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The Kootenay Star Jul 19, 1890

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Array Vf%IIP
LT1H 1 !i I 1
>4* $ t U;LjL -i
REVELSTOKE. B. C. JULY 19. 1890.
No. 5-
l-WVUibbUKU nn Diiop,
jraniie  ware,  nnd    Lamp   Goods,       Tin,  Copper and    Sheet Iron
Ware made to order,    First olass work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
attended lo.
Tf-vj-u. w&ammamm juwuwui��in..wma?,
ftp ^nv-^'Ve,-1
v ���'���-���'
w?k  ������''
'. TV. .'
' V
f$ "'"-/' l
\11 orders by mail or
express promptly'
All   descriptions of
gold and B;iverwaro
reneral Merchants.
B. C.
J. Fred. Hume & Co.
Revelstoke     -    ��    -     -     .    B. C,
(Branch Store at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goods  Groceries,   Provisions,
Canned Goods, Hardware Etc
The Stock In every Department is, Full  and Complete and tbe Public will
find it to their advantage to call aud
Inspect   Goods   and    Compare   Prices,
(Close to C, P. R. Depot)
Hevelstoke      -      -     B. C,
Importers ol'llio Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
>V�� cany a select and complete stock of gent's furnishings, ladies, gents,
und children's toots, sbucs and hose, stationery, piitcnt medicines, toilet
requisites und rcudy-nuido clothing,   A   large  assortment of pipes,
tebncio, eigiii'iiU'ii, imported end domestic cigars, 1'ruits, fandy, etc,
floyi ['pes, tinware, crockery, rough nnd dressed lumber, and other goods
loo numerous io meulion, atmoderutc prices,
Telephone comiruiniraiion,
The following letters we find in
nn Eastern paper and copy lliem for
Ibe interesting description given of
tbe river nnd Arrow hikes:
Dee.' Park, Lower Ai row Lake, B.
0,���Upon my arrival nt Revelstoke
of which I wroie yon lust week, I
learned tbat t|ic stumer for the
south started at four o'elock the following morning. As is usual ou
day bo.its tho cabin aocommodaliop
was not great and I was loo late to
secure a berth. Shortly after Ibrco
o'clock we ut tbe bultl were awakened, and were soon on hoard, It bad
rained during Ihe night and tbe air
was decidedly cold, but soon a..'er
starting wc weic informed tbat hot
coffee was to bo bail from tho steward and Ibis with the promise of an
early breakfast tborougbly warmed
us and wo settled ourselves to enioy
the magnificent scenery through
which we weio passing. The distance from Revelstoke to Upper
Arrow lako is about twonty-seveii
miles, tbo river running between
bigb mountains, wbieh lise in some
places almost immediately from it,
Us valley never exceeds a mile aud
a hall iu width, and in many places
is miuh narrower. Where tbe laud
is not periodically covered wi.b
water when tbe river is high it will
be suitable for otlltivaiion when
cleared, but this is, of cooi'be, only
in the valley. While tbe mountains
bordering the river riso to a height
of about 0000 feet above it at a short
distance from it, those visible from
Ihe steamer aie often not moie than
two or three thousand feet high. In
the river valley aud on (be mountain
sides is much good timber, cedar
being tbe most vr.lnable. Upper
Arrow lake is about thirty seven
miles long and from ooe and oeo-
balf to two -wide, ibe country ou
both sidis of it resembles tbat
through which tbe river passes, but
as Ibe mountains rise directly from
tbe water, no land available for
cultivation is found along ils shores,
The slopes of I hi se mountains aie
well wooded, but as timber ol better
quality and mere easily got out is
still to be bad iu abuuilance, it at
present poitestes iitilo value,
Groves of white pine of considerable
sue have recently Lejo found on
some of Ihe si earns entering Ibis
and tbe Lower Arrow lake, aud as
soon as further txplorutious havo
determined ou which la'.o it is lo bo
bad in too greatest quantity, a mill
is to be erected and work begun.
About eleven miles from tbe hiad
of Upper Arrow lake aud 400 feet
above it.aie a number of HotSprings
of Is ge tize; whether Ihe water
from them will prove of medicinal
value or not has not yet been ascertained. The Lower A "row lake,
which is connected to tbe Upper
Arrow lake by about 18 miles of
river is about DI miles iu length.
Tho mounlaius between which it
lies arc not quite as high as tlioso
surrounding ibe upper lako, but tho
gonarol appearance of the country
is Qucb tbe tame, unul Deer Park,
whirc v\o aie now encamped, is
ieailied. This came has been given
to a tract about four miles along ils
front and tight or ten from tho foot
of the lake, and it would Lc difficult
to lind a nioio appropriate one.
Prom Iho luslcru shore of thu lako
the couniiy rises In terraces or gentle
slopes covered with grass aud dotted
will) piuo trees to a height of from
2tU0 lo uUliO feet above tho water,
and fiom the steamer ap| ears u veritable park. Muuy of iho lakes ami
streams iu British Columbia appear
to havo been named after fish or
animals because they aro not found
there, but this is not tlie caso here;
it is a deer park wilb llio deer. Not
a day has passed dining tho week
wo have been here that one or more
dter have not been seen near our
camp and they are as a rule qui.o
(b-ioid of fear. Only this morning
as I sat in a boat under a sloping
bank not a hundred yards high, a
doo wilb two fawns cumo down it
toward me; a shout attracted tbo
attention uf the mother who stopped
to gase nt mo in wonder, while her
young look advantage of her disregard for them by helping th m-
selves to her milk, At hut bhakiug
her bead she quietly trolled up the
bill ami out of sight. Advantage
was taken of tbe clause iu the 11. C.
game laws that allows have ers to
shout deer at any time and a young
buck was shot shortly after our arrival here. Although tho meat bus
burg in the sun most of tho time
what remains of it (although ii week
old) has nut become the least tainted, a pioof of the purily of the air iu
Ibe moust.iins. Two species of
trout have been taken in the lake
with a trawl, the flesh, uflbu larger
being veiy poor, but tbat of the
snal'Br eonbl rot bo excelled,
Grouse are abundout on the hill-noes
but no other game birds have been
There cm be no doubt Ibat when
by Ihe construction of the proposed
railway or Ibe e'.'te-ision of the
steamboat route, tourists areeeabled
lo pass through the country without
long delays at UDiuteresting points,
the trip down tbe Columbia and
through the Arrow lakes will be
a favorite one. There is no portion
of eastern Cuuada that will offer
greateratliaeiiod in lake or river
scene1 y, and of course there is nothing in the east to compare with tho
mountains here. There u perhaps
not moro hero to ttnu-t tbe spoilsman than in many other paris of
British Columbia, but there aro few
localities except along the liue of tho
Canadian Pacific railway that may
be as easily reeled.
Since writing you from Deer Park
our camp bus been moved to Sproat
���tho Sprout's Landing of a month
ago. Alter leavi.ig Deer Park ihe
lake gradually na'/ons, until at the
point where tbe river leaves it it is
uot more Jlian half a mile widu.
