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Keremeos Trumpet Feb 5, 1909

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
No. 46
Teacher of Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal College of Music, London) open to engagement for accompaniments.    Terms on application.
Medley, B.C.
Prefers the Similkameen.
Notary Public.
Ornea  -  -  -  -   Kaaamos, B.C.
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London St Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Keremeos, B. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Residence at Old Townsite, or inquire
ai this esses.
Estimates Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
VV. J. Stover, who left the valley
last December intending to make a
lengthy sojourn in Southern California, and possibly take up a permanent residence there, surprised
his Keremeos friends by alighting
at the depot here yesterday morning. He was anything but enthusiastic about the climate of the south
country and   stated   that  it  was  a
d sight colder there than  here,
or at least that he felt it more. The
country there, at present, he described as one vast puddle and he
was glad to get back once more
into the bright sunshine.
Prior to going away he had placed his fruit lot with the Land Company to sell for him, and though he
had written some days ago asking
them to take it off the market, it
was not till he reached here and
learned that it had not been sold
that he felt relieved.
His brief visit to some of the
most lauded districts of the Pacific-
States has but increased his already
high opinion of the climate and possibilities of this favored valley. So
it will prove with anyone who
moves out after living here a year.
They will be glad to return.
Burrell Creates Favorable Impression in Federal House.
In the Federal House last week
the members from British Columbia
were all on the floor and "were listened to with great attention by
Premier Laurier" according to eastern exchanges. Mr. Burrell's
speech on conditions here was considered excellent, many eastern
members on both sides declaring
that they had not understood the
situation fully and were pleased to
see it so ably and fairly dealt with.
The position taken by this province
in reference to the Chinese and Japs
as differing from that taken in reference to Hindus vvas dealt with
by Mr. Burrell and the claims of the
province for better treatment from
Ottawa were strongly presented.
A letter to a prominent Victoria
resident from one in the Ottawa
House declares that "Yale-Cariboo
made no error in its choice of a
member in the interests of the district and the province generally."—
Grand Forks Gazette.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesday on or before
the full moon in eaeh month
in    Keremeos    Town     Hall
Visiting members cordially invited.
C. L. Ci'MMiNi'.s, W. M.
D. McCi'RDY.R. S.
Stage Lines.
Fi.ikr Stack.
Leaves Keremeos daily, exeepl Sunday,
at noon, arrives at Hedley 3 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, exeept Sunday,
at 8 a.m., arrives at Keremeos It a.m.
Only through connecting slat;,' between
I'entieton, Keremeos, Hedley Si I'rineeton.
D. Gillespie, Proprietor.
Kekemkos Heiilev Mail Stage.
Leaves Kereineos daily, exeepl Sunday,
at I p.m.; connecting wilh all Stages  cast
and west, arrives in Hedley at 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday, al
8 a.m., arrives in Kereineos at tl a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
Keremeos Penticton Mail Staue.
Leaves Kereineos for Penticton on Mon-
days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 a. m., arriving in
Ken moos at noon.
W. E. Wei.BV, Proprietor.
One team of work horses, weight about
13 cwt. each. Harness and wagon, in
good condition. Enquire at this ofliee or
of J. K. Coulter, VV. H. Armstrong's
lower ranch.
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
South African Confederation.
The British domains of South
Africa, so recently the scene of war
between Kngland and the Dutch,
now form the stage of a movement
for unity which promises to be one
of the most remarkable conciliations
in history, adding to the British
empire a great confederation ranking almost wilh Australia and Canada in importance. Representatives
of the four colonies have been in
conference several weeks on a plan
of union.
Cecil Rhodes probably had little
idea before he died that within ten
years after the destruction of Hutch
independence in South Africa a
COWpany dominated by such hostile
spirits as Dr. Jameson, who led the
, raid which brought on the war,
president Stein of the Orange Free
State and the two great Boer generals Botha and DeWet, would be
Conferring amicably for the purpose
of welding the Dutch and Uitland-
ers into a semi-independent nation
under the Biitish flag. More noteworthy still is the fact that the
British progress has been marked
by harmony and is likely to be concluded with success.
