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Keremeos Trumpet Oct 16, 1908

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Array U '
Keremeos Trumpet
Vol.. I.
Teacher of Pianoforte aad Accompanist
(certificated Royal College ot Music, Lon*
don} Sjives  lessens   in   Kercntoos   Station
Town Hal1 every Friday aiul  Saturdav,
atul is open tO entitlement for aceompan-
inii'iits.     Terms on application.
Ill 1)1.IV, B.C
No. 30
County Court.
Fruit Exhibit for Britain.
At a sitting of County Court held I    The Empreu   at Ireland,   which
hy   Judge   Brown   at   Fairvievv   on   leaves   Quebec   this   morning,   vvill
Tueeday, two cases of local interest
were disposed of: Cousins vs.
Kereineos Church Building Coni-
iniltee, suit for wages, and Armstrong vs. the stake-holders   in   the
Nursing Sister E. A. Hancock,
A.N.S.R., I.M.H., Lett. V.ug.
Will receive aliialled  number of cases horse race at the Centre on Victori:-
reQuirini' niirsinuf on aiul alter the   15th .. •    r .,
.. M,     .' * t'ay, suit lor money   paid   over   on
Sept em her, J J    *
Telephone 33, PentictOO. wafers
Notary Public.
Agassi lor :
Leaden & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co,
Ocean Accidenl end Oaarantee v.'o.
Kkrkvikos,  B. C
have on board a carload   of   British
Columbia fruit, which it   is   the   intention lo exhibit at the leading;fairs
throughout the old country.     Great
care has been exercised in   the   selection atvi packing of this fruit  and
favorable results should follow. The
provincial    government    are   to   be
After a brief argument of counsel   congratulated on the enterprise they
and the acquiescence of the plaintiff, '• are showing in this effective   means
his Honor dismissed the former case of  advertising   the   country's   re-
vvithout   costs,   each   party   paying
their own expenses.       In   this   case
in ils capability to produce such
fruit that the fame of the Similka-
ameen lies.
Proclamations are out announcing   the date  of the  Yah) Cariboo
bye-election for Nov. 12th.
A petition, asking for telephone
connection between Fairview and
Oroville, is being circulated and
largely signed.
Win. Daly teturned the first of
the week from a successful hunting
trip in the hills. Our thanks ate
due for a sweet juicy roast of
Contractor and Builder,
The steam shovel vvill complete
its work between here and Hedley
early next week, after which it will
he shut down. An additional supply of road scrapers have arrived
and   will   be   used   on   construction
sources abroad, and the C.P.R. are
deserving of the highest econitims
there was no dispute as to the lia- for the assistance they are lending
bility, nor yet the amount, merely a in getting the fruit over in the quick*
difference ol opinion of a few weeks est possible manner and in the best
as to when the money was due. It condition. The car was attached
seems ridiculous that the case j to the fast transcontin total express
should have been taken into court | to the seaboard and from there
at all. 'shipped via their fastest vessel.     R.   *<** ********   Hedley   and  Prince-
In the suit of Armstrong   vs.   the   M.    Palmer,    Deputy    Minister   of
stake-holders, plaintiff received judg-   Agriculture, is in charge. P.  H. Burnham, District   Freight
ment and costs for all amounts paid and Passenger Agent, was in   town
Over by the   stake-holders   after the Conservative Meeting'. , between trains on Tuesday.     Asked
plaintiff had   notified    them   not   lo as lo the probability  ol the   through
pay.' The amounts comprised Farlier in the week it was an- train service he was unable to giva
$200.50 paid In A. Osborne, 820.00 nounced that Martin Burrell would definite information as to whether
by C. I.. Cummings, and $I.S.OO by address the electors ol Keremeos in M „ot anything was being done,
P. Bromley. Murphy of Ashcroft lhe town hall on Saturday evening, but appeared disposed to think a
w*p**mtwfot phriatJff, .md Patton of[0***  ,ho  biMs   ***   f***-**-   *•*  change  would  benefit   neither  the
Hedley for defendents. But tell has yielded to   a   request  to company or  lhe   people   along   this
It would appear   that   the   stake- address a meeting in Vancouver on |i„e.
holders   have no   means  of recover- thai nigh,, and  has   arranged   with Twfcj- ^ g             ^ ^  ^^
ing the money from ,he   parties   to   Mr. M r ot l.rand Forks a   good w;(s ,v>inl0l,,hlv |iM,d vvj||,   eon^
whom  i, was paid unless   ,he  latter speaker and ., candidate ,n the   las, ^llit1|^ th;,t ,ist\.lled   wlll)      U,1M,U.
voluntarily refund it. provincial elections, to take   charge ^                ^   ^              J£   ^
Cnsavory, M the case is, i,   il|„s- ol the meeting here.     As the election ^^        ^ R-?   ^    .^^ _.
