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Keremeos Trumpet May 8, 1908

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
No. 7
the former and will now devote all
his attention to the Princeton business. The stable there was not as
fully equipped as requirements called for, but with the addition of
thirteen horses and a number of
Carriages now taken up it should
be pretty well fitted out.
Harry  Tweddle,   who  has  been
D. ti. Hackney of Hedley was m
town yesterday.
It is expected that the big annual
round-up of cattle will take place at
Osoyoos next week.
G. VV. Kuinherger of Phivnix was
in town yesterday on his way home  south selecting some  cattle for   F.
from a trip to Vernon. Richter, returned on Tuesday, bring-
Mr.    A.    Robertson's    son    nd *"•  with   ****  nino head  *Aokm
daughter, Leslie and  Kffie,   arrived | Pure bred Heretord   hulls,   ranging
from Medicine Hat on Thursday.       trom one t0 ,hrec -vears  oId'    The-V
! were purchased from  John   Splavvn
Dr. C A. Jackson,   dental   siirg-  of Nor(h Vakim;l  .md wi|| proye   „
eon, of Penticton, is spending a few  ^mbm addition  to   Mr.   Richter's
days in Keremeos.     Rooms   at Hotel Keremeos.
Messrs. Ross and Smith   of Hod-
Load of Steel Rails Passed Over
Body of Fred Jackson, Foreman on Construction Gang,
Inflicting Fatal Injuries.
While riding into town yesterday
on a load of steel rails, Fred Jackson, employed by John Lane and
Son as foreman on one of their construction gangs, .slipped from his
seat and fell between the wheels of
the wagon, the entire weight of the
load, about 5,000 lbs., passing over
his body and inflicting internal injuries, from which he died without
****** regaining consciousness.    F. Ander-
Tbe Keremeos Meat   Market has  son, who was driving the load, heard
changed hands, S. McCurdy having  his  companion's   cry,   and stopped
somewhat reticent disposition, and
his most intimate acquaintances appear to know but little concerning
him. He spent Wednesday night
in Keremeos, going out to the camp
yesterday morning.
ley  drove   over   to   Keremeos   on Ifapg^ rf fa business   to George  the team, but too late to avoid  the
Wednesday,  the  former  being  on  Cawston, who enters into possession ! tragedy.    With   difficulty  he   sue
his way to Spokane. 0|) juof )st     Mr Cawston js tnking ' ceeded in getting the crushed   body
The Misses Smitheran   were   the  over the business   at   an opportune  onto the load,  and   brought   it   the
hostesses at a very enjoyable  dance  time,   and   with   the   advantage   of  remaining mile into town,   arriving
,        ,     . , ,        , , r • ,. ,     . .u    u . i v • , .       .be lot at once and preparations com-
in the school house at the   old town   lornier experience at \ aneouver and   at the Hotel Keremeos just at lunch I
site on Friday evening. Hedley, is certain to make it a sue-  hour.
cess.     A   new and  commodious re
Old School Site Canceled.
Ratepayers of Keremeos School
District met on Saturday evening
and went through the formality of
canceling the old school site, a proceeding which according to the
Education Department was of such
importance that no action in regard
to the new school could be taken
until it was accomplished. Now
that the last obstacle in the way
has been removed, we trust there-
will be no further delay in commencing work. The excuse has
been offered that there will be no
funds available for the purpose before the first of Julv, but that is no
reason why the contract   should not
Gordon Harris, jeweler,   of  Pen-
Willing  hands  attempted   to re-,'
Church Services.
tieton, has been appointed registrar 'Hgerator has just been installed   in vive    the   unfortunate   victim    and |
_._._, the shop. were rewarded bv a slight flicker of      I'kkshvtkriax -Divine serv.ee alternate
ot   marriage   licenses.     He   is   the ■                                                                                •                                 'Sundays, Kerasjees Tows Hal II a.m.,
between   Fairview   and H.   H.   Armstrong   of   Carberry re,urm,1sr llfe'   bl"   «  ^m passed  School Hesse 7p.m.   Re*. A. II. C '.,„„■„-„.
arrived in   Keremeos   on   Saturday
and before the doctor could be sum-   Pastor,
mooed life was extinct.
only   one
Vernon. „,,..cu ,„ >»«_«■ w o«.uru..y | ,,ivl,u. st.r%ii.(. mwnmt
Mrs. t, F.   Rover  left  on   Wed- **** 'Kls  heen   spending  the   week      l c Sundays, Kerein.es Town Hall tl s. m..
.   ' '      '        ' , , -.I... u:. ~..,,,.     m-   .   i vi-    iii     "r- McEwen, coroner,   on learn- School House 7 p.m.   Re*.  Mr.  tones,
nesdav tor Spokane  to  attend her «ith his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. '. .' Pastor
, .,       , .,,< ing the circumstances ot   Ins death,
mother, who is undergoing an oper- Armstrong.      Mr.   Armstrong  will .,      ,        . A.m.i.k-an   Service! aa announced from
ation rendered necessary   owing to  no manager of the  Keremeos Corn-
blood poisoning. niercial   Company's   general   store,
Judge BlVWn, of Greenwood, passed through Keremeos on Tuesday
on his way to Hedley to preside at
a sitting of County Court. On Tuesday next he will hold court at Fairvievv.
Dr. G. S. Jermyn of Myncaster,
Government    veterinary   inspector,
considered an inquest unnecessary,   time to time.
Deceased wore   a   ring  with   the      Sind.vv Si iuvi. and  Hiiii.k  i'i.ass.
In Town Hall each Sunday al   10 a.in.
'       - ° •        .__ _    i   ____ i ., r   i in  i own nan eai'ii   suiuj.ti   ai
which it   is  expected   will  open for  ^"^e and lompa, s and three hnks,   M,s. J. R. Shaw, Supcriniendcni.
business the lirst of the month. He
leaves today for Vancouver to visit
the wholesale houses and order the
necessary stock.
the emblems of Masonry and Odd-
fellowship, engraved thereon, and
in   his   pocket   was   a   small    book
Stage Lines.