Tho Church   Aid   desires   to  express their gratitude to all   who  so
kindly and generously   remembered
I the Birthday Party.
Another Cold Wave East of
The Rockies.
A dispatch dated Washington
Jan. 30th, says : With a temperature falling rapidly in its path and
snow and sleet in many sections,
marking its sweep eastward, the
centre of the storm that has raged
with great force through practically
all the country east of the Rocky
mountains, today is centered over
New Kngland. Throughout the
west and largely in the south there
is a cold snap and the weather
bureau today predicts freezing temperature in the fruit belt of Florida.
I Snow has fallen west of there as far
las the Mississippi river, north of
j Florida. It will be much colder in
the eastern states tonight and tomorrow. In the far west intense
cold is reported, 24 degrees below
zero being reached in the northwest.
Peter Veregin, the Doukhobor
leader, visited Grand Forks last
week after a search for land in the
Okanagan and Similkameen districts, aud he immediately decided
on obtaining land here. Negotiations were opened for the Coryell
ranch of 900 acres for $..9,000, but
the deal was not closed at the last
report. While this indicates the
value of land here, it is not desirable that a band of these people
locate here. They are a drag on
progress and of no advantage to the
district, as they import all their
needs by wholesale. They are far
from being desirable along moral
lines also.--(irand Forks Gazette.
Local and General.
Regular meeting of the fruit
growers tomorrow afternoon at
three o'clock.
Doc. Jermyn, Dominion Veterinary Inspector, passed through here
yesterday on his way home from
Chilliwack where he has been engaged during the past six weeks in
stamping out an epidemic of hog
After a pleasant fortnight's visit
to friends here, Mr. G. B. Murphy,
Miss Murphy and Mrs. G. C. Armstrong leave today via Penticton
and the C P. R. for Vancouver,
where they will spend a few weeks
with relatives before returning to
their homes in Manitoba.
The committee in charge of the
entertainment to be given under the
auspices of the Ladies' Guild in the
town hall on Friday evening, the
12th inst., are working hard to
make it a grand success. The
stage is being enlarged and otherwise fitted up for the occasion. For
full particulars see announcement
in columns of this issue.
On Wednesday of last week the
S. S. Okanagan was unable to
make the Penticton wharf and passengers and mail had to be unloaded at Summerland. This was responsible for Thursday's mail from
- Penticton and intermediate points
not reaching here till 6:30 p. m.,
and as a result a bunch of correspondence from Olalla was received
at this office too late for publication.
Sixteen surveyors arrived in Oroville on Wednesday night and yesterday set out on the work of surveying the route for the proposed
branch of the Great Northern between that point and Wenatchee.
A similar party of surveyors are operating from the Wenatchee end.
This cut-off, when completed, vvill
place Keremeos within 200 miles ol
Wenatchee and will shorten the distance from here to Seattle by about
225 miles.
One of the most enjoyable social
events of the many that have marked thc present season in Keremeos
was the dance given by the host
and hostess ofthe Hotel Keremeos
on Friday evening last. The spacious dining room was temporarily
thrown into a dancing room and an
j excellent one it proved. Dainty refreshments were served by Ihe hostess and her daughters, who were
most tactful in looking after the
comfort and entertainment of their
many guests. Among those from
a distance present were : Mr. and
Miss Murphy, Carberry, Man.;
Mrs. G. C. Armstrong, Winnipeg;
Miss I.owndes, Medley, who very
kindlv assisted at the piano; II. S.
Dowd, Ottawa; Dr. Bennett, 1'iitue
Rupert; Dr. Jackson, IVntiofon; .unl
I G. S.  Lawrence, Winnipeg. Secure an Option.
On  Monday last  J. I'.  Gordon,
acting on his own behalf and for
Mr. 11. S. Dowd and others, se-1
cured from W. A. Hailing an option
on his mineral claim, the Sacre-
mentO, situated up the 20-Mile
creek close to lledlev and adjoining
the  Metropolitan.     The deal was
the Immediate result of the recent
rich showings at the Metropolitan
where ore similar to and claimed to
be quite equal to that being mined
at the Nickel Plate has been struck
close to the boundary of the Sacre*
mento, The holders of the option
have the funds required for the development work which they announce will be vigorously prosecuted at an early date. The pay*
ments required by the terms of the
option would certainly indicate that
they don't intend the claim to remain undisturbed very long.
