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The Keremeos Chronicle Jul 16, 1909

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 The Keremeos Chronicle
Vou II.
No. 17
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Ocean Aeeiili-nt and Guarantee Co.
Kkkkmkos, B. C
Contractor and Builder,
Residence at  Old Towtisile, or  iin|iiiie
at this office.
Estimates Piimlrfnd-
Work man ship Guaranteed.
Orangemen and Others Observe
the Boyne Anniversary.
Stage Lines.
Kl.lKR St.vuk.
Leaves Keremeos daily, exeept Sunday,
at noon, arrives at lleillev 3 pan.
Leaves Medley daily, exeepl Sunday,
at Sa.m., arrives at Kereineos II a.m.
Onlv ihrott^li connecting mmgt Iwtween
Penticton, Keremeos, lledlev iv Princeton,
D. Ciii.i.ksi-ik, Proprietor.
Kkkkmkos Hkdi.kv MAIL Stauk.
Leaves Kereineos daily, exeept Sunday,
at I p.m.; connecting with all ttmgen eemt
atuf west, arrives in Medley at 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedley ilaily, except Sunday, al
Ha.m., arrives in Keremees at II a.in.
D. J. Innis, I'roprielor.
Kkkkmkos Pknticton Mail Stake.
Leaves Kereineos for Penticton 00 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves PentictOO DO Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays at d a. in., MI'lviag in
Kert-meos at noon.
W. K. W'Kl.HV, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Board of Trade    QMM.  Kit In, Ptesi-
dent; R. II. Carmichael, Secretary.
Similkameen Fanners Exchange—J. J. '
Armstrong, President; W, M. l-'rilh, Secy.
Public Sehool Hoard George Kiihy.
Kzra Mills, R. Kltnhiisl, Secretary.
Customs' Office W, M. l-'rilh, Sub-Col-
Prcslvytoriati Church Rev. A. II. i'.unci on. Pastor.
Constable and Pi-put v Game  Warden
\i. B, Kwart.
Coroner     Or. M. II. McKwcn.
Justices of the Peace T. W. Coleman,
1-Yank Richter.
Posim.isiet and Telephone Agenl Ceo.
Member et Partleinenl   Martin  BurreU,
Grand l-'orks, P. O.
Member Provincial Assembly L W,
Shatford, Pentielon P. O.
T«W« Hall    J. J. Armstrong, Mgr.
Keremeos Hall    Geo. Loudon, Mgr,
Greal Northern Ry Daily train, arrives
10:30 a. m., leaves at 2 p.m.',    J. S. Chinn,
Mails   Daily troni the west via  Hedley
Stage; fiotn east via G. N. Ry. i Tri-weekly via Penticton Btege from the north.
(For Mercantile aad oilier Uusincss in-
stiliilions see advertietnenls in this paper.)
Teacher of Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal College oi Music, Leaden) open to engagement tot accompaniment*     Terms on application.
Hkdlkv, B.C.
"The glorious memory
of Kini,' William that
crossed the water" was
duly honored on the 12th
hy the loyal Orangemen
of the .Similkameen, and bv many
of their friends who, while not
wearers of the taming sash, adhere-
as strongly to the principles for
which the order stands. The rallying point for this section of the
province was Vernon, where the
memhers assembled in thousands
and celebrated in the ancient and
approved style. lu addition to this
the local lodges, especially those
at too great a distance from the
point ol assembly to be able conveniently tO attend in a body, observed the occasion as a holiday by
picnics and other forms of recreation.
Similkameen Lodge, No. 1770,
whose headquarters is at Keremeos, could not have chosen a better
holiday program than they did--a
picnic within formal sports and amusements nor a more delightful
spot for a picnic party, the p;.rk-like
ground, at the mouth of the Ashnola. Neither could they have
chosen, il that had been a matter of
choice, a more perfect summer day
for tm outing a day cool and
bright, with ;i gentle breeze and
with air and verdure cleansed and
brightened by recent refreahing
Early in the day the lodge assembled at their ball) and soon afterwards the members and their friends
set out in groupa large and small
for   the   Ashnola,    all    the    horses,
saddles and   carriage,   that   were
readily available being pressed into
service, while even a railway handcar was requisitioned by a few who
were not otherwise provided for.
Arrived at the grounds, the order of
the day vvas the rule of Liberty
Hall, and various forms of recreation were taken up according to the
varied tastes of the picnickers.
Here were foot race, and Jumping
and other forms of athletics, yonder
the crack ot pistols at target practice,     and     elsewhere     couples    or
groupa .Wringing in seringa or strolling through the woods or by the
waterside. fo east and west could
be seen the work of makiog ■ railway    (.mile-making, rail-laving and
the driving of pile, for bridge,   in
itself a spectacle well worth a journey tO see it there had been nothing
else. Here, loo, might be seen
close tO Ihe camping spot the headlines of ihe Kereineos Irrigation
works, where the side of the Ashnola is pierced and a portion   of  its
waters st-trt on their long journey
by pipe and canal to the bench of
the Keremeos, there to serve as the
life-blood ofthe blooming- orchards.
For the athletic contests, improvised as they were, no special
records were kept, except the record
of uncommonly stiff joints observed
in some of the more enthusiastic
participants when they came to
move about next day. One of the
impromptu numbers on the program
wiis a foot-race between the two
oldest members of the lodge —Dan
McCurdy and Rev. A. H. Cameron,
which was won by the former. Mr.
McCurdy, besides heing the Nestor
of the local lodge, is about the most
ardent Orangeman to be found anywhere, and it will not he his fault if
ever there is a falling hack in
Orangeism. In the matter of
athletics the ladies were by no
mean, behindhand; several well
contested events were held by them
on their own hook.
