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Keremeos Trumpet Aug 7, 1908

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Array Keremeos
Vol. I.
No. 20
Teacher of Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal Cottage of Music, London) fives' lessons in Keremeos Station
Town Hal' every Friday and Saturday,
and is open to engagement for accompan-
inu'iits.     Terms on application.
IIi:ni.i:v, B.C.
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Kkrkmkos, H. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Residence al Old Townsite, or inquire
at this office.
Kstitnates  Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Notary Public.
Okfick   ....    Kkrkmkos. B.C.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesday on er before
the full moon  in each month
-ZaamSfStf   in   Keremeos Sehool  House.
Visiting members eordially invited.
D. J.  Isms, W. M.
D. McCrunv.R. &
Fined Fifty Apiece.
Twice within a week Magistrates
Coleman and Richter have been called upon to hear charges against
Siwashes of looking upon the rye
when it is red. Last Thursday one
culprit was brought up, and on Saturday three more. They were from
the reserve near Hedley, but were
brought down here because it was
necessary to have two justices on
the bench. All four were found
guilty and sentenced to pay a fine
of $50 each and costs, being given
•Odays to round up their cayuses and
raise Ihe collateral. The man who
supplied them with the booze has
not been located. The magistrates'
reason   for imposing such a severe
ever, that according to the terms of
the law the act of driving another's
cattle could be held to constitute a
theft, and that the defendant took a
serious risk in acting as he did.
The driving of another's cattle for
the purpose of rounding up one's
own was, it was held, although
customary, only permissible in the
presence of or with the sanction of
the owner of the first lot. A fine
of $1 and costs was imposed.
Don't forget the ice cream   social
next Wednesday night.
George Loudon returned on Tuesday from a brief trip to Oroville.
Kzra Mills is on the sick list,
penalty was that there has been a I Little Dorothy Meausette is also ill.
great deal of trouble lately through      After ,onsjdcrabl(. de|:lv, work is
one* more progressing on the   new
F. M. KIkins of (ireenwood,   for- '
merly constable of this district, was
in town yesterday.
Be a booster Always help a
good thing along. Patronize the
Church Aid's social   next   Wednes-
Stage Lines.
Fl IKK Sta«;k.
Leaves Kereineos daily, except Sunday,
at noon, arrives at Hedley J p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, exeepl Sunday,
at 8 a.m., arrives at Keremeos II a.m.
Only through connecting stage helweon
I'entieton, Keiemeo,. lledlev A Princeton.
J. K. Rovkr, I'roprielor.
Kkrkmkos Hkih.kv Mail Stauk.
Leaves Keremeos daily, exeept Sunday,
at I p.m.; arrives in Hedley al S p.m.
Leaves lledlev daily, except Sunday, at
7 a.m., arrives in Keremeos at II a.m.
O. J. Innis, Proprietor.
Kkrkmkos Pknticton Mail Stahk.
Leaves Kereineos for Pentieton on Mondays, Wednesdays ami Fridays, at noon.
I .eaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Tlitirs-
davs and Saturdays al <> a. in., arriving in
Kei emmet at noon.
W. K. Wklhv, Proprietor.
Indians being supplied with liquor,
and it was thought necessary to
make an example. Yet it seems
pretty hard lines that while white
men all around him can, and do, get
as drunk as biled owls with perfect
impunity (except as they punish
themselves in health and pocket),
poor Lo, if he ventures to transgress   once  in   precisely  the same       ^ nl^   '
way, gets it good and hard just Under the able direction of con-
where the bottle got the cork. As tractor Knudson, work on J. J.
one who knows him well remarks, Armstrong's bungalow is progres-
"you might as well put corn before smtf rapidly.
a hog and prosecute him for eating J. C. VVoodrow, who has been
it." spoiulinfT   the   past   week   in  Kere-
A despatch from Duncan, dated meos, returned to Yancouver on
the 27th ult., says ) At the police Tuesday, going via Penticton and
court   this   morning   before   A.   H.   the C.P.R.
LOOMS, S. M., three Siwashes con- Reports from Manitoba would in- ,
trtbutod $5 each for being intoxi-! dicate that the crops, which gave1
cited, ■ half-breed $25 for being in promise of a bumper yield, have '
posssssion    of    fire-water,    and    a ■suffered   considerable    injury   from
white man $50 for supplying the Indians.
Cattle Case.
Last Friday the adjourned case
against M. C. McAuley came up
again before Magistrates Coleman
i and Richter. The charge, laid by
Frank Surprise, was that the defendant had attempted to lift some
of his (Surprise's) cattle. Evidence-
was given hy the Misses Surprise
that one evening as they were returning   home   from   the   Ashnola
Church Services.
Pri SHVTKRIAN — Divine service alternate
Sundays, Keremeos Town Hall 11 a.m.,
Sehool House 7..Wp. m. Rev. A. II. Cameron, Pastor.
Anulican Services as announced from
time lo lime.
Si NDAV  School ani>  Run J Class.
In Town Hall each Sunday al 10 a.m.
Mrs. J. R. Shaw, Superintendent.
V. Vi &. K.  train arrives daily,   exeept
Sunday, at 10..10 a.m.
I eaves daily, except Sunday, at 3 p.m.
drought during the past month.
The Keremeos Commercial Co.
wish tO announce to their many
customers that they are here to stay
and will protect them with the best
prices going. Another car expected
next week.
S. L. Smith, of the Daly Reduction staff, Hedley, who has been
away on a brief holiday trip, passed
through Keremeos on Tuesday on
his return, looking better for his
short outing.
K. M. Voight and wife were passengers by stage up the valley yes-
Mr. Voight has large min-
they  came   upon   Mac   driving   a
bunch of cattle some  of  which   be-  terdiiy
longed to Mr. Surprise and none of  '-"tt interests on  Copper   Mountain.
which belonged to the  driver;  also! Lately he and Mrs Voight have been
that he gave no satisfactory explanation   of  his  action.     For the  de
fense, Mac stated that he was driving the cattle only to gather in
some of his own that were hard to
get; and this being confirmed by
Mr. Cawston's evidence that Mac-
was acting under   his   instructions,
living at Portland, Ore.
