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The Kootenay Star Feb 7, 1891

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Array m. \m     l��l ii ii
-4s\ fa
/li 1111
I 'i 1      .'    Vj      RI     , M
iiany OK Canada.
No. 33.
Notieo is hereby given that Applica
tion will bo mode to the Parliament of
Canada, ui ite noil session, for an Aet to
incorporate' tho International Railway
nud Steamboat Company of Canada, to
construct a railway : Commenoing nt a
point on the 49th parallel of north latitude, where the Koolenay Kiver flows
All Mining Claims, other than Mineral
Locations, legally hehi in this District,
under tho Mineral Act, 1884 and Amend-
111011!::, may be laid over from 15th dav of
north into British  Cobrn:liii,;  thence j 9.ci';,M-'r .,i.!1 ,,;0 ]<& day of June next,
northerly along the valley of that river
and of Kootenny Lai{o, to tbe north mid
of the said I .ake; thence westerly through
the Lardo Pass ; thenco northerly along
tho vnlloys of tbo Colnmbiu lliver ti) tho
Roat Encampment; the I'nnoe- lliver ic
iho Tele Jaime (Incho; the Prnser Rivor
to ils northerly bend, and thenee by tho
moot feasible route to Lake Francis ; nnd
thence to und along the valley of tho
Polly or Yukon River, to the eastern
1 oundnry of Alaska: With power to
build branches; also to own, construct,
charier and navigate steamboats and other vessels, ou all navigable waters with
which railway connection may bo mado ;
nnd to construct, own, lease and use
docks, warehouses, grain elevators and
oilier wonts for facilitating transportation upon said waters.
62 Solicitors for Applicants,
:   Ottawa, 12th December, 1800.
Notice is hereby given that nn application will be made t'o the Legislature of tbe
Province of British Columbia, at its next
session, for an act to incorporate a company for the p.irppso of construct ing,
equipping and operating a tramway or
railway between the navigable waters of
tho Columbia lliver aud the Kootenay
llivor, or betw.epn two Or more navigable
portions of thottoiumbm River between
Golden ami the headwaters of said
lust named river, nud between said lust
named river andGolden, and for tlio purpose ot owning, cou'trolliijg tiiul i}aviga-
ting steam or other vessels ou the Columbia liiver.nnd the coustruolion,Cquipping
nnd operating telegraph or telephone
lines between Golden nnd Iks Kootenay
River, with power 10 build, equip and
operate tramways or aerial ways to any
11 ino or mines in. the vicinity of the Coluin'
bia River, wiih power to said company to
acquire lands, land gianta, and bonuses
in aid thereof, tiud to make traffic and
othor arrangements with other companies
iu connection wilb said works or any of
them, aud for all other usual aud nooesary
powers, rights and privileges,
53 Solicitors for Applicanto,
Victoria, 17ih December, 1800.
1891, subject to the provisions of the snid
Act and Amendments.
31. A. P. CUMMINS,
Gold Commissioner,
Donald, East Kootenay,
September *kb, 1880,
Q- P- s $sisa tA%m
Going East,
ng West.
No. 2
No. 1
13:00 Leavo
Vancouver  Arrive 11:25
North Rend
bpenco's Bridge
12:45 Arrive    Glacier
Donald    Depart   11:15
CI]e kootenay Star
-:-:'^ HW,'&
Notice is hereby given that Application will lie made to the Parliament of
Canada at its next session, for an Act to
incorporate the Northern Transcontinental Railway Couipany of Canada, to construct a railway ; Commencing at Prince
' Albert ou the North Saskatchewan lliver, thenco westerly to tho west eud of
Lake Athabasca; thenco northerly and
westorly along the Great Slave River and
Lake, to the point whero the ftlupkenzie
River tlows from Croat Slave Lake ;
theuce along tho valley of the Mackenzie
River to its junction with tho Riviere mix
Liurds; thence along the valley of the
luttor river to Pease River and Lane, uud
t.houeo by the valleys of the Tunzilla and
StiKene Rivera and to the easterly boundary of Allium, wilb power to shorten
the main lino wherever passes may be
found, nnd lo build branch lines ; also to
own, const met, charter and navigate
steamboats add other vessels ou nil navigable waters with, which railway connection may be made; and to construct-
own, lease and use dooKE, warehouses,
gruiu elevators, and other worr-:o for fa,
cilituliug transportation upon said waters. GEMMILL & MAY,
61 Solicitors for Applicants,
Ottawa, 12l.!i December, 1800
Rbvence Tax.
Pubjio noiice ia hereby eiven that Assessment and Provincial Revenue Taxes
for the year 1891, for the Past Kooteriiy
Assessment District, are now due ami
payable at my office, ut Donald, ut Ike
follcwing rates.
Real Property Tax, if paid on or before the 30th of June next, V, ot one
per cent.; if paid on or after tne lot ef
July next, '/, of cue per oent.
Personal Property Tax, if paid on or
before tbe 30th of June next, ;,' of one
per cent. ; if paid ou or after the lst of
July uext, ]', of one per cent.
Income Tax, if paid on or beforo tbe
30th of June next, )'. of ono per cent. ;
if paid on or after the lst of July next,
,J4 of oue per cent.
Wild Land Tax, if paid on or before
the 30th of June next, iy cents per
acre ; if paid ou or after the lit of July
next, Sy cents per acre.
Provincial Revenue Tax, S3.00 per
capita. 60
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B. 0., Jan, 2nd, 1891,
Notieo is hereby givon that application will be made to the Legislature of
British Columbia, at its next session, for
a private bill 'to jniorporatoa company
for the purpose of constructing und
maintaining a railway from someoonven-
iont point on (lie outlet of Kootenay
Lulu) lou point on or near ihe ob'utkern
boundary of Hie Province, wiih pow'ertc
couslruc'l und maintain branch lime; and  __
rIbo lo construct and operate .olograph   Que imlf of ono por cen
and I elepl nun lines i.i couueolion wiih'
tho said railway.
:     BODWELL k iilYINt.,
(55 Solicitors for tho Applicants,
1 Victoria, 11, C��� Docetnber 12th, 18OH
Assessment Ait a>:u Pr.OTiNcui,
Revei.tr Tax,
Notice is hereby given, in accordance
with the Statute's, that Provincial Revenue Tax aud all Tuxes levied under tbe
Assessment Act are now due for th, year
1801, ill of the ubove named tuxes,
collectible within tbe Retelstoke Division of the District of Wont Kootonay,
are payable at my office.
Assessed taxes are collectible at tho
following rabaS:
If paid on or before Juno 30th, 1891:
Provincial Revenue, ��3,00 per capita,
One half of one per cent on Real Property.
Seven and ono half cents per acre on
Wild Land.
One third of one per cent on Persenal
One half c( one per cent on Income.
If paid afjer June80th, 1801:
Two thirds of  oue por cent on Real
Eighl and ono half cents per acre on
Wild I.,.lie
 ^_^_ on Persona
Three fourths of one per cent mi In
The dissolution of tho Dominv
ion parliament, though no unox-.
peotod is somewhat of a surprise.
Apparently thero was no immediate call lor tbo nctioD, save probably that tho government look
upon tho prosoot time as opportune lor them to Beouro another
lease of life, Perhaps thier
elnuicce for re-election are boiler
now limn tbey might be if ihe
McGrevy Bcandal wero thoroughly ventilated, au-i better than
they might bo if the Equal
Rights party and tho Liberals
wero given moro timo to get
their force*, iu shape���that they
might settle Op some dclinite
policy other than "a^ia the gova
eminent." Tho buttle must be
short and probably will bo a
spirited one, .Men will be rc->
quired lo think and act quickly,
a;id thus old parly iines may bu
broken to somo extent, and with
effect ."ol harmful fo the country.