About live miles above Ihe outlet of
the lake are the "painted rocks;" at
this poiot iliffs, fciernl hundred
feet in height, riso abruptly from
tbe i\siler; on these, at about lee
he'jikt that could be reached from a
hoat ut high water, havo been pui.it-
ed nide pictures ot men and animals
those represeul'og deer and other
large auimiils beiog easily sepiralju
from llioie lliui could only havo ex-
js.'ed in the mind of tbe artist. The
Indians who fieqnent tbe lake believe lbe6e piclui ' to have been the
woik of spirits. They tvo at any
rale of considerable age, as Ihe oldest Indians ul'- t that Ibe old people, when they were young, told
Ihem that tbe tpints had done the;r
work before the Indiuns came to the
counliy at nil. Tbe Columbia, after
it le.ves Ue Lower A now lako,
flows duo east for about leu uiiV,
and tbeu binds towards Iho south,
re .'iving ihe Koo enni liver about
one and a ba'f mile from Sproat.
While Ihece is nothing resembling
a boom at Pproat, it ii a good example of wi.it may be done in a few
weeks. It is less 11 an two mouths
sinco the fust men and supplies were
lauded here, and nil was then a
wildcrncs-; now wharves have been
built, a section of track has been
laid so that the lu'ls aud supplies
may be reloaded at once cu en's on
the arrival of a slcumer nnd carried
to the end of Iho line. Apait from
tho timpoiniy "sl.ud.s" nud lenls
of the ini'ii employed io cm stcieling
Iho railway, there has been built,
since May 10th two large general
stores, uu botol, three restaurants,
several dwelling houses, the C.l'.K,
warelioiU.es, engineer's house und
quoiters und a number of smalbr
buildings, A saw-mill, u few yards
from llio rirlway, supplies lumber
for building purposes, aid large
stuff for bridges and culverts, an it
is required. At present Ihe mil! is
cutting only fir, western Intuarao aud
u little white pine, the legs being
cut a short distance above the mill
and floated down tho river to it.
'J'iuibnr such as is now being cut is
abundant in llio river valley all the
way up to tho lake. The townsite of
Sproat comprises about 1000 acres,
is bounded on tho west by Pass
creek, ou tho cuit by a deep bay ol
tho river that extends into the monn-
laiu that separates the valleys if
Pass creek and Kootenay river, anil
on the north by the mountain itsilf.
I climbed this monnlain the other
day and bad a magnificent view of
sui'ionnding country. It rises ul-
most perpendicularly to a height of
about 3000 feet above the touu, its
front being broken by precipices
and slides, but towards Ihe coilb-
cust it slopes more gradually to the
Kootenay, Looking from the west
to its summit the coarse of tbe Co-
lnmbi.i may be (raced to Arrow lake,
and then toward the south for about
ihe sumo distance, Opposite tha
mouth oT thu Kootenay the volley of
the Colombia widens and there is in
it a considerable tract of land that
may be cultivated; at the jnneiiou of
the two rivers is a similar flat, but
��ith these exceptions tho valley of
the river is loo nairow to offer in*
ducetneuta to fellies. Whether
Sproat will grow to a genuine town
or tot, mutt, of eonrse, depend npou
tlorailwuy. While it is the point
from which supplies are sent inland,
it will grow in importance as tbo
interior is developed, but when it
ceases to be Ihe to minus of the rail
way, us it must tometime, it will
have to depend npou local trade,
(which will never be f.reat) unlcis
other railways are built. The construction of tho Columbia and
Kooleuay railway progresses rapidly
but 1 have been ncabin to learn that
the point at which it will strike
Kootenay lake has yet been decided
upon. It has been taken for granted tbat it must go to Kelson, but
this ia by no means certain, as the
townsite there is fowned by private
individuals, and the oulv claim
Nelson has to be the terminus is that
it is tbe point on the West Arm of
Kooleney lake whe steamers at present discharge their cargoes. While
it is generally believed tbat the Columbia and Kootenay railway will
form but a part of a new railway
tbat is to be brought through Crows
Nest Pass the O. P. R. claim that it
is being built to open up the mines
Ibat lie south and soull-cit from
Nelson; thai being (he case there can
bo no doubt but that Ihe road will
bo built along the route Ibat will
take it ueaicst Jibe niioes that are in
working order, and iu a few days tbe
route that bus been decided upon
must bo. made known, as the men
who are to work ou the eastern di-
vhiou of Ihe read have started for
NeLon. We move camp from here
to Nelson next week, when I shall
be in a position to tell you how work
progresse > at that end of the line,
HowTlin llw'nl wo Should he.
If tongues were o'l attached to brains
Mow thankful we should be!
If 'ho0s' woo haired irora railway
How thankful we should be!
If fads and loibles were tabooed,
If gum was not by ladies chewed,
If df.dh would kindly steal the dudo,
How thankful wc should bol
If cals would only sleep nt night,
How thankful we should be!
If mo.-ey would not get so tight,
How thankful we should be.'
If wouldi would not talk, fo.sootb,
Jf ladies' batl were less uucouth,
If weather clerks would.tell tho truth.
How thankful we should be!
If flsbermen would stick to'facts,
How thankful we should be!
If men would sit between tho acts,
How thankful we should be.'
If girls iu front Iher lints would doff,
If folks would slop at homo  who
If ompty guns would not go off,
Huw thankful wo should be!
Lake City, Minn,���What will probably prove to be the most disastrous eyeloue that has ever struck
this oonimnnily, passed over Ibis
city at uo'elo.-k ou Sunday, inflicting a serious loss of life, perhaps
two hundred people, and damaging
properly to au extent that cauuot at,
present be estimated, .. ... t���...- ..,.-., -.
.- "HtW-r.     - ������
nrmvva     ,.-:-- ���.,v:.vv*vi,j1-,-,w-....  ��*, ., -....,.. ���*���**"���'-*c**;>."-':tvcr-,-*~rr-���'...*-,-~.^---+<^.
CCfyc ftootcncuj Star
A four page twenty column news
paper, is issuod from llieollico o
publication, IJevolatokc, 11. ('.
Subscription price 6'-! per yonr
Jlutos of ndvcrtisiijg givon on
Publisher nnd Proprietor
.Limes Brady, a raiuing expert
from Victoria, is pushing work on
the Lanark mine, driving a tunnel
to tup llio lead at a lower level, as
well as to gol drainage for the work
ings. Everything conueeted with
present operations ia being eondnoted with good practical j'.nlgmcut,
D. Yi'. Corbin, miuiug operator
nnd claim holder, bus burn upending
a few weeks in camp. He is talking
about commencing work on tho
Xorlli Fork, and [no doubt he will
make things .hum
Th. - . i . mmwny.
Tho London Financial New;,, in areview of tbo annual repoi'1 of Iho 0. P.
It., has this In say: "The third alternative is tho invusi m of tbe Ci   adian
Springs camp, and Hall mines, and
Eagle Creek in Southern Kootenay,
has bcou already provided, and Iho
parlies hero having tho matter in
charge are keenly alive to the im-
pi.rtance   of   sending   a   display
worthy of West Kootenar,  tho rich- NovthvvePt Ly branc-Jios of the
e-t prospective mineral region on :!�����!'
An i rice.n continent.
Will th" miners of East Koi I n i;
join with those of West Kootenny in
Ibis grand display of  < nr
wealth ?    If fo, they bura no lime
hortly in that I to lose.   They must look to their
i laurels, as West Koolenay will be
maguifleent |
That those latb r wi uld be glad Income
may bo taken for granted ; and not only
i; Ihi Inngtilude uf Winnipeg, but also
,:..,,;  in (he Far West, both in Montana and
' Washington, they are already at several
points pretty closo to the border.    If
they were !���! cross it, it would lie n serious  matter for the Canadian Pacific.
