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The Keremeos Chronicle Apr 9, 1909

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Array The Keremeos Chronicle
Vou II.
No. 3
Notary Public.
Agenl for :
London A. Lancashire I'i re Ins. Co,
Ocean'Accident snd Guarantee Co,
KsasMsoe, it. C
Contractor and Builder,
Residence al Old Townske, or inquire
al this olliee.
Estimates Purniahed.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meeis Tuesday on or before
       the lull moon  in each  inonlh
•smmnmit^-    in      Ken-moos     Ton n      Hall
Visiting members cordially invited.
C.   I..  I   I MMISl.S, W.   M.
I).  Mill Kin.K. S.
Stage Lines.
Ki.ikk Sim.i:.
Leaves Keremeos ilaily, except Sunday,
at noon, arrives al Hedley 3 pm.
Leavea Hedlej   daily,  except   Sunday,
al S a.m., arrives al Kereineos I 1 a.m.
Only through connecting itage between
Penticton, Keremeos, Hedley A Princeton,
D, fin i tens. Proprietor.
Ki hi:mkos Hian.iv Man. Sivok.
Loaves Keremeos daily, exeepl Sunday,
ai I p,*a.i connecting with all stages nasi
and west, arrives in Hedley at 5 p.m.
Loaves Hedley daily, exeepl Sunday, al
s a.m., arrives inKercmeos at 11 a.m.
D, I. Inms, Proprietor,
KaaBMBoa Psstictos UailStaob,
Leaves Ker, in, es lor I'entieton on Mondays, Wednesday s and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves lYiilicton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays al 6 a. at., arriving in
Keremeos al noon.
W. I". Wia.iiv, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Hoard Ot Trade    QoOlM   Kirby, IVesi-
dent; U. II. Canaichaai, Secretary.
Simiikanieon Partners' Exchange -J. J.
Vrmatron**, Presidenti W. M. Frith, Secy,
PuMiC Sehool Hoard    QeorgS Kirby, K.
Elmhirst, l>. J. Innis Secretary.
l uslonis   Olliee     W,  M. Frilll, Sub-t'o!-
I.-, tor.
Presbyterian Church    Kev. A. II. Cameron, Pastor,
Constable and Depot) t'.ame Warden
M.  It.  L'm.iiI.
Coroner and  Medical  Health OSteer
Dr. M. D. McEwen.
justices of tbe Peace   T.  W. Coieaata,
Frank Richter.
Postmaster and Telephone l*fenl   Geo,
Member ol' Parliament     Martin   Hurivll,
Orand Forks, P. O.
Member    Provincial   Assembly     L.   W.
Shatford, Penticton P. 0.
Town Hal    J. .1- Arinslioni.. MffT.
Greal Northern Ry   Dally train, arrives
10:30 a. m., leaves al 2 pan!,   W. O. Slovens. Agent.
Mails     Ilaily Irom the wesi  via   lledlev
Btagei from eaal via 0, tt, Rjr.|Trl*wesb
Iv i ia  PentictOO Stag* Item the north.
(For Mercantile and other Beninese is-
slitutions see adverliemenls in thia paper. |
Miss Fergusson is  spending her
Easter vacation in Spokane.
R. H. Carmichael left yesterday
to spend Easier vvith friends at
(irand Forks.
Bout- On Wednesday, April 7th,
at Keremeos, to Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
McAlpine, a daughter.
Kereineos Hoard of Trade will
got a reputation for eccentricity if
it doesn't pass a Dreadnought resolution soon.
Rev. A. X. Miller of Fnderby will
occupy the pulpit of the Keremeos
Church on Sunday morning next at
II o'clock, and in the evening will
preach at Hedley.
To-day (Hood Friday) and next
Monday (Easter Monday) being
hank holidays the F. T. hank
olliee here will he closed on those
days and also on Saturday.
I']. M. Crooker returned yesterday via Penticton froin Alberta,
where he secured a fairly satisfactory adjustment of the business
which was the object of his trip.
Members of lhe Keremeos Cum
Club are requested to meet at the
custom's office next Tuesday, 1.1th
inst., at 3 p. m., io organise and lo
form a team to shoot on the 24th
ot May.
The meeting of bachelors called
for Monday evening to arrange  for
a ball was slim'v attended on account of the rain. Another meet.
ing will be held i.i Prosser'a on Saturdav evening al 8 o'clock.
W.M. Frith, collector of customs,
went to Chopaka yesterday to clear
a bunch of sheep, numbering about
.100,   which  Joe   Armstrong   wu
bringing across Ihe line. He returned the tame evening via speeder, making the round trip in a few-
J.   C.   Woodrow  of Vancouver,
one of lhe members of the Keremeos Land Co., arrived in town this
week, to look afler his fruit plantation and see the opening ofthe ir-
rigatiofl canal. After the long
season of rains anil fogs at the
coast, Mr. Woodrow funis the warm
sunshine of the Siniilkaiueen a very
pleasant change. It is his intention
lo remain most of the summer,
spending as much time here as cm
be spared from the calls of his business in the city. W. II. Armstrong, president of the company,
is also tied to the metropolis by his
many other enterprises so that he is
unable to spend as much time in
the Similkameen as he would like
to, but he intends at any rate to
take time to be present on the occasion of the lirst lilling-up of the
Provincial and General.
W. W. H. Mclnnes has been appointed senior County court judge
for Vancouver.
It is proposed to build an I I-room
public school in Vernon, lo cost
$45,000, of which the government
will contribute $15,000.
By only six votes the L'.S. Congress defeated a clause in the new
tariff bill admitting lumber free,
and the duty vvas lixed al $1 a
thousand on sawn lumber.
The Ctty council of Kamloops recently voted a salary of $1,000
per ye.it lo Ihe mayor and $20 per
month to each alderman.    The clerk
sprockets and chains, the shaft
' turning at the same speed as the
motor. Under unfavorable conditions it developed 37 horse power.
