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The Kootenay Star Aug 30, 1890

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Array v%*f <f
^w "W'^w e^r t^ ttt7 aur
^ ^>r   .-7   y
y    t
No. 11-
Sittings of tho County Court of Kootenay will be hold,
At Farwell, on, Wednesday, 80th July,
I Kill),
At Donald, on Friday, 1st Aug., 1890,
At Nelson Friday, 22nd Aug., 1890,
At Farwell, on  Monday, 8rd  November, 18110.
At Donald, on Wednesday, nth November, 1890,
At Nelson, ou Thursday, 13th November, 1890.
llv Comrnaud,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
10th July, 1890, 51Ct
Tbe following reduction of Fees for
Assaying, us from the 1st proximo, has
been, ordered by the Hon. Minister of
Tests for single samples, for gold, silver,
lead, or copper, to be made
for $1.50 each.
Two or more samples,     "    ��1.00 each.
For all other tests a proportioate reduction has been ordered,
Riot Assay er.
Nolieo is hereby given that sixty day*
after date, 1 intend applying to the Cliie
Commissioner of Landa aud Works, for
permission to lease for lumbering purposes, the following lota of land situate
iu the District uf F.asl Kootenay, viz, :
Lot No, 1. Beginning nt the stake \
mile from bridge ou North Fork of Spill-
amnshene Kiver, thence east two miles,
thenco south oue mile, thenco west two
miles, thenco to initial stake, continuing
1280 acres, more or lean.
Lot No, 2,   Beginuing.at a stake half
mile from bridge on Middle Fork, Spill���
amasheue lliver, thenee west one mile,
thence north ono mile, thonco cast threo
miles, thenee smith half mile, thence east
two miles, thenee south ono mile, thenco
east two miles, thenee south one mile,
thenoe lo initial stake, containing 3200
acres, mine or less.
Lot No. I). Beginning at a slake along.
side of last mentioned stuko, thenco oast
half mile, thence south two miles, thenco
west two miles, thenco uorth two miles,
thenco to initial stake, containing 25G0
acres, moro or less.
Lot No. 1. Beginning at a stako on
west bank of South Fork of Spillamn-
ohene lliver, on S. W. corner of the "Big
Slide," theuce north half mile, thence
east ono milo, thonce south six nnd oue
half miles, thence west two miles, thenee
north two miles, Iheuco eust oue mile,
theuce north two miles, thenco west one
mile, theuce north two miles, thenco to
initial utake, ooutaiuiug 0720 acres, more
or less.        T. B. II. COCHRANE,
Golden, B. C, 20th July, 1800, 5
And General Commission Merchant,
Insurance   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Notary Public, Etc.
El}* ftootenaij Star
i BBiBWa I mil
SATURDAY, AUGUST 30,   1890.
Notice is hereby given that thirty (30.)
days after date wo intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lanlsniid Works
for permission to lease the following described tract of land for timber purposes :
Commencing at a stake about 30 ohains
fonth of Pilot Bay, directly opposite tho
Outlet of Kootenay Lake on the east side
of the main lake, thence south 10 chains,
theuce east 80 chains, thenco uorth 10
chains, theuce west 80 chains, to tho initial post, containing 320 acres, more or
% per Geo. T. Kane.
Kootenay Lake, B. C��� July 8th, 1800,
Notice is hereby given that the Pacific
Mining Co,, by their agent, H. Anderson,
has fyled the necessary papers for a
Crown Grant in favor of the Spokane
mineral elaim,situated at tho Hot Springs,
Kootenay Luko.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to fylo their objections with mo within
60 days from date.
\ Govt. Agent,
' Revelstoke, July 15,1800.
In a lettor from P, 0. Inspector
Fletchor, under dale of August 28th,
with which the Staii has boon favored, referring to tbo suggestions it
made lust week concerning the inadequate mail faoilitios with Nelson, ho
says i
" I have strongly reoommonded an
increase in the frequency of tlio mail
service to Nelson, nud I have no reason to behovo thut tho Department
will objoet to the iuoreasod sorvioe
asked for."
Notice is hereby given Unit James E.
Dolan and Andrew B. Hendryx have
fyled the necessary papers und made application for a Crown Grant in favor of
tbe mineral claim known aa tbo Tough
Nut, situated in the Toad Mountain Sub ���
division, District of West Kootenay.
Adverse claimants, if any, are notified
to fyle their objections with me wi.hin
sixty days from date.
2-60d Govt. Agent.
' Revelstoke, June 21, 1800.
Notice ie hereby given that, pursuant
to an Order in Council, approved by His
Honour, the Lieutenant-Governor on the
80th July instnnt, the alienation of any
nnd all Crown lands by private sale will
be discontinued from and after this date,
until fuither notice, ponding contemplated legislation.
This notice shall not affect or proven!
tbo right to complete the purchase or
sale of any lauds in respect of which notices of intention to make application to
purchase havo been published in the
$$ritish Columbia Gazette prior to tbe
first day of August next.
('hicf Commissioner of Lauds k Works
Lauds and Works Department,
' Victoria, B. C, July 3hl '1890.
B. C.
C, & K, S. N, CO.
The Steamer Lytton will leave Revelstoke Monday and Thursday at 1 a. ni.
Leave Sproat for Little Dalles Tuesday and Friday at 1 a. in., returning the
same day to Sprout.
Leave Sproat for Revelstoke Tuesday
and Friday, 6oon after arriving from
Little Dalles, and connecting at Revel
stoke with the train for the west, at 5
p, m., Wednesday and Saturday.
Revelstoke, Aug, 9,1890.
The Victoria Times, in its issue of
Inst Monday, paid its respocts to tho
Stah, in several paragraphs, which
as usual did not reach ns till 11 o'clk
this Saturday morning, too lato for
auy further reference to it this week,
Tbe Miner accused tho Stab of appealing to tho Govornmont to ordor
all crown grants published in its columns. The next week it states that
it was wrongly informed, but did not
give the name of the originator of its
mis-information, *ho of course was
not the Gold Commissioner, but somo
one else who showed too great an eagerness to give the Star ii kick at
the expense of the truth.
The Minor now says that the Stau
threatened to write to tbo Government if it did not get the official
printing, and charges "Mr, Vail, the
manager," with haviusf uttered tho
threat. Mr. V, answers that he did
not threaten to write to the Government, neither did he write, and he
very much regrets, that tbe Gold
Commissioner, iu so understanding
b.im, misunderstood him-
T&e editor of the Miucr sees a
point clearly, and if need be bits it
^a rd, but we trust that he will not
let his too willing partisans mislead
him into hitting wide ol tho murk,, as
regards the Star,,
@. * R. 3188 3&BJM
Going East
No, 2
No. 1
13:00 Leave
Vancouver  Arrive
North Bend
Bpenoe's Bridge
12:15 Arrive    Glacier
Donald    Depart
Tho steamer Lytton, of the C. & K.
S, N. Co., leaves Revelstoke for Little
Dalles, Washington, every Monday and
Thursday, at 1 a. m,v connecting witjh
trains for Spokane Fulls, Returning,
leaves Little Dalles every Tuesday and
Friday, Stopping nt Sproat each way,
The steamer Duchess leaves, Goldeu
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
nnd returning arrives at Golden, at 1 p,
m, ou Wednesday.
Stoamboata leave Sicamous for Enderby Tuesday. Thursday und Saturday,
uud return Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Pflok trains from Revolstoko for Big
Beud on the Columbia.