Ki.ikk Sr.ua:.
showing that until recently  he   was
. . " Leaves Keremeos ilaih. except Sunday,
a member in good standing  ot   the at aooa, arrives at Hedfey 3 eYik
of the accident were wired to Green*
was taking across the line.
A general meeting of Ihe Keremeos Athletic Association will beheld in the town   hall   on   Saturday
evening at it o'clock, when arrangements for the celebration on the
i.Mh will be comp'eled. A lull attendance is requested.
Miners' Cnion at Greenwood. Leases Hedley daily, except  Sunday,
,. ... al 1a.m., arrives at Keremeos II a.m.
Messages containing  intelligence     Only ilirouv.li ceafMCthss stage between
lYnticlon, Koromoos, llcdlei .v. IVincelon.
J. K. RoVKR, I'roprielor.
KlfffTfffT IIkih.kv Mm. Si u;k.
Iln aWmt nn and .il'l.r \pril I. PM t
Leaves Keremeos dailv, except Sunday,
at I p.m.; arrives in lledlev at 5 p.m.
Leaves lleillev daily, eacepl Sunday, al
"a.m., arrives in Keremeos al II a.m.
I). J. l\Ms, I'roprielor.
Our local barber was haled before
Magistrates. Coleman and Richter
yesterday   on   a   charge   of beating
was  in   Keremeos   veste.day,    the  his wife- was ****** !■■*• *-** Wi,s wood and Grand Forks,   where de
Object of his trip   being   to   pass   a  lot  off  wi,h   *•   ***********   aWMf ccasej   had   formerly   resided,   and
bunch of cattle  which   Mr.   Richter V*****f °* WO. *****|6oosts    a pen- . funera|   arrallKements    were    held
ally all Ihe more easy   because   the \ penjinf;   possible   replies   and    in*
OsTense was not the first   known of, structions.
though   the first to   be   brought   to       So far as can be learned deceased
court ; also because il is   an otfence was a native o| |.;njr|a„d, was about
for which the law provides both im- W vcaIS 0f age. unmarried and  has       Kkrixkos IVvnnm Mm s, v,.,.
prisonment   and   corporal    punish- .    " r___\m_.   ;„   ,his  country      He   , l,'i,;;:s K''"'""'^ '"' •IVnticio.. on Men-
,        ' r no   riianvis   in   mis  country.     lie  days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.
ment.      I he magistrates administer- ap|x.ars   to  have   followed railway      *-***** *''"'" *** "" Tuesdays. Thurs-
ed a lecture to,he culprit     not for- a,11Ntru,tion   work   „,ro„ghou,   hi's  £^^£T * * ^" '***''
getting, too, to remind the complain- resiltlOtH   in   I anada.     He  is   well W. K. Wn.iv, Proprietor.
The first consignment of stock for  ant that nagging is not   included in spok,n (,f hv M|, |..(1K. lor uhom hl.
the Keremeos   Hardware  Company  the   usually   accepted list   of matri- has worked'al inlcrv als  during  lhe
arrived  yesterday   and   more is ex-  monial duties.    Our Flhiopian friend lasllen years and   who   knew   him
peeled   shortly.       The   proprietors,   la • pretty good   barber   as   far   as Mrsl   about   _>0   voars   ,,^o when ho
Messrs.   Crooker    and    Meausette,   outward relations go ; but he would „as working  on   the   main   line of
have their building nearly ready and do well   ihe  next   lime he  gels his t|u. £ P. K. Keremeoa School Board
expect 10 be open for business in   I  dander up to find  some   more   legi-        \t ,|H. ,jme   gf  ,|lc   ;Klident   the
•cw days. j timate wav of working it off.     This men were engaged in   bringing  the
Wm. Garrison, of Midway, stop-, *- ■ western community, and though camp ollt|it jnto Keremeos where it
pedatj. F. Royer's  over TlMOday hw-nbiding will not   tolerate  many is being stored, lhe contractors hav-
night with a siring of horses  which |*****ifacittanti as tht OM   that   was j,^ |„,jshed   the work   they  had on
Deceased had heen   working   for
he was taking  to   Princeton.     Mr.   airi'd yesterday
Garrison   has   been    running    two
livery stables, one  at   Midway   and
V. V. \. K. iram arrives daily, eacepl
Sunday, al KI..10 a.m.
Leaves daily, except Sunday, al .' p.m.
R.   hi vim Ksl. l.io.   KlRHV.
I). |.   Insis,  Siv.-Tnas.
L.O.L. No. 1770
Meetl Tuesday on or before
lull moon in each month
Keremeos School House.
one at Princeton, but   recently sold  good bread.     I-'. Richter & Co
Buy   Five Roses   Flour   and   eat   Mr.   I.ane al   this   poinl   since   the  Visiting me.nl.ers .wdiallv invited
...t u.        1.^   „•■..       o   ,. .    .     ,-   „ L .. . H.   I.  Isms,  \\. M
first of December.     He  was  of a
1). Mn i sdv.R. S. NEW CANNERIES.       Free Books Next Term.  G. S. LAWRENCE
c. a. Mcdonald
Two of Them To Be  Built in
The Okanagan,
The erection ot truit   canneries at
Vernon and Kelowna is contemplated by Messrs. Mclsillop ec Co., of
this city, ami arrangements are now
under wav for the establishment of
this new enterprise which a ill prevent to a large extent tha greal
waste of fruit that has been absolutely necessary during past years
through the lack of preserving methods.
A joint stock company is being
formed   with   ample   capital and   as
soon as arrangements with the Ver-
non council can be satisfactorily arranged the building of a cannery at
thai point and another at Kelowna
will proceed. McKiliop It Co.
have been offered a free sile, with
free water and exemption from taxation for ten years at Kelowna, and
it is understood lhat the council of
Vernon are intending to make a
similar offer. Already voluntary
promises of heavy purchases of the
slock of the company have been
given  by  residents  in  and around
VernOtl     and     Kelowna,     and     all
through the Okanagan Valley, for
the new industry is looked upon,
not only as a boon, but an absolute
neces- ity.
