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The Keremeos Chronicle Apr 23, 1909

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Array The Keremeos Chronicle
Vol. II.
KEREMEOS,  B.C.,  FRIDAY, APRIL 23,  1909.
No. 5
Notary Public.
Agent for:
London & Laneashire Fire Ins, Co.
Ocean Aeeident and Guarantee Co.
Kkrkmkos, B. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Kesiil.'nee at Old Townsite, or  itLjuire
at this olliee.
Estimates  Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
More Newcomers.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesday on or befort'
^       the full moon in each  month
i^Sw**i?° in    Kereineos    Town     Hall
Visiting memhers cordially invited.
C. L. Cl MMINUS, W. M.
D, MoCummr.R. s.
Stage Lines.
Pun Stack.
Leaves Keremeos dailv, exeepl Sundav,
at noon, arrives at lledlev J p.m.
Leaves lledlev daily, except Sunday,
at H a.m., arrives at Keremeos II a.m.
Onlv through connectini. Stags between
PentictOO, Keremeos, Hedley & 1'rinceton.
D. Gii.i.espik, Proprietor.
Kekkmios Hkdi.kv Mail Stack.
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at 1 p.m.; conncctinjr with all Stages   easl
and west, arrives in Hedley at 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday, at
S  i.ni., arrives in Keremeos at 11 a.m.
D. J. INNIS, Proprietor.
Kkrkmkos Pkntuton Mail Stack.
Leaves Keremeos for I'entieton on Mon-
davs, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves lYntioton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 a. m., arriving in
Kereineos at noon.
W, V. Wki.hv, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Hoard of Trade OeOHTS Kirhv, President; R. 11. Carmichael, Secretary.
Siniilkaiueen Farmers' Exchange   J. J.
AiinslroilK. President; W.  M.  Frith. Se.l.
Public School Hoard OoWge Kit In, K.
Elmhirst, D. J. Innis Secretary.
Customs Olliee W. M. Frilh, Sub-Collector.
Presbyterian Church Rev. A. II. Cameron, Pastor.
Constable anil IVpulv Game Warden
M. H. Euan.
Coroner    Dr. M. I). McEwen.
| list ices of Ihe Peace T. W. Coleman.
Frank Richlor.
Post master and Telephone Atfenl Geo.
Member of Parliament -Martin Hun ell,
Grand Forks, P. O.
Member Provincial Assembly—L. W.
Sliatlord, Penticton P. O.
Town Halt- J. J- Armstrong. M«r.
Great Northern Ky Ilaily'rain, arrives
10:.t0 a. m., leaves Ht 2 p.m.,  W. O. Slev-
eiis. Agent.
Mails Daily from the west via lledlev
Stajro; from easl via G. N. Ry.; Tri-weekly via Penticton Sta^e from Ihe norih.
(For Mercantile and other Business institutions see aiKeitiements in this paper.)
The movement of new settlers to
the Similkameen has been steadily
increasing since it started early in
the spring, and of late every few-
days sees the advent of fresh parties
of land-seekers. What is more to
the point is that so large a proportion of them decide here to end their
quest, even after they have traveled
through Other districts much more
actively boomed and advertised.
Their choice of Keremeos as an
abiding- place is all the more convincing a tribute to its attractive
qualities from the fact that it is
made deliberately and after full opportunity of comparison vvith other
well known regions that would
seem hard to surpass for beauty
and fertility.
A party of five came in last
Thursday with Messrs Lawrence
and McTavish of the IL C. Fruit
Land Co. They were Hugh M.
Shaw, J. Blake, Geo. Blake, Walter Watt and Joseph Segar, all from
Manton, Alta., or its vicinity. He-
fore they returned home on Monday
four out ofthe live had bought lots
in the Shatford subdivision just
west of the town.
The new purchasers are men of
substance who are buying with a
view to making their homes here as
soon as their lands are brought to
the proper stage of culture. Mr.
Shaw has recently retired from the
real estate business, in which he
was engaged on an extensive scale
at Nanton—and from his experience
in real estate it may be presumed
that he knew what he vvas about
when he came to buy land for his
own use. Mr. Watt and the
Messrs Blake are successful rancher*; of the Nanton district who aim
to leave the plains for a pleasanter
abode in the valley of fruit. Mr.
Segar, while pleased as the others
were vvith the location visited, has
not yet come to a decision to invest.
Mr. Shaw lias engaged Mr. Win.
Cameron, one of the recent settlers
in the neighborhood, to plant and
care for his plot until such time as
he is ready to move to it.
Another party Irom Ihe Nanton
district is expected soon, on the
same errand that drew last week's
T. S. Drcnnan, of Alameda,
Sask., mention of whom was made
last week, has purchased land both
from the Keremeos Land Co. and
from the H. C. Fruit Land Co.—
from the former a tract within the
townsite and from the latter a plot
of 20 acres in the Shatford subdivision. He returned to Vancouver
on Monday, accompanied by Mr.
Knowling, who has purchased some
properly but will remain for the
present at his home at the coast.
Mr. Harrison, of Oxbow, Sask.,
is another ofthe visitors this week,
having- had his attention called to
the district through the recent arrivals from Alameda. Mr. Harrison was formerly in the furniture
business, but has disposed of his
business and of his household effects as well, and is now with his
wile and children seeking a location
for a new home.
An authenticated statement from
one of those interested in the property is to the effect that the Apex
vvill start work on June 1st, provided the snow permits. This is good
news, as there are several miners
in this camp who have done no
work since the Bullion shut down
last December. There is a possibility that one or two nearby claims
may employ two or three men each
in development work.
On Monday W'elbv 's old Concord
stage coach going to Penticton was
loaded inside and out, one passenger being perched on the top, j
where, probably, man had never
ridden before. There were several
mining men among the crowd.
Close behind the stage vvas a four-
hot se wagonette packed with land-
seekers from the Northwest, who
have been inspecting the fruit lands
neat Keiemeos. Being at the hub
ofthe fruit land boom, you probably know the result of their visit. It
is a great pity the weather was so
inclement during a great deal of
their visit.
