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The Keremeos Chronicle Nov 26, 1909

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The Keremeos Chronicle
Vol. II.
No. 36
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Keremeos, B. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Notary Public.
Office   -.-   -    Keremeos, B.C.
Estimalcs Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Plastering, Cement Work, Chimneys
LIME        )
CEMENT \ For Sale
BRICK      J
Keremeos, B.C.
L.O.L. No.1770
Meets Tuesday on or before
the full moon in each month
in    Keremeos    Town     Hall
Visiting members cordially invited.
C. L. Cl'MMINCS. W. M.
D. McCurdy. R. S.
Stage Lines.
Keremeos-Hedley Mail Stage.
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at t p.m.; connecting with all stages  east
and west, arrives in Hedley at I p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday, at
8 a.in., arrives in Keremeos at II a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
Keremecw-Penticton Mail Stage.
Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 a. m., arriving in
Keremeos at noon.
W. E. Welby, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Board of Trade—George irby, President; R. H. Carmichael, Secretary.
Similkameen Farmers' Exchange—J. J.
Armstrong, President; W. M. Frith, Secy.
Public School Board —George Kirby,
Eira Mills, R. Elmhirst, Secretary.
Customs Office—W. M. Frith, Sub-Collector.
Presbyterian Church—Rev. A. H. Cameron, Pastor.
Methodist Church-Kev. G. R. B. Kinney, H..V, I'astor.
Chinch of England—Service weekly, 11
a.m. and 7..W p.m. in School House. Rev.
A. II. Ransome, Rector.
Constable and Deputy Game Warden—
M. B. Ewart.
Coroner—Dr. M. D. McEwen.
Justices of'he Peace-T. W. Coleman,
Frank Richter.
Postmaster and Telephone Agent—Geo.
Member of Parliament -Martin Burrell,
Grand Forks, P. O.
Member Provincial Assembly—L. W.
Sli.itford, Penticton P. O.
Town Hall—J. J. Armstrong, Mgr.
Keremeos Hall —Geo. Loudon, Mgr,
Great Northern Ry--Daily train, arrives
10:30 a. m., leaves at 2 p.m., H. A. Cook,
Mails -Daily from the west via Hedley
Stages from east via G. N. Ry.: Tri-weekly via Penticton Stage from the north.
(For Mercantile and other Business la
stitutiona see advertiements in this paper.)
Almost a Clean Sweep So Far
As Heard From -John Oliver Among the Slain.
Returns were received last night
from 34 out of the 42 seats, summarized as follows ;
Conservatives, 31.
Liberals, 2.
Socialists, 1.
To be heard from, 8.
A motion to make it unanimous
is now in order.
The Vote in 1907.
Following are the figures of the
election in the Similkameen two and
a half years ago :
Shattonl.    Curtia.
Bcavcrdell   3 8
Westbridge   4 4
Rock Creek  36 16
Sidley 13 20
Camp McKinnev    7 I
Fairview  26 24
Okanagan Falls 13 3
Soulh Penlielon 31 5
Green Mountain     9 3
White Uke   2 1
Olalla 12 7
Keremeos 37 24
Bradshaw's. 6 t
Hedley 56 44
Prinee'lon 34 30
Granite Creek    2 4
Otter Flat   7 5
296 200
Her Favorite Son Gets a Third
Endorsement and an Increased Majority.
Returns received last night from
all but six of the polling places in
the Similkameen riding give an
overwhelming majority for Shatford
—more than double what he received in 1907. The total vote also
was considerably larger than in the
previous election.
Very few figures were obtainable
on the local option vote up to our
time of going to press.
Following are the returns:
Local Option
Shat- Elm- ——'——,
ford,    hirst.     For     A_st
Beaverdell  — —
Westbridge    — —
Rock Creek — —
Bridesville   34 18
Sidley Mountain...  — —
Camp McKinney ..  — —
Fairview   28 9        11        21
Vaseaux Lake ....    3 0 0 3
Okanagan Falls...  32 6        12        23
Soulh Penticton ...  39 5
Green Mountain. ..   15 1
White Lake     2 0
Olalla     7 7
Keremeos Centre .18 9 6       22
Keiemeos Station .  39 23        30       23
Hedley     68 S3
Princeton  70 47
Ashnola  — —
Granite Creek     9 0
Tulameen   13 6
Orders Issued to Complete Survey and Buy Remainder
of Right of Way.
Word has been received in Keremeos that the G.N.R. Co.'s right-
of-way agent has orders to proceed
at once to the upper valley and
complete the purchases of right of
way along the survey west of Princeton ; also that the contracts for a
considerable distance will be let at
once so that work can be continued
during the winter in those portions
where it is mostly rock work.
A despatch from New Westminster states that a party of Great
Northern engineers who have been
in that city for some time awaiting
orders, received word on the 17th
inst. to finish the survey of the line
eastward from Abbotsford, the present terminus of the western section
of the V. V. & E. Only a few details remain to be completed.
It will be a welcome announcement to the people of the Similkameen that the work of building is
to be carried on without even stopping for the winter; for though
they have not as a rule shared the
pessimism as to the Hope route
that had seized many outsiders —
even the Premier himself—yet they
had become used to long interruptions in the work, and would not
have been surprised at further delay.