Each fall Ions of fruit are available, and the big production has
practicnl'y placed the grower al the
mercy of the wholesaler. The operations of a couple of canneries in
the Okanagan will mitigate this
waste and wi I open up a market
for Hriiish Columbia fruit al all
seasons of lhe   vear.     The   bulk   of
the  fruit will be preserved in  glass
A factor) will be built, and as
much ot the material useil iu llie
operations of canneries, such as
boxes, etc., will be made on the
ground, the p.iv -roll will be a big
one, and the truit tanners of the
Okanagan are looking forward with
much interest to ihe completion of
the canneries.    Vancouver World.
Neither Chinese Nor All Scotch.
The Count) ol Urine has sent
manv stalwart sons to the West,
most of whom have done their Ontario home   high   honor.      Financial
sui cess is the lot of the man from
Bruce, tor the blood of Scotland
Hows even!) through bis veins and
enables him to hold his own, sometimes a little more.
It was related by a lot nni Itrucc
man Who   has   found    Vancouver   a
Pacific Pardise thai he noticed a
laundry sign, "Lee Bruce,"  swing*
i ig across a Vancouver street.
"What's that for?" he demanded
of the Oriental.
"Me    from    Mluce,"   replied   the
smiling Lee.
'•The   dickens   yon    are," replied
the Ontario settler, who straightaway demanded the obliteration of
the honored name.
Minister   Says    Arrangements
Are Complete.
All arrangements have been made
bv the provincial government for
the distribution office books among
the pupils of the different schools of
British Columbia.   Hon. Or. Young,
minister of education, states that
orders have heen placed with Gage
& Co., Toronto, and Morang & Co.
of the same city, for the standard
readers and arithmetics necessary.
It is the intention to supply all material used in the lower grades in
reading, arithmetic and waiting.
It was pointed out by the minister that in the introduction of the
new system there was a considerable amount of detail work to he
done, However,    every thing,  he
thought, had been attended to.
Forms had been issued lo the school
superintendents in the different cities
audio those in charge of educational institutions elsewhere, asking
for information which ihey would be
required lo supply. This related,
principally, to the number of pupils
in the various localities, something
the authorities would require for the
Asked whether it was the government's intention to reimburse
those stationery establishments
which had kept hooks that would
be supplied tree in slock, the minister replied in lhe negative. He explained that ibis con d scarcely be
demanded as the merchants had had
u'pwards of nine months notice.
From vv hai he could gather it was
not their custom to keep a heavy
line on hand, buying from term to
term. Under the circumstances they
should be free of these hooks, or
nearly   so,   as the  pronouncement
pf the government's policy in this
regard had been made public in
time to prevent them making the
mistake of laying in a stock lor the
needs of students for the forthcoming year.
The free supplies will be distributed, Hon. Dr. Young Itates, al the
beginning of the term following the
pending summer holidays,
F. E. Griffith, a Slocan miner,
haa performed  the  remarkable feal
of drivings 1000-foot tunnel single-
handed. He located his mine, tbe
Westmount, on Ten-mile Creek, in
1896, and al onee Went lo work on
il, and has remained doggedly at
woik ever since. (.Mien for Ihree
months at a lime he never saw a
human face or heard lhe sound of a
human voice except his own. lie
slaved with the game steadily and
is now meeting his reward in the
shape of profits on the ore   which he
is shipping,   vi/.,   ,i.t,(XX) a  month
with seven men  employed.
17. S. naval officials say that
while they appreciate   the invitation
oi the Canadian Government to
have the Atlantic fleet visit Victoria
and Vancouver, il will be entirely
impracticable owing to lack of time.
Over Two Thousand Acres of Choice
Fruit Land
In the Keremeos  District,  the
Hub of the Similkameen Valley
We have- subdivided theWEBSTLR liOMH RANCH
epposite Keremeos, aiul arc now offering it for sale in S to
10 aero lots ami upwards.    If you would consider changing
your location for a homo in an idoal climate, let us interest
vou in one of our S or 10 acre Fruit Lots rij^ht opposite the
Town of Keremeos, where you have the best of clear spring
water for domestic purposes.
In the Wenatchee Valley, in the State of Washington,
under exact!) the same climatic conditions, a 20-acre fruit
lot produced a revenue ot $35,000.00 last year, and American fruit-growers who have sold at fabulous prices are now
looking to the Similkameen for re-investment.
If yourself and neighbors are desirous of locating together, we will be pleased tO quote you special prices on
tracts oi 100 to 500 acres.
Now is your opportunity, as the limited amount oi fruit
land in this, the earliest and mildest fruit district in Canada,
will rapidly advance with the  influx  oi investors  from  all
parts of the I dominion.
And buy to the best advantages We will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish   and   Poultry   prompt ly
and satisfactorily tilled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
And Builders' Supplies.
In   dealing  in   Building  Lumher and all   kinds  of
Building Material we haVe the advantage oi getting
our supplies direct   from  the  mills,  and can   therefore
retail at most favorable prices.
A large stock oi Rough and Dressed Lumbers Di«
mensions, Lath,  Shingles,  Sashes,   Doors,   etc.,  etc.,
always on hand.
Contracts for all  kinds of building!  in   town  and
country promptly executed.
Contractor and Builder,
Estimates of Cost Cheerfully Furnished to
Intending Builders.
Measures Proved to Be Extensive and Valuable.
Development  on the  outcrop of
coal on tlu- North Fork of Granite
creek, sixteen mites from Princeton,
says the Similkameen star, revealed
a peat  body  of excellent quality.
A gang of about a dozen men have
boon employed for nearly a year   on
the North Fork measures developing and proving what will, no doubt,
be greal producing mines in another
year or so. Three large tunnels
have been driven in as many different sections of the basin, in all of
which there are seams of eoal exposed as much as seventeen feel in
thickness. The now known extent
of the eoal covers many thousand
acres and further   exploratory work
is expected to show a largely increased area. Even it' there be no
further additions   to   the   acreage
there i-. enough eoal insight to produce man)' millions in tonnage.
In the absence of any analysts or
Coking lest for publication  evidence
of the quality of the coal  can  only
be obtained from actual use. In the
blacksmith's forge in has given excellent satisfaction, possessing that
intensity of heat and caking quality
which make it peculiarly adapted
for heavy welding it i^ a real delight tot all the local smithies and
drill shaipeners. Por domestic use
it will not bear favorable comparison with Princeton coal, whieh is
clear, lis. gassy, almost non-smoking and easier on stoic .. Both the
Princeton and North Fork coals are
classified a-- sub-bituminous.