Edible, of the choicest and in the
greatest variety, provided by the
ladies as they know so well how to
provide, were served iu the traditional picnic style, on legless tables,
with Rev. Mr. Cameron officiating
;is chaplain and Mr. Chase presiding at the festive board. The merry
mosquito, who sometimes disports
himself with great freedom at the
Ashnola, was obliging- enough to
stay in retirement on this occasion,
and the ancient ballad would have
been out of place which runs :
"I like to >ro to de picnic  party
W'id de vittles on de ground,
Will lie bugs in de hutter aad   do   ants   in
de milk
And de skeeters huzzin'   round. '
Similkameen Lodge is to be complimented on the complete success
of its annual outing. The lodge-
has heen steadily increasing in
membership during the year, and
has as well maintained at a high
standard (he discipline and devotion
of its members, and there is every
prospect of a long continued Career
of prosperity and Influence for (In-
order in this valley.
Kings have their troubles as well
as commoners. An item in a recent
issue of the Chronicle stating that
Engineer King was about to bring
Mrs. King here was understood by
manv readers to refer to Fred King,
aod he w;is tendered the glad hand
on every side on lhe strength of his
supposed marriage. It made him
feel bad to see so many good congratulations going to waste. The
engineer intended to be rclerred to
in the item was Cicoige King.
! George was recently  transferred   to
thc Republic run, but remained on
it onlv a very short time, and it i.s
expected that he will return soon to
the Keremeos run. Oriver Mc-
Swiivne is at present on this run.
Don't miss the bargains at Riehter's sale.
Miss Violet Kirby left on Monday
on a visit to Miss Shaw of Greenwood.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McAuley
left last Friday for the Okanagan
and spent Boyne Day at Vernon.
VV. T. Atherton of Hedley, fire
warden for the Similkameen district,
vvas in town on Monday in the
course of his rounds.
Chief Constable Bunbury received instructions from headquarters
on Saturday to return to Greenwood,
which he did on Monday.
A. J. King, who recently joined
the staff of Geo. Cawston'. meal
market, has opened ii shop at Hedley, in collaboration with Mr. Caws*
ton, under the firm name of A. J.
King 0 Co.
James R. Brown, Government
Agent, of Fairvievv, has heen appointed deputy assessor and collector for the Kettle River assessment
district during the absence on leave
of Howard A. Turner.
Owing to thc rain, the baseball
game and hail announced for last
Friday evening were postponed t
this evening (Friday, July Id.)
They are for a good purpose--don't
fail to attend.     Admission Sl.
In an article in last week'. Cmon*
KU    headed     "Incidents    of    the
Chase,"   the  name   of  Constable
Hewitt appeared through a typographical error. It should have
read "Special Constable Nesbilt."
The rain gauge at Oroville registered 2.4 inches list week, that at
Chopaka 2 inches. Keremeos weather vvill remain a matter of conjecture
mote in- less until the meteorological olliee sees tit to re-establish an
office here
Though he had intended to spend
the summer on his ranch here, T.
S.   Prennun   has   been    obliged   to
alter his plana and left again on
Saturday for the eoaat via Pentielon. He expects to return vvith
his family in thc fall.
A bunch of I 50 fine sheep, ready
for the butcher, belonging to R. C.
Armstrong, were token through on
Friday on their way to Vernon via
Penticton, except about twenty that
were cut out from the Hock and
sold to Geo. Cawston.
Let hunters take note that the
hear is no longer an outlaw. He
has been taken under the paternal
care of the government to the extent of fixing :i close season from
July 15 to Sept. 1. Also he must
not be trapped south of the main
line ofthe C.P.R. Cut From Contemporaries.
(From llu- I.isIki-.)   .
On Saturday last Mike Basta,
who is ;i guest of the province at
the local government building,
awaiting adjustment of differences
between one Rex and himself, concluded that ha was imposing a hardship on the ratepayers, and decided
to quit his "bed and hoard." Saturday afternoon is a half holiday in
the    government    office..       When
Officer Carapta wa. up in the  mow
forking down fodder Mike   got   the
quittiing inspiration and took thc
officer   from    behind.     The    light
moved out of the cell, up the stairs
and into the open, vvith 00 one to
call time.     Both vv ere badly winded
Mike managed to get loose with
some of his clothes on and headed
for the timber with the officer hot
otn his trail, hut not a very sate bet
for first place. Mike got to the
scrub with fifty yards to the good
and was lost to his pursuer. Aboul
half tm hour afterwards a telephone
message was received by Chief
Merryhew from Knob Hill saving
there vvas a man with part of his
clothes missing hiding in the brush.
The chief went  up to  investigate
and returned with Mike, who was
shortly afterwards transferred and
tied in his stall in the provincial
building, there to await tbe adjustment of his difference vv ith the aforementioned Rex.
[from tin- Or.nill,- li.i/ttti-.]
Judge Taylor alao has H grievance over some of the enactments
of the last legislature, which vvill go
down in the history of the state
upon its record ot queer doings.
The code provides thai jurors must
he .elected upon the fust Saturday
in BOCh month, to serve during   the
succeeding   month,   and   that the
judge must be present iit the drawing.     As  Judge Taylor haa   two
counties in his district he is busy
figuring out how he can he in Conconully and Republic on the same
day and assist in making up the
i in viKii vi NOTI.
