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The Keremeos Chronicle Aug 6, 1909

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Array The Keremeos Chronicle
Vol. II.
No. 20
Notary Public.
Atrent for :
London & Lancashire lure Ins. Co.
Ocean Aeeiilent anil Guarantee Co.
Kkrkmkos, B. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Teacher of Pianoforte ami Accompanist
(certificated Royal CoOsyju of Music, Loo*
don) open to soajaguaMMl far accompaniments.    Terms on application.
lllULKV, B.C.
Notary Public.
Okhck   ....     Kkrkmkos, B.C.
Information For Use in England
and Elsewhere.
Estimates Furnished,
Work man sll ip Guaranteed.
Stage Lines.
Ki.ikr Stack.
I.e.i\es Kereineos daily, exeepl Sunday,
ul noon, arrives ul lleillev .1 p.m.
Leaves H ttlmy daily, eacepl Sunday,
ul S a.m., arrives al Keremeos 11 a.m.
Only ilmiagli connecting stage between
Penticton, Keremeos, lleillei ,\: Princeton,
IV i.ii.i.ksi'ik. Proprietor.
Kkkkmkos Han r.v Mail Stack.
Leaves Keremeos ilaily, exeept Sunday,
at t p.m.i connect inir wilh all stages east
anil west, arrives in lleillev at 5 pun.
I.e.lies lleillev il.uilv, exeept Sunday, al
H a.m., arrives in Kereineos al It a.m.
D, J. Inms, Proprietor,
Kl rkmios PumCTON Mm. Stack.
I.eaves Keremeos for l'eniieton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, al noon.
Leaves l'eniieton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays al 6 a. m., arriving in
Keremeos al noon.
W, V. W'KI.HY, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Hoard of Trade Gcorire Kirhv, 1'resi-
denl; K. II. Cainiichaol. Seeielary.
Similkameen Farmers' Exchange—J. J.
Anaotroag, PresideatiW. M. Kriilt, Secy,
Public School  Board    Osmgs Kirln,
Kara Mills. U. Kimliiisi, Secretary.
lust,Mils'Olliee    \V. M. I'riih, Suh-Col-
Presbyterian Church Kev. A. II. Cameron, I'astor.
ConstaMl and Deputy Came Warden
\l. H. Kivart.
Coroner—Dr. M. I). MeKvven.
Justices of lite I'e.uee     T.   W.   Colenl.in,
Krank Richter. .
I'osim.isiei ind Telephone Ajrent Ceo.
Menilier of Parliament     Martin   Hun,11.
Orand Fattm, P. O.
Menilier Provineial Assomfilv I.. W.
Sliallord, I'entieton P. O.
Town Hull    J. J. Armstrong, M%r.
Keremeos 11.ill    Ceo. London, Mjrr,
Cm eat Northern Ry—Daily train, arrives
lOlJO ;i. in., leaves a'l 2 p.m.,    J. S. Chinn,
Mails Dally Irom tlie west via Medley
StagVl from east via C». N. Ry.;Tri-week.
ll  via I'entieton Stniro from the north.
(Far Mercantile aad other Business in
attentions tet advertiensents in this paper, i
A meeting of the council of the
Hoard of Trade, called for Saturday
availing to consider especially the issue of advertising matter for the
valley, developed in the course of
the evening into a general meeting
of the board, and not only was the
scope of the meeting widened hut
three new members were introduced
and initiated.
The secretary announced that
about $.150 had been subscribed
toward the cost of a proposed booklet of information on the Similkameen, a project initiated some time
since by G. S. Lawrence. The idea
was to invite the co-operation ofthe
other towns in the v alley, and their
reception of the proposal wus favorable. Hedley, however, is just now
devoting attention to a publication
of ita own, and the Princeton hoard
has as yet taken no further action
in the matter than to signify its approval, so it was decided alter a discussion to devote one-hall of the
' sum in hand to the issue of an inexpensive folder designed to arrest attention and create a demand for fuller information, leaving the main
proposal lor future action.
(i. Russell, immigration agent of
the C. V. R., wbo happened to be in
town that day in the course of a tour
through the vallev, was present at
the meeting, and gave many interesting and valuable pointers to the
board on methods of promoting settlement. Mr. Russell was formerly
engaged in this line ill California,
and with such marked success that
he was appointed lo conduct a propaganda in Ihe old country for di*
recting settlement to the C.P.R. irrigated lands in Alberta. Mis mode
of procedure is to deliver lectures in
small towns or villages in the agricultural districts and to remain a
short time   in   each   place   afler   his
lecture in order to give  Information
to inquirers. He found the people-
nearly everywhere deeply interested
In the west and his time was fully
taken up in answering their numberless questions. He gave lhe board
the benefit of his experience in the
way of pointers on the best methods
of preparing advertising literature,
and further very kindly offered to
distribute their literature in England
on his next trip    an offer   of   which
i they will be glad to avail themselves.   At present he is making a tour
| of the valleys of B.C , and with his
exceptional opportunities of observation the high opinion he expresses of the Similkameen mav be laken
las    carrying   more    than    ordinary
Before adjournment the board dis
cussed town sanitation, and though    FRUIT MEN  IN  SESSION.
the importance of  the   subject   was
recognized  no definite  action vvas Addresses  on Spraying,   Small
Mr. and Mrs. James Klmhirst left
on Monday for Seattle on a visit to
the big fair.
Two sisters of charity came in on
Tuesday's train to make a round of
the construction camps.
Miss B. Shaw of Greenwood arrived on Wednesday on a visit to
her aunt, Mrs. W. If.  Frith.
Dr. Simmons of Green wood will
be at the Hotel Keremeos from
Friday, Aug. <>, till Monday, Aug.
9, for the practice at dentistry.
Wm. Daly left OH Tuesday on a
trip to the head waters of the Similkameen, iu which region he proposes to stake I mineral claim.
