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The Kootenay Star Oct 11, 1890

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i 'II
��> l'i;l^ 4
mmmngmiimigmmmsg^SSSSfi" S3
No. 17-
SL tW^ * �����<*.
Notice is hereby given tint, in pursu
e.nce of the provisions of section 3, of the
"Columbia k Kootenay Railway Subsidy
Act, 1890," the unoccupied and unrecorded Crown binds situnjOod within the following described blocks of land, have
been reserved from lease, sale or Settlement, viz, :
Block 18, Compioncing ni, a point, on
the west bunk of the Columbia River, two
miles south of the mouth of Trail Crook ;
tin nee two miles duo west; thenco four
miles north; thi nee four miles east, crossing tho Columbia Elver; ihenee four
miles south; thenco two tnilcs west to
tbe point of commencement.
Clock 14. Commenoing at n point on
lbe south side of tho mouth of Toby
(ink, on the west side of the Columbia
Liver, nl Ihe north mil of tbo Lower Columbia Lake, thence due west four miles -.
I hi nee north four miles; thence east four
miles; thence south four miles to tho
place of commencement.
Block 15. Four miles square, situated
111 he south end of Lpjver Oplujoibia Luke,
on the, west side,
Block 16. Pour miles square, situated
at lie mouths of liheep and Skopklim
Chi ck ('reeks,
Blocks 17 and 18. Each four miles
Equine and situated south of Fort Steele.
Block 19. Four miles square, situated
on Elk liiver, find including Elk Kiver
1 nils. _   ':    '' _
Ttovidnl that this reservation shall not
afftct nny lnuds which are included iu
U iy grant, lease, agreement for sale, or
i.i ter alienation from the Crown, or which
havo In en set npnrt for any special pur-
i use prior to the date of 'this potlco.
2ii Surveyor-General,
Lands end Works Depurtmeut,
Vietorin, 13. 0., Sepf. I8tb, T890.
The following reduction, of Fees for
Assaying, as from the 1st protfuio. has
been ordered by ihe Hon. Minister of
'I ,;������'.-��� lor single simmles, for gold, silver,
lead, or copper, to be made
In acoordance with tbo provisions o
the Assessment Act, 1888, a Court of Revision and Appeal will be held in this
District, nt and on the following places
and dates respectively :
The Government Office, Fort Steele, on
Thursday, tho 30th of October next, at
1 o'clock p. m.
The Government Office,  Donald, on
Monday, tbe wthdayof November next,
ut 11 ooloek, a. m.
Judge of Court of Revision
nud Appeal.
Donald, Sept. 29th, 1890.
011]e ftoofenaij Star
Tenders for the construction of n School
House at Iievelstoke, addressed to "fhe
undersigned, will be received uutil the
10th day of October, at 10 a, m.
'Jlie lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.   Plans and specifications
can bo reen al 'the Government  Office,
where forms of tender can be obtained.
28 ' G. (',. TUNSTALL,
Ass'tnnt Coinhiis'ner Limcis k Works,
Revelstoke, September 2(itk, 1890,
Two or
Sl.nO each,
moro samples,    "    Sl 00 each,
['.'other tests'a prppoi'tioute reuse been ordered.
���  ' w.     McCULLOCH,
Notice is hereby given that sixty (60)
duvs ii
.:,..,., ���fter date, 1 iiileud to nillKe application to the Chief (.'omiiiissi���.uer of Lands'
nnd V'orKs, for permission to lease the
following described tract of hud, for
(limbering purposes:
Commencing at nbont one miie 1. 1
ihe junction of the West or North ForK
of the Salmon lliver, running southerly
to a point oue-hall' (,',') mile above the
South or East I-'ovk of Salmon River,
tin nee easterly one-half (J) mile, thence
northerly to n point one half [J] mile
(list of the starting point, thenco westerly one-hall' [ .1 | mile io the point of beginning, continuing about 10,000 acres.
Also, Commenoing at u point at Bolder
Cici-k, about one-half 111 mile from Salmon lliver, mid running south about
three miles, thenee one-half [ 1 j mile east,
(hence north three miles, thence went
thn.i -fourths of a mile to point of beginning, containing about loon acres
17 W. 1', SATWAitp.'
Notice is hereby given that a Public
Auction Sale of Lots in the Town of
Nelson, West Kootenny District, will bo
held nt, the Government Office, Nelson,
on the 151'ii day at October, 1890,
Each lot will be sold subject to the
erection of a building of not less than
Sj'fiOO value williin 9 months from the ditto
of sale. Any purchaser failing to erect
such building within the stipulated period shall forfeit his'deposif, and the 'sale
will be cancelled.
Any purchaser of a lot will have the
privilege of pprohaBijlg an iidjoiuiug lot,
subject to the erection of a building ot
not less thiiii ��1,000 value within 'nine
mouths, on IJjffBatpe conditions'(if forfeiture and cancellation.
T.-rms 211 per cont. cash, nnd the bul-
tineo in 12 rnbhths with interest lit the
rate oi G per ceut. per annum.
21 Surveyor-General.
Lauds and Works Department,
Victoria, B. 0,12th September, 1890,
The McKinley Turin" Act, has now
becomo a law in the United States
Its provisions are exciting the attention of the lending countries of Europe, more than any other measure
in recent yeors. Jingland, Germany,
France, Austria and Italy are Murmuring, and some moans of retaliation will doubtles.-i be devised, or ut
least ways to counteract tbe conae*
queuces. One of thn first to show
its resentment is Italy, which dis-1
solves its National Committep which
had in its charge the arrangements
for the great Columbian Fair to be
held in Chicago, for celebrating the
4th Centennial of the discovery of
America by Columbus. What olhsr
nations may do has not yet beeu I
learned, and it is too early perhaps
to decide, It is sumewhat anomalous
perhaps that a trade matter, which is
entirely wjthin the privileges of any
nation to regulate as il sees lit, should
causo so great a sensation. It appears now as if the United States
are U be made to feel that they farm
one of the great community of nations, and that tjieir fiscal pojjcy
should be regulated iu the interest of
fraternity aud uot upon purely selfish lines,
The reforenpec, of Sir John Mao-
donald to the subject are exceedingly sensible. While admitting the
seriousness of the situation, ho ndvi-
se�� the Canadian people to seek other
outlets for their surplus productions,
and to turn their activities into channels wlrch will afford opportunities
for reciprocal benefits.
Mr. Wm. Penroe, Suporintonleu
of mines, with headquarters at Calgary was commissioned by tho Minister of the Interior to investigate the
question of water supply for Revel-
stolio and visited the iovvn for that
purpose on the 8th of Sept. We
are able to give bis report this week.
It is the onbject uppermost in tbe
minds of our people at present, and
will command an attentive perusal.
Tho points, that tho fire supply
must be first provided for by a separate set o' mains, and that the water
for domestic uses can bs'obtaiued
from tho overflow only necessitating
a double sot of mans Is based on the
i-lea that tho sourcos of supply
would be insufficient for both purposes), and adds so greatly to the ex ���
peua.e cf the scheme that its promoters should consider carefully before
embarking in |t on this basis. The
great question ja to secure an adequate source of supply, before going ahead in the organization of the
TUE   WATER   WQiiliS.
Report   of    Sunefintemleiit
A Court of Revision aud Appeal under the Assessment Act will be held at
the Government Office, at Nelson, on the
18th day of October, at 10 o'clock, a, nf,,
nud tit the Court House in Revelstoke,
on Ihe 1th day of November, at 10 a, m,
g. c. tunstall;
25        Chairman Court of Revision
and Appeal,
Revelstoke, Sept, 18th, 1691).