In our article last woek on mail facilities, from Nelson to Revelstoke���
it should havo read that, starting from
Nelson for Sproat on Monday morning the mail would reach Revelstoke
Wednesday afternoon, throe days earlier than at present. And as the boat
now arrives at 3 o'clock p. m,,in, timo
fo; assorting nnd forwarding the mail
on the 5 o'clock train west, letters for
the coast would thus roach thoir destination three days ahead of present
The mail now leaves Nelson on
Wednesday aud reaches hero the next
Saturday, and not ou the second Saturday us one paper has it, Tho truth,
is bad enough when told about tho
mail service with. Kootenay Lako, and
it would.'soem, that without any unreasonable outlay, it can bo greatly
P, S. The above was written ou
the supposion that Nelson might be
made the starting point of tho route
instead of Sproat.
A (��) iimasiiun Club,
A meeting was held at the Revelstoke Reading Room Aug. 27, for
tbo purpose of considering the advisability of organizing a gymnasium
Mr. J. A. Sinclair was made chairman and Mr. F. B. Wella secretary.
Messrs. Wells, Cowan nnd Abra-
hamson were selected as a committee to ascertain if a joint stock company could be formed to build a
hall. A oonynittee was appointed
to draw up a, constitution for a
Messrs, Wells, Hume and Eraser
will represent the gymnasium at the
next monthly moeting of the Library
Association to soe if it could bo arranged to amalgamate thu two clubs,
Meeting adjourned till next Wednesday evening to receive tho report
of the punt stock committee.
Much enthusiasm was manifested
in tho object of tho movement und
liberal sums wero pledged towards
building a hall, anwuutiug to about
$110(1 by thoso who were present,
The prospect appears bright for carrying through the scheme.
Low Job nson's Colored Minstrels
gave their peculiar performance in
tbe Fireman's Hall ut Donald. There
was au appreciative audience of
about 200 present, As usual at
Donald publio eulcrtainments, not
one objectionable remark was mado
nor a sound uttered to mar tbo two
and ,i half hour's pleasure.
A man named 1'atrick Ooylo was
taken sick at ono of McKen/.io'a
lumber camps about 3 miles east of
Donald on or about tho 22ud; he
went to hospital'on 25th and Drs.
Campbell and Melunes, of C. P. R.,
performed an operation upon him,
opening the larynx and inserting a
tube. At tbo time tbo doctors stated
ho eould not live, which proved a
correct statement, as the man died
on the morning of the 27th of ulcerative gangrenous stomatitis, complicated with larngitis. Ho was boarding or Btoppiug at Woodbine Hotel,
kept by Pat Murphy. As yet it ia
not known whether the ;man has relatives here or whotbor there is sufficient coming to him to pay his f uuer-
al expenses. However, Mr. Murphy
and bis wife havo been most kind to
him, waiting upon tbe poor man
night aud day, and this morning
preparing to carry him to 'God's
Acre,' when a few kind people,
Btiangers, followed him to his last
resting place after mass at Catholic
church was performed.
The beautiful weather we are having here, both night and day, ia
something wonderful, and while we
read of fearful storms, earthquakes,
cholera and other fell diseases, we
are free from all in a beautiful atmosphere and amongst enchanting sconeiy in tho heart of the
Rocky Mountains.
The trees are alive with littlo
songsters warbling forth news of
five couples soon to be. made wonderfully happy iu conuubial felicity.
W, A. Crane, G. A. Bigolow and
G. E. F. Ellis have been elected Fire
Wardens at Nelson by  acclamation.
Gilker & Wells have erected an
eight foot addition to their storo, to
be occupied ns a harbor shop.
J. 0. Rykert, Jr., at tbo Custom
House, is engaged in farming, and
is putting up largo quantities of
Cars are now running five miles
east of Sproat, tbe rolling stock being an engine, caboose and several
flat cars.
No actual work has been begun on
the south side of tho Kootenay river
on tho Nelson ond of the railroad.
Dr. Campbell has been lookiug
over the Toughnut with J. E. Dolau,
aud samples havo beeu forwarded to
Revelstoke for testing.
Mr. Alliiuu, doocatted, bud a partner, Mr. Ramsay, owning together one-half of tho Hall mines.
The early development of the Toad
Mountain district is believod now to
depend greatly on tho oourso to bo
pursued by the owners of tho Hall
Nelson hotel whiskey is said to
havo too much water ia it to bo combustible.
G�� O. Buchanan has a 10x70 foot
scow for transporting lumber from
his saw-mill to all points on tho outlet aud lako, capable of carrying 50-
000 foot.
Goo. Herb, yocy. of tbe Columbia
Mining Company, is attending to
tho mining operation of his company
at tho Hot Springs district. He
went out to Spokane Falls last
Joe Wilson is supplying the camps
with juicy pork chops, as well as
porter house steaks,
Chief Justice Bagbie, Deputy
Attorney-General Irving, and Mr.
Evans, Bailiff of the Supreme Court,
vero ut Nelson last week, at Ibe session of tlie court ordered for August
('. II. Oudy, wlmso trip to Trail
creek was noted in the Star, has.
taken ii look at Toad Mountain, He
is working for a Vanoonver Mining
Syndicate, and has visited Spille-
machine, Illecillewaet, etc., but so
far has not recommended a purchase.
The first assize Sourt In Southern
Kootenny has been held at Nelson,
but there were uo cases, cither civil
or criminal ou Ihe docket.
How lliver Truffle Opens.
On the first trip of the Lytton,
linco our hist report, she carried 30
passengers dowu and 19 up. Of
these, Mr. C, F, Colwell, a mining
export of Spokane Falls, came
through to Revelstoke and went
east to Golden, intending to tako
Iho steamer Duchess to W'ii.uermere,
to examine a mining property iu tbat
Mr. F. E. Curtis, Mayor of Spokane Falls, aud Mrs. Curtis, took
this new route to Boston, leaving
hereon Sunday morning and stopping nt tbe Glacier,
Ou tho next trip, returning Wednesday, tho Lytton hud 27 down
passengers and 28 roturniug. Among
the passengers down were L. D. and
J. Johnson and V. E, Place, mining
specialists, returning to Spokane
Falls, from a visit to Spillemachene
and other camps in Eist Kootenay.
Amoug the more notable people
on board were Chief Justice Begbie,
Prof, i-ielwyn, Judge Tunstall, and
D. A, Stewart, recently eLgiueer of
the Columbia k Kootenay.
Of the total number 17 came from
or went to Little Dalles, and a large
proportion of the entire list bad
Trail Creek, tbe new mining camp,
for their objective point.
Ou this trip of the boat two of the
merchants of Sprout, Green Bros,
and R. E. Lemon, brought ia 3 tons
of (lour from Spokane Falls, besides,
miuiug tools for Trail Creek and
somo other small lots of goods.
We are under obligations tol'urser
MoMcrris for the above particulars.
Hamilton.���At Revelstoke, on Aug.
23rd, Miltou, infant son of Mr.
Samuel Hamilton,aged four weeks,
and twj days.