As will be seen by advertisement
in another column, the Department
of Lands and Works is again advertising for tenders to build the
school-hous- here, none of the original tenders being acceptable.
Unless a lower one can be obtained
the charge of theft was not sustain-   the Government will   undertake the
ed.    The magistrates stated,  how-   work itself.
Last week it was announced that
a teacher had been engaged for the
Keremeos school, and so it was
thought, but later the applicant
wrote saying that she had accepted
another school. The trustees are
now considering a fresh bunch of
In the B.C. Gazette the following
appointments are announced: Hugh
Hunter, Ksq., of Princeton, to be a
Registrar for the purposes of the
Marriage Act. To be a .votary
Public in and for the Province of
British Columbia, Henry Harrison
Avery, Ksq., of Princeton.
Jo Bruno, an enterprising young
Italian, has leased from Mr. Barcelo the store formerly occupied by
Thomas & Barcelo, and wiil open a
fruit and canfectionery business
next week, his stock comprising
fruit, confectionery, tobacco, cigars
and soft drinks. There will also be
a billiard room in connection.
K. T. Kingslev has been chosen
by the Socialists of Vancouver as
their candidate in the forthcoming
elections. The name of Dr. VV. J.
Curry, Port Kssington, was mentioned, but Kingslev got the large
majority of votes. The Socialists
state that they have a large campaign fund, and will make a good
A. M. Clark and C. Brock of
Iowa, who have heen doing some
development work on the mining
claims opposite the ranch of Win.
Manery, have struck ore in large
quantities at the base of the hill below the claims. An assay is being
made and if it turns out to be as
rich as expected, Mr. Manery says
shipment of ore cm be commenced
any time.
From the Princeton Star : The
times are fairly good in Penticton,
and Keremeos is now passing
through the primary stages ot a far
reaching revolutionary movement
affecting the social and agricultural
conditions in that prolific section.
Newcomers with money and new-
ideas are peopling all the Penticton-
Kercmeos country, bruit and beef
are the spine and staples of the
With regard to Ihe suggestion
made in last week's Tkimpkt, that
the road over the hill above the upper town should he diverted around
the hill, Supervisor Deardorff states
that he has looked into the matter,
and finds that the property owners
whose lands would be involved are
very unwilling that any change
should be made. No doubt the improvement will have to be carried
out some time, but it is not thought
to be urgent enough to call for immediate action. Warns Against Frost.
Scientific fruit raising has been
deliberately shoved into a new era
by the recent installation of the
automatic electric frost foreteller in
the larger orchards of the irrigated
belt in Washington. New sets
of agricultural and horticultural
rules have been arranged by each
farmer, although the mercury may-
drop to the zero mark during a cold
spell, without the slightest fear
that when he resumes his daily duties the following morning he will
find his crop blackened with frost.
The frost foreteller is an innocent
looking piece of apparatus as it sits
idly under the apple trees, but it
has a little thermometer (irmly planted amidships that never goes to
sleep. When the temperature
starts a swift slide towards the
freezing mark, several degrees on
the safe side thereof the trusty thermometer begins to ring a bell in the
farmer's bedroom and keeps on ringing it until he appears in the orchard and turns it off.
Scattered around here and there
are covered pots. These pots are
filled with crude petroleum, and
once alarmed by the glass, the fruit
grower simply goes rapidly from
pot to pot with a handful of matches
and it'> all up with Jack Frost. In
a moment the trees are enveloped
in a thick black smoke, and the
fruit crop is saved, the tops go back
on the pots and the fires go out.
A fruit inspector says that orchards supplied with smudge pots can
be kept eight degrees warmer than
those without them, and many have
been saved with them where
smiidge-potless ranches adjoining
suffered total loss. Smudge pots
are used in many places.
V. V. & E. Buys Coast Terminals
Vancouver, July 20, Tbe final
transfer of deeds of all the Great
Northern properly in Vancouver
and New Westminster and between
the two cities, which have for several years been handled hy John Hendry and associates, were filed today, conveying the propertv to the
Vancouver,  Victoria and   Eastern
Railway, under which name the
(ireat Northern affair! will hereafter
be carried on in Hritish Columbia.
The Great Northern secured thousands of feet of frontage ol false
Creek tideflats, and also got 2(XX)
feet of deep sea inlet water front
immediately adjoining the wharves
and yau'.s of the Canadian Pacific.
The (ireal Northern's property in
Vancouver cost them not far from
Is your properly insured Against
fire? If not it should he. Policies
in a good sate company can be
secured at this ollice.
(let our prices for flour, rolled
oats, bran, shorts, etc. We buy i,i
carload lots and our customers j*et
the benefit.     Keremeos Commercial
OTICE is hereby (riven that the boundaries of
the Nelson, Revelstoke and Slocan Land Recording Divisions of West Kootenav District and
the Similkameen Land Recording Division of Yale
District, have been altered, and that on and after
September 1st, 1908, the boundaries ofthe said Land
Recording Divisions will be as follow! :
nm so\ 1.AN0 MPNMM mvisiON.
