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Keremeos Trumpet Sep 25, 1908

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Keremeos Trumpet
Vou I.
No. 27
Teacher of Pianoforte and Accompanist
[certificated Royal College of Music, Loo-
donj a'lvea lessons in Keremeoa Station
Town Hal' every Friday and Saturday,
and is open to rag igement for accompaniments.    Terms on application.
Ill ni.iv, ll.C.
Nursing Sister E. A. Hancock,
vvs.k., C.M.B., Loo. I'ii.,.
Will receive a limited number of cases
requiring nursing on and afU r the USth of
Telephone 33, Penticton.
/  a Notary Public.
k/: Yiv'irsT.vn:,. \ minks.
\g/n__|or i O \
LjHhdon Jfeci-'incasliiiV Fire Ins.  lo.
i$.-an VdMral ,'^jil Guarantee Co,
-        h$KM*os, K.\i.
Wt ***
ZRA .i.iU.C,
Coni^rkclgr arid Builder,
Pioneers Dine.
I he   oldtimers1   annual   reunion
held al the Central Hotel last Thursday cannot be descrihed as anything
but a rousing success. Considerable disappointment was felt, when,
On arrival of the Stage coaches and
train, it was learned that, owing to
sickness and other unavoidable
causes, a great many of the old
tilicuma, who have always taken
an active interest in the association
from its inception, were prevented
Irom being present.
However, this was not allowed to
interfere seriously with the arrange*
ments. These old pioneers have
always been used to accepting
things as they lind them and making the best of every occasion. The
tew who were present held their
business   Westing   at    live   o'clock,
elected officers for the ensuing year,
admit led new members, made the
necessary arrangements   for   future
meetings and passed a resolution of
regret at the removal, under such
distressing circumstances, of Charlie
I hornet, an old and esteemed member of the association.
The officers elected for the ensuing year are : F. Richter, Keremeos, President; A. Megraw, lledlev. Secretary and J. R. Jackson,
Midway, Treasurer.
The following oldtimers from the
Similkameen applied and were made
John   Bromley,   Geo.
Cawston, F. Richter, P. Surprise,
M. Barcelo, \V. Manery, Wm.
Richter, C.   I.owe,    Alex    Molhwell,
R. I>. Boeing, II.   Swan, J.   Darcy
and I). G.  Hackney.
It  was unanimously decided  to
hold the neil meeting at Fairview,
and future meetings alternately al
places throughout the district which
the organisation covers.
The banquet given la the evening
r___ si u.i. ***-   ******   furnish   material   for
I., -i.es Keremeoa d lily, except Sunday,   happy reflection On lhe part of those
\C/ fy STOEGS,
ii. c/i..\\i) surveyor.
Residence al Old Towmite, or inquire
il ili.s office.
OOi<mxo<v>n Aiiu GU>LO£R.
lis ,.il I', s   I  ill llislleil.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Notary Public.
Omcs   -   -   -   -    Ki ki mi os, B.C.
LaOsta NO. 17 70
Meets I uesil tv on 01 before
the full   moon   in  eaeh  month
~»tamSaw*   in    Kereineos  School  lions.'.
Visiting tet mbers cordially invited,
1).    I,    |XXIS,   W.  M.
I).   Mn'i KDV.R. S.
Sin_c LI.C3.
ii no.ni, arrlvi • al Hedley .' p.i
Leavea Hedley  daily,  except   Sunday.
ii B a.m, arrives al Keremeoa 11 a.m.
whose   pleasure   it   was   to  attend,
ihe spacious dining room was art-
O,,'. iht m.;1. connecting si , ■.■ between   i»tically decorated for the  occasion.
IVntieton, Keremeos Hi'd'.ey« rrincoton. .        ,
and   while   its   very   atmosphere
■cciiicd to   brealhe   hospitality   and
welcome, ihis was supplemented by
a   motto,   iii   Ihe   form   of an arch,
across the cud wall, beautifully excelled in letters of asparagus  font,
ol  "Welcome I'ioneeis, 1096-190ft.n
The table was a picture   for   contemplation,   and   a   tribute  alike lo
Ihe artistic skill ot Ihe ladies and  lo
ihe distiict, the orchards and gardens of which can produce lhe
wealth of delicious fruits and exquisite   Howeis   thereon   displayed,
PAKE MOTICBUw.1 Chai  V Staaaa, Sun.n.r. It was a revelation,    lo   those  from
1     atKartenooo, U.C., mi, n K i • appl)   I a  p r- .