Mrs. Hemhlitig and little daughter Lillian, who have been the guests
of Mrs. K. M. Crooker for the past
two weeks, left for their home in
Alberta on Monday.
Miss Kirby, who has been spending a few weeks with her friend
Miss Shaw, at Greenwood, returned
on Wednesday. She was met at
Oroville by her mother.
John Knudeon met vvith a mishap
with a saw on Tuesday, cutting his
hand so severely thai Or. MeKvven
was eut for al the A hnola to come
iloiv n und dress the wound.
R. C. Armstrong left lor Summer-
land On Saturday to spend a few
days. On his way he left with the
ChRONICLS some samples of peaches
that are up to the mark of those of
the most favorable seasons.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sheridan have
spent the Week in Oroville and leave
for Keremeos Saturday, where Mr.
Sheridan vvill take charge ofthe car
repairing and commissary department ut the front.     Oroville Ga/eile.
Jas. Reith returned to Keremeos
on Tuesday after spending several
monlhs at El Paso. Texas. When
he left his health vvas thought to be
impaired beyond hope   of  recovery,
and it is a source of greal gratification to his friends to find him buck
looking and feeling well. Mis stay
in Texas was on the whole a pleasant one, though latterly the heat
was trying.
Walter Heam and  Mr.   and   Mrs.
|. G. Merrill, of Denver, Col., who
made a trip to the Nickel Plate a
lew months ago, returned again to
the mine on Tuesday. It is generally accepted now as an accomplished fad that the mine has changed
hands, and the people oi the camp
expect I more vigorous policy from
the new management and a general
increase of activity.
Fruits and Other Topics.
The meeting in the town hall on
Wednesday afternoon under the
auspices of the B.C. Fruit Growers'
Association was attended by nearly
every fruit-grower in the district,
and a lively interest vvas shown in
the subjects dealt with by the visiting speakers. F. Richter, the oldest orehardist of the district, occupied the chair.
Though his name had not appeared in the announcement of the meeting, Thos. Wilson, superintendent
ot the fumigating station at Victoria, was present,  and took   occa-
] sion to defend the regulations making the  treatment ot imported fruit
I trees compulsory.     He denied posi-
I lively the common belief that fumigation is injurious to the trees
themselves.    While he is no doubt
I right on lhat point, it can hardly he
denied that nursery stock is frequently injured by the long shipments and extra   handling   required
'in order to submit it to fumigation.
Chas. F, Sprott of Hurnabv Lake
gave an interesting dissertation on
the cultivation of small fruits, vvith
special reference to raspberries, i ed
and black, a line in which he has
had considerable experience in the
Fraser valley near Mission.
W. J. Braadrith gave an address
on spraying, and the proper times
and methods for its application,
remarking, however, that this district was free from many of the
pest-, that are prevalent ut the coast,
and for this reason and the reason
thai its climate is BO different would
require different working rules.
While the interest ol the audience
vvas lively, and there was evident a
Strong desire to learn from the
speakers, both snaaknes and hearers
I were clearly at a disadvantage from
the fact that the foi mer had received
practically all their training aiul experience in the moist climate oi the
coast or the Fraser vallev, where
climatic conditions are so different
from those of the Similkameen that
methods and varieties which aie
suitable in one would he unsuitable
in the other. None of the speakers
were familiar with irrigation. Nevertheless their remarks iveie listened
to with much interest and appreciation, and, despite the drawbacks
referred to, with benefit as well.
The following resolution was
passed: "That this meeting learns
with the i_icutest satisfaction that
the Department of Indian Affairs
has instructed 'Thos. Wilson to see
lhat the orchards belonging to the
Indians in Hritish Columbia are kept
clean und tree tiom injurious pesls
and diseases." Cut From Contemporaries.
[From tin' l.illKi'l
J. A. Mara and Moses Cotsworth,
the civil service grading commissioners, were in the city last week. It
is said that Mr. Cotsworth, in examining one ofthe employees ofthe
government, asked: "Doyoudrink?"
and was answered "Certainly, I'll
take one with you." "Oh, I didn't
mean that," replied Mr. Cotsworth.
"Well," said the employee, "I'll
just take an even break and shake
you the dice." Whether or not this
will improve the emplovee's chance
of promotion remains to be seen.
. [From Wt llislliy l'..i/i'tL'.l
Mr. J. J. Marks returned on Monday night from his trip east, where
he reports he has placed most if not
all of the treasury stock ofthe Golden Zone Company at par, which is
the lowest that any has been sold.
He reports much more attention
paid to Camp Hedley on the outside
than ever before and expects to see
mining capital look this way from
now on. Another piece of information which Mr. Marks had to communicate was to the effect that the
deal for the Nickel Plate had been
consummated. This, he claimed,
vvas no mistake, as he had it from
each of two parties whom he named
and both of these should be in a position to know.
[Fruni tlu- Saturdai Suilsi-t.]
The Vancouver daily press continues to enlighten the public upon the
Indian question, the situation in the
Balkans, the Moroccan difficulty, the
effect of night air on dogs, why hens
roost on one loot, who struck Hilly
Paterson, and other such luminous
subjects which they debate vvith a
gravity and reserve of language
quite in keeping with their somnolent dignity during the dog days.
And while their Vancouver readers
are being treated to slumber inducing dope upon every conceivable
subject of remote interest they are
unanimously dumb upon everv
question of real interest to the city
of Vancouver and the province at
large. So far only two of them
have deigned to even mention the
proposed short line to the Similkameen and then only to condemn it.
The World has not vet committed
its opinion to the consideration ol
the public.
It is very probable that all three
papers are so densely ignorant of
the subject that they do not know
how lo approach it. It is highly improbable that half a dozen men on
the staffs of the three dailies could
say offhand where Princeton was
located. Their ideas of the Similkameen are the haziest. 'The Nicola
to them is a place where the C.P.R.
recently built a branch line and
where coal mines are located. The
Keremeos? Don't know it. Thev
know nor apparently care anything
about the extent, the resources, the
potential richness of those districts
nor the importance of connecting
Vancouver with them by a direct
railway line.
