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The Keremeos Chronicle Oct 29, 1909

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Array The Keremeos Chroni *
Vol. II.
Tom A, ^    *_$.*2
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Keremeos, B. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Notary Public.
Office   ....    Keremeos, B.C.
Estimates Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Plastering, Cement Work, Chimneys
LIME        1
CEMENT \ For Sale
BRICK      J
Keremeos, B.C.
UO. UNO. 1770
Meets Tuesday on or before
Ihe full moon in eaeh month
in    Kereineos    Town     Hall
Visiting members cordially invited.
C. L. CiMMiNcs, VV. M.
D. McCi ri.y.K. S.
Mrs. E. M. Crooker returned
home yesterday after a visit at Armstrong.
School Inspector A. Sullivan examined the Keremeos school on
Rev. Mr. Kinney vvill hold service in the church at Keremeos next
Sunday at 3 p. m.
Hugh Hunter of Princeton, Gold
Commissioner, paid an official visit
to Keremeos this week.
Wm. Gillespie returned on Wednesday after a trip to Seattle, Vancouver and other Coast cities.
C. V. Prosser and H. B. Meausette returned on Tuesday after a
hunting trip in the mountains to the
Rev. J. A. Cleland of Penticton
will hold Church of England service
der of the Sintilkameen-Coast line.
In the meantime the O.-W. link
will reduce the distance from Keremeos to the Coast via G.N.R. by
250 miles.
The Keremeos Kulture Klub will
give a box social in the Keremeos
town hall on Monday evening, Nov.
1, 1909. Everybody cordially invited. Ladies please bring baskets.
Gentlemen please come early. Admission free.
Thanksgiving Day was not observed in Keremeos in any special
way, neither by religious services,
entertainments, sports, or cessation
of business. A little shooting practice was about all that occurred to
indicate a holiday.
Mrs. L. W. Shatford and family
came over from Penticton and went
up to Hedley on Wednesday, where
they will join Mr. Shatford. They
and j were accompanied by Mrs. F. H.
Rotherh;im of Hedley and Miss
Mcl.ellan of Penticton.
Stage Lines.
Hallowe'en comes on Sunday,
which should insure a less idiotic
evening celebration than usual—but
probably it won't.
H. G. I.ockhart, accused of embezzling money from the Fernie fire
relief fund, was acquitted after a
two davs trial at Nelson.
Keremeos-Hedley Mail Stage.
Leaves Kereineos daily, exeept Sunday,
at 1 p.m.; connecting with all stages  east
and west, arrives in Medley at 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, exeept Sunday, at
8 a.m., arrives in Keremeos at 11 a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
The steam shovel which was at
work up the line has been brought
down and again set to work on the
bank to the east of the town, where
a further cut-in will be made in order to reduce the curve in the track
and to make room for the highway.
Keremeos Penticton Mail Stage.
Leaves Keiemeos for I'entieton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, al noon.
Leaves Penlielon on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at d a. rn., arriving in
Kereineos at noon.
VV. E. Welbv, Proprctor.
Notice is hereby given lhat, thirty days
after date, 1 intend lo apply to the Super-
intendenl of Provincial Police, F. S.
Ilussev, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail
liquor license for the Alkazar Hotel, located at Keremeos Station, B.C.
Percy Marks.
Keremeos Station, B.C., Oct. IS, 1909.
I About ninety more laborers came up
Joe Marcel is one of the  success-1 yesterday and will be put  to  work
ful hunters this season, having tak-  on   the  surfacing   between   Hedley
en three deer that dressed 297,   235  and Princeton.     Engineer Kennedy
and 215 lbs. respectively. Went up this week to see about   the
The ladies of the Church Aid will Kr»di»g ■*■ Princeton yard  and  the
Taking the Field.
give an "at home" in the church
this evening, beginning at 7.30. A
program will he given and a collection taken.
coal-mine spur, about   which  there
has been some delay.
The Orangemen of  Similkameen
Lodge will celebrate the 5th of No-
Miss Lowndes of Hedley attended   vember hy holding  a   turkey   shoot
the dance in the town hall on Fridav  at Keremeos in  the   afternoon,   fol-
Noliee is hereby given that, thirty days
after date, I inlend lo apply lo Ihe Super-
tendenl ol Provincial Police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail
liquor license for lhe Hotel Kereineos, located at Kereineos Slalion, B.C.
GkMKM Kirhv.
Kereineos Station, B.C.. Oct. IS, 1909.
Notice is hereby given thai, thirty days
afler date, I inlend lo apply lo the Superintendent of Provincial Police, F. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a ret ol
liquor license for the Ollala hotel, located
at Olalla, B.C.
Andrew moves.
Olalla, B.C., Oct. IS, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that, thirty days
afler date, I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, F. S.
Hussey, of Victoria, for n retail liquor
license for Ihe Central Hotel, located al
Keremeos Centre, B.C.
IIm.i.iiiirton Tunnii.K.
Keremeos Cenlre, B.C., Oct. 28, 1909.
evening and by her generous assistance with the music added greatly
to thc evening's enjoyment.
The dance held on Friday evening under the auspices of the base-
hall club was rather sliinly attended,
but was otherwise a success. The
club realized about $14.
