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The Kootenay Star Feb 28, 1891

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Array ETI il i fi rTIlll '*
No. 36.
^ A^i?'**'jyy\
������ ��� 4'" &#$."*
'   Vcfe?��ffig��l
Ml Mining Clamis, othor than Mineral
���Locations, legally held in this District,
under the Minora! Act, 1884 nnd Amendments, may be laid over from 15tb day of
Ootober till the 1st day of June next,
1891, subject to the provisions of tho said
Act and Amendments.
([old Commissioner,
Donald, East Kootenay,
September 89th, I8Q0,
doing East.
Going West.
No, 1
13:00 Leave   Vancouver   Arrive 14:85
North Rend
Science's Bridge
Ri.Vri. TORE
12:45 Arrive    Glacier
Donald   Depart   11:45
lUviisuE Taj:.
Public notice is hereby sivon that .Vs-
Jm,I and Provincial ltcvi-nue ux.'S
A hi ssmeut District, are now due and
Jajabirat my office, at Donald, at the
following rates:
Ileal Property Tax, if paid or, or before tie 30th of June next, X of one
��er cent.; if P��Wou or after tbe lst of
l,efc a ibe 30th of June next.   ,o  one
lulvuext, Y> ot one per cent.
Jlf,co.nc'&, if paid on or before tbo
80th of June next.1/, of one.pe   cent ,
ifpaUl on or after the lst ot July text.
v of one per cent.
^Wild Land Tax, if paid on or before
capita' S, REDGRAVE,
Assessor and Collector.
Notice is hereby given lhat all
alluvial claims legally held in the
West Kootenay District, will be laid
overfrom the 1st of October to the
lst day of June ensuing according
to the conditions of Section IB) of
the Mineral Act,
ll, (', TUNSTALL,
211 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
Notice is hereby given thai Ilieh-
anl A. Fry and A, C. Fry have fyled
the neoessury papers and mado application for a Crown Grant in favor
of a mineral cluim known as the
"Silver Queen" situated in the Toad
Mouutaiu subdivision West Kootenay Distru-t.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to forward Iheir objections
to me within sixty days from the
date of this publication.
75 8 Gold Commisioner.
Ilovelstoke, January 29lb, 1891.
Notice is hereby given that Wm,
Rosamond has tiled with mo au application for a Crown Grant for his
mineral location situalod ou Toby
Creek iu the district of East Kooteuay kuown as the Jumbo claim,
Adverse applicants, if any, are required to send iu their objections to
me withiu sixty davs from this date.
81-8 Government Agent.
East Kooteuav 1). C.
|ionakl,Dec. 1th, 1891.
CLl}c ftootcnay Star
Assessment Act and PnoTISCUli
1 evenue Tax.
Notieo is hereby given, in accordance
with the Statutes, that Provincial Ruve-
nno Tax and all Taxes levied under (he
Assessment Acl are now duo for Hi year
1891. All of the above named taxes,
collectible within the Revelstoko Division of tbe District of West Kooteuay,
are payable at toy ollice.
Assessed (axes are collectible at the
following rati'B:
If paid on or before June 30(h, 1891:
Provincial Revenue, ,53,00 per c��i)ila(
(no half of one per cent on Real Prop-
Seven and ono half cents per aero on
Wild Laud,
One third of ono per cent on Personal
One half of ono per oenl ou Income.
If pnidaft"!' June.1,(Mi, 1W1 :
Two Ibji'dH ol  oue per cent on Ileal
Eight ami one half cents  per acre on
Wild Land,
()n�� bull of ono per cent ou Personul
'Ihroe four!Us of ol
como,       T,
per p.  '   >n Iu-
RovcUloaic, U. C.,Jau,2ud, 1!.",
T<>   Musters,    Owners,    nnd
Persons   in   Charge   of
Foreign Fishing- Vessels,  nud   to   till
others whom it
uiny    Concern.
PUBLIC .NOTICE is hereby
called to tbe provisions of the Revised Statutes of Canada, Chapter
94, intituled; "An Act Kespeoling
Pishing by Foreign Vessels."
The said Act provides among other
1. For the granting to foreign
ships, vessels, and boats, and to ships
vessels, aud boats not navigated according to the laws of tho United
Kingdom, or of Canada,of licenses to
t'sh for, take, dry, or cure fish iu
liriti.-di waters within threo mariuo
miles of the coasts, bays, creeks, or
harbors ot Cauada.
2. That fishery Officero and certain other British and Canadian
Oltieers thereiu named may board
ships, vessels, and boats, withiu any
harbor iu Canada, or hoveriug iu
British waters as aforesaid, and may
stay on board so long as such ships,
vessels, or boats, reinaiu iu such
harbor or waters.
3. That any oue of such officers
may bring auy such ship, vessel, or
boat into port and search her cargo,
and may examine tbe master upon
oath tOltohing the cargo and voyage.
the master being liable to a penally
of Four Hundred Dollars for uo'
answering truly tbe questions put lo
���1. That if such ship, vessel, or
boat is foreign, nr not navigated ns
aforesaid, (a) has boen found fishing
or preparing to li. h, or to havo been
fishing in any such British waters as
aforesaid without a Hceuse, or after
the expiration ot the term named in
the last license grauted lo such ship,
vessel,or boat, or (bj has entered
such wtiters for any purpose not permitted by Treaty or Convention, or
by any law cf the United Kingdom,
or of Cauada, such ship, vessel, or
boat, and the tackle, rigging, apparel
furniture, stores, and cargo thereof
sball be forfeited.
.'>. The officers aforesaid are given
authority to seize and seouro vessels,
goods, .v .. liable to forfeiture, und
any person opposing an officer in the
execution of his duly under tho .\<-t
or aiding or abotting any person in
such o] position is declared lo be
gniltj .'I a. misdemeanour und liable
i" a fine ���; Eigbl Unndro I Dollars,
Bud to two veins imprisoumeut,
JOHN     I'llaTO.N,
l'e| uty Minister of Fisheries,
I'l.-l,, in a Uopnrttneuli CUa-\a, 9th
I'ebiiiury. 1891, 81-3,
The inland towns of British
Columbia will come in for a good
share of attention from capitalists
this year. For years investments
in real eslalo in llie coast cilice
have paid so Well that compara-
lively little capital Ins bcoii
spent ni industrial enterprises,
especially in the interior of
British Columbia, but lliero are
ampin evidences, lhat a chango is
about to take place. Tho wonderful resources of the country aro
gradually becoming known, and
tho reward lhat lies in wait for
those who develop Ihem is so
certain Ibat capitalists can no
longer afford to let the good op-
porlunities pass. Roul estate investments iu the towns will
return a good interest, and moro
eppooially when tbo value of the
laud ia enhanced by the devolop.
ing of the natural resources ol
the country surrounding and trib-
uiary lo such towns, and Ihe
establishment ot manufactories,
etc. Revelstoke will no doubt
como in for a good Bbaro of
attention. Tbo present extensive
mills here will be augmented by
.1 large door und sash foctory, in
which the oclcbrutod British Columbia oedar, that covers our
mountains and valleys will be
i xteitsivcly used, liesidea sup.
playing die home market, which
promises to bo good, tho bulk o!
the output of llie factory will bo
shipped to the Northwest and
Manitoba, whero a ready market
t,waits it. The value of the wood
for doois, sashes, ptinnelliug, etc.,
is well established, and eflortS
will bo put lorih to keep the
supp'y up to tho (IciiuiikI. In the
development of tbo rich minornl
resources of tho district, however, its prosperity chiefly depends, nnil the out'ooK in tL-ib
direction is most encouraging.
