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Keremeos Trumpet Apr 24, 1908

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Array Keremeos
Vol. I.
KEREMEOS,  B. C,  FRIDAY, APRIL 24,  1908.
Mrs. IaIu. Richter is spending a
few days at the home of her father-
in-law, Mr.  F. Richter.
G«0. Gilbert, of 15-Mile, passed
through town On Wednesday on his
wav to Vernon to attend the Conservative convention.
|. F, Royer was down to Anarchist Mountain the lirst of the nock
contracting for two loads of oats
and seventy tons of hay.
George Winter, of Myncasler,
Wash., aiul GeoShelderof 15 mile,
were in town on Wednesday.    The
former was on his way home.
Mrs. J. A. Brown, who has heen
spending lhe winter with friends in
the Old Country, is expected U) arrive iii Keremeos on Saturday.
At a meeting of the Church Board
the plans of the new building were
approved and work on the foundation wiil he commenced at once.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Uass of Hedley were in  town  on  Wednesday,
the former on his way to Vernon as
delegate to the Conservative convention, and the latter on her wav
t.v Colvilk-, where she will v is,l
A. Megraw, editor of the lledlev
Gazette,  and familiarly  known as
"The Major," was in Keremeos for
a short time on WedlM day. The
Major is a staunch supporter of the
Conservative parly, and was on his
way to attend lhe nominating convention at Vernon,
Ihis week Constable Iv.varl went
through the formality of subpoena*
ing witnesses to appear al the Vernon assise?, May 18th, in the case
of the Crown vs. Mine, the man
who shot Nelson Chance, escaped
from custody after being committed
to stand trial, and has not heen
heard of since.
Mrs. Richard Elmhirst entertained
the children of the Primary class ot
the Sunday School on Wednesday
afternoon. Rev. Mr. Cameron, who
happened along when the merriment
was at iis height,  secured a good
snap-shot of the party, the greater
number of whom were perched in a
cherry tree, their smiling faces
mingling with the blossoms.
Samuel Crampton, who for the
past COtiple of months has been improving lhe fruit lots of his son,
li. A. Crampton, on the Webster
estate, has purchased four more lots
in subdivision 458, opposite the
ferry,   from    Messrs.     Lawrence   it
McDonald of the Beautiful  Valley
Land Co. Before coining here Mr.
Crampton hail for years been a resi
dent of Manitou, Manitoba, where
he is well known as one of the most
successful farmers of the district ;
and the fact that he has backed his
opinion of the Similkameen by reinvesting, after taking plenty of
time to learn the conditions prevailing here, is well worth noting by
the many other Manitobans who
think of moving to li. C. but are
uncertain as to which is the best
part of the Province to strike for.
Wm.    Armstrong,    of   Shingle
Creek, formerly   of Keremeos,   was
in town on Thursday. He has just
received a shipment of 10 head of
line thoroughbred Jersey cows, and
is going into dairying and butter-
Mr.   Osborne,   the   enterprising
proprietor of the Corner Store, is
placing large sijjns on the east and
north sides of the building an addition that was needed, and that
would be s.ill better if he had not
modest!} omitted his name from the
sit;ns ud put Instead, a general
designation of the business,
A. Irwin, Indian Agent, of Kamloops, is staying a: ihe Central,  lie
is here to arrange with Ashnola
John and his tribe for a right of
wav through their reserve at the
Ashnola for the Keremeos Land
Company's irrigation ditch. The
company have found it impossible
lo make arrangements with the
Siwashes, and Mr. Irwin is here in
response to a telegram from Ottawa
directing him to come down .ind fix
things up.
Lieut.-Col.   tilossop  of Vernon,
and li. W. and T. Hodman, of London, Eng,, were registered at the
Central Hotel on Sunday, liodman
Brothers have invested heavily in
B.C. property, principallj mines, in
various parts of the I'rovince. Thev
have lately returned from a trip to
Japan, and in company with the
Colonel are now looking afler a
fruit ranch at Rock Creek. During
their drive from here to Oroville the
Colonel gave expression to many
flattering impressions he received of
our valley.
While in lledlev on Monday evening vv e had the pleasure of inspecting the Daly Reduction Company's
hi^r stamp mill in company with the
manager, Mr. Ross, who courteously   explained   the   whole process   of
milling,  from  the crushing  of the
ore to the final moulding of the gold
bricks. In a future issue which we
purpose devoting to minini; and the
mineral wealth of the Similkameen,
we hope lo include a full description
Of the Nkk!e Plate, and the process
by which  its   owners   extract   such
large quantities of the precious yellow metal.
C. W. Krickmann, of Davenport,
Wash., spent a few days in Keremeos. He is looking the country
over with a view to locating on a
fruit farm. He left for home on
Tuesday, hut intends returning in a
few weeks' time.
A tremendous  quantity  of wood
is being consumed in tin. fruit industry, and the dem md il is making
on our forests is attracting attention. The man who has ingenuity
enough to devise a scheme which
will permit fruit growers to market
their product without packing it in
costly boxes, if he can gel il patented, will make several  fortunes.
Messrs. li. C. and T. V.  Mallory
and W, O.   Shaver,  of Winnipeg,
Man., have each purchased a ten-
acre lot from the Beautiful Valley
Land Co. The two former gentlemen intend getting their property
ill shape lor planting at an ear!\
date, and will locate hie with their
families this fall. Ad made their
choice ifler carefully looking over
the OkanagM and other districts.
J.  I". Murray, assistant post office
inspector, Vancouver, was in Keremeos on Tuesday forthe purpose of
unraveling the tangle existing in
postal in. lers here. He secured S
list ol nan es of tho e receiving their
mail   at   the   respective   offices and
promised that arrangements would
be immediately made to have the
mail sorted before leaving PentictOO. He also slated lha' explicit
instructions had been issued to have
coast .mail for the Similkameen forwarded via tin- Greal Northern instead of around by the Okanagan.