J. P. Gordon will have charge ot
the development work and Intends
going over the ground on a trip ol
close inspection next week. Last
week the claim could have been
bought at a much lower figure than
the option given calls for hut the
same cause which led Mr. Gordon
and his partners to seize upon it induced the owner to make a substantial advance In his price. Bill
is satisfied thai his claim will prove
a winner but rightly decided that it
was about time he began to get
some benefit from it if he was ever
going tO. He retains an eighth
non-assessable interest in it.
The cat and dog are still in the
The cold snap, without salt, reg-
Istered 18 degrees below zero.
Business is unusually quiet but a
brighter future is predicted.
From development work  on two
mineral claims near Fairivw new
life may be infused into business
before many months.
Jas. Campbell, one of our experienced miners, is now working at
the Mother l.ode. Report MJfS
that    he   may   take    his    family   to
lhe Rev. Mr.  Cameron,  with i
team and   "jumper,"   came   hv    the
Stemwinder  Pass on Saturday to
Fairview. Al the summit of the
trail there is a depth ol three feet
ol snow.
At the service held here on Sunday morning by the Rev. Mr. Cameron fu e girls and   tour   boys   vicic
received bj baptism Into tba church.
Mrs. Green, superintendent ofthe
Sundav school, presented bibles to
several members of the school.
The Rev. Mr. Clcland ot IVn-
ticton vvill hold a service in the
church on Thursday, February 11th
at 7:30 p. m.
Big doings marked the close of
the celebration ofthe Chinese New
Vear in Keremeos on Saturday evening last. The rivalry which exists between the residents of the
upper and lower towns apparently
extends to the chinks, and Tommy
Sing and Ching Kee, the high
mucky mucks among their respective parties vied to out-do each
other in the splendor of their demonstrations. After all there is
much that is human in the pig-tail.
Ching decided to spend his money
on a dinner for his white friends at
the Central hotel and the excellence
of the repast and his liberality in
sending forth invitations stamp him
as a prince at entertaining. The
services of a special chef had been
secured for the occasion and in the
large airy dining room of the Central Hotel plates were set for 52
guests and every one was taken.
At the conclusion of dinner a brilliant display of fireworks was given
in front of the hotel. In the lower
town Tommy Sing, apparently feeling that his prestige vvas suffering,
kept up an incessant din of fireworks, resembling the crackling of
musketry, for over an hour. If
there is anything in the Chinese belief which prompts their actions on
these occasions the celestials of
Keremeos certainly should be exempt from any attention from the
"evil one" for the year 1909.
Ci. S. Lawrence ot the Beautiful
Valley Land Co. has been spending
the past week in Keremeos, having
accompanied Mr. II. S. Dowd and
Dr.  Bennett up from VVinnigeg.
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
n *n
Special attention to
Commercial Men,
and Land-seekers.
HoatlipiartiM-s lor all
Stage Routes.
Livery Stable
in connection.
Oood table.
Large, airy ami
comfortable rooms .
Free 'bus lo ami from
all trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  -  - Proprietors.
S per cent, off for cash.
Boys' Clothing
Ladies' Hose
Shirts and Overalls
Boots and Shoes
I'entieton is considering   a   read-   Qj^   Q     Kl [R
Ir|| club along the lines ol   the   one
recently o-yanised here. KEREMEOS, B. C.
The Big Store.
Spring will soon be here and with it
our stock of goods for the new season
In order to make room we are offering exceptional values in what is left
of our winters' stock, including Dry
Goods, Boots and Shoes, Gents' Furnishings. Big value for every dollar
spent here now.
"Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our goods.
Keremeos Commercial Co
■ The Keremeos Trumpet
haMhMfMT] l'ii-l.i> .11 ih.- sfles,
Subscription 03.00 S *SST,   $1,110  tor  six   months,
in ;ul\;iinv.
Ailvi-rlisin_-   K.iU's.   -LsSSj   notiiis,   l.V   jx'i   Has
lirst Insertion, 10c |vr lino each mbssqusnt Inwrtion.
