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Keremeos Trumpet Apr 10, 1908

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Array .   V
APR J4 i908
> .
Vol.. I.
Nd 3
Some Valuable Hints on Fruit
Tree Planting;.
[The following timely suggestions
on fruit tree planting are from the
pen of Mr. D. F. J Sti.v and may he
found of benefit to many of our
readers. The Editor will tit all
times be pleased to receive contributions of a similar nature.]
Have ground well prepared by
thorough cultivation.
Take special pains in staking the
gKMtnd so that trees will be in
straight lines, east and  west,   north
and south and diagonally. If
this work is well done, it will add
very much to the future good appearance and alao make it much
easier to cultivate between the trees.
Time devoted to this object will be
profitably spent.
In digging holes for trees, do not
be afraid of a little extra work.
Holes should be sufficiently lar^e
so that the roots can be fully extended and not doubled back. Thev
should be deep enough so that trees
can be set without bending up any
of the roots. If there is any si^n
of hard-pa.l in tlie bottom, care
should be taken in having it completely broken up with a crowbar.
It is also a good plan to put in a lew
shovel!uls of earth before setting
the tree.
Remove till broken or bruised
roots. Set tree an inch deeper than
it was formerly. Me very sure that
line earth with no lumps is put
sround the roots, so that the full
extent of every root will he in close
contact with the soil. Fill in soil
around the tree to within two inches
of the surface of the   ground,   then
pour in enough water to thoroughly
wet every particle of earth around
the roots. As soon as dry on top,
tramp down with your No. It's so
as to firmly pack the earth around
the tree.     Then till in level with div
In pruning, if you have yearling
trees (which are the best to plant),
cut   back   to   24   inches   above   lhe
ground, leaving only a whip.    If
two-veai trees, cut hack one-half.
If work has heen properly done
the trees should make a good
growth and should rei|iiire no  more
water for a month but should be
constantly cultivated in order to kill
all weeds and conserve the soil
moisture. Tlie second watering
should he given in such a w.iv that
the ground beneath the trees will be
thoroughly wet, thus inducing the
roots to grow downwards instead of
running along the surface. If pos-
sib'e, avoid having any water standing on the top of the ground.
Rev. A. II. Cameron's ten-acre
plot provides a good object lesson,
even   if it is not   making its   owner
wealthy, The ground w-as ploughed year before last, but without
water on   it not   even   a  weed   will
J. R. Shaw reports that hhl strawberry bed wintered in excellent condition  although  owing to  rush  of
work last fall he neglected to cover
the plants as usual.    Considering
the tact that there was not a covering of snow for more than a total
of about six days, it speaks volumes
for the mildness of the winter. The
experiment is not one, however,
which we would recommend. The
p'ants will be better in every vvav
with the mulching.
If the residents of Keremeos and
surrounding country purpose sending an exhibit to outside fairs this
season now is the time to be making preparations.
Old lime residents of the valley
say that they have never seen the
water in the Similkameen as low  as
it i. at present.
On Wednesday afternoon Charles
Simmons was almost k locked out
by an attack of inflammation. Dr.
M. IV McEwen was called and waa
soon in attendance. Simmons is
now on the me.id.
A couple of hugs (locks of vociferous geese Circled and hovered
over the town on Sunday lor a
while before continuing their journey eastward. They appeared to
have heard of the proclamation of a
clo e season in the County of Kootenay ttnd to be heading for thai haven of safety.   On ths way, though,
thev    slopped   at   times    to    amuse
themselves by hovering and squak-
Ing derisively at the deluded sportsmen who were Wasting shot tit lhem
from a I.on),'-Tom range.
The climax has now heen added
to the very rotten mail service which
we have  been  receiving, and in  B
manner that would  be ridiculous   if
it  weren't  so exasperating.     The
postal authorities evidently considered a six-day service between Winnipeg ttnd here a little too last and
with tlie letting of the new contracts on April   1st,   added   another
day by Introducing a time schedule
for the Penticton-Keremeoa mail
stags,  which,  after  requiring  the
■tags to make the trip of .12 miles
over the mountains in five hours,
necessitates the holding of the mail
for 24 hours within one mile of its
destination.    What next ?
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Armstrong
and J. C. Woodrow, of Vancouver,
arrived by ths Great Northern on
Tuesday and will spend a week in
How foolish to get excited over
irilles ttnd order a neighbor to the
hottest of climates, when in all conscience it will be hot enough in Keremeos in a short time.
Mr. Smith Curtis, who "also ran"
for Similkameen at the last provincial election, passed through Keremeos on his way to Vernon on
Wednesday to attend the Liberal
The work tit the east e id of the
big Irrigation ditch is finished in
workmanlike manner and is a good
indication of what will follow the
completion of the ditch from Ashnola io Keremeos.
Mrs. Giles, of Rossland,   WSS   in
Keremeos on Saturday of laat week.
She was called to lledev by the
serious illness of her sister, the wife
of Elder Hamilton. Mr. Giles waa
a pas'. Igerfor lledlev by Rover's
Stage oa  Tuesday.
W. R Inman, M.O., eve-specialist,  of Winnipeg and  Vancouver,
will be til Keremeos Hotel Saturday, Sunday and Monday, till noon,
April 11. 12 and 1.1. If you have
any trouble with the eyes or need
glasses accurately fitted, call on him
early   day or evening.
A party of sixteen, in a six-horse
COach driven by Prank Rover, attended the dance at Hedley on Friday evening last. They are .all loud
in their praises of the entertainment
provided by the ladies of Hedley.
In addition to those who went up in
the load several others drove up in
their own rigs.
Rev.  A.  II. Cameron  reports lhe
church building fund as increasing
nicely, the liberal assistance given
by some of our v isitors being greatly appreciated. There are still a
fe.v non-resident property holders
that he would   be   pleased   lo   heal
irom. Of the S2,oui required si,-
277 has now been subscribed.