It would appear ne il the government hud decided lo talco to
itself a pact ot' the reciprocity
doctrines upheld by the Liberals,
I so far us nuturaj products' aro
I concerned, audit k announced
ihal with Ibis ol jecL in view important negotiations, th? preliminary stops ofjwliich havo already
i beeu takon, are about to bo con*
j ducted between Great Britain
and the United Staiei, lor the
extctition of trade between the
States and Canada, anl it is also
asserted that Canadian statesmen
will bo entriister with llio curry-,
ing on of ilicso negotiations.
Further light on this subject is
is promised, uud will bo eagerly
awaited. J.11 the meantime it is
importunt that the cloeiois of
British Columbia should look
iibout (hem for men, upon whom
they can depend to look after
I tho best interests of the country,
and this part of it particularly.
Men who know the country's
needs and who will be capable
and (earless to make thorn known
and onergi'lio in having them
carried out. Nominations take
pluco on the 26th and it bouomos
every voter to consider well tho
questions which conic before him,
and act according to his convictions. The exerci.-o ol his frail-
ohiso i3 a duly which ho owes
to liimsolf and his country, aud
every man who has a volo should
on the 5th of .March record it
where it will do tho most good
regardless of party.
come.        T. J. LENDRDM,
i9 ('..1 looter
Revelstoke, B C , Jan, 2ad, 1891,
A ;.i.\i.T;:it which is of considerable importance to llio people
of Kootonny district has boen
brought beforo tho local houso
by Mr, Ivollie, member for Wesl
Kootenay, On Mr. Kellio's
motion a coniniilto composed of
tho mover und Mctsis Baker,
Booth, Hunter and Brown, was
appointed to examine tho lease
mado by tho chief commissioner
of lands and works in 1880 with
Mr, W, A. Riiillic-drolimnn "aud
others, relative to tho reclamation and oolouisalion of oortain
lands in Koolonay, and to ascertain whether tho condition of
said lease bug been fully curried
out i'ii the pint of tbo Kootenay
syndicate ami W, A. liuillit"-
ijioliiiiiin. Tho committor) has
power lo si ml for papors and
documents concerning the reclamation sohomo, und will report to the house when tbey find
out how matters otund,
The bill introduced in the local
house by 11 m. Robert Heaven,
to protect newspaper publishers
against unwarrantable prosecii.
tion iii oases of li bul was voted
down by 23 to .). The legislators
aro evidently of tho opinion that
the press ueods no farther pro-.
Icelitm than it enjoys ul present.
Accoi'dii'.g tq the records pf the
pasl lew years it would appear
us thut Pi'itibii Coiitinl ill's libel
laws arc sadly in need of revising.
A number of enorgotio Allien-
aim will mnko application to parliament to incorporate a company
lor tho purpose ot constructing
an irrigation caput in llio terrU
tory. If a system oi irrigation
can bo successfully carried on
through tho dry portion of
Alberta, it will undoubtedly
prove of great value to the
country. A work of llio same
nature might bo tried in iho dry
purls of British Columbia.
9ettlcr�� [ndifl^e In a Social
Hud I'liitcrttiiiimciit.
On tho 30th ult. the settlers iu ami
around Salmon Arm who attond
service in tho school house there,
hold their anuiiul social in the "Parsonage," and school houso. There
were about forty present and thty
bad a spleudid time. A contingent
from Revelstoke, Misses Hume and
Irvine, and Messrs. Rarb'.r Lee and
Bradford, were met at the station by
Obcdiah Kidd, who drove them to
the "Parsonage" whero the oyster
supper was in progress. It was a
regular old time tea meeting- ia addition to the oyster supper. When
tho bivalves, three-story cakes,
sandwiches, tarts, pie3 and "pound
cake" and pep corn, had boen dis--
po3odof,nn adjournment was made
to the school house, whero tho musical and literary part of tho programme was served, Mr, Shaw, sr.,
was elected chairman, anl filled tho
position very acceptably, Tho
quartette choir of the Salmon Arm
congregation composed of Messrs.
and Mesdames tiluxw, gave the Iirst
musbnl number on tho programme,
"Rock ol Ages" in a maunor which
would do credit to a city choir, aud
also sung several other anthems during the evening, The mayor of
fcalmou Arm contributed an instrumental solo, and won high encomiums, Mis) Goderioh was im-
menoe in a recitation and also won
warm praises, Mr. Bradford and
Mr. Langley excelled in speeches
while Messrs. Paul, Lee and Harbor
contributed Bongs, the two lust nion-
tioued tiding a duet as well as solos.
Rev. Messrs Mordcu and Turner
gavo interesting uddresses, referring
especially to "hop cullure," the
last speaker concluding his remark.)
shortly afler midnight,   Tho email
hours of the morning wero spent by
Messrs. Leo and Turner iu talking
over uncial problems, but they
readied the station In time to catch
tbo train on the morning. The visitors from Revelstoko speak highly
of Iho hospitably uocordod them by
tho people of the Arm.
Sentenced for laifoa
The trial of Whelan for tho murder of D. P. Peo was concluded at
Victoria on Saturday, before Chief
Justico Begbie. Tho jury retired at
3 o'clock, and a few minutes before
midnight returned with a verdict ol
"murder unpremeditated,1' which
his lordship refused to receive, saying it was no verdict at all, The
jury retired again, and, alter a lew
tiiiuiitus, brought in a verdict of
iiiiii'slaugter, Tho court deferred
sentence until Monday whuu tho
chief justice imposed the highest
BBiitenoo within his power -im-
priaoument for life, lu passing
Benleuoe Chief JubI;oo Begbie said
that every fact in the easo pointed to
a deliberate and cromoditatod in ardor
Fine wc lied.
On the 2i(b nit. a farewell social
was givon iu the Prcsbjteriau church
P.egimi to honor two yonng men who
have Binoe then loft the capital
of tho territories for oilier fields,
Ono of theso young gentlemen wa)
Mr. Hugh Robson, son of Mr. J.
Robson of Revelstoke, who is well
known in town. In referring to tha
event tho Standard says: "Mr.
Hugh Robson, a promising young
man who has been studying law iu
Iho office of Messrs. Scott & Hamilton, and is going to Winnipeg to
take n course iu Manitoba College,
was next called to Iho front and
presented with an address, and a
well tilled puraa from tho citizens.
Mr, Robson though somewhat perplexed at first, soon reeovewu tho
equanimity peculiar to his profession
and delivered un excelleul reply,
after which all sat down to refreshment provided and dispensed by tho
ladies. Mr. Carmichael gave an excellent closing address referring in
highly complimentary terms to tbo '
two gentlemen taking [their departure,
Execution of Eyraud.
Paris, Feb, 8,-Miohael Eyraud,
tho Blrangler, who in July, 1889,
murdered Notary Gouffo in Paw.,
was executed by tho guillotine this'
morning, Tho orimo for which he
suffered death consisted in his having
in Paris, with tho assisLaeecf hi.
mistress, Gubriello Bompard,
strangled to death Notary Joussant
Gonffe. After committing tbe crime
the body of the victim was conveyed
in a trunk to the Milees Railway, in
tbo department oi the Rhino, "and
deposited in a thicket, where, on
August 13th, it was discovered iu a
state of decomposition. In thu
January following, Gabriel Bompard
made a confession to tho Parisian
police, which led to her atrest and
imprisonment, and finally, after ��
most exciting chase, to ihe capture
of straugler Eyraud iu Havana. Ho
was brought back to Paris for trial.