Chapman.���At Revelstoke, on Monday, August 25tb, Elitb Mary,
infaut daughter of Mr, and Mrs,
Henry Chapman, aged four
Card of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chapman
wish to extend their hearty thanks
to to the people of Revelstoke for
tbe many kiudnesses shown them
during their lato trouble,
Tho following notice is posted on
tho government bulletin board, signed by all tho shareholders���12 in
number���of the Last Chance Mining
Co: Tlio Last Chauce Co, ask you
to grant them a live years lease of
mining ground on MoCullooh Creek
commencing at the North East line
of the Opbir Bed Rock Flume Co.'s
claim, thenco running up creek to
the Nemissis Cc'sSottthWest boundary, and a width of UU feet, 200 feet
on each sido of centre of creek. Tho
said ground to bo used for miuiug
August 21, 1390.
Prof. Silwyn wont east on Thursday morning to Calgary, intending
to give tlie new oil region nn investigation, which is situated in the
mountains west of I'ort McLso.l.
Tlie brilliant lettor of Mr. John
R, Reavis, descriptive of the trio
from Spokane Falls to tho Glaoier,
in the SpokaneReview, will be giver;,
iu the Suit neit \\ee\ CJN ^pptenay Slav
A lour page twenty-column nown
paper, is issued iron) tho ollico ol
publication, Iievelstoke, Ii. C,
Bubtcriplion pripo ��J per year.
Rates of advertising given on
ii| plication.
Fuldishcr und Proprietor
i .     i_   -..��� i.'s.'.i.^.u.i���1���-lam
and dealt the d.igii cull'that bpwilljof rock, ami at such limes the
most likely never forget. The nest! euliro valley, with its shifting velvet'
instant a vanishing streak of ourly ; black  shadows,    graud   flashes of
Staging easily baik from Iho coast
lustseaBon; halt ing hern and there
by the way like eery truants lagging
pnwillinglv   to  school,    camo the
writer.     Wo   had   left  behind the
dreamy  beauty of   tho coast,  the
canyons of tho Thompson r.ud I'mser
rivers, and u multitude of scenes,
somo awful, soma   beautiful,  f,iid
some only strange, and for the time
we were fairly surfeited with scenery.
But winding around tho serpent-like
coils of tho Loup, our drowsy enthusiasm woke to sudden life again,
The hoarse voice of the new-born II-
Jicillowaet told of its parent close by
and when the train hulled we grasped baggage and soon had everything
ou the platform -determined to seo
the ice-monarch once again and sr
jinirn once more beneath tho hospitable roof of  tho   Utile chalet-like
hostelry, seemingly strangely put of
place in that lonely  hut  wondrous
pleasing valley,     \t  was a perfect
day, and after diuuer we sat for half
an hour upon the shadod verandah,
smoking aud gating lazily upon one
of the most entrancing scenps to. bo
found, even in picturesque Canada.
At our feet were n few dozeu square
yards of emerald green, close-shaven
lawn, divided by   paths  formed  of
snow-white btonc.    On cither hand
and iu front wero fountains spouting
icy waler high in tho air,    Beyond
theni the railway, bnyond  that  Ihe
Illecillewaet, growling and grumb-
iiiig,letip.ing and plunging among it^
rounded boulders, and beyond all
the hugo rock wall, garbed  half its
height with giant   firs, aud rising
jbnve these for thousands  of feet in
sternly i-iide magnificence, that (-ud-1
ed finally with  the  cloud-wreathed
crest of grand  S*r Donald, a mile
and a half above our heads,     A few
steps away a secoud edition of the
original hotel (since completed1 was
under construction, and beyond this,
at the head of tho  V, shaped Valley,
we could see a portion of the huge
Io;-c-foot of the glacier, about ou a
level wilb the hotel and distant but!
a few minutes' walk.
For the timo we sat comfortably
and content to merely gaze ully npou this,  ono   of   nature's   grandest.
hair, yelp mil water lost itself behind the hotel, while tho cub But
himse|i' down lo await tho next arrival. But wo wearied on this crafty
young plantigrade iu timo, and dragging him back to his quarters we
secured him and started for f|ie
glacier. From tho hotel the path
leads into the cool shadowy forest,
winding hero nnd iborp beneath an
unbroken dome of green. It is a
delightful WaJH through tbo ijtately
lira, the going being safe and easy,
even for ladies. In fact the socalled
climb to the forefoot of tbo glacier
is but a trifling affuir, requiring very
litllo exertion and being most en-
j joyable, From all the lower branches
of the cedars and Ill's bang great
gray bpurds of mosses, giving tbo
surroundings rather a, ghostly tinge,
and tho instant you lose sight of the
hotel you realize lhat yon aio in tho
wilderness indeed. Nearing the
glacier Iho path trends toward the
open, and yon pjck, yoi>r steps for a
short distance among nnd over large
rounded boulders, piled up in many
places iu ivihl confusiou; then crossing the illecillewaet upon a fallen
tree, which forms a safe au,d convenient bridge, you pass through a
narrow point of wood and find yourself faco lo face with lbe icy marvel.
A huge moraino of rocks, round
ns cannon balls and whito as bones,
is piled up before the gleaming
1 lough-share in ono tremendous
furrow, turned from ono solid bedrock by that frightful and mysterious
power, ever chained, yet ovfj1 creep
ing forward aud downward. Clambering over these we reached tbe ice
itself and passed io half a dozen
steps from summer to winter, Here
with ii flawless summer skj above
and a burning sun striking fti|l about
it, with bright greeu foliage almost
touching it, was a hugo frozen river,
a cataract of solid ice thai lasts for
ever, an emblem of winter eternal.
extending iu una gleaming m.iss
from the level of tho valley up and
lip, to lbe very mountain peaks and
beyond them forming a broad frozen
plain of miles in exteut, Neither of
us came prepared to climb it. I bad
both climbed it and slid down it on
a previous occasion, and thereby
| gained a lusting respect  for  such
golden light and purple  haze might
well bo styled a   perfect  dream  of
loveliness.   High above and beyond
tbe densely [wooded masses of tho
Asnlkan Mountains, rising abruptly
bekjm] tho hotel, aro tha Asnlkun
and Dawson glaciers- seamed, scarred  horrors  pf  frost,  filling vast
mountain gorges anl exoee lingly in
area all thu glaciers of Switzerland
combined.    To reach theso necessitates hard work nnd genuine climbing, but 'tha reward is worth  ten
times tho trouble,   Tho numo Asul-
k a a means in tho   Siwash tongue
"the home of tho \iild goat" and
there among the soaring crags laden
with ice everlasting  will  be found
the   snowy-coated,   ebony-horned,
iiuaii.t,    sir.-0-fopled,   shy   bensls,
whose heads, noxt to Iho bide of tho
giaut grizzly, or tho heads of mountain sheep,  rank as the proudest
trophies of the sportsman's skill, endurance rind nerve.    Thoy  and the
bears aro plentiful enough to make
a determined  climber's chances of
success almost a certainty, provided
his nerves are in tune,  ami   he  can
hold straight  when at point hlnuk
range.    These   qualifications will
provo moro than useful, and uo man
should lenve them in his valise when
starting from tbe Glacier House; for
while his first shot Smight be ut  a
goal, the next might boat a bear,
and if the bear in question  happens
to be "Old Ephruim," look lo it that
your ball is properly placed, or there
might bo somo  unclaimed baggage
lying in tbe snug little  hostelry  so
far bi'lQw.    A  man   who baa, perhaps, boen prayed for in vain for 52
weeks by  an  entire  congregation,
will see the error of his ways qnick-
er'n scat after missing a vipil spot iu
a grizzly, end hia thoughts will be
directed upward, too, with a whole-
souled  earnestness ��� that     is   il
Ephruim happens to be dowu-hill
from him when the exercises open.