We make tho Biibjoiuod extraol
from a recent lelb r wrilti n by u mi
ncr in th i Mcliilii c Distriot :
"Afti rrondii r the remarks of Chiof
Purine! r Koborts, of the Spoknno ,v
Ki rthera, in regard lo sub idizing a
ri ilrond from Colvillo lo Metnlin -,
1 di i iro in hi half of tho miners nf
this districl to say that thoy ar ��� | os-
ri pe ii of much valuable mining prop-
i rty, there being at lonst fifty or six-
tv locations, uot counting those owned by tho companies. Many ol theso
nre very valuable, nnd only luck transportation to mnko them paying properties, New, 1 inn authorized to say
Hint the miners of this districl stand
lend;,- to bind themselves to deed vnl-
nablo interests, worth many thousands
of dollars, to any company or individual who will furnish either rail or water transportation between Motaliue
i.ik i Spokane fulls."
At first sight, Ibis proposition
of the Metnlir.e miners, might bo tn-
ki ii a= fomolhing similar in its nature
to the Mineral Royalty Act of the
last Provincial Legislature, but on
closor investigation it. is nn entirely
different thing, The Royalty Act
givj3 the Railroads live per cent, of
the. net. profits of the successful mines,
while they do nothing to help the result. They build a rnilrond into the
mining district, bul tor this they re-
Dick Gallop 1ms a number of men i represented there on
working  on tho   new government I scale. I Hitherto, however, they have kept uta
trail to Gold Mill, This is only for j Arrangements might be made to ��"����aiici, and tbo pi bey of the govorn-
paek animals to get iu supplies, but send thu car to eastern suites and pent, tbo initio al feeling of tbo people,
tho trail bus been ro located that it provinces after tho exhibition closes and thu wisdom of the Canadian Pnoifu
can he turned into a wagon road at | in Toronto,   This way ofadvertisi lirectors in making their monopoly as
:;;;l-> oppn ivc us may l> i, may bo
ti in li d to maintain Uu ir < xcluaion as
long u i pos dbl -.
Bui tho trouble between the Do
minion nnd Provincial Govi rnineni al
Winiiii eg not bo i -I g buck, in reference
to Ibe connection with the United
States lines at lhat point, shows that a
monopoly, however (irmly secured on
paper, i-i never safe if public feeling bo
strongly agninul it, The same thing
might kappon again further went, when
the consequences might be moro serious; for eonsidoring thai tho Canadian
traffic is allowed to pass in bond through
the United States,and Ibat the Canadian
Pacific itself has just bi gun to compete
for the Chicago dressed beef traffic, it
would scarcely be possible for the Canadian Government, once a route was
available, lo refuse lo permit similar
privileges in Canada to the railways of
any time, This is as it. should be, our minerals to the people of tbe
Too much 'Money Im.--, been spent east could not fail to arouse the in-
recklessly in the early history of the toreat of eastern capitalists and
district, but present indication* point I wmilcl bnve a grout tendency to on-
to a radical change in the adminis- courage investments in our promis-
trillion of public funds. (I. C. ing mines, and to materially hasten
Tunstall, our respected Gold  Com-   tho prosperity of our country which
depends on the opening  up of ils
mineral wealth.
ling West.
No. 1
13:00 Leavi
Vancouver  A
rrive 14:25
North Dond
Sjionco's Bridge
Arrive    Glacier
Donald    Dap
art   11:45
missionor, is giving satisfaction in
this connection, ami bis public career so far is sufficient guarantee
that our fluids will bo spent to the
host possible advantage,
P, McCarthy, of Calgary, arrived
yesterday ou No. 1. He is ono of
Ihe promoters of the Golden Smelling
Hull Mime Litigation.
Tho suits against the Hall miue
owners, or the Kootenai Bouanza
Co,, came up in the Divisional Court
and Haduclon works.   His ^business   at   Victoria   last Tuesday   before
hero is to look over tho Camp, and to I Jnstie.es  McCreight,  Walkem and
Drake. This is the case of the purlin*
who last fall undertook to jump the
mines. Their efforts to have their
claims admitted by the court have
been twice defeated with costs, but
inspect the Gladstoue claim on which
considerable work is bring done.
Mr McCarthy and J. P. Kennedy of
this place are joint owners of this
very promising claim.
Our esteemed nnd popular C.P.E. j they have still ten days within which
agent, Mr. McAi'thur has the best
appointed aud fiuest garden in the
Camp. When he undertakes anything, it is with a vim which cannot
fail of ensurii g success
Mrs. Alherton, wife of our postmaster, presented her husband with
a bouncing baby girl yesterday. We
are pleased to learn that child and
ceive their lull rates of freight on nil j ffiothi r are doing well.
to reply, The following proceedings
were had:
II. Fry, Jr., vs. Kootenai Rouanzi
Co.; W. Shaw, vs. Kootenai 13 'Oanza
Co. These were appeals by the
Plaintiffs from the orders of the
Chief Justice over ruling the do
mnrrers of the Plaintiffs to the 'Defendants' statement of defence.
The court dismissed  the appeals
supplies nnd materia! used in mining,
the trnnspoilation of ores, end the
fares of th i minors.   In addition, the
Royalty Act gives them five per cent, are BoatUrod everywhere about iv
of tbo not profit without  requiring
llicm to invest one cent directly in
mining.   They urn partners iu tho
profits, but not partners in the risks ranch to say nothing of a fishpond j
j n,jnjn��� The old gentleman is as keenly alive j
to the necessity of mnhi g an almighty
One of the steamers nf tho C. & IC, S.
V. Oo., i Lytton or Kontonui) leaves
Revelstoko for Spront every Monday,
Wednesday mid Friday at I u, in. Returning will lei.ve Sprout for Iievelstoke
i -ery Tuesday, Thursday and Sutnrday
nl :i a, in.
The nl -inner Duchess leaves Golden
for Windermere every Monday at noon,
nnd returning arrives at Goldou at 4 pv
in, on Wednesday.
Steamboats lenvo Sioamous for Endor-
by Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
and return Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
Pack trains from Rovolstoko for llig
Bond on the Columbia.
One of the most enterprising eiti-1 with coals, allowing the Plaintiffs 10
zens of Illecillewaet is miue host of   days lima within which to make a   -
Ibe Maple Leaf Hotel.    His gardens i reply.
Ou theDtli July.Kootenai Bonanza
rump, end besides this evidence of a   Silver King nud American Flug.were
natural tnsto for farming, he keeps   re-recorded by ihe Kootenai Bonanza
an extensive honnei-v. and also a hay   Co,
Ihe Slates. The moral of nil this is that
the directors of tbe Canadian Pacific
will be wise not to Liber in their liberal
nolicy of reducing rates and increasing
facilities, nor lo hesitate to make necessary extensions at the earliest practicable moment, that so (hey may stave
off rivalry. !f this be done, the shareholders may rest assured that their immediate future is likely to be yet more
prosperous linn the past, although the
virtual monopoly which they in some
respects enjoy will naturally coma t)
au end in time,
..y lie servos.