While the public spirit of the
people is being agitated on tbe subject of water works, the need for a
cemetery should not he forgotten.
We presume it is unquestioned that
the Dominion Government will set
apart a plat of land for a site, whenever they arc applied to for it- The
Stab, believes it js not to tha credit
of tbp people of Revelstoke that this
matter has been so long and so persistently neglected. The necessity
for a suitable place to bury our dead
is increasing year by year, The
land should be obtained from tho
Government, surveyed nnd platted,
a good road should be constructed
nnd kept in order at ail seasons, and
th�� pride of pur people should be
appealed to, to clear off and grade
the ground, and to ornament and
make it attractive. It is uot an
agreeable thought to feel that by any
turn of of events, the grounds ivhero
our friends are buried, may become
tbe privut,o property of men who will
have, it in their power to desecrate
the mounds which mark the graves
- ..1I.NI..'0   llhOKIili,���
And General Commission Merchant,
li sill'.lico    lilld     Heiil     Ksliitu
Agent; Notary Public, Lie,
ETC,   1-1IV,   ETC,
Atjfjfoel Office Store NELSON'
C. & K. S, N. CO.
The lUamer Lytton will leave Bevel-
stolio Mondays ami Thursday!) for
Revolitoke, AngJ, leM
We publish  on   the  inside  this
week, the reprort made by Mr. Boyle
to the shareholders of the Kooteuuy
Smelting  aud   Trading  Syndicate,
giving the results of bis observations
during h;s recent visit,  upuu all
matters relating to the prospects of
his Company.   It is an eminently
practical and intelligent survey of
the entire situation as regards Smelting and mining in Kootenay District,
It will well  reward  perusal  by all
interested in Ihe subjects referred to.
A matter of ihe utmost importance
to the succeio of the smelte.-the
erection cf, refining y/orks.-is receiving tbo attention of the Company,
and P?. Campbell, iu charged   with
tbe duty of submitting, estimates of
tho cost of   the necessary  plant.
When these works are completed,
tbe facilities of Revelstoke  for tho
troalmeni, of. ore, will bo all that
could be desired, nnd if must become
the market for the mines of the district,, as well as the place whero its
bullion will ho refined, as at present
there is no refinorjr in Canada, aud
' we believe no|other one projected.
The compliments givon to Dr.
Campbell, superintendent, and Mr.
Roosor, chemist and assayer, of the
Smelter Company, is uot ouly grati-
fving to the many Illinois of those
c'cnlUmeD but iu well deserved,
CalgaRj', Sept, 13th 1S90.
Sin.���In roply to your letter of the
28th August, No. 212,011,1 have the
honor to report that I visited llevel-
Btoke on the 8th instant.
The stream referred to in the petition is located about ns shown on tbe
accompanying sketch, being on the
N. W. ji 81-23-2 W. Oth M. It
is a very small one, and whilo admirably adapted for fire protection,
is not sufficiently largo to furnish
tho water necessary for domestic
purposes, that is, if it were allowed to
be placed In houses. It would be
sufficient to supplv mure street hydrants tljau would be required for
some time to come, but if allowed to
be plucod in p,pU8C|} thu waste would
he so great that the volume would be
inadequate for other purposes.
1 told tho parties interested that
the best 'Ling to bo done would be to
decile whereabouts thoy would do-
sire to have a reservoir on the creek
(to 06 dammed for that purpose,)
then have a survey made, showing
its position, nud I persumed there
would be no difficulty iu procuring
the sand ion of the Minister of tho
Interior to; its reservation for the
present nt least, together with the
right to carry water in pipes through
any Government land lying between
the reservoir and the townsite,
I think a reservoir could be cheaply built which would have a head of
upwards of three hundred feet of
ampl.o capacity for fire protection,
and any overflow which there might
he therefrom oould ho allowed to be
usod for domestic purposes. It
would give u magnificent prossuro
for firo protection, and as stated, tho
overflow oould be used for domestic
purposos by laying a second t-et of
pipes and taking the ovcillow only,
or by taking tho wider a little lower
down tho creek a very considerable
amount oould bo obtained for the
latter purpose.
Thero is ono point however, to
which it might bo well to direct
your attcutiou, Should this water
bu utilized for the portion of tho
townsito now owned by the Government? I think it is not a greater
volume than is required for it, and I
understand thut the smelting company have obtained a water supply
elsewhere, via: the stream which
supplies the Canadian l'ucil.io Railway'water tanks ; tbey are obtaining
a supply from it which is ample tor
their requirements.
To whom to make this grant scorns
a question of difficulty. If Revelstoke
were iuaorperuted I porsumu it
oould Im gran led to tho corporation.
If, however, the partita are prepared
to form themoolvcH into a joint stock
company tho privilege might be
granted them, care being taken that
they did not chargo unduly therefor.
When it roaches thi railway track,
this stream becomes absorbed, and I
think reaches the river as seepage,
There is a little strcuui, uui shown
on the map, immediately east of it,
on which ut present u brewery is
erected, which lattor  takes  a  good
deal therefrom.   The proprietor informed mo that he hid not applied
foi th,e water, and asked me what he
had better do concerning it, an.l I
replie I to the effect that it would bo
best to apply to the agent of Dominion Lands in the matter.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Yonr obedient servant,
iVji. Peauce,
The Inland Exhibition.
Kamloops, 13. 0., Oct. 9.���The exhibition is'a splendid8U00OS8 in every
particular, Beautiful weather helps
to brighten the proceedings, Thero
is a tnaguitiuciHit showing of horses,
cattle, vegetables and fruits, The
secoud annual exhibition of tho Inland Agricultural Association was
formally opened today at 2 o'clock
by bis honor, Judge Walkem, and is
magnificent in every particular, ia
point of excellence beiug of the highest order and in many classes
very extensive exhibits are made.
The weather conlj not be more propitious being bright and clear, iu
fact, typical Kamloops weather.
At 2 o'clock Judge Walkem ascended a platform erected for the purpose close to the pavilion and after a
happy speech, commenting upon the
origin and growth of tho Association
and encouraging it to continuo its
good work, declared the exhibition
opened. The baud played and hundreds of spectators then thronged
into tho pavilion.
The showing is wonderful in point
of excellence. Tho vegetables challenge comparison beiug models of
size and of peifect c utility, giving
the judges endless trouble iu deciding as to their relative merit. Tho
exhibits of grain are also of tho
finest though uot as exteusivo as iu
tho other classes mentioned. In,
horse flesh there is an exhibit such
n.i has uot been iu the province before.
Gleaned from The Miner.
Work on the wagon road to the
Hall, mines has heen suspended owing to disagreement between tho
contractor aud the committee. About
8 miles aro complete I.
The new town of LV.four is booming. One hundred and seventy lots
have been sold. A trail is beiug
cut to the Hot Sprijgs.
T. V. Thnrburn has bought out
the stock of goods of J, E. WaLh,
E. S. Wilson has been out to Spokane Falls to porch ise goods for his
Ainsworth store. His train is packing ore down from the Sliylino, and
ho is running a gang of imin getting
out timber for Reefer & Cj.
Tbe Davy's and Tobou's mill is
turning put 8,000 feet of lumber a
day.   Thoy have80,0110 leeton hand,
J, C Tunstall of Kamloops mado
a visit to Ne'.Don to bo present at thu
sale of lots, but the postponement
of the sale disappointed htm. -
It. is estimated that 10,000 cnbio
yards of earth will have to be moved
by Mr. Baillie-Grohman's Company
before April^uext to e'enr tho obstructions from the river.