Local conservatives met In the
oHicc Ol C A. Sloes> on Monday
evening last,  when  the  following
delegate! were appointed   lo attend
the nominating convention at Vernon, on \pril 24th : J. J. Armstrong, P. Marks, Dr. McEwen and
K. RkhtST. The general impression appears to be that   Price   Ellis*
oo, member elect tor Okanagan in
the local house, will be the man
chosen to oppoas Mr. Ross in the
foil'   oming federal election.
Teacher of Music and Accompanist.
Miss Lowndes (Cert, of London
College of Music) will open a class
for musical tuition (pianoforte) on
Saturday next, the 11th inst., at
I the Town Hall, Keremeos, where
she  will  be between   the   hours   ot
10 12 and 2 5 o'clock, to make arrangements.    Miss Lowndes is also
open to engagements as accompanist for violin or song practice on the
same day, as if she meets with success she hopes to spend the end of
each week in Keremeos.
Work was begun yesterday on
the Prince Rupert Section of the
(Irand Trunk Pacific. AboUl 6000
men vv ill be employed on this section, which is Kill miles long, and
which will be the heaviest of the entire line, as there is a large amount
of rock cutting.
Oo it now.  Subscribe for the Tai an i.
Church Services.
I'm shyii ri ix Diviw service akeraate
Sunday*, Keremeos Town Hall ll a. m .
School House 7 p.m.    Rav. A. II. C.iuutoii,
Mi:nionisi Divine service alternate
Sundays, Keremeos Town Hall II a. tr...
School   House   7  p. ill.     Rev.   Mr.  Jones,
Amu.a vx Services as announced Iroui
time lo lime.
Si nMivv   School   and   Him i   CLASS,
In Town ll.ill each Saadat st io ,i.m.
Mis. j. k. Shaw, Superintendent
Stage Lines.
flam St vitK.
Leaves Keremeos ii illy, except Sunday,
til noon, arrives at Hedley 3 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily,  except  Sunday,
al 1 a.in., arrives Bi Keremeos || a.m.
Ont) through connecting stage between
Penticton, Keremeoa, HedleyA Princeton.
I. f. Rot I K, Proprietor.
KftBl vnos Mi i.i i \   \l   i,  Si wa.
lln.H.vt .mi .1,1,1 .itu-r   Vpr.l I. I«K1
Leaves Krreineos ilailv, except Sunday,
at 1 p.m.; arrives in Hedley al 5 p.m.
la.ues Hedley daily, except Sunday, al
7 a.m.. arrives in Keremeos ai li a.m
l>. .1. Innis. Proprietor.
Kl IBM os Pi n i u ion M mi m w.i .
I.e.ins Keremeos tor PentictOO on Mon-
daya, Wednesdays and Fridays, .a noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursday s .iii.l S.ilur.l.ii s al .i a. m., arrh: log ,n
Ki i *hh as .a noon.
W.I. \\ i i nv, l'i,.p, „ ■:,„.
V. V. \. K. it i n arrives daily,  except
Sunday, al io..Vi a.m.
Leaves daily, except Sunday, at •* p.m.
Keremeos School Board.
D, J.  Innis. k.  Iii miu mt,
OSO,   KlKHV,   See.   I i,ms.
L.O. l_ No. 1770
Meets In,s,i.u on Of before
ili.- full moon in each month
in   Keremeos School  Ileus.-.
Vis ting members cordially invited.
IV   1.   In .;s.   \\. M.
c. a. Mcdonald
Fairview, April 6,
Mr.   Mcintosh  of   Keremeos   is
working in the   bush   tit   the Stem-
Miss Paterson went to Okanagan
Falls on Tuesday of last week and
will return to-moivow, April 7th.
Mrs. Hine will attend the annual
convention of the Okanagan Sunday School Association to be he'd
tit Kelowna on the 9th and 10th of
The accounts and other documents in connection with the building ot the church tit Fairview, were
given by the trustees to tm experienced accountant, who will prepare
ti statement to be submitted to the
Mrs. j. R. Brown is spending a
tew days in Penticton. She is expected home this week.
Mr. Montgomery prefers the attractions of Fairview to the best
that Hedley can afford, and he is
likely to remain here.
M.ic.y citiiens of Fairview, bv
complimentary remarks, give evidence thai thev appreciate the pleas-
a.n, clear tun! healthy music of the
Keremeos Tsumpbt.
Mrs. Turner with her children returned from the Coast late in March.
Thomas Lacey died tit Night-
h.iwk, Washington, I'. S. A., on
Tuesday of last week, and was buried here on Wednesday. Mr. Mc-
Gilvery conducted the burial service
in the church ttnd at the cemetery.
We tire sorry lo say thai Wm.
Lacey's health is not improving.
He expects to go to Nighthawk
I*. French, cf Shatford, Limited,
went lo Penticton on Saturday and
will return to Fairview to-day.
lhe Superintendent of Roads, Mr
Deardoff, is one of the busiest men
in the county. He is registered tit
the Golden Gate hotel.
Harrj Jones is prepared for ■ port.
He is now the owner of a   li ie Irish
water spaniel.
Mr. Morris is making improvements near his hotel in the gulch.
Laat Thursday, in burning the brush
near his -table, the tire got beyond
his control.      The  timely arrival  of
Mr. McGiiver) and a large contingent iron Fairview saved the stable,
which was badly scorched.
Hugh (ii.iliam, brother of Joseph
Graham of Fairvi w, is now section
foreman tor the Great Northern ..t
Mi. Inman, eve specialist, was
here last week and did considerable
business. Hi will be here again in
a few vv eeks.
Mrs. Carmichael is on the siek
list. Her friends will be glad to
hear of her convalescence.
J. A. Kceleyof lledlev is with the
Shatford Limited here.
The building now used bv Mr.
Dougall for ,-i liven stable was sold
by Mr. Sprou'e. Report says that
ii was bought by Jack McKenzie of
Mr.   Stone   having    leased  John
Burnett's ranch, Mun has to take
the trail.
