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The Keremeos Chronicle Aug 20, 1909

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 The Keremeos Chronicle
Vol. II.
No. 22
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Hre Ins. Co
Ocean Accident anil Guarantee Co
Kkkkmkos, R. C.
minks.     Chief Engineer Says the Hope Is Finished and Accepted and
Route Is Practicable.
Ready For Opening.
Contractor and Builder,
Teacher Wt Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal Cottage of Music, Lon-
dontopenlo engagement   for   accoinpan-
imenls.     Trims on application.
Hkiu.kv, B.C
Preparations Well Under Way
For a Thorough Exploitation of Its Immense Ore
Notary Public.
On u i;   ....    Kkkimios, B.C.
Estimates Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed,
Sta°.e Lines.
I'l.IKK   STVl.K.
Leaves Kereineos daily, except Sunday,
Sl noun, arrive* al lleillev 3 p.m.
Leaves Hedley ilaily, except Sunday,
al S a.m., arrives al Keremeos 11 a.m.
On!y through connecting stage betsreen
Penticton, Keremeos, Hedlej ,\ Princeton.
I). Gii.i.Ksr-n:, Proprietor,
Kaasitsos Haout Man Staob.
Leases Keremeos dailv, exeepl Sunday,
ui 1 p.m.; connecting with all stages seal
and west, arrives in Hedley at 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedley ilaily, except Sunday, sl
I a.m., arrives In Keremeos sl 11 a.ss,
P. J. InniS, I'roprielor.
Vancouver, Aug. 17. — Theerron*     J. R. Brown of Fairview, Govern*
eous impression that the route oi ment Agent, came over on Satur-
the V. V. & B. railway over the day and accepted from the contract-
Hope mountains between the Sim- ors, Boeing & Brass, the new
! ilkameen and the Kraser river val- school building. The completed
ley constitutes a veritable toboggan   work vvas found to be entirely satis-
shuts involving heavy operating ex-   factory     in fact a little belter   than       Qtlt, tf {\-c mosl promising under-
penses vvas dispelled today by A. H.   was absolutely called for in the way   takings   in   mining   circles    in    the
Similkameen in recent years is the
present systematic development
work under way in the Apex group
promising, that is, in the sense
that an established industry on a
large scale is assured. There are
scores of claims dotting the country
to the south, east, north and west
of the Apex to which the word
could be fittingly applied in the
sense that their showing is excellent
,ind their probable richness great ;
bul this enterprise bus now  reached
the   status   of   a   regular  industrial
project.   It has ceased to be a group
of prospects and become a mine.
Situated near the headwaters ot
Keremeos Creek, inst east of Independence Mountain, the Apex has
until recently been accessible only
Hogoland of St. Paul, chief engin- Wt putting on the finishing touches, bv pack trail. In fact it is not yet
cer of the Greal Northern railway. A fair profit was re, i i/ed by the quite reached by wagons, but the
"Changes in the locatijfl of the contractors, despite the interrup- ■**-■*■ road connecting it wilh the
unbuilt portion Of tht V. V. & I-:, tions to the work through delay in Keremeos-IVnticlon stage road is
route are now under consideration, the delivery of materials. The build- well on to completion. I'nforlun-
I'wo survey parties are now at work ing is constructed on the same yen- **-*t 0* gov eminent appropriation
in the Hope range." said Mr. Huge- eral plans as those used for the f.'r building this road ran dry last
land. "We fee! quite confident Hedley and Princeton schools, with week while about half a mile yet
thai in the revised survey vve will some n.inor variations, especially in remained to be done. The Colonial
be able to secure a grade of one per   the sanitary   arrangements.      There   Company, however, does „ol   allow
KKKKMKOS   I'l'M.k'   SUIOiM..
Kkkkmkos Pkntuton Mvu. St.ii.k. cent, on w e tbound and a   two   per
Leaves Keremeos for I'entieton on Mon- cent,    grade    00    eastbound   traffic
daVS, Wednesdays a...! Kriduj s.  a. noon. p ^   information     HOW    ill    OU
Leaves I cnttoton  on   Inesilavs,   I hnrs-
d.iis and Saturdays sl 6 a. m.. arriving i" possession we have every reason   to
Keiemeos ;u noon.
W. K. Wki.iiv, Proprietor.
are two main class-rooms,  each   36 it-clMo be deterred on that account,
by 27 feet and  14 feet  high.    For but Is building the remaining stretch
the present one of these rooms   vvill Itself, for which il vvill no doubt  be
be   sufficient   for   all   requirements, reimbursed by the government when
believe lhat the   mountains   do   not   but    the   larger   accommodation   is tl"' nexl appropriations come down.
constitute the   insurmountable   bar- j wisely provided for the needs of the The construction  of   the   road   has
rier people suppose them to be. not distant future.     The equipment involved    some   very   heavy   work.
"The  route   of   Ihe proposed line   of blackboards, mupli ami's, etc., is more, apparently, than   was   antici-
BCTOae the mountains Was completed   of the best.     The painting was done patcd when tho .stimate of  its  cost
and filed with the government nearly two rears ago.   Going west  it
by t'.eorge Humell ol I'airview, who   *** -*******     I'or quite a distance  it
is well known throughout   the   vul-   tuns through heavy   timber,   wliich
d    Otter   lev    as     a     first-class     hand     with   had to be cleared   and   the   stumps
I'tesltiletian t'luireli    Kev. A.  II
Seen,  I'astor.
Constable and Deputy Game Warden
Keremeos Directory.
Hoard of Trade    George   Kirhv, I'tcsi-
denl; K.  II. I'armichacl, Secretary.
Similkameen farmers' Exchange   J. J.