Mr. II. B. MaUSCtte and family,
of Verno.1, arrived in town yesterday, while his partner, Mr. Crooker
of Brooks, Alta., and his wife are
expected   lo    arrive   to-dav.      They
will begin the erection of their hardware and tinsmith shop immediately. Accompanying Mr. Mausette
and family was li. Nickle, ofBurk's
falls, Ont., who intends locating
in II. C. and engaging in fruit
growing. Mr. I) Treub, father ol
Mis. Crooker, also arrived in town
yesterday   and will    remain    in    the
valley for some time, possibt) locating here.
It is a noteworthy fact that people in search of fruit land who remain long enough in ihe Similkameen Valley to thoroughly examine
ihe soil, climate ami other conditions, invariably invest here. Mi.
A.  Robertson of Medicine Hat, after
spending weeks in studying the
various fruit districts of the I'rovince, has decided lo cast his lol in
the K remeOS district, and has purchase Irom Lawrence it McDonald,
pf the lieautiful  Valley  Land Co..
some lots on lhe Webster Estate.
He has also arranged for the lease
of Ihe orchard and buildings on the
estate. Mr. Robert-.on is a practical man of the right sort and the
valley will profit by his residence
Burrell Salecied
A dispatch received from Vernon
just as we go lo press announces
that Martin Burrell of Grand Forks
has again been selected by the Con-
servalives to oppose Duncan Ross
in the federal elections.
Elmhibst   At Armstrong's Ranch, Keremeos, on Wednesday,  April _'_',  1908,
io Mr. and Mrs. James Elmhirst, a son.
A special meeting of the ratepayers ot
lhe Keremeoa School Districl will beheld
In the School House, Keremeos, on Mav
.'ml at _' p.m., lor the purpose of canceling
Ihe kits in the old Keremeos lown rite
originally deeded lor a school lite,
H\ onler of Trustees.
D. J. Ixxis. Secretary.
Church Services.
PsiSBYTsaiAN Divan- service alternate
Sundays, Keremeos Town Hal! II a.m.,
School House 7 p.m. Rev. A. 11. Cameron,
Mi moms! Divine service alternate
Sundays, Keremeos Tosrn Hall 'I ■ m..
School House i p.m. Rev. Mr, Jones,
Ani.iicvn Services as announced from
time to time.
si MOAV  School   vxn   Hiiii i   Cl ISS.
In Town Hall each Sundav si 10 a.m.
Mis. J, K. Shaw, Superintendent,
Stage Lines.
I-1.ikr Stack.
I fairs Keremeos daily,eacepl Sunday,
al noon, arrives al Hedley 3 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday,
al s1 .ian., arrives al Keremeoa 11 a.m.
Only through connecting stage between
Penticton, Keremeos, Hedlet .x Princeton.
J. I-'. Kov i k. Proprietor,
KI K im I os  Hi in i \   \| \u   Si w.i .
iln 4km mi met tttm April i. i _n.i
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
a!   t  p.m. ; an ,irs in. I lotil.-v a I 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedle) daily, except Sunday, si
7 a.m., arrives in Keremeos al 11 a.m.
I'. I. Ixxis, Proprietor,
Kl hi mi os  1'ixriciox M vn. Si u.i .
Leaves Keremeos tor Penticton on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Fridays, si noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thure*
ilal s anil Sa Inula v •, a I <> a. tn., arriving   in
Kei fmco* al noon
\\. I   \\ 11 iiv. Proprietor,
\ . \. iX. EC, iram arrives daily,  except
Smul.o , al  III. .10 a.m.
I i aves daily, except Sunday, al ■' p.m.
Keremeos School Board.
K.   I'l SHl'BST. lo o.   Kikiiv.
IV I.  Ixxis, Sec.-Tnaaa,
L. O. L. No. 17 70
Meets Tuesda) on or before
iln- full moon  in each month
m* "t   Keremeos School House,
Visiting members cordiall)  invited.
IV   I.   Ixxis,  W. M.
IV   Mn i kkv, K. S. To Be Strictly Enforced. Fruit Trees in Demand. G. S. LAWRENCE
c. a. Mcdonald
Regulations fer Packing, Grading: and Marking Fruit.
"The Dominion government regulations regarding the legal packages of fruit, the grading, packing
and marking, will be enforced during the coming season with perhaps
more firmness than at any time heretofore,"   announces   with   emphasis
Mr. Maxwell Smith, the Dominion
fruit inspector. "Ignorance will no I
more be regarded as an excuse for
disregard of these regulations, and
all those having the best interests
of the fruit industry at heart will
doubtless co-operate with the government officials in this vv vrk."
With regard to the suitability of
the weather now at the opening of
the season Mr. Smith is well pleased with the weather and yet is sitting in trembling of it. His fear is
not that it wi!I get colder, hut that
it will gel brighter and then colder.
"While the every day citizen is bemoaning the backward spring," he
says, "1 am pleased to death because every day of this kind cf weather makes our fruit crop safer. This
cool spell is just what we want. It
is keeping back the buds so that
there is no danger ot a late frost
dama^iiifj the blossoms. There is
one thinj,' which I hope the fruit
growers won't overlook and that is
the greal apple .how to be held in
the city of Spokane in December
next. If they expect to maintain
lhe high standard of excellence and
world wide renown that they have
attained ol recent years the growers
want to bef,rin preparing for that
apple show as soon as they begin to
cultivate their orchards in the spring
ot I'-KtH, because the specimens necessary to carry off a prize at such an
exhibition are rot produced haphazard oi by chance. It means careful cultivation ol special tree-, and
the limitation of the number of
specimens on these  special trees   in
order lo gain  a  higher perfection
both in quality and color. If they
make proper preparations there is
no reason why frail growers of
British Columbia should have to
lake   second   place   to   anybody   at
that exposition." Vancouver World.