A magic lantern show was given
on Saturday evening in the town
hall by a Salvation warrior to an
audience of about a dozen. It had
not been properly advertised.
lowed by a public meeting in the
town hall and a supper in the evening. Al the meeting addresses will
be given by Rev. Bro. Nixon of
Peachland, Rev. Bro. Cameron and
Rev. Bro. Kinney of Keremeos.
After the meeting supper will be
served at G. G. Keeler's. At a
meeting of the lodge held on Tuesday evening a resolution advocating local option was passed unanimously.
John   Mclnnis   of   Phoenix,   who
L. W. Shatford, M.L.A., reached
home from the east toward the end
of last week, and almost immediately set out on a tour of his constituency, going first up to Fairview,
thence across to Keremeos and up
the valley. Though he is looking
well, considering the severe sie},eof
surgical treatment he has undergone, Mr. Shatford has by no means
recovered his normal strength yet,
and it is rather contrary to the
wishes of his friends and medical
advisers that he should take up his
public duties at once. He feels
equal to the task, however, and
purposes putting in full time during
the election period.
As will be seen by announcement
in another column, a Conservative
convention will be held at Keremeos
Station on Nov. 4, one week before
nomination day. Up to the present no announcement has been made
of any movement on the part of the
Liberals, nor does there appear to
be any decision yet as to who the
Liberal candidate will be.
It is expected that Premier McBride will be at Keremeos on Friday Nov. 12. According to his
present program —which, however,
may be modified later—he will
spend Friday between Keremeos
and Hedley, and will go to Penticton and Vernon on Saturday.
Price Ellison Called to Cabinet.
has   represented   the   Grand   Forks
The lawn  tennis   season   will   be   .y^ in „,e LeKjs|ature durinK ,he
closed by a tournament  to  be   held   p.(s, u.mi] wi|, .iguin be   fa  c.,ndi.
to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon   OS l^m tf fa Socialist   partv   fa.   the
Miss Lowe's lawn.     Everybody cor-   riJi ,;mest   Mi,|.lrof   Gr.,nil
dially invited to attend and bring   a
According to the terms of contract, the Oroville-Wenatchee line
ofthe G.N.R. is to be commenced
before Nov. 15 and finished within
200 days. It would be pleasing
news that a contract   had   been   let
Forks, the defeated candidate in the
last campaign, will probably be the
Conservative candidate, though G.
M. Fripp of Grand Forks is also
mentioned as a possible candidate.
In the Liberal ranks the choice is
said to he between J. E. Thompson
of   Phoenix   and   George   Clark   of
and a time limit set for the   remain- , Grand Forks.
Price Ellison of Vernon, who represented Okanagan in the last legislature, has been invited by Premier
McBride to take the portfolio oi
lands in the provincial government
and has accepted. Mr. Ellison arrived at Victoria on Saturday from
the mainland and after a conference
with the premier the suggested appointment was submitted to the
lieutenant governor, who signified
his approval.
Mr. Ellison is a rancher and farmer of the Okanagan district and was
the first to advocate thc government
adopting an active irrigation policy.
The irrigation hill was introduced
last session and the policy will be
actively prosecuted under the direction of Hon. Price Ellison.
The first shipment at coal from
the Vermillion forks Co's miue is
being made now to the Hedlev
OoM Mines Co. at Hedley. This
shipment is I trial order of two carloads and if satisfactory will be used
as the motive power in the stamp
mill at Hedley, coal supplanting the
water power now in use. With
the expected enlargement to double
its present capacity of thc stamp
mill a large tonnage of coal will
be required from the Princeton
mines. —Star. Inexplicable Indifference.
|Orovillo, Gazette.]
C.J Bunbury, chief constable of
the provincial force with headquarters at Greenwood, was in town Monday on official business. He got
his clutches on the man Hay ward
who was bound over in Judge Fraser's court in the sum of $1000, and
subsequently flew the coop by the
aid of outside fritndi, and thought
he was doing the officials of this
.-oiintry a favor by hiking all the
way to Oroville to report the capture. He ran up against a system
that surpasses all understanding,
for he could secure no authority to
deliver the goods, nor could he find
OUt whether the escaped was wanted at all. He returned home Tuesday pretty well disgusted to take
Mr. Hay ward Into camp and treat
him to a taste of Canadian justice,
which docs not believe in letting any
guilty man escape.
Speaking of Mr. Bunbury reminds
us that the press along the border
00 the Canadian side is dealing out
some hot roasts to the provincial
constabulary. It is probably more
the methods in vogue of handling
the force by those higher in authority than the individual members
that should come in for criticism.
One thing is certain, Mr. Bunbury
cannot be justly accused of lack of
vigilance or efficiency. The people
here have had opportunity to become conversant with the activity
of thia member of the Canadian police force, and a more keen, wideawake peace officer can hardly be!
found in harness on either side of I
lhe line. He has a large territory
to guard, but since he assumed
charge there has been a marked depreciation of crime and wrong doing within the limits ofthe country
over which he has jurisdiction.
Bach vessel will carry normally
something more than 5,000 persons,
the crew of each numbering alone
(>00 men.