[l-'r.-n, tin- Crwamm Rest***,]
A troupe of coons occupied the
boards ;il the opera house on Monday night. Thev called themselves
the K. II. Douglas Coon toon
Coon, and the Lord help thcin it
the] ever slick their ugly mugs into
Creston again. The troupe consis-
led of two he's and a she. We arc
only surprised that the victims who
iit tended did not demand theii
money back. The artists were
punk, strictly punk. The vocalists
had frog in the throat .'ind hay fever
and the buck and wing dancer had
one Methodist foot. Nearly every
spasm was awarded cat calls. Br'er
editors, if this aggregation hits vour
town smite 'em before they get awuv
with the dough- lhe manage, asked us to give them a nice write up.
Sure Mike, we know vve are easy,
bul we .ire not q"ite ** ***} as a'l
Tries Forty-Two Times.
That Rate Powers of San Francisco vvas not born to die by her
own hands is the conviction of the
emergency hospital staff who treated
the woman after the forty-second
attempt she baa made on her life
during the past three years The
record established by Mrs. Powers
is declared to he without equal.
Her favorite method of attempting
to end her life is the chloroform
route, which she has tried 35 times.
Four times she has waded into the
ocean, only to be washed up again,
sound as ever, and thrice she has
tried to hang herself with equally
poor results. The forty-second attempt was futile as the others and it
is believed she vvill abandon the
chloroform method as ineffectual.
When in
atop at the
Central Hotel
In the 4th of July celebration, iii
the States 46 were killed and 1575
injured, while the fire loss waa
Special at lent ion to
Commercial Men.
and l.aml-seekors.
Headquarter, for all
Stage Konlcs.
l.ivery Stable
in connection.
Oood table.
Large, airy and
comfortable rooms.
l-'ree 'hus lo and from
all trains.
Office of B.C. l'i'uit
Land Co.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  - - Proprietors.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
All  kinds ol Sheet   Metal   Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
l-.wKiKorciiiNi; a Specialty.
Plumbing.   Pipe lining and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
I Your old graoitcware. Have it repaired. Vol Peek Granite Cement will fix the holes and make
if as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
[Ovt KetewoM .lardwftra Sioiv.]
Keeler's Restaurant
You can  y,el
Meal Ticket. & Bread Tickets.
I Mat] -one Mcds for Six  Dollars.
Hereafter our loaves will be   of   regular
uniform weight which vve will sell as follows
One for Ion  cents.
Thee for twenty-five eenls.
l-'otirteon for one dollar.
1'ies,    Cakes,    Oouglinuls   or    BiaCtlltl
niuli- when ordered.
The Big Store.
Change of Management
HAVING completed the purchase of the
gOOd*will, fixtures and stock in trade of the Keremeos
Commercial Co., ^tnd taken possession of the same on
the 17th inst., I take this opportunity of announcing the
change and of soliciting the continued patronage ot  the
customers of this store as well as that of the customers
of my former store.
It is intended to close the shop on Sixth Ave.
in which 1 have hitherto been doing business, and to
transfer the hulk of the stock now there to the Kg Store,
the two stocks combined making up tbe best and most
varied assortment of tfoods yet shown in Keremeos. A
further advantage to the public will he that the larger
volume of business combined under one roof will enable
it to be done al a smaller margin of profit tliiin heretofore, and it will he my aim to so  adjust   prices   that   the
business cannot fail to hold its own and steadily increase.
The stock lias heen newly assorted and arranged, and contains the Litest out in   summer   foods.     YoW
are cordially invited to call and inspect it.
J. R. SHAW. Enderby Merchant Accused of
Burning His Store.
Provincial and General.
Early on the morning of the 2nd
inst. the jewelry store iit Knderby
occupied by A. J. Dake was discovered to be on tire, and was
burnt to the ground, the efforts of
the fire brigade being concentrated
upon laving the adjoining buildings which fortunately escaped with
slight damage,
Mr. Hake vvas in Armstrong at
the time, and his assistant, Frank
Helmont, who had been acting as a
traveling .ataman for him, was
supposed to be in Vernon. The
stock had been insured a short time
ago for $2,500, and a watch was
set on the   ruins,   so   that   nothing
might he taken away of anv value.
In the early hours of Monday morning the watchers saw a man approach the scene of the lire, and his
movements at once excited suspicion. They kept in the shadow,
and finally saw him make a move
towards his hip pocket. Peering
that they had been seen, and that
he was going to pu I a gun, they
covered him, and ordered him to
hold up his hands. The man
proved to be Helmont. Upon
.parching him for his gun, they discovered that he had a Stocking
tilled with burnt and battered pieces
of jewelry which he apparently was
abOltl to "plant" in the ruins. The
fo lowing day the ashes were carefully examined, and little or no
Brace of the stock could be discovered beyond a few clock springs
and a tool or two. Subsequently
Constable Ciardom discovered the
missing jewelry cached away in
Dake'. room.
Dake and Belmont were both arrested, and were remanded for it
week, bail bein^ refused. There is
a suspicion that still other parties
arc implicated who did the actual
work   of  removing   the   stock   and i
setting fire to the building.
Helmont has since made a confession. He says that he and Dake
rigged up a clock alarm in such a
•ray that it would turn an emery
wheel. The conspirators for the insurance money then placed matches
Bgainsl the wheel and underneath
these Mattered lhavingS saturated
with oil. The alarm was set for I :-
30 o'clock on the morning of July 2.
It went oil on schedule lime. Helmont and Dak. went to the   nearby
town of Armstrong aud listened to
the lire alarm whistle eight miles
away. Then they returned to the
scene of the bla/e.
Bran, shorts, whole wheat and
graham flour.     I-'. Richter iV Co.
Harry Vradenburg of Oroville,
■gud 12, while playing about the
ruins of a laundry that had been
burned last week, touched a live
ele, trie wire and was nearly killed,
his hands being severely burned, litis a son ol \V. |. Vradenburg, recently baggageman on the Keremeos train.