Govt. Gain
or Lobs.
Rinisi.. Conservative. Liberal. Socialist. Late Member.
Atlin Young, Dr. H. E Kearns, Thos    Young (Con)	
Alberni Morgan, Dr. A. D.... Brewster, H. C Brewster (Lib)	
Cariboo—2 ... .Callahan, Dr Jones, Harry  Jones (Lib)	
Fraser, J. A    Yorston, J. M    Yorston (Lib)	
.Cawley, S. A Munro, C. W Munro (Lib) Cawlev
. Manson, M Forrest, J. M Cartwright, J Grant (Con) Forrest Loss
.Cavan, T  King, Dr. J. H King (Lib) Cavan Gain
. Hay ward, Vi. H Evans, John N Hay ward (Con)	
Comox ..
Columbia Parsons, H. G Buckham, J. A Parsons (Con) Parsons	
Delta Mackemie, F. J Oliver, John Oliver (Lib) Mackenzie Gain
Dewdney Manson, W. J Thompson, A Manson (Con) Manson   	
Esquimau Helmcken, H. D J.inline. John Jardine (Lib) Jardine	
Fernie    Ross, W. R Fisher, A. I Harrington, J Ross (Con) Ross	
Greenwood ... Jackson, J. R Macdonald, Alex   .... Heatherlon, G    Naden (Lib) Jackson Gain
Grand Forks   . . Miller,  E Patterson, D Mclnnes, John    Mclnnes (Soc) MlLLBR     Gain
Mands McPhillips, A. E Purvis,  Percy  McPhillips (Con) McPhillips    	
Kamloops Shaw, C. P Vasey, IL M Fulton (Con)    Shaw	
Kaslo Mackay, N. F Mackay (Con) Mackav (Accl.) 	
Lillooet Bell, Jas Eagleson, M Eagleson (Lib)   	
Nanaimo Planta, A. E Hawthornthwaite .... Hawthornlhwaite (S)   Hawtiiornthm'AITE. .
Newcastle Stewart, John Thomas,  D. J Williams, P Williams iSoc)	
Nelson Wright, Harry    Crease, E.  A Mathewson, J Hall (Lib) U'RtiiHT   Gain
Okanagan Ellison, P DeHart, F. R Johnson, Jas Ellison (Ion)  Ellison   	
Revelstoke Taylor, T Lindmark, E. F Kempsler, G. H Taylor Hon) Tavi.or 	
Richmond Collon. F. L. .'    Farris, J. W Cotton (Con) Cotton	
Rossland Braden, W. R Winn, E. S. H Macdonald (Lib) Rraden Gain
Skeena Manson, Wm Kergin, Dr Kergin (Lib)    Manson Gain
Saanich Kberts, D. M Brydon, Thos Eberta (Con) Ererts	
Similkameen . .  Shatford, L. W Elmhirst, R Shatford (Con)    Shatford	
Slocan Hunter, Wm Davidson, Wm Hunter (Con)	
. . Kingslev, E. T Bowser (Con) Bowser	
. . Mackenzie, W. M... . Macgowan (Con) M u iahvan	
. .McGregor, M Tatlow (Con) HoOVMH	
. .Garvey, P Garden (Con) Watson   	
.. Petlapiece, R. P McGuire (Con) TisDALL.	
Mi Hiide, R Oliver, John Oliver, George McBride (Con)    McBride	
Davey,  Fred Drury, R. L Morley, A. J Davey (Con) Davev	
Behnseii.  H.F.W Houston, W Rehnsen (Con) Bkhnsen	
Thomson, H. B Munn, H. A Thomson (Con) Thomson	
Gilford, T Johnston, J Dodd,  W Giffbrd (Con) OffPOW 	
Me Bride, R Henderson, S Henderson (Lib) McRride Gain..
.Schofield, J. H Oliver, Alex Schofield (Con) Schofield	
Vancouver— 5.. Bowser, W. J Wade, F. C	
Macgowan, A.H. B..  Senkler, J. H	
McGuire, Di Campbell, J	
Watson, H. H Macdonald, G. E.
Tisdall, C. E Stables, J. B	
Westminster ,
Ymir	 Which Is the Best Apple?
Than arc no loss than five hundred standard varieties of apples
grown in America, says Frederic
Haskin. Kach section has its peculiar favorites,and some are grown
to eat and some arc grown to sell.
The man from Oregon or Washington will stake his fortune, ins life
and his lacred honor upon the proposition that a northwestern Spitz-
enberg is thc best apple on earth.
Any Virginian will accept his challenge and tide forth to battle as the
knight of thc Albemarle Pippin.
The rural New Yorker will defend
his Haldwins to the last ditch. The
Missourian and Arkansas traveler
will join forces in defence of the
primacy of the Winesap.
