained   Possible.
waet Liver is the nlost available, as, construction of disabled cars, bev-
well os tbe most reliable source of eral flat cai-B have recently been ren-
our water supply.   Having its origin j ovated and appear as good   as  new,
among the glaciers nt the summit of
the Stlkirks, and being added to on
ils way down by other glaciers nnd
An improvement which is highly
appreciated by the railroad bojs, is
the introduction of a bath  room  in
natural fountains, and turbulent j a corner of Ihe round house. The
mountain streams, the volume of ?:a- cold water is at hand from a faucet,
Jer can be jountod on as always sure, j and the hot tva'.er is brought from a
Ils purity cannot be questioned, locomotive boiler in a hose, so that
Released from ita impiisoument of this means of sanitation ar.d olean-
penturics upon these glacial Lights, lines is always at oommani of those
the milk-white water drops ill a sharp   who wish to use it.
fall of 3,000 to 5,000 feet, tumbling ���       ���	
over boulders, dashing against rocks,
pouring down precipices, turning all
of its many sides and surfaces to the
pure air and penetrating Bun|ight,
Maggie Robson      035
Lizzie Robson        830
Third Class.
John Robson 5?5
Charlie Lewis 225
Hattie Lee 200
Second Class,
Jessie Robson 490
Ediih Lewis. 480
A, Leathcrbarrow   450
James Patten 4i5
Maud Patten 425
Mabel Thomson       370
Lizzie Hamilton      315
'    Second Primer.
Gracie Hamilton    305
Mary Patten 275
Sum Needham        240
First Primer.
FIso's Remedy for Catarrh Is tlio
Dost, Easiest to Uaonml Cheapest
SulJ by druggists or seat by mull, ooc, I
III. naailllap, Wurc.',., Pa., U.S.A.!
\% A'.Joivett.        T.L.H.ug,
Notary Publio
Conveyance.;, Agreements, Bills of Sale,
Mining Bonds, eto., drawn up; Boots ���
ftud Accounts Collected; Mining   Claims  Bought and
Bold; Assessment work ���
ou Mining Claims
'Attended to;
Patents Applied  for,  Etc.,  Eto, Eto.
Lots on Townsite of Uevolstoke for S do
��� nnd Wanted,     Agonts for Mining
������' Machinery, Eto,
0. J. Branch
.; v i
Briolc ur.d Stone Mason, PlaBteror
nnd ICiilsVmiiiier. All work "done
promptly and to satisfaction.   Con'
tract work solicited.
Willie Beavo'
Harold Liberty
Lome Thomson
Lew Ranch
Rose Piper
Lydia J. Irvixe,
New Discoveries,
The richest discoveries made this
year north of Trail Creek and Koo-
nntil it becomes aerated and
tenayTake, were made iu the Lardeao
by J.   W.   Haskins,  on  Campbell,
Mountain, over Ihe divide eastward
from Trout i.n',;e.    He ntaked and
recorded f|ve claims, some of which
run high in silver, lead and gold-00
ounces silver, 8(1 per cent lead, and
over 8200 in gold.   Mr. Haskins has
returned to the same locality tc con
tinue prospect.ng, aud   thinks  cf
Bpending   the  winter thero.     Dr.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^Jjampbeil, of the Smeller Company
*:.-  ��� ���.. i Brady, Mining Engin-  has a half interest in four of theso
e work on I locations���tho Clara, Alice, Home-
Notice is hereby given that sixty (00)
days nfter dato 1 intend to apply lo tho
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Wot'KS
for permission to lcnso the, following dos-
cribdfi tract of laud, for lumbering purposes .
Commencing ai r. point two milos np
the Salmon Kiver from Holder. O.iflWv, find
half a milo wost of tho Salmon Ri]jer;
running S. W. oue mile, theuce S, E. one
nud one-half mile, thenco north two nnd
one-half miles, thenco S. W, three-fourths
of a milo to sturting point, containing
about 1000 acres. 10
Sittings of the County Court of Kooteuuy will bo hold,
At I'iirwell, ou Wodncsdav, 30th Julv,
At Donnld, on Friday, 1st Aug., 1890,
At Nels'on.'on Friday', 22nd Aug., 1890.
