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The Kootenay Star Jul 5, 1890

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Array ma^uatiamm&m
No,- &
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
Sranlte  ware,  and   Lamp   Goods'.       Tin,   Copper and    Shoot Iron
Waro made to order,    First class work guaranteed.    Orders promptly
attended to;
twii Jmijii.'T nn
11, C
WI orders by mail of
express promptly
All   descriptions of
gold ahd Silverware
General Merchants.
B. C.
J. Fred. Hume & Co.,
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry 6ooJls  Groceries,   Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware Etc
The Stock in every Department is Full aud Complete and tho Publio will
hud it lo their advantage to call and
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prides*
i��.    MlAEil'S   StPJ?LlES A  SPECIALTY,   -son
MtJ^M�����������Jto*��� 1
(Close tb 0; P. R. Depot j
Iievelstoke      *      *     Bi Ci
Imjiorlers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions;
N �� curry a select and complete stock of petit's fliriiiShittgfl; lildiOSj gBotS]
*ml children's I bote, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines toilet
requisites and luady-ninde ututbiog.   A   large assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigiii'citci)) imported and dothOBtio cigars;  fruits, candy, etc;
plots pipes, tinware, erbekci'y; l-nbfrli nnd dressed lumber, and other goods
too numerous tb mention, at iiioderute prices.
f��l*phone communication.
Carried by tiro while horses we
took our departure for the Big Bend
Friday morning, May 23rd, two
hours behind the puck train, notwithstanding the belief of many
superstitions people that this is an
unlucky day. Oar burses beiug
anxious to overtake their mates, we
irttteled rapidly over mouutaing,
through vullevs, jumping logs aud
wading oroeks���shortly catching up
with the puck train, which consisted
ol sixteen horses, heavily laden with
proviaionfl for tho different mining
camps. This made progress slower
beiug obliged to stop often and wait
fof them lo tighten loose packs, keep
the horses from falling off tho trail,
and to keep peace generally, as these
Jndiuu ponies are wild and fiai'd to
manage. We were told that we had
missed a great deal of fun, as they
hud met a bear,- shot at him, and
were just thinking how muoh better
bear meat would taste for dinner
than bacon, when old bruin took refuge in the river, swimming across
We bordered the Columbia river
most of the way, sometimes being
five hundred feet above on the
mountain side and again ou its very
shores; Tho .descents were very
steep and ihe ascents accordingly;
making travel qnilo daugeroUS. Ii
seemed especially so lo me, owing to
my lack of experience with horses
and mountain trails. Our horses
wero very surefooted, however, and
we reached the fifteen mil* point
without any mishaps or thrilling experiences. J. was told thai this was
ihe first camp, but could see hotbing
to distinguish it frsni tho woods End
dells we had just pissed through,
with the exception of one old shack,
evidently erected for the purpose of��
shelter or habitation. Here we
pitched our tent, built a roaring fire
and our CLiiuuUian got dinner, which
consisted of the fattest of bacon,
canned baked beans, ooffeo and herd
tack. This was my first introduction
to the latter article, and while I
should have hinch preferred never
to have made its acquaintance, t
nibbled away as if it were a case of
life or death, beiug thankful I possessed a good sound set of teeth.
My ride had given me a good appetite anl I quite ^enjoyed tills meal
around tho general camp fire aud
listened to tho tales and .experiences
of those who hud mined in tbo days
of '49, and also in Cariboo. To nie
these were very interesting and quite
a treat. We retired about 8 o'clock,
c.nd as it was my first experience
in camping out and sleeping uudor
a tent, I was rather awkward in
preparing for bed. I finally managed to lose myself iu the warm flannel
blankets and slept as well as on any
downy conch. 1 was awakened at
the unearthly hour of 3:30 and informal! that it was time to arise.
Now, early rising was always very
much against my plluciples, but
realizing that I must accustom myself to life iu the wilderness, I put
Itil [iut hobbies aside and followed
Hie halnts of camp life to the letter.
We had breakfast at five (no change
in fare) packed our kitchen utensils
mid dining-room furniture, (this did
not consume much time) aud then
sat around the tiro waiting for the
puck-train to get in rcadinoss. To
oue who had never witnessed an
operation of this kiud it was very
interesting, Aside from tlie amount
of excitement it generally afforded, I
was sitting on a log quite near by,
carefully wtttchlug Bvery detail,
when tho horse that was being packed made a wild plunge, (it was hard
to lull in which direction, but 1
labored under the impression that
ho aimed straight at me) reared nnd
kicked aud endeavored to buck his
pack off���a favorite trick of thoirs;
This caused everyone to soattor without ceremony. It took but u moment for me to put the old shack
between us. During the rest of the
purformande J sought safety ou the
top of the building. Toor boasts of
burden !-their lot is a hard one-
carrying 200 lbs, ovor hills that it is
all a man can do to  climb   without
any enottmbrtSuSe.'
Wo started out on our second days
trip shortly after tbo train left, and,
as usual, our horses were in a hurry
to catch up. Mine went down the
bill on a run, nearly leaving me
hanging on a free behind, fart of
my dress is thero now. The hills
constantly gre'S- SteCpe: aft we journeyed on, and again, in some places
tho nsco ts were so gradual we were
up five to eight hundred feet before
we knew it, and could look dawn to
Ihe roaring waters below aud ut the
snow-lipped pciiks above. The
scenery was magnificent, aud as far
as the eyo could travel ono could
seo snow-capped summits; ranges
covered with majestic pines and
cedars, whoso fragrance was delightful; glaciers that glistened in the
suu light and wero dazzling, ,their
streams forming bfcnutiful Cfsrades
and water-falls as they rushed down
from tho mighty peaks above, dash
ing madly over the rocks cud stones,
end benealh our feet was a green,
mossy bod, covered with ferns,
violets aud wild flowers of every
This was a day full of excitement
at tho poor horses expense. One
black, clurrJsy fellow lost his footing
and pitbhed headlong down H eteep
embaukment, only a log saving him
from rolling into the river. Wo did
not wait to see if any bones were
broken,r,biit journeyed on, soon overtaking a part of the train. They
were also having trouble, so, wo got
off to rest. The horses wore evidently aware of my great fear of them
and took occasion to give me good
cause. One boenmo frightened aud
there was a regular stampede, horses
running iu every direction, and I
with them. I must have cut a pretty
picture as I mads for the woods, not
stopping for logs or anything. Talk
about fust time I I think I made the
best ou record,
Going down oue sleep, sandy hill
I caino very near sharing the ,fato of
the black horso���a large snag extended partially across the {trail. 1
endeavored to urge my horso by, but
ho became frightened and tfas on the
verge of turning around in ft place
uot a foot wide, when I sprang off
ou the inside, my quick movement
beiug all that saved me, By this
time I had become quite lame aud
Miff from my long ride aud I wuh
hardly able- to staud Up, my knees
being so badly cramped, We soon
came in sight of a few lag houses,
aud I was thankful to learn that it
was Carne's creek, cur second camp.
Here we spent tha night iu quite a
civilised manner, occupying one of
the cabins. We had supper on a
table and sat around it ou chairs-
fueling quite respectable aft"r having
lived ou the ground so long. The
view from this point was very fiuo.
I slightly objected te the liberty tho
mice took iu running across our bed,
but suppose 1 should not mind a
little thing like that���women never
Tho noxt day, in order to allow tha
horses to graze; wo ouly made four
miles, pitching our teut at a place
called Strawberry Flat. Oue could
readily seo what gave this camp its
namo, for the ground was coverud
with a while mantle of strawberry
blossoms, which were indeed an
aggravation when one Contemplated
what a foasl they might have if il
wero only a littlo later in the season.
