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The Kootenay Star Oct 18, 1890

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Array WMfc ^mmomtimmtmamtam
No. 18-
Notice is hereby Riven that, in pursu
mice of the provisions of section 3, of tbe
"Columbia & Kootenay Railway Subsidy
Act, 1890," the unoccupied and unrecorded Crown lands situated within the following described blocks of land, have
beeu reserved from lease, Balo or settlement, viz.:
Block 13, Commencing at a point on
the wist bank of tlie Columbia Rivor, two
miles r-outh of Iho mouth of Trail Creek ;
thence t��n miles duo west; thenee four
ii tiles north ; thence four miles east, oross-
ing tho Columbia lliver; Iheuco four
miles fonth; thence two miles west to
tbe point of commencement,
Block 14. Commenoing at a point on
fhe south side of tbo mouth of Toby
Creek, on tbe west side of the Columbia
River, at the north end of the Lower Columbia Lake, thence due west four miles ;
(hence north four miles ; theuce east four
miles; thence south four miles to the
place of commencement.
Block 15. Four miles square, situated
at the south end of Lower Columbia Lake,
on the west side,
Block IG. Four miles square, situated
nt the mouths of Sheep and Skookum
Chuck Creeks.
Blocks 17 and 18. Each four miles
square and situated south of Fort Steele.
Block 10. Four miles square, situated
on Elk River, and including Elk River
Provided that this reservation shallnot
i.ffiet nny lands which aro included in
nny grant, lease, agreement for sale, or
other alienation from the Crown, or which
hi.ve bi en set apart for any special pur-
pore prior to the date of this notice.
2fi Surveyor-General.
Lends iiud Works Department,
Victoria, B. 0., Sept. I8th, IS90.
Notice is hereby given that sixty (fifl)
days iifler date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wows
for permission to lease the following des-
eri. id tract of laud, for lumbering purposes :
Commencing at n point two milos up
the Salmon Giver from Hold 'rCiee'c and
half ii mile west of the Salmon River,
running S. \Y. ono mile, thence S, E. one
sud one-half mtier, thence north two and
oue-hnlf miles, thence S. W, three-fourths
of a mile to starting point, containing
about lOOO acres.     ' If.
W, 1'. SAYWAliD.
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
days after date, 1 intend to maw application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and WorKs, for permission In lease the
following described tract of laud, for
lumbering purposes -.
Commencing at about one mile below
tbo junction of the West or North Porn
of iho Salmon River, running southerly
to a point one-half (.1) mile above the
South or East Font of Salmon River,
thenco easterly one-half (f) mile, thenoe
northerly to a point one half | t J mile
east of the starting point, thence westerly one-holt [J] mile to the point nf bo-
ginning, containing about 10,00!) acres.
Also, commencing at a point at Holder
CreeK, about one-half |! | mile from Salmon River, nnd running south about
three miles, thence one-half [ ,\ | mile east,
theuce uorth three miles, thenoe west
three-fourths of a mile to point of beginning, containing iibout 1 DUO acres,
17 W. I'. SAYWARD.
At Revelstoke, on Tuesday, Oct, 7,
1890, a Daughter, to Mr. and Mrs.
John II. Patten.
(Efje ftootenay Star
Going East,
No. 2
No. 1
13:00 Leave
i   Vancouver   Arrive 14:25
North Bend
bpence's Bridge
12:45 Arrive    Glacier
Donald    Depart
The steamer Lytton, of tho C. & K.
S. N. Co., leaves Revelstoke for Littlo
Dalles, Washington, every Monday and
Thursday, at 4 a, m., connecting with
trains for Spokane Falls. Returning,
leaves Littlo Dalles every Tuesday and
Friday, stopping at Sprout each way,
The steamer Duchess leaves Golden
tor Windermere every Monday at noon,
and returning arrives at Golden at 4 p,
m, on Wednesday.
Steamboats leave Sicamous for Enderby Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
and return Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I'ack trains from Revelstoke for Big
Bend on the Columbia.
- -. t '\m
Notice is hereby given that all alluvial
claims Legally held in the West Kootenay
District, will belaid over from the 1st of
October to the 1st day of June ensuing,
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 2o'th, I89'J,
A Court of Revision nnd Appeal under tho Assessment Act will bo held at
the Govoruinent Office, at Nelson, ou tho
l'J'.h day of Novem f -it 10 o'clock, a, m,.
and at the Court Louse in Revelstoke,-
on the 15th day of November, at 10.1. in.
25 Chairman Court of Revision
aud Appeal.
Revelstoke, Sept. 18th, 1490.
- MI.tt.iG   llttOKER,���
A ii il General Commission Merchant,
Iiisur .lice    an I    Heal    EslutO
Agent,��� Notary Public, Etc.
B. C
The lead mining industry ifl cer-
taiuly in its infancy in British Columbia, io much so that a movement
ui ule now to protect it by tariff legislation would be almost as premature as when it was suggested lust
year to placo a duty of I cents per
pound on it, which however very
wisely did not meet the approval of
the Finance Minister. Tho reason
donbtless was, and it holds good
today, that there is no lead mined or
manufactured in Canada, and what-'
ever duty is placed upou it would
ouly increase the cost by just so
much to all consumers in the Dominion, without benefitting producers,
for the simplo reason that there are
none. As soon however ns the silver-
lead mines of British Columbia are
able to supply tbe Canadian market
with lead, a tariff should be placed
on it that will be prohibitory, and so
large that the Canadian Pacific Railway can transport it from Kootenay
District to the eastern cities of the
Dominion at a paying freight, and
still leave a good profit to tbe mine
owners. When the supply exceeds the
demand for homo consumption, the
surplus can find a market in Japan
nnd China, and beiug nearer to them
thini the United States, wo can compete with thorn iu tho-o markets.
We think it wool I be best to put
into the hands of the Dominion Premier discretiC'ary power to impose
a duty on lend, for the reason that
its'production may spring into sudden activity, depending only upon
the Bj'e'aiii for transporting ores to
the snieltws already in existence in
Kootenay District.
ETC,   Kir.   ETC,
itd post Office Store NELSON'
��a��a.vA.i.>ii.|fK'-i "WI'T-l^-l-.a'.l ^XfflKIU:.
C. & K. S. N. CO.
The SkaMimer Lytton will  leave Revel-
stoke   Mondays   ami   Thursdays'  for
Revelstoke, Aug, 9, 1890.
B U T C 11 E li S
Glacier House.
(From Our Own Correspondent)
Mi.is E Harrison, who it uow convalescent, has h ft for Kamloops and
the coast on a short vacation.
J, M. Browning, C, P. It. Land
Commissioner, Vancouver, and Mrs.
Browning, accompanied by the Rev.
McLaren, arrived here on the 10th.
and left the following day for Bauff.
Alexander Allan {Allan Line
Steamships) O'asgow, Scotland, and
Mrs. Allan, Claude Alien and the
Misses Allan, arrived here on the
llth, and left on the 13th for Vancouver, en route for Japan.
Snow again fell here en the night
of the llth,
Prof. George M. Daweon and J.
MoElvory of the Geological Department Ottawa came in on the 15th leaving rb-a;-n tho following day for Illecillewaet, and Rovelsloke.
Service was held here on Sunday
evening, by the Rev. J. Turner, of
M. Swcetmati, Post Office Inspector, Totonto, in company with Dr,
Su'orliniin, arrived hero on tho 1,'lth,
from Banff, on thoir way to the ooast.
Glacier House, Oct, 10th, 181)0'.