The most remarkable fouturo iu the'
sensational legal proceedings which
culminated in the sentencing to
death of Eyraud, and to 20 years'
imprisonment at hard labor of Ga-
hrielle, was the unsuccessful attempt
of counsel for the Bompard woman
to prove that iu the murder she acted
hor part while undo: the control of
hypnotic influence exercised by
Michael Eyraud,
Obi tun ry,
Many of our renders will regret
to hear of the death of Mr. George
Herb, secretary of the Columbia
Wining Company, of Ainsworth
which sad event occurred at bis
former homo, Medical Lake, Wash
on January 7th. The deceased, was'
Jiguly respected throughout tbe
district, especially in the lake
country where he was well Sn0��n
He was s man oi considerable ability'
onorgetio and enterprising ��nj il
bis death the community l0968 0
Bood citizen, whose place R will be
difficult to All, He leaves a sorrow!
ing wifo to mourn bis death.
The Alaska salmon cannors pre-
pose to form a combine.
"eveuteonn.cn were drowned in ��
coalmine at Jeansville, P8.  A hola
��� drilled into ���� old stopoholc
with water, and rushed in upou the
men so rapidly that they bad no
chiutoo of tacni o.
A little before noon Wednesday
be sleeping oar on the through wos
bound express on the Canadian P8-
cine was thrown from the track bra
broken axle in the forward truck
about 100 feet eKt of a trestle brS
tearing up tbo ties, ������,, ffa, {*
precipitated over the side and fell
"0 or (10 feet to tbo ground, Th '
were eleven passengers in the oW.
"early nil of whom were mo e
oi'lessinjured, but only f0Ur80ri.
owl/. 'Soma of the sleepiag c r
Nsengorswero fortunately | tb���
<'"Wn,t ,ke too and escape
uninjured. '   ��� i
Cf]e kootenay Star
A four page twenty-column nows
paper, is issued from the office of
pubjieatioii, Revelstoke, B. C,
Subscription price ?2 per year
Rates pf adyertiKJng giycn or
Publisher and Proprietor
CUjUiintjs from All Over the
Indications point to very pro-
noui. ��d Socialistic agitations
throughout Europe in the Spring,
Owing to the destitution that prevails ampng tu* po*r at Ottawa, it
has been found necessary to opeu a
ire* loup kitchen there.
The Union Ice Company, of Ta-
coma, Wash, with factories, at Portland, Seattle and Whatcom, has
decided to establish a branph fnotqry
at Victoria.
Tjie .uaaagers oi the World's Fair
to be held at Chicago, have decided
to erect a woman's building to c��st
$200,000. Women's work, not only
wemen, will be exhibited in the
An athletio cxbibition wbic! was
to hava bean given at Westmi istsr
Saturday night, was indefinitely
postponed, owing to a dttnand for a
���50 licenne. Buck exhibitions are
considered demoralising io the
Boyal city.
lib* opponents of Gladstone] of
late have been prophesying his
retirement from the political arena.
The G. O. M. has no intention of
withdrawing from public life. He
feels hurt' v ibe report* oiroulijted,
but refutes to speak concerning
aJonu L, Snllivan evened a panic
amo .; hi* theatrical oompany tbe
othtx day near Harvard while drank.
He insulted one of  th* actrtsets,
rabela put in a ooauter demand cf
th* unconditional resignation of the
Hon, Edw��rd Dewdney has iesujd
a proclamation forbidding any person selling or giving ball ammunition to Indians in Manitoba or the
A new railroad project is that of
the Golden and East Columbia Co.,
to build from tbe international
boundory at tbe intersection of tbe
Upper Kootesay Riy��r, thence, to
Goldju City,
A syndicate of Vancouver capitalists bav* bought Captain Power's
properly on the north sido of lh*
inlet from the city, embracing twelve
hundred and seventy-nine acres, for
$160,000. A now town is to be
started, to bo named North Vancouver.
At Kingston Oct.. last week a
band of masked men visited lbe
hotel kept by Mrs. Pboobe Jones ad-
miujsterjij with a cow's tail a dose
of tar to her person, and that of
John Staunton, who boarded at the
horel, The affair trill be investigated.
A revolution is" threatened in
Portugal. Three iufantry regiments
have revolted at Oporto, and a tight
between insurgents and Government
troops resulted in about 20 killed on
���ach side. Though worsted tho revo-
olutionista ba��o declared their purpose to proclaim and establish a republic.
In the supreme court at Washington on Monday Chief Juptice Fullor
annauueed that the court had decided to grant the British Government Rate to tile an application for
a writ of prohibition in the.'Eehring
Sea matter, A rule directing the
District Court of Alaska to show
cause why Iho writ should not be
issued was made returnable on the
second Mends/ in April.
Russia is fortifying the frontior
over against Germany, and has lately
increased tha garrison* in that
quarter. This is done, it is claimed,
iu the interests of peace. Each
frontier, that of Austria and that of
Gerranny, is now guarded on the
Russian side by n foroe of 28 regiments and four battalions, while an
ulditionol force  of   400,000   men
thrashed * man who prutciUd agamat j oould be thrown iuto Austria, Poland
hi) oonduct, and when the train
stopped drove all the passengers and
trajunpi from, cI-* .depst platform
or Selitia, from Russia within ten
days, iloumnnia on tbo other band,
hn* erected fortifications on the Rus-
He ww finally eoar.ed into a prirof(ej siau frostier that riral anything of
oar and thero looked up until he j tbe kind in ceatrnl or southern
tobered off. | Europe,  and it is estimated these
Much intent, is manifested in de'*?M��w?M successfully resist the
European medical circles in regard ;ftlUc*oI 600,000 Russians,
tothebj��t'�� tdcod cur* for tuber-, P.amorj are circulated in Polish!
cu.osis, advocated by Doetor* Barton cirulau to tbe effeot that tho Russian
and Pice, of tho Nantes faoulty. Nihilists are preparing for another
The*��,|ilyotors it will be remembered political assassination. It is said
recently injected fifteen grammes of that March 19th, the anniversary of
goal's blood into tw# putionts, and the kiiiing of Alexander, is th* date
that cure* cau be brought agreed upon for tbe attempt. The
such injections method to be adopted by the Nihil-
' ieta in tbe effort to accomplish their
purpor* will, it is asserted, be simi-
niaert ^^^^^^
about by renewing
���very ten days.
Sir Cbas Dilke is spoken of as tho
poss.tie BUOOajsapj, of Cbas. Brad-
i'.ii'.-ai 8 ��*��:. Dilke has of late bee,
coming back iuto public life, and
bis i-eeoption bat; indicated that bi)
partizans are willilg to forget tbe
Jolly that brought bim down, now
that he bat paid to decency tbe
tribute of temporary r V.rsnieot It
is not likely that Dilke will com*
forwaa'ii for a seat before next ��.ec-
Zanzibar advices state that peaco
bos bten declareil at the galea of
I,nun. Pardon it granted lo all ex
ctpt th* twelve rin^leador* in the
murder of th* Germans All the
stolen property that can oo rsi ovewd
it Ic oa restored; th.i family and
relative* of tbe late  sultan  place
in the army when the kaiser wrs
bprn. Apart from any differences
between, it is the policy of the emperor io nmova) old mon holding
eomirands of high military responsibility, and fill their places with
young men pf his own chojee.
About a werk ago a Mr. aud Mrs,
McLean arrived in Begins and proceeded to make arrangements to
open a boarding home. The opera-
lions were ended by the appearance
of a cpnslablo from Pis,- Creek, near
Smiths Fall's, Out,, who took the
pair east with hire on JButurday. It
is said th>;t McLean left.bis wife and
and tbo vii-.saau a husband in Out,,
It seems McLean's wife come time
ago gave him 81.400 to loavo her.