Look for our dosing  out   ad.   on
last pafje.—P. Richter & Co.
John M. Millar, formerly editor
of the Boundary Creek Times, has
started a paper at Granum, Aha.
For .applying   liquor   to   Indians
Clarence Fabel  was   sentenced at
Penticton last week to  six   months'
hard labor at Kamloops.
An attempt on the part of some
Hindu laborers tO turn the Sacramento river into a second Ganges
vvas frustrated hy Coroner (iormley,
who prevented them from placing
the dead body of one of their comrades aboiird a funeral raft, which
they were preparing to send biasing
down the stream.
The provinical government iind
the C.P.R. are both making ar*
rangement. for the care of the family of Constable Decker who vvas
killed by the two train bandits a
few weeks ago at Ashcroft. The
railway company has already placed
$2,500 in the hands of a trust company to be used as a trust fund for
the education of the kite Mr. Decker's son.
Royal Standard
And Why it is a
Better Flour.
We use seleeleil «Ileal Item the best
wheat producing regions at tkt Canadian West, where the sunshine is l0Og,
where Ihe soil is rich, giving lo the
whe;il thai quality of gluten whieh
makes Ihe very finest Hour. This is
factor No. I.
Seientitie milling whieh follows the
wheat step In* step, ■electing onlv the
best ami purest portion-, of   lhe   wheal
gt nn ami naking it into th. most por.
feet Hour.     This is factor No. .'.
Cue exereiseil in storage ami marketing so thai there is no possibility of
rl.lorlef.tiea from lhe lime lhe law
leaves oui han,Is unlit il roaches you.
This is factor No 3.
Now isn't there a ronton win- vou
shouM ask lor Koval Slatularil ■•'lour?
Ami liesiiles. in every l'1-lk sack then-
is a numbered coupon entitling vou to
a chance to win one of ten beautiful
ilitiner si-Is given away each monlh.
Vancouver Milling
& Grain Co., Ltd.
J. R. SHAW, Agent.
A Healthy Life
A Happy Home
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia
and Kootenay and Columbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. Farm
Lands eminently suited for the raising of
may be purchased in these   Grants at low
figures for cash, or on Easy Terms, from
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards.
Good Shipping Facilities.      Easy Transportation.
For Maps,  Application  Forms,   Regulations
and Literature apply to
Asst. to 2nd Vice President,
Desk 8, Calgary Alberta.
B. C. Land Department.
Druggists and Stationers
For a luxurious Shave,
Hair-Cut or Bath go to
Booster's donsorial flterlor
A fine line of Cigars and Tobaccos,
Fruit and Confectionery.
A. J. SAUNDERS, Keremeos. The Keremeos Chronicle.
MHd ttwrf feUmi M Wm aWeo,
Ki-ri-ilu-its. ll.C.
Subscription $J-00 n fWOr, $1.00 tar six inortlhii,
in a.lvuiHV.
Aslwilldli. Kates. I.,-_al inttii-ca, t.Vpt-r line
firat imsrtlnn. IQc iht Um sack wihasqimil bMeftkm.
I.atul *rt*hV*t Cirlitwates ,,1'imprmi'rm-nt.i-L'.. $K.U0
for ntUlai notices, $5.(X) far .HULiy notices. Contract
Uisplay .-\il\ertisin_;. 25c. per inch |*-r week. Transient .-ulieitisenients. surli as Lost, Pound, VVnnted,
elc. not MCSndfasW one inch, $1.1X1 tirst Insertion, or
thr»v insertions lor $_MH Local ri-.i.linK notices,
Mb war line firs! insertion. 15c. each subsequent insertion.
J. A. BROWN, Publisher.
FRIDAY, JULY 16, 1909.
Negotiation, .ire in progress between representatives of the medical
councils ot Manitoba, Alberta and
Hritish Columbia vvith a view to
making some arrangement for standard medical qualification, through*
out the west. The desire for such
an arrangement and the attempt to
compass it seem to come chiefly it
not entirely from the prairie provinces. The attitude of the ll.C. council is and has always been about as
exclusive as its members could well
make it, both in suppressing "ir-
regular" practitioner, and in restricting tbe admission of qualified
men from other provinces and countries whose standard of qualification
is admittedly high. For ihis attitude they have veiy good reasons,
from their own point of view. The
population of the province is small,
and   the   proportionate   number    of
medical men fully adequate. The
climate might be expected to be
specially attractive to a class of men
in  other provinces who appreciate
peihaps more highly than the ordinary man the blessing, of a i^ood
climate, and are often in a position
lo change their location without too
much regard to ihe doUan_-and*
cents aspect of the change. With
an open door to the province the
profession would be very likely to
he soon overcrowded. Still, it will
not do to be too exclusive, even
when the power exists, and a recip-
royal arrangement of some kind will
probably be made before long with
the other provinces.
his wife over without paying tax on
her; or at a later dale he may send
tor his wife and children and all j
may escape the head tax. It permits the free entry of students, who
must prove that they are bona tide
students and must not en^'ajje in
labor. These are the principal provisions of the order. Properly carried out, they need cause no objection from any but the most extreme
The indications are that the police
authorities hav e practically given up
hope of capturing the Ducks bandits. The mounted police who
were lent to aid in the chase have
been sent back to Regina, most of
the Indian trackers returned to
their reservations, and the special
dispositions made to close avenues
of possible escape have been mostly
abandoned, The outcome is very
disappointing, especially the escape
of the murderer of Constable Decker, but there will not be much disposition lo attach blame to the police. No country in the world affords more hiding placea for a fugitive. The robber who vvas killed
has been identified as an ex-convict
from the States, and it is believed
that he was the head of a notorious
and experienced Kanrsr- Doubtless
they took the precaution of Using
on hiding places and making caches
where they could lurk in safety for
an indefinite time.