The main dining saloon, the largest single cabin 00 cither ship, will
seat 600 passengers. In addition
to this, each vessel will have a halt
dozen smaller cafes of as many different kinds.
Sun deck gardens, ballrooms,
skating rinks, gymnasiums and
swimming baths, large enough to
permit diving, will be offered for
the passengers' amusement. Besides extensive suites of apartments
each boat will be equipped with several complete flats, so that passengers who care to pay for them may
enjoy home life and privacy on the
Combinations of turbine and reciprocating engines will propel- the
vessels, each of which will be divided into approximately thirty steel
compartments, a guard against sinking, should the bull spring a leak in
any section.
The berths in the shipyards in
which the two craft are being built
are each 1,000 feet long with capacities ot 75,000 tons dead weight.
When In
atop at the
Central Hotel
Special attention to
Commercial  Men,
and I.and-seekers.
Headquarters for all
Stage Routes.
Livery Stable
in connection,
Good table.
Large, aire  aiul
comfortable rooms.
Free 'bus to ami from
all trains.
Office of B.C. I'ruil
Land Co.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  -  - Proprietors.
White Star's Monster Ships.
Twelve thousand tons represents
the increase in the size ofthe White
Star line's two new ships, the Olympic and Titanic, over the giant Cun-
arders, the Lusitania and Mauretania. The Cunarders' tonnage is 33,-
000 each, that of the White Star
craft will be 45,000 tons. Such extraordinary precautions have hitherto been taken to prevent the leakage of any details concerning the
dimensions and design of the new
vessels that they have been known
as the "mystery ships" among the
workmen at Harland & WolfTs
yards at Belfast, where they are in
course of construction. Work on
them has progressed so far now,
however, that considerable information is given out.
The ships will be completed about
the end of next year, and go on the
Southampton-New York service in
the following spring. They are to
he K40 feet long, with 90-foot beam
and nine steel decks. The boat
deck will be more than sixty feet
above thc water. Twenty-one
knots is to be   the   average   speed.
Provincial and General.
P. Allan, of Duncan,   Vancouver
Island, made a  trial   shipment   last
week of 40 boxes of apples to Shanghai, China.    This is to be followed
by a large shipment of apples,   and i
also of potatoes, packed   in   similar |
sized boxes, and each potato   wrapped in   paper.    Mr.   Allan   believes!
that there is a good  market   in   the
Orient for both apples and potatoes.
It costs 38 cents to send   a   box   of:
apples Irom Duncan    to   Shanghai.
The freight charge on a single   box
consigned to Victoria, a distance of
40 miles, is 35 cents.
The old fashioned lord mayor's
show, in Loudon, which for a great
many years has been one of the
most picturesque scenes lo be witnessed in Kngland, has been abandoned this year hy the new lord mayor elect, sir John Knell. Sir John
proposes tO have a military and naval display on the occasion of his assuming olliee and 5000 volunteers
from both branches of the service
will participate in this procession.
Only the gilded chariots of the lord
mayor and ot the sheriffs will remain
Of the old lime pageant.
Frank Kootenay, the Indian who
killed another, Antoine, and sunk
his body at Grassy Point last August, was tried at Nelson assi/es and
acquitted on the ground of self-defense. Kootenay and Antoine were
rowing along the lake when the latter went off his head, having imbibed sonic Chinese whiskey, and
attacked Kootenay. Kootenay killed Antoine and put his body in the
water, and when the body would
not sink cut it open so that it would
sink. There were no witnesses,
but the jury accepted Kootenay's
At Shaw's Big Store
One Week Longer
|Q percent. Qjf     § percent. QJf
All Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
All Groceries
Rolled Oats
Buckwheat Flour
Corn Meal
Breakfast Foods
100 lbs. Pure Cane    100 lbs. Royal Stand-
Sugar $6.75
ard Flour $3.75
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to, and Satisfaction Guaranteed
J. R. SHAW. The Keremeos Chronicle.
Publish,-il ivn\ l'riil;i\ al thi* ntl'w,-.
Kiri'nK'OS, ll.C.
Subscription $2.00 a yi-ar, $1.00 tor nix months,
in mlvuniv.
AdlnjftUlMJ Kali's. — l-r_.il notii'es, ISc per Une
first insertion, 10i- per line eaeh subsequent insertion.
Land notiees Certificates >f inipri'vement.eti'., $8.00
for 60-ilay notices, $5.00 for .lO-il.i) lotices. Contract
.li.pl.i> ailverlisini., 25c. per inch per week. Transient advertisements, such as Lost, Found, Wanted,
etc.. not cKieedinij nne inch, $1.00 first insertion, or
three insertions for $2.00. Local reading notices,
25c. per line first insertion, 15c. each   subsequent   in-
J. A. HROWN. Publisher.
The Elections.
From present appearances it is
the choice both of the premier and
of the leader of the opposition that
the main issue of the coming election shall be thc policy to be pursued
in respect to railway building. Mr.
Oliver, even before dissolution, had
issued his manifesto, with a program
of aid to railways as its leading
feature; and Mr, McBride, in announcing the dissolution, states as
his reason for appealing to the
people and as the issue upon which
the appeal is taken, his agreement
with the C N.R. for the immediate
construction of a trans-provincial
line, and with the Kettle River Valley Co. for a line from Midway to
Nicols. That being the case, it
may be taken that the campaign
will centre mainly on the one question.
