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Keremeos Trumpet Mar 27, 1908

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■v^uTve Ass,
WAR 31 '1908
Vol. I.
No. 1
A Sketch of the Great Fruit and Mining Valley Its Location,
Resources and Opportunities The Town of Keremeos,,the
Risng Metropolis and Railway Centre of the Valley.
In   this,   the   lirst   issue    of   the and latterly  in  the enormously   In-
Tkimpkt,    while   introducing   our- creased   value   of  their lamls  since
selves   to   the   people ot" Keremeos they   came   into   demand   lor   fruit
and the Similkameen Valley, we he- culture,     ll  is  probable that   these
lieve that there can be no more  lit- ranchman of lhe early   days    such
ting   time   of   letting   the   outside as Frank Richter. the  Columbus of
world know something of the town the Valley, who came in more than
and   its   situation   and   of the  sur- forty years ago; and after him  Bar-
rounding country aad its resources, celow, Surprise,   Lowe,   Daly,   Mo
present and prospective, those that Curdy, Mattery, Armstrong, Sin-
are developed and the vastly threat- cliiir, and a few others it is prober ones that only await the hand of able thai they had little notion of
man to bring forth riches. the destined use of their pasture
Not so very many yeara ago the lands, or that ths area of land thai
thought of "pioneering' was some- then supported a steer would some
thing to be shuddered at by the day support a family in comfort,
li nid, and possessed allurements True, thev grew a little fruit, in a
onlv for the hold, strong, adventur- desultorv Way, for their own use,
ous and ambitious. For this there and in later years found more or
eras good reason. Tha U.E. l.ova'- teas of a market among the miners
ists who penetrated the unbroken and lumbermen. As time passed,
forests of Ontario, or the band of and one after another variety of
hardy Scots, who followed Selkirk fruit met with unvarying success,
across the Hudson's Bay, and pitch- even with the very little care and
ed their lodges on the banks of the attention thai «vas accorded to it as
Ked River Of the North, laced very a side line, it became apparent that
retil hardships, and oflimes dan- to fruit belonged the future, thai
gers. Not until lhe railway became the ranch must sone dav give amy
the forerunner of settlement was to the orchard and garden. In the
such a thing known as "pioneering meantime the only profitable crop
made easy". And now in these kit- was the crop thai could be "made
ter days, such are the resources of to walk out," cattle to wit. For
civilization, settlers on virgin soil in fruit there must be a market  and  it
this Valley,  which but   yesterday must be accessible.    The settlement
was known only to the   prospector, of the prairies and ihe development
the hunter and the rancher, actual- of mining and lumbering have cre-
ly come to escape from rather than ated a great and evergrowing mar-
to seek the strenuous life. To an ket, railways have made it acccs-
easterner the notion of taking up a sible, and now King Fruit is coming
few acres of wild land  in order to into his own.
therefore, presumably, a climate a at the Provincial Exhibition at New
shade milder even than those fam- j Westminster last fall. When it
ous districts. The natural climate, ; is remembered thai B. C. has of
that is: the climate as applied to ag-| late years taken first honors at the
riculture'VOU make for   yourself  to ; Horticultural    Show    in    London,
suit, from the constant factor of sunshine and the controllable factor of
water drawn by gravitation from
the never failing streams. Sheltered by several ranges of high mountains from the cold winds of the
eastern plains, we are yet near
enough to the sea to get the benefit
of its moderating influence while at
where all the world competes, it
it must be conceded that in the line
of horticulture the Similkameen is
one of the best of spots in the best
of Provinces.
As the traveler passing through
the seemingly limitless seas of
wheat on the prairies is sometimes
inclined to wonder where there can
be people enough to consume it all,
so there are people who are apprehensive that fruit-growing may be
overdone. So much can be grown
on so small an area, they say, that
if whole districts are made into orchards the market will be glutted.
But when the situation is intelligently examined it will be seen that
the supply is far more likely to remain behind than to reach or exceed the demand for a very long
time to come; for the area of supply
is strictly limited and the area of
demand is an enormous one. The
fruit-growing district of B. C. is
confined to the southern and southwestern part of the Province I lie-
land desi ribed as ,i sea of mountains. In this sea nestles an archipelago of valleys which, as if to
compensate for their relatively limited area, are as rich and inviting
as   the   mountains   are  rugged and
Causes and Results.