Over Two Thousand Acres of Choice
Fruit Land
In the Keremeos  District,  the
Hub of the Similkameen Valley
We have subdivided the WEBSTER HOME RANCH
Greetings to the Trumpet From
Ita Contemporaries.
Similkameen Star, Princeton i
lhe initial number ol the Keremeos Trumpet is to hand. It is an
8-pagCi 4-column weekly,well printed and edited,   and  shows  a  liberal
advertising patronage.    Ihe Trumpet is a valuable asset to Keremeos
and the Similkameen Valley.
lhe Ledge, Greenwood :
Tlie Trumpet appeared ttt Keremeos last week and is published by
J. A. Brown. It contains eight
small pages and looks good. Its
politics are not disclosed, but the
coming elections will probably make
it get otl the fence and pick some
kind of clover. As a local sheet it
looks like a winner.
Palmer Mountain Prospector,
l.oomis, Wash.:
Keremeos, HA'., a growing town
on the V. V. & !•!., only a shori
distance north  of  the  international
line, litis tt new paper, the Trumpet
The Trumpet   is  blown  by J.   A.
Brown,   and   promises   to   make   a
noise  in   the   corner   of   the   world   epposite  Keremeos,  and arc HOW   offering it ioY   sale   ill   5   tO
where it is tooted. A neatly printed,   ..-. ,   . , it* .. ■ ,        ,
,,   ,.   , ...     ,, ' _ 10 acre lots and upwards,    It you would consider changing
well edited, liberally supported paper • e>  *e
is the Trumpet.    Keremeos will be your location for a home in an ideal climate,  let  us  interest
benefited  bv  its  presence,   as  the . ,- -        ,., **.__ .. , .   , .       .
-.,.', ,  VOU in one ot our :> or 10 acre 1- nut Lots nirnt  opposite the
notes ot   praise   for   the   town  and   ' ° ■ ■
country thai   will  issue  from   the   Town ot Keremeos, where you have the best of clear spring
Trumpet   will   attract   attention   to r       i .•
.'        ,  ,      water tor domestic purposes.
that favored section ol the atmtlka-
nieen Valley.    Mav the new venture
prove tO he a mine ol wealth   tO the
proprietor. In the Wenatchee Valley, iii the State of Washington,
Penticton Pre IS I .....
Tbe first number of the Keremeos under cxactl)   tho same climatic conditions,  a 20-acre frutl
Trumpet,published at Keremeos by lot produced a revenue oi $35,000.00 last  year,  and  Ameri-
|.  A.  Brown,   has been   received  at .
ths Press office, i. is a four column «"> fruit-growers who have sold at fabulous prices are now
eight  psgs  paper,   and   is   nicely looking1 to the Similkameen for re-investment,
printed   on   good   book   paper.     11
contains a  general   historical  and
descriptive   write-up   of   Keremeos
and  surrounding country,  dealing It yourself and  neighbors are desirous oi locating  to-
eapecially with the district from
fruit growing standpoint. The merchants and other business men ol  tracts lit 100 to 500 acres.
Keremeos, appreciating the advantages of a paper in their town, arc
tendering   their   hearty   support    in
advertising, one advertiser taking a
full  page and  many  others  larg*  |;UH| in this, the earliest and mildest fruit district in Canada,
Hedley Gaaette: will rapidly advance with the   influx   oi  investors   from   all
The Keremeos Trumpet appeared ,s of(|u.  |)omj,lion.
on Friday last,     tne new  paper is '
published at    Keremeos Station on
the  Armstrong  townsite  by J. A.
Brown, formsrl) ofManitou, Mani- _rt__r\.mmsr»      m*** a   *-«■   **.*
who experienced   pub- ^y^DIVlE        E#\RLs
lisher and a gentleman who from
all reports will give lhe lown a good
paper and do credit lo tlie fourth
estate,    lhe fusi number is a credit
to the publisher, and particularly so tiunish you  with full  particulars,   description,   and general
to   Keremeos,    for   even    business
in ihe plan- is represented In its information on application.
advertising columns. It is ths people of a town who can either make
it go ahead or stand still, and apparent!) Keremeoa business men
have caught the idea.    ThsGssette
welcomes the liumpet to its exchange   table   and    trusts    that   all
future relations may be cordial and
neighborly. KEREMEOS,  B.C.
gether,   we will   be  pleased  tO quote you special  prices on
Now is your opportunity, as the limited amount ot" fruit
And buy to the best advantage.     We will be pleased  to
Beautiful Valley Land Go. OLALLA ITEMS.
Doings and Sayings at the Mining Town to the North.
[From aa Occasional Correspondent.]
Olalla, April <>.
Although the robins and bluebirds
arrived some weeks ago, the meadows are yellow with goktencups,
the wild currants and gooseberries
in leaf, the willow catkins out and
the elder and olalla buds ready to
burst, the present spring is the most
backward for several years. Usually
the olalla bushes are white with blossom by the middle of April, but the
cold, bleak, wintry weather and frequent hailstorms have up to the present proved a setback to the advent
of spring in this sheltered valley.
Hut now thai the real harbinger of
bright sunshiny days the meadow-
lark has come, we may look for tt
The advent of the railway in the
Similkameen Valley has destroyed
what eras a picturesque, or rather,
cumbersome, industry. No longer
do the long strings of four-horse
teams meander through our main
(and only) street, heavily laden with
supplies for the merchants of Kere- \
HMOS, Hedley and Princeton. The |
haul from Penticton to Keremeos
cost $15.00 per ton and to Hedley
$20 per ton. Now thai this cost
hits been obviated some people tire
asking if there will be any reduction
in the price of goods. One beneficial feature in the withdrawal of
the teams is the splendid condition
of the roads.