No wonder certain sections ofthe
community think there is room in
Vancouver for one good live daily
vvith a vision broad enough to see
out of its own back yard.
From tlu- I'rinivton Star.]
It is not improbable   that   Priuce-
| ton vvill also have a daily newspaper
in the near future.
(From tho SumiiU'rl.'inJ Ri-view.l
W. Prentis reports having been
treed by a bull on the range at Kelowna a few days ago. The animal
refused to be "shooed" off although
he talked to it in persuasive tones.
Considering discretion the better
pail of Valor, Hilly took to a tree
and for two long weary hours Mr.
Hull cropped the grass around the
tree and kept an eye on the prisoner,
who had lo content himself with
shooing flies and saying things. Just
as the captive had decided to pick
out the softest limb for an all night
vigil, the jailer jumped the job and
Hilly put on his best base stealing
gait for a home run.
When in
atop at the
Central Hotel
Special attention to
Commercial Men,
and l.and-seeki-rs,
lleadi|tiarters for all
ntsgs Routes.
Livery Stable
in connection.
Good table.
Large, airy and
comfortable rooms.
Free 'hns lo and from
all trains.
Office of B.C. Fruit
Land Co.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  - - Proprietors.
Premier McBride, in replying to a
letter from K. H. Morgan and Dr.
Spencer on the subject of local option, says: "I can assure you it is j
the government's intention to take a
plebiscite on this question. At the
present 1 am not in a position to
make a public announcement in this
regard. You may rest satisfied that
ample lime will be given between the
announcement and the taking ot the
plebiscite."    Armstrong Advertiser.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
All  kinds ol Sheet   Melal  Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
K.WEI Kill I.HIM.    V    Sl'. I IAI.TV.
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
Youi old granileware. Have it repaired. Vol Peek tiranite Cement vvill fix the holes and make
il as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
|Ovef Keremeos I l.u du ire  Slore.|
The Big Store.
Summer Specialties
received from the east a consignment of clothing;, which added to our already wide assortment wili ensure your getting just what you
want at tho most reasonable prices.
BOOTS AND SHOES. In this department
we are doubly stocked, and offer many tempting values to the careful buyer. It will pay
vou to look it over.
recently opened, is equipped to meet all household needs.
FLOUR of two brands and several grades—the
Vancouver and Calgary brands. Both are
A 1, and can not fail to please the most
exacting housekeeper.
FRESH FRUIT just to hand from California-Ripe Tomatoes, Peaches, Raspberries,
Logan Merries.
I!_^S JSSyS SSaS SSaS Okanagan Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. Waterman, who recently sold some of their fruit land
here to a Vancouver firm, have been
making a trip to the coast, and are
expected back 'Tuesday the 3rd.
Mr. Montcith, from Camp McKinney, has been looking after Mr.
Waterman's ranch while the latter
was away. Mr. Monteith reports
that there are only two men left at
the once flourishing- Camp McKinney.
Miss Anderson oi Winnipeg is
visiting her relatives, Mr. and Mrs.
Gillespie, at their ranch.
Mr. Kitely of White I.uke, afler
spending a few days al the hotel
here, left on Sunday for Penticton.
Camping parlies are lhe order of
the day. The Fall* and vicinity afford all the pleasures of camping
without the hardships oi climbing
over mountains anil daily combats
vvith mosquitoes. 'The camps are
in easy communication hy bout for
the delivery of fresh supplies, fishing on lake and river, both by Ily
and troll, is among the   attractions.
Our public school teacher has
been re-engaged for   another   term.
Mr. Smyth, ofthe fruit land company, is iu Vancouver,
Rev.  Mr.  Lang is on his ranch.
Mr. Barker, principal of the Pen-
liclon public school, is - pending the
holidays on his fruit ranch here.
There vva . a good attend.nice at
the Sabbath morning- service, conducted hy Rev, Mr. Cameron. The
next regular aervice is on the last
Sunday of this month.
Several new settlers have located
lately at Green Lake.
Kaleden, the new town nt Dog
Lake, is making progress. \ store
has recently been opened, aid work
ia to start immediately on the irrigation system.
for it again. We have used it for
some time, and in twenty-five years
experience we have never had a better flour, and can only say that as
long as vve can get Royal Standard,
vve want no other."
Another enthusiastic user, Mrs.
Millett, 941 Courtney St., Victoria,
writes: "I have made bread for
twenty-live years, and have tried I
every flour in this fair Dominion,
but Royal Standard beats them all."
'These  testimonials   are   evidence j
of   the   worth   of   Royal    Standard
Klour—the Hour ot superior quality.
Among the June winners are :
ti. A. Keating, Rossland ; Mrs. M.
Millett, Victoria; Mr. Thus. Fowler, Prince Rupert; Mrs. Jas. Nelson, Ladner ; Mr. D. Matheson,
Vancouver; Mrs. VV. Pope, New
A party of five voting men loaded
up with firewater on Tuesday night
and raised Cain generally, winding
up next morning with a runavvav
and a broken rig. They were haled
before Squire Coleman yesterday,
pleaded guilty of disorderly conduct
and were taxed $7.50 a head. A
couple of the conipletest of the
numerous drunks of the week have
been caged up in the cooler, one old
stager achieving two arrests on the
One  spiee.
62ic. per acre cash and
62ic. once each year
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern, Columbia
and Kootenay and Columbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. These Farm
Lands are eminently suited for the raising of
and may be purchased on these EASY TERMS
who are looking for Settlers for this part.
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards.
Shipping facilities unsurpassed. Easy transportation
Royal Standard a Winner.
Very interesting indeed are link-tiers received by the Vancouver
Milling and drain Co., Ltd., from
those who have  been   so   fortunate
aa to secure coupons entitling  the
holders to the sp'endid prizes offered bv this company to introduce
their Hour.
