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Keremeos Trumpet Jan 15, 1909

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
No. 43
Teacher of Pianoforte and Accorapar-'sl
loeriitii-afi'il Royal C* liege of Mania., I
don) open to engagvt ment   lor  aivom'
inients.    Terms on application.
Hkdi.kv, B.C.
Ten Cent Tea.
Thermometer Readings.
Fruit Growers' Meeting.
Notary Public.
Ok kick    -   -   -   -     Kkrkmkos, B.C.
GEO. KIRBY,       «,
Notary Public.
\*je*M for :
London Ht l.aneasliire Kire Ins.  Co.
Ocean Accident ami Guarantee io.
Kkrkmkos,  B. (.'.
The following record of the   tem-       Despite the severity of the Breath*
A pleasant time vvas spent at   the \ peratnres at   Keremeos  during  the  er there was a good   representative
Central Hotel on Wednesday evening at the "ten-cent" tea given by
Mrs. James Klmhirst under the auspices ofthe Ladies' Guild.
Tea vvas served to about sixty-
five guests and vvas preceded by a
short musical program consisting ot
an instrumental by Miss Lowndes,
solos   bv  Miss  Daly,   Mrs.   Brown,
cold snap may be considered reasonably accurate. They are from the
self-registering thermometer at the
customs office and particular care
was taken to get the highest and
lowest temperatures recorded each
Tuesday 5th,       4 below
Contractor and Builder,
! Miss Fergusson, George Herald and Wednesday <>th 2 "
G. Milburn and a quartette by Mrs. Thursday 7th 6 "
Hrown, Miss Fergusson and Messrs Friday 8th 4 "
Milburn and Herald.       It   was   the Saturday 9th 2 "
(first time for Miss Daly to sing   be- Sunday 10th 0 "
1 fore an audience and apart   from   a Monday 1 Ith 8 "
slight evidence of nervousness, net* ITuesday  12th 6 above
ural under   the   circumstances,   she
did remarkably well.    She possesses
a sweet soprano voice which is very
Wednesday 1.1   12
13 below
14 "
12    "
14 "
15 "
10 "
18    "
16 "
8    "
10    "
gathering of fruit growers at the
Keremeos Land Company's office
on Saturday afternoon, the following members of the association being present and taking a lively interest in the proceedings : V. Wilson, A. Robertson, A. Mattiee, R.
Klmhirst, W. A. H. Quant, J. A.
Hrown, Wm. Mattiee, J. M. Young,
John   Mattiee,   J.   R.   Shaw,   J. J.
j Armstrong,   W.   M.   Frith,   F.   C.
Sorge and Rev. A. H. Cameron.
Owing  to   the   absence   of   the
former secretary and his negligence
I in not I -iv;ng provided my books
or statement   a   report   of the   last
! season's business could not be read
nor   the   financial   standing   of  the
Thursday  14th   13     "
Monday and Tuesday,   when   the association    definitely    ascertained.
clear in the higher notes and   gives   mercury took its lowest dips,   there It was decided, however, to proceed
great   promise   of  further   develop-   was no wind and as a  result  it  was with re-organization and as soon as
ment.     It was   also   lite   first   time   difficult to believe thai  the   temper- possible get possession of tht books
for Mr. George Herald to essay the   ature was really colder than a week and place the affairs of the associa-
Kesid.-n.e ,u Old Tomisiie. or inquire   part   of   soloist   and   his   rich deep  earlier, at the beginning of the cold ; tion on a business basis.     The   fol*
at this office, , . ,, ■ i ■ •     i !
  bass was a surprise to all present, snap, when a raw searching wind lowing directors were elected by-
Mr. Milburn, in his solo, "Alone on prevailed. For the last three days ballot : R. Klmhirst, I. R. Shaw,
the Raft," far surpassed any of his the thermometer has been climbing J, ,\, Brown, A. Robertson, J. J.
previous efforts and is deve'opinga and there is reason to believe that Armstrong, Wm. Mattiee, W.A. H.
splendid tenor. "Carissima" by the worst is at last over. Quant. At the meeting of the di-
Mrs. Hrown and "Tit for Tai" as Reports received from the outside rectors, held at the close of the
an encore by Miss Fergusson   were   indicate that the cold wave vvas ex- waiter al meeting, officers were elect*
CTH/TIT  I*AlllincM   particularly   well    received    by   the   ceptionatly severe all over the   eon- -*-\   as   follows:      President,   J.   J.