Tmil Ci-eofe,
It is reported that Mr. Dyer, u
mining engineer, from Spokane
Falls, took out a 500' pound sainplo
from E, Topping's claim, which assayed 8117 per ton iu gold, aud that
he considers Trail Creek tho bestoump
in Southern Kootenmy, At Bordeau's
claim an old shaft km been found, li
feet deep, in which' .vere tbo remains
of a' pick iiini shovel, with tho wooden
bandies rotted away. Mr. Hoover
is picking over sampled to pack out
for shipment. They will make an
effort lo mine nnd ship all winter
from'tit is roup,
This gifted and adventurous lady,
in a letter to the Star, says : " I am
indebted to somo unknown friend for
a copy of your issue containing a poem that I wrote during my last year's
visit to British Columbia. It occurs
to mo that the enclosed has quite ns
much merit, nnd it may be of local
iniorest to your readers, although it
was first published in tho Journal of
Education, Boston, aud has boon quite
widely copied. My visits to British
Columbia, as tbo correspondent of tho
Boston Transcript, havo interested mo
much, as you may judge when I tell
you 1888, '89 and '90 found mo along
tho lino of tho 0 P. R. I have never
yet stopped off at Revelstoke, but am
fast making up my miud that the next
time I pass through I must rectify
the omission. I look upon the poople
who are bravo enough to establish a
newspaper iu tho now towns of the
Northwest, with a great dogree of
admiration for thoir pluok."
Race of the Engine and the River down
the Kicking Horse Pass.
Past hurries on our iron steed
To gain the racing river's 6peed I
Now cliugiug to a narrow lodge
Upou the chasm's very edge,
Whero, madly boiling far below,
The foaming, swirling waters go )
Now, crawling o'er a trestle high,
Our cautions way we slowlv try )
And then tho stream gots far ahead ;
It laughs alougits rocky bed,
Tossing tho fleecy foam-bells high
In gleeful scorn that we'd daro try
To catch it in its headlong race ;
How'er, wo quickly couquer space,
And, neck and neck, again wo rido
Beside tbo mad, tempestuous lido
Through canyons whoro the sun ne'er
Whilo stately "million-finger'd jrines,"
And giant firs, like specters stand
About us, grim, on either bawl.
And solemn crags look down to seo
If steam' or stream the victor'll be.
Sometimes by sudden, headlong leap,
Tbe river gaius, httt cttnuot keep
The lead, for steam is strong.
The race, though desperate, lasts not
Whon the full truth it sadly learns
Tho baffled river northward turns,���
In forest-gloom its shame to hide,
And we, iu triumph onward ride,
Whilo loud sounds out tho whistlo
Its notes of joy, that human skill,
Allied1 to swift, " Strong-shouldered
Has vauquish'd tho luniullu'us stream.
The echoes sound and sound again
Through nil tbo solitary glen,
As if each roci; had found n voice
To help our iron stood rejoice,
Golden, B. C, Aug. ?2,1888,
Revelstoke School House.
The contract for tbo erection of the
publio school Building, tenders for
which were opened on tho 10th inst.,
has boen let lo thu firm of James
McDonald k Co,, coutrautors nnd
builders, for tho cum ef $2,075. Two
other bids wore male,���one by Jas,
Smart for 82,700 and the other by
Robert Hewson for 8:i,15H. It is to
bo located on block 5,'l, of the Dominion townsite, just north of the base
ball ground.
Thia structure will he very convenient in rtsiterual arrangement,
and will bo an ornament to the town.
Its length is 75 feet by 20 feet wide
its entire length, with a vestibule iu
the centre on each side, projecting 7
feet by 26 long, which will be extended when morn room is required,
to double tbe seating capacity as at
presout planned. Two rooms are
now provided for 26x87 foot, which
will accomodate 111) pupil* each, A
towei for a bell is lo surmount the
bnildiug, which according to the
plans, will list nearly 00 foot above
the roof. Workmen began clearing
lbe ground on Wednesday, anil the
building in to be finished ami ready
foroccupauoy on the lotlr of January,
Reception to J   A. Sinclair.
The Farewell Social, or reoeption
given to Mr. J. A. Sinclair. M. A.,
on Monday evening was numerously
attended. The warm regard of tbe
people of Revelstoke among whom
he has minstered for two summers
past, wa�� shown by their presence
and the spirit manifested by all to
make it an occasion gratifying to
him and creditable to themsdlvos.
Rev. J. Turner, as master of the
oeremonies, gave life and many witty
turns to the events of the evening.
There was a program of musio an.l
mailing, which wascarriel out by the
choir aud others, followed by an intermission during which refreshments were served,
Mr. Robson then read a farewell
address to Mr, Sinclair and present* 1
him with a purse containing ��75.50
in the following terms, viz;
To J. A. Sinclair Esq.
The time has now come when you
are called upon to sgaiu sever your
connection with ns, and the people
in this district, among whom you
have been laboring for the last five
Our feelings towards you are such
that we cannot allow you to go from
ns without giviug expression to them,
and we wish yon to take with you
the assurance of our high respect
for yon as a man and a Christian.
You have in your geiog out and
comiig in among us maintained that
consistency of character which well
becomes a teacher of the purities of
the Christian religion. We hare
observed your devotion to duty,
your faithfulness in declaring the
couusel of Ood and your d��ep interest iu tbe department of Christian
work curried on here. We have
been benefitted by your teaching in
public au I your counsel in private
and we trust and pray tbat you may
continue to bo a blessing and a help
heavenward to all among whom your
future lot is cait.
Wo desire that you should receive
from ns a small mark of our esteem,-
aud therefore ask you to accept this
purse as a tangible mirk of the feelings wo have expressed.
It may not be tbat, in tho Providence of OoJ, we shall meet again,
but in yours the noblest of callings,
we shall pray that those rewards
which are an eternal glory, may
bhiue on you.
Signed ou behalf tho subscribers
and friends present.
James Turner, Chairman.
RoBEUT Robson, Secretary,
Mr. Sinclair, in responding to the
address and the gift which accompanied it, had a pleasant but a difficult lask to perform, as was evident
from the mi; ti ui which rilled his
voice v hen he essayed to speak. He
reviewed hia- cxiurionceof two years
iu Revelstoke aud referred to its material growth as well as its moral advancement ; ho spoke iu warm terms
of the harmony which prevails
among the adhereuU ol all forms of
religious faiih, and expressed the
hope that it would continue, Al*
though he might not again be located
anioaj; thoie people, his efforts would
be directed towards the unity of all
Christines, an I if h-i did nit go to
foreign Held ns �� missionary ho
Would perhaps lake np tbe work of
the Voting Men's Christian Association, nbcro denominational lines
were not regarded.
Mr. Lewis made a few remarks
highly complimenting Mr. Sinclair's
ability and penetretiug miud and
predicting for him a bright record in
tie ministry.
We are unable to 'give the names
of all tbe ladies who assisted in making the evening so agreeable, although some might be especially
mentioned, but the efferts of all
blended so burmouioisly that no one
oould say, if either one, was entitled
to more credit than unolhor. It is
enough to add that all did their best
and succeeded in making tha occasion o> most grateful testimonial to
Mr. Sinclair uud oue to be remom-
b��ml by ihuaTjeelvos, each aud all, as
moro pleusureahle t bit ri any other
that had proviouily occurred iu lnv-f
elstuke. -j ...... (tu,.CCt lUlL'J,   ..IIC   1J"*
>;����,, ' ' ���--.   - "��� man spirit,  tho same everywhere,
k four page tsvonty column news Lmier dark skins or white skins,
���paper is issued from the office rif The bankerhas his Iroijbles, the
.,./,( manufacturer his  cares; notes are
publication, iievelstoke,
Subscription price $2 per year.
^ates ef advertising givon on
appiicatfQD,!   '���" ���"'���
,. ''    11. MoCUTCntlON.
Publisher and Proprietor.
"Thakcoal burners.