The   violent    wrench   in  financial
and commercial conditions which
occurred last year in the United
States is illustrated in lhe tall of
prices of ail the chief metals except
gold, lor instance, from March
1'X)7 lo March I'AS, silver dropped
from 67)4 tO H)t cents an ounce,
lead from I) to .!.'• cents a pound,
and copper from 25 to li1.. cents a
pound. The decline has been gradual, and seems to have reached its
limit. When recovery takes plac,
however, as it must soon, it need
not be expected to go to the abnormal heighl of a year ago for a long
time lo come, nor is it desirable
that il should.
Over  a   Million  Trees  Will   be
Planted in B. C. this Spring.
"It is safe to estimate that considerably over a million fruit trees
will he planted in various sections
of British Columbia this spring,"
said Mr. Wilson, Dominion Inspector of Fumigation, to the Province.
"During March, our busiest month,
I inspected a total of over (>00,000,
and ihis month the figures will not
show any great reduction. This
only refers to imported trees. The
favorite varieties are tipples, pears,
peaches, plums and prunes. Ot
these, apples and peaches constitute
the largest number. The trees are
principally secured from Oregon,
although Iowa and Washington
make manv shipments to British
Columbia. This, of course, is exclusive of the supply furnished by
nurserymen on the coast and up-
country. The demand for fruit
trees in recent years litis been so
vast that they could not fill all the
orders, despite the increasing acreage yearly laid out in nurseries.
"Fruit growers are also obliged
to import strawberry and raspberry
plants from the I'nited States. Already this season several hundred
thousand of both varieties have been
inspected here. The Oregon nurserymen are enterprising. Every
fail they have every fruit growing
section in the Province canvassed
by agents, and the orders are executed in the following spring. The
distribution of the trees and plants
embraces nearly every district south
of the main line of the C.P.R. from
the Rockies to the coast, and the
Dominion railway belt itself. There
were hijj shipments this season to
the Arrow Lake Country, Nelson,
the Boundary and the Okanagan.
Three or four years bet -, according to the locality, these   trees   will
be bearing and supplying fruit to
lhe home market end the people of'
the new Provinces. I don't think
fruit growing can be overdone for
the growth of population will main-
lain a good demand for many years
at profitable prices, and even a substantial reduction would still leave a
handsome return on the money invested."
Mr. WiKon has been a horticulturist all his life. He received his
training in Scotland, and later was
dispatched to India, where he applied his knowledge to good advantage. He was formerly in charge
of the famous Coldslream or Aberdeen fruit orchard in the Okanagan
Joseph Armstrong has ^rood reason to be   pleased   with   the   thrifty
showing his Bock of sheep are making this spring, One bunch of 307
ewes is responsible for 450 lambs,
and   the other   morning a bunch  of
II were found with a joint family of
IH lambs.
Over Two Thousand Acres of Choice
Fruit Land
In the Keremeos  District,  the
Hub of the Similkameen Valley
We have subdivided the WI.BSTI.R HOMK RANCH
epposite Keremeos, ami are now offering it for sale in 5 to
10 acre lots and upwards. If you would consider changing
your location for a home in an ideal climate, let us interest
you in one of our 5 or 10 acre Fruit Lots ri^ht opposite the
Town of Keremeos, where you have the hest oi clear spring
water for domestic purposes.
In the Wenatchee Valley, in  the State of Washington,
under exactly the same climatic conditions, a 20-acre fruit
lot produced a revenue of $35,000.00 last year, and American fruit-growers who have sold at fahulous prices are now
looking to the Similkameen for re-investment.
If yourself and neighbor! are desirous oi locating together, we will he pleased to quote you special prices on
tracts oi 100 to 500 acres.
Now is your opportunity, as the limited amount of fruit
land in this, the earliest and mildest fruit district in Canada,
will rapidly advance with the influx of investors from all
parts oi the Dominion.
And buy to the best advantage. We will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
Keremeos Farmers' Exchange
to Join the Central.
A meeting of the Farmers' Kx-
change was held in the otlice ot the
Keremeoa   Land  Co.   on   Thursday
evening, the 16th April, at 7.JO.
The question of joining the Central Farmers' Exchange at Revelstoke was taken up, having been
laid over from hist meeting, and it
was decided to join said organization.
It was thought advisable to purchase sufficient fruit boxes to handle
all the fruit in lhe valley for this
season, but the matter was finally
left over for next  meeting,
It was resolved to hold regular
meetings in future on Tuesday evenings instead of Thursday as former-
Iv, in order that notices of meeting
could better be given in the Keremeos Tki vinrr, so that everybody
would be sure to see it and therefore
would not be so likely to forget the
time. Every third Tuesday evening
in each month at 7.J0 o'clock is
now to he the regular time of
An ably prepared manifesto from
the    Grenfcll    Agricultural    Society
was read, inviting co-operation in
the establishment of a national organisation of farmers engaged in all
departments   of  agriculture.    The
circular recites that under present
conditions the agricultural community has not that influence in public
life lhat its importance demands,and
that the middlemen and transportation companies obtain an undue
share of the wealth produced by the
farmer. In order to obviate this
state of affairs it adv ocates a national organisation on broad lines. The
secretary was instructed to write the
Grenfell Agricultural Society telling
them that this Exchange feels very
favorably towards the scheme.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Buy   T'ive Roses   Flour   and   eat
good bread.     F, Richter & Co.
The building being erected for a
restaurant and fruit and confectionery store   by Mr.    Keeler  is rapidly
assuming shape and  will he ready
for occupancy before long. Mr.