Veremeos Hardware
Buy your Hardware
At the Hardware Store
And save Money.
Just arrived—A fine assortment of
Including all kinds of
Preserving Kettles
At tho lowest prices.
Call and see onr stock and get prices before purchasing.
Turpentine and Gasoline alwayi on hand.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Several change, have been  made
recently by   order-in-council   in   the
administration ofthe Chinese Immigration Act, all tending to a more
liberal interpretation of lhe provisions ot the Act and a relaxation of
the re.triction. on the entrance of
Chinese into the country.     The new
instt i ctions to immigration and cue*
loins officials are viewed with coo*
corn by some Classes ol exclusionists, who profess to see   in   them   a
covert intention ol looeening the
barrier, against Oriental labor. A
perusal of the order, however,
shows that there is little to fear on
that score -nothing at all to fear,
in fact, if the order is earned out
with a reasonable degree of honesty
and Intelligence. It permits the
entry without paying tax ofthe son
of a Chinese merchant who dies in
Canada, if the son is under 30 and
proposes to carry on the business.
It permits a Chinese bom in Canada
to go to China and marry and bring
The Princeton Star says of the
Washington blue-law code recently
adopted, that "the very fact of ils
purpose, meaning and tendency being to uplift not degrade, to elevate
not lower, to improve and not make
worse, it should be supported." On
the same grounds the Spanish inquisition or the New England witch-
burning laws might be commended.
Their purpose and meaning were
good: to say of them, or of the
Washington laws either, that their
tendency also was good, is to beg
the question. A large pari of the
misery that the human race has endured has been caused by well-
meaning but unwise laws. Good
intentions are no more a guarantee
of the beneficence of a law than
they are of the happiness of llial
region where they arc Used as material for pavements.
for Teams
'romp! .tttention to all customers.
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Dr.■■Making iiml Sewing.
Satist'a   lion Ouaranleeil.
Kiki mhos Cntras.
I I ok THI
Spring Trade
Contracts For Work.
Land scrubbed or any kind of
work taken by contract al reasonable rates.
Repairers and Makers of
Harness, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
Whips.    Hits,   Spurs,    Melts,    Ktc,
kept in stock.
lesleil sleek, seeits lor  lann,
garden  ot   conaervaiory,   from
liest growers  in   Kii^lanil,    llol-
lanil, l-'ranee, United States ,,n,l
lOCal K' owel s
Heine lirown l-'ruit anil Ornamental Trees, Small l'ruils.
I'erlilizeis,  Be.   Supplies,
■praying Pump.aad Material,   Cut   Klowers,   ete.
lu page catalogue free.
M. J. Henry
linen ll.'usrs aiul  Seed
.mm vvi:st.minsii-:k ROAD
Vancouver    -    -    B.O.
Ur.imh NtmSfiM    S. VaiHiMivcr.
F. Schneider
All kinds of Blacksmith work.
Repairing   plows   and   farm   implements ii specially.
Buggies and wagons repaired and
Satisi--action  QuASAMTttD.
The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and
of British Columbia.
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing tlie completion ot their irrigation system that will  cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest oi water yet brought to the home of an irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered by them are
such  as will command the attention of all homeseekers.
Situated as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now being extended to Vancouver places her on the direct highway to the far
Bast and  West.
Having a climate that is distinctly her own, it
stands today   unexcelled   for   its   sunny   climate   both
winter and summer and has proved itself as being particularly adapted to the raising of apples, peaches,
perrs, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size.
In competition at Spokane the only exhibit sent
took first prize, while at the Provincial Fair at New
Westminster out of 100 pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 23 prizes.
'lhe upper portion of the valley, including Hedlev
and Princeton, both rich in their mining industries,
offers the local market means of disposing of all produce.
The  properties   are   being   offered   in   1,  3,  5 and   10  acre   Blocks  with   a   well   laid   out townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.     One-third cash.     Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $200 to $300 an acre.    Town lots from $100 to $300.
For full particulars apply to
v r*
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd. _
Eastern Townships Bank.
Capital and Reserve,
x 55
| Dr. Moody's Remedies g
X ———__—
M The   Royal   Medicated   Stock
:; Food Co., Vancouver.
Traneacta a general banking business, and oilers every facility  to  meet
the requirement! of depositors consistent with
conservative banking principles.
Saving's Bank Department.
Depoeita of (1.00 and upwards received, subject to no delay in withdrawal  of all or  any portion.
Keremcoe Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Draying, and General Livery Buainesa,     drain and Hay.
List of Our Goods.
Stock   Pood
Poultry Food
Condition Powders
I tool Ointment
Salve (HeaMag)
Liniment for Man or Beaal
Heave Remedy
loin tu re
(iall Cure
Colk Cure
blister finish
I-r.    Moody's   great   diacovery,
Spavin Cure.
These goods are guaranteed aiul  patented  in
England, the United States and Canada*
The   Royal   Medicated   Stock
Food Co., Vancouver.
J. R. SHAW, Local Agent.
Provincial and General.
The annual meeting of voters in ! A flaj,r, said to be the largest in
the Olalla school district for llie the world, unfurled at Ptttahtirg,
election of school trustee was held j Pa., on the 4th of July, pulled thou-
lo the schoolroom last Saturday sands of pounds of tile-rooting from
and was well attended. Fletcher , lhe courthouse. Many persons had
H. Parsons was voted lo  the   chair   narrow  escapes   from   injury   when
and John Pritchard, secretary of tlie
School Hoard, was appointed secretary of the meeting. The retiring trustee was Manuel Harcelo,
who was a Candidate (oi- re-election.