It is a well known fact to the
people of the Ozark mountains in
Missouri and Arkansas lhat the
Winesap apple is the best fruit
grown on earth. Dace Craig, when
past thc meridian of life, foresook
the primrose path of dalliance, at.J,
turning his back upon the devil, enlisted in the army of the Lord and
the Baptist church. From lhat day
forth he never tasud red liquor nor
Winesap apples. He knew, as do
all good Ozarkers, that the Winesap was thc best fruit ever grown,
and he reasoned that it therefore
was the very variety of apple that
Mother Eve ate in thc Garden of
Perhaps thc most popular apple
with growers is thc Ben Davis. A
Hen Dpvis apple is fair to look upon.
It is big, red and templing. It
packs well, keeps well, ships well.
It grows in profusion; and its trees
are hardy frost resistors. Prom the
sordid money-making point of view
thc Hen Davis apple can not be
beat. Hut pity the poor foreigners
who buy them in ignorance. Every
■pple cater of parts knows that a
Ben Davis apple was designed only
lo lell.    It should never bo eaten.
The Houston Post and thc Kansas City Journal long have labored
to warn thc public against the hypocrisy of the l!en Davis. ll looks
like an apple, it smells like an
apple, it is an apple—hut it doesn't
tasle like an apple. No editor has
conic to the defence Oi this snare
and delusion, hut much remains to
be done before Hen Davis is driven
trom lhe niarkel places. ll is the
foundation Stone Of more than one
swollen fortune made in apples.
The big red apple is the king of
fruits, Fifty-live per cent, of all
thc fruit trees in America arc apple
trees, and they yield more than 80
per cent, of all the orchard fruits
produced. There are 200,000,000
apple trees, and thc average crop
per year is about a bushel for each
tree. If all the trees were to bear
a full crop in any one year America
could feed the whole world with
apples. Notwithstanding the decline in the apple yield, the apple
still is the best money-maker in the
whole catalogue of fruits. It is
King Apple.
Wood Lake Mystery.
No word has yet been heard of
R. J. Hrown, who left his home at
Wood Lake on Friday afternoon,
October 29th, saying ho might be
late in getting back that evening.
He has never returned. He walked
to Okanagan Centre, about five
miles distant, and transacted some
business there and started to walk
home. Shortly after leaving Okanagan Centre he met Mr. Bolton,
and they had a short conversation.
This was at 5.15 p.m. A man who
may have been Mr. Hrown was seen
at 6 o'clock, passing Copel,. id's on
Okanagan I.ake, and walking northward on the road. Since that time
no trace or clue of the missing man
has been discovered. Large search
parties have been scouring thc
country ever since without result.
There is no ground for suspicion of
foul play, and no reason can be
offered for the man's disappearance.
Any information as to his whereabouts will be gratefully received
on behalf of his family by the provincial police of Vernon or Kelowna,
H.C Other papers please copy.
Vernon News.
Canadian Naval Plans.
The plans submitted by thc admiralty and war olliee at the imperial defense conference of last summer for the naval and military
defense of Canada in co-operation
with the imperial forces, and on
which the proposed action of the
government is based, were laid on
the table ofthe house by Hon. L P.
Brodeur, In brief, thc naval program adopted by the government
involves the construction of three
cruisers of the improved Bristol
class, and destroyers of the itn-
proved river class, costing for the
cruisers about $5,750,000, and for
destroyers about $1,500,000, with
an annual outlay for maintenance
of something like $2,000,000. Two
of the cruisers will be placed on the
Pacific coast, and one cruiser vvith
four destroyers on thc Atlantic
coast.    The total number of officers
and men for this nucleus of a licet
is estimated at 1408, with a pay-roll
of about $400,000, and an extra
$100,000 for victualing.
When In
atop at tho
Central Hotel
The Coming Comet.
" llallcy's comet vvill not only
pass across the face of the sun on
May IH, bul the earth will pass
through the tail of the comet," says
Director Pickering of Harvard university laboratory. "The tail of
the comet is made up of gases
ICCtylene, carbonic, and several
others. The gas will be rarefied so
that vve shall not perceive it. In
case these gases were apparent to
the people the result would be very
disagreeable. In 18l>0, when another comet was passing, there was
a great display of shooting stars.
We may have such a manifestation
when Halley's comet passes."
Special attention to
Commercial  Men,
ami Land-seekers.
Headquarter! lor all
St;ie;e Routes.
Livery Stable
in connection.
Good table.
Large, airy and
comfortable rooms.
l-'rcc  bus to and from
all trains.
Olliee of H.C. Kruit
Land Co.
Tweddle & Elmhirst, - - Proprietors.
Fine Underwear
All-wool Underwear
H.B.K. Mackinaws
Ribbed Hose
Hats, Caps
Combination Suits
Sweater Coats
Sweater Goats
H.B.K. Overshirts
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to, and Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cash buyers
get a discount
on all goods
bought at
Shaws Big Store.
mmmwmmwmmMmmmmmm The Keremeos Chronicle.
I'unlislif.l wrwry l'"rnl;iviil thi-
Krii-mros. ll.C.
Sul.v.Tiption $2.00 ;i paat,  $1.00 lor nix   months,
in .-iilv.'iiuv.
Ailvirtit.in_r K.iti's. Lc_.'.-il notiivs, l.V pvr lino
fint laaertion, KV jht lim- rn.li sul>sei)iieiit insertion.