Though the money market is not
flush, lbe prospects lor profitable
investment arc such than capital
will not remain long out ol the
field. The demand for pupplics
consequent upou the devolopinenl
of die minos which will unduubl,
edly bo made during tho coming
season, will aid materially in
building up tho commoroo of the
place, uud will ho felt immediately upon the opining of uuvi-
galion on tho Columbia, The
brunch line of tho C. V, R.
io tho Lakes will also form uu
important laulorjln promoting tho
itiloreslB of this^lowii, and tbo
district generally. The l'ui'liacon
of llio smelter hero will bo Blurted
:>s soon us sufliciout oro can be
secured, which ill ull probability
will bo shortly alter die opening
el navigation, lis^ the 0. K. 8. k
N, Co. will have two itennieis
ready for (tho trfllMpOI'lulion ol
ores from tho Lukes country, and
arrangements aro being niudo ior
shipments of ore from (ho mines
at I'tcl'l, Rut Portage, da, in (Ito
spring. This will mouu tho ox-
pciididuu ol many llinusiindB oi
dollars 'weekly in tho town and
diBli'iol, which will aid very
iiiiiici'iiilly in promoting die pros-
periiy of Kevcllloko particularly,
anil which will ulso be fell
throughout tho whole mining
country, Pruin the north wealth
in nisi) expected la roll in, from
the working ol the placer minos
in tho Big Bend, Tho mouey
Spent in supplies ulono lor these
oumps amounts lo considerable,
but when this iB augmented by
the rewards of the miners labors
the amount will be greatly increased. Then at Illecillewaet
largo Bill!-., of money will be
expended during tho coming
season, in developing some of the
claims thero, which cannot fail to
benefit this place us well ns the
immediate vicinity ot the mincB,
And How Unit the magnificence
and variety of the scenery along
Iho Columbia lies been i.oised
throughout the world, and tbe
many places of internet on the
river and lakes may be readily
reached by steamers, very ex.
leiisivo tourist travel over ihe
river between hero snd the Little
Dalles may be expected,���in fuel
is assured, The benefit from such
travel will be fold in many ways.
To meet tho vvanls of this travel
al least two new hotels, in ad-
diiion to the now Victoria, will
bo erected in town, us soon as
the weather will permit. Alio
gcther tho prospects of Revel-
stokotirc brighterihau they have
ever been beforo, and aie certainly very encouraging.
The Ull amending llio Land
Act, introduced by the Eon. P.
G. Vernon, Chict Commissioner
of Lands and Works, makes sonic
material changes iu the Lw as
regards actual settlers. One
good fooluro in it is tli.it settlers
will be allowed to be absent from
thoir holding six months in the
your to earn money io pay lor it.
The limit is placed at 010 acres,
with the object of preventing the
purchase ot largo li'aots of land
for speculative purposes. 11 the
government will iww place n
reasonable lux on tho large wild
Und holdings throughout the
country, it would have a tendency in lbe direction ol dividing up
lor settlement sumo of the large
tracts now held and aluiost unused. By the division of tboe,o
farms tbo whole country, but
tho agricultural districts especially, would bo greatly benefited
Mr. J. A, Mara will again represent Yt.L-Kootenay in the
Dominion parliament. On Thursday at Kamloops ho was ro<
nominated for the position, and
no other nomination being mado,
was dochircd elected by accltim.
aliou, During the past week u
number of his opponeuis made
strenuous ofi'orts lo gut some one
to oppose bim, lilt without effect,
Mr, Mara though possessod ol
largo ititorests in the distriot and
a man of considerable influence,
is not the most popular man in the
district, from tho fact that he is
not is sociable as men in his
position aro generally expected
to be. For this reason he is
looked upon us ^considering himself of (il lstOOI'tllio canto, and
ralhor nutociiiiic, ThoBO wlm
know Mr, Mam intimately, arc
uwuro thai be is never above
doing a iiivor when it lies In his
power, ntnl tho fact of his reelection by acclamation is
sufficient evidence to prove thai
hif constituents consider'ho has
looked al'lcr their interests well
during thi'Jpust four Jyoui'B, ami
that ho is worthy of llicir continued confidence, Uu is undoubtedly a man of gru.it energy
steadiness ot purpose, and is
possessed of considerable ability,
mid wo believe iho district bus
ddiio well in re-electing him to
tho responsible position of ils
rcpi'csi'iitaiive in pailiiimciil, and
l'aul coiitideiit that be will ni
betray tho trust reposed in him,
hut will work jealously Ior our
test iuli'iVhls.
Tlie I'lutcrtaiiiiiiciit on Wednesday livening.
Thero was a gnol turn out at the
school house ou Wednesday evening,
the occasion being a musical and
dramatio entertainment in aid of the
or^au fund of the Methodist church.
Something good was expected and
the audience was not disappointed,
tho entertainment proving a decided
success in every particular, and certainly ono of tho most pleasing ever
held in town.
By request Dr, Brown of Westminster acted as chairman, mid performed the duties of the ollice very
Tiie programme was opened with
a sleighiilg (flee by the church choir,
which was given in good style. The
second number was taken by Miss
daggio l.nbsoo, who displayed cou-
siderublo ability as a reciter iu her
rendition cf "No. 1," aud won a
generous applause, Miss Hettie Lee
also recited in excellent form "A
Smack iu School," and wou a storm
of applause, The comic song "Sho
Trotted Mo off to Church," wus
given iu fine style by Mr. Wm. Lee,
who received the first encore, giving
"Where Did You Get That Hat."
Vocal quartettes wero then given by
Mrs. Dickey, .Mrs. Smith nnd Messrs,
Barber and Creelnian, and Mrs.
Uoursier, Mrs. Cash and Messrs.
Coursier and King. Mis. Kelles,
a general favorite with a lievelstoko
audience, sang very sweetly "Killar-
uoy," and an encore was insisted ou,
Oue of the best numbers of the
eiit.-rlaiiiment, tho comic quartelto
"Call John," concluded the first
part of the progrmme, It was given
by Mrs. Dickey, Mrs. Smith; and
Messrs. Barber and Creelnian, and
caused any amount of amusement.
Tue paits were all tukeii well while
the acting in it was tlrst-clas's,
Tho quartette "1'ro l'buudo Uasso"
was the opening number of the
second part, and iu it Mrs. Creel-
iuau, Miss McLuuohlin, uuo Messrs.
lliilber and King scored a decided
s.iccess, ami wero ounstriiined to
repent it before the audience would
be sutislied. Miss Irvine contributed
a taking reading iu 'The liatblul
mau," the portrayal of wbosa
blunders provoked eoulinuousluugh-
icr, Guy Barber, sang in capital
voice, "The 01,1 llome Dowu on tho
farm," and won a hearty applause,
The comic duet ".Matrimonial
Sweets" by iMr. and Mrs. Creelioaa,
was ependidly given and caught
tlio house. The choir sang "Allow
Mo to Move a Vote ol Thuuks," alter
which tho farco "Two Heads aro
Better Than One," was called.
During a wait for ono of the performers Master George Boyle gave
an overture on tbo/uiouth orgsu,
which was evidently appreciated,
The farce was dually placed on
tho boards. Tho selection was a
ciipitnl one for tho cast, and tbo
acting throughout was cxcelleut,
Mr. If. N. Ooursicr as Strange, a
near sighted old gculhiu.iu with a
partiullty for[old pictures and a rku
son-in-law,' did exceedingly well,
while Mr. P. lYis'.-r, as Charles
Coijqiie.il, in hive with tl u uii Ulau's
nieco, Ell'i., mid nho Jiad to
pose as a dummy, performed his
pari like o professional. Mr. Len-
ilruui,!ii Max Melton, nn old man
uf fortune also did his part liko u
veteran of thostige, Mrs. OuUrsler
was excellent iu her representation
"I Helen Strange, wilb a decided
liki g for millinery and Chas. Conquest, nf all tho characters M"
Wm. Leo had the most difficult, in
Sam Melton, a silly young inau, who
old Strange vus ambitious to secure
as a husband of Ellen   It takes a
clever actor tu play the fool, but Mr.
Leo was equal to the occasion and
played his part tu perfection,
Tho "Good Ni^ht" chorus by tho
choir brought the eutertaiuiueut to
a eloi-o. Tbe net proceeds amounted
to about 850.