Commencing at a point on the International Houndary where it is intersected by the western boundary
of Section 2, Township 10A, Kootenay   District,   being also the western boundary  of the  Nelson and
Fort Shepnard   Railway   Land Grant ;  thence due
north about 8 1-2 miles to the southern   boundary of
Lot 5816, Group 1, Kootenay; thence due  west to
tlu   iMsti-rn  boundarv  of the  right-of-way   Of  the
Columbia and Western   Railway,   which   torms the
boundary of Lot 2698, Group 1. Osoyoos Division of
Yale   District  (now   Similkameen);   thence  easterly
and northerly, following   said  eastern   houndary of
said right-of-way, to   the   north-east   corner   of Lot
I 2698; thence due west along the northern boundary
I of Lot 2698 10 the divide between the waters running
! into  the  Columbia River and  Arrow   Lakes from
those Homing to the west; thence   northerly,   follow-
: ing the summit of the mountains to a point 56 miles
due north of the   International   Houndary,   which _
j also the north-east corner of the Similkameen   Division of Yale District; thence due east to a point due
south   of the  Houth-west   corner   of  Township   69,
1 Kootenay; thence due north lo thi north-east eorner
1 of Township 65, Osoyoos Division  of Yale;  thence
I north-westerly- to the summit ofthe divide separating
! the   waters  flowing   into  the Columbia   River   and
! Arrow Lakes from the waters Rowing to  the   west ;
I thence following the summit of the mountains, in a
I northerly direction, to a point due west ofthe north.
1 west corner of Lot .WH, Group   I,   Kootenay,   which
point is the north-west corner  of the   Nelson  Land
Recording Division; thence due east  to  the  summit
of the  watershed   dividing   the   m aters   flowing into
the Arrow Lakes from the waters (lowing   into   Slo-
can Lake, which is the north-cast corner ot   Nelson
Land Recording Division ;   thence   southerly   along
, the divide between the waters  (lowing   into  the   Ar-
1 row Lakes and the waters flowing into Slocan River
and Slocan Lake to a point near the head  waters ot
; Pass Creek; thence following the height   of land to
the mouth of Little  Shvan   River;   tlienee   crossing
: the Slocan River and following the divide separating
the waters flowing into the Skvan River and   Root-
I enay Lake from the waters  flowing   into   Kootenav
1 River   and   West   Arm   of  Kootenav    Lake   to   the
north-west corner ol Lot 7r>2.*, Group I.  Kootena) ;
' thence due east along the north boundaries of Lots
N33 and 4961, tothe west shore of  Kootenay   Lake;
thence southerly and easier!) to I'ilot Point ; thence
northerlv   to  the   north-west   corner   of   Lot    14K9.
Group 1, Kootena);   thence   easterly,   following the
height of land separating   the   waters   flowing   into
Crawford Creek from the waters flowing into Grey's
Cfftok* lO the eastern boundary   of   West    KootOOft)
District,   near  the   head   waters   of   Maker  Creek ;
th—CT southerly, following the divide separating the
waters flowing into Kootenay Lake   and   KootenU
River from the waters flowing into St.  Mary's Creclc
and the Movie River, to the International Moundarv ;
thence westerly along   the   International   Moundarv
lo the point of comini iicement.
Commencing at the north-west corner ot the Nelson Land Recording Division,  thence northerlv. fol*
lowing the summit   of the   mountains  dividing   the
waters flowing into t_ft Columbia  River from   those
(lowing to the west, to the   height   of  land   botWOI B
Foster Creek and Keflex Creek,   to   the  intersection
of Canoe River ; thence southerly down the centre of
Canoe River to  the   Columbia   R;vcr ;   thenee in a
south-easterly direction to the dividing ridge of the
Selkirk range of mountains ; thence  following the
said dividing ridge in   a   soiith-easlcrlv   direction   to
lhe summit of Rogers Pass ; ihence in a south-east-
erly direction, follow ing   the   watershed   nearest the!
I'pper Columbia River, to its  intersection   with the
southern boundarv ofthe   Dominion   Kailway  Hell; |
thence south-westerly, following the southern botUV
dary ofthe Railwav   licit, toils Intersection with the
div ide between the waters flow ing into Dim, an Kiver
and Fish   River,   Mftl    the   head   waters   ot   Te.t/tl
Creek | thence souther! \ following the height of land I
dividing the waters (low mg into Duncan River from j
the   waters   flowing   inlo   Arrow   Lake and   Trout |
Lake, to a point opposite the north   end   of   Mow ser
Lake ;     thence    westerly,    following    the    southern
watershed of Lake Creek, to a point   on   the   Lardo 1
River opposite thi-height of  laud   between   Cascade
Creek and Poplar Crce't; thence following the height
of land  and   tin    watershed   dividing   the   waters ol
Wilson Creek from  the   waters  flowing into Lardo
River and Koosk.max Creek to   the   north-*  1st   ,oi-
ner of the Nelson   I,.uui    Recording   Division.   being
Um south-east comer of thi   Revelstoke   Land   Recording  Division;   thonee following   the   northern
iHMlil.laiV of ths Nelson I.aiul Recording Division
due wist |0 the poinl ol commencement,
SICH   VN   I   \NI>   KKOkl'INl.   DIVISION.
Commencing at the noith-cast corner    >f  the   Nelson    Land   Recording    Division,   winch   is   also    DM
smith ras. comer .<i Die Revi letoho La tid Recording
Do ision. then, r following the eoateni bou_4ftr] of
the Revelstoke Land Recording Division in a gen-
i-i.il 1.1 .teil> snd northerly direi tion to it- interest
lion with the south K-undarv ofthe Dominion Rail-
wax Ivli ; thenee noftherh nnd easterly, following
tho Dominion RnilwA) Belt] to its Intersection with
the easti in U'uiul.ii v ol West Kooletiav District J
Hi. rut in ,1 south-cast, th direction, following lhe
watershed in .11. *t the Upper Columbia River, lo lhe
VKh parallel ot north latitude ; thence in a southed)
tin.-, iion following the divide separating tho waters
Rowing into Kootena) Lake from the waters flowing
intO St. Marx's Creek,   to   its   inlcrsc. tion   with   the
■aateri) boundary  of the Nelson  Land  Recording
Dix ision Ol the beftd waters ol Qm s Creek ; theuce
following the raster!) houndar) ofthe Nelson Land
Recording Division lo the point of commencement.
v xi I   pis 1 kic 1.