Mclbo ,fc Reefer, havo two locations on Eugle Creek, noar the Poor-
man, oalled Wild Out aud Catamount
which they believe to be the mother
lode of the district,
Mr. Geo. E. R. Bills, F, C. 3.,
Mining Expert and Chemist at Nelson, takes exception to tho too frequent manner of upeuluug lightly of
men in his profession,
Thu Goat lliver district, down iieur
tho boundary IS looking well, samples
brought in showiug ??) iilver aud 20
got cent. lead.
A Faro well Social will bo given to
Mr, J, A, Sinclair at tho Church on
Monday evening next. Thu ladioc
will provide froo rtfrcshmpnAs. >*^a��n.>>l^i.����aBaW*l'-��f.a��t.-i.   .*^*l��.^����W*j^*laWi wV��X.fc *-.* V*��A.-^ a, ������ ltnt,'t|��^ , ^   , n,| .11 T" " -" "WiT
A four page Uvctity-columo news*  panyisin a position to compete in a question for tbe future whether we
would not put up n Beparate furnace
*&^iw*^*w\mMmit>j&mMt^^^ummj+~i** **
paper, if) issue! from tboclfice ol !tho Vancouver market in lbe West,
| as well ao al) u-lcnr; the  lino  to  tho
publication, Revelstoke,
Subfonption price $2 per year,
Hates cf lidvertiiiiiig give:: on
11. JlcC'l'TCII.Ti;:,
Publisher and Proprietor
(El)c ftootenay Star
The stale of tho river, which lias a
considerable riso in tlie spring and
early summer, caused me some uneasiness, and something will have to
bo dono this winter to protect the
banks. * * * By the measures
taken by the Canadian Pacific Bail
--.- -%nj
for this class of copper ores.
Communication between   Kelson
and the Hot Springs camp is kept np
by a small steamer,   which   is  hurl
pushed  to keep  pneo with the iu  j
creasing trullic.
Hut Springs is situated on Koote
nay Lake, almost immediately oppo
site  a  mine  known  as the "lien
{melting and
way to protect their wharf, our works | drick's" Mine, which bus consider
The Kootenny Smelling nud
Trading Syndicate.
80, Lombard Slrcet.E, ('.,
August, 1690,
Gentlemen,���In order to keep myself conversant with Iho position and
prospects of our enterprise, J hit
London on the llth of June, and
arrived iu Revehtoke at the latter
end O; thai monlh,
I found tho works, which I described in my report hist year, finishei
of ore per day, or 10 tons pur day
more than required by agreement
with tbe Canadian Government,
A delay, for which I am unable lo
account, took place in the issue of
the Patent from tho Crown for the
1320 acres, to winch tho Company
had been fully entitled since the 31st
are sale for Ibis year at least, and
Dr. Campbell is fully alive to the
position of affairs,
Tbe great question, of course, that
I wished to investigate, ivas the
probable dale of our obtaining sufficient ore io commence smelting.   1
ably more (ban a local reputation
having been known to tho .Hudson's
Bay Company's voyagcurs for quite I
three-quarters of a century.
The mines on tbe Hot Springs side j
of the lake, however, have only been |
known within the last two or three
Is now Preniu'fld to Receive all Gold. Silver & Lend ore.
Miners who have anv ores to sell aro requested to communicate at onco with Ike
manager at Revelstoke, 11, !���   ��� bo is prepared to furnish every facility
to miners of email oi limited means to ship their ore.
am happy to say that there can be 'years, but must withiu a very short
littlu doubt that in a short timo we space of time lake a very prouiiuent
sbull have moro ore tjinn  we can ; place iu the silver-producing mines
treat with our present plant, and be' of the world,
obliged to double its cupnoity, The mountain in which they are
In the Revelstoke division of Brit- j situated is formed of a series of ir-
ill Columbia proper I regret to say regular t'drruouU;'six to eight in nuni
Ibat Ihe miners are as backward as ber, iu each of which Ihe mineral
they wero this time licit y. r.r, and i vein has beeu traced and located for
very little development has been considerable distances. From be-
dono on the claims, This is tbo tween two aud three hundred loca-
more extraordinary, as the country is (ions havo already been made, al-
,| -  mj*.yr^w.?x.
essentially a mining country, and the
wholo community  tullt,  think nnd
dream of uothinj else.   It would be
id fully capable of smelting 50 Ions j cliiilcuLt to find a man in Ibis part ol
the province who is not the owner or
part owner of a mine which he is
powerless to work for want ot funds,
and holds at a figure so ridiculous
as to preclude all ideas of a sale.
There ive's tho usual amount of tall
talk about mines that wero to be developed,  and   possibly  something
December last.      This delay  bus  m(lv hB d(,uo in the near future, bn
somewhat militated against sules of   jt Wotild be u.-lvisabla to leave this
town lots, which but im- it would, I  dissliict out of any calculations for
have reasou to believe, have boen iii   801fl0 j;tt],, [\m0i
excess of Ihe number actually sold.
I have shrewd a suspicion that the
delay occurred through pressure
brought by the Ciundian Pacillc
Railway, who were iiusioiis to adjust
certain differences with regard''to
water rights between us and themselves.   *   *   *
I thought it advisable, therefore,
to ail I list these differences  by com
thou i;b not more than 111 mines have
at present bee:, worked, uud most of
these but partially. The outcrops
of these veins can be seen, lrotn a
few feet abova the edge ol Ihe lake,
to contact with granite threo thousand feet higher.
The ascent is in no cuso difficult,
and a wagon road, which is now in
course of construction at Government i-rpuiso, will have very eas.)
gradients'right up to tho "Skyline"
���the highest wine yet discovered.
In all cases, so far as has been
proved, the mines grow richer ns
they go deeper, although uo very
The only prospoct which can be great depth has yet been obtained
ilignilic-d by the name of a uiiuu iu
this district is that at "Field," which
was owned by an English Company,
and on which a considerable sum ol
moil y has been si'l nt.   The ere is
of very low grade,   nud,   iu  consequence of Ibe presence  of a large
General  Con trustors    an J    Builder.
Manufacturers nnd Dealers in   Doors, Snsli, Mouldine;s (llnss
and all  kinds  of Building Matoi'inl.    Office Furniture and 'Fixtures a '
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and future Frames, etc
ui-'.io to order
One or two American syndicates
have purchased mines in this mountain, aud it is duo to their enterprise
that sufficient knowledge has been
obtained us to ihe permanent character of the veius.
The difficulty of access, tho want
of cheap communication with the
outside world, has made it impossible for any large quantities of ore
lo le shipped from this region, and
���was in our possession.