If copper would only go up to 17
cents and stay there, there would
soon be some activity in copper
claims, not only in the Similkameen
but all over the province. But vvith
all these new wireless inventions it
begins to look as if old King Cop-1
per had been dealt a mortal blow in ;
lhe solar plexus. However, the]
new , or re-discovery of the process
at tempering copper to thc hardness
ot steel may give the old metal a
new lease of life. Let us hope so.
But has that important secret of
the ancients actually been discovered i
I have it on good authority that
there are four or five men at the
Daly Reduction Co's mill bus)
sampling the Nickel Plate ores, and,
on not quite so good authority, that
the said sampling is being done for
Jim Hill.    (Juien sabe ?
Some day the smellers of the
Boundary will want our iron, and
we have vast bodies of iron that
usually carry from $1.30 to $.1.50 in
gold. Some of these ledges of,
pyrrhotite also carry small quantities ot silier and copper, and I have
also had traces of nickel. So the
gold values in the  iron   would   pay
for mining, and if transportation
were cheapened by tramways connecting the properties with the railway the smelter people would soon
be over here inspecting some of our
best-grade iron caps.
These ores would not be smelted
for the iron they contain, but as a
flux to assist the smelting of richer
and more refractory ores. There is,
however, a good sized vein of hematite iron ore about two miles north
of Olalla on the mountain south of
Cedar Creek. This red hematite is
the iron of commerce and carries
about 70 per cent, iron, whereas
pyrrhotite (magnetic iron pyrites)
carries about 57 per cent. iron.
Some day our iron ore may be
utilized for the manufacture of iron.
Again, quien sabe?
Percy Marks is making a roadway into his ranch on the east side
of Keremeos creek. Jim Corrie
and Jack Klliott came down from
the ranch on Monday night, having
"slashed" through the brush along
the fence line between the Smither-
atn ranch on the north and the
Cohen ranch on the south, taking
15 feet on each side of the fence.
This will give Mr. Marks .10 feet
road width access to his ranch, but
at present only ten feet will he
either "corduroyed" or filled in with
rock and rubble, of which there is
plenty close at hand.
Preparing for the 24th.
At a meeting of citizens held in
the Town Hall on Monday evening
further steps were taken to prepare
for a celebration in Keremeos on
the 24th of May. J. J. Armstrong
vvas elected chairman and (i. Mil-
burn secretary. A program of
sports and amusements was outlined, sufficient to occupy the best
part of the day, and committees
struck to look after the details connected with them. Races of various
kinds will be held, as vv ell as athletic contests, trap shooting, baseball, and other amusements, to
conclude with a ball in the evening.
It is also expected that the Oroville
band will be engaged for the day.
The railway authorities will be asked to make special train-time for
the Convenience of visitors from
down the vallev.
Several liberal subscriptions towards the expenses of the dav have
been promised, and it is hoped that
all citizens will contribute liberally
to make up good purses.
The following committees have
been selected to take charge of the
program :
Finance committee O. Cawston,
F. It, Crooker,  R. H.  Carmichael.
Baseball H. Armstrong, T.
Athletic sports R. Grant, J. R.
Horse races Percy Marks, R.
Trap shooting IL .Meausette,
C. V. Prosser.
Ball committee ti. Milburn, H.
Hertell, (i. Herald, T. Daly, Geo.
Caw ston. LOCAL NOTES.
Apricot trees are in bloom.
The little daughter of Paul Tera-
baska, of the up-valley reserve, died
a few davs ago.
\V. M. Frith and Wm. llauing
drove to Hedley on Saturdav, returning on Sundav.
Ladies' and gents' suits cleaned
and pressed. Mending neatly done.
Goods called for and delivered.—
Mrs.  F. Sauve, Riehter's ranch.
A meeting of the Gun Club will
be held at Prosser's harness shop
next Monday evening at 7:30 to
organize for the shoot on the 24th
of May.
G. R. S. Hagnall of Nelson, passenger traffic agenl of the C.P.R.,
was in town on Tuesday between
trains, but had nothing to say as to
the nature of his errand.
The tenders for the new school
house at Keiemeos were opened ut
Victoria over a week ago, and an
announcement on the matter may
be expected from there any day
Vice-President White of the C.P.
1\., replying to a request of Vernon
hoard of trade, states that the company" can not entertain the idea of
changing the name of Sicamous to
Okanagan Junction.
J. F. Boiam, of Newcastle, Kng.,
with his wife and children, arrived
iu the Similkameen on Wednesday
of last week, and is staying at D.
McC'urdy's. Mr Holam was suffering in health from the dampness
of the English climate and was
obliged lo move lo a drier country.
He was well advised when he chose
the genial Similkameen.
A meeting of bachelors of the
town and vicinity was held on Saturday evening to complete arrangements for the ball to be given by
them on the 30th inst. Some
changes were made in the personnel of the committees. It was decided to get the Oroville orchestra
if convenient. A difference of opinion had arisen as to the best place
lo hold the ball, and a vote vvas
taken, with the result that the hall
at the Centre was chosen, the
majority of those present considering that the most convenient spot
lor the occasion.
The   adjourned    hearing    of   the
charge against  II. M.  Stevens, of
negotiating with Geo. Kirby a
cheque against which there were no
funds, was held beloie Messrs Coleman and Richter on Saturday, the
accused having secured Mr. Gahan
of Penticton as counsel. Kvidence
vvas given that Stevens had reasonable ground to suppose that there
were funds in the bank at his disposal, and on it being shown to the
satisfaction ofthe court and of the
complainant that he had means lor
meeting the cheque, and on his
counsel undertaking to see that it
was done, the pi Of ceilings were
A fountain pen was found on the
street on Monday, the owner of
which may recover at the Chronicle
Mr, and Mrs. W. H.   Armstrong
and Miss Woodrow of Vancouver
arrived here on Wednesday and are
guests at J. J. Armstrong's.
L    W.    Shatford,    M.I..A.,   and
Mr. Deardorff, who have been
spending the last couple of weeks
going over the roads up the valley
to locate the spots where work is
needed, were in Keremeos on Sunday and again drove down on
Wednesday. Considerable work
will be done hereabout, including
grading of the main road from the
station west. While here on Wednesday Mr. Shatford also conferred
with the management of the Keremeos Land Co. and of the B.C.