Commencing al a point on the Intern..lional Botlll-
dwv    where   it   is   inter -seeled   bv     Payaslon   Creek,
which is also   t|„    smith OOBl   comer   Of   1 ale   Land
Recording District, thanes follow ing northerij along
the said creek and the South Pork of the Similka*
meen Rival to its junction with the Tulameen River;
thence wcslcrlv along the Tulameen River lo the
mouth ot China Creek; theme noillnrl \ along China
Creek tO ils intersection with the south boundarv of
Lot 909. Croup 1, Kamloops Division of Yak- district; theme due east to the eastern bank of Okanagan River; thence in a northcrl) direction, follow-
ing Ihe eastern shore ot Okanagan River and Okanagan Lake to a point distant ,Vr miles due north of
the Internationa] Moundarv j thence due east to the
western boundaiv of the Nelson Land Recording
Division   of   Kootenav    Dislric* ;   thence   soulhcrlv.
following the said western houndary of Kootenav
District, to the 49th parallel ; thence west along the
49th parallel to the place of commencement.
Rout. A. Rknxvick,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria. M.C.. June JO, 1908. 11
Similkameen Land District.
•yAKE NOTICE that John M. Yoini;, 01 Kere-
1 meos, M.C., occupation rancher, intends toapply for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post planted about
66 feet south of the south-west corner of D. Innis's
ranch, thenee north 20 chains, thence west 10 chains.
thence south 20 chains, thence east to poinl of commencement and containing 40 acres, more or less.
Tho land applied for is known as the graveyard tiai.
and adjoins Lot No. 2821 on the west.
John M. Yoi'Nu.
July 11, 1908, 25
Notice of Forfeiture.
To R. M. Stack and any person or persons to whom
he   may   have  transferred   any   interest   in   the
"Blftdl   Diamond"   mineral   claim,   situated   in
Olalla Camp, in the Osoyoos Division ol \ ale
Y^OU are hereby   required   to  take  notice that   1
*    have expended for assessment and for recording
certificate ot work on the above named claim $102.50,
being the expenditure   necessary  to enable  me  to
hold   said  claim,   and   you   are  hereby   required   to
contrihute vour share or proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs Of advertising;    if you
fail or refuse to contrihute such  amount,  including
advertising, within ninety (90) days of first publication of this notice in the Keremeos Tri'MPRT, your
interest will become   vested   in   me,   your  co-owner,
under   the   provisions   of   the   "Mineral   Act   and
Amending Acts."
Dated this Uth day of May 1908.
20 L. M. Lyon.
Similkameen Land District.
Take notice that I, Percy Marks, of
Kcicnioos, hotel keeper, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described lands : Mighty acres. Commencing at a post planted at the north- I
east corner of lot 2993, thence south 40;
chains, thence east 20 chains,thence north
40 chains, thence west 20 chains to point
of commencement.
PUCV Marks,
Dated June 17th, 1908. 20
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Ciiari.f.s Richter and anv person or persons to
whom he may have transferred his one-thin! interest in the "Eldorado" mineral claim,  situated
in the Olalla Camp, in the Osoyoos Division ot
Yale District.
WOC are hereby  required to take notice that I
**    have expended for assessment and for recording
certilicate of work on the above named claim $102.50,
being the expenditure necessary to enable me to hold
said claim, and you are hereby required to contribute
>our share or proportion of such expenditure,  which
amount to date is seventy-three dollars ($73.00) together with all costs of advertising.    If vou lad or
refuse to contribute such amount,   including advertising, within ninety (90) days of first publication of
this notice in the Keremeos Tri'MI'KT, your interest
will become vested in mc, your co-owner,   under the
provisions ofthe "Mineral Act and Amending Acts."
Dated this 14th dav of May, 1908.
20 L. M. Lyon.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS     -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
When In
•top at the
Central Hotel
__ III'
Si    D "*ta_r^,*>4^
^w_1^^^™'r^H".Tt,-H ■ ~wL
HSm         •     \*m mum_■
*> __r>k
__t_n j,
Tweddle & Reith,
Spivi;ii attention to
Comi.vivi.il Men,
ami l.aml-NivkiTN.
I It*;uli|ti.u umn tot all
Sta^e Koutos.
I.iwrv Slahlo
in connoctkm.
Good lalilc.
Lvft, airy ami
comfortable rooms.
I'Yit  bus to aiul from
all trains.
Proprietors. Ice Cream Social.
The Church Aid of Keremeos will
give an ice cream social on Wednesday evening, Aug. 12, at Mr.
Crooker's residence.
Lemonade and fresh fruit will be
for sale in the booth.
Proceeds to help defray the expense of furnishing the church.
Every one cordially invited to attend.
Customs Returns.
Following are the returns of imports at the port of Keremeos for
July :
July S.
' IS.
.. 114 00.
.. 45 00.
..     KW00
.. 2S6 00.
..  830 00.
..   HIS 00.
.$211 82
.    71 42
.   1.16 40
.  219 42
$5870 00     $2784 00       $6.19 ,15
Stricken Fernie.
That misfortunes do not come
singly is exemplified in the fire-
swept Crow's Nest.
Fernie has surely had more than
its share of troubles. Just as the
Black Hand gang that has plagued
the place was leading the authorities an exciting chase, the community was stunned by a terrific explosion in the mines, causing many
deaths and untold anguish to the
friends ofthe miners who were entombed and whose fate was in suspense.
Even this is now forgotten in the
presence of the tempest of fire that
has laid waste the whole countryside and taken a heavy toll of life.
So large was the area involved that
it is impossible even yet to take the
full measure of the calamity. What
is known is that a thriving town ol
5,000 inhabitants is totally destroyed except a dozen or so of houses;
that more than a score of people-
are known to have met death in one
of its most appalling forms, while
many more are supposed to he lost;
and that millions of dollars worth
of property were consumed.
Aside from the loss of life, the
worst feature of the disaster is the
destruction of the splendid forests.
The town can and will soon be rebuilt, for Fernie is the centre of a
rich mining district ; but the denuded hillsides cannot for a long time,
if ever, be restored to their original
beauty and value.