the   same   time   sheltered   by other forbidding.     Nature here   has   con-
high mountains from the   disagree- centraled in spots lhe favors that in
able dampness that prevails   at   the j level lands   she scatters   mora spar-
coast, ingly and evenly, an acre here being
The   pests   that   work   havoc    in valued   at   ten   or   tweniy times as
niiiny fruit countries are entirely un- much   as   equally   accessible prairie
known   here,   and  it   is confidently land.     For   the market     it is  here,
hoped  will  never he allowed to gel ready and waiting.    There are first,
;i foothold.     Natural conditions are I ths   half  a   million or so  of British
a I    favorable    for    preserving   the Columbians, than  whom   there   are
health of trees and vines    it dry at- no equal number ol people anywhere
It is so much the custom of writ- rmosphere and clean friable  soil; for more able and willing to buy luxur-
ers in speaking of a new and  prom-   it la in dampness lhat ths  worst   ol ies.     Second,   and most  important,
ismg kind to   use   language thai  the ills thai afflict the grower have ars the vast prairie Provinces, arhich
sounds,   and  often  is,   exaggerated   their stronghold. are as little suited for fruit-growing
to dwell on the advantages and     Besides this, the Provincial Gov- m they are aa well suited for grain-
ignore or gloss over the dia what hi  eminent,   on   the   sound   principle grow ing, and which can never sup-
that   most   of  such    descriptions   that an ounce of prevention  is bet- pry themselves on any   considerable
aw very properly taken with A grain ter than a pound ol cure, basis Male with any kinds except, perhape
of salt.    And yet, when you come force n rig^ia system of inspection, the hardy varieties of berries. These
tO examine ihis particular corner of  and   will    allow BO plants lo be im - Provinces form the largest and best
While the Valley of the Similka- Cod's footstool,  in regard to  its ported into the Province without be- importing market for northern and
meen  has,   until  the present  move-   specialty   of  fruit  growing, anyone   ing first tumigated al the frontier to sub-tropical fruits in the world, ex-
ment of the settlement began, scar- maybe safely challenged to point destroy any possible disease.    Ke- cept Great Britain, and perhape, the
cely   known   the   plow,   yet   il   hits  out any single  particular in   which , cently an inspector who found sonic north central States.     They WSJ tar
been for several decades the home   any other region  surpasses it, or to
live on it in comfort and comparative luxury, sounds absurd; but that
is exactly what is being done here
bv thousands. Where neither the
rigors and uncertainties of climate,
lhe    obstruction    of    stumps     and
■tones, nor the isolation of far er at
tered settlements confronts him, the
way   of  the  new-comer is surely a
safe and easy and pleasant one.
The Early Daya.
of a few ranchmen whose  eelf-deni- point out ■ single drawback   worth
til   tf it can be called such   inmak- noticing, and on the other hand it
ing their homes in a remote and se- possesses advantages nowhere else
eluded    wilderness,    has    brought enjoyed except  in adjoining valleys
them   wealth  twice over; first from similarly    situated.     As   compared
the great  herds   of cattle that   fat- with the Okanagan or the   Koolen-
tened   with   little   care or attention ay,   the Similkameen  is a little lur-
OU the rich bunch grsae thai covers ihur south, hits a little less altitude
the   valley   and the lower benches, and is a liltle neiirer the se:i, having
VOUHg trees that had been brought ' distant from any other source of
over lhe border without being en- supply, their population is increas-
tered lor inspection and treatment, ing by leaps and bound, their bor-
at on. e Ordered them to be pulled der marches with ours. It is plain-
up and destroyed As an evidence ly the decree ofnatiirelh.it Southern
of the | liility of Keremeos products H. C. shall be the orchard for the
it may I e mentioned that anVxhibit great grain-farm of Central Canada)
made ) Frank Richter (whose or- and the farm is so \ :ist that the or-
ihiinl but :i side line to bis ranch- chard is small in proportion to it.
ing) « " M prizes out of 2.1 entries] [CoaUassd .•" Page 2.\ K3re_neos,;;:' Similkameen
[Continued from Page l.[
Besides these are all the markets of
the    world   for    canned    goods,    tn   -_ ,.,„ip|v sullicc.    The  most   convenient
which,  from the quality of her    pro- I of these lor development   of  power is the
riches in amtat for nd purposes, lf the
Similkameen,   Itself,   were  harnessed   it
Would yield power lo supply half a province; hut th.it is ii matter for the more or
less distant future. l'or present needs
Sad for HMg to come the tributary streams
ducts and her favorable geographical position, the Pacific Province
should oasilv take a leading place.
Outlets by Road  and Rail.
One of the attractive features of
Keremeos is its advantageous position for shipping. To reach the
prairies by a short and direct route,
which is ii leading desideratum for
the marketing of the more perishable products. The Victoria, Vancouver and Eastern branch of the
Croat Northern is now built through
I,% KoremeOS and graded for some
distance further up the Valley, and
though its main line eastward runs
for most of its length a little south
of   the   international   boundary,    it
penetrates Canadian territory by
nearly a do/en '.pur lilies tu different
points.        Tlie   wnrk   of   completing   the
V. V. .v K. through to Vancouver Is  pro.
greasing steadily and must he Injahed, according lo the Company*' charter, within
.wo ye.us' time.     When completed  this
line w ,11 lie made .'i link in tin* traiiscoti-
tiiieul.ii route and Keremeos will then be
(Hatan! from the Coast only 1S.S miles. A
still more direct route to the prairies is the
Crow's Nest line of the C. V. K. the
Crow's Nest branch it is e died now, but
it will undoubtedly become the main line
of lhe tfroat system when the central seetion  is   completed, .superseding the old
Ashnola, which tumbles into the Similka-
ineen aboul eighl miles abeVS Keremeos.
Here power is available for lighting and
and all other purposes, Including muting,
sufficient for the whole valley.
For th»' miner with capital the Similka*
meen has many opportunities. The valley
has been pretty well prospected and many
rich claims of gold and copper loealed,
but lack of railway facilities and lack of
capital have postponed their development.
However, several bugs mini's are in successful operation, notably the Nickel Plate
ill Hedley, tlie Dolphin at Olalla, the
Steinwinder at Kail view, and others,  and
with the extension Of the railways and
development of electric power a large in-
dustry may be expected to arise.
The Town of Keremeos.
In pre-railway limes   Keremeos, as lhe
natural centra of ths valley, flourished as
;i village, meetiiuc the limited reon'rements
of the ranchers, prospectors and   hunters.