What is believed to constitute the
chief value of the North Fork coel
is  its line coking quality.     Even
with crude coking tests splendid results have been obtained by local
Ranche For Sale.
I too acres choice heeds, bottom .unl
iMp Mad, River frontage. I- miles
frnm Keremeoa, -' miles irom Delnuu Sou-
Ion. Will aell all or part, Oood comfort-
.il<li' building) plenty ol water lor all the
I,mil; immediate poaaeasion it desired.
Vet particulars write K. i . Ot Joseph
Armstrong, Keremeoa, ll.C.
'the Impoitcil l-'ionch I o.u h Stallion
Prise-winner al tin Greal Central Show
ai Paris, i'"x>.
no., handa high, weigh) MM Dsrii
bay, si.ii. snip, both Bind iti-i white.
Posted Mai -'<•• 190* Bred bj \l I on,.
Beanard,   Department    ol    l..i    Mam-he.
s.i.,1 In   ih,-   ii,n, 1 nun nl    si.,IL,.11     I.u,,
in. deal Brunette bj Colporteur, Ind dam
Liaette in Orphee, M <l bj V, anor.
Kouii for season ol i '
Mon1l.11    Noon al Wat, Manery'a, nighi
ii u,, hi. 1 •. I on. 1 Ranch.
I ii.--.il.,\     Noon .11 Kiiup, nighl .11 tan
Wedneada) Noon al riavers', Myera
Plat, nighl a Okanagan Falls.
Thuisil.il    Nik'" •'' Ha.nn Ingte'a,
1 1 ul.11    Afternoon and evening si P. J.
Innis   bam,   Kotom. o..
s.ituui.ii Noon .a Charlie Allison's.
nighl a li. .1- Innis s barn, Hedley. Hack
10 hi.nl,|ii.in, is, D.J. Innis bam, hiiv
meos, Suinl.ii night.
I I  RMS.     I •• ,n_nr... HO  ll'st tfsJM  ol   »t, i,v>.
Waooemttt (M etttem, balaam -n tmt ,-t
Siiik', l*"sp *) ,:t.)i.     Sc.i-.-ii   .unl   in.iirstu,   ma
11,1,-1 K   reiuraad tawoiatX,  iIi,m,i_  lbs  ssaacsi ■•>
ili,\ _,,11 hscnarassl fiat hsa whsthw ,n t...il .,, ad
M.in- .il >'*,',-'^  Hsh,
Sunilkauiivn \ alln
French Coach Hares Aaeochitlon,
Martin Cans tWta, Oaawai
Olalla,  May 7.
School opened here 0,1 Monday,
May 4, with 14 pupils, which number is considered very good as a
starter. There are three more children of school age in ihe valley,
and it is expected lhat these wi I
attend ne\t week. The teacher 14
I Mr. J. Clark, who has been i.i
charge of the Similkameen school
in the lower valley for the past live
Matl Alexander, who was operated on lor appendicitis al a Spokane
hospital, returned here last week in
excellent health. lie was in the
hospital only eleven  days,   and  was
fortunate  in  having a  clever and
experienced surgeon 10 conduct the
operation. Cn Monday Mr. Alexander again left lor Spokane, where
he will put in the .summer, having
obtained a remunerative job.
I.. R. Chase has leased the Smith-
eran ranch for four years. Hy that
time Mr. Chase expects to have his
land cleared off, so that he can feed
his stock on his own ranch adjoin*
ing Olalla townsite.
J. ti. Wallace has loft for Kruger
Mountain to work in the mines
I here.
Several miners who have been
waiting for either the Dolphin or
the Bullion to resume work have
become tired of doing nothing and
have left for other camps.
Gardening has been completed,
and   those   who   have    lately   been
digging and delving from dawn till
dark are now enabled to sit down
and watch the weeds grow.
I! ih Keremeos and Olalla creeks
are rising rapidly, which shows that
the recent hot weather has bee 1
having '.rent affect on the snow
which lies deep on the mountains io
the west.
Customs Receipis.
Following are   lhe   amounts   collected as customs duties a! the port
of Keremeos for the eleven months
ending April JO, I90&    li  will  be
noticed thai there was on y a difference of two hits between lhe RTSt
anil last month of the period.
I'M,     Juno SIMl.t ft
lull         .NS 'tl
\ii_iiM      lid 0
il'l III
(Vl.-Lei   WI 94
Novembm WM .'"
M. .. ml-, r        <>H  .»-'
l'«is     I.uiu.11 1  »""   II
K Inn in l.l
Match,.  . M t.i
April    ISM .1..
When VOU buy Hour  ask for Five
Hone     l■'. Richter ft Co.
Fernie is negotiating for the purchase of lhe electric light and water
system there.    The owners of the
plant ask 1100,000.
Sole agents for Mitchell, Lewis
ft Staier w ,11.0ns and buggies. I'".
Richter ft Co. The Keremeos Trumpet
HAfUtai trari FrUsi m ih.- aAWa,
Kapjiaaoa, ll.C'.
Subscription 12.00 a yoor, $I.IX) tor six month*.
in iiihiuu'i1.
idvwtisiae Ratss. Lagal aottoM, ISc pot lim-
lust insiTiion. KV' per line each subsequsnl Insertion.
Land notices Ccrtincat, ■ ,-l improvem nt,et&, S7.il)
U Ni-Jai notice*. I&00 for JMai notices. Contract
dtspla.) aavertisine, Mc par Incn iht week, Tr.tn-
si.nl nUaillaainaiili. iuch as Lost. Pound, Wanted,
tti.. not exceedingon.inch, $1.00 lirst insertioa, ,-,
three Inaarlioaa lur 13,00,    I.,sal raadiae notices,
2Sc |H'i liiu-.
J. \. BROWN, Publisher.
Hobson's Nightmare.