Further details will be required
before an intelligent opinion can be
formed on the different proposals, i
but enough has been made public to
reveal their main features. Mr.
Oliver proposes to   follow   the   led
certainty of paying traffic on its new
line, reduce to a minimum the probability that the province will ever
be called upon to pay out money on
account of the guarantee. On the
other hand, the route it is proposed
the southern part of the road .should
take is by no means a satisfactory
one from the public standpoint.
The Northern part, from thc Yellowhead pass to Kamloops, is all
through new country well adapted
for settlement, but if the line from
Kamloops southward is to parallel
the C.P.R. along the Thompson and
Fraser rivers, that portion of it—
200 miles or so—will be of very little use as a colonization road. It
is to be hoped that the contracting
parties will reconsider this feature
of the agreement and adopt the
shorter and more useful cross-country route, even if the latter should
be found more costly.
Though the railway question will
be the "issue" before the electors,
it will be a minor consideration with
many of them in returning their verdict, unless the course of the campaign should develop a clearer line
oi cleavage between the two policies than is now apparent. The
broad tacts of the administration's
record, and the course for the fut- [
ure which thai record guarantees,
constitute in themselves a sufficient
assurance of a favorable verdict.
Veremeos Hardware
Buy your Hardware
At the Hardware Store
And save Money.
Just arrived—A fine assortment of
Including all kinds of
Preserving Kettles
At the lowest prices.
Call and see our stock and get prices before purchasing-.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt intention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
R. M. Palmer, deputy minister oi
agriculture, has resumed  hia  post,
and his position will he taken by \V.
K. Scott, who is now on his way to
ol the Dominion government and . ,|K, 0|t| eomitry with (he Hritish .o-
to add provincial bonuses wherever lllM1bi;l exhibit for lhe leading shou s
Dominion bonuses already voted L, fatcountry. Mr. Palmer is leav-
have proved insufficient to induce fay fa government employ to be-
construction. Mr.       McHride's  COMK. managing director of the Brit-
course. as already taken and as fore-   ish Columbia   Kruitlands Company,    Q,     J,     INNIS)
shadowed in his   announcement,   is   operating  in   the   neighborhood   oi  _
to deal with each line on its   merits   Kamloops.     The company has 7000     	
and according to the circumstances .,crcs tf irrigated lands on the N'or-
of the case. In the case ofthe Mid- tn Thompson river, in the neighborly.,} -Nicola line, Mr. Oliver's pro- nood of thc city of Kamloops.
posal is practically identical with lhe ||K.a, ;_, ,„ pivsent an irrigation
bargain already made by the prem- SVstem, but that is wholly inade-
ier. How far the two leaders are q,,ate for the purpose, and will have
iu agreement as to the other lines ,0 ,H. ,L.niodeled. During the ncM
that have Dominion subsidies re- two years a large amount of money
mains to be seen. Mr. McHride, will be spent there in extending thc
however, adheres to his position irrigation system and developing the
taken long since,  that   he   will   not   property.
dicker   with   charter-mongers,   but ,  .*>.	
only with responsible parties ready The state food commission oi II-
to go on with actual construction. Hnoil has st trted a crusade against
The contracts he has already con- dealers deceiving the public wilh
eluded 00 Ihis h.isis may be taken artificially colored and smoked fish,
as an earnest that any ol llie other hams, bacon, sausage, ami other
numerous projected lines that arc meats. The investigators had
bona tide will be accorded govern- their attention attracted through
ment hacking. the cheap prices   at   which   smoked
The largest project on which thc salmon was offered. Kxamination
public verdict is invited is the con- showed that most of the "salmon'
tract with the C.N.R. providing for in lhe market wat carp from the
a guarantee of bonds to   the   extent   I'ox river and other nearby streams.   Transacts t general banking business, and offers everv    facility   to   nieel
Druggists and Stationers
Eastern Townships Bank.
I Ik vn 111-kick,
Capital and Reserve,
Of $33,000 a mile for a trans-pro- They were first given a bath of pink
vincial line. It will be generally paint and then subjected to treat-
agreed that the form in which aid is ' ment in "liquid smoke." The into be given to this road is much gredients ol these are not classed as
better from the standpoint of the deadly poison, but are recognized
public than would be a cash bonus, as having a "cumulative effect,"
The record and standing of the C. , meaning that constant consumption
N.R., thc security it offers, and the ( will produce poisoning.
the requirements of depositor s consistent   with
consetvalive hanking  principles.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits  of $1.00 and  upwards  received,   subject   to  no  delay  in  with-
drawal of all  oi  anv   portion.
Keremeoa Branch.
R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager. nci
The Best Time to Secure a Lot is NOW
Before our great irrigation system was completed and before tlie railway was completed, many
settlers located on our fruit lands in the assurance that these necessary works were soon to be
carried out.
\ow the works have heen carried out, the water
courses have heen laid, the railway runs through the
centre of the settlement, and the remainder of our
lamls are still open on the same terms. The very
best time forthe fruit grower to settle at Keremeos
is right now.