Atnisirone,. Presidenti W, M. Frith, Secy,
I'ul.lic   Sehool   Hoard     C.oorgc   K.iln,   follows    |he    Tulanioen
V.tr.i Mills, K. Klmhirst. Secretary.              rivers to the summit   and   descends the brush.      The li usiees  vvill   have **-***   **->**   sad   >n   places   along
Customs' Olliee    W. M. I'riih, lab-Cat \fa „vsU.rn sk,po vi., fa c'oi|uehal- the grounds plow ed and lev eled this ***)  ****** MRsidSS   retaining   work
,,,„.   la  rive,    to   thai    river's   confluence fall, so that they vvill   be   ready   for At   heavy    limbers   is    used    where
with Ihe   l-'raser   river   near   Hope, (he planting of trees in   the   spring, otherwise  an   excessive   amount   of
PrtMtl tiMl  poinl   it   will   extend   to School will open next  Mondav   with i utting and banking   would   be   re-
Cormer-Dr   M  D. McKwaa                    AbbOttsfefd    al     the     international Miss Mc.Mullen of \ernon as teach- quired.     I'or Ihe st,etch   vet   tube
jus.ieesol'thel'eaee    T.   W. Coleman,   boundary, N here conned ion vvill  be er. Iwlmmi   the   company   retains    tin
Prank Richter.                                             i ■-« .. . ....a—.i_._ ,- I _ government force and ia  employing
Hill road extending to the main line   s'"m' **• i,s **■■'" ***** *** ****,   m an
effort to complete the work by the
36th inst., on which date it is expected that the mine will be visited
by a party of interested persons
from the east, including K. P.
Qoodwkl, of Manchester, N. H.,
treasurer and general manager ot
the Colonial Gold Mining Co.
The   seven   claims   comprised   in
the   \pex   group   lie   mainly   on   an
[Continued on nexl page]
made with the completed section in-
I'ostm.'islcranil 'Telephone Agent     Ceo.
Kniiy. to Vancouver.
Meinhe, ol ' Parliament    Martin   lansB.        "Our road will be completed  into at Spokane.     At MVSTal points   be-
Grand Porks, 1". O. ' prilu.oUin ,rom fa   t..lsl   c.nh   th|s twtM   Uurier  and   Keremeos   the
Member   Provincial   Assemble    I..   \\. ;  .    , . ,.        ,.       . ,.   •     ,    ...   ,        .       •
Shatloril, IVniicton P. O. *****     Princeton is just   easl   ol   the line dips  into   tinted   States   tern-
Town Mall   J. J. Armstrong, Mgr. I lope mountains.     The eastern sec- lory in order  to   secure   the   MOSS*
Keremeos Hall    Ceo. London. Mgr, tion ofthe   Hill   line   in   Canada   is sarv gradients.
19^1^*&1^TL'c& buil, and in operation from Laurier,        "I am unable to  state   when   the
Agent. a point on the international   bound- link   binding   \ ancouver   with    thc
Mails    p.tily from ihe iv. st via   lledlev itry in the Houndary district, to Ker- Kootenays will he finished, bul it  is
Slaee; from easl via 11. N. Kv.; 'Tt i-vveok- ,     ,,      ...     .,, ,•  .  •  . ...,..:.. il,,,, ,1,., ,e,-,rb  will he   rtriwe.
s , eineos in the Similkameen district, a certain tn.it tlie worK win oi   prosi-
Iv via IVnticlon Stage from lhe norih. . , .     .. ,   ,,
(P« Mercantile and   other   Itnsiness in- dts.ai.ee ol over 1(,0 miles.    A. I.au- CUtsd   with   energy   and    d.spatch,
stimiions see advertiemenis ,n il„s paper.) rier the line connects   with   anotlici s.ud Mr.  Hogeland in conclusion. '
[Continued from preceding page]
eastward spur of Independence or |
Lost Horse Mountain, extending
across the spur and into the gulches
on ils north and south sides. It is
ou two of these claims, the Acadia
and the Acacia, that most of the
development work bus been done,
and on the latter that the  efforts  of
the   management   are   at   present
mainly directed. Near the centre
ot the claim a shaft has been sunk
to a depth of 100 feet, and from the
SO-lool level a lateral drill for 50
feet, 10 meet which an adit has been
started and has I 10 feet yet to go.
As shaft, drift and adit all penetrate
good p.iv ore, il is evident that a
large mass of il  lies  in   Ihis   claim.
On the Acadia, to Ihe east, is the
second principal ore bod)*, the outcropping   of which  has   been   laid
bare, showing a   width   ot   28   feet.
Lower it is penetrated by a  tunnel
which has been driven in u distance
of abo it 100 feel and shows the ore
body to be slightly wider than at
the surface. Surface showings indicate the preaence of a third ore
body, which has not vet been prospected. King between  and   running
parallel  with  th j  iwo referred  to'
above.     All three bodies are readilv
traceable by  surface  showing   not
onlv across the i idge but across and
beyond the gorges on either side.
A good deal of the work on the
claims was done before the) canu
into thc possession of the Colonial
Co., uiul the efforts of lhe latter
have so fur been directed not so
iii i  li to mining work propel    us   to
the necessary preliminaries for operation on a commercial scale. The
thorough and systematic manner in
which these preliminaries ate taken
up at once challenge the admiration
of the visilor and are a revelation to
Ibe novice who imagines thai a mine
means a hole in the ground. They
involve not only the beginning of a
manufacturing establishment a relatively simple matter in a lown but
I good deal ol a prob'em in the
avildcrncee; but abo founding a colon) ami providing lot iis needs
these und manv Other things in addition to solving the central problem
ol wlicie  Molina   Nature has  hiilde ,
her treasures, snd having found the
hiding spots how best and most ex-
peililiouslv  to rifle lhem.
It is   intended   shortly   lo   install
considerable new machinery, among
other things a diamond drill. The
power problem is one nol full] decided vet, but the balance ol advantage seems to be in favor of steam.
Electrh pOWerienOl vet available,
gus dine is cosily and up-gi.nle
freighting-in an item of importance;
while fuel lor steam, in the form of
wood, is abundant right al hand,
parts ol the district being heavily
timbered; so it is likely thai steam
vvill he used, for the time being at
anv rale.     Also there are additional
and mon t omntodious buildings to
lie elected loi  vuiious purposes, and
other things to be done which will
pretty well occupy tbe working
force till winter sets in.
The question of communication is
solved for tbe present by tbe new-
wagon road until a stage ot development is reached that would warrant a more advanced form ot transportation. 'Though rather roundabout, the road affords a fairly easy
giade, and what is more important,
a favorable outward grade for the
whole distance to Keremeos. A
shorter route to the railway line
might be found by way either of the
15-mile or 16-mile Creek, but either
of these routes would have the serious   disadvantage   of   an     adverse
outward grade for part of the distance.