Captain Richmond Pearson Hob-
son, in an alarmist article on the
yellow peril, argues with souk- superficial show of reason that the
Anglo-Japanese alliance is directed
positively and solely againsl the
United States ; his strongest point
being the apparent    lack  of  any
other object on the part   ol    Britain.
The British, he contends, are absolutely responsible tor the Russo-Japanese w:tr, their alliance with the
Japs holding in check Russia's ally,
Prance, aiul thus giving the yellow
men their chance, llie new alliance, "ii cast-iron alliance, offensive and defensive," is not needed
by either party tor defense. Not
againsl Russia, who is prostrate ;
nor against any of the other European powatV, none of whieh is strong
enough to attack either the Mistress
of the Seas or fur distant Japan.
The alliance, therefore, must be
intended tor another scheme of aggression a grand plan of conquest
ot" trade and territory. This terrific
enterprise the gallant Captain pictures thus :
li mn lu- advanced thai ihe Hriiish
would refrain from war with the United
s..iii's on Account of tlu- proximity of
Canada. Thorough examination will lake
.,\i.<\  the  force *-l   Ihis assertion.     In llie
case of the Britiah alone, Qirmiln is open
i,- ni i.iuii, bul mill ihe Britiah ui alliance
mill a atronif military power, Canada be-
, oui.'s ,-, base lor the invasion of the
United States, Investigation shews thai
Japan in control of the Pacific Ocean
could occupy the Pacific dope ami huM it
in ih,- l.uf 1-1 .ill ih,- in.lit.ii- exertion era
iiii^'lit make. The situation would lie fu
more critical in the   east-   of a   combined
invasion from Hie Pacific ami from Canada
at   the   s.une   titnr.     liiuh   ii. rails   noulil
quickly be awept free of American snips,
i anada his about 5.S,(MHJ trained men with
which to keep us in check at lirst, then
the Britiah noulil pour trained troops into
t .in.nl,i mater than ne could ana, eeeip
and train iroopa in the Eastern States, at
I, .ist for one or mo yeara, The Britiah
have a standing* arm) ot 280,000 men and
total effectiveness amounting to 730,000
in. i,. She haa practicaltj an inexhaustible
in, nlimt marine with which to supply
both oceans with transports. She would
draw upon Indiaand the Colonies. The
hordes ol 'hi* Hindoos would join the
hordes ol life Japanese and i hinese, .mil
rrom the occupation of tin' Pacific slop,.
the)    noulil   soon   oi,Mil.,n    across   the
trans-t uti.ul .in i.i lio.uls to supply all  the
men needed for a general nvaaion ol the
United  States,  -ill  along    the   Canadian
Iron'.i i.
Then nc have ■ picture of the sad
lite lhat would befall the greal Republic :
America,without .nr. preparations what*
i i,-i, noulil Iiml hri si-It i rushed unil, i   11 if
weighl of the Hriiish Empire am! ihi' whole
of Asia combined. The boat term we
could hope to socurs In -.uaik lor panes
would l>e to pay an Indemnity thai would
agger the imagination ami yield up to
I io Hriiish :   Cuba,  1'otio Rico,   the  I'an-
,, n , Canal, 'he territory on tho south skle
of the Si. Lawrence ami the Great I .ekes,
aiul the north-west to the latitude below
Paget Bound, Including ihe whole ot
Alaska ; to the Japanese ami their Asiatic
allies: the wholi ofthe Pacific slop,., the
Aleutian Islands, Ha* iii, Guam, the Phil-
move down Into Lower California, Mexico,
Central America ami South America.
America's horizon would thus be reduced
lo that of an Inland nation, struggling for
exiatence in ihe presence of surrounding
foes, growing more overpowering as the
wars pass.
Public opinion in Britain, ho admits, would be strongly adverse to
an attack on the Unfad States; hut
then so it was in the war of the Revolution. The ruling class has a
way of molding and diverting public opinion when it suits its purpose,
through its control ofthe press, as it
did in favor of the heathen Turks,
and later the heathen Japs, against
Russia. Ties of race and religion,
while they tire to be reckoned with,
do not mark the lines of conflict.
The moral he draws is that the
United States must become as
strong at sea as Britain and Japan
combined    a most   appalling   task,
Captain Hobson's view ofthe situation contains enough elements ot
truth to give :i certain amount of
verisimilitude to the whole. It is
believed by the foremost thinkers in
the world to be the deliberate purpose of Japan to extend her con-
iptests :is she has already done in
every direction and at every opportunity, without regard to lhe rights
of Other states. Australia is keenly alive to the danger. Hut to imagine that Britain or Canada could be
misled or inveigled into "jining
dogs" with Asia in :i career of conquest is the wildest of hallucinations.
Notes and Comments.
Out of lhe 200 patients admitted
lo lhe insane asylum at Toronto,
during the past year, 120 were foreigners, and the greater number ot
these were recent arrivals.     Canada
is evidently getting a good many
undesirable immigrants.
lhe Belgians border their roadsides with apple and pear trees of
the cider and perry varieties, and
they draw a profitable revenue from
their elongated plantations.   Thus
lhe 000,000 roadside trees of Belgium bring in an annual income of
X-l.-.CXXJ lhat is. a little over 4d. a
tree, trig and liille ; while they cost,
including contributions to a replanting sinking fund, s trifle over ]%%*.
a tree.
is promoting a big irrigation project,
believes he has struck a veritable
bonanza in a number of coal locations he recently made on Short's
creek at n point five  miles   west   ol
Okanagan lake. The group contains several bituminous coal seams,
the largest of which has a thickness
of eight feet. According to S recent
analysis the coal runs 59 per cent,
in fixed carbon and is well adapted
for coking and steam purposes.   Mr
Curtis has already received a number of offers from parties who are
willing to provide money for development.
Alfred Butterworth, a Lancashire
cotton manufacturer, made a practical test ofthe cost of old-age. pensions during Easter week by giving
five shillings to every one over 65
in Oldham and Chadderton, the population of which is 170.0J0. The
cost of the week's pensions, as tested by Mr. Butterworth, was £**•
550, Taking the population ofthe
United Kingdom at 44,000,000,
Mr. Butterworth estimates the annual cost of a national old-age pension would be ,£.'20,852,000, assuming that the towns named give the
average number of recipients. Mr.