Tho building of the railway led to the
laying out of a town site on an  ambitious
scale by tlie Keremeos Land Co., with the
station   as   its   centre,   and   it    is   in   this
direction that the mosi development will
naturally lake place.    The distance of a
mile or so between the two  see! ions  is an
inconvenience at  present, but  when the
intervening land is subdivided into fruit
lots and placed upon lhe market lhe gap
will soon be filled, and when Ibe two
rival MCUOM of the lown now exist we
may look for one harmonious whole, with
tbe ouUying portion forming an ideal real*
c. a. Mcdonald
Over Two Thousand Acres of Choice
Fruit Land
In the Keremeos  District,  the
Hub of the Similkameen Valley
roundabout route by way of the Fraser  Oential place.
RiVCr.     The Crows Nest line is now eom-        The   sudden   aecess   of   -..owlh   of  the
p'eied as lai-as   N cola  on   lhe   west  and   Unvn •__ denied opportunities in all  lines
Midway oa (he east, and when ihe re- Lf im.ri.,.mtj|e business, many of Which are
m lining link is finished, two greal main
bu. will Haul-. - l.ie N.niiikaineen, wliich
on account of its   low   altitude   and   ease
grades forms an advantageous  railway
pass through the mountain barriers.
The vigorous eltor.s ol the   C. N. K. lo
ili iw Canadian business, as shown by Hs
tilled, iis may be seen by reference  lo our
advertising columns ; others arc spoken
lor and about to be tilled ; and still others
remain for live and capable business men
lo step into tbe   "good will" ol a business
without baying It    \ bakery is Wanted,
and a furniture and  .  ili.iu-l-m.ik.nn   shop,
active building to Canadian territory, on j —__ w elnsja, hisrsirj, and some mhm
the one hand, .and lhe perennial enterprise __,  ,|U,IV   .,,.,.   |)lr.u.,,s   >v|   „   |„,   aa**,
Of the C P. R. 00 the   other   hand,   should Tbe.se wishing lo secure land,   whelhe,   in
ens-ire a   Lively   competition   lor   business |,ir<e or small parcels, ma>   -gH  full  infer-
and a good sen ice for shippers. Million from J. J. . \i instrotu,',   manager of
Extent of irrigable Land.        *sKsrssssssLead Co... or from c.  \.
McDonald and Goo,   Lawrence,   of ihe
As has been stated, the cultivable i
in ibe valleys ol Southern Hriiish Columbia
is vary small ensnared with the greal en-
laat of the country.   Of those valleys tbe
largest and most important are lhe Kootenay snd Ihe Okanagna, now  well settled
ami saUMBg lhe   niosl   prosperous   rsjgiOOS
in al! Canada    Nexl to these iu area,aad
their equal or superior in id) other respects, is ihe Similkameen, the " I.as-
West" of lhe fruit country, where it is
still possible tO gel in on the ground lion.
The Similkm.iineen River, a rapid stream
of lairge volume, alter running a long and
wild MUrse ■OUth easterly from the Cascade Mountains, enters lhe alluvial plain
ol ils, own creation, lhe Low. r Similkameen, about Is miles noith-wvst of Keremeos, anil Continuing in a mere   southerly
direction lo ihe International boundary, b-
boni jo miles further.   This lower valley,
Beautiful Valley Land Co., whose announcements appear elsewhere ill this
Ol public and seini-publie works, sonic
impel i.nil ones have.been , omplel, d, sume
are  under   const ruction,   and   still   oilers
have heen provided for.    A canning  in
lory, owned by the  Farmers'  Exchange,
supplies a large local demand for canned
goods, and is already noted for the excel.
lenee ol  its oulpill.      Three ISTgU   ''"'«' well
managed botela fVilfll ibe pre sen! require-
ments ol lhe traveling public. A business
block ready for occupation, over which is
a tine large hall suitable lor any kind of
assembly, has been completed, lhe Provincial Government  has prevhtod appro-
priations lor a new public school and loi a
bridge lo be built across the Similkameen
this summer. Tin* necessary funds have
been subscribed for a Presbyterian church,
of which Keremeos is the metropolis, is of  ,,     „   ,       ,,       ,,     ,. ,,
1 the  Pastor,   Rev.   Mr.   Cameron,   in   ihe
constantly Lining width, sometimes contracting and sometimes spreading OUl lo
three or lour miles in width, so that its a-
reii ean oi.iy Is- rough!) eslim.'led. However, ii com sin sum)  thousand acres,  al'
easily Irrigable, soon tO be studded with
the homes ola populous ami prosperous
, .Minnunily.
Water   Supply.
Arid, .'is is the soil, in   ils   natural  stale.
meantime conducting services in ihe old
school house and   lown   hall.     These ami
other Important improveaMOtl in lhe lown
an ssssred for an sariy date, while in tht*
surrounding Country Ihe irrigation  works
are   sleadily   under   way,   and    individual
enterprise Is rapidl)  converting ihe wild
bench ■ and bottom lamls Into asag .and
picturesque gardena and orchard-.
Hunting and fish  i^j in season are lo be
We have subdivided the WEBSTER HOME RANCH
opposite Keremeos, and are now offering it for sale in 5 to
10 acre lots and upwards. If you would consider changing
your location for a home in an ideal climate, let us interest
vou in one of our 5 or 10 acre Fruit Lots rij_fht opposite the
Town of Keremeos, where vou have the best of clear spring
water for domestic purposes.
In the Wenatchee Valley, in tlie State of Washington,
under exactly lhe Nunc climatic conditions, a 20-aere fruit
lot produced a revenue oi $35,000.00 last year, and American fruit-growers who have sold at fabulous prices are now
looking to the Similkameen for re-investment.