DON'T DELAY—The time is short during
which you can get in on the ground flour and secure
a tract of virgin kind in the heart of one of the very
choicest fruit-growing districts of the province.
Before another year passes it is altogether likely
that every foot of it will be taken up.
Our fruit lands ;ue free from timber and rock
and are ready for planting. No mountain side, but
in the centre of a beautiful valley and a prosperous
The  properties   are   being   offered   in   1,  3,  5 and   10  acre   Blocks  with   a   well   laid   out townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.     One-third cash.     Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from Sl 75 to $300 an acre.    Town lots $100, $200 and $300.
For full particulars apply to
Jl.   ;
I Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
•**—*—»• ^"^'*^TTl■T^^TrT■ „«
Local and General.
A 27x40 I'l. wing is to be added
tO the Nelson post olliee.
The Kelowna free reading room
haa been closed, its furniture is to
be sold, and its reading mailer given tO the    hospital.     The   cause   oi
white men and are   chiefly   boarded
and lodged by the company at their
buildings for that purpose ;.t the
mills.     The mills are cutting   about
A New Governor.
It is reported on excellent authority that T. W. Stirling, oi Kelowna,
65,000 lee, per dav and have a good    **** * ^poinl-d lieutenant-govern-
demand    for   their   lumber,    chietlv
(or of British   Columbia   to   succeed
from lhe prairie,     tia/ettc.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      The    negro    roustabouts   on   the
decease is given by thc   Courier   as   |.,Uver Mississippi steamers   refused
"Okanagan inertia."
On Kairview Range, a liav mare, 7
years old, branded "_'" on rie;ht hip. One
white tool, small while spot   oil   1'oivhead.
Owner mav recover by paying expt n-.c-
TllOS.  Tl KAIIVsl, \.
32 Kairview  Road.
Hon. James Dunsimiii', and thai an
order-in-council will be passed within a lew days making   the   appoint-
ppi m ^^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_
to go to work on Saturday, the in-     w c UV1K ol NV|solli u, whom   GEO. KIRBY, Manager
Pretn.tr   McBride   will   open   the   **___*_[* "}*_ **_[   J**™*********   the appointment was   originally   ot-] 	
Hotel Keremeos
Opposite (J. \. R. Station.
campaign al Kamloopa on Monday, fi*hl wu ,n ******** *** *****   *****
November I, and alter a lour of the Ci*CO* K'r *** T"*°e ***** ****f *******
,    ,    .,       ... ed to learn the outcome ot the light,
prov nice, lo include the duel   cities s
, ..                   •.,   .         ■ . As a result a number of Kvits were
oi the interior, will close with meet-
,                         si          ... compelled to tie   up.      Sunday   thev
ings in Vancouver, New   Westmm- '                      t               .        :
, ■■■  ,     ■ slill refused to board their boats, as
siei  .mil \ icloria.
they desired to celebrate    Johnson's
J. 'I'hoiburn Ross, of Salem, Ore., victory.     Monday thev  returned    to
president of a guarantee   and  trust work.
company, was found guilty of viol- Thenctlnf prefect of police for
aling lhe banking laws and   sentcn- St.  IVti , sbuig has   applied   tO   Hie   Okanagan, and
C*d tO lei ins aggregating five    hun
fered, definitely declined the oiler,
bul will be appointed to a  senator-
ship instead. It is alleged that the
Ottawa government intends to increase the I!. C.   representation   to
lhe sen.lie, and will at   this   session
introduce legislation lo  that   effect,
Mr.  Stirling, who already has accepted the   lieutenant-governorship,
is ,i prominent fruil rancher in  the
 Van, and  formerly   contested
ministry ol the Interior for permi*- the constituency against   Price  Kl-
dred years in the penitentiary.    An sii,n ,„ il|ip|v fmtttieAww and pre- Kaon
appeal COUrt, while affirming tlude-   cautionary measures to the   sale   ol   	
'isl  k **_  J  N"'"s ** ""■  certain druifj on  account  oi .heir similkameen Land District.
sentence,   confirming   one   term   ol   lrytBprtt4    employment    for    pur- DtBTMCTOT vvn.
*" r****                                                      -s   Of    suicide:   sell-destruction. T***™*^*^^.* gg
One ofthe large industries in this   prevalent in Russia during    the  era ^T^r„X^pu!i^OTo^±
district seldom spoken ol and scarce-   of demoralization following the rev- ^ttSXi»!^;'__^«,.h,|0„,ch"1*"' """'"
thence south in chsins, ili.n.,
2 t , hsins Ui isiitii ut iitmini-rii'iiiiitit, HO urn,
. i-i
M un i. Basgbo.
Similkameen Land Diatrict.