Beginning with last January, ten
numbers have beeu drawn every
month, and iii different parts of the
province   the   winner*     have     been
made happy hy receiving a beautiful
l(l') piece dinner v#L Thai the
prizes have been appreciated can be
learned from the letters, extracts
from a few oi whi.h are here gKeu.
Mrs. I). C. Coakley of Rossland,
a winner in January, slules: "I wis
advised by a friend to try Royal
Standard Hour. I find it an excellent bread flour, and will recommend it to all my friends   as   such."
W. II. Heighten oi Mission City
writes: "Were there no premiums offered with the flour, I would not use
BM other flour, for vve find it mukes
light, while, sweet bread, second to
C. A. Keating, another Rossland
winner who succeeded in securing
one of the dinner sets in June, says:
"I am sure when people once use
Royal Standard Flour thev will usk
Vo.i probably dree one of these
number* in ■ tack of Royal Buwdaid
7.H37    6HA0     56087     (».s.'7.^
3ti343     t,73(>2      39998      37342
7(KX).»      (..s7.iS
If yea did, yea are entitled to a 10<>-
piece   chine dinner   set.     I'ueh   nunilli
from tin- duplicate! et the eompamt
placed in iln- s.ueks ui Uoi.ii Standard
Clow laavlng our nulls, «,- aVaa lee
luiiiiiieis.    If i„u .ue fortunate enoogti
lu secure OM ul I lies,-, i,ui ,11, ,milled
lo u dinner s, I lie,- ,,| cfcargBh There
have lieen mini « uiiierv li in n he
your   turn   mm.      W.ileh    Ihis    pep. r
ever) ■oatk,
is lhe hesi und purest flour un ih.' market in Western C'.inud.i IimI.ii. Ke-
illeniliei, Royal Sl.uularil is n hellei
lour    not merely different,  hut  better,
Apply to the
address as
shown on tho
attached coupon
for Maps, Application Forms,
ami Literature.
Assistant to 2nd Vice-President,
Desk 8 Calgary, Alberta.
Please send me all facts  pertaining to your
lands in B. C.
Manufaetiiied  In
Vancouver Milling
& Grain Co., Ltd.
J. R. SHAW, Agent.
Druggists and Stationers
For a luxurious Shave,
Hair-Cut or Bath go to
Booster's Consorial (parlor
A fine line of Cigars and Tobaccos,
Fruit and Confectionery.
A. J. SAUNDERS, Keremeos. The Keremeos Chronicle.
l'ublislu-,1 tea— l-'riil.iv .it llie oWco,
KlTi'llllVS,   ll.C".
SuliMriptien S-'.UO ;i  war,   $1.00  lor nix   nii'iillis,
in tWmmtt,
Ail.wllalag Kati-s.   Laaal n-'tii'i's. IV  per line
firat iniHTtiiMl, UV pat line ijit'll sul»*ii.,iw'iit insi'l'tiinl.
Land netii'i-a CcrtMlcatM et ini|iriiv,'iii»'iit.,-ti., $S.IK)
for nlKl.'ii iiotiit-a, $?.0X) for .VM.iy notiivv. Contract
ili.plai advertising, Its-, per im'h per iveek. Transient .-iJvi-rtiHement!,, sueh as Lout, Found, VVaiite.1,
etc.. not exeeedin^ one ineh. $1.(X) first insertion, or
thr,v insertions for $2.00. Local reading noliees.
■a, Mr line first inwrtion. l.V. eaeh subsequent insert ion.
J. A. BROWN, Publisher.
i meen and thence crossing to the
Okanagan valley. This is only a
conjecture—we don't profess to understand the game, lf it is the aim
of the C.P.R. it is likely to work
out well for the public, however
selfish the company's motive may
he. Its effect would be to force the
issue of a Similkameen-coast route,
also to force the C. N. and G. T. P.
into more useful routes than the
Fraser canyon.
ITeremeos Hardware
"Saturday Sunset's" reproach to
the Vancouver papers, that they
give less attention to the affairs of
the interior of the province than is
befitting to   metropolitan   journals,
The possibility of injury to fruit
trees from late irrigation and late
growth has been referred to a number of times in these columns. In
this connection lhe testimony of \Y.
is in some respects well founded. \j Macon,,, horticulturist of the
Deeply concerned as the people ot nominion Baperitntntol Farm at
British Columbia are in the doings q^^ ._ of .^^ |n ^.^
and sayings of Kvelyn Thaw anil ,v|denc- on March |fj before the
Jaw jaw Jeffries, they neveitheless | Hoi,se of Commons select committee
have a few other interests in l<^ I on ^iculture and colonization, he
that are worthy ot occasional atten-   ^^     ,.We ^ ^ ^^ ;( „,„„_
tion.    One ie tha opening ot  com- ber ol-cases from Hritish  Columbia
munication    between   the    Simi ka-    , .,     ,    . c , •
during tlie last tew years where   in-
meen   and   the   coast,    a    question   . . ,.' . .
jury   somewhat   ot   that     character
•   aa m   .
Buy your Hardware
At the Hardware Store
And save Money.
Just arrived—A fine assortment of
Including all kinds of
Preserving Kettles
At the lowest prices.
which, as Ihe Sunset  points out,  is
almost totally neglected by the press
of Vancouver, important as it is to
|winter killing] has occurred with
app'e trees, cherry trees and other
tree--, and as far as I can make   out
Vancouver's prosperity   as   well   as   ...    , ,  , ■   ,  .
1       ■       f \ it is due to late imitation   anil   late
to our own.     But while  it   may be,
growth.     We  have  had   some  ex-
Call and see our stock and get prices before purchasing.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
as our contemporary  savs,  that  in       •        ,       , . ,, ,    .