I.an,I notice! Ccrtiftcstes of improvement^te., 18.00
tbrSUaj notice*. $100 for 3(_<U) notices. Contract
diesis* a.1\vrtisin_r. J.v. yn-r incn per ereow. Tran-
si.ni advertisements, sucnsi Lost. Pound, Wanu-.l,
etc.. not exceeding one inch, SI."" liist Isesition, or
tln,o   insertions   tor  SJ.IK1.     Locs]   reading  notices,
Be, p,'r lim-lirsl insertion. l.V. i-.u'li mi1'v'i|iuiiI insertion.
J. A. 11ROWX. I'nWislur.
FI.IOAY,  FI.H1UARY ,S,  1909,
There can he little room for doubt
thai the vear 1909 will be one of
unprecedented activity in the Similkameen,    The wonderful miner-
paths, that it is not easily worked
from there. Neither is it always
desirable, freight rates considered,
fur business men here to deal with
Vancouver houses. Spokane, by
reason of its greater accessibility
from here under existing conditions,
is bound to receive it portion of the
trade of the Similkameen. Once
the connecting link in the V. V. &
H. is completed, however, and the
freight hall from Vancouver to Keremeos is reduced from 750 to 200
miles it will naturally become our
trading place and a market for outproduce.
I'ill   then   vve   must   content   onr
eremeos Hardware
souls  with   what   patience   we   can
il wealth ol   the   upper   vallev   has .
and BCCC
ong been known and  with   the   as
pt conditions as they are.
If our old friend "Bobbie" Stevenson would find a wagon trail over
the hills useful vve hope he gets it,
but if our friends al Vancouver are
interested in the welfare ofthe residents ot the "Jimliillkaiiieeii," and
have any pull with the  great   Great
Northern  magnate,  they   will  not
bother about the wagon road but
will urge a little more haste in the
completion of the steel route.
surance of the projection of the railway into the mining camps of lledlev and Princeton, during the con*
inff summer, men with money are
already looking this way lor investment   .uui   ihe   exploitation   of the
riches   ol    the   district    promises   to
begin in real earnest in the very
near future.
The intolerable, unreasonable de-
lav in railway construction ami the
dog*in-the*manger  attitude  of  the
Corporation which has always Other districts are taking time hy
"knocked" the mineral wealth of fa forelock and starting prepara-
the valley in the rain and sellish tions for their displays at the big
hope ol maintaining a monopoly of Seattle fair. Why not the lower
its riches, has long delayed this de- similkameen:-' To secure a good
velopment, but it is here at last and exhibit of fruit for next summer
here to _tay. There is plenty oi preliminary preparations should
money awaiting opportunity for  in- now be under way.    Again,   would
vestment it  the owners can   onlv  be j,   no,   be  well   for   the   citizens   oi
shown a good legitimate   field,   and Keremeos to CO-Operate with   those
this is juat    what   the   Similkameen ol Princeton and Hedley in a united
oilers today, whether in   the   ilcvel- cl\\,n K, ,,iake an exhibit that would
oprnent of the rich fruit lands of the show both the  horticultural  possi-
lower valley or in the mining of the   bilities and the vast mineral   wealth
inexhaustible    bodies    oi    pay    ore   ofthe vallev?
in the neighboring hills,
Spray all your fruit
trees with the famous Myers' Spray
We have them in
different sizes for
the large and small
trees at the lowest
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Steel Wanted, Not Trail.
The Vancouver Daily Province oi
Saturday contains a  lengthy  refer*
ence to the visit ol   Captain   Robert
Stevenson, a pioneer oi the Similk-
smeen valley, to that city,  the object of said visit  being  tn impress
upon the eili/ens there the fact  that
the Hade ol the Similkameen is now
5 *- >£<'
Kettle River Assessment
TVT O III K is lii-rt'liv   gives   thai,   in   ac-
**'    euril.iiiee with the Statutes,   Prov
incial Revenue Tax ami all assessed taxes
ami IftCOOM tax, asse ,scil ami lev it'll miller
the "ASSESSMENT ACT" ami seised
inenls thereto, are now ihu-  ami   payable
going   to   Spokane    instead    of   to (or ,|„. ,,..„. iw)  to  the  isalwsejiwd  at
Vancouver as it   should,   and   Inci* ths nmissaisni OSes,  Fairview.   This
dentally   to  invoke   what    aid   he Nodes, ia tenns.it' law. iaeaatvaieat te a
could toward getting a wagon road ****** asssaad by ....- apes al ps-ssss
,                            ,' liable for taxes.