Wild flowers also grew In abundance
and our lunch table (the ground)
was deconltcd with us pretty u centre
piece as ono could wish to see. This
was a charming spot aud we experienced the peace aud quiet which
only comes when in the midst of
nature, and away from the haunts
of man. We had a delightful wade
iu a creek whose waters were an
clear as crystal, and as the day was
warm, it was iudued refreshing. We
were awakened during the night by
some noise, and soon became aware
that laneojiiud of a wild animal was
prowling around our tent, but the
iluilu.ess was so dense wu could not
tell what it was, It took our best
efforts to frighten it away, My feelings in the awful stillness of  the
night I will not attempt to describn.
bet it was with a thankful heart that
t b'elfe'W the ftrst brealr of day.
The fjll)w'irr�� div'-i rile of 1?
milos took us to Downey Creek,
where we were delayed one day bv
ruins, confined to the narrow limits
ofoitrteut. Thhfday was 60 long I
shull not soon forget it.
Wednesday morning found it still
(rlottdy and ihreatening, but we
started out, and with the exception!
I of a slight bail storm wo progressed
nicely. This was tho worst duy of
el&bing that wo had had, at one
time reaching an elovution of somi
1500 feet, where we found the utmns-
phore pure tod bracing, and a
stretch of scenery whose beauties
and grandeur dolled description. On
the very sam-uit of thij miuntain
was the Devil's Garden (I had not
so soon expected to eucounter bis
Satanio Majesty and it was quite a
shock, Lett I wrr, earCfu! net to }et
him know that I was from Chicago,-
so ho allowed me to pass oj) so call-
led ou account of its marshes and
wild growth of weeds, It is also o
great place for the biars. The
ground was covered with ono mass
of dainty white Sowers, studded
hefo and there with beautiful yellow
lilies, and the effect was very pretty.
We reached Gold Stream, cur next
camp, about i o'clock, tired and
hungry, It is surprising what art
appetite tbe mountain uir gives one,-
I can new eat hardtack with a relish,
but riding "straddle" has its drawbacks. This camp did not have tbe
appearance of a wilderness, as did
tho others, for here wo found ��
thriving little farm which supplied
the mining camps with fresh vegetables.
The following morning we were-
ferried across the stream, there beJ
ing no bridge, and we started out on
ourstelh and last days ride. From
here on the trail was bad, the weeds
being very high and slapping ns in
the face at every step. Wo rode
over one place where the snow was
at least 20 feet deep, there having
been a terrible show-slide. About
ton o'clock wo came in sight of twa
log cabins and oue frame building,
situated on the mountain's side, just
above a stream whose rush and roar
was deafening, yet beautiful to look
at as its waters dashed over the
tocks. It was a delightful, picturesque little place, and I was delighted with my new hoiae.
And thus the trip ended, much to
my regret, for I had thoroughly eu-
joyed it, I had been told that a
woman had not been on French
Creek for 23 years, and also that tha
trip would probably make me siok.
On the Contrary I fouul it most en;
joyable, and it is an experience I
shall always look back to with plea;
sure. II one wishes to sees wild,
ruggod country, beautiful scenery,
and have no end of amusing and
novel experiences, aud also make tho
acquaintance of a large family of
mosquitoes and sund-fliei, I would
recommend this trip to then.
A �� rcc trip to Europe
Tho publishers of Ihe Canadian
()ueeu will give a free trip to Europe
to the oorson souding them the largest number of words constructed
from k-tlors contained in tbe numd
of their well known magafine, "The
Canadian Queen." Additions] prizes
consisting of Silver Tea Sels, Cold
Watches, China Dinner Sets, 1'ortierfl
Curtains, etc.
Webstor's I.'nabridgod Dictionary
to be Used as authority iu deciding
the coutcst.
This is a popular plan of introducing a popular publication. Kvery
ouu sending a list of cot less than
ten words will receive a present.
BnoloSe thirteen 2o. stamps for lllus-
Irated Catalogue of presents and
three month's trial subscription IO
Tho Queen, Address���The Canadian (jueen, Toronto, Unt.       62-11
Dr. C. E, 0. Brown, Sed'y of tho
Dental Board of B. C,, is spending'
the summer id the Interior for his
health, and Intends very shortly visiting Revelstoke, Illecillewaet, Donald and Golden professionally. Dr.
Browu's long experience in his profession is a guarantee that all work
will be done satisfactorily, nt\t aowenay t>tar
A four page twenty-column news
paper, is issued from the office o
publication, RevelBtoke, B. 0,
Subscription price 82 per year
Kates of advertising given on
fl. MoCtiTOflEOff,
Publisher and Propriotor
npruui,   men [nuceeuing OU ii miles
further it ttill cross the Koolonay
about 4 miles vreat of Nelson.- It is
supposed that the point of crossing
will be exactly located and decided
on by the visiting C, P. It, managers,
On first view from the state-room
window in the morning) it was a
pleasant surprise to see instead of
the turbid waters of the Columbia, a
stream of beautifully clear water, so
limpid that, later on, the trout could
be soen near the shore at a depth of
6 or 8 feet. The embryo city of
Sproat consists, at proseut, of P,
Genelle's saw mill and 0 boarding
Bhacks for the omployoes, tho P.. U.
depot and express office, government
building and post office, three ros-
At five o'clock Wednesday evening
July 2nd, the Columbia & Kootenay
fiteam NavigatioaCo 's new steamor,
L.vtton, laft her moorings near the I Mat and comfortably furnished
It. It, bridge and steamed down to | hostelry kept by the McDonald
the smelter dock,where she was load- j Bios., Teotzel's drug slore, a hard-
ed with about 05 tons of rails, bolts | ware and grocery store, ]'.. E.
and fish-plates for O.&K.Railway, It ��� Lomon's large general store, two or
had been arrauged that the first trip throe log and f'ame houses, a few
to Sproat should be made exclusively j teuts and Joe Wilson's corral of pack
in  tbe interests of the C. P, R,
eny nne nuaerea very sngui ueieu-
tions, and became tho favorite route.
Bo in summer, its higher latitude
and greater' altitude, its National
Parks and hot and health-giving
springs, its unsurpassed scenery, its
rugged mountains of rock, and
glacier, all mile accessible and attractive by the railway anl the construction of first-class hotels at
points where the beauties aud grand
effects which naUre bus combiued
in tho Rockies and Selkirk? ore most
to be admired, it is the l'ou.e wbieh
the tourist seeks for pleasure, recreation and health.
At the summit of tho Selkirks is
Soger's Pass, and nearby is oue o.'
the best hoioli which the 0. P. R.
hasdistribuieltbroiigh the  raoe.i-
���fficials and some of their distinguished friends! Consequently, on
the arrival of No. 3, western express,
a party consisting of Messrs; Van
Homo, Abbott, Chief-Engineer
Peterson, R. B. Angus, Senator
Drummond, Col. Baker, M. P. P.
nnd T. S, Barnard, M. P., boarded
a caboose train and were hauled
down tha rivci switch to the dock,
where several of the party uocom-
panied Manager Campbell and Pres.
Boyle on a tout of inspection ronnd
the new smelter, after which the
party embarked on tbe steamer,
whiuh left the dock at 11/30 a. m.
The larije collection of townspeople
of both sexes on the wharf aud ou
the steamer Kootenai gave the boat
a good'send off by their hearty good
wishes and eloquent wuving of hand
Starting with 90 lbs. of steam at
the Boiler, which was reduced to 80
lbs. by the time she was well under
Wap, it dropped to 60 lbs. at the
mouth of ihe Illeeillewaet, and five
miles down, at lower Montana
slough, tho bteam had raised to 65
111, holding it there until half way
dowu to the lake wbou tbe boat was
landed to eoo! off a hot journal ou
the paddle �� hell. Taking advantage
of the forty minute delay the captain
and others took lunch. Proceeding
ou, another forty minntes was do-
voted to wooding up [just to amuse
tbe deck rustlers | so that the upper
taurants,   the  Kootenay   House,  a ; tains���the Glacier Qoiflh    Near Ihe
Pass is Meant Hermit, o.i the '.op
of wbieb, it ieeaid, is a pinn'cle of
rock that looks like a hooded monk
standing erect, while in .coat Bits a
little dog iii a positioj of expectancy
Thus came the name. These peaks
rise above tho Pass almost perpen-
horses. The mill turns out very I dioularly aud give a mountain sceee
fair lumber, rufting its logs .from up | oxceedijg anything else ou the line
the Columbia aed Pass creek, wiiich
oomos in just above tbe mill, from
tho east. There is a good graded ii.