Keeler is being assisted in the work
by carpenter Cousins.
There is no substitute for T'ive
Roses Flour,     !•'.  Richter it Co.
Farm Implements
of Every Kind.
The Keremeos Land Co. is
Agenl for the International Harvester Company, of Chicago, and
is handling all kinds of Farm Implements, such as Plows, Harrows and Spring-tOOth Cultivators
suitable for orchard work and for
Clearing around trees,
tict our prices before investing, and
then you will he sure to get vour
goods right
We also handle Baled Hay, Teed
OatS and Wheat at the lowest
Ranche For Sale.
1100 acres choice beach, bottom ami
range land, River ircni ige. I- miles
from Keremeoa, J miles tie n lVlm.u si.,i-
ion. Will sell all er pail. Good comfort'
alile building) plenty ot Waier ter all the
l.tiul; immediate poi^eeeion if desired.
Tor particulars write K. C. Of Joseph
Armstrong, Keremeoa, B.C.
Drugg.sts and Stationers
Dry Goods
Men's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Hardware, etc.
Fresh Fruit
& Vegetables
Builders and Contractors
l.ime,  iVnu-nt,  foment   Hlocks ami   Uiuk   lor sale.
Kslimatos niven for all ami every kind of CeOMBI Work
ami Building generally.
Wrilo us lor prices. Distance no object.
Wishes to lake   advantage oi ihis    opportunity   in
these columns of thanking his many friends snd  patrons
for their genCTOUS custom in the past, anil hopes to merit a
Continuance of their support ill the future.
Our stock is a ui.le snd varied one,  our store central.)
located, our prices reasonable.
Q. MILBURN.        Near the Station.
KEREMEOS, B. C. The Keremeos Trumpet
I'uhllslutl M 1'rul.o ul Uu- oftiiv,
Kfltssasaa, ll.C.
Subscription $-'.')() a war, 91.00 tor six month*,
in a.lvnmv.
Advsrtialns Rattsv l.*_,'.il iwtiissv ISc tn-c jsM
lirst insertion. 11V |X-r line eActl Nlibsts|iu'nt insertion,
I.and initio's Certificates ot intpfOVWMnt,*tc $7.ml
lor fiO-il.iv notiess, $5,111 tor JMal notion,  Contract
Jisplav advertising. We. per incfi pvr WoWt. _ Transit-lit MvartiMmcnts, mrh is Lost, round, Wanted.
i'U., not MIHwllllll (MM huh. $1.01 hrst insertion, or
three Insertions f.ir $_'.IH). l.o.al rending notiees,
J.V. per lint'.
J. A. BROWN, Publisher.
FRIDAY, APRIL 2d, 1908.
A New  Farmers' Organization.
As will he seen bv the report of
the meeting of the Similkameen Far-
mers' Exchange, publiahed in another column, a movement is on
foot, originating in Saskatchewan,
to form an organization of farmers,
national   in   its   scope,   and    broad
enough to include all branches of
agriculture. The immediate cause
of this particular movement appears
to be Saskatchewan's "lean year" of
l'-07. In lhat vear, say the promoters of the scheme, "millions of
bushels of wheat in western Canada
were sold by the growers for less
than the COSt of production. Labor,
worry, anxiety and loss were the lot
of the farmer, but the railways,
which owe their very existence to
the people, still charge the highest
rate for transportation, and the
middlemen demand even more than
their usual profits. There is no
sharing of loss from the calamity
that has befallen us, the fanners
alone must bear that."
This manifesto from the Saskatchewan farmers j^ocs on lo sav,
ii terms remarkably like those employed by Socialists :
"On the one hand we see a comparatively leu men acquire great
wealth through combination and a
dexterous use ol the power and influence derived from • uch combination ; we see thom control the
whole financial, transportation and
distribution facilities ,| the country,
and often so influence tbe course ol
legislation as lo still further increase
their wealth and power, through
bonuses, subsidies, grants of public
franchises, and by other means, at
the expense ol the great body of the
'•On the other hand we see the
farmer, of the country, who, by Intel, igence, industry and economy,
have convened lore l .ind prairie
into one ol llie fine I and most progressive countries in Ou, *....',' still
compelled to toil earl) and lai
from childhood io age, to secun
even a bare competence for their declining years. Wo see ihe legislation ol our country in the hands prin-
tipallv, o! commercial  and  profi
• ionai men, who, to m)   ibe beat,
can legislate onl) according to theii
own  knowledge and  experience of
life, and who loo often legislate lor
their own interests rather than lor
the interests ol a greal agricultural
people. Me.I who make lan* sums
in | short time cannot well legislate
i itelligent v lor those who work
maybe wars for less than the others
often make in a month, a week, or
.is sometimes happens, a  day."
"Hence on all hands we see unjust
and glaring inequality in the distribution of   Ibe products of labor, and
the farmer who produces the greater
part   of  llie   wea'thoftbe country,
receiving from that wealth the least
It is claimed that such organisations as the Patron* of Industry, the
Grange, the Farmers' Association,
the Fruit Growers, tlie drain Grower!, the Stockmen, have all heen
more or less local, called into existence by local or special conditions,
and that "havingaccomplished tbeir
immediate purpose they tend to become inactive." We think, however, than in so tar as these limitations apply to some of the foregoing societies, they would apply with
almost the same force to the proposed new one. The Patrons of Industry, at least, and the Grange,
had very ambitious program* and
were bv no means local in their
aims. Their dec ine was not due to
having "accomplished their immediate purpose," because they tailed
entirely to attain most of their aims,
immediate or ultimate. They tended lo become inactive rather because of the decline ot interest and
confidence that followed the first
flush of enthusiasm, as the ebb-tide
succeeds the full. The reasons for
such organization* are potent and
permanent, as are those lor the existence of political parties ; only in
the case of farmers' clubs the element of direct personal gain, in
moncv or fame, is seldom Strong
enough to bring about sustained activity on the part of the leaders.