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for riO-day notii-t's. $5.00 for .KUlay noli.i-s. Contract
Ji.pl.iv MVaftUne, We, JHT iiuh ttr nn-k. Transient aiUvrtis.tni'iiU. siti-h as Lout, Found, WanUsl.
vie, not Mondial ont inert. $1.00 first insertion, or
thnv insertiiins for $2.00. LiH-nl raadtag notices,
We. p*T line first insertit
l.V. each subsequent  in-
J. A. HROWN. Publisher.
False Prophets.
When John Oliver, in announcing
his railway policy a few weeks ago,
stated that Jim Hill seemed reluctant to build through to Hope, and
that if he didn't build the government itself should build, the Chronicle took the liberty of observing
that Mr. Oliver was addicted to
talking too much. In the light of
what has developed during the latter part of the campaign, the same
thing may now be justly said of the
Premier too; and,singularly enough,
the Premier chose the same subject
on which to make a faux pas. In
defending his Canadian Northern
proposal he naturally enough attacked his opponents at all points ;
and as one of their points vvas to
object to the Fraser river route for
the C. N.R., he naturally denounced
Bay proposed alternative route. His
attack led him too far. He assumed
without good ground that the Coquihalla "toboggan slide" was commercially impracticable ; also without good ground that Mr. Kennedy
had pronounced it so ; also without
good ground that Jim Hill had
given up the notion of building
over it. And while it is surprising
that he should have come to any
such   conclusions,   it   is   still   more
at leisure, and its route in the
meantime more minutely surveyed.
The time has come now when it is
found expedient to complete it.
Whether Hill has concluded that
further delay is dangerous, that he
might be forestalled or forfeit his
charter, or whatever the reason
may be, it has been decided to push
forward without further interruptions, and at both ends—from Ab-
botsford on the western side of the
mountains and from Princeton on
the eastern side. It would be interesting to know just how much, if
any, of this acceleration is due to
the government's railway policy as
it applies to the C. N. R. and the
Kettle Valley line; but that will
probably be made known in course
of time.
The delegates to the twenty-ninth
convention of the American Federation of Labor have apparently discovered what Canadians have for a
long time suspected -that there is
more real liberty in Canada than in
the United States of America. So
impressed were they by the discovery that they embodied the fact in a
resolution and passed the resolution
by ;i unanimous vote. For all time
it will remain on record in the proceedings of the American Federation
of Labor. It is as follows : " That
the freedom of speech which we
have exercised during the present
convention, without judicial restraint
based on super-constitutional and
self-arrogated authority, has been
more in conformity with the fundamental principles of a free and self-
governing country than is possible
at present in the United States of
America."    In addition   the resolu-
eremeos Hardware
Buy your Hardware
At the Hardware Store
And save Money.
Just arrived—A fine assortment of
Including all kinds of
Preserving Kettles
At the lowest prices.
Call and see our stock and get prices before purchasing.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
tion thanked the press for the fair-
surprising that such a past master : ness vvith which their debates had
of political tact should have allowed been reported, and for thc space
himself to be betrayed into  such a j granted   to   the   federation's   pro-
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
needless and damaging ineptitude
as thc "knocking" of the Hope
route. If he had stopped to think
for a moment he must have realized
that he could not have dealt his
own cause a worse blow in the
Similkameen than to make a statement calculated to quench the hopes
of the people for an outlet to the
Coast. Fortunately he is wrong,
and John Oliver is wrong ; and incidentally J. P. McConnell is wrong
all   three   at    different   tangents.
Thc much decried Coquihalla " to-
There is rejoicing in Germany
over the fact that according to recent statistics less than 20,000 emigrants left the country last year.
In the '80s thc number of emigrants
to the United States alone vvas over
rather than under a quarter of a
million a year. The character of
the emigration as well as its numerical amount has also changed.
Time was when the word emigrant
was associated with notions of pov-
Druggists and Stationers
hoggan slide" is in reality a consid- ; **J ****- wretchedness. Now it is
erably easier grade than some of "aid thai not more than one-third ol
the g.ades on the main line of the ****** *t-*0 ***** •>■*- really poor
CPU- 'hat  have  been   in   use   for
the last quarter of a century. Jim
Hill has not been "hesitating" iu
the sense of being undecided. He
knew what he was about when he
built to Princeton, and it was not
for the local tonnage of this narrow
valley alone. If he has been exas-
peratingly deliberate in his movements it was because he could
afford to be—he had no subsidies
to earn with their attached time-
limit, and there were other big and
urgent mulct takings lo carry out
while this could be dealt wilh  more
This is what  the  Governor of
Washington says about a law now
on the statute books of the state of
Washington : " I don't know whether the law is constitutional or
not ; I am not a lawyer. I don't
care whether it is constitutional or
not. I don't believe the law prohibiting tipping is being observed
at all, and I am not afraid of being
arrested." Which is an example of
how grandmotherly legislation is
regarded even by those whose duty
it is supposed to be to enforce it.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Heap Oi-hck,
Capital and Reserve,
Shkkhkooki:,  QUMMi
Transacts a general banking business, and offers every  facility  to  meet
the requirements of depositors consistent with
conservative banking principles.
Savings Bank Department.
