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Keremeos Trumpet Jun 12, 1908

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j <. _/-, <^j  y ■ />
eremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
No. 12
I    CO
teener of Pianoforte and Accompanist
uvrtjJcVtecl Royal College of Music, Lew-
t—^ ilon! liivys  lessons   in   Keremeoa   Station
_ts TowepJ 1111 even   Friday ami Saturday,
*-~ ami is o|H-n to engagement lor accompan-
sJ- [rerins
111 2r it}. B.C.
Notary Public.
\^li for :
l,'/iulon \ Lancashire Ptre Ins. Co.
moceati Accident ami Guarantee Co.
enthusiasts from Fairview and lledlev, respectively, were in town on
Wednesday and broke a lew  birds
High Water Past.
Members of the gun  club met in "™"CTia; """ ""'"';|  ***>  """"I    The warm  iveather of the  pas,
the dining room of the   Hotel Kere- over tbe trapa hew. week had its effect   on  the  masses
meos on Thursday evening and   ar- Of snow on the upper   hills   and the
ranged various details for the seas- Sam Manery  returned  from  the Similkameen has been doing a rush-
on's -.port.    Monday afternoon was Coast on Mav  29th.    At   ihe  Col- ing business  carrying  oil' the sur-
selected for a regular   weekly shoot iiinhia College examinations he pas- p|Us water.     At the time ot Writing
and ii was decided to put up a gold sed in all the subjects of his course. (Thursday forenoon)  the Hood has
Km.k.mios,   H.  <_*.
Contractor and Builder,
Estimates Furnished,
Workmanship Guaranteed.
l.O   IO   I MM
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
L.O. L. rio. 177 0
Meets I ii. sil.i \ on or before
the iu I moon in each month
i.i   Keremeoa School Mouse.
Visiting members cordially invited.
I).   |.   Isms,  VV. M.
D. McCi sov.R. S.
Ik- above illustration, showing a scene in lhe Park, is Irom a photograph taken by Kev. A. II. Cameron.
The Defeated Candidate in the
Last Provincial Election for
Church Services.
I'M stiv 1 KRI VN l)i\ ine -. i vice alternate
Sundays, Keremeos Town HsH II a. m..
School House 7..<() n. in.    Kev. A. II. C'ani-
ci on. I'astor.
Anglican   Sorvicea as announced from
time to thin-.
Si miu    School   wh   BlSLS   CLASS.
III Town  Hall  each   Sun,I.iv   .11    10  . .111.
Mrs. J. K. Shaw, Superintendent.
Kcrcnicoa School Board.
K.  KlMMI km. (ii o.  Kiki-.v.
I). J.   Innis,  S. c.-Tie.is.
V.  V. \.   I'!.   Irriill   .nines   ll.ull.    e\ce|i!
Su.i,I.n . al 10.30 a.m.
Leavea daily, except Sunday, al 3 p.m.
Stage Lines.
PUSS  Si w.i .
Leaves Keremeoa daily, except Sunday,
al noon, arrives al Hedley 3 p.m.
I.e.lies   lleillev   daily,   except    Suml.li.
at s.i.iti,, arrives at Keremeoa ''  i.ui.
Onrj through connecting itage between
Penticton, Keremeoa, Heole) >v Princeton.
|. f, ROV I K, Proprietor.
KSSSMI os  Hi in i \   M \u  Si w.i .
(ta aWmt m .mil ..in r Vp,,l I. I «n i
Leavea Keremeoa daily, except Sunday,
at I p.m.; arrives in lleillei at 5 p.m.
Leavea Hedley daily, except Sunday, al
7,i.m , arrlvea in Keremeoa a* 11 .i.m.
I). J, Innis, Proprietor.
Ki ki HSO<  I'l n i i ion  M mi  Si via-.
I eaves Keremeos for Penticton on Monday*, Wedneadays and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tucsilais, Thursdays snd Saturdays at 6 a, m., arriving in
Keremeos at noon.
\V. E. \\ 11 nv, Proprietor.
abated about a foot, anil the apprehension or uneasiness, with
which this annual event is always
looked forward to, is over lor this
Apart Irom some slight damage
Similkameen A^'ain Offers tll"K' -° unprotected grades on the
Himself ana Sacrifice. This railroad at a lew points along the
Time he Aspires for Higher ^ver, "ninjurv has resulted. There
Honors. *** some apprehension  ot' damage
irom driftwood  to  the bridge   at
billion tor competition. The member making ihe higheat score at a
shoot i.i hold the button lor the
week, aid at the close o!'the season
the tropin lo become the property
ot' the member having held it most
Arrangements   were   made  with
Messrs.   Mcausette it  Crooker to
supp'}' birds tO the club, and provision was made lor drafting teams
lor the Shatford C-tp competition.
In accordance with the above ar- ■ - wtrt detailed to watch
rangements the club held its first imoua choice to content that riding, |;„, everything b all right and the
regular practice shool on Monday m euccessor to W. A. Galliher, M.
afternoon at four o'clock. All the P. t in the Dominion elections. Two
old-time crack -hols, such as const- Other names, thos,- of F. D, Je ine
able Ewart, II. Meauaette andC. nnd G. O. Buchanan, were before
Thomas went down and out before the convention, and the motion to
the gun of a beginner, to wk, E. make the nomination unanimous
M. Crooker. Mr.Crooker will have was moved bj Mr. Deane .md seethe honor of wearing, on  the lapel onded by Mr. Buchanan.
ol'   his   outer  eoat,     an   Imaginary       Special advices   from   Nelson   lo
The Liberals iif Kootenay yesterday made Smith Curtis  their  uti.in-
rVrmstrong's   and   a   g*ftg    ot   men
train has made its regular  trips   on
schedule lime, except  on Tuesday,
when it was subject to a   short   dc-
lav, owing to a washout al a slough
about a mile below the bridge.