If yourself and neighbor! are desirous of locating to-
gethcr, we will be pleased to quote you special prices on
tracts oi 100 to 300 acres.
Now is your opportunity, as the limited amount of fruit
land in this, the earliest ami mildest fruit district in Canada,
will rapidly advance with the influx of investors from all
pints of the Dominion.
And buy to the best advantage. We will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
there is mwiil,-less an  einbairasnieni of had in abundance.
What Is Being; Done Around
the Countryside.
The present season is witnessing
considerable activity in the erection
of building nnd other iniprovements
OH fruit lots in tho vicinity of Keremeos.
In block 319, on the bench north
of town, we noticed lhe following ;
On lot X, II. Walker litis a line
cottage bungalow about completed
and is busy preparing the ground
for trees.
Mrs. Harriet Thompson of Brandon has the ground on lot 9 all
ready for planting.
Win. Mat,ice, lately in from C'.ir-
berry, is erecting a handsome two
story residence on lot 10, and in
lime will have s beautiful home.
Albert Mattice is busy improving
lot II and contemplating the erection of a mug little cage when the
bird is ready.
John  Thompson of  Vancouver,
owner of lot 12, is expected to arrive the first of the month and commence the erection of a handsome
and Commodious residence.
H. A. Hood ofSouris, Man., has
his lot, number 13, looking fine,
and is making further improvements
this spring.
J. C. Woodrow, of Vancouver,
has creeled a temporary house, and
a substantial hen house ami stable
on lot IS, and intends to let the contract at an early date for a new and
commodious residence.    Mr. Moves
has charge of the premises. Just
watch the trees grow this year.
W. II. Armstrong has the lumber for a bungalow on lot one, and
li. C. Armstrong, of Winnipeg, is
alao contemplating building on lot 2.
J. K. Coulter is busy erecting ■
residence on, and otherwise improving" lol live.
J. II. Shaw, our enterprising
merchant, haa recently moved into
his new house on lot 7. He has a
fine lot of trees till of which are
doing well.
OM Tin; wkhsi t | CSTATS.
Across the river on the Webster
Kstate there is also much activity
and with lhe assurance of a bridge
til an early date, our friends on the
south side tire feeling quite optimistic.
George Crampton has erected a
house on his 20-acre lot, fenced the
premises and put the soil in a  state
of readiness for the fruit trees.
J. A. Si. Pierre is busy erecting s
shack on his loi .ind preparing the
soil for 400 trees which he will
plant this spring.
Quant Bros.,   recently   from   the
Old Country,  purchased   and  are
putting- improvements on lot 5.
I". Schneider and family of Winnipeg, the latest arrivals, are beginning to feel at home, and as Mr.
Schneider has the lumber arid other
material for his buildings oa the
ground it will not he long till they
are comfortably located.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos Station P.O.
. r»»J
The brand is only skin deep, hut
the quality goes clear through Diamond C. Hams and Bacon. I-'.
Richter ft Co.
The   residence of Jas.   C'rilchlcy,
Keremeos Centre,  had an narrow
escape from being burned on Monday. The danger occurred from
burning pipes.
J. R. Shaw unloaded a ear of
groceries   on Tuesday,  from   Kelly,
Douglas   ft   Co.,   Vancouver.    A
portion   of  the   shipment    was   for
merchants at l ledley.
II. C". Tumar, Assessor, of fair-
view,  and H. Swan, contractor, of
Headlcy, were registered at the
Central   Hotel   on   Saturday.     We
understand thai  Mr.  Swan's visit
had some connection with the bridge
which is to be built across the Similkameen at Keremeos this summer.
There is considerable uncertainty
about   the   interest    that    the    late
Prank Card had in mineral claims
tit l.oomis, and in other parts of
Washington Slate. His lather,
Chester T. Card,   Wichlow   P.   0.,|
Ont.i would appreciate the Madness
of Prank's friends at l.oomis, who
would give him information about
such claims, papers, hooks and
Prank Shinn, who has been
spending the past few months with
his hrotTier-in-law, J. P, Rover, returned   on   Monday   to   Spokane,
where he will resume work in the
wholesale Commission house, where
he litis been employed the last four
Druggasts and Stationers
Dry Goods
Men's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Hardware, etc.
Fresh Fruit
& Vegetables
Wishes to take Advantage of this first  opportunity in
these columns of thanking hll many friends and patrons
for their gentfOUl CUStOfU in lhe past, and hopes to merit a
continuance of their support in the future.
Our stock is a wide and varied one,  our store centrally
located, our prices reasonable.
Near the Station.
KEREMEOS, B. C. The Keremeos Trumpet
I'llMisluil ,'ViT)   KridilVilt   lluoll'uv,
Keremeo;,, ll.C.
Suhseription $J.OO ii ye;ir, $1.(10 for nix months,
in iulvamv.
Advertising Kates. I.e,;al notices. 1.V per lino
first insertion, 10e ps-r lino eneh subsequent insertion,
l.aml m'liees Certitieutes ot improvement,etc., $7.00
for nILUay notices, $5.00 for .t(l^la> notices. Contract
ilispl.lv MLIllllllg. J.V. iht inch |H'r week. Transient advertisements, such as Lost. Pound, Wanted,
etc.. teat WttCOOtUna one inch, $1.00 tirst insertion, or
three insertions tor $2.00. Local reading notices,
39c. per line.
J. A. HROVVN. Publisher.
FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 1908.