1 •   _    • pertence here [at Ottawa] where our
this instance neglect is due chiefly
tO ignorance, it may also be that a
consciousness of impotence has
something to do vvith it. The people and the people's parliament have
largely abdicated tbeir power of
making and controlling communication*. People, press and parliament sit iii the dark aiul watch the
game ol' the   great   cot poi ulions,
watch it with dee peal internet, it is
true, for their ovv n fortunes are at
stake, but vvith no hand in the
game and vvith onlv such understanding of it as thev mav gain bv ***** *** ******* of ,he W»nanU
inferring the meaning of the various At-** ---*->* **-*-*** ***** Weal Indian
moves. The settled policy of the ***** A *** T**** ;,-r°- il w',s
government a policy thai was de- *-**-*m*- h>' all the world that Spain
finitely re-stuteil bv Mr. Gruhum ***** ***** written "finis" to the
last session is to grant charters blood-stained volume of her imper-
Bnd renewals   of  charters   for   raj|'iM annals, and was fairly embarked
trees grew very well until the wet
season set in and then too much sap
accumulated in the trees. When a
hard frost came that part of the tree
in a very sappy condition suffered,
the bark was often split or loosened
and as a result the tree was badly
injured." It is one of the many advantages of irrigated districts, where
growth is more controllable, that
such conditions can  be   avoided   by
intelligent management.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and  Tourists invited to give us a trial.
way*practically without restriction.
Thus lhe route of a road, llu- points
it is to take in, the time for building
it, and even whether it is built at
all, are matters in which the people,
though chiefly   interested,  have  no
on a saner and happier career. This
fair promise has been realized to
some degree. Freed from the In-
ce-saut drain of its most virile elements for the prosecution of foreign
adventure, the kingdom turned Once
more to its own affairs  and   won   a
Dressmaking aad Sewing.
Satislaotion I'.tiaranteed.
Kkkkmkos Ckntrk.
Keeler's Restaurant
You eat, get
Meal Ticketa & Bread Tickete.
Tiventv-ono Meals lor Sis  Dollars.
thing to suv.    A charter may be the
piemrsoro'l a road, or it may be | P^P^'.V to which it had long been
merely a "hold-up charier," a "hot il -'ranger. It ever it would appear
air line."    Whoso invests or settles
in a district   on   the   strength   of  a
railway charter does so   at   a   risk ;
thai a lesson should have been thoroughly learned, it was now. Centuries of sore experience had proved
oftentimes he loses.     Such a condi-   *** ■ ** ****** of freedom had   con
tion of affairs means bad government, nothing less, but it is a condition that must be put up with, for
the present at any rale. As to the
present maneuvering of the 101 potations in H. C, we conjecture that
the C.l\ R .  in surveying the Kit
bank of the Kraser and llie vallev
of the Coquahalla, is aiming on the
one hand to shut out the C.N.R.
and the G. T. P. from the Kraser
route to the coast, and on the oilier
hand to steal a march on Hill by-
breaking   into   the   upper   Similka-
firnied it, Aiul vet at the first opportunity the old Mourhon nature
that never learns and never forgets
shows forth again. I'nwilling conscripts are shipped in great numbers
to conquer the Moors in the Moors'
own country, and are properly beaten in the attempt. Small wonder
that the people of Spain rise in revolt against their fatuous rulers.
Hon. John llryden, formerly minister of agriculture in Ontario, died
last week of ana-mia.
I-'OU Till'.
Spring Trade
Testeil slock, seeds for farm,
garden or conservatory, from
best growers in Kngland, Holland, Prance, United Statei .uui
local glowers
Home Crown Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits.
Fertilizers,  ltee   Supplies,
Spraying l'i,nips am! M.it-
i-riul,   Cut    Flowers,   ele.
157-page catalogue free.
M. J. Henry
lM< .  11    lloilM'S   .111,1    St'l-ll
.mm vvi;stminsti:k ko\i>
Vancouver    -    -    B.C
llr.,n.li Nurserin.   S. Vancouver.
Ilereufler our loaves will In-  of regular
uniform weight which wo will sell as follows
One for ten eenls.
Three for tweatjMhra cents.
Fourteen for one dollar.
||     Pies,    Cakes,    Doughnuts   or   Hiseuils
made when ordered.
All persons having aeeounts wilh the
Kereineos (.'omnicicial Co. are requested
to call and adjust said accounts al the
olliee of thi- Kerenieiis Land Co., Main
Street, Keremeos.
17-4 Kkrkmkos COMMBUCIAL Co.
Oontracta For Work.
Land scrubbed or any kind of
work taken hy contract at reasonable rales.
KEREMEOS. Keremeos
The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and
of British Columbia.
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing the completion of their irrigation system that will cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest of water yet brought to the home of an irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered by them are
such  as will command the attention of all homeseekers. |
Situated as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now being extended to Vancouver places her on the direct highway to the far
East and West.
Having a climate that is distinctly her own, it
stands today   unexcelled   for  its   sunny  climate   both
winter and summer and has proved itself as being particularly adapted to the raising of apples, peaches,
pears, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size.
In competition at Spokane the only exhibit sent
took first prize, while at the Provincial Fair at New
Westminster out of 100 pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 23 prizes.
The upper portion of the valley, including Hedley
and Princeton, both rich in their mining industries,
offers the local market means of disposing of all produce.
The  properties  are   being   offered   in   1,  3,  5 and   10  acre   Blocks  with   a   well   laid   out townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.    One-third cash.     Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $200 to $300 an acre.    Town lots from $100 to $300.
For full particulars apply to
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
.   ■!     ■■!!■   ia II
Local and General.
Kamloops lias decided to insta'l
an electric arc-Ii^ht system with i$
The Montreal directory gives the
population of the city and immediate
■uburba at 476,000.
Angus   Ruis,   an    old    miner of
Frank,   was   stabbed   to   death by
John Kulezeki.    The latter  vvill he
tried for murder.
A. J. Huckham's drug and jewelry-
store at Golden vvas robbed last
week, and a quantity of watches
and other jewelry stolen.
Immigrants to Canada in May
numbered 29,030. Oi these 7,.1"7
were Knglish, 5,987 I'sonians, 2,714
Scotch, 3,091 Italians, H32 Irish.
anil 1,093 returned Canadians.