A. True Tal�� ��f Humble Life.
nd unrecorded man."   I
"A poor an
inch in   mind.   Ho J��  ao
uruor up on the
1,'nno of
have oue s
humble oharcoa
slopes ol the long extinct voice
Ajusco,   His name is Miguel, and I
ai sure that, morally, he is the poor
w/anyfflau in New Engird,    le ��
j, good man,   industrious, patient, j into Mexico
protested, peopl.s do loi'iin things ;
there are days when the'high heavens
look down on vary much dishearten
ed folk in all lands and in all conditions-of life.. And upon Ajusco
thero wero sail days when Uigtrtdj or
his brother, would como back with
some tale ofliueatiucss or pottydpp'res.
sion, Sometimes tha oharooal carried with so much fatigue into Mexico had not been Bold, and the gate
duties bad to be paid, and, if tbe
money ��?as not forthcoming, half
perhaps of tlio load had been taken
by llie gatekeeper, Sometimes the
petty customs officials had been in
ill-lomper,, nnd kicks had been
given nnd ::g,!y blows, to Ihe poor
charcoal men who dared not resent
the insults for' fear tho oaballeros
would send Hum, ou somo false
chargo, to the great prison whose
dreary walls they often passed giing
Yes, we are all human
Smelting and Trading
Tx now Prepare., to Receive all Gold. Silver & Lead oro.
, riuingadifllculund'arduousocou- beings, sharing   tho common lot,
'iTioj without murmuring, thankful; Meauness, wrongs not to be resented
rammiM e������i*i
General  Contraitors    anl    Bnilderj
,1 his weekly journey to tho city witb
with a great load of charcoH   on bis
took brings him enough wh.rowilh
to buy his sustonunoo.
Can you, in your comfortable, pad-
Aed. and luxurious, life in the wealthy
uorth land, can you imagine theilife
of Miguel .)��, on that lolly mountain
the ooutumely tit tho proud, good
fortune and bad, bright glances and
sour, all aro of tbo game, all tbe
teachers of little man learning his
Iirst tougli or pleasant lesions ou the
round rolling planet.
Quo day,  very recently, r�� dark
terror came up tbe mouutaiu and en
happy    cabin.    Josn,
Mannfiictiirers nml Dealers In   Doors,
and all kinds of Building Miturinl.    Ollice
a special;;/.   Turning, Scroll Sawing and t'ktu
.--.  s    i ��� i mado to order
Snsli, Mouldings, Glass,
"urnitufri and   Fixtures a ,
, etc
.bote tbe sea level? Up there the | Miguel's brother, died
H-h winds sweep through tbe great
Usts; the tops of tho trees are forever rustling ; strange birds semi
their calls through tho dusk of the
nd the wood-cutters am!
woods,   ."���	
c,,arce,il burners ply their usefu.
rv afier century.   Life on
of n bhill
brought on by eipbsnro. He hud
been to Mexico on a warm day with
charcoal, he had hurried coming
back, and perspired freely., A sharp
draught of mouutaiu air pierced his
thin cotton shirt���his only protection
from sun or rain���and pneumonia
Aiiisoo is tranquil; tbe dwellers in set in. In three days the spirit of
the forest burn their charcoal, pack th�� human being set to [day the role
it in great square bundle., load it oti : of a charco-d burner up on a dead
their own backs and carry it j volcano in Mexico had left the body
Wav down the slopes, far down ��� which men had thought it fun to
into the great valley of Mexico, to | pound and kick at tho city gate and
��� ��� m��P,Pil oitv   where tbt-y  sell  had gone to Almighty (iod.   Very
:ae toweieu wj> ,
well; the reckoning of heaven holds
sure.   This good and industries man
���t,   The mountain paths are rough,
the roads lower none of thu best, and
the feet grow vei'V tired before they who did the best he knew, is sonic-
press tho hard stones of the city where to day unseen in tho universe,
Streets You will meet, if you are , and his oppressors will oue day meet
out riding on tho country roads, him iu aoourtol iufalliblojn.lgmout.
these Hule�� bent and grimy mon.j It was a sad day when J,so died,
each nith his great P'nok oh his back, Tbfy buriod him up on the great
his eves downcast, plodding on and volcano and a simple cross, emblem
on Perhops you do not more than of lbe eternal hope, stands at tbe
glance at these poor men, and'if you >adcf bis grave. .,, thousand
hom a passing look, they some JOirs fromuow Jose s grave will be
' known aa wi II as the resting places
of kings.   The children cried, and
boMoTot seem quite of your kind.
To tell the   truth,  JOU   half   fancy
Ihem to be of another sort of  cb.y. ihey had no mother to console them.
No human interest seems to attach Bran a dusky mother is ��'mother in
to thorn,   Governments oomo and go love and sympathy quite as much
,            ���, ,,,.  i,i��,.|(��,-,bi| vi"- us a white woman, but ihetc was no
but they remain the uiHcKei.eu <                  .
a���6l   raen,    They   know nothing maternal bosom for the orphaned
of the theatre, of tho press, or of.the children to rest against.  They i.i.,1
g'riBt .jmb and the wonders of mod- Miguel,.their uncle, and he, simple
erh'liie.   You cannot  make them fellow, did   bis best,   That  night
KMmvou* brothers, ohildren of your Iho poor children, hudled together
"   '  "  ' ...... j .- ,i��� i...>   i...,,..i  .1...
iiuiigiijHiipu,. wo, i in, siit'ieaimeg g^i |
to Sin] rest. In a-fpw days another
child sickened and died, und thou
two mure. Poor Miguel! Ho buried
his dead and put crosses to their
little graves, but ho kept on workiug.
The poor ha��e uo time to rest, even
amid their sorrows,. Perhaps it i���
better so,. Two ohildren are left in
that hut in tho forest on the lofty
mountain.,   They greet with love uu i
smiles their L'ucle Miguel when ho j ,    , ���,   ,,.
comes  home ;  they seo in his bent; Kiel's who havo nnv ores to sell aro requested to cnm'ilt.n.c,. te at one w th the
form and grimy  face   thoir onlvj        mmugor at Rovelstoko, R 1���  ��� ho is prepared to furnish every facility
earthly friend.   I am :|rf that love '- ml'^ 'f;;''m!' l:r lll,iU!l1 mwlis to H,111) t!l'"' '"'"'
lives ever among tho, ipejor. What
would they do without il?
Miguel comes :o my house once a
week with a great puck of charcoal
He tells us how ho loved Joee, who
never eeaied working, "ever, on
feast days, so iudustriuus be was."
"un bneu hormano," a good brother,
says Miguel. Tho Benants in the
kitchen call Lim in,  bit! him l'est
ami give himieat aud dri'nlt.   1 	
glud that helms eaten bread under
my roof. 1 think it good luck to
show sympathy to .he poor. !,.,,
earth is our commou'lionie, for all of
us, rich and pour, promt aud huuiblu,
aud it will do n>nn barm to turn,
once in a while, to tho unfortunate
of tho worlJ, and show thorn that he
regards them as brethren.
Tho other day I strolkd at noontime into a great church; it was full
of faces of saints; and great candles
burned on the  high  altar.   Yellow j
gold covered frames  and  column
A great silence filled the air.   It wus
one of the temples of that church
of Christendom which  the founders
of Now England hated,   Rut when I
taw kneeling before 8 glorious s-hi iiiH
my poor friead, Miguel, I was sure
this fws, indeed, the  home  of  the
eternal God, a hsuse  of peace of
weary souls.