The development of the Apex
will, it is hoped, prove the beginning ot a new era lor the rich districl of which it is the centre To
the north, east, south and west of it
the landscape is simply peppered
with   claims    and   prospects.     And
these art very far from being wildcats. They are the local ions ot experienced old-timers, men who know
their   business,   but     whose   means
are limited, and who are therefore
able lo prosecute theii work only to
a very limited extent. The projected metropolis ot the llistrict is the
City of CentrinieiiO, lying a short
distance east of the Apex Centri-
incno tow nsile was laid out about
six years ago. ll is still only a
papei town, hut if half the surrounding claims should fulfill the hopes
and anticipations of their owners
Centrimeno would have Johannesburg backed plumb off lhe map.
The   Apei   is   not   a   sensational
mine. It bus no llash-in-the-pan
patches of phenomenal richness,   lis
value lies in the proved  presence  of
large compact bodies of  even ore
ore that,  situated as it is, classes as
moderately  high-grade,  but   in   a
region of established iiulnstiv would
rank as decidedl) high-grade.     The
managing engineer,  Mr.   Bobbins,
impresses one as a master of his
craft, and there can be little do .iht
thai bis eastern clients when they
conic tO W*JW up the situation vvill
give hearty approval and support lo
an aggressive forward policy.
Costly Homesteads
According to Ihe estimates mads
oi ths number of people  thai   will
rcgifttel lor the drawing of lands   in
the Spokane, Coeur d' Uene and
Flathead reservations thc figure*
will run above 300,000.     \s there
are probably onlv about ItHMl Ira, Is
tO be parceled OUl in the reservations the individual applicant has
about one chance in 100. It would
be a low estimate to put the average expenditure of each person registering at $10, including railroad
I.ire, hotel bills and incidentals.
That would bting lhe amount of
money paid out through the agency
ofthe drawing to some 13,000,000,
i.u mora than the land is  worth.
Oroville tia/etle.
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
Special attention to
Commercial Men,
and 1.ami-seekers,
Headquarteri I'or all
Stage Routes.
Livery Stable
in connection*
Good table.
Large, airy ami
comfortable room-..
Free  bus to and from
all trains.
Ottiee of B.C. I'ruit
Land Co.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  -  - Proprietors.
Straw     Fell
Crash    Nash Outing.
No larger assortment
in the llistrict
No better assortment
in the district
Arc water and
fire proof
LADIES" Hygiene Underwear,
Alexandra Underskirts,
Shield Brand Corset Covers.
MEN'S Balbriggan, Pen-Angle,
Worsted, Elastic Knit,
Silk Finish.
Special Sales Given Weekly.
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We lead
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J. R. SHAW. Wedded at Seattle.
Word has reached Keremeos of
the marriage of W. J. Stover of this
town to Miss Simpson ttt San
Diego, Cal,i whieh took place at
Seattle on Wednesday, the I Ith inst. The marriajye, it will he remembered, was to have taken plaee some
weeks ago at Spokane, hut was
postponed on account of the unwillingness of the bride to leave her
native land; while the gtOOtn, like
most of those who have once tasted
of living in the Similkameen, was
naturally reluctant to abandon his
beautiful little ranch here and go to
the sun-baked plains of the south.
However, he yielded as in duty
bound, and the couple will make
their home at San DicgO, The ceremony was performed in the parlor
of the Hotel Mansfield al Seattle,
by the lady minister ofthe N'asarene
church. Mr. and Mrs. Stover will
remain fur about ten days at Seattle, after which thev will make a
tour of Portland, San Prandsco and
the Yosemite Valley before returning    home.       Mr.    Stoier's     many
mends   here,   while  regretting  to
lose him as a citizen, extend congratulations and wish him all success in the south.
Local and General.
Harvesting is general on the
prairies.     Crop is good.
Pr. McLean is now a resident of
(ireenwood.     With him is associat-
] ed Dr. Arbuckle, late of Vancouver.
J. R. Bttllkk, C.P.R. chief constable in Vancouver, and a C.P.R.
detective were in the city this week.
I They are still working on the Ducks
i train robbery, and had with them a
photograph of William Haney,  the
! man who is said to have killed Constable Decker, and the brother of
the robber who was shot by Decker.
Haney has relatives in l.os Angeles,
hut so far they have been unable to
locale him.     Revelstoke Herald.
A representative of the Vancouver
\Vor!d is making the round  of the
vallev in a canvass for advertising
for a special edition of the World,
copies of which are to be mailed to
all visitors to the A. V. P. fair who
have registered at the World's
building there. As these people
number many thousand, are all
people of at least means SltOUgh to
travel lor pleasure, and come from
all parts ofthe continent, lhe proposition is an attractive one for some
classes ot tulvertisintf.
A Close Call.
One ofthe gUSStS of lhe   ill-fated
Okanagan  Hotel  at   Vernon   who
narrow l\ escaped cremation was J.
A. Russell, who it will be remembered  was   a   visitor   to   Keremeos
juat before going to Vernon.    Mr.
Russell was collecting notes and
material iu this district for a series
ol lectures he is to give in England
this winter for the C. P. R. The
Vernon N'ews thus describes his experience:
As an instance of the extreme difficulty with which any of the occu-
pants escaped, the experience of Mr.
Russell, who OOCUpied a room on
the second story, may he cited. Mr.
Russell was awakened bv se. earns,
some time before the lire alarm
rang. He jumped out of bed and
opened his room door, onlv to find
the hall filled wilh smoke aud flame.
Making a hasty snatch for his trousers he ran to the window opening
on the verandah, und before he got
outside the window (lames were
bursting through the door, lie slid
down a verandah post tO the ground,
and had hardly got out to the centre
ol the Street when lie saw Ihe Ceiling ofthe room he had just left fall
down, and a ^ust   of   flames   swept
out of the window for several  feet.
All his notes were destroyed along
wilh SISO in cash which he had in
his coat. He escaped only in his
trousers and shirt, ami wus .1 thankful man to gel out alive.
A boy named Micono at Kamloops went hunting with a homemade gun improvised from I hii \. le
frame. When he shot at a bird the
Weapon hack-lired and he lost in
eve.      The bird was  killed.
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62ic. per acre cash and
62ic. once each year
for seven thereafter
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and may be purchased on these EASY TERMS
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Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards.
Shipping facilities unsurpassed. Easy transportation
Apply lo the
address as
shown on the
attached coupon
for Maps, Application Forms,
and Literature.
Assistant to 2nd Vice-President,
Desk 8 Calgary, Alberta.