,,,,; „i i., p ir. ■:..!., ' .tK-im.i. .,s ,,i l.ni,I, briny iii.ii Ihe outside,ol lhe   Wonderful   possi-
iareotpsrcjloflaad hnoara .<> I >i  I DM m Um .......                                      '
.: i ■ , , .i i>;,isi,.n .■! \.,i■ nistriii. hiiities ot this  favored  valley,  and
Cm mn. A. Stosss.      , i, i ,
I7i , \    .   ,   19 M      u*e OOiy regrel expressed   was   lh.it
J. P. Ro\ i ii, Proprietor.
K I  l; I   Ml Os    I ll III i   ,    M Ml    Sl   U.I .
I.,■ i\. s  I,, i. ineas ,1 i.]\ , except  Sutlil IV,
a I I p.m. i arrives in Hcalej al 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedle) daily, exeept Sunday, al
7 .i.in , arfivt s in Kei emeos at II a.m.
I). J, Ixxis, Proprietor,
Ki ui vi os  l'i x neiox M UL Si Mil ,
l.e IVCB K   u in   es for I'entieton on Mon-
,1ns. Wednesdays and PKdsys, al noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesday m, Tliurs-
J i, s   mil S On ,1 us al d a. ill., arriving in
Kerom.'Os  it noon.
W. I'l. \\ 11 iu, Proprietor,
3imlI'<ai>ioon Land District.
DIS! KU   I    Ol     V M I .
there were not more of those pre-
I sent to share in the enjoyment of
the occasion. A mark of thought-
fulness thai was greatly appreciated
was the placing on each  plate   of  a
button-hole boquet of beautiful geraniums.
Plates were set for about 40 but
about half that number including
guests were present. Ihe members
present were : J. C. Pale, Carmi;
J. II. Eaat, C. M. CudwOlth, Midway; I). Carmichael, Fairview; A.
Megraw, John Bromley, Hedley; F.
Richter, M. Harcelo, F. Surprise,
\V. Manery, VV. Richter, C. I.owe,
Alex Bothwell, Ceo. Cawston, Keremeos. Guests! C. li. Merrill,
R. McLean, Calgary; M. Campbell,
Grand Forks; C. A. McDonald, II.
\V. Conkling, tieo. London, Ceo.
Kirby, J. A.  Hrown, Keremeos.
The menu was excellent and reflected still further credit upon those
in charge of the  arrangements.    It
can be fully appreciated only by
those who partook of the appetizing
dishes, hut some idea of lhe many
good things provided may be gained
from the menu card.
\'i xis,ix I'ii Pwb Arn i Pan mas
Hn i   \xn Know x Ga vvv
Pons \xn Ami su ck
SnuxoCmickbm Qoosawm ntiv
I. Will  Willi  I,KM X   I'l   \S
Masiikh I'oimiii s Coaa
si n i ii Tom moi s um Cucimbssi
i i mom,     I'i u n      vxn    Am i    Pis
R msix   l'i miixi.
I'llOCOl.VII   (VKI l.VIIV   |'ix,.i I i'vki
I'l  M Ul s I'l  ills liKU'l s Vl'l'l I s
Tkv I'm i si: 1 ri i i i
The toast list included " lhe
Kini,'," "lhe Dominion of Can; da,"
"The Pioneers," the "Hortkultur-
al" and "Minini,'-" and "Mercantile"
Interests,   " The   Ladies,"   " The
Press," "Our diesis" and "Our
Uy recjiiest  ofthe chaii the old-
timers'responses were moat Ij  of a
reminiscent nature. I'. Richter,
lhe ncwlv elected president and also
the oldest pioneer   present,    set  the
ball rolling l > narrating how, in ihe
early days, the India,is had proved
troublesome and al one lime threat-
ened to drive him oil  the  property
which he had selceled lor his ranch,
and how he scared them oil by plac-
Ing a jack-o-lantern  in   Iheir   grave
mu! on a datk night, frightening
them so effectively that they afterwards returned ami removed even
iheir   dead.      Responding   to   the
to.ist oi ■'Horticulture"  he  told ol
his experiences 35 years ago in
bringing in apple trees over the
Hope Mountains on pack horses,
and of the many foes that beset that
young orchard, of its ultimate success and of the great boon which
the fruit proved.