Alter a good many weeks spent
in making preparations, we have
now the pleasure of beginning C hap-
ter 1 of the Chronicles ol" Keremeos,
in that modern form ol chronicle
known as a newspaper; and at the
same time of extending a cordial!
greeting to the many fellow-citizens \
from other parts of the Dominion,
from the Old Land, and from the
neighboring Republic, who are starting in to make their homes in this
choicest of  Canada's   many   choice
garden spots.
Not the leas) encouraging circumstance about the advent of the
TmmPBT is the hearty welcome with
which the town and its neighborhood hail the establishment of a
modern and thoroughly equipped
publishing house as an addition to
its institutions. Unlike many new
and quickly built western "camps,"
Keremeos is in no sense a mushroom town. It has the most solid
possible basis for sound growth and
prosperity. And the Trcmcet is
established with that assurance fully view. It is published from an
olfice built for the purpose, its material is all entirely new and the best '
to be obtained, and is much more
complete than is usually to be found
in a pioneer plant. If the Trimpet
should not entirely fulfil the functions for which it is destined, it will
certainly not be for hick of adequate
material or conscientious effort on I
the part of the management. For I
a beginning the paper is published
in smaller pages than are commonlv
used; a little later the pages will be
increased either in size or number
as convenience may require.
As was stated before, the Tui'M-
i'kt will be devoted primarily lo recording the current events of the
lown and its neighborhood, which
we lake to he the chief function of
;t local newspaper. Hut beyond
that there are other matters of importance thai cannot he neglected it
the paper is to attain to the lull
measure of its usefulness. To observe and comment upon the
salient features of provincial,
national    and   international   affairs
to acl as the people's
spokesman in their relations with
gevcrnments and corporations
these, though they often receive
little attention, are properly within
the scope of a local paper.     Finally,
and as important as any of the
foregoing is the duty of advertising not only the individual business
of lhe business man, but the community as a whole lo the oulsidc
world.     This is   especially   import
ant in the case of Keremeos, because Keremeos is in the market for
settlers.     Keremeos has   the goods
WC vv ill do our part to get the customers.
With the co-operation of our
friends in town and country, in informing us of any happenings of interest they may observe, and in
sending business our way, as we
will try to send it their way, we
have every confidence that the
Tki'mi'ET will prosper and keep pace
with the sure growth of this Ely-
sian valley in the "land of mighty
rivers running over sands of gold."
The Provincial Government has
received a telegram from Mr. Wainwright stating that "arrangements
are being made to complete preliminaries for commencement of construction work on the G. T. P."
Prom this it may be inferred that
the builders will soon start to begin
to get ready to make preparations
to go to work.
authorities kindly take a tumble to
the fact that Keremeos has a daily
mail service by train and that mail
from the east if sent by the proper
route would reach here two days
earlier than at present? An instance occurred recently where a
gentleman from Winnipeg reached
Keremeos one day ahead of a letter
which he had posted in Winnipeg
two days before his departure.
Ordinarily, a letter takes from five
to six days coming from Winnipeg
whereas three days should be sufficient.
In the supplementary estimates
of the Dominion budget is an item
of $10,500 for a public building at
Fernie. There are also items of
$10,775 for Japanese losses in the
Vancouver riots and $.v7,000 for the
reception to Fushimi. It is a rank
injustice to tax the Chinese $500
apiece and spend it in truckling to
the much more objectionable Japs.
The Dominion budget, brought
down by Mr. Fielding hist week,
presents the familiar apparent paradox of a large surplus and at the
same time a large increase in the
public debt. In round figures the
revenue was (Xt'. millions and the
expenditure 110 millions. As 33 of
the millions expended were on capital account, much of it on the G.T.
P., and will be reproductive, the increase in the debt does not mean a
running behind. But an annual
revenue approaching nine figures in
a pretty stiff tax for a population
the size of Canada's.
From present indications it appears likely that several great general elections will be held this year
in English-speaking countries. It
is presidential year in the States;
and in Canada it is expected that
Laurier will follow the usual precedent and ask for a verdict a year before the legal limit of his term. In
Ontario it is stated as a certainty
thai Whitney will call an election
in June. In Great Britain the serious illness and pending retirement
of the Premier, Campbell-Hanner-
man, together with the peculiar
state of relations between the parties and between the Lords and
Commons, are not unlikely to bring
about an early appeal to the people.
The prospect of such an aval.-.'iche
of politics, following so soon after
the recent financial crisis, is one to
be dreaded by business men for its
unsettling effects. However, general elections, like epidemics, have
lost some of their virulence from
repetition, and though "Presidential
year" is still proverbially a bad one
for business, there is no good reason why an election in Canada, since
the tariff has been practically taken
out of politics, should have any serious unsettling effect.
Painter, Paper-Hanger and
Deco rater.
Ckntr.vi. HOTSL,    -    -    Kkrkmkos.
Contractor and Carpenter.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Kstiniales Furnished.
CBKTBAL Hotkl,   -    -    Kkrkmkos.
Kstimatos  Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Hair-cutting. Shaving, Shampooing, etc.
For an Easy Shave
and a Clean Bath
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Motto : Boost, but Don't Knock.
Similkameen L. 0. L.    Horse-shoeing a Specialty
The custom house nuisance at
the international border is a common subject of complaint on the
part of travelers, hut it nearly
reaches the stage of comic opera on
that part Of the G.N.R. where the
line of rails play s hide and seek
with the line of latitude and goes
dodging back and forth across the
houndry, and vv here every few miles
the   train   is   held   up   by alternate
Canadian and  r. s. guardians of
the  revenue.     How would  it do for
J.  Canuck and Uncle Sam to get
rid of the nuisance by drawing lots
for moving the houndry a few miles
south or norih along the hide-and-
seek zone?