Iv  appreciated, like   most   local   ac-   oiution, has become epidemic in   St.
tiv ities, is the  htlfra   Vale-v.'oluml-i,i   Petersburg, as many as twenty cases IMi Ortoksr, tfJJ
saw-mill at   Hillings,   twelve   miles   in one il.iy occurring.
east ,.i Grand  Poriw.   About one ♦       —
hundred men are employed here foi     "Toanajr,"  said  lbs   found   aHHher, i*akb notice that n \ i:..,.-. 1.....( k,,,„	
■OflM ten month!   oi  the   vear   and   "***'* ******** ******* * eat both butter ■isrfonl^&ta.r?^
,   ,.    ,                    ,    .         ii,    snd lam on your bread at the same time?" <•;"""">"">. •.'' ■ r ■-' r ••" u .ik..,,i ..n, .,,..!.. half
hall     that    manv    during   Ihe   slack           ,                                             ..... laflweast ofK.sremis.nl. reek, thence north JO chains,
No, ma in;  it s economy,     tommy an- iIk                              ilicno >,<uthX> chaini   thence
season when the mill   is   stopped    iu   „„,.,,.,,,     m-fa .,.„„,. sjltee of l.r.ad   does   "-'■'" •''•""-'" is..", ,.i ,.,,„„,„,,,,„,,,.,,	
winter.   All lut about adoaea are brbotb." p* Or*, we. mm
Machinkrv Rkpaimd.
mmc———*——.-—tj lvi r.v
HlNKV Al IAN  llAKll-I.O.
BULBS from Um bM. KunMaM mm) JapM
HOME OROWN fniH in I onwmeeiul tram
now n dm upland sod w ithout ii i
in 11..■ iMil\ pari ofthe American con tin. m
nol itifi'sUtl wild S.iti Jom '•i .ili-.
...ii it ii. I'l.M ..ml l-'lui-.-i S,v,U.t.-i, i OOOtk
from ih. baa. aytjmrnn In Um world,
Wire Fencing* and Gatra, S(i,-.iv Pitmpa,
Fertilisers. Bee Suppliee, Cul Flower*.
Spraying .M.iiiii.il'. etc.
White labor ou\\.
I.S7-p,.■_■;»' CUtaloglM fri'i*.
M. J. Henry
iiri'i'ii I IcHtscs and Seed
Vancouver   -    •    B.O.
Branch Nurseries   S. Vancouver.
-*-- j-*—--*-rrr—a it—a Hunting Accident.
A peculiar hunting accident is reported from Pennys, near Kamloops.
Two young men, K. Bedford and
Jack Myrtel, were out on a hunting
trip and were exploring an old prospector's tunnel. Myrtel thought
that he saw a cougar in the tunnel
and knelt down to fire. The discharge from his rifle ignited some
dynamite that was lying in the far
end af the tunnel, and a terrific explosion followed. Bedford was
blown back a distance of fifteen feet
and was terribly mutilated. Myrtel was struck by heavy rocks and
was painfully cut about the head and
The only theory that seems at all
plausible is that the dynamite had
been left in the tunnel by some prospector. The theory that the dynamite was a part of that carried by
the train robbers is not sound, because the robbers had their stock of
dynamite with them when they
reached Ashcroft just prior to the
shooting of the late   Isaac   Decker.
Took Money From Klootch.
A man named Black was sent
down for two years by Judge Cal-
der at Ashcroft for stealing $765
from an Indian woman.
This Indian woman lived up
along the Nicola river and had disposed of horses and other goods so
as to secure sufficient money to attend a big potlach just back of Lytton and which was given in honor
of her brother who died several
months ago.
The magnificent sum of $765 was
accumulated and the woman set out
for Lytton. She placed the money
in charge of Black, with whom she
had always been friendly. At Spence's Bridge Black disappeared, and
the woman reported to Constable
Food, who immediately wired to
North Bend and intercepted him.
When brought to Ashcroft Black
at first stoutly maintained that he
was not the man Black, but later
confessed, though he told the court
that he had not stolen the money,
but had cached it under the old mission buildiug across the river from
Spence's Bridge. The officers accompanied him to the spot and
Black crawled under the building to
get the money. Careful observation on the part of the officers revealed the real hiding place of the
money—it was in the man's boots—
and he was taking it out so as to
lead the police to believe that he
really left it under the building.
An   important   land   deal    went
through last week, when the Messrs.
Dixon Brothers purchased from Mr.
Swalwell, 520 acres on  the   Vernon |
Road.    The whole of the land is  to I
be  plowed   up,   previous   to   being j
put into tobacco.   It is the intention !
of Messrs. Dixon to go largely into
tobacco culture, and   the   land   will
be seeded down next   spring.     Kelowna Record.
A New Explosive.
A new explosive, a British invention .vhich possesses possibilities, it
is said, of revolutionizing the blasting work in connection with the
construction work of the Panama
canal, has been tested on the isthmus of Panama recently and as a
result the Panama canal commission
has ordered 20 tons of it for trial.
The inventors' exhaustive tests before the members of the canal commission showed that it is absolutely
impossible to explode it by ordinary
means. It was hammered with a
sledge hammer, shot into by a rifle,
burned and ordinary dynamite detonators were exploded in it by fuse
and electricity, but the compound
was inert. Not until a special detonator was inserted could the substance be exploded but then in a
few shots that were put off it showed itself more powerful than dynamite. It can only be set off by
heating a small platinum wire just
inside the open end, by an electric
spark or fuse. It will not explode
by concussion. It is claimed that
the new explosive is 50 per cent,
stronger than the apparent grade of
dynamite and that the cost of manufacturing will not be more than
$20 per ton cheaper.