R. dock with track laid down to the
water's edge. Most of the buildings
are situated on a raised  plateau
for s.artling grandeur. Then uro
snow-cove, ed with glaciers bet ft ten
them, aud havo muey little cataracts
h-apiug thousands of feet down their
sides. Tuese peaks avoia^e about a
mile iu height above Iho railway,
which gives tho place an appearance j and they appaieady shut iu the pass,
of being a garrisoned fortification as | (giving as iho.-o.igii a monu'.ain view
seen from the deck of an approach- j as cau anywhere be found.    Their
iug steamer. A well-wooded bluff
towering 2800 feet above tbe river
serves as a protection from east
winds. There are very considerable
rapids just below the town, although |
they are uavigable for such powerful steamers as the Kootenai and
Lyttou at reasonably high water.
A general conversation with our
genial host elicited the following remarks, "Last year I made a tiip to
the Lower Kootenay country for the
purpose of examining the mining
prospects of tlie various camps and
to try and fiad out if a wel'-appoiut-
ed steamboat Hue running between
Revelstoke and Sproat would pay.
Coucluciiag from the favorable mining outlook and the fact that either
a wagon road or rail road would be
constructed this summer from Nelson  to Sproat,  that larger   river
tops eLen take fantastic shapes, as
iu the case of the hermit, On oje
of tbe mou Mains the crags fo> ui two
well-faltened Southdown sheep ii
perfect le-poduclioj, uppureJt'v
grazing on lee edge ol the precipice.
Ou another mouuiulu, caUed the Old
Wife, is tbe fo ai of a woniuo wearing a h��(,ti uigni-cap. Another is a
perl'ect pyram'-d, ii'nl is so ca'iet1.
The Selti.ksa.e remarkable for tie
curious shades of iheir rocky to/i.
The greatest mu.ilaii i.i this
range rises 11 000 feet nbot'c the seu
aea is culled Bi: DonulJ, aid alongside is u great glacier, wb;ch,jo'.,: jg
with a.iotiie,' fjiklie.' soiuh. foruis
the heudwateis oi ihe Illeoll'ewaet
river. Clinic-ie;,' l.wo miles up the
gor^e to ihe gLoier, we tibd it a vast
mass of ice, fuMya ui'le atlbeiop,
with the wule.a tiowijg oat from
uuderueulh   ia  se��t-.ul   eoneuts,
transportation facilities   would  be | ultimately uouk'g lo fo a the river.
lilE UtiACji-ir. E0UB0,
Very noer this glacier I be C. P. R.
lias eieeied ihe pieity Sni'-s co iu^e
au hour
now to be made, us there is uo por-
oeptable current on the lake. The
narrows were reaohed at 0.30 p. m,
required than the Despatch or
Marion could accommodate, I organized the C, & 1 S. N. Co., [ltd.] ^^^^^_^___
with a capitalization of "100,000 with ' for a stopping place, wo'' b Ibey call
arm of Arrow Lake was uot reached ! paid up subscription of Sj0,000. ' the Glacier Hotel, au.l lo tin they
Until 2.30 p. m., which indicated a | The stock holders consist of Caplain ' ale now adding a buildup WO feet
speed of U miles au hour for the 28 Irvieg, F, S, Barnard, J. F. Hume, wide, two Ho ys high, cv;i r'jing
tailes. The correct in tho river va- j R. Sanderson, W.Cowan and myself. 21 rooms, and b:lliard rcon, po'lo.'
Has from three to six or seven miles - We bouaht the Kootenai, 100 tons : and bath room, with clef 0 be Is
The true test of speed wus capacity, and built tbe Lytlon en a and a wide verandah oa th ee sues,
model of 125 tons capacity with a [ Mr. J. Clements, who is com eel
draft of on'y 19 inches of water. I ing it according to pla-s ,ri" d be.,
may say business has been good, : from the 0. P, Rs owu office at
A half hour was occupied here in ; fully up to onr expectations, althosRb Montreal, will he lemembe'ecl as'be
taking wood. The upper lake ii 10 the river did not open as early as gentleman who built tbe Ho'el Van-
miles loag ky the iteamtr route, and usual. We have taken to date - j couver at the termitnil ci.v. Tbe
the narrows coil out 10 miles. Tho passengers, 1325; Auiaais, 63;Tons addition will be ready for tbe ie-
lower lake was reached at lS.10. The of freight, 1275. Future prospects caption of gaests in a few days, aud
last lot of wood leing groen the are eueuursging. By August 1st the carpets are now being laid and
steam indicator dropped to figure the Spokane Northern R, R, will be the furuiibre pat in plaoe���jone
40 and the "5 miles to Sproat was completed to Little Lilies and we too soon for the tide of tourist Ira-
steamed in five and a half hou's, the expect a good trade between that rel which is every day becoming
boat arriving at 2.30 a. m. Thurs- poiut and Revelstoke, Tnere will ; larger,
jaTi be a competition of rates between the     Mr, H. A. Perley, ihe manager of
At  midnight a grand  display of C  !' I; aud the Northern   and con-   '.he boose, aod   A.  E.  SoLoff, his
tbueder and lightning, aacompaaied   nections that will give as* carrying   assislaol. a.e   to  be  coOb'StdlaLsd
upon hniieg ibis iocfecsed oanaoity
by  rain,   greeted  the   steamboat,  tra -ii of these sources.   It
whose well tinned and painted decks  is expeoted that an arrangement will   fo,- ihe aoeouimoda'io i of fcre Is,
shed the water like a  canvHSS-baek.   be made betw , the two competing   and the gae��U me nut o ily foi euate
The arerage run for the whole >���.        isaforei bsi :>���  tickets,   so   thut
allowing fur delays, was twelve anil toorists can go on one road and  rs
one-third miles per boar, torn oi ler     With our com-
Mr .1 A M.ru.M ��\. as host for f    '   ' ,0* well/urnisbed boats ws
the occasion, was Indefatigable '      '" ��owide��ble toorisl tradi
.Uentionstotl.ecomfert ofthe d,,- I�� tbe near   future.      The   present
HngnUhid gnesU,   and  from the "'-""^ ",ul""k '"��� siesedlDgly (a
box-s and hampers stowed   away  .�� Wable for Keoteoay.    'I he d<-,. lop-
the steward's pantry and Ice chest, ments and new discoveries baven    Revelstoke Untoa Banday   ohool
it was evident that Mr, M. consider **<&** ��" *<">�� sanguine eipsel    together wilh a Urge nnmber of
ed the best the li  0   market could ations, and it is expected and oonnt-   friends und miters celebrated Do-
���apply wu, asout th. right kind * on. that the Smelter Syndloate al   minion Day pie-nieinginabeaull ul
of provisions   to   set before his Revelstoke will increase theii'oapllal   grove oo MeAlpIn Island. The ladles
. . ', [ so as to erect refining works, thus   provided a bouiitiful soppl* of good
in having this eioelleat ho el 'o ie>
ceive iliK.n, I/at thut itisloca'od in
iliu iDiii-t uf uooDtafa eceoery ��o
Inspiring ond graad,
TlieS S. t��!ci)10.
The cbiluren and tnaehe.-s of Ihe
Tenders fof a Liconso to Cist
Timber on Dominion Lttnds
in the Province of Ijrit-isli
SeaVd Te-iders addfenscd lo the tin-
de's'gued'and marked "fender for a
L'cen ,o to Out Timber" will bo re-
CHVPrl nt Ibis Dppuflmeut uu'iil noon
on Monday, tho llth ilav of August
next, for a I'cecse to cut timber on
the No'-ih half of Seollon 28, Township 23, n.iDge 2, West of the 0th
Meridian, in Iho Proviuco of British
The rej,ii'nh'ons under which a
pceoao nili be issued, uiuv be obtained ot this department or til the office
nf Iho Crown Timber Agent at ftew
Wesl minster.