Fruit Land Go. with a view to settling the details of the water service from the former company's irrigation canal for the land now being taken up just west ofthe town-
site. Early in May Mr. Shatford
intends to take a trip to the east
via St. Paul.
When in
atop at the
Central Hotel
w      '     /
i Jmnnr
**■      raj-*1 &*>■ __i _Jp
.) .i.'■*,
_kl>'"k _i
■HN*."."Vt'v •"-'•* ■ -WBajmg*mmTS9V9
-'- V ./Iv-... . v_* e_t____*__*_a^m      ****-***-.*■
. ..■ ',*^mm4
Special attention to
Commercial  Men,
and Land-seekers.
Headquarters for all
Stage Routes.
Livery Stable
ill connect ion.
Good table.
Large, airy and
comfortable rooms .
Free  bus to and from
all trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  -  - Proprietors.
Notary Public.
Officb   -   -   -   -    Kkrkmios. B.C.
Teacher of Pianoforte and Acconipanisl
(certificated Royal College of Music, London) open to SOgageOlenl   for  accompaniments.     Terms on application.
IIkdlkv. B.C.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Our   entire   stock.      Call   and   buy
while the BARGAINS are on.
Place your spring   orders   now   for
Get your harness repaired or else
throw it away and gel a new
set from the
(Corner opposite B.C. Livery SUkble.)
Keremeos, B.C.
The Big Store.
Alfalfa, Timothy, Clover and Lawn
Grass. RENNIE'S SEEDS, in package and bulk, guaranteed fresh and
Our summer stock of Ladies', Gents'
and Children's boots and shoes contains a wide range for selection.
Our    leader,     THE     CANADIAN
Great variety of Prints, Ginghams
and light summer wear. Full and
complete stock of Notions.
A carload of choice, fresh Groceries
just placed on the shelves
"Royal Standard" Flour.   Rolled
Oats.   Bran.   Shorts.    Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our goods.
Keremeos Commercial Go Much Ado About Nothing.
Te ll"' editor of the Chronicle :
In your editorial under the above
heading you stigmatize my letter on
the mining amendments as a "bogev
of my imagination." This is either
a malicious statement on your part
or else you penned it thoughtlessly,
because you knew it was not a
"bogey of my Imagination." Vou
knew I cut that paragraph anent
the new mining law from a Vancouver paper, because I showed
you the cutting and you read it in
my presence before I wrote the letter for publication. It vvas not my
imagination at all, but the thoughtless stupidity of a Vancouver editor.
Since I wrote that letter I have
Obtained a copy ofthe amendments
in question from Victoria and find
nothing in any of them injurious
to the claim-owner's interests. I
intended to ask you to publish a
ten action this week, but your sarcastic editorial precludes my doing
If the member for this district
feed hurt at any insinuation in my
first letter as to his watchfulness
over the mining interests I am willing to make the amende honorable,
and hereby apologise to that gentleman, because in this instance he
certainly vvas not to blame.
R.   W.   NOKTHKV.
| Non:. We regret that Mr.
Northey should have- felt aggrieved
at onr comments on his first letter.
But if his vision of a lot of surveyors "seeing" the Premier and the
latter scheming to soak the poor
prospector,—all founded on such
an unsubstantial basis as a statement by the Western Clarion—was
not a bogey of the imagination, we
are at a loss how else to characterize it.—Bo.]
A Year's Imports.
Following is a
collections made
customs office dm
April 190K $1198.00
summary of the
at the Keremeos
ing- the fiscal year
(>KI 4.00
May do
June do
July do
August do
Sept do
October do 2687.00
Nov do 6o5.00
l.ee do .145.00
lanuarv 1909 .142.00
Fcbrua'rv do 4.19.00
March do      1.186.00
lull,-, lol
$104.1. .15
1020. .13
11 OS. 16
$25,670.00  $52,498.00 $11,157.48
\s\ THE X
I Shatford Estate I
The Victoria Times tells a story
that will be appreciated by all who
have experienced the nuisance of
hens in a garden. A young lady
near Beaumont planted a dollar's
worth of fancy sweet peas. Soon
afterwards she saw an old hen busily scratching them up and eating
them. She gave chase and captured the trespasser, beheaded it,
opened its crop, and in a few minutes the seeds were in the ground
again, apparently none the worse
for their travels.
Deputy   Warden    Richard   Sted-
man of the Alberta penitentiary vvas
murdered   hy   a   convict,    who   hit
Stedman at  the   base   of  the   skull
vvith an axe.    The convict's motive
la unknown.     Stedman   came  from
Pi'iiei.inguishene,   Out.,    where   he
! .
had been warden ol the reformatory
for twenty-five years.     He leaves   a
wife and two sons.
We have lately acquired that level tract of
land lying west of and adjoining KEREMEOS,
and under the Armstrong Ditch,  and comprising
and known as the
*^ This excellent tract oi Fruit Land, which is
j|[    admitted  to   be   the  cream   of the  Similkameen
**^    Valley, is now subdivided, and we are offering it
for sale in from
Keeler's Restaurant 3 Qne tO Ten ACPe Plots
New Poultry Food.
C M. Buttlea, of Wenatchee, figures that he is getting $5 a box
out of his Missouri Pippin apples as
a result of feeding them to chickens.
They seem to be thriving on fruil
because they are laying regularly
and the eggs are bringing 50 and
dO cents a do/en. This shows
another use to which apples can be
put to an advantage, particularly
the varieties which do not command
a large price. Mr Buttles is well
pleased with his experiment and believes il will be the means for stimulating interest in the poultry industry in the apple belt. Molson
You can jret
Meal Tickete & Bread Tickets
Twentv-otie Meals fer Six  Dollars.
Hereafter our loaves will he   of regular
uniform vvciiflil vv liicli vve will sell as follows
One for ten cents.
Three for twenty-live cents,
rourteeu for one dollar.
I'ies,   Cakes,   Doufhnuts   or   Biscuits
made when ordered.
Marry Thornberg, a railroad man
who attempted to commit suicide
while erased vvith drink,   was   tried
before Judge Cochrane at   Grand
Forks, the charge being attempted
suicide, the maximum penalty for
which is two years' imprisonment.