H. K. Herr, consulting engineer
of Chicago, visited the Pott's group
of mineral claims up Dry Gulch hist
Friday in company with Malcolm
McAulay, who is the local representative of the syndicate owning
the property. They returned Friday night and Mr. Herr left by
train Saturday for the east. While
the gentleman e/as non-committal
as to the results of his inspection,
he seemed to be most favorably impressed with the showing at the
workings and expressed satisfaction
at the good looking ore taken out.
He will make out his report on his
arrival at home t.nd we may hear
some pleasant news in a few weeks.
Notices are out for a meeting on
Friday evening re the proposed
school for Olalla, and there is no
doubt that the old dining room of
the Olalla Copper Mining & Smelting Co. can be obtained tit ti nominal rental. This will be quite suitable for the do/en children that are
expected to attend. There will
probably be some trouble in getting
three gentlemen to act as commissioners among our bachelor population.
Dan Coutney, the veteran prospector, who litis been working on
his platinum claims near Princeton
for the past four years, returned to
Olalla hist week ttnd is still with us.
Das S/as one of the locators of the
Kullion and Klkhom more than   ten
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos Station P.O.
yean SgO, and has prospected every
foot of ground up Olalla creek,
where he still owns a claim or two.
Mat Alexander left last week for
Spokane, where he will enter a hospital to undergo an operation for
appendicitis. Or. IfcEwett, who attended him In his recent illness, told
him this was his only chance of a
permanent recovery.
Paul Sherson, who WSS trfrown
from his horse and broke one of his
legs about a month ago, is tote|
seen daily 00 the street vigorously
covering the ground with the aid of
a pair of crutches. He is also one I
of Or. McEwen's patients.
L R. Chase and Price Jandell
located ti fine looking quart/ ledge
not a hundred miles from Main
Street last Sunday. The capping
carries a lot of yellow copper . and j
A deal in real SStatS was a feature
this week. P. Williamson bough
a lot in the best block on Main
street for business purposes, and
will commence the erection of a
building Hixit) at once.
1.. R. Chase is clearing the land
he recently purchased from Mr.
Bsrcekl and will have two or three
acres ready for a first crop of clover
and timothy this spring. It is all
good bltu .i bottom land, comprises
about \2 acres, and is enclosed with
ti Lamb wire fence. The work of
clearing v» ill be heavy, as the undergrowth is thick and tangled.
It pays to advertise. lhe Riverside Nurseries, (irand Forks, advertise in a local paper, and a resident
here sent an order for fruit trees.
He has since learned that his order
could have been filled by the Kere-
mec.i   Nurseries.      Hut    then    who
knows anything about the hitter?
It does not advertise,
Druggists and Stationers
Dry Goods
Men's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Hardware, etc.
Fresh Fruit
& Vegetables
Wishes to take advantage oi this hrst opportunity in
these columns of thanking his many friends and patrons
for their generOUl custom in the past, and hopes to merit a
continuance oi their support in the future.
Our stock is a wide and varied one, our store centrally
located, our prices reasonahle.
Near the Station.
KEREMEOS, B. C. The Keremeos Trumpet
Pi.i.li.lu.Uv.n PrUai .a WmoWet,
KlTrllll'Os,   B.C
Subscription 12.00 a rmr, Si.'*1 tor wu month..
In  -nil all,','.
tdverttaing Ratsa. L«|ml notfosa, ISc r*T lim-
lirst insertion. Hi' per liiu' each iiibtequMit insertion,
l.inJ notices Ccrtiftcatrsol improvatncnt.vtc,,$7.00
I'rrtkl.n notkvs. *S.rjO foi Xuda\ notices. Contract
diapla) BavertJsiita;, 25c. an incn per veek. Transient advertisements, .iuli as Lost, Pound, Wanted,
etc., in'i exceeding one inch, SI.00 tret insertion, or
thrat Insertions ror tAttX   l.,val running notiaes,
-'.V.  IHT lill,'.
J. V. BROWN, Publisher.
FRIDAY, APRIL to, t'xjs.
private ownership.
but much of it is ions.    The values, of course,  are
still   unoccupied    except    as    cattle
ranches,   and   to   be   had   tit  prices
that   are   very   moderate
with their value  when   used as ot
chard or garden land.
low, but the  self-fluxing character
of the ore enables it to be  treated
Notary Public.
compared   til a profit.     Development   work is  r*K*n} '°* '■
■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ **************** ***************** London >V Lancaahin
tilso being pushed on the Independence group,   S   promising   looking
proposition on  Bear Creek In  the
Similkameen districl. This proposition is under bond in the sum ot
$ lOd.OOO.
Lieutenant-Governor   Dunsmuir,
in Sll interview in Montreal, is reported to have said that British
Columbia "had made a great deal
of real progress during the last few-
years, and the development following the construction of several railways across the mountains would
no douht be very considerable." He
deplored, however, the scarcity of
cheaper labor and the consequent
great drawback U) the complete
prosperity of the Province, lie was
in favor of white men making till
the money possible, but he was fully
convinced that the advent of cheap
labor would contribute to the betterment ot the condition of the
laboring classes. This is refreshing
reading as coming from a man who
has accumulated one of the hugest
fortunes in Canada out of the labors
of British Columbians, and who now
draws from them a large salary for
ii sinecure office. Mr. Dunsmuir is
supposed to be ti statesman as well
as a business man ; and how any
Statesman can reconcile the proposition of "white men making all the
money possible" with the advent of
tt supply of cheap foreign labor is
hard to understand, unless he means
only lhe fortunate few while men
who are large employers. It looks
tis if Mr. Dunsmuir is Speaking
his mind rather unguardedly when
he expresses his longing for cheap
labor that the white men for whom
he wishes all the money possible are
principally the owners of the Dunsmuir coal mines.
[I., s.
Iii an appreciative notice of the
establishment ot the Tkimi'KT, the
Greenwood Ledge says : " Its politics are not disclosed, but the coming election will probably make it
get off the fence and pick some kind
of clover." As to that, we wish it
to be distinctly understood that the
Trimim-h's editorial course is not to
be circumscribed hy the "fences"
erected by political bosses.    Fences
were  made  for   sheep,   cattle,   and   T,,i,llt""'""""»-pr.-s.m
party slaves,  not for   free citizens.