SIMILKAMEEN   'rates ,he attitude of the law in   re- here is not to be held   .,11   the   12th p^.fc,^       Mr    Mlll,          „         ,,
onvilblUWICCn                             mailers and m iv prove ol November,   Mr.    Burrell   expects s,
very young, is a most   earnest   and
convincing speaker, and residents
of Keremeos vvill he pleased to
learn that theie is a possibility ot
his conducting service here once a
month in future.
Residence sl OM Townsite, nr laauin
al Iliis. ollieo.
[_,N*iniMc*  1   -i iit-iii •'*.
WorlcaMmhip (.humhw-.J.
Notary Public.
Ohio:    ....    Kiki.mi os, B.C
useful information if not  a  valuable   to still have an   opportunity   of   ad-
,_   warning to those  who   are disposed   dressing the electors of Keremeos.
In  Keremeos School Hens,'. K,   |,;u.|.  fatf ,uy,r.. j„ a   game
Visiting members cordially invited. ,
II   I    Isms   \V  M chance or wluv may find  themselves
H.  Mcl't kiw.U. S. at times asked to  act as stakc-hold-
Local and General.
Stage Lines.
I  I It K   Sl U.I .
Leaves Keremeos ,I lilv. evcepl Sunday,
at SOOa, arrives at lleillev   d p.ah
leaves   lleillev    il.nlv,   .se.pl    Sunday,
at S .i.iii. . .tr lives at Kereineos II a.m.
Only through conaectiasr stage between   situation, because the monev, sode-
I'l-ntieion, Keieineos, Hedley A Princeton.
ers.      A   betting  debt   is   purely   a       A.J. Saunders left On Monday tor
debt of honor, which cannot  legally   Spokane   where he vvill spend a few
be   collected, and   which, therefore,   weeks.
the unscrupulous may pay or not
at pleasure. Having the money
"up" does not   materially alter the
A. Christie, who has been  speiul-
0. Cu i.Ksrn , I'roprielor.
Ki ui vn os linn i v  M vn. St v<iK.
Leases Keeeawos daily, encase. Sunday,
at I p.m.; arrives in lledlev at S p.m.
Leaves lleillev daily, eacepl Sunday, ■ >'
7   im . .u rives in  Keremeos at   II  a.m.
I). J. Isms, Proprietor.
Ki ki mi os  l'i Mil lev M vn   St via .
Leaves Kereineos for Penticton on Monti iv s, Wednesdays .unl Fridays, al noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, There
days ami Saturdays al A a. m., an iv Ins] m
Keremeos .il  noon.
\V. V.. W'n.nv, Proprietor.
Noiiee is hereby atvea that, thirty days
ilier il.ite,  I.   \inlre"  Move'., ol Ol.ill.i, ll.
i'., latend to apply to the Superintendent
ni Provincial Police, P. s. Hussey, ol Vic-
posited, is subject   to   the   order   of
the owner.
I he moral is never bet with a
man unless you know him lo be a
sport and never act as stake-holder
if vou can coin enient Iv avoid it.
N'oliee is herein given llial, thirty  ilavs
afterdate, I intend te apply le iln- Snp-
ing the summer in Keremeoa, left srintsadsai of Proviaciai Police, t, s.
,     , .   . .    ...        . ,. .,        Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail
for his home 111 OntallO   Oil    Friday,    li.ptor iieense lor the Alka/ar Hotel, loe.it-
He intends returning to B. C   alter   -il u Keremeos St..tion, Hi'.
a visit in the east. .. __„       _ JtW£_ *J«*"5«,
Keremeos Station, H.l., Oct. Is, I'lis.
A through train   service   may   be	
expected when the j;ap in lhe V. V. Notice
0 B, between here and  Vancouver
is   completed.      In   the   meantime,
that cheerful lay-over at Oroville.
N'oliee is herein i_rven lh.it. thirty   ilavs
rit, i date, I intend to apply le the Sup*
eiiiiieinlent  oi   Provincial   Police, V.  S.