Please send me till facts pertaining lo your
lands in H. C.
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J. R. SHAW, Agent.
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A. J. SAUNDERS, Keremeos. The Keremeos Chronicle.
riMlnliiJ mt) MAu u ti,,- ,.ffi,v.
Ki'ttiiHi^. ll.C
SuWripliiMi $.'.1X1 .1 foot, $1.1X1 lur six nnmllis,
in .'idv.'iiuv.
ftltiailhillg Knti-s. l.,>;al n,>ti,-is, ISc |ht lint'
firil ins,rti,<n. HV pet lim- ,;uli siil>s,qii,-nl Eiuartion.
Laiul noticea Crrtificfttca ,»l improvcmcnt,ctc., $H.'X)
f„r ni_j;,> ihillrwt. $1 fltl ftir 10 iIbj n,'ti.vs.  Contract
dinpl.l, .l.lviilisiri^.  We.   |HT  illL-ll   pt'r  ,1,','k.     Tnyh
stent ■dvertiacmetita, wen u Loat, Pound, Wanted,
fli., not exiveilintf nne iniii, $1.1X1 lirst insertion, or
tlmv insertions t„i $_'.IX), l.,v;,l r»\ulin_ notioaa,
Me, per line lit sl insi't'tion, l.V. gack subsequent insert inn.
J. A. HROWN. Publisher.
Taking as a text some recent brief
comments in these columns on
Washington's sumptuary laws, the
Princeton Star censures the Chkon-
ual judgment,   in   religion  and   in
other matters as well, was won only
after long effort. It should not beheld lightly. "Eternal vigilance is
the price of liberty."
It is not enough to say of a law
that its purpose is good, It is not
even enough to say of it that it produces good result.s. The end does
not necessarily justify the means,
casuists to the contrary notwithstanding, A law to forbid boating
would undoubtedly save many lives
every summer, but it would be tyranny all the same.
The Star says:
a^a^a^a^a^a^aa^a^aaa^a^a^a^a^aa^a^a^a^aH.     i     "Mr. Chronicle savs that     certain plaee
ICI.I wilh a heal that    would   hardly is p.neil wilh irooil intentions,   thus  inl'cr-
SSetn to be warranted bv the nature eniially arguing thai a kw of good  Intent
.        ' ami tendency should be condemned sny-
ol the  subject.     What   we   pointed waVi  ,„. becsass  this  'certain  place   is
out was simply this,   that   in   legis- paved with iroo-1 intentions.' '
lation as   in   many   other   things   a Doubtless the Star   will   discover
good purpose does not  necessarily something dreadful  in  this article
lead to a good result.      lhe amateur also.      However,   the   words   of  a
physician who   "tries"   patent   nos- writer who  can   perpetrate   such   a
trums does so wilh the   best   of  in- travesty on   reasoning   as   the   one
tendons, but  with   as   much   likeli- just quoted are not   likely  to  carry
hood of doing harm  as  good; end much weight witb Ms readers.
the same is   true   of   the   untrained
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I'urp .ntine and Gasoline always on hand.
From one cause and  another, the
extension of the railway to   the   tipper valley is having a marked effect
science as abstruse as that of  medi-   Similkameen is attracting a  greater
cine, though it is commonly and ( amount of attention and interest in
mi lakenly supposed to be simple, the outside world this summer than
ll is an axiom  of  government   that I at any time, perhaps, since the plac-
the most carefully framed enactment |er gold boom oi ancient days.   The
never works out just as it is intended.     Often its intended   effects   are
dwarfed by its unforeseen or _eCon-|ia a renewed interest in mining and
dary effects   as, for example, in lie- lumbering,    In  mining circles the
land,   where lhe   apparently   -implc , outlook is particularly fjood at   sex -
measure of putting a nigh tax on Ieral points. The Nickel Plate, to
liquor had ihe unforeseen  and  sec. sll appearance, is about to enter on
oudui\    effect   oi   popularising    the   a new staj;e   of   development   on   a
fatal  hubii   oi ether-drinking.   So considerably gw .ter scale than its
il has been front   the   days   when   a   old one.     The Apex group under   a
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
uiuduxx tas l,n revenue impelled
people lo live in pens, to the modern
days in tjuebec, iihero church tithes
strong company and capable management is building the foundations
of development on a basis suitable
for Teams
Prompt attention to all customers.
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
on grain    turned grain-fields into I to a mining property oi  the first
hay-fields.     This "trying  it   on   lhe   rank.     The Kingston tfroup, a  well
j proved   property   on   which    much
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
dog" might be excised if the lessons ii i;axe were heeded; but the
lessons   are   soon     forgotten,     and
meantime it is bard on the do^j.
Canadians are proud, and rightly
so, of the tradition of Hritish free-
dom.     We never tire of proclaiming
D. -J. IfiMIMtS,
xxork has already been done, the
Golden Zone, the Pollock and others
oi greal promise are being handled
arith renewed /est  in  view  of the'
better facilities now afforded them.
In the upper valley a similar  quick-
DrpwimakinK ami Sewing.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Kl-KI MI.OS l   IN I Kl .
thai it bus made Britain great. Yet lening in mining circles maybe look-
are seem at times to forget its real ] ed for. and in lumbering as well.
meaning. It is founded on the doc- [ lhe Similkameen I.umber Co., il is
nine lhat the main duty oi the hux understood, is prepared lo operale
is to guard the free action of the in- on a large seale as s,niii as the rails
dividual SO long SS thai action does are iu easy reach. Since il has bono! Interfere with the equal freedom come evident thai the Similkameen
of Others.     Such a   doctrine   oi  in-   is held lo be an important   province
dividual freedom tends to an indi- in the great game of rail wsy empire,
h'idual feeling of responsibility    con-   both   irom   ils   own   resources   and
duces lo self-discipline     produces  a   from its strategic position, the n-ore
high  type oi character.     Thai  is particular attentions of captains of
what is mean! when it is   said   thai   industry   are   sure   to   follow.      An
freedom  has made  Britain   great, agreeable feature of the situation is
Being police-ridden is   not   eondnc-', thai Ihere is little of the hostility be-
ive to    a    sturdy    independence    of
tween towns that usually marks the
growth of a new district.    The po*
Buti says the eatfer reformer, free-1 sitions of the towns iu the Similka
doffl means only freedom to do meen are complementary rather than
riL'ht. In our humble judgment il competitive. Bach bus its special
means something more than th.it and vastly potential resources close
it means the riujit oi the   individual j at hand, resources ^reat StlOUgfa   to
to judge tor himself what is right, engage all its attention and tax all
barring a plain infringement on   the, its energies, leaving little excuse or
public weal.      lhat right of Individ- Occasion for WVy and jealousy.