It is claimed that it can be worked
at a fraction of the cost of other
Ontario's revenue last vear was
$cS,t,00,000, expenditure $8,557,000.
Succession duties yielded $1,153,-
000 'roan 350 estates, and the govern! ent railway lurueil $350,000
into the public exchequer. A sum
of $500,000 is to be expended in
enlarging the parliament buildings.
Ihe receipts last year grew by
1282,483, and expenditure by $S4.»,'-
819. The failure of the revenue to
rise as I.isl as the outlay was large*
gets $2,000, the assistant clerk | ly due to the dulness in the lumber
$1)00, assessor $250, and illy en- trade. The growth in expenditure
gineer $500 per annum. was due to the government's liberal
Princeton board of trade petitions
treatment ofthe University of 'for
the Dominion government for a tel- -**-** *° -*** ******* -*-l*J* on sec-
ephone exchange and the provincial Ondary and primary education, to
government fora land and water re- ihe heavier appropriations for col-
cording olliee and a resident gold -»««««tion roads Opening up the new
commissioner, to be assistant eom- nortB country, to the expenses of
missioner of lands and works. -*** O**-*-** election, and lo a special grant of $100,000 in aid  of the
Quebec Tercentenary celebration.
The cancellation of lhe I.ake Superior Corporation million-dollar guarantee and the readjustment of ac-
COUntS with the Dominion government reduced Ontario's apparent
liabilities by $2,700,000.
B. C.    lumber   manufacturers   on
Monday advanced  prices  through*
oil Western Canada $1 lo $.) a
thousand. They claim that there
has been a heavy demand for railway and bridge timber, and for
lumber for building railway cars  all
The fur trade this vear is one of M c McAulev has been busy
the poorest on record. Every r*V* ^^ fa p:(s, w^,k turn|s|,in^ hi;
enth year is a poo,  one lor lurs, the   roo|„s ,ni,r„K, K,ro„H.0s L||lJ &*_
..ifhearing animals seemingly dy oiTw, .1Ild 0(1 Moru,.lv  IK.M   k, ,ws
ing off.     In .he course ol  a  vear or   ^ K,Knvna to Sl,,„rk. , |ife p,lr(|K,r_
iwo  they  beg,,,  to  increase   until Congratulndona Mac.
about the full vear,   when   they   are
most numerous, then   Suddenly   die Tw0 ******** <* *******   Wrlwd
«WM this week tor Hi and 14 inch  piping
to be   laid   from   the   ditch   on   the
various employes are sieninii   a   *■ ,„ ...   , l     u-,    a       .     .-
1 js       s Keremeos hencli.      .Mr.    Hogart,   ol
new agreement with   the   Canadian   .u.e , ,     . ii
"■ the firm ol manufacturers, who has
Pacific railroad,    the   COmpanV anil                           i   , .u    i                        h     ,
1      ■ superintended the laving ot   all Ihe
the unions having arrived at  a s.it-                    ,        ,            , '               .    .
*• piping already in place, started ves-
iafactory    arrangement.       Pensions mt*Uy tm th* UtjOtg ol   ,|,e  present
have been restored to   strikers   and ,„„_!.,„„,„,.
all men who went on strike last   fall
will be taken back.      lhe   employes        l>r     ■■■    Solomon,    scientific   00-
interesied are the  machinists,    boil- tician, ' graduate   of    Kansas    City
ermakers, blacksmiths, earmen  and Optical college, will be at Ihe   Cen-
helpeis. tral hotel   at    Keremeos   lor   a   few
,,,.,,, ... davs.      He tests eves lieo,   .ind   ac-
M. E. Holt, mechanical engincei
curately adjusts glssses ot theflnesl
grade lo remedy the various de*
reCtS of sight.       Difficult   cases   especially solicited.
The annual meeting ofthe Pariah
of Nelson, representing   B.C.  car**
italisls, reporta favorably on a
"current motor" Invented bv a
While Blllffl man. The contrivance is a boat or float anchored a
few feel from shore, and the water, of Sl. Johns will be held on Satur-
rtinning through the motor, placed day afternoon at 2:30 in the Kere-
lenglhwise in the middle of the meos Land (o's olliee. All mem-
boat, pumps itself to the bank, hers of the congregation are reques-
The boat is 43 feet long. Hi fee led lo attend. Yen. Archdeacon
wide    and   nine    feel    deep.         The Beer vvill  be   present and   will   also
motor is seven feet in diameter, JO hold Holy Communion service on
feet in length, spiral, with  one   and Sundav  al  II a. in. in lhe town  h ,11
one third turns in   30   feet,   and   is and evening service at 7:30 p. m. Iu
connected  lo   a   shalt   on   deck   bv the church. Invasion of Canada.
Whatever the extent ofthe Immigration from Europe tO Western
Canada may be this year, it is confidently predicted that thf move*
ment from the l'nited Stales vvill
beat all records. Certain enthusiastic land men in Saskatchewan
and Alberta speak of 100,000 Americans as the probable number who
would cross the boundary line wilh
their effects, as land buyers, during
the fiscal year. These men state
that the competition for settlers in
the states ofthe southwest is much
less keen than was the case two
years ago, and that Texas and similar states cannot offer inducements
equal   to   those   of   Canada.     That
the movement will be exceptionally
Luge ihis year is shown by the
present inlltix on all the lines running into the prairie provinces from
the south. Trains in two sections
are the rule on the Son line, running into Moose Jaw, and all the
trains carry large numbers of Americans Irom the states of the central
we-t. Special settlers' trains, with
large numbers of cars loaded with
effects, are also being operated, and
the amount of material wealth being brought into the country totals
millions monthly. The movement
from the south is already so large
that the regular officers of the Dominion department of immigration
have been unable to perform the
duties required, and extra men have
Ih e i put on both at North Portal
a.ul Emerson. J. Bruce Walker,
commissioner of immigration, states
that the reports already made to
the government showed that twice
as manv Americans had entered the
country so l.ir this season as in the
corresponding period of last year.