A great promise seemed to blaze
from the altar, a promise that a poor
and saddened man might read from !
the wry depths of his unsophisticated lmart,   I was glad that there
wnsa great, friendly human ohiiich
that did uot close its doors on week
'lays, wheu poor men may chance to ,
seek their Lord, aud I was glad that
no grudging huii.lsihadswopt from the I y
altar the gently burning  tapers,   so
good to a poor man's oves,
Ui) ou Ajusco  the   great  sun   ot
Mexico shone, u hu^-e white fLine in J
the blue heavens, and wm it not lit
| that, in the grout stone church, shin-1
ing oua lies sliou.d greet the eyes of
Miguel, tho oharooal bcrnor,  tarn'i .���.���.,��� _
iug from tbo te.lp4r.mfea.ls to seek j $ EM&JMtH$�� At 0HS^P $}&%'$$ .VAT $11 SGfJP
communion within the still church
All classes of Lumboron haul foes .Ic.    Conti'io in.,'ami builliii''.
have entire salo of the celcbealed Canmnre bard, lump nnd nut coal, siiitablfi fo
biis.'lii.i'iioisiiiido'li r utovos,   GREAT HKATING PQW.ER.   MUCH
CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    1), li-.i-ted avTlevelstolm; nny part
of town, p,00; Kiiiuloops$t),90; Donald .$1.50.    Special
quotations for car lob.     Coal  stoves  s"l 1   at
wholesale cost  liny, rials ami bran sold
by colloid or smaller quantities
Yards ut Kamloops and
Donald.   Apply;
& LUM DM 11.
with   One   who  is
never failing friend?
tho poor mini's
11 istou Ilerii
Women Locked Up.
And yet these poor and nnrscon
on the floor of   the Im!,   heard   thu
��;;. i full ii: t:,s tail ;r e-tops.   'l\m\
li, 0
men arc very human,   They have  were sure the rain tbat fell ms iho
their warm,  healing  hearts,  their weeping  of Borne great unkcown
tiumble tragedies, aud, Bometimes
their hearts hi oak with sorrow.   Let
jorroaful being.
Mi nol weul on bnrning cliarcoul,
,j8 see  if this is not so,   I'hree and c�� riod il    - in 1 I   the great
LWI,tl,s ago, Miguel (I am euro you   til     imanya .    Jio
would not look at him on the road,      I)        rk        iyiug   "Poorman
all begiimmod, with as much intei    ������...-    .-    - ���    rface   isad,
est as you would bi i passing f|     iotone.'J
dog) had a brother  - - Id a world as il
eoal burner, whom ho dearly luvid    i ��ve
This brother had six children.   I'huy ������ y he
nil lived together in  a  re!" lint tip  mi     II
unl|ia loflh moiia        'I "���    '"
w| ,,1, ,���";.! ,i.'- ago, poured I ��� ���  - dug, fur |o
.';';. ran    ninth is of lava thu ��n are i ������   - i��tiire   Thej
Howedawuj d     i - '''" ' '  ' "       "     '      ' '"    ''
'nlhel icill '   But Miguel and1 cries
his brother knew uetli ig ��l   " ;   "���   '
I jg| r��  ,,  the   ���   v  ��������� -1'      ':,i ��� 1J  ;  ' ' ''     '"'
,'...,. ��� j. und,   their home ami     ie       human 1 fe    i     tea m\
ti.eir  briad-giv ���      '"'  children   Pu lives a - B illy
were growing ii| in tbo ' wh air of In       id dm     llul i    i ' ���
llm monnUiu fo eat, V dihy, happy  sins, they are very elose to I m
Mii   i,;,!-..'. Led.    They   -."lo   ii gales of Iii iven �� ton  hoy die    the
etty picture as they stood st Ihe   .- o i     |sinetlhcm isoaooell
loor of Iheir cabin awaiting ihe '"   mercy, we mo   he iiin
���',���, 0/ nnclo and father from distent     Well,   -  -     leeldosl    i
ld.-,.e,i,  whose   tonui   and  domes lolled away up the on Ajusco,   Worn
rlioim ufur  to the  northesst,   Anil  in ap  it,   addened by hor father's
when iho weury men came back there death,'ahe had grown wt-u  ai I
,vere hugs uud  liiusos,   ist  as jour  Uow did that ugly tl '������',. the I
uhild on, my reader, im you when fever, como up  mti   '!"  roounuin
,���u oom's from store, shop oroflloo   forest?   i fancy itmu    tavoJoUuw
��� ,,.,,, were  sometimes  littlo gift   udl   ipalli ��oru hj all I ose
���iu, (".inn up the mountain lido, feot, Ihe  foot of men  ns poor as
brought In tho hlackeiiod   hands  ol anothe pr.or inainvho trod J-u-leim
Iho mod meu,   On. there was a deal grunutUmtr  i,000 years tigo,   Tho
of Iuti'anilI liuppiiioss hi the hearts dread disease came, slid  Lnpe.a
i,| that lonely (miily, charcoal bum , pretty girl, sod straight ryi H liiinin-
|llt ti,ey were I Thero is precioin ; pine, was stricken unto death,   Her
rtttle between men after all,   Wugo gentlesplrit followed ^e dead father
New York, Qotobcr 11.���Mrs, Ce-
lenia Miller and Mrs Priscilla Field
wero arrested this morning at Fifth
Avenue Hotel, and locked up nt the
police headquarters until Monday,
llie oircumstanoes are as follows ;���
'.;iines H. Field, \i'm. Wadsworlh
Miller, and Wm, Yales Miller, started a new banking house in I omlon
about two yearr. ago, under tho style
of Juraes II. I'iel.l & Co, Tho firm
advertised largely and offered great
. luci r.T pis in investora, promising
'������" I per oent, interest every throe
month*. The; received large deposits and paid enormous interest until
a !���". months ago, when the firm be-
��� put KliniO of llieir I'll I   i'l-rv
���:'. instead ol paving Iho Infereat
promptly.   Tins policy had  hardly
niRfl   i-i icl -a  when one
ly sl    \aii ."',.- ago Iho doors of
; t)   ,'     ������ re suddenly elose i  and
traoi   I the partners  oould   bo
.''!.  , of lh�� depositors weie
e.mi-let, \j r��� ,,,.,,  -| he puljee found
that tin       "      tilers   bail   tied In
li ���  ,'   and  that Mrs. Pii 11
and M      lilli . ed for New
[i  pi'i lot jl3 i n. i tfns  ii ki ,1
tu watch the movementH of ihe
en.   lie I i'ih-iI thut Ihej prescnte I
ifl  on I. m Ion In Iho amount > t
lit iwu   U others,   Wu,,
stn      ���    ;    ", I bail them caalied,
I B      '.-.- ������< '-  I;' tj<Sl d  ,1 'IC-!
thei i '. .<  il .:, I mi ���". t!  t thn
Wu the ,..'���'��� il   "I ::.'   ��� .ii,
rile, ie, ., ngl     ; y   t|,i,
.''.���,'.."       .   '  i      Inn,   11.
.. ...    Hill i eimie
ri  i a il  ���" ���        ,  Oi), Dros'n Hum,
: lo ' I ei .',     I .1 bn  I u.-.j..���.��� t ,i
" - I  iniiini'ti'ins   thai
'.iii'i-i' : i i re i nl in fi ui h n fo��� tli"
line i i f iho ��i,iihoi, mill he arrested
Mihiyi pi'inliiig iiii arrival of docit
i,i"i i. ,' I,  ' ttradillon    Mi'i. Miller
i i ii nun Mi i   I ,"',d ,m'i vciii.'i nf ii^it,
'I he elmrge iiguii] t Ihem is brliigiug
Hinlei, iii'Uiej into itie country
H..r.ness' ��� knod��� Saddle ��� Emporinni
���W4% ARRIVED���
\     ���      *
ACpMI'LEl'E ASSOItTMENT OP ' .'    '���
I!,,lies nnd Hlnnhcls, Curry onmhs, riarnoss
oil, iloi'so biimli's, Whips, .Spurs and
IlitH in yl'eftt varioiy.
El), S, WILSON', Ajfent r>t Iievelstoke.
*rtf HMMMOBMini
Devoted  to   (ho   LUMDERINO,   BUSINESS, nnil AGR1CUL
TUR.AL, j'.tx! especially to tho
Interests o
Kootenay District.