At Farwell, on Monday, 3rd November, 18QCJ,
At Donald, on Wednesday, 5th November, 1890,
At Nelson, on Thursday, 13th November. 1890.
By Command,
Provincial Secretary,
Provincial Secretary's Oilieo,
10th July, 1890, 5151
0!98f fts 2$AT&$,
QOLDEN       -       -       -       B. 0,
Mining   Broker,  Clonvnissinn   A^t.-
Notary Public, ko. ko.
In Stock.���Mining Powders, Puso and
Caps, Miner's Tools, Steel aud Gamp
Outfits. 8tf '
Corner Front nnd Hansou Sts.
AbRAHAMSON 1)1(03.
���   .    i
B. O.
First qlnes in every respeot; Nearest
hotel to !0"'lnR 'depot'aul steam'jjB/
landing, between post1 office and gov,
buildings. Coach' iii mudfrqni dipott
and steiiinboiit.' $iro" prior Sate for th.v
aooommodation ofitu c'Ustomora.
C. ��,E. HOfBt
P. McCarthy   -   -   -   -    Prop,
First class Temperanca Honsg.
DOA'-iD    AND    LODOINO,   $5   PER   WEEK,
MEALS, 25c,      BEDS 2~>^,.
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is comfortably furnished am''
affords 'first class accommodation,
b'JMtlCTlY  FIItST>0I.A88.
REVELSTOK��     -      -       3.0
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. Eloberl,Clerk
'd  eer, having  charge of   thi
of all-possible deleterious ingredi-tthe Lanark Mine, belonging tothe \
ents. A ila'm erected a short difttauoi Selkirk M in                   u town last
up thn stream during low water, al week,   ;-   i   i    ; arrangen
not large cost, would enable a bead -.                               rannary, and
of 25 feet lo be obtained    Ibis wil . . | ������ nece tai
tho natural fall of ths river will car .                - Baidtobi
ry water to the highest point requii . ,1 it thi managoi
.'1 (or nil lire or dom   lio | urposes,
Willi; I    iVI R, ..   .,-                          Idd   on till
The volome of water in the river Maple Loef           M   I   u        Ho
is -   large and  | i   am il Ihal ���     mt 60 feet of s I mnel on the
suitable provision      made to ntil Zi in good              i  planning to
it, u firsl r.,-   .. rter power can  be oo itinno    ������ work,   He
h cured lor mam fasturii       I   I il ; '��� "  ':
ifshould ba .- ui ��� nn i  "ntnt
stall" and Highland Mary,
1 uu Sutter and Archie McDonald
All Mining Claims, other thnn Mineral
Locations, legally hold in this Distrist
have heen nearly all Bummer pros- j UDder the Mineral Act, 1881 and Aiiiend-
BCting aronnd Galena Bay, near the  monte, may be laid over from 16th day of
Lardeau, and have fo 1 a quartz October till the 1st   ayJ*1"^
1891, subject to Ihe provisions ol llio sain
Act and Amendments.
Zl    ... A. P. CUMMINS,
I., lake ii'iv.i ,i igo   f the  di covi ies
er can be used to generate
which conl.l be transmitted by cable
to nil par's cf the city for mnnnfao'
Suring purposes, for supplying it
with electric lights, and for mi,
uing iis street;- it's bj eloctric{|y ; for
aurely it does not ri juire a very pro
phi-tie vision t.i see-all tlws'S things
in ihe n it fur future of ttovelsloke,
We hope the Joiul Stock Companj
referred lo will lay its foundations
sufficiently broad to comprehend all
Ihi'sool jeols, and not have its ioop(
limited t'i the single object of acquiring water from one small stream,
that at limes may fail, and which it
in iiueertaiu if any ri'Borvoir system
can bo devised that will supply the
i    ...
The I-.-h '
in eiuctiiiul H.ci-iuji', tin) wiiie.- " ���������     alter.   About IU inches of'good ore
is hhi, ���; i   ne��   li ��� - d ''v
down about 12 feet bui !: from the
original tunnel,
Mr, Oorbin.ol Corbin i Kennedy
arrived from the west on '1 hnrsday.