Ilnssev , ol Victoria, lor renewal ol a retail
Last Saturdav   I.   R.   Shaw left on    ">|.'o.    In ense   lot   the   Hotel    Keremeos.
_   _. loi aleil al  Keremeos Slat.on, H. I .
Dr. Whillans, wile and daughter.   0lir   counter   a   butuh   ol   I'laming GBOUQt   Kikhv.
Keremeos Station, Ul'., Oct 18, I908.
of Medley, lelt lor the east on fri- Tokay grapes, grown on a two-
day. They will visit friends in Al- ymt-oU vine on his lot, No. 7. In
herta and other points and the doc- si/e aiul quality thev are quite the
tor  vvill take a post-graduate course equal of any from  California   which
Notice is herebv kjiven that, thlrtj  U.ivs
at   Chicago.      I hey   will    be    gone   we have ever seen, and   Mr.    Miaw,   .,,,,., j.,,,.. „e.  II. Tvve,l,lle ...ul J.   I..„h,
about thrte RMMItha,   during   which   ,,, demonstrating thai   thty   can   be   etKrrarssos Centre, B.C, intend toapply
,.     ., ,, , e\ ., , ■ i to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police,
tune Dr.  McGregor, a  graduate   ot   successfully grown  bete,   has   done   p. g, Hussey, of Vic  tet renewal ot n
oi I'revmeiai iviiee  .-. >. Mttssi'vo, v„.   via.iitoba Medical ColtogU,  and   re-   ,he vallev a real   service.     Fruit   oi retail liquor license tor the Central  Hotel,
i.mi.i, lot   a  retail liquor license lor th.. h *"•        ■* located at Keremeos Centre  Hi'
Olalla hotel, located at Olalla, B.C cently ol Penticton, will have charge   ||,js  quality   will   alvvavs command ... '   ,  ,,
\\|1HI vv   MoVKS • ' I v\ t IH1I I \  Kl I I II.
oiaiia iu   October 8th 1908. °''1r- Whillan s pracnoe. ready aale and fancy prices and i, h     Ksrssisos Centre, RC Oct 13th, nos. FAIRVIEW.
Duncan Ross addressed the electors of Kairview in Elliott's hall on
Tuesday evening. There was a
good attendance, many ladies heing
present and listening   with   marked
interest to the speeches throughout.
The meeting being held on the evening of court day many from Keremeos    and    other    outside    points
were present R. Elmhirst occupied the chair and introduced as the
lirst speaker, Dennis Murphy, a
well known politician of Ashcroft.
Duncan Rosa followed with his
campaign speech, showing why he
should be returned to office. The
meeting closed with cheers for the
king and candidate, alter which
Mr. Ross and Judge Brown drove
to Oroville in order to catch the
morning train.
The red house al the Strathyre
mine is now ofthe past, or will appear in another form on Cliff ranch,
having been purchased by Mr. McKenzie to be remodeled and lined
up as a dwelling house.
Mr. Phelps and family have moved
from Myers' flat and again taken
up their residence at Kairview
Judge Brown held county court
here on Tuesday when several
cases ol mote or less interest were
disposed of. The legal luminaries
present    were    Messrs.     I'atton    of
Hedley,    (iahan   of   Penticton   aiul
Murphy of Ask toft.
Among the visitors from Keremeos in Fairview on Tuesday were
the following ladies : Mrs. P.
Bromley,   Mrs.   c.   L   Cumming,
Miss Phelps and Miss Sinclair.
Surplus of Canned Goods.
A despatch from Piclou, Oat., tO
the Victoria 'Times says there vv ill
he little money in canned goods
this year. 'This is the opinion of
the member of one of the largest
independent canning concerns in
the country.
'The trouble arises from two
sources. Last season the pack was
a fair one, but the prices were high*
er than usual. There was not, as
a rule, so keen a demand on wholesale houses, and wholesalers in
many instances have considerable
stock on hand from a year ago.
Till these are gone, the wholesalers
arc not buying to the same os Ki it
from factories, from which the report comes thai shipping is a trifle
There was a big pack of tomatoes
and com this year, due lo heavy
crops. The demand, however, is
none too keen from the seller's
The Similkameen.
The following appeared in a
recent issue of the Winnipeg 'Tribune as a "'Ten Line 'Talk" from ti.