He went to board with Mr. and Mrs,
Arnold. Dining Arnold's absence
McLean an Mrs, Arnold told all the
avnilnblos and cum* west. The
constable's warrant accuses McLean
of theft, and tbe woman said she
would go with him uud see him
Recent 'Dispotehos British capitalists interested in Argentine finauces
are deeply stirred up over the report
that Iho bill to tax deposits in private
banks hai beceme law. This means
the suppression of private bauks at
Buenos Ayres ior the benefit of the
national banks. Tho private backs
have been used by foreigners generally as places places if deposit, as,
being considered beyond reach of
tho official strings and schemes by
which the national banks have been
plundered of their deposits in a way
that seems to eclipse any publio
robberies heretofore revealed in
other parts of the werld,. Foreign
capital in use iu Buenos Ayres will
now have to go into the national
banks or be withdrawn from bank
deposit altogether.
Tippoo Tib, tbe famf.ut, Arab chief
of Central Africa, has arrived ul
Zanzibar. He was met there by the
widow of Mr. Jameson, who is most
auiioiiH to clear her husband's memory from the horrible cannibal story
and who was introduced to Tippo
Tib by the Britith resident. The
groat chief received Mrs. Jamiesou
with evidence of sordini good will,
and declared himself willing to do
all he could to make the facts plain
to the world. Ee answered Mrs.
Jameson'a questions through an in\
torpreter, frankly and promptly.
Hia account of the tragedy and th*.
death of th* slave girl wus similiar
to that given by Jameson himself.
.Mrs. Jameson expressed an earnest
desire, to see ���tfhere.her husband ?..as
buried and Tippoo Tib gave ber safe
conduct that would nsiure htr
security on the jonrniy to her husband's grave from the Congo side,
An unprovoked slaughter, ot
negroes by a mobooonred nt Carbon
Hills, Alabama, coal mines in
Walker County, 40 miles west of
Birmingham. A mob. of white met;
surrounded a cabin where nine
negroes were sleeping and without
warniag' opened fire ^throi^h the
doors and windows. The negroes
in wild alarm at the first
a few moments all
lar  tbat reported  in  the  case  of
General  Siliverstoff,   the  Rnseian | ��Pr'll!g "P
polio* agent recently killed in Paris. | yM*y< but in
of there were lying on the floor dead
or wounded. Pour were killed out-
light ami tbe others wounded, three
of them fatally. As soon as their
bloody work was done the mob dis-
peimd,land so fur none of them have,
i teen arrested or identified. Thi
WmmmmmmmmmWK ['iue negrops had taken Iho placer, of
��� Advaces from Berlin state that the | ltriklBg,Wto men on the Carbon
Kaiser is at last about to act upon u m ���-������ ,,,���.��� ^ ^ ^^ ^
.���ng formed determination  to ii.sk. ; 8D(] wI|M lh, atrib W||  fMM th(j
'�� ;l.nnt'6 ir. hi   chief of staff. The.e ii     ,  ,���   i .,
company would not discharge them,
ere differences between the kaiser  ���,-,    ,r ��� , 1 ��� ���,
,,,���., Ibes'fair has caused Intense exoite
ted Ciuet \Viildcrseo at the dato of
Williams elevation to the (krone,
The Rtssisn police agents have been
instructed to eiercih* extraordinary
vigilance. Among those suspected
of participation iu the preparations
for tbe carrying ont, of the plot,
->re a number of Russian refugset
now living in Bulgaria.
and miiDly arose from tin- stiff
Military self opinion of the cjunt,
who bad refuted to unbend to his
,   , ' ��uu uau  minium   io   nuoe
themselves and th* Sollamto com-        .-. . _^_
vu '        ,      .   ���    ,    , ;y"Utli'ul��o?eriiigi,,  or te aoknowl-
idstiiy m 'he  hands of   England,        ,
1       '   ���        , ,   .,      10   him   any   valuable Capacity   as
tk.  fighting  it  tn cease  and th.I    mmmg^   ^      ^
aband.ned villages are to bt rt- ���,,���,,���, ,��� g,^ ^ J^ u
pceup^d.. | j.0 officiftl cnti(J o{ t)j| opsrations,
At Anoud tbe Chilian gtvernm. nl   pointed oat that his majesty weul I
thip*. with regular troops on board, j nav* ei|ios*d his cavalry to oom
lun.i at tue mines nnd moro trouble
ii ex|)ectod,
Tlio Kan 1'rancisuo Coaimorcial
News says; "Westward, tbe star of
Empire moves," in no longer correct.
It is northward. Han Francisco is
sow scarcely ie tbo race of progress
while in British Colombia and on
the Bound, the ars making n good
ei 'id to the enti-.-prisitig pilt^luS
of the great northwestern empire.
I ii" Dominion of Canada,  backod
Notice is hereby given that application will be made at the next session of the Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a company to construct,
equip, maintain and operate a tramway, to bo worked by steam", horse
or othor motive power from tbo "Silver
King Mine" on Toad M^nnjain,
Kootenay Disriot, to some point on
the Kootenny River, at or near Nelson
und for all the powers, rights and
privileges usual or necessary in such
uu undertaking, or iu constructing,
equipping, maintaining and pperaljng
a railway.
69.6 Agent for Applicants.
Notice is hereby given that Allan
O ranger has filed with me, applications for Crowu (Irants for bis mineral
locations situated on Jubilee Mountain in lbe District of East Kootenay
kuown ns the Horso .Shoe aud Dewy
Eve, Adverso applicants, if auy, are
required to send in their objections
tome withiu sixty days froiq this
Gov,  Agent,
66-8 East Kootonay, B, C.
Donald, January 15, 1891.
Notary Publio.
Notice is hereby givenjthit applir
cation will bo made to tho Legiela-t
tive  Assembly   of the Province of
British Columbia,, at its next session,
for an Aet to incorporate ti company
for  tho   purpose  of   oouetruoting,
maintaining, equipping ami operating telephone lines withiu the town-
site of Nelson and Sprout's Landing
and the district between said Towu-
sitos ;  and also within the Townsite
of Vernon and surrounding district,
56 Solioitors for Applicants,
Dated this let December, 1800.
Notice is hereby givon that James
Brady has rllod with mo an application for Crown Grunt for his miuoral
location situated about two miles,
west of tbo south end of Upper Columbia Lake iu East Kooteuay District kuown sb tbe Thunder Hill
mineral claim. Adverse applicants,
if any, lire required t�� send in their
objections to nie within spity days,
from the date hereof.
Qovt. Agent,
66-8 East Kootenay, B, O.
Donald, January 15,1891.
Notary Public,
Mining, Timber and Real  Estate Brokers and General
Commission Agents.
Conveyances, Agreynents, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up
Bonis and Accounts Co,llooted; Mining Claims Bought and sold; Asaee-
mout work on Miuing Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc., Etc,
Lots on Townsito of Kevolstoko for Sale aud Wuntod, Agents for Mining.
.Machinery, Etc,
Shot Guna
All kinds of Repairiajf d$$ in a wo.^ir.m^iko oijpner,
Riflos, Pistols, Ammunition 'ko., ko., for sale at lowost prices.
��F" Fine KiiUs Made to Order.
Coal, Hay and Corn.