J. H. East and Major Megraw
reviewed in pleasing style lhe development ofthe mining industry in
Southern B. C, and emphasized
lhe important part taken by the
early pioneers—the prospectors -in
the bluing of trails and the opening
up of lhe country. The name of
every one at lhe festive board was
connected with one or more toasts
and each contributed according lo
his ability, inthe evening1* entertainment songs by Messrs. Kirby
and Campbell heing particularly appreciated.
A well deserved vote of thanks
was tendered Mrs. Richter and Miss
Phelps, who undertook the arrangements for the banquet, and to whose
skill and energy in so ably carrying
out all the details, so much of the
evening's enjoyment  depended.
D. P. Jelly left on Monday with
an exhibit of fruit for lhe Nelson
John   Love of Hedley  has pur-
cha-ed lhe   Thrasher   Drug   Emporium at  Phoenix.
Dr. Jackson of Penticton, who
has been spending lhe last lew
weeks in the upper valley, passed
through here on Wednesday on his
way home.
llie Ladies' Guild are giving a
social evening in the lown Hall
this (Friday) evening Dinner served from six to eight, followed by a
musical program and dancing. \d-
nu-sioii 50 cents, children 25  cents.
Ken. Mcl.eod and Bob McCurdy
lett i>n Mondaj foi the hills, intending lo do development work on lhe
Cordon Claims, owned by McAuley
and Mcl.eod. iln reaching their
camp al the "CrecnsiVe" where Ihe
out lit was supposed lo l-e s.ifolv
Stored,    they found Ili.it some    mis-
creanl bad broken  into the place
and alter taking 260 lbs of Steel ami
about every thing else ol value  that
could be taken, had ripped and slashed lhe bellows with a knife in such
a way as   lo   render   lhem   useless.
I hev returned to town to relit ami
Ku again on Wednesday,
County Court of Yale.
VMM l\i. .-I tlu- Count) i..>.i.-t .'I Yak nil] ba
' *    held .ii Paii * « « ,H t I     - :...    Ovia
I.tth. \-*n*., ,,i th« n i,u ,.ii i o'cmim i-i i'i.  fdraaoon,
M\   OMMMin.I,
i H  MOWN,
v •. t. From Keremeos to Princeton
(W.J. Wttom.)
each side the mountains are seamed
with gold and copper ore, just waiting for the steam horse to come and
Last     week   Mr.   \V.    J.   Stover  brin„.   fa   IK.cossarv   machinery  to
made a trip lo Princeton, and from
his lofty perch on top of a load of
fruit, took copious notes ot the
country passed through, We regret thai the space al our disposal
will not permit us to publish in full
the account he has handed in of his
trip, but condensed, it is as follows :
The government has provided the
valley with a good road, considering
the rocky and mountainous nature
ol the land, but in places railing
should be put in lo guard againsl
accidents when driving. The Keremeos Company's ditch is certainly a
work of engineering skill.    The big
begin development.
Princeton, 25 miles further up
the valley than Hedley, has a nice
level townsite at the foot of the pine
clad mountains and commands a
charming view, the hills stretching
away and rising one above the other
till the snow capped summits ol the
cascades are reached. Here the
altitude is much higher than at Keremeos and only the hardier varieties
of fruits can be grown with success.
The hills and range land, however,
are covered with an abundance ot
rich bunch grass and it is here that
the   farmers   of  the    lower    valley
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
Tweddle & Reith,
Special attention to
Commercial Mm,
ami l-and-srokors.
Head quarter! for all
Stan Routes.
!.ivory Stable
in oomuvtion.
Ciootl taMo.
I_ar>_ro. airy and
comfortable rooms.
Pree "bus to ami Irom
all trains,
wooden piping, by means of which (^ thtf;r c.,ule Ul p.|slurc dllrinj,
tbe water is carried across the river j fa Slimmer mont|ls.