There is much unnecessary delay
in the transmission of mail for Keremeos from the easl owing to the
fact lhat it is still Sl.„t via Penticton, and thence overload by the triweekly   stage.       Will    the   postal
No. 1770
Meets Tveode) on ot liefore the fu'l
moon' in each month in Keremeos Sehool
Mouse. Visiting iiiemhcrs cordially invited to aitcud.
D. j. bans, W, M.
n. McCuBor, it. s.
Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all
kinds of Leather Goods.
Of Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all kinds of Leather
Goods Done Neatly and Promptly.
PlHHHiJ Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre.
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre.
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Prices of
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each.
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch of the C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each.
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent.
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Of the Similkameen  Farmers'
The annual meeting of the above
organisation was held in the Kere»
■ meos Land Company's office on the
evening of the 1 *'lh inst. at 7..v0.
President J. J. Armstrong in the
chair and ihe following members
present : A. II. Cameron, \V. Y.
Stover, F. J. Sauce, \Y. J. Manery,
I). J. Innis. J. R. Shaw, R. Klm-
hirst, K. A. Mai lice and O.K. Jelly.
The question of joining the Fruit
and Produce Exchange of B. C,
with headquarters at Revelstoke,
was discussed al some length. The
principal arguments in favor of such
action, being, lh.it if all fruit and
produce were disposed of through
one agency, markets would be better supplied, and the produce would
be more evenly distributed; also a
Uniform system could be adopted of
grading and packing, and handling
generally, which would be lilcel) to
give more satisfaction io both buyer
and seller. Owing to the fact thai
some important information was
no; in the possession of the Kx-
change, it was thought best to lay
the matter over until next  meeting.
Whether it would be advisable
for lhe Exchange to purchase a car
load of boxes, including apple, pear,
peach, plum, tomato and strawberry, for the members of the Association as well as for outside parties
was taken up, and discussed pretty
fully. Communications were read
from outside points giving prices,
which were considered fairly satisfactory. It Wits thought thai prices
should    be    had    Irom   some   other
sources before definite action was
taken,  therefore,   the matter was
laid over until next meeting.
A resolution was passed, fixing,
until further notice, the time of
meeting of ihe Exchange forth* 3rd
Thursday in each month at 7.10 p.
m., either in the Keremeos Land
Co'i office or in the  Town I Ial'.
f'.verv body seemed well  pleased
with future prospects. Fruit trees
are    showing    abundance    of   fruit
buds.    Growth is starting  nicely.
Plowing   is   well   under wav.      lhe
soil  seems  in  excellent  condition,
A good deal of Crop will be pu! in
during the next fortnight.
A light rain  storm accompanied
by some lightning and thunder,
passed down the v alley on  Tuesday.
Old timers Inform us thai   never in
their experience have thev known
an electric slorm to occur so earlv
in the season. !:■ the evening,
people in the lown were astonished
at the appearance ol :. bright light
shining like a beacon half way up
the mountain to the north-east, as
if for the benefit of navigators on
the Similkameen. A large tree had
been fifed by the lightning, and
burned like a torch for sev eral hours, j
Rushing; Work on V., V. & E.
Princeton, B. C, March 2d. The
steam shovel across the river below
Ashnola creek, which is now at the
extreme south end, is keeping steadily at work and moving ground rap-
idlv. While they fully expect that
il will have completed its work over
there before high witter, no chances
will be taken on that, and it will he
brought over before the water gets
loo high. Should there be any
work unfinished when the shovel is
moved il will he done by car and
During the past two weeks the
working force has been Increased
considerably. At the end of last
week 125 men were reported to
have been added to the force, and
these have been distributed over the
various camps. Two weeks ago
the longest stretch remaining uncovered was that between lhe cut
where the steam shovel is working
and the Ashnola creek, but DOW
several gangs are in there and some
long fills have heen made. Hit by
bit the graded portions are being
connected up, and it will only he a
matter of a fortnight or so more until lhe steam shovel may be nun ed
on grade all the way lo the next
crossing of lhe rivir a little way below the lower end of Brushy Bottom.
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
This week we are sending a
sample copy ol" Tiik Tki vipi-m into
every home in lhe Lower Similka-
meeti, as well as a very large number lo parties on the outside, whom
we think it might interest. In return we ask that those intending to
become regular subscribers do so al
once, as a newspaper, before il is
accorded the lull privileges of the
mail, must have an established   cir-
culation.   The Trumpet from now
till July 1st, 1909 for S2.00.
Contractor and Builder,
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Comfortable anu commodious stabling for teams.
Good rij^s and careful drivers.
Farm Implements   I	
of Every Kind. D. J. INNIS,
Prompt attention to all customers.
I.aiul-seekers and  Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Do   it   now.
Tat hot.
Subscribe for   Tin
The Keremeos Land Co. is
Agenl for die International Harvester Company, ol Chicago, and
is handling all kinds of Farm lm-
plemenls, such as Plows, liar-
rows and Spring-tOOth Cultivators
suitable lot orchard work anil for
clearing around trees.
(let our prices before investing, and
then you will be sure lo get your
goods right.
Wc also hiadla Haled Hay, Feed
(.tats and Wheal al the lowest
Special attention to Commercial Men,   Tourists and l.and-seekers.
Headquarters for all Slage Routes.
Livery Stable in connection.
(iood table.       Large, airy and comfortable rooms.
Free 'bus to and from all trains.
Tweddle & Reith,
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fash, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured  Meats,   Fish and   Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
And Builders' Supplies.