The prisoner was given his liberty
on suspended sentence, provided he
agreed to pay the hospital and doctors' fees incurred as a consequence
of his rash act. Thornberg has a
wife and family in Spokane.
All  kinds ot Sheet   Metal   Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
EAVETKOri.HiNi; a Specialty.
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
Vour old graniteware.     Have it repaired.   Vol Peek Granite Cam*
ent will fix the holes and  make
it as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
[Over Kereniios I l.irdiiare Store.]
This   unquestionably   is   the   best   fruit-land
proposition offered in the district,  on account oi X
its location and the quality of the soil, free as it is 'pC
from rock and timber. \5_
Come and make your selection while there is
vet a choice, as it will be all sold inside the next
i* o. a. Mcdonald, keremeos, b.c.
»'     P. D. t*k D. N. McTAVISH, Room 9, Clarence Block, CALGARY
^XX>0€KX^XXXXKXXKXXXKXXXX Tha Keremeos Chronicle-
I'liHi-li,,: ,-i.-ry Kri.lm ;,t lhe ..lli.v.
ki-r.-nu-us, ll.C".
Subscription $2.00 u v.-;ir.  $1.01 tor six   smiths.
I'l   .ul...lll.V.
V.I., tii .in_ k.it.-s. Lsgal niiti.-fs. 15.- per line
first insertion. I'l per lilll- .-a.ll Mllis>i|iiitll insertion.
I..uui initi.-t-s l.Tlilii-ati-s ul' iiiiiiiii.iim nt.i-ti.. S.S.H)
tei MUl.'ii notices, $5.l«) lur .«Ulav ni'li.vs.   Contract
display advertising, 2Sc per Inch per v/eek, I'ran-
si.-ut advertisements, sues as Lost, Found, Wanted,
iii-.. not axceedina one inch, SI.mi lirst Insertioa. nr
three insertions toi- (2.00. Locsl reading notices,
Wri pit lins llrsl liieeilliin IV each siihesipinnt insertion.
.1. A. BROWN, I'liMMi.-r.
FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1909.
Somewhat of a setback  has been
given   to   the   organization   of  the
fruit trade of the   province   through
the failure ol   the   ll.C.   Fruit   l'-x- u    ..     ^^^^H
              Hon.    Joseph     Martin,     cheerful
situated town of considerable si/e,
splendid and spacious grounds are
to be had without cost, and the
climate ii infinitely to be  preferred j
to that of the coast. The town is
large enough to provide all the
needed conveniences ol" civilization,
but is not and never will be so large
as to invite on a great scale the
corrupt elements that attach themselves to every populous centre. It
la old (for B.C.) and most characteristic of B.C. life. Keremeos not
being in the running, we vote for
change, which was established las!
year with headquarters at Revelstoke. 'The failure is greatly to be
regretted because it will make more
difficult future efforts along the
same lines, and will tend to delay  a
consummation that is necessary,
even vital, to the prosperity  of the
industry. It does not seem to have
been due to any dishonesty,   nor to
Hitter that he is, scarcely lands on
English soil till he becomes a candidate for the House of Commons,
in the Liberal interest, for Stratford-
On*Avon. His platform is out-and-
out radical, embracing woman suffrage and abolition ofthe House of
Lords, and denouncing colonial preference. There is something admirable about the easy and   n    iter-
eremeos Hardware
mismanagement at headquarters, IM m. |n which j,^ ,.lkt>s ,ift)
nor to uy fault in the general plan pjl!NSJiiK f|.om provini;i,  to  province
of the association, bill rather to and ,rom „K, m ^ ,0 ,|u. M
bad management at some ot the L, „0Me ,lut y, ow|) ,,0,K.S, „
branch depots, and  most   of  all   toLtro0g figure wherever   he mav   be,
the failure of ihe  individual  -**---*\m BUxmy pwtnl ot poRtkw, enjoying
bers to perform their   share   ol   the | tne fr.|y fof j(s ow|) ^  uul ..^-^
work honestly and loyally. From
the Okanagan district, lor instance,
the Exchange received only ''7,00J
crates instead of 400,000 which had
been promised by the growers.
Not only did   the   tonnage   of  fruit
fail to come up to the expectation ,
but it vvas a practice on the   pari  of
manv ol the Okanagan growers to diatitlfruiahed figure in British pub-
ship only their low grade fruit |ic life than did that other Canadian
through  the  Exchange   w\ le  the wlu, m.llk. ., simi;ar move   Mwmri
best class produce  was   sold   either m..i. ,
to the Coldstream Packing company
or direct to the wholesalers.    Those
growers who are slow to  learn  the Shortly after the House ol Com*
necessitv o\ co-operation, rigid m',ns adjourns Si, Frederick Hot-
grading and proper packing vvill den and Hon. LP. Mrodeur vvill
find the lesson a costly   one   in   the P'">v-ecd to Loudon   to   confer   wilh
long run.
the imperial   authorities   as   to   the
best means to  be   adopted   to   (five
effect to the terms of the  resoluliim
The  question   of  a   site   for   the   Committing Canada to the policy  ot
new  I'niversilv of Hritish  Columbia   building a navy   lur   coast   defence.
is   one    that    the    government    has   India, New  Zealand, Cape   Colony,
properlv  chosen to remove Irom the   Natal, and even Newfoundland .vn
bear-pit ol politics and  icier io a  tribute to the support of the Imper-
commission of educationists, though  ial navy,     Canada  is  expected   to
there is room for difference ot opiu-   follow lhe example of Australia anil
ion as I.i the wisdom of calling iu  a   build an auxiliary Meet of her own.
partv  ol reputed wise men Irom  the	
east to make the decision.      So   fai
tli. claimants,nos,   worth,    of  ser*   ]fj fl] DALRYMPLE.
ions consideration are \ i. toria, \ an-
, ouver,     Mission     and    Kamloops.
Victoria as the capital and as a  line
residential city, and Vancouver as a
Commercial   metropolis,    have   each
strong points in their favor, but the
tenileiicv  ot presenl-ilav    opinion    is
against the location of seals of
learning in or near large towns
especially seaport towns. Mission,
though linelv situated and convenient lo the centres of population, is
a mere village, and a very poorly
built one. In most respects Kamloops would be a highly suitable
.hoiie.      ll    is   the    most    c.ntrallv.