Smelting and Trading
Ts now i'renar.eil tii Reco.ivo all Gold. Silver & Lead ore.
Minors who havo nny ores to sell are requested to onmnvmioalo at onoe with t!s��
manager at R^velntoko, B. 1��� r ho is prepared to furnish every facility
to miners of small or limited means to ship thoir ore.
The election in Cnssiar has been
heard from, giving Iho seat to Hall,
the Government candidate.
According to Ibe Columbian, an
work, but there was no difficulty in | Opposition paper, Ihe Legislature
working our way lp the first narrow j stands., Government ??��� Independent
level, perhaps a hundred feet from : 5, Opposition 8, making a clear
the ground. From here we could j majority of seven for tbe govern
seo Ihe yawning   crevasses of un-im-mt,
The Loudon Daily News, publishes
an urgent appeal to the public for
active tujasnros tp, prevent famine
and misery in Ireland on account of
the potato, blight,
known depth, tombs of ice all ready
for any careless climber to full into,
and looking beyond our eyes marked cave?, crevasses ?,cd chasms,
checking Ihe emerald surface here.
there i:::<i H :yv.l,cie clear I I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
where a pyramid of granite masked Tbe U. S. Census Office Wednesi
tbe crest of a mountain protruding day completed tbe official count of
from a chaos of glittering fragments, the population of the State of Wash
Cb ngh from a short distance the ington with the exception of two
to be very pure, it is in  supervisors districts.    Tho pnpnla-
R, H0WS0N and CO.
General  Contractors    and    Builders.
Manufacturers and Dealers in   Doors, Sash, Monldinsfs, Glass,
and all  kinds of Building Material.    Office  Furniture and  Fixtures a
a specialty.   Turning, Scroll Sawing and riettiro Frames, ate
made to order
James McDonald & Co.
yoftv xsm�� &% ossJkP ssasvo11 pjswoai i
All classes of L.umhor. on haul fur-sale.    Cuntv-aotin,g ami building'.
b. a,
sidled up ou Hat and soundless :'
and by windiug his stout little arms
' as immediately as it was start-
��.   Poor wee beggar, he could no
price pun;
8260,1 QO, The new owners will take
charge on September the Iirst, and
i.i to be com-
pages, but my   hnlf reverie was ri   reality dotted all over with pebbles tionis 843,661, and it is estimate
bully interrupted by a youthful and ;1Ill fragmeDt,   0(   different rocks,' that the return from the two districts
exceedingly fut black bear who had br0i,,,.   down fron  tb?   heigljt. wjhincrease this to 84G.,0,Q0.   The
Am : :���   Ibcso i,ave been popn'alion of the territory in 1880
discovered     numerous   specimens was75,116,
around m-leg drew attention to him-j |   ,_,.,...    :   |, and the great -.   ,    .      .     -   v    ���
.'   , The ^ogg'.M mines in New Briins-.
are i xceedingly , ,     ��        ,, ,        n   ,. ,
, ��� wick have been sold to an hngliali
 ,   pr. ������                              ..-    nprariillo ..            .,                        .,   ,   .
doubt see bis birth  ulnce from 'lie                                                   -. oyndiratp,   the   price   paid being
iioiuii sea in. Lam   p. .ill i. j j.  ...                             ,,,,,.. monDg around ^^^ ���.
end of his light tother, and | isaibly  y0f| ,   |)t)tjn tho ic() j
in his secret  boul he  longed   ..    ��� , [ace |bw j, wllfctb
free, but what he particu                     ...                          a Moa lhajoj* grehiie
?J at the moment wast,    , taken                                  ave M( P-^'d m March.
a small pool Ulow the lawn,   r took      ,...,;,,.,,.,,,,,.,.    To mj The C P. R. is adding another
him thither on his chain, and, enn                         ;     bjeot proved to wire to ila commercial telegraph line
ousl  notice, vhilo he evinci I                                ., ft wjM from Winnipe,j to the con t,
strongest           i lo the fountain ,   , ,   .,,,.,;-:  a .������ . �� D���, Btil]
1,1,0 in mentbo  ������ 1 to Ihe natn                        .   Wf  ,,���.     ,,  , Whang Fang,  a Chinamen, who
poolheplni -1  in  anl   began I                                      . ,,. -,..,. resides   in Victoria, irritea to Sir
have fun with himself, roljii      ou                         ^wUxig remain. JobnTbompeon asking for tho pri-
and pawing iho water like a little | oJ gftVfl lhe tff0 ](jM ���,���, b(j;, vilego of rupning a. Chinese brewery
. w, ��� 11 ml paying a licen e tee, So far
no Chine -> breweries h^ve been ei
tahlisherl in Bi itivh   Colinnibia, and
Harness ��� and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
Robes and Ulankcts, Gurry combs, Harness:
oil, Horso brushes,  Whips, Spurs and   :
Bits in great variety.
BR. 8, WILSON, Agent at Rovelstoke.
, :.i every iraoker, and
black boy, until he had nsm 61
l.��i    '���'���'���     " '���      laterally a!���t once Bccured,    They were so soft
nioal ' mioal - [\ :���������- on,   i I bt easily have been lied in
mockaer   isl peoially i knot, but by the following morning lbfl taies con8"lerilb^ painfllosliow
In good  humor,  nude,:..---.        .,,,       totbehardm     of ,-.-���,   to the Miuister of Justice tbat tbe
trady for any  deviltry, and this whon a careful eoraping with glass beerwl    ' ie 'DteDd' miik""'' ,vili
round, black cub pron la very   tar , . L|iem to a beantifnl while   not bo Intoxicating
-' ������!"���'"���   A apaniel dog appear  .,   N'0w, when I want to enjoy a     in eleotiift bout, deslgnod by D
etl on the cone o  I sneaked silently onol emoke, tbe glacier bones DU the  a Stevens
i:,t.i thu waler to .-.: .-il of the queer i,,,] .,,,, Iiuvt,.
Ipoking ball of fur,    !','.' should cur
tainly  have got  moro   of a smell Tfim.i    ���   .,    <���   .   ,.      , ., . ,
i    ' �� muhteitbor be early astir and oatch   ll11' " tl"1 fll'st attempt that has
the first gliut ol innrivienpon it, or been ,":"1"   '" T",""") '" "llliz"
,,,,',      .1,, olsolrioity as a raotivo power on the
uiijt for the glow of a cIouiIIchs sun
of  IJoronto, oreised lo
the i.iluiid in I'-iioiilo H yenlerdiiy.
To see the glaoier at its best one the trip was made In sixteen minutes
than bo did considering tho trouble
he went to. Tho bear sat quiet, ivilh
hi.i hea l tnrnod away, bis face
wearing a beautiful fur away look,
and he seemingly mentally calonlut
log tho height of Sir Donald iu
meters, until tho dog was well .within reach, when liko a flush Im ohang-
set to paint it with gorgeous liut.i,
Then it blazes with gorgoous glories
of splendid color na though all the
goms of earth hud been ��� >i 1�������� 1 in care-
Tho Btuts Department has an ap.
pile nlioii fi'.m parties in Italy for
the fortune |ofl ill llrileli   Cidilinbia
by ono (Ihinimi do  (liiiiia,  who re-
3'.] etidii iu sumo miraenbut fashion ; less heaps upon tho cold grey bleep ceully died al Vic'.oria.