Md syphoned across lhe broken a<m u, fa tow|, may K, „_,
country, is now being put in. -M- ttio old worked out placer mines,
together the work is about nine- j whi|e sarnp|os of ore from 1H.;ir.hv
tenths done and there is now M eWma aemay VtWy high in gold and
doubt but that it will be completed 0„K,r nK,ta',s h;,t u, m). _;nd it is
in time'for use next season.     Those  |„ fa ;mmonsc beds of ^   which
who intend securing some of the
land which this ditch will water,
and have been holding off, should
do so no longer. Better get on the
band wagon at once, before it is
too late.
crops out all around in thick scams,
that   the   future   of  Princeton  lies.
Once the railroad reaches this town,
which   should   be   within a year, it
will develop into a greal coal town,
supplving the whole of Southern   It.
Next, in interest, is the   Ashnola, | c   and as far „ Spokane   with   the
the   stream   Irom   which   the   ditch   best of coal,   not   only   for   heating
takes   its   water,   and   which could   purposes, but for steam as well.
supply   enough to   irrigate   all   the1     In conclusion, Mr.   Stover   says:
drv land in the vallev.     A   beautiful
'I have now seen the   Similkameen
vallev   from   Oroville to   Princeton.
.fountain stream, fed by lhe eternal   „ j>a ^ „._<_, ^j^   K.Uv^,,
snow banks at its source; its waters   rugged mountains, containing   gold
full of "speckled bea    ies"   waiting  and   silver   ore.      The lower valley
for the Ily of the sportsin  n.      Here
contains thousands of acres of   Mt-
•   ,i, i    .   _ „   ,•           i       ■ .    , ura   hav land and   are'e tracts of dry
is the angler s paradise and ai   ideal ,  -    ,    .        ,    ,      .        ,            ,,
,        , sage-brush   bench   land,   where  all
p ace lor a summer outing.     Ai   its kinds rf ^^ x^ctahles al)d lruit>
mouth are Indian reserves, where grow to the greatest perfection,
the noble red man lives a civilized The hills covered with pine trees
life, tills the soil, rides in a   buggy,   providing   plenty   of  lumber, and a
tr. .      i;l.. .. .. u:. i climate   that   is   not   excelled   any-
dresses like a white man and  exists      , ., , ,
I where.     No   long   COW  winters, no
Without government assistance. | b|izzards, fa _,„mnK.r ,K.al   tl.mpi.r.
At this point ol the valley   on the   ed   by   the   cool   breezes   from   the
north side of the   river   is   an   ideal   snow-clad mountains, so that I have
location   for a sanitarium; a stream   *Of_»d in the hay field   during   the
of clear cold water, a charming view . _"_»*   ___*   b_["_   ****   ******
e  ,       .       ,   , . ,    , without feeling the heal as much as
ol the pine clad  mountains,   includ-l,   UM,j   u,   ,„   MoMlana.      And the
ing "Crater" mountain, and a dim-   fruit never   fails.      These   peaches,
ale   that   would   in itself cure most   so   big   (10  inches and over in cir-
ailments without the   aid   of  drugs   ^'inference, :»»d   so   delicious   they
and medicine.     Ashnola station will  J!{*   n!e"   * _** _***_*•     ^hy.
.... . , Olympian Jupiter, should he chance
be  built at a po.nl oppost.e   on   the   u,   J^   Jg   „..„.  and taMl. OIK. ol
other   side   ot the river.     Here  isa them,   would   desert   his   mountain
chance for someone with   money to palace at ancient Alliens and   come
make   compound   interest   on   their Ul Keremeos,   in   the   California   of
money. Canada, lolive."
Ml along the road graders are al
work and the road-bed will SOOfl be
finished lo lledlev. This is a charming little mining town with a population ol about .}<*>, six hotels, sonic-
good stores and neat lesideuces ami
well kept lawns a sure sign thai
there arc some nice ladies around.
N\i   fever   nor  ague   there,  and no,
doctor's   signs   ornamenting   the
buildings; it must be a very healthy
place tO live.     A   40-Stamp   mill   is
pounding away all lhe lime and I
understand this is one of the best
paving mines in the province.
From lledlev up, the vallev is
more heavily timbered, bul with
here and there a small   ranch.      On
Okanagan College,
Summerland, B.C.
The Fall Term will begin on
Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1903.
Cot'egC Matriculation, Junior
and Senior.
Commercial Course.
Stenography and Typewriting.
Vocal and Instrumental Music.
Per Farther particulars address ths
l.v ERR I i   \V.  SAWYBR.