The flood this year is said by ci.!
timet s to have been about what usually occurs. About town no inconvenience has been experienced,
button (tbe real ono no) havingyel tko Times this morning stated thai The nrater that rose in the sloughs
arrived).    For fear of causing pan- the convention was one of the best  u„,lv;illlK i„.lii.J  ol, ,n   „K, m.
ic iii the camp ot the   present   hold-   *****   held   in the Kootenav.     Dele-   fa^
era of the Shatford Cup  we refrain 0**** preeenl   numbered 90,   and
from mentioning the top scores.        repreeented   I<><| nominating votes
lhe editor ol the Medley   via/cite   WI all.
conjures up all sorts   ol   unpleasant       Smith Curtis is  one ot   the   most
complications, likely to arise from "ridely aad favorably known Liberals
the provision in   the   Shatford   Cup   In this   district     lie   has   occupied
competition  which  permits a   cup aome of the best politicial positions
shoot being  made a feature of •' the province has had to offer, being Similkameen, according to the Star,
day's -pott held at anv    place  other   Minister ol Mines   when   the   prov -   is in a ipiandarv.     Princeton is hav-
than where the cup rests. While Ince was booming In 1'KXi-oi, Mr. ing a big two day's celebration on
such complications are possible they Curds has always stood for the j July 1st aivd 2nd, when it ts expect-
are not probable, and are outweigh- |l0s|  -*■ Liberal principles and tra- ed thai there will be a big gathering
ed bv the added interest which will ditions, and his ow n personal pop- of o'dlimers from all along llieval-
be lent to the sport In    having   trap   nl.uily   and   his   wide   circle ol ad-   ley and Hobbie  is   halting   between
shooting made ■ recognised feature mirers and friends throughout the natural inclination, to staj and anal    lhe    various    celebrations    held   Kootenay    make   his    election,    no  joy   the   sport,   and   parental   dull,
Irom time to time throughout ihe matter who is oppooed to him, prac- which requires his presence in Chili-
electoral division, tlcally an assured fact.    Greenwood  wrack at the marriage of his daugh
|.  R,  Brown and K.  Boeing, ttap    Times. tei on the tth.
Full range of men's, ladies' and
children's shoes al Shaw'a.
Fresh bread now kept constantly
on hand at the Keremeos restaurant.
Bobbie Stevenson, pioneer of the LOCAL NOTES.
Po*   hard   wear   try    tlie    l.eekie
shoes at Shaw's.
Several   ears    loaded   with    steel
rails arrived here on   Tuesday.
Ranche For Sale.
ttoo acres choice bench,  bottom  and
rang* land.    River frontage.    M milea
li om Keremeos, 2 miles Irom Oelmar Slat-
ion. Will sell all or part, t'.ood comfortable building) plenty of water for all t Inland; immediate possession if desired.
For particulars   write   R. C. or  Joseph
Armstrong, Keremeos, ll.C
Osoyoos Diviaion of Yale Land
Diatrict.   Diatrict of Yale.
It you use Five Roses   Flour you
will   always have   good   bread.     P.
,,■   , a t* Take notice that   I,   K.   tl.   Hankinson,
rumiet <v_ . o. ot   geresneos,   B.C.,   occupation   book-
.,,.... • • keeper, Intend lo apply  for permission to
Albert  MattiCS is Mining   a    sore   purehaw „„. ,o||ov.inK   described   lands:
hand and wrist, the result   of a UMI Cenansackaj  BI   s  post   planted  Ht   the
, ... ..,        •   , . south-east corner of  Lot   100,   tlienee   20
close intimacy with prickly   pear or . ohams   sou(1)    |lu.m.i,   >Cj   chains   west(
Slime Other unwholesome shrub. ! Ihencs 20 chains north,  thenee 20 chains
east lo point Ot commencement.     South of
A meeting Of ladies of the English    Lol t00, west of l.ot 42, north and  east of
... , •.,    .       ii,       ... ii     Osoyoos Lake.     Containing; twenty acres
Church   will   be   held   at Mrs. J. J.   mo,.;. ~ u,ss
Armstrong's rooms on Saturday af-i Kaaaam Guam Hankinson.
.  s     .  .     ,    ..      .. ' .      April 29, 1908. 14
ternoon at d o clock tor the put pose        ' 	
ot" organizing a Ladies' Guild. Similkameen District.
Miss   Nellie    Mattery    and    her      Take notice that I, Jean Aagus McDoa-
, t, ' .   aid, of Olalla, oceupation miner, intend  to
brother   Sam,   were   the   guests of | apply fer permission to purchase the fol-
Mrs. J.   E. Coulter   on Sunday aft- I toenai described land i  CoasaMacfcsg at s
.      . ,• i POSl planted at   the   north-west   corner of
entOOn, and atter attending   the WW-   lol lulmlK.r ,1^   thl.lu.,. norlh * ___+
ening service in   the   school   house  thence  east   7   chains,  thenee   south   3
ehains, thence west 7  chains   to   point   of
returned home.
Rev. A. P. Baker, Baptist minister at Penticton, and Rev. I). E.
Hatt, Baptist Missionary lor II. C,
were in Keremeos lor a short time
on Friday.     Mr. Hatt   was   on   his
commencement,    and   contains   .1   acres,
more or less.
John Asms McDonald,
Dated April I Ith, 1908. II
Yale Land District.
——sstsssststn   DIVISION.
Take notice thai Frank Richter, of Ker-
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
way to .irand Forks where   he  was   t.mi.os  n,nr|,„   lnU.ntK „ ilpp|v for ,„.,..
to take the services on Sunday. j mission to purchase the following descrih
ed land :     Commencing; al a post planted
Rev.   Mr. Cameron's horse, which   at the north-west comer of Lot 4.1, thence
, ■ ,        .    , c east  00 chains,   thence  north   10   chains,
was    absent   without   leave    tor    a   t|u.m,, Wl.s, M i.nains   t|u.mv JJ   »
couple of weeks,   was   recovered bv GkliM  to  point   of ,,onwn_n-vmrn.% and
E'i..    _j  u i        r                 l        i_ eontaininif  30   acres,   mort-   or   loss*   and
.Iwood Bromley  Iron, a   hunch   on i„cludin/.ha. piece of land lyini; north of
the mountain   north   of  Keremeos. Let AA, west of Lot 223, south of Let W,
u .  •     . ii ■ i        .• ,-   and east of Osovoos Lake.