The proposition of llio Motnlinol
, ,       ,.      , dolluiyis the.yo'Jiig man ol a du lisb
minors, il accepted, would mnko the .    ,       _     , , ,      ,
'    . town not ;.::��� from   R -velsl d e, who an I \\
railroad a partner in all the losses a,   feel8,beMOM>it,of Wringonpood blocks
wollasmthe profits, and would re-  t8ras with biR bc8t pjr] by providing square,  havo  been  reserved from
quire tho uud to put up its proper ker with jim crooks as thu uurtship : ..   ,, I   01 settlement, in ptusii-
tiounte share of tho working capital.  .,,,,,,, \lt ance of the provisions of the "Co-
The miner and prospocto [tisrun, redth I stove pipe hat? luinbitU ii otenuy Railway Subsidy
are becoming fash:    d.-'.e inE vol- Act,  1890," nhich authorizes said
[Oku. an elegant a .1   stylish one railway to select  200,000  acies,  iu
having I     .      t down        beret "   of four  miles  square,   any-
... win li    tenny  District, being
*.~",:.-:.',-s���re-.*;-.-: --"���- ^���'T^t. ^:trr
A  Court of Assize, Kiui Prius, Oyer
Chief CPmmis,.ioncr of Lands !��)'} Teririiiier nud[GeneralCmol Delivery
,,  ,       , ���, | wiil I.-.- ,ie!.i el ..���: mop, in tbo uouuty ol
.   ��� es notice that certain ' ,.   , ,. .      ' .
' '���   ' ... Kootenny, on I ridny, fhe 22nd proximo.
xA laud, each being four miles By Command,
the  Provincial  I loyalty Act, spends
years of hardship in ��� If irts to tiud a
mine, all at his on    i .
in ncci ������-' ,!   and there are u
UHIO :':: ������'��� <.''..'   - i ttg
��� suffering all tho loss     until I .-���  R vol
mine is found, but gb """
five per cent, o
l,. '.     |  ��� ���     ��� ���������
carri ��� ���
pos-.d by tl      :
i ��� I,
on Fish Cn ck will    'oi
U .. lay, win    ���
will pu .
i :. i ..'  ;
Ibis i   ���
Ibe cam
i .
lh   '
t   both East and We I ';���- loteuay.
Cn ler date of June 4, by Order-
in i    .;,     rf May 28,1S90.
I   ick 1.   .'ii  Sprout's   Landing,
��� junction  of iho Co-
iooteuay rivers.
Bio, '.   aud  west   of the
��� ocane and Koote-
. rering   the townsite
itoft re,
.   ,   . car I
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Sccrolarv's Olfice,
10th July, 1890.
Notice is hereby given Unit 30 days
after date, we, tho undersigned, intend
lo apply In tho I [on, Chief Commission-,
or of Lands nn,I Works, for a lease for
lumbering purposes, of tho following
tract of laud in the West Kootenny district :
Commencing at a post on the left bank
of flirt Shepherd Creek about throe
miles Prom ils month, on the western
boundary of tho Meadow-land reserved
on behalf of tho Kootonay Valleys Company, in the Lower Kootenay Valley,
thence duo west 20 ohains, thenoo south
80 chains, I hence west 20 chains, thenoe
south 811 chains, thence west 20 chaiin,
t lenoe south 80 chains, thenee west throe,
miles, theii:!e south 2 miles, thenee oast
3 miles, thenee south 80 ohains, thonoe
cast 80 ohnius, to tho western boundary
ol tho Reserved hind, then ie follow-in.,'
such western boundary to the initial
poiut,contuhiiug 7040 acres, more or loss,
5 tl d re,: ('. W. 13.
Nelson, B.C. May 13,1S90.
I   ���
.     i,
1 ,.;.
James Fowl
deo conb
rronnding lands.
'..,,,.- shut is Known
ii  , on   Lower Arrow
,liver,  about
.   iteua;
UP,, it the     notion-of lb
ol   ll,
! .i
i   .       i miles bi
The following reduction of Foes for
Assaying, as from the lei proximo, has
been ordered by the Hon, Minister of
Mini   .
Tests for single samples, for gold, silver,
li 'il, or copper, to bo niado
for SLM Oiieh.
Tw i   :��� r; re samples,     "    SI,no each,
���; I othor i . Is ii proportii uto n
u ;.,: ��� b 'i n onWeil,
515t Assdyer,
It ; u HI * Wa
XJiLllX'Ji, \> V ��
' '    ' ,
ETC,   Kl'C,   ETC!.
  ���    ������ ni
���  i
nn I
at an early i Char!
:      . i
ed from where it . -' i of 1
posed bo  i-i  |  ������'.  lo enter the [ t about oi
matrimonial        i  of Id      Ins
We dm,'i intend lo advertise Pro ���' -
Ihl ;.,, i, b il il bo mak i ������������������ i : incb
bud break we . lie I.  n,, nt, by v        r pampi
Kai ly Mi L io ond Oh      ������'-      .' ; ulienul      from th
have ri inriicd from a pr ispeotin . ../;, :, ���,, ���
tour back:' Glacior.    ': bey raj v  .. ,        ,, : ,,        ... i , ������ , . ,   ������   i
the wcatliordampiin that quarter, ,.���),.. -,,   tho i n.clunion that I   i   I approval of Iho Order i1
Wbilo crossing a large glaolor with businrs In too raucli h the natnro of   '       i nb vo referred to.
an Immense crcvyiso, ll iy  cam ��� ���;,, C1| -,,,���-,  ,,���, .    . D|  ,i   \ ,   <���
very near sounding  its depths on |)0om Vanconvtr al the expense ol
accuiintof a dense fog lhat pro- tho Province    Tbo money lo pay
rcilu.l, j (or collecting Iho   hcb from H ���'.
'���   .    .-.-'��������
:     ���
.  - K, ���" :������   CO. Ll).
 i iu| nr.'i Bleamers
ll'vol il ike for  Sproat overj
lay and 1 riday,  nl  i
I    ill 1 ave ! pr ial for
I uo d ty, Thursday
3 a, m,
I'.in . . h .-,.i,
.i. A, MARA,
Uevolsloks  I ilj     :���    .
And Post Offlco Store NELSON
��� M1M (O'jIiaOKEtt,--
Aud II. iieriil ','e.niiiiission Meroluint,
liieui'uuco   and   Ileal    Estate
Agent, Notary Public,' I'.tu.
13. C.
��� :  T
r clollii    want
ining or
Mr, James M0D01 al 11 mk a li ip
to Kprn.ii on Friday. Ha will be
absent aboul a week.
J JU< .1
13 U T C Ii E R S
D 'All ILK l!.::ANn IlSrAII. DSALEM P3|
i-i-e"; pork, rre, a>
.,: Sggjjk.   Eelkirft Li 1   -.  No,   12,
^j^^     I 0 0 F Donald, B. 0,
Regular Meeting Thursday of each
week at 8 p. in.   AH visiting broth
era are cordially invited.
.:. McLuon, '   -L H. M.vrnr ox,
.Shepherd to the feny at McLsory's
opposito Sproat, soa i to enable them
to tin !e ii ir i, rati er limn at Marcus,
in Washington, end thus nave custom duties.   The trail could be put
Kootenay Lalct
Beginning this week Monday, the
mails have been, nnd will continue to
ha dispatched from Revelstoke to
LOOA.L WJli vv o-
Mr. J. A. Mara and family went
south on the steamer Lytton ou
Wednesday morning.
Mr. 8. Redgrave, Sheriff of Kootenny, made Revelstoke an unofficial
visil yofitcrday, ami returned to Donald thin morning.
Mr. \V,   I'.  Tei I/.el   has  geno to
Sproat to take charge of his business
there for a few weeks.   Mr, Monlton j
will take his place here.