The Big Store.
wish to announce to their many
customers that they are here to
stay and will protect them with
the best prices going.
" Royal Household " Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.      Feed Wheat
Look over our stock aiul gel prices.
Keremeos Commercial Co
_H Suspects Ai rested at Nicola.
Constable Cillis of Greenwood, |
who, in company with Constable I
Ashton of Midway, went up the
valley last week following the trail
of a couple of men whom they suspected of being the Midway "bad
una," returned yesterday morning
on his way home. They located
their men at Nicola where they
were engaged working in the mines
of the Nicola Coal and Coke Co.
The arrest was made on Tuesday
morning jusl as the men were preparing   to begin   their day's work.
No weapons or incriminating evi-
dsnce of any kind was found on
them, but Constable Cillis is confident that they arc the two who
were in Midway at the time of
Thomet's murder and upon whom
suspicion rests. It is thought by
some that they may prove to be the
two men who were arrested here
some weeks ago and released after
being held a short time.
The men, who give the names of
John Rice and Harry Creen, are being taken to (ireenwood by Constable Ashton to stand their trial.
A severe frost last night, the first
of the season, caused a transformation in one or two of the fine gardens here, more especially the flower
gardens. Magnificent beds of zinnias of every hue from white to
crimson, orange, buff, sulphur etc.
were reduced to one common drab
after Jack Frost breathed on them,
but asters and stocks were not injured. Melon and potato vines
were also utterly blighted.
The usual mining excitement
which breaks out annually as the
cool weather approaches seems to
be on time this year and many rumors are in circulation as to the
bonding of this, that and the other
properties within a hundred miles of
camp. It it quite true that several
options have been given on certain
claims, but some owners have destroyed all chance of bonding by the
absurd conditions they have imposed.
It is stated here that the Dolphin
mill will soon be starting up, another deal having been put through.
Charlie, Jordan, one of the owners,
was called lo Spokane by telegram
last week, and this lends support to
the statement thai the property is
to be worked again.
A new gattielitc find was made in
the Bullion last week. The discovery
is bight up than any of tl.i present
workings a, I '.eems to be right
under a bi^ granular lime dyke.
The garnetite carries considerable-
white iron and copper and will probably assay well.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
SALE OF LANDS for unpaid delinquent taxes in the Kettle Kiver Assessment Districl, Province of British Columbia.
I hereby give notice lhat on Friday, the 9th day of October, A.D. 1908, at the hour of twelve o'clock noon, I shall sell by
public auction at fairvievv, Ihe lands hereinafter set out for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the .list day of
December 1907, and fer interest, costs and expenses, including the cost at advertising lhe said sale, if Ihe total amount
due is not  sooner paid.
I>ki.inoi'Kst Taxes
Namb or PBSSflS
Asm ssi i>. Short Description or Proi'krtv. Taxr»