Strike on C. P. R.
ered to Sir Thomas Shaughnessy to
the effect that if the schedule was
put into effect the men would quit.
At the same time he was asked to
reopen negotiations. No reply was
received from him, and the original
instructions to the men stand.
Kvery shop, roundhouse, terminal
and divisional point on the whole
system is affected, there being between 8,000 and 10,000 men in the
unions involved. These unions are
blacksmiths, boiler makers, car repairers, electricians, machinists,
moulders, pipe fitters, specialists
and all helpers to the various trades.
All of these organizations are part
of the international trades unions
and will be backed by the international organization. Of the whole
number of employees 97.3 per cent,
voted for a strike, so that the tie-
up will be absolute.
For commercial printing of every
kind the Trumpet has an equipment
of type, inks and paper not excelled
in any office in the interior. All the
type and machinery is practically
new.     Try us with your next order.
Builders and Contractors
Lime, Cement, Cement  Blocks and Rrick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Estimates given for all and overy kind of Cement Work
and Building generally.
J. J. Philp, Dominion fruit losptc*
• tor for Western Canada, died at
I Winnipeg, aged (>8.
The   first   wreck  on   the   Grand
Trunk Pacific western lines occurred
ot, Monday at Rivers, a divisional
point 300 miles west of Winnipeg.
Alexander Ledgerwood, engineer,
lost his life.
Notice to Contractors.
CBALBD  TENDERS,   MlptfNfM  "Tender for
, ---*    Ncho,»l-Jiousc," will bt' revived hy   the Honour
i hhle the Chief Commissionit up to noon of Monday,
| the 17th August, 1*J0H. forthe erection  and completion of a two-nxmu-  frame school-house a)  Keremeoa, Similkameen Electoral Division.
j      Plans, Specifications, Contract and Forms of Ten-
I der may he seen on and after the 1st day of August.
1*WH, atthe office of the   Government   AmL Fair-
view ; of D. J. Innis, Ksq., Sivrctary of the School
Hoard,   Keremeos; and  at   the   Lands  and   Works
1 V'partinent, Victoria, B.C.
Kach proposal must be accompanied hy an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered hank of Canada, made payable to the Honourable the Chief Commissioner, for a sum equiv.dinl
to ten per cent, tit the amount of the tender, vv hit h
shall Ir* forfeited if the party tendering decline to
enter into contract when called upon to do so, or if
he fail to complel': the work contacted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit of unsuceessl .1
t.-tnierers will he returned to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be eon-uler,'d unless made out on
the forms supplied, signed with the actual signature
of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
F. C. Gambi.k,
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Vict rift, B.C.. 25th July, 1908.
Carriage BuiLODfO,  Rkpair-
ing and Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Winnipeg, Aug. 4. A general
strike of lhe mechanical department
ofthe C.P.R. will he inaugurated
to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.
Final ordfH have been issued to
men in all shops and roundhouses
from St. John to Vancouver to quit
at the sound of the whistle.
On Friday last general instructions were issued that if the C.P.R.
posted the new schedule as recommended in the majority report of
the arbitration hoard, the men were
to walk out. This, of course, was
subject to later instruction. In the
meanwhile an ultimatum was deliv-j A.   J.   SAUNDERS,    Prop'r.
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
Write us for prices.
Distance no object.
The Big Store.
The Keremeos Commercial Co. announce to the
people of Keremeos and the Valley generally that they have now
got their stock in place and are ready for business.
Believing that the development of the Valley now demands a
more complete and up-to-date mercantile service than has yet
heen available, we are putting in a stock so complete, so varied
and of such quality as to satisfy the most exacting.
This stock comprises the following departments :
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Implements of all kinds.
Our Prices are strictly moderate.. With adequate resources, and buying in large quantities, we are able to get goods
on the most favorable terms. Our customers will get the full
benefit of these terms, for we are not here to make a stake in a
hurry, but to establish a large and permanent business.
Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
Look over our stock anil tfet prices.
Keremeos Commercial Go The Keremeos Trumpet
Publisru-d t-very Friday nt tlu- cWetk
taawttaam, Ir.e.
Su:»s.' ipti.in $2.00 a font*,  $1.00 lor .ix   months.
in tAttmnt,
Ailvi-rtisinif K.it.s LckiiI nntic:, I.V per lino
first itiMi-rtum, IQe pt'r line oa.h subsequent inM-rtum.
I.aiul notices Certificates uf impro\ enu'nt.i'U-., $S.(XI
for HUlny notices, $5.00 for .KKlay noticeB. Contract
display advertising. 2.V. per inch per wti-k. Transient advertisi'nients, such as Lost. Found, Wanted,
.■tc, not exceedinc' one inch, $1.00 first insertion, or
Wtm insertions for $2,110. Losftl readiiiB notices,
25c. per l:iu\
J. A. IIROWN. Publisher.
The Kingdom of Canada.
Under the above heading John S.
Kwart, K.C., of Toronto, an eminent lawyer and essayist, discusses
in a most interesting way and with
the utmost frankness the supremely
important question of the destiny of
Al lhe outset he quotes this sentence from Tyler's Literary History
ofthe American Revolution : ''To
know whether it be to the interest
ot this continent to be independent,
we need only ask this easy, simple
question : Is it to the interest of a
man to be a boy all his life?" In
the eyes of Mr. Kwart, then, independence is the necessary, the normal, the inevitable destiny of
The volume opens with an address
delivered in Toronto and Ottawa in
1(|04, and in this the author rejoices
that the spirit of "divine discontent"
is taking possession of the Canadian
people. This discontent he justifies
by a full enumeration of the limitations that exist, in theory at least,
as to the legislative power of the
I).>minion. "All the power which
we have comes from a statute passed
at Westminster. It does not depend
id any way upon our own declaration. We are not sovereign. We
are subordinate." Then follows an
enumeration of the things which
Canada can not do, which must be
done for us by the Imperial parliament. Those who have been content with the i datively smooth
workings of our institutions will be
surprised at the length of this list.