Tho aocompanyists   during  tho
evouii'g were, Mr. Bi.ilfonl, who
wus innlriiinonlal in getting up ihe
i.,|t iiiiui'i'iit; Mi-s IIuuic, .Miss
McL'iiichiiu and Mrs, Caih, wwmwer ****<m KitnmmM *>KmmMMBBmxmmmx*maawm��mKMBm*m**mmm*mf
(Lh'-: liootcitaij i?!ar
���A folir Jingo twentyJco,umn nowb
piper, is issued fiVm tbo office of
publication, llevelbliik'e-, J). C.
SubfcriptioVi prirts $2 per year
Rates of lulveitisiii.'f (riven on |
O a.1
Publisher and Proprietor
In referring to tbo Into General
Sherman the FJontlon Times Buys:
"Hid death removes ono of the
greatest heroes ol a groat war
und iinpovrislreS the World's
stock of iii'-.lilui'y gtuius ami
under which it has c'crl.eu liieio is
every reason fer till !e bo perfectly
satisfied. l--!i!! wiih Our present resources there is plenty of rocii, for j
improve'ment and especially on tho
Sunday's we have no minister. We all
know it is an easy matter to covO
with tho throng when all  is joy and :
' everything sr.li, f.-ei.iry. But we all I
must also know there is work fa be j
done to bring  about this elate 'of
| tbiogfland in this work I would ask
every friend Cf tho Church of Eng-
 ��� ��� j lafed to lend & band'.  Some areal-
IjATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2d, 1301 j reftdy doing their best but there are
  | yet many who can do something and
to these I would say como out and
do what yon can. Wo cannot ail
Vender music as eiis friends Mr.
Jowett or Mrs. Cash or read the
prayers or lessons, but wc can do
Something aud there is plenty to do
for all who ai") willing to help, If
wc feel we cannot take any moro
active part we can all make a point
of being present at overy service and
thereby ci'oourngo those who can
'"""""*'' j and  are  willing to   work.   If   all
o Toronto TV eg ram says Sir \ who havo the success of the cause at
John must win this election with
tho blip nf the independent Canadians and Liberals, who love
Canada more tliuu they hate him.
Grtuiltidt! for iho aid given him
at the lime ol his need ought to
keep the old man from sinning in
future as he did in the past, The
Liberals, however, aro firm in
tbe belief that jou can't teach an
ild dog licw tricks, but you can
get a now dog.
-^I'tistus Wimaii TO published
ii   long   appeal    to   cOngress,
.jit'}: d
heart will do this we shall I feel
sure at no very distant period see
matters in a very different coudition
and we sh'I; all have causo to bo
thankful that we did not despise tho
day of small things. Thanking yon
for inserting the above.
I am respectfully yours
Goldou and Railway Connection SouIb.
A<  it was  felt an erroneous im-
[ircssion of  (be proceedings of  the
meeting held hero ou liVa eveniiig of
the Mb   inst.   would  get  abroad,
another waa called and held  at the
Congress give prop, r encourage- ! Q|1Q(jn,8 [I(ltel (m tue 1G|h ,Mti
mont to Iho Liberal puny of Can      The meeting  was  representative
nda, in their present parliament- j and well attended,
ury Struggle io  put down the [    A petition to Col. Bestir M. P. 1',
Torit'S and Sir Jtthll Macdonald's | was read requesting bim to use his
influence to induce the Government
to assist and encourage any corporation or company desirous of (/instructing a railway between Golden
and the' boiiuiir.Vy line, and to draw
the attention of the government to
the fact that any action taken, liable
lo obstruct railway construction,
would be prejudicial to the interest
of East Kootenay, and that what is
wanted is a road, nevSr mind by
whom ii is built or from whence il
comes, bo long as a good service is
obtained throughout the valleys of
llio Upper Columbia and Kootenay
The following suggestions tfefo
milled to tho petition after being
passed unanimously by the meeting
and both have by eery resident of
government. The appeal may ho
made with good foteiitioiify but il
is likely to have the opposite
effect ilniti dull Ihh'inled,
Public     Business
To Iho Editor 'of ibo Kooway Staii,
Sir,���Will yun kindly allow nie
apace in your paper for a few words
upon the above subject.
It seems to mo (he lime has ar-
S'ivod vii'cii "-me definite step
should bo taken by those whom it
il most concerns, too in sombseirso
manage tho business mailer of the
t'Oun in something liko a business
manner;   There  are  many natters
whiih concern all aliko end about GoiiWn and vicmtty,
Whioh all Bhould take an equal in- First.   That a liberal  land  snb-
litcre.t. take for  instance the  bee sidy should be offered by Provincial
meeting held to meet luerepreseuta- '" ������eminent lo any company ot cor-
live.  Perhaps the best was done tbat poration  desirous    f   Obtaining i
could be ���imi-'i-  the theu existing charter to c'onMruct a  railway be-
oircumstaucos but I think and  be- <*"-��   Golden  and  tbe  boundary
liove that had there been sunt sort Hue. bnt ths   he lands when grai    1
of representative organization exist- --': ���   ''" '    '���   ;    settlers upon the
ing lbe matters mti'si be ling attei '   a   Government
tion ;e  conection  wiih  the ton the distrre!
could have been previ         talked '    "'"T r' line
Over so arrai   id   that they  c  ... should commence within six months
have been placed in a rn '               barter, and
and moro concise manner I I       i t not 1     than one of wiiole
meeting and much time wi n      - eoimtruoteii dni
been saved  ami   more              i ���;. ���   thirds by en
results arrived ar   li !       it  man ���      thai  the distance
other publio matti rs that at tl ��� '��� ���" - ' ���; I ted   md   Jnipjied
present moment ueed attention. by ,n-l  of  fifth   year from lime
I would bo .   '           ..- of our of granting of charier.
biiBinwsmen  liould tl once    love Third    That tbe m.-iimnm pm-
in the mutter utid is the Brsl  r at I   tn ��� [lit    rates should
Invite       ind al       ern       m by chart, i       ��� b
and talk . ������ r,  ay "Th  best mi disks        and  ) ertionn
of conducting the public bush       (
th" ti ���... i iolden.
C.   I-
ii,   ua ;' -
Viliitt, D.  E   Brown   Hm
S;iy on   the Subject.
! ::,       ���'   IliS  l t (Vill    ������      '  ������
Up an 1 thanking you for inserting
this nolo,
I -  |  -1;" illy 1'oui
II. D, !'.
( hiircli ol England Services.
  Voncodvor World Feb. 21;   ''The
Tolhe Editor ol ih,, i-;,,���,.... ���, Itaji!   \Vorid today el inoi I to meet M'. D,
Sir,     Liko most  i HikI   pil '������    '    '���   " -���    I   ������   gl'
bloveinehts In ttoVelstoke tlio alio.    And paftsBngflr agent for tho Cahad-
1, odmparallvtily yttunjj and thero.
fore for a litad at ieii it nBeds cspc iii
attention and euro atld all  tli    ll   a
Ksfii,":,'  Bftti give It,   H i far it is
l.ol in ;i 1 "ili'-n lo I ���  M'<i "n!iro
'ii'i'vice uf ft minister) but ban Id con- i l)iuiy WIW fM' 8 ���" assume Inwards it
tout Itself with tbo hilp Wl nno on   In tlm matter of traoeportatifln mten
oaoh font-tli Sufidayj i1"- biilAtiee b(  ������''' lip'''n lln '���  ��� ',; '' ihisoom
llio lldto It has lo help Itself In Ibo  I'i>��y ��ss fully alive lo He, iuipdr
best  mminer it,   run,   Considering   tandoahd value of that country and
���he Utile Hie ftlDvemt'llI bus   be"!!   III     "���"���' !'"''!,  '���" ''���   '';   "'''   �� poliOJ 111)
..:,'M(iiii'<) and   tlio   circuttslonoosJ wohld thorOdgllly rlefelop tho minos
and auch other latent resources as
existed there. The residents of that
Sections as well as people elsc-whcro
can rest itsnred that Iho miVml
prosperity of tho country will not bo
retarded by any rates for either
freight or passengers which may be
decided upon by the C. P. 11. Co'y
The rates aro to be framed with the
view of bringing out of tbe country
any and everything ii may contain
of value as a Winmeroial oommodity.