Few men, however patriotic or
public-spirited, can afford to devote
their time and talent to the task,
often a thankless one, of trying to
arouse and direct lhe collective activity of a class so conservative as
the farmers of Canada. Perhaps
tin. new organisation may learn
from the experience of the older
ones, and by adopting different
methods secure greater and more
permanent results.
the French Government would willingly place at their disposal ; and
in this case the Canadian authorities
could spend money to better advantage in helping lhem out of the
country than they did in helping
lhem in.
An attempt to introduce lobsters
(the marine kind, not the human)
on the Pacific coast, by the Dominion Fisheries Department, haa just
passed its lirst stage successfully,
and a colony of the queer beasts
planted in Cooper's Cove, Sooke
Harbor. They were taken from
Nova Scotia waters, about 1200 of
them, and succssfully shipped across
the continent, with practically no
loss, in a cold storage car supplied
with salt water, sea-weed and ice.
lhe success of the experiment is
not altogether assured, for it has
■lwaya been found more difficult to
colonize sea species than land species in the animal world. If it
should succeed, as is hoped, it will
mean a large addition to the value
of the fisheries of II. C. Last year
the returns in value from Nova
Scotia's lobster fisheries were nearly $2,000,000.
Immigration officials report an
increase of (>0 per cent, in the
American emigration lo the Canadian Northwest for the first quarter
of the current year, as compared
with the first quarter of last vear.
The outlook for the present year is
that the Canadian West will receive
70,000 settlers from the V. S.
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London Ik Lancashire Fire Ins.  Co.
Ocean Accident ami Guarantee Co,
KaazitBOS, B. C
Contractor and Builder,
Painter,  Paper-Hanger and
Deco rater.
Central Hotel,
Contractor and  Carpenter.
Workmanship Guaranteed,
Estimate! Furnished.
Cm i km. Horn,
Estimates Furnished.
Workmanship Iiuarantcod.
For an Easy Shave
and a Clean Bath
00 to TBI
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A.  J.  SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
MottO!   Boost, but Don't Knock.
C. L.
I.o tho pooi Doukhobor,  whoso
untutored mind impels him to wander to and fro  n  the   earth  seeking
an imaginary Eden, now he turns
longing eyes towards British Columbia as better suited than the cold
Saskatchewan for indulging in idyllic peace, Kdcnic costume, and vegetal i.iuisin. As elsewhere, he wants
to herd in a bunch, biU, i*f lading it
difficult to gi; enough good land in
.. block for 8000 people. When fty)
licks o Kaped from lhe land of lhe
Ciar   il    was   expected    thai    tlf*V<,
would regard Canada as a heaven
i>n earth, if only by contrast ; and it
was rather a .hock to Canadian
sell-esteem when the immigrants
began to complain of tyranny again
in thou now bOOM and lo move
about in search of a still better land.
Some ol the more deluded ones even
headed for the United Slates, bul
they were promptly lurned back.
An excellent suggestion lias been
made, lhat thev should be shipped
to an island in Polynesia, where
they could be as happy and as primitive and iis i; i clarions as I bev
pleased.     Such  in island,  il is said,
CaRRIAOI Painting
Opposite tho Central Hotel.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all
kinds of Leather Goods.
Of Harness, Boots and  Shoes, and all kinds of Leather
Goods Done Neatly and Promptly.
|g_ Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each    I
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch of the C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
m** -gl^^tife	 Winers and Mill
Men Entertain.
A.   Murchie  of   Princeton   was I
The First Ball Given by the Min-  gueal .it the Central Hotel on Wader's and Millmcn's Union  of nesday.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Hedley   a   Grand   Success
Many in Attendance.
Mrs. Keeler ol  Myers' Plata is a
;uest .it lhe home of Mr.   and  Mrs.
•'. Richter.
Head Office,
Capital and Reserve,
Shexbrookb, Qtmc
Bert Allisan was a passenger to
Penticton,   via   Welby \s   Itage,   on
Friday, returning Tuesday.
W. K. Perry, depot inspector of
the Ci. N., and wife, were  register-
Hotel Keremeos on Sun-
I'nless it be the remembrance of
the long drive home in the chilly
hours of the morn, the large contingent from Keremeos   that   attended
the ball [riven  by the  Miners' and
Millmen's Union of lledlev on Monday evening,   will  cherish  nothing ed at th
hut recollections of a most enjoyable day.
evening, a brilliant gathering and a       D< vVaik. o( Salmon Arm,  a for-
nicely appointed hall,   where no de-   nK,r lvsldl,nt ofKeiWneOS, is spend-
tai! that could  possibly add tothe ingm few daya renewing acquaint-
enjoymenl  of the  large number of aiK.0 at ,|K, Hllh
invited guests had been overlooked.
.,., , r i   i •  i       I..  I.  Mcllallie,   manager ol the
I he committee m  charge   did   high
... .. , •' ,    Bank of B. N. A.,   lledlev,   passed
credit   lo   the    organization   which •     ■
through Keremeos  on   Monday   on
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject  to no delay in withdrawal  of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
A Carload
they represented and it will  be  the
his wav home from Penticton.
earnest   hope   of  all   who   had   the
pleasure    of    attending,    that    the John Knudson, with the able   as-
Union may Sourish and live long to sistance   of   E.    Mills,   has  already
give many entertainments similar to made a good showing on the huild-
their lirst. ing which he is erecting on the cor-
Those   from Keremeos in attend- ner opposite J.  R.   Shaw'-,   general
ance   were :    Mrs.    C'oleman,    Miss store.