Up to tho time ol my leaving
Revelstoke, ��20,000 (say ��4,000)
Wlb of town lets had been applied
for by different parlies', but no
money paid, owing to our inability to
enter into contracts until we bad lbe
percentage of zinc, is of a most re-
I frnctory nature und'difficult to treat,
promising the jnostion at issue with i    Th��� Kngli-h Company disposed of
tbe President, whom I fortunately | tlit-ir property to a'local  syndic-air  ,    ...... ,
met  nt Revelstoke,   Wilhin  tbree I wj10 Word mosl anxious to come to hue miners, although thV, met euer
weeks the Patent  from  ihe  Crown | 80mc ftml)g;eiueut with   no.     Mr. Letio iu the province,;ha'vo  not the
r.ucMT, the Company's chemist, after' wealth to mine ore to be kept on the.
a thorough'csntnioittiuii and assay, dumps, Picked oro has, however,
found the oro tojbe much impregnated been shipped to the States, and re-
with ssiuo too of use, except mixed turned more than good wugos, in
in small quantities villi other less spite of ili'i ruinous freight of fill)
rtfractory-on s, ; >ai ��15) per ton,
Small shipments of ore come in The Canadian Pacific Railwaj
Patent in our possession. Iu order from tiaie to timo friin minoi iu this meutionedubove will belinishud stall
to encourage buying, the li , 1 lots Jistiict. proving what might and can events this year, and alrejidy survey-
were sold at a very low price, but   ;K,,i,,,.,,., ing pal ties  aie iu   the  field from
immediately on mj arrival at lluvel       tt is* fi      lb rn or Lower some of the-American liucs. to tap as
Stoke  Ihe  prices   were   raised  all   ;   oteuay divisim ueai  is possible thia productive re
round.ianditwns atrangod (hat tin   .      BX]       .. fu...   .....   ,\  .    Q is hoped tbut tbo height
Land Department should ho plac  I   Uin a'very larg   snpp'.j in or-   from Hot Springs to Rovelstoko will
in'thi) hands of Mi  Cc]   ley, o  lbe uli of I      fact I nol exceed 810   '���..-  ��2)   per tou.
firm of Ifoos ..-;.���.:.'. ol '. . , morning of'-1   en thi  prico will" be too high for
ver, prominent real estate dealers in me of the lower grade oros, und it
that city, ..   : . ised to put up some concen
The terms aro one tl trulors for the pur| iso of reducing
I .    .    :   ,    o'clock thai   -:'" *i ight of : iese ores
,.   . .. :.. s   aro in  full
���   -       rk.enon ntities of oro will
e obtained I     i this district alone,
I have entire sale of Ihe celebealcd Can more hard, lump nnd mil coal suitable fer
base-burners and other moves.   GREAT HEATING POW'Ul't ' MUCH     ���'
CflLAPER THAN WOOD.     Deljvmed a; Iievelstoke any pari,
of town, ��9 00; Kamloops $9.9,0; Donald ��8.60.    Special
quotttlioiis fur cur lota.    Coal sloven sold at
������    wholesale cost Hay, outs and bran sold
by carload or smaller quantities
i'lirds at Kamloops and
Donald,   Apply;
L.J.EDWARDS     <.*,���..
��     DONALD, B. O
.,.K^i!r.i&-r23K^aKwiKttim��iroc^.iii'eij;?:.'.-'^!:T.nT.yi.. BflBBSaW
third iu six ami 12 i
paid an.onnta bearing i den
rate of 8 per cent.
About one third only of on
arty bus yel bei n surveyi I,
balance will be '��� li
present Burv ������_. as may I i i
troai time to lim
Since my visit last y
dim I'.ie���,;'..' I; tilvi ,;.   '
built u iv 1, irl '   11
of our pri party (or a   earn
ing, and a   ��� ���      i	
(dated, he tn ub
thia (all throu
!. ,i 1   f Arrow 1   i.
gors arriii g by  ru ,
wagon road
part oi the I    ..
1 bo biickj ird
i.,,.1 tl ippointing it may
:      :..-,;,  Itiug works
bo i' it a qiies'
��� -,- ill bo work-
Landing t���
:. . Icrablo im
'    i,   oi'  Hid
',  .      .   '
.   . '        Dalle on
I i
James McDonald &
c, LUMb,lilt
All classes of Lumber on bath forsilo.    Coiiliuoiii<and batlJiiiir,
Harness ��� and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
Robes and UlnnkoU, Curry combo,  IlnrnoBs;
oil, Eorsu brushes,  WhipR, Sjihth and   :
Hits in grout variety.
Ll HIT AND HEAVY HARNESS.      ;   ���
prove a source north to Ittivi I
l-UUe  tO    lb0
brick machino vi inta by a train of ]
is ca| able of turning     I       i . aturer,  and
per Jay.   It has bjen difficult, 	
over, np to the pre eut to 1 ��� . ���
who   nndersl mil  their   worn,       I        ,   On tl i call i        ,
troubles  look   place      twi en  lbe   the 'Jiiti M i gold mine'has i
white men and  tho I biiieiti, -.'. :h, j working if its
together  with   very vet weather, j              pi                                                                         L Spri
ralher retarded   ptrations.   At Ihe ; ctrnn to aonio                        .  ��� .       mo I al             visit fo tin Hen-
latter pail  ii" my viiit,  how. vor, , I
things were -, rl,-.,: m i . . ���:, r. -   , ,,    , o.   This n
torily.   Tin- day is ol vi ry tfapi ioi    , i   ilvt-r on i. I of nny i     '      ��� I  ilomliin,
quality, and turns o il a ra ;���-, liconl      ������ .. ,    tualoilai i d, like others, ;, u.
olass of brick, andsofurasialinov.il,   asi |       .,    .vbiul] has tho    ��� : u     " ' ������   I '-''   'r i�� owned
there is no oilier clay ol u Mmllur   roiml lion ol lysom   ia. who
description In the ii um lial ivioii ly ,   ���    ;   . inormous inn mil ol
if Ki'vclsleke, | ���. '   i ��� ���,;��� ��� inn i  triiiirdii ii i
The bricks male  last year have   ,ml no btrangor i , '< ,   ',!,.-    ilifflonltleB to put their mine in il
stood Ihegreutilill'oi'ciH'o of tempcrn    i     I do not Ibluk'thisl which present  posi       It could  no��
lure between Biiiiiiiier and winter in  wo shall bo ablo to treat wllh  our tn ily turn mil ovor 200 tons ol ore
BBfttislaotory muoor, and Iho cok    ,     .. iilanl,although ll mighl 1/ I w MwTmEw,
ED, B, WILSON, Agont at Rovolstolte.
tienay star,
���evolcil  to   tho   LUMBERING,   BUSINESS, iiini AdltlCUL
TURAL, inn' especially to (h��
lining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
1/ v j > PlalNTlSQ of ai;. kinds promptly attjb.n
p) \ > \ } oil in, mi'i excunto I .ii tho besi style; Commercial ^o1''4-
nspetitilty, Ofjfin by tnjjl iftrifuHy tilled, the OLD YELLOW PUMPKIN     :   South Fork Mining Cauip.    [Concluded from the(r.yiouspage
Row dear to this heart ic tho old yel-
1        low pumpkin,
When orchards are barren of stuffing for pies I
'When peaohesand nppleo lmvo both
boe i a failure
And berries of uu kind ham greet
nl the eyes.
How fondly wo turn to the  fruit  of
1 tho cornfield���
The fruit that  our  children   are
taught to dospjse���
The old yellow pumpkin, the mufl-
oovered pnmpkin,
The   big  bellied   pumpkin   that
wakes unci) good pics.