Havo entire salo of the celoheated Canmore hard, lump and nut coal, suit-,
able  for boss-bnrners and other stoves.    OREAT HEATING
POWER.  MUCH CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered ai Revelstoke, any part of town, J'J.'JO;
Kamloops 89,90; Donald 88.50.    Special
' quotations ior car lots.   Coal stoves
sold atwholesale cost Hay, oats
and bran sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
at Kamloops and Donald.  Apply
li. J. Ill) W A VPS
ttONALD, B. C,
,   .".  , ��� ... ,     , ���,, i  , ,        ., -,...,," t by imperial  fuiuln ami   Dominion
hoisted British oolors, with a view pltte annihilation, had the warfare  tabiidies to Canadian overland rail-
of pooling the rebel fleet, The ��t rat-1 bene real  insiead of mimio.   The | roads, does all the American through
eg..''.,  was (liscovtred by the war kaiser aeoepted the rebuke, bnt did
�����ei")'li of   tha insurgonti   whioh not like it, and proposed soon after
atlao^ed thejjpsramentvessels,Jand warde te replace Count Wuhierson
aftir a brief engagagtment diiahled | with  Bomobody  else   who   would
them.  It is now announced that | appreciate the gioins of the kaiser
I'tfcidant Italmaceda in will ..ng to ho i thinks he in poessssed of.   1 hu em
press, lo whom Wuldcrsee is related,
BUtoiodid in porsutded the emperor
to ilitier iiclion, which he appears I"
hate (loini until now    Waldersee is
married to an Amsmcau lady, and
had already wou au honorable, rank
far reooguii* ,1m evolutionists ati, to
\a willing to op��n nsgotintioini "with
then As a condition preeidnr^ to
do so, however, tbe presidto.t has
stipulated tbt thn blockade o( Vu
miaisp shall he raiseil    To this tho
I business foi tkih oouetry as   well
| The Pacific trade will soon  largely
! b* oeitrolled  by liriii-h stiutii��rs
nnil by tho timo Senator Iditeholl
gets bis table lull (hr ingJi lh* Bonate
J if h�� dver does, \pt r, oabli c��i,'t
��� lr��w a pension or vot��, (hi  ('una-
iliuns will liHTt a cnlilo  laid   tu   the
Orient,   Aooordingloa prusi dpn-
patoh Senator Uitoholl i�� preparing
a hill which shows that the people
of tho north   prepeie to for��..tali
theso of Han Pranolsoo if poisible in
laying (he cable across the  PaiiuV
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to llie LUMHHRING,   BUaiNKSS   and   AGKI-.
(,'l I.'.THAI., ami especially te the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
V \J I) od to, and executed iu ihe but itjU. Commercial worlfi
a Bpocialty, Newepaper  Regulations.
1. Aiy persoi who takes a paper
regularly from jlb.-a Post Office,
whether he has subscribed or uot, is
responsible for the payment.
2. If a p*i��on orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears,
or tin publis hrs may continue to
���end it until payment is made, and
���thou collect the whole amount,
whether the paper is taken from tbe
office or not.
4. In suite for subscriptions, the
suit may be instituted where the
paper is published.
i. The courts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Poet Office, or
removing and leaving them unoalled
for, while unpaid for, is pima f-.wie
.evidence of intentional fraud.
The Conservatives are ior reciprocity
with the United States, confined to
notional products, aod maintain that
any other measure of reciprocity
woul.l ruin the manufacturing
interests. There is much excitement
in eastern Canada, and the Liberals
who have been taken by surprise,
are hardly as confident of victory as
th* Tories.
Come, no more grief and dying I
Sing the timo too swiftly flying.
Just an honr
Youth's in flower,
Give mo rotes to remember
In the shawdow of December
When at length the grasses covor
Me, tho world's weary lover.
If regref
Haunt me yet,
it shall be for jcys untasted,
Nature lent and folly wasted.
Feigning age will not delay it���
When tho reckoning comes we'll pay
Own <>nr mirth
Has been worth
Ajl the forfeit light or heavy,
Winter lime and Fortune lovy.
Feigning grief will not escape it,
What though ne'r so well you ape it
Age and care
All nim-t share.
All alike mist pay hereafter,
[Some   for   sighs   and   come   fer
Know, ye sons of Melancholy,
To be young and wise is folly.
���Tie the weak
Fear to wr��sk
On this clay of life their fancies
Ik lisping battles, shaping dances.
While ye ncorn onr names unspoken,
lapses lleud and garlands broken,
0, ye wise,
Wo ariae
Out of failures, dreams, disasters;
We elite to be yeur masters.
JHaftcch Fifth Set for the General Elections,
Ottawa, Ont. Feb. 2.���The sixth
parliament of Canada has been dissolved. Nominations take place on
Thursday, Feb. 20, and polling on
March 5. The writs will he dated
Feb. i and returnable April 25.
In announcing the dissolution tbe
Empire, the officiul organ of tho
government, says; "In view of the
foregoing important announcement
the qnebtion will be naturally asked,
what are the reasons which induced
the government to appeal to the
country at the present time ? It is
Understood that the Dominion government have, through her majesty's
gevcrninent, made certain proposals
to the United States for negotiations
looking to an exteutiou of our commerce with that country. These
psoposuls have beon submitted to
President Harrison for his consideration, and the Canadian government
is of opinion, that, if negotiations are
to result in a treaty, which nmst be
ratified by the parliament of Canada,
it is expedient that tho government
should be able to deal with a parliament fresh from the people, rather
than with a moribund house. It is
Understood tbat Canada will send a
delegation to Washington, after
March 4th, on. which date the life of
the present congress expires, for the
purpose of ditaoussing, informally,
questions ofj the extension and
development of trade between tho
United States and Canada, aud the
questions of difference between
tho two countries. This delegation
will visit the United States' capital,
it is said, as a result uf u friendly
suggestion from Washington,"
The policy ol tho Liberal party,
unrestricted reciprocity with tlm
United States, will be placed before
lb,) publio. and, if oar>d, tho Con'
BQivulivea assert, will result iu tho
ujtiiuuto anneiatiou to tho States.
JFeojcd .the Old Fellow.
Leslie Fraser Duncan,;the venerable ex-editor of the Londen Matrimonial News, who was ordered by a
| verdict." of a jury te'pay tea thousand
pounds to Jliss Gladys Knowles for
promising to make her his wife, and
nohkeoping his word, has ever since
tho,verdict been playing a hide and
seek; game with the bankruptcy
court in an effort to escape payment
of the money.JjAt present he is
under criminal preseoulii n for
failing to answer question* [as to the
srbereabout'ofTiis property ,4snd for
endeavoring to conceal the same.
He has been eompellod te part with
hisjirojierty at a sacriuce,', and tho
official receiver h43 guoceded, after
Duncan's dodging, in getting hold
of the six or seven thousand pounds
he had Wt, so that the suit has
jcuined Duncan. Miss Ecowle? will
get the 6,500 pound, less expenses,
awarded her by the'appelate court,
which seems to have; fuej "eu the
ampuct. Duncan, who had lived
on comfortably^ and quietly enough
till he met Miss Knowles, has had
rather aa exciting experience since
thai event, having within the past
few menths been a fugitive on the
continent, a prisoner in London, an
indicted criminal, and, if ho tolls
the truth, is now a beggar,
. .��. .
H*ther  Realistic,
Exchange: The gamins of the
city are crazy over the Eyraud trial,
and crowds are gathering about the
Palais de Justice and every convenient corner singing the .now popular
She lired like man into her lair,
AmPhor lover he strangled him there,
tra-la ;
With a kiss and a hug
And a rope and a tug
They did ths job neatly and well;
Obi La Belle Gabriel lei
They knew he earned a cheque,
And to grab it they twisted his neck,
For poor old Gouffe there was "old
Niok" jo play
For I fear the old man went to
Through La Belle Gabrielle.