Lowe,   Miss   Everett,   Mrs.   Stein, Hugh Hunter, Government agent,
Mrs. and Miss Kirby, Misses M. and p.inccton. was a pleasant  caller al
1.. Smitheran, and Messrs. li. Kirby, the Tt<i Miner office on   Wednesday.
H. Richter, R. McC'urdy, II. Tvvcd- He was On One of his   regular   trips
die,   C.    Thomas,    W. O.    Stevens, through his district collecting tithes
Parsons,    M. liwarl and j. A. to|. „K. Provincial exchequer.
Milton Moore, late of Marvsville,
of Mitchell, Lewis & Staver
Planet Jr. Seeders,
And Farm Implements of all kinds.
Vegetation in the
Similkameen Valley.
Fruit Trees arc a Profus:cn et
Bloom.    Everything Grow-
ing Rapidly.
doable-barreled poetic name the
new clerk should be well able to
preserve harmonv among thegaiests.
\. A. Sheridan, mining expert, of
Mullan, Idaho, visited the   Dolphin
Mine, Olalla, ihis week, in company
The   past    week   has   wrought   a   with II. Stcv c.,son of Spokane, one
wonderful change in the appearance 0f  the  owner..     We   understand
of   the   valley,   and  remarks on lhe that the inspection was   made   with
backward nature of the   spring   are __ vjcw of iiileresting capital in the
now almost a thing of lhe past. development of this valuable  claim.
According to all old timers, vege- go mav il be.
tation has been exceptional!) late in
For n'oeil l>;iletl hav  | 1 A lens, and a lew
starting this vear, but   in   this   res- ,        ,      , ,-    ,   " ,_  ,,    .,
" • ' good sect aiul Irril   oats,   go   to   I).    Mc-
ped our sheltered valley appears to  Curdy, Blminnwenn  B.C.
be more favored than outside points, 	
as travelers passing through seldom
fail lo remark that here we seem to
be from oae to two weeks ahead of
any place I hey have been in. The
fields of alfalfa are now a solid bed
of green, and in many instances the
grain is showing up nicely. Peach
and plum trees present an extravagance of bloom, while the blossoms
of the apricot trees, having fu I Ailed
their function, are slowly dropping.
Along the bottom lands and lower
benches the snow-white masses of
ollala blossoms present a pleasing
Contrast to the foliage of the cotton-
wood, poplar, hitch, willow and
other deciduous trees now in full
The backward weather, I hough
objectionable, perhaps, lo the average citi/en, has been ideal for the
tenderer varieties of fruits, preventing as it did, all growth until the
season was so far advanced that
there was practically no danger
from frosts.
Gel our prices before you buy.    We can give sou tbe ad-
B.C., has been engaged as clerk at  vantage of carload rates aiul a casb discount,
the. Hotel Keremeos.     With such a
Have just received a car of good CEDAR SHINGLES.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
ijrtvvto «>u Jieiuelev
When ii. Penticton you ere
invited to call and see our
stock. It is first-class and
up   lo  date   in   every  line.
Watches, Chain*, Pioocbe*, Plus, Clocks,
1 -11_;.i;_ii• 111. nl  Kings,   Wedding Kin^s,
Diamonds, Bracelet*, Cut Olass,
Meerschaum Pipe*, Silverware,
Sterling Silver Toilet Sets,
and General Jewelry.
Optical Work In the latest appli-
ami's known In the profession.
Watch-making, Jewelry Work anil Ue-
pairing a specialty.
I solicit your patronage.
HMnnlO       Penticton.
Hav and Grain Store in connection.
Seed Wheel and Barley for sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
Workmanship and fit guaranteed,
Spring samples just arrived.
See us before placing your order for a Spring Suit. KEREMEOS MEAT MARKET
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
And Builders' Supplies.
In  dealing  in   Building Lumber and all kinds  of
Building Material we have the advantage oi getting
our supplies direct from the mills,  and can  therefore
retail at most favorable prices.
Estimates of Cost Cheerfully Furnished to
Intending Builders.
A large stock of Rough and Pressed Lumber, Dimensions, Lath, Shingles, Sashes, Poors, etc., etc.,
always on hand.
Contracts for all kinds oi buildings in town and
country promptly executed.
Contractor and Builder,
Fairview, April 20.
Dr. McEwen, who was in attendance OQ several patients here last
week, returned to Keremeos on Sunday, having heen summoned by
phone. Asked as to the condition
of his patients here, he remarked
that there was nothing that time
and attention would not cure.
Wm. Dalrymp'.e will seek for the
lost treasure, the mica lead, this
week, and a report may be expected shortly.
E. J. Pinch, assisted by Mr.
Neal of Penticton, has just completed kalsomining the rooms ot J.
R. Brown, Gold Commissioner,
Ci. H. Sproule, constable of lledlev, and Edw. Hulloek-W'ebster, of
Penticton, were registered at the
Golden Ciate Hotel last  week.
Mrs. K. M. l'utman, of Oklahoma, aj^ed 86 years, died at the residence of her son, near the Stem-
winder mine, on April 14th. The
funeral service was conducted by
the Rev. Mr. McCiilvrcy.
Chas. Richter, of Osoyoos, appeared before J. R. Brown, commissioner, last week, on the charge of
selling liquor to Indians, and was
fined S50.00 and costs. Some half
dozen others appeared on similar
charges but the evidence was not
sufficient for conviction.
E. A. Kelly, of the Shatford Ltd.,
has rented the Maine House, and
his family, at present in Vancouver,
are expected to arrive shortly.
Mr. Rayburn, who has been
working at the Stemwinder for the
past several months, is now on his
ranch at Mver's Flat.
Mrs. Rippin's mother is leaving
■ for her home in France, and M r.
j and Mrs. Kippin intend spending
' next winter with her.