As yet, ho said, wc havo not decided
positively as to the rales to be levied
but they will bo such as to admit of
the coast cities and tho farming
districts, ns well as points east of the
the mountains, soiiiling it the products of the coil and all commodities
at snch prices ami rates as will practically debar tho importation of foreign goods. The Wantti of the country will be watched and catered for
in such a manner as will make it impossible to mnko any reasonable
complaints', Aa regards freight
going to SproaVs Landing cud Nelson heretofore beyond Eovelstoke
there was no schcilul'es of rates or
or i'!rft!'3e3 io bo made. From llev-
elsloke freight was carried by
steamer to Sprout's Landing aud
thence to Nelson by construction
trainn, Low grado oi'es will be
bundled at rates which vill make
it possible for miners to ship this
class of toifceralB to Iho hejelters at
IK.-vclstoke, Golden and V ancouver
and at such other points as smelters
ure certain to be erected. The do-
termination of tho company is, said
Mr. Brown, to mako such rates as
will teud to push ahead the mining
industry in this important aod valuable section of the Dominion. The
Ilailway Co.'s rates will be reasonable and no doubt the river anil lake
transportation companies will uo-
overate with ns in this respect. Wc
are bound to heep tho ore in 6nf own
coiinlry in osder to make the milling industry a leading on'6 in this
province, We behevo the ore is
there and this unce settled nothing
will lacking i h our pftrt lo mike the
most of it. If railways, tho best of
reduction works and Smelters, excellent water craft and good wagon
roads iu every direction, combined
with cheap Irnniportation rales, can
accomplish (his, then we ahall readi
that end 'ere long.
At present the following aro llie
lutes in force to Nelson from the
cn.ist points via the Northern Piioiile
and the Canadian Pacific. Through
rules from Victoiiii ami yuucoiiver
to Nelson-, via Tadowa aud Northern
I'aciiic railway to Kootenay Bliltluh,
and steamer from Bonner's Eerry
' are, per 10U puuudi-:
i l        3 i 5
li. (11    11. m    0.00    2.61    2.01
The C. P. It through rates from
Vancouver to Nelson, per 100 lbd,
will uot exceed;
12        3-15
2.48    2.24    1,1)0    1.71    1.03
Flour, in nil probability, wi'.l  not
exceed 1.88 per 100 pounds. Further
more, added Mr. llrown, }'Cn can
Stale state to the World's roaders in
Kootenny tint it is anticipated theso
rates will apply not only to Nelson,
bnt  to Ainsworth, Hendryx, Hot
Spring*, and all the other important
.    ing camps which  niny ho ace.'s-
"i" by rail and water on Kootonay
lake from   Victoria and Vancouver,
In addition to tho enormous saving
in freight, there will be the bVudiug
charges, dulies  and  ciiHtom   hoilHC
brokerages,   II (his  will not suit
Ihe   [" ��� i'1': of Kooteuay,   I   don't
. i -, hi'.;. ��iil.   Bntoiir determine-
i  Co please them  nnd secure
lieu (radio, ntnl this wo aro  bound
10 do,   Mure I am unable lo say ;
but tbe  World may resl  perfectly
atsun 'l that all I have in lioati I will
!"��� oarrh d into i ll it,
''��� g ''.    He buily dole bll  her
: , ei fatbi i pon't lei bim in Ihe
Plogeon  'i'ii old man must bo
something of an antldolt.
ftot.ee fi tooby given that appli-
caiioii will be mudo at tho next session of the Legislative Assembly "I
British Columbia for nn Act to Incorporate a company to coiistrnci',
equip, maintain and operate n Irnm-
wny, to be worked by stenh), hoi'Jo
or other motile power from the ''Silver
King .Mine" on Toad fJAmnhiin,
Kootenay Disriot, to sonic point on
the Kootonay lliver, at or neiu ��� fplsdu
-irid for all iho powers, rights and
privileges usual or necessary in such
an undertaking, or in oonsiructing,
equippmg, maintaining a'id oporatuig
a railway.
G9.P Agent fer Applicants.
1 9 I
Notice is hereby given licit Allan
Granger hns -filotl with me, applidti;
tions for Crown Grants fin- his mineral ,
locations sf^nnted on Jubilee Mntm j
tain in tho District of Ea3t Kootenny
known as the Hrlrse Shoe and Dewy
Eve.   Adverse applicants, if aiiy, lire
reqiurod to solid in thoir objections :
to me withiu sixty  days frotri tliic
(hiv.   Aeeut,
C6-S feiet Iiooti*a,y. B. ('.
Donald, (January 15,1891,
Notary Public.
French bailor SyitciH.
A cradiinlo of Madame Kellogg S
School of Instruction, Port Huron,
Mich., has engaged rooms at Robin1
sun's Boarding Houso, (near the
saw mill) Iievelstoke, and i3 pre.
pared to reooive and fill all orders
for dress abd mantle making, in the
tiest manner known to the art.
The French Tailor syatefa of cut;
ting and fitting employed, and a
pm feet fit guaranteed. 68 lm
Notice is lieTeby given that .lames
Heady has Hied ivitfi nie un application for Cru'.vii (liaiit for his mhioral
local ion situated about two milee
went of the south Wal (if Upper Co-
luiubin Lake in East Kootenay District known as tho Thunder Hill
mineral claim. Adverse applicants,
it' any, are required to send in their
objections to mo within sixty duyS
from llio dato horeof.
Govt. Agent.
66-8 East Kootenay, B, C,
DonaM, January i6,1891.
Notary Publio.
rtliniiig', Timber and   Ron]   Estate  Brokers nnil  General
Commission  Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Hills iif Halo, Mining II nils, otC, drawn up
Bents nud Accounts Colleoted; Mining Claims Itniglit and sdldj Asses'
moot work on Mining Claims Attended lo; Patents Appliod for, Etc., Etc.)
Lots on Townsite of Uovolstolco for 8alo and Wanted, Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
S t ht U 0Ii 1UJJ,       GUrfSMITH
All kinds of li'i'pa'ir.V: ."'i'l' in n workmnnlike ninhtier.   Shot fiuni
Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition &p., &o., for salo at lowest prices.
fy?f" Fine Rifles -Miiiic tu Ortai'lH
Gl.il 1 ifrritfli     Ot     lift* /%11 <ni
���������������!)EAt'.K.ilS   IN "-
BTATIQNEJIV   ETC,   ETC.   litl?.
Faao^^ SSRSSBV, &S1TJIA3tf9AS ��� ��� HI 9
oai, nay an
Have entil'O sale of (ho oelebealed Oanmoro hard, luwp fthd Hiitdool, suit
able  for biiso-linrnerk and other stoves,    CHEAT HEATING
POWEil.   AICCI1 CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered ai Revelstoke, any part uf town-,  $D,90
Kamloops SIVJO; Dohitld lloth    Bpedal
qiiotalions for car lots.   Coal stoves
Dold ntwholesale cost tiny, oats
and bran sold by carload Ol
smaller quantities Yards
at Kamloops and Donald.   Apply
l��� .I- I.i) \V AHDK
liON'ALU, It, Ci
Ian Paolllo Hallway for Ills' Pai I11
' ' m, and upon askitfj} that
:��� i.i'i1 .,, i i' ��� offloittl Oertaln
question)) relating to the Kootunoj
cuniilry ami the atti ildti the I im
i��ototeiUo IM iii'^HKKiNGi  iUiSiNKSfj   Hiid Aoui��
CM.TlltAIi, und osrieeiitlly to tho
Mining Interests of tlie
"O BUCi! INAfi    NlOP
C. o. Addrasa, Nelson, J, (',
('���i|.aeily'"l.'ll'lir"et|i"-ilav. PltWor I
kIiiiii.'Ic li'nehine, B     ,\l| kinds of :
liUMieri',., hand. During the season ... ,-.!;[N. ||N(; Ql? ALL IC/NDS I'ROMPLV ATTflNDrJt)
e[  H'.HI lum. er will bn   delivered al       I I   (j { ,       .,     l  .,    .   ,       /,.._ ���  . .-
: any of the landings on the lake at, ��l \ J S > ed lo, and exeoiHod in the best stylo,  Coffimeroiai ��v?ri*
I greatly reduced prices, IR BJIcoiRltaJ1!