£>lMILK.AMh.fc.N   audience.                                                      tinent.     Sharp   frosts   are   reported Armstrong; vice-president, A. Rob-
Afier   tea   had   been    served   the   from    California     aud    Tennessee; erlson;   secretary-treasurer,  W. M.
KstiniaW's  Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Miits liiesdav on or ht-fon-   room vvas cleared and   the   remain-   snow storms have   prevailed   along   Frith
the lull moon  in eaeh  month
in    K remeos    Town     Hall   del of the evening spoilt in dancing,    the coast and shipping has been   in-        It is the intention   to   extend   the
Visiting members cordially invited.
(.'.  L Cl MMISl.s, \v.   M.
I).    .Mill RI>V,K. S.
Stage Lines.
turn St.vuk.
Leave* Ke*e*aeea dailv,eacepl Sund.iv
at noon, arrives at Medley .t p.m.
Leave!   lledlev   daily,   except   Sundav
at Ha.m., arrives al Koromoos II a.m.
Onlv thraaffk coaaectia*" staffs ketwea
I'entieton, Keremeos, lleillev \ Princeton.
Kkrkmkos Hkpi.iv  Mvu Si u.k
Leaves Kereineos dailv, exeepl Sundav.
al I p.m.; lonneetini; wilh all slaves   east
and wesi, arrives in lledlev al S p.m.
To call it a ten-cent affair is a mis- terrupted by ice forming on the sphere of usefulness of the associa-
noiner; il was a splendid evening's rivers and inlets. In the Northern tion in manv ways. As for instance,
entertainment Slates and Central Canada the tem-   bv co-operating in the   purchase   of
perature dropped to   below   40 and   supplies of spraying   solution,   fruit
was   BCCO_ltfM_nied   in   many   places   boxes, etc., in securing markets for
Mr. and Mr*. John Gorl   of   Car-   vvith heavy snow    fall   and   howling   the fruit and vegetables grow n, and
berry, Man.,   arrived   in   Keremeos   blizzards. ' jn   seeing that   same   are   properly
on Friday and remained till   yester-        ,n Hritish Columbia no particular   packed for   shipment   and   of  good
,,! day when they   proceeded   on   their  district has   been   favored.     At   th*I quality.    An effort vvill also be made
vvas to the   Coast.     They   were   ac-  coast the thermometer   barely   kept   u. eo-oporate in the better representation of the produce of our   valley
at outside fairs.
The next meeting will he held   on
D ('.niMm, I'roprielor.      ^,,,,^,,,1^ by Mrs.    Klmhirst,   who   above Ihe zero mark  and   with   the
vvill take up her residence  vvith   tmt*******   *    -***    •"mosphere   and
son James at the Central hotel.   On   t*** ** w'oid perhaps caused   mote
their arrival here  the   party   looked   discomfort than in the interior where   Saturday afternoon,   23rd   inst.,   at
Leaves lledlev dailv, except Sundav. ai   fa disappointment which   thev   felt   much lower temperatures prevailed,   three o'clock.     A   good   attendance
•..   L'  ._'    ...   ii   m  M ' J I   ...   ... .        I t
at    this    meeting    particularly    requested.
C. V.  Prosser has moved into the
H a.m., arrives in Keremeos at It a.m.
I). J. Innis. I'roprielor.
Kkrkmu's  PbMUCTON Mvu. Siauk.
Leaves Keremeos lor I'enlii ton on Mon-
il.ils, \\ ednesd.ivs and Fridals, al noon.
Leaves I'entii ion on Tuesd.ns, Thurs-
davs and S.iliiul.ivs .u d a. m.. arriving in
Kereineos al noon.
W. K. W'ki.HV, I'roprielor.
lower ranch.
Due team ol work   horses,   Wright   about   Cl.ptioiial conditions prevailing.