Butterworth points out  that  about
4,000 rich people die annually with
It's true. A stitch in time saves
nine. Many a boot has been saved
by a half sole. C. V. Prosser will
do the soling quickly, promptly and
Carriagk Painting
Opposite tlie Central Hotel
Notary Public.
Agenl for :
London ll Lancashire Ore Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co,
Kkri-mios,  H. C,
Contractor and Builder,
Painter, Paper-Hanger and
Central Hotel,
Contractor and  Carpenter.
Work man ship Guaranteed.
Estimates Furnished
CatrraAL Horn.   -    -    Kitannus.
Kstiniati's Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
For an Easy Shave
and a Clean Bath
Boosters Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A.  J.  SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Motto: Boost, but Don'l Knock.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
ippincs ami Samoa, leaving
A despatch from Rome says :    \
papal decree lias been issued ;n-
signing St. John llie liaptist   as  the
patron   saint   of  Canada.     Soma
time Ago a petition Wmt -i nl    lo lhe
Vatican by the Archbishop of Quebec. It Mas signed b) thousands
ot Canadian Catholics, and il impressed lhe Tope very nuieh. It is
customary lor each country to have
a   patron   saint,   anil   several   have
heen officially proclaimed as such
by the Holy See in several eountries,
provinces and even cities.    A relic
ol the saint will he sent from here
to Canada by lhe Vatican.
Smith Curtis, formerly of Rossland, and now of Savona,  where he
Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all
kinds of Leather Goods.
Of Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all kinds of Leather
Goods Done Neatly and Promptly.
 !!_!!!	 Keremeos Property
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Gash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave. :
$250.00 each
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch of the C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
The C.P.R. Steamship, Empress
oi Britain, left Liverpool Saturday
with the largest number of passengers that ever left the British Isles
on one vassal. There were 182 first
cabin, 444 second cabin and ''54
third cabin passengers, a total of
1580. The immigrants are of a
surperior class and include a tew
sent out under the auspices ot the
Salvation army.
The B.C. Copper Co.'s mine at
Greenwood was re-opened on Wednesday alter having been tied up
since November. It is stated that
there will be work for 500 men at
the mine and 200 at the smelter,
and wages Irom 82.50 lo about $4
will be paid. The men wanted arc
mlners, machine men, muckers, carpenters,   sme'termen   and   laborers.
A despatch from roil Arthur
says : Never in the history of this
port has there been witnessed such
a rush of grain as there has bean
the last tew days. At the head of
the lakes is a licet of 45 boats, with
a carrying capacity of four and a
half million bushels. I'p to Saturday over (1,000,000 bushe!s had
been shipped from here. The elevators are lined with vessels waiting
to gat under the spouts.
The police of India are investigating a native plot to murder
Europeans by means of bombs, and
the more they go into the matter the
more serious  and   widespread   does
it appear. Documents seised at a
house where bombs and explosives
wete   being   manufactured   reveal
thai it was part of the plot to kill
Lord Kitchener, commander-in-chief
of the British forces in India, and
other high officials. Ihe authorities
believe they are facing  an   attempt
at revolution.
M. J. Scanlon, the Largest individual lumbtl  • peralor   iu   the   I'nited
Stales next  io Meyershauser,  has
purchased lot'lv-sev en limits in the
Harrison Lake district,   sisn    miles
irom  Vancouver,      lie  is   paying
1525,000 forthe timber. He announced that next year he will construct iwo mills, one at Vancouver,
to jointly i ui 350,000feel ol lumbar
per day and lo cost $750,000 for
plants.      Mr. Scanlon already  owns
one hundred  miles of limits in the
atne district.
About  the middle  ot the month
Hon. \V. J. Bowser will leave tor
the interior to lake prosecutions at
the courts of criminal assi/o to be
held at Kamloops, Vernon and
GreenWOOd. At lhe fust mentioned
place an alleged case of callle stealing in which sight indictments have
been returned, will come before the
court ; at Vernon there is a murder
Case and at (ireenwood the attorney
general will prosecute the Italian
C'eddio, charged with having caused the death of a gW at Niagara It.
C, two vears ago when he allegedly
dynamited her father's hotel.
A Base Libel on Duncan.
The Times reports a local poker
stalwart as losing $250 in a Nelson
draw game a short time ago. Can
it be possible that Duncan dropped
into a game on his way back to
Ottawa? He is ahou) the only
stalwart from Greenwood that
wouuld be liable to hav n a fortune
as big as $250.     (ireenwood Ledge.
Duncan has, it ia understood,
made a donation to the church at
Keremeos, probably to secure better luck from the pasteboard god,
John of Clubs.     Princeton Star.
UK .itt.t.lion of tlu-  ■'■mil  HM.  Works lVpart-
tm-nt having hern directed 11 the fart that town
lots in a tpwoana namod Prioes Rupert* UinLr a
subdivision1 of Lol '>'-. K.m^i- 5. (."o.tst District,
sitnatnd oa tha mainland hntwnaa iln- mouth nt tlu
Skn-na Rjvaraad Kaien Island, an- bstaf ofiffsd
tor -.ale. it has been deemed neceeeaf? lo van the
public that tbe said townsite w not situated al tlu*
i.Tininiis of the Grand Trunk Pacifk Railway, aiul
b not the townsite which is owned ..ninth b\ the
Oovernment of Itritish Columbia and the liranJ
Trunk Pacific Kail.\a> ComoanT,
I'hii't'Cimimissu>iiit M  I.amis ,m_l Works.
Lands nnd Works Department.
Victoria, B.C. .Mav 1st, _**.
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
Osoyoos Division of Yale Land
District.   District of Yale.
Take notice tba)  I,  K. C.  Haaktoaon,
of Kerotneos, H. C'., occupation bookkeeper, intend to appli' for permission to
piiivli.iso the following  described   lanils :
Commencing al  a post   planted at   the
south-oas: eorner Wt l.ot 1110, thi'iice 30
Chains south, thenee JO ohains west,
thenee 20 ehains norih,  thonee JO ehains
oasi to point of commencement.   South of
Lot 100, west of Lot A2. north Bad east of
Osovoos Lake.     Containing twenty aires
IIIOIV   OT   ll'SS.
kknm-hi GiLaaat Hamkinsom,
April J'>.  IMS, 14
Similkameen District.