Depoeitl of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in withdrawal of all or anv portion.
Keremeoa Branch.
R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager. The Indian Trouble.
Local and General.
P. S.   Hussey,   superintendent of      Mrs.   (Rev.) J.   R.   Klmhurst  of
provincial police,   has   received  an  Summerland died on Saturday
exhaustive report  on   the   situation
respecting   the    threatened    Indian
outbreak from F.Mailland-Dougall,
chief constable at Hazelton,in which
that official expresses the opinion
that the force of constables now on
the ground is ample to maintain
peace throughout the winter.
Constable Maitland-Dougall tells
the story of the arrest and conviction ofthe six Kispiox Indians who
had been charged vvith assault and
intimidation on the members of a
gang of men employed in doing
some road work. The situation did
look serious for some time after the
men were arrested, but as soon as
additional constables were sworn in
the Indians commenced to gel it
into their heads that the authorities
meant    business,   and  there   was   a
The output of the Trail smelter
for 1909 will be about $d,000,000
in gold, silver, copper and lead.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier celebrated his
68th birthday last Saturday. He is
11 days younger than King Edward.
Greenwood school is to have a
new heating plant, to cost $3,595.
E. W. Bishop has the contract for
installing il.
The contractor on trench-digging
for the Armstrong waterworks put
nine Chinks and three Japs on the
work. The white men threw down
their shovels and quit.
A Fatal Rock Slide.
On the night of the 16th inst. a
westbound C.P.R. freight train was
struck by a rock slide at a point
nine miles west of North Bend, and
the engine and four cars were precipitated down the 300-foot embankment of the Fraser river canyon.
Engineer dough of Kamloops was
killed, but fireman McKay and
brakeman Foster, who were also on
the engine, had a miraculous escape,
neither receiving severe injuries.
The eastbound passenger train had I
passed the point only half an hour
before. The rock slide struck the
engine broadside, hurling it over
I lie edge of the canyon, and it
dragged   down   seven   freight  cars
Similkameen Land Dletrlct.
'rAKE NOTICK that Manncl llnm-llo, of Kens,
■MM, occupation Farmer, intends to apply
fur permission to purchase the following ilcscrilv.l
lands: Commencing at a post planted at Ihe north-
Mil cornerof lot 289, tlienee north -Mlchains, thence
west 20 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence east
20 chains to point of commencement, 80 acres.
Manckl BakcklO.
26th October, 1909.
Hotel Keremeos
Opposite G. N. R. Station.
GEO. KIRBY, Manager
decided cooling amongst   the   hot-!into ,he sea ***** 0**-*-****-
heads of the tribes. During a Liberal campaign meet-
Constable Maitland-Dougall is of I ing in Fernie opera house last week
before   the  couplings   broke.    The
1 r***   engine and four cars went   down to
a point near the river edge, dough
was catapulted out of the locomotive as it landed.
Machinery  Repaired.
Sound a week ago an old man
named John Peter Ohlit, of Bellingham,  was   blown   over   a   bluff
the opinion that there is an ample
force available in the district adjacent to Hazelton to cope with any
emergency. There is an ample supply of ammunition on hand, and
should it he necessary all the white
men of Hazelton, several hundred,
would take up arms. The Indians
realise this, and therefore the department dues not think that am
danger need be  apprehended.     The
a three-inch water main in the back
of the hall butst and brought the
proceedings to a sudden close.
Mike I.vden, employed on the
dump of the Granby smelUr, last
Friday vvas struck in the right eye
by a flying piece of steel and had
thc sight of the eye destroyed.
A decision of the V. S. circuit
court at St.  Louis  declares lhat the
War on Wolves.
police are, however, not going to St;"ul:"'d Oil company is illegal and
take any chance. Ten more con-''orders !t l0 be dissolved. An ap-
stahles have been scut up from P**' ***** ** ***** * *-** Supreme
Prince Rupert. Court-
The Dominion estimates for this
year include $11,000 for Fernie drill
hall, $10,000 for Fernie public
building, $10,000 for Grand Forks
public building, $10,000 tor (ireenwood public building, and $25,000
for VenKM public building.
Advices from Pekin, China, state
that an order vvill be issued when
the mourning for the empress dowager ends that all ollicials, military
men, students and policemen must
cut off their queues. This i> giv ing
greal satisfaction lo the Chinese.
At the foot of Little Shuswap
lake, between Kamloops and Revelstoke, the town of Chase is rapidlv
growing. Civet fitly residences have
been creeled this vear, in addition
to many business houses. The
location of a large sawmill by the
Adams River Lumber Co. is the
cause of all  the activity.
Rev. R. W. Hibbert and his bride
arrived in Phu'nix Saturdav evening
after spending several weeks vvith
the former's parents in Nova Scotia,
and was warmly welcomed hy members of the Methodist church, of
which he is the popular pastor.
During his absence the congregation purchased the residence formerly occupied by R. Silverthorn,
on Old Ironsides avenue, and have
furnished it for a parsonage. Mr.
Hibbert occupied the pulpit in the
Methodisl church Sunday   evening.
Phoenix Pioneer.