I.tewt.   eaeh.      Harness   and   waifon,   in j      * .  .     '.
good condition-    Rneriraal this office  ar   had a pleasant visit with many old-
af J.   V.   loulier,   W.   H.   ArmstronK's   ,j|)H. frjel,ds and a good   look   over
the improvements now going ahead
iu the valley. Despite the abnormal weather conditions he expressed himself as better pleased with
the vallev than any he has seen and
has his eye on some property vvith a
at finding zero weather and a  Bene*   **-*■*** *****   hi«h  ■Wtudw, not suh-
traling wind, which made the aver- I****- W wind, *•*** as (ireenwood,
age Manitoba weather seem balmy I'rinceton, Nicola and Laggan rein comparison. It was more like P',rl temperatures of 50 degrees he-
arming in the Yukon than the low zero and even lower. In the v.u..„„ s(,op M fa a,rner belong-
much vaunted Similkameen. How- fruit valleys of tbe southern interior -.^ u, v Osborne, and the Kere-
ever, Mr. Ciorl is a man of consid- the Kootenay, Southern Okana- I1U.,,S |.and Company are fitting up
erable discernment and was prepar- *»" ""d ■•*- Lower Similkameen fa p,|rt ,,,-,|K.ir building vacated by
ed to make   allowance   for   the   ex-   temperatures varying from 10 to 20  him as an office for themselves.
l\c ' below are reported.     Lower reports |
however are to hand of 2(>   at   Vernon and 40 at Kamloops.
voi'Vk next AT   1IIH
Boosters Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A.  J.   SAUNDER8,    Prop'r.   view to future investment.
L. W. Shatford, M.P.P., was in
town for a short time on Monday
on his return from a trip up the valley. He leaves next week for Victoria 10 attend the session of the
Arthur Lund had to drive up from
Riverside Monday in the face of
that cutting wind, and he reports
thai his teeth chattered M from Ihe
cold that he shook all his gold fillings loose, lie had one of the fillings in his pocket book to prove
the truthfulness of his story. Just
as though any story told by that
gentleman needed proof. Prospector. Provincial and General.
A loeal syndicate has heen formed
10 run a tunnel to tap the hij,rh-£radc
veins of the south belt at depth.
The tunnel vvill he started from near
the north line of the Helen and vvill
he run Under the Starveout and
other well known properties in the
south belt.    Ledge.
A telegram received from Chicago states thai the German directors have signed the agreement and
the money has heen raised for running the big tunnel at Greenwood.
Hick Armstrong will he in the city
next   week   to   make   arrangements
for commencing work.    Ledge.
A faint rumor is in circulation,
the source of which cannot he run
down, that parlies out new year's
eve for the purpose of jumping mining claims upon which much work
has heen done, were induced to
hunt safely hy the singing of Winchester bullets. This imiy be only
an unreliable whispei lhat Oame
Rumor has set afloat, hut if true it
is to be regretted that the gun was
not better aimed.      Prospector.
On Jan. 7th the G.N. express
from Vancouver to Seattle was
wrecked near Bellingham, the lire-
man killed, the engineer badly injured and the lives of the passengers endangered. The accident
was caused by an open switch
where the track crossed some trestle-
work, and a ridiculous rumor at
first attributed it to the work of
fiends who were attempting to gel
even with the Engineer Daley for
the evidence he gave at the tri.il of
Jenkins the negro murderer at Van*
Official Election Returns.
11 seems like threshing over old
straw to refer to the past elections
again, but as the official returns are
now available they may prove interesting, for purposes of comparison
to our readers. The results in Yale*
CaHboO by provincial constituencies
are as follows •
Y.M.K-i utiuaoo
Hiirri-ll        K.tt.       Hunting
Cariboo  2<x>       164 .1
Lillooet    175 ')..
Yak    KM       109        ih
Kamloops    ...   t>2H .Sl.l id)
Similkameen       293 -'45 4K
Okanagan       1221      B29       109
Greenwood 233 199 H'l
Orand forks 327       22D       Ui3
..41..  2520  4'xi
[otal Burrell majority H'l.l
v.M.i-.-iuuuaoo, I'KH.
lliirr.ll K,.-. Milk
Cariboo      143        169 12
(irand Forks.     2<>1 199 148
Greenwood..    140      254      iso
Kamloops       . 3tJ 420 24
Lillooet  145 OH 7
Okanagan,... 463 478 49
Similkameen. 122 IHO 4<>
Vale  145 17f> 8
I8Q2     1963       in
Total Ross majority 161
More Talk.