The estimate that the immigration
from the United Slates this year
would reach 70,(XX) appears to be
quite conservative, and it is considered possible that the number
may run up to 100,000.
A.-Y.-P. Means "After-Your-
of ice, will be obliged to disgorge
themselves ot $3.50 this summer
and possibly more if the trust so decides.
The action of the ice dealers is an
example of what vvill follow during
the exposition days. The hotel
keepers are lo hold a meeting soon
to decide in what manner lhe visitors to Seattle will be treated during
the coming summer. There are
only two or three managers who
have signified their intention of not
raising their rates. The others, including all the principal hostelries,
.:re not saying a word. It is quite
certain that they vvill not lower their
rates, and it is not at all wrong to
believe that the rates for rooms will
be boosted to as high a scale as can
be. The restaurants, too, are not
expected to overlook any bets, and
■ the visitors to the lair can well expect to pay for everything they get.
Probably in this connection it
might be said thai a traveling salesman, who has previously enjoyed
some ofthe "hospitality" that is extended to the visitors to Seattle, recently said the real meaning of "A.-
Y.-P.," which lo  Seattleites   means
Alaska*Yukon*Pacific, is nothing
more than "After-Your-Purse."
Shatford Estate
We have lately acquired that level tract of
land lying west of aiul adjoining KEREMEOS,
ami under the Armstrong Ditch, and comprising
iV    some
and known as the
Hugh Rose has resigned his position as provincial constable and
has decided to leave Kelowna to
take up a chicken ranch nt Salmon
Arm. J. Tooth has been appointed
in his place. Constable Tooth has
been stationed at Penticton for
about three years.
^i This excellent tract of Fruit  Land,  which is
ir>> .
J^ admitted  to   he   the   cream   of  the   Similkameen
j^ valley, is now subdivided, and we are offering it
M for sale in Irom
Heeler's Bestaurant g One tO Ten Acre Plots |
Youian  nfl
Meal Tickets & Bread Tickets.
■ Twenty-one Meals for Six   Dollars,
Hereafter our losvst will be of regular
uniform weight which we will soil as followi
Om far ti'u cents.
Three far twenty-five corns.
Fourteen for one dottsr.
Pies,    talus,    DoagSJMtl    or    Hiseuils ,
made when  o\ ilerod.
The "Seattle spirit," commonly
known as the "get-lhe-nionev"
spirit, is to he worked for all it is
worth by the retail ice dealers ol
Seattle during the coming summer,
when il is expected Ihe ci,y vvill
be crowded wilh visitors from all
parts of the l'nited Stales and Canada. The several ice companies
vveie involved ill a bitter war last
vo.it and as a result the price of ice
went away down. Hut the summer
months are coming on now, and at
M meeting of representatives of the
leading companies il was decided to
charge as much as possible for their
product. Instead of selling ice at
S.i to $5 a ton in the downtown
district to stores, meat markets
and restaurants, the new price will
be Sii, and the consumers in the
residence district who have been
paying S->.SO lo, a book of tickets
entitling the holder  to   500   pounds
£.. Q. KELLER.
All  kinds ol  Sheet   Metal   Work  in
Tin, Copper, Sheet  Iron, etc.
K\V I   I HOI l.HIM.    V    Sl'Kl I VI.IV.
Plumbing.    Pipe tilting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
your old graniteware. Have it repaired. Vol Peek (tranite Cement will fix the holes and i lake
it as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
[Over Kereineos Hardware Store.|
This unquestionably is the best fruit-land
proposition offered in the llistrict, on account of
its location and the quality ofthe soil, free as it is
from rock and timher.
Come and make vour selection while there is
yet a choice, as it will he all sold inside the nexl
o. a. Mcdonald, keremeos, b.c.
P.  D. & D. N.  McTAVISH, Room 9, Clan-nee llleek, CALGARY
J. J. Thomas of Spokane spent a
few days in Keremeos this week.
Wm. Wangh of Hedley sustained a stroke of paralysis a few days
ago and is still very ill.
Messrs Sherwood, of Ferry, and
Myers, of Chopaka, Wash., U. S.
Customs officers, were in Keremeos
on Wednesday.
Hilly Hope, who has been driver
of Gillespie's stage for some time,
has quit and is succeeded at the
reins by Jo Wigmore.
Mrs. C. r*E. Shaw of Greenwood
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. W.
M. Frith, this week. She will return on Monday, accompanied by
Mrs. Frith, who has recovered from
her recent illness.
Quite a number of Siwashes made
a pilgrimage down the valley to-
waids the end of last week, to the
little church near Chopaka, where
Lenten services were held.
W. O. Stevens, station agent
here, has been granted a month's
leave of absence, and is awaiting
the arrival of a relieving agent to
leave vvith Mrs. Stevens for a holiday in the east.
The man with the brush is abroad
these days. Among his latest
achievements were to cover the B.
C. livery stable with a coat of red
and to change the complexion at
the Alkazar hotel to a lighter hue.
The Similkameen school will reopen after Faster, with D. G. Mc*
Curdy as teacher. The school was
closed about a year ago owing to
lack of attendance. Afterwards the
school population increased enough
to warrant re-opening but for a time
no teacher could be secured. Now
both a teacher and a sufficient number of pupils are assured and the
people of the neighborhood are rejoiced accordingly.
G. S. Lawrence, of the B.C. Fruit
Land Co., arrived in Keremeos via
Penticton on Tuesday. With him
were Mr. and Mrs. lieo. W. Cooper of Winnipeg" and H. P. Gibson
of Alameda. The latter have been
looking over the fruit districts of
ll.C. vvith a view to locating, and
so far are most favorably impressed  with thc   Similkameen.     Mr.
Lawrence   has    changed   his   headquarters from Winnipeg to Calgary.