Each lender must bo accompanied
bv an iiccopied cheque on a chartered bank in fuvnr at Iho Deputy of
Ihe Minister of tbe Interior, for the
amount of the bonus wbieh the applicant is prepared lo pay for the
No tender by telegraph will bo
John r, Hall,
Department of the Interior,
Ot'awe, 7nd June, 1890.
Notice is bet 6by givon that 30 days
sifier date, we, Hie undersigned, intend
lo apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner Of Lauds and Works, for a lease for
lumbering purposes, of tho following
tract of land iu tbe West Ktioteuuy dis-
Commencing nt n post on tbe loft bank
of Foit Shepherd Creek about tbreo
miles from its nu'mlli, on tbe western
boifminry of the Meadow-land reserved
ou behalf of the Kootenay Valleys Coin-
puny, in tbo Lower Kootenay Valley,
thence due west 20 chains, thenee south
80 chains, thenee west 20 chains, thence
south HO chains, thence west, 20 chains,
fleece south 80 chains, thence west three
miles, thence south 2 miles') thence e'Sst
3 miles, tlietioe smith 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, to the western1 boundary
of the Reserved hind, thence following
such western boundary lo tho initial
point,contnining 70-10 acres', more or less.
5 6 d pi-:.: C. W. B.
Nelson, H. C. May 13,1890.
Notieo k hereby glVefi that sixty days
after dnta I intend to apply to the Ciiief
Commissioner of Lane's and Works for
permission Id pinobase one hundred nnd
sixty ncros of land situated on the east
buuK of the Columbia lliver. iu the West
Kootenay District, aud described as follows :
Commencing at a post mm-Ked IIS���
S W, where the International Boundary
line intersects the Columbia River, thenee
enst forty (40) chains along the said
boundary line, thence north forty (40)
chains, theiico west (40) chains more or
less lo Columbia river, thenee following
IhobiuiKof the river in n southorly di-
leotion to the point of commencement.
Nolson, 12th March, 1890.        5060d
On behalf of the Columbia k Koote-
niy Railway nnd Navigation Company,
I hereby give iiotleo of an application to
��� be Chief Commissioner1 of Lauds arid
Woi'A'S) by this Company, for authority
lotiiKe one thousand (1000) inches of
water from Cotlonwood-Sinith Croon,
peer the Townsite of Nelson iu the Kootenny Distriot, said water to bo convoyed
from n point one mile from the mouth of
caul Crees through the hind roserved for
H"s Company to Buoh a point on the said
���  i rvo as it limy be required for Railway,
Agricultural, Muling, Milling or Household piupiiHes, loi   period   of ninety nine
vears, II. ABBOTT,
001 iii Provision!'1 Direelor,
Doted at Vancouver, 27lh
On behalf of the Columbia A Kootouny
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_       liltt-aynnd NiivignliimCoinpimv, I hero-
After breakfast Thursday all the B80nr)D8 UBTOn'1 question ihe bulk   toings to which ample jostloe was by give notieo of an application by this
i/ �����,,- ,-,��'.   �� ���.���'  in���,,., "f the lower Kootenay ore eul-nuts,   done.   After dinner the pie-ulcers Company to tho Chief Commissioner of
proceeded to amuse themselves in Lands and Worus, for authority to timo
various ways, swinging und croquet onfl U'OUMnd  (1000)  inches of   water
i ., ,, ii,- oin Puss OreoK, nonr Sproat's Landiua
having Ibe most attention; aod ' '   ..   ! b
R. R. party, except Messrs. Angus
and Lrummoad mounted horses
that wore in readiness for them and
started oh* on the truil to inspect Iho
Columbia and Kootenay R. R,, now
under contract lo he built between
Sproat aud Nelson. This road is
expected to be in readiness for
trafiio by tho middle or last of Sep
Such   work   would also greatly enhance the value of their town-site."
[Concluded Next Week,]
The C. P. B. in the Selkirk*.
The Canadian 1'uoiric Railway
proved itself during last winter to
Umber, As tbe Kootenay joins the be the nufest anil surest ono of the
Columbia a mile below, or south of Kix transcontinental lines. The rail
Bproat, Ihe railway follows the north ways unresa tho border wero con
bank of the Kootenay, crossing the staidly subject to tedious delays
Blucan river about ten miles (rem' from sno-r, while this moro north
^^^^^^_ in ihe Kootenay Dlstrioti oommouoing
three o clock a lengthy program a s flbovo ������, m ���bout ��������� llllM,|n���, mi(1
of sportsi wasoarcisd ont nou>r tho Qfty (150) foet i Ight and about one
.apervisipnofRevs, turn Tnrnor   ^ , {>   t| |U|   (   ,d (.
and J. A Sinclair,    AH*r Old   .'soli1          , .  .        , .,   ,    .'
hud sank behind Iho Gold Bang    :'''   ",'   ' T*f     ''""' '",
trended their way homeward well (;"rv"'1 r"r this Company, to any point
pleased with tbe manner In which on its reservo where said wider may be
- -���-      required for Railway, Agricultural, Mill-
lug, Mining or Household purposes, for
period of ninety nine years,
G I m Provisional Director.
haled at Vancouver, 27th .May, lB'JO.
tbeny had celebrated their holiday
One of our young town.men   deserves credit for the efficient manner
in which be performed the diilles (if
ferryman between Iho miiinluiid nnd
the island.
U. J. i5ranoii
B'-iek and Stono Maso'ri. Plasterer
and   Kalsoininer     All   work   d"iie
promptly und to satisfaction    Con
tract work solicited 35
a oliien     --     --     --     B. c.
Mining   Broker,    'om nission    Igt.
Notary I'nblie, ,te, Ike,
In Stook.���Mining Powders, Pnse nut
Cups, Miner's Tools, Stoel and  Cnip
Outfits. 31C '
Eamloops, BC,
Carries a full linn of Stationery and
Fancy Hoods at eastern price's,
BABY BtTGQfw.S-inil
A Specialty,   Also n large assortment
of sporting fronds, Rise Ball Goods,
Fishing tackle, Etc.
Subscriptions taken for  all   Canadian!
English and American newspapers
at Publisher's Prices,
Comer Front and Hanson Sts,
Adrahamsov nnis.
p.tor.iixr ii?
Fif'st class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to (I P It depot mil steirabo'i
binding, between post olli.io and gov,
buildings. Coach to au I fro n d ipxfc
and steamboat. Fire pro.if S.lfs for tlu
accoiiimodation of its oustoiners.
Ui is SXi HiJihu
F. MoCautiiv    ....    PnoF.
First class Temperance 1 louse',
II0AK1)    AXII    I.ODOINU,   S")   PER   WEEICv
MHAT.S, 25C.       11KI1S 2So',
This hotel is sitnntod convenient to the1
station, is comfortably fnruishad am}
affords first chins aoooinmodation,
VICTOR i V i[\)Uu
REVELSTOKE     -      -       i- O
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. Sobeft, (Jleri
llooins well attended; tables unux*
celled, Wines and lnjuora guaranteed of a hijb quaiiiy Fire in
sample room, Telephone oominuni-
cuiion with U. P. I!, depot. Fire
prool vault for I be OOiiVOiiioniiu i!
guests.   Buss moots all trains,
$2 pes air
-THE -
oolumbi \ nous
The largest and most oontral Hotel in
the city j good  accommodation ; ov'ory--
thing now; table well supplioi ; barnncl
billiard room nttaohed ; lire proof safe,
FltKF,  BUS' Al' ALI,   T&A.IN3
Stockholm House
Tho ilining room is furnisliod  with the-
best tho ninrkot affords.    .
The bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines, liquors and cigars,
Jas. Liberty.
^JSP?   I. 0, 0. F Donald, B. Oi
Regular Meeting Thursday of each
week at 8 p. m. . All visiting broth
ers are cordially lilvited.