Kootenay District, Newspaper  imgii>��>"'���    i    -
Vancouver list Saturday from Man-
i ilia,  bringing 1,025 tons of   raw
1   A nv person who takes a paper .    ..    ., ,
*��� -D5 P"m ' '      sugar for the Vancouver refinery,
tcgnlarly  from  the    Post    0!Ttce,| -
h        '    , ,      -,   ,1.,.,,,.  ;.:    In London Enpland the etuer dav
whether he has subscribed or not, is ".,,..,      , . ,
.,,   ,    ,, ,,,���,,,. ' a biU'l; e oil; was robbed of a satchel
responsible for the pay men*
�����,,      , . i     i'0 ,,*������,.icontaining fll,5?0.    Tbo   thic
2. If a pert'on  orders (us papei
,.    '   , ,     .  i; ... were dudes in appearance, but pot
discontinued bo must pay all arieais, n b
or the pnblis urs  may continue  lo | n���T with one of the biggest hauls
Bend -it until payment is  made, nnd jon record.
then collect   the   wind.-  amount    Tbo match fcelween oarsmen Me-
whether the pap-r: is hken Vroitt the Lean and Stanbnry for the world's
office or not. j championship is to take place over
i. In suits for subscriptions, the the V iramatta course during the last
suit maybe instituted where the week in April, tilt f'.akes being
paper is published. $1,000 a side,
i,'The courts have decided thai j Three young men have been
refusing to  lake  a newspaper or arrested at Watertown, N, Y.,  for
inamen across from
Kingston. The men claim their
passengers were half breeds aud
deny tiaving had any opium,
General Bcjfti is boiiling a review
ef his troopsTfnierinaiiy. The Salva-
  tion Army docs nut flourish in Gai-
Tho old, old friends: j many, where, owing to the corn-
Some changed, some buried, aiuiie  pulsory military service, there is but
gone out of sight; Utile disposition to play al soldier-
Some enemies, aud iu this world's j jDg_
swift fight
periodicals from the PoRt Office,  or j assisting   Chi
removing and leaving them uucalled
Ior, while unpaid for, is pima facie
evidehoe of intentional fraud.
Old Friends.
Ko time to make amends
During  the lost week  Nicholas
Flood   Daviu  got on   a spree at
Th'e oil, old friends-- Mooeejaw and was unable to address
���Where are thoy?  Threo are lyinjg in �� meeting.    His supporters havo
I been in a  ouandarv as to how  to
one grave, J
And ono from the far off world ou  P��tcli up the situation.   Davin has
the daily wave
No loving message sends.
The old dear friends
como to their relief, however, by
by publicly pledging hitoself to
in future abstain from all intoxicants.
One passes daily, and one wears a     g^^   )bo sailol, ^ w, ar.
���And long estranged cares no! to ask
Wherooauifeless utlgSr ends.
Thed.ar oil friends;
So many and so fond in days of
Alas that laith can bo divourced
from truth,
When lovo in severance ends.
The Mid, oil friends.
They hover round me still io evening Bbades,
f-Airely they shall return when Slim
light fader,
A��ul life on God depends,
GENEKAL n;;xv>.
'CaV.c.ii.iiirV--1 !l'"m AH Over llie
Willi! World.
The German emporer has beer.
nick-named "the flying Dutchman."
rested in London charged wilb the
murder of Carroty Nell in White-
chapel, has written to Hie London
Star claiming to be innocent of the
crime, und that the police, determined to fasten on someone as a
soapegoat hive evidently selected
him and persistently ignore all facta
tending to show his innocence. The
star has engaged counsel to defend
Sadler, who is without means to
defend himself, aty'. propose to see
that no injustice is done bim. Tho
belief in S.v.llcr's iiinocenoe is
Fire    Dunlp   Explosion    in
Springllelil Ciifll Mines
A  mining  dRaster attended with
fatal results uupai'alled io the history
of    Oauadiiu  mines    ocenrreV at
| Springbill, N. S., on S iturday last,
The Iliussols workmen's oonncil j pu0 ]0..s 0f lite is probaldy as great
is  invitiug   socialists   throughout | lls iho combined appalling loss at
Europe and tho United States lo an the Drummond and Foord pit ex'
lnteriiational donjiess in   August | plosion.   About 117 lives are known
uoxt, I to bo lest.   Fifty-one widows have
Tho cow punchers of Oregon are been left behind, aud 157 children
nveariog vehemently because a bill male fatherless.  The calamity was
bus been inl reduced in tbo logisla- caused by an explosion 0 tire damp.
tu're of the stale to prohibit profano The miners who haye visited t o
UnrruaKe j locality of the   explosion  Biy the
r, ���'-    i   ,.      f���.t��i,i ivninQ levels  aro  filled Up   with  broken
On Friday last two frergbt trains |< >_ _ ���.
collided'near St, Hornius. Que,, on
lbe C. P. R.   A man named Qnes-
hell was killed and others slightly
A double five story lenomont house
nt Sands street, Brooklyn, was
burned on Saturday night and six of
the'occupants of the building lost
their lives. Tho firemen believed
(hoy had rescued all the iumates
but after the tire was extinguished
terrible lose of lifowan discovered.
" The new Argentine Pabiud rallrOftd
limber and debris, whicu covers the
dead bodios of tho mou who were
working there at the tinin of the explosion. The work of recovering the
bodies was very quickly accomplished ".li the bodies being re-
coverod by Tuesday night. In
many families the amiolion is great
as many ufi four in ohe family being
killed by tho explosion, The deepest gloom has settled ov r tbo community, and relief funds are bsing
started to assist the widows and
orphans of those killed. Some of tho
from Buenos Ayres to tbe foot of the 1 bodies taken out wero frightfully
Andes .has probably what ia the | j,,,,,;]^^ ftmi \m\ t0 bo Identified
longest tangent iu the world. It is'{)/y ,.i0iuiUg or marks ou their bodies.
211 miles without a curve. In this -jbe mines ��nd outbuildings have
distance thero is nbt a single bridge ij0eD oocrertod into morgm s and
and no opening larger than an or- boapitals, where tho doad and in-
dinary culvert, no out deeper tlntft jured aro taken,
ono meter in depth, and no till ol a ���	
height exceeding one meter. Mow  Lfllltl  Bill,
The French government is im- ���
mciiscly relieved by (ho departure, Uon i\rr Vernon's bill to amend
from Paris of Empress Froderlok n,e Land Aet ptovides that the price
nnd her dautrhter Iho Princess Mar-1 0j grB( ciasB \m^ shall bo 86 per
guorite. Notwithstanding that no Lore. 0f aeoond olaw lands|2:60 aud
hostilo dcnioiio.ratiou was mado, the j o[ tj|in, 0jM'8 iaml8 gi per Mtv< tu0
nulhoritics wore in a continual ��!'��� pntohtWe money to be paid nt tho
prehension lest nemo fanatic should ,-ml, ����� pUroaagj( ten per oont. on
mako an attempt to injure t>io ap^lioAtioo, the remaining ninety
empress. Detectives in largo mini- por cent, when the survey shall have
l.oi'H were employed lu keep walch been acceptod, It is provided lhat
for dangerous persons, and any ono 0V1,].V pet8un desiring to piirchnso
who approached the imperial oarrh Lnsurveyed, dDOOonprBd, and unro-
BgB was closely inspected, The served crown lands sball givo two
receplioii of lbe empress does unl months'notielr of bis intended ap-
augur well for tho kaiser, should bo plication to pfarcliose, by a notieo
follow her example, for while she inseVted, althe expense of the appli-
lias been received with respect, there ' e,n,\i |u t|���, BriliRh Columbia
lum bum a eigbifioaul coldness in rjatelte, and in any newspaper olr-
lli<! ttii'U of lbe press and a ooldnBBJ eulnting in the distriot wherein tho
on llfo part of the peoplo, whioh, in i,,,,,! lies: such notice shall not iu-
jPranoe, menus much , .y^ a greater area of laud Hum six
slate the   name  of the applicant, j
the locality, boundaries, and extent;
of the land applied for.   The proper
Btaking out of property is also pro-1
Vided for,   Each appli*ati(5a for ai
timber lease must bo (lied  with the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works with iu forty days from  the
date ol the uutioe in tho British Co-
liirabia G.iz��tte, accompanied by a
marked chesuo equal in  valuo to
ten cents per aero upou tbo whole
area applied for,   If the applicant
f��iie to comply with  the  conditions
imposed by the Lieutenant-Governor iu council respecting (bo grunt
of a lease, the deposit shall be absolutely forfeited, and (bo land shall
ho  'op'3n to other applicant.���Colonist.