C. II. Schat/lyofWinnipeg paid
a visit to Keremeos this week in the
course of a trip through Southern
B. O, during which he has traversed the Kootenay, Arrowhead, Okan-
agan and other districts vvith a view-
to locating land for settlement for a
number of Winnipeg people whom
he represents. Of all the valleys
Mr. Schatzly professes to be most
favorably impressed with the Similkameen, especially the broad, level
tract around Keremeos. The new
irrigation canal also struck him as
an excellent piece of work and more
substantial than other similar ones
he has seen.
Milk sold by two Kamloops milkmen has been found to be adulterated with gelatine. The vendors
vvill probably be prosecuted.
W. F. Hodges, collector for Hal*
liday & Co., chartered accountants
of Vancouver, was in town on Wednesday, going from here to Vernon.
The following transfers have been
decided on by the transfer committee of the Methodist church : The
Rev. M. H. Barraclough, of British
Columbia to London; the Rev. C.
VV. Brown, of Saskatchewan to
British Columbia; the Rev. G. O.
Pallia, of Saskatchewan to British
Columbia; the Rev. Frnest Pugli,
of Newfoundland to British Columbia.
For Salk—Strawberry Plants.    Prolific
Variety, tWOttwm Haver; 50 cents per 100.
K. W. Nortiikv,
Olalla, B.C.
Pasture To Let.
A   1   pasture   fer  horses,   on   the   Alex
Koril ranch, apply
A. C. Kknskdv.
W.  J.   M.VMKV.
Ten China Dinner Sets
Monthly Fop Users of
Royal Standard Flour
Every 49-lb. sack of Royal Standard
Flour leaving onr mills contains a numbered coupon entitling the person who holds it to a chance to
be one of the lucky persons who win one of the handsome china
dinner sets given away each month. The duplicates of these
coupons are placed in a receptacle and ten drawn each month.
There is no better flour in existence for bread making than
Ro**al Standard Flour. It is rich in color, pure, strong, delicious and nutritious. In using Royal Standard Flour you
get the best flour value money will buy. In gathering coupons
you run one chance in ten each month to secure a handsome
The lucky numbers will be inserted in this space the first
issue of everv month.    Watch for them.
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
Keremeos Commercial Co., Agents.
Vour  Patronage Solicited.    Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Cumming's Old Stand.
(Kereineos Centre.I
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
The Chronicle
to a friend
It may help
Subscribers to the
Chronicle in good
standing may
for a limited time
secure an extra
subscription to be
sent to the east
at half price.
Keremeos, B.C.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
GEO. CAWSTON. Princeton Coal Basin.
"President Louis Hill ofthe Great
Northern railway recently wrote me
asking what amount of daily coal
we could supply the V. V. & K.
railway when it reaches Princeton.
I replied lhat we could ensure sufficient to meet every requirement,"
says Krnest Waterman of Princeton, manager of the Vermilion
l-'orks Mining ft Development company.
This company owns two square
miles of coal lands adjacent to
Princeton. Six seams of semi-
biliuniiious coal described by the
Dominion geological survey reports
U excellent for domestic and steaming purposes, have been proved by
means of diamond drilling- operations. The company has already
done over 3000 feet of underground
work on a Iwenlv-four-foot seam.
The main entrance or slope has
been driven in for a distance of 180
feet, and air shafts connecting with
the surface have been opened up.
The main slope runs in on this big
seam, thirteen feet of which is
underneath the floor of the working.
The various seams have a total
thickness of fifty feet. Mr. Mo*
Kvoy, late of the geological survey
and now operating in the Brauzeau
coalfields in Alberta, estimated lhat
the one measure now partially developed by the company could maintain a daily output of 400 tons for
_'i (I years.
This coal is now being used at
Princeton and at other points
throughout the Similkameen district
for domestic purposes. It sells at
the mines for $.? a ton. Further
development work will be delayed
until the V. V. & B. tracks now at
Keremeos reach Princeton, probably late next fall. Arrangements
have been made for laying the rails
shortly on the graded portion of the
route between Keremeos and Medley.
Mr. Waterman is confident that
he will be able to furnish coal for
all the towns easteily as far as Spokane as soon as the railway is extended lo Princeton. He also foresees possibilities for competing in
Vancouver once the same road has
been extended over the Hope mountains. Goal from lhe Princeton
property has been successfully used
at the reduction plant of the Daly
Mining company, southeast of
Princeton. Mr. Wateiman has
been a resident of lhe Similkameen
since lH'Hi.
President Hill on a former trip to
Keremeos made a flying trip in his
automobile to Princeton in order lo
examine the coal areas.
The coal is said to run over 50
per cent, in fixed carbon.
Egg Rolling.
As Master time draws near, it
brings to mind the old, old custom
of egg rolling, as it was, and, no
doubt, is yet on the Emerald Isle.
What a happy day Easter Monday
was for the children, and many beyond the limit of childhood's years
enjoyed the sport fully as well. It
was a jolly picnic party that wended its way to some favorite hill top.
Of the well filled baskets that accompanied them, the greater part
consisted of hard-boiled eggs, which
were rolled down hill by some elderly person who greatly enjoyed the
race and scamper after them by the
younger ones. The sport was a
good appeti/er and enabled all to
do justice to the well prepared picnic dinner. Not until the shades of
evening began to appear did the
tired but happy party return to their
homes. For several years this
mode of enjoying Easter Monday
has been practised in Washington,
the capital of the L'nited Stales.
Our hills are very numerous but
most of them are too high.
When In
stop at the
Central Hotel
Teacher ol" Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal College ol Music, London) open to engagement   for  aeeenip.in-
inienls.     Terms on application,
IIhilkv, B.C.
Notary Public.
Ornca  -  -  -  -   Knnmoe, B.C.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
The first event after Lent, and
the most attractive of the season,
will be thc grand ball at the opening of the new hall at Keremeos
Centre. All are invited. Remember the dat« Kaster Monday,
April 12.