Oh, golden hued pumpkin, you surely are "in it,"
You 'jolly old rascal, so recently
epurued :
Vie ask your forgiveness for thus
'        hiving wronged you,
per day, and 1 shall before l.nj, bo in
The South Foil, caap is situated possession of what arrangements Dr,
on a tributary of tha Spillimieheue, Campbell has been able to come to
some 110 miles back from the Colum- ��iih its manager for the supply of oro,
bin, and connection is made with Gol- I believe the ore to be of loo low
den on the (.'. P. !',, by 17 miles of grade to stand lbe charges of trail
water navigated by the steamers of sport to tho smelters in tlie United
the Kootenay Mail Line. Thi min- Slates, but it is ore easily smelted,
etui veins which traverse this section and of great value as a Jltii fur other
of the,Selkirks pierce the mountain ores.
sides near tho source of tbo creek in ) There is, of course, great discus-
a west by north and eest by south siou about tho erection of smelting
course, having a general dip of be-j works ou the spot itself, but Dr.
tween DO and GO degrees iu r. Bother-1 amphell assures me that it is doubt-
ly direotion. Granitic rooks ere nu-1 ful if those understanding smelting
ineroiis, but mostly of a Bedimontary | would embark in the veulnre, as all
character, as gn*ise and schist; v, bile I BUO.cessful smelting should, in orde |
argilni'dous slate, talc, ami calcare- to work cheaply, bo in central posr
oub shales prevail throughout the tion aud able to draw supplies from
district, 'lie different veins are mines of different mineral character,
nearly nil encased in slate, with dolo- j i ul to i isited a group of mines be-
mile or syenite as vail rock. The longing to the Company on the N. E,
When from your dear presence wc | gangue is invariably calcareous, and arm of Arrow Lake. To work these
Fcornfullv turned, ribbon veins ut times lead into Binall  mines to advantage  the Company
pockets of dolomite Bpar, jmpregna-  should possess steamers and Larges
~. s
ji'ftoilo  y.urc, pd
Ware made lo ordor,
Lamp  Goods,      Ti
First class work guaranteoi
I'.ttendel to,
Copper ami
Sheet Iroi>
W��� B���I
Cirae rolling down hill, till wo meet
1   ;:'  yon nud greet you,
your bulk is a feast to our  fruit-
hungry eyes,
"We love you, old pumpkin, so well
we could cat you.
for you aro a "dandy" when made
into plea.
ted Rill)   galena  and  other
bearing ore.
The property to receive our attention first is owned by wells, Aylmer
k Pollock, and consists of a group
of some 12 claims, located so ns to
make poaching au impossibility on
their grounds, and the leading claim
is known as the Vermont, This property is situated on a precipitous bluff
silver- of its own, which for the present is
out of iho scope of its operations,
A very valuablo limo location, has,
however, been secured iu this district, which is tho purest within a
radius of 300 miles, so far as is nl
present known.
A point to which tbo future attention of tho Company must be
given  is  fhe erection  of refining
aaaa ���*�� awl
which is capped by the remnants of' woiks, necessitated by the difference
a small glacier, and that well known I between American and English prices
ninerul stain discolors the rock so of lead a"d silver,
as to make it easily  distinguished. I   Dr. Campbell will shortly submit
The surface of the Vermont it) literally cut up by what some might
tern gush veins of galena, but which
so far have  evinced  no  desire  to
Winnipeg, Oct. G.-Hubert Taylor
while gunning, accidentally discharged his rifle, blowing off tho top of
lis head, causing instant death.
Some lime ago burs wero abolished in Boston, drinkers being required
io sit at tables, Tho saloon men
report the change has greatly aided
Sociability and made their profits
1 irger.
Arthur Day, charged with murder-
jog his wife by throwing her  over
the brink'atNiagara J-Viia, was foun
guilty and sentenced to  bp
on November 18th.
'There is a lively  movement  in
Winnipeg property just now, one re-
dei.t transaction aggregating ov#or I property, while two pack trains are
1800,000. One transfer was negotia j ^^ ^^ fl ^ mMj R| ^
fed by A. V. Boss & Co., covering bo���ftt-e lgiWing on the Columbia, 10
,11 the purchasable property between ^ ^.^ ^ ^.^, ^^ {q
Smith street aud Colony crce,;,��ul lillll1e'n ulri,l;lv ou th(, simmers. Op-
estimates of tho cost of the reauisite
In eonolnsinn I may state that I
,'.cn extremely satisfied with the posi-
pinch out, These ores assay from tioti and prospects of our enterprise,
80 to 80(1 ounces of silver per ton ; | and I cannot write in loo high tonus
tho last mentioned being from a seam  of the zeal and energy of the Com
n, c
IU ��� rderi by mni! or
express promptly
trjptiona of
g.iKlatt I stlroriv.ir
carrying a large poicenlage  of gray
copper.   There is a windlass tram-
pauy's Superintendent, Dr. Campbell, aud of their Chemist and As-
I Mil lilt    | . -��i ��- -r-j
an 'ed I nu-v on "10 Gronnds for trftnsporjing; saver, Mr, Hoeser.
tlie ore to the creek bottom, being
conveyed to the tramway by rawhides
and muscle, There aro some eight1
men employed in raid around this
There can be no doubt that both
thoroughly understand their business and have tho welfare of tbo
Cuni[ any at heart.
lours faithfully,
Lionel 11. C. Uoym,
General Merchant's
R. C,
involving ��170,000.
Kmuiir'tt Fulls, Ont. i-'fhe cere-
muni if turning ibe first sod in the
york of constructing the great tunnel
which the people oi Ibis place fondly
Lope will cbaugo tho Niagara Falls
fiom u mere summer resort to n great
manufacturing centre, was performed
posite these and on the western side
of the creak is another group of
claims worthy of nob-. Those are
three running from lh�� creek bottom
to Ihe apex of the mountain���over
2000 feil . hove the creek and nearly
10,000 above sea level���on a kidney
vi in, The first 2, known ns the Sye-
iliw morning. About two tboueund I nite Bluflf and the Agnes, are tho
wero present, and tho day propei.ty ()1- it0ve & Daiuai'd and
show well iu places. The first is a
fiue pre-speel, galena meeting the eye
Hurao's Building, Revelstoke. B. C,
u :-.':.>- ���:*,<���. fm
v^qbservedM'a'geueial holiday,
The McKiuly tariff went into operation on Monday, the 6th. Saturday
Steamers Duchess, Marion k Peut
Sir.  Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Monday at noon, (and on Thursdays
at every point; but the ore needs to
trail tho last day goods could bo on- j ije concentrated before shipment will
tercd under lbe old law, The time | fje ��� |,nTi. g venture ; there are three
-,vas extended from 8 p. in,, the usual; tumit Is driven at different levels to a
(imo of closing, to 12 midnight. The j Ji.tance of 30 feet and over. The j
Ciir.ard steamer Etr'uria was the last.. Agnes extends beyond the limits of
eiitered, and the scene hi thus des- apparent timber line, the vein bidden ;
prilled : '' At one mitinle of twelve! ;n places by accumulated slide mat- ���
the captain of the Etriiria hud not ter, Tho uppermost half is woll de- when sufficient inducements offer) ;
arrived. Ten Beoouds later, when (inej and easily traced, the mineral roturniug arrive at G olden Weducs
half the lights were out, u earring* j changing into a bismuth ore, Yicto- \ j^ 4 p_ Uii
eumeuponarushto the door, and rja returns (living 03 rev oent. of I Tont|st tiokeU SO for round trip,
n great shout went up, From it that nelal. The last and highest
jumped Captain Haines, who was im claim in the group is called the Dark |
racdiiiti'ly 'bi'liiuI the counter, and , Horse, and is owned by Morrison
entered his vessel just bofoie the Percy & Moiloy, A tunnel is in some
dock struck midnight. Threo ohoei'B 00 feet, but the site is unfavorably
and a tiger were given for him. Tho chosen, requiring BO feet more to I
(S'liptain had pome up in a special lug: reach tho body of mineral on that L, O. LAWSON, M. A. Pn, D��� F.
mid wns'ilriven at u bieukneek pace | portion of tbe vciu. This property
from tbe dock to the custom bouse." | |b oommoucing to ship on output of ]
,I��n'o, while the bismuth ia sept on ( (TjH|0 0[ luo ecological Survey of
ArooIs, G,n]den, B. O.