competed throuL'h so as to conuci I ,-,.,...-•            ■ ,■    .,       ,,       ,
i                     * Dated al Fairview, Hi., tins .'1st  daj
Hope   with   Princeton.      Just   how „r |,,„„,,rv, .vn., px.i.
the result would be attained   is   not II. A. Tl'RXKK.
made clear but it is represented lhat Ceieeter,
such a road would   "bring   the   ex- 	
pensive  Similkameen  country  and similkameen Land Dletrlct.
its vat iod resources into   immediate nisi nut  CM   v vi t .
contact  wilh Vain Oliver markets." Take notice that I, William  Kim,',   land
lhe apparent   indill'ei ence   oi   the   Sgsjat,  inleiul  to appli lor permission   te
wholesalers and other business men *>**-****-* ****** aascriksd lands i
i oaaaseehxj al s post planted  20 chains
ol the coast tO the trade of the Similkameen vallev has been the subject of much unfavorable  criticism,
a great deal ot which is scarcely
warranted.     Onr valley, though   so
wesi of the south-west comer of lot 172,
theme north 20 ehains, tlienee east 20
chains, IhsnCS south 40 chains, Ihenee
treat  Kl chaina to thi- point  of coiiimcncc-
nu-nt, behsraboat lbs ares  within  which
lies sn island betweso lots 172and276and
Close tO the coast on the map,   is  in   |h|.    Slll)i|k„,„.,.„   ,-„,.,.   .wa   l.OMl.lim„l,
reality so far from it when it   comes  about IIacres le ulii.li  ihis application
to traveling between the two places,   ' Wii.i ivm Kim,.
and  moreover   so   off   the  beaten j    Ksrswsus, B.C., Pecss-bar 17,19W,
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers ami Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Builders and Contractors
Linn*, tVnu'iit, c'lMiu'iit Blocki .ukI Brick for Mie-
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
BsthnatSS (fives fer all sad every kind ol 1'eiiu-nt Work
ami Building generally.
Writs us fer prices. Distance no object.
G. MILBURN. Provincial and General.
The Farmers' Institute of the
Kettle Valley is considering the
question of an extensive irrigation
system for their district.
Prohibitionists may campaign as
they like, but they'll never stop the
Manitoba mercury taking a drop or
two.—Winnipeg Tribune.
Later reports state that the earthquake felt on the Spanish and Moroccan coasts vvas very slight and
caused little or no damage.
The Conservatives of Comox-
Atlin have decided to oppose the
election of Hon. Wm. Templeman
and have selected Mike Mason of
Union Bay as candidate.
The final report of the Georgian
Hay canal commission estimates the
cost of this great work al $100,-
000,000 and the annual cost of
maintenance at $900,000.
It is stated that Karl Grey is to
be made viceroy of India and that
Lord Northcote will succeed him as
governor-general of Canada. Lord
Minto, viceroy of India, is retiring
owing to ill health.
A re-organization of the railway
Commission has been arranged by
which the Dominion is divided into
four districts under a chief commissioner. Dr. Mills, assisted by
Inspector McCaul, vvill look after
British Columbia's interests.
The Summerland review states
that the C. 1'. R. are likely to make
that town their southern port on the
Okanagan lake for their Nicola-
Midway road in place of Penticton,
owing to the greater danger of the
latter port being blocked by ice.
As a seal vvill be requited by the
newly organized municipality we
would suggest that the council offer
a small prize for the best design.
The term "Peerless Penticton," has'
been applied to this locality. If
this, or any other appropriate term,
is to be used permanently, vve would
suggest that it be embodied in the'
design.     Press.
A bill introduced by the Postmaster-General is now before the
house of commons, which provides
that in case of registered letters heing lost the government shall reimburse the sender up to an amount
not exceeding twenty-five dollars.