,IO!J P!!,'Y1
i> s|ieo'aiiv. Ordiri ]>j mjil UtthWf illetl,
ni iin i.inl in the bcu atjic. Cootra��rol��l
'lla^f1 -1,
101 LtJEHH
Toronto, Oct 11.���A special cable
OPT 18 i There inconsiderable activity in a
uining viay ia the Hot Springs District, Development work is
pushed on a nuniber of clafDis, nnd
aistsinxint work on a number of
others    Altogether the outlook for
Union- tlio Trinket ground is J. C.
Bykert's     Denirn,    a   promising
daini, on which Dr, LaPan has beeu
doing tlio assessment work,     Over
icing  on the V/oadpiiry creek fide of  the
; district are a large number of claims,
! somo of them mid to be proini-ing,
., . . . Illlt oa t"f <>! which any work, olhei
th. camp ��� a promising ono, and it  khttn ,ssesstu���,it ��� |;tta Mn g     ft,
despatch says that a correspondent i > boom does not strike it  next sea- U.H8on.   At tbe mosth of Weodbnrv
of the London Times advises Canada  ooa, n pnmber of claim  mniMn'til n ,,   ���   .      '
to admit tin plates free of duty aud
thus become able to turn out canned
goods ao cheaply aa tn supplant
United States production in the same
' According to news just received at
Philadelphia, tbe Messrs. Colt, the
American gnu makers, have bought
the American rights to the Gillard
gtin'pate'nls for8200,000. This gnu
usisn liquid exidosive, which ex-
j lodes on contact with tho air. Au
English firm is experimenting "lib
William Sprjgno, jr., grandson of
Salmon I'. Chase and only son of ex-
Governor Sprsgue, of lthodo Island,
enuimilted suicide at Seattle, Wash.,
by inhaling chloroform, Deceased
Ment lo Seattle from Chicago and
i��uh i ni ployed wiib the Seattle Journal. Despondency prompted the
' The Standard's Madrid correspondent snifl Spain cannot make a special
tinity with America wilb reference
to the West Indies without granting
the mine privilege to European nations now enjoying favored national
treatment with respect to imports
iulo Spanish coloniea.
Chicago, 111., Oct. 13.���During
ihe lust two weeks more than tifty
inrn have been held up ou tbe down
t wn btrcets by women aud robbed
i'f all they had. In luosf instances
the women are big'nnd strong and on
even terms w��eld be a match lor
their vje'tima, but two or three together can make shot work of a man
who is bold enough to resist. The
majority of robberies have occurred
hear police headquarters. The po
H';e ofllcials have issued orders to arrest every known street walker aud
Ihiof. The police are making an ef-
ji.it to | nl a stop to tbe robberies.
London, Oct. 13th.-The funeral
sepice today lor the lute Mrs, Booth
wile'-pf the commander iu chief of
the Salvation Army, wero very im-
jWsive, not Merely because of, tho
mormons crowd present in thoOlym-
;��� :C which is ostimatcd at 25,000 per-
Mis, but because of tho evident
cenuineuess of grief and respect
sliown by thia great multitude of
mourneis. Tho scene in the vast
amphitheatre wsfi a singular and im-
V.ossive one, The dense fog which
hung over tho eitv building nnd al1
most obscured the view'of the as
si-mblnge, another wierd effect was
I'hus produced whioh was added "to
duiing frequent pauses in Ihe service when the death like stillness
^as broken, only by eoba and sorrowful ejaculations here and therein Iho
hall. The service was more touching
wid grand in its simplicity than many regal funeral ceremonies.
owners will | 0reek ii the Best smeller, fhe first of
be diiappo^iau*. At the Skyline li | the kind erected west of Ihe Rockies,
men are at work under the foreman- i lt�� designer, Charles J. Beat, is con-
ship of Thomas MoGovern.   An in-
oline shaft is' dosn  13d  feet, from
wbieh about  60 tons of high
shipping oro were takon
50 odd feet ol water in   this  shaft,
and it l..is heen  abandoned  for tho
fldent that it will prove a lineceus, if
be is furnished siilliciont ore to make
grails l g ti i'ii run.   It baa a daily capacity
There  is 0f 20 tons and is built almost entirely
of lire-brick.   Mr. Best claims that
: by the peculiar arrangement of lines
Another shaft is down on j iH.]0W uuij g|mv��� ^ ieBtI SV9|]| ������(]).
the ledge about 20 from which ore ia I cjP|lt ht>ut cau bo generated to smelt
the most refractory ores in the  district.   Iu its  genera! arrangement
cow being shipped,   Men are also at
work uncovering the ledge between I
the two shafts,   Somo 300 feot np -
the fountain from th" ledge  crop- !
pings allcuwpartraent working shaft
baa been sunl:. ard e. log shaft and
���   ��' I
engine-house 31i51   fobt   erected. |
The engine aud hoist 'ar* expected
in before snow falls to ft great depth.
Tho Skyline ia about 3.'t milm from
tbe end of the wagon  road  and   is
reached by a good trail.   Its ownera
are Wheeler, McCune k Giegerich,
Mr,   Wheeler  being  the    resident
manager) the other members  of the
firm beiug Muutar.a men.   The Krao
two miles from Ainsworth, and  at
ie iceveistoke Tin
WM. kirkup & CO.
DKALli&S IV crrOVi-SAriD-'iNWAll!-:,
3ra.'j!le     !T��'    !Vnd      LlUnP    CiuO^' Tit),    CO!
Ware made to order.    Firet class work guarantee
attendpd to,
���per  and    Slice: Iron
it differs b'ttla from wr.;<)r jacket
stacks of like capacity, and if the
heat is generated there ia no good
reason why the smelter should not
be a success. Dr. Heudnx will
probably furnish enough oro from
the Blue Bull to make ihe trial run,
the Lynch properties Bonding down
but nine tons, not enough with
which to blow in the works.���Minor,
TJje Wrong' Man.
A clerk iu a Detroit Jewelry house
was making a trip over   the llliuois
in   tbe
��� AXI)
tbeend of Uie wagon"aoad L7 aU | ^l;i;iir,!a,|''uml  ��"'��� -   ���-
,,   ..        6,.       m,.   ..     smoking car was accosted by a strati-
owned by the same firm,   This olaim I ger, who said ��� '
ia in a depression between two ridges |    'I bad the misfortnno to be robbed
and the water line is struck  iu  less | of ftll my money in  Chicago, but I
than 70  feet,
be placed on
aliaft-house, over il single-compartment bhaft, now being partly completed. About half a mile iu a westerly direction from tho Krao is the
United, one of tha leading claims in
the diatr'ot. A 2-compartmout in-
oline shaft is down on the ledge
about 50 feet. In sio'iiug thia shaft
and uueovering the ledge 50 feet on
each aide of it fully 1,090 tons of
ore ware taken out. About 30 feet
down, a rich pay atreak was struck
on the .'.ot of the wall, whioh has!    It waa bunded over, and he went
widened from a few inchas to neatly | through it iu   '60  seconds
ill orders ly mail or
cxprrws ) i'm ply
All   dercrij lions of;
gold and siivorwar
tine is struck  iu   less I<������ ���� ">y ���BBJ '"   Ohiwg^bnt I
���   , . ...    i      luckilv saved my watch and pin.
Machinery will  also j    ..^ ^ [M, ftM ^ i^^,
the Krao  this fall, a i Kp\ji
'1 want to raise a hundred dollars
for ten days.   Where arc you from ?'
'Ah I Detroit. A littlo slow, but
one of the prettiest cities in the land.
I'll trust a Detroit man every time.
Here's $51)0 worth of property. Advance me SflOO aud hold it as security
'Let me see the pin.
It was handed over, nnd after a
brief inspection the Detroiter said:
'An Alaska stone, With plated setting. Regular retail price $0, Let
me see the watch."
aud observed: 'Sold by tho thousands at
516JI8 and $20. Have you your
photographs lor sale?'