Evicted and Stni'vintf.
thcdiiuip ..waiting a favorable mar-
kot.  'iliis- claims are admirably lo-
Tolm Morli-v has written to one of UBted for tunneling, which greatly
i.i,)'friends giving his vlows of the economizes tbe ezpenoe of dovelop- rta, end mineral depooita of al
famine In Iroluud and the oonduot of ment,  Th* oreck has a splendid and Undo examined   and repotted on
the police at Tippi'r���ry.   He  Bays powerful full above these properties,
that the distress ia both serious ami nnd the erection of a concentration
pressing, nniHbst it is impossible to pittnt would  be a faying invest-; vnnnnnvo��� n n
.���.I. "i iii       i      I'iL'Jot ay. i mil. uu vui i J'�� W|
imuginc the dci-.tiluiioii that prevails  ment, as  ore  coull   then  In ship-
limong many of tbo poorer cullivn-  pei] which now must lie on Iho dump
tors, He odnilemn.8 in earnest words Lwaiting some easier   facility  fur
t'lio brutality of tlie constabulary and  transportation than by  tho present
udds that his visit to Ireland lias tortuons aud ezpenBivo pack trail.���
convinced him moro strongly  tb.iu  Miner,
Consulting Geologise.   Mines, qnar-
Economio problems investigated and
Information furnished,   Whetham
No!i:,--Mineral specimens sent to
Dr. Law sou will bo placed on publio
exhibition. CO
(Close to C.
I leno: |
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
Wc carry a select and completo stock of gout's furnishings, ladios, gents,
and children's boots, shoes und hose, stniioueiy, patent raedioinos, loilotj
requisites und roady-mndo clothing.   A   largo  asscrtmont of pipes,
to'bucco, cigarcitou, imported and domostio cigars, IVuits, cundy, etc.
Stove plpos, tinware, crockery, rough nnd dressed lumber, and other
too numerous! lo mention, al moderate prices,
Telephone eommiinloatlon.
cvnr that Hie Irish chould have home
rule, This month will boo many of
the people on the western coast deprived of even their wretched food
of half rotten potatoes, at | r nl
absolutely all that unny familjes
havo to cat, Unless assistance comes
t'liey may prolong life on sea weed,
until disease with its inevitable sud
attacks llittil' enfeebled bodii i, 'J hu
pilstiiru afo pleading fur tuci ��� i ��� pie
nnd pldturiiig their con lition iu luu-
ougge that ought to cany wi l| hi
everywhere if famine is to  Le  pre
i dated,
i , in ..
The war of IheBiimmer girl
Ethel-Are you going lack to the ^"^     J\][    J^
Maud- Not for u week or so, I have
nn i t.g tgi ment lo I rtok befoie I go.
farmer (to pedlar] -Clear out or
1 will nhi-lle for ihu dog.
[\ddler Well, In I mu sell you a
good whi ' i.
The i lice ol boy ia expected logo
,., | g5a ton ui King Ion, Out.,
CftUJjcJ b; the SIcKinluj larifl nil,
P. O, Address, Nelson, it. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, etc All kinds of
lumber on band, During the season
of 18110 lumber will bo delivered ut
auy of the landings on Iho lake a
greatly reducod prices,
li c
Fred. Hume &
Revelstoke     ���
(lli'imcli Store at Ncl.-on.)
Dealer in Dry Goads  Groceries,' Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware
Tho Stock in ovory Department Iq Pull and Complotu and the Publio wil
find a lo their advantage to oall and
Inspect  Goods   and   Compare  Prices.
I&,   MINER'Sj r ITI'LII'IS  A SPECIAlTiT,   ^t , .   ��iiii-i���innim wnfTin*"'
ri-.-TV-t" >-.ti-��
T 3T.J*TrrTrrn��-na - i:ir�� ���*-.--
..    SULK RK LODGE NO. 12,
I OOF Donald, E. 0.
Regular Meeting Thursday of each
wnk at 8 p. Iff.   All visiting'broth
irs are cordially invited.
���!��� McLeod, '   ,!, II. Maweson,
N. (1. II. S.
DONALD,  13. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month,
Master,   .1,,-:. babbitt.
Sce'y,   W, 1'. Ogilvio.
Finc'r,   Align.; MoLemj,
Jonrnnl Ag't. E.A, Chesley Kamloops, B, C.
DosAiin, B.C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays,nnd 3rd and
���uli Sundays, in Piremon's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Oiillin,
Collector,   Geo 1! Govett, IV". 49,
Receiver,   James   l'iil''oneV,""Ca'ii-
m ore, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   II J MeSorley.
Divine Service will be, held iu tho
lh velstoke Church every Sunday evening at 7,30, conduoted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, and English Church Ministers. . Spoceial announcement will be made each weok
in the Stab.
Sunday School and Bible Cjlasc every Sunday afternoon at'2:30"' All
me cordially invited to attend.
run kootenay star.
Engineer O.imblo went oast to
Golden on Thursday morning.
Chirlm Jiickion, of Buton Bar
lias takm in the town this week.
W, M. Glover has goue out to Big
Bend to stay through the winter.
Tbe wife of Gen. Booth, commander in chief of'the Salvation Army,
died in Loudon October 4th.
Several of the buys from Illecillewaet havo been taking in the sights
of Iho town for Ihe last few days.
Tho Sentinel has published a Daily during the Kamloops Fair, but
the ijt.ii hac uot vet seen a copv  ef
it.    ���
' A large number of fish poles are
brought into requisition these days
by aspiring young nimrods, but very
lew fish are secured. Its tall fun nil
ihe cam.\
Tlie well nt Duck's Station is not
lbe success that has been claimed for
it, Tho vmler at no time came
nearer to '.he surface than sevenfoet,
and has since entirely receded,
A, McCleary's ferry at Sprout's'
Landing has been doing a rushing
business sipce tus steamer stopped
running to Little Dalles, everything
baring to go to Trail Creik by trail,
MoClenry deserves his good luck,
John Valentine, whose numo Las
often appeared in the Star in con
neclion with the Shingle Mill which
ho built nnd sold to Messrs. Steen A
Robinson, has secured a timber lira
it on Gr >eley Creek, about six miles
up the illoidllewaot, and will again
establish a Shiugh Mill, for   which
the water of the Creek will b��
ized ns the motive po vi r. He 'ia
umploying uii n to ��������� gin �� i..  i) ..
mill race i.r.d dam,
The brick-making b
r.e'.r,-! .- bus al last gi t into the
right bands. This does not 1
the pri 1 rial i ��� ol Ihe bn i 1
to the forei m cl tho work. Mi', Jas.