John K. Hooper of Rossland, during a recent visit to the Okanagan
country, located a thirty-foot  seam
of lignite coal suitable for  domestic
purposes. It is close to transportation and can be easily extracted.
He is organizing a syndicate to
take it up and develop it. The first
development trill be by means of
diamond drill.
A Penile despatch says : Michel,
one of the larger coal mining towns
of the Crow's Nest district, is now
an armed camp, among its foreign
population especially, because of the
activity of the Black  Hand  society.
Great excitement has prevailed since
Sunday, when five leaders amongst
the foreign miners and business men
were threatened with instant death
by the Black Hand unless they paid
$200 each.
This summer thus far is resembling that at ten years BffO very
closely. Should the resemblance
continue vve may look for three
more particularly wet months, for
in IH'^I the months oi August, September and October were very wet
and farmers had great difficulty in
saving their crops,   lledlev Gazette.
lown lots are evidently in demand
on the prairies. The new townsite
of Carmangay, in Alberta, was sold
by auction recently. Corner lots
sold up to $17<>0, and the proceeds
of the day's sale was $51,000.
When it is considered that Carman-
gay is as yet only a piece of open
prairie vvith the grade for a railway
running through it, these prices are
The Trail ferry cable broke again
last week and the boat was carried
down stream and driven ashore.
The loss of the ferry means that it
is out of commission forever. It
has eost several lives and much
money, and no further effort vvill be
made to build another. The Ymir
and IVnd d'Oreille districts vvill be
cut off from all communication wilh
Trail and Rossland, as well as the
entire district west of the river.
Eastern Townships Bank.
established 1839.
Heap Office, ..        Shkkhrooke, Qiebec.
Capital and Reserve,
Transacts a general banking business, and offers every   facility   to   meet
the requirements of depositors consistent with
conservative banking principles.
Savings Bank Department.
Ileposits of $1.00 and  upwards received,  subject to no delay in withdrawal  of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Draying, aiul General Livery Business.       Grain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor. Where Mosquitoes Are Bad.
Some idea of what is a real plague of mosquitoes may be gained in
the story of a recent visit to Chenier
tu Tigre. an island in the Gulf of
Mexico south of Abbeville, told by
Hen M. Foster, manager of the
Orange Land Company, which has
extensive interests in the island.
Mr. Foster and his associate, T.
A. Deea, and their wives left on a
Monday lo spend two weeks there,
but returned the same week bearing
evidences of their one night experience on the island. Mr. Foster
says scores of cattle have been liter-
all; "drowned" in mosquitoes; that
is, the insects have swarmed into
their noses and air passages until
they have suffocated, and the inhabitants would meet the same fate
if they did not remain indoors, leaving their farms and stock to shift for
themselves. The island has not suffered a similar visitation for fourteen
Thursday night Ihe people on
Chenier an Tigre went peacefully to
sleep without mosquito bars. Friday morning the air was so thick
vvith them that it was impossible to
venture out of doors without serious
risk of life. The mosquitoes are so
numerous that they swarm into one's
eyes, nose and month il he ventures
to open it. Since then the people
have been virtually prisoners in
their houses.
The cattle, which are raised in
thousands on the island, fared the
worst. Usually they are divided into herds of several hundred; but Mr.
Foster saw about ten thousand in
one big herd, their best protection
heing to keep together, always moving lo windward, to keep the pests
oil as much as possible. Occasionally one vvill become exhausted or a
cow with a call vvill drop behind,
only to meet death quickly. The
mosquitoes envelop an animal so
thickly that they swarm into its
breathing passages and literally
smother it to death.
Occasionally an animal vvith some
strength left will run to windward
blindly, until it dashes itself to death
against some obsti uction or falls exhausted, when its tormentors complete their work.
Mr. Pouter says the residents had
record of thirty head of cattle being
killed by mosquitoes up lo Sunday
night. How many more they do
not know, as they dare venture out
onlv   for a short time.
Provincial and General.
Fall assizes open at Greenwood
Oct. 26, at Vernon Oct. 19.
Twelve persons   were   killed   and
\ 102 injured in a collision of  electric-
trains at Coldwell, Wash.,  on   Saturday.
It is proposed to hold Sunday
afternoon band concerts at Summer-
land, with a short address by a minister on each occasion.
The citizens of Greenwood tendered a farewell banquet to Dr. J. E.
Spankie at the Imperial hotel on
Saturdav evening. The doctor has
been a resident of the district for
ten years.
Capt. Fdward Newman, an old
and well known resident of the
Washington border, vvas killed by
a runaway accident last week near
Conconully. He vvas 65 years of
age, and a veteran of the American
civil war, in which he lost his right
arm at tbe battle of Coal Harbor.
Repairers -nd Makers of
Harness, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
Whips.    Hits,   Spurs,   Belts,   Etc.,
kept in stock.
A n'lial.W* local   salesman   wanti'tl   io rep-
iv son t
Canada's Oldest & Greatest Nurseries
In  KEREMEOS and adjoining  country.
\\V havo been •hipping stock for Thirty Years to Hritish Columbia ami as
our trees are grOWfl on Hini'stotU' soil tlioy
arc acknowledged by experienced fruit
growers to be longer lived ami hardier
than Coast (TOW* stock.
A   permanent    situation   lo   ritflit   man
witb territory reserved*
l\_v Weekly. Pre* Out lit.
Write lor particulars.
Fonthill Nuraeriee.
(Licensed by H.l'. Oovenwaent.)
TORONTO      ....     ONT
A western editor bas received the
following letter: "Please send me
a few copies of the paper which had
the obituary and verses about the
death of my child a week or so ago.
Also, publish the enclosed clipping
about my niece's marriage. And I
wish you would mention in your local columns if it don't cost anything,
that I have a couple of bull calves
to sell. Send me a couple of extra
copies of the paper this week. As
my subscription is out, please stop
my paper. Times is too hard to
waste money on a newspaper."