J. McLkod,     J. H. Matebsctn,
N. G. ^- s-
At the shooting match yesterday
Mr. Fi Rocser captured the first
prize and Mr. F. W. Robinson the
A largo land slide occurred on
Thursday, near the whar.', and the
Steamers now have to tie up at the
old landing.
Divine Service will be conducted
in the cbarcli on Sunday, tomorrow,
eveniug, at 7:30. by J A. Sinclair,
M. A., Presbyterian Missionary.
Mr, A. E. Sutton, of tho Glacier
Hotel, male a visit to Griffin Lake
lake last week, and had sovoral day's
line, sport in fishing,
Capt. J. M. Green is watchman for
Ihe C. K. R, at Sproat, aud is getting
a habitation ready for his family,
who will move down from RevelBtoke.
A new thing in Revelstoke is the
nice delivery wagon of E. S. Wilson
& Co.J which they have just introduced as a feature into their business.
Hull Bros, have just brought in a
shipment of sheep and hogs tfhieb
they will kill here, and are prepared
to supply their customers with freshly killed mutton and pork.
Judges Spinks and Tunstall took
the steamer Koetonai on Monday
morning for Nelson i It is expected
that a 'speedy trials' court will be
held In Ihe case of James Brady,
who stabbed Gorman of which we
gave particulars two weeks ago.
On the first trip last '.veek the Str.
Kootenay carried 80 tons of rails and
13 horses, On Monday, this week,
she took 80 tons rails, 10 tons of
genoral freight aud 6 horses. This
completes the shipment of a lot of
500 tons of rails to Sproat for the C.
K. R.
E.S.Wilson & Co.'s pack train
started out again on Tuesday morning i'l full force, with the usual
stock of supplies for the Big Bend
camps. Dan McOillivrav returned
and Mr, Wilson also went out with
bis train ou this trip to make a visit
to tbe various catnps.
Joseph Dunn, who has been drifting around siuoe closing business
here, is uot in very good health, aod
came down fiom Beaver last Monday
for a change of air and to get away
from hard work for awhile.
Judge Sproat. who disappeared
from our streets, and whom we sup'
posed had gode to Nelson, has instead been confined to his room by a
severe carbuuele on tho neck. He
was able to start for Victoria on
Tuesday evening.
J. Fred Hume returned last week
from Nelson. He was present at the
Government sale of lots and says
very sharp bidding took place for
them, They were nearly all taken
by speculators from the const, only
one lot being secured by a resident,
Special Constable Thomas McDonald, brought up Jaaaes Brady
from the Kamloops Jail on Tuesday
and took him on to Nelson on the
first boat, where Judge Spinks is
waiting to try him under the Speedy
Trials Act, for the stabbing of
Ono of the most adventurous
climbs bv ladies recently was made
by the Misses Hume last week at
the Glacior. Accompanied by Mr.
Perley, they sealed Eaglo mountaiu,
directiy in front of the hotel, 3000
feet, nearly lo the timber line, aud
turning northward a mile or two
descended the rocky faoo of Mount
Avalanche, laid bare by snow-slides,
accomplishing the feat in six hours.
All who heard Connery and Kelly
two weeks ago will be glad to hear
that they are to give another of thoir
attractive entertainments under the
same auspices next Monday evening,
Julj 7. Judging from the enthusiasm of those who heard them last
time, and the regrets expressed by
those who missed the treat, we think
they may look for a full house Monday night. Reserved seat tickets for
salo at post ollice.
Mr. and Mrs. GooJwin took the
train west Mouday evening for Vancouver and Victoria, thence going to
Sound citios, We have the pleasure
this woek of furnishing to the read-
ors of the BlAtt Mrs. Goodwin's experiences on the trip which she
made over the
hid   xv./vui
luoj, wriiieu urn uj usrouu   ai   uui i uuc-unu im.tio uiamui
request.     We   believe that   Mrs.  Canadian gold ledge, owned by Ray
Goodwin Is tbe first white lady who | and Lee; Mnldoon, owned by M��jor
ever visited French Creek, or in fact
any of the Big Bend Camps. It will
doubtless be to her one of those
unique experiences which will run
like a thread of gold through the
woof of her memories.
The pack h'ain was gone ten days
last tup, from Thursday till Ijatur-
day evening last. Mr. and Mrs.
Goodwin, D. C. McGillivray, and
D. Ferguson returned at the same
D. O, McGillivray, Andy Hunker,
W. M. Glover and Georgo La Forme
have bought out the Interest of Mr.
Goodwin in the Consolation Mining
Co. They ai'e now Binkiug a shaft
for drainage and expect soon to got
into pay ground again. The departure of Mr, and Mrs. Goodwiu is
much regretted at the camp.
Geo. LaFoime has put in a garden
of six to ei^ht acres of cabbage, potatoes and smaller vegetables, and it
is looking splendidly.
At the Last Chance they are making good progress in favorable
Angus McKay k Co. aro taking
out first rate pav irom the bed rock
at Smith's Creek.
Dan McDonald, Sol Holden, Hugh
Ross and soveral more are out prospecting on McCnlloch and other
creeks in the neighborhood for both
quarts! and placer diggings.
John O'Neil and James Kirkup
are on the trail between Dowuie
Creek and Gold Stream, iu the employ of the government. Downie
eieek bridge has been put in first-
class order.
A petition has been circulated and
signed by all the miners and business men o" Illecillewaet, praying
that the government will make an
appropriation of SoOO to aid in constructing a trail from a point on
Round Hill to the summit of Gold
Bill, whero there are now ten located claims. It has been forwarded
by Mr, Kellie to Premier Robsom
D, W. CorbiU, of the firm of Cor-
bin, Kennedy k Co., returned to
Illecillewaet on Tuesday from Seattle
and intends to begin work again on
the group of claims belonging to his
firm. The tunnel, which is already
in 110 feet, will be pushed further
in regular development work,
The "Lylioti."
The furnishings for the Slate
rooms and cabins of tbe steamer
Lytton were taken on board on
Monday, and general preparations
made for the first trip of the new
steamer to Sp1 oat, with Mr, W. C.
VanHorne, Pres. of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, and an official and
invited party of gentlemen.
The officers for this initial trip of
the Lytton are:���Captain Odin, Mate
Alex. Lindquist, Purser, George C.
Tunstall, Jr., Steward, Mr. Henley,
Engineer, M-, Hattenley, The
steamer cleared on Wednesday at 11
o'clock with the party, who came in
on No. 2. composed of Messrs. W.
C. Van Home, R. B. Angas, George
Drummond, J, A. Mara, George
McDonald, Master Benny VanHorne
and Master James Angni.
Mr. F. W, Robinson, who forms
one of Ike party, has promised lo
faver the readers of the Staii with
an account of the trip.
Heid, a splendid showing for tbe
development; the Nevada, owrted by
CharlesDrew k Co; Kootenai Express, owned bpMoDougal, Stewart
and James Gilker, has caHsed much
excitement by its rich cropplogs
Adjoining the Pooruian, west, are
the claims owned by Thos, Shearer
k Co., an old ti.Wfl prospect, from
which we were shown some of tho
of the richest speoimens of gold
quartz we have ever seSUi
On 19 cteek, two miles west, some
very promising gold ledgos have
been located. Several companies
are placer mining on the same
Across the Kootenny river, opposite Davenport, are the copper mines
lately bonded by parties Connected
with the C. P. R��� for $50,000, on
which a largo amount of work will
be done this summer.
A trail to tho 'ioug'hn'.ii mine :e
to bo built from the new town, and
it is rumored that the Silver King
mine, oivned by Hall Brothers, in-
tond to take their wagon road to
Davenport, as it is a gool deal better
grade than to Nelson, which will
give two colebratcd mines an easy
Mr. Baillie-GrohmaH is erecting
two buildings for bis men. The intention is to widen the channel one
mile from Davenport bo as to let off
the water of Kootenay lake, as it
overflows some thousands of acres
of good land. By blasting out these
rocks steamers can come from Bonner's Ferry to Davenport Landing.