Miss    Mabel    Clothier   left   for
Sproat on the  bo.t boat,  and  will
spend a few weeks iu n visit to her j
uncle, Mr. John Kirkup.
Wilson k Co.'s pack train went
out again on Tuesday morning with
ils [nil complement of freight, We
noticed a large consignment for the
Cansolation Company,
Rev, J. Turner, Methodist minis-
for, will preach in the church next
Sunday (tomorrow) eroning at 7.30.
All are cordially invited.
K. S. Wilson took the Lytton for
Sproat and Kootenay Lake Friday
morning, Mr, Wilson did not tell
us why he makes tha trip, but we
have no doubt he is looking for 'new
worlds to conquor,'
0. J. Bnrrelt left for the East by
way of Vancouver on Wednesday,
flewnsoneof tho earlier settlers of
Revelstoke, and bnsnow done active
end sm sstld buskess  for several
uu ulhs.   lie  returns to Rochostor,
::. v.
11 has been an active week on the
river. The Lytton has made three
trips and the Kootenai two, aud between them they Ii.ito carried 481
tons of steel rails, besides a considerable list ni miscellaneous freight
and passengers.
Mr. .1, E. Crane, of tho real estate i
and insurance firm  of  Crane, Mo-1
Gregor i Co., Victoria, has made a
visit litre to his friend Mr. Christie,
combining busiuess  and  pleasure,
1I�� left yesterday morning for Banff.
Mr, ond Mn.   Lionel li. C. Boyle
luok Iho Lytton on Monday morning j
for Sprout and Nelson.    Dr. Camp-;
1 ell was also of  t e party,    Tne!
gentlemen will investigate the mines
tf Kootenay lake in  (lie int. rest of |
the sue Iter here, and will go out by
way of Bonner's  Ferry lo Spokane
,   I
The scow was brought back to tne ,
dock a nook ago, havingbeou relens- \
ed by Ihe steamer Kootenai  and  a
force in charge of Mr, Hyatt.    She
will be ready today to Like on her
load, railroad iron and  soveral flat
ears,  which  ere   much  needed  at
Sprout.   The expenso of releasing
and repairing Ibe snow was about
half as much as hor original cost.
An old prospector, generally
known as "Uncle," came down from
Big Boi.d this week. The Smith
Creek Co. are doing well, und Sol
Holden, about a mile above (hem.
on a small stream, is taking out ?6 u
day. If the expense of getting stuff
up to Big Beml did not come so;
high there would be u 1 com in placer mining and new diggings oj cned,
The Lisbon of Now Weslnii:;. I T
nud Mrs. Sillitpe, arrived on the
(rain from the west Tuesday morning, and on Wednesday loft 'in tbe
itoumer Lytton for the south. They
v. ill be absent about a week, \..
the trip on  hiu.-c! nek   fl'l In -
to NbIbou and roturn. This is Iho
flrst visit of His Lordship lo Ni I on
nud is made in the oi urso ol liis
annual tour of visilatii n lo hi ���
Diocese, On the return ho will
spend purl of next Sunday week In
Iievelstoke, nud will hold services
In the evening and por bays alao iu
tho morning,
Since hut writing Whit'head ,v
McLean have flui-ihed soma five
miles of the grade from bore east,
and tracklaying wiU commence al
once, 1 hey have moved all Ihi i.
camps further up towards thu "; 11-
Tbo wonllior has been very much
against Ihe work���conrjnnk beavj
I understand Ihe farmers ol Kettle
river are going to petition go��ero'
(gout to open llio old trail from Tort
into good order for less II m : 10, Sproat on every trip of the boat-
and IhisisBurely not much for 40 three times a week,-and the beat
miles. It would be the means of also brings mails on each return trip.
Retting a good trade here nnd keep- j Letters mailed at tho Oiast cities on
ing the money in B.C. There are [-'riday, Sunday, and Tuesday even-
soma 25 or SO settlers iii that part of ; ;ng9| j.,.l(.n gpi.oat on tiie evening of
Kettle Kirer. the third day.   Between Sproat and
Joe Bnsbway was up yesterday Nelson, for the present, the eonnoc-
from Trail Creek and reports an tions are not direct but largo qnanti-
enormous mass of low grade ore,' ties of matter are dispatched byevt ry
mostly copper. Several prospectors Steamer, and the necessities of the
are coming over from Nelson lo look ; ajstriet certainly requiren more fro-
up the district. Tliere are a few in |
there now,
quent service.
The Post Office Inspector, Mr. E.
We hope to bear that more work yj, Fletcher, has nude two visits lo
will have been decide.) on after the ; Kootenay Luko this Spring; and tho
visit of I'res. Van Horn and Abbott jflst lim(, fffint ft5 im as ||J0 Custom
last week. House, on Kootenay Hirer, aud al-
There is at presont here an Indian , (hongll he hfla mit made tllb ,Stai; a
woman to whom the Indians altri- 00nfldant of his plana, we expect lo
bide Ihe extraordinary ago of 150 Le a satisfactory mail service for all
years. Her sight is still good, and ' poi,,,siu ^oolcnny Lake district soon
she nfts around  with li.e  aid ��f Lm in operation.
crutches.    She is  nothing  but  o|  ���	
living skeleton.
The Indian* ate making a good
harvest iu the berry line, bringing
in quantities of real eastern huckleberries, large and oi hue flavor.
A public meeting was held at Nelson last week, presided over by J.
Fred Humu.    They  decided not lo
Joe Wilson is daily expected from        a motej m ft ,vlmrf) lml to  je
the Okanogan   with another baud !
of cattle.   His beef is the best I have !
seen outside tbe coast markets.
The pack-trains are still doing a
good business; they arc never idle,
1'i'oi. Dawson on tueLardeau
vote  tho entire   appropriation  to
building a wagon road to  tbo Hall
'mine.    Messrs,  Hume, Hail and
| Giffin wore  appointed a committee
I to look after the matter.
The C. P. R. does not give credit
for fares across the Slocauo and
Kootenay rivers.
Survey work has been begun on
the wagon road from Nelson to tbe
Hall mines, and actual construction
will be soon begun.
Work has beea commenced on a
wajrou road from Ainsworth, in the
In the report  of  Prof.  Dawson,
under   the   heading  "Routes and
Means of Access," we find the sub-.
��� ���   , , ,i    ,.������.��� i, J direction of Krao and Skyline, under
joined comments  ou tho  route by ""^ ,. '   ,,���   ,
r t    i      ti      i     ��� ,, n,���,. the supervision of A. I). Wheeler,
way ol Lardeau Pass for a luilwayl
,   ',.   ,       t i It is said 81000 has been set apart
lo Kootenay Lake: ,
for this road.
James Brady was tried at Nelson
before Judge  Spinks, for stabbing
; Billy Gorman, cud was sentenced to
! 18 months with hard labor in Kara-
; loops jail.   He was brought up by
I Officer J.  Kirkup,   and  taken  to
i Kamloops the fore part of this week.
. He made an effort to escape at Nol-
I son, but was easily caught.
The immediate need of a means of
transport for the rich ores of the
vicinity of Kootanie Lake, may
render appropriate a fow words on
the question of prospective railway
routes, as affected ly the physical
features of ihe district.