He is a   walking   advertisement   of
, „ 1-KVNK Kiuitkk.
the excellent pasture on the   moun-      April IN, I90H.
Notice of Forfeiture.
John D. Kinder and J.   Fesser, ot" To K. it. Stack an.: mt} aotoot or sasj io whom
i-'n   i t?      , , Ilf  ma\   have  transnprrwl  any  interest  in   the
Nillaly,     ^ask.,     spent     two    days, "Black Diamond   mineral  claim.  .ituated  in
... | ,    ...    . , . Olalla Camp,  in tin- Osoyuua Piviition  of Yale
I uesdav and   Wednesday,   Viewing        Oamtmi
Ihe fruit lands in this district.     Thev   Y*£ "r* h,rft i'*1'"' 5 uU'' ,"oluv *S !
--J       *    have expended lor assessment and lor recording
represent a number of men  who are   ?my**'^*r^-wkJ!m *-*_-*****aaanl rialsnWttWM,
* —        being  the  expenditure   neeessary   to   enable   me   to
ready to invest in such land.     After   hM, SH _*__"nJ *_ A" f_*_9 "i*""^ '"
* eonInhut r your nharv itr proportion ot Men -'xrvndt-
impacting the lands In  half a dozen   <""■ l"s""">"i> •■» • _*_*__**,   Wi**
t m % fcs...    tail or reli.iH-to c.ntnbute   Mich  amount,   hi. lulling
of the  hest   districts    thev     sav    thai    •lJverli»inl{. within ninety (<*)( Ja>> of fimt publics,
oi tue nest  uistiicts    tney    saj    mat   i', M   'i|,| mil    h  it   If i iaTi   Tihiii.]      I
this district will he their first choice.   SS*J?i!SS _*_*,,'" ^J**J.*i"***\ j
******     under   the   pronsioni,   ol   the   " Mtnersl   -Vet   and i
Amending  V.I.
D. F. Jelly shipped a car   load of     -*f**** Uihli"> "'Mi,y ,9W-    _ M LvoN
potatoes vesterdav for the Partners'
Association.      The    shipment    was Not,C# of *»rtWturs».
- .       |       » ■     ■ x ii       i       i    ' To llMKI.KH Ku it i i-h .i nil .tn\ psfJMI or p»r»<>n» ttt
Consigned to J. ,\.   McDonald, deal- *b,mko_■■» haw liBMfaiwJ hh mi thinl in
ti-ri-Hl iii tin- 'KUor.ido" mineral d.iim, situ.iUil I
in the Olalla I amp. in tin.- Omivihn Divinion __f|
YaU- Diatrict.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
or at Nelson, and was made up hy
P. Richter. I). V. Jelly and J. K.
Shaw.      The    sale    was    made, on
\*Ol' art-   ruTi-hy   nquiriJ   to  laki-   notiu-   that
haw rktx'iwlt-il for .iim'tisment and for rt\ orilin
urtihialf o( Hoik M iln- 0m-t00 named . laim Jl'i.1
jaillllliuutllll lln.iiinli tii.. ,,,..,,.., -,( tana* lhe rspendlture ms-rssary lo enalile me lo hold
tOmmiSSIOIl, mtOUffn tne ageilc) Ol _aldelalm,and>ouarehereh, nsiuinxl to rtmlriliul*
ill..   r*mattm*ml   |.-.irin„rt'      Vsskasa.       .*'    Vour share or proportion ol'smh e.pi-ndilure.   v. In. li
tlu  _mti.il I armers    Hxcnattge   ot   .„„,„„„ i,,_,u. j. _,..e..ivthr.r dollar.iti.ati, ,,..
Revelstoke,   with    which   hoth   the
Keremeos   and    Nelson    ivxehan^es
•iro    iftili lli-.l Th..  nri.-i.   M-hi.h   ...III ' »i" "worn.-vested in me.  \..ur e.w>»ner.   under I Iv
BIS   .linil.lllU. ine  prill   «nieh   Will    pr;„ i.i,,,,, „| ,|„. "Mineial Aet and Amending Aels.
he realised is not yet known.
Do   not   accept   a substitute   tor
Five Roses Flour.    P. Richter & C"o.
Comfortable and commodious stabling- for teams.
Good rigs and careful drivers.
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Ifether silh sll BBBSi ol advertising. IT lou fail or
r, ' .v, In , oatfttssts su. h .imouut. ineludinK adver-
tising. within nineti PtOldavi nt first puhlieation ol
thin n.itiei in ih,   k.-i, in, o.  Ik i an I.  fOaff  ml.-rest
Ii.nr.lihi. I Hh ,l.,v ol M.n. u.*n
I.. M. Lvos.
The lin|H'rtiil I'erelieron Slalllon
It has heen reported that a ranch-; 4l.UK   I.SK*M71
er across the river has sown a hear-      Will make the Msseriag siamls  in the
i.iLr orchard with oats, a   larife per-   s"»;lk-'""'«'" _*)_*-..sen i
r.    r ai Refer a stable, aerenieos, afternoon
centaj;e   of   which   were   wild.      If sisl ivaiiiM, May tl, Jl. Jane % IK 27,
this is the case we   will   venture   lo  '"'.' \\}b.'. 2y    . ,   .,      .,   „    .        .„
Al Olalla,  tn^lit,   Mav  22,  11,  June  10,
name   a sick   man   when   it   comes   19, 2H, July rt, l", 26.