Mr. Kwart as a lawyer is specially
insistent on the control exercised
by the privy council over our jurisdiction. "Colonists self-governing
colonists, thev are called are not
allowed to settle their own lawsuits.
The Malay Slates can do that much."
This condition of affairs he considers humiliating; but he is not a
destructive revolutionist. He is
quite satisfied with what has been
accomplished on condition that "we
go on as we have been going." He
is not afraid to speak of independence, bul he insists on a qualification:
"If you mean legislative independence power to regulate the
sale of books in our own territory,
to settle our own lawsuits, to make
our own live-cent pieces and our
own commercial arrangements, I
say, Yes, I advocate independence,
and in return I ask, Do you advocate independence, and if so, for
how long 'i Hut if by independence
you mean separation from  the Hrit
ish crown, and the election of a new
king, or president, I answer,  No,  I
I do not advocate independence. Let
us go on as we   have  been   going.
i We  have  been   advancing   toward
legislative freedom. Let us advance.
We have stood still upon our allegiance to the Hritish crown. Let us
still stand steadily there."
Mr. Kwart's ideal is the elevation
of Canada to the full rank of an
independent kingdom under the
Hritish crown. He instances that
the King of Kngland was also King
of Scotland before the Union, also
that Hanover long was ruled by the
British sovereign. Of this dignity
he not only wants the substance,
namely, that the King should be
advised by his Canadian ministers
in matters pertaining to Canada ;
but he insists upon the importance
of the name. After recalling that
at the time of Confederation Sir
John A. Macdonald was in favor of
Kingdom instead of Dominion, he
says: "Had we received at baptism
the name which Sir John A. Macdonald desired, we would now undoubtedly be not only in fact, but
in sentiment, much more a nation
than we are to-day. We should
have grown to our title."
Throughout his book Mr. Rwart
is quite positive on one point :
"Canadians are absolutely determined that for the future they are
going to make all their own laws.
With immense difficulty we have
acquired thai right in almost complete form. And 'what we have
we'll hold.' None of it shall go
back to Westminster or to Downing
Street -Imperial Federation without an Imperial parliament remains,
as it always was, a dream."
At the end of the volume, as a [
fitting conclusion, he considers five
possible solutions of the problem of
Canada's future: 1st, union with
the United States; 2nd, an independent republic; 3rd, union with
the United Kingdom; 4th, an independent monarchy with a Canadian
king; Sth, an independent monarchy
with the same sovereign as the
United Kingdom. He would reason rather than proceed upon mere
sentiment, that is, he would exclude
personal desite, but not the sentiments of the Canadian people,
which are an essential factor. These
sentiments are ascertained from a
study of the past and present and
lead lo the conclusion that Canada's
future will be to stand united with
(ireat Britain under the same sovereign, but each managing its foreign as well as its internal affairs,
co-operating in all matters of mutual advantage in wars under
agreed conditions, in trade, iu communication by cables, by post and
by speediest methods of travel, the
increase and advancement, by these
means, of imperial sympathy and
friendship and brotherhood — "a
future of which we need neither be
afraid nor ashamed."
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. KEELER.
'Opposite the Keremeos Land C c>cr.,>any's Office.)
Veremeos Hardware
Buy your Machine Oils at the  Keremeos  Hardware
and save money.
Buy a ** New Century" Washing Machine  and
save mother.
' Tlintkote" Roofing,
the most easily an' quickly laid, most durable, and altogether the most '.'esirable roofing material to be had.
Tht price is low for the value.
A ful  line of "fboeulx" Paints and Oils—none better.
At the Trumpet Cffice
every kind of
is done promptly and properly.
K. V. Clement has opened   a law
office in Vernon.
First-Class H _». ness.
Rosiest of Saddles.
Harnessmaker and Shoemaker.
Largest Stock in the Valley.        Everything In the Harness Line. Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Prices of
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
k	 Death to All Flies.
In the long warfare between the
spider and the fly, the latter has
had the housewife for its auxiliary
and friend. The flies have been
tolerated, even fed and nurtured,
while the spiders and their webs
have been ruthlessly destroyed.
This unremitting and unrelenting
war against it keeps the spider population down, while the flies increase
and multiply by millions and tens of
millions, almost unchecked.
The spider is ugly and his web is
unsightly tn the estimation of most
people, but spiders hurt no human
creature. They feed on flies, which
are the foes of mankind, and do
mankind a service. It was once
supposed that flies were harmless
and promoted cleanliness by their
unremitting work as scavengers.
Hut a scavenger is not an agreeable
or safe companion. Many diseases
are nurtured by filth, and the fly,
flitting about from putrefaction and
decay to soundness and health, carries on his feet the germs of decay
and disease, and so far as those
germs are transferable the fly blights
everything it touches.
This harmful agency of the common house fly is recognized now as
it was not in the past, and screens
to exclude it from the house are in
common use. Hoards of health in
eastern cities are circulating cards
to residences, hotels, restaurants
and other places for use in fly time.
They contain these rules.
Keep the flies away from the sick,
especially those ill with contagious
diseases. Kill every fly that stravs
into the sick room. His body is
covered with disease t_vrms.
Do not allow decaying material
of any sort to accumulate on or
near your premises.
Keep all receptacles for garbage
carefully covered and the cans
cleansed or sprinkled with lime or
Pour kerosene into the drains.
Cover all food exposed for sale.
Screen all windows or doors, especially the kitchen and dining
Dont forget that if you see flies
their breeding place is in nearby
Keep flies away from filth and re-
luse and they cannot multiply.
Keep garbage and all food out of
their reach and they will go elsewhere, as they must eat. Their
search for food is perpetual and the
more revolting the sttbslance the
more welcome it seems to them.
Wounds, tores and disease have
special attraction for them and this
makes them the messengers of pestilence. They carry on their feet
the bacilli of typhoid, tuberculosis,
diphtheria, measles, sepsis or blood
poison and other infectious diseases.