In dealing in Building Lumber and all kinds of
Building Material we have the advantage of getting
our supplies direct from the mills, and can therefore
retail at most favorable prices.
Estimates of Cost Cheerfully Furnished to
Intending Builders.
A large stock of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Dimensions, Lath, Shingles, Sashes, Doors, etc., etc.,
always on hand.
Contracts for all kinds of buildings in town and
country promptly executed.
Contractor and Builder,
Athletic Club Organized.
Baseball To Be The Sport For
the Summer Months.
A well attended and enthusiastic
meeting of those interested in athletic sports was held in Thomas &
Barcelo's pool room on Friday evening last lor the purpose of organizing a baseball club. The chair
was occupied by Mr. J. J. Armstrong and officers elected as follows: Hon. President, L. W. Shat-
ford, li. P.; President, J. J. Armstrong; See.•Trees., Mr. Carmich-
acl; Ex. Committee, the President,
Secretary, P. Marks, Geo. Kirby,
C. Armstrong, Thos. Daly and C.
On motion ot Messrs Kirby and
Shaw it was afterward decided to
change the organization into an athletic association with which will be
affiliated the baseball club and any
other sports which it may be considered advisable to start. The
membership fee was fixed at $1.00
and the list being started most of
those present chipped in.
For the present the funds of the
association will be devoted toward
equipping a baseball team and as
there is plenty of material for a
team in sight some good sport may
be looked for during the coming
season. A schedule of games will
likely be arranged with neighboring
clubs and already preparations are
talked of for a big demonstration
here on the 24th of May. Another
meeting will be held on Monday evening next, when club colors will be
Hardware and Tlnsmithlng.
Henry Meausette, a practical tinsmith and hardware man of Vernon,
and K. M. Crooker, a business man
from Brooks, Alta., were in town
last week and purchased from the
Townsite Company, lot 27, blk. 71,
on which they will erect a hardware
and tinsmith shop. They will return to Keremeos next month with
their families and expect to be ready
to open up business the first of May.
Both are energetic business men,
and we anticipate for them a prosperous future in the Hub of the Similkameen.
Shop Talk.
With a carefully  selected  plant,
modern and replete in every   detail,
direct from the   warerooms  of the
celebrated  type-founders,   Miller &
Richard, Winnipeg,   with an   efficient staff .md   office   accommodation
suitable for all requirements, the job
department of the Kkrkmkos Tri m-
pet  is  now  prepared  to  turn out !
high   class   work   on   short notice. '
No  order  too  big for us to handle J
and i ine too small   to   receive   our
careful attention.
Choice cooking and eating apples.
f, Kichter & Co.
Agents for Campbell's Clothing,
F. Richter & Co.
"Peck" McSwain, a familiar figure with the printing fraternity of
Western Canada, paid the Trimim:i
a friendly call last week.
Rev. J. A. Cleland, Church of
England clergyman, from Penticton
will hold two services in Armstrong's Hall on Sunday, 29th inst.
Morning prayer and Holy Communion at 11 a. m.    Evensong at 7.30.
"What is the prevailing religion
in Keremeos?" a stranger inquired.
"Well," replied the resident, "I
hardly know yet until we get some
churches built. Just now I think
we're mostly Seventh Day Absent-
Mr. Bouillard, manager of the
Oregon Nursery's branch at this
point, made a large shipment of
choice young trees lo the Okanagan
last week. The trees were consigned to parties at Kelowna, Summer-
land and Vernon.
In an effort to secure water at his
home, Mr. Richter has recently
sunk a well 87 feel without reaching any flow or striking the bed
rock. In the long ago the Similkameen must have been a canyon of
rare depth.
Following the organization meeting on Friday evening the members
of the baseball club gave a very enjoyable dance in the Keremeos Hall.
Between fifteen and twenty couples
were present and polished the floor
to music provided by local and Oroville talent.
Wm. Sampson, who has been
employed as shift boss at the Rawhide Mine, Phoenix, was in Keremeos on Sunday on his way to the
Nickle Plate Mines where he will
fill a position as foreman. He was
accompanied by Mrs. Sampson and
Choice X.X.X. Alfalfa Seed. F.
Richter & Co.
W. A. McLean of Hedley, who
has been engaged in putting in an
extensive irrigation ditch at Penticton for the Southern Okanagan
Land Coy, and has now completed
the work was in Keremeos on Sunday on his way home. He was accompanied by his daughters Myrtle
and Alice.
Sole agents foi Five Roses Flour.
P. Richter & Co.
George Crampton, who with his
father has been spending the past
few months on his fruit lot across
the river, leaves ou Monday for his
old home near Manitou, Man.,
where he will assist in putting in
this season's crop. Mr. Crampton,
Sr., will remain here some time
longer, set out fruit trees, and invest in more property. Both will
return to Keremeos in the fall of the
The taste that tells   Diamond C.
Hams and Bacon.    !•'. Richter & Co. LOCAL NOTES.
Extra copies of this issue may be
secured at this office.
The Rev, Mr. Cameron was at
Fairview last Sunday. He reports
the snow 2 feet deep at the summit
of the trail.
Copy lor changes of advt. must
be handed in not later than Tuesday
evening, in order to insure insertion
in the current week's issue.
Weekly budgets of correspondence from Olalla, and Fairview,
and other places in the Lower Similkameen will be appreciated at
this office.
At the Slemwinder camp, work
in the mine and on the surlace is
making satisfactory progress. Ihis,
although low grade ore, is one ol
the most promising gold propositions in British Columbia.