The Kootenay Star,
Ocvotod  to    Iho   lil'MHIiRING,   B.USIKESS,  aud; AGRICUL-
TL'R.VI, muli ��v|M��cially to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
J J.) cd tn, and executed in the best style,  Coiiimercial  worl^
asfocialtj.   Oijlsn by mil larefully Riled,, ivwu ii,.i�� i   u.i.x.j.
I havo at some length neglectod ray
duties as correspondent of llio Star,
I urn engaged in occupations foreign
to newspaper letter wilting, and in
the past have exehangod tho implements of mechanical industry for the
pcu, only because questions of public inter, st seemed to demand a voice
which there was no ono to supply.
1'uitof lato a host of writers, regular,
special, transieut and otherwise havo
Bent their communications from
KanUnay lako to grace your columns,
theso of yonr contemporaries; and
the local paper here, edited with the
well known vim and industry of its
staff, is iu the field as our particular
advocate and spokesman.
Two years ago thn existence of
promising mines in this section was
a fact known to but few, while fower
Mill knew where Kootenay lako win,
on how they might got there; ami
���rtill fewer had any disposition to
bravo thu dangers or hardships of
iho trip. Under tbe circumstances
(be columns of tho newspaper wore
, an obvious channel for the dissemi-
jV nation of information, and the at
traction of attention, and to this end
wero freely used. Tho power of the
pen bus beeu amply illustrated iu
Ibe results achieved. Kootonay lake
is noi today a terra incognita, but
has becomo, instead a focal point of
interest to which the eyes of laborers
colonists, capitalists, writers, artists,
politicians and scientists aye turned,
and toward which 'the footsteps of
many of them are tending. Two
years ago it required an agitation almost fierce to gefca trail out out lead-
to lbs Toad Mountain mines. Now
four railways are tinder construction
or survey to compete for our trade
Two yeara ago thesoft-hcadedncss of
the men who built lbe Despatch at
Revelstoke was popularly conceded.
Now, the captain, who was also by
turns tbe pilot and the engineer, and
the purser and a deckhand ou tbat
marvellous catamaran, is the commodore of a line of splendid steamers.
Two years ago John Lodge and
partner supplied tbe mines with
sawn lumber, out with a wbipsaw.
Iu a fow days cousnmers cau have,
their choice of hoards cut by either
of six saw mills. Three months ago
it could not be said that any ore-
producing mine iu British Columbia
hud ever reached a paying basis.
Today we have at least ono mine
lure supplying a splendidly equipped crusher, which it is understood turns out a net product of $400
per day.
With a long list of facts uuch as
ibese, which might bo enumerated,
und which have been duly enumerated through the columns of the
press, it seems a superfluous task to
���write for the mere sake of attracting
public atteution. Your correspondent frequently gets or sees letters
from inquirers ns to the outlook in
the Kootenay lake district for investment ot employment in different
lines of business. I am not disposed
to fcbe over-sanguine Jor enthusiasm
tic, I have seen more or less of the
rise and decline of booms throughout Western Canada. I have never
seen the raw material of which wild,
crajy-booms aro made lying around
in such reckless profusion and in bo
dangerous combination, bb in the
Lake Kojtenay district s,t present.
The man may be wise who stays
away from here for tho next two
years, but he will be wiser than
twenty-thousand of his fellow men if
he does so stay away. To those who
like to he in tho swim, who thiuk
their neryons system can stand the
excitement of a boom, I can quite
confidently extend tbo invitation to
come on. Half a dozen years hence
tbey can muse upon an episode
in their lives with the soliloquy "All
this I have seen, part of this I havo
Hil.,0 Kvmtxs.
The Late R. D. Atkius.
The remains of the late Richard
Day Atkins arrived by lbe Kingston
but night, and ore at tbe undertaking rooms of Chas. Hayward. Mr.
Ramsay, the doceased'B life-long
friend, und Messrs. K. Hull und J,
McDonald, pittiiers at lbe Toad
Mountain mine, accompanied them.
This afternoon, at 1,4,15, the funeral
will lako place from Hay ward's
rooms and nt 2 o'clock from '.lie
Christ chinch cathedral. All Ili6
^li.iudij of deceased in this city will
to one who in life was iu every
sense a worthy man, The gentleman
who brought the remains to Victoria
look great caro to keep the body of
their dead friend in a good stale of
preservation, and the features of tbe
departed may be viewed for the last
timo today before the funeral.���
Saturday's Colonist.
Some Texas Snakes.
Bull snakes are found all tbe way
from Canada to tbe gulf, but in the
Lone Star State they grow to unusual size and are exceedingly numerous. Tbey inhabit river bottoms
and timber land aud aro porfeotly
harmless in overy respect, Tbey
am not poisonous, are non-aggressivo
and will not seek a light unless under speciul conditions. The conditions are to encounter some snake
which is poisonous, and then there
is war from tho start. Especially
do tbey hato a rattlesnake, The two
are tho deadliest id foes, and this is
a strange provisiou of nature in regard to the poisonous and non-
poisonons members of tbe ophidian
A black snake baa no venom, but
be has everlasting powers of constriction and will instantly tackle
any poisonous snake he encounters
and probably vanquish him. The
same may bo said of the bull-snake,
He is peaceable in nature and will
seldom fight his own kind, or tackle
snakes that are not poisonous, but a
venomous snake, and especially a
rattler, wi.l find himself in trouble
every time if a ball, black, or king
snako espies him. The latter is the
wonder of ophidians. A diminutive
specimen, scarcely more than three
feet long, yet the little fellow is bo
active, ao wary, and is endowed with
such rare pluck, that be is truly and
unquestionably the king of tho family.
I was out after peccaries, or musk
bogs, and sat down under a bunch
of chaparral, near a stream of water,
to rest and to eat a bit of lunch.
While thus employed I was somewhat startled to see a moccasin oome
dashing through thu grass within a
couple of yards of me aud go dashing head over heels, bo to speak,
into the water. After him, like a
shot, was an elongated streak of
bright green, Iu he weut, too. and
then I knew there was fun in store,
The wuler was a sort of pool, without much of an inlet or outlet, and
unless by going across rocks and
sand, ov by coming back on shore
again, neither combatant could escape.
Sure enough, aftor racing and
tearing around the pool like mad,
both pursuer and pursued emerged
from the opposite side and proved to
bo, as I thought, a cotton-mouth
moccasin aud a rather small king
snake. The latter was after tbe other
however, and before the big fellow
gave up the race or could throw him
self into an attitude of defence the
king snake was upon him. The sole
and entire power of the latter reptile
lies in his wonderful constricting
abilities. He has no fangs, no poison
or nothing to defend himself with
save his coils, but theso are so
powerful and bo terrible in compressing tbat netbiug in 'the animal
or reptile world, according to its
sizo, can begin to, compare with him
for Ibis especial quality.
No sooner had thn moccasin stopped and turned to defond himself
than like lightning his enemy jumped upon hiia and proceeded to
squeeze the life out of his ugly carcass. Tighter aud tighter grew tbe
coils, always arranged bo tbat the
big ene could not strike, and pretty
soon tbo king's body waa nearly lost
to view, so slender had it grown
from constriction and ao deep was
he iu the fat flesh of the moccasin..
It looked like a green cord wound
tight around the latter's body.