"It is understood" says the Vancouver Province "that the Great
Northern railway early in the COffl*
Ing spring vvill undertake the work
of building a line from the Y. V. &
V.. railway east of the Cascade
range south through the American
Okanogan river valley to Wenatchee, Wash., on the main line, a
distance of about 1f»0 miles. The
final surveys have been approved,
anil already one-third of the right*
of-way has been acquired. The
northern junction point will be at
Oroville, a station in the state of
Washington a few miles south of
the international boundary. Owing
to engineering difficulties a portion
of the Y. Y. & E. railway extend*
ing from Laurier, B.C., in the Houndarv district lo Keremeos in the
Similkameen district makes three
or four detours into United States
"Mr. Hill's programme would indicate that lhe financial situation
has improved and that he anticipates
an early return of commercial prosperity. The proposed line "hook-
in;;' up" the Canadian and American
portions of his railway system will
cost upwards ol" two million dollars.
It vvill not only open np a rich ranching and fruit country, hut will pro-
v idc an alternative route for through
e.ist and west hound freight, thus
relieving the congestion of traffic
over the heavier grades across the
Cascade range."
Winnipeg, Jan. 9. Notice appeared today in the official gazette
of the Manitoba government that
the (ireat Northern will run into
Winnipeg from the south over its
own roadbed by midsummer. Application has heen made to build a
line this vear west from Winnipeg
paralleling the Canadian Pacific to
the western boundary of Ihe province, also a branch from Morden
to Rothwell, Man., and connecting
with the main line west, and to
build from the boundary lines at
Moves, Minn., to Winnipeg. Work
on these lines will start in the.
All kinds ol Sheet   Metal  Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
KAVKTKOri.HIM.    A    Sl'Kl 1AI.TY.
Plumbing.   Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired,
Estimates furnished  on application.
Leave orders al
Keremeos Hardware Store.
H. B. Meausette,
Keremeos, B.C.
When In
stop at the
Central Hotel
Special attention lo
Commercial Men,
anil I.anil-seekers.
I Fusitnssrtrrs lor all
Stage Routes.
I.ivory Stable
in connection.
Oood table.
Large, ail v  anil
comfortable rooms .
I'ne  bus lo anil Irom
■ ill trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  -  - Proprietors.
The Big Store.
TOCK-TAKINGtime will  soon
be here and we  must clear out the
balance of our goods left over from
the Christmas trade in order to make
room for the new stock.
This will be done at greatly reduced
"Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our goods.
Keremeos Commercial Go The Keremeos Trumpet
MUdmq PrMai sj ih,- oWto,
KsSMSSSS,  U.l'.
SulisiTi|»tiei) $J.IKI ;i  war,   SI.IKI   tot   dt   iu.m[li_,
mi .iili.-uiir.
AjlvVftllfatg   K.ili-s.     Lsgsl   nuliies.   l.V   per   Mm
lirsi iiisi-iiioti. IDc per Hss ssch sultvi-ijiu'iii Inwrtion,
Land notice.   Certificate* nfimprnvement.etc., SX.fio
lor frf_tl.it   noticea.t3.G0 for XUa)   notice*,    I  .1,1
.lispl.i 1 .i.h, iilsiny. 2Sc<  per ineh pi-r wreak.    Tran-
sienl ailMTlisfillellls, sluli ils l.nsl. Pound,   VVaiili,!,
iii., not exceeding one Inch, $1.')" Snd Imsnllon, er
three   Insertion,   fur  H00,     Uveal   reading notiees.
We. oar Une ttett Inaerauai IV ssch Mfaassjusat insertion.
J, v. BROWN, PuUUwr.
More Local Option.