Royal Standard Flour is a
continuous source of pleasure and pride to the cook.
It makes the work of the
kitchen delightful. It is
made in British Columbia
from specially selected wheat.
The milling is conducted with
the highest scientific skill
and      care. Storage
and marketing facilities
place it in your home in perfect condition. It is a flour
that is different and superior.
Apart from this, Royal Standard gives each user a
chance to win a handsome
109 piece china dinner set.
Kach 49 lb. sack contains a
coupon giving you an opportunity. There have been
many winners. II you have
not won yet, you will undoubtedly be among the
many more.
Manufactured by
Vancouver Milling
& Grain Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
J. R. SHAW, Agent.
Time for YOU to locate a good home is
NOW. Keremeos offers a first hand opportunity in its five and ten acre plots.
Nature supplies good soil, abundant water,
sure crops, and a
Climate.    Then why not settle down ton a
more pleasant occupation, away from   cold X
winters and summer frosts ?    Peaches, al- C5
monds,    watermelons,   apricots,    peanuts, 90
tomatoes, corn and all northern varieties of *fc
fruit flourish in the
While good schools, fishing, hunting, and
the best scenery form part of the Similkameen, British Columbia's finest
g Valley
For Free Booklet and Photos write
The B. C. FRUITLAND CO. Limited
Room 3, 336 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
122, 8th Ave. West, Calgary, Alta., or Keremeos, B.C.    X
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry, etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Fine weather Mill prevails. No real
Iresl yet, only a slight Hoar frost that hurt
nolliini., but the air is eokl ami bracing.
1 liese bright clear ilavs lend a eliarin to
the late autumn time in the Similkaiuccn,
and this is greatly enhaneed by the tine
■OOftllt nights now in evidenee. There is
aboul an ineh of snow up al the sunimil,
and i'm n lhat is disappearing on all but
the wry lushest peaks. Down here lhe
clover and grtXaa look jusl as gietll as in
May and June, while sleeks, aslers and
olher late How ers are still in bloom. .Most
ol the trees have lurned yellow, but many
ol the bij. cottonwoodi are still groan.
J. II. Hayes started last week putting
in air pipes in the No. 2 tunnel at Ihe
Bullion. The pipe is six inehes in diameter, and will draw out the gases occasioned by lhe blasts by means of a Sibley
sieve. The tunnel is in over 500 l.vl.
The work of lixiiii, the pipe is nearly completed, and shortly the day shift now at
work will be supplemented by two men on
night shift. The tunnel vvill be run 150
feet Further, and it   is  expeeted   the   lead
will be encountered inside that distance.
Alex Ford, who recently sold his raneh
.it fish Lake to A. C Kennedy, arrived
on Sal ia day's Mage from Vaneouvor. lie
was accompanied by a mining expert of
lhat city, and on Sunday morning thev
left in a   hired   vehiele   for   Independenee
Mountain to examine ihe  Dominion and
Pineapple, iwo claims owned by Mr. l-'ord.
They made the Apex cabin their headquarters, the claims being alieul Iwo miles
south-west of the Apex. They relumed
lo Olalla on Tuesday bringing a sack of
fine-looking ore, very similar In appearance lo the Riordan Mountain product
i.'liow copper in garnelite, wilh considerable pyrrhotite. Mr. l-'ord says there is
about twenty-live  feet   of  ihis   ore.     The
development work constats of an open cut !
right across the ledge and a shaft down
lufivt. ll waa from the shall Ihe samples were taken. Development must bo
by shall, as tbe ledge oulcrops on a large
Nat, with no chance for  tunneling.   Your
correspondent could not ascertain the results ofthe inspection other than thai   lha
expert was very well pleased wilh the
property and would gat the ore assaved.
Jimmy Riordan came down from Ihe
sunimil lasl Saturday bringing some nice
looking samples from the Hilly t'.oal. He
Caught the siage al fish Lake, and saved
■ i walk of eight miles. He left again on
Sunday morning for his home in lhe mountains, where be will continue to pound the
sieel wilh his 4 lb. hammer till lhe snow
drives luin down  for   Ihe   winter.    Jimmv
expects Henry Bahria with an expert amy
lime now. Mr. lialir has a 60»day option
on the property.
Miss Vance, teacher at Olalla public
school, was a passenger on lhe stage lasl
Saturday for Keremeos. She was on her
way lo Hedley lo visit her brother. She
returned lo Olalla on Monday, Thanksgiving Day.
Arthur Sniitheram relumed last night
,illii  .in absi'iice ol aboul  Ihri'e   weeks   on
a cattle dVive tothe Boundary.
Mrs.   Shursoii   and   fainih    returned   to'
Olalla on    Tuesday afler   spending   three
monlhs out on their ranch al Trout Creek.
They are all   looking   ruddy   and   healthy
lii'in then  prolonged outing aiul look   for- '
ward lo another trip nexl year.
Miss Ha/el Chase has entirely reciner-
ed from Ihe shaking up she received lasl
week when she was thrown from her
horse. ll was I III Wight al fust lhat she
had sustained some serious Internal injury.