POR Till".
Spring Trade
Tested stork, soods I'or   farm,
garden  or   conservatory t   from
beat growers in   Kngland,   Hoi
land, l-'i.iinv, United State! ami
local |{1 owns
Home Grown Km it ami Oma-
nii-nt.il  Tuts, Small I'niiK,
Fertilisers, Bee  Supplies,
Spraying rumps ami Matt-rial,    t'tll      I'loWOIS,    rtf.
157-page catalogue free,
M. J. Henry
Own HeuiaesanJ Sivil
lltMIS, s.
mo wm MiNsrss soad
Vancouver    -    -    B.C.
Branch Nuraeriea   S. Vtncouvtr,
Keeler's Restaurant
You CM gSt
Meal Tickets & Bread Tickets.
Twontv-ono Mi.iN for Six   Dollars.
Iloroal'tor our loavos will ho   ol"   regular
uniform weight which wo will soil as follows
Om for ton ivnis.
Three for iueni\-fi\o touts.
Fourteen for om dollar.
1'ics,   Cakes-,   Doughnuts   or   Biscuits
made when ordorod.
ii. G. KEELER.
All poisons having accounts with tho
Keremeos ComiMJcial Co. are requested
to oall and   adjust   said  a.vounls   at   tho
ntliiv of tho   Koromoos   Land   Co.,    Main
Street, Koromoos.
17-4 Kkrkmkos COMMBftCUL Co.
Contracts For Work.
Land scrubhed or any kind of
xvork taken hy contract at reason*
able rates.
KEREMEOS. Keremeos
The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and
of British Columbia.
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing the completion of their irrigation system that will  cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest of water yet brought to the home oi an irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered bv them are
such as will command the attention of all homeseekers.
Situated as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now beinju;" extended to Vancouver places her on the direct highway to the far
Easl and West.
Having a climate that  is distinctly her own,  it
stands today   unexcelled   for   its   sunny  dim ite   both
winter and summer and has proved itself as heing particularly adapted to the raising' of apples, peaches,
pears, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size.
In competition at Spokane lhe only exhibit sent
took first prize, while at the Provincial Fair at New
Westminster out of 100 pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 23 prizes.
The upper portion of the valley, including Hedley
and Princeton, both rich in their mining' industries,
offers the local market means oi disposing- of all produce.
The   properties  are   being-  offered   in   I,  .1,  5 and   10  acre   Blocks  with   a   well   laid   out townsite
now doing- an active business.
Our terms are liberal.     One-third cash.     Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $200 to $300 an acre.     Town lots from $100 to $300.
For full particulars apply to
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
■ m-i
Bumper Year in Immigration.
Between 175,000 uiul 1X0,000
United Stall's farmers,  experienced
iu the wuv- and work of tho west,
aiul fami iar with prairie conditions,
will this year take up their homes
on Canada's plains. This estimate
is mads by W, D. Scott, superintendent of immigration for tlu- Dominion. Mr. Scott estimates that
immigration will run considerably
over the figure* for   last   vear,   anil
will make a very respectable snowing he-ide those ttt Ihe banner years
of three or four seasons ago when
about 225,000 settlers took up
homesteads   in   Manitoba,     Alberta
ami Saskatchewan,
Needless to say these settlers are
of a class whieh are warmly welcomed, because in addition  lo  their
experience they nearly all have a
considerate   amount    of    money.
lhe Statistic! also show that a
very considerable number are either
of Canadian or of Itritish birth, and
are thus merely coming under a form
of government with which they were
familiar earlier in lite.
Even il Ihis were not so, any fears
ot  llie   " \nii'i iiani/ation"    ot    Ihe
Middle West of Canada, upon which
lubject some British editors seem to
be rather nervous, is without any
real foundation, Mr. Seott points
out thai in the first plaee a man who
leaves the l'nited Stales io settle in
Cam Tu is not a tail twister.      If   he
were, he would stay at home. In
the second place tlie emigration records do not show tlie vasl influx of
eastern Canadians to the plains
which take place every year and
which provides the west with the
most important element in forming
its public opinion. In addition,
there is the more important fact
thai all lhe centre: oi thought in
each community the teacher, the
preacher, the doctor, the lawyer,
lhe editor are almost invariably
Canadian, and krive a Canadian
tone to public life lo lhe whole.
Another encouraging feature of
the situation on the plains is mentioned, and that is the increasing
number of Okl Country people who
are settling there. One of lhe Scottish farmers   who   visiled   the   west
last year took np thirty-nine quarter
sections of land and on this land he
is this summer planting as many
Scotch families. Ihis is but one of
numerous examples of the same
Eastern Townships Bank.
llliAP   Oil UK,
Capital and Reserve,
Shuumooks, Quote
Transacts a general banking business, and offers every  facility   to   meet
the requirements of depositors consistent  with
conservative banking principles.
Savings  Bank Department.
Deposits of SI.00 and  upwards  received,   subject   lo  no delay  in  withdrawal  of all  or any  portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
lhe movement in New Ontario
to secede from Old Ontario has been
revived. The agitators announce a
public meeting to be held al Port
The bit,' Greenwood-Phoenix tunnel is in 240 feet, and work has been
suspended until machine drills can
be installed. That wonderful 125-
ft.-a-day borer seems  to  have   been
Freighting, Draying, and General Livery Business,     Grain and Hay.
Irrigationists of B. C. and Alberta Meet at L ethbridge.
The third annual convention ttt
the Western Canada Irrigation Association was held ai Lethbridge,
with delegates present from B. C,
Alberta and Saskatchewan, among
the distinguished   speakers   present
being Hon. P. J.   Fulton,   Minister
Of Public Works for B. C, and A.
C. Rutherford, Premier of Alberta.
The subject was discussed in many
aspects, and the gist of the conclusions reached recorded in resolutions.