"Local option is beginning to
loom up again as an issue in this
province" aaya the Hedley Gaiette
"and there is evidence already of
the tendency of extreme advocates
of temperance to  lose  their heads
and allow their zeal to run mviiv
vvith both their judgment and their
"The greal trouble vvith most of
these temperance advocates is that
il anyone queationn the wisdom of
their methods, thai one is Immediately put down as one in league
with the saloon keepers and wholly
bad; when in many cases the truth
is the ver) opposite of such a conclusion."
No better proof, if proof is needed, of ao plain a statement Ol fact,
could be furnished than the attitude
of the IVnticlon Press, the self-
constituted champion of the cause
of local option in B.C. which, under
the misguided impression thai it is
helping the cause ol temperance,
engages in a campaign of abuse
againsl all and sundry who dare lo
express opinions al variance with
its own. With ill-mannered effrontery it characterizes its own opinions as convictions and attributes
insincerity and unworthy motives
to the   opinions   of  all   others.     It
commends  itself  for   heing  brave
enough lo   express   ils   convictions
anil,   strangest   of   all,   appears   to
glory   in   Ihe   unenviable   notoriety
which ii In creating for itself.
In a  recent  issue  the  Trumpet
look occasion lo express its views
on local option as a means of furthering the cause oi temperance.
These views weie convictions (if
out esteemed cotoiii will permit us
to use the word) formed from a
close observation of the working of
the measure in many places in Manitoba and Ontario where il had been
tried and discarded, having been
found wholly unsatisfactory. In
each such case vve concluded that
the cause of temperance had reallv
suffered, rather than benefitted.
The Press points to the  hundreds
of municipalities In eastern Canada,
whe.e local option has been given
effect, as evidence of the success of
the measure, and justification for
tha statement thai "The Trumpet
would have us believe that we are a
race of lunatics." The proof of the
pudding is in the eating, not in Ihe
making, anil the dismal failure of
local option to achieve the end aimed at is the best proof of its unfitness. It, however, is not the only
measure vvith   which   municipalities
have burdened their books of bylaws to be discarded later. The
Trumpet cast no reflection upon the
intelligence of our "race," but
rather, paid lhe people of Hritish
Columbia the compliment of saying
that they are in the habit of thinking and acting for themselves, independent of what the rest of the
nonunion may do.
Because we contend that prohibition should at least he provincial
in its operation, and decline to join
hands with the temperance folk in
the cause of local option the Press
says that we are insincere and wish
lo stand in with the temperance
people without offending the liquor
men. "A good soldier" it says
"uses the best weapon he can lay
his bauds on." The soldier (the
rank and file) uses the weapon vvith
which he is provided, and until
such time as the leaders of the temperance party .n supply their followers with a better weapon than
lhe local option blunderbus thev
cannot hope for victory.
We fully appreciate the evils of
the liquor traffic and are no less
anxious to see it stamped out than
is our esteemed cotem but we tail
to see in the adoption of a local
option liquor law a step towards its
accomplishment. We reiterate the
hope, expressed in our previous
article, that when the house meets
our legislators will not allow themselves to be flim-flammed into passing legislation which has been
ainptly tested and found ineffective.
If eremeos Hardware
Cook Stoves
and Heaters.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
S per cent, off for cash.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Boy i Clothing
Ladies' Hose
Shirts and Overalls
Boots and Shoes
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Latul-scokors ami   Tourists invited lo give ns a trial.
Builders and Contractors
I.inn*, Cement, Cwnenl  Blocks and Krk'k for mm.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting    Paper-Hanging
Kstini.ilcs ffivaa tm nil nnd , vi'iv knul of I oment Work
anil Miilltlmv: tfonorallv.
Write us for prices. Distance no object.
G. MILBURN. Provincial and General.
Martin Burrell, M.P., left on Saturdav for Ottawa to assume his
duties as representative for Vale*
Cariboo in the House of Commons.
He was accompanied by Mrs. Burrell.
It is reported in Ottawa that
Wm. Sloan, M.P. for Comox-Atlin,
is to be given a seat in the senate
and that lion. Wm. Templeman
will contest the vacant seat in the
by e-1 lection.
Phoenix hockey team looks as if
they would have a walk-over in the
Boundary league this winter. They
have put all kinds of crimps in both
lhe Greenwood and (irand Porks
teams so far.