The railroad grade is a very busy
sight just now opposite the town.
Jane 23,1890.
Sealed tenders, addressed to the un-
AH accounts against the Provincial
HoVeriimeut contracted for the West
Kooteiniy  District, are requested to be
reigned, aud endorsed   " Tender for forwarded to tbe undersigned, at or he
sup -
Post Cflice, &o,, Vancouver, B, C.," will
bo received nt this Office until Tuesday,
I5th July, 1890, for tho several works
required in the erection of Post Office,
Ac, Vancouver, il, O.
Specifications can bo seen at the Depurtmeut. of Public Worhs,- Ottawa, aiid
at office, No. 2, Lefevro BIock, Hastings
street, Vancciiiver, li, C., on aud after
Tuesday, 17th June, and tenders will not
be considered unless made on form
plied and signed with tbo nciital
ttires Of tenderers.
An accepted onnK cheque, payable to
the order ot the Minister of Public
Worirs, equal to five per cent, of amount
of tender, must accompany each louder.
This cheque will bo forfeited if the party
decline the contract, or fnil to complete
(lie woi-k contracted for, and will bo returned iu case of noii-acceplimco of tender.
Tho Department docs not bind itself
to aecept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
532 Secretary,
Department of Public WorKS,
Ottawa, 8th June, 1890,
fore the termination of tb3 finanoh.1 year
ending June 31)1(1,
523t Govt. Ageut.
Kevolstoke, June fith, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that sixty [60]
days after date, 1 intend to make application to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
tho following described tract of laud situated in Kootenay District, B. C. -.
Commencing at a point marKed by a
Stake olio utile tip tbe main Salmon River from the juuctiou of the west or north
Fork ; thence in a N. W. direction 20 to
feet j thence in a S. W. direction parallel
with tho river Sooo feet; thence iu a S<
E. direction ono utile ; thence iu a N. E.
direelion 8ooo feet; thence iu a N. W.
direction 2G4o feet, to the point of be'
ginning dtl the river, containing about
loon acres, JOSHUA DAVIE.S.
Victoria, B. C, May 3oth, 189o,  518d
Hume's Building, Revelstoke. B. C
Notice is hereby given that uuder
'he provisions of the Qualification and
Registration of Voters Act, I shall
hold a Court of Revision at the Court
House, Farwell, on Monday the 4th
day of August, at 10 o. m., to bear
nuc1 delofin'ne objections against the
retention of any mum i on the Voters' List.
525t Collector of Votes,
Farwell, Juue 2,18'Jo.
Davenport, West Koo.eany.
To the Editor of the Stab:
A new town, named Davenport,
has been started at the Falls, i1/,
miles below Nelson. There are
numerous buildings erected and ie
course of construction. The town
has'n fine future before it and many
predict it to be the town of West
Kootenay, as it is the oentre of all
the best mines of the distriot.
The Poorman mine and mill are
working full time with very satisfactory results to its enterprising
owners, Davenport A Hnssey, of
Spokane Falls. It is sitnated one-
half mills from Davenport,
Adjoining is the Whito mine,
owned by White k Buchanan and
sold to Davenpurt k Hussey, which
Steamehs Duchess, Marion & Pert,
Str.  Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Monday at noon, (and on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer) ;
reluming arrive at Golden Wednesday, 4 p. m.,
Tourist tickets 86 for round trip.
A. B. H, COCHRANE & Co.,
Agents, Golden, B. C.
A. C. LAWSON,!!. A. Pu, D., F.
G. S.A.
(Lato|of tho Geological Survey of
Canada )
Consulting Geologist. Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of all
kinds examiued and reported on.
Economic problems investigated and
information furnished Whelham
Block, Vancouver, B. C.
Note.���Mineral specimens sent to
Dr. Lawson will be placed on public
exhibition. 60
P. O, Address, Nelson, B. C,
as��ays 8270 to the ton.   Idaho, own-
Big lleud  trail in ' ed by Buchanan k Co,    One and
Capaoity 20,000 feot per day. Plnnor
shingle machine, etc. All kinds of
lumber on band. During tbe season
of 1890 lumber will be delivered at
any of tbe landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor1 has been pleased to make thd following appointments :���
5th June, 1890.
To be a Notary Public within and for
the Province���Thomas Livingston Haig,
of Revelstoke, Esquire.
17th June, 1890.
Robert Jnmes Woods, of Echo Cove,
Nnas River, Esquire, to be a Jnstico of
the Peace within aud for the Cassinr E-
lectoral District, Province of British Columbia.
G. C. Tunstall, Esquire, Government
Ageut, to be Registrar of the County
Court of Kootenay, holden at HeVelstoke,
vice John Kirkup, Esquire,
Sealed tenders will bo received by the
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Worss,
addressed to the Assistant Commissioner
of Lands and WorKs, Donald, B, C, for
the purchase of the Government Build-'
ings at Windermere, East Kootenay, B.
C, together with tho site of the said
Buildings, being part of Lot 8, GroUp 1,
Kootenny District, containing eight aud
one-half acres.
Neither the highost nor any tender
necessarily accepted. 511m
Govt. Agent,
Donald, B. C.
Donald, B. C, May 31st, 189o.
Notieo is hereby given that James E.
Dolan nnd Androw B. Hendryx have
fyled the necessary papers and made application for a Crown Grant iu favor of
the mineral claim known as tho Tough
Nut, situated in the Toad Mountain Subdivision, District of West Kootenny,
Adverse claimants, if any, are notified
to fyle their objections with me within
sixty days from date.
2-60d Govt. Agent.
Revelstoke, June 24,1890.
Notice is hereby givon that Paul Brazier of Field, in the District of Kootenny, Hotol Keoper, did on the twenty-
ninth day of April, 1890, execute to me,
Henry Gf, PnrsduS, df Field, in the District Of Kootenay, Book Keepor, iu trust
for the benefit of the creditors of the
said l'aul Brazier, nn Assignment of nil
bis real nud personal estate, which said
assignmeut was1 on the fifth day of May,
1890, accepted ami executed by me.
All creditors of the said Paul Brazier
are required within si.vty days from this
date, to forward to mo by registered letter, addressed to me at Field, a statement of thoir respective claims, nud the
securities if any hold by them.
And after the expiration of the said
sixty days, I shall proceed to distribute
the'said trust estate according to the
terms of tho deed, among the creditors
of whoso olaims I shall have notice,
Dated at Field iu tho District of Koot
euay, this fifth day of May, A. D., 1890.
11. G. PARSON,
478t Trustee.
I hereby give notice that it is my hi'
tention to mane application to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and WorKS, for
permission to purchase the following
blocK'of land, situated in the East Boot'
enay District!
Starting from a post on the right bans
of the St. Mary's river, near its junction
with the Kootenay river, thence running
Up tbe rigbt bautf of the former river, to
n point four miles distant, thence south
eight miles, thence east to a peint on the
Kootenay river, thence northerly along;
the westernmost boundary of Lots 125,
128 and the Indian revive and the Kootenay river, to the starting point.
April 18th, 1890, 452m
Notice is hereby given Hint.sixty [GO]
days after date I Intend to miiKo iipplicn.
tion to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd Woriis, lor permission to purchase
the following described tract of laud situated in Kootenay 1 listriet, B. 0. i
Commencing at a bUko on the Columbia River about two miles above the
mouth of the Pond D'Oreille River, thenoe
following the meander Hue of the Coiiim-
bia lliver eleven thousand foot ; thence
iu nn easterly direction four thousand
feet i thenoe in a southerly direction eleven thousand feet ; thence Westward to
tho point of beginning four thousand
foot, containing about ono thousand
Victoria, B. On May 30th, 1890. 51(10
������-DIAtEBS IN ���
And Post Office Store NELSON-
If yonr clothes went
Cleaning or
In good shape, go to
And Genoral Commission Merchant,
Insurance   aod   Real   Estate
Agont, Notury Public, ;Etc.