Terms.     To insure, $20 ; season,   $15 ;
single leap, $10.
TlIK   SOI maaS    Ok VN Vi, vs     I'KRl I1KRON
IIorsk Aksihiation.
tt J. T. I'ralher, Oroom.
harvest time. There may he room
for argument, though we think not,
.is 10 the adv isahility of trying for a
BTstio and fruit crop off the same
piece of land, but there can he no
excuse for a man deliberately polluting his ranch with the most noxious of all noxious seeds-   wild oats.
Mrs. Robert Armstrong, of the
Lower Similkameen, is spendini,' a
few weeks with her son William at
his ranch near Summerside.
Special attention to Commercial Men, Tourists and I.and-seekers.
Headquarters for all Stajje Routes.
l.ivery Stable in connection.
(iood table.      Lar^e, airy and comfortable rooms.
Free 'bus to and from all trains.
Tweddle & Reith,
Proprietors. WIND AND RAIN.
Damage Done During the First
Week in June waa Extenaive
in Various Placea.
Residents of the Similkameen,
who during the past week were
Complaining of the unusual and
persistent activity on the part of
zephyrs that sweep the valley, have
reasons to be thankful when thev
consider what was doing 00 the outside.
In Alberta the heavy rainfall during May turned the streams into
raging torrents. The How River,
On which Calgary is situated, overflowed its banks on June 5. On
Ilitrh River and at Mcl.eod the hifjh
water did considerable damage.
East and west of High River there
are washouts on the railroad of
several miles.
In Montana nearly every citv was
isolated. Helena was cut oil' from
the outside world and the Streams
on June 5th were still rising.
In Idaho there was heavy loss.
Orchards being swept away in
some instances and who'e sections
of bottom land covered under a deposit of sand and gravel.
The CP.R. track at West Mcl.eod, Alta., was swept away, and
St. Mary's bridge between Mcl.eod
and Lethbridge, was made a wreck
on the night of June 5th.
Looks Oood on the Prairie.
IC Home,   secretary   of   the   East
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Ity, which will have a most beneficial effect on the lumber district of
Itritish Columbia. Cranbrook Herald.
Tenders for Meat.
c. a. Mcdonald
Tenders lor moil supply for the Nickel
Plate mine lor one yoai eoninu-neino; Julv
1st, IMS) mil Ix- received bv lhe undersigned up lo Saturday, June 20lli.
n.iiv Heilsrlifla Ce.
lledlev, B. C
Kootenay Lumber Company, returned last week from an extensive trip
through tha provinces of Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Of
the crop prospects on the prairie
Mr. Home says he never saw them
looking better. There has been en-
OUgtl rain to put the ground in
good shape and if the crops fjet
through the month of June all rifrht
and are not injured by the slight
frosts thai usually come with the
full moon in August, Western
Canada will surprise the world with
its yield of jjrain. The acreage
this year is larger than last and if
the harvest averages up the   prairie
country, it will look >,'ood lo thous- Horse-shoeing a Specialty
anils of people. Owing to the
shortage in crops last year, naturally money is tight and business
rather slow, bul with success this
vear the three provinces will enjoy
an   unprecedented   era   of prosper-
of a
Lifetime !
Druggists and Stationers
Once jn a lifetime sometimes more than once Opportunity knocks at nearly every man's door, and if he is wise
he loses not an instant in opening the door, lor Opportunity
never linger* and never returns with the same gift. What
she is offering to-day in the Similkameen is an ideal home
easily seenred.    We are her agents.
And buy to the hest advantage. We will he pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
KEREMEOS, B.C. The Keremeos Trumpet
I'liMislusI M] l-'riJm ;.t Wat nll'uv,
Ki-n-nwns. Il.l'.
Sulis.'riptu'n $_'.(*) |  \,-;ir,   $1.(1(1  lor  six   months,
in ailx niU'i*.
AtlvcrlisinK K.itcs. Legal notiivs, l.V per line
lirst ins, nion, KV- per til,.- iMt'll subsequent Insertion.
l.;unl notices Certificates of improvement.et,.. IsVOO
broOstt) noliees, $5.1X1 for JOstsy notices. Contract
ilispl.iv .,..1 vfrlisiri_r. We.   per inch  pot Heck.    Tr;m-
sH-nt advertisements, waco t* Lost, Pouad, Wanted.
etc., not MMBSbYbS one inch. $1.(10 lirst insertion, or
three  insertions  for $J.(J0.    i.,val   realllllg notices,
Wa, per'
J. A. HROWN, Publisher
Notes and Comments.
fairs; rather the reverse, for the
l.aurier Government's term ol office
will soon expire with lapse of time.
If, however, the impression in the
east is correct, then the outlook for
Laurier is not bright. In Ontario,
for a house of 1(X>, only 17 Liberals
were returned, while in the last
house they held 28 out of the OH
seats. Still more ominous is the
fact that the Conservative wins
were mostly by increased majorities. In Quebec, the Liberal losses,
while not so striking, were considerable, the opposition being increas-
The    Keremeos    Fruit    Growers'
Association hold their next   regular
meeting on Tueedev evening, when ***  troni 7 * ,7'    Premier Gottln
among other questions that  will be """^"f mm defeated in  Montreal
brought up for discussion, is that
of sending a fruit exhibit to  the birr
nonunion Fair at Calgary, It is
argued by some that the fair is too
early to permit of a creditable exhibit being made. True, only a
very limited number of the manv
varieties of fruit which are grown
here will be mature by that time,
but what is early for the Similkameen will be as early or earlier for
the other fruit valleys, and we may
profit thereby. Even a small exhibit   of such   fruits   as   are   ready-
by   Henri   Bourassa.     Altogether
such a striking wave of opinion, extending over the two greatest provinces in the Union, will not he likely to produce cheerfulness in the
Liberal ranks at Ottawa,
A question that is of considerable
local importance just now is that of
church union. It should be much
more easily handled here than In the
numerous small towns in the east
where efforts more or less successful   have   been   made   to  do   away
services, j
Many ;m  Ontario village supports
or rather starves two  or   three   es-
___M with the needless and  costlv   dup'.i
mav be made to create quite an im- . '
j -r i .       i  ' cation of   buildings   and
pression, ami it accompanied hy .ul- _     t^T
vertising   literature   and a   man   in
charge,  competent   and   willing   to.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_—
■      , „■  , '   ..      tahlishnients,    practically    identical
give lull inlorriation concerning the •    r .