Take notice 11i.i I I, John Anvils McDonald, of Olalla, Occupation miner, intend to
apply for permission to  purchase   the   t'ol-
\nw ing described land t  Commencing at ■
post planleil at ths norlh-wesl eorin-r ot
lot numlu-r I'XI'I,   Ihonee   north   5   eliains,
theaee   sasl   1  chaina,   thenee   moth   d
ehains, thence west 7 ehains lo poinl of
commencement, anil contain, d aeres,
more or loss.
Jom Am.i s Mi DoM u ti,
Dated April nth, i<XW. ll
Yale Land District.
Take notice that Praah Rlchtsr, ot Ker.
otni'os. Rancher, intends to apply I, i per*
mission to purchase the following describ*
oil laml :    Commencing at a post planted
.it tho noilli-u.'st loriior ol'l.ol 4.1,   Ihonee
o.ist Ml ohains,   thence north   10 chains,
thenee  iiosl   1,11   ohains,   ihonee   soulh    10
• i, i us to poml of commencement, ami
containing JO auras, swia ot loss, .nut
including that piece of land lying north of
l.ot 4.1, inst ol l.ot 22.1, south ol lot II,
ami oast of OsoyoO. l.ako.
Ik iNh Kn n i i k.
\pnl IS. I'XW.
Noti, i-is lu i, in given that, thiriy day.
alt, i dale, I, George Kirby, of Keremeos
Station, B.C., Intend lo apply to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police, I-'. S.
Ilussoi, of Victoria, for renewal ol a retail
lu|iioi license lot lhe Hotel Kitoinoos,
located at Keremeoa staiion, B.C
t.li >Kl. i   Kikhv.
Konin,os Station, II.I.'., April 15,  \'XW.
N.-tii ,• is hereby riven that, thirty daj ■
afterdate, we, H. Tweddls and J. Reith,
of Keremeoa Centre, B.C., intend to appli
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police,
I'. S.  Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal of a
retail liquor license for ihe Central Hotel,
located al Keremeos Centra, H.c.
I ii iEPOIA- e\ Ki mi.
KerecneosCentre, n. c. April IS. IMS,
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Comfortable and commodious stabling for teams.
Good  rij^s and  careful  drivers.
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and   Tourists invited to fflVC ns a trial.
Speeial attention to Coiiitneiii.il Men, Tourists ;mi| l.and-seokers.
Headquarters for all Stag* Routes.
I.iietv Stable in eoiitieelion.
Oood table.       LwrgW, air)' and comfortable rooms.
I'Vie 'bus to and from all trains.
Tweddle & Reith,
Proprietors. PRINCE RUPERT.
What the New Northern Town
la Like at Present.
Murdock Mclntyre of Phuenix,
who recently returned from Prince
Rupert, {jives the Pioneer some interesting facts about the much
boomed "model city."
The townsite itself is as yet a
bog, the land having a thick mossy
surface, and the landscape of the
embryo city resembles an Indian
village in a marsh. There are no
houses, but hundreds of tents are
scattered about in all directions.
lhe only hotel accommodation is
filled to overflowing. There is a
large new company hotel, but it
will not be opened until the town-
site is thrown open, perhaps some
time this fall. Prices for supplies
are high, and the one or two gen-
eral stores do a big business.
It rained almost continually during his stay, and travel at Prince
Rupert in any direction was invariably via the water route, as almost
any point could be reached in a
canoe. Mr. Mclntyre thinks, however, that when the townsite is
surveyed and drained it will be an
excellent one, hut the mossy nature
ofthe soil holds the water at present.
The first horses seen in the new
town were taken in two weeks ago
by the railway contractors, and so
treacherous is the soil that planks
had to be laid from the boat to the
stable for the horses to walk on.
Bul the outside world knows
more about Prince Rupert than Unpeople living there. There is no
apparent development, and the residents o'teot tu'H arrivals qaiaskally
to learn what the latest news of
their place is or to discover what
they themselves as citizens have
been doing to make their city a
metropolis. The controlling heads
of the "new city of Ihe west" live
far from the Q.T.P. terminus. The
great ideal survey, grand Waldorf
Astoria, great chartered banks, and
forty-story blocks that are pictured
on the Prince Rupert landscape to
outside people, are but dreams iu
the imagination of financial and
realty agents in offices many miles
There is yet no appearance of
practical development to people visiting the town. Kvery morning
scores of boats with survey parties
and prospectors leave for up and
down the Skeena river and its tributaries, but no information can be
elicited from lhem as lo the objects
or results of their searches they
are filed with the Controlling heads
Pram Vancouver to Prince Rupert is a pleasant 50-hours' ride on
the boat, the route being inland the
greater part of lhe May, and only
touches   the   ocean   in two or three
pi.tees.    Ho,its run from Vancouver
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
every second day, and each is heav-
i y loaded with fortune-seekers
bound for the much-advertised railway terminus. It is estimated that
already over a thousand men are
now looking for openings, iu the
town where there are none, and
with little prospects of any until
townsite lots are opened.
The gateway to the city is rather
an attractive one, and it is proposed
to build a wharf three miles in
length along the water's edge.
There are frequent heavy fogs, however, that may be somewhat of a |
hindrance as a port for ocean liners
entering. It is stated that town-
site lots will be held at $2,000 when
p'actd on the market. ,
Druggists and Stationers
Speaking of fancy prices a letter
by a Detroit dealer to the Spokane
Chamber of Commerce, dated March
II, states thai Wenatchee and Cashmere apples are retailing in Detroit
stores at S cents each, oi 'X) cents
per do/en. It would be a great
boon to western apple raisers to
ship their fine fruit to some central
cold storage house in the east to be
distributed from there. Ohio and
Michigan apples, he adds, are of exceedingly inferior quality as compared with western ones.
Dry Goods
Men's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Hardware, etc.
Fresh Fruit
& Vegetables
Builders and Contractors
Lime, Cement, Cement Blocks ami Brick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Kstimaios ^ivon for all anil every kind of Cement Work
anil Minlilini; generally.