Our   entire   stock.      tall   and   buy
while the BARGAINS are on.
Place your spring   orders   now   for
Get your harness repaired or else
throw it away and get a new
set from the
(Corner opposite B.C Livery gttktt
Keremeos, B.C.
Special attention to
Commercial Men,
anil Land-seekers.
Headquarters for all
Stage Route*,
Livery Stable
in connection.
Good table.
Large, airy and
comfortable rooms .
Free  bus to and from
all trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  - - Proprietors.
The Bis: Store.
Alfalfa, Timothy, Clover and Lawn
Grass. RENNIE'S SEEDS, in package and bulk, guaranteed fresh and
Our summer stock of Ladies', Gents'
and Children's boots and shoes contains a wide range for selection.
Our    leader,     THE     CANADIAN
Great variety of Prints, Ginghams
and light summer wear. Full and
complete stock of Notions.
A carload of choice, fresh Groceries
just placed on the shelves
" Royal Standard" Flour.    Rolled
.   Oats.   Bran.   Shorts.   Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our goods.
Keremeos Commercial Go
fc| MlliigMlliM^ffif^Sill^eW^Wlliy I'tlltlislnnl every I'riJav at thi' otlice.
Keremeos, \iX'.
Stiltscription $2.00 a year, $1.00 lor six months,
in advance.
Advertising Kates. Lrtfal notiees, 15e per line
first insertion, 10c per line eaeh subsequent insertion.
Land notices Certificates of improvement,etc.. $S.()()
for 60-day notices, $5.01) for ,10-day notices. Contract
display .uhertisintf. _J-V. per incli per week. Transient ailvertisements, such as Lost, Kouml, Wanted,
etc., not exceeding one inch.  $1.00 Hrsi insertion, or j Mi
Hire.-  insertions  for  $_\<U     l..val   reading notices.    e'"   ;'       	
2.V. per line first insertion, l.V. each  subsequent  in-j
sort ion.
J. A. HROWN, Publisher.
FRIDAY, APRIL 9,  1909.
Much Ado About Nothing.
Tha Keremeos Chronicle, p™ ******** *-****• j" *• ***-*]
ol money.
The postal department is the only
one in the government that is con-.'
ducted mainly on a business basis.
Indeed, it must be so conducted in
order to bring- the cost within tol-
Nevertheless there
is enough "politics" in the service
to load it with overpaid offices on
the one hand while a relentless business management holds down the
pay of the laborious posts on the
other. It is quite the regular thing
in a city of the second or third class
to find as postmaster a superannuated ex-M.P. drawing a salary well
up in four figures for merely cumbering an olliee where the real work
is done by able and experienced
"assistants" at a fraction of his
pay. Hut in small-town and country offices "business principles"
have full sway, with a result that
more work is often done for a given
sum than could be secured by a
private firm. When Mr. Mnlock
«as P.M.G, lie made a cut in a
large class of small offices, wilh the
result that one country P. M. whom
we know, whose yeaily stipend was
reduced from $16 to $12, rebelled
land    vowed   that   "he'd    be   t;osh-
In our issue ofthe 12th tilt was
a letter from R. W. Northey anent
the recent amendments to the Mining' Act, which we published without comment, not having a copy of
the enactment at hand at the time.
A perusal of the amending act,
which has since been received,
shows that there is really no such
sweeping change in the law as has
been staled, and that our correspondent's righteous wrath has been
wastefully expended on a bogey of
his imagination.
The amendment to which exception is taken is as follows :
"The owner or e**ent of the owners of a
mineral claim for which   lhe   Mining   Re*
cordcr's certificate, under   Form I  of  the
Seheilule lo this Act,   has   heen   granted,
shall, within three nion'hs  from   llie  dale I swi/zled if he'd work for four   cents
of auch certiflcate, make application to the       i     ."       i       .!_,_•      i
C.oM Co„„niss,o„,r lor a ee, lifiea.e of im-   ■ ****'    ;"lJ as ***- pnncely income
proveinenis, and in ilefaull of such   appli*   tailed tO tempt any of his neighbors,
cation being made within such time, Mich '   •        (j- ,        .
the olliee was closed.
Mining Recorder's certificate under Pone
I shall lapeeead becoaMabeofaiterrvoid."
That is to say, the owner must
take out his certificate of improvement, which obliges him to take
out his crown grant, within a
reasonable time after "proving up,"
—as, in fact, he usually does now.
The amendment   has   no   effect   on
Office* like that are, of course,
usually mere appendages of some
other business, and the rate of pay
is of little consequence. Hut when,
as is the case in a large class, ■
man's whole time is required, and
he is obliged to share his pay of a
few hundreds with a   sorely   under*
the provision of the old law requir- paid assistant, his demand for bet
ing the owner of a claim to have a ter terms should be seriously con-
survey made before proving. Our sidered and acted on.
correspondent's reflections on sur- j Other requests are made, such as
veyors, therefore, which were found-j provision for holidays, the insurance
ed on mere assumption even if the privileges of civil servants, and a
new law was as he thought, are number more, a liberal treatment
still more uncalled for in view of of which by the Postmaster General
the fact that the amendment has no would win the approval of lhe pub-
reference lo surveys, lie and the lasting gratitude of a
A few other slight changes are most deserving class of public ser-
made by the amending act, such   as   \aMts.
that applications for   crown   grants  	
are to be made to the Gold Commissioner instead of the Minister of
Mines, and the fee for crown grant
is raised to $25. None of the
others are of much importance.
eremeos Hardware
Spray all your fruit
trees with the famous Myers' Spray
We have them in
different sizes for
the large and small
trees at the lowest
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Postmasters and Their Pay.
The postmasters of Canada, and
more especially those ot llie western provinces, haling many and
long standing grievance*, propose
lo submit a memorial to the Postmaster General asking for relief.