Odd �������  Even.
Semewhat    paradoxical-It
late very early nowadays.
Ton  need   belp'to raise a laugh,
bnt you san heave a sigh alone.
The real estate agent nover con-
oedesjthat there '.is suoh a thing as
"sins of commission."
Brown-I can marry any girl I
Van Riper���There's the r��b; you
don't please ,aiy.
James McDonald & Co
Carry largo Jfnw nf p1n!Q, medium, a Hid b!;
Governess���"And now, deaf, what
can'you tell me about Minerva?"
Pupil���"She was the Goddess of
wisdom and���she never got married."
Wood���If I had my choice I would
spend my summers iu Newport and
my winters in Florida.
Ryde���What would yen do in
spring and autumn?
Wool���Oh, I would be failing] iu
New York,
Here is a genuine German "goke,"
translated literally from Fliegeude
Photographer -�� Your ion, the
student, this picture ordered.
Father���Him that is like. Has he
for it paid?
Photographer���Yet net.
Father���Still more like him is
00 11 Sl
3 t'iltlei!".; ill p   CO
"'-'.I'M,.      Oil'",.
i "i", 'iiudo 'i on
ted won! nn, ! , ���
ordo"6 from
point I If'1
���0 1!  Sl
md ou
t. and
i <iii
h-gradn furuituro,   Parlor and
.50 to $500.    Ho'elsfur-
������i'i i ti chairs,   isping
worou wire, hair
ock.     Mb i
nay Lake
'.ve early
B.   0
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
3ranite ware, and   Lamp  (JjoJs,       Tin,  Coppor and \ Sheet Iro
Mn, Westend ��� Good morning
Mr. Northend. I wan't to run in
and see your wife.   Is she at home ?
Mr. Nurthend-yw) she'll be at
home all day. When I left she was
trying to make ip her mind to go
out and have a'lootfc pulled,
Irate father *ho on entering the
parlor surprises young Smythje with
his daughter ou his knee���Hem I
Your getting on fast young man.
Young Smythje ��� Only holding
my own, sir.
A man who had been arrested for
itcalisg a horse employed a lawyer
who managed hja ease so well that
the jury returned a verdict of
acquittal. The lawyer was filled
with rejoicing, bul the thief was
cast down, and said:
"Alas! but you did lot seem to
grasp the opportunity I"
"Why my dear man, you are
saved from .State Prison."
"Yds, I know, but while you were
satisfying them of my innocence you
ought also to have made them believe I owned the horse whioh I was
found bailing away,
���Ware made to order,   bFirat oluss wjrk guaranteed,
attended to.'J
Orion promptly
fmTioicm   wtfti
111 orders by mail
express promptly
��'i -
All   descriptions of
gold and silverware
Newspaper Men of To-Day.
The "typical newspaper man" of
today is a young man. He is college
bred ; ho comes from a good family
and is a gentleman by birth and
breeding. He is brighter, quicker,
as broader knowledge of men and
affairs, and he makes and spend*
more money than his brother who
goes into "business.1' He is well
droBsed, well housed and well fed.
He has learned tbat bohemianism
as exemplified by irregulars hours,
infrequent baths and incessant rum
does not pay, aud he has loft that
sort ef bohemianism to ehronio
bummers and greenhorns. The
tone, the morals of the profession
have changed witbin the last twonty
years, and the publio is only just
bogianiug to find it out. Educated
people who keep thoir eyes open
realize that their noliens of the
"typical newspaper man" are sadly
ont of joint, and they are revising
their types. The profession u
slowly moving toward its rightful
place in publio estimation, and the
time is not very far distant when it
will stand, bat not on a par with,
but ahead of the law, the pejpit,
medicine and the other liberal professions. In the meantime we will
be obliged to endure with what
grace wo may the would be brilliant
sketohes of playwrights and novelists and the unintentionally etupid
ooncluiions of misinformed outsiders
who sue iu every whiskey soreheaded
scribbler a typical newspaper man.
���Printers Iuk.
Bultein-Wbat do yo�� do, Mary?
Mary-Pm a waiting maid.
ButtoDB-Von't wait any longer,
The death of Charles Bradlaugh is
a source of deep grief to the Radicals
of Great Britain. All olaises are
joining in the testimony of esteem
for the man who conquered bis way
to recognition by Tories as well as
Liberals. Bradlangh was buried iq
a coffin of earth, and iu a manner
consistent with his disavewal ai re-
ligous profession. He exprossed a
wish that, in the event of his death,
nothing should be done that would
in any way weund tht susceptibilities of others, so that, while religion was absent, it was not insulted.
(Close to C. P. R. Depot)
Hume's Building, Revelstoke. B. C,
P. 0, Address, Nelson, if. 0,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle maohico, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 18'J()liim..nr will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prioes.
UEVBLSTOttB,  .   .  B. 0
Importers of tho Choioest Groceriog and Provisions.
We cany a scloct and comploto stock of gont's furnisings, lahios. gonU
and children's boots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent uiediu toilet,
roquisitos und roady-mudo clothing.   A   largo  assortment of pipes,
Ubacco, cigarolteu, iinportod aud domestic cigars, fruits, randy, eto.
Stove pipcB, tinware, crockory, rough and dressed lumber, and other good*
too numerous to mention, at moderato pricon.
Telephe.ee ocmrannioation.
J, Fred, Hume & Co.,
Revelstoke BO
(Brauoh Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries, Provisions
Canned Goods Hard waro Etc
The Stock in ovory Department is full anl Complete and tho Publio wil
find it to their advantage to call ana
Inspect  Goods  and   Compare  Pricea, &2
���"-rn-i'r���iirif   - - nrr   vn"i ^icn'   i   mi     ggg gj '    f. ffi'lLJ*'"''*'''"11" |J~^"'   "*m*       ���   ^^MyBas^^Mgga^gBCTjKgfl
Divine Ben ic.3 will ho held in lit
Revelstoke Church every Sunday.ave1
nhig at 7 j30j conducted alternately
Sunday School nud Bible Cities' ev
ery Sunday afternoon ct 2:30.
aro corcjially invitod '.o attend.
hi)l)F  Donaid B. 0'.
A key was picked upon Victoria I Gills actually attending during
street the other day, end now iics at j      month 11
the Star office awaiting a-owncr.       Greatest number   present any
John A,  McDonald representing        ���]i[��� 2r'
N. N. Cole & Co., merchant tailors,, Least number present any session. IJ
Aj   Winnipeg, was in town Tuesday.      | Highest register number in use
,-,   n   ,, ,,. , , | tO dills 30
0. E. Coiling, general raaimgor of I .
,, , n���.     ,.   ,-.      l  r.  i   li     Number monthly reports sent to
-the  Union  Credit  nn-1   Protective| J    '
parents 21
Regular Meeting Thursday   I' auoh
week at S p, in.   All visiting hi'qth
ers nro cordially invited.
J. McLuon,     J. 11. Mathesox,
N. G. B. S.
i Expulsion, suspension and tru-
Associittion paid a visit  to  Bevel-1
stoke this we. It,
,    . ,,      . ancy of pupils 0
Ihero was sk.'itin.';  on tho river1���   ,. ,-,
,,.x ,,   ,     Tardiness 0
down by .the  bridge ou  Mondayi
ibXALI), 11. (.'.
but the beautiful   hue spoilt any
chances of skating.
Dnring the past  week shovelling
snow ha?, beon a favorite pastime,
Afoot and n half nn the level k llie
record for the week,
No. 1 passenger train was over
Visile to school by trustees 2
Fourth Grade.