{.      B. C.
ttwr, fMt, ar*. <Lfa fttfotencuj Star
A four page tv+ei^y-colu'trrn newe"
paper, is iestfed from theolKoe o
publicati'6'fi, Re'fWs'toke, B. 0.
Subecription price 82 per year.
Rates of advertising given c'n
H. Mo'CUfCflEON,'
Publisher and Proprietor'
"The hunt is after, youngster.
The deer must have taken a turn to
Figure Four Pond. No use for you
to watch longer."
This ipeach was welcome enough
fo Joe Benton, for he hud stood on a
rocky point < n the shore of one of
fhe smaller Adirondack lakes guarding a deer runway since de.y'ight
fcnd it was now nearly noon. Tjou'gi'
but 16 years old, Joe flit quite as
capable of watching his share of the
lake., and of killing the doer should
the hounds drivo it near hiw.
Joe put his rifle into the light
Saranao canoe and rowed toward the
shanty where the party of hunters,
of whom he was ono, were staying,
The hounds had been put ott the't
morning ai usual, but the deer,
which, from the size of his track,
was evidently an old buck, hdd cunningly avoided the lake and taken
tbe dogs a long ohase to some of the
ponds whioh lie Mattered among the
wooded hills.
The rest of the party decided to
npeud the rest of the day duck hunting further up the lake, buf Joe had
Lad enough hunting; and voliiiitcer-
��d to keep hoifse while the others
were away. He iooP. off his heavy
boots and settled himself before the
The early twiliglii was coming on
and he must have beeh do'infj n
little, when he was startled by hear
iug the bayi g if the hounds. The
Sound was so near that his firs'-
rh^fglil wi'.s tlie docs liaVl returned
on their back track, and were barking to be let iuto the shanty. He
tan down to the littlo dock where his
skiff was moored and listened, The
bounds were hoi so Heir ii ts supposed at first, but were descending
one of the low hills that surrounded
the lake and fast approaching the
Joe looked out on the lake and
saw there a sight to gladden a hunter's eyes. Not a hundred yards a-
way a huge buek was ^wtrttrjlcg
klong near the bank; but he had already seen the boy, and instead of
striking out into the lake was skirling tbe Bhore,
There wSs no time to be lost.
Without going hack to get his ride
Joe j'liriped Idtl his bjatand started
to head oft the dee', from tbs land
and drive him iut* the lake. It was
a close race, but the boat wiis light
and fast aid handled bv a good
oarsman. In a few minutes Joe had
the satisfaction to find himself is
tweeu the shore and the deer. The
back tossed his antlers and starts 1
toward the opposite shore of the
Joe could easily keep Alongside,
but how was he to kill It's
Ho tried to take out ono of the oars
and ktriko the deer bat by the time
he could stop rowiig, take Ihe oar
out and eUn 1 up ready to strike, tha
animal woulJ be out of bis reaoh
How Joe wisbsd for hii Wncbedts
which, with its ohauiber* full of
sartridges, was standing in a corner
Id the shanty.
There was anothsr wi*y nf killing
i snimniiig deer whioh he ha I
heard of but never tried 1 his was
to drown 't by batching its hind legs
and holding them over tha gUnwiile
of the boat, and so forcing its head
below the surface.
They were approaching ills' i[l|Id
site shore of the lake, and Joe felt
that be roust act qiickly, Rowing
close upon Ills deer, hn dropped his
oars, and, as lie animal gave a great
plunge, caiiRbt one of itii bind legs
with his right had, but lie b'Otlld Tot,
reach tho other log,
The animal turned furlotlsly Upon
!ls pursuer, and threw both ilii front
jael and half its body upon the gunwale. The litlle boat, ut its best,
Vas never very steady, ftHd this
^>>i(riit proved too  much,    It cup
sized, and Joe full   into   tho water
almost directly upon the deer.
In a moment he  came   to  to' the
' 11.H IU   l^Ull l.ii I ,
Deceased. Intasfate;
Any person having any claims against
the above Eatate are requested to sen.l
the samo at once to the rMlersigned,.as
tho estate will be distributed on the 17th
_iimo to the undersigned.
lK\\lt G; PRTjlYC&Tj
494w Administrator.
Victoria, May 10th, 1890:
"Doubtless yo-.i will savMissPetb
erbfWg'e, tint yori never have given
ir.'e any encouragement,   Yoa  will
intiiiii, half blinded and strangled \tiliuk J ttm presumptuous in venfVr
by ii'is sudden plunge. The' b'o'a'i! ���S t" address you thus. But it
was (loafing, bottom up, some j mu'R' occl!l't() J'ou t!'at ft yomiS man
twenty yards away.    Joa   Legcrn lo; hlis no otljer T^.T ��' "pertaining in	
���'...,..       .     . ..��� . .,      wlnl lifflil lialnroffftrrledbv thflflb.   Ot June, 1890,    Ail  claims   not Split IU
swim toward it, not  thinking of the , ��b��t light be is regarded ly the on | , ^ ^
deer, wh'ioh a noiaeut before ho had j J** upon whom he has   fixed his    ^An   peraon baving aVy orTecta belo'rJg-
been so intent upon capturing. j hope of earthly happiness than to- L      �� ^ Mlllle will ple.ise deliver
Au e'e'gry snort behind him caused \to trv il m- V011 kuow-    Therefore, I ���
hire'to turn his head.    There com-jUi" PeJIiefbridge, to come to t.ie
iuflioward him, not tea feet away,i P"iut at L''uoe >'' ia nntteraof this
was  the  buck,    its  eyes  flashing! kind it has ever boeri my oestam-or
ivukri 1 v. j aa I was about to'-aboUt to'say, in
Joe experienced quite a new feel-! m��ttel's of tLii kiu' if'" ulwa-v" be9t
ing. He had heard that au old buek !to L'B JirBct aul explicit,) let me ask
when brought to bay sometimes shows! Jou. vHthoaUf y preamble, prologue,
fight, but he hal al.rays thought ,01' introduction, whether you could
these stories exaggerations. i	
Joe saw that the deer would bej "Mr- Van Punk; I ��m sor* fo"--
upon him before he could reach the j "Vhetheryou could makeup yonr
boat, and that one blrfv from those mind to consent to link your fate to
Btrong forelegs would' (liable him.! 'hat of a young man whom you never
Ho had been trained by his life io! may Lave regarded iu any other
the woods' to thiikand act. quiokly, 11'gkt than that of a friend, but of
and was at home on the water. j "hose entire devotion you may bo r.s-
.List before the angry brute reached | sored, and who long has entertained
him he turned and dove, and took I 'or yonr feelings that"���
several rapid strokes under water.
Chen he lose !o the surface he was
1W1H  Pi,
This iS.to give n'ltice that 61 diyi after dale' Initenl to apply to t'n Chi-Jf
Commissioner of Lands ml Works, fur'
leave to purchase 6i.i acres (mireorlesi)
of land situate o'a th*3 ejist side of th)
iirVt'r Arro.v Like, ant about 8 m'iln
above its.outlet, in \Ve3t Kootenay DU-.
trict:. (ioiiiin'eiii'iifg at ri stake marked
",f; M. B.," thence east one mile, tkanie
south o'rfe. niilo, thence west one mile,
thenee .following this sbore of thi hike
to tHo initial, Stt'riSe, being part pf the'
?iirid conmion'lv kn'oVn ns "Deer Park,"
J. M. BUXTON,  ,
April' 9th, 1390. 4700d
close to the flauk of the deer, liaising himself Irom the water, with a
great efiort he Hung himself ripen
tho JJbuck'a hack and grasped its
Then began a struggle, in the like
of which Joe had never before taken
part, The animal struggled and
flflew ilseff about furiously in its
endeavours to be rid of its rider, but
the boy had a strong hold with both
hands and knees aud clang witti
desperate tenacity.
For a fuiv moments the dear liwam
io rard the shore aul '.lied threw'
itself upon its back and ol uuged
about until the boy's tfrtsc'es were
strained to the utmost. It repeated
this attempt a'gaio and again.