Write us for price*. Distance no object.
Wishes to take   advantage ot" this    opportunity   in
those columns of thanking hii manv friends and patrons
for their generous custom in lite past, and hopes to merit a
continuance of their support in the future.
Onr stock is a wide and varied one,  our store centrally
located, our prices reasonable.
Q. MILBURN.       Near the Station.
There is no substitute for Five
Roses Flour,     F.  Richter ec Co.
For sale at a bargain    a  number
of  fruit   lots   with   trees  planted
Keremeos Land Company.
I. L. Deardorff, road supervisor,
was   in   town  for  a short  time   on
Wednesday.    He was on   his  way
to Penticton.
,M. K. Rogers, former manager
of the Nickle Plate mine, was in
Keremeos on Tuesday, and in company with J. H. Kennedy drove up
to Hedley.
Miss Armstrong and her niece
and Mrs. Joseph Armstrong of Vancouver arrived by tbe Great Northern on Tuesday and will spend a
few weeks at Keremeos.
II. Walker, of lot 8, reports that
despite the lateness of the season,
he has lettuce, onions and radishes
well fit for use this week, and that
his potatoes are up. We should
like a report of progress now from
Prof. Jelly, the premier gardener
and in fact from any of the other
successful ones (accompanied, of
course, by sonic tangible proof of
their achievements).
Elsewhere   in this   issue   will   be
Fairview, May 4.
A sitting of the County Court
will be held here on Tuesday, 12th
inst. Only a few minor cases are
on the docket.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell arrived in
Fairview by stage on Saturday, and
on Monday Mr. Russell left for
Vancouver accompanied by his
nephew, Russell McCiilvrey.
As work at the Stemwinder has
practically ceased, men who have
found employment there are leaving
Fairview for other mines. Mr. Mc*
Fadden and Mr. Piper are going lo
The Kruger Mountain Mine, of
which D. A. Carmichael has the
management,is again going to start
work this week. Amongst those to
be employed are Messrs Bromley,
Dalrymple, Campbell and Danagh
of this district, and J. Ci. Wallace,
a former resident of here but lately
living at Olalla.
At the close of Mr. Russell Mc-
Ciilvrey's farewell service on Sunday
evening he was presented with a
purse containing $40.(K). Rev. A.
H. Cameron, on behalf of the citizens, expressed appreciation of Mr.
McCiilvrey's faithful work in connection   with   the Sabbath   School,
Eastern Townships Bank.
Head Oitkk,
Capital and Reserve,
SttBRBftoOKl, Quebec.
Savings Bank Department.
,Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received, subject to no delay in withdrawal  of all or any portion.
Keremeoa Branch. j. A. R. ROME, Manager.
A Carload
found an advertisement   giving   the V0UHf People's Club   and   Sabbath
terms, route and   other   particulars , sorvi,,Si and their sincere  regret at
for   the season   of 1908 for the   im- y,   renun„|.     Mr.    Maiilvrev   left
ported  French coach horse Diplo- on Mondilv for Vancouver, where he
male,   owned  by   the   Similkameen will offer himself as a volunteer   for
Valley French Coach Horse   Assoc- uwk in the mission field.
Lation,   Keremeoa.      Ranchers   and Ml, Montgomery former manag-
horse breeders should  see this oele- „ of Shatford's Ltd., left on   Tues-
brated stallion before   making their ■ j.,v ,or Spokane.
selection for the season. Hemy Has>0|( passtfi| .Uro^h on
Alc\ Christie and Mr. I.obb, of Plid_gr on his way to Okanagan
Niagara, the glory ot Ontario for ,-"alls •*• visit "'smother, who is dan-
fruit, visited several   orchards   here ******** '"■
and in the Lower Similkameen, and Bom-     °n **a****J%  **** 4,h- to
'rcely   admit   lhe Similkameen   has ] Mr- ***** Mr* (i- (i- Bomell, twins,
the   best   of  it.     Mr.   Christie  will Mrs-   Keeley,   wife   of  the    new
visit friends   al Penticton for a   few *****M*t   -*   Shatford's    Ltd.,   and
of Mitchell, Lewis & Staver
Planet Jr. Seeders,
And Farm Implements of all kinds.
Get our prices before you buy.    We can give you the advantage oi carload rates and a cash discount.
Have just received a car ofgood CEDAR SHINGLES.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
daj ■ and then return to  Keremeos.
her two children arrived from  Van-
Mr.    Christie   mailed  a   post   card
coiner on Saturday and have taken
at Niagara Falls on April 27th   and   "P ,,K'ir "»■»■■« here.
left (MIC day later tor Keremeos.   He   ———————______
passed his card on the ua\ and was
here s da) ahead of it. Yes, our
mail arrangements are slow,
In unlet to prevent loss to incautious investors who mav not be
aware thai there are two Prince
Ruperts, the Government is publish-
ing a warning (which   may be   seen
in another column of this issue) that
the Prince Rupert when lot-, are
non being offered for sale is not the
G.T.P.   terminus  town.    As  most
of our readers arc doubtless aware,
a sharp speculator named Kane
Mole a march on the G.T.P. peopli
by getting a block of land near their
terminal sile and registering the
name "Prince Rupert" ahead of
lhem. Action has been taken to
compel the cancelation ofthe registry, but in the meantime the own-
cis   are   trading   on   lhe name  in a
way that is liable to deceive the
When in Penticton you are
invited tO Call and   see  our
stock.     It is first-class and
up  tO  date   in   every  line.
Watches, Chaina, Brooches, Pins, Clock*,
Iengagement Rings, Wedding Rings,
Diamond*, Bracelet*, Cut Gla**,
Meerschaum Pipes,Silverwai »■.
Mil ling SiIht Toilet Si'ts,
.mil General Jewelry.
Optical Work by the latest appU-
ance* known to Ihe profession.
\\ iti'h-making, Jewell v Work ami Repairing n tptxUdty,
I solicit j our pslniiMsja
Hav and Grain Store in connection. Seed Wheal and Parley for sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
Workmanship and fit guaranteed.
Spring samples just arrived.
See ui before placing your order for a Spring Suit.


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