John Matties Subdiv. No. 29 of l.ol 110, Tup. 52 $ 16 20
W. L. D'Kath N. % of N.E. % of See. 34, N.  'A N.W. % Sec. 35 Tp. 53  16 00
Win. Johnstone S.E. % Sec. 28, N.W. % Sec. 22, Tp. 53  60 00
Shultlevvorlli Kslale . . l.ot 466 Tp. 86    :     9 00
DafsM Gillespie N.E. % Sec. 14, N.W.  '< See. 13, Tp. 88  25 20
A. A. Grant  Lot 3186 Tp. 89  13 20
K. H. Carey Lot 2454 Tp. 67     6 00
T. J. Smith Subdiv. No. 28 of Lot 4 Q 7 and Subdiv. No. 28a of Lol 1 G 7 .. 10 26
A. J. Alcock Subdiv. No. 44 of Lot 1 G 7 and Subdiv. Nc. 44a of Lot 5 G 7 ..
Lots 4 and 5 Meek R of Lol 4 G 7  10 26
J. E. Batell Subdiv. No. (A of Lol 5 G 7 and Subdiv. No. 64a of Lot 115	
Subdiv. No. 77 of Lot 250  11 34
Unknown owner Subdiv. No. 53 of Lot 250  4 05
Unknown owner Subdiv. No. 85 of Lot 250  2 40
A. Wilson Subdiv. No. 68 of Lol 115 and Subdiv. No. 118 of Lol 116	
Subdiv. No. 120 of Lot 116  21 60
W. A. McLean Subdiv. No. 86 of Lot 115  5 40
S. J.  Kinney Subdiv. No. 98, 99 and 112 of Lot 116  9 00
Win. Gravson Subdiv. No. 109 of Lot 116  5 40
R. D. Docksteader  .. Lot 1105 G I  7 20
C. M. Grouse Lol 2312 G 1  9 00
Gilbert McConnell.... l.ot 7 Hlock 2, Map 479, Penticton  3 00
W. E. Welby Lots 16, 17, Block 2, and Lot 1 Block 13, Penticton Map 479.... 37 50
Unknown owner Lots 3, 4, Block 10, Penticton Map 479  3 00
Unknown owner Lot 27, Block 25, Penticton Map 479  60
P. H. Jones Lots 6, 7, 8 and 9, Block 26, Penticton Map 479  2 40
Dr. Steward Lots 1 and 2, Block 27, Penticton Map 479  9 00
John Philip Lots 11, 12, 13 and 14, Block I, Penticton Map 269  27 00
G. K. Thompson Lot I Block A,  Penticton Map 269  6 00
John Hamill Lots 26 and 27, Block 4, Beaverdell  II 40
J. F. Anderson Lot 2986  3 60
$  I   08
7 50
9 22
7 15
7 18
3 42
23 75
1 18
8 85
17 10
2 95
to Data
of Sale
$ 0 80
2 70
1 45
1 05
1 00
1 00
$ 2
2  00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
$20 OS
18 75
64 70
II 45
36 15
15 80
8 30
22  53
20 41
21 37
6 25
4 50
24 60
7 65
11 40
11 22
9 75
11 60
5 15
66 00
5 15
2 95
5 90
20 80
48 10
II 60
13 90
5 75
Fairview, B.C.. Sept. 5, 1908.
H. A. TURNER, Deputy Assessor and Collector,
Kettle River Assessment District.
Similkameen Saddlery Co. J.Bruno,
S per cent, off for eaeh.
Keremeos, Hedley & Princeton.
A Big Deal.
Greenwood, Sept. 17. -- This
morning a bi^r mining' deal was
completed in Greenwood for a k'roup
of claims in Wellington camp, the
amounts in the bonds acjirrei^atinf;
in the neighborhood of one hundred
thousand dollars.
The properties bonded are the
Molly I'richard and Atheist.m fraction, owned by Forbes M. Kerby,
P. L S., and Jno Buckley; the Jack
Pot, owned by James M. Doyle, Al.
Sanderson and I.ajry Moriarity,
and the Buttercup, owned by John
J. Farrell. The purchasers are the
Hri tish Columbia Copper company.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
I       A lull Line of
Soft Drinks,
Tobacco anil Cigars.
Brand, Cakes, Pastry.
Pool Room in Connection.
ICO Cream Saturday Evenings.
TttOMMS i Harcelo's old stand.
co ro THE
Hav and Grain Store in connection.
Seed Wheal aiul Hatley for sal
Boosters Barber Shop
and Bath Room
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.      a. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r. The Keremeos Trumpet
PttfaUdrMd « \ rry Krida\ ;it the orriri1.
Subscription $J.OO a \<ar. $1.00 tor six months,
in advance.
Advertising Rates, Legal notices, IV pvr line
tirsit insertion, HV" per line each subsequent insertion.
Land notices Certificates of improvement.etc.. $8.00
for rO-day notices, $5.(10 for .10-day notices. Contract
display advertising. He. par inch per week. Tran-
■ient advertisements, such as Lost, Found, Wanted,
etc., not exceitlmt* one inch, $1.00 Hrst insertion, or
three insertions for $2.00. Local reading notices,
lac per line.
1 theft! it was ■ very favorable one.
In this case there appears no earthly iv-ison why we  should   not   have
| the daily service, and now. before
election, when candidates are in a
concilatory mood, is the time to £et
after it.
J. A. HROWN, Publisher.
SEPTEMBER 25, 1908.
Notes and Comments.