Similkameen Land Division.
I rpAKK NOTICK that I, William Alexander Hal*.
*     inK, miner, agent   for  Kenneth Carlton   Howl
I Frith, of Keremeos, B.C . intend   to   apnly   for   permission to purehase the followin^ tleserined lands :
Commeni/inK at a po*' planted at the S. K. torner
ot Indian Kisirve l.ot No. 4, thenee 0*0**M a)oni[ the
Indian Reserve 20 ehairm, themv south 40 .hams,
them «■ east 20 eliains, thenee north alonjf the Indian
MMm l.ot No. J to point of starting, containing
HO aeres more or lews.
W, A. Hainin.;,
.Went for Kenneth Carlton Hovd Frith.
Ker.meos. B.C.. July 22, PXW.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Builders and Contractors
Liim*.  Ci'ivwnt, CwMOfl  Blockl anil  Brick for salt'.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
Frtiieetee jhree fur ail ami every kind uf Ceanem Work
ami Budding gomettatty.
Write ns for prieee,
PistaiHi' no oh\ocl.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Different Ways of Using Water
For Irrigation.
Fourteen approved methods of
irrigating',   adapted   to   practically
every kind of land and the various
tree, root and vine crops, vvill be
demonstrated on a 15-acre tract in
the Spokane valley near the city
limits in connection vvith the 17th
session of the National Irrigation
Congress in Spokane, hog, 0 to 14.
The purpose is to afford the delegates to the congress and visitors
an opportunity to study the best
known means of supplying moisture
by artificial means to orchards, berry
and sugar beet fields, v ineyards and
hay and grain lands. There will also fie demonstrations by manufacturers of apparatus used in modern
irrigation. Ten acres of land has
been set aside for displays of machinery.
PORCH'S  tii.k   firi:.
What is considered by experts to
be the acme of scientific irrigation
and at the same time tlie most economical method will be shown in the
use of porous tile pipe laid under tlie
ground, llie principle is tlie antithesis ol drainage in that the pores and
joints of the pipes give out sufficient
water to supply the plant life above
them. Ihis plan is declared lo be
practicable in supplying moisture for
fruit trees, vegetables, berries and
almost every kind ol product, the advantage being that the water carried
by the pipes is discharged directly
below lhe roots of the plants, instead of on the surface of the soil.
In comparison vvith the foregoing
plan there is shown the primitive
method, practiced by irrigators before it was learned how to distribute
water economically and to  the   best
advantage.    No grading or leveling
was done on this tract; in fact, in
contour it is as Nature left it.
Water is taken to the highest point
on the land to distribute itself over
the ground. Ihe idea in this is to
show waste of water and soil by
vv tailing and erosion.
I'liMNi. TO i:vi:kv IMS.
Tlie individual system, also to be
demonstrated) calls for piping water
to everv tree Tfl make it effective
the walei must have .. head Ihe
pipe, which may be smal , is run to
within three feel of a tree to discharge water into a circular ditch or
basin built around the tree. This
method is desirable in districts
where a small amount of water is
ilisiied to do a large amount of irrigating. There is no loss from
evaporation or seepage, and only
the ground in which the tree grOWl
receives the water. The cost of installing this system is much larger
than for the open ditch or flume system, but the difference is soon made
up on the cost of water, where it
is paid for by the acre-fool.
on \ Dm ins.
Subirrigatittg by means of open
ditches will also be shown. The dit-
, lies are ol such depth ilia! llie water
i Would You Be Interested 1
In a place that offers an agreeable occupation, a perfect  climate,  an
assured income, and is in a word an ideal home land ?
These conditions are found in the genial Similkameen Valley, now opened  up by
the Great Northern Railway Coast-Kootenav route.
x  Home-Seeker, Business Man, Fruit-Grower, or Farmer.  ^
" I lived in Ontario and Saskatchewan for many
years, as well as in the State of Washington and the
Kootenays, and after carefully looking over the Okanagan Valley I vvas led to decide that the Similkameen,
from the variety and quality of its products, was superior in every way, and here I located. To say the least,
this is Canada's California for climate and fruit. It is the
healthiest and best money-making country I ever saw."
JJ Your Chance for a Free Trip to Seattle Fair and a JJ
Visit to This Rich Valley.
Write for particulars, free photos, booklets, etc., to
\] 122 8th Ave. West, CALGARY, ALTA., or KEREMEOS, B. C. \\
is absorbed without moistening the
surface. This method is advantageous where soil has a tendency to
bake or become crusted alter watering.
two tracts will show ihe practicability of ivalering steep land in open
ditches. The inclines on one tract
are from 30 to 45 degrees. The
other shows the terrace system,
water heing dropped from one lei-
race to the other. It vvill he demonstrated that land can he irrigated by
this plan withou. washing or erosion.
One form of corrugation system is
applied to soil where the land slopes
in more than one direction, the ditches being made to follow lhe natural contour, which needs no grading.
Water is supplied through one box
and the ditches spread out in fan
shape over the land.
Another plan ofthe so-called corrugation idea, hesi adapted lo sugar
beet, alfalfa and grain lands vvith a
gentle slope, shows water distribution bv means of V-shaped ditches
or rills, 2' _■ inches deep and about
18 inches apart. The marginal dike
or basin system of irrigation show s
dili lies built surrounding the tract
of varying rife running from one
acre to IC acres in area. fo practice tliis. method successfully the laud
must he level or have only a gentle
slope. Sufficient head may he had in
the water itself to cause it to spread
over tlie ground.
DM1  svsii:m.
On another tract is the dike system which follows the natural contour of the land. This method is
adapted to ground with a slope, but
is not practical for level land. It is
similar to the side dike system bul
the tn s.t cost is less and the results
not as satisfactory.
lhe side dike system is used to
best advantage  on   ground   with   a
uniform slope. The method is to
build dikes 100 feet apart, from Kto
12 inches high, depending upon the
character oi the soil. Water is taken from the head ditch and spread
in a sheet over the areas between
the dikes. The surplus passes into
a ditch and is carried to the next
winun im vx.