The most urgent of their demands
is for an increase in salary allowance. Their rate of pay was struck
years ago, when a dollar went further than it does noiv, and was
based upon conditions in the east,
where a dollar goes further than it
does in the west; and though some
changes have been made in this
basis, they have by no   means   kept
for Teams
Notice to Contractors.
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Ll  W I l>   II \1>I RS   MiprncriM  ' Tender lor
"■ *    S, IlmI-Iioiim-. ' will Iv r»vii\i\l In   tin-   Minister
.»( Public Worki up Ui n -on on fiiMM), tlie IJth cd
April, \*<\-> tot td, .!.■, tion and ftrnipfatfam oi *t iwo-.
roomed frame •rhoi4>h_tUM al Keremeos, Similka*
nu a ti I L t total I >i\ itiotk
I'l.ids, Sjv. do .tti.Mix, Contrad uid Form »>( Tender ma\ In  MM OR MM IMf the IJtfc d*J ol  March.
!'*" .ti throfficned theOoTtjminiil   tmmt  Pair-
• jew; ol MJ. Inni-. Rw)., S. . n l.trx of the S, h.ml
Hoard. Kniintvs; .uid .(t tin- PufaMc Work* I>ip.irt-
rtti'Ml, Victoria. It I'.
I .i. li proposal muil be MBOMMmW l'\ .ii-  .i, . i |'T-
nf bmfe Awn it certilicate »•( deposit on a chartered li.nik of I anada. made pa\ able to llu- I lonournble
llu- Minister i»t Public Wotks, tor .t sum i-quiViili-iit
lo IMJ percent, of llu- amount t»t the tender, which
shall he forfeited if the   rw»rt>   tendering decline  \o
• nt i min contract when called upon Ik ilo so. oi it
lu- tail to complete tlu- work contracted for. Tbt?
i hMJttM or certificates ol deposit ol unsuccessful
tenderers will ht* returned to thcin upon the execution
ol tin  coiih.u I.
Tender* will not bt considered unless made out on
the form* supplied, signed with the actual signature
"I the tenderer, ami MjCMM in the envelops Alt"
Thf lowest or any t. t_*Kr not MMjMAffl) ■ Mpt • '
Iam .ki> Mom s.
\ss,st.m(  EayfMvr<
l'uhlic W ork* IVpartmenl.
\u torla, Mi.. Wi Match. 1<XN,
Builders and Contractors
Linn',  Crmi'iit,  Crnii-iil   Bloeks aiul   Briik  lor sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Ksiimali's (fivi-n for all anil I'vi'iv kind of Ci-iiifnt Work
and Building generally.
Writo us I'or prifi's. nistaiiii' no ohjoil.
G. MILBURN. Local and General.
Ed. Kennedy, Assistant Engineer
Hitle and Mrs. Hale made a short
visit at Engineer Kennedy's- last
H. A. Woodburn and his gang
of line nen have been going over
the telephone lines in this district
and putting them in repair. Their
beat extends as far as Kamloops.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Oswald Coul-
thard and their children, of Princeton, were in Keremeos over Sunday,
leaving on Monday for the coast,
where Mrs. Coulthard and the
children will remain for the summer. Mr. Coulthard expects to return about the first of July and get
in a good season's work on his
mineral  claim, the "Roany."
Kelownaite* who wanted to organize a corps of mounted rifles
wrote to Mr. Burrell, M.l\, asking
for his influence in aid of the project and received the reply that although Mr. liurrell was anxious to
encourage all such movements, he
had had a conversation with Sir
Frederick Borden and found that it
would be impossible to assist the
formation of the corps financially
for the present.
Charles Armstrong returned on
Tueeday after spending' a couple of
weeks at Hooligan's Spur getting
some thirty carloads of railway
material that had been left there
shipped on to Keremeos. A large
amount of all kinds of building
material is on hand now -except
the ties, which are only a short distance away—but it is thought that
operations will not commence until
alter high water.
I he Greenwood Ledge is not going to move to Nelson after all. It
appears that CoL l.owery had become so addicted to the habit of
moving' that in a fit of absent-mindedness he started to pull up stakes
and roll his blankets, but when he
came out of his reverie he concluded that it was not moving time alter
all. Now that the cloud of depression overhanging (.ireenwood has
rolled away, the I .edge will slay
A. c. Kennedy oi Vancouver has
bought Alex Ford's ranch up the
Keremeos valley, and with Mrs.
Kennedy will   move   ou   it   shortly.
Mi. Kennedy is of Vankoe origin,
and BCCUStOflted lO make tiling's
hum when he takes hold of them,
and he proposes to In ing' the ranch
up to its best capabilities in short
order. On Saturday he bought a
team of work horses from Ears
Mills and was looking for more.
Already a force has been put to
work clearing land and preparations
made for putting up a good house.
Such is the kind of settlers vve hope
to see coming to the Siniilkaiueen
in numbers this summer. Mr.
Ford, it is understood, will put in
some time on his mineral claims,
but beyond that has not definitely
decided on his future plans.
Okanagans Galore.
A correspondent of the Vernon
News suggests that the name Okanagan Landing be changed to l'orl
Okanagan which would he a harmless change and also repeats the
suggestion, which has been under
discussion before, that the name
Sicamous Junction be wiped off the
map and the name Okanagan Junction be substituted therefor. The
people of the Okanagan seem to be
obsessed with the name and to be
eager to load it upon anything that
will carry it. Not content with
Okanagan lake, Okanagan river,
Okanagan valley and Okanagan
town, they further tack it to a newspaper, a steamboat, a college, and
only an Okana;,'anian can say how ]
many other things besides. It is a
pretty and euphonious name, but it
is possible to have UM much ol a
g'ood thing. It is not distinctively
a Canadian name. Just across the
border it is taken up again, with a
slightly different spelling, and similarly overworked. It is BO all-
peri ailing that it is in danger of becoming ridiculous, as the name Evangeline has become in the Annapolis valley ot NOVS Scotia, to say
nothing of the cofnusion its multiplication entails. To go still further
and carry the name beyond its present wide domain is unreasonable.