At last tbe moccasin ceased resistance und allowed his body to bang
loose ami inert. For ten minutes
louger did, the king snake hold bin
grip, then gradually loosening it-
hut always ready to resume bis
squeezing should his enemy exhibit
nny sifjns of life���finally be uncoiled
himsi If entirely, Ban that tho moccasin was no more, turned his back on
the scone, and went gliding through
Idle brush,
are quite numerous. Iu tho lowlands, and especially in meadows
and river bottoms they are fouud in
great numbers. Nobody harms them,
neither wliitoB or negroes, and even
Mexicans spem to understand their
good qualities for lliey seldom if
ever kill one. When soldiers are in
ramp and find a great runny king
snakes iu the vicinity, Ihey know it
is a good sign, for poisonous snakes
will steer clear of that locality and
never visit it while there is one of
the royal breed about.
A sensation has boen causod in
London, Eng., by the case of Rout.
Teigh, a coal trimmer, who landed
Sunduy from a steamer from Calcutta. He was taken to a hospital,
and the doctors pronounced his case
Asiatic cholera.
Lord Salisbury has certaiuly placed tbo Behring Sea question on a
perfectly sound basis by his offer
that: "If the United States Government contiuus lo differ with Great
Britain as to tbe legality of tbo recent captures, Her Majesty's gov-
erumout is ready to refer the question to impartial arbitration." Mr.
Blaine can hardly refuse to entertain this wise and statesmanlike
Hume's Building, Revelstoke, B. C
By the Columbia River Lumber
Co., at Beaver, B. C, to work in
their mills and iu the woods.
Steamekb Duchess, Marios & Tekt,
Str. Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Mcnday at noon, (and on Thursdays
when sufficient inducements offer) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednesday, 4 p. m.,
Tourist tickets $6 for round trip.
Agents, Golden, B. 0.
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Ph. D., P,
G. S.A.
(Late of the Geological Survey of
Consulting Geologist. Mines, quarries, and mineral deposits of all
kinda examined aud reported on.
Economio problems investigated and
information famished, Whethnm
Block, Vancouvor, B. C,
Not&���Mineral specimens sent to
Dr. Lawson, will be placed on public
exhibition.. 50
One Billiard Table, completo and
ia good r-cpair.   Address
Kootenay House, Golden, B. C.
The Revelstoke Tin isnop.
aranito  ware, nnd   Lamp  Goods.       Tin,  Copper and    Shoot Iron
Waro made to order.    First class work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
attended to.
Optician. ^|
X'.'���%(���:��� v^-":'; >';:k\%
M��Jt ������'-,': -,,.'   ""'���Yi'JS.-imi
Ul orders by mail i r
express promptly
All   descriptions ot
gold and 6ilverwaro
General Merchants.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries,' Provision
Canned Good3, Hardware Etc
Tho Stock in every Department is Full and Complete and tho Public will
find it to tlicir advantago to call nnd
Inspect  Goods   and   Compare  Prices.
(CloBotoC. P. II. Depoij
B. C.
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and comploto stock of (.'cut's furnishings, la lion, gents,
and children's boots, shoes qjiil hose, stationery, patent medicines toilet
requisites and ready-made Nothing,   A   largo  a.-scrtment,of pipes,
tobacco, Cigarettes, imported and domestic oigars, fruits, nundy, etc.
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, Mid other goodfl,
too numerous lo mention, at modcralo prices,
Telephone communicatiqij, j�� SELKIRK LODGE NO. li
I OOFDouakl, B. 0,
Regular Meeting Thursday of eaoh
week at 8 p. ni.    All visiting broth
ers are eordiajly invited.
J.McLuon, ���   .1. H. ILvniisoM,
N. G. R. S.
Donald, 11. 0
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, nnd last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   .1. S. Babbitt,
beo'y,   W, P, Ogilvie.'
fiiio'r.    Al^un McLean.
Journal Ag't, E. A. Chesley, Kamloops, 11, 0,
who has iho right  to [.vote at  tho j large body of pre, 212 miles from
inoeiiug. With all these questions
nettled in advance, when the decision is fully and finally made it
will stand as the undoubted voice of
tbe people, ami ti\9 construction of
the liavejstoke school building,
which has already been too long delayed, cau then prosaed.
Donaip, 11. ('.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays,and 3rd ami
1th Sundays, in firemen's Hall,
Master,   Ail Inn- Randall,
Secretary,    losepb Oidlih.
Collector,   Geo 11 Govolit, Box 10.
Receiver,   James   Falconer,  Can-
more, N W T.
Magazine Agent,   II J MciSorley.
Tho Star does not feel inclined to
enter into any acrimonious dine nssion
j of tbe school site question, If Revelstoke is to booome what we all
hope and believe it will, the home
of several thousand people within
the next few years, upon tho site
now to bo selected will be erected
the Central High School of tho city,
and thoro will necessarily be other
primary aud preparatory schools,
both above and below. Tho children
aro those helpless littlo people for __^_^^^_^^___^_^
whom all this work is being done, j Trail Crook, 12 feet of shaft showing
and their comfort and convenience | 20 .feot of oro,   0 milus from Col-
19. Xeosha, R. McLeod, $500 silver, vein fl feet, Hot Springs, 10
feet of -Jiaft, 2 1-2 miles from Ains-
20. Union, Ohas. Rosier, GO oz.
silver, vain 5 feet, Hot Springs. 75
feet of E,baft, oro houses etc., 2 1-2
milos from Ainsworth.
21. Little Donald, E. L. Davenport, 75 oz. silver, vein 7 feot, Hot
Springs, 13(1 feet of shaft, several
crosscuts, 112 miles from Ainsworth,
22. Krao, A. D. Wheeler, $90 to
SI1S1 silver, vein 12 feet, Hot Springs,
180 feet shaft, several crosscuts, 112
miles from Ainsworth.
23. Ceulro Star, Joseph Bonrgois,
$8 silver, $18 gold,  vein 20 feet,
Divine Service will bo held in tho
Revelstoke Church evory Sunday evening at 7 ;30, conduoted alternately
by Methodist, Presbyterian, nud lilng-
lisb Church Ministers. Spoceiar announcement will be made ouch week
in the Star.
Sunday School and Bihle Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
should bs considered and provided
for, for tho future a�� well as for the
We are not of theso who have a
narrow policy for Ravelstoko. Wo
know that if its prospects prove
equal to our own ambition (for it, all
the available ground between the Big
Eddy nnd tho Illecillewaet will, iu
not many years, bo occupied by the
blocks of its business men and the
homes of its people,
Tlio Mineral Exhibit of AVcst
Kootenay at the
The following is a detailed description of the 43 samples of ore
from the leading mines of West Kootenay which havo heen collected for
the Exhibition at Toronto :
1. Grizzly, R. k A- C. Fry, 75 oz.
silver, vein C feet, Toad Mountain,
GO feet of shaft sunk, 8 miles from
2. Cariboo, A. O. Fry, 175 os. silver, vein i feet, T��ad Mountain, 2
shafts sunk, 10 and 15 feet, 8 miles
from Nelson,
3. Dandy, Fox, Kelly k Cook, 50
oz, silver, vein 1]', feet, Toad Mountain, G5 feot of tunnel on ledge, 8
miles from Nolsoo,
4. Iroquois, O, M. Townson & Co
10 oz.  silver,  vein
Mountain, 2 tunnels 70 aud 50 feet
ou ledge, 8 miles from Nelson
The article, 'TheSelkirk Glacier,'
is copied from the August Western
The Columbia Rivor Lumber Co.,
at Beaver, report that they have all
the men thoy at present require,
having imported a gang from Ontario
Mrs. H, A. Perley, wife of the
manager of tho Glacier and Alberta
Hotels, visited Mrs. Hume nnd
daughters this week, returning to
the Glacier yesterday.