The hist issue of the Penticton
Press announced that Editor Clement would be absent this week on a
trip to the coast but did not state
the object of the trip. We extend
Vancouver papers are very optimistic over the future of that city
as a shipping point for Alberta
wheat to the old country. It is
claimed that that route has an advantage of $2 a ton over the eastern, overland roule iu the winter
time, and vvith commendable enterprise the business men of Vancouver are seeking to make the most of
their advantage.
A meeting of great interest to
fruit froweri is being arranged for,
to take place at Revelstoke in February, .it which representatives of
the various fruit growers' associations in B.C., together vvith representatives of lhe C.P.R and express companies, will discuss the
important matters of freight and
express rales as affecting the fruit
growing industry.
At the meeting of the I'nion of
Municipalities just held in Vernon a
recommendation was made to  have
the Indian Acl amended sti as to
provide a more severe penally for
parties convicted of supplying liquor
to Indians. Ihis vvill appeal lo
ever'one who has hail an opportunity of witnessing the Ic.iilul results
ol the practice and our legislators
will do well tO give the lecommen-
dalion effect by placing il on lhe
The following commissioners, lor
the purpose oi' taking affidavits
under the Election Acl, have been
appointed for Similkameen electoral
division: W. J. Henderson, titter
Plata)  W.   c.   McDovgall,  C.   I-:.
Thomas and (i. GolasboTOUgh,
Princeton;    I'.    II.     French,    I.    I..
Deardorff and J.  D.  Brass,  Hedley;
I). J.  Innis, Wm.    I.owe   and    Dan
McCurdy, Keremeos; I). McP.it li-
eran and Josiah Graham,    Pairview ;
Neil McLMM and V. C. Killey,
Okanagan Palls; K. M. Cudworth,
Sidlev; H. S. Pilteiulrigh, Rock
Creek; W.  Middleton,   West brieve;
II. Holmes, Beaverdell; P C. Harris, K. B. White and I.. W. Sl.,,1-
ford, South Penticton.
"For some reason or other" says
Ihe lledlev Gazette "Penticton mail
fails to get through lo Hedley in
one day now, and   as a   result   mail
that should  reach  us on  Tuesday
night fails to turn up. If this thing
occurred once or twice only, one
would overlook it, but when it is
that way right along it is time to
make a kick to see where lhe fault
lies." Ralph QuintOn emphatically
protests thai the blame does not
rest with lhe olliee here; lhat Hedley mail is enclosed in its own sack
and goes right through without being opened. This would put it up
to the stage drivers or the office at
Hedley. Recently the Penticton
mail stage has heen delayed waiting
for the arrival of the steamer and
has been unable to deliver the mail
at Keremeos in time to connect
with the Hedley stage. But this
has been the case only since the
cold snap set in and cannot be the
irregularity which the Gazette refers lo.
Builders' Supplies.
Camuaoi Building, Rkpair-
inc; AND Paintinc;
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Boundary Police.
C. J. Bunbury, latt of Kamlo.ips,
and chief constable for the new
Boundary police district, comprising ihe ridings of Greenwood, Grand
Porks and Sitni kameen, with headquarters in Greenwood, has arrived
in the city with his wife and family
and is busy with the organization
of his district.
Mr. Bunbury is a man with a
reputation as a constable, as he left
Kamloopa nine different times afler
vicious characters and landed his
men on every occasion.
There vvill be twelve tonstables
under the new chief and if the authority s vv ill extend the proper support which will necessarily be heavy
for a time, we believe vve can look
forward to compensating results.
Boundary Creek   Times.
MolaOfl   is   to   have   a   creamery   r-* tr*/*\       T/'TDDV
and Oroville a smelter.   So il is said.   XJA-.KJ.     J\.1K.1jY,
Estimates of cost cheerfully furnished to  intending builders.
Contracts for all kinds of buildings in town and country promptly
Contractor unl builder.
Ki:ki:mkos, B.C.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Similkameen Land District.
Msl KU I   Of   V VI I .