Park Ranch, with its 40  acres of
! fruit trees, is j,riviii£   promise   of   a
good   crop   this   year.     The   water
supply is more than ample  for   irrigation purposes.
Dick Sidley's views on matters,
politicial, as reported by the Vernon
News, is causing muth comment.
T. H. Patton, sgeat for the Oregon Nursery toy., has secured a
considerable trad of land north of
Mr. Graham's ranch,   and   his   two
; sons    have   secured   pre-emptions.
They    have   commenced    improvements.
One of I). J. Innis' teams took a
load of hides to Oroville last   week,
and returning,  brought a load of
oats    to   Fairview   for   Hy.   Jones.
They returned to Keremeos   via the
Stemwinder pass.
Mr. and Mrs. Pippin, of Park
Ranch, visited at Pentieton last
week. On their return journev
while opposite Praether's ranch,
two dogs rushed out at the horses,
frighteningthtm so that they swerved on the narrow road, throwing
Mr. and Mrs. Pippin out. The
1 former was severely bruised, while
I Mrs. Pippin eseaped more easily.
The hOTMS were recovered at   Trav
els' ranch, about a mile  and   a  half
distant with the Inverted and   badly
wrecked democrat stiil attached   to
them.     Mr. and Mrs.  I'ippin are  lo
be congratulated on having escaped
more severe injury.
Mrs. Revely, of Hedley, is the
guest of Mrs.  !•!.  I.owe this week.
Miss Carrie Munro, of Midway,
spent Faster at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J,  H.  Kennedy.
Sole agents   for   Mitchell,   l.ewi.
tt Staver wagons and buggies.    F.
Richter & Co.
O. I.. Clark, of the Eastern Townships Hank staff, returned on 'Tuesday from a week's visit lo friends at
Grand Porks.
It's true. A stitch in time saves
nine. Many a boot has been saved
by a half sole. C. V. Prosser will
do the soling quickly, promptly and
About seventy head of pack horses were taken up the valley last Sunday. 'They were being brought from
Idaho and intended for  packing   in
the Buckley Valley.
H. H. Stanton, ofMolson, was in
Keremeos on Monday closing arrangements with the Keremeos
Land Coy. for 100,000 feet of flume
lumber and also timber for bridge.
S. T, Elliott, the well known implement dealer of Kelowna, spent a
few days in the valley this week on
business. Mr. Elliot is having a
consignment of buggies and wagons
unloaded here and freighted across
to Penticton. He finds it cheaper
than shipping around the other way.
Constable Fwart left on Wednesday for l.oomis, where he will meet
sheriff Thomas of Concully, and expects to succeed in recovering a
horse which he had stole- over a
year ago, and recently got word of
across the line. Ewarl expects to
return on Saturday, brinjjin^ his
long lost with him.
An item in last week's Tkcmim i
stated that P, Sauve was about to
kro to Saskatchewan to work his
homestead. Such was his intention,
but just as he was about to leave he
received an oiler from P. Richter
which induced him to stay. Instead
of "baching it" on the bleak plains
he will live on the Richter ranch
with his family, who are now in the
east but will come out.
'The owners of the imported
French coach   horse   "Diplomats",
have engaged Martin Carscallen as
groom for the season of 1901 and
yesterday he left with "Diplomats"
on an exhibition tour which will
take in the lower valley lo the boundary, Fairvievv, Penticton and Summerland in the Okanagan, and up
the Similkameen lo lledlev. Route
cards and Other advertising matter
w ill be issued shortly.
When vou buy llour ask for Five
Roses.     F.  Richter ft Co. Victoria Day at Keremeos
Queen's Birthday Will Be Celebrated in Royal Style.
and   districl   whirl   in   and   help lo
make Victoria Day of 1908 I  day
long   to   be    remembered    in    our
The -Mill of May
Is the Queen's birthday :
It' we don'l e.i'1 a holiday
We'll all run away,
It. Wilberg, representing the   B.
C. Cigar Company, was in tow n on
Wednesday,   and   learning   of   the
Victoria Hay sports to be held here,
SO Sang the school children Of the   volunteered to put up a box of "Old
I9th centurj , and the tradition holds   Sports" cigars as a prize for an old-
on into the 20th, and seems likely | timer's foot race.
to retain its vitality as long as the
memory of the great Queen is held
in reverence, which will be  as long
ll.. S.
as the British Empire endures.
In 1906 Victoria Hay was celebrated in Keremeoa in good weatern
stvlo, with the usual races and
games, and this year it is intended
to observe the festive day on a   still
more ambitious scale,   with   sports   To«B to whoa iiw pmmta shall aw.
. l.KH-IIS...
and  irames,   and  m the  evening a
The   arrangements   are   in   the
hands of an active committee,    who
l.ifiilrnant-liov rrnor.
C \N.\lvv
i:i>W -.RDTHB BEVKNTH, bj tt»GfBC*ofOod*
of tlu-   I'nitad   KJltgiiuol   ot   Ur_-.it   Mrit.iin ami
h.l.m.l, mod erf the  Hriiish  Dominions beyond
thr Sena, Kim.. IVKihUt ot'thr l-'aiih, Emperor
.>f  lluli.L.
, «   \\tiii:ki;as i>. s.v-
Attonwy-OtmrmL |     \\  ,„.„„„, ,|lt.  ii,imi.
Protection Act, ISBB,   u hi wiactisl h>  Section 19
of the "Game Protection   Act,   Amendment   Act,
1905," il la enacted thai  ii  shall Iv tavful lor the
'One to work m gOOd time   to   UeutenanUOovernor m CottwS, bj   Prodanwtion
to Ih- published in   Iwo   woomh*a  bum  of the
make sure ot securing the    best    at-   British Columbia Guatfte, to declare a doe* mnon
for jt-ft we in an) part ot Sm Prorlaca for Mg period
of time: and
Whereas Our   said   lat'iiUiiant-tiu\«rnor,  h\   ami
with the advice ot hi* Executive Councfl, has rxvn
ploaai l to direct) by, an Order in Council in that
Behalf, .i rloac mam lor vceee Mrithin the Cotmt)
of Kootenay) until an.) huuding the 31 el da) ot
August, one thouaaad ntna hunched and oi^ht.