Oilil And Event
"Short and sweet," remarked Ihe
grocer as he tied up thirteen ounces
of sugar and called it "ono pound."
Young Widow���Mr. Fresh, why
do wejdl'Vays speak of the earth as
the femenine gender?
Mr. Vresh���liecauso of the earth
bad been masculine it wouldn't take
a woman moro than a week to get
around it.
Smart Attorney��� You flay the
evening wore on. What did it wear
on that particular oocasiou?
Witness���The olofte of day, I presume.
Boston Mother (shouting down
stairs) ��� Mraerva, are you going to
Daughter���Let me havo another
half hour with Robert, ma.
Mothor ��� Goodness. Gracious!
Have you A man in the house?
Daughter���The idea I I'm reading Browning.
Mrs. Plumper- Tako Mr. Clumso
and slip iuto the billiard room.
There's a email anti-Lenten waltz
going on.
Miss lticard���(who knows Clum-
so's disability as a dancer)���Thanks,
very much, but I've done about all
the pouauce I can Btaud this season.
She- Did papa ask you about
your i .iconic?
She-Aud yon told him that littlo
fib about tho large salary?
lie-Yes. .
She���I'm so gl'4d.
He-Well, I'm sorry. Ho bor
rowed 85.
A nogro in South Washington
was asked tho proper way to oook a
"Yo' teks de possum and dresses
it," said be. "Den you gets a big
pan and puts the possum in it���"
He got no further. His month
filled with water and ho couldn't
Mrs. Nagely���You must tako me
to Europe, Ezra, I do long so to
see the historic battle fields of tbo
Old World.
Ezra Nagely���Maria, if battlefields
are what you want, I'd like to know
where there's beon moro hard fighting dono than right hero iu this
NOTICE Ib hereby given that the
undermentioned tract of land, nil.ii
ateii in Hunt Kootoiiv Distriot, haa
beet) fiirvcd, and a plan of the saiuo
can bo Been at the Lauds and Works
depurtmeut, Victoria, and at the
office of A. P. <.li.nni.ns), Ehcj.,
Assistant Commissioner, Donald I���
Lot 228, Group 1.���'I homes Jones,
Preemption W'.ord No. 57,
dated Did Juno, 1885.
Persona having   ndvorso  olaims
must file a stuteinont of the sumo
with  the Commissioner wiihiu OU
days from date of IhiB notice.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., February 5th, 181)1.
KBVELSTOffBi  ���   -  D�� 0
ames McDonald & uo
Carry large liner, of plain, medium, arfid high-grade furniture.   Parlor aul
Bed-room sets ranging in price from $6.50 to ��500,    Hotels furnished throughout,   Office and bar-room chairs'.* gpiug
mattresses made to order, mid tfdvefi wife', hair
and wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lake
points will receivo early
and   prompt attention.
ft.   C
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
wm. kirkup & CO,
jfauiie ware, and   Lamp Gjols.       '.Pin,  Coppor; andjJJ ��S&eet#Iro
Waro made to order. JJFirst diss mrk guarantee!.     OrJors]promptly
a'ttondod W.'
Ul orders  by mai
express promptly
All   descriptions o!
gold aod silverware
(Close to O, P. R. Depot)
Importers of the Choioost Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and complete stock of gent's furnisinge, ladies'. ��ntV
uud children's hoots, shoos and l.oso, stationery, patent ���d      ^lot,
requisites and ready-made olol..i..g.   A   large  HBorUMO ,d pipes,
lobuccu, olgarolteB, imported aud domestic cigars, fruits, "and), etc
Stove pipes, tinware, orociiefy, rough and dressed lumbor.and othergood*
loo numerous to mention, at moderate price* i
Tolophono communication,
m n in rsrrr
J. Fred. Hume & Co.
Hcvelstoke       -     -    -     *     . 11   O
(Hnwcli Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Drv Goods  Groceries,  Provisions-
. Canned Goods Hirdwira J2h>
Tho Stock in overy Department in Pull and Oomploto and the Publio wi
find it to Ibe'r adviiiitago to cull ana
Inspect   (jooiIs   and   Compare  Prices!
��Ou     iVISSUPi'LiIKS A  SPECIAl/lT.    ^W ��� j greos below zero ou Thursday night.
Divjne Service will be held in the |   Dr. BelJ-Oampbell paid a visit to
Revelstoke ( hurcb every Sunday evo- Revelstoko on Monda
nmg ai i |30, conducted  nltemntely
Sunday Sohool aud Bible Class every Sunday afternoou at 2:30, Ail
are cordially invited tn attend.
A freight engine ran off a switch
nt Sicamon.s on  Monday,  but  was
got oa the rails again  after a fow
-1 hours work.
afflLKjBK LOWE, MO. y,,. j    EJwa,,d ^j,^ ^^ q{ ^
a & ' ��naldI>.0. master Kolloy, and who was at'one
Regular Meotiug Thursday ,f each timp employed by tbo C. P. R, here
week at S p. in.   All visiting broth | died at Sealtlo of favor ou the 16th
a j'uiuter to llie l-eoplo,
ers are cordially invited.
J. McLeod,     .1.11. Matheson,
N. ti. \l ti.
Donald, p. C
Q-LAC1KR JjODGB. No, 61,
.Meets lst 2 Sundays, and lust 2 Wednesdays each month,
Maslo'r, "J, S. Babbitt.
bfc'y,   W. 1'. Ogilvje,
Finc'r.   Angus ucLenn,
Journal Ag't, E, A, Chesley, Kara
pjps, Jj, 0.
DoNAl li, H. ('.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdays,and 3rd and
���I'll Sundays, in Firemen's linil,
Master,   Arthur li'andall,
Secretary,   Josoph Calliu.
Collector,   Geo BGovett, .Box 11).
Receiver,   James  l'aloonor, C.in-
itiore, ci Vf T.
Macazino Agent,   II J McSorley.
Picljed Upjln tlio Town anil
Jack Oaid'.vcli Las returned  from
Dr, C. E, C. Brown* was at  the
Columbia Honsi all u-ei-k.
The petition filed against Iho oleo
tion of F. C. Cotton, for Vancouver,
h-ts been dismissed.
S",Mossk. V.'m. Let- and F. Eraser
have worn a more youthful njapts.t]������
apce since Wednesday evening,���
but woar no miistaohos.
Mr.  John   Dunn, | whoi went lo
Kamloops for   medical treatmonl
Tho Victoria House bus, aud tho
sleighs of Messrs. MoCaity and
Robinson carried passengers to and
from tbe entertainment Wednesday
No. 1. train was. nine hours late
on Wednesday. It was mado up of
eight passenger coaches carrying
about three hundred oxcursionists
to the coast.
k millinery store will bo started
in Ituvolsloko when spring opens,
The ladiee will wait to get tin-it hats
Hied, while the gentlemen will lix-
tbeir caps in anticipation of captivating tho uew comer.