Your Patronage Solicited.    Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Cumming's Old Stand.
(Kerellie.'s I enli. . I
Spray all your fruit
trees with the famous Myers' Spray
We have them in
different sizes for
the large and small
trees at the lowest
Turpentine ami Gasoline always on hand.
defeat or success as it conies wilh
equanimity. His present task is no
light one, for Stratford is a close
constituency and the current of feeling against the Liberal administration is strong. Whether he wins
out here or not, it will not be surprising to find him  cutting   a   more
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Livfcpy, Feed & Sale Stables
i omfortable
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Ar-—< -\rf*
___________________________L *____________ ______________
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seeken ami Tourist* invited to give us a trial.
Builders and Contractors
I.nne.  lenient,  I'einenl   Mocks anil  Hrick  lei   s.ile.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Kstiin.it.s given for nil ami every kinil of lenient Work
anil llinl.lni^ ^onerally.
Write us lor orices. Distune BO ol'j. i t.
Take notice that I hav
• reeeiveil  objee-
lions  in   writing   to  the
undei mentioned
persons' names bring ret
lined on  the  list
of  voters   for the   Sitnilk
ameen  Electoral
X.-ime of
Last Known
Hailev Frank
Haile'v Walter  B
Rail Charles Max
Browne Thomaa 1'
Holer Henry
Rock I"reek Mt
Rouli'y Iletiry Onesiine
Bran Peter Prank
Nickel Plata
Uroailfoot Arthur
Bfttoka Stephen
Tulameen City
III on n C'harles A
Rroailfool William J
Bran John Brandt
Ruikslead Christopher
I'alilvvell John
I'aineron I'Vi'ili'riek W
Kail view
I'avonetle Joseph
l"aiiiei-on DonCftfl A
lamp MeKinnev
I ainiiehael John
West hridge
Chrietjohneon Peter A
Rock Creek
Cole George B
I'atnp MeKinnev
Cobb Anihrose P
Camp McKinney
Connolly James
Culling riionias j F
I lane OeOTge A
Dawson Aiiluir J
Dainipri' Isidore D D
Dalri inple Seiiiour
D.-o iilson lames
Kairv iew
Diole Joseph
Dunsuioic Edward J
Downey Denis
Darraeh Huo,li
Nickel Plate
Eastwood Krnest K
Camp MeKinnev
Kilvianls Francis 1'
Kiln nils llosea S
Rock Mtn
l-ainson Robert
Lain iew
Ewbtg Henry James
EUerington William J
EUerington Robert
l-iiullay Matthew
1'lamleis (la
Kail view
Frechette Praadi V
Linn James Milliard
Loitier James A
Foivlic John
Nickel Plate
Lovvlii- William
Nickel Plate
l.ai Initl William J
Nickel Plate
Gaflagber Patrick
Saw Mill Creek
l.illis Allan
Rock Creek
Gibaon Hag* McM
Camp McKinney
Gibbon John Llmslio
Gillie John
Glendinning Fred
Gladden Praderick W
Green Harry Arnold
ILIls George
Hill William C lias
Ilislop James
lliatl  IVivy lieorge
Henderson GeOTga
Henderson Thomas
J.uohs James |
Jameson James
1 Mile Creek
lames John Thomas
Jeffrey John R
johneon Many
Sidley   Mill
Kennedy Henjainiii Stoin
Keen Joseph
Kels.y Daniel S
i ot Mb Tp. mi
Kelsev  I li.nles ha
i amp McKinney
Kennedy William T
Kellv  |anns
Granite Creek
K.-lh  Silvester 1*
Fan vicvv
Lacey William
Kilpoola Lake
l.e,Mill.licit riilislian II
l.usk Allan Pergaaon
I   imp MeKinnev
1 von  I'l ederii'k
VI.,..>n l«.>r„,- l.i.ir
M.i' i   Matthr*
It.     ,,,,!, II
Vl.iiiin lim,,.in II
I'.UI * It   w
vi.. I, m 1 rank
l.nr .tc*
Vlil.l,. II  |..l,., li.sTK.'
M..H.M,  1  tn. sl   S
Hi-.ll.  V
Monleuasi *t if rbsrt A
r.nr.1. *
,  . t|,lil  l>. .Ik'   1'.mn
l .imp .MiKiiiiti \
VI. Vims |,ilin
II.-.1I. .
M, ll.nl,- William r
VI. 1 Lnnl.i  lull"
VI, l>..,,.,1.1 John 1>
I.III . t. H
. Mmp MiKinnc.
VI, |l I.I  VI. i
II, ill.  V
VI, 1 >.-„.,IJ  Viiku*
1 .imp Mt kinni \
VI. 1..,.,.  William II
ll,-,ll. v
M.lnlli. Ili.n.iin A
K.hIi I r.vlt
\i, Ini, r.    I.itni .   V
Ok.in.ly.in Killls
VI. k.o   \i„lr» «
ll.-dl. .
vi. k. m/ii- Ocorm
VI. 1 ,.sl llonalJ
W  ■  vll'lul^f
1   .IIIM.'H
VI, k.i\ John
M. Kinnon An_-u»
H-Jl. .
M. laud Ingot
l*riiici t.'ti
Mi l.,s»! John 11,.,i.,1,1
1 ladle)
vi, vi ,1,,, 1 Charles N
.'.imp Mi Kinn»-\
M. I'll.i,l, n AIi-i.uhI.t
NU k_ 1 PlaU
MO le Hiia-h.
Mi il, III Join,
VI, ll..,,.,1,1 Oan VV
Nickel Plate
VI. \,,ll William
ii,,ii, v
Nicol lohn A
Pain mm
Niinml, i William
O II hi Roger
Htxwiarang Crwh
ilntin ii 1 sin, i
I'.nil  1 hneias
\\ Int.- l_nkt-
I'ntmrf li's i'l'
ki IWM
TuImh •"
I'otlot, rranh Smmm
Camp Mi Kinne)
IV..   |.»m«'*
\,.k,l Plate
I'unli \V io VV
i imp Mt Kiaaa)
1 \nr\ifv.
O,,.„,„,ill.- VV,lln.l
K.i.l 1'. 1, '
Mull,  V
1 -'.IIHl'l'W
kollnw Willi im
Sw.ui I .tk.'