D. J. Innis has been awarded the
privilege ot carrying His Majesty's
mails between Keremeos and Hedley.     At the time of writing  we are
unable to learn the name ol the successful aspirant for the job of carrying the mail to and from   Penticton.
Cin Wednesday, the Rev. A. II.
Cameron went to Hedley to moderate in a call for the. Presbyterian
congregation of Princetown and
Hedley. The call was extended to
the Rev. Thorbum Conn, who has
been in charge of the mission for
the last few mouths.
Word has been received here at
the death of Frank Beer at Summerland, on Thursday 20th inst.,
caused by drinking methylated
spirits or wood alcohol. Deceased
was a one-time resident of Keremeos, and will be remembered by
many as "Curly", the running mate
of Nels. Chance, who undertook to
run the bank in a game of cards
here last year, and being unable lo
cash the chips after the game was
Over, met a violent death in lhe
row that followed.
A young Englishman, vvli > subscribes himself as II. M. Clark,
blew into town a few days ago, in
a search lor Etdorada thai has extended nearly around the world.
Mr. Clark, on leaving home, showed
a prudence thai rather suggests the
canny Scot, by leaving all his cash
at  home  and undertaking to work
his way without impairing his capital. Ilis travel has taken him
through Australia, Canada and
other countries, and liil lie has not
decided where lo slop.
A. C. Jones, Mavoi ol Cashmere,
Wash.,   a  gentleman prominent in
the development i'l lhe celebrated
Wenatchee Valley, spent a couple
of days in Keremeos last week on
his way home from a trip through
Southern British Columbia. Mr.
Jones expressed himself as pleased
beyond expectation with the country visited and more particularly the
Similkameen which he compared
favorablv  with the   Wenatchee Val
ley.    His visit  here wusshortened
on   account   ot his hav ii ,r   to leave
Immediately on a buslnes: trip*east,
but we understand that it is his intention to icturn and invest largely
in some section. We trust that
Keremeos may be his choice as Mr.
Jones is a practical man of the right
sort, with extensive experience in
fruit growing.
Mr. Jos. Armstrong, with a gang
of 18 men and several teams, resumed work on the Keremeos Land
Company's irrigation ditch last
week. Ihis week the force was increased by an additional 15 men
and next month G. B. Murphv of!
Carbeny,   W.   H.   Armstrong   and (
J. C. Woodrow of Vancouver, and
other members of the Company will
meet here and complete arrangements for the prosecution of the
work on such a scale as will ensure
its completion this fall.
J. S. Gordon, Public School Inspector, paid an official visit to the
schools in the Similkameen last
week. While in Keremeos he stated to a representative of the Trim-
pi: i thai there would be no unnecessary delay in beginning the erection
of the Government school house at
this point. The building will contain two rooms to start with and
Mr. Gordon's recommendation is
lhat it be built with a view to enlarging at some future date as in his
opinion the time will not be long
till a two room building will be
found inadequate.
Notary Public.
\ lor :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident ami Guarantee Co.
Kkki.m os,  H. C.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Hi:.vi) Oi ku k,
Capital and Reserve,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject  to no delay in withdrawal of all or  any  portion.
Keremeos Branch. J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
Church Services.
I'm sHVI I Kl v\ Divine ■ervict alternate
Sundaes, Keremeos Town Mall 11a. in..
School 1 louse 7 |'.ni.    Rev. A. II. Cameron,
MUTHODISI DivilM service altera.de
Sundays, Keremeos town Hall 11 a.m.,
School House 7 p.m. Kev. Mr. Jones,
Am.i.H AN Si n ices as announced from
time lo lime.
si Nnw  School  vnd Btau Class.
in Town Hall each Stnday ai  10 a.m.
Mis. J. K. Shaw, Superintendent.
■ This is the m
■ First Time ■
This is the first time we have had an opportunity oi
advertising in a local paper, and we beg to announce to our
friends and patrons that we arc able to supply their wants in
all lines of General Merchandise.
We have the largest and hest stock in Keremeos.
Everything for everybody.
Dry Goods, Groceries, and Hardware.
Sole Agents for Campbell's Clothing and   Lake of the
Woods Flour.
Model Livery, Fesd and Sale Stables.
Stage Line*.
I'i ii k St.vi.i:.
I.e.oes Keremeos daily, except Sundty,
.OT lledlev al 10.30 a. ill.'
Leaves lle,r.e\   daily, e\ee|>i  Sunday,
Hem Ki irmeon al 8 a.m.
J. i-'. Kov i k, Proprietor.
Ki m vu os  Hi in i v  M vn  Si via .
ili  . !l.. I i I .ifl.r April I. I'M,)
Leaves Keremeos daily, SBCI pi Sunday,
ai 1 pin.: .unves in lledlev al I |>.m.
Leaves lledlev  daily, exccpl Sunday, al
7 a.m., arriven in Keremeos al It a.m.
I). J. In.nis, Proprietor.
Kikiviios I'iNiieioN Mvii.Sivi.i.
Staye leave* Keremeoa foi Penticton on
Mondays, Wednesdays ami Fridays, rs>
turning;   on   Tuesdays,    Thursdays   and
Saturday s.
May and Grain Store in connection. Seed Wheat and liarlev tor sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
V. V. fc. K.  le, -    inives daily,   except
Sunilav, al I0..V) a.m.
Leaves (UU), , v, , pi Sunday, al i p.m.
Workmanship and fit guaranteed.
Spring samples just arrived.
See us before placing your order for a .Spring Suit.


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