Heretofore registering a letter or
parcel has only partially insured its
delivery but with the proposed
change absolute protection vvill be
furnished and the usefulness of the
mail, in remitting small amounts
and parcels of value, wi'l be greatly enhanced.
A hill has been introduced into
local legislature which provides for
a provincial board of horticulture,
to consist ot thtee ex-ollicio members, namely, the minister of agriculture, the deputy minister of agriculture (who shall act as secretary
of the board), the chief inspector of
fruit pests (who shall act for the
province at large), and four members, who shall be appointed by the
lieutenant governor-in-council, one
from each of the horticultural districts, into which the province is
divided for the purpose. The Similkameen is included in district
No. 3, along with the electoral divisions of Kamloops, Yale, Okanagan and the city of Nelson.
Sidewalk is to be laid on the south
side of 7th Avenue. Oh, let it be
After considerable delay A. E.
Moves has received a license for
his hotel at Olalla.
Builders' Supplies.
Estimates of
cost cheerfully fur-
nished to intent
Contracts for all kinds of buildings in town and country promptly
Contractor ami BaMsr,
Carriage Building, Repairing and Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
I Entertainment
X under the auspices of
Of St. John's Parish, Keremeos,
Town Hall
Friday Evening, Feb. 12th., 1909.
* (programme *
Part 1.
Consisting of vocal and instrumental selections in which
the following will take part : Mrs. Frith, Miss l-'ergusson,
Mrs. Brown, Miss Lowndes, Messrs Milburn, Wigmore,
Herald, Daly and Kirby.
Part 2.
The amusing farce,  in one act, entitled
(French Spoken Mere)
Mrs. Spriggins   Miss l-'ergusson.
Angelina, her daughter Miss Rita Kirby.
Julia, wife of Major Rattan    Miss Kennedy.
Anna Maria, maid of all  work Miss Kirby.
Major Regulus Rattan Mr.  Reynolds
Monsieur Victor Dubois Mr. Fennin Sauve.
Mr. Spriggins Mr. Geo. Kirby.
SCENE     A parlor in Mr. Spriggin's home at   a fashionable seaside  report.
Entirely New Scenery for the Occasion.
P.   BROMLEY, $| Admission 50 cents, Reserved seats 75
cents, Children 25 cts.
Plans of hall at Coleman's Drug Store and Mr. Krith's office
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Apex Mineral Claim.
Situate   iu   the   Siinilkaim-en    Division   of
Yale Mining Diatrict       Where   locat-
eil    On Matierv  Mountain,   adjoining
the Kelipse group on the cast.
'T'AKK NOTICK that Ihe   Kelipse   Min-
**      ing and Milling Company, Free Minns   Certificate   No.   Bl9,2o7,   intend,   60
ilavs from the ilale hereof, lo apply to tlie
Mining Recorder for a  Certificate   of  Improvements, for the purpose   of  obtaining
a Crown (.rant of the ahove claim.
Ami further take notice lhat action,
unilei section .17, must lie commenced before tin* issuance of such Certificate at
Dated this 23rd day of December, 190K.
Kn.irsK Minimi anu Mill.ini; Company.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
i ^*m_p^"
Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 180 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
\ per cent.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.
$250.00 each
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on tho ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Kereme* s. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
W. J. Manery was in town between trains on Wednesday,
Harry Armstrong left on Tuesday
on a two weeks' trip to the coast.
The masquerade ball at Hedley
to-ni^ht promises to be the social
event of the season in the valley.
Three loads of maskers are arranging to go up from here.
A wash-out Oil this line below
Oroville caused a short interruption
in the train service on Tuesday and
delayed the forwarding of three
cars of freight for Keremeos.
The warm weather and light rains
of this week removed the mantle of
snow from the lower valley and
substituted therefor a thick layer of
the choicest variety of mud and
We are in receipt of a letter from
J. A. McDonald of Olalla stating
that he has taken a job as amalgamator in a ten-stamp mill at Erie,
B.C for the balance of the winter
and asking to have his copy of the
Trumpet sent there.