Oblainod  Possible.
Miggic Robson
Lkzlo Robson
Percy Lewis
Moots Isl 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wed- j three hours lute on Sunday night,   lyMij-T!!
nesdays onoh montu.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Soo'y,   W, 1'. Ogilvio.
Fino'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't, I'l. A. Cues
oops,, b, 9.
, iVil
Donald, B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd nod
1th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall,
Secretary,   Joseph Collin,
Collector,   Geo 11 Govett, Bos 40.
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   II J McSorloy.
The heavy snow fell farther up (he
I line was the cause of the delay,
A morriago was celobratod nt Ihe
i-1 Central Hotel on Friday.   Tne contracting pailies  were   natives   of
Finlaud, possessing   names   their
friends oould' not remember.  Rev.
Mr, Turner tied the nuptial knot j
Ths  twain  made  one,  and   made |
happy,  left for their   home near'
Craigellaohio on the oveuing train.
A meeting was called at the Central Hotel last .Saturday night  with
Third dude,
the object of forming n court of the |
Jessie Robson B90
John RobsOu C85
James Patten BU,")
Edith Lewis 405
Charlie Lewis 415
I A. Leatlierbnrrow 395
Ilittio Lee 390
Li:..ie Hamilton 330
Wm. Palmer 825
Mabel Tbomsoa 305
Maggie Lewis 270
beeoud G-rado.
Emma Ober,j 470
Alfred Palmer 400
Grace Hamilton 315
First Grade.
.QCAk IMr;W��.
Jim'.Lindsay is, alio to ho p.lir.ul
Br, Lr.urio left 'Tor Montreal on
Monday morning.
Theremometers registered soveral
degrees below zero ou Sunday mom-
Thom.-.s, Roadley passed" through
town Wediiesdii) on his way to Ivam
There is no snow from Shuswap
to a cen.-idi ruble distance west ul
The C. P. R. rotary snowplow O,
3tatione"d at Revelstoke, ins uul
been required on (he road  this s. :,���������
Selma Tnrurot
S. Needham
Rose Piper
Willie Beavo
Lew Hindi
Independent Order of Forester, but j
owing to the ihclemnnoy of the
weathor (ho would ho foresters did
not turn out, A meeting to organize a court will bo held at (he Central Hotel tonight nud anyone
wishing Eo join the order or interested in tho movement ia invited to
be present. H	
It is probable that a conceit will I Lorns Thomson
bo given in the school house on the
17th inst., under the direction of
Mr, Vv. A, Jowett, for the benefit oi
the library associations of town. A
splendid programme is in course of
preparation ami llm public way expect something new and blight in
(he line of music Steroopticou
views will also be a feature of the
entertainment'.   Tho object is a good
Libia J. Irvine,
��� o -
Fniltira hi 15. C.
Allhongh 1390 was not looked
upon as tho brightest year British
Columbia has ever seen, ihe number
of business failures throughout the
province dining tho year was small
ono, and no doubt tho concert will | hr comparison wiih ihe volume or
1 trade'. 'Tho following aro tho total
meet wi h n liberal i
The Star Dramatic Compiny eom-
pi si d of Miss Flon i ce Lytello, T.
J. Qninn end J. M. Howaid, occu
pied Ihe ''boards" at the school
Wednesday nud Thiusday evening.
Tbe Silver King ntid Kathleen Ma-
vourneen, were presfnted, to very
limited audiences.   The performer!
son yet.  The wing snow plow was did prol ably as well as tbey could -,..Vl 1 -.loke
oat on ijalnrdiiy ^^^^^^^^^
ITo-iriovrow will he celebrated
liabilities and asset's in iho various
places in Ihe province where faiiutes
25,500 (10
78,090 00
17.300 00
12,500 00
27,822 00
20,040 00
1,200 00
Victoria i
Vancouver ..
lavunas ..
undei the cii-ciimatui cos, 1 ut evi ry
phingwa against tlu-m, even to their gppnce8 Tjridgr.T.Tei 90
New Year's Day by  the  Chinese,  own limited l Lets, and thoy will Chiliiwiick... 35,000 00
not be Icnf i ;. t-nibi rt I as dramatic	
entertain .-. Grand inbl (216,837 00   8182.83410
��� r& pom*iv* -. a-_._ l2d3iil22SE5
The new rn     t   I ri Ige ac ' s the
$21,800 00
37,000 00
17,000 00
7,300 00
23,394 10
22,327 0Q
750 00
10,003 00
35,000 00
ihe pact
The havo beeu making bi
slims for the event liniin
Mr. p.  A.  Cash  ond  assist :.:
were engaged yesterday in locatin
the hex car winch last snmi  ���;, i in
od'(he siding iuto the Columbia at
the Smelter,   ft will be taken out
next week.
The amount of 'damages  av
Frederick J. Brady, of Windmere
Friser   1 el n en   ,! e   Mitfii n  and
Hi ��� ;���   | ni I up on
 - i; Mr, i      ��� Al il
��� i-.: -      ���   '    ���   thi   . ���
i . . ...
... er of officials of
.     ... -      ....
���   '...-���        .��� ������ by
.   . . , i  .
NOT IC i'l.
nr a-.'J
Notice  is  hereby  given   that  a
County Court will bo holden at the
Court House  Revelstoke, on   Wednesday llth Feliurary at 10 a. m.
03-1 Register O. 0,
Revelstoke, January, 12,1301.
Notieo is hereby givon that Richard A. Fry and A. O. Fj'Y hsve fyled
tho noeessary papers and made np-
plicution for a Crown Grunt in favor
of a minori'l claim known as the
".-jilrai' Queou" situated in the Toad
Mountain subdivision West Kooteuay District.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to forward their objsctions
(o me within sixty days from the
date of Ihij publication.
75 8 Gold Commisioner,
Revelstoke, January 29th, 1891.
French Tailor System."
miss a. c. Mclaughlin,
A graduate of Madams Kellogg's
Soliool of Instruction, Port Huron
Midi., has engaged rooms at Robin
son's Boarding House, (uear the
saw mill) Revelstoke, and is prepared to tveeivo and fill all orders
for dress anil mantle mski ig, in th*
best manner known lo itm art,
The Froneh Tailor system of ect-
ting uiid flltiug employed, and a
pet feet lit guaranteed, C8T��
Notice id hereby givcu (hut Rich
itril A. Fry and A. C. Fry have fyled
(he necessary papers, and muds up-'
plication for a Crown Grant in fevor
of (hn "Grizzly Hear" mineral claim
situated at Toad Mouutaiu, West
Kootonay District,
Adverse claimants, if any, ire requested to toward tluir obj'-ctions
to nie withiu sixty days from the
date ol this publication,.
74-1 Gold Commist'iionor,
Revelstoke. January 29th, 1,-91.
-,      .. .1 by dnvr.au or leal by 1
���y \ t T, HmoIUiio, Warren, Pn,
by ihe Kxclu-quer Court, as damagei^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
from the Dominion Government ��      ���'
     belaid     1     I EAST KOOTENAY DISTRICT,
'. -..       .��� . . 1
���ego .  . be running to thi
. ii   al
,.   1   ���    - ,'���.:, .Sir:
injjries sustained uy him at !������������    .
Sept. 1888, has boen fixed at 125
and costs.