The most a Ivualngoous permanent
railway connection for the Koolauio
Lake country  would, however, nn-
doubtedlybe one horn Bavel-tcke,    	
on  the Canadian Pacific Hallway. |
direct  to the lako,     Such  a lino I        XVaxjaI     vv ii
would follow the Columbia valley (or I 	
twenty-seven miles, the North-East j   By the Columbia River Lumber
Arm of Upper Arrow Lake for about 'Cu-.. Rt Beaver, B. C, to work in
|. u miles, and llieuoo the Lardo Bivor
pus6 for about forty eight miles to
tha north end of Kootenai Lake,
making a total length of about
eighty-five miles. From Revelstoke
to the head of the Dpper Arrow Lake,
such a line would be easily constructed along the continuous flats on the
east side of,the river, with tho exception of one portion less than twomiles
iu length, where rocky bluffs come
to the river. Thonco, following tbe
north-west side of the North-East
Arm, no great difficulty would been
I hen milk and in Ihe wooih.
Steamers Duchess, Marion & 1'eut,
Sir.  Duchess leaves Golden for
Windermere and way points every
Monday at noon, (and on Thursdays
,d except iu one length of w]J8D (ulBcle?t in'lucements offer) ;
returning arrive at Golden Wednesday, i p. m.,
about u mile, where most of the roadbed would require to be cut out
along a cliff end oue short tunnel
aould probably be necessary. It is
possible, by taking advantage of the
shallow delta of tho Columbia, tho
Arm might be crossod at its moiiih,
and a better line obtained on its op-
I ;- i side, but the depth, as well as
the v i I Hi of the deep part of channel
v.',.' Ii exiids between delta edge and
nth Lore i unknown. I am unable
!., I������[ | ly any m tea on Ihe character
Tourist tickets $6 for round trip.
Agents, Golden, B. C.
A. C. LAWSON, M. A. Pa. 1)., P.
G. S.A.
(Late of tho Geoloiffoal Survey of
Canada )
Consulting Geologist,   Mines, qnnr-
,,    ,    ,   .,,   I ries,  and  mineral deposits  of all
ol i is route fr m the bead of the , ��� 1
kinds examined and reported ou.
S ith-east Ann to Kootanie Lake, Economic problems investigated and
but tbesun Diil in this pass is report- information furnished Whetham
ed .,- not of gi ittl height and to be Block, Vancouver, B. 0.
... ,.,    ,,       Note.���Mineral specimens scut, to
;,:-;,:  I neat the Arm, while fH Dr. Lawson will be placed on public
i    lo valley is described as beiug [ exhibition. 50
favourable, The flat land at the
i:, nth 'fa sn all stream two miles
i in tin bi ��� I ol K 10I niio Lake, on
tin i - le, woul I afford a suitable
terminal pi Inl for such a railway,
v. ii b ! I wator and good shelter
from si nth rly winds, Should it be
oontemi lated, al a later date, to ox-
: UO l    Dg the shore of tbo
i to Hot Spiings, a good dial of
i di I..v si li bill and numerous bluffs
I ig on lha lake would have to
he ] .!, ... . baraoter of the work
��� u ':. i, -: blii g that on the east
Iu ol ll almoL Ann of SbuBwap
[,ul      '. fin I ei nn usion toNelson
T. O, Address, Nolsou, u. C,
Cnpaoity 20,000 feet por day. Plane r
shingle maohjue, elo.   All kinds ol
lumber on hand. During tho season
would entail rough work of the Bams
oharai b i as fai as Queen's Bay, be-!ot 18il�� h'm,,CT ,viil bn tlolircretl al
yond which either shore of tho West  ty ��f tbo landings on the   hike a
Aim would .. .. 1 mi excellent route, 'greatly reduced prices.
13. C.
A Bitting of tha County Court  for
Ri'iok nnd 8tone Mason. Plasterer
nnd   Kalsnminer,   All   work  d me
Kootenay, will be held nt the  f'onrt j promptly umi. to satisfaction.  Con
House, Piirwell,on W'eduosdav, the30th ' tract work solioited. 35
duly, 1891), at 10 a.m.
Ilv oni ir,
"(I. C TI'XTi'.VLL,
52t Registrar Couutv Court,
Farwell, B.C.,July ICth, 1890.    ,;
? ���:"-:���-.
-.    -
A citting of tho County Court  for
Kootenay, will bo held at tho  Court
House, Donald, on Friday, 1st August,
1890, at 10 a. m.
jly order,
62t Registrar County Court,
Donald, B, C, July 15th. 1890,
Sittings of the. County Court of Kootenay will be held,
At Farwell, on Wednesday, 30th July,
At Donald, on Friday, 1st Aug., 1890.
At Nelson, on Friday, 22nd Aug., 1890.
At Farwell, on Monday, 3rd November, 1890.
At Donald, on Wednesday, 5th November, 1890.
At Nelson, on Thursday, 13th November. 1890.
By Command,
JNO. 110B30N,
Provincial Socrotary,
Provincial Soarolary's Office,
10th July, 1890, Slot
Notice is hereby given that sixty days
niter date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
permission to purohase one hundred and
sixty acres of laud situated on the east
bailK of the Columbia lliver, iu the West
Kootenay District, and described as follows :
Commenciug at a post inarmed II S���
S W, where the International Boundary
line fnti teoote tho Columbia lliver, thonco
east forty (-1.0) ohains along tho said
boundary line, thmca north forty (40)
chains, thorco west ill)) chains more or
less to Columbia rivor, thence following
the baniv of tho river in n southerly direotion to tho point of commencement.
Nelson, 12th March, 1890.        5060d
GOLDEN - - - B.C.
Mining Broker, Comm'mion A:t.
'Notary Public, &o. k:
In Stock.���Mining Powders, Fuse aul
Caps, Miner's Tools, Steal and Camp
Out Ills. 3tf
Kamloops, B C,
Carries a  full liuo  of  Stationery an 1
Fancy Goods at eastern prices,
A Specialty,   Also a large assortmuit
of sporting goods, Due 11 ill Hood-,
Fishing tacklo, Etc,
Subscriptions talon fir all Omlin
English anl American newspapers
at Pub'isher's Prices,
Comer Front and llauson Sis,
Abiuiumson buos.    -     I'li'ii'iu.::.'.'.)
First class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P H depot a I steimbia
landing, between post ollioe au 1 g iv,
buildings. Coach to aud from dspott
and steamboat. Fire proof Site for tin
accommodation of its customers.
������ J?. Ei HdlJSii
F. MoCARTHif   ....    Prop.
First class Temperance House.
BOARD    ASD    LOIlClXu,   $5   PER   WEEK.
MEALS, 25c.      BEDS 25.'.
This hotel is situated convenient to th>
station, is com."ortably famished and;
affords first class accommodation.
REV��LSTOi<��     -
B. C
W. Cowan, Prop.   II. Ilcbcrt,Clerk
blooms well attended; tables unex.
Notice is hereby given that sixty [60]  cenc(j,   \Vjne8 and  1
days after date, 1 intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
tbe following described tract of laud Bit-
haled in Kooten ly District, B. O,:
Commonoiug at a point muraed by a
stake ono mile up tho main Salmon lliver from the junction of the west or north
Fork ; thence in n X. YV. iHreolion 261o
feet; thence in a S. W. direction parallel
with ll a river 8ooo feet; t' ouco iu a S
E. direction one mile; thence in a N. E.
direction 8ooo foot; thence in a X. W,
direction 201o toot, to the point of bo-
ginning on tbo river, containing about
louo acres,       JOSHUA DAV1ES,
Viotoria, B. C, May Both, 189o, B16d
quoi'3 gu ti'iin-
tced of n high quality. Fire in
sample room. Telephone communication with C. P. 11. depot. Fire-
prool vault for the convenience of
guosts.   Buss meets all trains,
'.;:; n.ir
-THE -.