The mailer of disseminating irrigation information was introduced
by a resolution moved bv William
Pearce and K. II. Knight, which
Whereas with many owners of irrigated lands or those of which irri-
gation is possible in the provinces of
Alberta and   British   Columbia,    the
best soil product, and the application of water thereto, is a new and
untried problem;
And whereas to meet these conditions tlie l'nited Siutes government
has instituted a system oi' bulletins,
issued at freque it intervals, giving
information on the subjects specified
in the foregoing paragraph;
Therefore be it resolved that the
Provinces ol Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, through the
proper departments of lhe same, he
requested to institute and give effect
to lhe issuance ofsuch bulletins, and
it is suggested that a prominent feature ol said bulletins be contributions and inquiries by parlies giving
their experiences and obtaining of
All were strongly in favor of the
resolution. Those w ho were familiar with conditions in lhe States
could not say enough for the bulletins issued by Secretary Wilson,   of
the department of agriculture in the
United States. All agreed that the
krrcal need in a country where irrigation is lo play a great part is education, and all claimed that this
could be accomplished by means   of
bulletins issued by the department
of agriculture.
NOXIOUS Ull lis.
The resolution on noxious weeds
wus as follow s:
Whereas awing lo the prevalence
of high winds and from other causes
greal danger exists of the spread of
noxious weeds hy means ol irrigation can ils and ditches;
And whereas the promptest and
most expeditioui measures are required io destroy ihe weeds growing
upon the banks of water distributing systems before such weeds shed
their seed and become a danger to
the whole district;
Therefore be it resoKed  that   the
governments of Hritish Columbia,
Alberta and  Saskatchewan   cause
such amendments to he made to existing legislation dealing with noxious weeds, placing tba duty of keep
ing all canals and distributaries
clear of noxious weeds upon lhe
company or individual responsible
i for the maintenance and repair ot
such canal or distributary.
One resolution impresses upon
the government the necessity ol
having lecture stall's, etc., on irrigation.     It reads :
That this convention, recognising
the great need that exists for educational work in regard to Irrigation, owing to lhe fact that the vast
majority of the farmers who settle
on irrigable lands in the western
provinces have had no previous experience in the use of water, desires
to urge upon the Saskatchewan,
Alberta and Hriiish Columbia departments of agriculture lhe importance of incorporating amongst
their institute lecture stalls experts
on irrigation farming,
This resolution lo a certain extent overlapped with resolution No.
2, advocating as il does a specific
method of carrying on a campaign
of education.
Prof. Fairfield said that irrigation
farming means intensive farming,
which is another term for specialized farming, and therefore requires
special instruction.
FOREST   KI-sickv \ I ION.
fhe following resolution carried :
That the  Dominion  government
be   petitioned   to   cause   a   toresl
reservation to be made covering the
enliie east   slope   and   higher   foot-
billi of ihe Rocky Mountains, and
within the   railway  bell   of  British
Columbia, in order to prevent the
deforestation ol this area, leading
to the rapid melting ot the snow al
the headwaters of lhe mountain
streams,   thus causing  dentructive
Hoods and Wasting the water required for irrigation.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Builders and Contractors
I.imc,   Cement,  lVim ni   Hlocks .uui   Hrick  tor s.ilr.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting    Paper-Hanging
l--.simi.iles j_,\i'ii lur ull uml i'iery kind of lemeni Wurk
.mil Hull,liner generoXty,
Write us for prices. Dletsww so object
Provincial and General.
An isolation hospital will be built
in or near (irand forks, the provincial government to bear one-third of
the cost and lhe Boundary towns
Parliament  will  probably    open
Nov 1 I or 18, Ihere was talk of
opening early in the month, but
such   a   dale   is   not   popular    with
members who go hunting on Nov. I.
A six-year old boy named Richard
Dunkerl) was smothered in sand at
Trail.    He and other children  wen
playing "bear," aiul he crawled into a hole in a loose sand-bank which
tell upon him, lie was not missed
for fifteen minutes and when recovered he w as dead.
lhe  dreai   Northern  station   at
Kernie was broken into by burglars
during the early hours of ihe morning of the II inst. who stole some
$235 in cash and checks and got
BWay With their booty. Ihe theft
vvas evidently the acl of expert
cracksmen who broke open the sale
Containing  the   money   and   checks
with nitro«glyisrine.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS      -     -      PROPRIETOR
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
FREE di:i.ivi:kv
Special contract rates tO camps.
Orden lor Cured Meats,  Pish ami Poultry promptly
ami satisfactorily Riled.
"Dry Farming" Campbell's Opinion on Irrigation.
The popular misconception that
Prof. Campbell, the world-renowned
soil culture expert of Lincoln, Neb.,
was opposed to irrigation was finally
dispelled at a meeting at Strathmore, when that gentleman explained in no uncertain terms his attitude
in retjard to irrigation. The occasion was the delivery of an address
upon "Soil Culture" in which he
stated his conclusions as to the advisability and advantages of irrigation in Western Canada. Questions
and answers are a feature of all of
Prof. Campbell's meetings and the
following was delivered partly in
answer to a number of questions
asked by the farmers of the district
and others, who turned out in large
numbers to listen lo lhat gentleman.
Prof. Campbell saiil in part: I find
that the newspapers throughout
America have dubbed me 'Dry
Farming1 Campbell. I greatly deplore this evident misconception of
my    work.     I    am   an   advocate   of
'Soil Culture,'  not   'Dry Farming,'
which only becomes necessary where
irrigation or a sufficient rainfall is
not available.
In order to more fully explain my
attitude let me say that when the
average farmer asks me what land
it is advisable to settle on in either
the American or Canadian wests, I
invariably recommend irrigated land
if it can be obtained at a reasonable
outlay. Now, my reason for this
lies in the fact that irrigation is the
simplest and safest agricultural
practice extant and means maximum
crops and maximum crop areas. It
is a foregone conclusion that the
cultivation of irrigated land  is  less
expensive than the culliv ation of
land where it is necessary to introduce a soil culture system calculated
to conserve all ihe natural rainfall,
It is true that there hav e been farmers who, after practicing irrigation
for  a   few   years,   abandoned   their
system to again commence farming
under natural rainfall conditions. I
have in mnul several farmers in Colorado who abandoned irrigation.
They were not practical irrigation*
ists, however, and in   almost   every
instance used water indiscriminately
and ruined their crops. Furthermore, they depended too much on
the water and neglected cultivation,
A    competent     irrigatiouisi     who
also understands the value of rational soil culture, never abandons his
water righl in favor ol ev en a copious natural rainfall, which cannot
be regulated to meet the needs of
individual crops.