Summer is slowly waning into
fall and still there is no word of
work being commenced on the new
school building. We were told
some time ago that the member for
Similkameen had given assurance
that the building wou!d he completed and ready for use by the first of
the year. If so there is no time to
The Socialist party of Yale-Cariboo has nominated Chas. Bunting,
of this city, district president of the
Western Federation of Miners, and
formerly president of the local
union, to contest the riding in the
forthcoming general elections. The
nomination was secured by a referendum vote ol all the Socialist organizations in the district, Mr. Hunting being notified on Tuesday ofthe
result of the poll.—Grand Forks
The local newspaper is the recognised agency for the voicing of all
complaints, ills, grievances and remonstrances, of whatever nature,
among the residents of the community which it seeks to serve. It must
do this without fear or favor, re-
yardless of whose ox is gored, or
whose corns it may tread upon in
its efforts to secure the greatest
good to the greatest number. It
seldom receives any assistance or
encouragement and always has to
stand the full brunt of the hack
kicks that are sure to come. The ;
only compensation is the satisfaction i
that follows when S vigorous and
continued agitation is successful in
accomplishing the reform aimed at.
ll it isnl one ihing ils an other. If it
isn't lhat its something else. This
week il is an angry protest from a
gentleman at the Centre, who claims
that the miserable mail service they
receive there has just been the
means iif causing him   considerable
loss in I business deal. It was occasioned bv a letter which came   on
Saturday's Stan* from Penticton to
the lower post office and lay there
till Moik1.iv before it co.ild be forwarded, In the ordinary way, to   ils
destination, little more than a mile
Some time ago the authorities requested Mi- Kirby tO ask for oilers
for the carrying of mail daily between the two offices, but as nothing further had been done we ii.it-
urally concluded that HO oilers had
been"forthcoming. Our complaint-
ant however, informs us that one,
if not more offers,   was   made  and
Now is the time to buy  your
winter clothing.
Our sale still continues.    We
are making a clean sweep
of everything   and   you
cannot afford to miss so
many good bargains.
We have 75 men's suits ranging in   price from $7 to
$20.    100 pairs of men's
pants from $1.25 to $4.
We have just received our
Fall and Winter samples
and are prepared to take
orders for tailor made
suits. A perfect fit guar-
teed or money refunded.
Let us save you money
on clothing as well as
everything else. The fact
that we are selling more
shoes every day proves
that the price and quality
are unexcelled. We have
secured the only agency
for the famous WALKOVER shoes. Our stock
will arrive in the spring.
It will be to your advantage to let us show you
our goods and quote you
prices, even if you do not
care to buy.
Be sure to see our  IMPORT
This sale  will  only   continue
for a short time so do not
put off coming until  it is
too late.
F. Richter & Co.
ITeremeos Hardware
Buy your Machine Oils at the Keremeos Hardware
and save money.
Buy a " New Century" Washing Machine   and
save mother.
"Paroid" Roofing,
the most easily and quickly laid, most durable, and altogether the most desirable roofing material to be had.
The price is low for the value.
A full line of "fboeilx" Paints and Oils—none better.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -      -      PROPRIETOR.
B. C.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land leckeri Uid Tourists invited to give Ul a trial.
C. L.
ll    II II'. UkJ;
Carriaoi Builowo,  REPAIRING AND Paihtino
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Builders and Contractors
l.inu*.   -.Vmi'nl,  iVmrnt   Blocks and   Hi u U  for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
KatimttM gtaea for .ill ami every kiml of Cwmmm Work
aiul BuMbag (frnerally.
Wrili' us lor priri's. Distancr M olijci'l.
Q. MILBURN. Keremeos Property
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Prices of
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
he	 Local and General.
Shorts only $2 per hundred. F.
Richter & Co.
Grand Forks Intend* sending six
carloads of apples lo Australia this
Owing to illness Miss I.owndes is
unable to take her music class in
Keremeos this week.
Next Sunday's church service
will be a special one foi the children
ofthe Sunday School.
Mrs. E. M. Crooker is ■pending
a few days in lhe country, the gtAWWt
ot Mrs. Win. Manery.
Return tickets to Spokane fair
will be issued on Oct. (> at single
fare, good >'" l,K' -Oth.
Jack PltMt appears to have visited many places during the week but
has overlooked Keremeos.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bromley, of
the upper valley, spent a lew days
with friends here last week, returning home on Saturday.
liuns and ammunition ol all kinds
at the right prices. P. Richter
& Company.
The people of the Similkameen
may always rest assured that, whatever the weather here may be, they
are getting a little the best of it.