S. Lawrence. liver since he had
an interest In this valley Mr. Lawrence has been an indefatigable
worker for it, and at present is in
the prairie capital disseminating information about the place, and displaying samples of the fruit grown
"It is no exageratkm to say  that
this valley is producing apples that
will compare with those of any in
Canada, and some of the vaiieties
have won admiration from the
growers of Ontario, who have argued in the past that fruit grown
on irrigated land has not the flavor
of its riv a!s. they now -admit they
are wrong. A large number of
Ontario men with good truit-grovv-
ing experience and others from the
orchard districts nf the States are
settling in the Similkameen valley,
and it is going ahead in satisfactory
style. Earl Gray has purchased a
large tract of fruit-growing land in
British Columbia and is developing
it, following the example of Lord
Aberdeen. Karl Grey said : "It
is not only a profitable business, it
is a fascinating art."
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
_■■ '
__ irtor
t*ms.- 3h? urn». ff HWMUJii?,
Tweddle & Reith,
SmcUU attention to
Commercial Men,
.uui Laml-Nivkors.
Headquarters fov all
Stage Routes.
Livery Stahle
in connection.
Good taUle.
Lary*i airy  and
comfortable rooms.
l'ree   bus to ami from
all  trains.
And Watchmaker.
Complete stock including
Optical   Goods.
nAffiralO       Penticton.
Registrar ol   Marriage Licenses.
Okanagan College,
Summerland, B.C.
The Fall Term will begin on
Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1908.
College Matriculation, Junior
and Senior.
Commercial Course.
Stenography and Typewriting.
Vocal and Instrumental Music.
For farther particulars atUrema tin
Kvi:ki:i i W. S.vwv Ut
Mra, R. G, Shier and son of Vancouver, after a short visit to Mr,
Shier at Hedley, left for home via
Pentkton stage on Monday. Mr.
Shier accompanied them this far
and then proceeded   on   a   business
trip to Greenwood.
Caiuuaoi Building. Repair^
ma and Painting
Opposite thi Central Hotel.
The Big Store.
wish to announce to their many
customers that they are here to
stay and will protect them with
the  best  prices going.
" Royal Household " Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
Look over onr stock aiul gel prices.
Keremeos Commercial Co
mwmmmwmmmmmMMwwww I I
The Keremeos Trumpet
PaMWMimij I'ri.lai .it tlu- sSsSj
KssMsosj ll.C.
Suhsmption $2.00 a year. $1.00 lor six month.,,
in iidv.iiuv.
Adv.'rttsinif Kates. !.<>;.,1 BOSleSB. l.V per line
first insertion, 10e- per line each suhsequent insertion.
Land notiees Certificates of improvement,etc.. $8.00
for 60-day notices. $5.00 for .10-day SOtlaM, Contract
display advertising. 2.V. per inch pet week. Transient advertisements, such as Lost. Pound, Wanted,
etc.. not execedintr one inch, $1.00 first insertion, or
three insertions for $2,110. Local reading notices,
25c. per line first insertion, l.V. each suhs.-ui.ent insertion.
J. A. HROWN. I'uhlisher.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER  16,  1908.
Through Train Service.
After being assured by no lesser
an authority than Mr. Craig, general passenger agent of the Great
Northern, that if the people of- this
valley wished a through train service from Spokane, and would send
in a petition to that effect, there
would not be the slightest difficulty
in securing it, citizens here are beginning to wonder why there is no
sign of something doing. It is now
nearly seven weeks since such a
petition, signed by nearly every
able bodied citizen in the Similkameen, from Chopaca to Princeton,
was forwarded to the General Passenger Agent, but up to date it has
not been accorded the courtesy of a
Was Mr. Craig merely jesting
when he P"t us to the trouble of
circulating that petition throughout
the length and breadth ofthe valley
or has he decided that his promise
was a rash one which could not
conveniently be carried out ? If the
former, the jest is devoid of all
humor; if the latter, an explanation
would be appreciated, or at least
the courtesy of a reply.
Cost of G.T.P.
In the construction of the Grand
Trunk Pacific the Dominion government undertook two main obligations viz :
1st. To guarantee bonds for three-
quarters of the cost of the line to be
built by the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway from Winnipeg to the
Pacific Coast.