At first a kind of exhilaration
filleJ Joe, and he hulf enjoyed his
wil 1 ride. But soon he became
exhausted. A few more struggles
ea the deer's part would compel him
to let go. .t'urtunately the animal
was rilbi* growing tired anl needed
all its strength to reach the shore.
When Jou saw the deer showing
signs of fatijue a new fear seized
bin. Suppose it should uot ha-e
strength onougli to carry him ashore.
He felt himself iin.be- to sr.'iia a
dozen vai-Js.
They   wero   not   more   than   a
'You will oblige m'eTifr.'Yan Punk,
"Feelings that lie may not have
suffered to escape him hitherto, In
short, Misi Pelherbridge-for the
qn'e's'ic'n is simply one of fhe heSrt,
and need be oeoasio'n for the fewest
words only���may I ask you whether
after mature deliboratit n and"	
���'What aro you going to ask me,
Mr. Van Punk-',
"I am trying to asi you Mis'sPeth-
erbridge, if you will marry ihe."
"Then there i   no need of any
more words.   I nut sorry I nitnnot
give you a favorable answer, but"���
"Do I understand you to refuse."
"I certainly do refuse."
"lou reject me?''
"If you must hove it in tlie plainest possible words Sir. Van Punk, I
reject ^ou, though I nra sorry to say
anything that gives yon pain."
The young man took a notebook
from bis pocket and made a iinrk in
it with his pencil.
' You ��:1! not deny" he said, "that
I   .vo asked you explicitly whether
you would marry mt-'f"
"CeHcin'y no!."
"And you have said you wouldnot"
"That is whal I have said,"
"That's right.   Check"
Aud h' made another mark iu the
"You are the ninth young woman
quarter of a mile from Uud, but the , ffl,0 has nWen me 'he same answer
buck was growing very woak.     Joe  since last Thursday,''he said briskly,
shifted his position SO as >o make it  ��y\\ get over the pain, Miss Pother-
sasior for the animal.     Finally he   bridge.   I'm tryiugto.*i-akea record.
slippod off its hick, and  holding That'sall, Good evenicg."-Cbioago
himself no by one hi'i.l pla-jel  on  Tribune,
the autl-irs swim alongside,     They  ��� "
now niide a littls mire head war.
The dser nn lo o> ePSrt to bar l n',-
companion in danger. Fear had
overcome hatred, an 1 the two were
ItleuJs Jji was ditty and weak,
hut He cm!.! see tlis bank net more
Sheriff Redgrave, of Donald, paid
the town a visit this week,
Hull Bros. .V Co. have just brought
ir. a car load of boeves which they
will kill Bt 'heir slaughter-pens hero,
Smelting and Trading
Syndicate, LiMiTEi).
Is now ready to receive and purchase all Gold. Silver & Lead ore:
IDners tfho havo ariv ores to sell aro rerjitesbVd to dommunioale at onco with the'
manager at Revelstoke, B. C, who' is prepared to furnish every facility
to miners of small or limited means to sh'ip their ore.
Assay Office
OT tlio KflfrJtotfay (B. C.JSrrfeltlug and Trading Syndicate, LintTt"
ed, Revelstoke, B. C,
& A T E' 0 ���
Silver, Cold or Lead .;.:...:.;    $ 1 Bfjl
Silver and Gold....:  2 00
Silver and Lead  2 50
Silver, Gold and Lead  3 00 ���
Silica, Iron, Lime. Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Aluiffiuum, barium
Magnesium, or Sulphur, enob ,'.,:.'.'  8 Off
Arsenic, Antimony or Tiu :  5 00
Sealed samples at double the abc'vri idiei;   Sa'niple's' by mail or cipress promptl/
attended to.
>ssayef; Ch'emist.
������������     ������   ii     I inn t�� n����iM���mm^��������������^
General   Contractors    and    Builders.
Manufacturers aiiii If^afers in, Dehors, fiasli, Moiildiiip's, dlass;
and all  kinds of Building Material.     Uflioe Furiuturn and  Fixtures a
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing aud JCiuture Frames, eto
made to order
tiuolOJyarhawiy,     Woah.  Ihey'aod are iCw prepared  to  frjrnith
ever reath it1   E/ery few ysrds tlie
d.er's heal went an lor viler, and it
was evil-tit tint item ! iwird but
little farther and support tlie boy's
A genoron pulse seizid loe and he
'iHgi the d��er, T.ie tivoiTaimlowly
alcrj, r-.do by si le. His strength
wa? gone, an i the water v.a, gurgling
in .1 >e'i ears, ahen he heard a shout
be . a i hie, a rush throigh the water,
aod hs mti:i-i,'it by * Btrong arm
SO 1 I awn into a bait,
.ti J i", Ut against the Bi le of the
bout, a mm on the seat ne.it to him
i ��� . bu rill*, hut tho boy nt ruck up
It deor li -longs to  n��  if to
anybody." lis sail, " and I choose to
a i* "
th. ir cSstcmci-s wi'.h frsshly-killed
.i��ot. They will continue to bring
in during tils season the best class of
beef en the hoof, Thankiug their
customers for their liberal patronage
heretofore, they solicit it" continu-
anco and will guarantee   atisfaelion.
(''ircnce (courting Miss Alice, observes that her little toddler of d
brother has been staring at him
f!-om (be parlor doorway fill live
minutes)���Why a-.e jda looking at
lie- so, Tommy.?
Tummy- Waiting   for yon   to pro-
posi ' i Alice.
Abee���"h, Tommy] bcv came you
-.eh ;. iLin ; ?
i. ���) ma said if nepro-
,, lbs returned duck   " ' ;r'',i  <" >"""M!lf ri��bt at
1   (m, looted St Mm will bu prisi him, aa'I wantter.eeyou,   ''butter
Hit no one offered to m
busk, wbieh climbed sshere     I di "?fow boys, we have ten minutes
appeared in the woods ' '   inestions.    '< there anything
Thdt evening when Jde told fa i story J'""''1 like "' haVfl "plulfledf" Wld
'he rerdiot wii tUctt he   iad dobs theteacbel In mythology,
rlgfat, fes           dd   iVi ie,    ' How
������When Joe'i telling of    .        - | &\ \ \;,,;   ,
"1, ii p ��� pi - to Bay    - is' or He-
All clasocu of Lumbor on band for sale,    Contracting and building.
*ork, ' commented one i I hUeter
''to point ton pairol rtntl - i��o ildo'l
be so good an ending to his ( i r as
to say that he saved tl's life if the
decl thai towed hlra ashore
Harness ��� aiid ��� Saddle" ���- Elmporiunl
���jus!1 Arrive:)���
be!  ' ,"i ��� i  lolinny,
��� 'in    '," re pi ot did Jnp I >rr?"
pnt in Qeorgle
But thei i  ���'"! no answor,  Tbe
teacher thrashed Ibem soundly and
irdo id t."elr Mars,
������������ '   ....
"Pleasedo rvi say Jnythinj; n
Mr.   Van   I'.inti,"   (Iroteste'   tbe sent them
Jfounggirl, "I mint riot'i��teiitoyii:i."  -
"Don't refuse to heir Uh Mikh l'()|!
Pelherbridgel" ho nmbiirr'id in I hn
dbouttllerodniaslftottu.UlliisJoflli     ���,|r, nnilnrd Table",cortpleia Until
to kii'-eloit, i.'i't seeing none lis stddd  j��� ,,������ | repair.   A Idress
iipriglit,lool(6(lintentlyal thooeiling HAllRl f'ONNACIII'.li,
, and proceeded rapidly in a very high   Kon'oiiy House, Gulden, I!  C.
i11 fj nks and Valises j
llobcS jihd illiii.keiii, Clirry comhB,   Harness:
oil, Horso briiHhi-il, VVhi|m, fipuri und   ;
Hits iu ureal '.'diicty. !
l.lilllTANDIlLAVvilAllNMiiHB.       1
pllcfaed voico-,
ED 8: WILSON, Agoot at Rfltel*tok��i


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