A Chance For All.
To Celebrate the inauguration of
their irrigation system the Keremeos
Land Co., Ltd., offer as a bonus to
the first 25 buyers of their 10-acre
tracts the cost of their transportation
from their home in any part of Canada they may reside.
This Offer Holds Good For 60 Days
F_ _._._.. APRIL 1 st, 1 909.
Keremeos Land Co. Ltd.
N'.ttm- ot
RobuMOII K.*lvrt
ku hands loaepti
Revidan A I.
RanHsliv Ambrose
Saaborn N.nwl. n A
Bauv* Hair) i'
Shuraon Oaoegv
Simp-mi Arthur
Nl.iit.r. John
Smith h.iM.I
Snodfraai \\ illi.tm J
Stuhbi Ulan \\ m
Sullivan Eugene
Svv.in All \.nulrr
Sh.iiiv.hi \'u li»r K
sw,,il.m.l Onura*
Swinhura Alti. il
St» inhurn Krttl W
Smith John BaHi
Spi'.ir \ng liiisl.i\ un
Tnifk';*r' AlUrt
Tatiw K,.Un McK
ThaM IL tu\ H
Ir hi..  \be\
|n.tmli \   I h.vm.iH (i
Ih.illlps.MI   Nftl
Vaufnan Cacil \ptlmr
\  111,111    l.'llll   II.  Ill \
W.ifJ.ll J..ntl-
\\ hk'Miil C'ephroitei \
Wh.. I.. William Henry
\\ inklei (ieorgv Edward
W'ildei lame*
V\'rifhl 11* nr \  \
W) line Ku -hard J
\\  Mtll   II,  -v.  Il.li  C
Walker ll..Kh
i>lin A
W.ilkit II.ikI)
Willi.iin*-.in Join
\\'illi.iiii«Hin Jair
Last Knoa n
I I, ill.A
Nickel Plate
i amp McKinney
li*. 1.11
Okanagan Paid
\\ . slhrlilyi'
Tulanii iii
Camp McKinney
Rndi Mountain
i .imp McKinne)
_ .imp Mt k iv
Mull,  V
Tul.iMlei ll
I .in \ ii w
$ M.I.   .ml
Camp McKinne)
N'ickcl Plate
.^ M_le( -..k
k. flMM
Nickel I'l.ii.-
Contracts For Work.
Land   scrubbed   or   ;inv   kind   ol
Builders' Supplies. *-** ****** b> -*-**-** *** rtwmow.
;ible rail's.
Anil talu noliro that al the limit of
l\e\ ision, lo In- hi'lil on tho 3rd day of
Mav, I'KI'l, al tho Govi-rnmrnt ulliii', Kair-
vioii, at lOe'dOCka. in. 1 shall hoar anil ilo-
torinino tho samo, anil tinloss Ihov or soino
ollior I'ro- itiiial volor, on Ihoir holialt,
satisfy mo llial tho ohjoition is not well
founiloil, I shall strike tho nainos off the
saiil Resistor.
Paloil this 5ih day of April, A.I).  1W9.
tttagtatrmt of Voters
Similkameen Electoral Dittriet,
Choice Cedar Posts.     20c.   each.
Kstimates of cost cheerfully furnished tO intmding builders.
Contract! for all kinds of huild-
ings in town and country promptly
Cowtwrtor aad MMar.
Ki;ki:mios, B.C.
i ok Mii-
Spring Trade
Tcsl.tl itodti ••ftiU (oi   l.nni,
nrden or itiiniHXltifj. from
Mat frown in Kn^l.ttul, lli'i-
l.-iiul, KraiHi*. United St*ttei Mid
lot .ii yroww i
HMM .■town liuit aiul tVna-
nifiilal Tret's, Small l'i nils.
Kt'rtilizrrs,   Hre   Supplies,
Spraying  rumps ami Material,   Cut    l*K>«ets,   i'U.
157-pam- COtalOftM Tree.
M. J. Henry
llnrit llouMs and  St*d
mi \m n MiNtm kimi>
Vancouver    -    -    B.C
Itr.tn.li Nuts, -i, -    s   Vfim-ouvrr.
-NURSERIES Local and General.
(i. Milburn has »_ot the materials
in place for a summer house on his
lot south of the town.
Charlie Armstrong went to Princeton on Monday to   take   a   position
as engineer's assistant In connection with the railway construction
R, B. Vonner, formerly constable
here and latterly a resident ol
Okanagan halls, was the guaat ol
Max Kwart for a week or so, anil
on Tuesday left for a trip to the old
A carload of lumber arrived a lew
days ago and has been placed on
the ground! part of it to be used
for tluminir on the Shatford subdivision and part of it by William
Cameron in the construction of his
A meatiog of the Similkameen
Partners' Exchange will he held in
the Keremeos Land Co's olliee tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 2
o'clock. Special business of an important nature is to be considered,
.mil a lull attendance is  requested.
Word has leached here of a fatal
affray on the Indian reserve near
Chopaca on Tuesday, in which one
Siwash smashed another's head
with a sione. The culprit was
Long Jo, and tbe victim is said to
be a son of Chinook Tom, but details are lacking.
Dr. McPadyen and \V. M. McKay, of San Krancisco, both old
friends of Wm. Ring, arrived in
Keremeos yesterday and will spend
some time here as his guests. The
doctor has tor a long time been engaged in the practise ol dentistry at
the Golden Gate, and now proposes to enjoy a well earned rest.
A telegram from Tacoma, Wash.,
announcing the death oi his mother,
was recoiled by K. I.. Bogart on
Saturdav, and with Mrs. Bogart he
left at once lor the south. Death
Was due to blood poisoning,   caused
by treatment of a corn, which amputation of lhe loo and then ot llie
foot failed   to   check.     Mr.    Bogatl
is expected to return about the end
oi this week.