There were also three other candidates Messrs John AngUl McDonald, Andrew Moves and Joseph
Marsel. Marsel was elected by one
vote over Harcelo. The retiring
auditor, R. W. Northey, was reelected for another year.
The weather is now as nearly perfect as it can be. The recent heavy
rains have had a beneficial effect on
all kinds of Vegetation and most
garden products have attained to
excellent si/e and in rank profusion.
Of course the weeds have also
made good time in the most pro*
pilious growing HIMM ever experienced here, and this necessitates   a
the tile crashed into the street. The
emblem, 80 feet wide and t(>U feet
long, weighing 3000 pounds with
its fastenings, was unfurled with appropriate ceremonies. A strong
wind wafted the big i\ag, and it
caught in tlie lightning rod oi thc
hijr capstone. The next moment
the stone and tile-roofint, were pulled loose and crashed to the street.
Xo one was injured. lhe Bag was
badly torn.
Word is to hand from 1.. W.
Shatford, M.P.P., and his friends
will be pteaaed to know thai he is
doing as well as can be expected,
and has every confidence for a complete cure. He underwent the fust
operation   about   a   fortnight    ago,
and expects another in  a   few   davs
little extra work on tlie   pan  ot  lhe '
careful gardener. Some clover and ***** He was about five hours in
timothy is now being mown for the the operating room, and what made
second time since thc 1st ol June. the ordeal all the more trying was
Both Keremeos creek and Olalla „,, ,u,rrible hot spell whiih mer-
creek have been very   hiirh   lor   the , , ,       • .
„.,...   ,i.   -.-,..   t '.. i   ,u   ...    swept the ea-t about that time when
past week or ten davs and sti'l con- •
tinue high, higher in fact than they *-** most favorable conditions were
were when thc snow was melting, required for recuperation. Pr.
This is owing to the excessive rain- RM ,,f Rochester, N.V., whose pat-
fall which was general all over the ion, ho is  M;iiu1n in ,,K.      illkM, „*
large watershed   drained   bv   Ixere- .            ,.     ,          .     .              .       .
meOI creek aud its tributaries.    The *• *******>   profeiwion,   quite   in   B
water is too high for   rod   and   line ^lilss   hy    hims.lt    in    the    surgical
fishing   ami  seieral  anglers   have treatment oi such  caeca   and   Mr.
been disappointed in their   attempt! Shatford has everv coulidence in his
lo gel a "bite."
There is nothing new iu ihe mining situation. Some claim-owners
are doing their assessment work,
but there is no real mining going
on at present.     There   are   various
rumors oi  dea's   being   made   or
about   to   be   made,   but   as   usual
there  is   very   little   foundation   tor   school district will be held la the olti.e  tt
them.     Tba manager   oi  the   Apex   the Kamaeos Land Co. ee the -'ili ttaj
company and his wile have been up
and down once or twice recently,
bul so f.ir no miners have been put
to work. It is now rumored that
the Apex will really start up
some time next month. I.Alii;
Wednesday aUcrnooa IV J. Innis,
Kvery   man    of    Keremeos,    passed
of Julv, 1909, al 10 a. in.,  meeting  to be
for llie purpose of electing an aiiilitot    an.I
voting money tot- tlu* ensuing year.
Dated this Uth el.,, ,-i July, 1909.
Hy order of the Boaid of Trustees.
K.  I'l MIIIKSI, s,,.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Builders and Contractors
l.itne, Cement, Cement   Weeks anil  Brick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting    Paper-Hanging
Ksiim.iti's given for all ami every kind ol" CtMMlH Work
ami IttiiMin^ ^-vru'ralh.
WriU' us lor port's.
Distance no object
skill, which is ia itself a great   factor in aid oi a successful outcome.
Hedley Gaaette.
An adjourned annual school swetiag of
llie    qualified    Voters     of    Ihe    Kereineos
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS     -      -      PROPRIETOR
All persons having  accounts with the
through here with a load of supplies   Kereineos loninicJcial Co. aie rfaJUIIted
_        ,        , ....   ,    , . ...      lo call   anil   a.liusl    s.iul   aee,mills   al    tin*
forthe Apex.     \\ ith hun   were   \\     l,„il.,. „, „„.  Keiemeos   Land Co.,   M.„„
|. 1'orbes, who  has   an   interest   iu   Street, Kerameoa,
the Ape* Company and a miner who       \; i Ki ki mi ,>s i ,<mmi ki i \i i o.
is going to start work ai once,   lhe
prcscnl shaft will not   be   used,   for
some time   at   least,    and   the   new
work will be   tunneling tO   intersect
the lode.
As I slated  last   week,   the   only
thing needed lo open up scleral Wg
mine,  in  this  district   is   money,
lhe ore is here all right, lull be-
ause tlie surface disturbances hale
cattered it around a bit those   cap-
Tranefer ot Licence.
None,- is li.-ietn given  that  the  Ktsaoi
license  lol   llie I enlral  Hotel .,1    Ker, III, o.
Centre former!) Ini,I b) lis. Reith and H,
I lleilill,       Ills     been     Hanslelleil      lo     II.
I ueilille ami  las.   i.lmlnlsl.
I 9 I I'l'l I   A.  I I MIIIKsl.
K. ,. meo. i r-ttn . bib s, i'mu.       it.-i
Similkameen Land Division.
nisi i<n i  ,,,  nu.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
talists who have dug ;i  few   ho!es '\'-->i sonu ii,.,i i „.m.... k,.i..i...„ i,,.,..