Sicamous is not even in the same
grand river basin as the Okanagan.
Moreover, Sicamous is a good distinctive, pleasant-sounding name
and such are not so plentiful that
we can afford   to   throw   one   away
wantonly like a discarded toy.  Give
poor old "Okanagan" a rest, and
leave little Sicamous in possession
of her only asset oui side of scenery.
Eastern Townships Bank.
11 i:.\n Office,
Capital and Reserve,
Shfkiikookk, Chkdiv.
Transacts a general banking business, and otters e erv   facility   to   meet
the requirements of depositors consistent v ;th
conservative banking principle.;.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of S1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no i elay in withdrawal  of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch.
R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
A wealthy Chicago syndicate par-
poses to locate forty square miles
of agricultural lands in the Francin
Lake district in Northern Hritish
Columbia, and Colonize the tract
with settlers from the Middle Stales.
Its representative is II. A. I.ake ot
Seal lie. He represents a linn which
has made a specially of locating
Americans in the prairie provinces.
Its success there prompted it to
make a similar experiment in Hritish
Columbia.     From   Information  he
has received   he   is   convinced   thai
Northern  British   Columbia  offer*
exceptional advantages in the  waj
of ranching and mixed farming,
while the winter climate is desciib
ed as being very moderate. The
syndicate has a waiting list ol several hundred people who are desirous of locating somewhere iu
the vicinity of the (irand Trunk
M)f R|   NIC XT   AT   THF
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Subscribe for thc Chronicle.
■ ir-'ir--"   '!**«.,**—-—•
Walk-Over Shoes
-   V:«.'».-.i
It's a matter of business
to look as wo!' as possible.
It's a .■i.itter of business
to be aa comfortable as you
It's a matter of business
to get full value for your
Therefore it's a matter of
business to wear WALKOVER shoes.
And it's a matter of pleasure as well.
WALK-OVER.shoes are
made for every day oi thc
weik, and for everv   week.
Frank Richter 4 Co.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, fead and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Drajrlag, and General livery Bushiest      Grain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor. Keremeos
The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and
of British Columbia.
PI cm   of
**^-— Keremeos Land Cg Irnpatian Pitch
length of Ditch  SA/e/es	
Trrrgib/e e/?rea SOOO acres _
Plan showing the line of irrigation installed by the Keremeos Land Company, Similkameen Valley, B. C.
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing the completion of their irrigation system that will cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest of water yet brought to the home of an irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered by them are
such as will command the attention of all homeseekers.
Sittnted as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now being extended to Vancouver places her on the direct highway to the far
Kast and West.
Having a climate that is distinctly her own, it
stands today   unexcelled  for  its  sunny  climate   both
winter and summer and has proved itself as being particularly adapted to the raising of apples, peaches,
pears, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size.
In competition at Spokane the only exhibit sent
took first prize, while at the Provincial Fair at New
Westminster out of 100 pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 23 prizes.
The upper portion of the valley, including Hedley
and Princeton, both rich in their mining industries,
offers the local market means of disposing of all produce.
The properties  are  being  offered   in   1,  3,  5 and   10  acre   Blocks with   a  well   laid  out townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.    One-third cash.    Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $200 to $300 an acre.    Town lots from $100 to $300.
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
 dmm\2w%m%Sm\ Provincial Elections Act. X^XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXKX^
i *
Take noliee that I have received objections in writinj,' to the iniilerinenlioneil
persons' names bring retained on lhe lisl
of voters lor the Siniilkanieen Flcctoral
Name of
Bailee Frank
Kaile'v Waller  B
Hall Charles Max
Browne Thomas I'
Boler Henry
Houlcy Henry Onesime
ltrajfg Peter Freeh
Hroadfoot Arthur
Brooks Stephen
Hrown Charles A
Broadl'ool William J
BrOfl John Hiendl
Hurkstead Christopher
Caldwell John
Cameron Frederick W
Caj onotte Joseph
Caaii'ion Duncsn A
Carmichael John
CTinstjohnson Peter A
Cole Geoige B
Cobb Amhrose I'
Connolly James
Culling Thomas J K
Crane Georgt A
Dawson Arthur J
Daimpre Isidore D D
Dalrymplo Semour
Davidson James
Dioie Joseph
Dunsniore Kdward J
Downey Denis
Dair.ieh Huj;h
Eastwood Krnest E
Edwards Francis 1'
Edwards llosea S
Kunson Robert
Ewing Henry James
EUerington William J
EUerington Robert
Findlay Matthew
Flanders L'la
Frechette Francis F
F"inn James F'dward
F'ortier James A
l'owlie John
Fowlie William
Carbutl William J
Gallagher Patrick
Gillis Allan
Gibson !luj_-h MeM
Gibbon John Famslio
Gillis John
Glendinning Fred
Gladden Frederick W
Green Harrv .Arnold
Hills George
Hill William Chas
Ilislop James
Hiatt Percy Gewge
I lenderaofl Geofge
Henderson Thomas
Jacob. James V.
Jameson James
James John Thomas
Jettrev John R
Johnson Harry
Last Known
Rock Creek Mt
Nickel Plate
Tulameen City
Camp McKinney
Roch Creek
Camp McKinney
Camp McKinney
Nickel Plate
Camp McKinnev
Rock Mtn
Nickel Plate
Nickel Plate
Nickel Plate
Saw Mill Creek
Roch Creek
Camp McKinnei
5 Mile Creek
Sidlev Mtn
A Chance For All.
To Celebrate the inauguration of
their irrigation system the Keremeos
Land Co., Ltd., offer as a bonus to
the first 25 buyers of their 10-acre
tracts the cost of their transportation
from their home in any part of Canada they may reside.