The largest and most central Hotel in
tbo city ; good accommodation ; everything new ; table well supplied ; bar and,
Notieo is boreby given that James E.
Dolau and Andrew B. llendryx havo I billiard room attached; h7e proof safe,
fyled tho necessary papers and madp application for a Crown Great in favor of
iho minornl claim known as the Tongh
Nut, situated iu tho Toad Mountain Sub-1 JfREE Bt'S' AT ALL TRAINS
division, District of West Ivootenny,
Adverse claimants, if any, are notified I
to fyle their objoctions with me within
sixty days from dale,
li. ('. TUNSTALL,
2-G0d Govt. Agent
lloveluloke, June 21, 1890.
Notice is ben by given thai Bixty 1601
days aftor dato I intend to maite application tu tie1 Chief Commissioner nf Lands
und Wonts, tot permission to purohase
tho followitig described traol of laud situated iu Kootunay Distriot, lh 0. i
Coiiinieiieiii'.' lit n sluice on the Colum
bin liivei- ,-Jiiiut two miles above the
mouth of tho Pond D'Orollle River, thence
following the nionudor line of the Columbia River eleven thousand feet; thenoo
i'i an easterly direction tour thousand
feet; thence in u southerly direction eleven thonsnud feet; thonoe westward to
lie poinl of beginning four thousand
feet, containing iilioul nuii thousand
Victoria, B, C. May 80th, 1SU0. 51G0
Stockholm House
Tho dining room is furnished  with the.
best the market affords.
The bar is supplied with a ehoieo stock
of winoe, liciiu rs and cigars,
Jas, Liberty,
C03D v7JDDF03 3.ua, |^^lV-^^*Vr^X��:riTJftJJTTTXrc^r/.^JW-r.*^^e^^^-L>;^   ��..vrr(ii.*.--;,-
(Ebe ftootenay Star
A four page twenty-column news
paper, is issued from thoollico o
publication, Revelstoke, Ii. C.
Subscription price $2 per year_
Hates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprietor
Aunt  John were  always  reserved ��� plate iu his baud taking up tho col
''Far tho land sakes alive! If the
child ain't feeding that suako ag'in.
Nancy, throw them horrid bugs down
this miuit and pit up oil'the ground."
Instead of doing as she was told,
Nan drew the corners of her apron
together to prevent tbo June bugs
uud grasshoppers from escaping, and
pushed the saucer nearer the groat
spotted snake that waslazily lapping
the milk.
Auni John was horrified, She
armed herself with a stick and rushed toward tbe group. There was a
determined look on hor face as she
jaised the weapon over the reptile,
Nan sprang to her feet, dropping
the corners of her apron. There
was a confused buzzing souud for a
racment, as the frightened insects
sought refuge among the grass and
"Don't, Aunt John,'' she cried.
D^n't kill it, It's only a love snake."
Bui Aunt John knew no classifications iu tbe suake kingdom, and tbe
btiek descended. Nan covered her
face with bur hands end turned n-
wuy. She shivered v\ ben the crush
came. Aunt Jobu lifted the snake
on the btick and tossed it iu a clump
of bu shos, Thcu she picked up
the saucer aud started up tho lane
for iho bouse.
"Come, now," she said, looking
back. "Coino aud eat your supper,
and do try uud act like a human
Nan gazed at her with a Bort ol
expressionless slaro aud started to
follow, There was a rustling ol
leaves at her feet and something
rubbed aloug tho side of her shoe.
Her face brightened as she sat down
aud spread out her apron. A great
b'uck snake with dull white spots
dowu im back, exactly like tho one
Aunt John hud killed, crawled into
her lap, coiling itself rouud and
round until it formed a solid circle, |
with its uplifted hi ad in the centre.
Nan clasped the suako wilb her two
hands-, and looking into its eyes she
concerning Nan's origin.
"Folks bear lots of things there
ain't no acoountin'for," said Aunt
John, testily. T know that when I
took her out of tho poor-houso the
day after her mother was buried, she
was as bright and pretty \t\ child as
yon would wish to see. When I
spoko to tho poor-master about hor
relations, be told me to ask no questions and I'd have nothiu' to tell,
lie said there'll always be Bomeone
tryiu' to find out who she was aud
whore she came from.
Nan's natural tastes grew with he;
As Ihe reformed gambler approached ihe other thought of old
days, and, as they recognized each
other, tho unregeuerato one mechanically drew forth from his
pocket, a blue chip and dropped jit
in the plate. The good gambler
tried to shove "tlie chip under the
pennies, but it remained on top in
plain sight. Ho wes unable to hide
the disgraceful chip from the congregation, but he made up his mind
that Ibe minister should not seo it,
so, as be approached the pulpit, he
growth, notwithstanding Aunt John's Hlily picked out the chip and rcplac
continued opposition. Her family ed it with threr silver dollars, Ho
of pets increased iu variety and j thought ho had been deft enough
number, She       found        a! bnt the minister had seen the ex
now hiding place as often as the old ! chango, and as bo took tbo plate
one  was discovered, und as Aunt | from   the  ex gambler's  bauds  h
John grew more aggressiyo and more whinperetl,   "Deacon, a blue chip
determined  to  break   her of that | calls for S3.'1
'heathenish nonsense,' as sho called
it, Nan grew more secretive.   At last
oue blight may morning, sho climbed half way up the mountain side
and and found a safe retreat behind
a projecting rock.    The snake was
curled up as usual iu her apron, and
Uer pocket?   were   fillod  with   a
miscellaneous collection of moving
things,   She sat on the ground with
her back against tho rock, and talk-
od familiarly to tbe snake while the
smaller pets wandered orer hci face
and bands unmolested.
"Kiss mo, Bonny,'' she said, lift
ing tho snakes heal to her face. The
red tongue protruded nud licked her
rounded tonglip.
"She oun't find uu here, can she,
Bonny? She's too old and stiff to
climb the mountain. She'll die some
day, Bouny, and then won't we be
A 50ft, musical laugh followed
and the snake rolled over and over
in her lap, giviug expression to a
low chuckle.
Just hero a loose stone rolled
down the mountain side. Nan was
alarmed and tho suake raised his
herd an if scouting danger, Before
she had time to investigate, Aunt
John's short breathing betrayed her
presence,     Nan, seeing tho stick iu
Chicago, July 12,���The Inter-
Ocean correspondent says, regarding
the recent sensational finding of gold
at Tiucup, Col.: When the writer
visited tho mine last evening it
showed a face tbrsa feet thick.
There is no doubt that the ore
averages $1000 per ton, while the
mass's of iron run ten to twenty
feet thick and assay ��15 to j?20 in
gold. If tho streak continues Tin-
cup will prove another Leadville,
while the bile will prove a bigger
bonanza than tho famous Comstock
mine, in Nevada.
A dispatch to tlie Seattle Post-
Intelligencer from San Francisco
says: Manager Johnson, of the Pacific Mail Line said toduy that hereafter all steamers bound to and from
China and Japan would btop at
Victoria, B. C. It is thought by
agents of tbe American lino that a
good proportion of the British trade
can be secured by making Victoria
a way-station.