■ ui-.- .-   .1      in their religious   views,   when   the
resources   and   possibilities   ol    the s
ii i   .,      .   , ...   interests of  harmonv,   ol   economy
valley, so much the   better.    (treat   ■■*•"■"       v • ,, .
.. i t  .i •     r      and of  the general  good  would  bi
as are the   advantages   ot   this dis-   ■*""■ *" s f-
• .     ,      , ,      -n   t i-    better served bv one  properly   sup-
trict, its development will  be in di- ,v-",■    v • ,
.. . ..ported.       Here in the west,   where
reel   ratio   lo   the   enterprise   and   '
,     ...       ... .,.,       ...    ...        we are starting with a clean   sheet,
push ol its citizens.      Ihe   Similka- *
., .,        ,•      wheie people generally   are   hroad-
nieen, the same as   anv   other   dis-. tit.
.. ,      .■ '   ,     ,        ,   f  minded and   tolerant,   where   there
trict, must he   advertised   abroad if '
., ,•, , i-i are no ancient local prejudices, such
the stream ot homeseekers and in- '   '  .
,    ,      ,-      ,   i ,i ■ as are sure to grow   up   in   tin   old
vestors  is  to be directed this wav. *     .     '
\__\      ... ,.        ..'     community, we believe the majority
As no better  opportunity   than   the. ■
of Protestants of whatever denom-
Now Open for Business
Vsllir OXOTG is now ready for action, and we are
"at home" to visitors. You are cordially invited to
call and see our new croods whether you have present
need of purchases or not.
\sllir OlOCK includes Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Overalls, Caps, Shirts, Stationery, Fruit and Confectionery, Flour, etc.      Doors and Windows (cedar).
OUT RGSX3.Ur3.nX is now open. For a good
wholesome meal jr'ive us a call.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. KEELER.
(Opposite tin*  KmMMOT I-.uhI (.'ompanv'* OtVu't*.)
a Specialty
present one is likely to   occur,  residents   of  the   Similkameen   should
ination   would   be willing to join  in
make   the   most    -in.     It is some-  *"PPort''>K one church.    Since Mr.
thing in which everyone should take
an interest and lend a hand to help
along. Ranchers having fruit which
they consider will be ready for exhibit by the end of the month are
requested to notify the President of
the local Fruit Growers' Association,  Mr.  D.  P. Jelly,  on   or   before
Tuesday next, or if the information
is left at this office il will  be received and handed in.
The general election-, which were
held both in Ontario and Quebec on
Mondav were lor several reasons of
much more  than   usual   interest   to
Jones has left this circuit Mr. Cam
eron is willing, we understand, to
arrange for services here every Sunday, which should suffice till the
districl becomes more populous at
The Saturday Sunset of Vancouver has just completed its first year.
Even in this ihort time it has taken
a place among the leading journals
of the province, and if the proprietors maintain the independent stand
which thev have so far taken, and
continue to express their opinions
on mailers of public interest without fear or favor, a great success
people of the other Provinces.     I\,r   awai,s   „K.m       T|u.v   n.|vtf   c)o.|r|v
one   tMng,    lhe   lad   of their being   demonstrated .he ne, cssarv business
held on the same day was  sufficient   ;,bi,it>. .||w| l.„er^
to attract more than usual attention -o
to both. Uui chiefly on account of! In order to force the Ottawa
the tacit understanding that they Government to withdraw objection-
were to be to a considerable degree able clauses in the Aylesworth Hill,
a VOtO Of Confidence Or the reverse the opposition is balking the passing of estimates, and as a result,
custom's and postal officials have not
yet received tneir last month's salary.    W.    M.    Frith,   collector  of
We wish to announce to the people of the Similkameen
that we have opened a Hardware and Tinsmith Shop at
Kkrkmkos, where we will carry a full line of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paints and Oils,
Orchard and Garden Tools,
Miners' Tools,
Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery, etc.
Tinsmithing in all its branches a specialty.    Give us a
trial.     We guarantee satisfaction.
First-Class Harness.
Easiest of Saddles.
Dusters    I;.
in the Ottawa Gov eminent, was the
result awaited with such anxiety.
Yet there appears to be no good
reason why the  electorate   in these
than   in any other  local elec- j Oominion tithes here, says he never
tions, should have   in   mind   an   expression   ot opinion   on   Federal al-
took as much interest in politics before.
Harnessmaker and Shoemaker.
Lamest Stock in the Valley. Everything In the Harness Line. Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each     I LOCAL NOTES.
Miss May Smitheran has contracted I cartel fever.
Mr. B. Nickle has heen angaged
as   hook-keeper   by   the   Keremeos
I.anil Co.
Alfalfa liekls are now being cut.
This is from one to two weeks later
than usual for the lirst crop.
Mrs. Jackson and daughter, of
Hedley, were in Keremeos on Tuesday on .their return from a trip
south on the V. V. & K.
I.. \Y. Shatford, M.L.A., and I.
I.. DeardorfT, road supervisor, are
making a tour of the electoral district of Similkameen. They are
expected to he in Keremeos today.
Strawherries are now ready for
the market and it is stated that the
extravagant prices which have prev -
ij-.is'y r.i'eJ will be prettv nearly
cut in two this seaso 1 so that all
may partake of the delicious fruit.
Mr. Jelly's two-acre patch is heavily loaded.