Now Know \\, therefore, thai in pursuance
thereof are do bereb) proclaim .i done muoh t.»r
(.•its., Mrithin the Count\ of Kootenay, until nnd
including the>Uet da) of \uguat, one ihous.nul mn.
buiuli ml and Hnjuti
In I'imimonv W'mikii^. We hnve enuned theee
Our l.i'ihTs to hn made Patoat, nd the
tii.at Si-al of tha mid Province ts Iv here*
unto .i'.'i\i\l.
Wii\i-\\.   His   Honour   J AMU   Dl'MMUM,   Lieu*
tenant-Oovemor ot Oui uid Pitwrinoe of
Britiah Cohaujhim, in Oui <it\ of Victoria, in
Our aaid Province, thia 19th da) of Pnhruaryi
in tin- war ot Our Lord one thounawd nine
bundled nadeiffht, nnd in the i%hth rear ot
Our JFdgl
IU Cotnm.uul.
Provincinl Secretary.
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
tractions thai can reasonably be obtained, and to let the people ai the
llistrict know what we are aboat.
The sports committee is composed of Geo. Kirby, chairman, l\. Elm-
hirst, Alex Bothwell and Mr. Car-
michael; J-   A.   Brown,  secretary.
Messrs.  Bothwell and Kirby are the
finance committee.
A considerable sum of money wi.l
of course be required to make the
day a thorough success. Part of
this has already been made up In-
liberal subscriptions, bul the sub-
scription list has not been passed
around, and the majority of the citizens have not yet had an opportunity tO contribute. Mr. Kirby or
Mr. Bothwell, of the financial com-
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Similkameen District.
Take notice tlt.ii  I. John *_****\mt McDonald, of Olalla, occupation miner, inlend lo
apple for permission u> purchase the following described land : Commencing al a
mittee, will see as many of these as p><si planted .u the north-west corner of
lot mimhoi I'KI'i, thence north 5 chains,
possible, and those whom they may (twoce east 7 chains, theses sonth .1
not meet   are   requested to call   on  chalne, thence wtr* 7  chains to potet  of
commencement, and contains d acres,
either ot them Of upon the secretary   ,lum. l)r |,.ss.
and subscribe. .'""* *»»' s Ml ***** "■"•
It is not proposed to use   most ol       Dated April Uth, I9M. II
the resources, as is often done in sf-
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
lairs of this kind, in bringing in
hash) third-rate professionals from
a   distance,   bul   rather   lo   have a
gathering of all thai is  best ia  the
Valley in the   wav   of amateur alh-
Yale Land District.
lake notice thai  I rank Uichter, of Kor-
oinoos, Rancher, Intends lo apply for por-
imssion to purvhaee ihe following described land :     I eiillllt mini; at a  posi planted
letes, musicians and horsemen.     In   " '!"■ »"'■"':«'"<' comer of Lol W, thence
t-.is:  <>0 ,-liaiiis,   thence   north   K)   chains,
all these lines the Similkameen   can   thrnce west 60 chains,   thence  south   io
average up with uy community of ,l'""s .'" ■"J"' "' cesnasnessisnt, and
"      ' * containing M) acres,   more or less,  ami
its si/e to be found in the Province,
and it is to be   believed   thai   more
solid enjoyment  is to be had, and
mors   interest   laken   in   allairs    in
which our own people  can  participate,   where   the   contestants   are
Comfortable and commodious stabling for teams.
Good  rijrs and careful drivers.
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and  Tourists invited to give US a trial.
D. J. EN5WS,
including thai uecvofland lying north oi   ,
l.ot -1.1. west ol l.ot 22d.  south ol   lot  41,
and oasl ofOsOVOOS Lake.
Prams Rh hi nt,
April IH, MM,
S'otiei   s h. I. in given that, thirt) days
peop'e we know, than   in   wat. In.it;   ,,„, , a.,,,., I. (ieorge Kirby, of Keremeos
trangers or professionals, si.mon. B.( .. Intend to apph to the Sup-
,i ml,ml,ni   nl    \',,,\ tn ial    I'oliiv,    F.   S.
A baseball tournament,   in which   Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail
team-, from neighboring towns   will
take   part,    will   be held, and many
other fames and  ttports,   including
horse   races,   particulars   ol"  which
will be given in programs to   be
i .sued soon.
liquor  license for  the   Hotel  KerssMos,
located al Keremeoa Station, B.C
GROSOI  Kikiiv.
Keremeos Station, B.C., April 19, I90S
Notice is in M in riven that, thirtydays
afterdate, «., H. Tweddls and J. Keith,
II possible, arrangements  will be at Keremeos Centre, B.C., intend to amtt)
. to the Superintendent of Provincial Police,
made to have   the train leave   at   a ^ g_ Homey, of Victoria, fer renewal ei a
later hour that da) so as lo  accom- retail ■imior license for Hi.' Central Hotel,
,    , ,     ,. located al Keremeoa Centre, HA',
modate people down the hue. f_9mu kpjm
Let   e\ery   citi/en   ol     Keremeos       Keremeos Cent re, B. C, April Iii 19W.
Special attention to Commercial Men, Tourists and Land-seekers.
Headquarters tot all Stage Routes,
Livery Stable in connection.
(iood table.       Large, airy and comfortable rooms.
l'ree 'bus to and from all trains.
Tweddle & Reith,


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