The Canadian Pacific is expected
to extend its in-eomiog and out-going lines so as to include San
Francisco. It follows that freights
will bo materially reduced aud thai
j in  consequence,  business between
her hand, arose and carefully placed i,-,, .        ,   . ,,,-,,.,
., iii-  .China and Japan and the United
Iho snake   ou the ground behind 0,���.o ,���,,��������� ���
v     ��� j States, will receive an impetus,
,,'        ,  ,,      ,  ....        ��� Under Ibe beatFng "The Rumor
"Yon shall not kill my Bonny. T     .,   -   ...   ,. ��   .
,'    true,' a Seattle dispatch savs: The
Annt John," she said, granping the
rumors circulated recently Unit the
��� ��� ' | Pacific Mail  Company intended lo
But Aunt John's wiry arms were compete with the Canadian Taeifie
stroig, and Xan was  no  match for' jn jts tmde with China, were found-
her.    She  wrenched it  away  and ed on fact,    Today the Pacific mail
raised it to strike tho blow i company announced that until fur-
"0, Bonny,"  Nun  cried, "don't ther notice nil steamorson the China
let her kill yon," and she held her Hoe will touch at Victoria, B, 0
outspread bantla over him.    Some both ways.    It is now expected that
thing terrible followed, the Canadian Pacific steamers  will
The snake arose nearly his full  s0, u commenoo to   touch   at San
lengt and thrust out his   head to- j Francisco.
"0, Bonny,   that wicked woman : wmJ tbe baml tLat hM  lbe  stick,
has killed I'e-Fe.    1 hate her, don'l
you i"
The  snake thrust    out  his red
touguo aud his eyes glittered fiercely.
but somehow he missed it and buried
Lis fangs in the little hand overspread to protect him.
Toor Xan '. Never a word she sii-1
it takes something besides a
"clipper" to successfully navigate
the waters of journalism.
She stroked and   patted Lis head . ,,    ,   ;q
"Nevermud, Bonny," she said;
'.'we'.l pay her for it,    She culls all
The be ike . is  bold and
purled up beside b< r. watehing every
mi ". n   The fatal | oison was quick
my pet bugs and crushes them with   M    ,.
her great feet.     l-'e-Fe   looked so
pretty ns she lay there drinking the
milk. I i-but my ryes, but I heard
the stick come down, oh, so Laid.
Bouny, she is a wicked, cruel woman, aud I just Late ..
Again ihe red tongue was thrnsl
out, au 1 the black eyes glittered
Just thcu Aunt John's voice was
beard from the back porch:
"Nancy, oonie here this miuit. I
shan i call you agin."
'just heat li i Donny,   She calls
I    ine Service will be field in tho
Ri -.    . ike i nureh every Sunday eve-
: ; at 7;30, conduoted alternately
it, Presbyterian, and Eng
peoeial an
nate tu                imself.   For ,,\ | ,;.,.!, Ministers.   S,
a moment a dull,  crackling  sound nouncenien,t will be made*eaob week
was I.e.                      ii the fangs in "' ' ha
avital            Chei   be wound him- Sunday School and Bible Class ev-
ielf around her outstretched arm.  ('r; afternoon at 2:80.   A'l
against   her pale ttle           ' invited to luteud,
.    ed.
Is now Propavod to Receive alPdoltl. Silver & Lead ore.
Miners who havo any ores to sell are requested to communicate at onco with the
niauager al Revelstoke, B. 0��� who is prepared to furnish overy facility
to miners of s,uiall or limited nieaus to ship their ore.
Assay Office
Of tho Kootenay (Ej. O.)Smelting!anil 'Entiling Syndicate, Limit,
ed, Iievelstoke, II. (j.
Silver, Gold or Lead    $ 1 BO
Silver and  Gold  2 00
Silver, and Lead  2S0
Silver, Gold and Lead  3 00
Silica, Tron, Lime. Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Barium
Magnesium, or Sulphur, each  3 00
Arsenic, Antimony or Tin  5 00
Sealed samples at double the above rates.   Samples by mail or express promptly
attended to.
Asaayer, CliGmiafc,
������������������������wiiiiiwiiwniiiipwiMi���iiiwi������imiihiiiiii ���umia ���������e���w<
General  Contractors    and    BuilJers.
Manufacturers and Dealers in   Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Gins*,
and all  kinds of Building Maturial.    Office Furniture and Fixtures a
a specialty.    Turning, Scroll Sawing and i'icturo Frames, eto
made to order
James McDonald & Co,
STOBWTOS �� &m&Jk'��3&m&W &&��()$&
All classes of Lumber on hanl for sale.    Contracting and building.
11. O,
'.iMu'l Fool I tic Parson.
One Billiard Table, complete and
iu goo 1 rs| dr    Address
lasl      of two gamblers, h .K|;y CONNACHER,
me Nancy," and Nan gn     he naki intofv barp enough   Kootenay B use, Golden B. C,
Ik pelting caress, and placed it caio   to excuse a narrative on ���        te.f
fully i n the gi innd, jeel      I i ed in 	
Aunt John loved the child. east rntowndi       ed   .   rtnei
"[;.'  she's bo lantalisdn'," she one I  hi   health was poor,
said, when  speaking to her Uncle   md tbe bee  lie     revi
John und tin nolgbbors.    "She's bud convinced him that ho bad been
never satisfied nnless she's playin' awickedman,    Phey divided their
with bugs and oaterpillera and all  money, and the one who was in poor  [[nme's Boildine
Borte of orawlin things,    [did hope health went west and took along a
ahe'd outgrow it as sho Rot older, gambling outfit,    The other joi ed
Revelstoke, I! 0
Harness - and��� Saddle ��� Emporium
but she seems to git worse and worse the ohureb and was sincere in his
every year.   And now that she's got reformation     After several months
le pluyin' with Bnakes, somethin's tbe gambler who went west, improv
got lo be done." ed in health and enriched in pool 11,
"Jt does  beat ail," said FJnole took a trip baok lo bis old stamping
Notice h bii  ��� ���     on thai nnder
be proi     .   .i   hi ;   nlill il ion and
John, "how them oritters take to ground to see how his en-partner \, . n of Voters Act   I   ball
her.   Slie'll hold'em in her lap i-.nil gotalong,   He arrived Sunday, and,  holdnl   irtof Hevisum at thi tjmirl
talk to'em as if they understood hor upon going to his friend's  bouse,  Hon��   I    vol1, on Monjlnj the lib
and sometimes J. almost believe they learned tbat he was ai ohuroh     Bo  (lnv "r '���"""    "' |,|:l   m'1" ;"""'
ii    deli, i,iin- objections iigainsl tin-
'oienlioii of any nnmos on tho  Vo
dU|" he wont to tha. houso of worship ami
"I have heard that he: mother was given a sent in tho rear of Iho
was one of ihem fiiiiike charmer-i inn middle aisle, .lest before the ser-
ciicus," farmer Green lomarkcd mon he was surprised to seo his old
ralhet cuuliously, for Undo and | partner coming doien Ihe aislo with a
(!. 0. TUNSTALL,
lot Collector of Votts,
farwell, Juno 2, I80o,
Robes and Blanknts, Oorry oomhs, Harness'   ��� ���.,,..,.���
oil, Horso brushes,  Whips, Spurs and   :   : ��vum.i.s,
Bits in great varioty. BRIDLES,
BD, 8, WILSON, Agent at RcTelilfike,


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