In a recent issue it was announc-,
ed thai II.  P.  Nelson was to he succeeded by Jack McKenzie as   driver
for    Welhv's    Stage.       Since    then
other arrangements have heen made
and   we   are   pleased   to learn   that
Nelson is to hold the job.
Who knows anything about harness aud saddles except the harness-
maker ? It pays him to supply von
with the right goods. C ome and
get your harness and saddles before
they are all sold. Large assortment of whips, bits, spurs, brushes,
oils, axle grease, etc.    C.V. Prosser.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ilespelei of
Summerland, spent the week end in
Keremeos, the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. P. Richter. Mr. llespeler is
as delighted as ever with the Si-
niilkamecii, and we are pleased to
Itarn thai there is a reasonable possibility, some day, of numbering
them among the residents of our
Every man or youth who can
swiu(,r a baseball bat is requested to
be on the   athletic   grounds  tomor-
row  (Saturday)  evening at   seven
o'clock sharp, when lull team practise will be held. It is the intention ol the Keremeos team to compete in the ball tournament at
Princeton on Dominion Day and
some good faithful working out is
neccss.tr) before that date. \n
order for uniforms of grey, trimmed with maroon, has been sent to
Vancouver, and the suits are expected to arrive in time for lhe
I..   I..   Work of Conconully,  the
premier   hanker   of  the   Okanagan
County, Wash., was in Keremeos
on Wednesday between trains with
a party of friends, who represent
considerable capital and are looking
for a favorable spot to MgagV In
teal estate. Mr. Work is an old
acquaint ance of Mr. Kichter's, from
whom he onee purchased a herd of
S00 Cattle.     He is president   ofthe
l-'irst National Bank of Oroville,
and   of the  Commercial  Hank   at
Conconully. With him on his visit
here   were   T.    M.    Huntington   of
Gordon Neb., Fred Hoy! and A.M.
Modisett of Rushvill Neb., and J.
K. Reid of Hay Springs Neb. The
parly were very favorably impressed with the Similkameen as a field
to operate in.
Got our prices for Hour, rolled
oats, bran, shorts, etc. We buy in
carload lots and our customers gel
the benefit. Keremeos Commercial
The provincial government has
decided to issue no licenses to const ruction camps along the line of
the (irand Trunk Pacific. A f.re;it
many applications for the privilege
of selling liquor have been received,
but all have been refused. This is
a policy which the government intends to continue as long as unsettled conditions attendant on construction work  prevail.
The Hedley Ciazetle last week
makes a vigorous protest against
the irregular manner in which the
Coast dailie are delivered at the
office there. What's the use Major/ We have been kicking like a
Texas steer swallowing a cactus
over the way mail from the north
is delivered here, and only last week
we received from Vernon a communication, intended lor publication, which was eight days in teach-
in;; ns. The envelope bears the
following post marks: Vernon, My.
.10; Penticton, My. 30; Keremeos
Centre, (not legible): Keremeos St.
Jnn. (>. 'The communication was
interesting enough at the time it
was written, but when it reached
here it was too stale to throw in the
waste basket.
"Royal Household" flour, Og'd-
vie's best brand, for sale at right
prices. The Keremeos Commercial
Complete line of staple and fancy
groceries always on hand.J. R.Shavv.
Editor Lowery, of the Greenwood
Ledge, arho is writing a series of
vtry  entertaining  articles  for   his
own paper and for Saturday Sunset, describing a trip through the
west, iii his last issue touches on
Keremeos, which he says looks to
him like a spot in Mexico, with its
abundance of cactus, and li^ht
snow and rain fall. Other bits of
information that struck him were
that Keremeos should eventually be
a paradise for Vancouver people;
that in lime it will he one of the
greatest fruit glowing sections iii
B. C.; that T'rank Kichter, who resembles an Austrian army general
on full pay, is the oldest settler;
and other well known facts, including that the Tkimi-kt is one of the
most Creditable publications in the
mountains. On the whole, Mr.
Lowery, like most other discerning
visitors, seems to have got a very-
lav orablc impression of lhe lown.
It will pay to inspect Shaw's shoe-
stock before purchasing.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps. ,
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily rilled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
And Builders' Supplies.
In dealing in Building Lumber and all kinds of
Building Material we have the advantage of krot,mkr
our supplies direct from the mills, and can therefore
retail at most favorable prices.
Estimates of Cost Cheerfully Furnished to
Intending Builders.
A large stock of Rough and Pressed Lumber, Dimensions, Lath, Shingles, Sashes, Doors, etc., etc.,
always on hand.
Contracts for all kinds oi buildings in town and
Country promptly executed.
Contractor and Builder,
KEREMEOS. To Destroy Cut Worms. inJl,ry m domestic *-*****> -* *><-
I trcniely rare; and,   although   I have
A Mixture  of Bran   and Par„ >en on the watch for  any   trouble
Green Said to be Effective.       of this sort for. *»*y *****> I do not
know   of   a   single   instance   when
"The most remarkably effective Pou,lr.f have been poisoned, without
remedy against cut worms" says diu,ht- b>' eatintr Poisoned bran put
the Semi-Weekly Okanagan "is the [ °llt for cllUvwms- However, there
poisoned bran mash which has late- j wiM be nli,n>' evasions when plants
ly come into such wide use. This 'in gardens may be protected by put-
is made by mixing half a pound of I li"tf out lhe poisoned bran in small
Paris groan with fifty pounds 0fj heaps and then covering- these up
Slightly moistened bran. In mak- wi,h ■ PieCt-1 of shingis or other
fog this, it is best lirst to dampen c-overin»;. so that the material can
some of the bran slightly with wat- j luU -* IP" ;it by stray chickens or
er containing a little   sugar.     After  °,hL'r poultry.
mixing thoroughly, add the Paris It has also been asked whether
green by dusting it on the surface •-*** is **9 Oww**g of plants ab-
and Stirring all the time. We have j *******§ Paris given from the mix-
found that when Paris green is add- ,,,re •*•" P'aced near their roots,
ed to perfectly dry bran, owing to ln ***** lo ,his- il is ***** necessary
its weight, it will   sink   at   once   to I *° Poil"   ****   th;lt   Pilris   0****    is
The deed for lots 16 and 17, in Tuesday, and was at once sent to
block 36, was delivered by Mr. , Lawer J. I). Swanson, Kamloops,
Armstrong to Kev. Mr. Cameron on j to be registered.