Tho close season for wild duck
ends September 12th, nnd not Oct. 1     ..  u .., __. ���_  ���~
as we stated   erroneously last week, | silver, vein 1 feet, Toad Mountain 37 j *liaf,> eto'' �� milcs from C' P'R'
but for cock pheasants tho close sea-  foet of shaft 1U2 feet tunnel, 8 miles!    33' Jumbo' 0orbin a!ul Kenueil.v>
sou ends Oct. 1. from Nelson. , 81G0 to m silver- voin fi feet' Ille-
English Church service will be; 6. Silver King, Hall Bros., ��300 oillowttet' cocsi'leMljlB improve-
held at the Church to-morrow, Sun- silver, vrin 15 feet, Toad Monntain, me?^ dooe' * miles ,rQm ^'- ?��� R'
day, evening at 7:30 when Rev. F.E.  inn. fait nf'Bwt omutt nf t���n,���,i :   3L G����' Cave, A. Chisholm, 30
umbia river.
21. .Josie, H. Sharon, ��8 silver,
$18 gold, vein 30 feet, Trail Creek,
ledge stripped showing large body
of ore, (j. miles from Col umbia river.
25. Queen Victoria, James Burr, j
13 oz. silver, large deposit, Kootenay river, small test holes on hill,
G miles from Nolson,
23,. Royal Canadian, Simon Ray,
$"G to$.704 gold, vein 2 feet, Eagle
creek, 2 tunnels 40. feet and 60 feet,7,
miles from Nelson.
27. Umatilla, ?. C. Collins, 40 oz
silver, vein 5 feet, Nelson, shaft
showing large body of ore, 7 miles
from Nelson.
28. Poorman, E. L. Davenport,
$10Qto$20Qgold, voin 21-2 feet,
Eagle Creek, 80 feet o,f shaft, 400
feet of crosscut, G miles from Nelson.
29. Maple.Cariboo ck' MiningCo,,
45 oz. silver, 72 per cent lead, vein 8
feet, Illecillewaet, 120 feet of tunnel
80 feet of shaft, 3 miles from C. P.
30. Maple Leaf, A. F, MeKinnon,
80 to 90 oz. silver, 72 per cent, lead,
vein 29 feet, Illecillewaet, Improvements $3000, 3 miles from the C, P.
31. Blue Bell, Green* Gallop, G5
oz, silver, GO per cent lead, vein 2
1-2 feet, Illecillewaet, 45, feet of shaft
13  feet, ToaJ I ^c, 2 miles from tbe C.P.K.
32. North Star, Green and Gallop,
The annual pic uic of (ho ]o?al O,
R. employees was held at the "Summit'1
(somo two miles west of Roger's Pass)
to-day, Saturday, and was in every respect an unqualified success. A desire
had biien expressed on tho part of somo
of the younger men to go farther afield,
but owing to objections from many of
the married employees, this could not
be arranged. A special train with the
merry-makers on board, left Donald at
7 o'ejock, rebelling the scene of amuse,
ment early in the forenoon. With dan.
cing on the snow-sheds to the tune of
eulivening music, swings ereoted underneath, spurts ami amide provision for
refreshment, an enjoyable day was
spent, The timo for return was fixed at
18 o'clock, To the gratuitous efforts of
the following coinmittoo is duo in a large
measure the success of the outing���
Messrs. F. E. Hobbs, Chairman, L. J,
Edwards, Secretary, Geo, Middleton
II. E. Beasley, P. Grant and T. Evans'
Every facility has been offered intend!
ing B. C. exhibitors to the earning Toronto exhibition by the C, P. R. A car
to contain various specimens of cereals,
roots, flowers, frnits and other produce
of the districts adjacent to the coast has
been placed at their disposal at Vaucou
ver with freo transit the entire way.
This car will stop at Rovelstoko and take
on board a fine collection of Kootenay
minerals weighing upwards of two tons,
gathered under the auspices of Mr. J.
M. Kellie, M. P. P. Had it been nee
essary, the C, P. R. were prepared to
place ac entire car at the disposal of
this exhibit. The benefits to be derived
from au exhibition ic the Eastern Prov.
inces, of the great mineral wealth of
certain soctions o,f B. C. cannot bo overestimated, and the readineqs of the local
management of the road to. offer free
transit is to be highly commended.
J 02 to 125 02. silver, 70 per cent lead,
Tough Nut, Dr. Heu.lr.vx, 45 oz'' v,ein U ftitt' ?1Ie?llle*aet',2(L f��et of
   llGiifeeiof .-.haft, 2C0 feet cf tunnel,
Wright will  officiate.    Tho  usual 8 miles from Nelson.
morning service will also be held. Hjr jpBifiaa
The Elocutionary Entertainment
\>y Miss Agnes Knox Monday evening was well attended and thoroughly appreciated. Its charm consisted iu addition to the fine rendering of appropriate selections, to her
natural aud unaffected manner upon
the stage.
Next week the advertisement of
L.J. Edivards of Donald will appear, iu which he gives notice of his
ability and willingness to snp;
people of Revelstoke and all other
stations between Donald and Kamloops with "Coal, Hay and .
on the mo6t favorable tin.. ..
1H-. S. J. Tunstall, of h'am
who has been off duty for twomonths
ou vneatinn an.l in search of health,
oz.;silver, vein 2 12 feet, improvements done to the  value of $100, 2
miles from C. I R.
7. United, Revelstoke Mining Co.,     35. Dnnvegan, Boyd Bain & Co.,
24 oz. silver, 50 per cent lead, vein 80 to 130oz. silver, 78 per oent lead,
.,   ,  n.l(!    ���     .    ,���,,. .i.i__.j   vein 8 feet. Illecillewaet, 500 feet of
u feet, Hot Springs,   ledge stripped  ,       ,    . '  ,,    .,    ,   '    ,, ��� 0
' '     ��'       ��        y     \ tunnel, etc., 11 miles from C. P. R,
30. Sultan.  Eoyd Pain & Co., 200
150 feet; 2 miles from Ainsworth
3, N". 1. Rev    ti .- Mining Co., oz silver, 00 per cent lead, vein!
39 to 219  x. silver, vein 8 feet, Hot feet,    Illecillewaet,   improvements
8| rings, 130 feet of tunnel, 3 incline lloue to Rvalue of $500, 4 miles
The United Mine,
We are advised that at the United a
good cabin, blacksmith shop, and two
ore houses have heen built, and that already over 500 tons of ore have been
mined since the mine was purchased by
Dr. Campbell. An assay has been made
of the ore about eight from the surface,
and it gave 41 ounces silver. The le lge
is stiy as large as. ever,, and another
crosscut has bean foiled ooming in showing three feot of solid ore. Dr. Campbell writes that he will have full 1000
tons of ore on the dump before October
1st., aud that the United will furnish all
tbe lead wanted for the smelter; that 50
tons ore oan now be taken out daily, il
men enough were put on. He says, 'T
was offered $50,000 cash for it-first cost
$7,500. I will start work on tho No. 1
next week."
miles from
from C. P. R,
thafts, ore houses, etc., _ ��������� ��������,   ..  ,, ,,��� 0.  , . _   ,
37. Gold Queen,  -Stark k Taylor.
,ottb' 18 to 290 oz. silver, 45 percent lead,
���   3j ikane, 1. C. Dilman   '.Co.,   ^J gold, vein 1 feet, Illecillewaet,
..-���--. v in , feet, II" Springs,   improvements to value of $250, 5
.f incline shaft, % mile from ��"���'-<>'   ' ��� ?��� R-
Ainsworth. "��� Sanqnhar,  Walter Scott, 110
ozsilver, 22 percent lead, vein 21
iky]        .  D.Wheeler,$400 feet,   llleoillewaek,    improvements
,   vein 15 feet, Hot to value of 8200, 11 miles from 0, P.