Ami the unfortunate man smiled
a sud, sweet smile, und passed iu
search uf another victim���one uot iu
the jewelry trade,
Hume's Building, Ravclsloke. B, C,
tinea, feet. Ten men are at work
under Foreman John Thompson,
who liopva his company will put in
machinery thia full, :-,�� water is already bfginilili(5 tu be troublesome.
In tbo neigborhood of the United
and Krao are a number of other
promising claims, a::ioug them being
MeLeod i Franklin's Glengarry,
Sprague's Tenderfoot, Erneat k
Schoder's JQld Time., and J. M'.
.'daaiklej'i. Arkauauw, About two
miles iu a southerly direction from
the .'cited iij the i'our'lh, on wuich
a tunnel ia being run by a shift in
charge of R. A. Trewarthen. The
tuunel is iu 20 feet, and will have to
be run about 50 fttet further before
the ledge is tapped. No claim in
the dissrict has a better' tunnel site,
as at that peii.t the Copper creek
slope of tho mountain standi at an
angle cf about 80 degrees. The
owners of tho Fourth are daily expected in from Duluth, when it will
be de'i'i.iod whether or not to increase the working force, At tho Nu.
1, 8 mou are employed under Foreman A. J. , Whulen, A night and
day shift are at work on au upraise
to connect tbe main tunnel with the
Bnrface workings, On Monday a
report came down that a body of
_^^_^___^_I^���^^^,^ good ore waa struck in ono of the
in Ireland. Tbe Americans need to I gbgftIi Tlje Nffi_ i gnJ XJuited are
bo assured upeu two points, and on j owwi by- the Revelstoke Mining
liotb of these I am in s position to j Company, of which Dr. Campbell is
���peak with exceptional authority. | mperiutshdent, Alongside tho wag-
' Fiist, there is a certainty of an ; ,D ,oad, aboat a mile and a half
absolute famine iu sections populated
by fully 80,000 people, and of great
distress and scarcity ot food through j Sometiue ago they made a contract
out a belt of country having 200,000 l ff)tfi s. H, Nortbey le sink  tbe in-! Consulting Geologist,   Mines, qnar-
dine shaft  fifty  feet  further.   Ho!ritH.   nl"1   mitlMfll  (lufuslt!)  uf  ll1
General Merchants
B. C.
llelpingr the Irisli.
Harold Frederic writes from Lon- j
don undpr date of Oct. i:���All other J
topics of public interest in the Iltit-
ish Islands, have beeu  dwarfed  by
llio news of how America has set to
vJ'ork to raise money to fight famine
Steamers Duchess. Marion ifePuaT
Str.   Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Monday at, noon, (and on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer) ;
returning arrive at Goldou   Wedues
day, 4 p. m.,
Tourist tickets  $6 for round trip.
Agents, Golden, B, C.
(Close to C. P. 11. Depot)
M^N^t! KiNGINliK^
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Pit. D��� P.
G. S.A.
from Ainsworth, lathe litlle Dona d, i/T���,��� ���, ���    ���   ,   ,   ,��� .
, . i   i   .,     t, .     lIjato ��' 'ho Geological Survey cf
a claim owned  by the  Davenports. 1
M��m���.:��. .nn  ll,..  ���.���.!- .    ���,.,......���. Cllllllda )
souls. In some few places the pot-i-
lots aro already entirely consumed
In most districts iuclud.d in the for-
jner category tbo supply of potatoes
will bo exhausted by Nov. 1, and
those they are now outing are so bad
that dysentery or typhoi.l or famine
fever are becoming grievously prev-
bas put a steam hoiat and pump on
the property aud beg^a iduking this
week, Adjoining the Little Don.Id'
is the Charleston, owned by John
HarklbS, Thomas Garvey, aud David
Grant, who have bonded it to A. S,
Beehe aud W,  H.  Jackson.    The
aleut.   No Irishman's tendency to  bond was to have expired da the 18th,
overstate things could exaggerate the | but it  hss boon extended.   An  in-
misery and danger of tbe outlook.
Iu fact, the eituation cannot be painted in gloomy enough tints to realize
tho linlh, because so littlo is kqewn
of ho* wretchedly Iheso people live
in ordinary years.
It is ol ibe gravest Importance for
tho Anieiieuti   relief committee  to
roali'jH, that llieio will be a dead net
inaibi by lbe landlords and Ihe land' '
lord class, le get hold of the  ilistn- |
'^ulion of this fund,
cliue sluft is dovr, an the ledge
about 25 fe��t, tho vein matter showing specks of galena. Assessment
work is being douo oa the Crescent,
��� ulaim about a mile or ao lo the
south of Ihe l.ililo DeUflld, Nothing'ia being don�� ic -the Pacific
Bullion Conipuny'a Spokane and
Trinket, tod it is oo groat woudor
kinds examined and reported on.
Economic problems investigated and
information furnished, VYhetham
Block, Vancouver, B, C. 1
Note,���Mineral specimenssont to
Dr. Lawson will be placed on public
exhibition. 50
1\ O, Addroci, Nelson, J, C,
Capacity 20,000 feot per day. P'nner
shingle machine, etc. All kinds of
lumber oo hand, During t!ies<nson
ihe Company's stoe^stunds at 181 ��' lai,�� lumber will ba deliver,d at
cents a share on the board of thej��n)' uf the landiugson the Lie
Spokane  Tails   Mining Exchange,'^'ly reduced prices,
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
Wc carry a select and completo stock of gout's furnishings, ladios, gents,
and childicsi's boots, shoos and huso, stationery, jmtonr medioines tuiiut,'
rcqiii'situs and realy-inado clothing.  A   large usscrtmeul; of pijios,
toijiicco, cigui'olten, impoi'tcd and domc.ilic oigil's, li'uits, I'audy, etc.
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other 3'ooda
toi) Humorous to mention, at moderate prices.
Telephone v^mmitnlofttion.
15 C
Fred, Hume & Co,
iievelstoke     \    ��
(llrnncli Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods  Groceries,' Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware Etc
The Slock In every Department is Full, ar. J Complete and the Public ivil
rind It to tUeir advantage to call and
Inspect   (iJoods   and   Compare  Prices,
",.,���,-w-gP      I 0 0 F Donald, B. 0.
pgular Meeting Thursday of eae. h
week at 8 p. ni.   All visiting brothers nre cordially invited.
J. McLeop,     J. II. Matheson,
N. G. E. S.
Donald, B. C,
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each mouth.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W, P. Ogilvie.
Ejnc'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Knm-
oops, B, C.
Donald, B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, aud 3rd aud
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall,
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Box 49.
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   H J McSorley.
Divine Service will bo held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday oto-
niug at 7 ;30, conducted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Chnroh Ministers. Speoeial announcement will bo made each week
in the Star.
Sunday School and Bible Class every Sunday afternoon nt 2:30. All
ore cordially invited to attend.
u L'.l_J-!IBgm.���B. '���'��� 11
Rev. J. Turner, Methodist minister, will preach nt the church Sunday
(to-morrow) evening at 7:30. A
general invitnlion is extended.
Mr. Wm. Gill, inspector of Internal Revenue, was in Revelstoke this
week looking over Iho brew ry and
tlie Government bonded warehouse.
Raymond All n spent nearly id*
weeks nt dipt. 'Sanderson's Hot
Springs on the upper Lake, most
of Ihe time alone, aud comes buck in
first rale health.
Snow has been fulling at the Skyline more or less for a month past,
ami about ten days SR0 prospectors
were stopped by its depth, reporting
it a foot or more deep.
One of the Government scows to
be used lemoving tho rocks in Koo
tenny Rapids, was takeu down the
river by thn Lytton Thursday. Mr.
Fletcher will havo tbe other readj
the Iirst of uext week.