For sale at a bargain—a  number
ett fruit   lots   with   trees planted
Keremeos Land Company.
the bottom when stirred, in tin-
same way that it does in water.
Half a pound of Paris green is
anough to poison fifty pounds of
bran, although double this amount
may be used. If the mixture is too
wet, more dry bran should be stirred in till the mixture will crumble
easily and run through the Angers
without adhering.
When  required lor garden use,
all that is necessary is to sprinkle a I
little   of  the   poisoned   mixture  by  GENERAU    BLACKSMITH.
hand   around such plants   as are li- |
able   to   attack.     When   crops   are
planted in drills or in   rows, a   con- j I lOKSKSHOKING
venient way is to make the mixture   CaMIAOI BlIl.DINi;,   RkI'AIK-
practically  insoluble   and   therefore
cannot be absorbed by the plant."
rather dry and then distribute it   bv
leans   of  a    Planet   Jr.    or   other
ING AMD Paintinc.
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Ths Imported French loach Stallion
wheel seeder. In field practice,
among such uloaa growing crops as
Standing grain, which are sometimes injuied by the Red-hacked
Cutworm, the poisoned bran remedy is also servicable.
The mixture can he distributed by
means of a paddle or shingle and
can be thrown   easily   to a distance j
When   distributed!,,.       __-aa---m^^^^^^^^^^^^^m
' # rnze-ivinner at  llie   I.iv.it   t entral  Slum
ifl this way there is much   less dan* I nl Paris. I'Uk..
ger of chickens and birds picking it I     ,b''i  tmmit hij.li,   mWUfA   IMS,    Dark |
. ., .    .       .        , .     . I hav,   star,    snip,    both   limil    fool   white,
up than if it is placed in lumps. ,.•,,.,,,.,! M;l>  ,„  m,_    ^ ,„.  M   , onis
The question of danger from Ihis   BsBaard,   Department    of   La   M.-mche. j
. , . I Sired by Iln- Oovcrmncnl   stallion   Tavet-
poisonous  bait  is  one which must  nv d.un „,.„,„.,„. ,„. Ca^ertmm, 2nd dam
he heeded  by   correspondents,   and
some instances ol   the   poisoning of
l.tsetle hi Orphan, .Ul dam by Niianor.
Route tor ssasos ol I'MIS :
Monday   Noon si Wat, Maacry's, nijjhi
poultry   where   il   has   been    used,   ;i1 WehHs-'s Lower Ranch.
. luosdav     Moon Si Kinip, nijflil al l-air-
M-emed to be justly   attributable   to   vj,.„..
Wednesday   Neon si T ravers', Myers'
Plat, sight at Okanagan l-'ails.
Thiirsitai     \i_hi at  Iht.on Ingle's.
Friday     Afternoon aiul evening al D. J.
Innis' barn,   Keionloos.
Saturday     Noon   at    Charlie    Allison's,
IsigtM at D. J.  Innis'n barn, lledlev.   Hack
------------------------------IJJJ--------------IJJJ. t.i headquarters,   D. J. Innis'   barn,  Kerr-
try do so much harm to plants   lhat   „„.„,, Sunday night
thev should   never   be   admitted   at      hums    [o last*-*, tIB mmtlant at tsntak
RSSUSSS tit   I*'*   ■**■.    Isil.lM.r    .It    ,'ltll   Of    VMIMHl).
the time ot vear when cutworms OC-   SMsfsipWnwh.   l«s«sW eaaotoam nmam
Ifl  Is-   ftjtunsM   rsjpilsfl)   ,lun»_   Iln-   ..-.nen   er
cur   injuriously and Only   at  special   _otattbat9orf*mf*mt\mwt*rWm In Wot at wot,
' ' ttotaa m owwott ri.k.
their having eaten some of it. As
ii rule, there is little danger from
this cause. The quantity used is
so small that it is not noticed by
poultry; and then, in gardens, poul-
Siinilkamccn Valley
French 1'oaeh Horse Association.
M.Mlin I .tr<H.ill.-h. linsmv
Similkameen District.
Take   notice   that   I,   Percy   Murks,   of
times of year when there are no
crops to injure. If, howeiei, there
should be a had infestation by cutworms and there is by no means oi
barring   out   or  driving   away   the
chickens,   Ihe    owner    of    the    Crops [ Keremeos, hotel keeper,   inlend   to   appli
must decide whether he will lose Ma 5* ____**__* *?*___? ""' *******
ilesit'ibeil  lands i     l-.ijfhtv  seres,    torn-
crop or take special  means   of   pro-   Biaclag   at a posi  planted  al   the noith-
tecting his  chickens.    The  experi-; **_*. ****** "' ** *****  l***** *****  **
■ r I chains,   thenee    west   21)   chains,    thence
ence of a great   many   people   who north m chaina.
have used this remedy without tak- I'kri v Makks,
' . Locator,
ing any special precautions,   is that      Dated June 10th, l<M8. \2
Builders and Contractors
l.ime,  Cement, Cement  Hloeks and  Brick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Kstiniates jfiven for all and every kind of Cement Work
anil Building generally.
Write us lor prices. Distance no object.
The Big Store.
The Keremeos Commercial Co. announca to the
people of Keremeos and the Valley generally that  they  have  now
got their stock iu place and are ready for business.
Believing that the development oi the Valley now demands a
more complete and up-to-date mercantile service than has vet
been available, we are putting in a stock so complete, so varied
and of such quality as lo satisfy the most exacting.