2nd, To build a line of railway
from Winnipeg eastward to Monc-
ton via Quebec, and to lease it to
the (irand Trunk Pacific kailway
(."ompany at an annual rental of 3
per cent, ofthe construction cost,
the rental, however, not to begin
till seven years after the work was
As regards the cost to the country
the following estimate submitted bv
Mr. Graham, minister of railway*
and canals, during the last session,
may be considered as fairly accurate:
(\ist of construction of
eastern div ision . . . ,f 114,393,765
I nt ci est during construction       10,CXW,7.S4
Interest   before   rental
begins      36,124,676
Cost of terminals        4,000,000
Total $I.S4,.S.»8,I')5
Compared with these figures,
DunCWI Ross' estimate of the actual
cost to the people of Canada, 2li
million dollars, looks small Indeed,
Notes and Comments.
On another page of this issue
will be found a communication from
Wm. Ring in which he advocates
the transfer of the court house and
the government agent's office from
Fairview to Keremeos. If, as the
writer suggests, it is only necessary
for the people of Keremeos to ask,
and "presto, change," the thing is
done, then the request should go
out by first mail. Certainly the
matter is deserving of earnest consideration on the part of residents of
"the hub."
Bread Always On Hand
(Opposite Kmtwmmm Laa4 Coy't Oflcs.)
Keremeos Hardware
Buy your Machine Oils at the   Keremeos  Hardware
and save money.
Buy a " New Century" Washing Machine   and
save mother.
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Seeds, Treee, Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices. No borers, no scale, no fumigation to d.imaife slock. No windy 9f9Wt
lo annoy you.
Kxtra choice lot   of fruit   trees   now
couitna on for the fall trade, consisting
of .so.ooo Peach, Pear, Pfcun ami CW-
rv; 70,000 Apple in leading rarictieSI
t'00,000 small fruit platils. Strictly
home gIVWII without irrigation and our
own propagation from bsariag stock.
Tons of Bulbs for fall planting. Choice
grass and grain SSSds always in stock.
Fertilizers, Hee supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cut Flovv-
»'is, etc. Oldest established nurseries
on Ihe mainland   of  It. (.'.    Catalogue
GnvanbouMi   M)\0 Westminster Ko.ul.
Hivinch nurwcrtesi   s. Vancouver*
All kinds ol Sheet Metal Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
Ivvvi ikoii.him; a Specialty.
Plumbing.    Pipe titling and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Estimates furnished  on application.
Leave orders at
Keremeos Hardware Store.
H. B. Meausette,
Keremeoa, B.C.
"Paroid" Roofing,
the most easily and quickly laid, most durable, and altogeth
er the most desin.ble roofing material to be had.
The price is low for the value.
A full line of "pfcoeiix" Paints and Oils—none better.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Prompt attention to all customers.
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Land-seekers and   Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Builders and Contractors
l.inie,  lenient, lenient  Week* ami  Bricfc  for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Kstimates gisssj for all ami everv kind el lenirnt Work
ami BnikUnsj generally.
Write its for priees. Oistanc c no object.
Q. MILBURN. COMMUNICATION. got Into the rig and said "home" to
llie driver.     Mv return   trip   was   a
Oounty Court Buildings Should   pkumi 0IK,| my rif, beinf, the only
be  at   Keremeoa,  aaya Mr.  ^ jn mi „,,   thm  day     Return.
*" j ing I could not help thinking of the
Kditor Keremeos Trumpet: condition that I had left behind   me
Hearing that Fairview was your and that Keremeos was the right
County seat I thought that I would place for the court house and that
like to visit the same, so I drove it is up to the public spirit of Kere-
over there, finding that was the I rneos to ask for its removal and I
only means of arriving there. The am sure that if the right conditions
drive to the summit was a pleasant j are placed before your proper repre-
one (rather hard climbing for a load)  sentatives  of the   people   it can be
but from there to Fairvievv was enjoyable as the team made good
time. The grade was somewhat
steep and the road narrow, a typical
mountain road.
In passing the works   of  the   old
Keremeos has, and is, showing
her public spirit and enterprise.
She has the railroad facilities. The
government has just finished an 875
foot bridge across the Similkameen
Stemwinder mine (now in disuse) it I at Keremeos. The second bridge,
took   me   back   to   the   many such   some six miles further   up,   will   be
conditions I have seen in California
in the early mining booms that have
taken place, and it is with a feeling
akin to pity that in passing them
one feels a wonder that man  should
ready in a month, and last, but not
least, the Keremeos Land Company's irrigation system is almost
ready with its eight miles of ditch
and pipe line ready to let the water
from the snow sheds ofthe Ashnola
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Lumber and
Builders' Supplies.
be willing to go to   such   strenuous | cover hunt)re(js ol' iicrcs of fa mos,
efforts   to   get   from   Mother Farth   fertile land to  be   found   in   Biitish
the riehess she is supposed  lo   pos-   Columbia,
sess, which so often ends in disaster       Keremeos   is   in   the   position  of
onlv having to ask to receive.    1 here
to so many. ,,f        __*    .. . .  . .