Take noliee thai I, William Ring, Iiml
.ii_t nt. intentl ie apply im pcrmuwion lo
purchase the foUowiisj* described  lands i
Commencing sl .1 post planted 'M chain.
west ol ihe sKulh-iiesI corner nl lol I"-',
theaee north 20 ch.litis, Ihence e.isl 20
chains, ihence south Ml chains. Ihence
wesi JO chains to the point tt commencement, Ivinif nlioul Ihe area w il Inn which
lies an island hctu ecu lots I 7.'and -'7f> and
tht' Similkameen run anil containing
shout 35 acres lO which this application
relei .
W11.11 vm Rim,
Keiemeos.   III.,   |)e, emliei   17,   tOOO.
Keremeos, B.C.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry, etc.
Apex Mineral Clnim.
Situirtv m Ihe Siniilkanieeii Division of
Vale Milting District. Where located   Oa M.ineii  Mountain,  adjoining
the Kelipse group on Ihe easl.
-T\.KI-: NOTI. I that the   Kehpse    M,n-
**     ini; ami Milling Company, Pros Min* i       .      _. _____  _.•    ,-,,    •
e, s Certificate  Ne.  Hiv32.  ,n,en,i. CO  ****** ■atlhfoctorily filled
days from ihe data hereof, to appli to the
Mining Recorder for s Certificate oi  Improvements, loi the pm pose oi  obtaining
a Crown Grant af the above claim.
And luiihei lake noliee that action,
under set tion .17, must he commcnfcil lie-
lore the issuance ol such Certificate of
Dated tins 33rd da* at Dsc_eshsr, IM.
Ki i irsi \ii\isi. vsii Milling Company.
SpeCIPl contract rates to camps.
Orden lor  Cured   Moats,   Fish   and   PdAlltry   promptly
GEO. CAWSTON. Keremeos Property
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 180 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
7th & 8th Ave.
$250.00 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Mow embarassing to have friends
from tlie east visit us at this  partic-
ular time.
one for anvone looking  for   an   im*
proved and comfortable bone.
The experience  of   the   past   fov
Eastern Townships Bank.
weeks has proved conclusively  that
no portion of Britiah Columbia can
Mrs. T.  W.    Coleman,    who   has   c|,lim jmnumjtv from   zoro   weather
been upending the past six  weeks whtf| fa ©-mditiona are right, and
at   the   coast,    returned    home   on   st.nsibit. ,,^,,,1,,   wj||   pro|jt   by   the
Mr. D. Harkness of Vancouver arrived on Tueeday  and  is  engaged
auditing the hooks ofthe Keremeos
Land Co.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. 0. Stevens are
in Spokane this week  and expect to
discomfort they have heen suhjeeted
to, and equip themselves hotter for
a cold snap. Most new comers
form an erroneous idea of the winter here, chiefly from tho misrepresentations ol real estate men, and
do not build theirhousea sufficiently
.1   is.
,       warm nor hrintr   alontj   the   proper
pav a visit to triemls al   Nelson  be-i » ■ «     '
. .       , wardrobe to withstand a cold   spell.
fore returning home. __ ,   •      ,       ,        ,,
| Ihe result is a lot  ol   needless   dis-
A car load of   lumher,   a   portion   comfort.     The charm of the climate
of which will be used  for the  new |„ inland Britiah Columbia dota not
town hall at the Centre, arrived  for  |j, |„ po|.|V.Mll;i| summer   but   in   its
F. Richter 0 Co. on Wednesday.        relatively long summers   and   short
Vernon is certainly  out   of   luck; , winters;   the   many    bright,    warm
_'•> below zero at   the   time   the   an-   days   and    the    comparatively    lew
rwal meeting of the Union of Mun- cold diaagreeable ones.     It  is  not
icipalities lor the province   vvas   be-   always suinniet and the cold  snaps,
though ot rare occurence,   must   bo
provided against.
Head Omci,
Shirmookb, Qumc.
Capital and Reserve,
Bank Department.
Depoeita of Sl.00 and upw
lids  received,   subject  to  no  delay  in  W'ith-
of all or anv  portion.
Keremeos Branch.
R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Mr.nagcr.
| F. Richter & Co.
fl Dealers in General Merchandise.
ing held there.
Rev. V 11. Cameron left on
Wednesday on a holiday trip to the
Moundarv country and vvill likely
visit Spokane before he returns.