Dr. K. C. McDonald, of Vernon,
has received the appointment of returning officer for the Yale-Cariboo
constituency for the approaching elections
Mrs. Madden, wile of Frank
Madden, foreman for Madden Mros.,
contractors, arrived on Tuesday and
passed up the valley to join her husband.
Hen Nickle, who has been spending the last few month* at   Mission,
trrived here on Friday and ia attending his brother-in-law, Mr.
I". C. Gamble, Public Works
Engineer< of Victoria, era* in town
on Friday inspecting ihe work on
the new bridge.     He came in   from
Penticton in his automobile.
Frank Rover returned home yesterday morning alter a two weeks'
trip up the Okanagan lake. Heat-
tended the fairs at Kelowna and
VernOfl both of which he reports as
very successlul.
Hood cedar shingles, $3.50per M
while they last.     F. Richter   & Co.
Al. Riste, wile and child, of Chopaca, Wash., were in Kereineos on
Tuesday. Mr. Kiste is lhe owner
ol the Golden Zone mine, which in
former years was a large gold shipper, bul has since closed down.
The postponement of Thanksgiving Hay from Oct. 19th, the day on
which Sir Wilfrid finally decided lo
hold Ihe   nomination   oi  candidates
in ihe approaching * lection*, until
after the contest is over, will
enable lhe people of Canada the belter lo deckle "hat   they   have lo be
thankful for.
This week J. R. Armstrong of
the lower valley made his annual
round-up ot sheep and drove them
over to  IVnticlon   lor   shipment   to
Kelowna and  Vernon.    Ii  is  said
that there were between seven ami
eitflit hundred in the bunch, most ol
them spring lambs, which command
a ready sale and good price.
Lock boxes, manufactured by the
office Specially Co., oi Toronto, for
use in lhe po-l office here, arrived
on Tuesday and have been placed
in position at lhe front ol  lhe   office
so thai box holders can gel their
mail at any old tiitie. The boxes
all have combination locks thus dispensing with tlie use ol keys.
Five Roses flour the best ever. -
F. Richter & Co.
Mr. Harper, U. S. Customs Collector for Poit Townaend district,
accompanied by Capt. Ruger, collector at Oroville, and J. S. Myers,
collector at Chopaca, Wash., were
in Keremeos between trains on
Wednesday. Mr. Harper was on
his regular tour   of  inspection   and
I the party took a day off to visit
Keremeos.     While here they paid a
1 visit to the orchard of F. Richter,
and Mr. Harper, who is well
acquainted with the best fruit valleys throughout Washington and
Oregon, volunteered the statement
that he had never seen fruit which
in quality and flavor would surpass
what he saw here.
Bread Always On Hand
(Opposite  Keremeos  I.;uhI lev's Office.)
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Seeds, Trees, Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Reliable varieties nl reasonable prices. No borers, no scale, no fumigation lo ilain.itro slock.     No windy agent
to annoy you.
Kxlra choice lol   of fruit   lues   now
coming on for ihe full trade, consisting
of 50,000 Peach, Pear, Plum ami Cherry)   70,000 Apple in leading varieties)
100,000 small fruit plants. Strictly
homo grown without irrigation aiul our
own propagation from   bearing   stock.
Tons of Bulbs for fall planting. Choice
grass anil grain sooUs always in stock.
Fertilizers,     Bee     supplies,     Spray
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cat   l'low-
.is. etc.   Oldest established nurseries
on the mainland   of  B. C     Catalogue
Greenhousei   .Wio Westminster Road.
Branch nurseries:    S.   Vancouver.
Lumber and    Eastern Townships Bank.
Builders' Supplies.
Is    -
Head Omcs,
Capital and Reserve,
Smatnooa, Quimc.
%~WM ^^**X____________tL
*_H __________* l **\\V---_***_m
kstimates of cost cheerfully furnished to intending huilders.
Contracts for all kinds of build-
in^-, in town and country promptly
Contractor ami BaiUer.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of SI.00 and upwards received,  subject  to no delay in  withdrawal  of all oi   any portion.
Keremeoa Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting; Manager.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
And Watchmaker.
Complete stock including
Optical   Goods.
nMnnlO      Penticton.
Keyitttnir ol MftrrUupe LicMMMi
Special contract rates tO camps.
Orden for Cured Moats,  Fish and Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Druggists and Stationers


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