Ranchers in the Medicine Hat
district have suffered heavy losses
from wolves of late. One reports
having lost twenty head of cattle,!
another thirty, another forty, and
these instances are said to be merely typical of a state of affairs  which
is chronic in some of the remoter
parts of lhe range. The provincial
government pays a bounty of $15
for grown wolves and $5 for pups.
The ranchers have always supplemented this by themselves giving a
Substantial bounty. They now propose lo form a fund and pay a
bounty ol $50 lor grown wolves;ind
_>20 lor cubs, which,   added   lo   the
government bounty, ought to effect
an abatement of the peat,
72 Miles of Apples.
Scvcnly-two aud one-fourth miles
is the distance llial would be covered in an unbroken line if the apples
OH exhibition at Ihe Spokane apple
show   were   placed    side    by   side.
There an t,S25,831  apples in the
various exhibits, and the average
fruit is three inches in diameter.
The string would stretch from Spokane to Rossland and back.
There are three cars of Winesaps,
four of Rome Beauty, one of Wag-
ener, two of Spitzenberg, one of
Vellovv Newtown, one of Grimes
Golden, one other standard variety,
and one mixed car.
Similkameen Land District.
niSTKICl  OV   V.VI.K.
'PAKE   NOTICE   thai   I'Veucrick   P.   Sadler,   of
* Cambridge.    Enelaml,    Insiiector   of   Inland
h'ccinic intends lo appK tor )Vrinission to purchase
the tollowiiiK descrihed lamls: Commencing at a
post planted at the southeast corner of lot 1761,
group!. Osoyos. thence north Ml chains, thence
east 20chains, thence south M) chains. Ihence w.st
2t I chains lo point nf commencement, HO acres more
or less.
Ek I I'l Kl, K   I'lKCV  Saiilkr
5th October. 1909. It, his Ajfent.
C Hath.
Similkameen Land District.
PIS. RUT Off Y\I....
'PAJtl WOTIC1 tti.it H  A. Haiedo of Kcrrrmw. I
* ivcupation KiirnitT, intends to apply for  pat*
Minion to [mrH__m tlu* following mmchmri lands:
CmmMwImJ .tt I post planted al*out OM .mil a   half '
milfs cast ofthe southeast   curner   of William   Co»
MnVl   pre-emption,   theme  north 2*-   chains,   thence
east in ch.linv th, tue   smith   M  chains,  thciuv west
20 chaini to point of commencement.  40 a. n -..
lit Nk . Allan Hakiklo.
27th October, 1909.
BULBS from thc Mall Furopcan aiul Japan
HOME GROWN fruit and ornamental trees
gn wn on upland soil without irrigation
in the oat] Mui oi the American continent
not infested with Sail Jose stale,
(.'■arden. Field and Rower Seeds, tested stink
from the Ivst nowwi hi the world.
Win    Fcncine. and Hates. Spra\   Pumps,
l'i rtih/ers.      B*M Supplies.     Cut Flowers.
Spraying Materials, etc.
White labor onlv.
157-p.i^v catalogue free.
M. J. Henry
Green Houses and Im4
Vancouver    -    -    B.C.
lit.inch Nurseries    S.  Vancouver.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -       PROPRIETOR.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish   and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
The Be .   Time to Secure a Lot is NOW
Before our great irrigation system vvas completed and before the railway was completed, many
settlers located on our fruit lands in the assurance that these necessary works were soon to be
carried out.
Now the works have been carried out, the water
courses have been laid, the railway runs through the
centre of the settlement, and the remainder of our
lands are still open on the same terms. The very
best time forthe fruit grower to settle at Keremeos
is rijjht now.
DON'T DELAY—The time is short during
which you can get in on the ground flour and secure
a tract of virgin land in the heart of one of the very
choicest fruit-growing districts oi the province.
Before another year passes it is altogether likelv
that every foot of it will be taken up.
Our fruit lands are free from timber and rock
and are ready for planting. No mountain side, but
in the centre of a beautiful vallev and a prosperous
The  properties   are   being  offered   in   1,  3,  5 and   10  acre   Blocks  with   a   well   laid   out townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.    One-third cash.     Balance in .l payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $1 75 to $300 an acre.    Town lots $100, $200 and $300.
For full particulars apply to
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd. _
,~„ »m   ..'- .«■—
The Greenwood  Ledge savs oi
the late Hugh Cameron: Hugh
CametXM died  in   Camp   McKinnev
last Friday from hear! disease, aged
id) vcars. He had kept hotel at
that Camp for many year*, and was
noted I'or being one ot the most
generOlia men thai ever lived.       lie
never charged a woman anything
who stopped at his hotel, and vvas
ever ready to help his friendi with
money. Often the less security a
friend could give the more likely he
vvas to i^et money from Hughie.
He did not leavea   vvill,   hut   has a
brother in Victoria, which will prevent the slate from getting his
.vcalth. He was worth about
$100(000 in cash and properly. A
Greenwood hank has 115,000 of his
money and another one in  Victoria
has wmething like $20,000 on deposit. After being embalmed nnd
coffined in Greenwood the remains
Were escorted yesterday to the
C.P.R, by the Pioneers'Society and
■hipped to New Westminster for
interment. lhe pall-hearers were
J. R, Jackson, Midwav; Jas. Lynch,
Torodo; C. 5. McRae, Dead wood;
S.  T.   I.atsen,   Rock   Creek ; John
Blongh, Camp McKinney; and J. VV.