Rev,  Mr.   CatneitHI,   in   response
lo a   telephone   message,   drove   lo
Fairview yesterday to tie a matrimonial knot lor a pair of Culled
Slatesers who came across  the  lino
tii gel spliced.     Keremeoa  having
no issuer of marriage licenses, they
were obliged to go to fairview instead. Mr. Shatford, who was in
■pwn at the time, having noted the
incident, stated thai he would brine/
to the noliee of the administration
the lack of welding facilities at this
Water has now been turned into
the irrigation canal for its whole
length) with the result that it has
stood the test well and been pronounced in satisfactory working
order. Its completion marks a distinct Stage   in   the   development   of
the Keremeos district; in tact it
may be said to be the real beginning of development for the major
part oi it. Up to now good progress has been made in settlement
and planting in a sporadic way, but
until now comparatively little could
be done in that direction on the big
subdivisions to be served by the
canal. Now that these lands are
fully ready to be settled and worked,
the  companies  handling   lhem   will
conduct a vigorous   campaign   to
gel them occupied as speedily as
possible, and from the readiness
with which large sections of them
have been already taken up, it will
only be a matter of a very short'
time till the last acre is taken in
hand and put to its destined use.
The great spiral tunnels between
Field and Hector, costing S1.500,-
000, are nearly completed. They
reduce a 4.4 grade to one of 2.2
feet in a hundred. Where four or
live locomotives are now required
to haul a train of cars at a speed ot
■ six or seven miles an hour, two vv ill
be able to handle trains at a speed
of between twenty and   thiriy   miles
I an hour, Tbe traffic on the main
line of the C.P.R.   is  now  tremen*
' dons, and as soon as the new tunnels ate in use the cost of operation
vvill be ieduced to   much   less   than
half the present expenditure.
Ten China Dinner Sets
Monthly For Users of
Royal Standard Flour
Every 4'i-lb. sack oi Royal Standard
Flour leaving our mills contains a numbered coupon entitling the person who holds it to a chance to
be one of the lucky persons who win one oi the handsome china
dinner sets given away each month. The duplicates ot these
coupons are placed in a receptacle and ten drawn each month.
There is no better flour in existence for bread making than
Royal Standard Flour. It is rich in color, pure, strong, delicious and nutritious. In using Royal Standard Flour you
ge| lhe best flour value money vvill buy. In gathering coupons
you run one chance in ten each month   to   secure   a   handsome
The lucky numbers will he inserted in this space the first
issue of every month.    Watch for them,
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
Keremeos Commercial Co., Agents.
Similkameen Land Dist.-ict.
MSTMCT Of \ \i i.
'|'\KI.  NOTICB that I,  William   King.  ol   k.r.-
'     nnos, BiCsi laad agent, intend to apply tor per-
mission lo purchase iln- fbUowinR described lands.
an island in the Sinulkameen river. Kiitwus. ll.C'.:
i_\',iini. iii ini; at a post planted Aboul 1 eliains west
of tlu   north.* est ,'oimi ot lot J7f»: thriuv in a north-
sresterl) direction about 10 chains to the most northerly point ot saiil island, thtnee in a southed) direction about 40 d tin • to tlu- most muiharl point **i
■aid island; theno (utloirinsj tbe nwaaaaruifl ot the
SimilUann-t'ii ri.er to thr point ol . oniineiuem. nl
aiul . ontainii.H alxuit *\>t .u ns more or lesv
Willi \>t Ri.\...
April 13, 1909.
'   ■
Strayed in the premises et tlu- seder,
signed about Ibsr years ige one brawn
mare, branded with diamond S on left hip.
If not claimed within thirty il.iis will be
solll tot BXpOMOS.
II. A. Haiuki.o.
Keremeoa Centre,
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
VOTK'K it herein gfvsS] llial tin p.nin. t ship lor-
** in. rl\ existiin: tvlwern (. h.it 1. s I h.im.ih an.I
II. nr\   Barcelo hi- k • ii dissolved In  mutual tons, nt
and thai from dati ot tins notice imitations   im ur-
i. il h. eii hi r ol ill.  tmj.rs.ie 11, J in tlu- linn name Mill
n.a Ih beading upon i!..
I RAM is   I MOM .s
III NK.    It \K. I IO
,\ sitting of" ilu' Couoti   Court »'l  Volt
DUtricI will hr li.'hl on TiumI.i. , M,n II,
A. I). I'UN, al tho (.-owriimoiit ..lli.-o.
I aiiMfW, I..<_'., at tlit* hour of 10 oYlo. k
in tin1 foronoott.
By Order
J um K. HK.m s,
Registrar of County Cowl of Yalr.
Keremeos, B.C.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Pasture To Let.
A  1  |>;istiiiv tm  innsi's, on Wm Alee
Kuril nuiili, apply
A. C. Kknm in .
vnt   HI   MX I   AT  TBI
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Specisl contract rales tO camps.
Orders (ot Cured Meats,  Pish snd  Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
GEO. CAWSTON. Keremeos
The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and
of British Columbia.
length of Ditch SAft'/es	
Trr/p ib/e JJrea 2 OO O acres
Plan showing the line of irrigation installed by the  Keremeos  Land Company,  Similkameen  Valley, H. C
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing the completion of their irrigation system that will cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest of water yet brought to the home of an irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered by them are
such  as will command the attention of all homeseekers.
Situated as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now being extended to Vancouver places her on the direct highway to the far
Kast and West.
Having a climate that is distinctly her own, it
stands today   unexcelled   for  its   sunny  climate   both
winter and summer and has proved itself as being particularly adapted to the raising of apples, peaches,
pears, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size.
In competition at Spokane the only exhibit sent
took first prize, while at the Provincial Pair at New
Westminster out of 100 pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 2.1 prizes.
The upper portion of the valley, including Hedley
and Princeton, both rich in their mining industries,
offers the local market means of disposing of all produce.
The  properties  are   being   offered   in   1,  $-  5 and   10  acre   Blocks   with   a   well   laid   out townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms arc liberal.    One-third cash.     Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $200 to $.100 an acre.    Town lots from $100 to $.100.
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
KEREMEOS. B.C. Local and General.
County Court will be held at
Fairview on Tuesday, May   11.
Work has heen begun on the G.
N.R. line from Michel   to   Calvary.
Hon Robert Rogere of Manitoba
cleared $50,000 on   Chicago   wheat
A crop report shows 100 per cent.
increase in the seeded area in South*
em Alberta.
The state of Washington has
passed an act malting it a punish-
ahle offence toj,'ive or accept "tips."