' will not be a dissenting opinion.     I
In continuing the drive   to   Fair-   .„„   afr.lid   .   havo   tr(.spa>lSej    too
view one expects to catch a glimpse I much on your   valuable   space   and
of the village, but it is not until you   the only apology I have to   offer   is
take the last turn at the foot of  the   ***** il « -* *-*** 0**-*- of   *********
,.   , c   .   and its people,
mountain   that   vou   get   your  first *• ,
,. ' ours truly,
look, and then you   suddenly  come Wm. Rin»».
right there and the scene that meets
you is indeed a surprise. I had
i.died to ask anyone what to expect
and had pictured, nestled at the
foot of the mountain, a small and
interesting town, instead of which
my eye could see nothing but a
scene of desolation, and turning to
the driver I exclaimed, this surely
is not Fairvievv.
I looked around for signs of life,
could see none, but in the distance
I saw a building, brilliant with
new coat at vivid green, and was
told it was tho court house, and
there I went and was made acquainted with the gentlemen in
charge and to them all credit is due,
as they have certainly done all they
could tO make conditions as presentable   as   possible.      Hut I have
to extend my   sympathies   to   them       Estimates of cost cheerfully fur-
for  the government   keeping   them   nished to intending builders,
therein Mich surroundings.     I stay-I     Contracts for all  kinds of budded there some   four   hours,   during   ings in town and country promptly
which time I  saw   eight   men,   two  executed.
women, three dogs and a cat, which xrnTTTrvn/MiT
I think must comprise the population       J .     IV.LN U JJovyrN ,
Ot Fairview. Conlrai tor and Hnilder.
It was with a sigh of relief that   I     Kkkkmkos, H.C.
iFive Roses Flour
Get prices from us before buying your
We have just ordered a THIRTY-TON
car of Five Roses and are able to give
MON FY than anyone else.
Five Roses is made from No. 1 MANITOBA HARD WHEAT and is tested
every hour in the day during the milling
process.   The quality is always the same.
F. Richter & Co. |
J Dealers in General Merchandise. £5
SALE OF MINERAL CLAIMS for uapaid taaas ia Iks KstUs Kiver As-
scssment Distriet, I'rovince of Hriiish Columbia. I hereby krive notice thai on
Monday, lhe -'nd day of November, 1°0H, al lhe Court House, h'aitv ievv, B.C.,
St lhe hour of ten o'clock In the forenoon, I shall sell by publie ain't ion the
ClVWn Orantsd Mineral Claims hereinafter set eut, for Ihe delinquent taxes
thereon, as se! out in the list herein, bslaa unpaid al Ihis date, together with
Ihe costs anil expenses at advertising, unless Ihe amount line is sooner paid*
Namh OS IVkson
Namk ot Claim
Druggists and Stationers
I'. Damaffc at al Boston   2845
K. H. Thurston B. A. Fraetion 2.157
K. II. Thurston Carmi   2.152
J. I). Breeze Independeuee ltd1)
J. D. Breeze Oro Kino 1448
Lemon Oold Mining Co Lemon    7.S0
Owen Mellon Hunter    285<>
I'.ivelle Harris Highland Chief    2MS
J. R. Devlin War Kagla    IH7')
British Lion ('.. M. Co British Ml
Hritish Lion G. M. Co British Lion IM
A. K. Asheroft, St al Haela 2847
VV. Klsen Jewell 2785
J. I'. Kellv, el. al Jumbo Fraction .1128
H, W. Yates Mt. Adams I .45
VV. H. Thomas Niekerson 190.1
S. M. Johnson, et. al Myrtle 1<>54
S. M. Johnson, et. al Logan 279.1
Chas. I'hipps, et. al Henrietta    27'M
VV. Kintr, et. al Queen of Sheha   .1127
II. A. TURNER, Deputy Assessor and Colleetot,
Fairview, B.C., Oct 2, 1908. Kettle Kiver Assessment District
$  8 00
1   SO
1.1 00
12 75
12 75
1.1 00
9 00
1.1 00
12 75
1.1 00
10 50
12 25
9 00
t  75
4 75
t.1 00
12 00
12 75
12 50
1  75
lot ill
ili n
$ 2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
1 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
$ 10 00
.1 50
II 00
11 75
14 75
15 00
11 00
IS 00
14 75
15 Oo
12 50
14 25
11 00
.1 75
6 75
15 00
14 00
14 75
14 50
.1 75 Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.n. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4th Ave.:
$100. 0 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
R. W. Northey returned the last
of the week from a trip down the
A car load, eaeh, of groceries,
"Royal Household" Flour and kerosene just arrived Keremeos Commercial Company.