This is not mere theory, but has
been conclusively demonstrated by
tests of gelatine plates, on which
the tim were induced to alight
afler feeding on meat smeared with
cultures of various bacilli.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
They go direct from putrefaction
to human food, from indescribable
filth to the face of the infant, from
noxious disease to the lips of maidens, and their feet establish a direct
communication between the objects
which they touch. As a transmitter of disease they are man's worst
enemies. Kill lhem, screen them,
starve them, leave them no place in
which to breed. There is death in
their touch; keep them away.
Just received, a nice fresh consignment of Armour's choicest hams
and bacon.—Keremeos Commercial
And Watchmaker.
Complete stock including
Optical   Goods.
nMrt mo    P«nticton.
Registrar of Marriage UeMH
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
c. a Mcdonald
of a
Lifetime !
Once in a lifetime- sometimes more than once—Opportunity knocks at nearly every man's door, and if he is wise
he loses not an instant in opening' the door, for Opportunity
never lingers and never returns with the same gift. What
she is offering to-day in the Similkameen is an ideal home
easily secured.    Wc are her agents.
And buy to the best advantage. We will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured  Meats,   Fish and   Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Druggists and Stationers
At the Trumpet Office
every kind of
is done promptly and properly.
Lumber & Builders' Supplies
In dealing in Building Lumber and all kinds of Building Material we
have the advantage of getting our supplies direct from the mills, and
can therefore retail at most favorable prices.
Local and General.
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
has commenced the construction of
50 additional coke ovens to supply
the growing market—28 at Fernie
and 22 at Michel.
Arthur S. Farwell, a well known
Dominion and provincial land surveyor, died at Nelson last week.
He was three times a candidate for
the provincial legislature, but was
The receipts for July from head
taxes paid by Chinese coming into
Vancouver were the largest on record, 242 Celestials each contributing $500 to the Dominion revenue,
a total of $121,000.
Nominations in Saskatchewan today. Flections a week from to-day.
Premier Rutherford of Alberta states
needs moisture badly. Potatoes are
very fair in size, but there are not
many in a hill; they are likely to be-
scarce this year. The fruit is all
right so far, being clean and healthy,
but if the present bright sunshine
prevails much longer many apples
will suffer from sun scald.
Some six or eight weeks ago
Sopha St. Pierre, a well known
Indian woman living at Oroville,
disappeared under circumstances
pointing to a brutal murder. She
was seen to leave her house in
company with a white man. When
she failed to return a search was
instituted. Her shoes and stockings
were found on the bank of the river,
and there were signs of a struggle.
Last week the body of a woman,
without shoes and stockings and in
an advanced stage of decomposition,
that  there   will   be   no elections in | was found near the   mouth of the
that province this  year  no   matter j Okanagan river.     It was undoubt-
what the result in Saskatchewan.
The government announces that
35,000 men are wanted to harvest
the wheat crop in Western Canada.
edly the body of the missing Sopha.
We understand an   investigation  of
the case is on foot. — Prospector.
The Regina   Standard   says   that
Recommendations have been made j privately it has been understood for
to governors of all jails to release some time that Hon. Walter Scott
all prisoners in for vagrancy or min- carries the commission for the lienor offenses on   condition   that   they | tenant governorship   of  Saskatche-
work in the harvest field.
wan in his pocket and   that   follow-
Announcement is  made from  the   in^r ,he elections   he   will   retire   to
Coldfield camp in Nevada of a new Ithe ******* ***- *-***  -* 0*****
ment house, whether his contest   is
successful  or  not.     It   is  believed
discovery for the treatment of sulphide ores that insures the extraction of 99 per cent, of their contents j,hal *****   P***~*   Scott   went   to
without having to roast the ores.
By the new process it is claimed
that $3 ore can be treated at small
cost without roasting. The find will
bring into the market tens of thousands of tons of rock that otherwise
would be worthless.
A discovery which probably marks
a record has been made a few miles
south of Kananaskis, on the main
line of the C.P.R. A seam of anthracite coal measuring 27 feet with
HO trace of shale or rock throughout the whole thickness. Among
other se" ns exposed on this prop-
esty is a 15 foot seam, a 10 foot
seam, and several ranging between
5 and 7 feet. The properly is controlled b) the German Development
Co., of Ottawa.
Ottawa a short time ago the prime
minister of Canada requested that
the elections be brought on in the
west immediately, with a view of
testing public opinion. Mr. Scott's
health is very poorly at the present
time and it is believed win or lose
he will take the gubernatorial
chair. In case he retires from the
government Hon. J. A. Ca'der
would, of course, be given the premiership.
The residents of the prairie sections of the Dominion are enjoying
Immunity from high priced lumber.
A few days ago a war in prices
commenced throughout the Northwest, and lumber is being reduced
to remarkably low rates, from about
$22 a thousand to about $16.     The
Estimates of cost cheerfully furnished to intending builders.
Contracts for all kinds of buildings in town and country promptly
war has onlv begun, and it   is   said
That cherry raising is  profitable, j fa. pHces wi„ he   _,,   s|;„   Knve,
Ihe immediate cause of this move,
it is reported, was the announcement of the mountain lumbermen
recently that they were to be
bound by no arrangements previously made as to price. The declaring of a free hand has   been fol-
may be vouched for by R. Campbe
living in the outskirts of Spokane.
He reports to the chamber of commerce he has two cherry trees 13
years old in his yard, which produced more than 750 pounds of
cherries this year.     He   received   9
cents a pound for the truit and the |owCi, bv , 0|, .{monK $om rf t|u.
revenue from the trees has paid his ,.irf,ost ||li||s _, „K, ^ ;(nd ,um.
yearly water rent and the   taxes  of K.r is now ^^  wMf   (,   is  tMf
Contractor and Builder,
his entire property, leaving him a
balance of $12.60. The trees, which
are Royal Annes, do well in this
soil. From one of the trees he
picked 386 pounds of cherries, for
which he received $34.74. The
trees received only ordinary care.