Mrs. U.K. Robbins came down from llie
Apex on Tuesday and will not return there
again Ihis winter. Mrs. Robbins has spent
most of tbi' summer and fall up Ht the
Apex mine, where her husband is manager.
Siiperintendeiii Thos. Kilpatrick of the
C.r.R.| whonsiilesal Revelstoke, called
on \ our correspondent   on   Sunday   while
driving from Keremeos to I'entieton. Mr.
Kilpatrick has been interested in mining
for many years, and while talking at old
limes iii Revelstoke twenty years ago,
made Inquiries as to the condition of mining in Ihis section and what the output
could be under the best conditions.
1 see lhe Mayor of Spokane, speaking
in l.os Angeles lhe olher day, said: "In
lhe panic of 1893 and 1894 Spokane was
saved from the shei ill's hands by the sale
of the Le Roi mine, of Rossland, owned
entirely by Spokane men. The transfer
took nearly five million dollars in cash into
lhe city, and since then untold millions
have poured into it from lhe mines of
Hritish Columbia and Idaho." In spile of
all this it is pretty bard to get Spokane
capital interested in H. C mining to-day.
They could easily duplicate lhe Rossland
acl here in lhe Similkameen if I hey had
lhe keenness shown by lhe Spokane men
of lift ecu years ago.
Mrs. II. R.  Robbins came down
from the Apex on Tuesday, and on
Wednesday left for the east. After
spending a tew weeks with friends
in Manitoba and Ontario she will
he joined hy Mr. Rohhins, and thev
will spend the winter in New
All  kinds ot Sheet  Metal  Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Now is the time to repaii
your stoves ready for winter.     Heaters  of all  kinds
relined on shortest notice.
H. B. Meausette,
(Over Keremeos Hardware Store.]
Keeler's Restaurant
You can gel
Meal Ticketa & Bread Tickets.
Twenty-Otic Meals for Six Dollars.
I leieafler our loaves will be   of regular
uniform weight which we will sell as follows
Oaa for tan cents.
Twelve for one dollar.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Pies,    Cakes,    Doughnuts   or   Bison's
made whe   ordered.
Your   PatrOOagV  Solicited.     Satisfaction Guaranteed.
For Sale Cheap.
Horse, single harness and buck board.
Apply to
Mks. |. a. McDonald,
3d Olalla.
Examinations for the position of Inspector sie.un Boilers ami Machinery, under the
Steam Hollers Inspection Act.  1901, will
bo held al Ihe Parliament Buildings, Victoria, commencing November Sll), 19OT.
Application and instruction forms can be
had on application to the undersigned, to
whom the former must be relumed, correctly filled in, not later than November
1st, 1'Kl'l. Salary, $110.00 per month.
John Pm k,
Chief Inspector of Machinerv,
New Westminster, H. C.
Cumming's Old Stand.
I Keremeos Centre. I
Contracts For Work.
Land scrtihhed or any kind ot
work taken hv contract at rWUOO*
ahle rates.
Work called for and delivered.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Repairers and Makers of
Harness, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
o -
Whips.    Hits,   Spurs,   Belts,   Etc.,
kept in stock.
General  Merchants and   Laundry
A    Convention   of  the    Liboral-Conscrva-
ti\ es ol Similkameen
will be held
At Keremeoa Hall,
Keremeos Station,
Thursday, Nov 4th, 1909
al 11 o'clock a. in.
KM 'he purpose of select ing candidate   for
the forthcoming Provincial Election.
One Delegate will be allowed lor aeon
twentj votes ot fraction of twenty votte
al each polling subdivision.
I.. H. Will 11
Grand Forks, B.C.
Cillers  a  Splendid  tirade of
Spitzenberg, Yellow  Newton  Pippin, Winesap,
Cox's Orange Pippin, Red Cheeked Pippin
and  all  the other  Leading  Varieties
We  hold  Government   Inspector's   Certiflcate   that    all    Stock   is
free  from   Pests and   Infectious   Diseases
Write at  once for Catalogue and  Price  List
All Stock Wintered in our Large Storage Cellars
For a luxurious Shave,
Hair-Cut or Bath go to
Similkameen Land Diatrict.
'IWKi: NOTICK tli.,1 I'r.ilin.k IV S.„ll,r, i.f
I .iiril.ri.l_..'. Kiiel.iinl, IsMIStdf .'I lulanil
K iv. Mill' inti'inls la UM tm IS'! mission I" jinn ll i _.'
thr UowllMj ill's, ills .1 I.mils: Cominiii. mi. al a
[sist pl.uiliil .a llu- snulliiast inrniT i.f lut 1761,
_ri»up1, Osnii.i.s, llieniv noltli VI ilmHi-., lliinii'
east 20 ihainv tlniiir ..mill 40 . Ii.uns llntii'e Hint
20i'haiii. tOfKSJIt ef commencement. HII acres more
nr lis..
Fsimi-Kii k Psscv Wiirtsn
5lli Oituher. 1W9. Hv his .Weill.
W. C. Bats.
Booster's iXonsorial fltarlor
A fine line of Cigars and Tobaccos,
Fruit and Confectionery.
A. J. SAUNDERS, Keremeos.


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