Mr, John" Sooloy looked particularly uappy on Monday morning,
and inquiry as to the causo elicited
the information Hint ho had been
presented by Mrs, Scoley with a
Utile daughter thai morning.
Mr, W. J. Roper, one of tho oldest
and most extensive of our interior
ranchers, has sold out his proper!)
at Cherry Creek aud is about to
leave for the old country. The
price is said to be 8100,000, the purchaser being Mr, Burchull, Drum-
While fitting in his office last Sat-
nrdry Mr. J. P. Sutherland noticed
three cows of Mr. Fied Eraser's herd
in attempting lo get a drink through
it hole in tiie ice slide into (he river.
He at once raised, au alarm, and a|-o
holpod Mr. Eraser raise tbe animals
out of (heir dangerous position.
For some time past n few of the
local niiarods have bell ride practice on the river bauk, with bottled
as (argots. One day thia week one
of tho abootiets brolio nine bottle
out of (en and is considered a coming Dr. Carver. A Harbor often
conies preify close lo being a caiver,
A septette of SLiOwshoeis  went  up
the river yesterday afternoon to lig
uii tlie club  lode,   A   gnat  many
Editor Kootenav Staii.
Sir,���Will voa kindly permit me
,   ,,'..,  ���      t    ii"'  K3 bold 87 DBgaorsTa immm
to point out tnat the "men of gall,  , m^^&smax^m
(o wit: Kim,'ton, Forrest aud Neil- | Effigy J>jr^MlgSSMBislSl^g
son, who proffered the nomination of j
East Kooteuay���whatever tins means j	
-to Mr. Hull of Gulgary, had as
much right to do so in the name of
the in lepeudent electors of that
ssciion ns (hey would have (o offer it
to luife Kimpton, of Solomon fime
Tho people of Golden, Illecillewaet
aud Rovelstoko, aside from tbe large
majority of electors of Donald, who
disavow all connection with these
people, resent such impudent assumption of Iheir privileges. This
trio of irresponsible "would bo electors" with tlio most const)mate cheek
have been hawking tho nomination
of an opponent to tho ministerial
candidate, Hon. J A. Mara, throughout tho distriot without the shadow
of a right to do so and to the anniso-
mont aud ridicule of tho public
.(���mm* J MM;
Building & Contracting
L\Aj u i
(Senate 8aloon
Mr. T.   M,   ItAMHiTON,
of the Spuato Saloon has ffiwnged
to have sent lo him the j:uB telegraphic U0VVB of the election on March
bth, with complete returns from all
over the Dominion, which will bo
placed oa (he bulletin board in the
Senate 'Saloon as soon as received.
��� MINING   imoKEtt,���
And General Commission Mcrchanl,
Insurance   nnd   Heal   Estate
.   Agent, Notary Public, Etc.
11, U
Specimens  from   JEootcnny,
Pursuant. to tlio Creditors
Trust Deeds Act, 1891,
Statutes of IJ, C.
Tho Colonist, Feb. 25: Through
the kindness of Mr. Kellie, M. P. P.,
for West Kootenay, tho provincial
museum was made richer yesterday
by the reception of a valuable collection of ore samplos duplieat s of
Ibose awarded the prise at tho Toronto Industrial Exhibition, last year
It is Mr. Kellie's intention to have
Bamples of ore from nil tl e mines iu
the rich country whioh he luw the
honor to represent placed ill the
museum here, whero they will no
doubt prove an invaluable advertisement The followng is the list of l''-:,i
samples placed oil the museum
sliehes yesterday. Bv lo.oking over
the figures which represent tbe ,lif-
lereut assays per (ou, villi owueis
mid lections, some idea may be
formed of the richness of the coi n ry
from vhich theso ppccimeiis WOO
fcpokane-L.  C, Dilman & Co.;
silver, $35,
Notice ie hereby given that Harry
Chapman, engineer of Iievelstoke, in
the province of E. 0. has by deed
assigned all hi.- real and personal
property whatsoever to William Austin Jowett of Iievelstoke, for tho
benefit of hia creditors.
Tpo Raid deed was executed by the
assignor on the Mth day of February,
1891, aud oy the said nssiguee .'ii
the 14th dav of February, 1891,
"   VV. A. JOWETT.
85-11 Trustee,
tated Ibis 1911) day cf February
AND V,-U0j.tiSA,,n AN��� Hmil DEAiERStj,
Notice is hereby given thai application will be made In the Parliament
of Canada at its uext session for an
act to incorporate a couipany with
power to construct, equip, operate
and maintain a line of olootrio tele-
J graph and telephone from Sprout's
i Landing ou tho Columbia River in
"colouav district to the boundary
CENTliU II or fit
Corner Front npd Hanson Sts.
Abrahams aims.     -     PBppniETons
REVELSTOKE,     13. C.
First class in every respect) Noarost
hotel (��� (i p n depot ,lmi Bteamb().v
lauding, between post ollieo and ROv
buildings.     (.'.well  to ami from depott
aud sleamliquf,.    Fire proof Safe for the,'
(accommodation of its customers.
Uuitod���Eevelstoke M. Co,;silver, i |;uo 0f n[e province of L'ritisb Colum-
i *
some months ago  has  rolurnol   te I fad were recorded and Mr. Mara's el
Revelstoke in good health. lection ivas credilod with being  (lie
Mr. W. A. Monltou, at ono timo a cause of their feet tangling, They
resident of Eeveb)toke and now of found a fine sheet of ica about a
Vancouver,a.''.''i'i'i"l o:V l'..'1'c a day mill and a half from town nnd skat-
this week, while journeying lo Bauff   leg was in order this aftei noon,
Ale$Smitli has all the windows in A anv toboggan slido Las been
the new Victoria Hotel and manages made at the rear of Mr'. J. Fred
to got iu some work on Iho buili tag  Humt'saudhaspro  id a big success,
-, ' ���   ���   ������ ���'��� I to lake a sec- \ j,nf ,
:,'! iii le. "  ,.  .   ' '.,  1,   .       -,
1 nii!i--C. Jloster, silver
notwithstanding tho cold  weather.
Mr. D. Cptj��u, of \V,;.i:i.' il : .
lota, i�� visting bis brother Wm.
Cowan. Of the Victoria Hotel. He
will in all probability :- 'oom i [��� ���:���
maneut resident of Reyelitoke..
Mr. I-'. Teetzel has been >; pi intcd
a Justice of (Lo Peace for the,': ��� ���
of Kooteuay, anl is in a qnan ary
whether to accept the nisi    I
not,   Small gifts well i ;      lain poles etc,   The  Bbades  are of
iead to greater things ''" ' ���'���������-   -;'   '-:"'':   variety,
Mr.   ii..v:n   Him;!: a   -;.: Mrs   *ml    ,M   :     '   "itb     A"XA   wire
Hamilton   !Car '        '  ' ' *��nliyof in   ���
back east  visit!         m - ped         '                 '            '���'  '���"'
off at Revelstoke hit Maid i                     ���    ������"���'���'     ���
a visit to Mr, P. M,  Eami .
A  duo   J - lev itees of   the  sport
'. i ' Ihinam in down   bhe  chiile I
���-���.- tr.r.l.iy spilling him  ia  a snow
hank.   'The Chinaman bad as much!
f the  buow io:  -;, irt as im con- |
Cariboo���A, 0. Frv, silver, 175
No. 1���Rovelstoke M. Co,; 89 to
2-17 ezs:
Krao-A. D. Wheeler, silver f90
to $884.
Tough Nut���Dr. Hendrix, i-ilver
Neosha-R. McLeod, silver, Solid.
Pearl-B. E. barker, silver UO.
Centre Star���Jos. Burgois, tilvcr,
38; gold Bl'6.   ���
Arkansas ��� Roberls k Bnokloy,
silver, 875.