Ha con plains sei ion Ij of
ilelay of the Dominiou Government in furnishing Ihe ' rown
Grants for Ins company, which
iiern long ngo paid for, Capitali 11
��ill not make investments in u g
property, unless the owners can
show Ihuir Crown di
Messrs, Jowelt k Haig have had
ai ��� ii nt work dono on i1 - Oak
Leaf, ,iiit"!.' IhImi ol tl da) plfi Leaf.
'I bo olaim is looking very wi II, and
has about ii tons good galena on Ibe
dump, assaying 11 ounc?s Bilrcr aud
IT per cent, lead,
.i.,i"ii they believe will open
well,   ["hey 1      ;ht in some samples
sin gold and slyer in fair
i lanlil   and tbej laked fourolaims,
Thoy ii,'end   spending   tho winter
,' i   ig up thn reli b,
'I hi n   i ���'   evi, .i  men  who urn
��� "  ni  | laser mining botwoon
Sorlh .'.im and  1 roul Lake, among
'���;   .. i   -r and Lochie Me
1 i     th iv aro reported to bo
'J he miner i, and   Evan Johnson,
who li ib t rani h on the North Arm',
������ ive I ei n unable to get their siull
by ��toamer, and Johnnon had
to build i -'��� iw to lake lumhi r and
i h am '���' hoi 11 do in,   \\ ith four
ti am ii��� ��� - ' .    i   er, it Beeins there
ongbl to b�� j better  way  provided
(oi    ij i Ij ing Ihe wants ol  these
people,   i Iii jiiii.i'i  al i nee l luniu
��� Invi i nnu Ql in lp in getting a trail
from the Arm to 'I roni '.u..1.
Bm Ki/RH,;   ;-,niis'ii'i(i,i,iiw.
On Moiiduy, ihn 20th of Sleptsm-
iier, iii, Donald, I y Ihe Rov, James
Turner, Arthur JnmeB Brnndroltaud
Miss Elizabeth Harriet Slringfellow,
both ol ''oiiiibl.
Gold Commissioner.
Donald, Lust Koolenuv,
SfSptembo!,' 2i)th,1890,
Notice is hereby given Ibat nil alluvia)
claims legally hold in iho Wost Kootenay/
District, will bo laid over from the 1st of
October to tho 1st'lay of Ji.no ensuing,
(I, C, fUftijTALL,
20 Gold Couiioissioner,
Revelstoke, Septombor 20th, iH'JU,
I have
f [{wring h'ook On,
Notice Is heroby givon that
bought tho Store
(1 non [Cpo,) of Kovolstoko, ami iinvo
chnnged tho ni ) Kwong t'ook  On,
( Yuen Keel inio my nnmo, Wbu Choug;
nnd M al all pen ons having nny nsni is,
-I -I'M i [iiini' liwong I'miiIi (in, | Yuen
Kce, | inn',i pichi'iri tin ui to \\ nu i hong
withiu oue mptilh nfter dnto, nftor which
hey will uol be n tot pied by Wuu I'hong,
RovelstoKO, September 25th, lb'JIJ,
llooms well atlenilodj tables unex.
celled. Wines' Und liquors gnai'.'ui-'
teed of ii hijih quality. i<'ii'o in'
snmplo room. Telephone coinmuni-'
cation with (J. I". li, depot. Fire
proof vault for tbo convonienao ol1
guests.   .Hugc meets all trains.
TIUNSIFMT  RATES    -    -    -    $1 PER D VY
-THE ���
.   i.
The largest and most central Hotel in
the city; good aooommodation ; every-'
thing new ; table well supplied ; Inrnud
billiard room attached ; are proof safe '
ilKOWN & CL.YliK,
���  ' Proprietors.
Stockholm House
Tho dining room is furnished  with the
best tho lmukot affords.
The bar in supplied with a choice stock
of wincK, liijiiora nud cigars,
Jas. Liberty,


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