We shall hold ourselves entirely at
giro Ins.  Ce.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Klkl.NU.OS,   H.  (.'.
Contractor and Builder,
pROvmcs or sunsti Columbia.
KOWARD rill-: SEVENTH, by ths Oracs atOot\
of tlu1 l'nin.,1 Kingdom ,.l Orsal Britain and
Ireland, ami ol tlu* Britiah Dominions beyond
the Sana, Kim;. Pafaudw of tha Patch, Emperor
of liulia.
.hall MU
 \V. .1. HewMK. I    IjmiKKKAS   bv  S.v
^^^^H t      ii r." \tt->riH,\-i.u,tUT,iI, \\    ,,,,,,.   ,,,!,   ■ -,-   ,,.
liberty to discuss any and all pollti-   .^^ £ £_*_ J ^___*'^ttAn\nli
ct.l   measures   with   regtird   to   the   ^'feJlrfi^ £ti t-Ta^TLm
i i- . . i     _.,»U .,-     tii-iii     t,-\    tvirtv     l.u'Uti'ii;int-i.«.t.iTiiiir  in   (.outuil.   In    I'rivlamation
public food  r.itiioi   than  to pari)   )o u, vuh]^]u,A i(1 lwo MUVl.,v— isslu.s o( t!u.
    _, j: „.;,,ir tl-.'it  tlii* aun>   Britiih Columbia Gatette, to declare ■ doaa wmim
iencj  ,  believ Ing that UK sup    ^ ^^ h mj p_f rfU|< 1Vnina. ,.,r ,|||v jmAoi
port and appreciation of the public ** '-«■• ■">■
■                                      t             • \\liirciis Otir tatd  Lieutenant-Governor, in ,,nj
In return for public service rcnuoreu rith the advice of hii Executive Council, baa Wen
'                          t       . plaaaad u* inrvct. b) aa Ordar n Conncfl bi thai
is tlie best ;uul surest basis ot  pros- behalf. ■ doaa Mason for mn within tlu* County
% of KonCanay. until ami Endudfauf tha 31 at day of
ivritv tor a   sell-respecting journa . Angvtt, one thouaaad nfa» bandvadandoi^ht.
'      NOW    KMV    Yk,   tliiTftorc.   that    in    purMiainv
thevaof «.' do hereby pradabn ■ doaa Maaoa fef
li.isc «ithin   thi'   I'.mntv   of   Kootenay,   until   anj
including the 31st da) of Auguat* ona thousand nine
huadred aad .sight
Is    lisllMi'W   WllKKKOK,   \\f havt OaUWd   ill'"*''
Our l_.-tt.rs to ba nada  Patent,  and  the
Oraaf Seal of tlu- said Province to Ix- hereunto atBaad.
Wrmaaa, "is Hoaoof ,1 un i nrmnna, Lieu-
tertant-Otivernor  ol   Our   said   rumiaia   of
Hriiish I'olumhi.i. in Our _"\\\ of Victoria, in
Our said Proviiuv. this 14th day of l*Yhrii.ir\,
in the \ear of Our Laid   OOO   thousand   nine
hundred and eight* aad in tlu- dgfath roar ol
Our Raign.
iiv CooMaaaat
Provincial Secretary.
Painter, Paper-Hanger and
Contractor and  Carpenter.
Weikni.-inship Guaranteed.
Estimate! Kurnished.
Cbmthal Hotbi
Eattmatea Puralehed.
Workmsnihip Guaranteed.
Notwithstanding the tihle   reply
of Mr. Ross, manager of the  Daly
Reduction Coy., to our editorial in
last week's issue anent the killing
of fish by pollution of the waters of
the Similkameen, are still claim that
the authorities should institute an
investigation.    Many of our readers
view the dead fish in the stream and
it i-. but  natural thai thev should
seize upon the most palpable cause
for an explanation. A report from
a properly qualified commission of
investigation would be nccepted as
final, Wrheraas B   refutation   by   the
manager of the company most inter- GENERAL   BLACKSMITH.
esied is scarcely likely to prove convincing.
For an Easy Shave
and a Clean Bath
00 ro I in-:
A. J.  SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Motto :  Boost, hut Don't Knock.
A question \crv frequently asked
by people who have tt notion of
migrating, and who have heard of
the Similkameen as a good field for
settlement, i-. whether  there  is any
Government  land open  for home-
Steading. To these it may be explained that the Similkameen is not
anew country   in   the   same   sense
thai the prairies are, but  a country
that has been occupied, in a way,
for quite a number of years. ll Is
"new,"   though, in the sense thai il
la not* coming into occupation for
a totally different purpose Irom that
tot which ii Mtis originally  settled.
Hitherto it has been used  ehiellv  .is
a series of great gracing ranges ;
the new development goes to the
opposite extreme of intensive cultivation under irrigation, so th;il
where there was one home under
lhe old   system   there   is   room   for
scores under the new. The arable
hind in the Similkameen is of too
choice a qualtt} and too limited in
are!   tO   have   been   overlooked   by
Our esteemed contemporary the
King-Pan, a dally newspaper published in Pekln, china, is just entering on its thousandth year, having
been established in the year 908.
It issues three editions a day on
different colored paper yellow in
the morning, white In the afternoon
and pink in the evening. We cannot deny that ths lx. P. has the advantage of the TaUMPSI in point of
a^e and frequency of issue, but we
, ue not jealous. When the TaUMPSI
litis been established as long as the
K.T. we expect to lurn out just as
many editions and as bit,' ones.
The Granbj mines at Phoenix,
savs Superintendent O. H. Smith,
have IMH a daily output of 3900
ions,  which  will be   increased  to
5(KX) tons daily as soon as lhe company's furnaces tit Grand forks an
enlarged, which will be some time
next winter. These famous copper-
gold mines have already paid nearly
13,000,000 in dividends. Steady
employment is given 350 miners.