Kail   assi/es   met   at    Vernon   on
Tuesday, Judge  Martin  presiding,
Two cases comprised the docket,
one of murder and one of attempted
Miss MacHaffie of Vancouver,
who has heen visiting her hrother,
I., G. MacHaffie, Manager of the
H. N. A. Hank, lledlev, is spending
a few days in Keretnofis, lhe guest
of her friend. Miss Armstrong.
C. E. Salisbury, advance agent
for the Holy City Company, in
which Harold N'eNon is the particular star, was in town yesterday.
The company will not play at Keremeos, hut will he at Oroville on
the _,(llh and Penticton on the 30th.
The meeting in lhe town hall tomorrow night vvill give the electors
of Keremeos an opportunity to hear
"the other side of the story." It is
the duty of every voter to hear both
sides, consider carefully the claims
of each candidate to his support aiul
exercise his franchise accordingly.
Mr. Wm. Ring visited the site of
the Keremeos Land Company's
hridge on Monday and had the distinction of being the lirst to cross
the river on this structure The
bridge is still far from completion
ami progress is being retarded by
delay in the arrival of material.
Stringers have been placed across
for the use of lhe workmen and il
was hv means of ihese that Mr.
Ring effected the crossing.
J. H. Bast, and oldlimer of the
Houndary Country, whose first
visit to Keremeos was during the
recent oldlimers' reunion, paid the
valley another visit on Friday of
List week. This time he was up to
see Mr. Richter in connection with
the right of way through some
properly near Midway, the right at
w.tv being a consideration in the
transfer of some timber claims
which Mr. Mast recently made to
parties in the east.
The price without a peer. Kocene
Oil $4.00 per case here.—F. Richter & Co.
G. S. Jermyn, Dominion Veterinary Inspector, of Midway, was in
town yesterday.
George London spent a few days
in Spokane during the week returning home on Thursday.
The General Manager of the G.
N., in a special train, visited Keremeos during the early hours ol
Thursday morning.
During the past week there was
a general shuffle in the livery intei-
ests in Keremeos. There was rumor of P. J. Innis purchasing J. F,
Rover's livery business ami st.age
equipment aiul merging the two
into one and Dougald Gillespie
purchasing the barn for use in his
freighting and draying business.
Such an arrangement would appear
lo have much in its favor, but rivalry apparently crept in and the
sequel is that Gillespie has purchased ami will operate Rover's
business in connection with his
own, and Innis has secured the contract of freighting the concentrates
ofthe Daly Reduction C'o. It is
Rover's intention, as soon as lie
has his affairs wound up here, to
move lo Kelowna, where he intends
establishing a large and strictly up-
to-date livery business. We regret
his departure from Keremeos because Frank ia a hustler of the
right sort. In Mr. Gillespie, however, he leaves a successor whose
thorough familiarity with the essential details of the business ami
whose wide acquaintance will be a
guarantee ot lus success.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Head Omcs,
Capital and Reserve,
SiiiunKooKK, Quebec
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject  to no delay  in  withdrawal of all  or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
co to tm-:
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting) Drarinf, and General l.iv   iy Husiness.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Ordetl for Cured   Meats,   Fish  ami   Poultry  promptly
ami satisfactorily tilled.
In Harness and Saddles.
You need a Saddle or Harness.    We
need the Money.    Our necessity is your opportunity.
Look at these Prices :
$62.00 set team harness
50.00     do       do
45.00     do        do
50.00 set democrat harness
50.00 do double driving harness
17.50 do single     do      do
52.00 stock saddle for
45.00   do      do
36.00 saddle
2X.00   do
16.00   do
9.00 pack saddle, full rigged
26.00 chaps
25 per cent,  discount  off all other  stock,
spurs etc.
whips,   hits,
Similkameen Saddlery Co.


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