, 11,-" el I'l.ill.i   I.mn. i   intrnus In am*] Im  palillis.
here and there have ^ol "colli feel     aim to purrhaa. ih> i..ii..».n_ ,i,~,,i,.i Lusts
l I'liniii it. ti>_ .a .i |,...i |,l.,iit,-.l .a   tlu   iu>rlh<w,«t
eorwoettt WX tl,,,.,,sort. 10 chaws, ili,,.,, *..i 6
i Ii.iins, ili, in. Hnith I" i hsjfis. III. I*' '
 11kiii.,iiiiii_ -ix .uns more m ).m
t.l mow  Kt.HHUsos I	
Ms]  IJ 1*09
and quit. I'"-' man or llie company
ihat has the money and the (,'rit lo
,4gO down" will surely reap a big
r- ward.
At thc reqtieet of our amateur
fruit growers I put the following
a icslions to some of the fiuil e\-
nerls residiiiL' in the vallev:t.  When   TAKK NOTICB tht* I   Mortoa D   Md
r" .■*        . ,        . ,•' *      KiTi-nmn. pin.ii.ui   ml.n.l I,.   .i|,i,1,   I.u   p, ,.
is the best time lor   imililnu.    young   nU.m Ut pvrchu Iht f*Memiog ieaerfaai Iambi
i I..... ..1.1  oni.bl   lb..    I,....       l''iniii. ii. in,: .a .i is.st pi ,.n. itithand
apple trees; how old OUgnt the   tne AlJi „,_,„,,,„' ,',,„, „„,..,n noted,
,., li.. tl Should the    VOtltiL'   tree    be t"i--,i,|,'„„,   No 19*. iln ,,.. aouth «. i, ,,„». tl......
to in.   ..nnouw, i n .,,n, i,. , Oteoea north 40 rhaina. tl,.-,..,- was.
transplanted before   or   aiici    nun- n,i,,„„. topoiai „i ,,.„,„„„,, „„,,, n>ntaMaa l«i
diiur?   .   (live parti, ul,us of the p:,  ■•    '"'"i-s. r.., ,t. ,-,.,.,., 1.....I
cess of buddm-.. Mat IM_ MU
Similkameen Land Division.
1.1st Kl.  I   .'I   llll
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Ctiro.l   Moats,   Fish  aiul   Poultry  promptly
anil satisfactorily filial.
The time for dividing the MELON in the Similkameen has come at last.
For many long years the vast mineral richness of Gold, Copper, Silver, Coal, Platinum and  other econ- X
omic minerals has been developed, and for over 30 years 30,000 to 40,000 acres of the choicest fruit land  in  the X
Dominion has lain dormant or been given over to cattle grazing,  simply   waiting  the   entrance  of railway   to X
make it the most noted fruit producing district in Canada and one ofthe greatest mineral zones in the World. 51
"Jim Hill's" Coast-Kootenay Railway is now here and being pushed to the Coast   giving  the   valley   a
short, direct all-rail route to Coast and Prairie markets.
The opportunity for home making and profit taking is now ripe.—Will you seize it, or let it slip by?
*'   -^^m*w\\Z.        ^H
—    -                            mgwm-t-ta.     .-
—*            *****
i     **fj*-'
o.                 *•*.    -
\ V
B. C. Fruit l.anil Co's properly adjoining town of Keremeos.     OptW s.ij^o brush lanil.
We are bringing the merits of the valley before the people oi Western Canada  and   a  large   movement
has commenced.
Level prairie land ready for the plow, ample water for irrigation by gravity systems, large areas  of timber tributary and modern saw mills, cheap lumber and fuel.
No stumps, pests, strenuous winters or deep snows, or mud.    A   vast   local   mining   market to   absorb
our products.
We grow almonds, peaches, apricots, peanuts, melons, sweet potatoes,   apples,   prunes,   pears  and   all
varieties oi berries and 4 crops of alfalfa clover a season.    A dry sunny healthful climate where life is a pleasure.
Write for free booklet, photo views of vallev and particulars oi our twice a   month  excursions   from   all
prairie points via the Okanagan route.
FROM THE  EAST.—(1.) C.P.R. via the Crow's Nest route to Nelson and on to Midway, then Great North- X
em Railway to Keremeos.    (2.) C.P.R. Main Line to Sicamous  Junction,   then X
south through Okanagan valley to IVnticlon and stage   to   Keremeos  (a   superb X
outing trip.) 90
FROM TI I E WEST.—C. P.R. Main Line to Sicamous June, and Okanagan route via Penticton to Keremeos. *>?
FROM   THE SOUTH.—Great Northern Railway via Spokane to Keremeos. X
B. C. FRUIT LAND CO., Limited.
Room 9, Clarence Blk., CALGARY, ALTA., and KEREMEOS, B. C.
C. A. MCDONALD, Local manager.
Schram scalers $1.75 per do*, for
half gallons, quarta $1.35. — F.
Richter it Co.
Mr. J.  Douglaaa  of   Lacon.be,
AUji. , spent a few days in Keremeos
and purchased a plot near the school
from the B.C. Fruil Land Co.
Mrs. O.VV. Hemhling and daughter, of Didsbury, Alta., are expected lo arrive to-day, to spend a lew
weeks with Mrs. E.  M. Crooker.
The many friends of Jas. Reith
will he jrlad to hear that he has improved in health and is expected to
revisit Keremeos in the near future.
F. Keffer of Greenwood, consulting engineer for thc B.C. Copper
Co., with his son Robert, was in
town yesterday on his way to Penticton.