How to oeoure an ice harv-
qooti in ilii'ii is    1   ���
able aoxiuty in  town among  those
who require a stock of tl
dity daring thejeuromer    I 1
snap of il 0 earlj | . we
��n 11 (Bnfjloient to 1 .." i\ ���,
.nphes of lee on still wati
"S !olty"twho drives the (
NOTICE is hereby givon that the
'/. li unci liot '''1 tear! of hind, siln-
' ni I In i   Kootet ay ', Disttict, has
ui"������ il, and a plan of th'1 "uino
r in Im ,' .'ii it (Ito (.iitiils and Works
1 fa, and nt  the
^^^^��� ollice  '���('    ,    i'    Cummins,   Esq,
"   ' .;   1   1,.',,   ioner, IJ nuld:
: 1   ��� . ���   Oroup 1.   Thomas Jones,
.            I  in I i                   llooord   No,   57,
On M   .,     ��� I 3rd June, 1885,
1    having   adverse claims
, .. mini Qle :i -I it- menl of lbs smu'i
_^^                         loumbi   ����Wil    ��� ���,���i .|,������',- within 60
House bus team gave an exhibition   ;. from date of this nofio
of his agimy ou  Sunday  tnori    ���   ...   .              ���        ... ,. \V, 11 GOllE,
He wobt into the hotel to ;et robes                                    I . irveyor-Gonoral
for thejseats and the horses   larked   ;     ���,���. of town  was also at '- Lands and Worke Department,
9lT for tbe station withont him.   Uo sociol,   Tbo new church is entire]
Expressed his opinions of the sl   ,1s ;,... ., |,| I u
vigorooely and started in hot pursuit, .,  ,       was rnisod     tard
Bytnjninga someroaultin frontof  .,,,, ..,..
J. Fred Homo's storo  he  did   nol   people  of   Heaver     Uolh   I'l   I
gain much on the horses,   Hostruol   eriitn nnd Methodists ni
a happy thought, however, and pro   ,,, :
ceedod to put it in operati ��,  by ~,
taking a t.���o.-t cut across cotnty t(>' H��port of Kovolstoke Public
School   I'or .'iiiiiiary
head Ihe horses off at tha hill,   Ho
mule a miscalculation, and soon had
himself  C'l.-riiHi'l  in   I   l,ni-lii):ii-.l,i	
Ho was ./it of the race by Ibis time, Presoi bed 10I100I d iy��
but never daunted, pegged away on Days sfl ool was in i< 1 io 1
the bulk track to the road and thenoe Total daily ittendance
followed in iho footsteps of his (lying 1 ilal ai I i'ii1 1 "��� ndnnoo
t'lii,j,-jtj, lino:, ci. nliil ito I"i parl'a Averaged ily   Uondancit
incut riiiiiiing  fiir dIocUod,    Tlio A-.:.,' aolunl itttendu	
teum wont lo Iho slalion, ffhoro Iboj pupils actually atlen ingdi ,:
were takeu in charge and driven        uonth h I'llMH, ,1. l'IT,Tfi\',
back to (ho cvesniii': where "SOo'.ly ' 1 Boyn' nctually attending iluriug
ijpolt hit) scat',  '!l
Notieo is heroby given that all
(illuviiil claims legally held in the
West Kootenny Districl, will bo laid
ovorfrom tho IjL of pctobet to the
lst day of Juno ensuing adoording
to tho conditions of Section 11.0 of
the Mineral-Act.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September i.Otl., 1390,
Notioe is horoby given Unit the undermentioned tracts nf land, situate
in Wi'si Kootonny Distrioi, have '.mmi
surveyed, and the plnnsof the sattio
can im soon at tho ollice of (j. C.
Tnnstiill, Esq,, Aesistant Coraniis-
siouor, II' volstokoi
Lot 10.1, Group I,   Known  us the
Grizzly Doar Mineral olaira,
Lot 106, Group 1.   Known   as  tho
Silvor Queen Minora) Claim.
I, il 17:!, Qronp 1, -Known as tho
United Minora! Claim,
Lot 173, fSroup  I. -Known ns  the
Arkansas Minornl Claim,
Inl 171, Grout)  I,   KuOWu  as   the
l',',������;. 111111 Miiii'inl Claim.
Lo( 175, Group '���   Known  as  tho
iloanno Mac Minora! Claim.
1/1 170, Group I.-  Known  110 the
I   AlpitiH lioH' MitiiTid Claim.
jar of the  upi meCoiirt of DntiKli   !  I 177, Group I.   Known  as the
I'ortlmid Minornl Claim,
I,.' 178, Group '���   Known ns the
I,ilih;; Mineral Cluim,
-, ' 179, Group I.   Known us the
il rfo il Mo,' ml Claim.
Lo! 180, Group 1.     Knowu its tho
lulu A. Logan Mineral CI. in
1 ol 229, Group I 11, Belon's an
M, S. Davys application to pu
chase di ':' ��� Mi      l mbi r, 1890
16 W. ti. GORE
l^^gFchruary Olh, 1891.
lie    VItit111' nl'    (luiii'flfo
��� , Gilpin, Di'iiiiKi'l nnil
.:,   Hn'    Mutter   of   lb"
��� 1 >iii.-in.l A(iniiiiiiirutom'
Acl "
(fotic ��� hj t��ivi'H  lh-I Iiy an
C/.liiinliia, mi do ' In  I'altli day of ,lnn
, ;   ':   he .'. '"i igned wu   up
pointi il ml to    of  Iho   por
I , '',''" 1111(1 O'fl'C'.M of   I.i   -   ���   I
'   Ipin,  il inn ' (I    Into  of   Sprouts
1011     |i      |l, ll,   Ml persons   li iving
U0I   .jiiiii', iigiiiu ' lite "ii"i' stalo in-" 11.
.���I'. .   p. 1 ii ij 1.1' (>nt| in i' irtictdiirs of tin
10 ,.   11 within 00 - ���';, i, ' all   porsouu
.  indi'bU'd IheVolo  ore   renin led  to
iUl   D
Building & Goiitracting
���Mi.ii.va imoiCER.���
And Gonei'til Commission .Merchant,
[nBiiranoo   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Notary Public, Eto.
G or, i) mj
Corner Fi-oul nud Hanson Sts.
AniiAnAMsoM bros.
First clues in overy respect; Nearest
hotel to C 1' 11 depot arid Hteiimboi'
laudiug, between pest ollico nud ��oy,
buildingB. Conch to ana from depott
nnd Bteumbont. Fire proof S:ifa* for tha
iicciiiimiodiiiii h of ils ouetoiners,
F. McCarthy    -    .    -   ��    Prop
First class Tetnporiince Houso.
IIOARn    ANO    LODlllNli   l|5   1'sn   WEEK,
heals, 25o,    nuns 251).
This hotel is situated convenient to tha
stntion, in  coinfortiibly  furninlied aud
I'llioids t'lrst 0I11BS nbcoinmodafion.
REVELSTOKE     ���     ���
W. Cowan, Prop.   11, liebert,Clerk
Rooms well attended j tables unoxi
colled. Wines and liquors ^uarac
toed of a hif;b quality. Firo it
Bnniple room. Telephone coinniuni-
oation with C. P. K, depot. Firs
prool vnult for llio convonionco of
^ueatn.   Buds mcota all trains.
$2 I'KIi DAS
-THE ~
The largest and most central Hotel in
the city ; good neconimodal ion ; overy ���'
thing new ; table well supplied ; bar and
billiard room nt Inched ; llm proof safe,   ���'
Stockholm House
Tho dining room is furnished  with tht
best the market affords.
The bar is supplied villi a choice stock
of wines, liquors and oigari,
r!Jas. Liberty.
Official Admiuistri 1 1
Kwnloope, Julv U2nd, 18UI
^^^^^H ;;urvi-;.iir     in-:iil.
Lnnds   tl \\.. ]... Dopartiuout,
Victoria, Id'.. Btb February, 1891


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