Nelson, Greenwood. Rev. S.I.nndie
of Phomfal conducted the services
at the undertaking parlors.
Wilcox,   Conservative,    was    returned in North  Essex by-election.
The man who can draw well, who
adds to his artistic abilities a keen
sense of humor, who recites well,
and sink's comic lOOga well, is a
man who can entertain any audience. Such a man is BoogOUgb,
who will appear here on Saturday,
Dec. 4. The .Sydney (Australia)
Referee comments oo his entertainment thus: "An instantaneous success was achieved by BengOUgh,
the Canadian cartoonist, reciter and
burlesque artist, who opened his
Australian tour on Saturday.     Hen-
gougfa gets going at a good pace,
ami succeeds in keeping his audience wide awake and amused, whe-
t her he is dashing off things al his
easel or npinninjl little tales of innocence and mirth between the pictures, lie is ■ combination of manv
enviable qualities and accomplish-
i.ienls.     He is a clever artist,   with
a method as aura as it is twlft, ■
free-and-easy humorist, and al all
poinls a smart showman who has
mastered his business and who
understands    the    value     of    time.
Bengough will be assisted by Borneo Gardiner, the marvelous hoy
whistler, Claude Allan, baritone,
and Dora Carroll, pianiste."
A Plucky Brakeman.
Charles Devo, a G. N. R. brake-
man, by his courage and nerve
saved the Oriental Limited from a
greml catastrophe at the Dryden
switch, a few miles from Wenatchee. Devo was rear brakeman on
a freight train which was going on
the switch at Dryden to gel out of
the way of the Oriental Limited.
The freight vvas behind time, and
when going on the switch Ihe speed
was so greal thai l.cyo in jumping
oil'the train to the switch broke a
leg aiul rolled down the bank.
Realising thai the open switch
would mean an awful crash should
the paeeenger train then due come
llong at ils usual speed, Devo,
suffering intense pain and in a
fainting Condition, crawled and rolled 100 yards to the switch and
closed  it,   just   in   time   lo   lei   the
passenger   train   apeed   safely   by
with ils passengers unconscious of
Ihe lad thai their lives were imperiled.
In the government sale of Point
Grey lands lasl week, lasting three
days, 686 acres was sold, realising
Sheriff Thorp of Okanogan county  htid a lively gUO*Aghl  recently at
Conconully   vvith    a   mfe-cracker
whom he arrested in a saloon. The
man was taken only alter he was
shot twice, one bullet cutting the
Angers off his right hand and the
Othei going through his lung, Afterwards, to the astonishment of
the authorities, he broke jail despite his WOUnds and got awav.
Navigating Upper Fraser.
Sleambo.it navigation on the upper Fraser has made great progress
during the past season. In the
upper reaches ot the river and its
tributaries it has been proved that
there is more than 1000 miles of
navigable waters, requiring only a
little dynamiting c>t rocks to make
long ttretches for regular steamboat runs. They traverse a splendid agricultural   section,   which   up
10 ihe present time, except for the
past two or three  years,   has   been
almost entirely given over to fur
trappers vvith the exception of a
small portion used for cattle raising,
bttt wilh Ihe coming ot steamer
Iranspot lation, which  will  be much
cheaper than the old route by wagon
road, it is anticipated thai the country will develop many farming communities as well as prosperous
towns, and means vvill also be provided forgetting out some oi lhe
splendid at cts of timber in the
A Spokane Beaut) apple  display*
eil at the apple show by I'". L. I'ost
of Chelan, Wash., is credited with
being the largest apple in the world.
11 measures 17's inches in circumference and weighs over 41 ounces.
A Wolf River apple from Sharon,
Wash., is IN'-, inches in circumference, bnt  weight   only   37   ounces.
It Is expected Post's apple will be
reproduced in a metal apple of its
exact shape and si/e. LOCAL NOTES.
Forget politics now, and think of
Bengough, Keremeos Hall, Keremeos Centre, Dec. 4.
The Fernie Ledger announces
that it is about to issue a daily-
Mrs. F. Richter returned home
on Saturday after spending a few
weeks with friends at Loomis.
John Knudson has sold his property in Nelson and intends shortly
to move his household to Keremeos.
Hritish Columbia visitors at the
Spokane apple show will send a few-
boxes of the choicest fruit to King
The government inspector of railways is to arrive here on Monday to
examine and report upon the new
Keremeos-Princeton stretch.
P. D. McTavish, of the B. C.
Fruit Land Co., was in town over
Sunday, leaving on Monday's stage.
It is the company's intention to
close its office here for the winter.
" With the V. V. & E. built over
Hope Mountain, what is left for us
to arjjue about?" asks the Hedley
Gazette plaintively. Our contemporary should not enumerate his
poultry prior to incubation.