Dr. Campbell went dowato Nelson
and Hot Springs, starting lest Men-
diy, with bis son, U. li. I atnpbell,
who will spen 1 several weeks there
aod go out by the American route to
Denver, the home of the family,
Tne doi tor is expected back in three
W.  A.  Baillie-Grohman  arrived
from the coast on Sundsj  ���
and took the steamer to S|    .  ne .
mortiinjf.   He v as one of the passengers wniiinr.' at Little Dalles, uf the
time the Lytton   w is  expects i  bnl
tailed tomake the trip.   He rotn
and came in by the way if  racotna
and Victoria,
The steamer Lytton made the trip
to Little Dalles, starling last Thursday, and n turned Sunday morning.
Cupt (lore had no treadle in pn nl ��� ���:
Kootenay Rapid*, and he thinks he
will beside to run to IbeDolles re ;n
1 ply, unless the falling water (level-
1 'pa some unexpected obiiti ion,
T.ie cat tain snyslhe Lylton in ascen-
ding the raphls shows herself easily
a ile to "climb very steep water,"
anl he believes her engines possots
all tho power that any bint requires
to make trips to Little Dalle:- On
Moiidiij next she will go through
attain t" the l),.lles, reaching thi ri
at the nsual lime on Tuesday. Pur-
jet- McMorris Ins gone to Kiimloopa,
Imt will bo "ii baud again lor Ihe
'ai'p on Monday. Meantime, Mr.
Christie, the steamer's agent, will
ipi'lio the run t" Sproat and lake the
i'Uissuf parser.
The track of the (!, K, R. ir, laid
two miles beyond the Slocane.
E. S. Wilson came up from Hot
Springs on the sleamer today.
Mr. Christie reports the wator in
tbe river very low. At ono place,
tbe Lytton had to put out a line and
pull over a bar,
John Sanderson nnd James Tnr-
ley, after visiting Trail Creek, have
gone across to Kootenay Lake. At
laat accounts, they wero intending to
go to Cherry Creek and Vernon
through Fire Valley,
One of Ed. Wilson's men, John
Andersen, was paoking out ore from
the Skyline, when the horse he was
riding slipped and tumbled with him
about 150 feet down the Mountain.
He was taken up iusensible, with
three broken ribs aud a bad bruise
on the right side of the head. The
horse escaped, with several had cuts,
but the saddle waa totally wrecked.
Prof. Dawson arrived in town last
Tuesday ou a velocipede from the
Glacier. He takes this means of
travelling because it affords him a
better chance to examine the cuts
through which the railroad passes,
and to becomo moro thoroughly acquainted with the character of the
various formations thus exposed.
A Frenchman, one of the railroad
workmen, who could not talk a word
of English, aud had neither money
nor food started from Sproat for
Revelstoke afoot, taking the east
side of the lakes, reaching the Hot
Springs, 100 miles in live days, a
tough looking citizen and nearly
famiwbed. After exhausting Allan's
supplies, betook the boat for Revelstoke, aud started or foot for Winnipeg,
Ueo.C. liinstall, jr., of Trail Creek,
B. C,. has relnrned from a trip of
several weeks to Montreal. He will
go down the river uext Monday, and
stay ou his pre-emption during the
winter mouths. Next summer be ex-
j ects to pat it on the market as the
city of Robson, and sell lots iu response to a universal demand. Stranger things than this would bo havo
Constable J. Kirkup is here from
the Sproat and Hel'son Railway for
a few days. He is putting a roof of
modern shingles, and otherwise improving, the Government resilience.
Prof Dawon, while here on Tues
day, purchased a very fine specimen
of Cariboo hide and horns, jllsl
freshly brought in ly a Si wash,
which will be forwarded to Ottawa
and mounted lor Ihe department of
Natural History,
Tbe marriage of Edward Ticard
and Frances Annie Needham took
place at Revehioke, on Monday evo-
uing, October 13, 1890, Ihe Rev. J.
Turner celebrating tho ceremony in
his nsual impressive and thorough
manner. There was a large assembly
of the fti. nds i I Ibe : irtnnate couple present Ln Mr, Robsou's Dining
R om, where Ibe event, transpired.
Numerous presents testified to the
i ".teem ii rbich the young people
are held in thia community The
fo . ring is a list: I wo chins va-.��n-
pn cnted bj Mrs, James Liberty" |
i ���. - - ���.'.:. n Uiiker k Well*;
i sell        : i water jegs, the
gift of Misu d ; s sil
ver er:. Ira. Ni lis ; h silvei
butt! ���',.';, SO i CI .' '    '
ii p Broth*      h       ��� ���   b lit i   uiMi
from '   \  Conrsier, a largi i bdi Ing
loo lej | a sib er but
ter ksifi and s    lir of g Id  n-aceleta
from f. .lin Neilaon ; an elegant par-
imp  by  J, F, 11 iim��; ii   whiak
boldi r. ii ban I   tuilet glass, a  .
di .;������!> silver  fork.3 from Mm ,!,,;,���
Perrin ; one dozen silver tea apoons
by C. !'.. Hnme ; one  di /.- n  glass
-mice dishes from John ���.
half dozen silver spoons frou Mrs,
I Hill; a glass fruit dish and a sirup
pitcher by Mr. and   .''i.i Chapman ;
una hulf dozen Una linen towels pre'
Banter] by Miaa Hnmc ; ,i while limn
table clotb, lbe gift of Miss  Irvi i
ou�� half dozen white linen   ni
From Mi��a' lothier, n ouspador and
i, tt ol il.ii irons in,'ii Win Kirkup ;
a nice centre Uble clock \ji J  I1,
Sutherland ; and a I enntiful family
bible from J, A. Binchiir,
Alter ihe cern tony und oongraln-
lull',ns, and en iii ipeclioii of ihe tie
gant present i, lbe omiph) w*re >��� a t
lud to tl)S   rn" , I)   tin-j    been
prepared (or ibeir honaekei ping, by
ii large company of their fnende to
ihe ii.nsii- of evory kind of iustiu
ment known to tho gamut of sound,
iocludisg tho ouw  hell  aid  horse
' l.'jlllC.
Tlio Wrestling Match.
The first exhibition of champion
wiestling ever held in Revelstoke,
took place Thursday evening, Oot.
16tb. D. H. Cameron, champion
mixed wrestler of the Pacific Coast,
and J. C. Riohardsou, champion
catch-as-catch-can of B.C. gave an
exhibition, which, could scarcely
have boon hotter, if it had boen "for
blood." It was well attended for the
short notice given, several coming
down from Illecillewaet, where
Richardson formerly lived.
The first trial was catch-as-catch-
can, and was won by Richardson in
14 minutes of hard work.
The second trial was Greco-
Roman, which is Cameron's favorite
and waa won by him in 8 miuntes.
The third was another trial at
catoh-a8-catch can, which after u fine
display of attack and defence, for 9
���ainntes, resulted in a victory for
Richardson, and gavehim the match.
Thoy went to Illecillewaet yesterday morning, to visit Richardson's
fut her, and we expect soon to hear
from them again on the coast.
Lust AVill of K. D. Atkins.
Tho last will aud testament of
Richard Day Atkins, deceased, was
admitted to probate at Victoria, Oct.
0,1890, and administration granted
to Robert Day, Junior, one of the
executors named. The instrument
was executed at Cork, dated November 20, 18811, with a codicil bearing
date July 28, 188-1, aud recites: "I
Richard Day Atkins, late of Kim-
berly, South Africa, miner, uow residing in the city of Cork, being of
sound, miud, memory and understanding, do make puolish and declare this to be my last will aud
testament hereby revoking and annulling all former will or wills by
me at any time heretofore made. I
leave devise and bequeath unto my
cousin Robert Day, Junior, now residing at No,.'!. Sidney Place, iu the
cityof Cork, all property of which I
sball die posses; oil, of what nature
or kiud soever, and wheresoever
situated, to aud for his own sole use
and benefit, and iu the e-veut ol las
death before be shall havo become
entitled thereto, then I leave anil bequeath same to and amongst snob of
Ihe elnldieu of said Robeit Day, Jr. I
as shall be then alive, in equal shartS,
Aud I nominate and appoint said
Robeit Day, junior, und Rooert
Scott Duy, i Xiciitor ol this n:y will.