A building boom is on in Merrill.
If you aie Interested in C.  P.   K.
lands, read the C. P. R. advertise*
ment in this   number;   cut   out   the
coupon attached thereto; fill  it  om
und mail it. You will receive a reply itating the terms upon which
the land may he purchased.
i Would You Be Interested
In a place that offers an agreeable occupation, a perfect  climate,  an
assured income, and is in a word an  ideal  home land ?
These conditions are found in the genial Similkameen Vallev, now opened   up by
the Great Northern Railway Coast-Kootenay route.
x  Home-Seeker, Business Man, Fruit-Grower, or Farmer.  ^
" I lived in Ontario and Saskatchewan for many
years, as well as in the State of Washington and the
Kootenays, and afler carefully looking over the Okanagan Valley I was led to decide that the Similkameen,
from the variety and quality of its products, was superior in every wav, and here I located. To say the least,
Ihis is Canada's California for climate and fruit. It is the
healthiest and best money-making country I ever saw."
X Your Chance for a Free Trip to Seattle Fair and a  ;
X Visit to This Rich Valley.
Write for particulars, free photos, booklets, etc., to
122 8th Ave. West, CALGARY, ALTA, or KEREMEOS, B. C.
Provincial and Genet al.
Probably at no lime in the history ol ihis country has the minini.
situation in the Houndary and the
Kootenays looked qi ite so satisfactory as at present. There is no
boom, and what i> more one is not
wanted, but there is a distinct revival In the mining industry, based,
not on the efforts of wildcatters, but
on     legitimate    values.      NeUon
New s.
Moiiey Jul'. •'' poultry expert, has
been   appointed   by   the    provincial
government to nave charge of that
section of ih.' department of agriculture. The new official is a native oi
Ontario. He graduated Irom the agricultural college at Ciuelph, and
later became professor of poultry at
Virginia Agricultural college. He
will give attention tO farmers' Institute work and olher dulies in the
agricultural department.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Similkameen Land Division.
Ulsl KU   I    M    V U.K.
'I'AKI    NOTIC1 th.it I. Willi.,,,, AtoOOmtm llain-
I    m_. muter, tmom tot Wmttttk CniAtm Bojrd
Krilh, »l K.i.niov II l   . ml. n,l   In   npi'U    Inr   |vr-
ntissi,.ii to prndwaa tl»' fothvt m_ dcacnhwl landa
i ummencing .u -i p,'*' planted al u,< s | oottem
of Indian tttotirt Let No i. thmn etoet stttoa the
In,li.in Rearm 10 chaina, nana   aoiith tn chaina,
.1 ii, ii.uns. tint,,,-ni.rth .iI.'mk id,   Indian
I' I ,-t  N.v .1 to |*'int   »,|   ttOi*Bmg,   cnttl iiiiih,-
Wnetot mom nr In.*.
W      A     llllVIM..
V„,ni lot Kenneth Carlton Boyd Frith.
Kiiftai, Hi . lot) ". ttOX
A i .Iiii.!.' local   «ali'sn..in   wanted   lo rep-
Canada's Oldest & Greatest Nurseries
Im KEREMEOS .iihI adjoining country.
We have been shipping stock lot Thirty Years to Briusa i .<IumiI.m ..ml .is
.Mn iiivs .iu- grown on limestone soil the)
»re   Acknowledged  In   experienced  fruit
rrOWVrttO   ho   longer   lixe.l   .uui   h.u _h« r
ili.tn Cons! Rfonii stock.
\   p.iin.tH ni    siiu.iiuMi    to    n^lit   man
with territon rewrvosl
r.u UeekiV l-rtv Outlit.
Write Km  part it nl.it s.
Foothill Nurseries.
i Lit filsrtt In   ll.C.  l»»n einmi'llt. 1
TORONTO      ....     ONT.
M Vl lll\l KV     Rl r VIKI l>.
1909 wheat for sale.   J. R. Shaw.
Peaehes are searee, but we have
some fine ones.     The Big Store.
Chas. Anderson is W. Butler's
successor in the Booster's Tonsorial
At Coal Creek, near Fernie,
twenty-three buildings, including the
jail, were burned on Sunday. Loss
The rail-laying force now claims
to be two days ahead of schedule
time, in spite of the delays to which
it has been subjected.
The first of this year's wheat crop
to reach Kereineos arrived on Wednesday, when J. R. Shaw got in a
quantity from \V. H. Crook of Mar-
ron Valley.
Eva  Wade   paiaed   the   entrance
examination for the high school at
Delta, Ont., at the head of I class
of 75. Kva's friends in the school
here will be glad to hear oi her
to Brewster, the least difficult part
of the road, vvill be proceeded with
first. From Brewsier to Wenatchee the water route by the Columbia river will probably be used for a
while and the rails laid at such time
as is found convenient.
While the Penticton stage was
making its way southward on Sat- j
urday one of the horses fell sick
about midway between Penticton
and Clark's, and Driver Stirling was
Obliged to go on ahead to Clark's, a
distance oi seven miles, to get a
fresh one, while the lonesome passenger put in the time as best he
could. The stage arrived several
hours late.
The long pending sale of the
Nickel Plate mine and plant and
reduction works at Hedley was
consummated on Friday the 13th
inst., in impious defiance of the
great god Hoodoo. The new owners will undoubtedly greatly enlarge
the scale of operations, and it is
believed vvill build a smelter. Wei
are informed from   various   sources
You don't want
your husband to
gamble with his
Don't you gamble
with your Flour
money.    Buy
That will be
purchase not
The track-builders' steam shovel that the price paid vvas $1,000,000,
arrived on Tuesday and is being put also $4,000,000, likewise $6,500,-
in shape for immediate service as 000, as well as something less than
soon as the engine and cars for it | a million. The one thing important
follow, which it is expected will be to know is that the new owners iniii a dav or two. lend lo throw on the high gear.