Dagg, formerly of London, Ontario
He was placed in ihargo-of the yards
the hiiterV'irt of the 111 liner, 1 I
has brought out a very superior
brick, lie hi' jfl 1 fin 'lied bn ning
the last kiln of 100,000and !, willing
to wager 6100 thai ho can select 80,-
000 from the lot that cannot be beaten
at any place between Toronto and
Vat comer. Thi i is not more bluff,
for we have soon the brick, and be-
believe they will bear cut nil that is
Bnid ii, ti, |r fttvbr, Mr. Dagg has
bad much experience in varlotiea of
clay, and pioiiounccH this bed equal
to any other he has known, for Hoy
purposes wbieh require a ��uperlo(
nnnlily of flny. Tho claim which
tho Staii has liprotofore mado Ihal
Rovel.itolie should furnish Brilish
Coluinbiiiiiiid the tenlloriCi wi;h Iirst
class brick, and especially the tin:.''
lualilics, will yet hceomo'n (act,
Judge Tunstall returned this corn
iug from the   Kamloops   Fair. ' Ho
The Stenmrr Lytton went through
to  tho  Little  Dalles, 'Starting on
pronounces it tbe greatest ojjecess' Thursday morning, Mr. Mara wired
that bus been achieved in interior B. j Mr, Cm-bin, Brest, of the Spokane k
Tho last news from J. M, Kellie
was that ho and Lob Kirk wood had
taken a boat, and gnue north from
Hot Springs to prospect the upper
cud of the Lake.
Judge Tunstall returned from Nelson on'Wednesday, and th* Bnma
evening wont on to Kamloops, where
ho will bo in attendance on the Fair,
which is boiug held on the 'Jth, 10th
and llth of October.
Thomas Righton, partner in the
firm of O. it. Allen k Co,, was suddenly al tacked on Wednesday by au
old coir plaint from which Lo Lad
boen free for several years, but he
has recovered and is attending lo
b;.jinoss again.
Tlio express due Friday evening
for the west, is reported twenty hours
late, caused by nn accident Thursday
eveniug at Poplar Point, tbo engine
striking a cow on the track, No one
was seriously hurt. Earl Abeulcen
Was on the Irniu.
Tho services lo be held by Mr, Sinclair tomorrow evening will bo tbe
last he will take part in before leaving for Kingston, where he goes to
continue the course of study whioh
it is his intention to complete in
preparation for the ministry.
The Revelstoke Snnday School has
now n very fine library of 201 volumes, interesting to children and
even to older people. They were obtained by contribution and purchase
mainly we understand through tbe
efforts of Mr. Sinclair.
Mrs. Allen, wife of Alderman
Allen of Toronto has visited her soil,
O. IT. Alb n, of this place. She accompanied Mrs. O. IL Allen and
children from the east and hai now
gono on to Portland to visit other
friends before returning to Toronto,
Mrs. Richardson, of Illecillewaet,
has spent several days with Ler
daughter, Mrs, Nidlis; at the Victoria Hotel returning homo Wednesday morning, Her husband, Thomas
Richardson, is proprietor of the well
known Maple Leaf Hotel, at Illecib
Tho Agent of the steamboat Com- j
pony, Mr. Christie, has received a |
telegram from Purser McMorris this j
morning staling that thu steamer Lvt-
ton had  air; ,'ed safely at Little Dulles on Friday morning at 10:30, She
is not cxpectod to return before Sunday morning.
Messrs, 'I II. Allen k Co., have
placed in the hotels here their fine
brewings of ale, eto, They are also
making some lighter qualities of
gi ods, which are likely to please the
public taste, Theyappear to bein N>ar Ly a little bear called "John-
the field for a long cared in llioirj ny" lives in a hut;
special line ol business. n���>s |ogt h.-8 crony,   Poor Jack was
The Coenr D'Alene Miner, which        black but Johnny's brown.
was wiped cut as a tt'eekly pa| er by Jack slipped bis collar o'er bin crown
the  great  tire  ut  Wallace, Idaho,   Four days ago, and when they'sought
ji I '   !.. ;������ .,- . ���- n f... :. to fix it on again, he fought and
Daily, judging from the r-i lling : tried to bite,
publican canvass it baa carried on  And with a rush-he hied oil to the
for that | neighboring bush.
.':.��� ������.-', q ha  jnst been held with   Rather than lose so tine a coat, bis
Northern, of bis intention to mtke
flie trip, If it meets with success,
the 'steamer wil probably continue lo
run to the Dalles, as long as the wa-
Mr will permit.
Some one has blundered in mal"
ing a change iu tbo time of carrying
the mails from jelsoh to Sproat.' It
is nr;w Saturday morning, and no
mail has bein received from Nelson
this week. If it had been sent out
on Monday, it would have reached
Revelstoke by boat on M'ednesday,
The artioles recently published in
the Stah entitled "A Picture of
Mountain Scenery" and "The Beauties of Banff" wero copied from the
Chicago Tribune, and wore wr-'tten
by Carter Harrison, ex-mayor of
Chicago, Who revisited theso scenes
in Aiigtjiit'o'n hip return from Alaska.
.   . i .'
Mr. J. IV'. Haskins has gone back
to the Lardeau and it would not '(Surprise ns if Le should discover a pass
connecting St, Mary's River with a
tributary of Duncan River, which
could bo utilised as a route for the
railroad to bo built westward from
Crow'3 Nest Pass, If he should
find one, it would bo a graceful
thing to name it "Haskins' Pass,"
recognizing bis services, the same as
"Rogers Puss" bearing the name of
its discoverer.
Government Engineer, F. O- Gamble, has returned from his examination of the river, and spent several
days here making arrangements for
prosecuting-the river improvements.
Ho has begun the construotion of two
scows to be U6ed iu tho removal of
tho rocks from Kootei ay Rapi.ls.
They aro to be 12x30 feet each. E.
Fletcher has charge of tho work, and
they will be finished in about two
weeks, as 6oen as tho work of blasting can be successfully done. The
powder and fuse are already on hand.
Tho steamer Dispatch' will continue
work on tho wing dams, a few miles
below Revelrtoke. until alio is wanted to assist in taking ont'lha obstructions lit the Kootenay Rapidc,
Glacier House.
Small minor evonts around the
Glacier House have somewhat marred tli,) serenity surrounding that
hostelry during the past week, oue
of which is tlio untimely fate of
" Jack," the black bear. A gentle-
man staying over wrote the following
ou his denize :
Going East.
"No'. 2'
13:00 Leave Vancouver
13:10 '   ": WestnUbstbr "
15:10 Agiissizl''
18:52 North Bend
23:20 bpenco's Bridge
1:84 Ashcroft
4:08 Kamloops
7: r��7 Sicamous
iO:is mtmii
11:48 llleoillewaet
12:45 Arrive    Glacier
15:20 Donnld    Depart
Going West
Arrive 14:25
The steamer Lytton, of tho C. k K.
S. Iv, Co,', leaves Rovelstoko for Littlo
DnlW, Washington', 'every Monday and
Thnrsejay, at 4 a. m., connecting with
trains' for Spokane Falls. ��� Returning,
lea,os Littlo i'hVca eyetf Tuesday and
Friday, stappijigaf 8'prial, ea'cji why, "'
Tho steamer Duchess leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
nud returning arrives at 'Golden at 4 p,
m, on Wednesday. " ' ''
Steamboats leave Sicamquj, fer Enderby Tuesday, Thursday and 'g;:.ti*duy,
and return Monday, Wednesday and" Tri-
dav ���"  ��� ���
l'nek trains from Revelstuk6 for Big
Bend iii) the'Colunlbia,"'      '
Notice is hereby given that sixty (00)
days after dato I intend to apply to tho
Cliief Commissioner of Lands and WorKs
for permission to lease tho following described tract of land, for luraboring purposes ' '
Coni meuciug at a point two niilon up
the Salmon lover from Bolder CreeK,'aiii'l'
half a mile'West 'of the Salmon River,
running S. W, one mija, thence S, E. one
and one-half mile, thenoe' north two" atid
ono-half miles, thenee S. Wi three-fourths
of a milo to starting point, containing
about 1000 acres.    ' '"'"111
W. 1'. SAY WARD;
success foi ,'     -    .