He vvill be gone about ten days.
It takes a heap of   talking   these
days tO convince the stranger   from
Rev.   Mr.   Hibbert  of  Penticton the eaat that vve are not all weather
vvill conduct  service   both   morning   liars out here.
and evening in the Keremeos church        „Ag fa j 1>s b9fptn u,   i,.,,^,^
on Sunday, instead  of  only   in   Ihe   So the cold hcj.au to strengthen."
evening an previously announced.
Every   failure   teaches   us   aome*
O. L Clarke of the  local  bank thing if are will learn.
stall    and    P.    II      fait 'weather    ol        .,.   . . .
II there is anything to be gained
(irand Forks, vv ho hav e been swap-   ,     ,.____. . ... ,
b\ it dishonesty will   stare   honesty
pin-' |ohs lor the past three   weeks, , ,
1    * ■ ,' out ol countenance anv dav.
resumed  work  in  then   respective
... ...   ,      . Whv is ihe gooseberry pie  like
offices ou W ednesday, ■ -   '
counterfeit  money 't    Because it is
Residents   along    thc    Keremeos lun currant (current.)
creek,   who   have   been   depending An |,0l)cM „,.,„ js 0|K. o|   fa  ,Vw
upon it for   their   supply   of   water, u^t WOrka thai   can   be   sect   to,
have       experienced       considerable nnthins
trouble during the past week.     The ...             .   ,     ...     .         , ,         ,
1 11 a tough beefsteak could speak,
extreme cold has practically   frozen .                 ,                                  .
1                   n         . what   poet s    name   would   tl    pro-
the   creek   dry   and   shut   oil    their ..     ...
' nouncc •    l haucer,
A grafter by  any   Other   name   is
W. 0. Stevens, G.N. agent, w.is sX\\\ -,. thief,
requested by the company to report      ,, is „ fow] conspiracy  thai   has
at Spokane this week anil   have   his   ton^ fa p^m of Wgg9 Of   to   live
eyes tested.     This is not   a   special . „      -^
You will save money by dealing here during the year 1CX)().
Our stock is complete and carefully selected. Our prices are
as low as the lowest.
Our specialty Five Roses Flour
>:k::k:««;:««::skk xxxxxxxxxxxxx
case   and must not be taken lo nig*
est  thai the company suspected the
presence ol any "green." All a-
eeuts are required tO have theii eyes
tested as a precaution againsl accidents securing owing to defective
On Tuesday evening  Wm.   Ring
made a deal vvilh II.  W.dket  fol Ins
proper!) fruil lot. buildings and
effects     and   on   Wedneadaj   Mi
Walker and his family lell for Salem, Oregon, where they will take
up their resilience for the present
an.I where Mr. Walker has I lew
contracts offered hiflil, When he
moved into the Similkameen valley
a year and a half ago it was on account of foiling health. This hav-
ing been completely restored he
long's once more for the busy lite  of
ihe contractor.    Mr. Ring will offer
for sale the propcilv lie has just
purchased w hii li is a most desirable
cent s apiece.
Why is a sick Jew like a diamond
ring?     He is a Jew, ill (jewel).
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Seede, Treee, Plante for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Ueli.illlc I.luetics .it   tc.isen.ililc prices.        No !>eicis, lie sc;ile, ne   fuRliglU-
ieti in Aaaaagt sieck. Ne windy agenl
n» nnnoy vou.
I \ti.i i lieice  lol   el   fruit   lues   n,.«
coming en for the Call trade, consisting
ei SO.000 Peach, Pear, Pima aad Cher-
11,    70,000 Apple in leading  varieties i
100,000   stinll  trull   pl.ints.     Strictly
home grows willieut irri^atitui ami our
own propagation from bearing stock.
Tons of lliillrs for fall planting. Choice
ei iss .md grain seeds always in stuck.
f'ei lili/ers,      Bee     supplies,     Spray
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cui Plow*
ers, etc, OMcsi established nurseries
en ike mainland of H. C   Catalogue
Greenbousei   3010 Westminster Roed.
Branch nurieriesi   S. Vancouver.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Draying, ami General Livery Business.     Orain and May.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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