Little Donald���E, L, Davenport,
silver, ��7,5,
Poor .Man���E. L: Davenport, gold
875 to ��200
Skyline-A. D.   Wheeler,  silver,
with   all   nooessurv
powers rights and privileges.
Solicitor for tbe Applicants.
Dated nt Victoria, I). C, tbie 1 Jib
dav oi January, A. 1). 1891.   80-2m
Nolice is her.'by given that Rich
anl A. Fry and A. C. Fry have filed
the necessary papers, and R1|!,h' application for a Crown Grant in favor
of the "Grizzly Lear" minora! cltiini
situated ot Toad Mountain, West
Adverse claimants, if. any, are re-
iiueBtod lo fowerd th- ir objections
to me within sixty days from the
date of this publication.
71-8 Gold Commissioner.
Rovelstoko, January 29th, 1891,
MoCAirniy   .    .   .
First class Tempemnge IIquse.
uoaup  and   Lopamn $5 PEB ,mK,
_   M-BALs, 25o,    iiRiis 2)c,
Ilns hotel is situated eouvoiiioutfo tbe
statiou, is comfortably  furnished and,
(iilurds Iirst class accommodation.
Jas, McDonald & Co., have just j    Dandy���Fox, Kelly & Cook, silver
"��� i ������������ r. telect and complete   850.
aS8orlmentof window shades, onr-! " '     ~"""	
The Monarch nil Kig-Iit.
Mr. If. T. Gepfi'ley, seoretary of
tbe Vancouver Mining k Smelling
Company, ownors  of Ihe  Moiiarch
Mine at Field In ajlotlor to tho Van-
'!'������ -I', api ra iiontradiots the slato-
menl  i tbe Miner of tbe 7th in;::.,
I man   flochariali  Ci'.wt,    :,, il., a-flV-ct tliat work on thoir niiiio
removed from ' bad   ei n shiil down and that  the
,:'.   ore     is | i-."1'.'.:;  out,   He says;
with in-   ���   ,���!   .   . ting lum to tbi   "The   I il iments made tberin are
���' the  absolutely and unqoalifledly false in
A jolly party    !      mwsl    rera
night.   I hr i of the
lh'.' "bi : ���   ,.'.
but all   ", i ��� l  '.,, |mve a pood
tin,''.   ',
Cllli'.l.     ,,. '      i
where a
been :    i Iten.         club will   li
organized and cocklj
���   iroedes'   ,, ',���. ������ jp f...
(ho. JOl   . ,
Ch.irlea I ui iros' I     i Ite
r,'i    -i.tii'.lav   a,fl"r-.j.'.-in     I'l     :.;    '  ht -"..'. | ;,., ,,|
"'-I    '''��� m, il m. ia I-- im , i on   I ���( ���' ���  ���'���   ��� ' ���
the riinaw .j  Inl i the
in i ig ii.'  Iroi''. pi lentiiig i
mskiOg fast tiiifi, miii Jack Huiher-
land li'iml, held ,. up,   Tho unruly limit ilentinatK n in ���������   .      ion
li irso broke up Iho     ., b I , ���   mme "l"1 :' ���" us they gel     lilcd will
I," mi    .i",���
train neai n  trm,   Hi    i idy
'  I
��� ������ .  -I.     I'lei (Ir-
une I   .
Off for '. In ;:< ml.
a-.' iv purtioul .r.   X,)i only has  tbe
lo ''ii, but llm board
are a intemplatlng In-
', I,  ng Ihe  fnraa,   Our opntraul
Notice ia hereby given lhat the undermentioned tracts nf land, eitiiate
in West Knotinay Districl, havo beeu
surveyed, and Iho plans of tho same
cm: lie seep at the olHoo of G, C,
Tunstall, Esn,, Assistant Commissi,! ior, IIcvcIhIoIic:
Lot 105, droiip. 1,���Knowifns tho
* Grizzly Boar Minornl claim,
|,i,t  105, (''roup 1.-  Known   as  the
Silver Queon Uinerul C'laim.]
|,,,i 17'.!, Group 1.   Known  us  the
t'niied Mfnornl Claim,
.    . ��� .in, li,, i'o., i,-   |,i,t I7:i, lI'i'Miip  1.-Known  ue  tin
I with  in every imr
. ie ore body In lead 01
��� it ia oonsloolly Increii ing
i| 1 nronlly  (nilimilod,
 1 jra li gali n, can flog
c( otsgc of /.ue!  lias  de-
il mi, 0 irbouate or ���, < irrying
��� p     ntjgo of   preoions
metals.1   Dull) sltlprtK'ilti of ore will
- -   ,i UU I 11     .1 ,1, in 11   In   the
. bi ro " K the spur
:,',',���.,'.',.1 i'",','���"���,U���|,   |,|,,
ni,ui, In 1 i'"''   [', ll.
i.ighl, In aoting -i littl   frisky in   1   ,,
i'i       1,    u           t. ll:,:i"    ",ien    ���' '  ' :
snow Imnli.     On  ,U���,���n.y   <,,     ,,���   r   ,   ,,,,,,    ,, ,.        (   ^
Rigliluiia  hoi8'j   >i"tii, 1.1.  11  froiio  upri [hi 1 1 nui 1 lo 1 ut  I
starting    from    Allan's    In . n ry   ""   '"' '��� '"''"' I'h'H on thci
I'h.O omi    ''1 be  .' II r ,i irilcil for
Iheir laliiua, mi'l ii 11 hoped limy
���  will 'I" even bettor il 111 thuy expoo'l
^emolishoJ I in n'nsbiug out the v Uow im lal,
When near lh ��� '<.. 11 go jhn Blaiffli 10
li 1 'I mill h en 1 mioliinory and ���,. 11
I,""itl r) ".'��� I    b     '   ei ', ' il  uboiit
all 00 lliey require.
1,1 "i   Sii'ti 1 y aflonioon  Juiler
.( i"i"H r'.li.eliii', n| Kit ,i|iiii|,M, ^ln'lo
Blllllllillg will) 'I (i'1'.llil fell nnd brolio
III.1 log,
Arkansas .Mineral Claim,
|,i,i 171. Croup  1,    Known   as   the
lilni'Miii-'l .'iliin'i'i'il Claim,
Lol 175, Group 1.���Knows  as tbe
Joanne Mao Mineral Claun,
l,n| 176, Group 1.   Known  us  the
Alpine Uoso Mineral Claiui.
Lol 177. Group I.   Known  an the
Portland Mineral Claim.
fjol 178, Group I.   Known,  no the
I iiii.i' Miiierul Clniin,
l.nl [70, Group I.   Known  im the
'Icudorfool Uiueral Clniin.
Lol  180, Group I.     Known  as (he
.1  \. 1,,.1,'n M  oral Cbd  .
|,ot229, Group I,   II, Selous and,
iVI, S. hnvys  up li   lion  I"  p r
OIIHBO dlllcd 20lh   'I'l'IrnJlH,   |s. I!.
78 W. R, GORE,
gnrvoyor-G msral i
l.iiluls ,'itl'l Works i"'|'.ll'!nie|ll,
Viotorin, 13.0., 5th ?ebrtiRry, 1891,
hJfttltTtY FIHST-oiaABS.
REVELSTOKZ      ,      ,
B.. Q
W. Oowtjn, Prop.   H.Uebort.Olork
Hooms woll ill (ended; tables unox,
colled. Wines und liquors KUarat
toed of u high quality, Firo lL
sample room. Telephone communi-.
cation with (J. P, |{, d0pQ(ii pj,.Q
proof vault for tho convenience ot
guests.   .Buss meets all trains.
?2. I'Eli UA\
-THE -
The largest, and mos.t central Hotel in,
tho city 1 good aooommodation,; every-,
thing now ; table well supplied ; bar and,
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe,
I IHiOWiN' k OLAltK,
Ntoekholm House
JOHN STONE, 1'nor,
The dining room is fiirnishod. with th��>
host the iiiarkot aHords,
The bar ie supplied with a choice stock,
of winoi;,li(iuors andcigars.
Jas. Liberty.


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