Arthur Murphy oi Carherry,
Man., is spending a few days at the
home of his uncle, J. J. Armstrong.
Mr.  Murphy intends to visit Seattle
and Vancouver before returning  to
the east.
The general officers of this division of the G.N.R., J. M. Ciruher,
general manager,   R.   C.   Morgan,
superintendent, and K. 1.. Hrown,
general   superintendent,—were   n
town a short litre ou Monday in the
course of a run up and down the
branch in their special train.
As Harry Armstrong was riding
home on Monday about noon, a
dog ran out and snapped at his
horse, the horse cavorted, the saddle tut tied, and Harry humped a
ilc.it in the hard earth with his head.
His forehead was severely bruised.
The dog was tried and found guilty
oi conduct  unbecoming  to a dog
.mil was put to death.
Messrs      Monahati,     Bingham,
Nickle, Meredith and Kvans, all
from the town  of   Weyburn, Sask.,
In company with D, N. McTavish,
of Calgary, arrived here Friday and
alter looking over the valley made
some small purchases. They are
looking over the Okanagan valley
before going  on to   Seattle ia order
to battel acquaint tbemaelves with
fruit land values. They will In all
probability make further investments in the Similkameen.
J. |. Aimatrong rti ed on Monday after a trip to Seattle, Vancouver and other points on lhe coast
during which he was much impressed b\ the great display al the A.Y.-
I'. and lhe marvelous growth oi
Yam,unci lhe train on which he
crossed the Cascades   was   the   fust
to negotiate the tunnels by  means
of fhe electric motors recently installed by lhe G.N.R. The train
coming up from Spokane also distinguished itself iu another way,   by
coming within an ace  ol disastrous
wreck. Soon after passing Hill-
yard it met » freight   train   running
on the same track, and when the
brakes had brought lhem to a standstill the pilots of the engines were
onlv toni feet apart. The crew ol
the' freight engine jumped needlessly, as it turned out     but George
King, who was on the passenger
engine, stuck to his post.
School Meeting.
lhe statutory date for holding an
annual school meeting comes immediately after lhe date for school
closing, but on account of the department's neglect   to   send notices
| to be posted, the meeting here was
not held on that date, but ten days
later, namely, Wednesday, July 14,
al 10 o'clock a. m. The attendance
was small, owing to insufficient advertising and to forgetfulnesa on the
I part of  many   of  the   ratepayers.
' One of the members of the hoard of
trustees, \1. J. Innis, having completed his three-years term, retired,
and Exra Mills was elected to succeed him. It was decided not to
deal with the financial business of
the district without a fuller representation of the ratepayers, and accordingly another meeting will be
held for that purpose on Saturday,
the 24th inst., when it is hoped
there will be a full attendance.
Al a meeting of the board held
on Wednesday evening R. Elmhirst
was elected to succeed Mr, Innis as
Dan Coughlin, who was brake-
man and later conductor on the construction   train   during the  former
construction period, arrived here
again on Tuesday and will act as
brakeman until another construction train is put on, when he will resume his post as conductor. It was
expected that this second train
would be put on the middle of ihis
month, but    owing   to   difficulty   in
getting in the necessary equipment
I it may be the end of the month before it is ready for service. This,
however, occasions no delay to the
actual work oi track-laying, but
only to the ballasting and finishing.
The track-laying is proceeding with
satisfactory speed, and the working
force Increases daily with the arrival
of new gangs of men. Pile-driving
al the Ashnola and at the second
crossing of the Similkameen are
making good progress and a horsepower pile-driver is iu operation on
the trestle work near lledlev.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tu, silav on ,,i before
llu1 lull moon in eaeli month
in     Keiemeos    Town      Mall
\ isiini_; members cordUUI)  Invited.
C,   1..   11  MMIM.S,  W,   M.
I). MitT snv.R. s.
Here is one of the greatest chances to make money
ever offered in the Similkameen.
Our entire stock of Dry Goods and Hardware going at
We mean just what we say and if you want bargains
do not wait until it is too late. The following are
a few of the lines we are clearing out:
English dress prints, unfadeable, in many colors, 8 yds for $1.00
Warranted pure Indigo duck, 8 yds for $1.00
Fancy frilling reduced from 35c. to    25c.
A Full Range of Swiss Embroderies and Lace at
About Half Cost.
Ladies' fast color seamless cotton hose	
Ladies' white cotton vests reduced from 75c. to	
Ladies' white cotton vests (cheaper quality)	
ICingalee bath towels in three colors reduced from 60c. to
Ladies' shoes reduced from S3.50 to	
; Girls' shoes reduced from S2.50 to	
Men's shoes reduced from $5.00 to	
. 50c*
We Have a Wide Range of Men's Shoes at
all Prices.
Men's \V. ('.. & R. Shirts 90c.
Men's suits $8.00    $1 0.00    $1 2.00
Harvest Tools and Machine Oil.
Hay forks oi all kinds, three tine double strap     65c. to 75C.
Old's warranted solid steel shovels 85c.
A full line of
China and Glassware.
We anticipated an advance in flour and laid in a
The price is just the same.
_ The fruit season is here and we have
WM. DALRYMPLE.   A Good Supply of "Schram" Sealers.
o Over 150 million in use.    There is no better sealer on
the market to-day and the price is right.    Do not
experiment with other jars but get the best.
Your  Patronage Solicited.     Sat-       Vou **-** afford to miss this sale as it will save you dollars.
Plows, Mowers, Rakes, Harrows, Cultivators, Wagons and Hacks at Actual Cost
isfaction Guaranteed,
Cumming's Old Stand.
[Keramtot Centra.)
We arc alwavs glad to show our goods and quote prices.


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