Thus far ovei   1,300,000 tons have
been mined and smelted, and experts estimate the amount still in
si^lit tit 40,000,000 to  100,000,000
Carriagi Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all
kinds of Leather Goods.
Of Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all kinds of Leather
Goods Done Neatly and Promptly. Keremeos Property
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch of the C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
W	 Appreciations of The
The ll. C. Saturday Sunset, ol
Vancouver, says :
Neat, newsy and thorough!} creditable to its llistrict is the first issue
ol the Keremeos Trumpet. In style
and make-up excellent taste has
been shown, and it Is full to the
brim with information about the
district and local news. The Trumpet is just what Keremeos needed,
and its publisher, Mr. J. \. Brown,
should receive a hearty support, as
no doubt he will, from the enter*
prising residents of lhat important
The Femie Free Press savs :
No. I, Vol. I, of the Keremeos
Trumpet is to hand. The TRUMPET is published weekly in the com*
nig capital of lhe Similkameen by J.
A. Brown. VV« don't know Mr.
Brown, but we can see where he is
going lo make a paper that will he
a credit to himself and to his town.
The first issue is a model of what a
small weekly should be, well printed ou lirst class paper and containing news and views that are of interest lo the local people and instructive to the outside public. We
wish Mr. Brown every success in
his new  venture.
Local and General.
Choice cooking and eating apples.
I".  Richter it Co.
The steam shovel will be at work
on Brushy Bottom by Saturday, or
at latest, by    the   beginning   of   the
At an auction stile ot a large
drove of horses at Wenatche tlii-
other day, lhe prices railged from
$24 up lo SoOO. Horses are bringing a good price in Wenatche and
good one ■ are hard to get.
Agents for Campbell's Clothing.
I-'. Richter it Co.
A. C.P.R. "silk extra"consisting
of ten cars which will race across
lhe Continent al  express   speed   left
Vancouver Monday night at 9
o'clock. Nine of Ihe cars are destined for PresCOtt, New York, and
the   other   one   will   be   cut    off   at
Winnipeg for distribution from that
point. The silk is nearly all raw
material ex-Empress of China, vv hich
reached port   on   Sunday    from   the
Orient,     lhe consignment is valued
at over $1,500,000,
Sole agents for five Roses Flour.
I-'. Richter ft Co.
After hiding lor two years in the
mountain tastneSSCS ol British Columbia, Archie Phillips,who declares
that he is marked for assassination
by mining men in connection with
carlv-day troubles in Colorado and
Idaho, has gOlM back   lo   Portland,
Oregon.    He fears thai he will be
killed any day, and wishes to seek
shelter in the light ol publicity, lie
tee's that in a large city where lie
will be constantly in the company
af   other   people   he    may    have    a
chance for his life. Phillips' determination followed his reading ol the
story of the attempted killing by
dynamite of Gen.Wells in Colorado.
lhe taste lhat tells    Diamond C.
Hams and Bacon.    I'. Richter it Co.
Tlu- man who puts his cash
Into American stocks
l\»th most quickly part wit 11
I lis Canadian rocks.
The brand is onlv skin deep, but
the quality goes clear through Diamond C. Hams and Bacon. I-'.
Richter it Co.
Ranche For Sale.
1100 acres choice beach, bottom anil
range land, River frontage. IJ miles
from Keremeos, 2 miles from Delmar Station. Will sell all or part. Good comfortable building) plenty of water Cor all the
lanil; immcihatc possession if desired.
tor particulars write K. V. or Joseph
Armstrong, Keremeos, U.e".
Its Up to You
To do your pari  now   in boosting
Keremeos in the most effective of
all stays    by tisin^ printer's ink.
If you are not iisin^. printed stationery in your business,  you arc abOttl
two generations behind the times.
If you an- without it your wholesalers imi other correspondents will
surelv  pui you down as slow.
Printed envelopes, etc., with your
name anil occupation and perhaps
a few particulars about the town
and district, will eosi vou little more
than you pay for lhe hlank goods,
You  need  them yourself,  and  they
will also help to make Keremeos
a familiar name lo outsiders.
Some of the things for vrhich von
should  have   printed  forms  are :
Letter Heads
Bill  Heads
Private Postcards
Our type anil ether man-rial is absolutely new and all carefully selected. You
may he sure of getting your printing done
neatly anil well.
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Comfortable ami commodious stabling lor loams.
Good  rigs and careful  drivers.
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and  Tourists invited to tfive Ul a trial.
Farm Implements
I      of Every Kind.
The Keremeos Land Co. is
Vgenl foi the International Harvester Company, of Chicago, ami
is handling all kinds of Farm Implements, such as PioVS, Harrows anil Spring-tooth I'tiltiv store
suitable for orchard work anil for
clearing around trees.
Gel our prices before investing, ami
then you will be  sure to get your
goods right.
We also handle Baled  Hay, Peed
Oats anil   \\ heat   al   the   lowest
Special attention lo Commercial Men,   Tourists anil  I.anil-seekers.
Headquarters for all Stage Routes.
Livery Stable in connection.
Ciooil table.       Large, airy anil comfortable rooms.
Free 'bus to and from all trains.
keremeos land co.  Tweddle & Reith,
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
And Builders' Supplies.
In  dealing  in   Building  Lumber and all  kinds  oi
Building Material we have the advantage oi getting
our supplies direct from  the  mills,  and can  therefore
retail at most favorable prices.
Estimates of Cost Cheerfully Furnished to
Intending Builders.
A large stock oi Rough and Dressed Lumber, Dimensions, Lath, Shingles. Sashes, Doors, etc., etc.,
always on hand.
Contracts for all kinds of building! in town and
country promptly executed.
Contractor and Builder,
Denial That  Reduction  Work*
Injure the River.