Mr. H. S. Dowd. of the Dowd
Milling Company of Ottawa, who
is touring the province vvith a view-
to investment, spent from Thursday till Monday in Keremeos. He
was accompanied by Dr. Bennett,
another easterner, lately of Prince
Geo. Cawston brought into town
on Tuesday a bunch of 38 head of
cattle which have been wintering at
the ranch of Hiram Ingles, but owing to a shortage of feed had to be
removed. Eighteen of them are
his own and the remainder belong
to Jack Edmonds oi Hedley.
A delightful informal dance, at
which about twenty-five couples
were present, was given in the
town hall on Monday evening, from
eight till twelve, by Miss Armstrong,
in honor of her cousin Miss Murphy.
Mrs. G. C. Armstrong of Winnipeg and Mr. G. B. Murphy of Car*
berry, Man, were also guests of]
W.   R.   Bainl,  representing the j
Farmers' Advocate, was in town !
from Saturday till Monday and vve
are pleased to learn made arrangements whereby this district will re- |
ceive prominent mention in the columns of this popular, western farm
journal during the next few months.
The Advocate has a large circulation among the farmers of the west
and any publicity in its columns
should prove most effective in advertising this district.
The birthday party given in the
town hall on Tuesday evening was
well patronized and aikled one more ]
to the number of successful entertainments given by the Ladies' Aid
for the benefit of the church. The
evening was spent in games of various kinds until about 10:30 when
refreshments were served. The
proceeds amounted to $54.63. Con
sidering the disagreeable condition
of the roads the attendance was a
pleasant surprise to the ladies.
Further confirmation, if any is
needed, that tracklaying will begin
early in the spring is furnished by
the fact that shipments of the necessary material to this point have already commenced. The rails to be
used are 70 lb. and are being rolled
by the Algoma Steel Company and
shipped as fast as ready. The
angle bars and spikes are supplied
by the Hamilton Steel Si. Iron Company and delivery is to be completed within 45 days after the 16th of
February. The Montreal Rolling
Mill Company has the order for
track bolts and were to commence !
shipping on the 3rd inst.
P. H< Burnham, District Freight
and Passenger Agent of the Great
Northern, was in town between
trains on Wednesday. Asked in
regard to a rumored change in the
time table of the trains on this line
he stated that it was the intention
to have the train leave here an
hour earlier in the afternoon but
did not mention when the change
would take effect. He also stated
that beginning May 1st an extra
daily train would be put on the
main line between St. Paul and
Seattle during the fair at the latter
point and that it might be possible
to have the S. F. & M. connect
with it, and by leaving Spokane a
couple of hours earlier run right
through to Keremeos.
All kinds ol Sheet  Metal Work in '
Tin, Copper. Sheet Iron, etc.
EAVETKllll.tilNi;   A   SPECIALTY.
Plumbing.   Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Estimates furnished  on application.
Leave orders at
Kereineos Hardware Store.
H. B. Meausette,
Keremeos, B.C.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Hkah Office,
Capital and Reserve,
Shfkhkookic,  QvMC
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting; Manager.
W F. Richter & Co. g
Dealers in General Merchandise.
You will save money by dealing here during the year 1909.
Oiir stock is complete and carefully selected. Our prices are
as low as the lowest.
Our specialty Five Roses Flour
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Seeds, Trees, Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices. No borers, no scale, no diminution lo dsSMSJS slock. No windy ai;ent
to annoy NM,
BxtfS clioicr lot of ftiiii trees now
coming on for llie fall trade, consisting
ol 50,000 PSSCh, I'ear, I'luni anil Chcr-
ryi 7(1,000 Apple in leading varieties;
100,000 small fruit plants. Strictly
home irrown without irrigation and our
own propagation from bearing stock.
Tons of Itulbs for fall planting. Choice
.Class anil gtttkt seeds always ill slock.
fertilizers, Hoe supplies,. Spray
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cut Flowers, ele. Oldest established nurseries
on the mainland   of  H. C".     Catalogue
(rrv.ntiouNi':    3010 UVstmiiislrr Roftd
Branch Mursrnrs:    S.   Vancouver.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Pr«igMllft"i Praying, and General Livery Business.       Grain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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