Mr. V.. . Kootenai
m with
it i tends
fonnd thai
..'   ���
, er took a gun and shot poor
".., , e gory skin now dries  before
: .1   .  ' '.    lorrowfng eyes,
And tender chops hav��i   graced   Ihe
' thia hotel, and Jack's
ri 1
Not by       " ," : , who lite tho steak
ign vl thai toi   tha   '.������
Sittings of tho County Court ot Kootenay will beheld, /
At Farwell, ou Wednesdav, 30th July,
At Donnld, on Friday, 1st Aug., 1S00.
At Nelson.'oii Friday, 22nd Aug., 1890.
At Furwel.', on Monday, 3rd November, 18Q0,.   - ��� :''
At Donald, on \\oduosi\:iy, 5th November, 1890.
At Nelson, on Thursday, 13th November, 1890.
By Command,
��� Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,    '   ���
10th July, 1890,   ' [ '       515t
t a
.       , [Jul bi the Beeper who W'liiM pluy,
wiih .luck, ilii live lot g day,
il ��Rh bi   pack   \ ,i ,,. ,, ,  ,., |ftte ,,,,������,, j0imny,
��� i,', from   R id   last     onikj
.    .      , id   '���''-1 ll
g on '���",  .' n:    li        ���  l.'i-i
' .rn.'    Thi i Co.'a tfini <���; in in
about 1000 feet, in easier
work than wlml they have tatelj
ig in. No news from I rench
Creek, as Lalorme did nol go beyi nil
Me(Jallocl), being anxious to make
!;,,;e for two more tripstbis fall,
About 5 a. a lasl Bnn I ij morning
thn watchman on t! e itoamer K ote
nai disCOi i-ic'l fire in Ihe nMii,; ! "
,,.';  , ol Sum Noedham, v hicli ha I
g it such a start that it, Boulil not be
checkeii    it ma  unoccupied, and
was undoubtedly set on Hre by acci
Who's h It forlorn  without his |
," '.iv, Agnes I ie ia, poor
Jack,   rt-qnieacal in pace1
Mr  I bom as  Pirie baa returned
fi'iiii a well deserved holiday,   He is
..    ' ed with ins trip to th* coast,
Mi. I'.. II. Giii.rod, telegraph in-
pector, ia iround again after a I mii
.  ;       .,,ii preparing for
future m,  ', !l les,
'II,,' Br t. .-now ',' Iho ai aaon wan
ii ,.,, on lie grouii I SnM I .y morning,
Mr,   W,  I'.  Shannon, jnd II. K
Forator, hive  relnrnad  from  their
Cariboo"  hunt, aonth of i.niHn
All Mining ChdniH, other than Mineral
Locations, legally held in this Distli.et,
under the Mineral ActjlHHlimd Anierid-
iiiclits, may be laid over from 15th day of
(letolii'i-till the 1st day of June next,
i-.il, Biibleot to the provisions ot the said
,\ei and Araendmontei -��� ������
,il ' A. I'. OUMApa
Gold CoinmisHlonor.
Donald, East Kootenay,
Septe'mbor 29th, 1890,
Jenl ur design,   There were trampa  , llk|1| |i;lMli��� met Vl!ll w Ul\ ,pDrt,
in town a. fhe lima and if not pur
possly n;'-, the fire mirat have been
a, ii e; bylbe oareli ������������ ii o i| matches.
Di vi io .e" ,'ida will bo ci nducted
in lbe 'Chnrch on' Sunday (lo mor-
i ov Bvanlng, at 7:30, by J, A sit.
i full-. I'resbylei'laii Missionary,
M md Mrs. W. P, Shannon, left
today for < algary, enronto to Now
I'uili, having spent four weeks
around hero,
Mr, and Mm II, A, Porley have
i��iiii'in"l lo rub;irv for Ihe wu.ler.i
Nut ice is hereby given that nil alluvial
claims legally held In the:'West Kootenay
Distriot, will bo laid over fr nn the 1st of
Ootobor to tho ''it day of Jilfioensuing,
20 Gold Commissioner,
Roveletoko, Soptomber 20th,"I890,
Notieo is hereby given that the Revel,-
Btiiko Miuing Company Ihih fyled Ihe
iioci isaury papers, nnd made application
for a Grown Grant in favor of the mineral claim known aa tbe " Number Ono,
situated at the lint Springe, Kootenay
Ao. m claimants, if any, are requested i" forward thoir objpotiona to. mo .with
in   tiy days from dntg of publication.
(!. ('. iTNSTALL,
88 li'olil Coiu'r,
Rovdatoie, Oct, 8lh, 18'JO,
W. A.Jowett. T.L. Haio,
Notary Piibw
Conveyances, Agreenionts, Bills of Salo,
Mining Bonds, etc., drawn np; Bunts
and Accounts Collected'; Min-
���   ing   Claims   Bought  and
cold; Assessment wo)k
:"'ou Sliniim: Claims '
' ' Atteudod toj
Patents  Applied   for,   Etc.,  Etc, Eto.
Lots en Townsito of Rovelstoko for Salo
��� anoV Wanted',    Agents for Mining
Mnohinery, Etc,
IIEVELSTOKE   -   '-    -   -   -   B. C.
0, J. Branch
��� * '     -   ���   . ,'
Brick and Stone Mason, Plasterer
und   hTitlsominor,   All  work  dono
promptly and to Batisluotion.   Con
tract work go'ljoited. ' 35
GOLDEN - - - B-G.
Minine; Broker, (lommis'iior) A^t.
Notary Public, ko. k<:
In Stock.���Mining Powders, i'uso atii]
Cups, Miner's Tools, Steal and C.i.np
Outfits. 3tf
CRtntVL iior^i"
Corner h'xfit end Hnuson Sts.
First class iu every respect; Nearest
hqjcl'jq L l.'"K depot'anl stoimbia
landing, botwoou post' ouToe* mil g')-/,'
buildings. Coach to and'frodi il/jpottf
and steamboat. Eire, proof E^'fiM tli^
aooommodation of its customers.
P. McCarthy    ....    Pboe
',-     t l - V.
First oluss Tomperanao Houss,
UOAr.n    AND    L0O3ING,  S")   PER   Wi::::,-.
MEAXS, 25o.
IlKIH  1 > '
This hotel is situated convenient to tha
station, isr comfortably fiiruishod aau
affords Iirst chitw iiccoiiiino.l.iCio.'i.
I'i'l'.lCTI.V   l'ltts'l'-U ASS.
HEVEL8TOK-:      -      -       cl.C
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. llelori.i'lo,
Boom:; vyell aiteiidud; tubl g nncx.
eollciT. "Which und liqiiiirs ^u.ii'.iu.
toed of a hiiili ipiiiiiiy. i'ii.' in"
Hiiinplo i'coin. Tulupliciio O'Xii.ntiii
ctition with (J. I', li, 'depot, I'ii'
prooj vault I'or sho puiivVnienau I'
iiicsts.   Huns ir.euT.a all 'truing,
riUSSIBST RATE3    -    -    -   Sl i'ii i ,')l\
���THU -
The largest and mont central Hotel in
tho city ; good noooininodation ; everything new ; tiiiilo well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attnohed ; llro proof safe,  '
Stockholm House
. ,  ., i    t    i
The dining room is furnished  with tb��
best tho market affords,
The bur is supplied with a choice slock
of Wines, liquors and cigars,
Jas, Liberty.,


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