To iln- Kdltor ki' tho Trumpet :
Apropos of the endemic agitation '
against the   Daly   Reduction   Company, and for the   express   purpose
of giving out, once for all,  correct
information in reference to the alleged pollution of the Similkameen
River by the waste-rock from these
works, I beg to present to the public, through your columns, the actual facts of the case.
It will he evident to thinking men
that I would gain nothing by a deliberate misstatement of fact "for a
purpose," as has been widely insinuated in the Provincial press within
the past few days, by a meddlesome
and untruthful writer.
The conditions here discussed
have existed for over four years and
will continue to exist as long as the
Daly turns a wheel, so that misstatements may be proved at any
time by competent judges.
In the first place, I challenge any
competent chemist to -.how a significant cyanide reaction in water
taken from the Similkameen immediately below the mouth of 20-Mile
In the second place, we use no
chemicals in the treatment of our
rock except the cyanide ot potassium.
vegetable matter iii the creek
Some of Our heaviest losses ol
cynanide are due to this chemical
change during the process ol aerating the charges.
When it is known that our strongest solution contains only ihe quarter of one per cent, of potassium
cyanide and that the sands are
leached hy repeated washings, Rrsl
bv the strong solution ami then by
the successively weaker solutions
down to pure water; also, that before the charge is sluiced it is sucked as drv as possible by a powerful
vacuum pump, it will be understood
how exceedingly small a percentage
of potassium cvanide can possibly
remain in the tailing! themselves
before they are sluiced out of the
mill by tons of water under pressure.
And in the case of s.imes, they
are agitated over and over again,
with successively weaker solutions
as above, until as free from valuable
cvanide solution as it is possible to
get them.
So that, when these sluiced tailings, containing but a fraction of 1
per cent, of cvanide while still in
the mill, meet the great volume of
Water discharged from the water-
wheels of the mill and   power plant.
to say  nothing of the  immensely
greater volume of water in the river
itself, their cyanide contents are
diluted to such infinitesimal percentages as to make  any   reference to
In tlu third place, lhe clean-rains (|k. ..pois0niilJ, of ■__. river" an ab-
Of quarts rock that make up the ^^ mm -( ,ho cv.milU. wcr,
waste of these mills cannot poesib- L^ fcttooyed _y oxygen and early be nice dangerous to animal life ! ,,on ,vfo|v ,'lu. r;Vt.r •_ m_m*\ ss Iodic *■
than the regional scourings that ed above,
are   swept   into   the   stream   after      Again, k is easily sstlssaterf, from sag*
even rain or thaw. ****** ****>  "'■"  ""' ,°'"1  ******* *
'  ,     ,.       ,     , ,        .,,              scourinn poured into the  river frum tin-
In the lourth place, the mtlkv an-    ,.,,.    .         ..          ,     .. „     ..,	
r •     '     clin-sides, gulches and valleys 01 the entire
pearance ot the water, after tank- \ simllkainccn basis dorfcsj one da) o,
Hushing on every other day, is due heavy rata Is greater than thai of sll the
solely to lhe suspension of  the   im-   sand sluiced out of tlu-se works la .1 year :
palpable   powder   of   white   quart/, ' •"•» >( th™ m*m*t **** "~s l,i,d **** "*"
.    ,     jected to a grinding action, aa happens lo
tOO finely OTOUnd to   settle   qntcklv * ,    .   , ,
-  " 1 du. rocs pasa,ng through  Uu-  null, ii to.-
1 and amounting only   to   about   10     lows Usst since the esatsfial  Is the sssse,
of the total ore milled. the water of Ihe BffllUhsmccn  would  be
In other words, ihis powder forms  milk-white even dav in the year laatead
c   .,      1        , ,      1-1    of every other day, but the water would
a   perfectly    harmless    mud    which
would   never   be   noticed
color   brown,   like   the   very
thicker   mud of the   Missouri River   Creek.
which   all   St.   Loull   people   have      Aad, fcsaBy, as a cMnrhiag proof ef th
drank for a century and  which they
now insist is healthful.
not lie one hit more  "poisonous"   or  dan-
\\ere    is   ^,.,.,,,1, (,, animal life llian it Is now,  either
much  above or baton   lha  Math   ot   10-MUe
harmless nature of the discharge from our
mills, I slate il as a well known faet that
cows, Ihe most susceptible of all   animals
It goes without saying that   it   is   10cyan_deenssenhsg, have heen drinking
our   business   to   save   all   the sul-  almost ever}   dav   for four years out  oi
and   arsenides  in our   rock,   pools formed jusi In-low ihe nulls  by leak-
,   . ___  ace from the sluiceway through which
md   to use  every
as concentrate,
means to prevent the slightest escape of cyanide solution, which is
Very expensive, which carries the
raid ami which is used over and
over again until exhausted.
We would be poormillmen indeed
tails are discharged  into lhe  creek,  and
lhal none oi lhem lias died   tioin   cyanide
poisoning up lo the date of this wrilini;.
I hope, Iherefore. thai   this   plain   slate-
ineiit ol Ihe truth of  the   whole   matter of
"fish-poisoning" by our  works will 411101
lhe (ears of these thai reside below us, if
such tears really exisl.   Ther.- is no danger,
were we to send to waste these   so-   ||„.,,. never sma danger, and there sever
'chemicals , in  apprecia
Hut even in case some of the solution should escape our vigilance,
the potassium cyanide would disap-
peai   is such, and become harmless,
I within the distance   of  a   very   few
feet, through contact with  the oxy-
I gen cl the air and Ihe carbon of the
will be  is Far as we are concerned.
Everywhere oe earth fish dis from ■
vaneu of causes other than cyanide poisoning, and il is nol only Mas Ionic hut it
isaisouiii.ei play and bad business judgment to jump al conclusions in respect at
the responsibility sf ***** comp.im tet
alleged ilsmsgs done.
taunt \. Roes,
Managing Director
Daly Reduction Company. LOCAL NOTES.