Crop reports from Armstrong are
to the effect that rain is needed in
lhe entire Okanagan. Fall wheat
is in good shape, but  spring wheat
below the actual cost of production.
With immense stocks on hand in
manv of the mills, the war will probably be carried on for a long time,
or until a reduction is made in the
stocks. While the lumbermen will
not reap large harvests, the farmers ofthe prairies will derive benefits in cheap lumber. The reduced
prices are not likely to lower the
local prices, it is said. In anticipation of getting his
motor cars into commission, J. F.
Royer has disposed of some of his
horses recently. D. Gillespie has
bought one team for $400. On
Tuesday Mr. Royer went to Penticton to deliver a team to John Ma-
honey, who pays $500 for the loam,
wagon and harness. The motor
cars have arrived at Spokane and
are expected here soon.
The Palmer Mountain Prospector
says : "The hay crop in the Similkameen valley fell off about 60,
this year. It is the first time a
shortage of the hay crop has ever
been known in that locality." While
this may be true of the U. S. portion of the Similkameen, it does not
apply to the portion about Keremeos. Around the town and for 12 or
14 miles down the valley the hay
crop is fully up to the average, and
from there on down to the boundary the shortage is not great and
shows itself mostly on the high dry
lands. It is only after the houndary is crossed thai the shortage is
If you want a Q meal, call al
the Restaurant.
When in need of shoes, come
and get our prices.     G. G. Keeler.
P. Richter & Co. announce a big
stock reduction sale. See their ad.
in this issue.
Mrs. Forbes of Hedley and Mrs.
D. J. Innis of Kereineos are visiting their mother, Mrs. Clark, at
the ranch.
Chas. London, Hans Richter, C.
Y. Prosser and Lome Coleman
went up (0 the Ashnola yesterday
for a week or ten days camping
The Ladies' Guild of the Fnglish
Church will meet next Thursday
afternoon, August 13th, at 3 o'clock
at the residence of Mrs. Richard
Elmhirst. A good attendance is
The last issue of the B. C. Gazette contains notice of the appointment of David Findlav Jelly, of
Keremeos, Esquire, to be a Justice
ofthe Peace ill and for the province
Of British Columbia.
C. F. Rennie, who is employed in
the Keremeos Commercial Company's store, has purchased a ten-
acre lot, No. <>7, from the Land Co.
and will place it in readiness this
fall for tree planting next spring.
11. D. Parties, ofthe Daly Reduction Co. force at lledlev, passed
through Keremeos on Monday, going by wax ofthe C.P.R. route to
Vancouver. He will return in
about ten days by the Great Northern roule.
On Sunday evening last Dr. McEwen was called in to set a broken
shoulder for Baptiste Surprise. Baptists had been engaged in a wrestling match. He is fortunate that
the break did not occur six inches
higher up.
The Fruit Growers' meeting, announced tO be held here on Wednesday next, under the auspices ot
the Central Association, has been
canceled ; death in the family of one
of the speakers, who was to take
part, is given as a reason.
Francisco Cedio  was hanged In
the jail yard al Kamloops last Friday morning for ihe murder ol
Louise King, an hotel proprietor's
daughter, at Niagara, near Greenwood, by blowing up the house
with dynamite ncary Iwo years ago.
There is talk of a   baseball   learn i
representing lhe Similkameen  mak-   AM  ***** ** ******   *****-   ******  **
ing a lour of the Okanagan   in   the
Eastern Townships Bank.
Head Office,
Capital and Reserve,
Sherhkooke, Quebec.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards  received,  subject to no delay in withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
Louis Riel Jr.
The last of the immediate family
of Louis Riel, the famous rebel
leader, passed out on Friday when
his only remaining son, Jean Louis
Riel, died at the St. Boniface hospital, Winnipeg, of a complication
of diseases. Jean Louis Riel was
born in Montana 36 years ago during his father's residence there, following the first rebellion. He was
well educated and finally took up
the profession of a civil engineer.
A few months ago he went to Quebec, where he was married to Mile.
Laura Caseau and the couple had
just gone tO Winnipeg to take up
life together. Young Riel was
working at his profession on the
new line of the G.T.P. when he was
taken ill, following a serious cold.
The cold developed into a complicated illness and the young man
passed away in the presence of his
bride and his uncle, a brother of his
famous father. Riel's uncle lives at
St. Vital and the funeral was held
from thai place.
Selling at Cost.
We have decided to reduce our entire stock of general
merchandise ONE HALF. Sale starts Au#. 7th, and will
continue until we have accomplished our aim.
Come and let us quote you prices on
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes
Wagons, Hacks, Buggies and Farm Implements
of all kinds including Plows, Harrows, Cultivators,
Hay Rakes, Stump Pullers, Spring Tooth Harrows,
Disc Harrows, Planet Jr. Hand Seeders and McCormick Mowers.
Remember, this sale is not going to last forever, and it
will pay vou to come early and get some oi the best bargains before they are all gone.
Frank Richter & Co.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Hay and Grain Store in connection. Seed Wheat and Parley for sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
near lutitre, if satisfactory arrangements can be completed for games
with various towns along the lake.
In view of this the boys here should
resume their regular practise.
K. (i. Hankinson, who has been
acting as clerk for J. H. Kennedy,
has quit the job and taken the contract of grading a portion of the V.
V. it K. road near Princeton. Two
loads of outfit and supplies were
sent up the valley on Tuesday. We
wish Hank the very best lUCCSOa.
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
KAVKTKOl l.HIM.   A   Sl'Kl 1A1.TV.
Estimates furnished  on application.
Leave orders at
Keremeos Hardware Store.
H. B. Meausette,
Keremeos, B.O.
Workmanship and fit guaranteed.
New samples just arrived.
See us before placing your order for a Spring Suit.


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