At   J.   A.   Neshitt's,   Penticton Bruce,   of   Vancouver    Saturday
just received, all kinds of kites, com-   Sunset, announces that he is   about
plete    and    varied    assortment    of  to make a tour of the   Similkameen
masks, dominoes, false noses ami and adjacent country, coming in this
moustaches,   suitable   for masquer- : week   by   way   oi   Princeton.     For
iides; baseball goods, etc. 'some   time   past   Bruce   has    been
... .    _-  ... .. i hammering into   the   beads   of  the
In llie coming round ol sittings ol ^^H
the County Court   Fairview   does
not appear on the list, no business
having been entered requiring a sitting there, Fairview owes Judge
Brown a pair of white gloves.
| F. RICHTER & CO. |
Mending and repairing neatly done
Leave orders at The Big Store.
BREAS section 13 oi the "Gum Protection
,\it, 1K4H," enacts lh.it it shall K- !:i«ful for the
Liciitcnaiit-i.iovernor in Council from time to time
f»%|   r AtUCn    AND    PRESSED    to ***•****■' ru'lS -***** vvgul it ions, not  inconsistent with
thc provisions of this Act, tor (SII> lag out thc true
intent and mc.initig thereof, and lor thc protection
ot (SUM in the Province :
It is herehy ordered h\ Mis Honour thc Licuten-
.■int-liovcrnor. h> and with the advice of his Kxecu-
tiw CaMMaA and in pursuance anil exercise ol the
powers vested in His Honour by the said Act, a-*
toll.has. thai is to sa\
That tlu- hunting, killing or taking of Mountain
Nlu-ep in the Counties of Yale ami Westminster
shall Iv prohibited until the Ms! da\ ,i| Alienist. 1911.
That the disabilities as to the shooting of Duck
ol' all kinds, Geese and Snipe, with respect to the
Mainland and the Islands adjacent thereto, shall
he removed from the 1st day of Septcmlvr, 190*,
to the iSlh da> ol I'*ebruar\. mil), both days
That the disabilities as to the shooting of Grouse
of all   kinds   (except    Prairie   Chicken)   with   respect
Ml  kindl  o\  Sheet   Metal   Work  in   in ihi ttshlssl (istupi tsii ooiTVisl gnosjssjl
_,. , * BI ,    I     „ ,       ..  . ami the Islands adjacent thereto,   shall   Ik-   removed
I in. C Opper, Sheet Iron, ete. fc ^ m ^ J ^_ ^ fc ,u_ 0_mk_
 O  HHN. both,Ini sin.liiMi,-.
liAVKTKOl'l'.HINl".   A    Sl'Kl I.VI. TV. Tlfl ita. lll—llHlllaa ■■ Ul llu ajmmlllg la? IWron
I Ih,nt,'  -lull
_______________________„-------,______________^, — _,_imhiT.   IW, lo
Pumps repaired. th,. ISA ioj et ft—mhet, l*m. botfa Ja>» loduain.
Coast people the vital fact that
while they are looking at far distant
fields oi trade they remain comfortably blind tO the possibilities of their
own immediate hinterland. At pres-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I ent he is publishing a series of en-
A number  of  applications   under   K.rtain;„K  .„u,   jns,ructive   articles,
the new Water Act have been made ' b;lSL.d OM  |V|.s0n;ll   observation,   on
to the government office of this  dis-   thc    l|ppcr   anin|rv   on   fa    rIopc
trict, but none have yet   been   dealt   r,niW<    a|H,   ,)is    pn.sen,   ,rip    wi„   _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
with.     For some unexplained   teas-   j01l|1t|0ss k. followed bv   a   further   Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.   «"t«__ta_»aa_^l__iUMaW__0____*
.,        n.      , .   , .. • _ .      , \ wa swmt—at from Watt* Aay cl Sapte
on the ofliee has not yet  been   turn-  j^.iption   of   the    lower    valleys. D ~ «—•—' '-      ■	
ished vvith a statement tt the scale T|u. similkameen is much indebted
0 'l>v■'>■ to Bruce for his persistent advocacy
Notice has been received here of its claims to a larger share of at-
that Prof. Craig, of Cornell I'ni- teotfon from the powers that be,
versity, Ithaca, X.Y., vvill address and for making known to the world
a meeting on the 25th insi. at 8 its importance in the scheme of pro-
o'clock p. m., In Steward's Mall, vincial development. It is not
Penticton. The subject vvill he quits so certain now as it was a
"Commercial Fruit Growing." short lime ago that if you tell a
Martin Burrell, M.P., will also be Vancouvcritc vou are from Kerc-
present. mens he will   reply,   "Ker    Kerc
.... ,\    i      i     u- \t        that's a new one on me      How d'\c
1 bos.   Orchard,   his   sister   Mrs.
Bower,   .nul  his   niec.    Mi-    Reti,   sPcl1 ^|
Don't Throw Away
Your old granites) are. Have it repaired. Vol Peek Granite Cement will fix the holes and make
it as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
[Ovff Kt'irmr.ts Hardware  Sloiv.|
llie s.de of Deer on the
J   from  the   1st   day or
€ November,  I**..
That the i!is,,1.iht,, . U  |
Mainland   shall   he   reinov
Septcmlvr, HW. to the Uth tjj
both .lavs inchisiv, .
Provincial OlM Warden.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Mi'i'ls'I'ui-silay ou or before
tke full Moon in eaeh month
V   in     Kei emeus     Town      Hull
Visiting member* cordlslly invited.
C. L C cm minus. W, M.
li. McCuanv.R. s.
Bower, are guests at M. C. McAul-
ey's, having driven over from Kelowna. They found the drive an
arduous one, the roads   being   verv
The   Hindoo   who   murdered   Sir
C. VV'ylie was hanged  on    Tuesday.
Report from Rock Creek says the
poor between Kelowna and   Pontic-   Kettle River Fruit Co.   is   bringing
ton.      At   Summerland   Miss   R0t;,   in Japs to work on its  lands.
her Next year's convention of the
Western Canada Irrigation Association will be held at Kamloops.
Phoenix is a clean little city, 11
you have an old tin can or any rubbish that would be unsightly all you
have to do is to let go of it. (irand
Forks Oazette.
had   the   misfortune    to   hav
valise stolen.
The rumor current a couple of
weeks ago that contracts had been
let for the Oroville-Wenatehee road
was a little premature. The contracts are to be let to-day at St.
Paul.    The   seetjon   from   Oroville
Repairers and Makers of
Harness, Boots and
8hoes, Etc.
Whips,    Bits,   Spurs,   Bells
kept in slock.
Your   Patronage  Solicited.     Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Cumming's Old Stand.
(Ksfsesses Centra, i


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