This Offer Holds Good For 60 Days
FROM APRIL 1 st, 1 909.
Keremeos Land Co. Ltd. 1
Kennedy Benjamin Stone Princeton
Keen Joseph
Kelsey Daniel S
Ki-Isey Charles Ira
Kennedy William T
Kellv James
Kelly Sylvester P
Lacey William
l.conliarilt Christian 11
1.u.sk Allan FeigMO.
Lyon Frederich
Mason George Lear
M ilonai \l.iiilu«
Martin Duncan II
Median Pranh
Mii,-h,ll John Oaorgv
Morton Knust S
Montaomrr) Hafbwt A
.Mull-In Oeorga I'.iin,-
M, Ami. John
AMi.nl.- WMliam E
M< Donald John
McDoaald John I)
McDonald Aki
McDonald AnKu.
Mclaaac William H
McGUlis Duncan A
M.lnlyre J****a A
McKay Andrew
McKeniia Qcorn
McLaod Donald
McKa) John
McKlnnon Anirus
Mi  I.,o.l    \ll_lls
McLcod lohn Donald
McMicharl Charln N
M, Ph.i.l.-n Ali-x.-nultT
McQuada Hugh
Mi'Ki'lh John
McDonald Dan W
McNeUI \\ illiam
Ni.-ol John A
Nuniu-I.-, William
O Mara RogW
Onilutt Jaaaa
Paul Thomas
Pnlni.T losrph
Phil*. John
Poll.,I. Frank Sa
I'ru-e Jam. s
Pnrve. lii-ory-.-
I'urJi Mi" W
OusnMvUki Wilfrid
Reid IVi.-r
l.\.ll...,: William
l.ot tirih Tp. 66
Camp McKinnev
C.ranite Creek
Kilpoola Lake
lamp McKinnev
Haai tTiKII
I   .lit VH'»
I' ainrtea
lamp *--•* K.MIH-.
Fair, irw
lamp McKinney
II. ill. v
Camp McKinney
K.vk 'Creek
Okanagan Fall*
\\ . sihrijjfc
1   .III.ieH
. I_.ll. >
I unp McKinney
Nickel Plata
Nickel Plata
|iiH>mcrati(- Creek
\\ tiita Lak«
i amp Mi KtntH i
Nickel Plata
Camp McKinat)
I .nr .ifW
Swan Lake
Name of
l*i is,.11
Koltitis,.n Ki.ktl
Ku ll. 11,Is   |nsi nil
Revidan A B
Raw ■ale) Ami..,»..■
Sanborn Bendifi A
Sauve Harrj D
Shun_un lifi.i^c
StMpeOH Arthur
SUtter) John
Smith hav ul
BnodaraM \\ illi.un J
Stubbej Allan Wm
Sulli.an Butfen
Swan Alexan.t. r
Swaaaoa VJctuf K
Sin . ll.lll.l  In oi,:,
Swinburn Alfn .1
S« nilMirn lti',1 \\
Smith John Haifa
S(h aring Ouatavua
I aaTt*aii Uberl
lilinn Robert M< K
ThiHii llenrv   11
I rotable] AM
Twaoue) I bonuu 0
Ihi'mp-MMi Neil
Vauffban Cat il irthuf
Vn ian John llenrt
War J, 11 J.mm..
Whie—iw Cepfarenet  \
Wheeler \\ illiain II. 1,1 \
WinkJei Ueonra Kdn enl
Wilder jame*
Wright Hanrj  \
Wynne Ku hard J
Wynn l.lrwelhn C
Walkei Huffh
Willianivn John A
W illtains.ni Jamee
And t.tke  notice
Laal   Kn.'M n
\\ i Btbriibn
\uk.l 1'lat.
i .* in j ■ Mi Kinnc)
n. ,ii,,
n i.u
111,  nan t .,11.
II. .11.,
I ulainti-n
I amp M. Kinn, j
Rock M tie
l amp M  Kinn.)
i amp \l. km,i,,
II..11. ,
1 nl.nil,', n
1 .ur, i, m
Prin. . I.>n
t Mil. Crank
I .ni,,. „
II. ,11,,
Null. ,
I  imp M. Kinn, ,
N„l..l Itali
S M.I. I r—k
I',...,. I...i
S..II. ,
II..11, ,
II..11, ,
Pun.. I..,i
K. I. nn ...
\..-.l I'l...
thai .a the Ceert •'!
Kevi>,ion, lo l>e held on Ih, .lid ,l.u ol
Maj. I'W, at the I'.omi nineiit olliee, Fair-
view, al 10 o'eloek a. in. I shall h. .u in,I ,1,
termine lhe same, and unless ihey or some
other I'roiinei.d \oler, ou Iheir ImIi.iII,
satisfy me lhat lhe ohjeelion is nol well
founded, I shall strike the   names   oil   lhe
said Ragiater,
Dated Ihis 5th day of April, A.D. \*ay).
jami:s k. MOWN,
Ragktrmr of Vetera
Similk.imi-.ii   l:ie, loial  D.sln, I.
Builders' Supplies.
Betiinatee of eoet cheerfully fur-
nisiied tn Intending builders.
CoatnWtl  Inr all  kinds  ol" buildings in town and country promptly
Conlraeloi and lluilder.
klHIMlUN,  B.C
Contracts For Work.
Land   scrubbed   or   any   kind   of
work taken hy contract   at   reasonable rates.
Spring Trade
Tested stoek, seeds for farm,
garden or conservatory, from
best growers in Falkland, Holland, France, United States and
loeal growers
Home Grown Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits.
Fertilizers,   Bee   Supplies,
Spraying I'umps and Material,   Cut    F'lowers,   i'le.
157-pajfi' catalogue free. i
M. J. Henry
Green IIhiim■-. anil Seeil
Vancouver     -    ■     B.C
Branch  Numeric*    S. Vaiuiun, i


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