Sid Brown, formerly conductor
on the Oroville-Keremeos run, came
up yesterday to cast his ballot. Sid
has recently been in Manitoba taking a train between Souris and
Lstevan through ten-below weather
and deep snow. The Similkameen
looks good to him after such an
Charles Peterson, a tunnel watchman ofthe V. V. & E., committed
suicide on Thursday of last week by-
jumping in front of the passenger
train when it was passing through
the tunnel six miles west of Midway. He was 65 years old and had
no relatives in the country. No inquest was held.
Mr. Elmhirst, with George Kirby
as his first lieutenant, has made a
vigorous campaign of it, especially
in the last ten days or so. Last
week they held a series of meetings
in the east end, and this week has
been devoted to Princeton, Hedley
and Keremeos, where meetings
were held on Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings.
An outsider named Reg.C, Hrown,
representing the Canadian Development. Co. of Vancouver, went into
Princeton and quietly stole a march
on the mining enthusiasts of that
burg who had not kept quite up to
date on the coal situation. His lay
was to stake claims which had
lapsed, principally those ofthe B.C.
Colliery Co., which —though the
fact was not suspected by the genera] public- had failed to keep up
the reqniiements for holding its
lands. Accompanied by George
Allison and Bert Thomas, two men
who knew the country well,  he  set
out on a hunting trip—but the game
he vvas after was not the four-footed
kind. When the party returned to
town they had staked nbout 18,000
acres of coal lands, including the
former claims of the B. C. C Co.
and of various prospectors who had
neglected their holdings, as well as
some entirely new claims. The local
men who shared in the staking
come in for a substantial interest in
the property.
F. C. Laird, of Spokane, Wash.,
has been spending a few days in the
valley, looking into the coal situation at Princeton, and incidentally
watching with much interest the
progress of the political campaign.
Of the Princeton coal Mr. Laird
says it is a good clean-breaking and
clean-burning coal, but assays high
in ash. He thinks it will need to
be put into Spokane at a lower
price than the coal now used there
in order to secure a market.
The Ladies' Guild will open their
sale of work in the hall at the
Centre on Thursday afternoon, Dec.
2, at 3 o'clock, when they vvill display some very fine articles suitable
as Christmas presents for husband,
wife, lover or sweetheart. Refreshments consisting of tea and cake
will be served during the afternoon,
and at 6 o'clock an old-fashioned
home-made supper will be served.
The Centre orchestra has been engaged for afternoon and evening.
Come and have a good time.
Martin Burrell was very prompt
to take a hand in the game at Ottawa this session. In the first discussion to come up he was one of
the four speakers, the subject being
the government's delay in appointing judges for the newly constituted
court of appeal in British Columbia.
The court was constituted on the
1st of September, and it is charged
that the Dominion government is
waiting till the provincial elections
are over in order to make appointments among party workers. In
the meantime the interests of litigants suffer.
Although he had not recovered
full strength after his recent illness,
Mr. Shatford has not spared himself
in carrying through his late campaign. As an example of one strenuous day's work, on Tuesday he
drove from Oroville to Fairview,
theuce lo Keremeos, and thence to
Hedley. After his meeting at Penticton last week he took a turn
through the eastern part of the
riding to undo the work of his
enemies, and the last days of the
campaign he spent in the upper
valley, concluding with a meeting
at Princeton on Wednesday evening. He can now take a good rest
with an easy mind.
All kinds ot Sheet Metal Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
Eavetroughing a Specialty.
Plumbing.   Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Now is the time to repaii
your stoves ready for winter. Heaters of all kinds
relined on shortest notice.
H. B. Meausette,
(Over Keremeos Hardware Store.]
Keeler's Restaurant
You can gal
Meal Tlckete & Bread Tickets.
Twenty-one Meals for Six Dollars.
Hereafter our loaves will be  of regular
uniform weight which we will sell as follows
One for ten cents.
Twelve for one dollar.
Pies,   Cakes,   Doughnuts   or   Biscuits
made when ordered.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Your  Patronage Solicited.    Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Cumming's Old Stand.
(Keremeos Centre.)
Contracts For Work.
Land scrubbed or any kind o
work taken by contract at reasonable rates.
Repairers and Makers of
Harness, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
Whips,    Bits,   Spurs,   Belts,   Etc.,
kept in stock.
Work called for and delivered.
Satisfaction guaranteed
General Merchants and  Laundry
Grand Forks, B.C.
Offers a Splendid Grade of
Spitzenberg, Yellow  Newton  Pippin, Winesap,
Cox's Orange Pippin, Red Cheeked Pippin
and all the other Leading Varieties
We hold Government Inspector's   Certificate   that   all   Stock   is
free from  Pests and  Infectious  Diseases
Write at once for Catalogue and Price List
All Stock Wintered in our Large Storage Cellars
For a luxurious Shave,
Halr-Cut or Bath go to
Notice is hereby given that, thirty days
after date, I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, F. S.
Ilussej, ef Victoria, for renewal of a retail liquor license for the Central Hotel,
located at Kereineos Centre, B.C.
Keremeos Centre, H.C, Oct. 28, 1909.
Booster's -Xonsorial fltarlor
A fine line of Cigars and Tobaccos,
Fruit and Confectionery.
A. J. SAUNDERS, Keremeos.


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