The sprinkler plan culls for sprav-
sprinklers arranged between the
trees or vegetable rows and so
placed lhat they water all of the
ground. This sysu-m can he used
only where water is supplied under
OHM PLUM! svstkm.
Another system is to distribute
water to each tree in an open flume.
The water is supplied from a head
ditch. This is similar lo the piping
method to individual trees, but is a
waste oi Water, though the cost ol
installation is less. LOCAL NOTES.
C. 0, French of Princeton visited
the lower valley on Thursday.
Wm. Armstrong of Summerland
is making a visit to Keremeos.
The track-layers have reached
Bradshavv's.     Hedley, next station!
The party of Keremeos campers
at the Ashnola returned home on
The school-house contractors expect to have the building finished
about the middle of next week.
E. T. Mountford, 0. P. Bo wen
aud I.. P. Howen, of Summerland,
spent a few days in the Similkameen
this week.
K.   R.   Davidson  of Vancouver,
representing Smith, Davidson and
Wright, stationers, vvas in town on
Ernest Thomas of Princeton was
in town on Tuesday to meet his
parents, who have just arrived from
the old country on a visit.
A close season for bighorn to the
31st of August 1 *> 11 in the counties
of Yale and Westminster has been
proclaimed by order in council.
H. B. Gibson of Alameda, Sask.,
who bought a fruit lot here this
spring, arrived in Keremeos on
Tuesday. He intends to move here
this fall.
W. Dench, of the Apex mine
staff, vvas in town yesterday. He
reports that good progress is being
made on the new wagon road, which
it is expected vvill reach the camp
before the end of the month.
V. J. Rose and Paul Brodhagen
of Hedley returned home on Thursday. They report things humming
at Spokane and a tremendous rush
of homeseekers for the reservations I
recently thrown open by I'ncle Sam.
C. H. tiephart arrived in Keremeos yesterday   lo   succeed   (>.    B,
Votaw as trainmaster,    Mr. Votaw
has been promoted to the position
of assistant superintendent on the
Great Palls division of the Great
Mis. Prank Richter will give a
lawn party on Saturdav afternoon
and evening next in aid oi St.
John's Church Guild, Tennis, croquet, games of all kinds, and refreshments. Evtfy one welcome.
Come and have a good time.
Alec BroomAeld, of the firm of
Broomftetd K: Garrison,  Princeton,
wus in tow n on Wednesday on his
way to his home al Weslbi idge, in
the Kettle River valley. One of
Mr. Broomfield's reasons for returning now is the reported resumption
of work on the Midway and Vernon
railway. No one seems to know
just what to expect from the sudden
activity on the road whether it is a
charter-holding bluff or real business. Neither is it known to the
man outside whether it is the old
company that is moving or a new
one or the C. P.  R.
Hedley's Big Day.
lledlev is preparing for a high old
time on Labor Day and the following day, Sept. 0 and 7. Prizes to
the amount of $1500 are to be offered for horse races, athletic sports,
drilling contest, trap shooting, baseball, etc. A ball will be held on
Monday evening under the auspices
of the Miners' Union. A special
train vvill be run from Oroville to
Keremeos, and an extra-special
from here up to Hedley vvill likely
be arranged. The town expects
and will probably have the biggest
crowd in its history.
Harvesting has begun in the prairie provinces.
Here is one of the greatest chances to make money
ever offered in the Similkameen.
Mending and repairing neatly done.
Leave orders at The Big Store.
Our entire stock of Dry Goods and Hardware going at
We mean just what we say and if you want bargains
do not wait until it is too late. The following are
a few of the lines we are clearing out:
English dress prints, unfadeahle, in many colors, <S yds for $1.00
Warranted pure Indigo duck, <S yds lor S1.00
Fancy frilling reduced from 35c. to    25c.
A Full Range of Swiss Embroideries and Lace at
About Half Cost.
Quassia Chips ami Whale Oil
Arsenate oi Lead.
(Prepared ready for use
Pendray'a    Improved    Lime
Sulphur   Solution.
All of above sure  killers for Aphis.
Orders promptly attended to.
In ordering repairs please state
number of piece and make of
Ladies' fast color seamless cotton hose 1 5C.
Ladies' white cotton vests reduced from 75c. to 50c.
Ladies' white cotton vests (cheaper quality) 25c.
Clngalee bath towels in three colors reduced from 60c to 4-0C.
Ladies' shoes reduced from $3.50 to $2.75
Girls' shoes reduced from $2.50 to    SI .85
Men's shoes reduced from $5.00 to        S3.75
We Have a Wide Range of Mens Shoes at
all Prices.
Men's W. li. & R. Shirts
Men's suits	
$8.00   $10.00   $12.00
Harvest Tools and Machine Oil.
Hay foiks of all kinds, three tine double strap
Old's warranted solid steel shovels   	
 65c. to 75c.
A full line of
China and Glassware.
SIMILKAMEEN       We anticiPated an advance in flour and laid in a
*-°-»->-r°   CAR OF PURITY FLOUR
Miiis liicsilav on or before
ihe lull noon in each month
in     Kereiiifus    Town     Mall
Visiim^ memberscordleU) invited,
C,   I  ■   Cl  MMISl.s.  W,   M.
0.   McCi Kiiv.K. S.
The price is just the same.
The fruit season is here and we have
DALRYMPLE    * ^00(* ^PP'y of "Schram" Sealers.
Your  Patronage  Solicited.     Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Cumming's Old Stand.
I gmwwmmm Centre.)
ver l'( million in use. There is no better sealer on
the market to-day and the price is right. Do not
experiment with other jars but get the best.
YOU Cannot afford to miss this sale as il will save vou dollars.
Plows, Mowers, Rakes, Harrows, Cultivators, Wagons and Hacks at Actual Cost
We are always glad to show our goods and quote prices.


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