October wheat was quoted on
Winnipeg exchange at $1.10, which
indicate* good prices for this season's e.trly marketing.
lhe lirst conviction under the
new opium law was made in Van*
cottier, when Pong Choog, a chink,
arai ten) up for a year for telling
the dope.
1 lie company owning the irrigation and domestic water and electric lighting systems of Summer-
land oilers to sell to the town for
William Smith, while working on
tbe big C.P.R. bridge at Lethbridge,
fell over 300 feet and was instantly
killed. He was 24 years of agt,
and hailed from Hamilton, Ont.
Summerland people are moving
to found a COttagC hospital. At a
meeting $710 was subscribed and
canvassers were appointed. It is a
heavy undertaking for so young
and small a community.
Charles Hav city, a Granby electrician, touched a high tension wire
of 20,000 voltage and was badly
burned. His fall from the pole to
the ground was broken hy telephone
wires, thus lessening his injury from
that cause.
Robert Hendricks oi Kaslo in his
desperation asks the town council
for permission to clear and fence
certain lots adjoining his place, hut
belonging to the city, "in order to
get rid of the skunks that reside
therein."    He was told to go ahead.
It is likely that steps will be taken to develop the asbestos deposits
near Kamloops. These deposits
occur in serpentine, which is a favorable    occurrence     lor     asbestos.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Capital and Reserve,
Transacts a general banking business, and offers every   facility   to   meet
the requirements of depositors consistent with
conservative banking principles.
ti, . <-..,...•.  v. .11       ii     The deposits are so much weather*
I lie  crows   .\est   rass   Lumber '.
, •,   i,.,      .1 i :. -ii-      i ed that it is impossible to tell  much
L o. Mas sokl its property,  including '
about    lhem    without   development
40,000 acres of timber in the Kootenai i alley, to an Ameiican firm
for $1,500,000.
W.   J.    Walker,   a  young Scot,
was killed at (ireenwood   last   week
The C.P.R. bas started clearing
twenty acres a short  distance   from
Vancouver for a hi?,'  truck  farm.
„ I -i ,   I ■    .   . ,, On   it   will   be   crown    vegetables.
wlnle shunting  cars.     He   was   en-
etc., for use on dining cats, ocean
UMTS, coast steamers and the
mountain hotels. Green houses on
the site will also provide lower
gaged lo   be   married   to   a   young
Lady in Greenerood.
J. H. McDonald has posted notices ordering the people ofthe town
oi Molsofl   lo   gel   out   of  it.     He
claims title to most oi the   land   on
which the lown is situate.
1-OR S.u.l     Slraivrterrv   Hants.     Proline
Sixty-live days were consumed in  *****y, eacsSsol levari SO cents p.-.- mu
selecting a jury to try   Patrick   C.ii-
houn, charged with bribery, at   San
Francisco.    No wonder lynch law is
so popular in  Vankeedom. Notice.
Notice is iieieiiv girm that, thirty days
Phoenix   has   organised   baseball   sftsr date, I inn-mi to appl)   U> thi- Sup*
i   „- .„. ..   ij . .    i    .i  ......  et ini.tiilent   at  Provincial  Police,   I-.   S.
anil   proposes   a   HouiHlarv   leai/ue   .. ...   .
11 jr.       ilussev, or Victoria, tot wwwal ofa retail
for Grand Forks,   Phoenix,   Green*  Honor aesaaefsr tke Afcasar Hotel, local-
wood   and   Danville.     A  cut-ftae* ***- K " *al_oa.B.C
Kateaesee Itstlon, lu ., tpril 15, 1909,
oi.iii.i, B.C.
liquor li, , ns,- lei  the Hotel K,-i,-iii,-,»s,   l,»-
».iinl .a Kofwaoos Station, U.i .
1.1,Mil.I    KlKIIV.
KeraaMos Station, H.i'..  \pttt IS, 1909,
punch-howl has been olfered as
Hamburg advices report  ihat al Notice,
ship   canal   connecting   the   Baltic     Natlee tt liereiw glvoa that, thirty days
wilh the Black sea is now  in   a   lair   ■**« ***> ' 'J,"''"'1 •f»PP,J '" ',1"'  **$*•
nn,-ml,ni ,>i Pmvinrial Police, I. s.  Ilus-
u,ty to he built, tor work   is   to   be   >oy, of Victoria,   ft .».il  ol  .,  retail
begun before the end ol this year.
It is announced that the c. P. I\.
has come lo an Bgl eeinent  wilh   the
Tehuantepec railroad, b) which the
tonner undertakes lo provide facilities for handling Wheal at Vancouver and the latter to provide similar
facilities at 'he isthmus. The rail
haul across Tehuantepec is only l'K)
miles.    So gteal  is the saving ol
distance that the Cape Horn route
will probably he abandoned altogether, and a reasonable toll rale
vv ill be foKSd on the Panama canal.
The new handling facilities will
not be ready for this year's crop,
but a temporary plant will handle
some ol it.
Notice is lieu-Ill mi,-n that, thirti daya
uii, i date, we intend to appl) lo the Superintendent of Provincial Police, I-'. S.
iliissei.ei victoria, for renewal "t ■* rs
tail liquor license for iln* Central Hotel,
located sl KofeaMOi i sates, H.l'.
Twsnooi A Ki m 1111
Kri, imvs lYnlre, H.l'., Apt il   IS,   1909,
Notice is lieirbv given thai, thirty daj i
-«tt, i date, I Intend to appli lo the Sunei -
Intention! of Provincial Police, I-. s. Ilussev. ol Victoria, foi .i retail liquor licenae
lor llu- Olalla hotel, loested al Ol.ill.i. H.l.
Amiki vv  Mm is.
Olalla, H.i., April IS, 1909,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards  received,  subject  to no delay in  withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Walk-Ovep Shoes
It's a matter of business
to look as well as possible.
It's a matter of business
to be as comfortable as yon
It's a matter of business
to gel full value for your
Therefore it's a matter of
business to wear WALKOVER shoes.
\        Ami it's a matter of pleas-
i   ure as well.
made for every day of tbe
week, and for every week.
Frank Richter & Co.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Drayini;, and General Livery Business.       drain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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