C. A. McDonald made a business
trip tO OsoyOOS on Monday returning Wednesday.
Perseverance brings success.
Water has at last been obtained in
F. Richter's new well at a depth of
over 100 feet.
Eggs are now selling at 30 cts. a
do/en; the cheapest they have ever
been in the valley. A strike among
the poultry may now  be expected.
Rev. A. II. Cameron goes to Hedley to day tO officiate at the funeral
of Mrs. Hamilton, whose death occurred on Wednesday after a lingering illness.
Mr.   and   Mrs.    L   A.   Clark,   of
Green Mountain, spent the latter
pail of the week with their daughter,    Mrs.  I). J.   Innis.     Mrs. (/lark
also visited her daughtei at Hedley.
Keremeos is undergoing this week
an Invasion of butchers from other
towns who know where to go to
find good beef. R. J. Kdniond of
Hedley, Chas. Hauser of Penticton.
and "Kid" Somers of Princeton
were all on the hunt at the same
Mr. A. lie pe'.er, of Summerland,
accompanied by IV.   Blanchard of
Winnipeg, drove over  to Keremeos
00 Saturday returning on Monday.
The Doctor is visiting the fruit
valleys of the Province with the
view of selecting a home in a climate le-s rigorous than that of the
premier Prairie Prov ince.
Questioned  by  a   representative
of the TRUMPET, as to the   progress
01 work oa the new irrigation ditch,
W. II. Armstrong replied, "you
may inform   your   readers   that   the
ditch will be completed  and  water
Mowing by next April,   unless some
unforseen difficu! \ should prevent  i'.."
J.  T.   Praether  passed   th ough
Keremeos on Saturday on hi vvav
to Penticton. He is making an exhibition trip with "Dupleix", the
celebrated Percheron stallion, owned by the Scat hern Okanagan Percheron Association ot Penticton. It
is quite probable that Dupleix will
have a stand in .lie vallcv this
Among the guests at  the  Hotel
Keremeos this week were II. (1.
Hankinson, St. Thomas; C. W.
Duns,in, Vancouver! J.  H.   Gi'es,
Sand Point,  Indiana; W.J. lioepcl,
Nelson, B. C.; R. Sheedy, I'. K.
Chapman, Spokane ;   Smith Curtis,
Rossland ; A. |. Engel, Spokane ;
A. D. I'organ, lledlev ; Chas. Hauser, M. Houghton,   Penticton |   Dr.
Cross, Penticton.
Wm. Teske, of Rosenfektt, Man.,
representing a large number of
that place, is in Keremeos looking
the district over. He is very favorably impressed, and on his return
will give his neighbors a report
that will doubtlee! result iii quite an
invasion of oar valley by the people
of Rosenfeldt,    Mr.   Teske   found
the climate here much warmer and
everything tin ther advanced than in
am  place en i oute.
Samuel Wolfe of Sheridan, Wyoming, who arrived in Keremeos
last Friday to work on the ditch
gang, reports that in passing
through Montana he encountered
zero weather and in er two feet ol
lhe Rev. A. II. Cameron has added to his collection of photographs
a very good one ot the steam shovel at work on what appears to be a
dangerous looking cut on the Y.V.
ft I-I. line, under construction west
of here.
I-I. C. Morgan, superintendent of
the Great Northern, with headquarters at Seattle, was in town
yesterdaj and took a drive around
the district.    He expressed pleasure
at the many evidences of progress
and improvement going on.
Oldtimen predict high water in
the Similkameen this season. The
backward spring weather has prevented the gradual melting of tile
snow in the mountains, until now
the season is so far advanced that
when the snow does go it v\ ill likely
go u ith a rush.
Preparations are all complete for
the benefit ball in the Keremeos
Town Hall to-night, and a first-rate
time is assured all who attend.   The
proceed! will be devoted towards
defraying the cost of an outfit for
the Keremeos baseball club. Tick-
els $1,50.    Everybody come.
The local baseball team will travel this season under the name of the
"Coyotes". Practices have already
commenced and the team should be
in good condition for the baseball
tournament at Keremeos on May
24th.    If you h ivn't   subscribed  to
the fund tO purchase balls, bats,
etc., do SO at once and show you
hav e an interest in the team. Princeton Press.
John KnudsOfl has purchased
from the Townsite Company lots I
and _\ block 57, Sixth avenue, and
w ill commence work to-day on the
erection of a   building   40x<>0   feet.
The upper floor will he divided into
apartment and society lodge rooms
and the lower floor will contain a
commodious shop and several offices. The lots referred to above
are on the lOtner Opposite J. I\.
Shaw's general store.
The Flier stage  was  delayed on
its nip from lledlev on Monday bv
an axle breaking when a little this
side of BradshaWS.      There   were   a
hall 'do/en commercial men aboard,
and failure to connect with the Penticton    Stag!    at     Keremeos    meant
anything but a pleasant prospect to
them. The veteran proprietor ot
the "Flier", however, was equal to
the occasion, and the  way   he   sent
another rig from town to tbe rescue
;.nd brought the stranded drummers
Into the Central wasn't slow.
Choice X.\.\. Alfalfa Seed. I'.
Richter ft Co.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Hi: VI)   OrriCB,
Capital and Reserve,
Shbrbrooks, Qukmc.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of SI.00 and upwards  received,   subject  lo no delay in withdrawal  of till or any portion.
Keremeos Branch.
J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
This is the
First Time
This is tho lirst time we have had an opportunity of
advertising in a local paper, and we beg to announce to our
friends and patrons that we are able to supply their wants in
all lines ot" General Merchandise.
We have the largest ami best stock in Keremeos.
Everything for everybody.
Dry Goods, Groceries, and Hardware.
Sole Agents lor Campbell's Clothing and Lake ot" the
Woods Flour.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Hav  and Grain Store in connection. Seed Wheat and Barley for sale
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
Workmanship ami lit guaranteed.
Spring samples just arrived.
See us before placing your order for a Spring Suit.


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