Spring?, 130 feet ol shaft on ledge,  B,���    .,      , ���...    .,   , ,, f, ,,
89. Hound Hill   Capt, McCullnm,
3 miles from Ainsworth. |fj t(, ,, ���? ^^ ?f) ^ cont ,eaJ;
li. B. Barker, 40 oz,  fein C feet. Illeoillewaet, improve-
11. Pearl
returned from Montreal laqt Taes-.!8n���' Tein V'ifeet-Ilot ':I"i"Ks. '' ments to.value of J500,
day fully restored.   He will lake up feet of tonne] 3 miles  from  Aim
his professional duties ��������� itb renewe '
vigor and relieve lr. Campbell, who     '-'��� ^tlePhil, Thos.McGoi
had charge of his nraotice during hi " sr, 4. ft. Hoi
absence, '     ''      ,':'''s'''VA"'^    i  '���'-���"
 ��� f: ia Ainsworth,
We are requested by II i reelman     13, Tariff, George Franci
Be:retaryof the Board  of Sehoo ��� ;   ... ,  einGfcet, Hot Spring?,
TrusteeSj to state  t,hat the  public several i i, 1-2 n
school meeting held on the 13th of from Ainsworth.
��� I me, Kennedy and Mo-
Carthy,70 to 1 !'"ui/. Bilver.TO pereunt
lead, vein 10 feet, Illecillewaet, iiu-
provemen a to value of 85000,8 miles
.i mi ('. P, R,
11, Crysl .1, Corbin .-.   ICennedy,
��������� r 10 pi r oent lead, vein
ii feet,   I..." iilewaot,  20   feet   of
i   lei has been driven, 3 miles from
| , P, li,
12. Dobbie, A. Ch'iBbpJm, HO oz.
^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*llvor, VOper ci-nt. lend, II  fi.
Augiut has  been set asido by the     M. Kissmet, 11. Anderson, 25 lo  fllecillewaet, improvements done to
Superintendi nt  of Edu.cation,   be- 40 oz,  silver,  vein   10   feet, Hoi  the value of $100, 3 milei frooi C, P,
cause of its illegality, the cull not Spvings, SO feet of shafts, 8 miles   ''
stating tha object of the meeting and from Ainsworth, ,; Bnow Flake, Joweft *. Halg,
,r i   i  ,  .\.. i ��� ������ ,    ,-   r .   : ft ii   i       ,   ,    S300 to��1500 ilver, vein2 feet, II-
not beiug punli.ilied as tho law  re-     15, f,nt Il'-r go Gallaffher, A  \> ,    ,    ,       ,
01 �� "    !    ���      leoillewaet, improvements doim to
quired. j Wheeler, :;li;',i silver, vein 8 feet,  ihe faluoof810(10,  B.mileBfrom 0.
Another  meeting was   lher��fore Hot Springs, 00 feet of shaft, ore  P. R.
made necessary and it has now been ; honses, etc, '���'< miles from Ain worth
16, Sunlight, Geo Herb, 840 to
J175 silver, vein 8 feet, Hot Springs,
"" feet of shaft, eror.a puts, eto., 2
mill's from Ainsworth,
17, Norman, Mi-1 .nod & Van Hook
14.0oa. silver, vein Ofcet, lloi Springs
|8. feet of uhaft, 2 12 miles from
j Ainsworth.
18, Aikansiiw, RoborlsA Buokley,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ oz. Mlvtr, vein I H H
jos-UiiLJo location, but to determine .Springs.  J2 feet of shaft shewing
Mr. Rightsman has sold the building
which the firm of Hamilton k Rights-
man have occupied as a Saloon, to bis
partner���consideration, ��800. The recent illness of Mr. Rightsman, from
which sho has fortunately recovered,
gave cause for fear that tlie climate was
not favorable to her health.
called for Monday, September Bib at I
11 o'clock a. ni,, at the Oourt Honse,
the ohjeot boing 'For thn pnrpose of
selecting a sito for School House."
Thn call ia published in another
column of this paper,
This gives ample timo for tboso
tyho have a proferenco as to tho site,
to canvass the question thoroughly,
not only ns to tho proper and most 7,",
There W|j| '"' " Publio Sohool
Mei im ; l.i-iil in llio Co.nt. ll mse
ni  11 o'clock, on Sept, Kih, fur the
ooi j i of seleoting a site for School
Secy. Hoard of Trustees,
Pevclsloke, Aug, 20, WOO.
ETC,   BTO,   ETC.
Atid Post Oflioo Store K&LSON'
Bizr, rofik. ut,
W. A,.Jowm,        T.LHaio,
Notary Public.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Salo,
Mining Bonds, etc, drawn up; Rents
and Accounts Oolloctod; Mining   Claims  Bought and
sold; Assessment work
on Mining Claims
Attended to;
Patents  Applied   for,   Etc.,  Etc, Eto,
Lots on Townsito of Iievelstoke for Hale
and Wanted,     Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
REVELSTOKE   -  '-   -  -   -   B. C.
0. J. Branch
Brick and Stone Mason, Plaeteror-
and   Kalsoiiiiner.   All   work   done
promptly nnd to satisfaction.  Con
tract work uolicited, 35
r��8> 9. n&tm,
Mining  Broker, Commission   .\;t.
Notary Public, ko, ko,
Iu Stock.���Miuing Powders, Fuse and
Caps, Minor's Tools, Steel and Crop,
Outfits. '   iitt
CKXTiiu iioru"
Comer Front and Hanson Sts,
B. C.
First class iu every respect; Noarost,
hotel to C P R dep.it and stoambia
landing, between post ollico and gjv,
buildings. Coaoh to and from depott
and steamboat, Fire proor S,af�� for th.)
aooommodation c^f its oiipstoinprs,
���. p. & mizu
F. MoCauthv    -    -   ���   -    Prop.
First class Temperanoo House.
UOARD    AN'll    I, HiOINIl,  $5   PER   WEEK;,
MKAL!,, 200.
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is cnpifortably furnished ami
affords first class aooommodation.
Wr. Cowan, Prop.   11. Robert, Clerk
Rooms well intended; tables uncx.
colled. Wines and liquors guarau-
toed of ti high quality, r'iro in
sample room. Telephone communication with O. P. R, dopo.t. Vivo
prool vault for tho con vo 11 ion no of
guests.   B.ue.s mods all trains.
TRANSIENT RATES    -    -    -    $2 PER DAT
���THE -
Tlio largest and most central Hotol iii.
the city ; good aooommodation ; ovory-
tblng new i table well anpplied ; baraud
billiard room attao' ed ; tiro proof safe,
Hi;0\VN k CLARK,
FREE- BUS'  AT ALL   liUlX-l
Stockholm Hou
The dining room ds furnished with ths,
best Iho market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choija stock
of winos, liquors nnj.1 cigars,
Jas. Liberty.,


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