This stock comprises the following depart ments I
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Our Prices are strictly moderate.. With adequate resources, and buying Ln large quantities, we are able to get goods
on the most favorable terms. Our customers will (fat the full
benefit of these terms, lor we are not here to make a stake in a
hUtTy, but to establish a large and permanent business.
"Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat
Look over our stock and gtt prices.
Keremeos Commercial Go LOCAL NOTES.
Mian, shorts and wheat at the
right price.     F,  Richter & Co.
1-1. M. Crooker is erecting a temporary dwelling on his lots in town.
C. A. McDonald leaves today for
a trip tO points on the Okanagan
John Sawyer, of Armstrong, is in
town, aud if he can find employment
to his liking will remain here.
Miss Relta Kirby, who has heen
attending Ladies' College at Spokane, is expected home today. Miss
Violet went to Oroville to meet her.
The Keremeos baseball team has
received an invitation to compete in
a tournament   al   Oroville July 3rd
and 4th.
Do not be taken by surprise.   Buy
■ screen door and be ready for them.
We   have   different  designs.      F. I
Richter A Co.
If you are planning a trip to the
mountains this summer be sure and
take a sack of Five Roses Flour and
you will be happy.    F, Richter & Co.
The Church and Manse Building
Board passed the grant oi $300 for
our church. This amount will not
be paid until the building is completed.
Dr.    II.  A.    U'hillans   oi   lledlev'
was in town on Monday accoinp.tilling   an   injured man whom   he   was
sending to the hospital   at   Spokane
for treatment.
The Dominion Copper Company
will resume work at their mines at
Phoenix next week, giving emplov-
ment lo about 200 men in mines
.unl  smeller.
ll. A. Lafferty, manager ot the
Bank of Hamilton at Nicola, and
R. I.. Clark ofthe same place, spent
Tuesdaj in Keremeos, leaving for
the outside v ia the V. V. & K.
The secretary of the Keremeos
School    Board   has   received  notice
from the  Department of Education
lhat lenders for the erection of the
new building here are being asked
lhe Rev.   A.   II.   Cameron  will
hold Divine Service in  the Kerenie-
o* Hall on Sunday June 14th, at 11
a. m. "A Question oi Profit and
Loss"   will   be   the subject    of   his
Programs are out for the Dominion Day celebration at Princeton on
Julv 1st and 2nd. Baseball and
horse racing will occupy lhe first
day, and athletic spoils, drilling and
Unfinished horse races the second.
9100 prim arc offered for baseball
and for the free-for-all race on the
second day.
\\ . J. Brown returned to the city
on Saturday last after a 3 weeks'
run through Alberta. Mr. Brown's
trip on this occasion was for the
UUrPOae of viewing lhe crop conditions. He found the prospects for a
•j^ood harvest excellent, and the settlers most optimistic;   but   the eyes
of all seem lo have turned   towards
British     Columbia.     Grand     Forks |
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Mancry of
the Lower Valley passed through
town yesterday on their way to
The   musical   part   of the service
last Sunday vv as so much appreciated by the Rev. Mr. Cameron that
he is likely to arrange to hold service in the ball instead of in the
school  house on Sunday evening.
W. |. Stover, who has been attending the funeral of his wife at
Sheridan, Wyoming, returned to
Keremeos on Tuesday.   On his way
Eastern Townships Bank.
Head Omcs, ..       Shkkbrooki, Qumc.
Capital and Reserve,
Saving's Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and  upwards  received,  subject   to no delay  in  withdrawal ot all  oi   any portion.
Keremeos Branch.
J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
back   he   was   subjected    to    many |
delays owing to wash-outs on  the
The hot wave on Sunday and
Monday caused a rapid rise in the
waters of the Similkameen. It was
followed by refreshing showers
which COOled the air and in some
places gave the thirsty land quite a
A meeting of the residents ofthe
vicinity oi Ketetneos will he held in
the lown Hall on Saturday, 20th
inst. at two o'clock, for the purpose
of discussing the matter of a new-
grave yard.     All   interested   kindly
remember the date.
Hjf. Swan of lleillev, who has the
Contract of erecting the new bridge
here, is at present engaged in installing the machinery at the Golden Zone Mine, but expects to be
through before the river subsides
and conditions are favorable for beginning work ou the bridge. In
the meantime Dick Boeing oi lledlev is acting' as deputy for him here,
securing- supplies of lumber and
looking after the unloading of it
and other material.
When in Penticlon you are
invited to call and see our
stock. It is first-ctaSS and
up   to  date   in   every line.
Watches, Chains, Brooches, Pins, Clocks,
EngagraMnl Kin^s, Wedding Rings,
Diamonds, Bracelets,  Cut Class,
Meet sell.mm Pipes,Siller \i.n e,
Sleiliiu. Sthrt i  Toilet Sels,
.mil General Jewelry.
Optical Work i>> Iks latest  sppsV
.mi . N !.ne\l 11 to llie pi el'essien.
Watch*aMkiiur, J. uelri  Work sad Re*
psiring ;t spe» i.ilii.
I  selu il   l em   p.ill onsgs.
Frank Richter & Co.
Dealers in General Merchandise.
We have the most complete stock in Keremeos, and are able to supply your wants at bed-rock prices.
Dry Goods,
' Harness,
Miners' Supplies
Coppley, Noyes & Randall's Clothing,
The Leading Brand of Clothing in Canada.
,'JtW It is less than a month since we received our last car of
',\WF~ Five ROSeS FlOUr, and we will have another car on
n*~-  order due to arrive about the  first   of July.     This  speaks
for itself.    Five Roses leads ;tii others.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Hav and Grain Store in connection. Seed Wheat and Itailcv  lor sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
Regintrai el Marriage Ltcsasss,
Residence at Old  Townsite or
Inquire at thia Office.
Workmanship ami fit guaranteed.
Spring samples just arrived.
See us before placing your Order tor a Spring Suit.


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