The value ol lbe estate administered on in B. C. is sworn to be under 8111,200 and pays a probate duty
of ��d,olj3..
Plao's Remedy forCntan-a Is the B
 j    .... ..,��,uu   ,3    ,u.
Boat. Eaaleat to Dae anil Chcnpot
Sold by druggists or scut by mall.5*.,
E. T. Haiultlno, Warren, Ti., 17. S. A. [
Notice is hereby given that the Partnership heretofore existing between O.
H. Allen and Thomas Righton, as llrew-
ers, in tho town of Rovelstoice, carried
on nuder tho firm name of O. H, Allen
k Co., has this day boen dissolved by
mutual consent. Thomas Righton continues the business, pays all liabilities,
and collects all accounts duo the said
firm. O, II, ALLEN,
Witness���J. W, Thomson.
RevelstoKO, Oct. 17th, 1890.
The following reduction of Feos for
Assaying, as from the 1st proximo, has
been ordered by the Hon. Minister of
Mines :
Tests for singlo samples, for gold, silver,
lead, or copper, to be made
for $1,50 each.
Two or moro samples,     "    ��1.00 each.
For all other tests a proportioulo reduction has been ordered,
515t Assay er.
In accordance with tbo provisions o
the Assessment Act, 1888, a Court of Revision nnd Appeal will be hold in this
District, fit and on the fiilowing places
and dates respectively :
The Government Office, Fort Steele, on
Tbnrsday, tho 39th of October next, at
1 o'clock p. in.
Tbo Government Office, Donald, ou
Monday, the 17th day of November next,
at 11 o'clock, a. in.
JudgO of Court Of Revision
and Appoid,
Donald, Sept, 2.9th,. 1890.
L ,
Sittings of tho County Court of Kootenay will be held,
At Farwell, on Wednesday, 30th July,
Al. Donald, on Friday, 1st Aug.,. 1899.
At Nelson, on Friday, MndsAug., 1890.
At Farwell, on Monday, 3rd N'ovonr-
ber, 1890,
At Donnld, on Wednesday,- 5th November, 1890.
At Nelson, ou Thursday, 13th November, 1890..
By Coniniiind',
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Sncrelarv's Office,
lOth.lulv, lH'.id, 515t
Donald Notes.
(From Onr Own Corespondent,)
The contraot for the erection of
lbe new court house has been let,
Mi s.-.rs. Manuel aud Ruttan making
the successful tender. Ruth Kirap-
ton is also bnildiug a tine mansion ou
Quality Hill and altogether our town
lias ^business like air about it, Mr.
Kirapton lias started a branch store
at Windermere. D.iu Kiuipton has
takeu charge of it,,
Ou Monday evening the Firemen's
Hall was crowded tu bear Miss Agnes
Km i one of Canada's greatest elocutionists She was assisted iu the
programme by Mr. Gmightly of
( ,ii,iiio! e a Scotch vocalist uud singer.
This is tli" second lime Miss Knox
jas appeared before a Donald audi-
esce aud an appreciation of her iirst
��� was Dade evident by the nuui-
uvrs which listened to her Monday
[night's recital,   The funds of the     AH MyBg oWnw otbor than Mlnera
i  erl wen jiven in aid of the new  rj90(ltionR| legally bold Iu this Distriot,
Hal ,.i Medicine Hat, under the Mineral Act, 1884 nnd Amondr
Tue V mug peopled Donald have ments, may bo laidover from 15th day of
11.1,,!���.,' i.il '.In- Isl day of Juno next,
I ,,, Buhipul to tho provisions of thesaid.
\,'i and Aiiioudinouts,
���il A. I'. CUMMINS,
< ' ;t$5fm
W. A.JowErr. T.L.Haig,?
Notary o*
Conveyance?, Agreements, Bills of Sale,
Mining Bonds, elc, drawn up; Rents
and Accounts Cillectod; Mining   Claims   Bought  and
sold; Assnsineut work
on Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied for,  Etc.,  Eto,, Eto,
Lots on Townsite of Kovelstoke for Sale
and Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Machinery, Eto,
0. J. Branch
Brick and Stono Mason, Plastorer
and Kalsominer. All work done
promptly aud to satisfaction. Corr
tract work solicited. Ill}
GOLDEN - - - B.C.
Mining Broker, Commission A^t.
Notary Publio, ko, ko,
Tn Stock.���Miuiug Powders, Fuse audi
Caps, Miner's Tools, Steol and Camp
Outfits. 3tf
Corner Froul and Hanson Sts.
Abrahamson mws.
Rooms woll intended;, tables unex..
colli d.. Wines'and' lii}uors'KU.ii,un
teed' nl iv hiiih quality, fire in
sample room. Telephone communication with C. P. li. depot. Fire
proof vault for tbo convenience ot
guests.   Buss meets all trains.
-THE -
Cnld Commissioner.
Donnld, EbbI Kootonny,
pptonibor 20th, 181)0,
started a literary and debating club
eblob meets every Wednesday evening in til- aohool n ,n ,'i. New mem
hi i��� , .ii-t be propOBed nud balloted
: for. Mayor Dowling ��as dieted
pi .;,!������;,i, the resident ministers of
tha town honorary presidents, W. A
Blair,, vie-, pieaideut,,). ForoBt, sto-
i.ii.i.y and J, Matbc on ti-ea mrer.
Dr, Campbell 11 giving a series oi
lecti ri ���,''' railroad wen intended to
educate them in tbo proper coarse tu
tie intends by ibess Iuchims-to paro for b Owwii ilranl Iu favor of in'e miuu
ih��    way to    He-   '-ii" lion   of a| 0|aiui known ,.  lh  " Nil nberOno,."
i brnnoh  organiiialion  of tbe St, situated al the Hot Spriugs, KoStemtv
John's Ambulnuuo Hociity.   These bake,
lectures are especially instructive      Idverse clnlmnutfl,if uuy, aro request-
and will prove oractioally bencfioial '"''" fl";:'" '     *j��*��na to in. srilh
.   , ,       ,, hi sum days fn m date of publioBtion,
tn case of accident where medical aid ' ,- ,��� rnnvo'iuTT
li   I,.   11 .MM Aljli,
is not available, 13H QoldCom'rr
Notieo is hereby givon Lhfll tho Bovol.
,   ,'   " . Btoko Mining Compauy bus fvlml iho
miaiie in emeiKeut case of acoiileiit. , ���   ,
tjccessarv papers; and iniido uni  cnl tu
Doiiiilil. 0d, Kill,, IHIJU,,
UeveUoke. OcSihaHIlK,.
Stockholm Housu
The dining room is furnished  with th��'
best the market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stock.
of wines, liquors and oigars,
Jas. Liberty.
First class iu every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P R depot and stoim'm
landing, between post ollico an 1 g >v,
buildings. Coach to nud fr.i n cbpott
and atoiiinboiili. Firo proof S.iFa tor thi
aoooimnodation of its-customers.
F. Mc.lAunrv    -    -    -   .    Prop
First class Tempsrauoa House;
B'.lAIir.    ANI>    LOtlllSM,   $.3    PEIl    WE3K.
MKAIiS, 25o.      iikd; 2>0.
This hotel issittfito.looiwoiiioatto tlnv-
station, in comfortably tarnished and)
affords tirst class aoojmmodatio.i:
levels roc:    -    -     b. c
W. Cownn, Prop.   II, Ilcbort, Clock
Tho largest and most central Hotol in.
the city ; good aooommodation ; everything now ; table well supplied ; bar and:
billiard room>attached ; tiro proof safe


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